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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

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March 7, 2007

Rudy in San Diego


10News: Rudy Giuliani Visits San Diego
San Diego Union Tribune: Giuliani likes Schwarzenegger style
San Diego Union Tribune: Giuliani lauds governor during stop in San Diego
KESQ: Giuliani in San Diego to shake hands, sample Manhattan chowder
KNX: Republican Presidential Front-Runner Rudy Giuliani to Campaign in San Diego
Human Events: It's Giuliani's Nomination To Lose
CBS News: What Makes Rudy Run?
Baltimore Sun: Giuliani reminds GOP of the glory days - of 2002
Post-Bulletin: Is Giuliani for real? It's too soon to know
Washington Post: Can Rudy Get Past the First Date?
Catholic Online: No deal, Rudy
Life News: Top Catholic Newspaper Tells Pro-Life Voters Rudy Giuliani Too Pro-Abortion
NY Daily News: Rudy's rural road trip
Guardian UK: Giuliani Plans Trip to Iowa Next Month
Newsday: Rudy's ex, kids in different class

Hotline: Why John McCain Had A Pretty Good Month
Washington Times: McCain seeks independents' primary votes
Hugh Hewitt: The McCain brand: Fixed and not likely to change
Minnesota Daily: McCain flip-flops credibility
Human Events: John McCain and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Campaign
NY Post: Al raises (Mc)Cain over aide

Palm Beach Post: Romney advertisement appeals to Cuban voters
AP: Romney Airs Spanish Ad for Fla. Speech
WVLT: Romney Makes East Tennessee Campaign Stop
CNN: Romney emerges as insider favorite for GOP in '08
CBN News: Who's the Real Mitt Romney?
CBS News: Romney Plots Rebound
Knox News: Mitt momentum
Palm Beach Post: Cardenas Advising Romney on Latin America

KFMB: Newt Gingrich In San Diego To Discuss Healthcare
Michigan Daily: Newt for president?

American Spectator: Gilmore Makes His Case

Newsweek: A Would-Be Knight for the Religious Right
Times Record: Huckabee Vies With GOP Foe To Win Voters

Philadelphia Inquirer: Conservatives Take Stock
Pioneer Press: Race for GOP endorsement is wide open a big improvement from 1999
Argus: The scramble for the presidency


Fox News: Moderate Republicans Revive Republican Leadership Council
Washington Times: Reforming the system
Politico: Libby Verdict Will Echo For 2008 Republicans
UW Badger Herald: Republicans must find conservatism


Newsday: NY pols seek to move up date for '08 presidential primary
NY Post: Pols: Push up primary
NY Times: Spitzers Budget Plan Called Hurtful to City
NY Times: New York Attorney General Says Auditor Defrauded State


Reuters: Florida governor urges tax cuts, global warming fight
Sun Sentinel: Gov. Crist emphasizes unity, public service in State of the State speech
Tallahassee Democrat: Floridians first, says populist Crist
Bradenton Herald: Reaction to Gov. Crist's State of the State speech
Local10: Gov. Charlie Crist's 2007 State of the State Speech


Jackson Clarion Ledger: Gollott's defection to GOP may permanently shift the balance


New Jersey Herald: Longest serving state legislator, Littell, to retire


LA Times: Legislators OK measure to move California primary to February


March 6, 2007



NY Times: Giuliani Is Selling Investment Firm; Focusing on Campaign
Reuters: Schwarzenegger stops short of endorsing Giuliani
WorldLink: Giuliani wins straw poll at Oregon conference
Rich Lowry: Rudy Giuliani and the allure of executive prowess
Jack Kelly: Can Rudy survive the criticism?
Voice of America: Battle for Republican Party US Presidential Nomination Intensifies
FoxNews: Giuliani Would Have Better Odds Running as a Democrat
American Spectator: The Prodigal Son
Financial Times: Giuliani sells bank in campaign move
MSNBC: Some on the right begin to warm to Giuliani
Washington Post: Start Spreading the News
Hotline: Spotlight: Rough And Rudy
CQ: Craig Crawfords Trail Mix: Bursting Rudys Bubble
Washington Times: The unexpected happens
Angus Reid: Giuliani, Edwards Are Leaders in Iowa
Washington Post: Hizzoner the Curmudgeon
US News: Giuliani: The Antichrist?
NY Post: Rudy: She's no evil stepmom
NY Sun: Giuliani Tackles Questions About His Family Life
NY Daily News: Rudy says it's a family affair
NY Daily News: Rudy's son: 'I got my values from my mother'
Newsday: Rudy: Not her fault


Boston Globe: Romney resurrects a pass strategy
Nashua Telegraph: Romney: Made for television
Bloomberg: Republican Right Wondering Which Mitt Fits: Andrew Ferguson

Politico: Conservatives Bash McCain, Media

CNS News: Gilmore Wants Conservatives to Examine His Track Record
Denver Post: Tancredo demos stump speech

Cal Thomas: Gingrich Tries to Fix Our Broken Politics
CNS News: Gingrich Calls for Civility in 2008 Fight

Pinkerton: 2008's nominations suddenly seem soon
Star Ledger: Republicans party like it's not 1999
World Net Daily: Straw poll and brick values
Corvallis Gazette: Presidential candidate garners support



Rush Limbaugh: Rush Weighs In on the Coulter Kerfuffle
Human Events: Mike Pence: Redeeming the Dream
Howard Fineman: Conservatism's Fresh Face
PRN: Poll Results at CPAC on GOP Election Losses Blame Corruption, Cons. Leaders, Bush
Dartmouth Online: College Republicans hit conservative conference


NY Times: Albany Expected to Join Rush to Move 08 Primary to February
Rochester D&C: School aid plan is 'class warfare,' Bruno says
Newsday: GOP urges probe of Suozzi's hires
Albany Times Union: A Farley- Stratton rematch?
NY Sun: Teachers Open a Campaign Against Spitzer
NY Sun: State Employee Payroll Is Second Highest in U.S.


Richmond Times Dispatch: Kaine starts fight against road plan
Washington Post: The Real Aim of Virginia's Transpo Deal
Leesburg Today: Potts Vows To Be Factor In 27th District Race


Register-Guardian: Oregon GOP regroups at Dorchester retreat


Centre Daily News: Candidates crowd into races for Pa. judgeships


Scripps: Crist lights the way for GOP


NY Times: Corzine Admits He Gave More Gifts to Union Leader


Boston Globe: Governor made call on behalf of lender


March 5, 2007



American Spectator: The State of the Race
US News: What Makes Rudy Run
Washington Post: Looking Back to '9/10 Rudy,' and Ahead to 11/'08
NY Sun: Editorial: Rudy's Road Ahead
Bismarck Tribune: Republican Party's party taking shape
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 38%, McCain 26%
Power Line: A new, softer litmus test?
Newsday: Giulianis' rift a liability?
Newsday: Giuliani's son proclaims rift
NY Daily News: My dad the dud, Rudy's son says

Politico: Romney: Blogs More Open Than Mainstream Media

American Spectator: Gingrich Up, McCain Down
Washington Times: CPAC embraces Steele, Gingrich
AP/Sidoti: Conservatives laud Gingrich at meeting

OpinionJournal/Fund: Searching for Mr. Right
Daily Press: Gilmore not yet making a splash
San Antonio Express: 'Dr. No' may say yes to run for White House
Rocky Mountain News: Tancredo in bottom of insider survey
Salon: Can Mike Huckabee out-charm the GOP big three?
American Spectator: March of the Pygmies
Crosswalk: GOP 'B-Team' Takes Jabs at Top Tier Candidates
MyWay: 2008 Race, 20 Months Away, Dominating TV


Detroit News: GOP adjusts to minority
Conservative Voice: Is America Ready for a Third Party?
Fox News: Anger on Display Among Conservative PAC Audience
American Spectator: Boys Will Be Boys
American Spectator: CPAC World
The Hill: Subpoenas may spell trouble for Domenici and Wilson


Al D'Amato

NY Times: DAmato Never Folds
Newsday: Suozzi gets flak for new hires
NY Post: Clintonites 'explode' at neutral Gov. Eliot


Advocate: Party of one? GOP balks at Rell's call for tax hikes


WHDH: Maine takes leisurely view of White House race


Sun Sentinel: As Legislature begins, new governor's big plans face a tight budget
St. Petersburg Times: A speaker of intrigue and ambition
Orlando Sentinel: Property-tax relief tops agenda in Tallahassee
Tallahassee Democrat: Greer to speak at Republican meeting
Naples News: House Minority leader addresses Collier GOP at Lincoln Day dinner
Ocala News: State GOP leader touts property tax bill


AP: Republican withdraws support of own bill
LA Times: For Rep. Sanchez, a hot-tomato label means a hot potato


March 4, 2007



Bloomberg: Giuliani Leads McCain by 25 Percentage Points in Poll
Reuters: Giuliani up 25 points over McCain: poll
Washington Post: Giuliani starts strong in test of Republican voter allegiances
Washington Post: Giuliani Has No Real Chance With GOP Voters . . . or Does He?
NY Daily News: Wife makes strife

Sunday Times UK: The old warrior digs in and waits for Rudy to unravel
ABC News: The McCain Factor: Why Isn't He the Front-Runner?

Sunday Herald UK: Vietnam vet and the hero of 9/11 both vie for Christian right
Bayou Buzz: Giuliani, McCain, Romney Vie For GOP Moderate Soul
IHT: Former Speaker Gingrich a popular choice for GOP though not a candidate yet
Baltimore Sun/AP: Gingrich could be the right's '08 pick


Boston Globe/AP: Romney first choice in conservative poll
LA Times: Conservatives pick Romney in straw poll
LA Times: Poll: Insiders favor Clinton, Romney in 2008
Boston Globe: Diplomat's new cause: Romney
Newsday: Romney leads Rudy in GOP poll
NY Sun: Romney, Giuliani Top Conservative Straw Poll

Columbus D: Gov. Schwarzenegger: Middle is path to the White House for Republicans
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pennsylvanians still like GOP, but look for moderation
South Bend Tribune: Michigan may caucus early


Boston Globe: Ex-GOP candidates turn attacks back on national panel
Hot Air: Giuliani, Romney, McCain camps denounce Coulters attack on Edwards
NY Times: G.O.P. Candidates Criticize Slur by Conservative Author


Buffalo News: Collins eyes GOP Erie County executive bid
Newsday: Suozzi added campaign workers to county payroll
Newsday: Republican Bruno reaches into Democratic caucus for help


CBS4Denver: Republicans Pick Wadhams To Head State Party
Colorado Springs Gazette: Campaigner tapped to be state GOP leader


St. Louis Post Dispatch: Nixon 'disgusted' by Blunt's actions


Albuquerque Tribune: GOP VIPs ponder David Iglesias fallout


News Herald: Romney lands key Bay County support
Naples News: House Minority leader addresses Collier GOP at Lincoln Day dinner
St. Petersburg Times: Crist lights the way for GOP


Providence Journal: Cicione gains support for GOP chairman


Cincinnati Enquirer: Dems, GOP out early in Ohio


MyWestTexas: Presidential candidate Brownback to speak in Midland April 11


Arizona Republic: Napolitano unveils immigration plan


March 3, 2007

Rudy at CPAC


Gothamist: Rudy Loves Reagan
Capitol Confidential: Conservatives Love Rudy
HotAir: CPAC Day 2: Giuliani
Conservative Voice: America's Mayor: What He Said at CPAC and What He Didn't
Washington Post: Conservatives Look for a Winning Hand
NY Sun: Giuliani: I Am Conservatives' 80 Percent Ally
Newsday: Giuliani treads lightly in speech
Guardian UK: Rudy can't fail ... can he?
Telegraph UK: Giuliani uses tact to win over the conservatives
CNN: Schneider: I'm one of you, Giuliani tells conservatives
Slate: Rudy in Coulter Land
NY Daily News: Rudy's got right moves
NY1News: Giuliani Tries To Drum Up Conservative Support In Washington
Sacramento Bee: Analysis: High-flying Giuliani woos conservatives
Caucus: At CPAC, Giuliani Promotes Ties to Reagan
PowerLine: Rudy Giuliani -- my conservative cousin's take
Crosswalk: Giuliani to Conservatives: We're a Lot Alike
CQ: Giuliani Gains Traction from Campaigns Popularity Contest Phase
Hotline: Kossacks To The Right Of Rudy?
Salon: The Republican candidates -- and Ann Coulter -- try out their acts
Hotline: Conservatives: Don't Essentialize Yourselves
Washington Times: Naming the enemy
Kansas City Star: Giuliani emerges as GOP's front runner
CNN: Greenfield: '9/11' may be the only answer Giuliani needs
AJC: Hunt is on for next hero of the right


NY Times: Romney and Giuliani Make Pitch to Conservatives
Boston Globe: Giuliani, Romney court conservative base
Political Cortex: The Winter of Viguerie's Discontent
PRNewswire: Viguerie Makes 'Controversial' Speech at CPAC
Weekly Standard: Social conservatives, Rudy Giuliani, and the end of the litmus test
San Antonio Express: Giuliani looking to secure a fan base in San Antonio

CNN: McCain wins Spartanburg straw poll
State: McCain wins GOP presidential straw poll
Salt Lake Tribune: McCain on Utah, the issues
Townhall: The McCain Mutiny

St. Louis Post Dispatch: Presidential candidates making early stops in Missouri
Morning News: Huckabee Tries To Woo Conservative Activists

Detroit News: Social stances create tumult in GOP contest

CQ: Craig Crawfords Trail Mix: McCain Flubs Three-Strike Rule


White House: Remarks by the President at NRSC Dinner


Louisville Courier Journal: Bush defends war policy, pulls in $2.1 million for McConnell
Richmond Times Dispatch: Boehner backs Iraq war at Cantor fundraiser
CQ: Campaign Finance Law Fight Isn't Over Til McConnell Says It's Over
Union Leader: Frank Luntz: How to revive the GOP
FoxNews: Howard Dean Demands GOP Candidates Denounce Ann Coulter
Editor&Publisher: Coulter Suggests John Edwards Is a 'Faggot'


Albany Times Union: Leaders agree on extra budget funds
News10Now: Dems can't be ruled out of county executive race in Syracuse
NY Times: Health Care Lobby Is Served Bagels and a Scolding From the Governor


WDAM: Last-minute surprises on deadline day
Sun Herald: Gollott jumps to GOP: Senate balance of power shifts
CQ: Barbour Has Big Jump But Draws Crowd in Mississippi Governors Race


Rhode Island News: Barrington lawyer tapped to lead GOP


Las Vegas Sun: Nevada GOP moves ahead with early caucus plan


MyFox: Rove Promises To `Repaint The State Red'


Wisconsin State Journal: Doyle donor is indicted
FoxNews: Records: Wis. Donor Gave to AG Candidate


Sacramento Bee: Analysis: 'Post-partisan' vision of state taken to task
Scripps: Governor's idea fails reality test


Miami Herald: Crist delays vote on restoring rights to felons


March 2, 2007



Greenville News: Giuliani wins Spartanburg vote
FOXNews/AP: Giuliani Leads GOP Candidates in South Carolina Straw Poll
WHNS: Giuliani leads in Spartanburg County straw poll
ABC News: Giuliani Leads GOP Candidates in S.C.
Newsday: Another poll favors Giuliani
NY Daily News: Rudy's big wishes on little stars
Asbury Park Press: Poll: N.J. voters pick Rudy over Hillary
amNewYork/AP: Giuliani picks New York campaign leaders
Christian Science Monitor: Giuliani most electable, poll finds
Caucus: Poll: Giuliani Leaps Ahead of McCain
ABC News: Giuliani Smeared by '08 Rival
NRO/The Corner: Giuliani on Social Issues
Examiner: Draft questions cloud Giulianis chances

RealClearPolitics: McCain's Rough Week
Slate: How McCain plans to catch Giuliani
Politico: The McCain Late Show Surprise
National Post CA: Has McCain lost his political mojo?
North Country Times: Former Homeland Security secretary backs McCain for president
OpinionJournal: Peggy Noonan: How McCain Got Dinged
Kommersant: A Comedian for President
CNN: McCain says he misspoke in saying U.S. lives 'wasted'
Guardian UK: McCain May Opt Out of Financing System
NY Times: McCain and Obama in Deal on Public Financing
Politico: Anyone but McCain, Santorum Says
Captain's Quarters: Profiles In Political Courage?

Mercury News/AP: Mitt Romney criticizes main rivals
NY Daily News: Gloves come off: Mitt has 'choice' words for Giuliani
Union Leader: Tom Rath's help aside in NH, Mitt is struggling in numbers game
FOXNews: Romney Blasts McCain for Support of 'Amnesty' for Illegal Immigrants
Virginian Pilot: Regent students upset at Romneys choice as speaker
Union Leader: Romney: Spending cap, programs review crucial

Washington Times: Gilmore to reveal 'false' conservatives

American Spectator: Jeb in 2008?

Newsday: Wooing the conservatives
NY Times: California Enjoys Electoral Muscle
Houston Chronicle: Far right feeling left out
Boston Globe: Conservatives irate at current crop of presidential candidates
CBS News: GOP Conservatives Still Shopping
Guardian UK: Making the right choice
Star-Ledger: The'08 front-runners are looking vulnerable
Caucus: 2008: Straw Polls
National Journal: Voting records of 2008 candidates


Time/Kristol: Why Republicans Are Smiling
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Santorum to contribute to Fox News
NY Sun: Conservative Conference Heralds Mission From God'
Human Events: Sen. Mitch McConnell: Returning the GOP to Conservative Principles
Boston Globe: At conservatives' conference, little love is expressed for GOP
Washington Times: Bob Barr: Immigration indigestion
LA Times: Bush may divide voters, but in GOP fundraising, that adds up


NY Post: Spitz hints he'll back Clinton
NY Times: Bronx Election Workers Under Investigation
Politics on the Hudson: Giuliani names Molinari, Powers state chairs


Sun Herald: Gollott switches parties, throws Senate to GOP
Clarion Ledger: Lawmaker switches to GOP party
Clarion Ledger: 2 challenge insurance official for state post


Sun Sentinel: Broward's GOP picks two to lead the party


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: U.S. indicts Doyle donor
Wisconsin State Journal: Doyle donor is indicted
Pioneer Press: Troha indicted, accused of fraud


Toledo Blade: Poll: State voters averse to altering legislative term limits
Morning Journal: Former Sheffield Village mayor to run in Lorain


NY Post: Rudy rates over Hill in Jersey
Star Ledger: Expanding probe hits office of governor
NJ Herald: Guy Gregg kicks off campaign season


Pittsburgh TR: GOP panel endorses 2 Westmoreland commissioner candidates
Philadelphia Inquirer: Democrats target control of counties


Lexington Herald Leader: Lawmaker: 'Disloyal' Pence should resign
LEX10: Carroll Says Pence Should Resign


March 1, 2007



Time: TIME Poll: Giuliani's Lead Widens
Courier News: Poll: NJ voters prefer Giuliani
RealClearPolitics: Why Giuliani is the Top Candidate
WHO TV: Giuliani appoints first Iowa official
Bloomberg: Giuliani Woos Religious Republicans, Stressing `Authenticity'
NY Sun: Giuliani Will Meet The Right
Common Conservative: The case for Giuliani in 2008
TomPaine: The Trouble With Rudy
CNN/Schneider: Giuliani surging in 2008 race
NY Sun: Potential Clinton-Giuliani Battle Brews Over 9/11 Health Issues
Politico: Giuliani-Appointed Judges Tend to Lean to the Left


NY Times: In Newly Usual Way, McCain Says Hell Run
NRO: Senator Jon Kyl: Right on McCain
NY Sun: McCain, in New York, Gets Surprise Visit From Pataki
San Francisco Chronicle: McCain gains California heavies
Washington Times: McCain rejects CPAC invite
NY Daily News: I'm McCain & able, he sez
AP/Sidoti: McCain announces presidential run on Letterman
ABC News/Reuters: McCain says he's in presidential race
Baltimore Sun: McCain to officially enter race in April, after Iraq visit
Captain's Quarters: McCain Announces On Letterman

NY Times: Romney Pushes Turnout in Conservative Straw Poll
KnoxNews: Romney first GOP hopeful to hit town
Politico: Romney Seeks to Regain Momentum With the Right
Boston Globe: McCain popularity, Giuliani interest displace Romney's N.H. edge
The State: Anonymous critics aim at Romney
Concord Monitor: Memo leaks, amusement follows
Commentary: Marketing Mitt Romney
Captain's Quarters: Jim DeMint Visits Blogger Row on behalf of Romney
PajamasMedia: The man who would be Mitt

Sacramento Bee: Dick Polman: The return of Newt Gingrich
NY Post: Gingrich rips 'nasty' Hillary

Boston Herald: Hagels the only real right stuff
Bloomberg: Long-Shot Hagel May Be Republicans' Best Bet: Margaret Carlson

Dick Morris: Only strong will survive this Big Bang
TownHall: Novak: The Conservative Void
Madison County Journal: Barbour: Don't underestimate Hillary
Forbes: How Key Are Social Conservatives To '08?
The State: Presidential rivals grasp at straw-poll glory
Lawrence Journal-World: Republican candidates moving to middle
Jewish Week: Growing Jewish Woes Seen For Sen. Clinton
The Hill: Immigration minefield for 08 hopefuls
AP: YouTube to Give Politicians Video Boost


Ann Coulter: Let them eat tofu!
WorldNetDaily/Elder: Democrat vs. Republican: What's the diff?
Boston Globe: Conservatives shift focus to Congress
Washington Times: McConnell fighting Bush's battles in Senate
NY Times: Group Reaches Settlement With F.E.C. Over 2004 Campaign Advertising
RealClearPolitics/Kondracke: Schwarzenegger's 'Post-Partisanship'
San Diego Union Tribune: Schwarzenegger's 'post-partisan' plans surprise Feinstein
MSNBC: GOP group donates funds from terror suspect
Highland Community News: Lewis demise greatly exaggerated?
CQ: GOP Will Target Freshman Democrats, But History Shows It Wont Be Easy
Politico: House Democrats Angling on Domestic Issues
Queens Gazette: 12 Presidents Who Are Not On Mount Rushmore
NY Times: Officer Is Cleared in Mass Arrests at 2004 G.O.P. Convention
Washington Post: House GOP Pushes Floor Vote For Rep. Jefferson Appointment


NY Times: Bruno Adds to Intrigue by Elevating a Democrat
NY Post: Bruno lets Dem run Sen. panel
NY Daily News: Bruno nod for Dem in Senate 'chess'
Empire: State GOP Chairman Attends Schenectady County Lincoln Day Dinner
NY Times: Spitzer Counterpunches With Ad Defending Health Care Overhaul
NY Times: Cuomo Voids Health Benefits for Two Boards
NY Post: Gov deal on jailed pervs


Daily Press: House fires back at Kaine as PR battle over roads issue escalates
Washington Post: Republicans Put Aside Differences To Push Their Transportation Plan
Roanoke Times: GOP offensive targets critics of bond package

ALABAMA Sen. Marsh reappointed Alabama GOP finance chairman


York Dispatch: Area Republicans target Democratic stronghold of York City


NW Progressive Inst.: Supreme Court's decision to take up primary case isn't worrisome


Pioneer Press: Wisconsin / FBI takes a look at big Doyle donor


Cincinnati Enquirer: Poll: 2-party rule best for Ohio


The Hill: State senator aims to duplicate rivals unity in Ga. special election


NY Times: Citing Abuses, Texas Governor Ousts Leader of Youth Agency



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