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Facing negative polls and internal tensions, Trump plans to launch reelection bid with Orlando rally

Ocasio-Cortez presses case that U.S. is running ‘concentration camps’ at border amid Republican outcry

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Trump characterizes alleged attacks by Iran on oil tankers as ‘very minor’

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

The Boston Globe’s ‘disturbing’ fake Trump front page from 2016 is proving increasingly prophetic

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

Biden suggests he has raised nearly $20 million for his White House bid

The Daily 202: Steve Bullock won’t be on the debate stage. But he’ll keep talking about his signature issue.

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April 21, 2007



PR Newswire: Harris Poll: Rudy Giuliani Leads John McCain by More Than 2-to-1
Jacksonville Business Journal: UNF Poll: Giuliani 31% McCain 14% in Florida
Houston Chronicle: Giuliani praises Bushes, chides Dems in Congress
Cincinnati Post: Giuliani could be a strong candidate
ABC News: Giuliani Becomes First Republican Candidate To File For South Carolina Primary
AP/Davenport: Giuliani becomes first GOP candidate to file for S.C. primary
Indianapolis Star: Proof that Giuliani's no liberal
NY Post: Giuliani bandwagon branches out to Israel
Desert Sun: Giuliani top dollar raiser in the valley

NY Daily News: MoveOn firing salvo at Bomb-Bomb McCain
AP/Quaid: Ad pokes McCain over joke on Iran
News&Observer: McCain's hawkish melody
Deseret News: Utah guv stumps for McCain at GOP meeting in Nevada
NRO: Kristol on McCain v. Reid

Iowa City Press-Citizen: Romney: America is the 'hope of the world'
Des Moines Register: On Iowa visit, Romney predicts caucus success
AP/Herman: Romney targets Senate majority leader over Iraq comments
CQ Politics: Big Infusion from Utah Helped Boost Romney to Top of GOP Money List
Des Moines Register: Romney: Boost size, budget of military
Des Moines Register: Romney not calling for Gonzales ouster

Wall St. Journal: Fred Thompson PAC Benefits Son More Than Republicans
KnoxNews: Some words of wisdom on a possible Fred Thompson run
Slate: Falling for Fred: What his swooners overlook
NRO: Thompsons Tort Trouble
National Ledger: Fred Thompson's First Challenge
NY Sun: From Whom Does Thompson Pull?

SeacoastOnline: Huckabee at house party in South Carolina
AP/Ramer: Huckabee Starts N.H. Day With 5K Run
CBN News: Huckabee: Hidden Gun Could've Helped VT

CQ Politics: Wisconsins Thompson Long on Resume But Short on Funds
CQ Politics: GOP Longshot Paul Brings Lean Budgeting to Campaign Fundraising
CQ Politics: Avid Small Donor Base Lifts Longshot Tancredo Into Seven Figures


NY Times: 2nd House Republican Yields Committee Post
AP: Democrats Nearly Erase GOP Money Edge
AP/Fram: Poll: Nation Split on Gun Control
OpinionJournal: Guns, Politics and the Law


Albany Times-Union: Two Republicans vie to topple Gillibrand
AP/Humbert: Spitzer orders IG probe into threat allegations
Rochester D&C: Senate leader Bruno has his eye on legislative reform
Rochester D&C: TV ads hit Kuhl, Walsh on Iraq
Albany Times-Union: Spitzer proposals to limit flow of money facing skepticism


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio GOP picks Kevin DeWine as eventual leader
WLWT: Ohio GOP Selects Lawmaker As State Party Deputy
Akron Beacon Journal: Ohio Republicans tap Kevin DeWine
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Dayton lawmaker to be next leader of Ohio GOP
Western Star: Fairborn state rep wins key state GOP post
Canton Repository: Braden denied state GOP chairmanship
Cleveland Leader: Another Dewine Making a Name For Themselves In Ohio Politics


Bayou Buzz: Clock Ticks Quick On Louisiana Democratic Gubernatorial Hopes
Times-Picayune: Demos hunt for big-name candidate
AP/Simpson: Jindal wins endorsement from La. sheriff's association


Jacksonville Business Journal: UNF poll: Crist riding high
Gainsville Sun: Republican dinner will focus on civil rights, equality
Reuters: Florida governor seeks return to Republican roots


Sacramento Bee: Doolittle defiant in face of probe
AP/Werner: Rep. Doolittle defiant in face of DOJ scrutiny


KTIV: Heineman: "Sen. Hagel has my complete support"
StatePaper: Bob Kerrey Probably Won't Run For The Senate
Omaha World-Herald: Kerrey: 1% chance I'd run for Senate


AP: Senate GOP leaders deny independent senator's seating request


Charlotte Observer: Bush's approval rating dips to 36% in N.C.


Oregonian: Democratic leaders won't criticize Smith
Oregonian: With DeFazio out of race, some look to Blumenauer
AP/Daly: Oregon Rep. DeFazio won't run for Senate
The Hill: DeFazio passes on Senate bid for second time


AP: Congresswoman Balances Bills With Birth


Arizona Star: Renzi takes leave from House committee amid federal probe
Arizona Star: Arizona's proof of citizenship in voting requirement upheld


April 20, 2007



NY Daily News: U.S. must hit back, Rudy sez
Wall Street Journal: Giuliani Leads GOP Candidates In Survey of Primary Voters
Business Week: Rudy Giuliani On Iraq, Taxes, Mistakes
AP/Talley: Giuliani: Nation Learned From Okla. City
CQ Politics: Giuliani Reports Skyscraping Early Money Total for White House Bid
Asbury Park Press: Giuliani tops all others in N.J. survey
CBS News: Pure Horserace: Giuliani's Gamble
Boston Herald: Adam Sandler contributes to Giuliani campaign
NY Post: Judi Giuliani gives

Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 27%, McCain 24%

Chicago Sun-Times: McCain jokes about bombing Iran at campaign appearance
AP/Sidoti: McCain's little ditty about attacking Iran

AP/Hennessey: McCain: Critics of Iran joke should "get a life"
Union Leader: McCain 'satisfied' with gun laws
USA Today: McCain repeats that he favors 'no gun control'
AP/Davenport: McCain, in S.C., tells how he'd conduct war; won't guarantee a win
CQ Politics: Early $13.1 Million Fundraising Report Looks Big Time Unless Youre McCain

Des Moines Register: Eliminating federal estate tax good for Iowans, Romney says
Arizona Republic: Mitt Romney stumping in McCain turf
Detroit Free Press: Romney dominates in Michigan fund-raising
Politico: The 'Big Mo': It Can Change With Time
NY Sun: Romney's Energy Gaffe

Dick Morris: Run Fred, Run ... Now!
Boston Globe: A fellow Tennessean touts Thompson
Huntington News: Backers Hope Actor Steps Up
Weekly Standard: Right, Said Fred
Fred Thompson: Signs of Intelligence?

WLTX: Huckabee to Visit SC Friday and Saturday
CQ Politics: Republican Huckabees Hopes Are Clintonesque, But Treasury So Far is Not

Small Town Papers: Jim Gilmore is running for what??

CQ Politics: Longshot GOP Hopeful Hunter Has Bead on South Carolina Dollars

Washington Post: Presidential Campaigns Spending Large Sums on Political Pros
NY Sun: The Cash Chase: Week-by-Week
NY Sun: 2008 Candidates Show Affinity for Atomic Energy


SF Chronicle: Doolittle steps down from Appropriations Committee
AP/Werner: Lawmaker Resigns From Panel Amid Probe
CQ Politics: FBI Searches Doolittles Home for Documents Related to Abramoff Scandal

NY Times: One Prosecutors Ouster Central to Inquiry
AP/Kellman: Attorney General Doesn't Satisfy Critics
McClatchy: GOP support melts away as Gonzales faces the heat
AP/Jordan: GOP Senator Calls for Gonzales to Resign

McClatchy: GOP senator's fundraising probed


Sandy Treadwell

Albany Times-Union: Ex-Pataki official challenging Gillibrand
Examiner: Ex-NY GOP boss seeks to challenge Rep. Gillibrand
Capital News: Treadwell looks to challenge Gillibrand in 2008
Saratogian: Gillibrand has new challenger
Glens Falls Post-Star: Treadwell steps up to challenge Gillibrand
Glens Falls Post-Star: Treadwell opens "working office" for 20th District run
Capitol Confidential: Treadwell v Gillibrand
Adirondack Daily Enterprise: Treadwell files to seek Gillibrands seat in Congress

Politico: GOP, Dems Face Fierce Fundraising Battle in New York House Races

NY Times: Former Judge Is Convicted of Bribery in Divorce Court

NY Sun: Albany Eyes a New Tax on Pets

NY Daily News: Mike eyes money drive: NYC traffic congestion plan
NY Sun: Gingrich, Ford Laud Bloomberg's Leadership

NY Sun: Fossella Would Bring Cuban Refugee to Beacon


Politics LA: Boasso thinking of a Party switch, but not likely this weekend
Politics LA: Boasso switch unlikely to derail coming GOP victory
India West: Jindal's Governor Bid Boosted by Breaux Backing Out
Bayou Buzz: Louisiana Democrats Must Be United And Moderate To Win Governor Race


Boston Globe: CPR session for the state's GOP


Freemont Tribune: Bruning may challenge Hagel for Senate seat


Miami Herald: Florida Sen. Martinez facing fines
Tampa Tribune: Lax Finance Reports Cost Martinez Campaign $95,000
Orlando Sentinel: Complaints include too-large donations to Martinez
Gainsville Sun: Republican dinner draws attorney general
Palm Beach Post: Crist's first 100 days depart from Republican profile

AP/Skoloff: Foley paying bills with campaign cash


Cleveland Plain Dealer: Rove rallies Ohio Republicans, dodges controversial questions
CQ Politics: Democrats Trying Again for Three Ohio Seats That Eluded Them in 2006


AP: Republicans criticize N.H. governor for supporting civil unions bill


April 19, 2007

Fred Thompson


Washington Post: Giuliani's Lead Shrinks
Captain's Quarters: Giuliani Slips In Latest Polling
WCBS: Giuliani Leads Presidential Pack In N.J.
Newsday: Giuliani leads all potential challengers in New Jersey
American Spectator: Giuliani and abortion
NY Sun: Giuliani: Not Dead Yet
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 47%, McCain 25%
Kansas City Star: New book reveals Rudy Giulianis many sides
LA Times: Giuliani shifts stance on abortion method
NY Daily News: Rudy showing off his flip side
The Hill: Giuliani joins GOP praise for abortion decision
NY Observer: Today's Giuliani Agrees With Court Decision
NY Sun: Rudy vs. McCain on Partial-Birth

Myrtle Beach: McCain woos Inlet veterans
KTEN: Former Oklahoma governor to stand in for McCain in South Carolina
Washington Post: McCain Says He Backs No Gun Control
Boston Globe: McCain campaign ready to bus Mass. residents to NH campaign event

WP/Cillizza: Romney's Odd Historical Reference
The Hill: Romney Blasts Democratic Tax Approvals

Weekly Standard: Thompson didn't announce, but he said all the right things
Boston Globe: Ex-senator Thompson visits Congress, '08 speculation in tow
Washington Post: Thompson Meets With House GOP; Does Not Say if He's a Candidate
NY Times: G.O.P. All Ears as Ex-Senator Weighs Bid
The Hill: Fred Thompson makes his 08 case to the House GOP
Washington Times: Thompson tests conservative waters
Washington Post: Conservative Republicans Starving for a Thompson Run
AP/Sidoti: Low Buzz for Thompson in Early Primaries
Bloomberg: Thompson, Potential Candidate, Gains Among Party Conservatives
MSNBC: Is Fred Thompson running or not?
Commercial Appeal: Thompson impresses in GOP meeting
Knoxville News Sentinel: Thompson sure looks like candidate
Daily News Journal: Thompson's methodical pre-campaign continues
RCP Blog: Wamp: Fred Thompson's Going For It
Austin AS: Thompson Presidential In Meeting With GOP House Members
Knoxville News Sentinel: Fred Thompson attracts 53 House members
Rome News-Tribune: Floyd GOP presidential straw poll gives Thompson the lead

Portsmouth Herald News: Huckabee says he's 'pro-family'

CQ Politics: Republican John Cox Rows His Own Boat in Longshot White House Bid
CQ Politics: Report Shows Brownback Still Seeking Big Backing for White House Bid
CQ Politics: Ex-Virginia Gov. Gilmore Looks Homeward for White House Race Seed Money

Politico: Ron Paul: A Conservative Study in Contrasts

Kondracke: Bloomberg Shouldn't Rule Out '08 Option if Parties Polarize


NY Times: Court Ruling Catapults Abortion Back Into 08 Race
NY Sun: How Abortion Plays a Role in Defining GOP
Reuters: Conservatives still see long abortion war


NY Sun: Spitzer's Silence on Ethanol Fight Speaks Volumes
Newsday: Nod for new NY Parks chief
Newsday: Regulatory commissioner says Spitzer aide threatened her
Newsday: Spitzer reschedules special election to fill Grannis seat
NY Post: 1st Eliot veto
NY Post: Gov aide's threat a shock
NY Post: Panel places gag on Raoul


KATV7: State Republican Party Chairman Stepping Down
Arkansas News: Baker to step down as chairman of GOP
Pine Bluff Commercial: Baker said he's stepping down as Ark. GOP chairman


AP: Burns still paying big bucks to criminal attorney
Billings Gazette: Rehberg aide seeks GOP job


Bayou Buzz: Breaux, Landrieu Leaves Louisiana Democrats in No Man Land
The Advocate: Some colleagues urging Boasso to switch parties


AP/Lieb: Mo. Highway Pick Gave to Gov.'s Campaign


News-Press: House passes multibillion-dollar property tax reform


Pioneer Press: Ciresi launches bid for Senate
CQ Politics: No Jest in Frankens Senate War Chest, But He Has Democratic Company


American Spectator: OK GOPers Would Sooner Wait


SF Chronicle: Presidential hopefuls scoop up donations in California
NY Times: F.B.I. Searches Home of California Lawmaker


April 18, 2007

Fred Thompson


WSJ: Pickens's New Commodity: Giuliani
Statesman: Rudys Texans
NY Sun: Rudy on 'Getting Beyond' Abortion
Human Events: Is Rudy Giuliani The Republican Howard Dean?
Daily Press: Giuliani reschedules appearance
Spartanburg Herald Journal: Giuliani leads Spartanburg, SC fundraising contest
Harvard Crimson: Giuliani Tops IOP Youth Poll
Asbury Park Press: Poll: New Jersey voters prefer Giuliani
Palm Beach Post: Giuliani leads in Palm Beach county
Politics on the Hudson: Giuliani: A day for prayer, reflection
Boston Globe: Giuliani back in NH next week
NewsBusters: AP Portrayed Rudy as Cross-Dressing While Knocking Conservatives

SeaCoastOnline: McCain ready to run: Senator will make it official in Portsmouth, NH
Townhall: McCain's Secret Plan
KTAR: McCain Avoiding South Carolina Conventions
AP/White: McCain Backs Gun Rights After Shootings
Business Journal: McCain moving up in presidential primary polls
Townhall: McCains Tough Weeks

Cherry Creek News: Allard endorses Romney
USA Today: Candidate Romney attracts new donors
AP/Kuhnhenn: Romney helps tap new donors using Mormon, business connections
Human Events: Romneys Mormon Money Paradox
NY Sun: Romney's Utah Cash
Detroit Metro Times: Mitt, Rudy and John
Las Vegas Sun: Romney leads presidential hopeful in race for cash in Nevada
AP/Johnson: Romney to push defense spending increase
The Hill: With campaign finance loophole, Romneys wealth cannot be matched

ABC News: Support Strong for Bush Among GOP Contenders

Chattanoogan: Drafting Fred Thompson: People Power In Action
Baltimore Sun: Frankly, Fred Thompson fits Reagan mold
Scripps: Backers hope actor steps up
Detroit Free Press: Conservatives boost Thompson toward run for presidency

Washington Times: Second-tier GOP hopefuls lack cash
Kansas City Star: In race for money, Brownback is behind
Post Chronicle: GOP Needs A New Gipper

Fox News: Bob Barr, Unlikely Leader But Possible Third Party Savior


The Hill: NRCC woos Indian tribes for 2008 campaign money

Baltimore Sun: Va. tragedy likely to put gun control in spotlight

Cornell Daily Sun: Novak Criticizes White House


Newsday: Spitzer eyes redistricting

Journal News: Former Yonkers council president Restiano to run for mayor
Journal News: Amicone unveils Yonkers budget with 5 percent tax increase


Morning Sentinel: Ex-GOP leader cites frustration with party


Contra Costa Times: McNerney a quick learner on fundraising


Palm Beach Post: Demonstrators rally around Rubio plan


Arkansas News: Beebe: past, present and future


Baltimore Sun: Spooked elections


LSU Daily Reveille: Think for yourself about Jindal
Bayou Buzz: Louisiana Governor Candidate Needed
AP/Simpson: Mitch Landrieu declines La. governor bid
Bayou Buzz: Louisiana Jindal Lead Cut In Half Before Breaux Left Governor Race


Asbury Park Press: State Dems way ahead of GOP in campaign fundraising
Newark Star Ledger: 'Big three' Democratic panels rout Trenton GOP in fundraising


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Courtney won't run again as GOP chair
WSAW: Assembly Passes Voter ID Measure Again


Tuskaloosa News: Democrats raise more than $444,000 in Alabama


Hawaii Reporter: Turning Hawaii's Political Climate Around


Macomb Journal: Dillard challenges Blagojevich plan


Lexington Herald Leader : Hopefuls jab at Fletcher -- and at one another
Courier-Journal: Northup campaign selling yard signs to supporters


April 17, 2007



NY Times: Finance Filings Offer Glimpses of 08 Candidates

Angus Reid: Iowa Likes Giuliani
Dallas Morning News: Texas donors boost Giuliani
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Minnesota's big campaign donors flock to Giuliani
LifeNews: Rudy Giuliani Tells Pro-Life Advocates: Get Over Abortion Issue
NewsMax: Giuliani to Speak at Pat Robertson's University
Politico: Rudy Giuliani: Lifelong Liberal
Dallas Morning News: Poll: Support for Giuliani drops
Politico: Giuliani Is the GOP's Only Hope
Rocky Mountain News: Citing VT shooting, Giuliani cancels Denver event
Virginian-Pilot: Giuliani delays talk at Regent University
CBN News: Rudy Giuliani Interview Postponed
NY Post: Carnage cancels Rudy

NY Post: McCain gain in GOP poll
AP/Schelzig: McCain assails wasteful spending
Politico: McCain Reaches Out to Moderates
KOLD-TV: Arizona's make healthy donations to McCain campaign
KPXO Phoenix: McCain Campaign Funds Dwindling
AP: McCain stands firm on gun rights

Seattle PI: Romney rules in raising money in Washington state
Des Moines Register: Romney get top donations in Iowa
Deseret News: Utah donors favor Romney
AP/Elliott: Romney takes back endorsement of Clinton's "village" concept
NewsMax: Mitt Romney: Preserve, Protect Tax Cuts
Hotline: Romney's Straw Poll Victories, Rudy's Finance Team

Fred Thompson

OC Register: Thompson's campaign debut: OC appearance is attracting national attention
Washington Times/Inside the Beltway: Run, Fred, run
McClatchy: Trip to D.C. could signal presidential run for Fred Thompson
Cal Thomas: If Fred Thompson's not running, he should
Fox: Depths Still to Be Plumbed in Viability of Thompson in 2008

AP/Frommer: Tommy Thompson Apologizes for Comments
NY Daily News: GOPer apologizes to Jews

AP/Sidoti: GOP Candidates Say They'll Be Tightwads
Politico: Iowans Uninspired by GOP Field
Politico: GOP Funk: Top Dems Have Twice As Many Donors


American Spectator: Mitch McConnell's Big Test
Weekly Standard: Mitch-Slapping the Democrats
Politico: Frontline Freshman Democrats Show Strong Numbers
Politico: Abramoff-Linked Lobbyist Resigns


NY Times: Former Fordham Law Dean Feerick to Lead New Ethics Panel
NY Post: Gov taps new ethics commish
NY Sun: Spitzer Moves To Boost Influence Over Ground Zero Plans


Indianapolis Star: GOP challenger tops Burton in '07 fundraising
AP: Romney to speak at GOP spring dinner in Indiana
Indianapolis Star: Rokita apologizes for slavery remark
South Bend Tribune: Remark by Indiana's secretary of state angers black lawmakers


Tampa Tribune: Florida Is Cash Cow For Contenders
Miami Herald: It's day of reckoning for Rubio's tax plan
Sun Sentinel: Broward Republicans loaded up on campaign cash before legislative session
BocaNews: The property tax plan(s); House votes tomorrow


AP: Black bank executive takes S.C. GOP position
Charlotte Observer: S.C. county elects its first black GOP chairman
Myrtle Beach: Georgetown GOP selects chairman


Advocate: Mitch Landrieu says hes not running for governor
Bayou Buzz: Mitch Landrieu Declines Louisiana Governor Race
Washington Post/Cillizza: Breaux's Out, Who's Next
PoliticsLA: Breaux's Out, But Time for Republicans to Produce


AP: Former GOP congressman Pete McCloskey says he's becoming a Democrat


April 16, 2007



Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 29%, Thompson 15%
BBS News: Giuliani leads Republicans with 37% support in Nevada
Broadcast Newsroom: Station Execs Pick Giuliani To Win in 2008
NY Post: Rudy will speak at Rev. Pat U
Newsday: Conservatives should abort Rudy's bid
NY Daily News: Old flame's just wild about Judi
News-Leader: Giuliani visits ozarks
World Net Daily: Rudy must be stopped
USA Today: Rudy, Romney each have about $11M

AP/Sidoti: McCain Campaigns Against Pork
Radio Iowa: McCain focuses on Iraq, others focus on frontrunners
NY Sun: McCain Will Pledge To Overhaul Federal Tax Code
US News: Reinventing John McCain
NY Sun: McCain's War Chest
Chicago Tribune: McCain digs deeper hole for himself
KOLD: McCain to call for less spending, promises to veto pork bills

NewsMax: Romney No. 1 in GOP Fundraising
AP/Elliott: Romney touts tax plan in New Hampshire
Union Leader: 100 brave storm to see Romney
Des Moines Register: GOP: Romney secures strong start in Iowa
Salt Lake Tribune: Romney son quits Dodgers to campaign
Florida Times-Union: Watch out for Mitt Romney

Washington Times: Republican '08 options disappoint evangelicals
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: GOP presidential candidates distance themselves from Bush
Rocky Mountain News: Long-shot GOP hopefuls seek to break out in Iowa
AP: 9 GOP Presidential Contenders Woo Activists In Iowa
Indianapolis Star: Indy event seen as likely draw for GOP hopefuls
Armstrong Williams: The New Arms Race: Money
Kansas City Star: Surefire candidate eludes the NRA
Boston Globe: Defining times for candidates


NY Times: Spitzer Learns His Job Comes at a Cost
NY Post: Gov to Raoul: Quit or else
NY Post: Spitzer moves to pull state lobbyists out of the shadows
Journal News: Democrats hope to replace 2 GOP mayors this year


NY Times: From Visitors, a Glimpse of Corzines Private Life


AP: Bruno steps down as state GOP chairman, Ellis assumes post


Myrtle Beach: SC GOP chief says ultrasound should be viewed before abortion


FayObserver: Rep. Miller weighs Senate run against Dole


Palm Beach Post: Crist decision on felons' rights a boon to Democrats
Palm Beach Post: Frustrated top Dem now a GOP star


Olympian: Dino's inaction worries his party


April 15, 2007



Washington Post: GOP Contenders Flock to Iowa
AP/Glover: Chance to woo activists in Iowa draws GOP hopefuls
LA Times: Republicans enter the ring in Iowa
NY Times: G.O.P. Candidates Lay Into Democrats, Not One Another
Sioux City Journal: GOP presidential hopefuls heed call, speak in Des Moines
Detroit Free Press: Republicans still seeking a winner
AP/Kuhnhenn: Fundraising Upends Republican Field
NY Times: Republican Candidates Set Fast Pace for Spending
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: GOP needs a new Gipper

CBS: CBS Poll: Giuliani, Clinton Pad Leads
Des Moines Register: Get past social issues, Giuliani tells backers
Des Moines Register: Giuliani says GOP must focus on terror, taxes
NY Post: Rudy is chilled by draft
AP/Kabel: Giuliani Wants Energy Independence
AP/Kugler: Giuliani's cross-dressing antics back in spotlight
NY Daily News: Rudy making stump stop at Robertson U.
Hugh Hewitt: Interview with Rudy Giuliani

Daily Dispatch: McCain wants schools, teachers held more accountable
AP: McCain's coffers trailing his rivals'
USA Today: Rivals bank twice as much as McCain
NY Times: McCain Sees No Plan B for Iraq War

Detroit News: Report: Romney campaign raised more than $1M in Michigan
The Day: Romney Is all Things To All People
Charlotte Observer: Romney sidesteps abortion-plan issue
St. Petersburg Times: Mitt Romney: a change agent who can get things done
Myrtle Beach: Romney gaining in Horry, poll says
Charlotte Observer: Romney courts GOP in S.C.

Novak: Fred Thompson 'intends to join the race'
Times UK: Fred for president chorus grows

St. Petersburg Times: Gingrich comes out against national disaster insurance

Des Moines Register: War not a defining issue for GOP, Huckabee says


Arizona Republic: Values, conservatism are lasting hallmarks of GOP


Rochester D&C: 'Steamroller' is driving N.Y. further in wrong direction
Newsday: Still the king of LI's GOPs
NY Times: N.R.A. Covers Bloomberg, and Results Arent Pretty
AP/Humbert: Andrew Cuomo resurrects career with probe of college loans


Beaverton Valley Times: Rove's Portland visit draws little attention
Sherwood Gazette: Karl Rove party nearly gate crashed by protestors


Seattle Times: Rove issues call for GOP boldness at local fundraiser
KOMO: Karl Rove's visit to Seattle draws protesters


Rock Hill Herald: Local GOPs feel party is on the mend


Orlando Sentinel: Rubio gives up on 'consensus' in pushing dramatic tax plan
Miami Herald: Former Gov. Jeb Bush shifts careers


Indianapolis Star: Lawmakers' budget is tangled up with slots and property taxes


AP: Mich. GOP May Hold Primary Before Feb. 5


Newsday: Rell, Democrats spar over taxes on clothing, Internet sales


AP: Dicey start for Nevada gov as scandals surround him


NY Times: Crash Adds Uncertainty to New Jersey Politics


ShreveportT: Breaux acknowledged that his status as a La. citizen deflected from issues


Toledo Blade: Bennett blinks


Deseret News: Can a Republican get elected mayor?





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