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Trump revokes security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan — a leading critic of the president

Trump revokes security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan — a leading critic of the president

Trump’s lawyers prepare to fight subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court

Senate investigation: Government fails to keep tabs on unaccompanied migrant kids after they leave its care

Andrew Cuomo says America ‘was never that great,’ drawing gasps

Just how big of a deal has Trump been in Republican primaries anyway?

DO NOT DENY: More and more, Trump’s own spokesmen refuse to vouch for him

The Trump enemies list: The critics the White House might strip of security clearance

Andrew Cuomo says America ‘was never that great,’ drawing gasps

Clearinghouse for Kavanaugh documents is a Bush White House lawyer, angering Senate Democrats


January 31, 2007


NRO: Rudys Star Power
Real Clear Politics: In Ohio, Giuliani 30%, McCain 22%
NY Observer: Rudys Texas Toehold: Giulianis Law Firm Bundles Bush Bucks
NY Sun: Well, About Romney ...
Rocky Mountain News: Tancredo rules out 3rd-party candidacy
Radio Iowa: Brownback: Iowa GOP wants "pro-life" candidate
AP: Hutchison willing to accept vice presidential nomination
AP: Huckabee says voters questioned Republican leaders competence
NY Observer: The Man Who Hijacked The Straight-Talk Express
Houston Chronicle: Really, really, really early tests in White House race
Boston Globe: Romney says his faith will fade as campaign issue
The Hill: Romney, ABM and McCain
Arizona Republic: 1 candidate in no hurry: Sen. McCain
Ocala: Will McCain be the 2008 campaign's Humphrey?
Human Events: Tax Raisin', Big Spendin' Mike Huckabee
NewsMax: Mitt Romney: 'Roe v. Wade Cheapens Human Life'
Boston Herald: Mormon questions dog Romney in S.C.
NY Daily News: Giuliani: Myth has made the man


The Hill: Rep. Cole announces NRCC Executive Committee
Washington Times: States revisiting Electoral College
American Thinker: On The National Review Institute's Conservative Summit
Charlotte Observer: S.C. GOP to host chairmen
Baltimore Sun: GOP conservatives to regroup in Baltimore


The Hill: Reynolds named as member of NRCC Executive Committee
NY Post: Spitzer blows up at GOP critic
NY Sun: Silver, Spitzer Set a Showdown
NY Times: A Threat to Defy Spitzer on Comptroller Selection
Albany TU: Comptroller selection feud deepens
Capitol Confidential: No Comptroller Conclusion
Poughkeepsie Journal: Steinhaus is campaign cash king
Rochester D&C: Spitzer calls for property tax cut
Albany TU: Spitzer's plan offers new vision
Newsday: Spitzer details tax cuts
NY Times: Spitzer to Offer Larger Budget, but With Property Tax Cuts
Newsday: Spitzer keeps making it harder for himself
NY Daily News: Mad as El at choice of controller
NY Post: Spitzer plans tax cut on city homes
Newsday: The choice in 7th SD


Chronicle-Telegram: Giuliani leads in Ohio poll


CQ: Michigan GOP Rep. Knollenberg Draws Democrats Scrutiny for 2008


Hartford Courant: Healy Chosen To Head CT GOP


Sacramento Bee: Three-peat for the governor?
San Diego UT: Senate Republicans offer modest health plan with no new taxes
LA Times: GOP offers alternative to governor's healthcare plan


Concord Monitor: Fergus Cullen elected Republican chairman


Charlotte Observer: Former N.C. justice to run for governor in '08
Winston-Salem Journal: Orr decides to throw hat in governor's race


CQ: GOP Ex-Rep. Northup, Seven Democrats File to Take on Kentucky Gov. Fletcher


Newark Star Ledger: No voice or vision on Republican side of aisle


WEAU: ED of the Wisconsin Republican Party is Leaving His Post to work for Giuliani
WRN: Wiley helps Giuliani's bid for White House


CQ: Ex-Kansas Rep. Ryun Training for Rematch With Democrat Boyda


Arizona Republic: Resignations mount at state GOP office

January 30, 2007


CBS4Boston: Exclusive Survey Shows Tight Race In N.H.
Boston Globe: How appealing is Giuliani?
NY Sun: Giuliani Recruits Ex-GOP Chairman of N.H.
Pioneer Press: Wisconsin GOP's executive director leaves to work for Giuliani
NewsMax: Rudy Giuliani: 'I'll Run in Every State'
NY Daily News: The GOP's Mr. Right? Not Rudy, say insiders
Nashua Telegraph: Republican goes from NH state to national level
Newsday: King backs a Giuliani White House
NY Daily News: Rudy hires Granite GOP leader
NY Post: Rudy's gun policy on target: GOPer

Boston Globe: Red Sox pitcher Schilling vows to support McCain
Pinkerton: Chuck Hagel is hot - John McCain is not

Boston Globe: Romney's business skills face a political test
The Hill: Romney addresses most social issues; mum on immigration
Boston Globe: Romney stops in Columbia SC with DeMint

CNS News: Gingrich Backers Launch Campaign to Draft Him


Mitch McConnell: Addressing U.S. priorities with a bipartisan spirit
American Enterprise Institute: Primary Calendar Serves Few
KnoxNews: States scrambling for a greater voice in nominating process
Albany TU: GOP may get its realignment, all right


NY Post: Spitz sticks to his guns in Silver war
NY Post: Unfit for the job
Newsday: $1.5M spent in Nassau's special State Senate election
Newsday: O'Connell, Weitzman spar over audit
Newsday: Audit could cast negative light on Senate hopeful
NY Post: Spitzer is one tough class act
Rochester D&C: Poll: Spitzer approval rating at 75%
NY Post: Voters love Gov
Capitol Confidential: A Tale Of Two Parties
Newsday: Spitzer wants more aid for neediest school districts
NY Sun: Spitzer Vows School Funds, With Conditions
AP: NY loves Hillary and Rudy
Newsday: LI's key posts in Congress
NY Sun: Mark Green: Move Over, Al Franken
Erie County: Bill O'Laughlin for Erie County Executive website


Ventura County Star: A case against moving California's primary to February
Sacramento Bee: E.J. Dionne: Back California's early primary


Chicago Sun-Times: GOP searches for new Cook County chair


The State: S.C. in political paradise
Charlotte Observer: Primary shuffle could have impact in S.C.


Cincinnati Enquirer: Strickland sets up panel to pick judges


State News: Tax plans could start political feud


The Hill: Franken off the air to consider Senate run


Vermont Guardian: Vermont GOP elects new chairman


Kansas: GOP picks conservative to lead party


January 29, 2007


AP: Giuliani Hires Former N.H. GOP Chair
American Spectator: Giuliani: The Candidate
Financial Times: Giuliani leaves nomination race rivals in shade
AxcessNews: Giuliani Feels Out Voters In NH and RI
Concord Monitor: Giuliani: 'I know the heartbreak'
Boston Herald: Giuliani makes quick fundraising trip to R.I.
Providence Eyewitness News: Giuliani comes to Providence for fundraiser
ABC: Lieberman May Back Republican in 2008
Sun Sentinel: Preparations for Florida's primary already begin

Boston Herald: McCain launches campaign Express in Bay State

Salt Lake Tribune: Romney facing more fire than other GOP hopefuls

Orlando Sentinel: Hopefuls race for Florida cash faster than ever
NY Sun: Clinton Off to Granite State After a Boost From Iowans
NY Daily News: Arkansas gov is full of Hope over Prez run


Fox News: Ideologues Jump With Vigor Into '08 Race


NY Post: 'Secret' Dem plot to take comptrol
Newsday: The race for the 7th District State Senate seat
Newsday: Bloomberg gives $75G to help fund Republican in Nassau campaign
Albany TU: Minority parties toil in the dark
Newsday: NY tax cut plan to get Assembly consideration
Rochester D&C: Spitzer's clout: Senate must not forget it in weighing PSC chair choice
Albany TU: Bruno used campaign cash for hotel on Florida trip
Newsday: Spitzer to seek removal of failing school officials
NY Times: Money Trail Often Murky in NY Small-Town Courts
NY Sun: Vast Outlays Left to Discretion Of Silver, Bruno, Governor
NY Times: Finding Consolation in a Consolidation
NY Sun: Awaiting Spitzer's Budget


Rocky Mountain News: Leading N.M. Republican leaving


Lawrence Journal-World: Kobach to lead Kansas GOP


Boston Globe: Bradley to run for his congressional seat again


New Orleans Times-Picayune: Behind in polls, Blanco blasts Bush


January 28, 2007


Boston Globe: Giuliani woos New Hampshire GOP
Eagle Tribune: Republicans hear from Giuliani, host of other pols at rally
NY Times: Giuliani Is Sounding More Like a Candidate
Daily News: He stumps with Judi for Granite support
Boston Globe: Rebuffing Romney, Cellucci supports Giuliani for president
LA Times: Giuliani coy about White House plans
AP: Giuliani stresses vision and performance
AP: Giuliani urges N.H. voters to judge his performance, vision
Newsday: Giuliani touts experience, but personal life may be an issue
Newsday: Rudy stumps in New Hampshire
AP: Giuliani starts New Hampshire visit, invokes Sept. 11
Daily News: Old foes Rudy & Hil hit battlegrounds
Union Leader: GOP's state meeting draws a bounty of Presidential hopefuls

Boston Globe: Mitt Romney's stance on fuel economy could be crucial
AP: Romney Acknowledges Shift on Abortion
AP: Romney emphasizes conservative credentials

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: McCain: Up close & personal
Novak: Dour McCain

Newsday: Pataki decries troop surge in Georgetown speech
Daily News: Pataki charts smartest course for Iraq - & the GOP better take heed

AP: Huckabee to Set Up '08 Exploratory Panel
Colorado Wire: Tancredo says his campaign is David vs. Goliath

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: States vying to vote early primary primacy
Charleston P&C: S.C. party leaders say primary dates hinge on other states


East Valley Tribune: Kyl emerges as voice of GOP
AP: House GOP shut out despite promises
Washington Post: Jeb Bush Rallies Conservatives at Summit
Washington Times: Conservative fatigue lines


NY Post: Bloomberg barrels into NY state senate race
Buffalo News: Race is on for Erie County executive
AP: Spitzer bets on outsider to turn around upstate economy
Buffalo News: Endorsements-for-sale probe derailed
Newsday: Weitzman touts Nassau record
NY Times: Ex-Comptrollers Endured Controversy Themselves
Albany TU: Property tax relief in Spitzer budget
Rochester D&C: Who'll challenge Brooks this year?
Newsday: K.T. McFarland may oppose Levy for Suffolk County Executive
NY Times: For Hevesi Prosecutor, One Standard of Justice
Daily News: NY First Lady not big on advice
Buffalo News: Keane joins race for Erie County executive post

Citizen: Wolfeboro's Cullen to lead state GOP
Union Leader: Cullen elected state GOP chairman
Union Leader: Cullen wins NH GOP chairmanship


Miami Herald: Florida GOP elects Crist ally as leader
Bradenton Herald: Crist's pick is the state Republican Party's new chairman
Tampa Tribune: Crist's Pick Squeaks By To Lead State GOP
Tampa Bay 10: Crist's pick is the state Republican Party's new chairman
Palm Beach Post: Crist's party choice beats incumbent


Arizona Daily Star: State GOP selects Pullen as new chief by just four votes
Arizona Republic: Pullen to lead GOP in Arizona


Seattle PI: Esser defeats Tebelius in vote for head of state GOP Party


Times Argus: State GOP chooses Roper as chair
Rutland Herald: Vermont State GOP chooses Stowe man to lead party


Hutchinson News: GOP picks conservative Kobach as Kansas state chairman

January 27, 2007

Daily News: Giuliani wows 'em in N.H.
NY Sun: Rudy in New Hampshire
NY Times: Preparations Set, Giuliani Now Faces a Big Choice
Caucus: Giuliani, in New Hampshire, Discusses Iraq, but

Sacramento Bee: Lungren is aboard McCain bandwagon
Kansas City Star: Bachus to serve as Southeast co-chairman of McCain committee
Union Leader: Robert D. Novak: McCain TV performance dings candidacy
Powerline: The case for (and against) McCain

Boston Herald: Romney heads to S.C. on heels of McCain
Boston Herald: Mitt puts shine on all-star team
WQAD: Romney touts conservative views in Waterloo, Iowa
Radio Iowa: Romney calls for end to bilingual education

PR Wire: Mitt Hawks Smooth Talk in Hawkeye State

Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney's Conversion

Lawrence Journal-World: Brownback, Romney clash on abortion credentials
Human Events: What Does It Mean to Be Pro-Life?

Sacramento Bee: Romney: Great, but with baggage

Albany TU: New York comptroller pick now in lawmakers' hands
NY Post: Gov picks fight, tells Silver pick 1 of these 3 for comptroller
Daily News: Silver worming out of controller deal - GOP
NY Times: An Open Job Opens a Rift in Albany
Albany TU: A showdown looming
Capitol Confidential: DiNapoli: Still In

NY Times: Spitzer Sees Health Savings; Hospitals Call Them Cuts
Albany TU: Spitzer outlines vision of Medicaid
Newsday: Spitzer urges health reform
Albany TU: Spitzer promises to cut, improve health care

NY Post: Pirro used DA power to probe donors

Politicker: Also Wanted: NY GOP Finance Chair

NY Times: New York Wont Replace Voting Machines by the Fall

Rochester D&C: State of Monroe County speech to applaud Paychex

NY Times: At Lawmakers Retreat, Pep Talks Address Concerns of the New G.O.P. Minority
Maryland Daily Banner: GOP wraps up 2007 retreat

East Valley Tribune: Voter poll casts Arizona as swing state

Union Leader: GOP looking for boost in NH today

Detroit Free Press: Pace for '08 presidential race quickens in MI state

Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 32%, McCain 26%
Hotline: 2008 Race Rankings: Republicans

NY Times: Pataki Opposes More Troops Unless Iraqis Do Their Part

Daily News: Biden, Huckabee join '08 race

National Ledger: Hillary Clinton: Politics Above Principle For Over 30 Years
Albany TU: Hillary heads to Iowa to kick it off
NY Post: Hillary cyber nation

NY Times: In the Tennessee Senate, a Historic Shift of Power

Tallahassee Democrat: Florida GOP wants to be 'the party of reform'
St. Petersburg Times: A leapfrog to GOP's top
Miami Herald: Crist makes point in pick for party chairman

Wichita Leader: Fractured, battered by election, Kansas state GOP picks new leader

Arizona Daily Star: Who chairs AZ state GOP will matter

January 26, 2007

Boston Globe: McCain's Mitt strategy

Lowry: The tragic courage of John McCain

AP: Former Md. lieutenant governor to chair Republican GOPAC

Hot Air: Michael Steele named GOPAC chairman

Washington Times: Steele to head GOP funding outfit, start firm

Orlando Sentinel: Florida wants early primary, more clout

Rochester D&C: NY voting machines switch likely to be put off till 2009

Newsday: Is Rudy speaking for free a sign he'll run?

Albany TU: Spitzer picks ex-DEC officer as chief

AP: Giuliani a tough conservative sell

AP: Tancredo: Abolish race-based caucuses

CQ: Hunter Touts Experience, Conservatism in Bid for Presidency

San Diego UT: Hunter makes it official: He's a candidate

AP: Spitzer chooses key officials to spearhead environmental programs

Sun Chronicle: Brown calling US Senate run against Kerry 'unlikely'

NY Sun: Silver Dealt a Setback in Albany

NY SUN: NY Speaker Dislikes Pataki-Era Plan On Horse Racing

WHDH: Giuliani: Can Republican's star outshine moderate reputation?

Boston Globe: Fox News, NH state Republicans plan GOP primary debates

Daily News: Pols taking it all for Granite

Scripps: Mitch McConnell, fierce partisan, tames his image

CQ: Senate Republicans Put Their Money on Ensign

Boston Herald: Kerry cant lose against this lineup of Senate wannabes

CQ: Obama Adopts Universal Health Care as Policy Theme

Philadelphia: Rep. Brady announces he's in the running for mayor

AP: Pataki Opposes Iraq Troop Increase

Macon GA: Perdue defends O'Neal, calls ethics complaint frivolous

Georgia AP: Perdue defends embattled lawyer

Charlotte Observer: N.C. ethics rules have hole for middlemen

Mississippi: Barbour still strong as country 'trending' Democratic

Memphis Flyer: It's Official: Harold Ford Jr. is the DLC's New Chair

AP: Nevada GOP chief offers resignation

Daily News: Time Poll: It's Clinton & McCain

Daily News: Panel picks 3 finalists for NY Comptroller

NY Post: Comptroller panel nixes Silver picks

NY Post: Rudy reins & Clinton comes up short in NJ poll

NY Times: State Panel Selects 3 Likely NY Comptrollers

NY Times: Spitzer to Outline Plans for Cuts in Health Spending

NY Times: Spitzer Names 2 Members of His Environmental Team

NY Times: Suspension Over, Albert Pirro Is Readmitted to Practice Law

Washington Post: Hagel Ponders White House Run


Jan. 25: IndiaPost: Jindal leads Blanco, 59 percent to 35 percent

Jan. 25: Captain's Quarters: The Conservatism Of Rudy Giuliani
Jan. 25: City Journal: Yes, Rudy Giuliani Is a Conservative
Jan. 25: AP: Quinnipiac poll found New Jersey voters prefer Giuliani over Clinton

Jan. 25: Real Clear Politics: The Daily Gingrich
Jan. 25: NY Post: 4th place Hill faces 'Last' rites in Iowa
Jan. 25: Morris: '08 Dems: The morning line
Jan. 25: Angus Reid: McCain, Obama Are Leading in New Hampshire
Jan. 25: NY Sun: In New Hampshire, Giuliani Will Eye Key Backers
Jan. 25: Hotline: Rudy's First Congressional Endorsement -- Mary Bono
Jan. 25: Scripps: Earlier primary in California could cost $90 million
Jan. 25: AZ Central: New statewide poll shows Arizonans want McCain
Jan. 25: Phoenix: McCain trounces rivals in AZ state poll, trails Giuliani nationally
Jan. 25: Charlie Cook: Why pay attention to early 2008 polling?
Jan. 25: Phoenix : Hollywood, D.C. media firms join McCain election team
Jan. 25: NY Times: Hedge Fund Chiefs, With Cash, Join Political Fray
Jan. 25: Washington Times: Gingrich backs English push as official language
Jan. 25: San Diego: Hunter raises $300,000 on eve of presidential announcement
Jan. 25: NY Times: Big States Plan for Earlier Primaries Scrambles Race
Jan. 25: Miami Herald: Abortion foes rally round Brownback
Jan. 25: Jackson Clarion Ledger: Brownback to visit Jackson, MI
Jan. 25: Angus Reid: U.S. Hispanics Like Powell, Hillary in 2008
Jan. 25: The Hill: Ensign sets $118 million cash target for next US Senate cycle
Jan. 25: NY Times: House Restores Some Voting Rights to Congressional Delegates
Jan. 25: Washington Post: Delegates Gain Limited Voting Rights
Jan. 25: Fox News: House Democrats Push Through Limited Voting Power for 5 Delegates
Jan. 25: Newsday: Gardner: N.H. primary relevant despite early crush
Jan. 25: Boston Globe: NH Sec. of State dismisses national report that he wants primary moved
Jan. 25: Washington Times: Is GOP a regional party?
Jan. 25: MSNBC: GOP 2008 hopes pinned on Dems sharing responsibility for Iraq
Jan. 25: Philadelphia Inquirer: Democrats, GOP both carry vulnerabilities
Jan. 25: MSNBC: Schumer's take on Democratic victory, vision
Jan. 25: NY Sun: Kerry Bows Out, Igniting a Rush By Democrats

Jan. 25: Newsday: DiNapoli won't agree to ban certain donations
Jan. 25: Capitol Confidential: More Spitzer appointments
Jan. 25: Newsday: NY Conservative party screens Suffolk County Executive Levy
Jan. 25: Capitol Confidential: GOP Love For DiNapoli (Updated)
Jan. 25: WCBS: NY Comptroller Voting Process Unclear
Jan. 25: Saratogian: NY Local politicians turn focus to 2008 race for White House
Jan. 25: Rochester D&C: Monroe County Dems want tighter diesel standards
Jan. 25: NY Times: State Leaders Agree on Plan to Merge 2 Ethics Commissions
Jan. 25: NY Times: Albany: New Head of Long Island Power Authority
Jan. 25: NY Sun: Silver Trumpets His Ethics As Spitzer Gains New Powers
Jan. 25: Daily News: Lawmakers, Big Gov is watching you now
Jan. 25: NY Post: SI Assemblyman Lavelle dies
Jan. 25: NY Post: 'Weak' Spitz rules rapped

Jan. 25: AP: Democratic governors lag GOP in control of state jobs
Jan. 25: National Interest: A Tale of Two Senators, From Virginia
Jan. 25: NewsMax: Hillary: Politics Above Principle
Jan. 25: Memphis Commercial Appeal: Ford Jr. expected to take DLC job
Jan. 25: Radio Iowa: John Kerry won't run in 2008

Jan. 25: Newsday: CT Republicans call for mandatory minimum sentence for sex offenders
Jan. 25: Springfield Journal Register: Kjellander no longer RNC treasurer
Jan. 25: AP: Prosecutors want DeLay charge reinstated
Jan. 25: Raleigh: Hopes rise for more civil NC legislature
Jan. 25: News & Observer: Hackney chosen as NC House speaker
Jan. 25: Colorado: Former Gov. Owens joins University of Denver as policy researcher, lecturer
Jan. 25: AP: Ethics complaint targets lawmaker who is also GA Gov. Perdue's lawyer
Jan. 25: Mississippi: Quietly, GOP numbers draw even in Senate
Jan. 25: Portland Mercury: Oregon's Heaviest Hitters in the 2006 Elections
Jan. 25: CQ: US House Seat to Philadelphia Mayors Office a Well-Traveled But Rocky Road
Jan. 25: Sound Politics: Diane Tebelius and the WA gov. election contest fees
Jan. 25: Detroit News: MI State rep gets top post despite facing charges
Jan. 25: Lansing State Journal: Mix of vets, newcomers to lead Michigan state House panels
Jan. 25: Boston Globe: Torkildsen leads effort to revive state GOP

Jan. 24: Roll Call: Boehner Leans to Romney
Jan. 24: Buffalo News: Pulpit barb prompts walkout by Congressman Higgins
Jan. 24: Politico: Failed 2000 N.Y. Campaign Casts Shadow Over Giuliani's 2008 Ambition
Jan. 24: NY Observer: Hillary Clamps Down
Jan. 24: Journal News: Scalia, speaking at Iona, defends decision to halt 2000 Florida recount
Jan. 24: Morris: Campaign that already looks over the Hillary
Jan. 24: CQ: 2007 Politics and Elections Calendar
Jan. 24: NY Times: Giuliani Is Expected to Sell One of His Three Businesses
Jan. 24: Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 34%, McCain 27%
Jan. 24: South Carolina: Mitt Romney address will be by invitation only
Jan. 24: Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Gingrichs game of chance, and a bit of history
Jan. 24: Hotline: Reactions: Romney Likes Health Care
Jan. 24: CQ: Gingrich Group Has A Solution For Winning
Jan. 24: Hotline: Richard Viguerie Blasts Bush
Jan. 24: CQ: Unfazed by Better Known Opponents, Hunter Makes Candidacy Official Thursday
Jan. 24: Human Events: Time for GOP to Get Back to Basics
Jan. 24: AP: Attorneys set to argue DeLay charge
Jan. 24: The Hill: 110th Congress is an opportunity for Republicans
Jan. 24: Washington Post: Brownback Is a Winner Among Antiabortion Right
Jan. 24: NY Sun: McCain, Clinton Carve Out Positions on Iraq War
Jan. 24: NYT/Caucus: Pataki Seeks a Way Forward, Too
Jan. 24: The Hill: DeLay warns former colleagues against endorsing presidential hopefuls early
Jan. 24: Boston Herald: Mitt cut Dem pork but saved GOP bacon
Jan. 24: Boston Globe: Romney talks tough on Iran
Jan. 24: Hewitt: A Letter To Senator Warner

Jan. 24: Capitol Confidential: GOP Love For DiNapoli
Jan. 24: Newsday: NY Comptroller interviews begin
Jan. 24: Rochester D&C: Pitches heard to succeed Hevesi
Jan. 24: Binghamton: Mulrow gets spotlight, promises independence as comptroller
Jan. 24: Albany TU: Ultimate quiz show for a top state job
Jan. 24: Journal News: Westchester businessman pitches for Comptroller job
Jan. 24: Politicker: Comptroller Predictions
Jan. 24: Newsday: State Senate candidates trade barbs
Jan. 24: NY Times: State Leaders Ready to Merge 2 Ethics Panels
Jan. 24: NY Sun: Charter Schools Lose Leaders as Spitzer Falters
Jan. 24: NY Sun: Governor Mulls Budget Cuts To Trim Growth in Medicaid
Jan. 24: Daily News: Spitz getting Albany pols to swear off swag
Jan. 24: NY Post: Spitz-shined deal on ethics reform

Jan. 24: Union Leader: NH delegation splits along party lines
Jan. 24: AP: VA Senate passes redistricting commission measure
Jan. 24: NY: Republican National Committee Amicus Brief in New York Judicial Election Lawsuit
Jan. 24: Ohio: Taft Appoints 12 Judges, All Republicans In Final Weeks
Jan. 24: Michigan: Crisis leadership and the Granholm panel
Jan. 24: Cincinnati Post: Bunning entry changes the game
Jan. 24: Louisville Courier-Journal: Bunning: Northup's appeal extensive
Jan. 24: KATC: Barbour defends Miss. share of federal money for Katrina recovery
Jan. 24: Hattiesburg American: Barbour: 'Policies have succeeded'
Jan. 24: CQ: Miss. Gov. Barbours Insider Status Became a Boon After Katrina
Jan. 24: CQ: Rep. Boyda Achieves Victory in Kansas’ 2nd District Out of Nowhere

Jan. 23: Politico: Hastert To Endorse Romney

Jan. 23: WP/The Fix: Giuliani Hires E-Campaign Expert
Jan. 23: NY Post: Prez-minded Rudy to shed finance biz
Jan. 23: American Thinker: Giuliani and Abortion
Jan. 23: NRO: Giuliani’s Choices

Jan. 23: AP: Rep. Jindal to run for La. governor
Jan. 23: Louisiana Weekly: Recent poll says Blanco faces hurdles getting reelected
Jan. 23: CQ: Jindal Sets Up Rematch with Blanco for Louisiana Governorship
Jan. 23: Shreveport Times: Jindal jumps into LA gubernatorial race
Jan. 23: Louisiana: Blanco demands Katrina probe

Jan. 23: NY Sun: GOP Becoming More Willing To Challenge Bush
Jan. 23: Miami Herald: GOP should heed Martinez's message of inclusion
Jan. 23: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Full text of the McCain interview
Jan. 23: Washington Times: The field so far
Jan. 23: USA Today: Senators don't have lock on 2008 campaign
Jan. 23: Naples Daily News: Pataki touts record in Naples speech
Jan. 23: South Carolina: 2008 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to speak at Rotary
Jan. 23: Kansas City Star: Brownback candidacy creates dilemma for Kansas moderates
Jan. 23: Miami Herald: Democrats warned: GOP wants seats back
Jan. 23: The Hill: House Republicans aim for more recruitment of women in 2008
Jan. 23: Tampa Tribune: Democrats' White House Plans Not Evident In Florida
Jan. 23: Wichita Eagle: Brownback courts conservatives at march
Jan. 23: The Hill: John Boehner: GOP must communicate enduring values, modern ideas
Jan. 23: The Hill: John Cornyn: A spirit of compromise, yet commitment to ideals
Jan. 23: Forbes: GOP Hopefuls Vow to Overturn Roe v. Wade
Jan. 23: Albany TU: Primary can shift dates, fates
Jan. 23: NY Times: Death Knell May Be Near for Public Election Funds
Jan. 23: NY Sun: McCain Sees the Light
Jan. 23: Daily News: Mike saw her work, and now he's a believer!

Jan. 23: Newsday: Michael Balboni built himself for post in Spitzer cabinet
Jan. 23: Newsday: Spitzer, Suozzi in this race together
Jan. 23: Capitol Confidential: Negative In The 7th SD (Updated)

Jan. 23: Journal News: Nick Spano to open consulting firm with help of top lobbyist
Jan. 23: Daily News: Albany's iron triangle survives despite Spitzer's reform talk
Jan. 23: Newsday: New governor must use tough measures to scrub state government
Jan. 23: North Country Gazette: NY Senate Passes Budget Reform Bill
Jan. 23: NY Post: Spitzer on the sidelines
Jan. 23: Troy Record: New state comptroller must be independent
Jan. 23: AP: Clinton win would trigger Spitzer appointment for Senate
Jan. 23: Troy Record: NY Democrats unveil tax relief plans
Jan. 23: Rochester D&C: Monroe County Dems again seek leader
Jan. 23: Albany TU: Comptroller hopefuls are on parade
Jan. 23: NY Times: Spitzer Picks Pennsylvanian to Spur Upstate Economy
Jan. 23: Buffalo News: Spitzer introduces Gundersen as upstate development chief
Jan. 23: NY Times: State Panel to Scrutinize 17 Hopefuls for Comptroller
Jan. 23: NY Times: Albany: Increased Disclosure for Legislative Grants
Jan. 23: NY Sun: As Governor, Spitzer Now Backs Protection of Wall Street
Jan. 23: NY Post: Cuomo to tighten curbs on pork $$

Jan. 23: Concord Monitor: Too close to call in NH GOP Chairman's race
Jan. 23: Sound Politics: 2006 Washington State Republican Party Fundraising Doesn't Look Good
Jan. 23: North Carolina: Ballantine running out of time
Jan. 23: Florida Sun-Sentinel: Gov. Crist emerges looking like the big winner
Jan. 23: Cincinnati Post: Bunning backs Northup for gov
Jan. 23: Louisville Courier-Journal: Bunning endorses Northup over Fletcher in governor's race
Jan. 23: Lexington Herald-Leader: Pence isn't seeking any office in '07
Jan. 23: Mississippi: Barbour emphasizes school funding
Jan. 23: Mississippi: State auditor running for lieutenant governor
Jan. 23: AP: New coalition aims to keep Dems in check
Jan. 23: Arizona Republic: State Democratic Party keeping its chairman
Jan. 23: Massachusetts: Torkildsen: GOP needs to groom good candidates

Jan. 22: RCP: Republican Presidential Nomination Poll Average
Jan. 22: NYT: Rush of Entries Gives '08 Race Early Intensity
Jan. 22: Boston Globe: Activist rains on Romney's parade
Jan. 22: Philadelphia Inquirer: Romney : Seriously great, but with baggage
Jan. 22: AP: Gingrich: 2008 Run Would Be Last Resort
Jan. 22: Dallas Morning News: Crowded '08 race off to fast start
Jan. 22: Washington Times: McCain hits resolution on surge
Jan. 22: WP: McCain May Oppose Casey as Army Chief
Jan. 22: Harvard Political Review: Whats Next for the GOP?
Jan. 22: GW: Giuliani, McCain slight frontrunners in 2008, poll finds
Jan. 22: San Diego: Who else but Hunter?
Jan. 22: WND: Can Tom Tancredo be elected U.S. president?
Jan. 22: LA Times: Lobbyists find new Congress is open for business
Jan. 22: Baltimore Sun: The long race begins
Jan. 22: NY Observer: Giuliani: First Impressions
Jan. 22: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Thompson likes his prospects
Jan. 22: Minnesota: Pawlenty, Penny unite behind McCain
Jan. 22: Men's Daily News: John McCain Panders To Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson And James Dobson
Jan. 22: CBS: Hagel Says Republican Party Must Change
Jan. 22: Ledger: Top GOP Job Pushes And Pulls Putnam
Jan. 22: Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 31%, McCain 27%
Jan. 22: NY Sun: Clinton Rivals Say It's Too Early To Concede Race
Jan. 22: NYT: Clinton Opens Her Campaign With Health Insurance Plan
Jan. 22: Daily News: Tough road ahead for Hillary
Jan. 22: Newsday: Clinton aide fires first
Jan. 22: NY Post: Book bares Bubba's trouble$ at home
Jan. 22: Barone: Presidential pickings
Jan. 22: Morris: The race to the Left
Jan. 22: LA Times: Just $83.8 million? No thanks
Jan. 22: SF Chronicle: New lawmaker already battling to keep seat

Jan. 22: NY Post: Pataki tab won't fly
Jan. 22: NY Sun: Spitzer Names Upstate Development Tsar
Jan. 22: NY Post: Campaign $$ buys pols' power perks
Jan. 22: NY Sun: Spitzer Plays Hardball in Push for Power
Jan. 22: Newsday: LI's stem cell debate
Jan. 22: Newsday: Cash flow has both parties spent
Jan. 22: NYT: Antagonists Last Summer, Spitzer and Suozzi Learn to Be Friends for the Party
Jan. 22: Ithaca Journal: The honeymoon ends between Spitzer, Bruno
Jan. 22: Newsday: Newsday's guide to politics and politicians
Jan. 22: Newsday: Picking a new comptroller goes public
Jan. 22: NYT: If Clinton Should Win, Who Would Take Her Place?
Jan. 22: Daily News: Hillary crushes Barack in city
Jan. 22: Buffalo News: Erie County Executive battle lines are being drawn
Jan. 22: Albany TU: Many vying to replace Hevesi
Jan. 22: Capitol Confidential: Siegel Ascending
Jan. 22: Capitol Confidential: Late NY Comptroller Adds

Jan. 22: WCAX: Former state representative drops bid for NH GOP chairmanship
Jan. 22: Kentucky: Northup's 'tough year' set the stage
Jan. 22: WMU: WMU College Republicans are nation's best
Jan. 22: Pittsburgh: PA House speaker's role as 'arbiter' is unprecedented
Jan. 22: Ohio: Strickland's employment questioning not as strict
Jan. 22: Boston Globe: Torkildsen eyes a state GOP revival
Jan. 22: Worcester Telegram: Mass. GOP talks tactics
Jan. 22: Vermont: Ploof seizes Republican nomination, irritating some in party


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