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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

House candidates campaign on their agendas, but voters vote on Trump

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse


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October 21, 2007


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Rudy steps right
LA Times: For Giuliani, chasm may be too wide
AP/Kuhnhenn: Giuliani Tries to Reassure Conservatives
AP/Farrington: Top GOP Candidates Woo Florida Activists
NY Times: Religious Right Divides Its Vote at Summit
NY Post: Rudy is easy 'pray' at confab
NY Daily News: Giuliani doesn't measure up in conservative Christians poll
Newsday: Rudy makes pitch to skeptical conservatives
Palm Beach Post: GOP hopefuls inspire fervor with Clinton bashing
RedState: Nominate Rudy Guliani and its over for the Republican Party
Reuters: Giuliani Woos Religious Right But Loses Poll
Politico: Giuliani asks Values Voters to trust him

Politico: Poll finds Thompson appeals to churchgoers
Newsbusters: ABC Tries to Tar Fred Thompson With Their Dan Quayle Brush
Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Thompson will try to get back on track tonight

Washington Times: Top four Republican hopefuls woo Florida voters
NRO: A Second Look at McCain
Arizona Republic: Pushing ahead, McCain leans on POW past
AP/Davenport: McCain Questioner Was Thompson Donor

Washington Post: Cash, Advice on Tap at Romney's Old Firm
USA Today: GOP candidates appeal for Sunshine State votes
Boston Globe: Romney pays filing fee for Arkansas primary

Washington Times: Values voters back Mike, Mitt
Baltimore Sun: Huckabee: A nation that meets 'God's standards'
Toronto Star CA: No GOP saviour in sight for the evangelical right

KARE11: Twin Cities get ready for Republicans' party


Robert Novak: Message from Massachusetts
Washington Post: Limbaugh Spins Reid's Letter Into Charity Gold
Rush Limbaugh: How Four Little Pieces of Paper Became So Very Valuable


Washington Post: Some Say Clinton Model Is Flawed

NY Post: 'Spitzer' ID plans failed in two states
NY Post: Foes rip motor-voter reverse
Newsday: License plan stokes vote worry
NY Times: Spitzer Goes on the Attack Once Again


Times-Picayune: Jindal wins
AP/Deslatte: Indian Immigrants' Son New La. Governor
NY Times: Indian-American Congressman Elected Louisianas Governor
Washington Post: Jindal Wins Louisiana Race, Becomes First Indian American Governor


LA Times: Editorial: The future of the California GOP
Sacramento Bee: Doolittle investigation sparks turmoil in party


Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Crist criticism comes from his own party


Washington Post: Fairfax Races Seen As Crucial To Senate


AP: Wisconsin Ends Budget Impasse


October 20, 2007


Newsday: Rudy set to woo conservatives
AP/Sidoti: GOP Contenders Vie for Conservatives
WP/Trail: Rudy and the Christian Right:A Critical Encounter Saturday
MSNBC: Brownback says Rudy won't get nod
Baltimore Sun: Brownback: The GOP nominee will not be Giuliani
Boston Globe: Giuliani talks of NY; Romney of agriculture
Time: Perry Says He'll Help Giuliani Overturn Roe
Washington Post: Mr. Giuliani's No-Tax Pledge
Atlantic: Giuliani And The Evangelicals
Washington Times: Giuliani primary strategy is risky
Real Clear Politics: At FRC, Searching For A Giuliani Alternative

Salon: How the Christian right could defeat Rudy -- and make Hillary president

USA Today: Thompson vows to block federal money, support for abortion
NRO: Fred Thompson at the Family Research Council Summit
WP/Trail: Report From the Values Summit: Thompson? Maybe....Not
Washington Times: Marriage, abortion rule GOP forum
CBN News: Rival Campaign Goes After Fred Thompson
Human Events: Presidential Candidates Seek to Impress Values Voters
Townhall: Jeri "Turns-Off" Event Attendees
US News: Thompson Woos 'Values Voters'
CQ Politics: Thompson, McCain Raise Conservative Banners at Social Issues Summit
MSNBC: Thompson's and McCain's speeches
NY Post: Fred's Senate votes often liberal

NYT/Caucus: McCain and Thompson at the Values Voters Summit
NYTimes: Senator McCain at the Values Voter Summit
Baltimore Sun: McCain to social conservatives: 'I won't con you'
Spartanburg Herald Journal: U.S. facing 'perfect storm' in health care, McCain says
MSNBC: Maternal power helps propel McCain comeback
NYT/Caucus: On the Road: McCain in 3 States
AP/Theimer: McCain-Led Group Active Abroad
Fox News: Coming Up on 'FOX News Sunday': John McCain and Mike Huckabee

The Hill: Romney scores with religious right
AP/Lorentzen: Romney Says He Criticizes Rivals Equally
USA Today: Romney's messages: Families matter; 'people of many faiths' support me
Townhall: Poll Shows: South Carolina Will Be Romney's JFK in West Virginia
Baltimore Sun: Romney camp stacking Values Voter straw poll
NY Post: Mitt & Rudy's holy snit

Baltimore Sun: Ron Paul: Take abortion out of federal courts
NYT/Caucus: Values Voters Consider Their Options

AP/Milburn: Brownback Bows Out of 2008 Race
KSNT: Brownback's Official Announcement
Washington Times: Brownback unbound

Christian Science Monitor: Women's crossover votes for Clinton will surprise GOP


Washington Post: Martinez Resigns From RNC Post
AP/Sidoti: Martinez Quits As RNC General Chairman
LA Times: Latino head of RNC resigns
NY Times: Senator Steps Down as a Top G.O.P. Official
USA Today: Sen. Martinez quits as RNC chairman
Tallahassee Democrat: Martinez quits as chairman of RNC
St. Petersburg Times: Martinez resigns GOP post
Sun-Sentinel: Sen. Martinez of Florida moves up resignation as RNC chairman
Palm Beach Post: Martinez resigns as Republican chairman
Tampa Tribune: Republican Chairman Martinez Steps Down
Washington Times: Martinez quits post at RNC
Baltimore Sun: RNC gets new chairman, same as old chairman

LA Times: Republican Party hurt by future retirements

AP/Yost: White House May Be Told to Save E-Mails

Washington Times: Why daddy is a conservative
Evening Standard: Gary Bauer Speaks

Townhall/Ruffini: The GOP: Dawn Breaks?
Real Clear Politics/Lifson: The Media's Rush Limbaugh Dilemma
American Thinker: Part of the Job of Congressional Staffers


NY Times: Former U.S. Terror Official Backs Spitzers License Plan
AP/Gormley: Richard A. Clarke endorses Spitzer's plan
NY Daily News: Ex-antiterrorism chief supports Spitzer's license plan
Newsday: Gov. Spitzer takes new route with license plan


AP/Werner: Part of Abramoff Case Sent to Maryland


AP/Apuzzo: Senators Back Stevens Despite FBI Probe


CQ Politics: GOP Rep. Jindal in Lead as Louisiana Voters Choose New Governor
AP/Deslatte: Jindal Might Avoid Runoff for La. Gov
Townhall: Miracle on the Bayou


AP/Hester: Former assemblyman pleads guilty to extortion charges
AP/Gold: N.J. candidates don't advertise party affiliation


AP/Davenport: Can Colbert Get on S.C. Primary Ballots?


NY Times: Recuperating Senator Says Hell Seek Re-election
AP/Jalonick: Johnson to Run for Senate After Illness
CQ Politics: South Dakota Senator Caps Year of Recovery With Re-Election Announcement


AP/Foley: Wis. Lawmaker Stages Budget Sit-In


CBS News: Florida Could Be The Key To GOP Race
Palm Beach Post: GOP gets early edge with more candidates in state


Dallas Morning News: Battle brews as Democrats vie for the Texas House


Politico: Bush fundraising for Ohio Republican Chabot


CQ Politics: Dem Donors Rallied Quickly to Warners Promising Senate Bid in Virginia


October 19, 2007


AP/Peterson: AP Interview: Perry says Giuliani will help overturn Roe
Houston Chronicle: Perry's VP chances could ride on Giuliani
Austin American-Statesman: Perry's support may moderate Giuliani's liberal image
Dallas Morning News: Perry endorses Giuliani for president

Atlantic: Jeb Bush, Jr. Endorses Giuliani
Boston Globe: Giuliani picks up backing of a Bush in Florida
Swamp: The younger Jeb Bush picks a horse: Giuliani

NY Daily News: Southern conservatives open wallets for Rudy Giuliani
CBS News: Poll: Giuliani Leads, But Support Shaky
Boston Globe: Giuliani bid in 2008 challenges Republican views
AP/Fram: Giuliani's Conservative Support Tenuous
Politico: Rudy in Iowa: Is he or isn't he?
USA Today: The 80-20 equation confronts Republicans
Reuters: Giuliani bid in 2008 challenges Republican views
AP/Bellandi: Giuliani: Torre Departure 'Very Sad Day'
AP: Rudy: Joe Torre would make great running mate

Atlanta JC: Fred Thompson appears in Cobb
Atlanta JC: What Fred said: A transcript of Thursdays interview
Atlanta JC: Thompson: Giuliani's NYC was "sanctuary" for illegals
MSNBC: Thompson invokes 'sanctuary cities'
Boston Globe: Thompson hits Giuliani and Romney on social issues
AP/Farrington: Thompson makes it clear: No drilling in the Everglades
AP/McCaffrey: Thompson Raps Rivals on Immigration
AP/Schelzig: Thompson Sought Inspector's Removal
Reuters: For conservative New Yorkers, Giuliani isnt their man
CQ Politics: Thompson Plans Debate Attack
AP: Thompson swipes at Giuliani in NYC
Foster's: Thompson shows little interest in New Hampshire
WBZTV: Fred Thompson Losing Grassroots Support In N.H.
NYT/Caucus: Where Have You Been, Fred?
NY Post: Fred: Rudy soft on illegals

AP/Sidoti: McCain to Conservatives: Trust Me
AP/Sidoti: McCain, Romney Woo Social Conservatives
NY Times: McCain Back at Scene of Collapse in South Carolina
AP: Play of the Day: McCain Names Mannequin
AP/Adcox: McCain Rules Out Independent Bid
WP/Cillizza: Loan Talk Underscores McCain's Money Problems
Time: McCain Is Back
The Hill: McCain camp touts role as Clintons toughest test

The Hill: Romneys rivals brace for big January loan
Boston Globe: Romney speech to focus on families, not Mormon faith
Politico: Romney courts Christians
SC Now: Presidential hopeful Romney visits Florence, South Carolina
Dallas Morning News: Mormon candidate is winning over many religious conservatives
AP/Davenport: Romney Calls United Nations a 'Failure'
Hot Air: Red meat Mitt: We need an alternative to the UN
Boston Globe: Romney planning to take aim at single motherhood
Swamp: Caffeine-free Romney ready for New Year's in Iowa
MSNBC: Behind Team Romney
Boston Globe: Folding chairs and home life for Romney
AP/Daly: Romney tops money chase in Northwest

ABC News: Ron Paul: Republican or Revolutionary?
National Ledger: How Should Ron Paul Get More Media Coverage?

NY Times: Social Conservatives Meet, Their Options Cut by One
WP/Cillizza: Brownback's Out. Who's Helped?
LA Times: Brownback to exit presidential race
AP/Quaid: Brownback to Withdraw From GOP Race
Deseret News: Brownback ducking Utah vote
Chicago Tribune: Sources: Sen. Brownback to end run for presidency

NYT/Brooks: Mike Huckabee: From the Back of the Pack

AP/Farrington: Jeb Bush's Sons Split on GOP Picks
AP: Pollster: GOP Women Will Support Clinton
Time: Unlikely Nominees
AP/Sidoti: Religious Conservatives Face Hard Choices


Our Cigar Aficionado: No Cigar Tax ... for now, with the veto of S-CHIP
NY Times: House Sustains Presidents Veto on Child Health

Drudge: $2,000,200 top bid for Dem letter bashing Limbaugh
Ann Coulter: Institutional racial hoaxism
AP/Jordan: Mukasey Mum on Torture Techniques
AP/Taylor: GOP Moves to Halt Money for Woodstock

NRO: How to Lose, Don Youngs Way
CQ Politics: Top GOP House Campaign Strategist Sees Hope in Partys Special Election Loss


Boston Globe: Speculation grows for Dec. primary in N.H.


NY Sun: Spitzer Vows To Carry Out License Policy
NY Sun: City Immigrants Are Wary of Governor's Plan on IDs
NY Daily News: Spitzer follows through on license promise
AP/Gormley: Spitzer to Senate: See you in court
NY Post: GOPers nix Hill's Woodstock 'pork'
AP/Gormley: GOP accuses Spitzer of blocking $740,000 in aid


CQ Politics: Big Spenders in Race to Replace Hastert
AP/Babington: Hastert to Resign Soon, GOP Aides Say
Chicago Tribune: Doctor backed to face Durbin


AP/Byrd: Miss. Gov Seeks Black Votes for 2nd Term


AP/Frommer: Stein Crosses Party Lines, Helps Franken
The Nation: Al Franken Seeks the Wellstone Seat


Delli Santi: Clinton, Giuliani top field in New Jersey fundraising


Times-News: Federal judge sets hearing date on Idaho's closed primary case


Dallas Morning News: Hutchison won't commit to running for Texas governor


NY Times: An Improbable Favorite Emerges in Cajun Country
Advocate: Jindal, Georges trade barbs


October 18, 2007


Houston Chronicle: Perry endorses former New York mayor Giuliani
AP: Perry Backs Giuliani Despite Differences
AP/Gamboa: Perry backing Giuliani disappoints conservatives
Atlantic: Rick Perry's Audition
The Hill: Texass Perry endorses Giuliani
Newsday: Rudy Giuliani: Lost in Texas

NY Post: Rudy, Hill tied
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 29%, Thompson 19%
ABC News: Giuliani Retreats From Reagan Flexibility
Wall Street Journal: Giuliani Connects With 'Morals' Voters on Security
AP/Espo: Rudy: No Tax Hike for Social Security
NY Sun: Ex-Mayor Repudiates McCain-Feingold Law
NY Sun: Giuliani Recants Support of McCain-Feingold
AP/Fram: Giuliani's Conservative Support Tenuous
AP: Conservative GOP Picks for President
NY Times: G.O.P. Candidates Address Entitlements
NYTimes: Newest Factor for Earlier Primaries: Grinch Effect

The Hill: Thompsons plan spooks GOP backers
NY Post: Fred slaps Rudy over tax support
American Thinker: Thompson Faltering - Hillary Rising in Latest Poll
Atlanta JC: Fred Thompson to address illegal immigrantion during Atlanta visit
Pantagraph: Brady to chair Illinois campaign for Fred Thompson
KnoxNews: Tennessee generous to Thompson; fresh push planned
MSNBC: Fred turns focus to policy papers
RedState: While Perry's Prairie Winds Blow
AP/Schelzig: Anti-Gay Church Says Thompson Agreed

NYT/Caucus: McCain Takes On His Old Friend, Giuliani
CSM: John McCain: keeping faith, on his own terms
Boston Globe: McCain's message for Mitt
Austin American-Statesman: McCain: Eats hot dogs, loves ABBA
NY Daily News: John McCain boasts he's been where GOP rivals haven't

AP/Davenport: McCain With Mom on Campaign Trail
BBC News UK: McCain takes mother campaigning

Politico: Romney's religious riddle
AP/Syeed: Romney: Link College Aid to Occupation
AP: Wallet Forgotten, Romney Borrows Cash
Weekly Standard: Romney and the New Paradigm: A candidate struggling to find his voice
Boston Globe: Mack for Romney
The Hill: Mack letter supported Coconut Road

NYT/Caucus: Pauls Aides: Campaign Cash Healthy

MSNBC: With 2008 looming, still no date for the first presidential primary

RCP/Boston Phoenix: Third Party Run Would Kill GOP in '08


Politico: Republicans plot fall offensive
AP/Babington: GOP Hopes Voter Anger Cuts Both Ways
Washington Times: House GOP halts wiretapping bill

AP/Kellman: Mukasey Disavows Torture Memo
AP/Jordan: Mukasey Would End White House Meddling
Newsday: Top Dems say Mukasey approval likely


NY Post: Citizen shock at slasher Spitzer
NY Daily News: Spitzer's immigrant license fight gets uglier in Albany
NY Post: E-mails the 'smoking gun' in Gov vengeance
NY Daily News: Bruno's copters cost $72G, but Troopergate cost $1.5M
NY Post: Hevesi raps successor
NY Post: Judge blasts Cuomo
AP/Bauman: Assembly minority leader accuses Spitzer of political retaliation
AP: Giuliani, Clinton Lead in Tri-State Area


Boston Herald: Despite loss, Ogonowski could still have strong political future


AP/Hoffman: Prostitutes Testify in Ca. Bribery Trial


October 17, 2007


Drudge: Rudy on Hillary: What's her experience?
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani has built a national campaign machine
AP/Quaid: Giuliani Tells Obama 'You're No Reagan'
Reuters: Republican White House hopefuls talk tough on Iran
Washington Times: Republican hopefuls take a hard line on Tehran
NY Daily News: Now, Rudy's integrity test
NY Daily News/Lupica: Giuliani plays Fast with facts when it comes to Kerik
JTA: GOP candidates make their case at Republican Jewish conference
ABC News: Rudy's Stock Rises
Salon: The hungriest Republican
AP: Judith Giuliani: No to Cabinet Meetings
Fox News: Judith Giuliani Sets Record Straight on Attending Cabinet Meetings
NYT/Dowd: Rudy Roughs Up Arabs
Salon: The Iran hawks
RCP: General Election: Giuliani vs. Clinton

Fred Thompson: Keep the Internet Tax-Free
Houston Chronicle: Thompson leading in recent Texas fundraising
WP/Trail: Thompson M.I.A.
NRO: Thompson on Rudy's Turf

AP/Sidoti: McCain Prays for No War With Iran
NY Times: Global Warming Starts to Divide G.O.P. Contenders

AP/Sidoti: Romney Has Stage to Self at RNC Event
AP: Bob Jones III Backs Romney
CQ Politics: In the GOP, its the Candidates Deep Pockets that Counts

Boston Globe: Brownback to pitch proposal apologizing for slavery
AP/Coyle: Stephen Colbert to Run for President
AP/Fouhy: Major presidential hopefuls have many plans for federal spending
AP/Kuhnhenn: Candidates Step Up Spending on Ads, Mail
OpinionJournal: Will changing the how we elect presidents be the latest California trend?


Time: The Republicans' Big Senate Fear
CQ Politics: Republicans in Competitive House Districts Still Hold Edge in Money

NY Times: Democrats to Press Justice Department Pick on Independence
AP/Kellman: Mukasey Favors Independent Justice Dept.
Newsday: Top Dems say Mukasey approval likely
Politico: Dems look to grill Mukasey

RCP/Saunders: The Dean Wing of the Republican Party
CQ Politics: FEC Considers New Rules for Issue Ads
Miami Herald: Factions threaten to splinter Republicans' power

The Hill: GOP candidates bail on RNC fundraising dinner
Swamp: Top GOP candidates no-shows, $5 million raised


NY Times: Texas Senator Doesnt Plan to Seek Re-election
AP/Gamboa: Texas Senator Won't Run for Re-Election
CQ Politics: Sen. Hutchison Eyes Gubernatorial Bid


Politico: Tsongas holds Massachusetts seat for Dems
AP/Johnson: Tsongas' Widow Elected to U.S. House
RCP: Tsongas Wins, But GOP Sees Hope In Loss
CQ Politics: Tsongas Holds Massachusetts House Seat for Democrats, But It Wasnt Easy
The Hill: Tuesdays Massachusetts special election a test case for GOP in 2008


NY Post: Spiteful Spitz KOs health $$ in ID spat
NY Post: Young and poor hit hardest
NY Times: Lou Dobbs Crusades Against Spitzers Drivers License Plan for Illegal Immigrants
Buffalo News: Legislature could deny funding for Spitzer's driver's license plan
Newsday: Levy: New York State's real issues go ignored


Politico: N.H. inches toward December primary


AP/Lorentzen: Republicans Set Jan. 3 As Caucus Date
The Hill: Iowa GOP sets Jan. 3 caucus
CQ Politics: Iowa GOPs Jan. 3 Caucus Date Takes Front-loading to New Level
Des Moines Register: A host of horrors might yet haunt front-runners


AP/Davenport: SC Democrats Want to Vote on Jan. 26


AP/Daly: Craig Says He Was Entrapped in Sex Sting


CQ Politics: Primary Battle Looms Between Republicans Vying for Domenicis Seat


CQ Politics: Low Fundraising Totals Raise Questions About Wyoming Republicans Future


CQ Politics: Whats In a Name? In San Diego, Plenty If Its Hunter
AP/Werner: Scrutiny Dampens Doolittle's Fundraising


CQ Politics: GOP Leaders Take On Club for Growth In Maryland Matchup
The Hill: Ehrlich official crowds Gilchrest primary


Reuters: Sen. John Warner Undergoes Surgery
The Hill: Davis expresses doubt on Va. Senate race as Warner gains


News-Democrat: Republican leaders backing Beshear


Newsday: Democrats hold big cash lead in N.J. as election nears


Kathleen Parker: Out With the Old, In With Bobby Jindal


October 16, 2007


NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani favorite candidate among NASCAR superstars
WP/Trail: Giuliani Pays Own Firm for Security; Spending Outstrips Fundraising
Reuters: Giuliani spends $13 million on 2008 White House bid
AP/Kuhnhenn: Giuliani Spends $13M in 4th Quarter
NY Times: Some in G.O.P. Give Giuliani Respect, but Not Support
NRO: Spinning for Rudy? Just look at the numbers
AP/Sidoti: Analysis: GOP Words Get Sharper
NYT/Caucus: Campaign Cash: Giuliani and Thompson Filings
WP/Trail: Giuliani Spends Big Bucks for Posh Hotels
LA Times: Giuliani relies on Northeast for campaign funds
Atlantic: The FEC Reports: Rudy Giuliani
Atlantic: Giuliani's Campaign Paid 28 Finance Consultants
NYT/City Room: Giulianis New York, as Foil and Fodder
Financial Times: Giuliani in search of backing in Bible Belt
Seacoast Online: Giuliani: Eye on experience
Boston Herald: Rudys Martian game plan
Chicago Tribune: Cross taps House GOP for Giuliani delegates list
Townhall: Giuliani's Fresh Start
Charlotte Observer: Giuliani rakes in S.C. cash
Guardian UK: Giuliani's Napoleon complex

NY Post: Fred's liberal dose: Blasts Rudy for endorsing Mario
NY Sun: Thompson Comes to New York, Rebukes Giuliani
NY Daily News: Fred Thompson bills himself as 'the consistent conservative'
NY Daily News: Reports: Thompson spares no expense at private events
NY Times: Thompson Says He, Not Giuliani, Is a True Conservative
AP/Franklin: Thompson swipes at Giuliani on former mayor's New York turf
Newsday: Thompson touts his record; takes aim at Rudy
AP/Sidoti: Thompson Says He's the Real Conservative
AP/Elliott: Thompson disappears from campaign trail, cancels event in New Hampshire
Atlantic: Thompson To Confront Giuliani On New York, Conservatism
Atlantic: The FEC Reports: Fred Thompson

Reuters: McCain would exclude Russia from G8 nations
Boston Globe: McCain: The Republicans' Republican?
WP/Cillizza: McCain vs Romney: Round Two
NY Post: Gen. peeves McCain

NY Times: Gingerly, Romney Seeks Ties to Christian Right
NY Times: Craig Defends Decision to Stay in Senate and Attacks Romney
Bloomberg: Romney tops New Hampshire poll
AP/Elliott: New Romney Ad Appeals to N.H. Voters
Newsday: Romney outspends Giuliani on media in past quarter
Politico: Romney gets joint drubbing
WP/Trail: Who's the Real Republican?

UNLV/The Rebel Yell: Paul is preposterous candidate for presidency

Townhall: Dobson's ultimatum

AP: Details of Candidates' Fundraising
NY Sun: What's a Republican?
The Hill: GOP targeting Clinton on phone-call snooping


NY Times: First Lady Raising Her Profile Without Changing Her Image
Fox News: Rush Limbaugh Turns the Tables


NY Sun: Spitzer Faces a Test Over Labor Costs
NY Times: D.M.V. Chief Is Pressed to Defend Plan to Give Licenses to Illegal Immigrants
AP/Gormley: Poll: New Yorkers oppose Spitzer's license plan
NY Post: Poll: Plan unsafe at any speed
Newsday: New York State pols slam immigrant licensing plan
Rochester D&C: One-party rule concerns 63% of those polled
NY Post: 'Gov Bloomy' KOs Eliot: poll


VirginiaBusiness: Davis widower confirms hell run for her seat


NYT/Brooks: Deborah Pryce: A Still, Small Voice
Dayton Business Journal: Hobson to retire; Austria to run for his seat
Cleveland PD: Bennett: Republicans Unlikely to Regain Control of U.S. House


NRO: Draining the Swamp: Jindals plan to fix government ethics in Louisiana


AP/Forliti: Craig Opens Another Legal Battle
Newsbusters: NBC, Matt Lauer Taking Larry Craig Interview Into Prime Time


AP/Joling: Ex-Alaska Lawmaker Sentenced to 5 Years


AP/Miga: Shays, Himes in close fight for campaign cash


AP/Hester: Corzine chief: N.J. serious this time about major budget cuts
NY Times: In Corzines Inner Circle, a Confidante Endowed With the Power of His Wallet


Politico: A ray of light for GOP


October 15, 2007


NY Post: New Rudy vs. old on kid health
NY Times: Giuliani Sells New York as Town He Tamed
Robert Novak: The Republican Churchgoer's Candidate?
AP/Elliott: Giuliani Highlighting Rivals' Records
AP: Giuliani says he'll try to avoid criticizing rivals
Fox News: No Guarantees With Nearly Three Months to First Primary Votes
Cornell Daily Sun: Rudy is Elephants Best Bet
AP: Giuliani: Preparedness key, even if aliens attack

Boston Globe: Silence greets Thompson's plan on Social Security
AP/Elliott: Thompson's Absence Noticed in N.H.
Boston Globe: The real actors on the GOP stage

AP/Ramer: McCain Wins Enviro Endorsement

AP: Romney talks immigration in Michigan
Boston Globe: The Mitt and Rudy smackdown
Telegraph UK: Republican rivals turn on Romney

Politico: Could Huckabee be Mr. Right?
Boston Globe: Huckabee could face hurdles from the past

Washington Post: The Disciples of Ron Paul, Spreading the Word in N.H.
St. Petersburg Times: GOP hopeful floats on despite odds
American Spectator: Ron Paul: Making the Old Right New

NRO/Rich Lowry: If This Is It, Please Let Me Know


Navy Times/ARRA: Navy Seal to Receive the Medal of Honor
OpinionJournal/John Fund: It's time to draw the line on gerrymandering


NY Post: Ex-DMV boss rips Spitz license plan
NY Post: Joe foe in crossfire
NY Daily News: Senate Republicans set to grill Spitzer's pick for MTA head
Newsday: Spitzer: Tailored revival plans for upstate cities
Newsday: Suffolk's minor parties at least try to differ


AP/Espo: Ohio Rep. Hobson to Retire


Washington Post: Editorial: Endorsements for Virginia Senate
RCPblog: Setback For Davis Means Setback For DC Dems?


Arizona Republic: GOP, Dems see Arizona as key battleground state


NewsMax: Safe GOP Seat Goes Into Play in California
San Diego Union-Tribune: Seat won't be handed to young Hunter


Orlando Sentinel: State GOP pledges to woo blacks, Hispanics -- again


AP: Sen. Craig to File Appeal
MSNBC: Craig says he will fight to clear name


Detroit News: Legislators urged to pare pay


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