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Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

Then and now, President Trump and his supporters celebrate the greatest hits at his campaign rallies

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms

What can Congress do to punish Saudi Arabia if Trump won’t?

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence

White House counsel Donald McGahn officially leaves the job

As midterms near, Democrats accuse GOP of plotting to cut Medicare, Social Security

Amid global outrage over Khashoggi, Trump takes soft stance toward Saudis


January 31, 2007


NRO: Rudys Star Power
Real Clear Politics: In Ohio, Giuliani 30%, McCain 22%
NY Observer: Rudys Texas Toehold: Giulianis Law Firm Bundles Bush Bucks
NY Sun: Well, About Romney ...
Rocky Mountain News: Tancredo rules out 3rd-party candidacy
Radio Iowa: Brownback: Iowa GOP wants "pro-life" candidate
AP: Hutchison willing to accept vice presidential nomination
AP: Huckabee says voters questioned Republican leaders competence
NY Observer: The Man Who Hijacked The Straight-Talk Express
Houston Chronicle: Really, really, really early tests in White House race
Boston Globe: Romney says his faith will fade as campaign issue
The Hill: Romney, ABM and McCain
Arizona Republic: 1 candidate in no hurry: Sen. McCain
Ocala: Will McCain be the 2008 campaign's Humphrey?
Human Events: Tax Raisin', Big Spendin' Mike Huckabee
NewsMax: Mitt Romney: 'Roe v. Wade Cheapens Human Life'
Boston Herald: Mormon questions dog Romney in S.C.
NY Daily News: Giuliani: Myth has made the man


The Hill: Rep. Cole announces NRCC Executive Committee
Washington Times: States revisiting Electoral College
American Thinker: On The National Review Institute's Conservative Summit
Charlotte Observer: S.C. GOP to host chairmen
Baltimore Sun: GOP conservatives to regroup in Baltimore


The Hill: Reynolds named as member of NRCC Executive Committee
NY Post: Spitzer blows up at GOP critic
NY Sun: Silver, Spitzer Set a Showdown
NY Times: A Threat to Defy Spitzer on Comptroller Selection
Albany TU: Comptroller selection feud deepens
Capitol Confidential: No Comptroller Conclusion
Poughkeepsie Journal: Steinhaus is campaign cash king
Rochester D&C: Spitzer calls for property tax cut
Albany TU: Spitzer's plan offers new vision
Newsday: Spitzer details tax cuts
NY Times: Spitzer to Offer Larger Budget, but With Property Tax Cuts
Newsday: Spitzer keeps making it harder for himself
NY Daily News: Mad as El at choice of controller
NY Post: Spitzer plans tax cut on city homes
Newsday: The choice in 7th SD


Chronicle-Telegram: Giuliani leads in Ohio poll


CQ: Michigan GOP Rep. Knollenberg Draws Democrats Scrutiny for 2008


Hartford Courant: Healy Chosen To Head CT GOP


Sacramento Bee: Three-peat for the governor?
San Diego UT: Senate Republicans offer modest health plan with no new taxes
LA Times: GOP offers alternative to governor's healthcare plan


Concord Monitor: Fergus Cullen elected Republican chairman


Charlotte Observer: Former N.C. justice to run for governor in '08
Winston-Salem Journal: Orr decides to throw hat in governor's race


CQ: GOP Ex-Rep. Northup, Seven Democrats File to Take on Kentucky Gov. Fletcher


Newark Star Ledger: No voice or vision on Republican side of aisle


WEAU: ED of the Wisconsin Republican Party is Leaving His Post to work for Giuliani
WRN: Wiley helps Giuliani's bid for White House


CQ: Ex-Kansas Rep. Ryun Training for Rematch With Democrat Boyda


Arizona Republic: Resignations mount at state GOP office

January 30, 2007


CBS4Boston: Exclusive Survey Shows Tight Race In N.H.
Boston Globe: How appealing is Giuliani?
NY Sun: Giuliani Recruits Ex-GOP Chairman of N.H.
Pioneer Press: Wisconsin GOP's executive director leaves to work for Giuliani
NewsMax: Rudy Giuliani: 'I'll Run in Every State'
NY Daily News: The GOP's Mr. Right? Not Rudy, say insiders
Nashua Telegraph: Republican goes from NH state to national level
Newsday: King backs a Giuliani White House
NY Daily News: Rudy hires Granite GOP leader
NY Post: Rudy's gun policy on target: GOPer

Boston Globe: Red Sox pitcher Schilling vows to support McCain
Pinkerton: Chuck Hagel is hot - John McCain is not

Boston Globe: Romney's business skills face a political test
The Hill: Romney addresses most social issues; mum on immigration
Boston Globe: Romney stops in Columbia SC with DeMint

CNS News: Gingrich Backers Launch Campaign to Draft Him


Mitch McConnell: Addressing U.S. priorities with a bipartisan spirit
American Enterprise Institute: Primary Calendar Serves Few
KnoxNews: States scrambling for a greater voice in nominating process
Albany TU: GOP may get its realignment, all right


NY Post: Spitz sticks to his guns in Silver war
NY Post: Unfit for the job
Newsday: $1.5M spent in Nassau's special State Senate election
Newsday: O'Connell, Weitzman spar over audit
Newsday: Audit could cast negative light on Senate hopeful
NY Post: Spitzer is one tough class act
Rochester D&C: Poll: Spitzer approval rating at 75%
NY Post: Voters love Gov
Capitol Confidential: A Tale Of Two Parties
Newsday: Spitzer wants more aid for neediest school districts
NY Sun: Spitzer Vows School Funds, With Conditions
AP: NY loves Hillary and Rudy
Newsday: LI's key posts in Congress
NY Sun: Mark Green: Move Over, Al Franken
Erie County: Bill O'Laughlin for Erie County Executive website


Ventura County Star: A case against moving California's primary to February
Sacramento Bee: E.J. Dionne: Back California's early primary


Chicago Sun-Times: GOP searches for new Cook County chair


The State: S.C. in political paradise
Charlotte Observer: Primary shuffle could have impact in S.C.


Cincinnati Enquirer: Strickland sets up panel to pick judges


State News: Tax plans could start political feud


The Hill: Franken off the air to consider Senate run


Vermont Guardian: Vermont GOP elects new chairman


Kansas: GOP picks conservative to lead party


January 29, 2007


AP: Giuliani Hires Former N.H. GOP Chair
American Spectator: Giuliani: The Candidate
Financial Times: Giuliani leaves nomination race rivals in shade
AxcessNews: Giuliani Feels Out Voters In NH and RI
Concord Monitor: Giuliani: 'I know the heartbreak'
Boston Herald: Giuliani makes quick fundraising trip to R.I.
Providence Eyewitness News: Giuliani comes to Providence for fundraiser
ABC: Lieberman May Back Republican in 2008
Sun Sentinel: Preparations for Florida's primary already begin

Boston Herald: McCain launches campaign Express in Bay State

Salt Lake Tribune: Romney facing more fire than other GOP hopefuls

Orlando Sentinel: Hopefuls race for Florida cash faster than ever
NY Sun: Clinton Off to Granite State After a Boost From Iowans
NY Daily News: Arkansas gov is full of Hope over Prez run


Fox News: Ideologues Jump With Vigor Into '08 Race


NY Post: 'Secret' Dem plot to take comptrol
Newsday: The race for the 7th District State Senate seat
Newsday: Bloomberg gives $75G to help fund Republican in Nassau campaign
Albany TU: Minority parties toil in the dark
Newsday: NY tax cut plan to get Assembly consideration
Rochester D&C: Spitzer's clout: Senate must not forget it in weighing PSC chair choice
Albany TU: Bruno used campaign cash for hotel on Florida trip
Newsday: Spitzer to seek removal of failing school officials
NY Times: Money Trail Often Murky in NY Small-Town Courts
NY Sun: Vast Outlays Left to Discretion Of Silver, Bruno, Governor
NY Times: Finding Consolation in a Consolidation
NY Sun: Awaiting Spitzer's Budget


Rocky Mountain News: Leading N.M. Republican leaving


Lawrence Journal-World: Kobach to lead Kansas GOP


Boston Globe: Bradley to run for his congressional seat again


New Orleans Times-Picayune: Behind in polls, Blanco blasts Bush


January 28, 2007


Boston Globe: Giuliani woos New Hampshire GOP
Eagle Tribune: Republicans hear from Giuliani, host of other pols at rally
NY Times: Giuliani Is Sounding More Like a Candidate
Daily News: He stumps with Judi for Granite support
Boston Globe: Rebuffing Romney, Cellucci supports Giuliani for president
LA Times: Giuliani coy about White House plans
AP: Giuliani stresses vision and performance
AP: Giuliani urges N.H. voters to judge his performance, vision
Newsday: Giuliani touts experience, but personal life may be an issue
Newsday: Rudy stumps in New Hampshire
AP: Giuliani starts New Hampshire visit, invokes Sept. 11
Daily News: Old foes Rudy & Hil hit battlegrounds
Union Leader: GOP's state meeting draws a bounty of Presidential hopefuls

Boston Globe: Mitt Romney's stance on fuel economy could be crucial
AP: Romney Acknowledges Shift on Abortion
AP: Romney emphasizes conservative credentials

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: McCain: Up close & personal
Novak: Dour McCain

Newsday: Pataki decries troop surge in Georgetown speech
Daily News: Pataki charts smartest course for Iraq - & the GOP better take heed

AP: Huckabee to Set Up '08 Exploratory Panel
Colorado Wire: Tancredo says his campaign is David vs. Goliath

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: States vying to vote early primary primacy
Charleston P&C: S.C. party leaders say primary dates hinge on other states


East Valley Tribune: Kyl emerges as voice of GOP
AP: House GOP shut out despite promises
Washington Post: Jeb Bush Rallies Conservatives at Summit
Washington Times: Conservative fatigue lines


NY Post: Bloomberg barrels into NY state senate race
Buffalo News: Race is on for Erie County executive
AP: Spitzer bets on outsider to turn around upstate economy
Buffalo News: Endorsements-for-sale probe derailed
Newsday: Weitzman touts Nassau record
NY Times: Ex-Comptrollers Endured Controversy Themselves
Albany TU: Property tax relief in Spitzer budget
Rochester D&C: Who'll challenge Brooks this year?
Newsday: K.T. McFarland may oppose Levy for Suffolk County Executive
NY Times: For Hevesi Prosecutor, One Standard of Justice
Daily News: NY First Lady not big on advice
Buffalo News: Keane joins race for Erie County executive post

Citizen: Wolfeboro's Cullen to lead state GOP
Union Leader: Cullen elected state GOP chairman
Union Leader: Cullen wins NH GOP chairmanship


Miami Herald: Florida GOP elects Crist ally as leader
Bradenton Herald: Crist's pick is the state Republican Party's new chairman
Tampa Tribune: Crist's Pick Squeaks By To Lead State GOP
Tampa Bay 10: Crist's pick is the state Republican Party's new chairman
Palm Beach Post: Crist's party choice beats incumbent


Arizona Daily Star: State GOP selects Pullen as new chief by just four votes
Arizona Republic: Pullen to lead GOP in Arizona


Seattle PI: Esser defeats Tebelius in vote for head of state GOP Party


Times Argus: State GOP chooses Roper as chair
Rutland Herald: Vermont State GOP chooses Stowe man to lead party


Hutchinson News: GOP picks conservative Kobach as Kansas state chairman

January 27, 2007

Daily News: Giuliani wows 'em in N.H.
NY Sun: Rudy in New Hampshire
NY Times: Preparations Set, Giuliani Now Faces a Big Choice
Caucus: Giuliani, in New Hampshire, Discusses Iraq, but

Sacramento Bee: Lungren is aboard McCain bandwagon
Kansas City Star: Bachus to serve as Southeast co-chairman of McCain committee
Union Leader: Robert D. Novak: McCain TV performance dings candidacy
Powerline: The case for (and against) McCain

Boston Herald: Romney heads to S.C. on heels of McCain
Boston Herald: Mitt puts shine on all-star team
WQAD: Romney touts conservative views in Waterloo, Iowa
Radio Iowa: Romney calls for end to bilingual education

PR Wire: Mitt Hawks Smooth Talk in Hawkeye State

Weekly Standard: Mitt Romney's Conversion

Lawrence Journal-World: Brownback, Romney clash on abortion credentials
Human Events: What Does It Mean to Be Pro-Life?

Sacramento Bee: Romney: Great, but with baggage

Albany TU: New York comptroller pick now in lawmakers' hands
NY Post: Gov picks fight, tells Silver pick 1 of these 3 for comptroller
Daily News: Silver worming out of controller deal - GOP
NY Times: An Open Job Opens a Rift in Albany
Albany TU: A showdown looming
Capitol Confidential: DiNapoli: Still In

NY Times: Spitzer Sees Health Savings; Hospitals Call Them Cuts
Albany TU: Spitzer outlines vision of Medicaid
Newsday: Spitzer urges health reform
Albany TU: Spitzer promises to cut, improve health care

NY Post: Pirro used DA power to probe donors

Politicker: Also Wanted: NY GOP Finance Chair

NY Times: New York Wont Replace Voting Machines by the Fall

Rochester D&C: State of Monroe County speech to applaud Paychex

NY Times: At Lawmakers Retreat, Pep Talks Address Concerns of the New G.O.P. Minority
Maryland Daily Banner: GOP wraps up 2007 retreat

East Valley Tribune: Voter poll casts Arizona as swing state

Union Leader: GOP looking for boost in NH today

Detroit Free Press: Pace for '08 presidential race quickens in MI state

Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 32%, McCain 26%
Hotline: 2008 Race Rankings: Republicans

NY Times: Pataki Opposes More Troops Unless Iraqis Do Their Part

Daily News: Biden, Huckabee join '08 race

National Ledger: Hillary Clinton: Politics Above Principle For Over 30 Years
Albany TU: Hillary heads to Iowa to kick it off
NY Post: Hillary cyber nation

NY Times: In the Tennessee Senate, a Historic Shift of Power

Tallahassee Democrat: Florida GOP wants to be 'the party of reform'
St. Petersburg Times: A leapfrog to GOP's top
Miami Herald: Crist makes point in pick for party chairman

Wichita Leader: Fractured, battered by election, Kansas state GOP picks new leader

Arizona Daily Star: Who chairs AZ state GOP will matter

January 26, 2007

Boston Globe: McCain's Mitt strategy

Lowry: The tragic courage of John McCain

AP: Former Md. lieutenant governor to chair Republican GOPAC

Hot Air: Michael Steele named GOPAC chairman

Washington Times: Steele to head GOP funding outfit, start firm

Orlando Sentinel: Florida wants early primary, more clout

Rochester D&C: NY voting machines switch likely to be put off till 2009

Newsday: Is Rudy speaking for free a sign he'll run?

Albany TU: Spitzer picks ex-DEC officer as chief

AP: Giuliani a tough conservative sell

AP: Tancredo: Abolish race-based caucuses

CQ: Hunter Touts Experience, Conservatism in Bid for Presidency

San Diego UT: Hunter makes it official: He's a candidate

AP: Spitzer chooses key officials to spearhead environmental programs

Sun Chronicle: Brown calling US Senate run against Kerry 'unlikely'

NY Sun: Silver Dealt a Setback in Albany

NY SUN: NY Speaker Dislikes Pataki-Era Plan On Horse Racing

WHDH: Giuliani: Can Republican's star outshine moderate reputation?

Boston Globe: Fox News, NH state Republicans plan GOP primary debates

Daily News: Pols taking it all for Granite

Scripps: Mitch McConnell, fierce partisan, tames his image

CQ: Senate Republicans Put Their Money on Ensign

Boston Herald: Kerry cant lose against this lineup of Senate wannabes

CQ: Obama Adopts Universal Health Care as Policy Theme

Philadelphia: Rep. Brady announces he's in the running for mayor

AP: Pataki Opposes Iraq Troop Increase

Macon GA: Perdue defends O'Neal, calls ethics complaint frivolous

Georgia AP: Perdue defends embattled lawyer

Charlotte Observer: N.C. ethics rules have hole for middlemen

Mississippi: Barbour still strong as country 'trending' Democratic

Memphis Flyer: It's Official: Harold Ford Jr. is the DLC's New Chair

AP: Nevada GOP chief offers resignation

Daily News: Time Poll: It's Clinton & McCain

Daily News: Panel picks 3 finalists for NY Comptroller

NY Post: Comptroller panel nixes Silver picks

NY Post: Rudy reins & Clinton comes up short in NJ poll

NY Times: State Panel Selects 3 Likely NY Comptrollers

NY Times: Spitzer to Outline Plans for Cuts in Health Spending

NY Times: Spitzer Names 2 Members of His Environmental Team

NY Times: Suspension Over, Albert Pirro Is Readmitted to Practice Law

Washington Post: Hagel Ponders White House Run


Jan. 25: IndiaPost: Jindal leads Blanco, 59 percent to 35 percent

Jan. 25: Captain's Quarters: The Conservatism Of Rudy Giuliani
Jan. 25: City Journal: Yes, Rudy Giuliani Is a Conservative
Jan. 25: AP: Quinnipiac poll found New Jersey voters prefer Giuliani over Clinton

Jan. 25: Real Clear Politics: The Daily Gingrich
Jan. 25: NY Post: 4th place Hill faces 'Last' rites in Iowa
Jan. 25: Morris: '08 Dems: The morning line
Jan. 25: Angus Reid: McCain, Obama Are Leading in New Hampshire
Jan. 25: NY Sun: In New Hampshire, Giuliani Will Eye Key Backers
Jan. 25: Hotline: Rudy's First Congressional Endorsement -- Mary Bono
Jan. 25: Scripps: Earlier primary in California could cost $90 million
Jan. 25: AZ Central: New statewide poll shows Arizonans want McCain
Jan. 25: Phoenix: McCain trounces rivals in AZ state poll, trails Giuliani nationally
Jan. 25: Charlie Cook: Why pay attention to early 2008 polling?
Jan. 25: Phoenix : Hollywood, D.C. media firms join McCain election team
Jan. 25: NY Times: Hedge Fund Chiefs, With Cash, Join Political Fray
Jan. 25: Washington Times: Gingrich backs English push as official language
Jan. 25: San Diego: Hunter raises $300,000 on eve of presidential announcement
Jan. 25: NY Times: Big States Plan for Earlier Primaries Scrambles Race
Jan. 25: Miami Herald: Abortion foes rally round Brownback
Jan. 25: Jackson Clarion Ledger: Brownback to visit Jackson, MI
Jan. 25: Angus Reid: U.S. Hispanics Like Powell, Hillary in 2008
Jan. 25: The Hill: Ensign sets $118 million cash target for next US Senate cycle
Jan. 25: NY Times: House Restores Some Voting Rights to Congressional Delegates
Jan. 25: Washington Post: Delegates Gain Limited Voting Rights
Jan. 25: Fox News: House Democrats Push Through Limited Voting Power for 5 Delegates
Jan. 25: Newsday: Gardner: N.H. primary relevant despite early crush
Jan. 25: Boston Globe: NH Sec. of State dismisses national report that he wants primary moved
Jan. 25: Washington Times: Is GOP a regional party?
Jan. 25: MSNBC: GOP 2008 hopes pinned on Dems sharing responsibility for Iraq
Jan. 25: Philadelphia Inquirer: Democrats, GOP both carry vulnerabilities
Jan. 25: MSNBC: Schumer's take on Democratic victory, vision
Jan. 25: NY Sun: Kerry Bows Out, Igniting a Rush By Democrats

Jan. 25: Newsday: DiNapoli won't agree to ban certain donations
Jan. 25: Capitol Confidential: More Spitzer appointments
Jan. 25: Newsday: NY Conservative party screens Suffolk County Executive Levy
Jan. 25: Capitol Confidential: GOP Love For DiNapoli (Updated)
Jan. 25: WCBS: NY Comptroller Voting Process Unclear
Jan. 25: Saratogian: NY Local politicians turn focus to 2008 race for White House
Jan. 25: Rochester D&C: Monroe County Dems want tighter diesel standards
Jan. 25: NY Times: State Leaders Agree on Plan to Merge 2 Ethics Commissions
Jan. 25: NY Times: Albany: New Head of Long Island Power Authority
Jan. 25: NY Sun: Silver Trumpets His Ethics As Spitzer Gains New Powers
Jan. 25: Daily News: Lawmakers, Big Gov is watching you now
Jan. 25: NY Post: SI Assemblyman Lavelle dies
Jan. 25: NY Post: 'Weak' Spitz rules rapped

Jan. 25: AP: Democratic governors lag GOP in control of state jobs
Jan. 25: National Interest: A Tale of Two Senators, From Virginia
Jan. 25: NewsMax: Hillary: Politics Above Principle
Jan. 25: Memphis Commercial Appeal: Ford Jr. expected to take DLC job
Jan. 25: Radio Iowa: John Kerry won't run in 2008

Jan. 25: Newsday: CT Republicans call for mandatory minimum sentence for sex offenders
Jan. 25: Springfield Journal Register: Kjellander no longer RNC treasurer
Jan. 25: AP: Prosecutors want DeLay charge reinstated
Jan. 25: Raleigh: Hopes rise for more civil NC legislature
Jan. 25: News & Observer: Hackney chosen as NC House speaker
Jan. 25: Colorado: Former Gov. Owens joins University of Denver as policy researcher, lecturer
Jan. 25: AP: Ethics complaint targets lawmaker who is also GA Gov. Perdue's lawyer
Jan. 25: Mississippi: Quietly, GOP numbers draw even in Senate
Jan. 25: Portland Mercury: Oregon's Heaviest Hitters in the 2006 Elections
Jan. 25: CQ: US House Seat to Philadelphia Mayors Office a Well-Traveled But Rocky Road
Jan. 25: Sound Politics: Diane Tebelius and the WA gov. election contest fees
Jan. 25: Detroit News: MI State rep gets top post despite facing charges
Jan. 25: Lansing State Journal: Mix of vets, newcomers to lead Michigan state House panels
Jan. 25: Boston Globe: Torkildsen leads effort to revive state GOP

Jan. 24: Roll Call: Boehner Leans to Romney
Jan. 24: Buffalo News: Pulpit barb prompts walkout by Congressman Higgins
Jan. 24: Politico: Failed 2000 N.Y. Campaign Casts Shadow Over Giuliani's 2008 Ambition
Jan. 24: NY Observer: Hillary Clamps Down
Jan. 24: Journal News: Scalia, speaking at Iona, defends decision to halt 2000 Florida recount
Jan. 24: Morris: Campaign that already looks over the Hillary
Jan. 24: CQ: 2007 Politics and Elections Calendar
Jan. 24: NY Times: Giuliani Is Expected to Sell One of His Three Businesses
Jan. 24: Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 34%, McCain 27%
Jan. 24: South Carolina: Mitt Romney address will be by invitation only
Jan. 24: Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Gingrichs game of chance, and a bit of history
Jan. 24: Hotline: Reactions: Romney Likes Health Care
Jan. 24: CQ: Gingrich Group Has A Solution For Winning
Jan. 24: Hotline: Richard Viguerie Blasts Bush
Jan. 24: CQ: Unfazed by Better Known Opponents, Hunter Makes Candidacy Official Thursday
Jan. 24: Human Events: Time for GOP to Get Back to Basics
Jan. 24: AP: Attorneys set to argue DeLay charge
Jan. 24: The Hill: 110th Congress is an opportunity for Republicans
Jan. 24: Washington Post: Brownback Is a Winner Among Antiabortion Right
Jan. 24: NY Sun: McCain, Clinton Carve Out Positions on Iraq War
Jan. 24: NYT/Caucus: Pataki Seeks a Way Forward, Too
Jan. 24: The Hill: DeLay warns former colleagues against endorsing presidential hopefuls early
Jan. 24: Boston Herald: Mitt cut Dem pork but saved GOP bacon
Jan. 24: Boston Globe: Romney talks tough on Iran
Jan. 24: Hewitt: A Letter To Senator Warner

Jan. 24: Capitol Confidential: GOP Love For DiNapoli
Jan. 24: Newsday: NY Comptroller interviews begin
Jan. 24: Rochester D&C: Pitches heard to succeed Hevesi
Jan. 24: Binghamton: Mulrow gets spotlight, promises independence as comptroller
Jan. 24: Albany TU: Ultimate quiz show for a top state job
Jan. 24: Journal News: Westchester businessman pitches for Comptroller job
Jan. 24: Politicker: Comptroller Predictions
Jan. 24: Newsday: State Senate candidates trade barbs
Jan. 24: NY Times: State Leaders Ready to Merge 2 Ethics Panels
Jan. 24: NY Sun: Charter Schools Lose Leaders as Spitzer Falters
Jan. 24: NY Sun: Governor Mulls Budget Cuts To Trim Growth in Medicaid
Jan. 24: Daily News: Spitz getting Albany pols to swear off swag
Jan. 24: NY Post: Spitz-shined deal on ethics reform

Jan. 24: Union Leader: NH delegation splits along party lines
Jan. 24: AP: VA Senate passes redistricting commission measure
Jan. 24: NY: Republican National Committee Amicus Brief in New York Judicial Election Lawsuit
Jan. 24: Ohio: Taft Appoints 12 Judges, All Republicans In Final Weeks
Jan. 24: Michigan: Crisis leadership and the Granholm panel
Jan. 24: Cincinnati Post: Bunning entry changes the game
Jan. 24: Louisville Courier-Journal: Bunning: Northup's appeal extensive
Jan. 24: KATC: Barbour defends Miss. share of federal money for Katrina recovery
Jan. 24: Hattiesburg American: Barbour: 'Policies have succeeded'
Jan. 24: CQ: Miss. Gov. Barbours Insider Status Became a Boon After Katrina
Jan. 24: CQ: Rep. Boyda Achieves Victory in Kansas’ 2nd District Out of Nowhere

Jan. 23: Politico: Hastert To Endorse Romney

Jan. 23: WP/The Fix: Giuliani Hires E-Campaign Expert
Jan. 23: NY Post: Prez-minded Rudy to shed finance biz
Jan. 23: American Thinker: Giuliani and Abortion
Jan. 23: NRO: Giuliani’s Choices

Jan. 23: AP: Rep. Jindal to run for La. governor
Jan. 23: Louisiana Weekly: Recent poll says Blanco faces hurdles getting reelected
Jan. 23: CQ: Jindal Sets Up Rematch with Blanco for Louisiana Governorship
Jan. 23: Shreveport Times: Jindal jumps into LA gubernatorial race
Jan. 23: Louisiana: Blanco demands Katrina probe

Jan. 23: NY Sun: GOP Becoming More Willing To Challenge Bush
Jan. 23: Miami Herald: GOP should heed Martinez's message of inclusion
Jan. 23: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Full text of the McCain interview
Jan. 23: Washington Times: The field so far
Jan. 23: USA Today: Senators don't have lock on 2008 campaign
Jan. 23: Naples Daily News: Pataki touts record in Naples speech
Jan. 23: South Carolina: 2008 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to speak at Rotary
Jan. 23: Kansas City Star: Brownback candidacy creates dilemma for Kansas moderates
Jan. 23: Miami Herald: Democrats warned: GOP wants seats back
Jan. 23: The Hill: House Republicans aim for more recruitment of women in 2008
Jan. 23: Tampa Tribune: Democrats' White House Plans Not Evident In Florida
Jan. 23: Wichita Eagle: Brownback courts conservatives at march
Jan. 23: The Hill: John Boehner: GOP must communicate enduring values, modern ideas
Jan. 23: The Hill: John Cornyn: A spirit of compromise, yet commitment to ideals
Jan. 23: Forbes: GOP Hopefuls Vow to Overturn Roe v. Wade
Jan. 23: Albany TU: Primary can shift dates, fates
Jan. 23: NY Times: Death Knell May Be Near for Public Election Funds
Jan. 23: NY Sun: McCain Sees the Light
Jan. 23: Daily News: Mike saw her work, and now he's a believer!

Jan. 23: Newsday: Michael Balboni built himself for post in Spitzer cabinet
Jan. 23: Newsday: Spitzer, Suozzi in this race together
Jan. 23: Capitol Confidential: Negative In The 7th SD (Updated)

Jan. 23: Journal News: Nick Spano to open consulting firm with help of top lobbyist
Jan. 23: Daily News: Albany's iron triangle survives despite Spitzer's reform talk
Jan. 23: Newsday: New governor must use tough measures to scrub state government
Jan. 23: North Country Gazette: NY Senate Passes Budget Reform Bill
Jan. 23: NY Post: Spitzer on the sidelines
Jan. 23: Troy Record: New state comptroller must be independent
Jan. 23: AP: Clinton win would trigger Spitzer appointment for Senate
Jan. 23: Troy Record: NY Democrats unveil tax relief plans
Jan. 23: Rochester D&C: Monroe County Dems again seek leader
Jan. 23: Albany TU: Comptroller hopefuls are on parade
Jan. 23: NY Times: Spitzer Picks Pennsylvanian to Spur Upstate Economy
Jan. 23: Buffalo News: Spitzer introduces Gundersen as upstate development chief
Jan. 23: NY Times: State Panel to Scrutinize 17 Hopefuls for Comptroller
Jan. 23: NY Times: Albany: Increased Disclosure for Legislative Grants
Jan. 23: NY Sun: As Governor, Spitzer Now Backs Protection of Wall Street
Jan. 23: NY Post: Cuomo to tighten curbs on pork $$

Jan. 23: Concord Monitor: Too close to call in NH GOP Chairman's race
Jan. 23: Sound Politics: 2006 Washington State Republican Party Fundraising Doesn't Look Good
Jan. 23: North Carolina: Ballantine running out of time
Jan. 23: Florida Sun-Sentinel: Gov. Crist emerges looking like the big winner
Jan. 23: Cincinnati Post: Bunning backs Northup for gov
Jan. 23: Louisville Courier-Journal: Bunning endorses Northup over Fletcher in governor's race
Jan. 23: Lexington Herald-Leader: Pence isn't seeking any office in '07
Jan. 23: Mississippi: Barbour emphasizes school funding
Jan. 23: Mississippi: State auditor running for lieutenant governor
Jan. 23: AP: New coalition aims to keep Dems in check
Jan. 23: Arizona Republic: State Democratic Party keeping its chairman
Jan. 23: Massachusetts: Torkildsen: GOP needs to groom good candidates

Jan. 22: RCP: Republican Presidential Nomination Poll Average
Jan. 22: NYT: Rush of Entries Gives '08 Race Early Intensity
Jan. 22: Boston Globe: Activist rains on Romney's parade
Jan. 22: Philadelphia Inquirer: Romney : Seriously great, but with baggage
Jan. 22: AP: Gingrich: 2008 Run Would Be Last Resort
Jan. 22: Dallas Morning News: Crowded '08 race off to fast start
Jan. 22: Washington Times: McCain hits resolution on surge
Jan. 22: WP: McCain May Oppose Casey as Army Chief
Jan. 22: Harvard Political Review: Whats Next for the GOP?
Jan. 22: GW: Giuliani, McCain slight frontrunners in 2008, poll finds
Jan. 22: San Diego: Who else but Hunter?
Jan. 22: WND: Can Tom Tancredo be elected U.S. president?
Jan. 22: LA Times: Lobbyists find new Congress is open for business
Jan. 22: Baltimore Sun: The long race begins
Jan. 22: NY Observer: Giuliani: First Impressions
Jan. 22: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Thompson likes his prospects
Jan. 22: Minnesota: Pawlenty, Penny unite behind McCain
Jan. 22: Men's Daily News: John McCain Panders To Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson And James Dobson
Jan. 22: CBS: Hagel Says Republican Party Must Change
Jan. 22: Ledger: Top GOP Job Pushes And Pulls Putnam
Jan. 22: Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 31%, McCain 27%
Jan. 22: NY Sun: Clinton Rivals Say It's Too Early To Concede Race
Jan. 22: NYT: Clinton Opens Her Campaign With Health Insurance Plan
Jan. 22: Daily News: Tough road ahead for Hillary
Jan. 22: Newsday: Clinton aide fires first
Jan. 22: NY Post: Book bares Bubba's trouble$ at home
Jan. 22: Barone: Presidential pickings
Jan. 22: Morris: The race to the Left
Jan. 22: LA Times: Just $83.8 million? No thanks
Jan. 22: SF Chronicle: New lawmaker already battling to keep seat

Jan. 22: NY Post: Pataki tab won't fly
Jan. 22: NY Sun: Spitzer Names Upstate Development Tsar
Jan. 22: NY Post: Campaign $$ buys pols' power perks
Jan. 22: NY Sun: Spitzer Plays Hardball in Push for Power
Jan. 22: Newsday: LI's stem cell debate
Jan. 22: Newsday: Cash flow has both parties spent
Jan. 22: NYT: Antagonists Last Summer, Spitzer and Suozzi Learn to Be Friends for the Party
Jan. 22: Ithaca Journal: The honeymoon ends between Spitzer, Bruno
Jan. 22: Newsday: Newsday's guide to politics and politicians
Jan. 22: Newsday: Picking a new comptroller goes public
Jan. 22: NYT: If Clinton Should Win, Who Would Take Her Place?
Jan. 22: Daily News: Hillary crushes Barack in city
Jan. 22: Buffalo News: Erie County Executive battle lines are being drawn
Jan. 22: Albany TU: Many vying to replace Hevesi
Jan. 22: Capitol Confidential: Siegel Ascending
Jan. 22: Capitol Confidential: Late NY Comptroller Adds

Jan. 22: WCAX: Former state representative drops bid for NH GOP chairmanship
Jan. 22: Kentucky: Northup's 'tough year' set the stage
Jan. 22: WMU: WMU College Republicans are nation's best
Jan. 22: Pittsburgh: PA House speaker's role as 'arbiter' is unprecedented
Jan. 22: Ohio: Strickland's employment questioning not as strict
Jan. 22: Boston Globe: Torkildsen eyes a state GOP revival
Jan. 22: Worcester Telegram: Mass. GOP talks tactics
Jan. 22: Vermont: Ploof seizes Republican nomination, irritating some in party


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