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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

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May 7, 2007



NY Post: Brave Rudy: Has most courage, poll says
Washington Times: Pro-choice Giuliani called acceptable
Denver Post: Tancredo: Abortion view not sure to derail Giuliani
AP/Quaid: Boehner: Giuliani Can Win GOP Nod Despite Abortion Stance
Chicago Sun-Times: Giuliani can succeed despite pro-choice stance: GOP leader
Newsday: 9/11 myths may put Giuliani on top
LA Times: Private Giuliani tests public tolerance
Wall St. Journal: Giuliani Firms Had Potential Conflict of Interest
American Spectator: Giuliani Jitters
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani at 27%, McCain 19%
AP/Fram: Presidential Nomination May Be Tightening
Bayou Buzz: Poll: Rudy Giuliani Lead Fading Fast
Albany Times-Union: Democrats' edge in doubt
Townhall: Finding an Authentic Voice

Atlantic City: N.J. Republicans pin hopes on Rudy Giuliani

Romney on Osama bin Laden:

Cornell Daily Sun: Why Romney Won the Republican Presidential Debate


CNS News: Romney Emphasizes Importance of Marriage in Commencement Address
Salt Lake Tribune: Christian university welcomes Romney
Boston Globe: Romney's visit stirs debate at Christian university

Tucson Citizen: McCain denies he's taking mandatory eight count
NewsMax: McCain is Finished, Head of Conservative Union Says
Onion: McCain To Send Self Back To Vietnamese POW Camp To Revitalize Campaign

Morning News: South Carolina Party Chief No Help To Former Boss Huckabee
Union Leader: Huckabee winds up two-day swing through New Hampshire

Washington Post: Can Fred Thompson rescue Republicans in 2008?
Denver Post: Thompson backs U.S. staying in Iraq
CBS13: Thompson Evokes Reagan Legacy In Speech
Sound Politics: Fred Thompson Round-up
Christian Science Monitor: Could Fred Thompson please the right?

CBS News: Gingrich: No '08 Decision Until September

AP/Sidoti: GOP candidates embrace Reagan legacy, not Bush's


Washington Times: Sagging Republican fund-raising
American Thinker: Where Is The Republican Vision?
US News: GOP Starting Off Slow
Daily Telegraph: All-Time Low For Bush In a Poll
AP/Quaid: House leader acknowledges GOP nervousness about troop increase

Kansas City Star: Justice Department hiring practices under investigation
Kansas City Star: Questions arise about former U.S. attorney in KC


NY Post: Gay wed bliss splits NY Dems
Journal News: Westchester GOP aims to increase seats on county board


Washington Times: Early primary roils Florida Democrats


Nashua Telegraph: Glass is half-full in eyes of New Hampshire GOP
Union Leader: NH firm about being first


Times&Democrat: Republican also proud first debate held here


NY Times: California Gains Clout With Earlier Primary


May 6, 2007



NY Times: Giuliani, Speaking at the Citadel, Calls for a Bigger Army
AP/Davenport: Giuliani Backs Army Buildup Nearing 600K
Des Moines Register: Giuliani praises 'great president'
Newsday: Rudy's answers on Iraq, abortion fall short
Dallas Morning News: Giuliani loses lead
Newsday: Rudy: Boost the army
NY Daily News: Beef up military - Rudy
NewsMax: Giuliani Flips on Schiavo Case
St. Petersburg Times: Giuliani flips on Schiavo case
NewsBusters: Giuliani Rep Complained to NBC News About Olbermann

AP/Lindlaw: McCain stumping, stumped
Arizona Republic: McCain out to set self apart from GOP field
Quad-Cities: McCain brings campaign back to Davenport Monday
AP/Griffith: McCain criticizes Clinton's Iraq move


Boston Globe: Romney's visit stirs debate at Christian university
Washington Post: Romney Reaches to the Christian Right
AP/Barisic: Romney Speaks at Pat Robertson's School
AP/Zoll: Romney courts hard-to-get votes
Washington Post: Romney in Virginia to court religious right
Salt Lake Tribune: Faith takes back seat in Mitt's campaign

NY Times: Thompson Tries Out Campaign Lines
CBS News: Fred Thompson's Non-Campaign Rolls On
American Daily: 'What is Fred Waiting For?
MSNBC: Thompsons politics look a lot like McCains
Breitbart TV: Fred Thompson Ive never casually run for anything (video)
Tennessean: Thompson's hometown remembers a less stately Fred

AP/Elliott: Huckabee the Political Evolutionist

Herald: Tancredo promises to enforce border during campaign stop in Hereford

KIMT: Presidential Candidates Visit North Iowa

Newsday: Editorial: The Gipper hopefuls
Dallas Morning News: GOP longs to find one like Gipper
Rochester D&C: GOP's Big Three
LA Daily News: Republican debate: No clear winner

Post&Courier: S.C. GOP to invite 10 to debate


NY Times: A Split Emerges as Conservatives Discuss Darwin
News-Press: Rove: Time for GOP to be bold
George Will: Circumstances bode well for retaking the House
WSJ/Judith Miller: When Activists Are Terrorists


AP/Humbert: Spitzer wants legislators to dismantle their own foundations
AP/Gormley: Parole system in transition assailed as unfair
Journal News: Westchester GOP aims to increase seats on county board

Utica Observer Dispatch: Arcuri's seat not yet a GOP target
Utica Observer Dispatch: Meier may rematch Arcuri in '08


NY Times: Seeking an Edge, Florida Changes Its Primary Date
AP/Royse: Conservative agenda muted in Crist-era Florida Legislature
Sun-Herald: Rove visits Punta Gorda


AP: Florida move could affect status of Iowa caucuses


AP/Ammons: Judging Washington's `beauty contest' primary


Salt Lake Tribune: Republican official's ouster tied to vouchers, Bush visit


Indianapolis Star: Local GOP trying to regain footing


Naperville Sun: A shifting political landscape?
Daily Herald: Former GOP leader Daniels now just going about his life


St. Cloud Times: Judges worry about a partisan future


AP/Jackson: Pa. Supreme Court hopefuls report raising about $2 million
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania Supreme Court and Superior Court races


Boston Globe: Missouri attorney a focus in firings


May 5, 2007



Althouse: Did McCain win the debate?
Times UK: Reagan still rules as rivals try to win over party faithful
Weekly Standard/Barnes: Republicans debate in the shadow of greatness
Byron York: Overturning Roe, Remembering Reagan, and Cutting Taxes
NY Times: At G.O.P. Debate, Candidates Played to Conservatives
David Broder: In GOP Presidential Debate, Religion Becomes Politics
CNN: GOP starts to chart its post-Bush course
The Fix: GOP Debate: Winners and Losers
NRO/Geraghty: Matthews lost, McCain won
Dick Morris: John McCain Wins First GOP Debate, but MSNBC Shows Anti-Giuliani Bias

Hotline: Rudy: I Can Win California
Staten Island Advance: GOP leaders applaud Rudy's performance
AP/Glover: Giuliani Says Saddam Paying for Offenses
AP/Slevin: Giuliani emerging as favorite of gays
Reuters: Giuliani says repeal of abortion law would be "OK"
NY Post: Editorial: Rudy ducks Roe woe
NY Sun Blog: How Badly Rudy Did
NY Daily News: Rudy's abort waffle burns on both sides
Rasmussen: Rasmussen: Giuliani, Clinton Tied

AP/Zoll: Romney Heads to Pat Robertson's School

Radio Iowa: Brownback says debate "jumbled" GOP field
Hotline: Brownback Would Accept A Pro-Choice Nominee

Towleroad: Tommy Thompson Says Fire the Gays, Then Retracts

Fred Thompson

Washington Post: Yet-to-Be Candidate Thompson Offers Conservative Mix
OC Register: Thompson makes a pitch
San Francisco Chronicle: TV actor, a former senator, lets buzz build in GOP race
National Ledger: All Eyes on Fred Thompson
CQ Politics: Did Gore, Thompson Win Debates By Default?
Hotline: Fred Thompson's Inner Circle Builds A Larger Circle
Morning News: Raising Hands, Waiting For Fred

Bloomberg: Hagel Says He Would Consider Presidential Run as an Independent

Washington Post: National Parties Uneasy as States Rush Primaries
CQ Politics: Florida Cuts Ahead of Primary Line, Despite Parties Threat to Push Back


CQ Politics: Collins Iraq Votes Reflect Dilemma for GOP Centrists Who Are Up in 08

ABC News: Conservatives Perceive YouTube Bias, Launch New Video-Sharing Site


NY Times: Judge Orders Release of Police Files on Convention, Pending a Stay to Appeal
NY Sun: NYC May Appeal Convention Ruling

NY Post: Bruno's aide is a cluck a l'orange


Union Leader: NH firm about being first


CQ Politics: Democrat Driehaus Targets Republican Chabot in Ohio House Race


Nevada Appeal: Doolittle defiant: 'They have to drag me out'
Concord Monitor: Gardner watches Florida warily


News Tribune: King County Republicans to pay $40,000 fine to settle violations


Time: Florida Governor Charlie Crist is no Jeb Bush


May 4, 2007



Drudge Report: Drudge Straw Poll: Romney 35% Giuliani 20% Paul 18%
Politico: Call me irresponsible: I say Romney won
North Country Times: Romney gets nod from some debate watchers
Deseret News: Debate buoys Romney fans
Newsweek: No Net Gain
The Fix: Debate Wrap Up

Washington Post: GOP Field United On War, Divided On Social Issues
LA Times: Differences emerge as Republicans debate
NY Times: 08 Republicans Differ on Defining Partys Future
Bloomberg: McCain, Giuliani, Romney Take Hard Line on National Security
AP/Sidoti: GOP Contenders Embrace Reagan Legacy
NewsBusters: Silly Media Questions Abound in First GOP Debate

Nancy & Arnold

Baltimore Sun: GOP hopefuls sidestep Bush, seek Reagan tie
Dallas Morning News: Debate? More like Republican 'Idol'
CNN: Debating in Reagan's shadow, Giuliani bucks GOP field
Detroit Free Press: Giuliani takes abortion stand
ABC News: 2008 Republicans back war, question handling
Times UK: McCain makes ground in Republican face-off
IHT: Republican candidates invoke Reagan model in first debate
LA Times: Schwarzenegger loses this debate
NY Post: Rivals sway no voters
Caucus: The Republican Candidates First Debate
NY Post: Rudy: I'll be the next Reagan
NY Sun: Debate Offers Look at Shape of Race Ahead
NY Sun: GOP Debate: Hits, Misses, and Wild Misfires
Peggy Noonan: An Incomplete Field: First impressions of the GOP's 2008 candidates
Politico: Republicans serve up strong rhetoric on Iraq
Newsweek/Fineman: Sizing Up The Second Tier

NY Daily News: Giuliani is not-so-artful dodger
Washington Times: Giuliani wary of repeal of Roe
MSNBC: Giuliani sets himself apart on abortion
Reuters: Giuliani says repeal of abortion law would be "OK"
American Spectator: Rudy Was Not Okay

Rudy Giuliani on abortion:

Republicans on Bill Clinton:

Romney on strengthening the American family:

McCain on Tancredo:

Debate Segment (10 min.):

Ron Paul on Iraq:

Times UK: The wisdom of Ronald Reagan speaks down the years

Flashback: Reagan - A Rendezvous with Destiny

RCP Blog: New 2008 QPoll
Bloomberg: Giuliani Leads Republican, Democratic Candidates, Poll Says
Hartford Courant: Poll: GOP Strong In Presidential Matchup
USA Today: Quinnipiac Poll: Giuliani still leads GOP hopefuls, but by much less
MSNBC: Rudy the front-runner?
Berkshire Eagle: Poll: Giuliani has '08 edge
NewsMax: Poll: Giuliani Beats Clinton, Obama, Gore
NY Sun: Q-Poll: Giuliani Tumbles, Thompson Explodes, McCain Tastes Hope
NY Post: Barack best bet vs. Rudy: Poll
Des Moines Register: Giuliani adds Iowa state senators to campaign

Des Moines Register: McCain talks his way straight to top of field
Tyler Morning Telegraph: Eltife, Five Others Officially Back McCain

RCP Blog: Novak's Hit on Romney

LA Times: GOP run could impact actor's TV time
LA Times: Will Fred Thompson's racist role have political repercussions?
LA Times: Fred Thompson: Actor. Senator. Presidential candidate?
American Thinker: Fred Thompson and the GOP's Southern Problem

NY Sun: Was 2008 the Main Course When Bloomberg, Hagel Dined?
NY Sun: Editorial: Bloomberg-Hagel?

Washington Post: Campaigns rely on web gurus


The Fix: The Line: GOP Wants Its 'Safe' House Seats Back
Power Line: Where Will the GOP Go On Immigration?


NY Times: Assemblyman Is Censured for Fraternizing With Intern
NY Post: Albany intern flap slap
Buffalo News: Cole censured by Assembly ethics panel

Politics on the Hudson: Vanderhoefs all for Rudy
WSYR: Mahoney Running for Onondaga County Executive
Syracuse Post-Standard: Joanie Mahoney says she'll primary against Sweetland
Daily Freeman: Longtime Kingston GOP alderman becoming a Democrat
NY Post: GOP isn't the lease bit happy
NY Post: New fund-raise fury hits Spitz
NY Sun: Spitzer Floats Legislation, GOP Sinks It
NY Sun: Pirro Tape-Recording Disclosure Prompts Outcry


NY Times: Seeking an Edge, Florida Changes Its Primary Date
NY Times: Florida Acts to Eliminate Touch-Screen Voting System
Miami Herald: Early states: We'll trump Florida bid
AP/Majors: Florida Legislature passes plan for January presidential primary
The Hill: Florida legislature throws wrench into primary season
Florida Today: Early primary yes, touch-screen votes no
Time: Election Chaos
Boston Globe: Florida moves up presidential primary
Miami Herald: Primary shift could be costly to Democrats
NW Florida Daily News: Florida sets early primary, ignoring national party threats


Centre Daily: Republicans in short supply in Allegheny County


Indianapolis Star: Election may shift council's makeup


Courier Post: Complaints name 7 GOP legislators
Courier Post: Ethics complaints coming against GOP
Newsday: Democrats vow to lodge ethics complaints against GOP lawmakers


Deseret News: GOP firing to have little effect on public
Deseret News: GOP spat isn't dying down


Human Events: Colorado Goes Blue


Kansas City Star: Claire McCaskill charting her own course in Washington


May 3, 2007



CNS News: All 10 Are In: Fox News Says No Candidate Will Be Left Out of GOP Debate
Newsday: As hopefuls gird for tonights debate, signs indicate party still up for grabs
Boston Globe: In GOP debate, a chance to stand out
AP/Sidoti: GOP Candidates Prepare for Debate
StarNews: 10 candidates to get S.C. debate invitations
Hotline: ARG! What's Important In The Latest ARG Polls
MSNBC: California debate could define what conservative means
USA Today: 5 reasons the GOP faces an uphill climb in '08
Townhall: Advice to the Reagan Lorn
Dallas Morning News: As GOP hopefuls take the stage, fireworks seem likely
NY Times: G.O.P. Contenders Ponder What to Say About Bush
Ann Coulter: No Wonder They're Afraid of Brit Hume
AP: Nancy Reagan to Attend GOP Debate


NY Times: In G.O.P. Debate Today, Which Tack for Giuliani?
Politico: McCain's Loss Is Giuliani's Gain
Politico: Giuliani says he tunes out scrutiny
AP/Blood: Giuliani gets Tinseltown campaign $
Baltimore Sun: Hollywood steps up for Giuliani
Politico: Giuliani digs for cash in Silicon Valley
Blogger News Network: Rudy Giuliani Adopts Bushs War on Terror
NY Sun: Giuliani Wins Latino Coalition Straw Poll
Politico: Excerpts from Giuliani interview
Bay Area Reporter: Rudy rolls right
Newsday: Rudy no longer Republican darling
NY Observer: Giuliani Beats Up on the Little Guys

Byron York: For McCain, its good to be alive
San Francisco Chronicle: McCain points to need to work with U.S. allies
Palo Alto Daily News: Senator John McCain addresses Hoover Institution
Phoenix Business Journal: McCain heads to Vegas, Beverly Hills, backs Bush veto

WIS10: Romney on Leno as Republican candidates converge on California for debate
WCVB-TV: Former Mass. Gov. Romney Appears On Leno
KSL-TV: Mitt Romney to Host Debate Party Thursday

Arkansas Times: Huckabee's debate prep

Politico: Straw polls bolster Hunter's confidence

John Fund: The Shadow Candidates

CQ Politics: Gingrich Wont Say Until September Whether Hes a Runner

Swamp: Fred Thompson: 'Enjoy a good laugh'
Estrich: Fred Thompson Should Enjoy Golden Moment

AP/Blood: GOP candidates tap Hollywood for funds

Power Line: What to make of those polls?


George Will: The Road to a GOP House
NY Sun: Why Aren't the Republicans Doomed?
Arizona Star: Party links may have led to U.S. atty. jobs
Politico: Independents on the rise, new poll finds
Lincoln Journal Star: McConnell visit for Hagel sends message


AP/Kugler: NYC Mayor Makes Spanish Breakthrough
Newsday: DiNapoli vows to put money where his mouth is
Newsday: Islip GOP taps candidate
NYT: Boldness That Won Him Wide Attention Costs a Brash Young Mayor His Re-election Bid
NY Post: Out of your Shel on gay nups
NY Post: Fellow Dems rip Gov's hypocrisy
NY Post: Spitz's rent move


Bayou Buzz: Louisiana Party Labels Can Change


Politico: Campaign notebook: Fight for Renzi seat
CQ Politics: Arizona Rep. Renzi Runs Into New Problems, Including Possible Rematch


CQ Politics: Race to Succeed Senate-Bidding Colorado Rep. Udall Already Getting Crowded
The Hill: Former Rep. Schaffer to run for Senate


Miami Herald: Feds now probing Sarasota County vote
CQ Politics: Task Force to Probe Alleged Voting Machine Glitch in Disputed Florida Race
St. Petersburg Times: Republican maverick leaves state Senate
Bradenton Herald: Bradenton senator endorses Rudy Giuliani for president


KUTV: Utah Republican Party Director Fired


Kennebec Journal: The middle way is best for Maine Republicans


Seattle PI: California powers up 2008 race -- and we just fade


Washington Post: California primary's new clout


Newsday: Assemblyman apologizes for forwarding joke about Jesse Jackson


May 2, 2007



USA Today: New poll: McCain leads GOP pack in three key states
Politico: The first signs of the McCain re-surge?
Boston Herald: GOP hopeful McCain surges in early-primary states
NY Sun: ARG: McCain Leads IA, NH, SC
John McCain: McCain Address to the Hoover Institution


KCBS: McCain Talks Iraq and Foreign Policy at Stanford
Broder: Candor may help McCain
CBN: California Bloggin': Campaign Finance Brawl: McCain vs. Romney
OC Register: McCain visits market in O.C.
Daily Vidette: McCain provides experienced background as basis for candidacy
NY Times: McCain Tries to Recapture Vigor of His Last Campaign
Hotline: Romney v. McCain On Foreign Policy
Springfield Republican: McCain selects Cathedral grad
WNYC: Candidates Return to NYC for More Cash


Angus Reid: Giuliani Leads Hillary in U.S. 2008 Race
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 32%, McCain 23% (Pew)
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 30%, Tie for Second (Rasmussen)
AP/Sidoti: Giuliani Assails Venezuela's Chavez
NY Times: Giulianis Tie to Texas Law Firm May Pose Risk
NY Post: Ariz. big in boost for Rudy
Washington Times: Guiliani calls for secure borders
Human Events: Rudy Shows It is Time for Republicans to Go on Offense
NY Post: Giuliani loses some ground
Boston Globe: Giuliani's tie to Texas law firm draws big donations
Washington Times: Giuliani ranks border security before citizenship
NY Sun: Giuliani Adopts Moderate Stance on Immigration
Seattle PI: Giuliani does have a prayer in the South
Chicago Tribune: In Chicago, Giuliani sticks to disdain for Iraq pullout
Newsday: Lobby tie aside, Rudy blasts Chvez
NY Sun: Vanity Fair's Crazy Rudy Article
NY Daily News: Mystery man Rudy: Looking for clues in Giuliani mayoral archives?
Boston Globe: Candidate Romney talks tomes
Caucus: Romney Favors Hubbard Novel
InsideBayArea: Romney wants tougher laws on immigrants
Deseret News: Romney address may skirt religion
LA Daily News: Romney to appear at fundraiser
MSNBC: More on Romney's reading list
Salt Lake Tribune: Romney's 'sixth son' handles campaign money

WKRN: Is Thompson Preparing For Presidential Run?

Ballot Access News: Ron Paul Pays $25,000 to SC Rep Party to be Listed in Pres Primary

Politico: Tancredo: Candidate at odds with GOP
Politico: Highlights from Tancredo interview

Politico: Brownback: 'Bleeding-heart conversative'

Seattle Times: If stranded, presidential hopefuls want wives, books

Human Events: A Little-Known Conservative Candidate: John Cox


Jack Kemp: What Would Ronald Reagan Do?
Hotline: Schwarzenegger To Attend GOP Debate... (As Guest)
CQ Politics: Chasing Reagan at GOP Debate
Politico: Face of the GOP: Paint it pale

LA Times: Deep pockets can hold sticky details



AP/Daly: Court Rebuffs McDermott in Phone Case
Politico: Hispanic outreach crucial to GOP
AP/Kuhnhenn: Renzi Pays Back Taxes; FEC Drops Probe


NY Times: Bruno Opposes Bill to Legalize Gay Marriage
NY Times: Bruno Nixes Gay Marriage
NY Times: Timing of Fund-Raisers Gives Fuel to Spitzers Critics
NY Times: Albany Republicans Seek Tax Rebate Increase
Newsday: GOP offers hike in seniors' rebate
Newsday: Son seeks late father's seat in state Assembly in Rockland County
Newsday: Pay raise falters as guv steps in
NY Post: Spitz jets off to chase California dollars
Buffalo News: California donors suit Spitzer fine
Buffalo News: Higgins calls for major changes


LA Times: Governor positions himself to influence 2008 presidential race
The Hill: Feinsteins Cardinal shenanigans Calif. AG Brown Raises Legal Defense Fund


Salt Lake Tribune: State Republican Party chair fires executive director
Deseret News: State Republican Party executive director fired
Salt Lake Tribune: GOP's family feud erupts


Wabash Plain Dealer: Daniels, legislative leaders call session success
Indianapolis Star: GOP backing Ballard in mayor's race


Shreveport Times: Rep. Powell appointed La. GOP general counsel
PoliticsLA: State Rep Mike Powell Appointed As General Counsel of LAGOP


Sioux City Journal: Democrat Pettengill now a Republican


Yakima Herald-Republic: Party bosses make primary election moot in state


Sun-Sentinel: House ties gambling proposal to tax cuts
Sun-Sentinel: Legislators propose expanded gambling to help pay for property tax relief


Newark Star-Ledger: Bergen GOP keeps busy wrangling with its own


May 1, 2007



Gallup Poll: Inside the Republican Vote for President
Byron York: What Giuliani Has to Do
AP/Elliott: Giuliani Counts Backers Who Aren't Fans
NY Post: Rudy Campaign's 'Backer' blunder
American Spectator: Giuliani: A Knife to the Throat
Hotline: Has Giuliani Really Flip-Flopped On Gay Rights?
Edge: Giuliani Shifts Position on Civil Unions
Vanity Fair: Crazy for Rudy
Newsday: Hillary outraises Rudy on Long Island
Ed Koch: Defending Rudy's Immigration Switch

AP/Sidoti: McCain will propose an international group limited to democracies
Power Line: McCain to Propose a "League of Democracies"
AP/Lester-Shrader: McCain defends credentials, speaks out against Tenet
Tucson Citizen: Don't count McCain out just yet
Broder: McCain finally spurns Bush
Decatur Daily: McCain, Giuliani about even with Alabama GOP

AP/Johnson: Romney Denounces McCain-Feingold Law
Times&Democrat: Romney, Huckabee, Gilmore file for SC primary as deadline looms
Ledger: Romney to Make Stop in Lakeland
Eagle Tribune: Romney proves popular in Southern New Hampshire

Fred Thompson

NY Times: Ex-Senator Thompson Seen as Rehearsing for Prime Time
Forbes: Thompson Highlights Republicans' Weakness

KGAN: Gingrich can't explain his poll strength

AP/Miga: Lieberman says third-party 2008 candidate could emerge

AP: Other Careers for Presidential Hopefuls


RCP Blog: Buckley and Will See Doom for GOP
Washington Times: Democrats aim to push out Rove


NY Times: Raise for State Judges Gets Caught in Crossfire Between Spitzer and Bruno
Albany Times-Union: Reform demands unravel pay deal
NY Daily News: Bruno rips Dem senator for flip-flop in pay fight
Rochester D&C: Chief judge scolds legislators over pay
AP/Humbert: Spitzer and Bruno resume bickering, over campaign cash this time
NY Sun: Spitzer Derails a Pay Raise, Angering GOP

Newsday: Levy deserves credit for his frugality
Newsday: Power struggle on state energy panel


Politico: Republican Candidates Navigate Calif. Delegate Reapportionment
OC Register: Politicians battling for O.C. backing


Des Moines Register: House's Pettengill switches to GOP
Sioux City Journal: Mount Auburn legislator switches to GOP party
Radio Iowa: Democrat in Iowa House switching to GOP
WCF Courier: Pettengill switches parties


AP/Lieb: Shields goes against Republicans on gambling limits


Journal-Gazette: Daniels says GOP holds key to future

News-Sentinel: Ex-county GOP official avoids prison
Journal-Gazette: Ex-GOP official given probation


Palm Beach Post: Vote bill would give governor GOP sway
PBP Blog: Ten more votes for Crist


CQ Politics: Democrats Plans to Use Iraq as Issue Against Sununu Etched in Granite


CQ Politics: Fattah, Brady Facing Stiff Competition for May 15 Philadelphia Mayor Primary


Newsday: A collection of briefs from the state Capitol


AP/Gamboa: DeLay's successor is Rove's No. 1 target in '08


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