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Facing negative polls and internal tensions, Trump plans to launch reelection bid with Orlando rally

Ocasio-Cortez presses case that U.S. is running ‘concentration camps’ at border amid Republican outcry

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Trump characterizes alleged attacks by Iran on oil tankers as ‘very minor’

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

The Boston Globe’s ‘disturbing’ fake Trump front page from 2016 is proving increasingly prophetic

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

Biden suggests he has raised nearly $20 million for his White House bid

The Daily 202: Steve Bullock won’t be on the debate stage. But he’ll keep talking about his signature issue.

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August 7, 2007


USA Today/Gallup Poll: Rudy 33% Fred 21% John 16% Mitt 8%
Telegraph UK: Rudy Giuliani: Only I can beat Hillary Clinton
Blogger News Network: Poll Update: Giuliani moves ahead of Thompson by one
Caucus: Giuliani Takes a Slap and Gets It Back
Newsday: Rudy works the middle ground in Iowa
AP/Syeed: Giuliani: NYC not illegal immigrant sanctuary
Radio Iowa: Giuliani vows to promote "culture of life"
Newsday: Giuliani walks fine line on abortion

NY Daily News: Giuliani teen has Obama on her mind

NY Sun: Giuliani's Daughter Signals Obama Support, Backtracks
Newsday: Rudy's daughter likes Obama for prez
NY Post: Rudy's kid stabbed Daddy in the Barack
Newsday: Rudy's daughter pulls about-Facebook on Obama

NY Times: Giulianis Daughter Shows Support for Obama, for a Time
AP/Quaid: Giuliani's daughter shifts on 2008 pick
Gothamist: Giuliani's Daughter Must Really Hate Him
NY Times: Is Giulianis Daughter an Obama Supporter?
Newsday: Giuliani's 17-year-old daughter indicates she's backing Obama
Washington Post: A Giuliani's Support Goes to - Obama
Village Voice: Caroline Giuliani: Obama Flip-flopper

Tampa Tribune: Ex-Gov of FL, Martinez To Support Giuliani
Radio Iowa: Giuliani continues three-day swing through state

Byron York: Fred Thompson: Criticism of My Wife Should Be Directed at Me

NY Sun: McCain Bids for an Issue on Property

EJ Dionne: For Romney, Traction in Iowa
Yahoo News: Iowa Republicans See Romney As Straw Poll Winner
AP/Farrington: Romney: Conservative Like Reagan
Boston Herald: Romney behind in Florida polls despite frequent visits to state
Telegraph UK: Mitt Romney on tape debating Mormon values

Guardian UK: The real race has hardly begun

NY Times: 2 G.O.P. Contenders Duel Over Religion


John Fund: The GOP's Alaska delegation could become the new poster boys for corruption

NY Times: Judge Orders Release of Reports on 04 Surveillance
AP: City must release data from GOP convention arrests
AP/Neimeister: NYPD Surveillance Files Ordered Released

Cleve.PD: Rep. John Boehner shifts easily into minority role, plots comeback for Republicans
John Fund: Mad House: Congress needs an intervention
Politico: Party warfare part of Capitol Hill culture


NYT: Spitzer Aides Linked to Effort to Tarnish Bruno Used Personal Accounts for Some E-Mail
NY Daily News: Fire dirty aides & they'll come clean - Bruno
NY Post: Spitz's hidden e-trail
Newsday: Boys in Albany won't behave
NY Sun: Spitzer To Warn Humility' Must Accompany Power


AP/Hester: Corzine forms immigration study panel


Chattanoogan: Robin Smith Heads State Republican Party
WMCTV: Robin Smith elected chairwoman of Tenn. Republican Party


Bayou Buzz: Louisiana Elections Buzz: JIndal, Boasso, Vitter, GOP, Romney , New Orleans


Cleveland Plain Dealer: Pulling out their wallets for Voinovich


August 6, 2007


Washington Times: Republican hopefuls debate abortion, war
NY Times/Nagourney/Cooper: In Debate, Republicans Make the Case for Staying in Iraq

LA Times/Braun: GOP debaters keep the gloves on
Chicago Tribune: GOP field targets Iowa base

Reuters: Republican hopefuls wade into terrorist strike debate

CNN: In Iowa, GOP candidates spar over abortion, criticize Bush

USA Today: GOP hopefuls set selves apart from Bush in Iowa clash

Des Moines Register: Romney finds a foothold to continue upward climb

Romney On Obama: Fonda To Strangelove:

Des Moines Register: From the debate: Candidates' answers on the issues
Des Moines Register: Candidates inch away from Bush

Rudy on lowering taxes:

NY Post: Rudy's 'Invade' surprise
Boston Globe: Romney says he erred on abortion
NY Sun: GOP Aspirants Turning Shy of Each Other
Newsday: Giuliani weathers attacks during Iowa debate
AP/Glover: Analysis: GOP Rivals Walk Delicate Line
AP: Excerpts From GOP Debate
NY Daily News: Rudy will confront abort issue head-on in Iowa
Politico: They like Mike: Iowa likes Huckabee

Angus Reid: Giuliani Remains Ahead in Florida


Robert Novak: A GOP Muddle On Taxes


AP/Kugler: Mayor Bloomberg may follow Giuliani's turn on NYC jury


Sun-Sentinel: GOP should be leading investigation of possible voter fraud


Dallas Morning News: Is Cornyn shifting on fence?


Lexington Herald-Leader: Fletcher-McConnell: Next phase
NY Times: Kentucky Politics, Served With a Helping of Ribs at an Annual Barbecue


August 5, 2007


Hugh Hewitt: Analyzing The Debate From Plato's Cave
ABC News: GOP Candidates Face Off in Iowa
AP/Glover: GOP Hopefuls Generally Agree on Iraq

NYT/Caucus: Sunday Morning Debate Blogging

New York Daily News: Clinton and Giuliani are poised to square off in '08 race
Dayton Daily News: Giuliani, Gingrich coming to Kings Island on Thursday
Los Angeles Times: In '08 race, a little leg may go a long way

Washington Post: The Rise Of Jeri Thompson

Boston Globe: Romney targets Obama over Pakistan
San Francisco Chronicle: Republican voters in Iowa favor Mitt Romney in poll
East Texas Review: Giuliani, Romney take republican lead

Politico: Top phone firm hangs up on McCain, GOP

Washington Post: Washington Post-ABC News Poll: Iowa
Des Moines Register: Yepsen: Straw poll might mean more than you think
Sioux City Journal: Stakes are high for Iowa Straw Poll
The Day: Iowa Straw Vote could Narrow presidential GOP Field

Pioneer Press: Republican National Convention / GOP mover makes his biggest move yet


Politico: Boehner in a tough spot
The Hill: Boehner seeks to smooth waves after House ruckus
The Hill: DeLay blasts Democrats rookie mistakes
The Hill: Renegade Democrats votes caused late night chaos

FoxSTL: DeLay Speaks In St. Louis
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: DeLay warns of Clinton success

Salon: Joe Lieberman, from his indie perch
NYT/Caucus: Remember Ned Lamont?


Newsday: Spitzer scandal gives boost to GOP
Newsday: Spitzer aide reassigned; another resigns


Los Angeles Times: GOP vs. the governor
San Francisco Chronicle: Two-thirds vote requirement for budget gives GOP rare leverage

Sacramento Bee: Electoral system initiative worries Dems


Casper StarTribune: Idaho GOP rift flares as state seeks dismissal of primary lawsuit
Boise Weekly: State Files Motion to Dismiss GOP Primaries Case


Lexington Herald-Leader: Governor's Race: Defining their battle lines
Lexington Herald-Leader: Fletcher, Beshear warm up

Louisville Courier-Journal: Stumbo dogs McConnell at picnic


August 4, 2007

GOP Candidates Debate Live Sunday


New York Times: Drawing Fire, Judith Giuliani Gives Her Side
Times UK: Rudy rocked by attack on his 'harpy'
Kathleen Parker: Dethroning Judith Giuliani is easier than taking a hard look at ourselves

Power Line: Giuliani On Health Care
CQ Politics: Giuliani Plays Offense On Health Care
Washington Times: All buzz, no math, from Giuliani
Politico: State of States: Too close for comfort
NewsB: Journalists Slam N.Y. Times for 'Paranoia,' Light Proof on Ailes-Giuliani Expose
Power Line: Rudy Giuliani and "The man on whom nothing was lost"

AP/Hannah: Giuliani says U.S. must stay course in Iraq

Asbury Park Press: Giuliani touting 9/11 record

Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 33%, F. Thompson 20%

New York Times: Hands-On Role for Wife in Thompsons Campaign
Campaigns & Elections: Polling Well May Not Be Enough in S.C. for Fred Thompson
Indianapolis Star: Tennessee yawns over Thompson
Newsweek: Not-So-Hidden Power
Tennessean: Most voters aren't fully engaged in presidential race yet
Tennessean: Don't write off Thompson yet, his supporters say
San Francisco Chronicle: Carla Marinucci: Thompson on track?

Michael Gerson: What Matters About Romney's Religion
Scripps: Romney doesn't feel religion should be factor
Salt Lake Tr: Romney gets diner surprise: A feisty waitress challenges his healthcare ideas
Sioux City Journal: Romney pushes stronger ethics in government
Des Moines Register: Romney sees hope in Bush's Iraq strategy
JTA: Romney backs Saudi deal with conditions
Winston-Salem Journal: Romney is facing a battle in South
World Net Daily: Romney responds to Hezbollah remarks
Politico: Mitt unplugged

AP/Glover: McCain Raps Congress for Bridge Collapse
NYT/Caucus: McCain Blames Congress for Bridge Collapse

AJC: Gingrich says war on terror 'phony'

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: RNC members say they like their chances to win in 2008


New York Times: Partisan Anger Stalls Congress in Final Push
Hugh Hewitt: Speaker Pelosi Is In The Hot Seat Over National Security
David Broder: A Polarized, and Polarizing, Congress

San Francisco Chronicle: Republicans hardening stance on immigration


New York Post: Gov aide in latest storm
New York Times: Spitzer Aide, the Subject of an Investigation, Resigns
AP/Gormley: Spitzer loses top staffers, momentum in rough start
Lower Hudson Online: What's what, who's who in probes of Spitzer, Bruno
Rochester Democrat & Chronicle: Spitzer's storm isn't passing
North Country Gazette: Spitzer Aide Involved In Troopergate Reassigned
Buffalo News: Bruno points the way


New York Times: Judge Orders Corzine Mail Turned Over to the Court
North Jersey: Judge orders Corzine to hand over e-mail
Newark Star-Ledger: Corzine ordered to release his Katz communications
New York Post: Corzine's e-mail enigma
New York Post: Judge will read Corzine e-mails


Palm Beach Post: Speaker Rubio leans on Hispanics to shore up GOP


Jackson Hole Star Tribune: Wyoming's attorney general resigns


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Missouri court begins deliberations on refund issue


CQ Politics: Dems Get Establishment Senate Candidate in Oregon House Speaker


Houston Chronicle: AG will decide legal fight over House speaker


August 3, 2007


Bloomberg: Giuliani Extends Lead in National NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll
AP: Giuliani Leads Pew Poll
NYT/Caucus: Moves in the Giuliani Camp

USA Today: Iowa: Now it's Giuliani on top
Angus Reid: Giuliani Gains in South Carolina

Washington Post: On Judith Giuliani And Vanity Fair
Salt Lake Tribune: Giuliani returns to Utah for fundraisers in Alpine, Park City
AP/Parry: Giuliani: Dix plot shows need for aggressive anti-terror stance
New York Post: Rudy rides Jersey 'wave' of support
Newark Star-Ledger: Giuliani stumps down the shore
New York Post: Rudy joins families vs. Mike's 9/11 plan
Gothamist: Rudy Weighs In On 9/11 Ceremony Move
Orlando Sentinel: Giuliani Seeking To Pump Up Puerto Rican Supporters
New Republic: Rudy's Health Care Plan Does Little To Reduce Number Of Uninsured
New York Daily News: Rudy says feel my pain

Real Clear Politics: Giuliani and South Carolina

CQ Politics: Thompsons Contributor Roster Has Strong Tennessee Tinge
CSM: GOP bellwether South Carolina shows a tangled race

AP/Glover: Romney: End Pensions for Ethical Lapses

AP/Talhelm: McCain changes course on immigration
New York Sun: McCain and Feingold in a Divorce

Charleston Daily Mail: Mitt Romney commits to W.Va. GOP convention
WHSV-3: Romney Signs Up for Debate

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Tommy Thompson notches final Iowa counties
AP/Peterson: Ron Paul Remains Longshot for GOP Nom

Angus Reid: No Clear Leader for Either Party in New Hampshire

Politics Iowa: Sunday Republican Debate Serves as Warm-Up to Ames
Yahoo News: Ames Matters

Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Republicans get ready for a real convention
CQ Politics: GOP Summer Meeting in Minnesota Clouded by Bridge Tragedy


CQ Politics: House Members Fundraising Varies Widely | Members (.pdf)
CQ Politics: House Democrats in GOP-Leaning Districts Are Top Frosh Fundraisers
NYT/Caucus: Warning Signs for Republicans

New York Times: Congress Backs Tighter Rules on Lobbying

Washington Times: RNC announces support for Bono's poverty initiative

AP/Margasak: Senator, Aide May Have Run Afoul of Law

Hill News: Feinsteins flip sends Southwick to the floor


Newsday: Bruno stirs up the Spitzer scandal in op-ed piece
Newsday: In possible Spitzer probe, it's all about motive
New York Daily News: Ex-Spitzer aide cries 'unfair'
New York Times: Suspended Spitzer Assistant Is Blameless, His Lawyer Says
New York Post: Disgraced Spitzer crony lawyers up
New York Sun: Suspended Spitzer Aide Says He Was Told To Get Lawyer
New York Sun: Albany Poser: What Happened to Howard?

AP/Gormley: Court says lobbyist close to Bruno must hand over documents

New York Daily News: New York City pol indicted


AP/Hanna: Sen. Roberts has misgivings about Kan. GOP's loyalty committee


San Diego Union-Tribune: San Diego Mayor's race already on radar


AP/Hester: Corzine: I didn't respond to Katz e-mails on contract talks


Arizona Republic: Citizens initiative divides GOP


CQ Politics: Congressman Shows Alaska Hospitality to 2008 Challenger


Hill News: Oregon House Speaker announces Senate bid


August 2, 2007


ABC News: Romney Critic Crafted Giuliani Health Plan
Wall Street Journal: Giuliani, Clinton Strengthen Leads
New York Daily News: Rudy has crossover appeal

New York Times: Campaign Puts Giuliani and Ailes in Uncharted Territory
AP/Quaid: Giuliani defends wife after critical magazine story
Atlanta Journal-C: Giuliani campaign taps Ronnie Chance as its Georgia co-chair
Slate: Will Giuliani's beat-up-on-Democrats strategy backfire?
New York Times: Allies Urge Republicans to Join YouTube Debate
New York Sun: Giuliani's Time in N.H. Seems To Pay Off
American Spectator: Rudy's Sage
Rolling Stone: Edwards: Giuliani is Bush on Steroids

AP/Johnson: Romney: Remake Homeland Security Dept.
Washington Post: Romney's Opens Checkbook for Troops
Boston Globe: Romney wants "surge of support" for Iraq troop surge
Boston Globe: Romney: New Orleans Katrina clean-up 'disappointing'

AP/Schelzig: Fundraising consultant leaves Fred Thompson campaign
Washington Post: Will Thompson Tip His Hand?
CNS News: 'Fred Heads' Fuel Thompson's Likely Presidential Run
Byron York: Thompson's Donors
Robert Novak: Jeri Thompson is No Trophy Wife
History News Network: Did Fred Thompson Marry a Trophy Wife?

AP/Elliott: McCain's Woes Evident on Campaign Trail
San Francisco Chronicle: McCain pushes agenda in Bay Area


Wall Street Journal/Joe Bruno: New York's governor needs to come clean
AP/Hill: NY's Top Republican Turns Tables on Gov.
Newsday: Swear in Gov. Spitzer
Newsday: Pluses, minuses in ethics panel probe
Newsday: Albany DA announces new probe of Spitzer aides
Albany Times-Union: Soares conducting Spitzer investigation
New York Daily News: Hevesi nemesis launches criminal probe into plot to ruin Bruno
New York Post: D.A. 'Spitz' probe


Los Angeles Times: State GOP awash in red ink


AP/Hester: Katz asks judge to reject lawsuit that seeks to reveal e-mails


CQ Politics: Best-Known Democratic Prospect for Open Illinois Seat Bows Out


August 1, 2007


Union Leader: Rudy surges to lead in New Hampshire
The State: Poll gives Giuliani edge in South Carolina
Hill News: Giuliani picks up four more endorsements from members
Washington Post: A Mild Appetite For Giuliani
Real Clear Politics: Elite Media Fears Giuliani as GOP Nominee

New York Times: Giuliani Seeks to Transform U.S. Health Care Coverage
CNN: Giuliani attacks Democratic health plans as 'socialist'
AP/Ramer: Giuliani Offers Health Care Plan
Newsday: Giuliani unveils health plan, but uninsured left out
NY Sun: Giuliani Fights Democrats Over Health Plans
USA Today: Giuliani pitches health care 'antidote' to liberals

AP: Giuliani laments 9/11 ceremony's relocation

MSNBC: Giuliani responds to 'Princess Bride'
American Thinker: Vanity Fair Savages Judith Giuliani
NRO: Mad Mate Media: Clawing at Judi

Vanity Fair: Giuliani's Princess Bride
New York Mag: Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Judi Giuliani? Vanity Fair Knows

Boston Globe: Backers want Thompson in White House race
Independent UK: Actor's presidential ambitions are put on hold
AP/Sidoti: Analysis: Thompson's Road a Bit Bumpy

AP/Johnson: Latest Romney ad hones in on immigration

Romney "Secure Borders"

AP/Cornwell: Republican candidate John McCain looks for campaign money in Ohio
Cleveland Plain Dealer: McCain talks up himself
Laconia Citizen: McCain's troubles are not overblown
Cincinnati Enquirer: McCain's mind on one thing: money
Houston Chronicle: McCain looking for cash, friends in Ohio
Union Leader: Poll: Bad news for McCain

AP/Quaid: Brownback Complains About Catholic Slur

Detroit News: Gingrich calls Detroit a disaster, draws ire

Charlie Cook: Some factors favor Democrats for White House, but the race isnt over yet


Politico: Senators handle Stevens with kid gloves
Washington Post/Cillizza: What's the Matter With Alaska?
AP/Apuzzo: Feds Question Bookkeeper in Stevens Case
AP: Timeline of Stevens Investigation Events

Michael Steele: What makes a Republican?


Newsday: Special prosecutor in Spitzer probe?
Newsday: Spitzer: I played no part in staff scandal
AP/Gormley: Spitzer says he will testify in ethics probe


Houston Chronicle: Talmadge Heflin picked to help lead state GOP
News8Austin: GOP already organizing for 2008

David Broder: LaHood: A Republican from a moderate era


WHO-TV: GOP Steps Up Plans for Straw Poll
KCCI-8: Changes Planned For Ames Straw Poll


C&E: Brunner Commits To Building Confidence In Buckeye State Elections


Seattle Times: Bush visiting to support Reichert


Kansas City Star: Let candidates keep donations, Missouri GOP says
MissouriNet: MO Republicans Submit Brief to Supreme Court on Campaign Finance Ruling


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