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Facing negative polls and internal tensions, Trump plans to launch reelection bid with Orlando rally

Trump characterizes alleged attacks by Iran on tankers as ‘very minor’

Ocasio-Cortez presses case that U.S. is running ‘concentration camps’ at border amid Republican outcry

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

The Boston Globe’s ‘disturbing’ fake Trump front page from 2016 is proving increasingly prophetic

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

Biden suggests he has raised nearly $20 million for his White House bid

The Daily 202: Steve Bullock won’t be on the debate stage. But he’ll keep talking about his signature issue.


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December 14, 2007


USA Today: Giuliani shifts tactics, goes on offensive
The Hill: Rollins to serve as Huckabee’s national chairman
Boston Globe: After Romney-Huckabee handshake, the gloves come off again
CNS News: Thompson Would Rely on Foreign Over US Intelligence
USA Today: McCain gaining in New Hampshire
BlogCritics: Why Ron Paul's Followers Will Cost Him the Election

WSJ/Noonan: Would Reagan survive in today's GOP?
NY Post: Heat is on Rev. Al gal: Targeted by Feds in tax probe
AP/Abrams: House Leaders Investigate Page Program

NH: AP/Elliott: N.H. Civil Unions Could Be Primary Issue
NY: Newsday: Senate Democrats call for special election in GOP district
AZ: NY Times: Arizona Is Split Over Hard Line on Immigrants
IL: Swamp: Illinois bends to feds on weeding out illegal workers
CA: LA Times: State ethics board seeks new disclosure on political spending
MD: CQ Politics: Pols Choosing Sides in Maryland GOP Incumbent’s Primary
KY: The Hill: McConnell finally gets challenger


USA Today: Giuliani shifts tactics, goes on offensive
WP/Trail: Giuliani Backers Attack 'Taxachusetts Romney'
Concord Monitor: Giuliani points to fee increases under Romney
NYT/Caucus: Giuliani on M.L.B. Steroid Scandal
Boston Globe: Giuliani pledges action on illegal immigration
CBS News: Giuliani Stumps Cedar Rapids
NYT/Caucus: Giulianis New Immigration Spot
AP: Giuliani Ad Focuses on Immigration
Concord Monitor: Editorial: Giuliani ad a shameless revision of history
NY Sun: Poll: Hispanics Oppose Tough Immigration Tactics
Boston Globe: Giuliani's recent 'media only' NH campaign
NY Sun: Giuliani Packs Education Panel With Voucher Advocates
Politico: Conservatives accuse Rudy of fuzzy math
NY Times: Giuliani Firm Stood to Benefit from U.S. Deals, Florida Companys Files Show
NY Sun: Editorial: Bloomberg v. Giuliani
Tampa Tribune: With Lead Fading, Giuliani To Speak In Tampa
Paul Cellucci: Rudy will shake up Washington
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 25%, Huckabee 19%

The Hill: Rollins to serve as Huckabees national chairman
NY Post: Holy Huck faces snit over 'Gals, submit'
AP/DeMillo: Huckabee Defends Women's Rights Record
NY Times: Huckabee Is Not Alone in Ignorance on Mormonism
Bloomberg: Huckabee On "Money & Politics"
Times UK: Huckaboom to Huckabust?
RCP/Rothenberg: Is Huckabee the None of the Above Candidate?
Bloomberg: Huckabee's Boom May Be About Ready to Bust: Margaret Carlson
WP/Robinson: Code Huckabee
Politico: Huck about to get hit hard

Dallas Morning News: Huckabee no threat, Romney says
Boston Globe: After Romney-Huckabee handshake, the gloves come off again
Washington Times: Mitt Romney
Power Line: A Romney-friendly scenario
Telegraph UK: Mike Huckabee apologises for Mormon 'smear'
Fox/Hannity: Mitt Romney Responds
CBS News: Romney Pushes Values, Economy In Iowa
CBS News: Romney: My Dad Shouldve Been President
William Weld: Romney is the kind of leader we need
Southern Political Report: Could Romney be Making a Comeback in Iowa?

CNS News: Thompson Would Rely on Foreign Over US Intelligence
American Spectator: Fred Ain't Dead
NRO/York: Fred Thompson: The Stand-Up Guy Who Stood Up Too Late?
Swamp: Fred Thompson goes Borat
National Journal: Fred Thompson to stage an Iowa surge?
Fred08: Fred Thompson Campaign Apologies to Huckabee
RenewAmerica: Thompson rejects liberal debate questions

USA Today: McCain gaining in New Hampshire
National Journal: McCain Looks To The Last-Minute Save

OpinionJournal: The Gospel of Paul
AP/DeMillo: Paul Brings Huckabee Critics to Iowa
Swamp: A blimp flies for Ron Paul
BlogCritics: Why Ron Paul's Followers Will Cost Him the Election

WSJ/Noonan: Would Reagan survive in today's GOP?
CQ Politics/Corn: GOP Contest: What If No One Wins?
AP/Elliott: N.H. Civil Unions Could Be Primary Issue
AP/Glover: Flood of Campaign Operatives Cause Worry in Iowa
Time: The GOP Race: None of the Above
Toledo Blade: GOP candidates fail to inspire party faithful
NY Daily News: From big to small, every '08 candidate getting a piece of New York

Washington Times: GOP debate moderator was a bust
NY Times: Transcript: Republican Presidential Debate


RCP/Sabato: A Second Democratic Year in '08?

The Hill: Ryan will not seek top GOP slot on Ways and Means

NY Daily News: GOP fears George Bush hurting vote
Washington Times: Lack of pardon for agents ripped

Detroit News: 35 mpg rule nears reality
NY Times: Industry Flexes Muscle, Weaker Energy Bill Passes
Washington Post: Senate Passes Energy Bill Without House Tax Package
AP/Hebert: Senate Approves Trimmed-Back Energy Bill

CQ Politics: Lawmakers Edging Toward Final Deal on Year-End Appropriations Plan

Washington Post: FCC Chief Rejects Call to Delay Vote
LA Times: Defiant FCC chief refuses to delay vote

Newsday: What happens next in the AMT saga?

AP/Abrams: House Leaders Investigate Page Program

Washington Post: Labor Board Under Attack: Democratic Critics Allege Anti-Worker Stance
NY Times: Critics Say Labor Board Favors Business

Washington Post: Mortgage Bill Is Set For Vote In Senate: More Buyers Eligible
NY Times: Senate Panel Votes to Cite 2 Bush Aides

NY Post: Heat is on Rev. Al gal: Targeted by Feds in tax probe
CBS News: Angry Sharpton Denounces Federal Investigation
AP/Milton: Sharpton denounces probe into finances


Newsday: Senate Democrats call for special election in GOP district
AP/Bauman: Senate's winter session fizzles without Assembly
NY Sun: Spitzer May Hire 2,500 More Professors
Newsday: Give and take goes on for Spitzer and Bruno
Newsday: Blue skies if Spitzer gets out of gridlock?
NY Sun: Cuomo Breathes New Life Into Real Estate Bureau


AP/Delli Santi: Whitman tells daughter, 'Don't defend me' on trail
AP/Hester: New Jersey Assembly wants electoral votes for popular vote winner
NY Times: Reaction to Corzine Plan Better Than Anticipated
NY Times: New Jersey Moves to End Its Death Penalty
NY Times: New Jersey Assembly Votes to End Death Penalty
Newsday: Death penalty: NJ Senate and Assembly roll call
Newsday: Democrat Corzine huddles with Senate Republicans


NY Times: Arizona Is Split Over Hard Line on Immigrants


Swamp: Illinois bends to feds on weeding out illegal workers


LA Times: State ethics board seeks new disclosure on political spending
LA Times: Budget gap may scuttle healthcare plan


Detroit News: Early Mich. primary takes a hit


CQ Politics: Pols Choosing Sides in Maryland GOP Incumbents Primary


The Hill: McConnell finally gets challenger


December 13, 2007


Washington Times: GOP hopefuls debate little
NY Times: Final Debate Before Iowa Caucuses Shows Uncertainty at Top of Republican Field
NY Times: G.O.P. Debate Sheds Little New Light
American Thinker: A Debate on Fast-Forward
Washington Post: In a Lifeless Debate, Vows of a Spirited Sprint
Politico: GOP debate: Information, not entertainment
NPR: Republicans Debate Education, Economy in Iowa
AP/Sidoti: Analysis: Debate Belies Fierce GOP Race
CQ Politics: The Republican Debate: CQ Politics Mosts and Bests
AP: GOP Debate Quotes

Det News: Nation's safety key GOP issue: Candidates aim security policies at conservatives
NY Times: Immigration, and Its Politics, Shake Rural Iowa
NY Times: Editorial: The Tax Debate That Isnt
Washington Times: Party unity or primetime drama?

NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani insists he ran an 'open, transparent' government in New York
Newsday: Giuliani to give key speech in Florida
Politico: HRC troubles may pose problem for Giuliani
AP: Poll: Giuliani still way out front in NJ
NY Sun: Pataki Nod Is Delayed by Mayor
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani on Awkward Moments list

RCP: Is Huckabee the New Jimmy Carter?
LA Times: Huckabee's Mormon question dwarfs GOP debate
James Pinkerton: Huckabee, like Reagan, wouldn't be an 'easy kill'
Atlantic/Ambinder: No one laid a glove on Mike Huckabee
NY Post: Devil puts Huck in a sorry state
Newsday: Front-runner Huckabee spared in Iowa debate
Politico: Huck camp backtracks on religion question
NY Times: The Huckabee Factor
Bloomberg: ScareTax, Not FairTax, Is Name for Huckabee Plan
NYT/Collins: The Man From Target

RCP: Luntz's Group Says Romney Wins
AP/Lorentzen: Romney: Attacks on Religion Go Too Far
Sun-Sentinel: Romney says 'attacking religion' going too far
Kenneth Blackwell: To Each His Faith
The Hill: Romney not losing sleep over taxing the rich

Des Moines Register: Debate Analysis: Thompson gains speed, but leaders hold serve
Daily Standard: Fred Wins, Iowa Loses

NY Sun: A Maverick Ticket? McCain Cozies to Bloomberg
NY Sun: McCain Touts Bloomberg on Education
NY Sun: Editorial: Bloomberg-McCain
Washington Post: What McCain Got Wrong
Washington Post: McCain's CV
Washington Post/Milbank: Standing His Ground
Washington Post: A Family Duty
Washington Post: What You Might Not Know About John McCain
McClatchy: Fictional hero drives McCain

Reason: Ron Paul is Leading in Alaska
Washington Post: Congressional Hopeful Aims to Call Attention to Ron Paul's Candidacy

NRO/York: Cosmic Keyes Campaign
LA Times: Hardly seen Keyes shows up for GOP debate
RCP: Alan Keyes made himself the story


Politico: GOP Rep. demands page inquiry
The Hill: Boehner, Pelosi seek IG action on page program
The Hill: SEC's probe cost Boehner office $110K
CQ Politics: Senate Republicans Keep Democrats Off Balance

Politico: Van Hollen concerned about GOP 527 groups

Ann Coulter: Joe McCarthy invented the internet

Washington Post: Democrats Blaming Each Other For Failures
Washington Post: Democrats Bow to Bush's Demands in House Spending Bill
Washington Post: OMB Offers an Easy Way to Follow the Money
Washington Post: Editorial: The Immigration Swamp
AP/Babington: Bush, GOP Prevail on Host of Hill Issues
AP/Loven: Bush Vetoes Kids Health Insurance Bill
AP/Abrams: House Passes Tax Relief
AP/Hess: Some Republicans Question Iran Finding
AP/Daly: Idaho Senators Block Bush's ATF Pick
AP/Jordan: Gonzales Named Lawyer of the Year

Washington Post: CIA Chief: Hill Should Have Been Told More
AP/Hess: Hayden Knew of Interrogation Videotapes

AP/Sullivan: Chertoff Highlights 2007 Accomplishments

American Spectator: Conservatives Laugh at Media Bias

NY Post: IRS subpoenas 4 of Sharpton's aides
NY Daily News: Subpoenas for Al Sharpton's aides

Daily Mail UK: The Pope condemns the climate change prophets of doom


NY Times: Special Session in Albany, Where Gridlock Never Left
Newsday: Spitzer says he would OK raises for judges alone

Newsday: Wright resigning from state Senate for consulting career

Newsday: Spitzer defends aide in line for $46,000 raise
NY Post: Spitz pal: Flack over pay 'sexist'

Newsday: Spitzer vows more oversight for state pension fund
NY Sun: Spitzer-Cuomo Showdown Looms Over Pension Fund
Albany Times-Union: State pension reform ramps up oversight

Newsday: State Assembly "running out of time" on NYRA deal

NY Daily News: Who me, retire? Robert Morgenthau, 88, says he's running for DA yet again


NY Times: Federal Judge Upholds Law on Emissions in California
NY Sun: Health Insurance Issue Sparks Fight Among Democrats, Bogs Down Schwarzenegger


December 12, 2007


GOP Debate in Iowa: Today at 2pm
AP/Sidoti: GOP in Last Debate Before Iowa
Boston Globe: Moderator comes to Iowa debates armed with questions

Fox11: Rudy Giuliani Talks Tough on Iran during SoCal Campaigning
LA Times: The actress who stalked Rudy Giuliani
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Perry goes on the road for Giuliani
AP/Shannon: Governor files Giuliani candidacy for Texas primary
Dallas Morning News: Perry lets slip a 'Huckabee' at Giuliani filing
Houston Chronicle: Perry gets caught in slip over Huckabee
AP: Giuliani Loses Ground to Huckabee
WP: Editorial: Minimum Disclosure: Giuliani thinks his business is none of your business
Examiner: Giuliani wanted to deport all 400,000 illegal immigrants from New York City
NY Sun: Opinion: Giuliani, My Giuliani
Seattle Times: Poll finds Giuliani still leading
Union Leader: Giuliani leads in UNH hall mock voting
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 24%, Huckabee 22%

Washington Post: In Poll, Huckabee Closes on Giuliani
Swamp: Huckabee giving both Romney and Giuliani a race
Drudge: Dems hold fire on Huckabee; see 'easy kill' in general election
NY Observer: Matt Drudge's Crusade Against Mike Huckabee
Newsday: Huckabee gets more scrutiny as popularity climbs
AP/DeMillo: Huckabee's 1992 Words Get New Attention
AP/Quaid: Huckabee Questions Mormons' Belief
AP/Glover: Huckabee Gets Minuteman Head's Backing
NY Sun: Huckabee Unlikely To Join in Mudslinging
NY Post: Huck: I'll meet AIDS mom
NY Daily News: Mike Huckabee to be main debate target
American Spectator: Tin Mike: Penchant for giving second chances to violent criminals
Fox: Opinion: Huckabee: The Biggest Big-Government Conservative
Boston Globe: Huckabee's views on gays under greater scrutiny
LA Times: AIDS statements haunt Huckabee
LA Times: Home-schoolers rally to Huckabee
David Corn: How To Really Alienate the Muslim World? Elect Mike Huckabee
Human Events: The Huckaboom

Swamp: Romney draws National Review endorsement
NRO: Editorial: Romney for President
Boston Globe: National Review nod gives Romney a boost
Washington Post: Romney Seeks a Neighborly Reception
OpinionJ: Romney has passion for data. A great president needs passion for principle
American Spectator: Romney vs. Huckabee: Border Skirmishes
Cal Thomas: The faith factor
Swamp: Romney and Huckabee: Flip-sides of flip-flopping
Detroit News: Romney to air ads in Michigan

Swamp: Thompson, all eggs in Iowa, slamming Huckabee
WP/Trail: Thompson's Focus Now Shifts to Iowa
Reuters: Republican Thompson to focus on Iowa for now

Washington Post: Bigger Than Life
Washington Post: Fred Thompson's CV
Washington Post: Bad Timing

Boston Globe: Swift rips old foe, endorses McCain

The Hill: Paul's pals move to N.H. to cast votes
Real Clear Politics: My Interview with Ron Paul
Sioux City Journal: Paul camp hoping Web 'a real equalizer'

The Hill: Tancredo asserts that Univision viewers are unlikely to vote

LA Times: GOP rivals veer right on immigration
NY Times: Immigration Moves to Front and Center of G.O.P. Race
NY Times: Debates Persist Over Subsidies for Immigrant College Students
Chicago Tribune: Poll says Iraq War fading as a campaign issue


The Hill: House GOP holds onto seats in Ohio and Va. specials
AP/Seewer: Republicans Retain 2 Vacant House Seats
Politico: Republicans win in Va., Ohio elections
RCP/Rothenberg: Status-Quo on Tuesday Is Good News for GOP
Politico: Boehner admits GOP money situation sucks'

The Hill: Dems and GOP deadlocked as adjournment draws near
NY Times: Muscle Flexing in Senate: G.O.P. Defends Strategy
CQ Politics: McConnell Likes His Earmarks but He Says He Can Live Without Em
Politico: McConnell plays rough at a cost

LA Times: Senate widens probe of destroyed tapes
NY Times: C.I.A. Director Speaks to Senate Committee
NY Sun: Hoekstra Sets His Sights on CIA Chief
Swamp: GOP lawmakers support tape-destruction probes

Washington Post: Senate Energy Bill Drops Utility Rules, Keeps Most of Tax Package
AP/Hebert: GOP Fights Energy Bill

AP/Abrams: Paying for Tax Fix Divides Dems, GOP

AP/Taylor: Boehner Endorses 'Emergency' Spending

AP/Jalonick: Senate Defeats Effort to Cut Farm Subsidies

The Hill: Prosecutor subpoenas signal confidence in Jefferson court date
The Hill: GOP in no rush to name new page board members

AP/Jordan: No Holiday Pardon for Libby


NY Post: 'Tricks' up DA's sleeve
NY Post: Gov-pal $$ furor: 'Connected' agency boss lands 46G raise
NY Daily News: Gov. Spitzer ripped for state plane use
Newsday: Humility, apologies could spark Spitzer's revival
Newsday: Spitzer names ex-head of organized crime force to waterfront post
Albany Times-Union: Spitzer to push Harriman project
Newsday: LI districts applaud GOP for $90M in extra aid
AP: White House nominates prosecutor in Bruno case to become judge
AP: NY Congresswoman Expecting Second Child
Newsday: Assembly not expected to join Thursday's special session
AP/Richtmyer: Truckers may steer clear of Thruway if tolls are raised
AP/Hays: New York's Top Cop Denies a Mayoral Bid


Washington Post: GOP's Wittman Wins Race to Take Over Davis's Seat in Congress
CQ Politics: Republican Wittman Wins Virginia House Seat in Special Election

CQ Politics: Virginias Tom Davis a Well-Funded Mystery for 08


Toledo Blade: Latta coasts to victory for 5th District seat by capturing all counties
Politico: Latta wins decisively in Ohio special election
AP: Bob Latta of Ohio Wins House Seat Once Held by Father
CQ Politics: GOPs Latta Bursts Dems Upset Bubble in Ohio House Special


AP/Gruver: Wyoming GOP Begins Choosing Delegates


AP/Kinnard: Defense: No Prison for S.C. Ex-Treasurer


Washington Times: Editorial: Andy Harris for Congress


AP/Manning: AG won't resign


Detroit News: Suit aims to block Democratic primary


Savannah Morning News: New poll shows Georgia's presidential primaries are up for grabs


December 11, 2007


Wall Street Journal: Giuliani's Resiliency Is Latest Test
Chicago Sun-Times: Giuliani: big state of mind
NRO/Freddoso: Convention, Iowa & Giuliani
Newsday: Polls show Giuliani, Huckabee in dead heat
AP: Giuliani Plays Pollster
Swamp: Guiliani TV ad questioned
New York Observer: On the Gays, Rudy Goes Both Ways

AP/Carlton: Huckabee seeks cash in lush Dallas-area quarters
Miami Herald: Rubio supports Huckabee
St. Petersburg Times: Florida House speaker throws support to Huckabee
Washington Times: Huckabee basks in 'emerging' success
Washington Times: Editorial: Mike Huckabee
Politico: Huckabee support hinges on churches
The Hill: Trailing Romney, Huckabee goes door to door seeking gains in N.H.
CBS News: Poll: Huckabee Soars Into GOP's Top Tier
Washington Post: Sizing Up Huckabee
Washington Post: Huckabee Talks Tough on Immigration
Washington Post: Editorial: HIV Clueless: What Mike Huckabee hasn't learned
AP/Sidoti: AIDS Comments Alarm Ryan White's Mother
James Pinkerton: Pinkerton: Huckabee's focus: 'broken humanity'
AP: Huckabee's pardon rate high as Arkansas governor
AP/DeMillo: Huckabee Pardons Under Scrutiny
Reuters: Republican Huckabee sees more attacks
NY Sun: Embarrassments Dog Iowa Front-Runner Huckabee
LA Times: Huckabee does a flip-flop on Cuba
Reuters: Republican Huckabee sees more attacks, money
NRO: Editorial: Mike Huckabee: The Holiday Inn Express Candidate
NRO/Sanders: A Taxing Endeavor: An Arkansan tells the Huckabee record like it is
CQP/Corn: Huckabee Hiding His Gospels? His Campaign Won't Make Past Sermons Available
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Huckabee 21%, Giuliani 20%

NY Times: In New Ad, Romney Attacks Huckabee on Immigration
NY Times: One Family Man vs. Another
Politico: Romney to hit Huck on immigration in Iowa
Boston Globe: Romney ad criticizes Huckabee on immigration
LA Times: Romney runs campaign's inaugural TV attack ad
AP/Johnson: Romney to Run Ad Against Huckabee
American Spectator: What Would Mitt Do?
Patrick Buchanan: The Mitt-Mike Religious War
Robert Novak: Romney and Religion
Newark Star-Ledger: Romney preaches to several choirs
Union Leader: Jane Swift: If Republicans nominate flip-flip Romney, they'll lose

NY Daily News: John McCain aims to be 'comeback kid'
ABC News: Analysis: How McCain Could Still Win
The Hill: McCain vows to fight climate change, energy dependence

AP/Farrington: Thompson Criticizes Huckabee on Embargo
Union Leader: It's Iowa, not NH, for Thompson
Channel3: Badger Poll Shows Fred Thompson Leads Wisconsin

WP/Channel08: That's Dr. Paul to You
WP/Trail: A Paul on Paul Supporters: 'Crazy in a Good Way'
Swamp: Ron Paul's favorite comic super-hero: Batman
McClatchy: Paul does it his way
Chicago Tribune: The Ron Paul revolution: It has just begun to fight

NRO: Keyes at the GOP Debate

AP/Kugler: Bloomberg: a Bachelor President?

AP/Sidoti: N.H. Is Campaign Central for Republicans
Washington Post: Analyzing the Dance of the GOP Debaters
NY Times: Poll Finds G.O.P. Field Isnt Touching Voters


Washington Times: 'No deal' on spending on Hill
Politico: McConnell caught in budget box
NY Times: Bush Adviser Is Seen as Force in Spending Impasse
NY Times: Democrats Postpone Vote on Domestic Spending
LA Times: Congress in tug of war over Iraq funding, domestic spending
Washington Post: House Democrats Pull Budget Offer
AP/Taylor: Democrat May Scuttle Spending Bill

WP/Dionne: The Split-Level Politics of Immigration
New Yorker: Behind the Republicans anti-immigration frenzy

WP/Will: Paralyze The FEC? Splendid.

Washington Post: Labor Dept. Accused of Union Sabotage

Politico: McCrery exit lightens GOP coffers
The Hill:

Washington Post: For U.S., Policy Discord Plays Out at Bali Climate Change Talks
CFP: New Study Finds Warming is naturally caused and shows no human influence

NY Sun: Bush May Pardon America's Spies
NY Times: Lawyers Cleared Destroying Tapes
Washington Post: Waterboarding Recounted: It 'Probably Saved Lives' but Is Torture
AP/Hess: Hayden to Testify About CIA Videotapes
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats, Including Pelosi, Were Briefed on Waterboarding in 2002

ABC News: Paper: Pages Had Oral Sex In Front of Colleagues

AP/Evans: Southern Farmers May Get Drought Relief

The Hill: White House mum on possibility of Libby pardon


NY Post: Spitz hits pits: Majority gives thumbs-down
NY Daily News: Poll: 27% approval rating for Spitzer
NY Sun: Democrats Want a Different Governor
Newsday: Poll: Spitzer's approval rating falls
Albany Times-Union: Governor owes state for aircraft use
NY Post: State worker ran sex biz on job: probe
Newsday: Cuomo urges students to understand loan rights


Washington Post: Newfound Majority Could Suffer From Suburban-Rural Tensions


NY Times: New Jersey Nears Repeal of Death Penalty
AP/Hester: N.J. moves closer to abolishing death penalty


LA Times: Who foots Schwarzenegger's bills?
AP/Davis: Governor's travel costs uncovered
SF Chronicle: Editorial: Arnold's angels


Fox: Wisconsin Lawmakers to Vote on Calling Holiday Evergreen 'Christmas Tree'


Boston Globe: Patrick, Murray tap special interests


MajorityAP: Murtha mining for cash


Detroit News: Independents sure to jump into GOP vote


CQ Politics: In Minnesota 3rd, Things Just Keep Getting More Interesting


The State: GOP-leaning voters see need for change in 2008


Chicago Sun-Times: Hastert honored in ceremony
Beacon News: Lauzen asks Hastert to endorse no one
Courier News: Five file for shot at replacing Hastert


Des Moines Register: Parties, candidates must make sure caucuses are clean


Politico: NRCC props up its pummeled Ohio candidate
RCP/Rothenberg: GOP Tries to Avoid Unpleasant Surprise in Ohio


December 10, 2007


NY Times: Republican Candidates Firm on Immigration
Boston Globe: GOP debaters beckon Hispanics
NY Sun: In Miami, GOP Hopefuls Vie for Hispanic Support
LA Times: Republicans sing new tune on Iraq for Spanish station
Richmond Times-Dispatch: GOP looks to win back Hispanics
NY Daily News: Republican hopefuls court Latino voters in Spanish-language debate
AP/Kuhnhenn: GOP Hopefuls Temper Anti-Immigrant Talk
Newsday: GOP candidates clash over illegal immigration
AP/Kuhnhenn: Republicans Talk Immigration at Debate
Politico: GOP puts gloves back on at Spanish debate
CQ Politics: GOP debate excerpts
Business Wire: Transcript from Univision
DenverChannel: Tancredo: GOP Candidates 'Pandering' At Spanish-Language Debate
Washington Times: Two GOP hopefuls see some illegals as citizens

NY Times: Rudy Giuliani: A Crime Buster, With His Eye on the Future
Yorkshire Post UK: Why Rudy and the Republicans can still march to victory
Washington Post: Giuliani Defends Continued Ties to Consulting Firm
Bloomberg: Giuliani Firm, Utilities Team Up to Fight Renewable-Energy Plan
Newsday: LI Republicans tout Rudy factor
NY Sun: Candidates Scramble To Defend Their Pasts
NY Post: Rudy hard-pressed to defend gal pal's security
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani plays defense on 'Press'
MyWay: Giuliani Defends Questionable Expenses
YouTube: Video: Rudy Giuliani on Meet the Press
Swamp: Rudy's judgment questioned on MTP
Salon: Are you there, God? It's me, Rudy
CQ Politics/Crawford: Rudy as Baggage Handler
Politico: Giuliani won't sever ties, release list

YouTube: Video: Mike Huckabee reacts to the Univision Republican Debate
Newsweek: A Pastors True Calling
NY Sun: Huckabee Opens a New Front: Moves Against Dual Citizens Voting Overseas
AP/DeMillo: Huckabee Pardons Under Scrutiny
AP: Huckabee Stands by AIDS Statement
RCP: The Dynamics of the GOP Race in Iowa

YouTube: Video: Fred Thompson Speaking Sunday in Miami
CSM: Thompson helped immigrants in legal peril
Chicago Tribune: Thompson's role of a lifetime

Boston Globe: Amid campaign rhetoric, McCain takes a sober tone
Spartanburg Herald Journal: McCain in Upstate to woo undecideds
Fox: Transcript: John McCain on 'FOX News Sunday'

AP/Sidoti: N.H. becomes GOP hot spot
Baltimore Sun: Romney beefs up Md. presence
Hartford Courant: Editorial: Romney's Misguided Belief
New York Magazine: Mr. Perfects Slip
Washington Post: Mitt Romney: Fighting Head Winds
Washington Post: A Mission Accepted
Washington Post: What Romney Got Wrong
Washington Post: Romney's CV
Arizona Republic: Much ado about Mitt's Mormonism
Chicago Tribune: Romney Flunks a Religious Test
NY Sun: Editorial: Romney and Washington

Washington Times: Paul grass roots take to the skies

Politico: GOP launches first attack invoking Hillary


Robert Novak: GOP Senators Opt for Pork
LA Times: Criticism of the FCC's chairman is widely aired
Newsday: 4 in Congress had briefing on CIA tactics in 2002


NY Post: Spitz probe a joke: Panelist rips 'dirty tricks' secrecy
NY Daily News: State Senate to pressure Sheldon Silver over pay raises
AP/Hill: Spitzer officials say no policy change in violent felon paroles
AP/Hays: Political speculation surrounds NYPD commissioner


AP/Hester: New Jersey Senate to weigh abolishing death penalty


AP/Hanna: Sex Scandal Rocks Kansas AG's Office


American Spectator: Showdown in North Carolina


CQ Politics: Low Turnout Expected In Tuesday House Contest For Virginia Vacancy


Louisville Courier-Journal: Is fear keeping McConnell free of real challenger?


Houston Chronicle: Appointing Wilson could be a battle


December 9, 2007


Miami Herald: Immigration issue will test GOP hopefuls in TV debate
CBS4: GOP Readies For TV Debate Before Hispanic Audience
Arizona Daily Star: GOP presidential forum in Spanish highlights Latinos' growing clout
Newsday: Hispanics focus of GOP debate tonight
Boston Globe: GOP candidates seek Hispanic allies

St. Petersburg Times: Giuliani duplicates his N.Y. success with Hispanics in Florida
Boston Globe: Giuliani loses ground in some polls: He finds support over in Illinois
NY Daily News: At 33, Mike Duhaime is leading Rudy Giuliani's charge to White House
Greensboro News-Record: Republicans have big tent moment with Giuliani
Rockford Register-Star: Cal Thomas: Giuliani quizzed on range of topics
AP: Giuliani touts free trade for peace
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 26%, Thompson at 18%

McClatchy: New poll shows strong surge for Huckabee
Rasmussen: Michigan: Huckabee 21% Romney 20% Giuliani 19%
NY Times: Parole Case and 90s AIDS View Trail Huckabee
NY Sun: Huckabee Pushed Quarantine of AIDS Patients in 1992
NY Daily News: Mike Huckabee's '92 view on people with AIDS: Quarantine them
AP/DeMillo: Huckabee wanted to isolate AIDS patients
NY Post: Mike Huckabee advocated isolating AIDS patients
Politico: Huckabee called homosexuality 'sinful'
MSNBC: Huck defends AIDS stance
Des Moines Register: Home-schoolers propel Huckabee
Washington Post: Huckabee Is Under Heightened Scrutiny
Reuters: Rising Republican Huckabee tests appeal in U.S. South
Boston Globe: Huckabee's campaign faces a tipping point
Boston Globe: Decade-old parole case haunts Huckabee on the campaign trail
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Huckabee candidacy fueled by stand on tax
OpinionJournal: The Huckabee Contradiction: The most radical tax plan imaginable
NYT/Rich: The Republicans Find Their Obama
AP/Quaid: Mike Huckabee's jokes falling flat on campaign trail
Politico: Iowa: Huckabee vs. Romney: Mojo versus manpower
Myrtle Beach: Gov. Mike and Janet Huckabee visit North Myrtle Beach Christmas party
Concord Monitor: Huckabee's been here too!
The State: Fans fill up on Huckabee

Washington Post: Editorial: Mr. Thompson on Taxes: He's specific, but not very wise
LA Times: Maybe Thompson is (yawn) just trying to pace himself
MSNBC: Fred takes Mitt 'at his word' on faith
Savannah Morning News: Eric Johnson is Fred Thompson's rainy-day friend

Union Leader: McCain criticizes CIA, explains immigration position
Nashua Telegraph: McCain visit yields answers
CBS4: McCain Says GOP Has No Designated Successor
NBC6: McCain Campaigns In Florida Ahead Of Sunday Debate
AP: Schilling Pitches McCain for President

OC Register: Romney speech designed to invigorate campaign
The State: Romney is on a roll
Detroit News: Romney: GOP unlikely to tap Huckabee
Reno Gazette-Journal: Romney's campaign may have easier time in Nevada
NY Times: A Mormons Ultimate Doorbell
WP/Broder: Like Father, Like Son: How the Romneys Tackled the Faith Question
NYT/Dowd: Mitts No J.F.K.
Newsday: Mitt Romney's faith fails to be color blind
Politico: Mitt keeps support with S.C. evangelicals
Scripps: The doubts about Romney remain
Salt Lake Tribune: Rebecca Walsh: Romney propped up bigots

McClatchy: Duncan Hunter 'Pro-soldier, not at all pro-brass'

McClatchy: Paul supporters hope blimp will boost his campaign
Sacramento Bee: Ron Paul fans share one goal: Cut government


MajorityAP: NBC Lawyer who nixed troop ad gives generously to Congressional Democrats
Fox: NBC Reverses Course, Agrees to Air Troop 'Thank You' Ad
AP/Kuhnhenn: NBC Decides to Run Conservative-Group Ad
NewsBusters: NBC Lawyer Who Blocked Pro-Troops Ad Gives Generously to Dems

American Thinker: What Caused the NIE Reversal on Iran's Nuclear Program?

The Hill: White House rejects spending bill, sight unseen

Washington Post: Foreign Affairs Panel Calls For Overhaul of State Dept.

Washington Post: Limits Weighed on Physician-Owned Hospitals

Washington Post: Hill Briefed on Waterboarding in 2002
AP/Hess: CIA, Justice Open Probe Into Tape Destruction

CNN: Paulson's bailout may boost GOP's prospects
Newsday: Editorial: Bush's subpar subprime rescue plan
The Hill: Bush, Dems point fingers over mortgage crisis

LA Times: U.S. attorney firings open doors for the 9

OC Register: Larry Elder: Are Republicans happier?


NY Post: Spitz board paroling more hardcore cons
AP/Gormley: Spitzer says he's ready for a new start; Senate says prove it
Albany Times-Union: For Spitzer, Day 1 seems so long ago
Albany Times-Union: GOP should slam coffin lid on boring, costly Troopergate


Toledo Blade: Editorial: 5th Districts decision day
AP/Seewer: GOP Expected to Keep Seats in Ohio, Va.
Washington Post: An Ohio Republican's Path to Congress No Longer Looks So Smooth
Akron Beacon-Journal: Sykes case could hurt Strickland


WP: Vote Tuesday: 3 Candidates Vie to Fill Congresswoman Davis's House Seat
Washington Post: Editorial: Disabuse the 'Abuser Fees'


AP/Hester: N.J. death penalty debate a struggle for many lawmakers


Louisville Courier-Journal: Frankfort gears up for Tuesday's inauguration
Lexington Herald-Leader: Governor is beaten, unbowed
AP/Biesk: New Ky. Gov Follows 2 Troubled Execs


NY Times: Richard Scruggs: Court Intrigue for the King of Torts


Washington Times: Frederick seeks authority to deal with illegals


Mercury News: Governor faces historic odds with redistricting proposal


LJWorld: State has little sway in race for president


St. Petersburg Times: Florida's absentee voters will be first
Orlando Sentinel: It's difficult to challenge a 'rock star'


Danbury News-Times: Former state representative exploring run for Congress


Chicago Tribune: State GOP group endorses Sauerberg for US Senate


Houston Chronicle: Noriega camp's poll boosts Senate hope


Florida Times-Union: Battle for water may cause rift in Georgia


December 8, 2007


MSNBC: Giuliani staking it all on the Sunshine State
Chicago Sun-Times: Giuliani takes his pitch to Little Italy, manufacturers
ABC7Chicago: Giuliani focuses on big states
CBS News: Giuliani: GOP Rivals in Cabinet a "Great Idea"
Boston Globe: Presidential race shifts toward domestic issues
NY Daily News: Rudy ducks questions on Judi's car use
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 26%, Huckabee 18%

Newsweek: Newsweek poll: Huckabee doubles Romney in Iowa
NY Times: Huckabee Immigration Plan Emphasizes Security
Washington Times: Huckabee changes tack on illegals
AP/Smith: Huckabee Says He'd Seal Mexican Border
Union Leader: Huckabee making his mark
LA Times: Parole officials: Huckabee pushed rapist's release
The Hill: Club for Growth to launch anti-Huckabee ads in Iowa and South Carolina
AP: Poll: Huckabee Takes Big Lead in Iowa
Reuters: Republican hopeful Huckabee surges in Iowa: poll
AP/Fram: Huckabee Rises to 2nd in GOP Race
NY Post: Huck's hot on heels of Giuliani
AP/Quaid: Huckabee New in Spotlight, Finds It Hot
AP: Huckabee closes in on Giuliani in new poll
AP: Huckabee Declines Theology Discussion
YouTube: Video: Dick Morris on Romney's speech and Huckabee's surge

Des Moines Register: Thompson suspicious of Iran report
Weekly Standard: All In: Fred Thompson moves to Iowa
Iowa Politics: Thompson vows to be in Iowa until Jan. 3
Atlantic/Ambinder: Thompson's Upping His Iowa Presence
Fox: Fred Thompson Chides Mike Huckabee for Being Unaware of Iran Weapons Report
Radio Iowa: Thompson swipe at Huckabee over intelligence report on Iran
WQAD: Thompson campaigns in QCA
Slate: Missing: Fred Thompson

AP/Sidoti: McCain Again Focusing on New Hampshire
Washington Post: McCain: Americans Divided, Dissatisfied over U.S. Foreign Policy
CBS News: McCain Returns to a Former Victory Site

Reuters: Romney Returns to Iowa
NY Post: 'Faithful' Mitt a hit in Iowa
Swamp: Focus grouping Romney and JFK 'faith' speeches
AP/Raum: Romney Says He Didn't Hire Illegal Help
LA Times: Romney peeved over landscaping flap
LA Times: Romney's catholic Mormonism
McClatchy: Romney vows Mormon faith won't affect presidency
Boston Globe: Romney flier criticizes 3 foes: Says rivals are soft on issue of immigration
NYT/Collins: Everythings Perfect, Except ...

Swamp: Ron Paul's big tent
Boston Globe: Paul's campaign blimp will be coming to Boston

Wall Street Journal: Miami Immigration Debate Puts Heat on Republicans
AP/Fram: Poll: Campaign Robocalls Run Rampant
AP/Kugler: President Clinton hopes wife, Bloomberg don't face off in 2008


Washington Post: Hill Close To Deal on War Funds: Democrats Would Drop Iraq Timeline
NY Times: Budget Makers Plan Tradeoff for War Funds

Washington Post: How Iran's Nuclear Arms Program Turned Up an Unexpected Conclusion
OpinionJournal: This latest intelligence fiasco is Mr. Bush's fault

Washington Post: Inquiry Sought On CIA Tapes: Destruction Is Said To Be News to Bush
NY Times: C.I.A. Was Urged to Keep Interrogation Videotapes
NY Times: Congress Plans C.I.A. Obstruction Inquiries
AP/Hess: Lawmakers Pursue Probe of Destroyed CIA Tapes

Washington Post: Editorial: Congress prepares to pass a $50 billion tax cut
AP: Bush Lobbies for Tax Relief Bill

Detroit News: Energy bill stymied in Senate
AP/Herbert: Energy Bill Hits Road Bump in Senate

MyWay: NBC Rejects Ad From Conservative Group
YouTube: Video: Newt Calls For Boycott Of NBC

The Hill: House clerk defends oversight of page program

The Hill: Capuano defends ethics proposal from GOP critics

NY Sun: Losses Among Hispanics May Threaten GOP's Future


NY Post: Spitz: I can't bare my dirty tricks testimony
AP/Gormley: Spitzer says his scandal testimony won't become public
AP: Spitzer: Choppergate testimony won't go public
NY Post: Eliot eyes waterfront watchdog
AP/Gormley: Audit: NYRA shorted state $54 million in franchise fees
NY Times: A Switch Is Flipped, and Justice Listens In


The Hill: Scalise to run for Jindals seat with help of Livingston, top Bush fundraisers

The Hill: Rep. McCrery will not seek reelection
CQ Politics: McCrery Announces Retirement Plans
AP/Espo: Louisiana GOP Lawmaker McCrery to Retire
WP/Cillizza: Yet Another House Republican To Retire


AP/Hefling: Former Hill Aide Enters Guilty Plea


AP/Joling: Ex-Alaska Lawmaker Sentenced in Oil Case


AP: Senator's Preppy Flair Greets Cold Air


NY Times: In Denver, Former City Officials Death Prompts Promise of a Lawsuit


Washington Times: Both parties raised big bucks for control of Senate


The Hill: Lone Democrat drops out of race for LaHoods seat
CQ Politics: Dems Left Holding the Ball in Illinois


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