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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime


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December 7, 2007


Mitt Romney: Faith In America | Video excerpts
Rush Limbaugh: Mitt Romney's Inspiring Speech
Fred Barnes: Romney's Achievement
John Podhoretz: Mitt Romneys Boilerplate Mistake
Patrick Buchanan: Mitt's Hour of Power
Kathleen Parker: One Nation Under Mitt
Wall Street Journal: The Book of Romney
Wall Street Journal: Romney Address Wins Mixed Evangelical Reviews
OpinionJournal: The Book of Romney: Debate over his convictions--religious, and political
Peggy Noonan: How Mitt Romney came to give The Speech--and how he did
NY Times: Romney, Eye on Evangelicals, Defends His Faith
NY Times: Romney Seeks to Defuse Concerns Over Mormon Faith
NY Times: Editorial: The Crisis of Faith
NYT/Brooks: Faith vs. the Faithless
Detroit Free Press: Subtle touch on faith wins for Romney
Salt Lake Tribune: Mitt's speech brings much praise, but votes may be a different matter
Boston Globe: Romney vows a balance on religion
Boston Globe: Appeal to 'moral heritage' is a presidential moment
Washington Times: Romney takes independence vow
Washington Post: In Speech on Faith, Romney Vows to Serve 'No One Cause'
Washington Post: Editorial: No Freedom Without Religion?
WP/Gerson: Answering Critics -- and Kennedy
WP/Dionne: Boldness, Watered Down
WP/Cillizza: Romney's "Faith in America" Speech: What Worked and What Didn't
American Spectator: Romney's Base Hit
American Spectator: Romney and the American Religion
American Thinker: How Romney's Speech Worked
American Thinker: Romney: Religious Liberty versus Establishment
Politico: Romney: 'Freedom requires religion'
NRO: Editorial: Mormon in America
NRO/Lopez: A Faithful American Candidate
NRO/York: The Speech and Evangelicals
NRO/Goldberg: The Romney Speech: My Take
NY Post: Failed bid to put the religion issue to rest
NY Sun: Romney Seeks To Dispel Doubts About His Mormonism
NY Sun: Editorial: Patriotism and Piety
NY Daily News: Mitt Romney proud to be Mormon
NY Daily News: Mitt Romney Mormon speech finest hour
Fox: Mitt Romney Offers Comfort to Religious Conservatives With Faith Speech
CNN: Kennedy aide: Romney's views on religion very different from JFK's
McClatchy: Romney vows Mormon faith won't affect presidency
AP/Johnson: Romney Vows to Serve 'The Common Cause'
Times UK: Mormon Mitt Romney says he would serve a broad church
Jerusalem Post: Republican candidate Romney preaches against secularism
Time: Romney's Risky Faith Gambit
AP: Text of Romney's Speech
AP/Fournier: Analysis: Romney's Weak Spot
CQ Politics: Romney Wisely Skips Details in Defending His Mormon Faith
CQ Politics: Romney: Having It Both Ways
SF Chronicle: Editorial: Faith and flag: Romney (sort of) espouses separation
LA Times: Evangelicals may never take Romney on faith
San Diego Union-T: Analysis: Romney speech strong but fails to solve his Mormon problem
Hartford Courant: Romney On Faith
AP: Presidential Candidates' Religions
Dallas Morning News: How Kennedy's and Romney's speeches compared
Dallas Morning News: After speech, Romney stops in D-FW area for fundraiser
Boston Globe: Romney painters facing inquiry

NY Sun: Sliding Poll Numbers Force Giuliani To Retool His Campaign
WP/Trail: Giuliani's Network Support
AP: Poll: Giuliani Leads in Ohio
Scripps: Giuliani tougher, Romney softer on illegals than perceived
Sun-Sentinel: Rudy Giuliani talks tough on national issues, makes nice on Florida priorities
NY Daily News: Judith Nathan got security earlier
AP/Fitzgerald: Judge Dismisses Claim by Kerik Attorney
AP/Fitzgerald: Kerik lawyers says prosecutors tainted jury, ruined fair trial
Boston Globe: Group assails Giuliani comments on AIDS as 'hypocrisy'
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 23%, Huckabee 17%

Boston Globe: Huckabee rises in Iowa but faces tougher road ahead
AP/Fram: Poll: Huckabee in 2nd Place GOP Race
Southern Political Report: Huckabee bounds into South Carolina lead
Atlanta JC: Huckabee names his Georgia team, with a few surprises
Philadelphia Inquirer: Huckabee charges toward the top in Iowa
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Huckabee vs. Romney is a matter of faith for some
OpinionJournal: Mike Huckabee is far from being Reagan's heir
WP/Krauthammer: Huckabee Plays the Religion Card
AP/Baker: Huckabee Keeps Faith Views to Himself
NY Sun: Opinion: On Taxes, Huckabee Leads
WP/Cillizza: Is Huckabee Democrats' Biggest Nightmare?
NY Observer: So Much for Huckabee's Dark-Horse Campaign
CQ Politics: Huckabee Feels the Wrath of Blog
Reno Gazette Journal: Huck's daft tax plan
Worcester Telegram: Evangelicals may prefer Huckabee
Rocky Mountain News: Group tied to Udall ads makes calls for Huckabee

Standard Newswire: Fred Thompson Receives Endorsement of Wisconsin Right to Life
WJBF: Fred Thompson Protested By Sons Of Confederate Veterans
Swamp: A (short) day in the life of the Thompson campaign

Wall Street Journal: McCain's New Hampshire Glimmer
Economist UK: The case for John McCain
Portsmouth Herald News: Analysis: McCain unafraid to criticize Bush
Aiken Standard: McCain to make two stops in Aiken

Politico: Ron Paul blimp charts unprecedented course
Minneapolis Star Tribune: Ron Paul opens Minn. headquarters
CQ Politics: Paul Sets Sights on Conquering Districts Ballot Threshold
Detroit News: Why the groundswell for Ron Paul
Atlanta JC: Money pouring in to Ron Paul campaign

McClatchy: Hunter runs to shake up governing elite

NY Sun: Bloomberg's Electoral Calculus: Mayor's Chances by State Were He To Run in 2008

Sun-Sentinel: Univision hosting first Republican debate aimed at Spanish speakers


The Hill: Alexander readies for leadership role
Human Events: Alexander Scores Key GOP Leadership Spot
AHN: Alexander Takes Over As Republican Senate Conference Chairman
Washington Post: Alexander's Vow of Outreach to Centrists Helps Him Win No. 3 Post
Swamp: Alexander joins leadership, talks bipartisanship
Arizona Republic: Kyl promoted to GOP's No. 2 position in Senate
Tucson Citizen: Kyl to enforce discipline for Senate Republicans as whip
News & Observer: Senate post eludes Burr
Winston Salem Journal: GOP bypasses Burr for No. 3 Senate job

Washington Post: Review of Iran Intelligence to Be Sought
Washington Times: NIE authors accused of partisan politics
American Thinker: The Iran NIE: A Template of Analysis?

Politico: Two GOP congresswomen quit Page Board
The Hill: Two GOP lawmakers resign from page board
CQ Politics: Republicans Quit Beleaguered House Board After Pages Are Kicked Out
AP/Margasak: GOP Members Resign From House Page Board
Washington Post: 2 Republicans Resign From House Page Board
Washington Post: Another Sexually Charged House Page Scandal

LA Times: Senate passes AMT tax fix
NY Times: Senate Backs Freeze on Tax Without Cost Offsets
AP/Babington: Democrats Cry Uncle on Taxes, Spending

Washington Post: To Some Lawmakers, Bush's Mortgage Relief Is Too Weak
Washington Post: Those Who Avoided Risk Call Plan A Raw Deal
NY Sun: Moral Hazard Cited as Bush Acts on Loans
American Spectator: Bailout Blues

The Hill: House GOP blasts outside ethics office proposal
Washington Post: The Missing Referee: A standoff could cripple the FEC
AP: Senators reach deal on farm bill
NY Times: Bill Would Give Tax Break to Exonerated Prisoners

NY Times: House Sets Higher Goal for Vehicle Fuel Efficiency
Detroit News: House OKs 35 mpg rule: But energy bill faces Senate, Bush opposition
Des Moines Register: House-approved bill boosts biofuels use

American Spectator: The Good Bush Narrative
Washington Post: ABC Nabs Latest Media Player From Bush Team, Matthew Dowd
LA Times: Bush loses ground with military families

NY Times: Poll Finds Hispanics Returning to Earlier Preference for Democrats
Reuters: Hispanics' support for GOP declining: study
LA Times: Pew study sees growing power of Hispanic vote
AP/Fram: Poll: Hispanic Shift Toward Democrats


NY Post: Spitz vs. DA on Dopp 'lie'
Newsday: Suozzi issues bipartisan challenge to Spitzer

NY Post: Doctoroff resigns as deputy NYC mayor
NY Daily News: Daniel Doctoroff leaves City Hall

Albany Times-Union: Colonie GOP mulls appeal after election lawsuit fails


Palm Beach Post: Crist's chief of staff, seen as his 'Rove,' is resigning
WMBB: Gov. Crist's Chief of Staff stepping down
AP/Farrington: Crist joins Trump to raise money for property tax amendment


Newsday: Rell proposes overhaul of state civil rights agency


LA Times: Electoral vote measure fails to make June ballot
AP/Kurtzman: California electoral vote measure won't make June ballot
NY Times: Electoral Revision Misses June Ballot
AP/Davis: Schwarzenegger Reveals List of Donors


Fox: Norm Coleman Campaign Produces Video Showing Al Franken's Contradictory Statements on War


Springfield News-Sun: Harkins to run for Congress
CQ Politics: Democrats Hope For Inroads In Ohio GOP Stronghold


Washington Post: In Twilight of His Career, John Warner Now an Environmental Maverick
AP/Lewis: Key state Senate races drew late surges of cash


Olympian: Commission rules for Rossi and Forward Washington


AP: Hayworth says feds wont investigate his ties to Abramoff


December 6, 2007


AP/Schreiner: Louisville coach Pitino praises Giuliani
Dick Morris: Rudy May Know Life After Death
Boston Globe: Harvard study: Giuliani attracting young voters
Village Voice: Rudy Distances Himself from Giuliani Partners
WBKO: Giuliani Makes Visit to Kentucky
WHAS11: Rudy toot toot
Roanoke Times: Giuliani fails single-issue test
CQ Politics: Polls Put Giuliani Ahead, Despite Tight Early Primaries

Boston Globe: Poll says Huckabee has jumped to second nationally
NY Times: Pulpit Was the Springboard for Huckabees Rise
Washington Times: Rise a surprise to all but Huckabee
Winston Salem Journal: Huckabee shows big gains in states with early elections
American Thinker: Huckabee House Built on a Weak Foundation
WT/Blankley: Huckabee and trade
Swamp: Is Huckabee surge partly about his face?
Politico: Huck defends lack of awareness on Iran
USA Today: Huckabee tells GQ that some Christian leaders are 'out of step'
GQ: Mike Huckabee: Is This Guy For Real?
LifeNews: Mike Huckabee: Pat Robertson Abandoned Pro-Life Values Backing Giuliani

McClatchy: Missouri murder controversy hounds Huckabee
ABC News: Huckabee Aide: Gov Pushed for Rapist's Freedom
Boston Globe: Huckabee defends his role in Ark. rapist's parole case
Fox: Mike Huckabee Defends Role in Parole of Convicted Rapist Who Went on to Kill

CBS News: Thompson: Arctic Oil Can Lower Gas Prices
MSNBC: Fred on rivals, Guantanamo
NYT/Caucus: Thompson Picks Up Endorsement in S.C.
KCRG: Thompson Does Not Buy Intelligence Report
Washington Times: Editorial: Fred Thompson
CBN News: Fred Thompson: Another Pro-Life Endorsement
Palmetto Scoop: Thompson S.C. co-chair weighs in on GOP rivals
Politico: Prominent South Carolina Republican draws more attention to Mormonism

Fox: Schilling Pitches McCain for President
NYT/Caucus: Schilling Joins McCain in New Hampshire
Swamp: From McCain to Schilling to NH voters...
Boston Globe: McCain voices guarded optimism on Iraq but says hurdles are high
Battle Creek Enquirer: Former Rep. Smith endorses McCain

Robert Novak: Romney's Risky Venture
NY Times: Crucial Test for Romney in Speech on His Religion
Washington Post: Romney Aims to Prove His Christianity
Boston Globe: In logistics, Romney speech will not be Kennedy-esque
Swamp: What Romney won't be saying about Mormonism
NY Daily News: Mitt Romney team sees Mormon speech as nerve-racking but necessary
American Spec.: Conservative Christians should be open to a Mormon in the White House
AP/Johnson: Romney to Give Speech at Bush Library
AP/Espo: Romney Shifts Course
MSNBC: Romney seeks to calm fears over his faith
Newsday: Long Island Mormons have faith in Romney
AP/Dobner: Theology Divides Mormons, Evangelicals
Independent UK: 'Lawngate' cuts Romney down to size
Times UK: Illegal migrant gardeners dig big hole for Mitt Romney
Boston Globe: Reaction mixed after Romney fires service

Washington Post: Paul's Quixotic, Chaotic Run May Make Its Push in N.H.

American Spectator: Tancredo in the Twilight

The Hill: Martinez touts Fla. gov. as veep
RealClearPolitics: Get Ready for the GOP Playoffs
James Pinkerton: Pinkerton: Iran's a ticking bomb for candidates
Detroit News: The values debate: Stance on divisive social issues defines GOP candidates


Politico: No. 3 GOP spot is competitive
US News: Senate Leadership Race Intensifies
The Hill: Alexander underscores conservative record ahead of secret leadership vote

Washington Post: Bush Wins Agreement To Freeze Mortgages
NY Times: Lenders Agree to Freeze Rates on Some Loans
Washington Times: GOP wary of Bush's rate freeze
Bloomberg: Paulson Subprime Fix Is Cheered by Democrats, Panned by Right
AP/Crutsinger: Deal Reached on Mortgage Rate Freeze

NY Times: Senate Panel Passes Bill to Limit Greenhouse Gases
Reuters: Climate change bill heads for full Senate
AP/Hebert: Senate Panel Takes Global Warming Bill

Washington Post: FCC Chairman Draws Fire for Cross-Ownership Plan
AP/Dunbar: FCC Chief Denies Ownership Rule Loophole

LA Times: High court hears Gitmo detainee rights case
AP/Sherman: Justices Ponder Detainee Rights
OpinionJournal: The judiciary has no business managing how we fight wars abroad

CQ Politics: Coburn Determined to Cool Off the Hotline
AP/Gorski: Preacher Rebuffs Senate Spending Inquiry
Washington Post: In Shift, Dingell Steered Toward Fuel Standard
NY Times: Tax Stalemate Threatens Chaos as Filing Nears
NY Sun: New Group Seeks Changes For Political Fund-Raising
LA Times: 1 in 3 would deny illegal immigrants social services

Politico: Cheney bashes top Democrats
AP/Feller: Bush Raises Cash for GOP
WP/Armitage/Nye: Why So Angry, America?
NY Sun: Kenneth Blackwell: Make English Official
Ann Coulter: They'll Never Forgive You


NY Daily News: Former Eliot Spitzer aide calls Andrew Cuomo 'an animal' - sources
Newsday: State GOP pols blast latest bar to Spitzer probe

Newsday: Spitzer makes more changes in administration
NY Sun: Spitzer Readies a Shake-Up of Personnel
NY Post: Eliot axes honcho amid 'chaos'

Newsday: Bruno wants Spitzer to call horse-racing meeting
NY Post: NYRA probe heats up

Albany Times-Union: Care for all New Yorkers proposed

Buffalo News: Giambra to join DAmato's lobbying firm after leaving office
AP: Outgoing Erie County exec Giambra to work for D'Amato

NY Times: Elections Official Wants to Help Troops at War Vote

Albany Times-Union: Rep. Gillibrand reflects on how having children influences her views


Richmond Times Dispatch: M. Warner hires GOP adviser
Washington Post: Gilmore Sees Warner and Clinton as His Competition


AP/Haigh: Lawmakers vote to call special session on criminal justice reform


AP: Mississippi Lawyer Pleads Guilty in Bribery Case


NY Times: Corzine: Liking Clinton, but Acting Like Huckabee


Oregonian: Dems hit Smith for voting with...a bunch of Dems


Orlando Sentinel: Florida 'values voters' face difficult choices
Orlando Sentinel: Florida Democrats lose last-ditch court fight over primary
Sarasota Herald Tribune: Judge tosses suit over primary
WP/Trail: Judge Rules for DNC in Calendar Fight
St. Petersburg Times: Editorial: Governor's unseemly fundraising


Dallas MN: Texas' most popular leader is poised to shake up the stagnant political scene


December 5, 2007


Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Despite report, Giuliani's tough talk on Iran goes on
AP: Giuliani No Longer Heads Consultant
Boston Globe: Giuliani resigns as head of firm, calls his work there 'totally legal'
AP: Poll: GOP Presidential Race Tied in SC
Daily Orange (Syracuse U.): Rudy shows rare trait among candidates: reason
NY Daily News/Lupica: Politics, like baseball, is about how you finish the season
Family Security Matters: A Giuliani-Huckabee Ticket Would Be Formidable
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani trysts cited in Queens councilman's rape case
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 26%, McCain 17%

LA Times: For Huckabee, it's fun at the top
LA Times: Huckabee inches toward Giuliani
Bloomberg: Huckabee Catching Up to Giuliani as Top Republican, Poll Shows
Newsday: Poll: Huckabee gaining fast on Giuliani
RCP: Huck & McCain Rise as Rudy & Mitt Fight
Des Moines Register: Huckabee urges respect, cooperation with other nations
American Spectator: Huckabee's Hikes: Spendthrift tax-raiser when Ark. Gov.
Washington Post/Marcus: In Iowa, They Like Mike
AP/Sidoti: Huckabee Bristles at Creationism Query
NY Post: Add in 'Cult' to GOP injury: Huck plays coy on Romney's Mormon faith
NY Post/Lowry: Huck's sales-tax lunacy
Politico: Huckabee not aware of NIE report on Iran
CQ Politics: The Huckabee-Romney Gender Gap
CBS News: Paroled Rapist Could Haunt Huckabee
ABC News: Mysterious Group Attacks Huckabee
San Diego Union Tribune: Meet the Huckster: GOP candidate makes Nez look saintly
Washington Post: TrustHuckabee Calling: There's a new group campaigning in Iowa, but it's not saying much about where its money comes from

AP/Kinnard: Fred Thompson skeptical of new intelligence report on Iran
Washington Times: Thompson and Social Security
Spartanburg Herald Journal: Thompson stops in at Wade's for food, politics
Spartanburg Herald Journal: The softer side of Fred
The Hill: Having a base will bring victory
Stop the ACLU: Fred Thompson: Consistent Conservative
Memphis Flyer: Who Is This Huckabee Mug Anyhow, and Why Is He Stealing Fred Thompson's Thunder?

Foster's: McCain: Law, order; Senator talks Iraq, international affairs, health care
Laconia Citizen: McCain: Report highlights need for intelligence
Brattleboro Reformer: McCain raps U.S. intelligence skills
Boston Globe: Schilling to help McCain make pitch
AHN: McCain Attempts To Repeat 2000 Victory In New Hampshire

ABC News: No Huckaboom in N.H. as Romney Holds Tough
Washington Post: Poll Shows Romney With Wide Lead in New Hampshire
Laconia Citizen: Romney proves popular at Meredith diner
NY Times: Romney Faces New Questions on Illegal Workers at Landscaping Firm
AP/Johnson: Romney Fires Landscaper Over Illegals
Boston Globe: More immigrant woes for Romney
Boston Globe: Candidate provides new fodder for rivals
Boston Globe: Lawn work at Romney's home still done by illegal immigrants
AP: Poll: Romney, Huckabee Even in Iowa
AP/Johnson: Former Mass. Governor Endorses Romney
NRO: Record and Vision: Romney is cut out for cutting
Boston Globe: Romney cries foul on pro-Huckabee calls
AP/Kuhnhenn: Romney Used Ad Group Behind Huckabee
Politico: As The Speech looms...
NY Sun: Opinion: Romney's Final Speech?
NY Times: Opinion: Mitt Romney Is No Jack Kennedy
Townhall/D. Limbaugh: Mitt Should Can "The Speech"
LA Times: It's about voters' faith in Romney
NY Post: Mitt's real mess: It's flip-flopping, not religion
LA Times: Romney better pray he can be Jimmy Carter
Atlanta JC: Romney has a cross to bear: Christian right forces Mormon's 'religion test'

Tallahassee Democrat: Ron Paul: He won't win the presidency, but . . .
Washington Post: Ron Paul Spam Traced to Ukrainian Botnet
The Hill: Paul looks to turn big bucks into a big boost at the polls

Washington Times: Tancredo to boycott Spanish-language debate

News & Observer: Rove sees Republican beating Clinton
RCP/Rothenberg: Nomination Fights Could Turn on Candidate Exits
Washington Times: Gingrich pushes platform in Iowa
Human Events: The Stunning Reality of Voter Fraud


WP/Capitol Briefing: Senate Republicans Face Leadership Choice
Politico: GOP race heats up for Senate Republican Conference chairman
The Hill: Alexander leaps forward
CQ Politics: Alexander, Burr Face Off for Leadership Slot as Hutchison Bows Out of Race

The Hill: GOP is split on the president's spending fight

Washington Post: Nonprofits Become A Force in Primaries

Washington Post: Tax to Offset AMT Patch Appears Unlikely
AP/Abrams: No Deal on Alternative Minimum Tax

LA Times: Mortgage fallout felt by GOP
Politico: Mortgage deal draws opposition
The Hill: Paulson to brief House GOP on housing plan

LA Times: Senate panel OKs bill to delay FCC ownership plan

The Hill: Rep. Jefferson wants trial delayed

Fox: Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings Resigns From House Intelligence Panel
CQ Politics: Hastings Quits House Intelligence Panel, Citing Added Responsibilities

Fox: Sen. Boxer Blocking a Judicial Nomination Many of Her Liberal Colleagues Support

Washington Times: Appeals court considers 'God' in Pledge
AP: Atheist Looks to Remove 'Under God' From Pledge of Allegiance, Currency

Swamp: Justice Scalia: O.J. did it

Swamp: House remembers Rep. Hyde


NY Sun: Dopp: Spitzer's Aides Silenced Me
Albany Times-Union: Sales tax decline in Albany County raises red flag


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Roddey to become chair of Allegheny County Republican Party
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Republicans unite with Roddey to lead revamp

Washington Post: Ex-Staffer To Weldon Agrees to Guilty Plea
AP: Top Aide to Former Representative Is Accused


NY Times: Comedian Says Minnesota Run Is a Serious One


Beaufort Gazette: Witherspoon: Graham is too liberal for South Carolina


Seattle Times: Cantwell aide arrested in sex sting, fired


LA Times: Immigration debate unifies California GOP
OC Register: County GOP numbers continue to slip


Detroit News: Plan calls for voting shake-up
Detroit Free Press: State party officials propose plan for rotating primary schedules


WP/Fisher: Va. Loyalty Oath: GOP In A Sad Corner
Daily Press: Republicans have only themselves to blame for election losses


Bayou Buzz: Kennedy Versus Landrieu: An Odd Louisiana Senate Race


CQ Politics: Simpson Drop-out Leaves Wyoming GOP Searching


Rocky Mountain News: Republican Wil Armstrong files to run for Tancredo seat
Denver Post: GOP howling boos, not "Bruuuuce!"


December 4, 2007


NY Times: Giulianis Firm Lobbied for Bill Considered Threat
AP/Baker: Giuliani: Huckabee's tax plan would hurt home buyers
Portsmouth Herald News: Giuliani attacks Dems at Stratham event
Politico: Rudy's media relationships remain rocky
AP/Sidoti: Secrecy Issues Dog Giuliani
Gallup: Giuliani Still Leads Nationally, but Huckabee Is Gaining
NY Post: Rudy drops nine percent in new poll
USA Today: Significant drops in support for Clinton & Giuliani
NY Post: Giuliani and pals targeted
NY Daily News: Mike Huckabee rise in Iowa great news for...Rudy Giuliani?
NY Daily News: To be top gun, Rudy Giuliani sells out

Weekly Standard: Huckabee's Rise: Why it happened, what it means
Telegraph UK: Dirt flies over Mike Huckabee adviser
Swamp: Huckabee on playing a leading role in Iowa
Reuters: Huckabee visits Iowa in new role as leader of pack
LA Times: Huckabee's religious beliefs guide political sway
Washington Post: Huckabee Chafes at 'Front-Runner' Label
AP/Sidoti: Tough Road Ahead for Huckabee
James Pinkerton: Smart to stay above the fray in Iowa
WP/Cohen: Un-Mormon and Unchristian

Des Moines Register: Huckabee disavows calls group made to Iowans
NY Times: Huckabee Repudiates Groups Effort
AP/Kuhnhenn: Group Helps Huckabee With Iowa Calls

CNN: Thompson: 'I'm OK with the Lord, and the Lord is OK with me'
AP: `Law & Order' Returns on Wednesday

Portsmouth Herald News: McCain: nuclear has role in energy mix
AP/Elliott: McCain: I'm Old, but Best Candidate
AP/Ramer: McCain: Don't Require Health Coverage
NRO: Welchs McCain

Politico: Romney speech is a huge gamble
WBZTV: Romney Explains Reasons For Mormon Faith Speech
Swamp: Romney: JFK gave 'the definitive speech' on religion
LA Times: Mormonism not focus of Romney speech
LAT/Goldberg: Romney's JFK moment
WP/Cillizza: Playing Catch-Up to Huckabee, Romney Shifts Iowa Strategy
Washington Post: Romney Hopes to Ease Qualms on His Faith
AP/Johnson: Analysis: Romney's 'Mormon Speech' Risk
AP: Mormon Teachings Worry Some Voters

ABC News: Ron Paul to Appear on 'The View'
CSM: Adroit online, Ron Paul backers hit the streets of N.H.

WT/Barone: Inclinations in Iowa


NY Times: Vulnerable Democrats See Fates Tied to Clinton
Fox: Republicans See Chance to Win Back House Seats Lost in 2006

Politico: Conservative Hutchison alienates GOP
The Hill: Alexander fundraising could boost GOP leadership quest
The Hill: Sens. Cochran, Stevens lead in earmark tally
The Hill: Lott leaving Senate a potential blow to airlines

AP/Zoll: Questions Surround TV Preacher Inquiry
Washington Post: Engler Isn't Angling for Criticism
AP/Barisic: Pat Robertson's Son Takes Over CBN
Washington Times: Bush still a factor, Rove warns

Washington Times: U.S. moves to pre-empt foreclosures
AP/Zibel: Housing Mess Forces White House Reversal

Washington Times: Boehner wins leak case as justices spurn appeal
NY Times: Supreme Court Rejects Case, Ending Tape Dispute in Congress
AP/Daly: Court Backs Ruling Against Congressman

MSNBC: Aide to U.S. Senator Cantwell arrested in sex sting
The Hill: Cantwell aide arrested for attempting to sexually exploit a minor

LA Times: FCC target of House panel's investigation

Politico: Immigration crosses party lines


NY Times: Facing Tough Times, Spitzer Prepares for Budget Battle
NY Times: Bruno Wont Talk About Role at Firm
NY Sun: Spitzer Alarms Businesses by Opposing Indian Point
Newsday: Bruno pushes for talks over racetrack operator
AP: As racing deadline nears, frustrated Bruno calls Silver `wimp'
NY Sun: Tidal Wave of Lawyers Nears, Bar Applications Forewarn


Washington Post: Incumbents Facing a Host of Challengers


Washington Post: Oaths Won't Win Voters' Loyalty


Washington Post: New Allegations Test Craig's New Boldness


Newsday: Political novice hopes to challenge incumbent U.S. Senator
AP/Hester: N.J. moves toward abolishing death penalty
Cherry Hill Courier Post: N.J. Democrats outspent GOP in '07 races


American Spectator: Carson's Last Stand


AP/Robertson: Push on immigration issue shows its value to NC GOP


Front Page Magazine: It's (Past) Time for Murtha to Resign


Cleveland Plain Dealer: OSU experts urge Ohio to scrap its elections system
Politico: NRCC responds with ad in Ohio special election


The Hill: Murphy challenger Cappiello draws potential GOP primary opponent
Hartford Courant: GOP Demands Probe: Questions State Senator's Ties With University System Official


Politico: The battle over suburban, exurban vote


Honolulu Advertiser: Hawaii governor appoints new staff chief


AP/Neary: Simpson won't run for Congress


Dallas Morning News: Noriega files for senator against Cornyn


Sacramento Bee: Governor to head redistricting drive


Shreveport Times: Jindal makes pitch to Bush for new help in La.


December 3, 2007


Portsmouth Herald News: Giuliani attacks Dems
AP/Johnson: Giuliani Touts His Low-Tax Stance in NH
AP/Bluestein: Giuliani continues low-tax talk in Ga.
Atlanta JC: Giuliani nearly drowned out by rival's supporters
LA Times: Fact-checking Giuliani
WP/Kurtz: Stung by Politico Report, Giuliani Puts Up His Dukes
AP/Sidoti: Secrecy Issues Dog Giuliani
Gothamist: More Rudy Accounting (Estranged Wife Edition)
NY Post: Rudy's ex in 2nd $oaking: Guard expense dwarfed Judith's
Politico: Rudy and the records: the prognosis
David Broder: New Hampshire campaign shows contrasts in Giuliani, Romney personalities
Napa Valley Register/Rusher: A Giuliani question
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 26%, Thompson 18%

NY Sun: Huckabee Gets Boost in Poll, Moves in Front
Wall Street Journal: Republican 'Regular Guy' Rises Fast
Politico: Huckabee, Morris keep lines open
USA Today: In unsettled GOP field, Huckabee finds footing
NY Daily News: Mike Huckabee is surprise GOP leader over fading Mitt Romney in Iowa
NY Times: Lonely No More, Huckabee Faces Hurdles
NY Times: Gains in Iowa poll energize Huckabee campaign
Times UK: Bumblebee Baptist defies political gravity
Politico: Huckabee plays nice in hot seat
Washington Times: Huckabee: I'm no 'lifelong politician'
Washington Times: A sting from Huckabee
Washington Times: Editorial: The Iowa Bounce
American Spectator: Mike W. Huckabee
WP/Trail: Huckabee and Imus, Together Again
Politico: Apparent pro-Huckabee third-party group floods Iowa with negative calls
ABC News: Huckabee Hedges on Aid for Illegals
ABC News: Huckabee Rebuts Romney, Talks Taxes
Concord Monitor: Huckabee has earned attention the old-fashioned way
Townhall: Mike Huckabee's Missed Opportunity
Yahoo: Huckabee defends record as Ark. governor
THV: Huckabee Surges In The Polls
Townhall: Huckabee's Outside the Margin in Iowa
NYT/Caucus: Huckabee on Taking Wing
Fox/Estrich: Huckabee Rise Reveals Republican Weaknesses
Hot Air: Huckabee leads in another Iowa poll
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Townhall: Not Everyone Loves Huckabee
Tulsa World: Huckabee in leads in Oklahoma
Laconia Citizen: How will Huckabee come out of Iowa?
Southern Political Report: Who Is Mike Huckabee?
NRO/Barone: Game Time: Iowans start choosing favorites
Dallas Morning News: Presidential hopefuls shoot, preach, eat brisket to win South Carolina's Republican vote

Spartanburg Herald Journal: Thompson tours 'conservative hot spots'
ABC7: Trailing Thompson in the Southland
Kansas City Star: The Buzz: Fred Thompson ad

Union Leader: John McCain is the man to lead America
CBS News: New Hampshire Paper Endorses McCain
WP/Cillizza: McCain Picks Up Union Leader Endorsement
The State: Hemingway inspired McCain
NY Daily News: John McCain, James Carville to appear on 1st Don Imus show

Deseret Morning News: Romney to give his JFK speech
ABC News: Will 'Pulling a JFK' Be Enough for Romney?
Boston Globe: Pressed, Romney to speak on his Mormonism
NY Times: Romney Plans to Address Concerns About His Faith
Swamp: Romney ready to address religion: At Bush library
Politico: Romney to give The Speech Thursday at Bush Library
LA Times: Romney shakes up tactics
Washington Post: Romney to Speak About His Religion
AP/Sidoti: Romney to Give Mormon Speech
CBS News: Romney To Give 'Religion Speech'
Real Clear Politics: Mitt's Ham-Handed Campaign
Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Romney gets some help from his family as wife and sons hit campaign trail

Swamp: Ron Paul: 'Isolationism isn't what I advocate'

American Thinker: Nominating the Next President: The Frontrunners and the Wingmen
The Hill: Rove, Van Hollen spar over 2008 outlook
USA Today: Religion as a political weapon
NRO/Lopez: Bennett for Veep


East Valley Tribune: Kyl takes final step out of shadows and into spotlight
TownTalk: Republican Governors Association elects Jindal to its executive committee
NY Sun/Steyn: Freedom From Offense
NY Times: Congress, Returning From Break, Has Much Work to Finish Before the Next One
LA Times: Washington's sub-prime fix expected
AP/Raum: National Debt Grows $1 Million a Minute
AP: Former President Bush says historians will determine his legacy
American Thinker: Likening Republicans to beasts
OpinionJournal/Fund: A Clinton-era grudge may derail a judicial nominee
NYT/Greenhouse: For Justices, Another Day on Detainees


NY Post: Spitzer deeper in muck: 'Lied' about leak
NY Daily News: DA gets tough in Troopergate probe
New Yorker: The Humbling of Eliot Spitzer
Albany Times-Union: Newest adviser seeks to calm Spitzer's wake
NY Sun: Federal Judge Lands at Center Of a New York Legal Mystery
Albany Times-Union: Gillibrand defensive over bill


Idaho Statesman: Craig: Statements 'completely false'
Idaho Statesman: More gay men describe sexual encounters with U.S. Sen. Craig
AP: Paper: 8 Men Claim Encounters With Craig


NY Times: Nevada Learns to Cash in on Sales of Federal Land


CBS News: Calif. Measure Would Split Electoral Votes
LA Times: O.C. sheriff's aide sought status, power
San Diego Union Tribune: Term-limit measure may confuse voters


Aurora Beacon News: Stop griping about Hastert forcing costly extra election
Human Events: Henry Hyde: A 'Man of the House'
Daily Camera: The principled Henry Hyde


Washington Times: Editorial: Gilchrest and the Pipkin factor


December 2, 2007


Telegraph UK: Giuliani and Huckabee agree to pull punches
NHPR: State Troopers Association Endorses Giuliani
Concord Monitor: Giuliani hails troopers' work in Rochester, gets nod
Washington Post: Ad: Giuliani Hits Democrats on Taxes
Wall Street Journal: Giuliani's Profitable Partnership
Times UK: Is Rudy for the Rockfeller treatment?
NY Daily News: N.H., Iowa Republicans care more about terror than Rudy Giuliani's trysts
Newsday: Lawyers pan Giuliani trip billing to city offices
MSNBC: Rudy, Iowa Christians, a tough sell
Portsmouth Herald: Personality clash: Mitt, Rudy
NY Daily News: Giuliani's last hurdle to the Presidency is his messy family saga
Baltimore Examiner: Ehrlich: No cause for concern over Giuliani spending
Concord Monitor: Giuliani welfare record critiqued

LA Times: Thompson touts bedrock conservatism in Southland visit
OC Register: Thompson appeals to his base in Laguna Woods
CBS2: Fred Thompson To Conduct Orange County Rally
McClatchy: Fred Thompson's life stories help him set priorities
AP: Thompson Warns of Welfare State
Knoxville News Sentinel: Some silly God talk from Fred Thompson
CNN: Fred Thompson talks to CNN's Larry King
Daily Dispatch: Thompson said local and federal authorities should be working together

Dick Morris: Trouble on the Romney Trail
Townhall/Hewitt: Romney Rising
AP/Sidoti: A Wonkish Romney Turns Up on the Trail
WP/Cillizza: Romney Surrogate Pushes Anti-Rudy, Anti-Huckabee Messages
NYT/Caucus: Romney Begins Taking Aim at Huckabee
Boston Globe/Vennochi: Romney's dodge
LA Times: The fateful prison release of 'pure evilness'

Bloomberg: Republican McCain Endorsed by New Hampshire's Largest Newspaper
CBS News: McCain Gets New Hampshire PR Boost
Politico: McCain to get Union-Leader endorsement?
SF Chronicle/Saunders: John McCain: The great man in the race
Newsweek/Clift: McCain Gets Momentum: Can he make a comeback?
McClatchy: McCain draws courage from doomed hero

Washington Post: The Man Who Helped Start Huckabee's Roll
AFP: Huckabee leads in new Iowa poll
Arkansas News: Huck mania - behold it
Palm Beach Post: Huckabee charm plays well in Iowa, despite nation lag
Des Moines Register: Candidates' time runs short, but opportunities remain
ABC News: Huckabee New GOP Leader in Iowa Poll
Union Leader: Huckabee: I'm not a tax-and-spender
NY Times: Huckabees Stature Rises, Mobilizing Tax Critics
Arkansas Leader: Editorial: Whos biggest tax raiser: Huckabee or Clinton?
LA Times: Huckabee: 'a different kind of Jesus juice'
AP/Babington: Huckabee Hopes for New Hampshire Boost
David Broder: Principles Amid the GOP Pack
Robert Novak: Romney Advisors Ok With Huckabee's Rise
Sacramento Bee: Being attacked by foes is fine with Huckabee
MSNBC: Vote for Huck, a vote for Rudy?

Washington Times: Paul easily wins Virginia GOP straw poll
Richmond T-D: Texas representative Paul outpolls Thompson, Huckabee at Va. event
NY Post: Ron Paul's Crackpot Revolution
The State: The Paulistas and the MSM

Orlando Sentinel: CNN/YouTube combo likely won't team up again, insiders say

NY Times: Business Lobby Presses Agenda Before 08 Vote
OC Register: Immigration is back - and with a vengance


The Hill: Senate GOP conference chair race heats up: Burr, Alexander, Hutchinson
Washington Times: Democrats eye gain in GOP Senate exits
Power Line: Republicans: Party of the Mentally Healthy
Fred Barnes: Henry Hyde: The Gentleman from Illinois
NY Times: How the Filibuster Became the Rule
NY Times: Putting a Price on a Wrongful Conviction


Albany Times-Union: Union link to Bruno questioned
NY Times: On Spitzers Bookshelf, a How-Not-To History for Governing the State
AP/Gormley: Despite gloomy forecasts, NY's budget poised for busting _ again
NY Post: GOP 'mugged' at NY Public Library


Washington Post: Delegate Won't Run, Easing Gilmore's Senate Bid
The Hill: Saxman wont run for Virginia Senate seat
AP/Lewis: Saxman will not run for U.S. Senate, leaving Gilmore uncontested
Hot Air: Virginia GOP abandons ultra-moronic loyalty oath for primary vote


Detroit News: Democratic Party excludes Michigan from national convention
Detroit Free Press: Michigan Democrats stripped of delegates at convention
CQ Politics: Dems Slap Michigan in Primary Front-loading Tiff, But OK Moves by Iowa, NH

Detroit News: House and Senate kill service tax


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Republican Shimkus adjusts to his new role in Congress
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: 'A lot freer in the minority'


Reno Gazette-Journal: Republican neighborhood focuses on quality of life


LA Times: Bridge construction, fighting underway in Minn.


ABC7Chicago: Republicans launch 'Governor for a Day' raffle
Courier News: Hastert knew how to play the game


Shreveport Times: Senate race predicted to be expensive


Tennessean: Is Alexander the state's best politician or just lucky? Yes
Times-News: Vaughn, Tennesee GOP tangle over grants


Jackson Clarion-Ledger: Pickering's seat: Can Democrat win?


Houston Chronicle: Mystery swirls around Hutchison's future plans
Houston Chronicle: 2 foes stump to oust Paul


December 1, 2007


Sun-Sentinel: In Boca Raton, Rudy Giuliani discusses Iran, illegal immigration
Washington Times: Giuliani foes in GOP panicky
Miami Herald: Giuliani touts fence on U.S.-Mexico line
McClatchy: Giuliani ready to butt heads
Scripps: Giuliani's achievements
AP/Davenport: Giuliani: Kids of Illegal Immigrants Should Keep Citizenship
Newsday: Rudy's personal life doesn't bother everyone
NY Daily News: City taxpayers picked up tab for Judith Giuliani's visit to kin in Pennsylvania
NY Post: Rudy pin$ blame on NYPD
NY Post: Coasting into Florida may cost Giuliani
Washington Post: Editorial: Mr. Giuliani and the Tax Fairy
NYT/Collins: Rudys Security Blanket
People's Voice: Rudy Giuliani, Teflon Candidate

NY Times: Thompson Bid, Criticized as Sleepy, Is at the Least Unconventional
WP/Kinsley: Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee want to 'simplify' the tax code
Spartanburg HJ: Candidate Thompson plans return trip to Spartanburg
Standard Newswire: Statement from Fred Thompson Campaign Manager Bill Lacy

Des Moines Register: Romney swipes at Huckabee
AP/Sidoti: Romney Fights Back in Iowa, NH
Swamp: Romney badmouths Huckabee, Rudy in Iowa
AP/Babington: Presidential Race Turns a Negative Page
NY Times: Mormons and the Bible, Every Word
Boston Globe: Past allies hit Romney
Politico: Romney drops contrast immigration mail in Iowa
CBS News: Romney's Kerry Problem
Washington Post: Romney shades truth on 'sanctuary city'

AP/Smith: McCain promises to beat Hillary Clinton 'like a drum'
NY Post: McCain rages at GOP debate's Hill shill
The Day: McCain Recovers Presidential Look

Swamp: Huckabee's big bounce from GOP debate
Union Leader: Huckabee spreads his message
Newsweek/Fineman: The Huckabee Factor
AP/Quaid: Success Is Testing the Huckabee Campaign
NewsMax: Huckabee Comes to Liberty University
Slate: Huck Thin: Can we afford another president who's afraid of getting fat?
McClatchy: Gov. Huckabee knew how to raise, as well as cut, taxes
The Hill: Huckabee, Dems. to meet retired officers on torture

LA Times: Foot soldiers for the Ron Paul revolution
Politico: Ron Paul on track to be biggest fundraiser
Politico: Latest Paul money bomb looks like dud
LA Times: A shocking report: Inside the Ron Paul conspiracy

LA Times: CNN: Corrupt News Network
AP/Moore: Clinton Adviser Was on Air at GOP Debate
Union Leader: Clinton News Network: CNN's failure to disclose
Human Events: CNN's Irresponsible Debate

Fox: FOX News Poll: Republicans 'Crowded at the Top' in New Hampshire
Power Line: The Latest From New Hampshire

Townhall/Lopez: Just what the GOP needs
NYT/Herbert: Rambo and the G.O.P.
Washington Post: Don't Know Their Yahoo From Their YouTube


Fox: House GOP Leader Pounces on Key Democrat Murtha's Remark That 'Surge Is Working'

Boston Globe: N.H. hostage crisis at Clinton office ends in surrender

Gallup: Republicans Report Much Better Mental Health Than Others
Rush Limbaugh: No Surprise: Republicans Report Better Mental Health

CQ Politics: GOP Favored But Not Quite Safe for Dec. 11 House Specials
WP/Cillizza: GOP Exodus From House Puts Party on Defense

CQ Politics: Thune Takes Himself Out of Leadership Race

Detroit News: Fuel economy deal reached
NY Times: Lawmakers Set Deal on Raising Fuel Efficiency

Dallas Morning News: Perry: Don't wait on Washington
Houston Chronicle: GOP plans to hitch a ride with Perry
Austin American-Statesman: Perry picked to head GOP governors
Atlanta JC: Perdue ends term as leader of GOP governors


NY Times: Firm Employing Bruno Handles Unions Money
NY Sun: Article Compares Spitzer to 'Citizen Kane' Character


Washington Post: Va. GOP Abandons Loyalty Pledge
Harrisburg DNR: GOP Votes To Drop Pledge
CNS News: Virginia GOP Demands 'Pledge of Intent' from Primary Voters
Richmond Times-Dispatch: Democrats say Va. can be won in '08


AP/Clark: Udall Cousins Seeking Senate Seats


NY Times: Corzines Slow Pace on Plan for Toll Roads Benefits Its Foes


LA Times: Electoral College campaign still needs signatures


LA Times: In Kansas, GOP abandons abortion focus


Des Moines Register: Larson chosen as ambassador to Latvia


Canton Rep.: Ohio Republicans want to play nice for future elections, plan code of conduct


AP: Thune: SD should be in top states producing wind energy


Houston Chronicle: GOP to club: No donkeys allowed


CBS2: GOP Ridicules Blagojevich With Raffle


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