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Facing negative polls and internal tensions, Trump plans to launch reelection bid with Orlando rally

Ocasio-Cortez presses case that U.S. is running ‘concentration camps’ at border amid Republican outcry

Trump characterizes alleged attacks by Iran on tankers as ‘very minor’

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

The Boston Globe’s ‘disturbing’ fake Trump front page from 2016 is proving increasingly prophetic

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

Biden suggests he has raised nearly $20 million for his White House bid

The Daily 202: Steve Bullock won’t be on the debate stage. But he’ll keep talking about his signature issue.


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Dec. 7: Extreme Mortman: Top Ten Funniest Political Moments Of 2006
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Dec. 7: Washington Post: McCain Continues to Win Over Bush Insiders
Dec. 7: St. Petersburg Times: Dean: Dems should keep out Buchanan
Dec. 7: NY Sun: Clinton Fund-Raiser Pleads Guilty to Felony Mail Fraud
Dec. 7: Novak: Real Bully Was Sen. Dodd, Not Bolton
Dec. 7: NY Sun: Giuliani Calls Idea of Quitting Iraq Terrible Mistake'
Dec. 7: NY Sun: Giuliani v. Baker
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Dec. 7: Morris: If Congress is serious about reform, here's what it looks like
Dec. 7: Capitol Confidential: Spitzers Appointments
Dec. 7: Newsday: Bruno gave ``pork'' to firm connected to businessman in probe
Dec. 7: NY Times: Pataki Said to Consider Post for Nick Spano
Dec. 7: NBC3: Pataki visiting GOP lawmakers in New Hampshire
Dec. 7: Tonawanda News: Gov.-Elect Spitzer backs two to lead state Democratic Party
Dec. 7: NY Sun: For Giuliani, Rematch With Clinton Looms
Dec. 7: Newsday: Spitzer meets with Democrats in D.C.
Dec. 7: NY Times: Spitzer Visits Capitol Hill With Long List
Dec. 7: NY Daily News: Hil in an Iowa state of mind
Dec. 7: Boston Globe: Massachusetts: Locals working on Patrick's team
Dec. 7: Kentucky: Bunning declines to endorse Fletcher
Dec. 7: Myrtle Beach Sun News: Democrat Biden wows S.C. Republicans
Dec. 7: Mens News Daily: Senator Brownback: Another RHINO Candidate In the Making
Dec. 7: Fort Wayne Journal: Indiana criminal campaign charges
Dec. 7: Washington Post: Democratic Wave in Congress Further Erodes Moderation in GOP
Dec. 7: CQ: The Democratic Takeover Up Close: Open Seats
Dec. 7: Washington Times: Virginia group stays true to message
Dec. 7: Sacramento Bee: Editorial: Gerrymander pander
Dec. 7: OC Register: Back to the drawing board
Dec. 7: Sacramento Bee: Daniel Weintraub: Voters happier, but faith in the future still lags
Dec. 7: LA Times: Voters like two-part harmony by Democrats and governor
Dec. 7: SF Gate: California Governor proposes a citizen panel for redistricting
Dec. 7: Hill: Parties coalesce to make Saturdays congressional runoff Louisianas last
Dec. 7: Ipswich Chronicle: Torkildsen announces run for Mass GOP Chairman
Dec. 7: Union Leader: NH Granite Status: Semprini cites health in saying he won't run
Dec. 7: Daily Politics: Reynolds, Purple
Dec. 7: Vanity Fair: Mark Foley - Don't Ask Don't E-mail

Dec. 6: Washington Post: Hillary Clinton's Early Moves
Dec. 6: Amherst Record: VIDEO: Exclusive Giambra interview
Dec. 6: Amherst Record: Candidates size up 2007 Erie County NY county executive race
Dec. 6: Newsday: Gov.-Elect Spitzer backs two to lead state Democratic Party
Dec. 6: Philadelphia Inquirer: For Pa. Republicans, soul-searching time
Dec. 6: Conservative Voice: Reagan Legacy Hijacked
Dec. 6: NY Post: Obama's Prez-ence felt in Hil territory
Dec. 6: Human Events: A Primer on the 2008 GOP Candidates
Dec. 6: NY Sun: A $100,000 Bet Clinton, McCain Will Fail in 2008
Dec. 6: Wisconsin: Vilsack jump-starts '08 election
Dec. 6: Florida: Well, it's his party
Dec. 6: Georgia: Republicans win another Georgia race, make PSC unanimous
Dec. 6: RI Daily Times: Thank you, Lincoln Chafee
Dec. 6: Hawaii Reporter: The Republican Agenda: D.O.A. at the Hawaii State Capitol
Dec. 6: Ohio: AP Interview: Blackwell left Taft attacks to others
Dec. 6: Herald Today: News briefs from around Florida
Dec. 6: Capital-Journal: Kansas GOP leader leaving politics
Dec. 6: Indianapolis Star: Former FW official charged with forging candidates signatures
Dec. 6: Times-Democrat: Reasserting the Reagan Agenda: a conservative speaks out
Dec. 6: CSM: Anticorruption whistle-blower takes Alaska's top job
Dec. 6: Washington Times: Parties already eyeing '07 races
Dec. 6: Pine Bluff Commercial: Baker to seek second term as Ark. GOP chairman
Dec. 6: Morning News: Republicans to select Arkansas party chairman this weekend

Dec. 5: NY Observer: Questions for the Attorney General
Dec. 5: Pittsburgh Live: A dark horse no longer
Dec. 5: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Thompson's trial balloon below radar
Dec. 5: Louisville Courier-Journal: Conservatives' bleak winter
Dec. 5: National Journal: The Daily Troika: McCain's Christmas Party
Dec. 5: Kansas City Star: Brownback begins bid for White House
Dec. 5: Arizona Republic: Which McCain is running now?
Dec. 5: Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: Spitzer raised 10 times as much as Faso in campaign
Dec. 5: Newsday/Humbert: New state GOP leader faces major rebuilding task
Dec. 5: Boston Herald: Pataki to host former Republican governors
Dec. 5: Newsday: Pataki to decide on '08 in 'next few weeks'
Dec. 5: Journal News: Pataki to decide on presidential bid soon
Dec. 5: Detroit Free Press: Levin says he'll run for 6th term
Dec. 5: Evening Bulletin: McCain Talks Possible Presidential Bid, More In Philadelphia Visit
Dec. 5: Newsweek: McCain's ground war
Dec. 5: Daily Colonial: Bush & Cheney to McCain & Giuliani
Dec. 5: Chattanoogan: Bob Davis Re-Elected Tennessee GOP Chairman
Dec. 5: Washington Times: House ethics probes may stay unresolved
Dec. 5: CQ Politics: The Democratic Takeover Up Close: Defeated House Incumbents
Dec. 5: NY Post: Late to the party
Dec. 5: American Thinker: Hillary Clinton and the Woman's Vote
Dec. 5: Richmond Times Dispatch: GOP pleased by primary ruling
Dec. 5: NY Times: Obama Meets Party Donors in New York
Dec. 5: My Way: Clinton Hires National Fundraiser
Dec. 5: Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgians to lead national GOP governor's group
Dec. 5: Atlanta Business Chronicle: Perdue campaign manager to lead RGA
Dec. 5: AP: Blunt chosen vice chair of Republican governors' group
Dec. 5: Newswire: RGA Names Nick Ayers as New Executive Director
Dec. 5: Hispanic Business: Arizona's Hispanic Voters Go Own Way
Dec. 5: World Net Daily: Constitution Party aims to thwart Hillary, GOP

Dec. 4: Erie County Republican Committee announces new staff
Dec. 4: NY Daily News: Hil's N.Y. huddle with Eliot
Dec. 4: American Spectator: Earmarking Kansas
Dec. 4: NY Sun: Spitzer Argues For Race-Based School Admission
Dec. 4: AP: Brownback Moves Toward White House Bid
Dec. 4: Journal News: Timing right for a raise for N.Y. state legislators
Dec. 4: Newsday: Acampora gets nod to head state PSC
Dec. 4: Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: The PSC chair
Dec. 4: Real Clear Politics: Keep an Eye on John Edwards
Dec. 4: Morris: Wanted: '08 Conservative
Dec. 4: Novak: Hamstringing Bush
Dec. 4: Dicker: New GOP boss stirs 1st storm
Dec. 4: NY Sun: Clinton, Mayor Edge Toward 2008 Race
Dec. 4: WCBS: Bloomberg's American Dream: '08 Presidential Run
Dec. 4: Miami Herald: Crist is the 'rock star' at GOP governors' conference
Dec. 4: Salt Lake Tribune: Romney assembles wide-ranging team
Dec. 4: Guardian: Clinton, Bayh Step Up Plans for 2008
Dec. 4: Times Herald-Record: Spitzer's team scores locals
Dec. 4: NY Daily News: Inside story of Dems' secret election weapon
Dec. 4: Seattle Post Intelligencer: McCain shifts himself mostly to the far right
Dec. 4: Times-Picayune: Saturday is last hurrah for open primaries
Dec. 4: Miami Herald: Florida may get early primary
Dec. 4: San Jose Mercury News: Senate will be tough on 2008 hopefuls
Dec. 4: NY Times: Lawmakers Wrapping Up Session but Leaving Loose Ends
Dec. 4: Washington Post: Lazy Ducks
Dec. 4: Boston Globe: GOP leaders expect a quiet final week for 109th Congress
Dec. 4: Washington Post: A Split in the GOP Tent
Dec. 4: Newsday/Humbert: Pataki, contemplating presidential run, faces difficulties
Dec. 4: Newsday/Humbert: New state GOP leader faces major rebuilding task

Dec. 3: Buffalo News: Spitzer clamps down on executive branch
Dec. 3: Buffalo News: GOP likely to pick Giuliani in '08
Dec. 3: Buffalo News: Vacco upbeat about GOP
Dec. 3: NY Times: Denver Tries to Sell New Look to Democrats
Dec. 3: National Journal: Carville Predicts A Gore Run
Dec. 3: Washington Post: Several Democrats Interested In Kentucky Governor's Race
Dec. 3: Spartanburg Herald Journal: South Carolina tries to remain out front
Dec. 3: Albany Times Union: No head rolling expected after party vote
Dec. 3: Utica Observer Dispatch: Homegrown justices are becoming a thing of past
Dec. 3: NY Times: With an Eye Cast to 2008, Pataki Hires a Chief Aide
Dec. 3: Albany Times Union: Pataki's parting gifts to his pals
Dec. 3: Lexington Herald-Leader: GOP gives Fletcher cool reception
Dec. 3: Louisville Courier-Journal: 'This is the kind of guy you have working for you'
Dec. 3: Broder: The GOP's man in the Senate
Dec. 3: Baltimore Sun: Veterinarian named Maryland GOP chairman
Dec. 3: Roanoke Times: Virginia GOP girds for 2007
Dec. 3: Washington Times: Board can't force Virginia GOP to hold open primary
Dec. 3: Washington Post: Lame-Duck Congress May Run Out the Clock
Dec. 3: MSNBC: GOP faces struggle in 2008 Senate races
Dec. 3: Boston Globe: Democrats expect easy passage of bills
Dec. 3: Poughkeepsie Journal: Cloud blots Spitzer-Bruno honeymoon
Dec. 3: Troy Record: Bruno tapped as Senate majority leader, again
Dec. 3: NewsObserver: NC State Republican Party elects new chairman

Dec. 2: Des Moines Register: McCain to open office in Iowa
Dec. 2: Hutchinson News: Brownback 'very close' to revealing plans for 2008
Dec. 2: Kansas City Star: Legislation limps with lame duck politics
Dec. 2: St. Petersburg Times: Florida Republicans break ice in style
Dec. 2: Courier-Journal: Peppy Martin to run for Ky. governor
Dec. 2: Daily Press: Judge: Virginia Election Board can't require open GOP primary
Dec. 2: Huntington News: Editorial: WV Republican Party Must Go to the Bull Pen
Dec. 2: Daily Press: Former RNC head takes over pledging to reunify Va. GOP
Dec. 2: Richmond TimesDispatch: Va. GOP elects Gillespie
Dec. 2: WMDT: Pelura replaces Kane as state GOP chairman
Dec. 2: Baltimore Sun: GOP's next step is focus of caucus
Dec. 2: Washington Post: GOP Pays $135K in N.H. Call Jamming Suit
Dec. 2: ABC News: GOP Pays $135K in N.H. Call Jamming Suit

Dec. 1: Barone: The 2008 Presidential Race
Dec. 1: Boston Globe: Romney to travel to Asia
Dec. 1: Romney burnishing credentials on trip to Japan, S. Korea, China
Dec. 1: Boston Globe: Patrick objects as Romney fills a key slot
Dec. 1: Morris: The Bottom of the Barrel
Dec. 1: Mondello: NY Republicans: No more "Me, Too"
Dec. 1: Buffalo News/McCarthy: Nassau County GOP leader takes party's reins
Dec. 1: Humbert: Long Island leader takes over as New York GOP chairman
Dec. 1: Newsday: Mondello takes over as GOP chairman
Dec. 1: NY Post: New GOP boss zings "one-man" Pataki rule
Dec. 1: Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: Mondello is new state GOP chief
Dec. 1: NY Times: New York Republicans Gather to Elect a New Party Chairman
Dec. 1: Washington Post: Vilsack Announces 2008 White House Bid
Dec. 1: Phoenix Business Journal: McCain reaches out at GOP governors bash
Dec. 1: NY Times: As Governors Meet, McCain Comes Calling
Dec. 1: Washington Times: '08 hopefuls wine, dine for support
Dec. 1: Stanford Review: The Rise and (Possible Fall) of John McCain
Dec. 1: Newsday: Spitzer throws down ethics gauntlet
Dec. 1: NY Sun: The Spitzer Mystery
Dec. 1: Times Herald-Record: And in this corner ... DeProspo to run again
Dec. 1: Kansas City Star: Polls identify popular presidential contenders
Dec. 1: AP: GOP Moderates Vow to Explore New Avenues
Dec. 1: Capital Press: Giuliani courts ag leaders in the West

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