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Facing negative polls and internal tensions, Trump plans to launch reelection bid with Orlando rally

Ocasio-Cortez presses case that U.S. is running ‘concentration camps’ at border amid Republican outcry

Trump characterizes alleged attacks by Iran on tankers as ‘very minor’

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

The Boston Globe’s ‘disturbing’ fake Trump front page from 2016 is proving increasingly prophetic

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

Biden suggests he has raised nearly $20 million for his White House bid

The Daily 202: Steve Bullock won’t be on the debate stage. But he’ll keep talking about his signature issue.


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August 31, 2007


PoliticsNJ: Giuliani has huge lead in N.J. primary
Angus Reid: Giuliani Leads in South Carolina
The State: Giuliani leads in S.C., poll shows
AP/Kugler: Giuliani to Attend 9/11 Anniversary
WisPolitics: Giuliani Campaign Announces Wisconsin State Co-Chairs

WP/Trail: See Romney Run
American Spectator: Romney's New Rx
AP: Romney launches two-day SC bus tour
News14: Candidate Romney visits Raleigh
Deseret Morning News: Bennett says GOP race down to Romney, Giuliani
Angus Reid: Romney Leads in New Hampshire
MSNBC: Romney leads in new GOP Iowa poll
Angus Reid: Iowa Puts Romney in First Place
Salt Lake Tribune: Romney focuses on economy, pledges to cut income, company taxes
Boston Globe: Romney bashes Iowa judge for striking down ban on gay marriage
AP/Davenport: Romney Criticizes Senator's Conduct

Savannah Morning News: Thompson-Giuliani tug of war looms in Georgia

New York Times: After Months of Flirting, Thompson Is Almost In
New York Post: Freddy, rough, and ready to run at last

ABC News: Has Fred Thompson Waited Too Long?
Politico: Thompson gives back cash
AP/Sidoti: Thompson to Announce Bid on Sept. 6
CT/Swamp: Thompson ready to run: Web-site launch Sept. 6
Boston Globe: Testing over, Thompson to join race
New York Sun: Fred Thompson's Endless Summer
WP/Trail: Thompson In the Race, Will Announce Formally in Sept.
National Ledger: Growing Weary of the Fred Thompson Announcement Marathon
Boston Globe: NH GOP chair 'disappointed' Thompson won't be in debate
Salon: Fred Thompson announces his latest announcement
NRO: Freds Wait

Concord Monitor: McCain posts POW video | Video
AP/Sidoti: New McCain Push on War, His Candidacy
MSNBC: McCain's relaunch?
New York Post: McCain's video flashback to Vietnam

AP/Hegeman: Brownback: Iraq should be divided into 3 independent states

CQ Politics: Blame Rove for Presidential Primary Mess, Says GOP Insider


Newsday: Audio of Craig's arrest surfaces

Audio Tape of the Police Interrogation of Idaho's Larry Craig :

Fox News: Pressure Mounts on Larry Craig to Resign
AP/Margasak: Nothing in Code Matches Craig Conduct
CNN: On tape, Craig denies allegations of soliciting officer
NYT/Caucus: Idaho Guv: The Bell Has Rung on Craig
AP/Hastings: Political Wives and Scandalized Husbands
Independent UK: Indiscretion that became a crisis: the Senator who put one foot wrong
Salon: The GOP's crowded closet
Houston Chronicle: The Republican Party sabotages itself by its fixation on gays
American Spectator: Democrats Are Idaho Dreamin'


Albany Times-Union: Troopergate called unethical but not criminal
NY Daily News: Governor Spitzer: Not buying press chief's silence
NY Post: Gov. Eliot spits out 'Taint' $$
Newsday: Spitzer veto of biofuel credit criticized
Newsday: Brookhaven candidate accuses political foe of breaking the law


NYT/Caucus: Michigans Primary: Now Even Earlier
Townhall: Michigan Could Change the GOP's Future

AP/Eggert: Republicans back bill allowing state workers to retire early


AP/Gruver: Wyoming GOP Moves Key Vote to Jan. 5


Baltimore Sun: Former state employee files suit over firing


Auburn Journal: Gaines headed for run at Congress against Doolittle
Sacramento Bee: Doolittle may face big test in GOP race
AP/Werner: GOP assemblyman to challenge Doolittle

AP/Whelan: Congressman Dreier Sparks Outrage in Colombia

Mercury News: Nez cancels Assembly vote on Schwarzenegger's health care plan


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Keeping up with the GOP Straw Poll


Charlotte Observer: Calls grow for Privette to resign


Politico: Warner to announce plans at UVA


August 30, 2007


New York Daily News: Rudy's right to speak
New York Post: Rudy recruits lawmen
NRO: Calling Doctor Rudy
US News: Giuliani May Be Florida Winner
WP/Trail: Giuliani's First Responders
Reuters: Some 9/11 groups want Giuliani silent at ceremony
Detroit Free Press: Giuliani on the outs with Yanks
Observer: The flaw in Rudy's abortion stance
Press-Citizen: Giuliani opens campaign office in Iowa City
Seattle Times: Reichert rooting for Rudy
Charleston Gazette: Giuliani files for West Virginia state convention

Boston Globe: Romney seeking home-grown ads

Romney: "Leadership"

Boston Globe: Romney really runs in new TV spot
Fox News: New Romney Ads Set for Iowa, N.H.
WP/Trail: Campaign Ads Go Do-It-Yourself
Politico: Romney's new ad emphasizes vigor, change
Slate: With Friends Like Mitt: You might want to get a dog
Myrtle Beach: Candidate Romney to take area's questions
Boston Globe: Romney not joining calls for Craig to resign so far

WP/Trail: Finally, Ready for His Close-Up?

AP/Fournier: Thompson Taps Harris for Spokesman Role

Des Moines Register: Iowa Ear: Do shoes make the candidate? Gucci? Gasp!
USA Today: Union Leader to Thompson: Get on that debate stage next week

American Spectator: John McCain Battles On
Arizona Republic: McCain faces tough choice on campaign aid from feds
AP: McCain Is Eligible to Receive Public Financing
CNN: McCain says his White House campaign 'going to be just fine'
UPI: McCain: Craig should quit Senate

Wall Street Journal: Why Tax Debate Sits on Hold
New York Sun: Florida Will Be Decider for GOP Nominee


New York Post: 3 top Senators want Craig out
New York Times: Idaho Senators Colleagues Say He Should Resign
AP/Daly: GOP Lawmakers Seek Craig's Resignation
Chicago Tribune: Two GOP senators call for Idaho Sen. Larry Craig's resignation
AP/Dvorak: House Member Calls for Craig to Resign
New York Times: Idaho Senator Loses Committee Leadership Posts
Guardian UK: Republican in gay sex sting isolated by party
Politico: Top Republicans put pressure on Craig
New York Sun: Caught In a Water Closet
James Pinkerton: Sen. Larry Craig must go; GOP must clean house
AP/Karnowski: Foot-Tapping Ritual Common in Sex Sting

CBS News: Several GOP Recruits Passing Up Congressional Bids
AP/Espo: GOP Reeling From Money and Sex Scandals


Newsday: Former New York judge may replace Gonzales

Newsday: Balboni move started Spitzer-Bruno turf war
NY Daily News: Attack on GOPer gets gov's seal of approval
New York Post: Gov now supports aide he blasted


Palm Beach Post: Florida GOP in trouble with the RNC


Baltimore Sun: Bob Ehrlich: Out of office, but keeping his hand in


AP/Davenport: Arizona poll: McCain slips but still slightly ahead of rivals


Dallas Morning News: Huckabee latest to bow out of straw poll


AP/Kurtzman: Schwarzenegger Tries to Save Health Plan


Washington Times: Virginia GOP plans bills to curb illegals


Detroit News: Jan. 15 primary may get OK today


August 29, 2007


NY Times: Some Balk at Giuliani Role in 9/11 Ceremony
NY Daily News: Rudy 9/11 plans ripped
AP/Kugler: Giuliani to Attend 9/11 Anniversary
Village Voice: Candidate Giuliani to Return to Ground Zero on 9/11
Newsday: Rudy's role in 9/11 ceremony sparks ire

Politico: Rudy to roll out business leaders
New York Sun: Poll: Clinton Beats Giuliani in New York
Angus Reid: Giuliani Ties Rodham Clinton in Wisconsin
Harper's: Pipes Joins Up With Giuliani
Palm Beach Post: Is Florida Giulianis Firewall? Maybe, maybe not
New York Sun: Giuliani Media Buys
US News: Giuliani on Taxes and Social Security

AP/Fournier: Romney Vows to Increase Cancer Spending
Boston Globe: Romney gets mention on 'Big Love,' will be part of documentary
WP/Trail: Romney Says Craig's Actions 'Disappointing'
AP/Sanner: Romney Distances Himself From Craig
NYT/Caucus: Romney Links Craigs Troubles to Foley, Clinton Scandals
USA Today: Romney compares Craig to Bill Clinton, Mark Foley
Boston Globe: Craig testimonial for Romney back on view

Democratic Strategist: Thompson Slouches Towards Launch
Richmond Times Dispatch: Thompson as candidate could cause some static
WP/Trail: Musical Chairs for Ex-Thompson Staff

AP: McCain Jokes With Leno About Campaign
AP/Sidoti: McCain Eligible for Public Financing
Politico: McCain qualifies for public funds

Newsweek: Huckabee Stars as GOP Stumbles

New York Times: Republicans Plan to Penalize States for Early Primaries


Politico: Sex scandals hit conservatives hardest
NY Times: A Scandal-Scarred G.O.P. Asks, What Next?
AP/Dvorak: Craig and GOP Await Voters' Judgment
Fox News: Sen. Craig Lashes Out at Newspaper for Gay Trysts Story
NY Daily News: Ain't gay & won't quit, says Senator Craig
Los Angeles Times: Idaho senator declares his innocence
ABC News: Senator says not gay and wrong to plead guilty
CQ Politics: Scandal-Plagued Idaho Senator Defers Re-election Decision Until September
AP/Daly: GOP Leaders Ask Ethics Probe of Craig
MSNBC: Senate prospects seem brighter for Democrats
USA Today: GOP Sen. Larry Craig tells reporters 'I am not gay'
The Hill: Craig: I am not gay and never have been
Idaho Statesman: Craig insists 'I am not gay,' police say he sought information for lawyer
Idaho Statesman: Statesman response to Craig press conference
Boise Weekly: Fischer: Time for Craig to Resign


NY Daily News: Spitzer aides' negative stories helped sink politican
Newsday: Spitzer would consider capping property-tax hikes
Newsday: Spitzer vows to reduce taxes in Hofstra speech


CQ Politics: Louisiana Treasurers Switch to GOP Adds to Buzz About 2008 Senate Challenge


Charlotte Observer: GOP leaders want Privette to resign


AP: Nixon begs off campaign refund issue


AP/Walker: Ailing S.D. Senator Vows to Run Again
CQ Politics: Senators Health Rebound Takes Him Home and Back on Campaign Trail


Real Clear Politics: GOP 'Bloodbath' Could Lead To Dem Sweep In Virginia


August 28, 2007


Detroit Free Press: Giuliani visits Detroit to raise money, cheer Yankees
US News: Giuliani on Taxes and a Homeowner Bailout
AP/Goodman: Giuliani: Attorney General Gonzales has "given service"
Newsday: Giuliani: Attorney General Gonzales has 'given service'
Staten Island Advance: How long is Rudy's shelf-life?
Caribbean Net News: Former Giuliani aide detained in Guyana to get human rights hearing

Boston Globe: Senator Craig withdraws from Romney campaign role
Politico: Larry Craig's pro-Romney video taken down
Cincinnati Enquirer: Romney returns next week

Pioneer Press: Thompson takes a star turn to boost his presidential run
KARE11: Fred Thompson acts like a candidate at State Fair
Power Line: My Dinner With Fred
Houston Chronicle: Thompson avoids topic of aide's leave
MSNBC: More on Rozett's departure
Ambinder: Change In Thompson Press Team Signals Power Of New Campaign Manager
Politico: Thompson struggles as launch looms
AP/Karnowski: Thompson Campaign Loses Another Staffer
WP/Trail: Thompson's Team Shifts Again
NRO: Are the Themes in Thompson's Speeches New, or Are They Just New To Us?
Edward Koch: Fred Thompson Lacks Experience
Daily Iowan: Fred Thompson still waiting in the wings

RTT News: Huckabee Says Thompson Could Have A Tough Road Ahead

Rasmussen: Media Analysis Is Off on GOP Race

Pioneer Press: 'RNC Welcoming Committee' promises no warm welcome for GOP convention

American Spectator: Bring It On


Washington Post: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales Resigns
WP/Trail: After Months of Conflict, Gonzales Steps Offstage
New York Times: Embattled Attorney General Resigns
AP: Gonzales' resignation text
White House: President Bush Discusses Resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
AP: Gonzales' Career Timeline
Hugh Hewitt: Gonzales' Exit Offers White House Opportunity
Newsday: Chertoff to replace Gonzales as attorney general?
New York Sun: Bush Faces Void at Justice Department
American Thinker: The new acting AG
Robert Bork: Senate to Go Gonzo?

Roll Call: Craig Arrested, Pleads Guilty Following Incident in Airport Restroom
Ruffini: ID-SEN: Possible Replacements
CNN: Senator pleaded guilty, reportedly after bathroom stall incident
USA Today: Sen. Craig arrested in airport men's room; admits to disorderly conduct
NYT/Caucus: Senator Accused of Lewd Conduct
AP/Karnowski: Idaho Senator Arrested in Airport
Hill News: Craig regrets guilty plea involving bathroom incident
CQ: Senator Says He 'Was Not Involved in Any Inappropriate Conduct,' Regrets Guilty Plea
Boise Weekly: Sen. Craig's Statement

USA Today: Judge tells group to stay away from politics


Newsday: Inspector General to testify on Spitzer scandal
Albany Times-Union: Spitzer aide gets pay as GOP fumes
NY Daily News: Spitzer's scandal aide back on the job
New York Post: GOP's Dopp bop

New York Times: Spitzer Talks of Suing to Expand Health Plan
New York Sun: Spitzer Threatens Suit Over Children's Health Care Coverage

New York Post: Hev pal's biz got million$


New York Times: Inquiry Focuses on Former Aide to Menendez


Shreveport Times: Kennedy switches to Republican Party
KATC3: La. Treasurer Kennedy switches to GOP
AP/Deslatte: La. Treasurer Kennedy switches to GOP


Seattle Times: Protesters greet Bush in Bellevue
Seattle Times: Bush arrives today for Bellevue fund-raiser


North Platte Bulletin: The status of Bob Kerrey's not-yet-decided future
North Platte Bulletin: Daub is seriously thinking about a Senate campaign
NYT/Caucus: Kerrey Waits for Hagel to Decide
Omaha World-Herald: Kerrey says he may be leaning toward Senate bid


August 27, 2007


Kansas City Star: Giuliani staffer blasts Thompson
Nashua Telegraph: Giuliani talks taxes
New York Daily News: Giuliani's big betrayal
Newsday: Republicans court defeat by opposing immigration
Angus Reid: Hillary Barely Leads Giuliani in Pennsylvania

Salt Lake Tribune: Romney to skip the Mormon speech?
WISH TV: Mitt Romney Among the Big Political Names Visiting Indianapolis
Eagle-Tribune: Romney's wealth cuts both ways

AP/Schelzig: Thompson Backers Look for Old Truck
AP: Huckabee expectations high for Thompson
Lexington Herald-Leader: Some voters cool to Thompson
Knoxville News Sentinel: What kind of president would Thompson be?
Washington Times: Thompson's test
New York Post: Moriarty: I like Fred
Conservative Voice: Actor Michael Moriarty Endorses Fellow Law & Order Star for President
Chicago Sun-Times: Can Thompson live up to script?
American Spectator: If the Shoe Fits

New York Times: As Legal Counsel, Thompson Walked Capitals Fine Line
Politico: Fred: Sober and Serious
Captain's Quarters: The sobriety of Fred

Fox News: Transcript: Mike Huckabee on 'FOX News Sunday'
Detroit News: Long-shot pol Huckabee gets respectful look

Politico: GOP activists root for Clinton win

Des Moines Register: Candidates' PACs stream cash to Iowa

San Diego Union-Tribune: Primary jockeying puts uncertainty in election landscape


Hill News: McConnell sees good chance for new Iraq direction
NRO/John Boehner: An Unfulfilled Promise: Transparency and accountability in earmarking
Sun-Sentinel: Immigration overhaul weighs heavily on Republicans
San Francisco Chronicle: Poll: Young voters disenchanted with Republican party


New York Times: Suspended Spitzer Aide Is Expected Back at Work
New York Sun: Spitzer Is Poised To Return Dopp to Public Payroll
New York Sun: Recipe for a Deal
Albany Times-Union: For GOP, questions linger
New York Post: Eliot's staff in dark

New York Post: Pension stink has another link

Newsday: Elections may tip political power on Long Island


Washington Post: Californians May Decide If Winner Still Takes All
Los Angeles Times: California's electoral college schemes
Slate: Electoral College Sports

Hollywood Today: Schwarzenegger Leads Greening of Republican Party
Sacramento Bee: Budget brawl boosts lure of majority vote


Green Bay Press Gazette: Kagen stays aggressive while in GOP's cross hairs


Detroit News: Tax hike gambit would ensure GOP loss


Los Angeles Times: Rep. Flake's mission: Be a bug in their earmarks
CQ Politics: Arizona House Incumbents Retirement Puts GOP in Catchup Mode


American Spectator: A Laffey Matter


August 26, 2007


AP/Elliott: Giuliani outlines tax plan, blasts Democrats
Dallas Morning News: Giuliani enlists Dallas ad strategist
Newsday: Rudy: Dems will raise taxes

ABC News: Giuliani Rips Democrats on Taxes
Sacramento Bee: Giuliani's new media team has raised eyebrows

Union Leader: Giuliani proposes flat tax plan in Manchester
AP: Intensity Differs for Clinton, Giuliani
Gothamist: 2008 Creeps Closer With Questions About Rudy's Record
Spokesman Review: Giuliani crosses party lines with tardiness
Nashua Telegraph: Giuliani still toting old line on Iraq War
Buffalo News: Buffalo proves fertile ground for Giuliani

AP/Smith: Thompson Says He Likes His Position
Indianapolis Star: Thompson brings presence to meeting
WLFI: Thompson discusses terrorist threat during speech
Detroit News: Thompson speaks to GOP activists, but doesn't tell all
WISH TV: Complete Fred Thompson Interview
Robert Novak: Newt Advises Fred
Kansas City Star: Thompsons highly anticipated speech was a letdown

Boston Globe: Ann Romney steps into spotlight
Arizona Republic: Symington, Romney son find common ground: Real estate
Boston Globe: Poll suggests Romney has room to grow

Henderson Gleaner: Huckabee pitches to GOP
AP/Pettus: Huckabee Warns of Obesity Epidemic

Courier Press: GOP hopefuls stump Indiana


NY Times: Rethinking Bold Style, Spitzer Gets New Advice
Newsday: Impressionist: I'm no Roger Stone


East Valley Tribune: Nudist named to Arizona GOP committee


Seattle Times: Backups, protests expected for Bush's visit to Bellevue


Ballot Access News: Montana Republicans Choose Caucus Over Primary


Sacramento Bee: Doolittle loses key ally in Placer GOP
Sacramento Bee: Longtime Doolittle ally pulls support
LA Times: Sacramento's boomerang reforms


Wichita Eagle: Thornburgh outlines run for governor


August 25, 2007


Newsday: Giuliani campaign introduces package of tax cuts

AP/Elliott: Giuliani to unveil tax policy
Reuters: Giuliani to push tax cuts to woo voters
NY Times: Giuliani Boasts of Surplus; Reality Is More Complex
Des Moines Register: Giuliani stops in Quad Cities
Kansas City Star: The Buzz: Giuliani hires team behind Harold, call me ads
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 30%, Thompson 27%

LA Times: Rudy Giuliani displayed a bold flair early in career

Roger L. Simon: Giuliani - Defying Gravity
Althouse: Homophobic anti-Giuliani ad
WP/Cillizza: Giuliani's Media Team

Indianapolis Star: GOP candidates court party faithful in Indy

Wall Street Journal: Romney's Federal Prescription
AP/Madkour: Romney Proposes Health Care Overhaul

CBS News: Not Too Long Now, Says The Fred
Pajamas Media: Turning Up the Heat on Fred Thompson

AP/Smith: Huckabee criticizes Warner's troop plan

AP/Smith: Huckabee: GOP has failed on problems
Human Events: Surprises in Indiana and Mike Huckabee

Indiana Daily Student: Presidential candidates visit Indianapolis

NY Times: At 70, McCain Takes On Talk of His Age


Washington Post: Jenna Bush, Engaged in A Tricky Role

NY Daily News: Don't give up, ads urge GOP: $15M blitz aims to keep pols' support for war
Washington Times: GOP dismisses Iraq war protesters


Washington Post: Mover, Shaker, And Cranky Caller?


San Francisco Chronicle: Gov. Schwarzenegger signs off on $145 billion California budget
AP: Schwarzenegger Cool to Electoral Reforms


Arizona Republic: Rick Renzi's slow fade


CQ Politics: Newly Open Mississippi House Seat Draws Passel of Possible Contenders


Detroit News: Fieger indicted in campaign finance case


Boston Globe: GOP sees cause for hope in the Fifth District


August 24, 2007


NY Post: Rudy's 'Army': No. 1 in Vets poll
Newsday: Giuliani hires controversial GOP media firm
AP/Quaid: Giuliani's Media Team Has Strong Record
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: BrabenderCox joins Giuliani media team

Townhall: Rudy's "Old School" Campaign

Fox News: Video Targets Giuliani's Positions on Gay Issues

Time: Behind Giuliani's Tough Talk

NY Times: Romney to Pitch a State-by-State Health Insurance Plan
AP/Johnson: Romney: Mass. Health Plan Can Be Copied
NY Sun: Romney's Palmetto State Peril
AP/Riley: Romney Presses for States' Rights
Sun-Sentinel: Mitt Romney can't make sons go to war
Washington Times: Romney building a national base
Human Events: Romney and Huckabee: Club for Growth Comparisons

Mullings: At the Fair
WP/Trail: Former Bush Scribe To Thompson's Staff

NY Sun: McCain Death Watch: Charlie Cook Edition
Real Clear Politics: Evidence of McCain's Demise

Topeka Capital-Journal: Brownback assesses how he's faring in GOP race for White House

Courier-Journal: GOP hopefuls expected in Indy


AP/Flaherty: GOP Senator Calls for Troop Withdrawals
Bloomberg: Warner Says U.S. Should Start Withdrawing Iraq Force


Newsday: Officials stonewall Stone-Spitzer investigations
Newsday: Old tricks rock Roger Stone's political world

NY Sun: Spitzer's Schedules Offer Insight Into Governorship


New Orleans Times-Picayune: Jindal supporters continue to attack controversial ads


Mercury News: Budget impasse likely to recur next year given projected deficit
RTT News: Schwarzenegger Vows To Veto Health Care Tax


AP/Babington: Arizona's Rep. Rick Renzi to Retire


Cleveland Plain Dealer: The Republicans' reluctant star


August 23, 2007


NY Times: Opponents Attack Giulianis New York Record

USA Today: Giuliani out to win a state 'made for him'

OC Register: Giuliani talks Minutemen, Iraq in Anaheim visit
USA T: Giuliani on why he's better than other GOP contenders: He's 'run something before'
NWI: Giuliani camp hoping Illinois changes colors
NY Post: 'Rudy' rip at Fred
Newsday: Rivals attack Rudy on immigration, gun rights
NY Observer: Rudy's latest pitch for cash
Salinas Californian: Giuliani makes Monterey a stop along campaign trail
Newsday: Giuliani's son making name for himself in golf
CNS News: Giuliani Urged to Back Anti-Quota Laws to Win Conservative Support
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 32%, Thompson 19%
KSBY: Giuliani pushes tax cuts, Reagan style, in brief San Diego stop
KABC TV: Giuliani: Iraq Pullout Would Be 'Worse Than Vietnam'
Daily Press: Giuliani taps Kilgore for key campaign position

ABC News: Romney Muddles Abortion Stance
Bloomberg: Romney Ignores Blessings of New York's Immigrants: Amity Shlaes
Boston Globe: Opposition to Romney greater than backing, survey says
Boston Globe: Romney's healthcare amnesia
Boston Globe: Romney says he won't see movie about Mormons
Washington Post: Romney Shrugs Off Mormon History Film
Boston Globe: Romney holds lead in Iowa
Jackson Hole Star Tribune: Romney speaks in Jackson
Real Clear Politics: Romney and the Mormon Issue
Daily Illini: Mitt's Mormonism question is unfair
Jackson Hole Daily: Romney pushes values
AP/Elliott: New Romney Ad Targets Illegal Migrants
Rasmussen: Romney Encounters More Core Opposition Than Clinton
Boston Globe: Romney rails against "sanctuary cities"

Angus Reid: Thompson Leads in South Carolina
Tulsa World: Inhofe still pushing Thompson bid
USA Today: Cheers & jeers for liberal blogger's FEC complaint against Thompson
Salon: Fred Thompson's revealing backstory
AP/Carter: Thompson's Image Cultivated by Hollywood

The Hill: Tancredo: GOP hopefuls sound like me on immigration

Baltimore Sun: Republican debate in Baltimore still on, organizers say


Politico: Report: Hastert to resign, not retire
CQ: Hill Computers Used for Thousands of Wikipedia Edits


NY Daily News: Spitzer's top aide quizzed over Bruno

NY Post: GOP 'Sleaze' axed in Gov-Dad threat
NY Times: New York G.O.P. Severs Ties With Consultant
AP/Virtanen: Consultant to resign, denies threatening Gov. Spitzer's father
Albany Times-Union: Stone quits over call to governor's father
NY Daily News: Bruno: Stone will resign over threatening calls


BBC News UK: Michigan moves to advance primary
Guardian UK: Primary season gets shorter and sharper as states vie for influence
Detroit News: Michigan Senate OKs early primary date of Jan. 15 for presidential vote
AP/Hoffman: Michigan Steps Toward Earlier Primary
NYT/Caucus: Behind the Michigan Primary Moves
CQ Politics: Iron Fist in Michigans Mitten as Primary Front-loading Fight Deepens
Politico: Michigan Senate OKs Jan. 15 primary


Indianapolis Star: State GOP may bid for 2012 party


Bayou Buzz: Louisiana Elections: Religious Battle: Democratic Party Versus Jindal


KTUU: Stevens dismisses Republican calls to step aside


Greenville News: Lindsey Graham deserved local GOP's censure


August 22, 2007


Newsday: Giuliani's rivals assail candidate and his city
The Herald: Giuliani stumps through California
Richmond Times-Dispatch: Giuliani to expand Va. leadership team
CBS News: Rudy Giuliani: Relationships Vs. Resume
Union Leader: Giuliani forum on taxes to include Cellucci
NRO: Salon's Unfair, Inaccurate Shot at Giuliani
Village Voice: Rudy's Brain
WBZTV: Inquisitive NH Voter Reacts To Giuliani Remark

Boston Herald: Romney targets illegal immigration in new radio ad
AP/Des Moines Register: Romney immigration ad jabs at Giuliani
YouTube: 'Exceptional' Romney radio ad
NY Daily News: Mitt catches heat for ads
LA Times: 'Sanctuary' as battleground
NYT/Caucus: Romney Ad Takes on Immigration and Giuliani
AP/Elliott: New Romney Ad Targets Illegal Migrants

Denver Post: Romney noncommittal on nuke waste site

Boston Globe: Romney's rhetoric glosses Mass. years

Bloomberg: McCain Struggles to Rekindle New Hampshire Independents' Ardor
AP: New poll finds Napolitano would best McCain in Senate race

NY Times: Thompson Brings Gun Control to the Fore
Knoxville News Sentinel: Thompson waiting game for 2008 might pay off
Boston Herald: Scene not yet ready for Thompson
Daily Press: Thompson is poised to be the first successful draftee since Ike
WP/Trail: Signature Issue For Thompson?
The Hill: Thompson, Giuliani start trading shots
AP/Kuhnhenn: Thompson Faces Election Complaint
NY Post: Thompson's wily timing

CNN: Thompson: Time for a 'frank discussion' about fighting terrorism

Politico: Newt's 527 raises questionable contributions

The State: Huckabee seeks momentum
David Broder: Huckabee finds inspiration in two unlikely sources
Politico: Huckabee finally breaks out fightin' words

San Francisco Chronicle: Michigan, Arizona to move up primaries


CQ Politics: RNC Money Edge Gives GOP Partial Offset to Dems Senate and House Clout
The Hill: Senate earmark battle turns very personal
OpinionJournal: GOP Immigration Meltdown
Human Events: Bush May Have Buried the GOP


Albany Times-Union: A nasty hello for Spitzer's father Audio: Phone message

NY Daily News: Profanity-laced voice message traced to state GOP big's home

NY Post: Psycho rant at Gov dad
Newsday: Spitzer's father alleges threat by GOP consultant
NY Sun: The Phone Call That's Rocked the Capital
NY Times: Politics Seen in Nasty Call to Spitzers Father

NY Post: DA knocks paper over Spitz probe


AP/Robinson: Ex-Illinois Governor's Conviction Upheld
LA Times: Ex-Gov. Ryan's appeal rejected
Chicago Tribune: Ryan will remain free during second appeal
Chicago Sun-Times: Ryan 'staying strong'


San Diego UT: State budget deadlock is over
LA Times: After 51-day stall, Senate OKs budget
San Francisco Chronicle: Insiders say 14 balky senators accomplished little and hurt GOP
Sacramento Bee: Stalemate ends, but not deficits
AP/Davis: California Ends 7-Week Budget Impasse


Arizona Daily Star: Napolitano sets earlier February primary date


KATC3: In La. governor's race, a furor over an ad about religion
AP/Deslatte: In La. governor's race, a furor over an ad about religion


Washington Times: McConnell's base of support erodes


Palm Beach Post: Undecided voters keep GOP hopefuls coming to Florida


Politico: GOP congressman pays price for opposing war


NY Times: Michigan Joins the Race for a Me First Primary


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