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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again


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November 14, 2007


LA Times: Giuliani rallies supporters at his state headquarters
NY Times: In First Ads for Giuliani, a Wild City Is Made Over
Gallup: Giuliani, Moral Values, and the GOP Nomination
Politico: Rudy parody less than 'glamorous'
Newsday: Experts split on whether pope and Giuliani will meet
NY Times: Polls Find Voters Weighing Issues vs. Electability
NY Sun: Giuliani Derides Idea of a Crack Amnesty
NY Sun: Editorial: The Crack-Dealer Amnesty
OpinionJournal/Taranto: Gay-Baiting Giuliani
NY Times: Ex-Publishers Suit Plays a Giuliani-Kerik Angle
American Spectator: Subsidize Life: A workable plan for Rudy Giuliani
RCP/Dick Morris: Rudy in Trouble Without Iowa Win
Village Voice: Crisis-Mode Rudy
Boston Globe: Editorial: Driving Rudy
NY Daily News: On a right wing and a prayer, Robertson sells out to Rudy

Washington Times: Pro-life Thompson nod splits coterie
Powerline: Thompson Sliding In Polls
NRO: NRLC backing may help Thompson in Iowa
MSNBC: More on Fred's National Right to Life nod
AP/Quaid: Right to Life Says Thompson Can Win
Boston Globe: Thompson urges million-member ground force for military
AP/Davenport: GOP's Thompson Urges Expanded Military
NY Post: Tough-talking Thompson: Expand military
AP/Davenport: Thompson Played Grant _ No Hero in South

Tom Bevan: A Moment For McCain?
Phoenix Business Journal: McCain garners 8 percent in new Nevada poll
Swamp: Roskam, Fitzgerald join McCain in Illinois
Chicago Tribune: A McCain & Fitzgerald Cleanup Co.?

AP/Sidoti: Romney Counting on Traditional Strategy
AP/Sidoti: Romney Ties Giuliani, Dems on Immigrants
AP: Romney Assails Giuliani, Huckabee on Tuition Breaks for Illegal Immigrants
Reuters: Baptist advice to Romney: follow JFK's lead
AP: Poll: Romney Maintains New Hampshire Lead
CNN: Romney spending $85K a day on TV ads
Politico: Dissension hits Romney campaign

CBS News: Huckabee Catching Up To Romney Among Hawkeye State Republicans
AP: Poll: Huckabee Gaining in Iowa
NYT/Caucus: Not Everyone Hearts Huckabee
Seattle PI: Mike Huckabee is here Thursday -- and not just to raise money for himself

Arkansas News Bureau: Paul pays filing fee for Arkansas Republican primary
Swamp: Ron Paul: 'Probably a risk' he could win
American Thinker: The Ron Paul Campaign and its Neo-Nazi Supporters
Atlantic/Sullivan: The Smearing Of Ron Paul

Washington Post: Tancredo's Politics of Fear
LA Times: Tancredo moves the lethal center

Washington Times: GOP issuing 'Clinton library cards'

AP/Kugler: Bloomberg Hosts Event With Nancy Reagan


Wall Street Journal: Mukasey Reopens Internal Probe
Washington Times: GOP split on repeal of Real ID
Politico: GOP finds solid ground on Iraq war
NY Sun: Why Reagan Deserves Benefit of Doubt on Racism
Washington Post: House GOP Report Defends State Dept. Official
The Hill: Nearly all House GOPers back Pences discharge petition on Fairness Doctrine
NY Sun: Universities' Growing Liberal Bias Is Documented
LA Times: Bush strategist looks back in sadness
Politico: GOP's limp dues sign of flagging spirits
Politico: Retirements threaten House Republicans
The Hill: GOP netroots find faults with Reagan group
Atlanta JC: Is the GOP fiscally conservative?


NY Times: Spitzer Dropping His License Plan
Newsday: Spitzer drops controversial license plan
NY Daily News: Governor Spitzer caves in on immigrant license plan
NY Post: Out-of-gas Eliot putting the brakes on license plan
Rochester D&C: Governor drops plan to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants
Buffalo News: Spitzer to abandon controversial driver's license plan
Albany Times-Union: Spitzer to pull license plan

NY Post: Spitz in free fall: Record plunge in poll
AP/Bauman: Voters may dump Spitzer over license plan
Newsday: For Spitzer, license bid a lesson in support

NY Sun: Spitzer's Christmas Tax Surprise: Aims To Collect Levies on Sales Over Internet
NY Sun: Editorial: Spitzer's Christmas Present

NY Post: Gov aide faces grilling on 'threat' to Dopp

NY Sun: Pataki Roams U.N. Halls As Safety Feud Intensifies

Albany Times-Union: Source: Sweeney passenger a shock


CQ Politics: May Special Election Scheduled for Louisiana House District
NewsBusters: Louisiana State Rep Uses Racial Slur- Media Neglects Party Information


Powerline: The New York Times frames the case against Rachel Paulose


NY Times: Facing Possible Expulsion, Lawmaker Will Step Down


NY Times: Awaiting Its Star Turn, Nevada Fights for Respect


Swamp: Illinois incredible shrinking congressional districts
Swamp: Senate confirms new Chicago federal judge


CQ Politics: Clout of Ohio Republicans Wanes on Capitol Hill


The Hill: RNC official inches toward Graham battle


Detroit News: Mich. seeks quick ruling on primary
Detroit Free Press: State requests hurry on appeal to save primary


Lassen County News: State chairman, candidates address big crowd at Republican Central Committee meeting


Dallas Morning News: Dallas sheriff's race attracting outside notice


November 13, 2007


USA Today: CEOs prefer Giuliani for president
Michigan Daily: Giuliani is the most qualified
Wall Street Journal: What Giuliani's Lead Really Means
Dallas Morning News: Perry: Roe vs. Wade to fall under Giuliani
Austin American-Statesman: Perry urges pragmatism as he stumps for Giuliani
Fox News: Key Giuliani Adviser Sounds Off on Bush Foreign Policy Mistakes
ABC News: Giuliani Camp Plays 'Delegate Game'
Washington Times: Giuliani looking ahead to Florida, N.Y.
NY Sun: Giuliani Camp Downplays N.H., Iowa
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani advisers focus on later, delegate-rich states
AP/Quaid: Giuliani May Not Need Early States
Reuters: Giuliani team plays down importance of early win
Newsday: Giuliani camp: Early primaries carry little weight
Boston Globe: Giuliani camp still has eye on later races
Swamp: Giuliani: Fight 'existential threat' by winning friends
AP: Giuliani vows taxing, spending reforms during trip to Missouri
News-Leader: Giuliani calls for military buildup
Joplin Globe: Giuliani attracts crowd at Mount Vernon stop
Washington Post: Giuliani Campaign Tries to Minimize Fallout From Kerik Indictment
American Spectator: Jack Bauer's Creator Speaks
WP/Trail: For Giuliani, McCain is Now a Rival Worth Fighting With
Orlando Sentinel: Giuliani rolls out more Florida mayors
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 34%, McCain at 18%

LA Times: Key antiabortion group backs Thompson
NY Times: Abortion Foes Throw Support to Thompson
CNN: Thompson wins support from key anti-abortion group
AP/Sidoti: Thompson to Be Endorsed by Right to Life
Swamp: Thompson: Overturning Roe v Wade is the goal
Seattle Times: Anti-abortion group's endorsement of Thompson draws fire
Atlantic/Ambinder: Thinking About NRLC's Endorsement Of Thompson
USA Today: Fred Thompson keeps nose to Iowa grind
AP: Thompson to Push for Expanding Military
Washington Post: In Fred Thompson's Dining Room, Ken Rietz Helped Build a Campaign

Savannah MN: McCain says surge is working in Iraq but needs one of his own in S.C.
NY Times: McCain Disavows Group Trying to Help His Campaign
AP/Kuhnhenn: McCain Calls for End to Independent Ads
Swamp: McCain calls on indy backers to 'cease and desist'
WP/Trail: McCain Rebuffs Independent Group
Arizona Republic: McCain says he'd beat Clinton in general election
Fox News: Transcript: Sen. John McCain on 'FOX News Sunday'
ABC News: Campaign Tests Giuliani-McCain Friendship
NYT/Brooks: John McCain: The Character Factor
Beaufort Gazette: McCain: 'We are winning in Iraq'
USA Today: Polls aren't with McCain yet on his vow to win N.H.
MSNBC: McCain targets spending in new ad
Powerline: The other straight talking McCain

The Hill: Romney surges in early states; Giuliani looks to later rounds
Boston Globe: Methodical style sets Romney apart from GOP rivals
LA Times: Romney casts a cool eye on a former triumph
AP/Johnson: Romney Says Help Military Families More
AP: Romney vies for veteran approval
AP/Johnson: Analysis: Romney Advisers' Say on Speech
American Spectator: Romney's campaign in Iowa is getting nervous about Huckabee
Rasmussen: Romney Now Seen As Most Conservative Republican, Huckabee Gaining Ground
Angus Reid: Romney Extends Lead in New Hampshire
Atlantic/Ambinder: Romney Campaign Slams Giuliani's Viability
Dallas Morning News: Former Texas Chief Justice Tom Phillips supports Romney
San Diego Union-Tribune: CRA backs Romney
Concord Monitor: Romney finds optimism amid critical challenges

NYT/Caucus: On the Road: Huckabee in Iowa
McClatchy: Long-shot Huckabee moving up fast in Iowa
Bloomberg: Mike Huckabee courts right-wing 'values voters'
Swamp: Conservatives target a once tax-happy Huckabee

NY Observer: Ron Paul Earns a Curtain Call
American Daily: Why the Ron Paul Campaign is Dangerous

Politico: Tancredo launches provocative Iowa ad
The Hill: Tancredo ad links porous borders to terrorism

American Spectator: Family Values Feud

AP/Forliti: RNC Protest Plans Already Under Way


Politico: Money woes keep Senate GOP worried about 2008
Politico: GOP tacks right after Democratic gains

Washington Post: White House Ordered to Keep E-Mails
AP/Yost: Judge Orders White House to Hold E-Mails

Washington Post: Web Start-Up Offers Canned Campaign Ads


NY Times: Prosecutor Examines Spitzer Aides Statement
NY Post: DA will put Spitz man on the grill
NY Daily News: Governor Spitzer does not defend former aide Darren Dopp

Newsday: Democrats projected to keep Nassau seat, majority
Newsday: Nassau lawmakers to discuss pay raises

Albany Times-Union: Arrest could prove a political setback for Sweeney


NY Times: Justice Dept. Chief Faces a Test in Minnesota


AP/Bluestein: Ga. governor prays for rain amid drought


The Hill: Groups press ethics panel on Sen. Craig


The Hill: Wyoming House race gives second chances to would-be senators in 08


CQ Politics: Third Republican Lines up to Oppose Arizonas Mitchell for House seat


Hot Air: Louisiana Dem to civil rights veteran: Talk to you later, Buckwheat


USA Today: N.H. voters take wait-and-see approach on primaries


KPCC: New Way of Choosing GOP Delegates in CA


November 12, 2007


Real Clear Politics: Giuliani's Nomination Strategy
NY Sun: Giuliani's Hold on Lead Spot Is Eroding
Washington Times: '24' chief scoffs at Hillary, leaning toward Giuliani
Miami Herald: Giuliani keeps big lead in Florida
Hartford Courant: Giuliani Displays Weight In Connecticut
US News: Giuliani gets an evangelical's support, but an old problem returns
Chicago Tribune: GOP, Giuliani see edge on immigration issue
KTIV: Forbes Campaigns In Iowa For Giuliani
KSPR: Giuliani Missouri Visit Details
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 30%, McCain 17%

Real Clear Politics: Nat'l Right to Life to endorse Thompson
Des Moines Register: Thompson touts electability at Burlington event
AP/Lorentzen: Thompson Hopes to Woo Independents
LA Times: Thompson's scarlet 'L'
The State: Is Thompson bored by it all?
KHQA: Thompson in Burlington
SC Now: Thompson schedules campaign stop in Myrtle Beach
Human Events: Advising Fred Thompson

The Hill: McCain guarantees New Hampshire victory
AP/Ramer: McCain Praised at Veterans Day Ceremony
Politico: McCain talks big on seven-candidate Sunday
Gazette: McCain rarely speaks of son serving in Iraq
Nashua Telegraph: McCain working on commercial
Power Line: On the ground in New Hampshire

NY Sun: Romney Speech Is Readied To Explain His Faith to Public
RCP Blog: Romney Abandons "The Speech?"
CNN: Romney gives Roberta McCain a "pass"
Daily Princetonian: Mormonism threatens Romney's presidential nomination, panel says

San Diego Union-Tribune: Amiable Huckabee aims high in Iowa
Bloomberg: Huckabee's Iowa Surge May Reshape Republican Presidential Race
NY Post: Surprise polls put 'Huck' on Iowa raft
Baltimore Sun: Huckabee aims to finish high in Iowa caucuses
Gazette: Huckabee on the offensive in Iowa

NY Sun: Editorial: Ron Paul's Prescience


NY Times: A New Channel for Soft Money Starts Flowing

OpinionJournal: A Test for Mr. Mukasey

The Hill: Senate GOP coordinates AMT attack


NY Post: Top Spitz man told aide to lie: insider
NY Daily News: Gov. Eliot Spitzer aide faces perjury in Troopergate
Newsday: Dems say GOP Choopergate hearings violated rules

AP: Former congressman charged with drunken driving
Albany Times-Union: Cops: Sweeney way over limit


AP/Delli Santi: Allen likely to launch bid for Congress
Newsday: Facts about Diane Allen


OpinionJournal: School choice goes down to defeat in Utah


Philadelphia Inquirer: Republicans face uphill fight in N.H.
Human Events: The Michigan-New Hampshire Date Race
CQ Politics: Opposition Shaping Up to First-Termer Hodes in N.H.


CQ Politics: Virginia Conventions Choose Nominees for Vacant House Seat


Louisville Courier-Journal: Kentucky GOP looks to future after losses
Lexington Herald-Leader: Fletcher girds state GOP for future elections


November 11, 2007


CW2: Giuliani Gets Warm Welcome in Loveland
Coloradoan: Rudy Giuliani draws hundreds at Loveland coffee shop
Reporter-Herald: Giuliani finds supporters, protesters in Loveland
Denver Post: Giuliani heckled in Loveland
MSNBC: Protesters booted from Giuliani event
Palm Beach Post: Floridians back Giuliani for now
Boston Herald: Rudy looks to get his Mitts on Mass. votes
RCP/Lowry: New York Cowboy
NY Post: Rudy firm's ties casting shadow over campaign
Tampa Tribune: GOP Endorsements Likely To Benefit Giuliani Most
NY Daily News: Bernard Kerik case will heat up as Rudy Giuliani faces vote
Dallas Morning News: Perry touts Giuliani at GOP women's event
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 33%, McCain 16%

Nashua Telegraph: Thompson balances family, politics
Boston Globe: Acting fame hasn't eased the campaign for Fred Thompson
Tennessean: Thompson offers plan to rescue Social Security
News & Observer: Thompson details Social Security plan
Swamp: Thompson's Social Security plan: Short on details

Arizona Republic: McCain vs. Clinton
MSNBC: Giuliani's surprise over McCain comments
Beaufort Gazette: McCain to honor Beaufort veterans
Laconia Citizen: McCain hangs with locals at Village Perk coffee house in Meredith

Boston Globe: Romney ahead, vulnerable in N.H. poll
Union Leader: Mr. Romney's neighborhood
AP: Marist: Romney Leads in New Hampshire
BBS News: Zogby: Romney Leading in Iowa with Thompson Fading
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Romney's to-do list mostly checked off
Boston Globe: Romney says advisers discourage a speech explaining Mormon faith
AP/Elliott: Romney Aides Oppose Speech on Religion
NYT/Caucus: Romney Confronts Religion, Privately
News-Herald: Romney top fundraiser in Florida Panhandle
NYT/Caucus: New Romney Ad on Immigration
WP/Trail: Romney's New Entry in Immigration Fray
Townhall: Romney Critics: Not telling the whole story

Washington Post: Huckabee on the Offensive in Iowa
Guardian UK: Southern preacher could be saviour of the Republicans
WP/Trail: Grassley on the Presidential Field: Huckabee "Catching On a Bit"
AP/Gorski: Dobson Says No Endorsement Imminent
Guardian UK: Why Rudy should like Mike

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Ron Paul breaks into the light as freedom warrior
NY Times: The Web Finds Ron Paul, and Takes Him for a Ride
LA Times: Fundraising ability raises Ron Paul's profile

NRO: The Tancredo Paradox


Townhall: The 25 Most Influential People On The Right


NY Post: Slain-cop kin rip Spitzer's parole plan
Newsday: Spitzer should drop license plan now, experts say
AP/Gormley: Government transition lends urgency to driver's license push
AP/Gormley: Political rivals Spitzer and Cuomo make nice

NY Times: Power Hangs in Balance in Nassau Legislature
Newsday: Minor parties have major impact on Election Day
Newsday: Republican accused of stealing campaign signs


AP: Udall to Run for Domenici's Senate Seat


Politico: Wittman wins GOP nomination for Jo Ann Davis seat
CBS News: Wittman Claims GOP Nomination For Open VA Congressional Seat
Washington Post: 'New Blood' Needed to Reverse GOP's Fortunes, Some in Party Say
Richmond Times-Dispatch: Va. GOP debates direction to take


AP: Schwarzenegger Has Thigh Surgery


NY Times: The Terrorism Card


Houston Chronicle: Craddick hopes partisan message pays off


Tribune-Eagle: Cubin to retire, officials say


Indianapolis Star: Mayor-elect Ballard announces executive committee


Lexington Herald-Leader: Fletcher says he's leaning toward work in private sector


St. Petersburg Times: Presidential poll: With a year to go, Florida is up for grabs


Cleveland Plain Dealer: Plain Dealer Poll: Frustrated Ohioans haven't given up on GOP
Dayton Daily News: Tuesday's election gives Democrats control of Ohio's major cities


WJZ: Ehrlich Out Of Office, Still In Spotlight


November 10, 2007


Reuters: Republican Giuliani has little to lose in Iowa
AP/Hennessey: Giuliani Tags Dems, Touts His Experience
American Thinker: The Pat Robertson Endorsement of Rudy Giuliani
Las Vegas Review-Journal: Giuliani plays up support from televangelist
Daily Mail UK: Shock in Clinton camp as Giuliani surges in the polls to tie with Hillary
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 29%, Thompson at 19%

NY Times: A Defiant Kerik Vows to Battle U.S. Indictment
NY Times: Editorial: Indicting Mr. Kerik
Washington Post: Kerik, Indicted on Corruption Charges, Pleads Not Guilty
AP/Fitzgerald: Fomer NYC commissioner Kerik pleads not guilty to corruption
NY Daily News: Feds: Bernard Kerik's a scammer who ripped off city
NY Post: Kerik: I'll beat the rap
Newsday: Rudy's motto? End, not the means
Newsday: GOP rivals rip Giuliani over Kerik charges
Politico: McCain, Romney raise Kerik; Giuliani camp swings back

NY Times: Thompson Seeks to Alter Entitlement for Retirees
Washington Post: Thompson Reveals Social Security Plans
Reuters: Thompson proposes 401(k)-style Social Security fix
AP/Espo: Thompson: Reduce Future Retiree Benefits

NY Times: Seeing Progress in Iraq, McCain Hopes for Credit
AP/Kuhnhenn: McCain Gets Outside Help As Polls Rise
AP/Elliott: McCain points to Kerik as reason to question Giuliani's judgment
NY Post: McCain uses case to rip Rudy the 'bad judge'
CNN: Giuliani Criticized For Ties With Kerik
NY Daily News: John McCain bashes Bernard Kerik as deserter in Iraq
Morning News: McCain Files For Arkansas Republican Primary
Salt Lake Tribune: McCain's mom slams Romney
CQ Politics: McCain's mom on Mormons
The Hill: McCain disavows S.C. ads on his behalf

AP/Johnson: Romney Links Rivals to Sanctuary Cities
OpinionJournal: Mitt Romney: a turnaround project for Washington

Dallas Morning News: Several Christian conservative leaders gravitating toward Huckabee
Politico: Dobson endorsement of Huckabee rumored
RCP/Gerson: Where Does Huckabee Fit In?
American Spectator: Huckabee's Salvation (Updated)
Reuters: Huckabee trying to sneak up on GOP leaders

USA Today: Iowa GOP inundated by irate calls from Ron Paul fans

Washington Times: Hispanics to hear from GOP


AP/Jordan: Mukasey Sworn in As Attorney General
Bloomberg: Schumer, Leahy Jostle for Power as Mukasey Confirmed by Senate

Washington Times: House passes relief from AMT
NY Times: House Backs Tax Relief Bill, but Fate in Senate Is Unsure
AP/Abrams: House Passes $80 Billion Tax Relief Bill
LA Times: House OKs tax plan along party lines

Fox News: 2 GOP House Lawmakers, Barbara Cubin and Jim Saxton, to Retire

NY Times: John E. Grenier, 77, a Leader of Goldwaters 64 Bid, Is Dead

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NY Post: Lawyer drops Dopp amid perjury probe

AP: Spitzer: Committed to license plan for now, but 'wait and see'
NY Post: Spitzer in lane change

Rochester D&C: Local Democrats grabbing power in traditional GOP strongholds


NY Times: Citing Health, Lawmaker Saxton Announces Plan to Retire
AP/Hester: New Jersey Rep. Jim Saxton to retire amid health concerns
CQ Politics: New Jersey Republicans Scramble to Find Candidate for Saxtons Seat


WILX: Early Primary Supporters Still Fighting


Winston-Salem Journal: Who will be N.C.'s next governor?


Florida Today: Lawmaker has little support after conviction
Palm Beach Post: Jury finds Rep. Allen guilty


AP: Allegheny Co. GOP chairman resigns after dismal ballot showing


CQ Politics: GOP Gets Rare Open-Seat Boost in Wyoming


November 9, 2007


AP/Fram: Giuliani 2nd Pick of Many Conservatives
AP/Lorentzen: Giuliani Say Kerik Support Was a Mistake
AP: Giuliani maintains lead in Connecticut
NRO/Kudlow: Americas Mayor Is on a Roll
NY Post: Rudy plays the ID card
Real Clear Politics: Giuliani and the Right's Shifting Priorities
NRO/York: Can Rudy Convince the Skeptics?
US News/Barone: Clinton, Giuliani, and the Polls
AP/Beltran: Protesters arrested in Giuliani's office
LA Times: Ron Paulites confront, taunt Giuliani
CQ Politics: Giuliani Does Just Enough in Iowa to Really Lose
LA Times: Pat Robertson endorsement a mixed blessing for Giuliani
Wall Street Journal: In Surveys, Giuliani Gains Edge on Primary Rivals
Guardian UK: Giuliani leaves trail of doubt amid Republican applause
NRO: Rudy Giuliani Urging Congressional Allies to Act on Driver's Licenses
Des Moines Register: Giuliani faults the other Clinton

NY Times: Keriks Corruption Case Dogs Giuliani
Boston Globe: Giuliani facing new questions about ex-police commissioner
Wall Street Journal: Associates' Troubles Raise Questions About Giuliani's Judgment
NY Post: Kerik faces jail on Feds' tax rap
NY Daily News: Bernard Kerik indicted on corruption, tax evasion charges
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani won't say if he'd pardon Kerik as President
Washington Post: Kerik Is Said To Be Indicted On Corruption And Tax Counts
AP/Milton: Ex-NYPD boss Kerik indicted after corruption probe
Newsday: Rivals blast Rudy over Kerik
AP/Quaid: Analysis: Kerik Could Tarnish Giuliani
NYT/City Room: How Will Keriks Indictment Affect Giuliani?

AP/Lowy: Thompson's Facts on Immigration Bill
CSM: Thompson fires it up in his make-or-break state
NRO: How Much Did Thompson's Abortion Comments Hurt Him?
Madison County Journal: Herring tribute featuring GOP's Fred Thompson
Nashville Business Journal: MTSU Poll: Thompson leads in TN

Detroit News: McCain, Huckabee look for upset victory in Mich.
Detroit News: McCain, campaigning in Michigan, says no to torture
Boston Globe: McCain's message a hard sell in the heartland
MLive: John McCain visits Jackson, MI
Boston Globe: Ridge stumps for McCain
Arizona Republic: McCain shifts on immigration
Atlantic/Ambinder: McCain Considers $3M Loan To Fund Campaign

AP/Johnson: Romney Hopes to Overwhelm N.H. Voters
CNN: Romney methodically winning over South Carolina conservatives
AP/Elliott: Romney Ad Returns to Immigration Debate
Boston Globe: Romney ahead in Iowa, New Hampshire
Boston Herald: Ogonowski backs Romney
NRO: Rasmussen Shows Romney Huge in New Hampshire
The State: Romney favors school choice

LA Times: On second thought, conservatives give Huckabee an amen
NY Times: From Back of G.O.P. Pack, Huckabee Is Stirring
American Spectator: Huckabee's Salvation
Reuters: Huckabee trying to sneak up on Republican leaders
AP/DeMillo: Conservative Activist Backs Huckabee
CQ Politics: Huckabee Takes Endorsement Losses in Stride
Salon: Mike Huckabee, on a wing and a prayer

Dallas Morning News: Editorial: Ron Paul's campaign is more than buzz
CSM: What's behind Ron Paul's huge '08 fundraising haul
GOPUSA: To Ron Paul Supporters: Civility is Essential
NY Times: Ron Paul's ad campaign: A Constitutional Centerpiece
CBS News: Paul Returns Donations From Stolen Cards


NY Times: Mukasey Wins Vote in Senate, Despite Democrats Doubts
The Hill: Senate approves Mukasey nomination
NY Sun: Mukasey Will Lead Justice Dept.
AP/Kellman: Mukasey Says He'll Be Independent
Reuters: Senate confirms Mukasey as attorney general

Karl Rove: The Dem Congress is more interested in acting out than in taking positive action

NY Times: Republicans in Congress Propose Bills on Licenses

LA Times: If it is the economy, GOP may be in trouble

AP/Ohlemacher: GOP Punishes 5 Early Voting States

WP/Cillizza: High Stakes in 2010 Govs Races

Politico: Generational test for Republicans


Buffalo News: Voter backlash against Spitzer boosts Republicans
NY Daily News: NY1 poll finds Eliot Spitzer's approval rating slipping
Newsday: Spitzer, aide file to block subpoenas
NY Post: Gov fights 'tricks' subpoena
AP/Gormley: Spitzer seeks to quash Senate subpoenas
AP/Gormley: Spitzer, Cuomo in rare appearance try to look like old Spitzer


AP/Hester: State Senate Republicans change leadership


Houston Chronicle: Bush helps Cornyn, meets astronauts in Houston
AP/Riechmann: Bush Visits Injured Veterans in Texas
AP/Riechmann: Bush Helps Senator Raise Money


AP/Richmond: New Trial Ordered for Former Speaker


Indianapolis Star: Muncie mayor's race still undecided


Washington Post: Losses Might Doom GOP-Led Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants


Tallahassee Democrat: Republican Party leaders vote 121-9 to punish Florida GOP


Billings Gazette: GOP magazine calls Iverson a rising star


Delta Democrat Times: Republicans are king in Mississippi


Lexington Herald-Leader: Whats next: GOP looks beyond sobering night
The Hill: Facing anger, McConnell gets ready for trail
WP/Cillizza: Will Dems' Bandwagon Roll Over McConnell?


CQ Politics: Phoenix-like Revival in Arizona Spurs House Dems Ambitions


Politico: Easy stereotypes mask a complicated South


Politico: New Orleans prostitute dishes details on Vitter in Hustler interview


LA Times: Carona stained by paintball lease, indictment says


November 8, 2007


NY Times: In a Surprise, Pat Robertson Backs Giuliani
AP/Quaid: Pat Robertson Endorses Giuliani
NY Post: Rev. Pat: Rudy has the 'right' stuff
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani wins endorsement of Pat Robertson
NY Sun: Giuliani Hopes for a Boost From Robertson
Newsday: Robertson backs Rudy despite abortion differences
LA Times: Pat Robertson endorses Giuliani
Newsday: Pat Roberston endorses Giuliani

Politico: GOP candidates trumpet Christian backers
Washington Times: Christian right scatters support in GOP primary
The Hill: Endorsements highlight social conservative split
AP/Quaid: Analysis: Christian Right Splinters
Wash Post: Consensus Lacking in GOP Endorsements: Evangelical Vote Still Appears Divided
Newsday: Vital to GOP, evangelicals are divided
Newsday: Why evangelical support matters

NY Sun: Jury Expected To Vote on Kerik Indictment
NY Times: U.S. Will Ask a Grand Jury to Indict Kerik
Newsday: Federal indictment of Kerik expected soon

LA Times: Giuliani embraces tough love

Reuters: Giuliani, Clinton In Dead Heat In 2008 Race: Poll
CNBC: New WSJ/NBC Poll: Mixed Bag For Presidential Contenders

The Hill: Thompson hits the airwaves nationally, in Iowa
AP/Davenport: Thompson's Diet: Skip the Grits, Goodies
Robert Novak: A Major Abortion Blunder

AP/Sidoti: Brownback Endorses Former Rival McCain
American Spectator: The Comeback Kid

NY Times: On Campaign Stump, Romney Preaches the Importance of Optimism
AP/Adcox: Romney Wants Tax Help for Home Schooling

LA Times: Ron Paul celebrates an online fundraising coup
AP/Love: Paul Flush With Cash, Has Hopes for N.H.
Atlantic/Douthat: Ron Paul, Third-Party Candidate?

AP/Sidoti: NH Could Turn GOP Race Upside Down
NRO: Republican Recovery


Ann Coulter: McCarthyism: The Rosetta Stone of Liberal Lies

Wall Street Journal: Tax and Offend
NY Times: Voters Split on Spending Initiatives on States Ballots

OpinionJournal: Oregon voters send a message on HillaryCare

Pinkerton: Immigration clock's ticking for GOP

AP: Some Question Preacher Investigation

AP/Dunbar: FCC Considering New Media Rules

Newsday: King pushes bill to bar licenses for undocumented
Swamp: GOPs Hispanic outreach fizzles


NY Daily News: Gov. Spitzer eyes deal in suit to spring heinous killers

NY Times: Congressional Democrats Grow Wary of Spitzer License Plan

NY Sun: 1199, Spitzer Ready for a Health Care Rematch

AP/Hoffner: Mayoral races, statewide ballot measure decided in NY
Newsday: When smoke cleared, both sides held own election day
Newsday: Pols drive around license issue in local contests
Newsday: Historic shift for GOP in Long Beach
Newsday: New York's district attorneys have job security
Newsday: Nassau Democrats seem to hold line in legislature
Buffalo News: Esmonde: Democrats prove theyre out of touch

AP/Maull: Former Spitzer press aide Dopp tries to stop subpoenas


Washington Post: Virginia Post-Election Roundup
Washington Times: Redistricting role is party's prize
Conservative Voice/Viguerie: Republican Losses in Virginia
Washington Post: Editorial: Purple Virginia: But still no joy ride for the Democrats
WP/Fisher: Va. Republicans Hear Contrasting Messages in Election Defeat
WP: Va. Senate Race Still Undecided: Democratic Challenger Could Ask for Recount


AP/Imrie: Former Ill. Gov. Ryan Reports to Prison


NY Sun: Editorial: Stem-Cell Signal
American Spectator: Weird New Jersey
AP/Delli Santi: New Jersey Dems retain Statehouse control, but lose some luster
Star-Ledger: Lonegan leads the reluctant Republicans


Boston Globe: GOP director uses Web to liven the party


Detroit Free Press: Court strikes down Jan. 15 primary


SunHerald: Democrats regain Senate majority in vote


CBS News: Latta Defeats Buehrer In Ohio GOP Primary
CQ Politics: GOP Turns Fast to Fence-Mending After Tough Ohio House Primary
The Hill: With Ohio match-up set, Dems go for another strong challenge in red district


Florida Insider: Crist holds the cards in Florida Republican presidential race


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