Jan. 14: Daily News: Spitzer vows tighter scrutiny of obscure, big-bucks panels
Jan. 14: Newsday: Scully walking in NY Dems territory
Jan. 14: Rochester D&C: No clear leader for NY comptroller
Jan. 14: Rochester D&C: Jobs at stake in NY state divide
Jan. 14: AP: Tests coming for Spitzer political clout
Jan. 14: Daily News: The once-and-future Eliot aides
Jan. 14: Journal News: Stewart-Cousins seeks to bridge party lines in Albany; video
Jan. 14: Ithaca Journal: Sizing up comptroller candidates
Jan. 14: Journal News: Newcomer Ball finding his way in Albany
Jan. 14: NYT: Spitzer Backs a Democrat From Nassau for the NY State Senate
Jan. 14: SI Advance: Spitzer's homeland chief a Republican driven by Sept. 11
Jan. 14: Newsday: Tests coming for Spitzer political clout
Jan. 14: Daily News: Big shots pull strings in NY state Sen. turf war
Jan. 14: Albany TU: Spitzer was not disrespectful to state workers

Jan. 14: Boston Globe: Mitt, be nimble
Jan. 14: Houston Chronicle: McCain: trouble with the far-right vote
Jan. 14: WP: House GOP Shows Its Fractiousness In the Minority
Jan. 14: Daily News: Wanna be Prez? First get $100M
Jan. 14: Union Leader: Crowd looms behind NH primary

Jan. 14: WP: A New Contender in Kentucky
Jan. 14: Trenton Times: New NJ GOP group vies for control of campaigns
Jan. 14: WTVF: Gray Sasser Elected Tennessee State Democratic Party Chairman
Jan. 14: Oregonian: Oregon state GOP re-elects chairman
Jan. 14: Orlando Sentinel: 'Wrong,' 'risky' insurance idea now fully embraced by Florida GOP
Jan. 14: Sarasota: In Florida insurance lobbyists on the outside looking in
Jan. 14: Chicago Tribune: Kjellander won't quit GOP post
Jan. 14: St. Louis: Missouri Republican basks in Democratic spotlight
Jan. 14: Decatur Daily: No interest in VP race, Alabama Gov. Riley says
Jan. 14: Lynchburg News Advance: GOP's Judd lays out goals for Virginia state party
Jan. 14: Jackson Clarion Ledger: Herring, Barbour lead Mississippi GOP to parity
Jan. 14: Sioux City Journal: Hoffman wins second term as head of Iowa state GOP
Jan. 14: Des Moines Register: Iowa GOP re-elects party chairman
Jan. 14: Arizona: Do GOP donations ride on chairman's coattails?
Jan. 14: LA Times: A preview of Arnold's second act
Jan. 14: San Jose Mercury News: Gov. Schwarzenegger stirs up national politics
Jan. 14: LA Times: Gov. Schwarzenegger attuned to waning of party loyalty
Jan. 14: Daily News: Obama's quiet years in N.Y.C.

Jan. 13: LA Times: Romney's religious rights
Jan. 13: AP: Giuliani. in Delaware Speech, Hedges
Jan. 13: Delaware News Journal: Giuliani tests Del. primary waters

Jan. 13: NYT: Bruno Bought Stock With Campaign Funds

Jan. 13: WorldNetDaily: Christian leader Dobson rejects McCain

Jan. 13: NYT Caucus: Romney Adds Key G.O.P. Aide Carl Forti
Jan. 13: WP Fix: Romney Builds Beltway Cred
Jan. 13: Miami Herald: Pols question Romney on issues
Jan. 13: AP: Romney's record on gay rights, social issues in cross-hairs
Jan. 13: Boston Herald: Five things Mitt doesn’t want you to know
Jan. 13: Concord Monitor: Romney, Giuliani embrace war plan

Jan. 13: AP: Giuliani discusses possible White House run
Jan. 13: NY Post: Prez run a full-time job: Rudy

Jan. 13: CQ: New Hampshire Debates to Spring Forth, Ron Paul Mulls Bid
Jan. 13: Spartanburg: Hunter aims for highest office

Jan. 13: NPR: McConnell Vows to Play Hardball by the Rules

Jan. 13: Newsday: Spitzer pushes for Johnson to get Senate seat
Jan. 13: AP: Gov. Spitzer jumps into fight over key LI state Senate vote
Jan. 13: NY Sun: Spitzer's Aides Well-Paid to Serve
Jan. 13: Newsday: Spitzer's push all about reform
Jan. 13: Albany TU: Disconnect between Spitzer, lawmakers
Jan. 13: Rochester D&C: Slaughter takes GOP jab, but vows to be fair

Jan. 13: WP Fix: Two '07 Governor's Races Heating Up
Jan. 13: Cincinnati Enquirer: Northup to run for KY governor
Jan. 13: Louisville Courier-Journal: Fletcher: Northup beatable

Jan. 13: Rocky Mountain News: Wadhams wants CO state GOP chairmanship
Jan. 13: Rocky Mountain News: CO Governor Ritter sells some, but not GOP

Jan. 13: Canton OH: New governor to celebrate inauguration with prayer, tribute, ball
Jan. 13: AP: Ohio Democrats ready for inauguration
Jan. 13: Akron Beacon Journal: Bennett still chief of Ohio GOP

Jan. 13: WP: Schwarzenegger takes center stage in U.S. health reform
Jan. 13: Kansas: Sedlock named Kansas Republican of the Year

Jan. 12: Blogosphere straw poll: Romney 28%, Gingrich 25%, Giuliani 22%, Tancredo 5%, McCain 4%...
Jan. 12: CQ: Giuliani Leads Pack in North Carolina
Jan. 12: FoxNews: Rudy Giuliani on Pres. Bush New Iraq Plan
Jan. 12: WSJ: Giuliani & Gingrich: Getting Iraq to Work
Jan. 12: CBS: Giuliani Dismisses Issues in Leaked Memo
Jan. 12: CNS: Long War Against 'Irreconcilable Wing of Islam,' Gingrich Says
Jan. 12: Tucson: McCain's 'Straight Talk' gets garbled

Jan. 12: WSJ: String of Hopefuls for 2008
Jan. 12: WSJ: Democrats' Litmus: Electability
Jan. 12: NY Sun: Troop Surge May Help or Haunt 2008 Hopefuls
Jan. 12: Des Moines: Iowa caucuses leave mark at Statehouse
Jan. 12: Miami Herald: Florida primary could move to January
Jan. 12: Post-Chronicle: Why Jim Gilmore Can Be President
Jan. 12: Galveston: Ron Paul considers run for president

Jan. 12: NY Sun editorial: Hillary Surrenders
Jan. 12: Sydney: The Hillary machine builds momentum
Jan. 12: WT: Hillary's status as front-runner slipping in key states
Jan. 12: NY Sun: Dodd Will Try To Fill a Liberal Niche in 2008 Race

Jan. 12: NYT: Spitzer Names 11 to Top Posts
Jan. 12: Albany TU: 2 failed candidates land Albany jobs
Jan. 12: Roch D&C: Morelle moves to open path to state compt job
Jan. 12: NY Post: Comptroller bidder: No Wall $t
Jan. 12: Albany TU: Choosing a comptroller

Jan. 12: Newsday: Cuomo, DA unite on ethics
Jan. 12: Rochester D&C: N.Y. in a bind over how to pick justices
Jan. 12: JN: Assembly GOP wants equal access to pork money
Jan. 12: WBEN: County GOP Leader Calls On Holt To Resign
Jan. 12: Albany TU: When Democrats quibble, Republicans plan

Jan. 12: Daily News: The Suozzi standard
Jan. 12: Newsday: Suozzi mulling another term? Check back. . .
Jan. 12: AP: Nassau CEx now wavering on bid for 3rd term
Jan. 12: Newsday: Suozzi pondering running for another term

Jan. 12: NYT: Balboni giving Up a Republican Future to Work for a Democrat
Jan. 12: Capitol Confidential: Spitzer To Endorse Johnson for 7th SD special election
Jan. 12: Newsday: Spitzer role in LI race criticized

Jan. 12: Hill: W. Va. GOPers defer to Capito
Jan. 12: CQ: Allard’s Silence on ‘08 Breeds Speculation
Jan. 12: Hill: Davis named to NRCC panel
Jan. 12: Hill: In Fla., GOP hopes for two pick-ups where it just suffered two losses
Jan. 12: KY: Former Northup aide said she’s ‘on verge’ of running for governor
Jan. 12: KY: If Northup runs for KY Gov., GOP must choose
Jan. 12: Miami Herald: FL State Democratic leader leaving to run Biden campaign
Jan. 12: Newark: Diebold announces mayoral candidacy
Jan. 12: LA Times: How Republicans win if we lose in Iraq
Jan. 12: PA: New PA Speaker Dennis O'Brien interview
Jan. 12: Albany TU: Longtime fixture in CT state GOP steps aside
Jan. 12: Hartford Courant: Rell To Fill GOP Posts
Jan. 12: Richmond Times-Dispatch: Va. Republicans fill three party positions
Jan. 12: WDBJ: Charlie Judd appointed new VA state GOP executive director

Jan. 12: NY Sun: Democrats Pick Denver Over New York for 2008
Jan. 12: CQ: 2008 Presidential Convention to Be Held in Denver
Jan. 12: Pueblo Chieftain: Denver lands Democratic convention
Jan. 12: Boston Globe: Democrats pick Denver for 2008 convention
Jan. 12: Rocky Mountain News: Denver convention win 'thrilling'
Jan. 12: Denver Post: Dem party coming to Denver

Jan. 11: NC Poll: Giuliani, followed by Gingrich, McCain and Romney
Jan. 11: Daily News: Tripping points in a run by Rudy
Jan. 11: AP: Guiliani Dismisses Issues in Leaked Memo

Jan. 11: BG: Old Romney debate clip is now a hit on the Web
Jan. 11: Real Clear Politics: Romney's Mountain of Dilemmas
Jan. 11: CNS: Democrats Bash Romney's Stand on Iraq
Jan. 11: AP: Romney Says He Was Wrong on 1994 Issues
Jan. 11: Boston Globe: Romney supports a troop increase
Jan. 11: Sarasota: Florida key to Romney's presidential aspirations

Jan. 11: AZ: Strategy regarded as 'McCain's plan'
Jan. 11: FT: McCain could gain by minority line on Iraq

Jan. 11: American Spectator: Unsolicited Advice for the GOP
Jan. 11: Human Events: The Need For Conservative Unity in 2008
Jan. 11: Daily News: Dems plan Feb. confab on White House hopes
Jan. 11: Morris: Taking day off for football costs Dems credibility
Jan. 11: AP: Dodd Announces Presidential Bid
Jan. 11: Daily News: Conn. senator to launch Prez bid
Jan. 11: DMR: Iowa Ear: Iowa caucuses leave mark at Statehouse
Jan. 11: Washington Times: Pigskin parable

Jan. 11: Daily News: Hevesi's son: I'm proud of my dad
Jan. 11: NY Post: Spitzer job seeker err-mail
Jan. 11: NY Post: Rev. Al asks Cuomo to monitor Bell probe
Jan. 11: Albany TU: Bruno says LI special election "difficult" for GOP
Jan. 11: Albany TU: Choosing a comptroller
Jan. 11: NYT: Bruno Son Emerges as Key Link
Jan. 11: Albany TU: Bruno says FBI's inquiry OK by him
Jan. 11: Albany TU: Bruno wary as special vote nears
Jan. 11: Newsday: Bruno: Election to be tough on GOP
Jan. 11: Albany TU: Tedisco proposes 'pork' reforms
Jan. 11: Newsday: Pirro to add TV host to her resume
Jan. 11: Newsday: Cuomo to probe grants
Jan. 11: NYT: Spitzer Vote Tally Is Slightly Lower in Official Count

Jan. 11: Miami Herald: Florida primary may be moved near front
Jan. 11: Detroit Free Press: Granholm asks for a budget fix
Jan. 11: NYT: House Democrats’ Security Bill Draws Doubts
Jan. 11: Arizona: Rep. Flake loses his Judiciary seat
Jan. 11: SA: Foe of GOP border proposals ousted from panel
Jan. 11: Orlando: Crist rejects 283 names, wants 'a fresh new start'
Jan. 11: Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. not done as swing state
Jan. 11: Sarasota: Crist expected to keep McDonough at DOC
Jan. 11: BG: Mass. Rep. legislative agenda focuses on affordability
Jan. 11: Baltimore Sun: Md. GOP names new executive director
Jan. 11: WP: O'Malley and majority of Lawmakers Share a Party in MD
Jan. 11: WP: In Ehrlich's Test Run, A Rough Ride but Few Regrets
Jan. 11: Baltimore Sun: Curtain rises on '07 Maryland session
Jan. 11: Hill: Dakota GOPers focus on ending 20-year drought
Jan. 11: PPG: PA State Reps name Rep. Perzel 'speaker emeritus'
Jan. 11: CBS5: Schwarzenegger Squashes Rumors Of Ditching GOP
Jan. 11: Minneapolis ST: Hang onto that 'Pawlenty for governor' sign
Jan. 11: PBP: Biden Picks Floridian To Run His Presidential Campaign
Jan. 11: Hotline: Navarro Named Biden's Campaign Manager
Jan. 11: CBS4: Florida Democrats Boss Quits After 18 Months
Jan. 11: Miami: Dem leader Navarro leaving to run Biden campaign
Jan. 11: Forbes: U.S. Republicans Face Tough Transition
Jan. 11: Boston Globe: Cracks appear in party support
Jan. 11: Myrtle Beach: Start of legislative term mixes partying, politics
Jan. 11: SC: Sanford says it’s time for big changes in S.C.

Jan. 11: AT: Look past Debbie Bucki release and see what's ahead
Jan. 11: Utica: County legislator changes parties

Jan. 11: Louisville: Fletcher campaign chief Ryall a political veteran
Jan. 11: Mercury News: Lawmakers question CA governor's agenda
Jan. 11: LA Times: Republicans take skeptical view of CA state budget

Jan. 10: NY Sun: McCain's Southern Road to Victory
Jan. 10: AJC: Poitevint hops on McCain bus
Jan. 10: Duluth: Poitevint Joins McCain
Jan. 10: NYT: 2008 Nuggets: South Rising
Jan. 10: SHJ: SC Senators show divided loyalties
Jan. 10: WCNC: McCain hires Walker for SC efforts

Jan. 10: Hill: Romney, McCain vie for House support
Jan. 10: Morris: . . . He still doesn’t look right
Jan. 10: BG: Weld backs Romney for Oval Office
Jan. 10: Lopez: Rudy in waiting?
Jan. 10: Frum: Could Romney be President?
Jan. 10: WT: Gilmore moves on White House bid
Jan. 10: AP: Gilmore eyes GOP White House bid
Jan. 10: Caucus: Make Up Your Minds Already
Jan. 10: AP: Giuliani's Business Dealings May Hurt
Jan. 10: AP: GOP contradicts Justice Department

Jan. 10: NY Sun: Senator Bruno Readjusts To Rising Democrats
Jan. 10: NY Post: Eliot loses comptrol as top picks say no
Jan. 10: Albany TU: Panel to qualify comptroller candidates before Legislature vote
Jan. 10: Rochester D&C: Panel to pick comptroller finalists
Jan. 10: NY Post: Pirro gets $1M TV deal
Jan. 10: Newsday: Spitzer would be wise to avoid these traps
Jan. 10: Newsday: Brookhaven GOP chair bowing out
Jan. 10: Daily News: Meng aide charged in voter fraud scam

Jan. 10: MS: Renick elects to challenge Barbour
Jan. 10: Biloxi: Musgrove's ex-chief of staff running
Jan. 10: KY: Fletcher picks veteran strategist
Jan. 10: TN: Republicans win Senate speakership, defeat long-serving Wilder
Jan. 10: WSJ: Lone Star Split: Conservatives are divided in Texas
Jan. 10: TX: Pitts concedes, averting House Speaker election
Jan. 10: DMN: Craddick prevails as Pitts drops out
Jan. 10: WP: Schwarzenegger Agenda Could Flex California's Muscle

Jan. 10: SC TD: Dem Presidential debate at SCSU

Jan. 9: AP: U.S. Sen. DeMint of South Carolina endorses Romney for president
Jan. 9: Boston Globe: Romney picks up key endorsement
Jan. 9: Boston Globe: Romney event nets more than $6.5m
Jan. 9: American Thinker: Mitt Romney: A Leader for America
Jan. 9: American Thinker: Mitt Romney: A Massachusetts Liberal for President

Jan. 9: NY Sun: GOP must fix communication gap or face ’08 loss
Jan. 9: Union Leader: California Rep. Hunter touts conservative appeal

Jan. 9: Buffalo News: Spitzer vows to collect tax from Indians
Jan. 9: Buffalo News: Cuomo, Brown target flow of illegal guns
Jan. 9: Buffalo News: Republicans form committee to line up Erie County Executive candidate

Jan. 9: Chicago Sun-Times: Obama fit to be President?
Jan. 9: Roll Call: 2008 Election is the Democrats' to Lose
Jan. 9: NY Post: Obama, Hill on twin bill
Jan. 9: AP: Sharpton considers running for president
Jan. 9: Washington Times: Senate takes up ethics bill promoted by Democrats
Jan. 9: Hill: Saddam’s trial stirs Obama ire
Jan. 9: Variety: MSNBC wins first presidential debate

Jan. 9: NYT: Spitzer and Assembly Near Deal on How to Choose Comptroller
Jan. 9: NYT: Health Funds at Stake, Union Keeps Watch as Spitzer Plans Cuts

Jan. 9: NY Sun: Costs of Inmates' Calls Cut
Jan. 9: NYT: Spitzer Orders Sharp Cuts in Cost of Prisoner Phone Calls
Jan. 9: Albany TU: Spitzer: Inmate calls will cost families less
Jan. 9: Albany TU: Spitzer reaches out to both sides of aisle

Jan. 9: NYT: Bloomberg Picks Pataki Official to Run City’s Welfare Agency
Jan. 9: NY Post: Bloomberg rips 'no-skill' pols' mayoral hopes
Jan. 9: NYT: Albany: Bloomberg Aide Urges Judicial Overhaul

Jan. 9: Journal News: Spitzer tries charm on lawmakers
Jan. 9: Auburn NY: Spitzer, Bruno start to disagree
Jan. 9: WBEN 930: Bruno-Spitzer Honeymoon Wanes
Jan. 9: Rochester D&C: Political flap stalls Monroe contract
Jan. 9: Albany TU editorial: Get with it, Mr. Bruno
Jan. 9: Newsday: Appointments of judges split on party lines
Jan. 9: NYT: Investigations Dim Luster of New Jersey Political Star
Jan. 9: NY Post: Andy seeks Hynes sight in war on medi-fraud

Jan. 9: AP: NY Dems nominate county legislator Johnson for Senate
Jan. 9: Staten Island Advance: NY Dems nominate county legislator Johnson for Senate
Jan. 9: Albany TU: The Union Question

Jan. 9: Angus Reid: McCain, Hillary Lead in South Carolina
Jan. 9: AP: Romney Kicks Off Fundraising Campaign
Jan. 9: Town Hall: Why John McCain is finished
Jan. 9: Monsters and Critics: Senator John McCain, movie buff

Jan. 9: Hill: In Fla., GOP hopes for two pick-ups where it just suffered two losses
Jan. 9: New Yorker: Foreign policy divides the Democrats

Jan. 9: Orangeburg SC: Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate
Jan. 9: Myrtle Beach: SC snags 1st presidential debate
Jan. 9: LA Times: Presidential debates slated for SC

Jan. 9: Boston Globe: Decision looms for Kerry on '08 run
Jan. 9: Buffalo News: Edwards puts Clinton in a difficult position
Jan. 9: Gambling 911 : Barack Obama Odds to Win in 2008 Shortened
Jan. 9: Daily News: Jesse's bid to be Prez paved way, says Obama
Jan. 9: AP: Democrats recapture part of Hispanic vote

Jan. 9: NY Sun: National Rifle Group Under Pressure To Oppose Bush Policies

Jan. 9: Denver Post: Wadhams agrees to help CO state GOP
Jan. 9: Rocky Mountain News: Wadhams hopes to run CO state GOP
Jan. 9: WDBJ: Allen campaign chief seeks helm of Colorado Republican Party

Jan. 9: AP: Ohio Gov. Strickland targets ethics
Jan. 9: Sarasota: SW FL Political parties keep their leaders
Jan. 9: Union Leader: Manchester NH GOP chair: Buckley should quit

Jan. 8: NY Post: Pataki's last image blitz
Jan. 8: NYT: In Hevesi’s Seat, Rising Potential for Party Split

Jan. 8: Newsday: Dems select LI NY state Senate candidate
Jan. 8: Daily News: Dems meet tonight to pick state Senate nominee

Jan. 8: Albany TU: Bruno cool to redistricting reform
Jan. 8: Newsday: Spitzer wants to end gerrymandering; Bruno sees no hurry
Jan. 8: Ithaca Journal: Spitzer calls for reform on legislative redistricting
Jan. 8: Newsday: Spitzer's blinded by big government
Jan. 8: NYT: Health Funds at Stake, Union Keeps Watch as Spitzer Plans Cuts
Jan. 8: NY Sun: Language of Ethical Bipartisanship Emerges Among the Democrats
Jan. 8: Gotham Gazette: Cracking Down on Corruption
Jan. 8: NY Sun: Spitzer Is Set For a Deal On Charters
Jan. 8: Albany TU: Energy lobbyist in hunt for PSC job
Jan. 8: Journal News: What Spitzer's policies mean for Rockland
Jan. 8: Newsday: Guide to politics and politicians
Jan. 8: NY Post: Quinn taking first step to run for NYC mayor

Jan. 8: Angus Reid: Giuliani, Hillary are 2008 Favourites in Nevada
Jan. 8: Chicago ST: McCain could lose new FL Gov's support
Jan. 8: NY Sun: Bloomberg Gets Encouragement Of Key Governor
Jan. 8: Newsweek: Arnold's CA Primary Plan
Jan. 8: NewsMax: A McCain-Lieberman Ticket in 2008?
Jan. 8: WPRI: Romney kicks off fundraising campaign
Jan. 8: Boston Globe: Romney urges Ga. gathering to look at record
Jan. 8: Washington Times: Conservative quest
Jan. 8: Morris: Help Wanted: Righty for '08
Jan. 8: Novak: Giuliani's dossier stirs intrigue
Jan. 8: Angus Reid: Most Like Giuliani and McCain
Jan. 8: American Spectator: Rough on Rudy
Jan. 8: Human Events: My Ideal GOP Presidential Candidate
Jan. 8: Times UK: Giuliani fears ex-wife will hit presidential bid
Jan. 8: Time: Off to the Races!
Jan. 8: Daily News: Stops Biden his time and runs for Prez
Jan. 8: Morris: Is Hillary showing her age?

Jan. 8: Daily News: Chuck's wagon rollin'
Jan. 8: NYT: After Many Years, It’s Rangel’s Turn at the Helm
Jan. 8: WT: House rules change clears way for tax increases
Jan. 8: Human Events: Raising Taxes Would Doom GOP in 2008

Jan. 8: Fort Worth ST: Challenge to Craddick is an inside job
Jan. 8: Dallas Morning News: Pitts guarantees he'll dethrone Craddick
Jan. 8: Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Geren to back Pitts for speaker
Jan. 8: DMN: More movement to challenger in Texas speaker's race
Jan. 8: DMN: DeLay ally fights to keep powerful Texas speaker post

Jan. 8: Biloxi: Barbour prepared to spend $13 M in campaign
Jan. 8: Toledo Blade: Strickland is sworn as Ohio's governor
Jan. 8: Shreveport Times: LA Legislative term limits could affect party makeup

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