Dec. 21: NY Sun: Passenger Killed as Aide To Rep. Crowley Crashes Car
Dec. 21: Capitol Confidential: Mondello speaks
Dec. 21: Capitol Confidential: Pataki confident, Reynolds unfazed
Dec. 21: Capitol Confidential: More Spitzer appointments
Dec. 21: WNY Politics: Erie County Clerk Dave Swarts to be named DMV Commissioner
Dec. 21: NY Times: Comptroller in N.Y. to Resign, Official Says
Dec. 21: NY Post/Dicker: Hevesi will plead and quit
Dec. 21: NY Post/Dicker: Dems and Eliot will choose his successor
Dec. 21: Daily News: Hevesi is ready to resign
Dec. 21: NY Post/Dicker: Bruno biz buddies get Fed subpoenas
Dec. 21: Goldberg: Giuliani Needs to Be America's Tough Guy
Dec. 21: Washington Times: Downhill slide for Hillary?
Dec. 21: NY Post: Hill's campaign 'trip'
Dec. 21: NY Sun: How an Ex-Aide to President Clinton Stashed Classified Documents
Dec. 21: Newsday: Hevesi should step down now
Dec. 21: Reuters: 'I have no future' -- Jeb Bush tells reporters
Dec. 21: Mowbray: The Right man for 2008?
Dec. 21: Human Events: Frist Aide to Lead Romney's Online Team
Dec. 21: Novak: Labor's man in '08
Dec. 21: Seattle Post Intelligencer: Poll: McCain/Giuliani tied in hypothetical GOP matchup
Dec. 21: NY Post: Giuliani will hit the road for New Hampshire
Dec. 21: NY Observer: Watch What Rudy Does, Not Whom He Hires
Dec. 21: Chicago Tribune: Giuliani fights for funds in NYC
Dec. 21: LA Times: Giuliani: the man to defend American culture
Dec. 21: NY1: Giuliani Throws Fundraiser As He Mulls Presidential Run
Dec. 21: Detroit News: Giuliani gears up for '08
Dec. 21: NY Post: Hevesi: From Wonder boy to blunder boob
Dec. 21: Union Leader: Granite Status: Big names seek state GOP, Dem posts
Dec. 21: NY Times: The Hammer Strikes a Comeback Blow
Dec. 21: Seattle Post Intelligencer: GOP seeking unlikely victories in Seattle
Dec. 21: NY Post: Dubya in the dumps
Dec. 21: Richmond Times Dispatch: Jim Gilmore for president?
Dec. 21: Richmond Times Dispatch: Gilmore to run as "a Ronald Reagan conservative"
Dec. 21: NY Times: Freshmen Rep. Loebsack Tries to Build His Rapport
Dec. 21: Washington Times: Democrats' leftward tilt will stun Maryland, GOP warns
Dec. 21: NewsMax: Frank Keating Considers White House Bid
Dec. 21: Charlotte Observer: Keating in S.C. with presidential run on his mind
Dec. 21: The State: Ex-Oklahoma governor visits S.C. to test waters
Dec. 21: Life News: Former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating Considers GOP Prez Bid
Dec. 21: Philadelphia Inquirer: Once again, Pa. House goes Democrat
Dec. 21: NY Times: More McCain Moves
Dec. 21: Town Hall: The Coming Ideological Battle for the Soul of Conservatism
Dec. 21: American Spectator: Selfish Old Party
Dec. 21: Boston Globe: R.I. Republicans seek new leader to unify small, divided party
Dec. 21: WNYT: FBI investigating Bruno's business
Dec. 21: NY Times: Some Rethinking in Senate as Leader Faces Scrutiny

Dec. 20: My Way: Report Says Berger Hid Archive Documents
Dec. 20: Daily Politics: Cook: Up on Hillary, Down on Rudy
Dec. 20: Human Events: Campaign '08 Begins for U.S. House
Dec. 20: SF Chronicle: Pelosi fills key campaign, ethics posts
Dec. 20: NY Observer: Cuomo Hires a Staff
Dec. 20: Houston Chronicle: GOP hopefuls cast eye on Texas cash
Dec. 20: Chicago Sun-Times: Rare Daley move: Endorses Obama for primary
Dec. 20: NY Post/Dicker: Hevesi resignation plea deal in works
Dec. 20: Daily News: Dems still lack place to party
Dec. 20: Daily News: McCain touts N.Y. list
Dec. 20: Daily News: 2nd poll finds Hil's on top
Dec. 20: Daily News: Hev may heave job as indict looms
Dec. 20: NY Sun: Spitzer's Pick for State's Top Health Post Demurs
Dec. 20: Albany Times Union: Top court candidates rated well- qualified
Dec. 20: NY Post: Top Dem joins NJ's jail parade
Dec. 20: Troy Record: Bruno: Outside interests cleared by Ethics Committee
Dec. 20: NY Times: Bruno Is Subject of Inquiry by F.B.I.
Dec. 20: Albany Times Union: Bruno facing FBI scrutiny
Dec. 20: NY Post: Next up: Joe Bruno
Dec. 20: AP: Senate Majority Leader Bruno under federal inquiry
Dec. 20: NY Times: Bruno Says F.B.I. Is Investigating His Outside Work
Dec. 20: Daily News: Why the FBI is joltin' Joe
Dec. 20: Daily News: 'Nothing to hide,' defiant Senate big says
Dec. 20: NY Sun: Senate in Turmoil as Bruno Is Eyed in Federal Probe
Dec. 20: Newsday: Bruno eyed in probe
Dec. 20: NY Observer: Democratic Scion Plumps for New Tammany
Dec. 20: Tucson Citizen: Changing war views, Kyl says
Dec. 20: Radio Iowa: Kansas Senator setting up 2008 presidential campaign
Dec. 20: Centre Daily Times: 'Alternative minimum tax' on Democrats' agenda
Dec. 20: National Journal: Gilmore Forms Exploratory Committee
Dec. 20: Washington Times: Road to White House may cost $1 billion
Dec. 20: Times Herald-Record: Pataki lacks presidential timbre
Dec. 20: NY Times: Gilmore, Courting Conservatives, Explores 2008 Bid
Dec. 20: NY Times: A Former Governor of Virginia Will Explore a Presidential Run
Dec. 20: Richmond Times Dispatch: Ex-Gov. Gilmore may seek presidency
Dec. 20: Chicago Tribune: Map to the future of the Illinois GOP
Dec. 20: MSNBC: Cook: Looking back at 2006
Dec. 20: Washington Post: Va.'s Gilmore To Explore Bid For President
Dec. 20: Shreveport Times: Jindal sends e-mail seeking $210K for campaign
Dec. 20: Contra Costa Times: Romney is fast rising as serious contender
Dec. 20: NY Observer: John McCain and the Iraq Numbers Game
Dec. 20: Newsday: Rudy begins hunt for campaign funds
Dec. 20: NY Sun: Giuliani Fund-Raising Event Attracts Hundreds
Dec. 20: Yahoo News: Will Conservatives Vote For Rudy?
Dec. 20: USA Today: McCain raises money while exploring presidential possibilities
Dec. 20: Washington Post: Giuliani's Primary Hurdle
Dec. 20: Town Hall: National Security and 2008: The GOP's Big Three
Dec. 20: NY Times: Fund-Raiser and Web Site Add to a Giuliani ’08 Tryout
Dec. 20: NY Times: 2008 Like It’s Today
Dec. 20: Charlotte Observer: McCain looks for different result in S.C.
Dec. 20: Philadelphia Inquirer: Royer leading in Chesco recount

Dec. 19: NY Post: Besieged Hevesi set to lose Silver lining
Dec. 19: NY Post: Hill ahead of Rudy, McCain in Newsweek poll
Dec. 19: NY Post: Rangel in sly dig at prez wannabe Giuliani
Dec. 19: Daily News: Hil drops a couple of hints
Dec. 19: Daily News: Hevesi, quit or land in jail: DA
Dec. 19: Daily News: Pataki homes in on Peekskill for new office
Dec. 19: Daily News: Rudy '08? Mike backs neutrality
Dec. 19: Albany Times Union: Voting machine certification takes more time than expected
Dec. 19: Albany Times Union: Hevesi indictment looming
Dec. 19: Albany Business Review: N.Y. Republicans go to Pa. for new executive director
Dec. 19: Mondello Names New State GOP Executive Director
Dec. 19: NY Observer: New and Innovative
Dec. 19: NY Times: Democrats: ‘Power of the Ballot Box’
Dec. 19: Concord Monitor: New campaign for Coburn, Mahoney - to serve on RNC
Dec. 19: Boston Globe: Coburn, Mahoney vie to replace Rath at RNC
Dec. 19: Bloomberg: Should U.S. Democrats Secede From the South?
Dec. 19: NY Times: Bob Barr: A New Card to Play
Dec. 19: Arizona Republic: McCain loses ground to Giuliani in poll of Republicans
Dec. 19: NY Times: Courting New York
Dec. 19: Newsday: Rudy's 'odd' timing
Dec. 19: MSNBC: Giuliani's primary hurdle in race for presidency

Dec. 18: Washington Times: Giuliani's moves resemble presidential bid
Dec. 18: SF Chronicle: Giuliani is wooing California's conservatives for possible '08 bid
Dec. 18: NY Post: Rudy set for 'golden' gig
Dec. 18: Buffalo News: Giambra birthday bash set
Dec. 18: Buffalo News: Progressive talk radio off the air
Dec. 18: Buffalo News: Cheektowaga Dems launch basic Web site
Dec. 18: Capitol Confidential: Dispute derails 2 judgeships
Dec. 18: Capitol Confidential: Court of Appeals Nominees Judged “Well Qualified”
Dec. 18: Capitol Confidential: Speculation on the next ED of the New York GOP
Dec. 18: NY Post/Morris: Reviving the Bush presidency
Dec. 18: NY Post: Lame duck Pataki gets defensive
Dec. 18: Rochester D&C: Hevesi must go
Dec. 18: NY Sun: Bronx Would Make Plunkitt Proud
Dec. 18: Albany Times Union: Sweeney-Gillibrand campaign left both in red
Dec. 18: Union Leader: Gingrich ponders late entry in 2008 Presidential race
Dec. 18: Guardian: Will Nev. Set the Course for 2008 Pick?
Dec. 18: Myrtle Beach Online: Awkward election schedule unlikely to change
Dec. 18: Richmond Times-Dispatch: N.Va.'s political winds shifting
Dec. 18: NY Daily News: Why Hil can win in 2008
Dec. 18: Argus Leader: Focus groups rate the top GOP contenders
Dec. 18: WSJ: Obama Forces Shuffle in Early '08 Lineup
Dec. 18: LA Times: Candidates have their hands out
Dec. 18: Houston Chronicle: GOP has gone too far South
Dec. 18: Chicago ST/Novak: Republican poll shows Clinton's support stalling as Obama's skyrockets
Dec. 18: Staten Island Advance: Will Fossella be stymied?
Dec. 18: Cleveland Plain Dealer: GOP's Bennett advocates longer term limits
Dec. 18: Journal News: Spano leaves record of success in 28-year career
Dec. 18: Political Affairs: Rep. John Conyers Calls for a "People’s Agenda" for the New Congress
Dec. 18: Albany Times Union: Public Employees Federation intends to become a bigger player
Dec. 18: Daily Advertiser: Session result 'doesn't bode very well' for Blanco
Dec. 18: Hartford Courant: Reform Congress' Errant Ways
Dec. 18: Cincinnati Enquirer: Blackwell has no regrets about mission impossible
Dec. 18: Miami Herald: Bush's legacy as governor: a Republican revolution
Dec. 18: Rocky Mountain News: Owens takes look back
Dec. 18: NY Sun: Gingrich Announces He May Run for President
Dec. 18: NY Sun: Clinton Holds Luncheon for Her Biggest Financial Backers
Dec. 18: NY Sun: Romney Runs Into Trouble On Gay Rights
Dec. 18: Springfield State Journal: State Republican leaders gather at Hastert’s home
Dec. 18: SF Chronicle: All GOP political roads go through Bushes

Dec. 17: Buffalo News/McCarthy: Tidings of political activity
Dec. 17: Buffalo News: There's little middle ground on Hillary for president
Dec. 17: NY Times: Gingrich, on a Mission, Has No Time to Campaign for ’08
Dec. 17: NY Times: For Senate, Quirks of Fate Sometimes Decide Majority
Dec. 17: NY Post: Greasy political pork
Dec. 17: Orlando Sentinel: Florida pols find center field
Dec. 17: Boston Globe: Romney's journey to the right
Dec. 17: George Will: Challenges ahead for McCain and Romney

Dec. 16: Detroit News: McCain's Michigan nightmare: Romney
Dec. 16: NY Times: Ties Run Deep Between Bruno and Abbruzzese
Dec. 16: NY Times: Spitzer names 12 to top positions
Dec. 16: Daily News: Hevesi driver talks
Dec. 16: Daily News: Pork pol & gal pal plead not guilty in 400G con
Dec. 16: NY Post: Spitzer's PA boss to eye 'Freedom' redo
Dec. 16: NY Post: DA drives home case vs. Hevesi
Dec. 16: NY Post: Bronx pol denies 423G fraud rap
Dec. 16: CBS News: Beyond Hillary, Barack, Rudy And John
Dec. 16: Poughkeepsie Journal: Kendall gets clerk job, despite local GOP vote
Dec. 16: Daily Freeman: Dutchess Legislature chairman becoming county clerk
Dec. 16: SiLive: New leadership elected for New York state Democrats
Dec. 16: Casper Star-Tribune: Denver May Not Land 2008 Convention
Dec. 16: Wichita Eagle: Staff says Roberts ready to support
Dec. 16: Cherry Hill Post: Presidential contenders jockeying for position
Dec. 16: NRO: MA Governor Mitt Romney interview
Dec. 16: NY Mag: The McCain Mutiny
Dec. 16: Novak: Here comes Obama
Dec. 16: Buffalo News: Pataki-Silver: Rancor from start to finish
Dec. 16: SF Chronicle: Gov raises at least $640,000 for inaugural celebration
Dec. 16: Pioneer Press: Party with Pawlenty: Inauguration set for Jan. 2
Dec. 16: Foster's: Judd Gregg wrong target for Dems' ire
Dec. 16: NY Times: Remaining ‘Kerry-Republican’ Districts Will Top Dems’ List
Dec. 16: NY Times: Rhode Island: Chaffee to Take Post at Brown University
Dec. 16: Rochester D&C: Bayh Rules Out White House Bid in 2008
Dec. 16: Kansas City Star: Edwards days of highlighting "two Americas" are over
Dec. 16: Amherst Times: O’Loughlin: A big man, a big bully
Dec. 16: Canton Rep: Ohio GOP boss wants term limit extension
Dec. 16: Boston Globe: NH GOP executive director announces resignation
Dec. 16: Quad-City Times: Thompson puts focus on Iowa
Dec. 16: Milwaukee JS: Thompson tests waters for presidential campaign
Dec. 16: Wisconsin State Journal: Thompson presidential fundraising effort begins
Dec. 16: Pioneer Press: Thompson a step closer to bid
Dec. 16: ABC7Chicago: Former Wis. governor still eying possible presidential bid in '08
Dec. 16: Arkansas City Traveler: Roberts may not back Brownback's presidential bid
Dec. 16: Roanoke Times: In the end, all Allen had left was his smirk
Dec. 16: Times Herald-Record: Spat over seat shows widening rift in NY GOP
Dec. 16: Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio's campaign money shuffle
Dec. 16: Pawtucket Times: RI GOP chairwoman to step down in March
Dec. 16: Time: Who Wants to Control the Senate?
Dec. 16: Mercury News: Democrats must seize chance to show true leadership
Dec. 16: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Rebuilding the GOP's House
Dec. 16: WXIA: Bob Barr Quits Republican Party

Dec. 15: 12 Senior Spitzer appointments
Dec. 15: Buffalo News: O'Loughlin in GOP race for Erie county executive
Dec. 15: Buffalo News: Helfer named to NFTA board
Dec. 15: NY Post: Pataki passes Hevesi hassle to next Gov.
Dec. 15: NY Post: Albany dissing match
Dec. 15: NY Daily News: Guess who's coming to N.H. dinner? Hillary?
Dec. 15: NY Daily News: Gov. hits Silver over perv curb
Dec. 15: NY Sun: Bush Can Deal McCain Harm With Iraq Move
Dec. 15: NY Sun: Silver Foils Pataki Effort to Leave Albany With Bang
Dec. 15: NY Times: Senate Ethics Panel Absolves Reid
Dec. 15: NY Times: Lunch Menu: D’Amato, Koch, Clinton, ’08
Dec. 15: Albany Times-Union: Bitter exchanges after legislative session sours
Dec. 15: Forbes: New Hampshire Dems Invite Clinton to Speak
Dec. 15: NY1: State Democrats Gather To Elect New State Party Leaders
Dec. 15: Seattle Times: House panel to explore an outside ethics office
Dec. 15: Capitol Weekly: Former Reagan aide Garrick ready for first office
Dec. 15: The Capital: Senate campaign's last days worth $1 million
Dec. 15: Albany Times-Union: The 109th a do-nothing Congress
Dec. 15: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: GOP implodes on judges
Dec. 15: CBS News: Romney Again Says He's Anti-Gay Marriage
Dec. 15: Denver Post: Salazar "concerned" over DNC bid
Dec. 15: Denver Post: New York: DNC prospects bright
Dec. 15: The Capital: Ehrlich in talks with prez hopefuls
Dec. 15: Albany Times-Union: Media hamper bids by third-party candidates
Dec. 15: Harvard Crimson: McCain a True Maverick Despite Criticism
Dec. 15: Detroit Free Press: Parties aim for primary in 2008
Dec. 15: Washington Times: SD Sen. Tim Johnson 'critical' after surgery
Dec. 15: Bradenton Herald: Jeb Bush effective at moving massive agenda, maintaining popularity
Dec. 15: Florida Times-Union: A look at Gov. Jeb Bush through the years
Dec. 15: Florida Times-Union: What others say about Jeb Bush's eight years in office
Dec. 15: Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Jeb Bush's future a subject of speculation
Dec. 15: Denver Post: Wadhams asked to run Colorado GOP

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Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

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