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Facing negative polls and internal tensions, Trump plans to launch reelection bid with Orlando rally

Ocasio-Cortez presses case that U.S. is running ‘concentration camps’ at border amid Republican outcry

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Trump characterizes alleged attacks by Iran on oil tankers as ‘very minor’

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

The Boston Globe’s ‘disturbing’ fake Trump front page from 2016 is proving increasingly prophetic

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

Biden suggests he has raised nearly $20 million for his White House bid

The Daily 202: Steve Bullock won’t be on the debate stage. But he’ll keep talking about his signature issue.


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November 7, 2007


Telegraph UK: Giuliani promises to answer more questions
USA Today: Giuliani maintains lead in double digits
Newsday: Judith Giuliani discusses Rudy's cancer fight
NY Times: Mrs. Giuliani, in Rare Solo Appearance, Campaigns Again
NY Daily News: Judith Giuliani adopts a low profile in New Hampshire
NY Times: Giuliani Says Successes Surpass Keriks Mistakes
Wall Street Journal: Qatar contract offers glimpse into Giuliani firm
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani slammed in Congress for backing Red Sox
NRO: Giuliani Right on UK Health System

Arizona Republic: McCain rises to second in 3 GOP polls
MSNBC: McCain hightlights opposition to torture
USA Today: McCain & Giuliani campaigns trade more harsh words over torture
Boston Globe: McCain's poster boys
Atlantic/Douthat: McCain on Romney

Washington Post: Thompson Campaign May Be Shifting Gears
NY Times: Thompsons Down-Home Pitch
AP/Davenport: Fred Thompson to Mitt Romney: 'You can't buy South Carolina'
Fox News: Fred Thompson Tells Mitt Romney: 'You Can't Buy South Carolina'
American Daily: For Thompson and McCain, It's Too Little Too Late
LifeNews: Fred Thompson Won't Change GOP's Pro-Life Platform on Abortion
Press: Thompson Campaign Announces Veterans for Fred Thompson Leadership

The State: Ads, networking pay off for Romney in S.C.
Fox News: Romney Stresses Family Values in Bid to Win Over South Carolina
AP/Adcox: Romney lays out plan to promote adoption
MSNBC: Romney focused on family
Boston Globe: Romney's shift on issues sincere, key conservative says
NRO: Paul Weyrich Talks About Why He Endorsed Romney - And Not the Others
NRO: The Effect of Romneys Ads: When You Push the Pedal, It Goes.
AP/Sidoti: Analysis: How Do Foes Stop Romney Money?

Swamp: Ron Paul's 'money bomb,' records and lessons


Wall Street Journal: Democrats Gain in State Elections
ABC News: The GOP Is Losing Western Support
CNN: Republicans struggling to rebuild 'damaged' brand
Christian Post: Survey: Religious Whites Still Loyal to GOP, Bush

Newsday: Mukasey a step closer to confirmation


Jackson Clarion-Ledger: Barbour gets to savor big victory
Jackson Clarion-Ledger: Republican Pickering coasts to easy victory
AP: Mississipi re-elects GOP broker as governor
Jackson Clarion-Ledger: GOP rolls; setback for 2-party system


Buffalo News: Chris Collins wins Erie County Executive in a landslide
Buffalo News: Republicans run strong in Niagara County
NY Times: New York Democrats Say License Issue Had Little Effect
Newsday: Staten Island re-elects GOP district attorney
Newsday: Nassau's incumbent supervisors appear safe
Newsday: Democrats take control in Town of Islip
Newsday: Voters boost Democrats' numbers in Islip, Suffolk
Daily Freeman: Democrats lose a seat, but keep control of Ulster County Legislature
PostStar: Johnson unseats Keehn in Spa City mayor's race
Mondello: New York Republicans are back

Boston Globe: Clinton leads Giuliani in New York battle


Indianapolis Star: GOP Ballard grabs upset win in mayoral race
AP: Newcomer Wins Indy Mayor's Race


NY Times: Kentucky Governor Loses to Democrat
AP/Sundheim: In Kentucky, Democrat Unseats 1st GOP Governor In Over 30 Years
WCPO: Fletcher Concedes To Beshear In KY Gubernatorial Race
AP/Schreiner: New Ky. Governor Makes Unlikely Comeback

Angus Reid: Giuliani Leads Hillary in Bluegrass State


Roanoke Times: GOP keeps majority in House; Democrats take Senate
Washington Post: Democrats Capture Control of Virginia Senate
Examiner: Democrats see gains in Va. General Assembly
Washington Post: In the Ballot Booths, No Fixation on Immigration


NY Times: New Jersey Voters Defeat Stem Cell Measure
AP/Danborn: N.J. Rejects $450M Stem Cell Proposal
Politics NJ: State Assembly: Democrats hold control, 48-32; GOP picks up at 2 seats
Asbury Park Press: A banner night for local GOP
Courier-Post: New Republican faces win big in Burlco's 8th District
North Jersey: Democrats maintain grip on State House
AP/Delli Santi: Record number of women win N.J. legislative seats
Newsday: Summary box: A glance at the 2007 elections in New Jersey


Hartford Courant: Democrats Easily Hold Majority
AP/Haigh: Democrats retain top seats in state's 3 largest cities


AP/Danborn: Utah Rejects Broad Voucher Program


Iowa Politics: Republican Party of Iowa: To host presidential debate in Des Moines


Bloomberg: Texas Backs Cancer-Research Bond


Ark. NB: State GOP chairman says Huckabee endorsement personal, not party's position


Philadelphia Inquirer: Nutter wins Philadelphia mayor
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Ravenstahl cruises to 2 more years as Pittsburgh's mayor
AP/Yates: Young mayor asks residents to start 'believing in Pittsburgh'


LA Times: Electoral vote initiative backers revealed


November 6, 2007


Newsday: Giuliani stumps for LI Republicans on election eve
Newsday: Judith Giuliani returns to public eye in N.H.
NY Sun: Giuliani's Wife To Headline Breast Cancer Event
AP/Elliott: Giuliani Praises Kerik's Crime Results
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani praises Bernie Kerik's work for the city
Politico: Could Team Rudy go 0 for 6 and still win?
Washington Monthly: Rudy Awakening
CSM: Why the '08 race could break the mold
Buffalo News: Rudy at ease, eager to please
Telegraph UK: Rudy Giuliani 'flattered' to top Telegraph list
NRO: A Few More Thoughts on Giuliani's Chances in Connecticut
NRO: Could Giuliani Rejuvinate Republicans in the Northeast?
Daily Standard: Giuliani Unplugged
Boston Globe: Giuliani says Huckabee would be among those he'd consider for VP
Union Leader: Giuliani points to his record
Union Leader: Giuliani promises strict constructionist judges
Nashua Telegraph: Giuliani, Thompson give their takes on GOP rivals attacks

Fox News: Fred Thompson Defends Anti-Abortion Record in New Hampshire
Reuters: In N.H, Thompson wades into U.S. race relations
NYT/Caucus: Thompson in New Hampshire
AP/Sidoti: Thompson's First 2 Months in Race Mixed
LA Times: Thompson advisor steps down
Washington Post: Thompson Loses Fundraiser, and Plane
AP: Adviser Leaves Thompson Campaign
Telegraph UK: Even Fred Thompson doubts he'll be president
NRO: Fred on Huckabee
NRO: Evaluating Thompson on Meet The Press
Townhall/Hewitt: Bravo, Fred Thompson

AP/Pitt: Vet Gives McCain Inspiring Quote
MSNBC: McCain warns of Pakistan's fate
WP/Dionne: Can McCain Make It Back?
State: Three reasons for John McCain to feel optimistic about winning South Carolina
Kansas City Star: The Buzz: Sen. John McCrisis
Power Line: Better numbers for McCain
Des Moines Register: McCain: Ethanol subsidy unneeded

USA Today: Are social conservatives about to fall in line behind Romney?
NY Times: Romney Gets Major Backer on the Right
AP/Johnson: Conservative Leader Weyrich Backs Romney
Swamp: Romney scores a big conservative endorsement
AP/Sedensky: Romney calls Musharraf move disappointing, says aid should remain
AP: Romney Mailer Hits 'Sanctuary Cities'
WP/Cillizza: Romney, Rudy and the Electability Question
Politico: Religion talk risks loss of faith in Romney

AP/Kuhnhenn: Ron Paul Raises More Than $4.2 Million
NY Times: Ron Paul Raises More Than $4 Million in One Day
ABC News: Ron Paul Is Money

Washington Post: Bush Vote Divided in GOP Race

Pinkerton: Hillary gives Republicans license to attack


NY Times: Spending Trumps Social Issues on Ballots This Time

AP/Hoffman: Defense Contractor Convicted of Bribery
NY Times: Ex-Contractor Is Convicted in Bribery Case

AP/Barrett: Schumer vote for Mukasey may turn off Democrats
The Hill: Schumer, Feinstein surprise thwarts efforts on Mukasey
Boston Globe: Democratic majority meaningless once again
American Thinker: The 'Torture' Fraud of the Left

Boston Globe: Maneuver gave Bush a conservative rights panel

Politico: Justice fight lingers at FEC

The Hill: National GOP campaign committee recruiting surge is not panning out


NY Post: Bloomberg's secret bid to run vs. Spitzer

Newsday: Charles Gargano named U.S. ambassador to Austria
Newsday: Bush picks former Pataki confidante as ambassador to Austria

AP/Bauman: Driver's license plan could hurt Democrats in local elections
NY Post: Gov license plan could hurt Dems at polls
NY Sun: Editorial: The Spitzer After-Effect
AP/Nakashima: Clinton Defends Wife on Licenses
AP: Sen. Schumer sidesteps illegal immigrant license issue
Politico: Legal or not, immigrants must drive
Washington Times: Poll finds 77% oppose licenses for illegals


Washington Post: State and Local Offices on Ballot Today in Virginia


AP/Elliott: NH Independents Moving to Democrats


AP/Deslatte: Jindal trumped for nation's first Indian governor status


AP/Hester: N.J. legislative campaigning nears end


Lex 18: Governor's Race Down To The Wire
Herald-Leader: Fletcher invokes 'values'
Advocate: Kentucky GOP Warns Voters of State Becoming Gay Mecca
Courier-Journal: Fletcher supporters attack Beshear over endorsement by gay-rights group
CQ Politics: Kentucky GOP Governor the Underdog as Tuesday Election Nears
AP/Sundheim: Ky., Miss. Races Head 2007 Elections


AP: A glance at Mississippi statewide candidates
Hattiesburg American: New state leaders to be chosen Tuesday
Dispatch: Close race for House speaker
CQ Politics: GOP Gov. Barbour Likely Win in Mississippi Election Tuesday


CBS 5: Giuliani Leads In CA, But Loses Ground
LA Times: Schwarzenegger orders plan for 10% budget cuts
LA Times: Carona and others plead not guilty
LA Times: Contractor guilty of bribing Cunningham
LA Times: Housing crisis tests GOP loyalties


Politico: Immigration at center of Connecticut race


The Hill: Stivers announces Ohio run


BBC UK: Republicans plot key Colorado fightback


November 5, 2007


Washington Post: Republican Nomination Most Open in Decades

AP/Sidoti: Giuliani Works Quietly in N.H., Iowa
NY Times: Still No Giuliani TV Ads, but Hes Ready for the Web
NY Post: Rudy: Be my heroes
OpinionJournal: Hating Rudy: The Angry Left finds a new target
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani's off-the-cuff style has its risks
Washington Times: 'Rudy' scores points on New Hampshire tour
Washington Times: Giuliani expected to boost GOP in Northeast races
Swamp: Old drug lords respect Rudy but pick Clinton
Guardian UK: This is one dangerous man: it's George Bush with brains
AA Patriots: Giuliani Campaign Unveils D.C. Leadership Team
Washington Post: Giuliani leads GOP poll, but support appears shaky
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 30%, Thompson 15%

NY Sun: Thompson Wouldn't Seek Abortion Ban Amendment
Fox News: Thompson responds to Philip Martin allegations
Politico: Fred survives 'Meet the Press'
Washington Post: Thompson Defends Fundraiser With Criminal Record
LA Times: No quick exit for Thompson advisor
NY Times: Law & Order Candidate (Chung-chung)
NY Times: Fred Thompson bio
Human Events: Thompson on War and the 08 Campaign

Real Clear Politics: McCain Plays Foreign Policy Experience Card
Des Moines Register: McCain: Pakistan's strife threatens U.S.
KIMT: McCain in Mason City

Slate: Romney is on the cusp of leading all three early-primary states
State News: MSU, U-M students support Romney campaign stop
Michigan Daily: Pre-game, wooing the fan vote
Jackson Hole Daily: Romney wins WY county Republican straw poll

Reno Gazette-Journal: Ron Paul inspires defections from his old party

NY Times: Presidential Politics Have Shifted Already


AP/Yen: Specter Says He Will Back AG Nominee

American Thinker: Fairness Doctrine
Fox News: Transcript: George H.W. Bush on 'FOX News Sunday'
Washington Post: Book Gives Another Look at Ford's Mixed Feelings About Cheney
LA Times: Ford, Reagan were no bosom buddies


NY Post: Eliot puts dying GOP in driver's seat
Newsday: Spitzer-Bruno war threatens to stall state budget


LA Times: Miss. governor talks Katrina on his reelection bid
Washington Post: Evangelical Democrat Stirs the Pot in Miss.


LA Times: Political watchdog nipping at heels of state campaign finance


AP/Sidoti: GOP Race in SC Reflects Larger Contest


AP/Gold: Low turnout expected for New Jersey elections
Newsday: Most NJ registered voters not affiliated with a party


Washington Times: Balance of power in Virginia Senate up for grabs


Indianapolis Star: Nothing fancy now: Just get the vote out


Seattle Times: Late GOP contributions stir up prosecutor race


Daily Sentinel: GOP mum about 2008 challengers for Salazar


Cincinnati Post: N. Ky. is key for Fletcher
ABC News: Democrats Smell Victory in Kentucky Gov. Race


November 4, 2007


USA Today: Giuliani, Romney wrestle for 'fiscal conservative' mantle
AP/Benac: Giuliani: a Pugilist From Birth
Newsday: Giuliani woos New Hampshire voters
AP/Elliott: Giuliani says he respects Obama
NY Times: Giuliani Seen as Sporting Strongest Coattails
NYT/Caucus: Giuliani Weighs Veep Choice (Already!)
Reporter-Herald: Giuliani plans Loveland stop next week
NY Times: 3 Top Republican Candidates Take a Hard Line on the Interrogation of Detainees

Orlando Sentinel: Fred Thompson visits NBC's "Meet the Press"
Tennessean: Thompson is poised to follow Gore's '88 path to defeat
AP/Benac: Fred Thompson Seized Every Opportunity
Washington Post: Thompson Adviser Has Criminal Past

AP/Sidoti: McCain Emphasizes Border Security
Washington Times: McCain charts Rudy's inelectability on a map
Gazette: McCain steadfast on Iraq policy support
AP: McCain's WMD Is a Mouth That Won't Quit

AP: Romney tailgates at Michigan-Michigan St. game
Lansing State Journal: Romney makes pregame stop, wouldn't pick a side
AP/LeBlanc: Romney's Life Is His Father's Legacy
Boston Herald: Biz leaders say Mitt hiked taxes as gov

Washington Post: How Huckabee Could Rock the 2008 Vote

Weekly Standard/Barnes: The Republicans Have a Chance If they clear four hurdles

Eagle-Tribune: Political families in the spotlight
SF Chronicle: Evangelicals find little to love in presidential field


LA Times: Sen. Feinstein: Judge Mukasey has my vote
NY Sun: Democrats Pave Mukasey's Path to Approval

Telegraph UK: Tom DeLay targets US liberals in media war


Newsday: Ex-Suffolk GOP chief Powell back on scene
NY Times: In Land of Spitzer, a Vile Season of Frost and Fury
NY Times: Elections Could Shift Power in Nassau


NY Times: New Life for Initiative to Apportion Electoral Vote


November 3, 2007


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Sen. Bond endorses Giuliani
NY Times: Loyal to Kerik, Giuliani Missed Warning Signs
St. Petersburg Times: Editorial: Giuliani's dose of fear
Concord Monitor: Giuliani ad carries misinformation
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 31%, McCain 18%

Robert Novak: Right's ready for Freddy
Knox News: Fred Thompson, the UN and Guns

NY Daily News: John McCain, Rudy Giuliani dispute over waterboarding
AP: McCain takes rivals to task for lack of military experience

Des Moines Register: GOP's Romney focuses on criticizing Clinton
Des Moines Register: Lead in Iowa seen boosting Romney's confidence
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Mitt Romney attends exclusive fund-raiser in Cleveland
AP: Romney campaigns in late primary state of Ohio
Time: Mitt Romney's Defining Moment
WP/Kurtz: Romney's MBA Pitch Belittles Clinton
AP: Romney Wants Help for Displaced Workers
Huntsville Times: Romney top fundraiser here

Washington Post: How Huckabee Could Rock the 2008 Vote

Dallas Morning News: Jeb Bush says five can beat Clinton

Detroit Free Press: The '08 Election: One year out
LA Times: Republicans waiting for the next Reagan
Dallas Morning News: A window into the minds of GOP voters
Wall Street Journal: Talk Is Cheap in Politics, But a Deep Voice Helps

Boston Globe: N.H. waiting on Michigan before setting its primary date


Washington Times: 2 key Democrats OK Mukasey
Washington Post: Democratic Defections Clear Path For Mukasey
NY Times: Justice Nominee Gets 2 Key Votes From Democrats
Swamp: Schumer, Feinstein to back Mukasey
Swamp: Senate Judiciary chair: No to Mukasey
AP/Barrett: Bush Attorney General Nominee Gets Boost
NY Daily News: Chuck Schumer bucks Democrats, backs Mukasey
Newsday: Key Democrats support Mukasey for attorney general
Politico: Feinstein says yes to Mukasey, saves nomination
Slate: Mukasey Makes It

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NY Daily News: NY Judges get $5,000 boost, but no raise in sight


Dallas Morning News: Texas land commissioner keeps cool, packs heat


November 2, 2007


AP/Frommer: Minnesota Senator Backs Giuliani
NRO: Sen. Norm Coleman endorses Rudy
Bemidji Pioneer: Coleman announces support for Giuliani
Pioneer Press: Norm Coleman to lead Giuliani presidential bid in Minnesota

Politico: Second swing-state senator endorsing Rudy
Fox News: Sen. Kit Bond to Endorse Rudy Giuliani on Friday
Examiner: Missouri senator poised to endorse Giuliani on Friday

AP/Delli Santi: Giuliani campaigns in NJ for state legislative candidates
Asbury Park Press: Giuliani: A win in N.J. would bode well for '08
Seattle PI: Giuliani follows hard-liners' script
Newsday: Giuliani's NY legacy coming under scrutiny
American Spectator: Hating Rudy
Economist: Can Rudy Giuliani maintain his lead?
Telegraph UK: Poll gives Hillary Clinton big lead over Giuliani
Time: Was Rudy the Real Debate Winner?
Telegraph UK: The most influential US conservatives: 1-20

The State: Poll: Thompson edging Romney for GOP lead in S.C.
The Hill: Thompson faces big Sunday talk show test
AP/Hennessey: Thompson Questions Clinton's Diplomacy
SF Chronicle: Jeri Thompson's energy provides a jolt for her husband's campaign
Renew America: The Thompson border security plan
Nashville Scene: Fred's New Slogan: 'Put the M Back in OMB'

Myrtle Beach Sun: McCain talks tough on immigration
AP/Smith: McCain Defends AG Nominee
CBS News: McCain: Waterboarding Not Used By U.S.
Denver Post: McCain runs his own way for presidency
Detroit News: McCain, Romney square off

AP/Lorentzen: Romney Wants Presidential Trade Power
AP/LeBlanc: Romney: Upped Taxes or Closed Loopholes?
Boston Globe: Romney adviser at home in the spy world fray
Rocky Mountain News: Romney sets himself apart in opposition to gay marriage
Salt Lake Tribune: Romney gets endorsement of fellow Mormon Republican Cannon
Des Moines Register: Romney outlines his plan for displaced employees

American Spectator: What happened to Gov. Huckabee's gubernatorial documents?

Washington Times: GOP hopes Bloomberg runs

NY Sun: Gains in Iraq Alter Race for 2008

Hoover Institution: Governor Jeb Bush on the GOP Candidates (video)


CQ Politics: Top 10: Best-Funded House Challengers
Politico: GOP declares war on Dem pet projects
The Hill: GOP turns ethics tables

Washington Post: Issue of Illegal Immigration Is Quandary for Democrats
Swamp: Dem debate viewers don't like licenses for illegals

OpinionJournal: Mukasey and the Democrats: Their real target is antiterror interrogation
NRO/Lowry: The Campaign Against Mukasey
NY Sun: Bush Scolds Congress For Its Treatment of Mukasey
NY Times: Bush, Defending Justice Nominee, Sees Unfairness
Washington Times: It's Mukasey or no one, Bush warns
AP/Kellman: Bush: No Attorney General if Not Mukasey
Newsday: Mukasey vote puts Schumer on hot seat
NY Post: Prez tries to keep Mukasey afloat
White House: President Bush Discusses Global War on Terror

WP/Krauthammer: The Real Hill-Bill Problem


Capital News 9: Lawsuit filed over license plan
CNS News: Spitzer Sued to Stop Driver Licenses for Illegal Aliens

NY Daily News: Gun experts say Eliot Spitzer's plan a license to buy guns
John Fund: Why does Mrs. Clinton want driver's licenses for illegal aliens?
NY Post: Bloomberg opposes Spitzer license plan
NY Sun: Local Vote Will Test Spitzer's Woes
NY Times: Lobbyist With Friends of All Stripes Joins Spitzer Staff
AP/Gormley: Spitzer under fire changes administration
Newsday: Spitzer picks Broadwater lobbyist as top adviser

AP/Hill: Andrew Cuomo Makes Waves As NY AG


AP/Joling: Alaska Lawmaker Convicted of Bribery


Washington Post: Davis Gets a Boost From the Big Apple


Boston Globe: Tight race in S.C. Republican primary, poll says
LA Times: South Carolina rejects Colbert candidacy


Mercury News: Tempers flare over electoral petition
LA Times: Carona allegedly steered deputy's widow to co-conspirator


CQ Politics: GOP Gov. Barbour Styles Likely Win in Mississippi Election Tuesday


CQ Politics: Kentucky GOP Governor the Underdog as Tuesday Election Nears


November 1, 2007


Times UK: Rudy Giuliani uses the NHS as political football to give Hilary Clinton a kicking
Reuters: Giuliani leads Republican field but faces tough path
AP/Kugler: New York Mayors See Route to White House
NRO: Giuliani on Drivers Licenses For Illegals: This Is Not a Tough Issue.
CBS News: Giuliani Knocks Biden, Clinton Over Debate Comments
Newsday: Biden, Giuliani trade insults
NY Times: Biden-Giuliani Smackdown Enlivens Campaign Trail
Boston Globe: Giuliani: the pundit of the Democratic debate
CBS/TNR: Rudy Giuliani, Economic Extremist
AP/Maull: NYC law firm sues Kerik for $200,000
NY Times: Houston Law Firm Sues Kerik for $200,000 in Legal Fees
LA Times: Giuliani and the 80/20 rule
Boston Globe: Giuliani heckler makes light of his support of Red Sox
RCP/Conason: Giuliani's Secret 9/11 Testimony
Politico: Clinton would cream Giuliani, poll finds
Pew Research: A Year Ahead, Republicans Face Tough Political Terrain

NY Sun: Thompson Compares Fund-Raising Of N.Y. Senator With 1996 Scandal
SF Chronicle: Fred Thompson, in S.F., calls civil unions "not a good idea"
SF Chronicle: Conservative state lawmakers back Fred Thompson
Atlanta JC: Tom Bell drops off the Thompson bandwagon
Dick Morris: What If the Iowa Polls Don't Change?

Fred Thompson in Sacramento:

AP/Elliott: McCain returns to anti-spending theme in new ad
Fox News: John McCain Stresses Opposition to Mandatory Health Insurance
CQ Politi: McCain: Not Everyone Wants Health Coverage, And Shouldnt Be Forced to Have it
Swamp: Why do people in hippo suits follow McCain?

AP/Lorentzen: Romney Releases Free-Trade Proposal
American Spectator: Prejudiced for Eternity
Radio Iowa: Romney raps Clinton, Thompson over immigration policy
NRO: Romney Hits Back at Thompson's Immigration Jab

Georgetown Hoya: Why Ron Paul Matters
American Thinker/Moran: Is Ron Paul Pandering to the Paranoid?

Politico: Huckabee works magic on youngsters


Ann Coulter: How long before the ADL kicks out all its Jews?
James Pinkerton: Gingrich's solutions beat Gore's doom rhetoric
NY Times: The Bush Factor
The Hill: State by state: Kentucky, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia
Politico: The angry voter: Bad news for Dems

NY Times: Mukaseys Ambiguity May Block Future Prosecution
LA Times: Democrats' resistance to Mukasey grows
WP: Two More Dems To Oppose Mukasey: White House Says Pick Will Still Be Confirmed
Boston Globe: Torture issue could threaten Mukasey Senate confirmation
CQ Politics: Advancing Mukaseys Nomination to Senate May Rely on the Power of One
CQ Politics: Senate Judiciary Sets Nov. 6 Vote on Mukasey Nomination
Politico: Mukasey, GOP waffle on waterboarding
Slate: If Mukasey is knocked out, which party loses?

NY Times: Bush Names North Dakotan to Head Agriculture Dept.
LA Times: Bush selects new agriculture secretary
Wikipedia: Ed Schafer bio

Boston Globe: Karen Hughes, Chief of US public diplomacy post, is resigning


NY Daily News: DMV chief: Illegal immigrants could buy guns with licenses
Newsday: State senators renew attack on Spitzer ID plan
Washington Post: Spitzer Chose to Compromise on Immigrant Licenses
AP/Gormley: Republicans rally against Spitzer's latest driver's license plan
NY Sun: Editorial: Spitzer's License
LA Times: Illegal immigrant licensing drives debate
NY Sun: Spitzer Is Set To Hire Albany, Press Liaisons

Newsday: Hempstead Dems on attack in GOP stronghold


NYT/City Room: Bloomberg Backs Gun-Control Republican in Va.
AP/Lewis: Bloomberg to endorse Va. Senate candidate
NY Sun: Mayor Bloomberg Will Back NRA Foe in Virginia

Reuters: Virginia Sen. John Warner Back In Hospital


Dallas Morning News: New chief may offer new start for Dallas county GOP


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Party leaders bob, jab in court race


Jackson Free Press: Mr. Washington Comes To Mississippi


Wichita Eagle: State GOP moving away from far right


LA Times: Who will tell O.C.'s sheriff it's time to go?


AP: Peter Hoagland, ex-congressman from Nebraska


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