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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

House candidates campaign on their agendas, but voters vote on Trump

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse


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November 21, 2007


CBS: Former Gov. Edgar Endorses Giuliani For President
Swamp: Edgar on Giuliani: Iowa, NH, not keys to victory
NewsMax: Roger Stone: Giuliani Must Win Iowa or N.H.
Chicago Tribune: Giuliani, supporter Edgar at odds over immigrant licenses
Chicago Tribune: Ex-gov. Edgar on Dems, stalemate, casinos
Chicago Tribune: Giuliani's business ties create challenge
Fox: Rudy defends Obamas discussion of previous drug use
LA Times: Bush, Giuliani weigh in on Clinton, Obama
NY Times: G.O.P. Rivals Trade Charges on Illegal Immigration
McClatchy: Giuliani's record is operatic - dramatic highs and lows
Swamp: Giuliani's Singapore casino venture
AP/Benac: AP-Yahoo Poll: If the election were about likable people, Giuliani would lead field
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 27%, Tie for Second

Bloomberg: Thompson Wants Corporate Tax Cut
Des Moines Register: Thompson advocates conservative principles
AP/Lorentzen: Thompson Says Democrats Just Turn Left
CNW: Statement by Fred Thompson on Adult Stem Cell Research Breakthrough
Fred08: Thompson Announces Minnesota Leadership Team
Chicago Tribune: Fred Thompson lining up Illinois delegates
MSNBC: Thompson's mail piece in Iowa
CBS/NRO: Revitalized Thompson Ready To Surge
CBS: Thompson Hopes To Finish In Top Three In Iowa
Wall Street Journal: Thompson Camp Launches Do-It-Yourself Phone Bank
Michigan Daily: Person of the week: Fred Thompson
RCP: Fred Thompson on Bloomberg TV
RCP/Bevan: Is Fred Dead or Just Resting?

Reuters: McCain hopes for repeat of New Hampshire comeback
Weekly Standard: Kristol: McCain and Iowa
Washington Post: Rivals Not Able to Confront Key Challenges, McCain Says
Video - McCain on Giuliani, Romney and Huckabee:

AP/Pitt: Romney: Cap Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
Boston Globe: Romney camp is buoyed by skin cell news
Washington Post: Romney is tough sell for many U.S. Christians
Atlantic/Douthat: Mitt Romney and Faith-Based Politics
NRO/York: Mitt Romney: I Changed My View. Is that So Difficult to Understand?

ABC News: Huckabee surges in Iowa fueled by core Republican groups
Washington Post: Huckabee Gaining Ground in Iowa

ABC News: GQ Picks Ron Paul as a 'Man of the Year 2007'


AP/Sherman: High Court to Weigh Ban on Gun Ownership
Washington Times: Court agrees to consider D.C. gun ban
NY Times: Justices Will Decide if Handgun Kept at Home Is Individual Right

Washington Post: Pentagon Warns of Civilian Layoffs If Congress Delays War Funding
AP/Flaherty: Dems Say Pentagon Using Scare Tactics
NY Times: Democrats and Bush Spar on Military Spending Bill

AP/Kuhnhenn: FEC Eases Rules on Ads Before Elections
CQ Politics: FEC OKs Naming Candidate Names in Pre-Election Issue Ads
The Hill: New FEC rule receives mixed watchdog review

AP/Dunbar: FCC Chairman Riles Cable Industry
Reuters: Republican lawmakers oppose cable crackdown

Swamp: Bush to host Middle East summit in Annapolis
NY Sun: GOP Candidates Voice Wariness Over Annapolis

CBS News: Retirements Push GOP To The Right
RCP Blog: Population Shifts Toward GOP
WP/Samuelson: 'Crunch' Time For the GOP

Washington Post: Advance May End Stem Cell Debate
Boston Globe: Breakthrough on stem cells
Swamp: Bush hails advances in 'ethical stem cell research'

AP/Thrush: President praises Clinton's political experience
Washington Times/Blankley: Mrs. Clinton's 'experience'

Fox: Scott McClellan Levels Charges of Deception Against White House Over CIA Leak Case
Politico: McClellan points finger at Bush, Rove
Nation: Will McClellan Be John Dean to Bush's Richard Nixon?

AP/Hester: Ashcroft's firm could earn millions in monitoring role

American Spectator: Thanksgiving, 2007


NY Sun: Spitzer Mulls Tax Hike on the Rich
NY Post: Poll-verszed Eliot shifts into pander gear
NY Daily News: Finally, Spitzer stands up for the people who matter: Everyday New Yorkers

NY Times: Candidate Drops Bid for Congress
The Hill: Top GOP recruit drops House bid in New York
CQ Politics: GOP Between a Rocker and a Hard Place in NY Seat


AP/Hoffman: Mich. Clerks Say Too Late for Jan. 15


NY Times: Opponents of California Ballot Initiative Seek Inquiry
OC Register: GOP could call for Carona to resign


Concord Monitor: Judge to decide on new phone-jam case
Boston Globe: Judge gets 2d look at phone-jam case


The Hill: Nebraska attorney general yields to Johanns
CQ Politics: Foes Dropout Lifts Johanns to Solid Edge in Nebraska Senate Race


Palm Beach Post: Suit seeks to roll back Florida's primary date
Tallahassee Democrat: State sued over primary date
Orlando Sentinel: New Lawsuit Filed over Florida Primary Date


November 20, 2007


OpinionJournal/Taranto: Giuliani to America: Get Real
AP/White: Giuliani Promotes Virtual Fence
Politico: Young voters dig Giuliani's moderate views
Chicago Tribune: Edgar expected to endorse Giuliani Tuesday
Newsday: Giuliani takes hit to image as 9/11 mayor
American Spectator: Giuliani's Lesson
Reuters: Giuliani style evokes concern among critics
Orlando Sentinel: Poll shows Rudy Giuliani is most popular with Florida voters
Miami Herald: Giuliani beats Clinton in new Florida poll
East Valley Tribune: Poll: Giuliani passes McCain in Ariz.
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 28%, Thompson at 19%

AP/Byrd: Thompson: National Security Is Top Issue
RCP/Kudlow: The New Fire in Fred's Belly
Bayou Buzz: Fred Thompson In New Orleans Area Criticizes Federal Response
Jackson Clarion-Ledger: GOP's Thompson picks up endorsements during visit to Jackson
Swamp: Plain-spoken 'Lawyers for Fred '
CNN: Poll: Thompson slides, Romney climbs in New Hampshire
CQ Politics: Some House Backers of Thompson Are Starting to Lose the Faith
McClatchy: Meet the woman who got Fred Thompson into acting

AP/Johnson: Sept. 11 Panel Chairman Backs McCain
NY Sun: McCain Gets Backing of 9/11 Commission Chairman
NRO: Kean Family Splits Between McCain, Giuliani
Washington Post: McCain Draws Sharp Distinctions Between Himself and Clinton
Time: Is McCain Too Soft on Hillary?
CNN: McCain bets on national security in New Hampshire
Boston Globe: McCain vows to eliminate signing statements practice if elected
NY Times: McCains Rocky Relationship With the Hawkeye State
AP/Robrish: McCain Makes 2 Stops in Philadelphia
AP/Frothingham: McCain Says He'd Even Use Rove's Help
AP: McCain to Visit Troops Over Thanksgiving
Newsday: Lieberman joins McCain on Iraq trip
Washington Times: McCain persists amid N.H. setbacks

Seattle Times: Romney talks trade, immigration during visit
Seattle PI: Romney stops by to talk trade and immigration
AP: Romney Leads in NH Poll
Atlantic/Ambinder: Romney Surges In New Hampshire Poll
Des Moines Register: Grassley predicts Romney as Iowa caucuses winner
American Spectator/Prowler: Weyrich: Speaking One's Mind
NRO/York: Downplay My Faith? Thats Not Going to Happen
Boston Globe: Some recipients of Romney's charity are boosting his bid

Swamp: Huckabee: One of 25 most influential hunter-fishers
WP/Cohen: You First, Governor Huckabee
Swamp: Club for Growth has it out for GOP's Huckabee
US News: Huckabee Surge Seen Helping Giuliani

Reason: The Libertarian Party Still Loves Ron Paul
LA Times/Goldberg: Ron Paul isn't that scary, it's Huckabee who should be making conservatives nervous

LA Times: A gap in GOP candidates' healthcare proposals


WP/Trail: '08 Debate Sites Set
USA Today: Colleges in Miss., Tenn., N.Y., Mo. get 2008 debates

Politico: Republicans elbow for coveted committees
The Hill: FEC decision could launch attack ads, watchdogs warn
Politico: FEC slaps Media Fund with huge fine
The Hill: New rules may help GOP to stall spending omnibus

Telegraph UK: The 50 most influential Americans in Britain

Washington Post: Homeland Security Adviser Townsend Leaving White House

Swamp: Time to order that 2008 Bush calendar, RNC says


NY Post: Stonewall Gov mum on lawyer


Richmond Times-Dispatch: Gilmore's bid for Senate now official
Washington Post: Gilmore Announces Bid for U.S. Senate | Bio
Wall Street Journal: Ex-Virginia Gov. Gilmore to Run For John Warner's Senate Seat
AP/Lewis: Gilmore Announces 2008 U.S. Senate Bid
The Hill: Gilmore enters Senate race, setting up fight with Warner
Daily Press: Gilmore-Warner clash expected in Senate race
Swamp: Two former Va. guvs to vie for Senate seat


Washington Post: O'Malley Increases Influence With Wins on Taxes and Slots


Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Minnesotas embattled U.S. attorney steps down
NY Times: U.S. Attorney in Minnesota Is Reassigned
Washington Post: U.S. Attorney for Minnesota to Leave Post
LA Times: Controversial U.S. attorney gets new post
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Politics could slow nomination of new Minnesota U.S. attorney


NY Times: Republican Congressman in New Jersey Will Retire
The Hill: Rep. Ferguson will not seek reelection
AP/Delli Santi: New Jersey Rep. Ferguson says won't run for re-election
WP/Cillizza: House: Ferguson Retirement Creates Another Competitive Open Seat
NJpols: Long List of Potential Candidates In the 7th District


AP/Hoffman: Michigan Primary Goes to High Court
Politico: GOP race may hinge on Michigan


Sun-Sentinel: 'Good talker' charged in Florida


November 19, 2007


AP/Fischer: Giuliani Addresses Energy at NASCAR Race
Washington Post: Giuliani Hoping NASCAR Fans May Provide an Edge in the Race
NY Post: Giuliani playing 9/11 card
Newsday: Giuliani and Schumer: an odd couple connection
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 30%, Thompson 17%
Angus Reid: Florida Primary 2008 (R): Giuliani 36%, Romney 15%
Angus Reid: Giuliani Drops in U.S. Race
Newsweek/Alter: Rudys Loyalty Problem
American Thinker: 9/11 Counter-Narrative Threatens Giuliani's Candidacy
Guardian UK: New York firefighters to oppose Giuliani

Tennessean: Fred Thompson puts stock in South, Midwest
MSNBC: Fred gets personal with conservatives
ABC News: Fred Thompson Speaks Out on Right-to-Life Decisions
Washington Times: NRLC stands by Thompson support
Politico: Huckabee, Thompson trade barbs on shows
Boston Globe: Edwards, Thompson offer different fixes for Social Security
Mother Jones: Fred Thompson Pitches Credibility, But Iowa Voters Prefer Red Meat

Politico: Tom Kean endorsing McCain in new push
NY Times: McCain Takes On Clinton, With an Eye to Civility
The Hill: McCain attacks Dems in New Hampshire
NY Times: Transcript: McCains Speech in New Hampshire
AP/Elliott: McCain Equates Silence With Progress
AP/Elliott: McCain: It's OK to Make People Mad
Times UK/Sullivan: Only one Republican can end this war with honour

CNN: Romney: Punish states that let illegal immigrants get licenses
NY Times: Romney ad: The All-American Family Man
Casper Star-Tribune: Romney stumps for Wyoming's delegates
AP: Romney vows $$ cuts for sanctuary cities, states
Washington Post: The New Face of Global Mormonism

AP/Lester: Huckabee: Abortion Not States' Call
Salon: Huckabee: God wants us to fight global warming
Washington Post: Huckabee, Thompson Each Go One-on-One
NYT/Caucus: Huckabees Record
Allentown Morning Call: Toomey criticizes Huckabee's fiscal policies

Washington Times: Unlikely allies unite for Paul's quixotic '08 bid
NY Sun: 'Spectacular Trial' Is Seen in Case of Liberty Dollar
American Thinker: Ron Paul is a Useful Man for Democrats
CQ Politics: Paul Devotees Spark Online Backlash

Sam Brownback: A call to faith in this time of trial for conservatives


NY Sun: Senate 'Faux' Sessions To Prevent More Recess Appointments
American Spectator/Prowler: Dingier Harry
OpinionJournal/Fund: Nancy Pelosi tries to force the Salvation Army to hire people who can't speak English
NY Times/Krugman: Republicans and Race
Des Moines Register: Preachers feel heat of Grassley tax probe
Washington Post: A weekly roundup of the buzz from the Sunday talk shows
Guardian UK: Fox News's status as a politically impartial channel is at last being exposed as a fiction


NY Post: 'Eliot's bully' made threat: insider
NY Daily News: Former Eliot Spitzer aide Darren Dopp isn't the only one facing a perjury rap
Newsday: Suffolk Conservative chief makes disloyalty claim
NY Post: $75M suit vs. Spitzer has 'teeth'
Albany Times-Union: Spitzer taps big, powerful for funds
Newsday: Troopergate not a real issue, so let's move ahead
NY Post: Pirro getting the mansion
NY Daily News: Experts predict that Al & Jeanine Pirro will settle and avoid divorce mudfest


Seattle PI: Campaign donations started coming early for Rossi


Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Florida delegates safe, GOP chief says
Sun-Sentinel: Republicans, don't underestimate Hillary
Orlando Sentinel: Property-tax vote could be warm-up for election forces
Palm Beach Post: Mahoney sets image as feisty freshman
Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Retirement community is poised to play crucial role in state's Republican primary


Argus Leader: GOP leader rallies faithful: Unseating Tim Johnson among goals


USA Today: In N.H., a 'pregnant' pause on setting primary date drags on


Fox News: Ohio GOP, Christian Group Demand Apology From State Attorney General for Good Friday Comments


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Health care stance a liability for Blunt


Peoria Journal Star: Four candidates aim for the job vacated by Ray LaHood


Salt Lake Tribune: Utah less Mormon than ever


CQ Politics: Dems Test Odds on Top GOP Sen. McConnell in 08 Kentucky Horse Race


Daily American: Army vet on mission to oust Murtha from office


Sacramento Bee: Can the governor affect '08 race?


Richmond Times Dispatch: House of Delegates' Republican Caucus re-elects its leadership


Washington Times: Maryland lawmakers OK tax hikes


NY Times: New Jersey Moves to End Death Penalty
Philadelphia Inquirer: Saxon exit pits Burlington, Ocean County interests


OpinionJournal: Oklahoma's Most Wanted: The latest thing in political felonies: a petition drive


Houston Chronicle: Perry plans 200 cameras on Texas-Mexico border


Detroit News: 2 Democrats want to challenge Hoekstra's re-election bid


November 18, 2007


NY Times: Republican Uncertainty Amid a Push by Giuliani
NYT/Rich: What That Regan Woman Knows
NY Daily News: Judith Regan dish on Bernard Kerik affair could burn Rudy Giuliani
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani jets to campaign stops using casino kingpin's plane
NY Post: Rudy's a luxury jet-$etter
Swamp: Giuliani bashes Clinton at conservative legal confab
McClatchy: 9/11 group tries to punch holes in Giuliani's image
Salon: Did Fox News chief Ailes try to protect Rudy Giuliani?
Atlanta JC: Giuliani embraces NASCAR, hoping for a Southern hug
Boston Globe: GOP power couple to serve as NH co-chairs for Giuliani
Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Florida is essential for Giuliani's hopes
Boston Globe: New concerns crack unity of religious right
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 33%, McCain at 17%

CBS News: Thompson Making More Inroads Among Social Conservatives?
Angus Reid: Majority in Tennessee Picks Thompson in 2008
NRO: Thompson's Social Security Plan
Power Line: Fred Thompson, John McCain, and the trial of Bill Clinton
Palm Beach Post: Thompson backs state bans on same-sex marriage

Washington Post: McCain Stakes His Campaign on New Hampshire
AP/Elliott: McCain Calls for Drug Reimportation
AP/Elliott: McCain Says He'll Respect Clinton
AP: McCain Finds Memories at Pizza Stop
NRO: Fred Barnes and McCain
MSN: McCain gets campaign boost from leading Denver attorney
Boston Globe: Schilling likes McCain for president

NY Daily News: Mitt Romney's smoothness - and hair - pose threat to Rudy Giuliani
Boston Globe: Potential Clinton-Romney matchup stirs echoes
San Diego Union-Tribune: Mitt Romney
AP: Romney Talks Tough on Immigration
AP: Romney: Aid illegal immigrants, lose funds
AP/Johnson: Clinton Tags Romney As a Flip-Flopper
RCP/Kudlow: Romney Has The Right Stuff
Times UK: Mormon smears turn Republican race sour
Politico: Anti-Romney calls still swathed in mystery
Angus Reid: NH Primary 2008 (R): Romney 34%, Tie for Second


Washington Post: A Gathering of Young Conservatives
Washington Post: The Pulpit And the Bling-Bling
NY Times: Walking a Tightrope on Immigration
NY Times: Reagans Southern Stumble
American Thinker: Military Desertion Rates and the Associated Press


Commentary: The Eliot Spitzer Show
AP/Gormley: License spat over, Spitzer, Legislature spitting continues
NY Post: Pirros parting
AP: Ex-attorney general hopeful Pirro, husband split


AP/Schreiner: Toppling GOP Leader a Long Shot for Dems


Des Moines Register: Once-optimistic GOP moderates now feel slighted
Des Moines Register: GOP moderates need champion
Washington Post: As Iowa Caucuses Loom, Intrigue Remains
Newsday: Holidays have pols walking fine line in Iowa


Washington Post: Democratic Gun Rights Activists Seek Senate Power


NY Times: Rhode Island Will Trim State Work Force


AP: Still time for N.H. to set primary date
Concord Monitor: State GOP braces for test in '08


Palm Beach Post: GOP rides Crist's back to woo black voters
Orlando Sentinel: Governor Charlie Crist tries to woo blacks to Republican Party


Rapid City Journal: RNC chairman visits Rapid City


Daily Herald: History will judge Hastert as career ends


CNN: Poll suggests Nevada could become a swing state in 2008


November 17, 2007


Washington Post: Making a Federalist Case
Detroit News: Giuliani gaining in Michigan: GOP candidate jumps ahead of Romney
Orlando Sentinel: Giuliani leads Florida in campaign poll
WP/Trail: Giuliani Makes a Federalist Case
Washington Post: Mingling With The Women to Help Her Man
The Hill: Judith Giuliani rallies Women for Rudy
Washington Post: 8 Million Stories In the Naked City, And One Character Keeps Popping Up
LA Times: Giuliani says he'd pick conservative justices
CNN: Giuliani to conservatives: I'm with you on judges
AP/Kuhnhenn: Giuliani Would Pick Conservative Judges
Reuters: Giuliani says he'd appoint conservative judges
NY Times: Giuliani Vexes Audiences With His Abortion Views
Boston Globe: Giuliani blazes trail in focus on big states
NY Times: Giuliani, Foe of Socialized Medicine, Expanded Public Care as Mayor
Salon: Rudy Giuliani's ties to Fox News
Weekly Standard: Rudy Giuliani, Disciplinarian
WP/Trail: Eyebrow-Raising Success of Giuliani and Other Campaign Surprises For Karl Rove
NRO: Fox News' National Poll Shows More of the Same: Rudy Up
NRO: Good News for Rudy & McCain in Ohio From Qunnipiac
CNN: Poll: Electability drives Giuliani lead in Nevada
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Giuliani top choice of likely Missouri primary voters

NY Post: Fred: GIs 'get' US policy
AP/Nelson: Thompson's Pick: Soldiers Over Lawmakers
Washington Post: Editorial: Two Cheers for Mr. Thompson on social security
Sun-Sentinel: Republican candidate Fred Thompson coming to Palm Beach County
American Thinker: Elon University Poll Shows Thompson Strength
Pioneer Press: Minnesota GOP House leader Seifert endorses Fred Thompson for president
NBC-2: FL poll: Thompson nosedives in Florida

NY Post: A McCain mutiny
AP/Elliott: McCain: Avoid Boosting Hostile Leaders
The Hill: McCain files push poll complaint in N.H.
Arizona Republic: Flake touts McCain's fiscal virtues to N.H.
Atlantic/Sullivan: Going Back To McCain

Weekly Standard/Barnes: Romney: The Man Who Wants to Fix Washington
Boston Globe: N.H. to probe negative calls targeting Romney campaign
NY Post: Mitt has a fit over unholy polling
AP/Ritter: Romney Talks Immigration, Health Care
AP/Blood: Romney Assails Giuliani on Immigration
AP/Elliott: N.H. Probes Anti-Romney 'Poll' Calls
Politico: Romney labels calls 'un-American,' pins blame on McCain-Feingold
Reuters: New Hampshire investigating anti-Romney calls

Reuters: Chuck Norris pitches for dollars for Huckabee
AP: Huckabee Gains Among GOP in Iowa

Washington Post: In Paul They Trust (The Feds May Differ)
AP/Lenz: Feds Raid 'Liberty Dollar' HQ in Ind.
NY Post: Ron Paul shuns funny money
San Antonio Express: Texas presidential hopeful no longer an afterthought
USA Daily: Barry Goldwater, Jr. endorses Ron Paul
CBS News: Ron Paul's Support Grows On College Campuses

AP: GOP's Tancredo Defends New Ad
Politico: What happened to Tom Tancredo?

Swamp: Rove, surprised, evaluates the presidential field
LA Times: Rovian ruminations: Karl Rove scans the presidential races

Telegraph UK: Republicans winning new citizens for 2008 vote


Washington Post: Senate Stays In Session to Block Recess Appointments
AP/Jalonick: Republican Filibuster Stalls Farm Bill
Washington Post: Farm Bill At Standstill After Vote
Wall Street Journal: Washington Itches for a Budget Battle
AP/Hananel: Job in Question for Immigration Official
AP/Kellman: New Atty Gen Shows Political Savvy
Politico: Surprise! Bush still popular on stump
Money in State Politics: Bush Rangers divert focus to state parties (.pdf)

AP: Guests for the Sunday TV News Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


AP/Dobbin: NY lawmakers propose making text messaging while driving a crime
AP: Bill would ban text messaging while driving in NY
NY Post: GOPers have 'gay' old time razzing Gov
NY Post: Editorial: The Grinch & the Gov


AP/Sidoti: Republican Race in Iowa Still Unsettled


AP: Poll: In Michigan, GOP side still bunched
AP/Hoffman: Court Rejects Early Michigan Primary
Detroit News: Appeals Court rejects primary
Detroit Free Press: Early presidential primary on brink of death


AP/Apuzzo: Tough Choice for Vitter in Escort Case


AP/Haigh: DeLuca disappointed with fellow GOP senators


Philadelphia Inquirer: Saxton looks back on congressional career
AP/Hester: Judge: Corzine can keep toll road study private
AP/Hester: Corzine tries to assure judge e-mail search was thorough


November 16, 2007


OpinionJournal: Rudy's Gamble: Giuliani's audacious strategy for the nomination
AP/Quaid: Giuliani Woos Conservatives on Judges
AP: Giuliani Goes to Bat for Roger Maris
Washington Times: Hollywood stars mum on donations to GOP
Boston Globe: Giuliani takes liberties on his NYC record
Reason: Is Rudy Giuliani a new Barry Goldwater or a new Bobby Kennedy?
NY Post: Rudy pal cops plea
Des Moines Register: King raises concerns about Giuliani's views
Dallas Morning News: Perry wins over voters - but not for Giuliani
Fox News: Rev. Pat Robertson Explains Why He's Throwing His Support Behind Rudy Giuliani
Angus Reid: So. Car. Primary 2008 (R): Giuliani 26%, Romney 20%
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 25%, Romney 21%

NY Post: Fred fires away on Rudy's home turf
AP/Long: In NYC, Thompson argues his standing in polls will change
NY Daily News: Fred Thompson treads lightly on fellow GOP candidates
Swamp: GOP's Thompson: 'Pendulum swinging against us'
NPR: Backing Thompson: Human Life and Political Reality

NY Times: McCain Finds Sympathy on Torture Issue
NY Times: A Campaign Hopes a Slur Will Lead to Donations
Power Line: McCain Comes Roaring Back...
Fox News: Poll: McCain Performs Best Against Clinton
CBS News: Not Quite McCain's Macaca

LA Times: Romney mines for votes in Southern California
NY Sun: Romney: Giuliani Made New York Magnet for Illegal Aliens
AP/Blood: Romney Assails Giuliani on Immigration
AP/Elliott: NH, Iowa Voters Get Anti-Romney Calls
Politico: Anti-Romney, anti-Mormon calls being made in Iowa
Boston Globe: Rivals tag Romney on healthcare pitch
AP/Johnson: Rivals Chide Romney on Health Care Plan
Washington Times/Weyrich: The Romney difference
Scripps: Romney's brain

Seattle PI: Huckabee makes most of quick trip to Bellevue
AP: Poll: Huckabee Gains Among GOP in Iowa

Mona Charen: Memo to Ron Paul Supporters
NY Sun: U.S. Raids Issuer of Ron Paul Coins
American Thinker: Website claim: 'Jews for Ron Paul' a fraud

AP/Sanner: Tancredo to Get $400 Haircut for Autism

Townhall/Hewitt: Guessing The Course Of The GOP Primaries


Boston Globe: GOP may try to exploit divisive immigration issue

LA Times: Bush, justices address Federalist Society
Washington Post: Federalists Relish Well-Placed Friends

Washington Post: House Falls Short in Vote to Override Veto
Washington Post: Marchers Protest NLRB's Busy Sept.

NY Times: Bush Announces 5 Nominees for Top Justice Posts
AP: Bush plans to nominate Connecticut US attorney for top Justice Dept. post
Swamp: Bush taps Chicago judge for key Justice Dept. post
Washington Post: Md. Prosecutor Tapped for Appeals Court
Washington Times: White House fills State position

Swamp: Bush: 'Judicial lawlessness... needs to stop'
NY Daily News: President Bush says Dems 'destroy' his judicial picks
CQ Politics: Some Hill Republicans Ready for Spending Compromise, but Bush Is Not

NY Sun: Editorial: Grassley's Gumption ...

The Hill: DeLay, Blackwell launch activist group
Washington Times: DeLay founds coalition to polish GOP message

Market Watch: Newsweek hires Rove as contributor
Politico: Newsweek hires Karl Rove


NY Post: Spitz vows to push for gay marriages
NY Sun: Even With Spitzer Vulnerable, Republican Bench 'Pretty Weak'
OpinionJournal: Spitzer's Fall: His nastiness catches up with him
NY Post: Eliot's arrogance: Doomed by his contempt
AP/McShane: Spitzer Blamed for License Plan Failure
Arizona Republic: Driver's licenses for migrants? Not in Mexico

Buffalo News: Spitzer abandons plan for Internet retailers to collect state sales tax

Journal News: One man's effort to revive Westchester GOP

NY Daily News: GOP fund-raiser pleads guilty for not reporting consult fees
NY Times: Former G.O.P. Official Admits He Evaded Taxes
AP/Maull: Former Manhattan GOP head pleads guilty to tax evasion
NY Sun: GOP's Ex-Chief in Manhattan Guilty on Taxes


Chicago Tribune: Hastert delivers a final address to Congress
AP/Babington: Hastert Bids House Farewell
Swamp: Ex-Speaker Hastert resigns
CQ Politics: Race to Succeed Hastert Could Be Special Election Bellwether
The Hill: Questions surrounding the timing of Hasterts resignation spark confusion
Aurora Beacon News: How Denny's resignation will trigger an early election


The Hill: Wilson pulls $110,000 at Cheney fundraiser


NRO: Primary Problem: Michigan may have to resort to a state convention


Roanoke Times: Republicans have themselves to blame


AP/Byrd: Cochran says hell run for re-election
Jackson Clarion Ledger: Cochran decides to run for sixth term
Biloxi Sun Herald: Cochran to run for Senate again


Radio Iowa: GOP candidate debate in Iowa canceled


Topeka Capital-Journal: State GOP announces caucus date


Badger-Herald: Former GOP chairmain analyzes 08 election
Capital Times: Ex-GOP chair Mehlman gives rosy view of politics


KMBC: Blunt Orders E-Mail Retention System


November 15, 2007


Washington Post: For Giuliani's Inner Circle, Loyalty Reigns Supreme
AP/Kuhnhenn: GOP's Giuliani to Air His First TV Ad
Swamp: Air Giuliani makes campaign TV debut with 'Tested'
Boston Globe: TV spot touts progress under his watch
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani acknowledges flaws in first TV ad
NY Times: In First Ads for Giuliani, a Wild City Is Made Over
WP/George Will: Front-Runners Who Can Still Be Tackled
AP: Giuliani Speaks at Game Feed
National Journal: The Timing May Be Just Right For Giuliani
LA Times: Evangelical flocks on their own at the polls
NYT/Caucus: Giuliani Battles Romney on Immigration
Time: Rudy Giuliani's Defining Moment
AP/Kolpack: Giuliani Says N.D. Important to Campaign
Cincinnati Enquirer: Ohio split on Clinton, Giuliani
Associated Content: Poll: Rudy Giuliani Closes in on Hillary Clinton in Ohio

Fox: Thompson Campaign Lashes Out at Romney Supporter Over Endorsement Payoff Claim
AP: Thompson Airs Immigration Ad in Iowa
NY Sun: Editorial: Where Was Thompson?
WP/Channel '08: Fred Thompson Wants 'No Amnesty'
Chicago Tribune: Thompson's role of a lifetime
Townhall/Hewitt: The NRLC's Endorsement Of Fred Thompson
Myrtle Beach News: Thompson woos crowd

AP/Myers: McCain Defends Reaction to Clinton Jab
NY Post: McCain getting 'b#tch'-slapped
The Hill: McCain camp goes after CNN
NRO: McCain's Manager Calls CNN 'The Clinton News Network'
Townhall: McCain Plays Third Party, Swift Boat Cards Against Rudy

NY Times: Romney, Searching and Earnest, Set His Path in 60s
AP/Johnson: Rivals Chide Romney on Health Care Plan
Swamp: Romney: Winning old-fashioned way (plus money)
Chicago Tribune: Mitt Romney: The smartest guy in the room
NRO: There's More To Romney Than Mormonism

Washington Times: Huckabee's hopes up in Iowa
Boston Globe: Huckabee surges in Iowa poll
Swamp: Huckabee: Never 'point your gun at a dead carcass'
Newsweek: Could Huckabee Actually Win Iowa?
Washington Post: The Huckabee Hustle
Salon: The dark side of Mike Huckabee

AP/Babington: Ron Paul Finds Fans, Funds on the Fringe
McClatchy: Rep. Ron Paul does it his way

McClatchy: Hunter runs to shake up governing elite


Ann Coulter: Musharraf: The Tolstoy of the Zulus
Sandra Day O'Connor: How special-interest money threatens the integrity of our courts
AP/Lardner: State's Inspector General Defends Record
Gallup: Americans Widely Disappointed With Democrats in Congress


NY Sun: Spitzer Abandons Amazon Tax
NY Sun: Editorial: Spitzer's Latest Flop

Washington Times: Illegals' licenses dropped
WP/Trail: Spitzer Drops License Plan, But Damage to Democrats is Done
NY Times: Dropping License Plan Wins Praise for Spitzer
NY Post: Gov finally reacts to Dem heat
NY Daily News: Spitzer says public, not Hillary, made him axe license plan
Newsday: Local Dems, GOP differ on impact of Spitzer's move
Newsday: Spitzer's license plan U-turn won't be easy
NY Sun: City Democrats Back License Plan Withdrawal

NY Daily News: Gov. Eliot Spitzer will fight felons' lawsuit

NY Post: Albany DA to go bobbing for apple$

Albany Times-Union: Sweeney makes plea, apologies


NY Times: Judge Stays Execution, Citing Case Under Review
CQ Politics: Tossup Race in Florida Finds House Freshman Fighting Fluke Label


Politico: Opponents link Giuliani to voting initiative
Financial Times: Californian vote switch may bolster Republicans
Reuters: California Budget Woes Growing Amid Slowdown


The Hill: Cochran will run in 2008
Jackson Clarion-Ledger: Barbour, Legislature facing different post-election dynamics


Politico: Republicans face messy feud


Politico: Hastert to make retirement announcement on Thursday


Detroit News: Michigan court sets a national standard


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