Dec. 31: NY Times: Moderate? Conservative? With Gerald Ford, Take Your Pick
Dec. 31: NY Times: Serving as Ford’s No. 2, Rockefeller Never Took His Eye Off Top Job
Dec. 31: NY Post/Dicker: Bruno big is quitting
Dec. 31: Daily News: Bruno aide quit nothing to do with probe - spokesman
Dec. 31: Daily News: End of era for Pataki
Dec. 31: Albany Times Union: Daunting days ahead for Spitzer
Dec. 31: Albany Times Union: Legal adviser to Bruno retires
Dec. 31: Newsday: Spitzer appointments thusfar shun cronyism
Dec. 31: Rochester D&C: Spitzer to get local flavor
Dec. 31: Albany Times Union: Candidates are ready, but are we?
Dec. 31: NY1: 2006 Year In Review: Spitzer's Smooth Ride To Governor's Mansion
Dec. 31: Newsday: Spitzer picks come from his past
Dec. 31: Journal News: From day one, Spitzer will 'bring the noise' to Albany
Dec. 31: NY Times: Bruno Is on the Defensive
Dec. 31: South Bend Tribune: GOP is looking ahead to 2007
Dec. 31: News-Press: Florida Inaugural dough keeps rolling in
Dec. 31: Albany Times Union: The stories you'll remember from '06
Dec. 31: Troy Record: Replacing comptroller early test of new Albany
Dec. 31: Journal News: Hevesi decision good for everyone - except the voters

Dec. 31: Boston Globe: Two parties in the pews
Dec. 31: Arizona DS: State Chamber was pressured on endorsement of Napolitano
Dec. 31: Dick Morris: The New Triangulation
Dec. 31: St. Petersburg Times: Crist's name is on the invitation, but it's not his party
Dec. 31: Arizona Daily Star: Page scandal tarnishes Kolbe's 22 productive House years
Dec. 31: Arizona Daily Star: Kolbe faults Republican leadership
Dec. 31: LA Times: When Ford lost, so did Dems
Dec. 31: Charlotte Sun-Herald: 'Foley factor' changed Washington
Dec. 31: Seattle Times: Jerry Ford: a man who never played politics with our future
Dec. 31: Washington Post: Time to mediate in Virginia's GOP fratricide
Dec. 31: Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Jennings suffers a double setback
Dec. 31: EIR: The Inside Story Of Dean's Sabotage

Dec. 30: Buffalo News: Polls show Giuliani atop GOP in 2 states
Dec. 30: E&P: 2008 Poll Madness Begins: Hillary Leads in Key States But Two Rivals Crowd Her
Dec. 30: Daily News/Luntz: How America's Mayor can beat America's maverick
Dec. 30: NY Post: Alan aide hits road with probe looming
Dec. 30: NY Post: Spitzer: My Missus will be a big hit
Dec. 30: NY Post: Farewell to Ford
Dec. 30: NY Post: Mourning Sickness: Eliot denies ex-Prez his dues
Dec. 30: Daily News: Rep. Charles Rangel
Dec. 30: Capitol Confidential: Hoare Joining Cuomo Legal Team
Dec. 30: Albany Times Union: Spitzer articles
Dec. 30: Albany Times Union: Top Albany area Democrats wait for Spitzer's call
Dec. 30: WSYR: Congressman Boehlert Moving On
Dec. 30: PBS: Political Landscape Changes as Presidential Hopefuls Take Stage
Dec. 30: Arizona: The Year in Review from L to Z
Dec. 30: CBS News: The Irrelevance Of Joe Lieberman
Dec. 30: St. Petersburg Times: Bush's privatization legacy
Dec. 30: IHT: McCain, Romney, Giuliani — heavyweights in Republican field as 2006 ends
Dec. 30: Dallas Morning News: The Speaker's duel
Dec. 30: KLTV: Election year brings victory, moderation to Perry
Dec. 30: Star-Telegram: New poll detects a change in the political climate in the Capitol
Dec. 30: Houston Chronicle: Plotting Craddick's next step
Dec. 30: FB Herald: Year in Review: DeLay saga continued to dominate politics
Dec. 30: FB Now: New Year Likely To Ring In Lincoln Day Legal Fees For Fort Bend County GOP

Dec. 29: Newsday: Maltese Balkin'
Dec. 29: NY Sun: Spitzer May Not Have a ‘Crisis' To Waste, After All
Dec. 29: NY Post: Pataki's crew is packing up
Dec. 29: NY Post: Office for Mrs. Spitzer
Dec. 29: NY Post: Power duo vs. Albany Corruption Eruption
Dec. 29: Daily News: Edwards' hat in Prez ring
Dec. 29: NY Times: Group Now Tied to an Inquiry Figured in Bruno’s Day at a Track
Dec. 29: NY Times: Ford Arranged His Funeral to Reflect Himself and Drew in a Former Adversary
Dec. 29: NY Times: In Minnesota, Case Study for Political Shake-Up
Dec. 29: Rochester D&C: The Pataki years
Dec. 29: Rochester D&C: Are we better off after 12 years of Pataki?
Dec. 29: Chicago Tribune: Ford's politics a rarity today
Dec. 29: CBS: From Ike To Jerry Ford
Dec. 29: KWTX: Ford Made Busy Campaign Stop In Waco 30 Years Ago
Dec. 29: Human Events: Ford Pushed Cheney for President in '96
Dec. 29: Myrtle Beach: In 1976, social and political trends swirled as Ford took nomination
Dec. 29: Townhall: How Ford was used to create Bush dynasty
Dec. 29: Kansas City Star: All eyes were on Ford, KC at the 1976 Republican National Convention
Dec. 29: NRO: The Moderates’ Last Stand

Dec. 28: NY Post: Convicted Pol's Pal in with Spitz
Dec. 28: NY Post: Late Moynihan rail push
Dec. 28: NY Post: Hevesi aide is next to be driven out
Dec. 28: NY Post: Rudy's 911 snag
Dec. 28: NY Sun: Politically Correct Holidays
Dec. 28: NY Sun: Edwards 2008 Bid To Push Plight of Poor
Dec. 28: Daily News: Oops! Web slip put Edwards in day early
Dec. 28: Rochester D&C: New York State tax rebates may jump
Dec. 28: Richard Rosenbaum: Gerald Ford: A kind, decent, honest man who grew in role handed him
Dec. 28: Philadelphia Inquirer: Ford's legacy could heal
Dec. 28: Detroit News: Fiscal conservative reached across partisan lines
Dec. 28: Detroit News: How others view Gerald Ford's record
Dec. 28: FrontPageMag: The Future of the GOP
Dec. 28: Chicago Tribune: Would today's GOP go for Ford?
Dec. 28: Sarasota: Two Republicans take leadership roles at NAACP
Dec. 28: Detroit News: He led with honesty and civility
Dec. 28: Will: Political sedative for jangled nerves
Dec. 28: NRO: Right Hopes
Dec. 28: Orlando Sentinel: Gerald Ford, down to earth
Dec. 28: NRO: A Pair for History
Dec. 28: Newsweek: How Ford Almost Became Reagan's VP
Dec. 28: American Spectator: Two Gentlemen and a Party

Dec. 27: NY Times: Gerald Ford, 38th President, Dies at 93
Dec. 27: Detroit News: Cross-party respect streamlined Ford's confirmation
Dec. 27: NY Post: Biden to run in '08
Dec. 27: Concord Monitor: Rath Group collects $105,000 from Romney
Dec. 27: Lexington Herald-Leader: Ky Republicans say 2006 could have been worse
Dec. 27: Houston Chronicle: Contest for Texas House speaker
Dec. 27: Star-Telegram: Texas Speaker battle is shaping up
Dec. 27: AZ Central: John Edwards to announce presidential run on Thursday
Dec. 27: Broder: Look at all of the stars
Dec. 27: NY Times: Strategy, Not Drama, in ‘I Intend to Run in ’08’
Dec. 27: Amherst Times: Chris Jacobs will be ECRC choice for County Executive
Dec. 27: Seattle PI: We want only some politicians to change
Dec. 27: Macon Telegraph: Perdue still facing ethics complaints
Dec. 27: NY Sun: Pataki Defends ‘Real' Conservative Record
Dec. 27: Niagara Gazette: Pataki's rise to power
Dec. 27: NY Times: With Promises of a Better-Run Congress, Democrats Take on Political Risks
Dec. 27: Angus Reid: Iowa Ponders White House Options for 2008
Dec. 27: NY1: Spitzer Picks Republican As Deputy Director For Public Safety
Dec. 27: News10: Governor-elect appoints new homeland security chief
Dec. 27: NY Observer: Spitzer Secures His Homeland
Dec. 27: Daily News: Spitzer scoops up GOP star
Dec. 27: NY Post: Eliot's GOP surprise could rattle senate
Dec. 27: Albany Times-Union: Spitzer nod opens GOP seat
Dec. 27: Newsday: Both parties race to replace Balboni
Dec. 27: Newsday: Spitzer’s GOP pick
Dec. 27: Newsday: Spitzer's choice of 'Senator Doom' is genius
Dec. 27: Newsday: Spitzer's right move
Dec. 27: NY Sun: Albany Bipartisanship
Dec. 27: NY Sun: Spitzer Chooses Republican for Security Chief
Dec. 27: Chicago Sun-Times: We'll pretend to like you, too

Dec. 26: NY Times: Spitzer Appoints Republican to Security Post
Dec. 26: Chicago Tribune: Democratic sweep may be long-lasting
Dec. 26: Capitol Confidential: Spitzer announces appointment of Republican Sen. Balboni
Dec. 26: Baltimore Sun: White House hiring lawyers in expectation of Democratic probes
Dec. 26: Washington Times: Democrats to take Nevada detour
Dec. 26: Quad City Times: Vilsack: A presidential candidacy worth rooting for
Dec. 26: Dick Morris: Hillary's new strategy: The Mom President
Dec. 26: Washington Post: Nonprofit Connects Murtha, Lobbyists
Dec. 26: Washington Post: Forget Polls, Long Shots Say It's About the Message
Dec. 26: Washington Post: Senate Committee Staff Directors Set Session Agenda
Dec. 26: Albany Times Union: Pataki declines to offer year-end clemency
Dec. 26: NY Times: Albany: No Clemencies This Year
Dec. 26: Albany Times Union: Budget cuts hit Albany County Democrats
Dec. 26: New Orleans: Romney, McCain set sights on Louisiana’s GOP support
Dec. 26: Myrtle Beach: No rest for N.C. politics in 2007
Dec. 26: Mercury News: Sen. Biden touts experience in 2008 bid
Dec. 26: Albany Times Union: Convention system harms democracy
Dec. 26: NewsMax: Internet Key for Hillary Clinton and Sen. McCain
Dec. 26: NY Sun: Obama Shapes an Agenda Beyond Iraq War
Dec. 26: Washington Post: The Narrowing Field
Dec. 26: London Telegraph: Return of the populist: Edwards to run for White House
Dec. 26: NY Sun: Gilmore Ponders Joining Crowded Republican Presidential Field
Dec. 26: Binghamton: New York State Senate stands in way of finance reform
Dec. 26: Human Events: Capital Briefs: Dec. 25-29
Dec. 26: Human Events: Don't Expect Tim Johnson to Leave Office
Dec. 26: Washington Times: Democratic dropouts tip '08 race to left
Dec. 26: Indianapolis Star: Which one will break through?
Dec. 26: Boston Globe: Sanders' election to Senate tops Vermont stories in 2006
Dec. 26: San Diego Union Tribune: Rep. Hunter may not find GOP right-wingers so friendly
Dec. 26: KOLD: Kyl now in GOP top three at a tough time for party
Dec. 26: Newsday: Democrats vow a return to bipartisan Congress
Dec. 26: Boston Globe: Parties urge aging lawmakers to hold on for another term
Dec. 26: Guardian: Sen. Byrd Leads 'Senior' Democrats
Dec. 26: Baltimore Sun: New Congress to bring in older leaders
Dec. 26: Daily News: Dems jump gun for '08
Dec. 26: Boston Globe: Relieving Romney
Dec. 26: Boston Globe: Romney throwing sharp jabs at McCain
Dec. 26: Boston Globe: Romney's unfinished business
Dec. 26: Gannett: Giuliani could transform the Republican Party if he can win
Dec. 26: Billings Gazette: Burns, others question GOP campaign strategy

Dec. 25: Washington Post: House Panels' Staff Directors Outline Goals for New Congress
Dec. 25: NY Post: Making a list: Who's been bad or good in Albany
Dec. 25: NY Post: Republicans need not apply for Hevesi's old job: Silver
Dec. 25: Daily News: Obama erases Hil lead in N.H.
Dec. 25: Daily News: City may break with convention
Dec. 25: Rochester D&C: GOP's grip a gantlet to Spitzer reforms
Dec. 25: Tonawanda News: Pataki's rise to power
Dec. 25: NRO: Goodbye, George
Dec. 25: Washington Times: Immigration questions may give GOP sway
Dec. 25: Journal News: Highlights from Pataki's tenure as governor
Dec. 25: Miami Herald: Florida GOP still has clout in Congress
Dec. 25: NY Times: Pork No Longer Paves the Road to Re-election
Dec. 25: Albany Times Union: Reform? What reform?
Dec. 25: Boston Herald: No praise, bury him: Throw Pataki from the train
Dec. 25: Journal News: The aw-shucks guy from Peekskill who would lead N.Y.
Dec. 25: Star-Gazette: Pataki has been fading since strong first term
Dec. 25: Detroit News: '08 hopefuls hot for Mich.
Dec. 25: Detroit Free Press: Knollenberg shifts role after nearly losing seat
Dec. 25: Billings Gazette: Montanans like GOP property-tax plan
Dec. 25: LA Times: 'Instant runoff' voting touted
Dec. 25: Arizona Star: New session will test Kyl's ability to forge unified GOP
Dec. 25: St. Petersburg Times: 'Jeb is a hard act to follow'
Dec. 25: Miami Herald: Crist aide rings up dollars
Dec. 25: Fox: Obama, Clinton in Dead Heat in Latest New Hampshire Dem Poll
Dec. 25: Concord Monitor: Obama strong in new poll
Dec. 25: Chicago Sun-Times: Obama eyes Iowa in putting '08 HQ here
Dec. 25: Boston Globe: Early star power of Clinton, Obama wilting field
Dec. 25: Boston Globe: After sold-out appearance, Obama pulls even with Clinton in N.H.
Dec. 25: Novak: Losing the Greens

Dec. 24: AP: GOP turns anger on campaign committee
Dec. 24: AP: Candidates turn to Web to reach voters
Dec. 24: NY Post: Lobbyists are livid over offspring 'name game'
Dec. 24: NY Times: Testing the Waters, Obama Tests His Own Limits
Dec. 24: Daily News: Eliot must rally an army vs. corruption
Dec. 24: NY Times: By Exiting Under Fire, Hevesi Joins a Tiny Club of State Politicians
Dec. 24: Daily News: Hev was hardly alone at Albany's pig trough
Dec. 24: Daily News: Harlem Dem is most powerful black lawmaker
Dec. 24: Albany Times Union: After 12 years, a pragmatic Pataki
Dec. 24: Albany Times Union: Pataki's New York: 1994 and 2006 (.pdf)
Dec. 24: Rochester D&C: For Spitzer's list
Dec. 24: Rochester D&C: Friends rush to Bruno's aid
Dec. 24: Albany Times Union: Bruno defends his dealings
Dec. 24: Times Herald-Record: GOP county leaders call for Bruno to step down
Dec. 24: Ohio: Tiberi ready for first experience in minority party
Dec. 24: Indianapolis Star: Bloomberg buzz is building
Dec. 24: WSJ: Govt that governs best, governs least. Unless you're Mike Bloomberg
Dec. 24: Colorado: Allard mulls plans after tough year
Dec. 24: Macon Telegraph: Georgia GOP may shun aggressive agenda
Dec. 24: Novak: Tom DeLay returns
Dec. 24: Daytona Beach News: Bush leaves lasting imprint on Florida
Dec. 24: News4Jax: Jeb Bush Leaves Capitol For Last Time As Governor
Dec. 24: PB Post: Jeb Bush's assertive style has earned him a love-hate place in Floridians' hearts
Dec. 24: BBC: Is America ripe for a Mormon president?
Dec. 24: Dallas Morning News: In powerful new role, Pelosi recasting herself
Dec. 24: Contra Costa Times: Hoopla for Pelosi more than a party
Dec. 24: Washington Times: Female lawmakers may push for potty parity on Capitol Hill
Dec. 24: Long Island Press: Best Move For GOP?
Dec. 24: Albany Times Union: Moderates court GOP right wing
Dec. 24: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Here come the 'liberaltarians'?
Dec. 24: Boston Globe: Romney left Mass. on 212 days in '06
Dec. 24: Syracuse Post Standard: How we pick judges is about to change
Dec. 24: Star Tribune: GOP skeptics believe Giuliani's too liberal

Dec. 23: Barone: Polls for the Republican Nomination
Dec. 23: Real Clear Politics: Obama Tied For Lead in Iowa
Dec. 23: Cedar Rapids Gazette: Poll reveals early Iowa caucus leaders
Dec. 23: KCCI: KCCI Poll Shows Vilsack 3rd
Dec. 23: Indianapolis Star: Bayh looks solid as running-mate material
Dec. 23: Salon: Newt Gingrich's "outsider" act
Dec. 23: The Nation: The Irrelevance of Joe Lieberman
Dec. 23: Union Leader: Giuliani to speak at Jan. GOP gathering
Dec. 23: Des Moines Register: Giuliani aims to contact GOP caucus activists
Dec. 23: Des Moines Register: Edwards to enter race, visit Iowa
Dec. 23: NewsMax: McCain, Edwards, Obama Lead in Iowa Poll
Dec. 23: NY Post: Hill plunges to 4th in Iowa caucus poll
Dec. 23: Daily News: Iowa stunner: Obama ties Edwards for Prez
Dec. 23: NY Times: Hevesi Pleads Guilty to a Felony and Resigns
Dec. 23: Buffalo News: Hevesi admits guilt, then resigns
Dec. 23: NY Post/Dicker: Hevesi is one guilty goner
Dec. 23: Daily News: A somber Hevesi admits fraud
Dec. 23: Daily News: Eliot turned his back, and that was that
Dec. 23: NY Sun: Hevesi Pleads Guilty, Resigns From Office
Dec. 23: Washington Post: Schwarzenegger Remakes Himself as Environmentalist
Dec. 23: Daily News: Albany DA's star seen on the rise
Dec. 23: NY Post: Big $$ biz deal eyed in Bruno 'fraud' probe
Dec. 23: Daily News: FBI is told Bruno got 5 flights
Dec. 23: Breitbart: Romney Set for Presidential Announcement
Dec. 23: Daily News: Romney Set for Presidential Announcement
Dec. 23: South Coast Today: Mass. governor's rightward shift raises questions
Dec. 23: Chicago Tribune: Party on, Speaker-elect Pelosi
Dec. 23: Washington Post: Pelosi Aims To Recast Self, Party
Dec. 23: Telegraph: Pelosi brings back the glitz to Washington
Dec. 23: Sacramento Bee: Marie Cocco: New attitude about order in the House
Dec. 23: AP: Political Ads: They Didn't Go Away
Dec. 23: Washington Times: Goode's views on Muslims seen apart from GOP
Dec. 23: Seattle Times: Virginia lawmaker fears "more Muslims" in office
Dec. 23: The Southern: Emanuel: Va Rep should meet with Muslim colleague
Dec. 23: WCAV: Goode Defends Statements Amidst Controversy
Dec. 23: Star Tribune: Muslim group seeks apology from Virginia congressman
Dec. 23: Newsday: Va. congressman fears election of 'many more Muslims' to office

Dec. 22: NY Times: Court Overturns Limits on Political Ads, Part of the Campaign Finance Law
Dec. 22: NY Times: New York State Comptroller Expected to Resign
Dec. 22: Daily News: Hev road ends in mug shot
Dec. 22: NY Post: Hevesi ducks jail, will plead to felony
Dec. 22: Rochester D&C: Hevesi may cut a deal to quit today
Dec. 22: Rochester D&C: Democrats emerging as comptroller candidates
Dec. 22: Daily News: Long list of hopefuls to replace Alan
Dec. 22: NY Observer: Handicapping Hevesi replacement
Dec. 22: NY Sun: John McCain, Senator Backbone
Dec. 22: Daily News: Spitzer chooses insider for secretary of state
Dec. 22: NY Post/Dicker: GOPer in rebellion vs. Bruno
Dec. 22: NY Times: More Records Subpoenaed in Bruno Case
Dec. 22: Daily News: 8 firms livin' high on N.Y. pork
Dec. 22: Albany Times Union: Feds follow cash trail
Dec. 22: Albany Times Union: Doubt cast on Bruno's leadership
Dec. 22: Statement of Chairman Joseph N. Mondello on Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno
Dec. 22: Daily News: Step aside, Joe, says party guy
Dec. 22: Fox News: Mel Martinez: GOP Window-Dressing or Step Toward Success?
Dec. 22: CQ: Cole Faces Challenges as New NRCC Chairman
Dec. 22: Washington Times: Star power of Giuliani may win over conservatives
Dec. 22: Washington Times: Steele seeks advisory role in '08 race
Dec. 22: Maryland Gazette: With end in sight, Ehrlich thinking about his future
Dec. 22: Real Clear Politics: Bush's Persistence, & His Legacy
Dec. 22: NY Times: Eyeing ’08, Democrats Nurse Freshmen at Risk
Dec. 22: NY Times: Rep.-elect Kagen Tries to Gain Political Traction
Dec. 22: NY Times: The ‘Everyman’ Image of Rep.-elect Walz
Dec. 22: Boston Globe: R.I. lawmaker defects from tiny Republican party
Dec. 22: American Daily: Neither Giuliani nor McCain Can Win in '08

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