Jan. 21: WP: Post-ABC Poll: Clinton, Giuliani Lead Primary Fields
Jan. 21: Fresno Bee: Giuliani sees green in blue state visit to Fresno fete
Jan. 21: Newsday: For Giuliani, navigating war issue tough balancing act
Jan. 21: Kansas: Brownback pledges to fight for values, families
Jan. 21: Des Moines Register: Thompson urges reforms for health care
Jan. 21: NY Sun: Clinton, Brownback Enter Race
Jan. 21: Myrtle Beach: Presidential race raises S.C. clout
Jan. 21: Arizona Republic: McCain contends with vocal critics
Jan. 21: Arizona Daily Star: MoveOn blast may benefit McCain
Jan. 21: Palm Beach Post: Jeb's next move
Jan. 21: NBC: Republicans Lack Mayoral Candidate In Philly Race
Jan. 21: Washington Times: Words from the senator who broke racial barriers

Jan. 21: WP: Virginia GOP's Compromise Now Democrats' Dilemma
Jan. 21: Michigan: Tax hike worries inspire GOP salvo
Jan. 21: Louisville Courier-Journal: McConnell won't be Bush's water boy on Iraq
Jan. 21: Mississippi: Barbour files campaign finance report early
Jan. 21: Palm Beach Post: Lawmakers learning to live with Crist's agreeable style

Jan. 21: Daily News: Republicans party over prospect of Clinton as nominee
Jan. 21: Des Moines Register: Republicans tend to back Bush, but enthusiasm varies
Jan. 21: AP: Hispanics becoming swing voters
Jan. 21: AP: Richardson to Launch Presidential Bid
Jan. 21: Novak: Dick Morris plans critical film documentary on Hillary
Jan. 21: NYT: Clinton’s Success in Presidential Race Is No Sure Thing
Jan. 21: NYT: Clinton Enters ’08 Field, Fueling Race for Money
Jan. 21: Daily News: Moneyman Soros dumps Hillary for Obama
Jan. 21: Boston Herald: Campaign brain drain
Jan. 21: AP: Presidential Candidates Women

Jan. 21: Albany TU: Power politics
Jan. 21: Newsday: DiNapoli In the running for 'a good fit' for NY Comptroller
Jan. 21: Newsday: More chasing comptroller job
Jan. 21: Poughkeepsie Journal: Comptroller gets great power — and obligation
Jan. 21: Buffalo News: SanFilippo joins a crowd seeking comptroller post
Jan. 21: NYT: Race to Fill Senate Seat Has Parties at Full Throttle
Jan. 21: Newsday: Colleagues extol DiNapoli's virtues

Jan. 20: Kansas City Star: GOP elects Martinez to lead party

Jan. 20: Mercury News: Mel Martinez takes a key role in the national Republican Party
Jan. 20: Miami Herald: Martinez is new chairman of national GOP
Jan. 20: Miami Herald: Martinez urges GOP to reach out
Jan. 20: AP: Republicans Return to Their Roots
Jan. 20: Bradenton Herald: Florida senator will lead national GOP
Jan. 20: FL News-Press: Martinez elected to lead RNC
Jan. 20: Palm Beach Post: Sen. Martinez elected GOP general chairman
Jan. 20: Statement by President Bush
Jan. 20: Pensacola News-Journal: Martinez leads GOP National Committee

Jan. 20: WP: Martinez Takes Over as Leader of RNC
Jan. 20: CQ: Martinez Easily Overcomes Immigration Protest, Wins RNC Post
Jan. 20: Republican Party General Chairman Mel Martinez Addresses RNC Members At Winter Meeting

Jan. 20: Newsday: Jabs thrown in Nassau race
Jan. 20: Journal News: Smiles vanish as GOP chafes at Spitzer's campaign aid
Jan. 20: NY Post: Bruno's brazen beef
Jan. 20: NY1: Ripple Between Spitzer And Bruno Settles, A Little
Jan. 20: Long Beach Herald: Dems pin hope on Johnson
Jan. 20: NY1: Race For Open State Senate Seat Triggers War Of Words
Jan. 20: Capitol Confidential: O’Connell In Cyberspace (Updated)
Jan. 20: Albany TU: Reform, for $4 million
Jan. 20: Albany TU: Ex-DEC chief takes town job
Jan. 20: SI Advance: NY Assemblyman unresponsive after surgery

Jan. 20: NY Post: Odds favor Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli for NY Comptroller appointment
Jan. 20: NYT: Candidates for State Comptroller Line Up
Jan. 20: Albany TU: 18 set sights on comptroller post
Jan. 20: Newsday: More chasing comptroller job

Jan. 20: KY: Romney's presidential quest brings questions about Mormonism
Jan. 20: Cincinnati Post: Boehner rallies faithful
Jan. 20: LA Times: Conservative core seeks a contender
Jan. 20: Iowa News: Former Wisconsin governor explores entering presidential race
Jan. 20: Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 28%, McCain 20%
Jan. 20: Boston Globe: Warming up to Arnold
Jan. 20: AP: Sen. Brownback aims to woo conservatives
Jan. 20: AP: California Considers Early Primary
Jan. 20: AP: Ex-Gov. Pataki Dropping State Security
Jan. 20: NYT: Justices Revisit Campaign Finance Issue
Jan. 20: WP: New Rules Still Allow Congress Many Perks
Jan. 20: Boston Globe: Former adviser to Romney joins McCain effort
Jan. 20: Angus Reid: Iowa Likes Giuliani, Edwards in 2008 Caucus
Jan. 20: AP: Richardson to Launch Presidential Bid
Jan. 20: CQ: Sen. Dodd Not To Run for Re-Election In 2010, Uses PAC to Buy NH and IA Voter Files

Jan. 19: Rasmussen: Republican Primary 2008: Giuliani 28% McCain 20%
Jan. 19: US News: The Romney Buzz Is Back
Jan. 19: New Republic: Mormon President? No Problem.
Jan. 19: Dallas Morning News: Froma Harrop: Romney's mountain of dilemmas
Jan. 19: CBN: Mitt Romney is going to Israel
Jan. 19: Daily News: Rudy presidential bid getting 'very serious'
Jan. 19: Newsday: Giuliani boosts campaign staff
Jan. 19: Caucus: Giuliani Hires a Rove-Linked Consultant
Jan. 19: Boston Globe: Romney vs. Romney
Jan. 19: Boston Herald: McCain no longer rocks in Granite State
Jan. 19: Zogby Poll: Giuliani, McCain Lead Iowa and New Hampshire Republicans
Jan. 19: Hotline: Giuliani's Team Prepares To Expand And "Revamp" His Committee
Jan. 19: All Headline News: Early New Hampshire Poll Puts Obama And McCain In The Lead
Jan. 19: Rocky Mountain News: Iowa poll at 2% for Tancredo
Jan. 19: American Spectator: Tancredo Time

Jan. 19: NYT: Departing Chief Mehlman Warns G.O.P. on Outlook for 2008 Races
Jan. 19: WP: Republican leader says ethics is path to victory
Jan. 19: NY Sun: GOP Leaders Say Voters Want ‘Innovative' Ideas
Jan. 19: AP: Top Republican Calls for Bipartisanship
Jan. 19: Hotline: Mehlman's Valedictory To The RNC

Jan. 19: AP/Winona Daily News: Republicans sign on to bring 2008 convention to Twin Cities
Jan. 19: Pioneer Press: It's official: Republican convention coming to St. Paul in '08
Jan. 19: Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Deal sealed for 2008 Republican Convention
Jan. 19: Pioneer Press: Host role shines light on Pawlenty
Jan. 19: Pioneer Press: Let the countdown begin on the '08 GOP convention
Jan. 19: Pioneer Press: Xcel exec Lesher will lead planning for 2008

Jan. 19: Orlando Sentinel: Martinez faces fight to keep party in line
Jan. 19: Sun-Sentinel: Immigration reform key to Sen. Martinez leadership of Republicans
Jan. 19: Washington Times: GOP expects secret ballot
Jan. 19: Palm Beach Post: Dems Slam Martinez’s Ethics

Jan. 19: Newsday: Balboni's wife backs Republican in Senate race
Jan. 19: Newsday: Surprise ad fuels heated race
Jan. 19: Capitol Confidential: And Now A Word From Mrs. Balboni
Jan. 19: Buffalo News: Mood souring in Spitzer and Bruno's political minuet
Jan. 19: NY Sun: Grand Old Problem
Jan. 19: NY Post: Bruno in ethics attack - rips free pass for Gov.
Jan. 19: Record Online: Bruno lets Bonacic keep committee seats, for now
Jan. 19: NY Sun: Robert Moses's Vision of New York
Jan. 19: NY Post: Grand-Jury buzz grows for Pirro
Jan. 19: Daily News: Controller group: No shortage of Hev wanna-bes
Jan. 19: Buffalo News: Interviews for state comptroller to start
Jan. 19: Daily News: Eliot considers ethics czar to police state pols
Jan. 19: Buffalo News: N.Y. City hospital director to be Spitzer's health chief
Jan. 19: NY Sun: Spitzer Poised To Ease Access To Licenses
Jan. 19: Newsday: Town of Lowville hires former state senator Meier as its attorney
Jan. 19: Rochester D&C: Bruno assails Spitzer on campaign funding

Jan. 19: Mississippi Sun-Herald: Democrats' ad rips Barbour record; GOP says Dems desperate
Jan. 19: SF Chronicle: CA Governor wants presidential primary in February to give state more clout
Jan. 19: KY State Journal: Northup entry spices up gubernatiorial race
Jan. 19: KY: Northup stirs hard feelings in GOP
Jan. 19: Cincinnati Post: KY Gov. Fletcher: I'm not getting out
Jan. 19: CA Majority Report: California's New GOP Chairman & Schwarzenegger: Happy Together?
Jan. 19: Philadelphia Inquirer: Phila. Republicans: An endangered species
Jan. 19: Fitchburg Sentinel: New GOP chair seeking to revive party in Mass.

Jan. 19: Human Events: Hang It Up, Obama -- It's Hillary's Nomination
Jan. 19: WSFA: Alabama Becomes Part of the Political Landscape for Presidential Candidates
Jan. 19: Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel's great loyalty test

Jan. 19: NY Sun: Hillary Sees Bill's Allies Fall Away
Jan. 19: Daily News: Obama tops Hil in New Hampshire

Jan. 18: Des Moines Register: Early read shows front-runners have work to do in Iowa
Jan. 18: Novak: The GOP in a Quagmire
Jan. 18: Sacramento Bee: California governor discloses no preference for president
Jan. 18: The Hill: Rep. Boyda’s seat top target for divided GOP
Jan. 18: Human Events: Will GOP Be Ready for Obama Onslaught?
Jan. 18: Arizona Republic: MoveON.org ad targets McCain's Iraq stance
Jan. 18: NY Sun: House Republican Leader Blames GOP for Its Electoral Losses
Jan. 18: Detroit News: Presidential candidates ready assault on Michigan
Jan. 18: Businesswire: GW-Battleground Poll 2008 Shows Continued Support for Democrats
Jan. 18: CQ: Former Gov. Keating Will Not Run for GOP Nomination for 2008

Jan. 18: CQ: Opposition to Martinez for Top RNC Post Is Vocal — but Minus a Candidate
Jan. 18: Hot Air: RNC insurgents in futile bid to depose Mel “Amnesty” Martinez as chairman
Jan. 18: Washington Times: RNC readies for Martinez fight
Jan. 18: Houston Chronicle: Likely RNC chair criticized over amnesty
Jan. 18: Miami Herald: GOP opponents to Martinez emerge
Jan. 18: Palm Beach Post: Martinez's party post drawing opposition
Jan. 18: Tallahassee: Florida GOP officers expect Martinez win
Jan. 18: Hispanic Business: Martinez Immigration View Riles GOP
Jan. 18: Miami Herald: Some in GOP don't want Martinez to lead party
Jan. 18: Bradenton Herald: White House stands by Martinez to lead GOP

Jan. 18: Newsday: NARAL targets NY state senate hopeful
Jan. 18: Albany TU: At $25,000, talk of reform isn't cheap
Jan. 18: NY Sun: Bruno Says Spitzer Is ‘Hypocritical' to Attend Candidate's Fund-Raiser
Jan. 18: NY Post: Bruno blasts Gov as 'hypocritical'
Jan. 18: Daily News: Bruno hits Eliot on fund-raiser
Jan. 18: NYT: Governor Is Challenged on Ethics by Bruno
Jan. 18: Newsday: Bruno faults Spitzer role in fundraiser, special election
Jan. 18: Rochester D&C: Spitzer details $1.5M inaugural
Jan. 18: Rochester D&C: Even impartial redistricting plan could threaten two-party system
Jan. 18: NY Sun: Richard Daines To Be NY State's Health Chief
Jan. 18: Daily News: Sen. Smith taps Klein for No. 2 Dem position in NY state senate
Jan. 18: Newsday: Spitzer gets list of seven nominees for state's highest court
Jan. 18: Albany TU: Bruno seeks water plan support
Jan. 18: Buffalo News: Democrats ponder job for Adamczyk
Jan. 18: Buffalo News: Clark has fundraising lead in Erie County Executive race

barbour Jan. 18: Jackson Clarion-Ledger: Miss. Gov. Haley Barbour at $3.5M for rerun bid

Jan. 18: Houston Chronicle: Perry's talk of unity hits a sour note, some say
Jan. 18: Dallas Morning News: A plea to work together

Jan. 18: Boston Globe: Reviving the Mass. GOP

Jan. 18: Louisville Courier-Journal: Northup challenges Fletcher for governor
Jan. 18: CQ: Kentucky's Northup Challenges GOP Gov. Fletcher in Primary
Jan. 18: KY: Northup stirs hard feelings in GOP
Jan. 18: KY: Governor's race is getting interesting

Jan. 18: Chicago Tribune: Obama and Clinton, by the numbers
Jan. 18: Real Clear Politics: Fear and Loathing on Hillary's Trail
Jan. 18: WSJ: It's Hillary versus everybody else
Jan. 18: Boston Globe: Obama not quite the next JFK
Jan. 18: WP: Obama transforms the Democratic presidential race
Jan. 18: Daily News: Hollywood Hil's? Barack is gaining
Jan. 18: Daily News: Hil: Are you experienced?

Jan. 18: Ohio: Felony might force commissioner from her seat
Jan. 18: AP: Franken Seeks Advice for Possible Minn. Senate Bid

Jan. 17: NRO: Rudy in Waiting?
Jan. 17: WP/Fix: Giuliani's Widening Circle of Advisers
Jan. 17: Sioux City Journal: Nussle named key adviser for Giuliani
Jan. 17: Angus Reid: Giuliani, McCain Would Defeat Biden in 2008
Jan. 17: CQ: Giuliani Names Nussle to Be a Leader of Exploratory Committee

Jan. 17: Boston Globe: Former congressman Weber to serve as Romney policy chief
Jan. 17: Washington Times: Romney, the inventive candidate
Jan. 17: American Spectator: Compromising Mitt

Jan. 17: AP: McCain to make amends with Dobson
Jan. 17: Concord Monitor: N.H. voters may see a different McCain
Jan. 17: NewsBusters: CNN Reporter on McCain: Senator Fending Off Fire From ‘Far Right’
Jan. 17: Business Journal: McCain loses Phoenix Republican straw poll
Jan. 17: CQ: Longshot Hunter Touts Win in Arizona Straw Poll, as McCain Runs Fourth

Jan. 17: WP: Republican Tancredo opens 2008 White House campaign
Jan. 17: Denver Post: Tancredo officially eyeing bid
Jan. 17: CQ: ‘A Pivotal Campaign Cycle’ Takes Shape
Jan. 17: AP: The 2008 presidential field at-a-glance
Jan. 17: NY Sun: Bloomberg's Signals for 2008
Jan. 17: RCP/Barone: Open-Field Presidential Politics in 2008

Jan. 17: Hill: Senate GOP begins repair of messaging
Jan. 17: CNS News: Democrats' New 'Fairness' Push May Silence Conservative Radio Hosts, Critics Say
Jan. 17: Blankley: Rahm Emanuel's vulture politics

Jan. 17: NYT: Obama Starts ’08 Bid, Reshaping Democratic Field
Jan. 17: WP/Fix: Barack Obama's Impressive Team
Jan. 17: NY Sun: GOP Strategists Keeping a Close Eye on Obama's Exploratory Bid
Jan. 17: NY Observer: Note to Obama Skeptics: This Is Not a Fad
Jan. 17: Chicago Sun-Times: Obama takes formal step toward presidential run
Jan. 17: Newsday: The Obama challenge
Jan. 17: Daily News: It's a Hil of a surprise, Barack
Jan. 17: SF Chronicle: Obama emerges as Clinton's rival for Dems' left
Jan. 17: Chicago Tribune: What Obama must do to win
Jan. 17: Morris: Obama’s first blunder
Jan. 17: LA Times: Obama raises stakes for Democrats
Jan. 17: Time: Is Obama the Front-runner?

Jan. 17: Newsday: O'Connell gets key support
Jan. 17: NYT: Unions Endorsing Republican for an Open NY Senate Seat
Jan. 17: Albany TU: NY GOP is collapsing
Jan. 17: Newsday: Racing for commercial appeal
Jan. 17: Capitol Confidential: Spitzer’s Man
Jan. 17: NY Press: Spitzer's Strategery
Jan. 17: Albany TU: New environment for DEC chief
Jan. 17: Poughkeepsie Journal: Newcomer Ball slowly learns ropes
Jan. 17: Utica OD: Tell Albany you want real reform
Jan. 17: Capitol Confidential: So Much For Reform
Jan. 17: Capitol Confidential: Budget Reform Agreement (Updated)
Jan. 17: Utica OD: Deal reached on access to budget information
Jan. 17: Albany TU: Reform vote fails, but minority claims success
Jan. 17: Rochester D&C: State budget process to get 'modest' tweaks
Jan. 17: NY Post: Spitzer's pot-shot at budget
Jan. 17: NYT: Budget Reform Pact Augurs a More Transparent Albany
Jan. 17: Daily News: Spitzer strips secrecy from pork payouts
Jan. 17: Newsday: Albany to end private pork
Jan. 17: Times Herald-Record: Spitzer v. leaders, rounds 1 and 2
Jan. 17: AP: Spitzer, Legislature agree to budget reforms
Jan. 17: Albany Business Review: Legislature, Spitzer reach deal to end secrecy over member items
Jan. 17: Newsday: Spitzer may lose this race just by entering it
Jan. 17: NYT: NYC Comptroller Raises $524,000 in Undeclared Bid for Mayor
Jan. 17: Daily News: Pirro's jewel of denial in fed biz probe
Jan. 17: NY Post: Pirro in the rough over diamond biz
Jan. 17: Daily News: Gov blocks Pataki's end run on rent regs
Jan. 17: NY Post: Bruno's 'strip trip' probed
Jan. 17: NY Sun: Bruno-Linked Venture Firm Received State Pension Money

Jan. 17: AP: Northrup to challenge Ky. governor
Jan. 17: WP: The VA Republicans' Gamble
Jan. 17: WP: VA Republicans 'Very Close' to Deal on Road Money
Jan. 17: AP: Mass. State GOP elect former U.S. Rep. Peter Torkildsen new chairman
Jan. 17: Rocky Mountain News: Littwin: As Allard fades away, cue the stampede
Jan. 17: Mercury News: Choice of Florida senator as party chairman rankles some in GOP
Jan. 17: Hill: Frist looking at governor run in 2010
Jan. 17: Boston Herald: Gov. Patrick won’t overturn any Romney appointments

Jan. 16: Captain's Quarters: Romney Moves Ahead In On-Line Straw Poll
Jan. 16: San Diego: Hunter pressing to chop long odds of presidential run
Jan. 16: Rocky Mountain News: Senate free-for-all
Jan. 16: NYT: Obama Takes First Step Toward Running in ‘08
Jan. 16: AP: Obama Takes 1st Step in Presidential Bid
Jan. 16: Hill: NRCC’s Cole optimistic about lost GOP majority
Jan. 16: Washington Times: Pit bulls vs. stalwarts in House GOP
Jan. 16: Washington Prowler: Tancredo's Dubious Allies
Jan. 16: AP: Giuliani hires ex-congressman as adviser
Jan. 16: Denver Post: Allard won't try for 3rd term
Jan. 16: WP: McCain-Romney Endorsement Contest Continues
Jan. 16: Hill: In ’08 race, hopefuls bag early support
Jan. 16: Real Clear Politics: The Republican to Watch: Mike Huckabee?
Jan. 16: Human Events: Mitt Romney and the New New Bigotry
Jan. 16: Boston Globe: Another chance for Gore?
Jan. 16: Real Clear Politics: Is Rudy Likely to Be a Favorite or a Flop?
Jan. 16: NC Times: McCain Loses '08 Straw Poll In Homestate Of AZ
Jan. 16: Morris: The coming Democratic party civil war
Jan. 16: NYT: Retreating Statewide, G.O.P. Finds Good News on S.I.
molinariJan. 16: FL: Gingrich speaks out in Vero Beach for a 'new contract'
Jan. 16: Washington Times: Gingrich wants GOP to change strategy
Jan. 16: Angus Reid: North Carolina Reviews Presidential Bids
Jan. 16: NYT: Task Gets Taller for G.O.P.
Jan. 16: NYT: Spitzer Wants New York to Enter Stem Cell Race
Jan. 16: AP: Colorado Sen. Allard won't seek 3rd term
Jan. 16: Newsday: Fashion isn't NYC mayor's strength
Jan. 16: Newsday: Waiting game a win for Rudy?
Jan. 16: Rochester D&C: Hispanics seek change in NY town, village election laws
Jan. 16: NY Sun: Hagel's Dialectic
Jan. 16: Sarasota Herald Tribune: Crist gives campaign aides bonuses
Jan. 16: Lexington Herald Leader: KY Governor's incumbent advantage faltering
Jan. 16: SF Chronicle: Governor faces big hurdles to ambitious agenda
Jan. 16: Springfield Journal Register: IL State GOP asks Kjellander to quit
Jan. 16: NY Post: NY Gov. slashing overtime
Jan. 16: Daily News: Clock tracks mayor's last N.Y. minutes
Jan. 16: Daily News: Bruno & pal went under the radar
Jan. 16: Daily News: No joint wilder than Joe & Shelly's
Jan. 16: ABC7Chicago: State central committee asks Kjellander to resign
Jan. 16: Washington Times: Choice of Martinez sparks GOP rebellion
Jan. 16: Cape Cod Today: Mass GOP at Rock Bottom
Jan. 16: SC: WIStv: SC Republican Party names new director

Jan. 15: Real Clear Politics Blog: Allard retires
Jan. 15: NY Sun: Strike-Stopping Judge Is Elevated By Eliot Spitzer
Jan. 15: NYT: Spitzer Selects a Black Jurist for Top Court
Jan. 15: Daily News: Eliot taps a black jurist
Jan. 15: Rochester D&C: Spitzer nominates Jones for Court of Appeals
Jan. 15: Capital News 9: Bruno questions Spitzer's motives
Jan. 15: Daily News: Feds press flesh probe of Bruno
Jan. 15: Capitol Confidential: Schumer In Nassau
Jan. 15: Albany TU: More than a state Senate seat at stake
Jan. 15: Alabany TU: Pols campaign, assail Bruno
Jan. 15: Albany TU: Election fundraiser irks GOP
Jan. 15: Ithaca Journal: Choosing a comptroller clearly benefits the party in power
Jan. 15: NY Post: Behind-scenes player is comptroller - for now
Jan. 15: NY Post: Pataki's 10G bill for jet hits turbulence

Jan. 15: Boston Globe: Romney, appealing to core GOP voters, toughens pro-gun rhetoric
Jan. 15: Palm Beach Post: Bush allies back Romney, Oct. straw poll
Jan. 15: AP: Romney supports gun rights
Jan. 15: NewsMax: Mitt Romney Touts Gun Rights
Jan. 15: New England News: Romney, appealing to core GOP voters, toughens pro-gun rhetoric
Jan. 15: AP: Romney campaign speak is at odds with past acts
Jan. 15: RI: Romney, appealing to core GOP voters, toughens pro-gun rhetoric

Jan. 15: Gotham Gazette: Hillary, Rudy, And George, But Not Mike ( Or So He Says)
Jan. 15: Daily News: Edwards follows King's footsteps at city church preach for peace
Jan. 15: NY Sun: Edwards, With King in N.Y., Strongly Denounces Iraq War

Jan. 15: Wichita Eagle: Brownback adds flat tax to platform
Jan. 15: Concord Monitor: Sununu speaks with care on war
Jan. 15: Washington Times: Gingrich sees error in pull of voter base

Jan. 15: Dayton Daily News: Ohio Attorney General's office off to bad start
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