Jan. 7: NY Post: Spitzer's unfinished cabinet
Jan. 7: Buffalo News/McCarthy: High expectations for Spitzer
Jan. 7: Rochester D&C: Spitzer's call for reform puts some in Albany on the defensive
Jan. 7: Newsday: Spitzer faces possible budget problem: too much money
Jan. 7: Daily News: Spitzer's call for public campaign funding is a mistake
Jan. 7: Albany TU: Gov. Spitzer sets the right goal in calling for an appointed judiciary
Jan. 7: Albany TU: Business is bullish on Spitzer
Jan. 7: Journal News: He can prosecute, but can he dance? Spitzer will have to
Jan. 7: Utica OD: Spitzer turns focus on legislature
Jan. 7: Binghamton: Spitzer may bring much-needed change to Tier
Jan. 7: Newburgh: A new chance to decipher Albany's double talk
Jan. 7: Poughkeepsie: Spitzer plan may lead to more charter schools
Jan. 7: Reform NY: Some suggestions for Spitzer

Jan. 7: Albany TU: Silver grant raises issue of fairness
Jan. 7: Newsday: Security request for Pataki OKd

Jan. 7: AP: Special election slated for state Senate seat on Long Island
Jan. 7: Albany TU: Special election slated for state Senate seat on Long Island
Jan. 7: Newsday: Stakes high for NY GOP stalwarts
Jan. 7: Albany TU: Isn’t That Special?
Jan. 7: SI Advance: Special election slated for state Senate seat on Long Island
Jan. 7: SI Advance: Nassau Clerk announces bid for NY state Senate seat
Jan. 7: NY Post: Feb. 6 election for L.I. state Senate seat

Jan. 7: NYT: ’08 Candidacy Could Shake Up Giuliani’s Firm
Jan. 7: Daily News: Mayor's client roster could hurt '08 hopes
Jan. 7: VIDEO: Archive 2004 Giuliani interview with Charlie Rose (58 min)

Jan. 7: Tampa Tribune: Romney Courts Florida GOP Base
Jan. 7: Biloxi Sun Herald: Romney's religion under the microscope

Jan. 7: Myrtle Beach: McCain drafts S.C. dream team for campaign
Jan. 7: MN Star Tribune: MN Independence Party's Penny says he'll back McCain
Jan. 7: Boston Globe: McCain's call for troops raises stakes
Jan. 7: VIDEO: Archive 2005 McCain interview with Charlie Rose (58 min)

Jan. 7: Angus Reid: Giuliani, Hillary Are 2008 Leaders in Iowa
Jan. 7: Angus Reid: McCain, Hillary Tops in New Hampshire
Jan. 7: SooToday: Oddsmaker picks presidental frontrunners

Jan. 7: WP: Gore Leaves Door Ajar for 2008
Jan. 7: Buffalo News: Edwards' strategy is simplicity
Jan. 7: NYT: Rangel Says Encouraging Obama on ’08 Is No Big Deal
Jan. 7: CQ: The Democratic Freshmen Class Speaks
Jan. 7: AP: Dems Prepare Slew of Oversight Hearings
Jan. 7: RCP: It Begins to Get Serious
Jan. 7: Joliet Herald News: GOP lacks Durbin challenger
Jan. 7: Pittsburgh Tribune Review: When Ford lost, so did Dems

Jan. 7: Dallas MN: Winner of Texas House speaker's seat will have powerful influence
Jan. 7: Houston Chronicle: Plenty riding on vote for Texas House speaker
Jan. 7: Miami Herald: Florida Governor sets inclusive tone
Jan. 7: St. Petersburg Times: Outgoing Florida GOP chief is leaving, right?
Jan. 7: Cincinnati Enquirer: Fletcher NKU visit dripping in drama
Jan. 7: KC Star: Kansas Republicans bid for party chairman
Jan. 7: Times Argus: Two vie for Vermont party chairmanship
Jan. 7: IHT: Expect Republican vigor, not shrinking violets
Jan. 7: LA Daily News: Arnold's new politics
Jan. 7: WP: The Jeb Bush Era Ends in Florida
Jan. 7: KTLA: The Orange County Republican politicos love and hate

Jan. 6: NYT: Schwarzenegger Opens in a Sequel
Jan. 6: LA Times: Schwarzenegger promises a 'post-partisan' era
Jan. 6: LA Times: Glitterati, gawkers shrug off second inauguration

Jan. 6: Mercury: Schwarzenegger begins 2nd term, urges era of `post-partisanship'
Jan. 6: San Diego: Schwarzenegger starts new term declaring himself a centrist
Jan. 6: OC Register: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s second inaugural speech

Jan. 6: Newsday: Special election set to succeed Balboni
Jan. 6: Albany TU: 146 'high risk' threats against Pataki
Jan. 6: NY Post: Sicko threats justify Pataki protection: panel
Jan. 6: NY Post: Albany 'Maybe' to Mike gal pal
Jan. 6: Rochester D&C: Charter school idea gains traction

Jan. 6: Hotline: Giuliani Staffs A Communications Office
Jan. 6: NYT: Leaked Notes on ’08 Show Giuliani Without the Spin
Jan. 6: Miami Herald: '08 hopefuls waste no time building teams
Jan. 6: Hotline: The Daily Troika: Fear McCain
Jan. 6: Kansas: Brownback to make bid official
Jan. 6: KY: Many GOP leaders haven't given to Fletcher
Jan. 6: Colorado: Owens gives last conference, preps for future
Jan. 6: Daily News: Ex-Dem boss rips Kerry

Jan. 6: Rasmussen: Pelosi: 43% Have Favorable Opinion of New House Speaker
Jan. 6: NYT: House Tightens Disclosure Rules for Pet Projects
Jan. 6: NYT: Sea of Fresh Faces in the Capitol
Jan. 6: Albany TU: Democrats rename 5 House committees
Jan. 6: Washington Times: Those 'small government' Republicans
Jan. 6: Albany TU: Boxer to head Senate Ethics Committee
Jan. 6: NYT: White House Seeks Lawyer Wise to Ways of Congress
Jan. 6: AP: House Democrats take aim at tax cuts, pet projects
Jan. 6: Albany TU: House tightens belt with pay-as-you- go rule
Jan. 6: CQ: Carney Hopes His Bipartisan Approach Will Pay Off in PA

Jan. 5: NY Sun: Romney Is First To Sign Pledge on Tax
Jan. 5: Boston Globe: Romney finds 'no new taxes' promise suits him after all
Jan. 5: American Spectator: Is It Mormon in America?
Jan. 5: Daily News: N.H. bigs see Rudy Prez run
Jan. 5: Vanity Fair: John McCain: Prisoner of Conscience
Jan. 5: Mark Steyn's thoughts on John McCain
Jan. 5: Concord Monitor: To McCain, the record is right
Jan. 5: Resident: Bloomberg: Could He Win The White House?
Jan. 5: CNN: Poll: Obama now trails only Clinton on '08 list
Jan. 5: Albany TU: 2008 buzz fills the halls of Congress
Jan. 5: WP: Reid Takes Center Stage
Jan. 5: WP: White House Postponing Loss of Iraq, Biden Says
Jan. 5: NRO: Joe Biden quote

Jan. 5: NY Post: Speaker Pelosi: A new Newt?
Jan. 5: Seattle PI: Ex-Dem. Party boss blasts Kerry in book
Jan. 5: Albany TU: Dems agree to continue chair term limits
Jan. 5: Rochester D&C: The new Congress
Jan. 5: NYT: Should G.O.P. Policies Be Reversed?
Jan. 5: NY Sun: SCt to Hear Cases On Union Political Activities

Jan. 5: NYT: Cuomo to Review Spending
Jan. 5: Newsday: Cuomo to examine `pork'i
Jan. 5: NY Post: Pork eyed by Cuomo

Jan. 5: NY Sun: Spitzer: Gay Rites Ahead
Jan. 5: NYT: Albany: Spitzer Appointments
Jan. 5: NY Post: Hevesi stakes surprise
Jan. 5: Newsday: Will Spitzer succeed in changing Albany?
Jan. 5: Gothamist: Spitzer's Big NY State Ideas
Jan. 5: Daily News: Watchdog sparked FBI probe, barks Bruno pal

Jan. 5: Albany TU: Voters challenged on residency
Jan. 5: Albany TU: Stratton expects boost in state aid
Jan. 5: NYT: New Members of CongressTake Office
Jan. 5: Oneonta: Seward, Devlin take oaths of office
Jan. 5: Ithaca: Seward, Spitzer share goals
Jan. 5: Adirondack: North Country GOP reps mostly like Spitzer’s speech
Jan. 5: Journal News: Democrats, Republicans in region find reasons to applaud Spitzer's speech
Jan. 5: Poughkeepsie: Molinaro takes his seat
Jan. 5: Poughkeepsie: Molinaro, Ball sworn-in in Albany
Jan. 5: Poughkeepsie: Valley Republicans take Assembly oath
Jan. 5: Journal News: Republicans Greg Ball and Mike Spano are sworn in as assemblymen
Jan. 5: Journal News: Amicone hires ex-Spano aide, bolstering re-election bid
Jan. 5: Record Online: Albany politics: Mid-Hudson Sen. Bonacic fights lonely battle vs. powerful Bruno
Jan. 5: Utica: Column: Scandals boost reform agenda

Jan. 5: Minneapolis Star: Dan Hofrenning: Track back to 1976: What if Ford had won?
Jan. 5: Boston Globe: Gleeful Democrats celebrate perks of the party in power
Jan. 5: NYT: Massachusetts Swears in a Black Democrat as Governor
Jan. 5: NY Sun: The Roosevelt Test
Jan. 5: NRO: Advice For The New GOP Minority
Jan. 5: Limbaugh: Rush Bashed Democrats Into Power?
Jan. 5: Baton Rouge: Study: GOP could win La. House
Jan. 5: Denver: Owens Bids Adieu To Politics, Prepares For New Business Career
Jan. 5: Ft. Wayne: Appeals court upholds voter ID law
Jan. 5: LA Times: Gov. tops party cast with a real character
Jan. 5: San Diego: Confident governor has big plans for 2007
Jan. 5: Ledger: Mitch McConnell's remarks to Congress
Jan. 5: Washington Times: GOP at a crossroads
Jan. 5: CQ: Fifteen Republicans Squeaked by in 2006, Analysis Shows
Jan. 5: San Diego: 2 signature gatherers sentenced in Orange County voter fraud case
Jan. 5: Miami Herald: Crist challenged on party post

Jan. 4: Detroit News: Romney files for '08 campaign
Jan. 4: Boston Globe: Romney's act hits the road
Jan. 4: NYT: Romney Submits Paperwork for 2008 Bid
Jan. 4: LA Times: Romney takes 1st step for presidential bid
Jan. 4: Boston Globe: Romney as a potential presidential candidate
Jan. 4: Boston Globe: Romney exits with pomp, ambition
Jan. 4: Berkshire Eagle: Romney unveils his ambitions for White House
Jan. 4: Boston Herald: Mitt splits with scripted trip

Jan. 4: Union Leader: Granite Status: New Year's Eve Giuliani-style
Jan. 4: Albany TU: John McCain a target for all sides

Jan. 4: Albany TU: Spitzer vows he won't increase taxes
Jan. 4: NY Post: Bold talk marks end to politics as usual
Jan. 4: Albany TU: Spitzer's inaugural address (.pdf)
Jan. 4: NY Sun: We're ‘Bound Together'
Jan. 4: NYT: Spitzer’s Health Care Pledge
Jan. 4: NY Post: Spitzer: Our kids deserve more
Jan. 4: Newsday: Lofty goals, hard choices
Jan. 4: Rochester D&C: Spitzer: 'Eyes of New York are on us'
Jan. 4: NY Sun: Editorial: One Spitzer?
Jan. 4: Rochester D&C: The new New York
Jan. 4: Rochester D&C: Local reaction to Gov. Spitzer's speech
Jan. 4: Newsday: Ambitious changes ahead
Jan. 4: NY Post: Spitzer slams Ground Zero 'gridlock'
Jan. 4: Daily News: New York's guv affair
Jan. 4: Rochester D&C: Sizing up Spitzer's address
Jan. 4: NYT: Spitzer Requests Sweeping Array of New Measures
Jan. 4: NYT: In Nod to Realpolitik, Offering Carrots to Both Sides
Jan. 4: Mid-Hudson News: Spitzer proposes major changes

Jan. 4: Albany TU: Bruno keeps power
Jan. 4: Albany TU: It's Assembly Majority Leader Canestrari
Jan. 4: NY Post: Poll: Should Pataki run for President?
Jan. 4: Newsday: No fuss in Suffolk
Jan. 4: Amherst Times: Amherst Town Republicans
Jan. 4: Albany TU: Political intimidation is seen in rural court

Jan. 4: NY Sun: Pennsylvania Democrats Elect Republican as House Speaker
Jan. 4: Orlando Sentinel: Young congressman Putnam a rising GOP star
Jan. 4: Washington Times: Lessons from the GOP
Jan. 4: CBS: Dems to Elect First Female House Speaker
Jan. 4: NY Times: Ethics Overhaul Tops the Agenda in New Congress
Jan. 4: LA Times: CA Gov. to seek insurance for all children
Jan. 4: Cincinnati: GOP about to be released as a Taft hostage
Jan. 4: Hartford Courant: Shays Praises Ford, Recalls Pardon's Sting
Jan. 4: PhI: PA State Sen. Gormley to retire
Jan. 4: Newark Star-Ledger: Gormley decides time is right to retire
Jan. 4: Albany TU: Fla. Democrat appeals court ruling
Jan. 4: Sun-News: Arizona Republican director quits

Jan. 3: Daily News: Revealed: Rudy's '08 battle plans
Jan. 3: E&P: 'Daily News' Gets Rudy's Prez Plans Left Behind in Hotel
Jan. 3: NY Sun: Giuliani Aide Charges 'Dirty Trick'
Jan. 3: Daily News: 'This is clearly a dirty trick'
Jan. 3: NY Times: Political Paper Stolen, Giuliani Camp Says
Jan. 3: SF Chronicle: Giuliani Campaign Strategy Is Out
Jan. 3: Newsday: Giuliani camp's 2008 concerns an open book
Jan. 3: NY Times: Leak Reveals '08 Strategy From Giuliani Camp
Jan. 3: Telegraph: Leak haunts Giuliani's White House bid
Jan. 3: Daily News: It's bad news no matter how you spin it
Jan. 3: Desert Sun: Giuliani could help rescue GOP from religious right

Jan. 3: NY Post: Spitzer fires his first shots today
Jan. 3: NY Times: Spitzer Speech Will Urge Fiscal Restraint
Jan. 3: Daily News: Spitz will float $6B property tax cut
Jan. 3: Roch D&C: Spitzer unveils economic agenda for upstate NY
Jan. 3: NY Sun: Day Two: Spitzer Aide Turns Lobbyist
Jan. 3: Rochester D&C: Groups push state officials for reforms
Jan. 3: Newsday: Already, signs of strain
Jan. 3: NY Post: I'm on Eliot's 'team': Wife
Jan. 3: Newsday: Spitzer's stirring speech omitted a key issue

Jan. 3: NY Post: Sen. still in Bruno's grip
Jan. 3: Daily News: Bruno deals eyed

Jan. 3: NY Times: Cuomo’s Moves Echo Spitzer’s Reform Ideas
Jan. 3: DN: 'Sheriff of State St.' Cuomo meets corruption watchdogs
Jan. 3: NY Post: Cuomo has ethics talks

Jan. 3: WP: Romney to Submit Paperwork for 2008 Bid
Jan. 3: CQ: Romney Clearing Way for Possible White House Bid
Jan. 3: Boston Globe: Romney leaves mark in flurry of panel picks
Jan. 3: Boston Globe: Romney leaves office with mixed legacy
Jan. 3: Boston Herald: Romney potential wasted

Jan. 3: Scranton: Dems’ House speaker in GOP
Jan. 3: Philly: PA Democrats elect GOP Rep. Dennis M. O'Brien speaker
Jan. 3: Philly: Newly elected PA House Speaker Dennis O'Brien
Jan. 3: PPG: Philadelphian Dennis O'Brien emerged as the winner
Jan. 3: Philly: Dems ambush Perzel, & O'Brien inserts the shiv
Jan. 3: PPG: Democrat DeWeese engineers a scheme

Jan. 3: Minnesota: Pawlenty calls for unity in second term
Jan. 3: PP: Pawlenty calls for cooperation during inaugural speech
Jan. 3: PP: Pawlenty embarks on second term

Jan. 3: LA Times: Schwarzenegger to lay out policy ambitions
Jan. 3: Stockton: Poll: Voters worried sick over California health care
Jan. 3: Scripps: Schwarzenegger to take California to the nation
Jan. 3: CC: Big names and big donors part of posh inauguration
Jan. 3: SF Gate: CA lawmakers return to tackle divisive issues

Jan. 3: NY Times: Ford’s Funeral Draws Array of Politicians and Dignitaries
Jan. 3: Albany TU: A regal farewell for Everyman Ford
Jan. 3: Chicago Tribune: A rare quiet descends on D.C.
Jan. 3: Hartford Courant: Shays Praises Ford, Recalls Pardon's Sting
Jan. 3: Indy Star: Ford leaves behind a vastly different party

Jan. 3: Albany TU: Gillibrand promises 'real voice'
Jan. 3: CQ Politics: The ‘Everyman’ Image of Rep.-elect Walz
Jan. 3: Hill: DeMint and Hensarling forge partnership
Jan. 3: Examiner: MI frosh hopes to bring GOP back to party's roots

Jan. 2: NY Post: Andy backs Pataki probe
Jan. 2: NY Post: Rudy facing biz dilemma
Jan. 2: Daily News: Revealed: Rudy's '08 battle plans
Jan. 2: Daily News: Giuliani: Stress of keeping worldwide profile
Jan. 2: NY Sun: City's Subways Ripe for Attack, Balboni Warns
Jan. 2: NY Times: Jeb Bush Ponders Future, Not Knowing What It Holds
Jan. 2: Newsday: New faces

Jan. 2: NY Post: Spitz in the face of corruption
Jan. 2: NY Times: Spitzer Is Sworn and Begins Push on Ethics Rules
Jan. 2: NY Times: Scandals Give Spitzer Agenda an Extra Push
Jan. 2: Daily News: Spitzer begins war versus corruption
Jan. 2: NY Sun: ‘Day One' For Change
Jan. 2: NY Sun: The Governor's Morning: Off and Running
Jan. 2: Daily News: Spitzer hits the ground running
Jan. 2: Daily News: He's got an El of a climb in store
Jan. 2: Newsday: Spitzer calls for gov't makeover
Jan. 2: Newsday: Democrats' agenda in Congress: Give middle class a break
Jan. 2: Albany TU: Now it's Gov. Spitzer
Jan. 2: Albany TU: On Spitzer's to-do list
Jan. 2: Albany TU: In rain and mud, 'This is for us'
Jan. 2: Rochester D&C: 'Day one is now,' new governor says
Jan. 2: NY Times: On the Democrats’ Day of Days, the Old Guard Sit Together One More Time
Jan. 2: Gotham Gazette: Governor Eliot Spitzer's Inaugural Address
Jan. 2: Daily News: Blood brothers! Spitz on spot as buddy uncorks the bubbly
Jan. 2: Glens Falls: Local officials have wish lists for Spitzer on inauguration day
Jan. 2: MyFox: Inaugural Address of Gov. Eliot Spitzer
Jan. 2: Daily News: Eliot kicks off term with push for diversity
Jan. 2: North Country Gazette: Gov. Spitzer Initiates Reforms On Day One
Jan. 2: NY Times: Spitzer, Sworn In, Signs Ethics Orders and Seeks Reform

Jan. 2: NY Post: A Cuomo is back at the Capitol
Jan. 2: Daily News: Cuomo is big name again in N.Y. capital
Jan. 2: Albany TU: A familiar name returns to Albany: Cuomo
Jan. 2: NY Sun: Attorney General Takes Office Under Spitzer's Long Shadow
Jan. 2: Newsday: The Cuomo name back in Albany
Jan. 2: Newsday: Activist attorney targeting the business of government

Jan. 2: Albany Times Union: Departing Casale happy to have served
Jan. 2: NY Times: Pataki Is Granted 24-Hour Security
Jan. 2: Press Republican: Pataki was a friend to North Country
Jan. 2: Albany TU: D.C. residents may get vote in Congress
Jan. 2: Charleston: McCain eyes South Carolina

Jan. 2: NY Times: House Democrats Headed for Own Divide
Jan. 2: NewsMax: Pelosi Set to Attack Conservatives
Jan. 2: NY Times: A Party, With Pelosi Front and Center
Jan. 2: SF Chronicle: Pelosi to be put to test
Jan. 2: Palm Beach Post: Power block awaits GOP
Jan. 2: Mercury News: Dems in Congress have difficult road ahead

Jan. 2: Philly Daily News: PA Dem's thin edge looking even thinner
Jan. 2: American Spectator: Blue Republicans
Jan. 2: Washington Times: Parsing presidents
Jan. 2: Lexington Herald-Leader: House Democrats plan to shut out GOP
Jan. 2: Dallas Morning News: GOP looking to get back to winning ways
Jan. 2: Human Events: Death of the Last RINO President

Jan. 1: NY Post/Dicker: Bruno will 'lead' on, despite FBI probe
Jan. 1: Daily News: Last appointments as Pataki bows out
Jan. 1: NY Post/Dicker: Pataki patrol a great ex-pense
Jan. 1: NY Times: Spitzer Arrives With Mandate, but Faces Challenges
Jan. 1: Daily News: Call him Gov. Spitzer
Jan. 1: Albany Times Union: Spitzer's Cabinet and inner circle
Jan. 1: Albany Times Union: Daunting days ahead for Spitzer
Jan. 1: Albany Times Union: Spitzer takes oath of office
Jan. 1: Rochester D&C: Spitzer to call for 'new brand of politics'
Jan. 1: Newsday: Spitzer preparing to take over Albany
Jan. 1: Newsday: NY's New Governor Sworn in at Midnight
Jan. 1: Newsday: Spitzer sworn in as New York’s 54th governor
Jan. 1: Troy Record: Spitzer: 'Day one has begun'
Jan. 1: Daily News: After win, Eliot's still running
Jan. 1: Boston Globe: Romney connecting quickly with bloggers
Jan. 1: Power Line: Romney and the bloggers
Jan. 1: NY Times: Rell Is Primed to Pursue Her Own Agenda
Jan. 1: Philadelphia Fox: Republicans to Maintain Leadership of PA House
Jan. 1: Pittsburgh TR: PA Democrat's 'defection' may hint at reform
Jan. 1: Pittsburgh PG: PA Dems to rally against lawmaker's 'treason'
Jan. 1: Novak: GOP support scant for troop 'surge'
Jan. 1: Concord Monitor: Dennehy on the job for McCain
Jan. 1: Broder: Ford's enduring legacy was decency, not deeds
Jan. 1: US News/Barone: Jerry Ford in History
Jan. 1: Detroit Free Press: Gerald R. Ford 1913-2006
Jan. 1: Detroit News: As an ex-president, Ford was a dandy
Jan. 1: CBS News: Ford's Pardon Still Controversial
Jan. 1: Salt Lake City Tribune: The Nixon pardon revisited
Jan. 1: Lawrence Journal-World: Top newsmakers voted in
Jan. 1: Daily News: Rangel flexes his funny bone
Jan. 1: Pawtucket Times: Casino, Chafee among losses to remember in '06
Jan. 1: NY Times: States Take Lead on Ethics Rules for Lawmakers
Jan. 1: Albany Times Union: Edwards touts investments in health care
Jan. 1: SC: Edwards' 2008 bid brings out old supporters, new crowds
Jan. 1: Washington Post: Clinton-Obama Differences Clear In Senate Votes
Jan. 1: SF Chronicle: Progress in D.C. requires parties to move to center





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