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Facing negative polls and internal tensions, Trump plans to launch reelection bid with Orlando rally

Trump characterizes alleged attacks by Iran on tankers as ‘very minor’

Ocasio-Cortez presses case that U.S. is running ‘concentration camps’ at border amid Republican outcry

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

The Boston Globe’s ‘disturbing’ fake Trump front page from 2016 is proving increasingly prophetic

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

Biden suggests he has raised nearly $20 million for his White House bid

The Daily 202: Steve Bullock won’t be on the debate stage. But he’ll keep talking about his signature issue.


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Dec. 14: Des Moines Register: Edwards leads in Iowa poll
Dec. 14: OpinionJournal Poll: Who would be the strongest candidate?
Dec. 14: NY Sun: RNC Political Chief To Head Giuliani's Exploratory Panel
Dec. 14: NY Post: Rudy calls in a Bush man for '08 team
Dec. 14: NY Daily News: Rudy plucks a plum off of Bush
Dec. 14: NY Times: Giuliani Picks Top GOP Official to Head Exploratory Group
Dec. 14: Hotline: Get Of The Week: Michael DuHaime
Dec. 14: Washington Post: Giuliani Enters Staff Sweepstakes
Dec. 14: NY Sun: Gonzalez Case Puts Focus on Member Items
Dec. 14: NY Daily News: Piggy pol swindled kids out of 400G
Dec. 14: NY Daily News: Give all of the stinkin' guys a stogie
Dec. 14: NY Daily News: Give Hevesi a brake, 43% say in poll
Dec. 14: NY Post: DA says he has enough to indict Hevesi
Dec. 14: NY Post: Pataki's pet 'perv' law dies in Capitol
Dec. 14: WSJ: War-Weary Public Wants Congress to Lead
Dec. 14: Jersey Journal: At last, Jersey's votes will count in prez primaries
Dec. 14: Novak: Is GOP '08 choice already written in Inc.?
Dec. 14: NY Post: Bubba's buds chew over 2008 with Hill
Dec. 14: Sentinel: Romney OKs Detention of Illegal Aliens
Dec. 14: Cleveland PDr: Ohio Republicans pushing bill to limit consumer suits
Dec. 14: SF Chronicle: GOP nemesis Brown to emcee governor's gala
Dec. 14: PoliticsLA: Republican Legislators Stand Firm Against Blanco
Dec. 14: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Conservative judges: GOP caves in
Dec. 14: NY Sun: McCain Would Beat Clinton, Poll Suggests
Dec. 14: Bloomberg: Clinton's, McCain's Weaknesses Undercut Edge in 2008
Dec. 14: Sun Sentinel: Dinerstein will lead county Republicans for a third time
Dec. 14: Cincinnati Enquirer: Blackwell: No Republican would have won
Dec. 14: Union Leader: Granite Status: More than one Dem eyeing 2008 Senate primary
Dec. 14: Oregonian: A time for learning the lessons of defeat
Dec. 14: Washington Times: GOP's Davis touts diversity
Dec. 14: Newsday: South Dakotas Johnson hospitalized
Dec. 14: Reuters: Sen. Johnson undergoes surgery: source
Dec. 14: Rapid City Journal: Governor has the power to appoint a Senate replacement
Dec. 14: Anchorage Daily News: Young anticipates struggle in developing Alaska resources
Dec. 14: Daily Bulletin: Dreier to head California GOP delegation
Dec. 14: Worchester Telegram: McGovern eyes busy House plan
Dec. 14: Rocky Mountain News: Trying to lure Democratic bonanza? Call in a hoss
Dec. 14: NY Times: Democrats to Decide Soon on New York Bid for 08
Dec. 14: Time: How the G.O.P. Got Blindsided in Texas
Dec. 14: Houston Chronicle: How Ciro won

Dec. 13: NY Times: Giuliani Picks Key G.O.P Figure for 2008
Dec. 13: NY Post/Dicker: Road hog Alan in double trouble
Dec. 13: NY Times: Pataki Agrees to Let Spitzer Fill Some Vacant Posts
Dec. 13: NY Observer: The Cuomo Family
Dec. 13: Newsday: Few peers to LI pork spending
Dec. 13: NY Post: 'Hill and Obama' ticket
Dec. 13: NY Daily News: Hevesi's driven to pay 206G
Dec. 13: Capitol Confidential: Hevesi Responds (Updated)
Dec. 13: NY Times: Two New Yorkers Gain Seats on Prime House Committees
Dec. 13: NY Times: Inquiry Finds State Worker Acted as Aide to Hevesis Wife
Dec. 13: NY Times: Senator Clinton Adviser Stays in Shadows
Dec. 13: OpinionJournal: Believe it or not, Congress leaves on a high note
Dec. 13: My Way: Sen. Clinton Hosts 'Evening' in Iowa
Dec. 13: Washington Post: Democrats claim another seat in Texas race
Dec. 13: NY Times: Rodriguezs Upset Win in Texas 23 Yields Another Seat for Dems
Dec. 13: Capitol Hill Blue: Bonier likely to head Edwards campaign
Dec. 13: Angus Reid: Gingrich Would Lose in 2008 U.S. Election
Dec. 13: The Hill: No regrets for wealthy new minority
Dec. 13: Gwinnett Daily Post: GOP may need Perdue in 08
Dec. 13: Ben Stein: Dinner With the Bushes
Dec. 13: NRO: Looking at McCain, Pawlenty, and the Minnesota GOP
Dec. 13: Washington Post: Ex-Clinton Adviser Is Choice to Head CBO
Dec. 13: Washington Post: Romney's Record on Gay Rights Questioned
Dec. 13: Forbes: Sen. Dodd to Decide on Joining 2008 Race
Dec. 13: Washington Times: McCain, Hillary lead in cash
Dec. 13: PB Commercial: N.H. activist signed on to help Huckabee in '08
Dec. 13: LJ World: Conservatives ask: Will Brownback fracture the GOP base?
Dec. 13: KC Star: Brownback says room for gay rights backers among GOP
Dec. 13: Charlie Cook: Few Surprises
Dec. 13: NY Sun: Hevesi Asked To Pay $33,000 In Added Reimbursements
Dec. 13: Miami Herald: Florida Speaker Rubio spends $2.5M on salaries, offices
Dec. 13: Centre Daily: New Florida House speaker quickly increases office budget
Dec. 13: Forbes: Future Bright for Ex-Members of Congress
Dec. 13: NY Times: Democrats Consider Outside Ethics Panel
Dec. 13: Newsday: South Jersey power broker says he's leaving public life
Dec. 13: Daily Princetonian: Frist '74 won't rule out run for governor
Dec. 13: The Hill: Transcript of The Hill's interview with former Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas)
Dec. 13: SF Chronicle: DeLay bids to resume his career -- as a blogger
Dec. 13: Arizona Republic: Direction of Ariz. parties hinges on chairman roles
Dec. 13: AEI: Goodbye, 109th (And Good Riddance)
Dec. 13: NY Times: RNCs Financial Edge Not Enough to Preserve Majority in Congress

Dec. 12: NY Senate Judiciary Committee considering Walker, Caruso for judicial appointments
Dec. 12: Albany Times Union: Pelosi Announces Committee Memberships (Word doc)
Dec. 12: Captain's Quarters: 2008 Presidential Primary Straw Poll Results
Dec. 12: Washington Times: Democrats shopped Foley story to papers
Dec. 12: Village Voice: Twisted Spitzer
Dec. 12: Cillizza: 2008 Whale List Grows
Dec. 12: Columbus Dispatch: Recount confirms Pryce win
Dec. 12: Seattle PI: Ethics panel says McDermott violated standards in taped-call case
Dec. 12: Extreme Mortman: Top Ten Funniest Political Quotes Of 2006
Dec. 12: Barone: House Seniority and Committee Leadership
Dec. 12: NY Sun: Hevesi Case Backfiring on Spitzer
Dec. 12: NY Observer: The Staten Island Race Next Year
Dec. 12: Ithaca Journal: N.Y. lawmakers said to be ready to hike their pay
Dec. 12: NY Sun: 2008 GOP Contenders Try To Out-Reagan' Each Other
Dec. 12: NY Post: Barakground Info
Dec. 12: Newsday: Mondello To The City, To Replenish
Dec. 12: Times Herald Record: Decker takes lead of Dems
Dec. 12: The Statesman: McCain chairs: Clements, Mosbacher, McCombs
Dec. 12: South Coast Today: Romney's PAC spending highlights presidential preparations
Dec. 12: Houston Chronicle: Old Romney vs. new Romney
Dec. 12: American Spectator: Mitt Giving Fits
Dec. 12: Boston Globe: Romney is fast rising as a serious contender
Dec. 12: Boston Globe: N.H. activist signed on to help Huckabee in '08
Dec. 12: KSWO: Keating joins other former governors to discuss GOP's future
Dec. 12: Boston Herald: Pataki, former governors tour ground zero, discuss GOPs future
Dec. 12: The Hill: Tom DeLay launches comeback
Dec. 12: Dallas Morning News: DeLay starts blog, conservative group
Dec. 12: Washington Times: Blog from 'Hammer' nails hits from left and right
Dec. 12: AP: DeLay rallies conservatives with Web site, blog
Dec. 12: Houston Chronicle: Ex-congressman blogs in revamped Web site to push grass-roots effort
Dec. 12: Orlando Sentinel: Florida aims to boost clout in presidential race
Dec. 12: The State: Good riddance to Congress
Dec. 12: NRO: Republicans and Conservatives
Dec. 12: Star Telegram: Outgoing lawmakers say goodbye
Dec. 12: Union Leader: Sen. Judd Gregg: On spending, GOP leaders in Congress still don't get it
Dec. 12: Tennesseean: Frist may weigh governor's run
Dec. 12: Fox News: Lone Star Project Behind Dem Wins in Texas
Dec. 12: NY Sun: Gore's Remarks Spark Speculation He May Yet Run for President
Dec. 12: Washington Post: Obama impresses in New Hampshire but is he ready?
Dec. 12: Time: Hope for Obama in New Hampshire
Dec. 12: Boston Globe: Obama bandwagon is filling up fast
Dec. 12: NY Times: Obama Visit Shows All Eyes Are Still on New Hampshire
Dec. 12: Boston Globe: Kennedy rethinks support for a Kerry presidential run in '08
Dec. 12: ABC News: Obama, Clinton Court Campaign Staffers
Dec. 12: AP/Humbert: Sen. Clinton delays decision on 2008 bid
Dec. 12: NY Daily News: Hil's got to loosen up, say Iowa Dems
Dec. 12: Miami Herald: Iowa governor pursues presidential hopes
Dec. 12: NY Times: Just Ask: Kucinich Answers, Yes, I Am
Dec. 12: AP: Out of politics, what's next for George Allen?
Dec. 12: Daily Times: Chafee goes out with a laugh
Dec. 12: Washington Times: Allen clears office of six years, reflects on Senate loss
Dec. 12: Oregon Live: Oregon Sen. Smith says fight smart, or get out of a civil war
Dec. 12: Orlando Sentinel: Foley whitewash

Dec. 11: Newsday: Road to the White House starts in NY
Dec. 11: NY Sun: A Call to Arms Is Made Here By McCain
Dec. 11: Union Leader: McCain visits Clinton, Giuliani turf
Dec. 11: Detroit News: Clinton, McCain lead '08 survey
Dec. 11: NY Times: Pataki Says Hell Decide on 2008 Race in Early 07
Dec. 11: Newsday: Pataki, former governors tour ground zero, discuss GOP's future
Dec. 11: Seattle Post Intelligencer: Hillary beating Barack, but can she take GOP frontrunners?
Dec. 11: Indianapolis Star: Sen. Clinton vs. Sen. McCain?
Dec. 11: Newsday: McCain rails Iran in speech at Yeshiva
Dec. 11: Buffalo News: GOP-led Congress ends not with a bang but a whimper
Dec. 11: Tammy Bruce: Do the bums know why they were booted?
Dec. 11: Liberty Papers: Closing The Door On An Era
Dec. 11: Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani Leads McCain by Seven
Dec. 11: Morris: Obama's a political infant
Dec. 11: Boston Herald: N.H. pundits: Obama a tough act to follow
Dec. 11: Myrtle Beach: Big crowds for Obama signal that 2008 contest is wide open
Dec. 11: USA Today: Obama draws crowds as he tours New Hampshire
Dec. 11: NewsMax: Jeb Bush's Remarkable Record
Dec. 11: Washington Post: Candidates Seem to Be Emulating Reagan
Dec. 11: Human Events: Ideas Will Drive Conservatives' Revival
Dec. 11: St. Petersburg Times: Moving primary earlier risks party penalties
Dec. 11: Sarasota Herald Tribune: Blocking Buchanan could hurt Democrats
Dec. 11: Concord Monitor: Romney reaching to right
Dec. 11: Hawaii Reporter: Remember Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment
Dec. 11: Political Florida State Report: Florida Republicans Backing Romney
Dec. 11: LA Times: Giving California a voice in presidential contests
Dec. 11: LA Times: 2008 hopefuls woo Bush clan donors, aides
Dec. 11: Arizona Star: Election 2006: Some in GOP still don't get it
Dec. 11: Arizona Republic: Flake to Cuba; GOP dead heat
Dec. 11: Mojave Daily News: Ariz. Republicans still talking after election
Dec. 11: Washington Post: Together, Va.'s Elite Democrats Target GOP
Dec. 11: Broder: Senator McConnell appears ready to make his own mark
Dec. 11: Washington Times: Parties gird for '08 vote tossup
Dec. 11: Boston Herald: The Monday morning briefing
Dec. 11: Harvard Crimson: The Mirage of the Maverick
Dec. 11: Hattiesburg American: Voters spoke out against war, corruption
Dec. 11: Cleveland Plain Dealer: Redistricting favored Ohio Republicans
Dec. 11: KUTV: Utah Republican Party To Get New Leadership In Feb
Dec. 11: Boston Globe: Young GOP loyalists attend forum
Dec. 11: Kansas City Star:GOP claims Democratic campaign violated electioneering laws

Dec. 10: Buffalo News/McCarthy: In the running for Erie County Executive
Dec. 10: Buffalo News/McCarthy: Democratic leaders relish their victory
Dec. 10: The State: GOP struggles to define its legacy
Dec. 10: Hattiesburg American: Cochran ponders future as he cedes power
Dec. 10: Times Argus: Mr. Jeffords leaves Washington
Dec. 10: Denver Post: Moving on
Dec. 10: Slate: Revolted Republicans
Dec. 10: Concord Monitor: Pataki hosts lunch in Concord
Dec. 10: Philadelphia Inquirer: Phila. mayoral race pays a visit to Manhattan
Dec. 10: Toledo Blade: Ohio GOP tries to pick up the pieces
Dec. 10: Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Bayh close to playing un-Hillary role
Dec. 10: Quad-City Times: Hopefuls woo staff for Iowa caucuses
Dec. 10: Philadelphia Inquirer: Next maverick would-be president: Bloomberg?
Dec. 10: Times Daily: Is Bob Riley preparing for Washington?
Dec. 10: The Day: His Moment Of Truth Draws Near For McCain
Dec. 10: Houston Chronicle: 3 Texans named to McCain committee
Dec. 10: Charlotte Observer: Is the GOP too Southern?
Dec. 10: NY Post: Why Rudy's right
Dec. 10: Chicago Sun-Times: Tough test awaits Obama if he runs
Dec. 10: Newsday: Head of United Way of LI likely will be tapped
Dec. 10: Ithaca Journal: State senators dole millions to pet projects
Dec. 10: Rochester D&C: Monroe County executive and GOP lawmakers can do much better
Dec. 10: Journal News: New York ripe with possible presidential candidates
Dec. 10: Gainsville Sun: Florida Speaker pumps up staff salaries
Dec. 10: Seattle Times: Republicans look back on 12 years of power
Dec. 10: Newsday: Politics and power
Dec. 10: Orlando Sentinel: Bush leaves powerful imprint on Florida
Dec. 10: NY Times: The Myth of the Southern Strategy
Dec. 10: Pittsburgh Tribune Review: Presidential campaigns are lining up top talent
Dec. 10: San Jose Mercury News: After Senate, Allen's destination unknown
Dec. 10: Cleveland Plain Dealer: Ohio GOP chief sizes up losses, gains
Dec. 10: Time: The Perils of Being a Frontrunner
Dec. 10: Powerline: Mitt Romney and gay rights
Dec. 10: Boston Globe: GOP retools: It's back to the pocketbook
Dec. 10: Newsday/Humbert: Post-Roosevelt, is New York back in the presidential mix?
Dec. 10: NY Post: Hill and Rudy on road to rematch
Dec. 10: Washington Post: Road to the White House May Be Lined With Books

Dec. 9: Roch D&C: Reynolds cleared in Foley scandal
Dec. 9: WIVB: Reynolds Cleared of Any Wrongdoing
Dec. 9: WBEN 930: Reynolds Reacts To Foley Report
Dec. 9: Arizona Republic: GOP cleared in Foley scandal
Dec. 9: WCAX: Ethics committee clears Reynolds
Dec. 9: North Jersey: Menendez aide told media of Foley
Dec. 9: House Investigative Committee Foley Report
Dec. 9: NY Daily News: Foley a 'bomb'
Dec. 9: NY Times: Panel Finds No Violations in Foley Case
Dec. 9: Washington Post: Panel Blasts Hastert
Dec. 9: Globe Gazette: Race is on to hire top staffers
Dec. 9: The Day: Jockeying Begins For Next Session
Dec. 9: WSJ: Postcampaign Lobbying Thrives
Dec. 9: NY Times: Sentiment at Farewells in the House
Dec. 9: NRO: Window on The Week
Dec. 9: Hispanic Business: Velazquez to Chair Biz Cmte
Dec. 9: Syracuse Post-Standard: Stirpe strapped
Dec. 9: TKS: Will Bloomberg self-finance a 3rd party bid?
Dec. 9: Newsday: NYC mayor sings he was 'Born to Run'
Dec. 9: Cleveland Plain Dealer: Don Quixote?
Dec. 9: AP: Senate to hold closed joint caucus
Dec. 9: NY Post: NY Dems: We'll lick "rail" splitters in '07
Dec. 9: Clark County Democrat: Ffirst $1 billion race
Dec. 9: Oregonian: Gordon Smith changes his mind
Dec. 9: Brit Hume: If You Thought Impeaching Bush Was a Dead Issue, Think Again
Dec. 9: NY Times: Pataki Goes Far Afield to Find Political Allies for the City Appellate Bench
Dec. 9: FrontPageMag: Why Nancy Pelosi Thinks As She Does
Dec. 9: Lawrence Journal-World: Panelists give qualified nod to McCain in 08
Dec. 9: Deseret News: Romney: the McCain alternative?
Dec. 9: Life News: Pro-Life Senator Sam Brownback Says He'll Win GOP Presidential Primary
Dec. 9: Dallas Morning News: McCain attracts Bush's early Texas supporters
Dec. 9: Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas runoff highlights Latino voting rights
Dec. 9: NY Times: Romneys Gay Rights Stance Draws Ire
Dec. 9: KUTV: Utah GOP Leader In Charge Of Deseret Morning News
Dec. 9: Boston Globe: GOP senator upbraids colleagues
Dec. 9: Fox News: Jimmy Carter Fires Back at Longtime Aide Over Book
Dec. 9: CNN: Rep. McKinney's parting shot: Bill to impeach Bush
Dec. 9: AP: Brownback tells AP Iraq should be split
Dec. 9: Richmond Times Dispatch: Allen: Bid didn't focus on issues

Dec. 8: ABC News: Father of Chelsea Clinton's Boyfriend in Prison for Fraud, Scams
Dec. 8: Morris: Dems' '08 race is Hill's to lose
Dec. 8: Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: Spitzer plans inauguration
Dec. 8: Daily News: Spitz faces a party pickle
Dec. 8: NY Sun: A Bloomberg Bid for President Draws Attention of Strategists
Dec. 8: NY Sun: Bloomberg's Foot
Dec. 8: NY Times: Hevesi Is Said to Want to Fight for His Job
Dec. 8: Daily News: Hev is shaking his piggy bank
Dec. 8: NY Sun: Spitzer Warns Pataki About Appointments
Dec. 8: Albany Times Union: Spitzer calls late flurry of Pataki appointments an unwise policy
Dec. 8: NY Times: Patakis Parting Nominations Trouble Spitzer
Dec. 8: Newsday: Pataki appoints hundreds to serve during Spitzer administration
Dec. 8: NewsMax: Al DAmato: McCain Will Be GOP Nominee
Dec. 8: NY Post: GOPers spite Apple
Dec. 8: NY Post: Kerry plays it cool for Dems
Dec. 8: Phoenix Business Journal: McCain reaches out to big business in fundraising push
Dec. 8: Union Leader: Republicans bicker over NH nominating procedures
Dec. 8: Mid-Hudson Valley News: Yonkers GOP supports Amicone for mayor
Dec. 8: Boston Herald: McCain announces support of top Utah elected officials
Dec. 8: Bloomberg: Romney, No McCain, Gains Support of Republican Traditionalists
Dec. 8: ABC News: McCain Picks Campaign Chief
Dec. 8: Moderate Voice: John McCain's New Campaign Mgr Linked To (In)Famous Harold Ford Ad
Dec. 8: Boston Globe: Romney's '94 remarks on same-sex marriage could haunt him
Dec. 8: Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Ryan named as top Republican on Budget
Dec. 8: Worchester Telegram: Sen. Lieberman: Do right thing and defect to Republican Party
Dec. 8: NY Observer: 2008 According to Koch
Dec. 8: News & Observer: Poll sees obstacles for Clinton, Giuliani
Dec. 8: Kansas City Star: Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney spending time, money in Alabama
Dec. 8: San Diego Union Tribune: Poll shows problems for Clinton, Giuliani if they seek presidency
Dec. 8: My Way News: Democrats Will Try to Block Pay Raise
Dec. 8: Seattle Times: Midterm: looking back, looking ahead
Dec. 8: NRO: McCains Rudy Slippers
Dec. 8: Chicago Tribune: Obama should run
Dec. 8: Daily News: Old foe not on Rudy's radar, he sez
Dec. 8: FOX News Poll: Obama Trails Clinton in 2008 Dem Primary
Dec. 8: NY Times: Support for White House Bid Eludes All But a Few, Polls Show
Dec. 8: Poughkeepsie Journal: Poll: Clinton's strength is in party, Giuliani's is across lines
Dec. 8: Tampa Tribune: 3 Join Romney's GOP Presidential Bid Team
Dec. 8: Palm Beach Post: Crist taps contributors again to get inaugural ball rolling
Dec. 8: Sun-Sentinel: Crist seeks big donations for party
Dec. 8: Bennington Banner: Riley aims for Vermont Republican chair
Dec. 8: Boston Globe: Vermont Republican Party sets plans for electing a new chairman
Dec. 8: NY Times: Democrats Challenge: Keeping the Egos in Harmony

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