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Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

Then and now, President Trump and his supporters celebrate the greatest hits at his campaign rallies

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms

What can Congress do to punish Saudi Arabia if Trump won’t?

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence

White House counsel Donald McGahn officially leaves the job

As midterms near, Democrats accuse GOP of plotting to cut Medicare, Social Security

Amid global outrage over Khashoggi, Trump takes soft stance toward Saudis


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October 31, 2007


NYT/Caucus: A Bushie Endorses Giuliani
Politico: Giuliani snares Allbaugh
Boston Globe: Former FEMA chief will advise Giuliani
US News/Barone: Giuliani on a Roll?
AP/Quaid: Giuliani: Illegals Are a Federal Problem
Politico: Right can win with President Giuliani
Politico: Right fears Giuliani with good reason
Mercury News: Giuliani's work for his firm seen as 'lawyer's nightmare'
Swamp: Giuliani: Huckabee 'makes me laugh'
NRO: Can Giuliani Help New Jersey Republicans This Year?
Harper's: More on Giulianis Advisors
RCP Blog: Giuliani, New Hampshire, and the Real Campaign
Scripps: Giuliani defends the war
NY Times: Giulianis Prostate Cancer Figure Is Disputed

WP/Trail: Thompson's Money Chief Moves On
Concord Monitor: Thompson, in rare trip to NH, promises more visits
SF Chronicle: Conservative California lawmaker endorses Thompson for president
Swamp: Fred Thompson: The Playboy (not really) interview
Reuters: Thompson, Obama get most positive coverage: study

Washington Times: McCain caters to GOP voters
Boston Globe: Going for broke in New Hampshire
AFP: McCain criticizes 'compressed' presidential primary process
Fox News: McCain Tells Jewish Leaders He Favors 'Step-by-Step' Peace Process in Mideast
MSNBC: McCain on Middle East, Russia, China
US News: McCain Plans 'Comeback Kid' Surge
Grand Rapids Press: Prominent pro-lifer backs McCain
Townhall: McCain: Campaign "Survivor"
Austin AS: Former Brownback campaign leader endorses McCain

Atlantic/Ambinder: Romney Seeks To Close The Deal In New Hampshire
Boston Globe: Romney files official papers to get on N.H. primary ballot
Union Leader: Romney, Thompson argue over immigration
NRO: GOP Congressman Tells Romney He Can't Say Mormons Are Christians
Boston Globe: Romney ahead in early states
The Southern: Romney says he'll lobby IOC for Olympics in U.S

Washington Post: Huckabee Aims for Face Time
The Hill: Huckabee doubts Rudy will get nod
Politico: GOP surprise in Iowa poll

AP: Republican Ron Paul Airs First Ads
Swamp: The Tonight Show: Heeeere's.... Ron Paul
Bloomberg: Paul Draws Disillusioned Republicans to Presidential Campaign

Politico: Mega-donors prepare for '08 battle
WP/Trail: Nader Suing DNC Over '04, Hasn't Ruled Out '08
WP/Gerson: Open-Arms Conservatism


AP/Feller: Bush Chides Congress on Spending Bills
AP/Babington: GOP Seeks Breakthrough on Health Bill
CQ Politics: Election Regulators Take First Step on New Bundling Rules
Cincinnati Enquirer: Bush raises bucks, gets ribs

AP/Reichmann: Bush chooses Peake for VA post

WP: Mukasey Losing Democrats' Backing: Unsure If Waterboarding Breaks Torture Law
NY Times: Mukasey Calls Harsh Interrogation Repugnant
NY Sun: Mukasey's Fate Now in Doubt in the Senate
NY Daily News: Hillary Clinton, Rudy Giuliani clash over AG nominee
NY Sun: Editorial: Mukasey's Mettle
AP/Kellman: AG Nominee Mukasey Unsure About Waterboarding
The Hill: Mukasey punts on torture

The Hill: Approps members scramble as Cochran mulls retirement
Politico: Tancredo, McNulty leave seats safe
American Spectator: Night of the Brain-Dead Congressmen


NY Times: Chertoff Push Over Licenses Led to a Shift
NY Daily News: Feds to blame for Eliot Spitzer's license turnaround
R News: Spitzer License Plan Drives Debate
NY Post: Fed probers out of the pictures: DMV
NY Post: Hill trips over Spitz debate
NY Sun: State, City Brace for a Downturn


Daily Pennsylvanian: They're candidates - and gentlemen


LA Times: An unsettling portrait of 'America's Sheriff'
LA Times: O.C. politicians take wait-and-see attitude
LA Times: Michael S. Carona
AP/Flaccus: Calif. Sheriff Set to Surrender

SF Chronicle: Governor still rates high despite snags on budget and health care
The Hill: Hatch donates to Doolittles defense


CQ Politics: Dem Field to Challenge Sen. Dole Fills Out


CQ Politics: Dem House Survivors Walk the Lines Again in Georgia


Clarion Ledger: Eaves still spending millions on campaign


NY Times: Just Another State Senate Race, but for the Millions and the Sniping


Boston Globe: R.I. legislators OK Feb. primary


October 30, 2007


Politico: Giuliani to fight for New Hampshire win

Newsday: Giuliani talks about his prostate cancer in health care ad
AP: Giuliani Talks About His Prostate Cancer
Newsday: In ad, Rudy talks about surviving cancer
NY Post: Rudy's cancer ad
NY Sun: Meet Giuliani's New Brain on Foreign Policy
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani back in Yanks' fold, says A-Rod hard to replace
Washington Post: Giuliani Still Working at Firm He Promised to Leave
Newsday: Giuliani picks up support from former Connecticut congresswoman
AP/Singer: Giuliani wins endorsement of ex-congresswoman Johnson
The Hill: Anti-abortion group defends Brownback-Giuliani talks
AP/Ramer: Giuliani: Clinton, Edwards will change their minds again on Iraq
Gulf News: Giuliani is Mideast's worst nightmare
Hartford Courant: Giuliani Makes A Stop In City
New Republic: Authority Figure: The childhood roots of Giuliani's strange views of liberty
Reuters: Political Markets See Clinton vs Giuliani Contest
AP: Clinton, Giuliani Top Picks for Costumes

AP/Frothingham: Thompson Quizzed on Civil Unions
NYT/Caucus: Thompson Tries to Dispel Doubts
NRO: Thompsons Righty Media Strategy: Sharing the Base's 'Contempt' for the MSM
NRO: Thompson's Pollster: Immigration Is Big In Iowa
Alaska Report: Ron Paul passes Fred Thompson in New Hampshire

ABC News: Cindy McCain Won't Fund Husband's Bid
Phoenix Business Journal: McCain takes fifth place in Iowa poll
WP/Ad Watch: McCain And Woodstock, Take Two

The Hill: Romney scores big win with Gregg endorsement
AP/Elliott: New Hampshire Senator to Endorse Romney
Politico: Gregg to endorse Romney
CNN: Romney rolling in Iowa, New Hampshire on money well spent
Fox News: Romney Falling Victim to Voters' Religious Discrimination
AP: Romney Leads in Iowa
Angus Reid: Romney Leads in New Hampshire

NY Sun: Rising in Polls, Huckabee Could Be GOP's Dark Horse of 2008
Politico: Huckabee not conservative enough for some
Commentary: William Jennings Huckabee

Arizona Daily Star: Ron Paul's 'Revolution'

Seattle PI: The GOP's disgruntled right

Weekly Standard/Kristol: A Two-Way or a Five-Way?
American Thinker: Republican Women Too Smart to Fall for Hillary's Ruse
USA Today: Nov. 28 set for Republicans' CNN/YouTube debate


George Will: Overturning Roe v. Wade would not end abortion

NY Sun: Support for Mukasey Plummets Among Democratic Hopefuls
NY Daily News: Michael Mukasey's AG confirmation in doubt

NY Times: For Retiring Republicans, Several Explanations
The Hill: Blunt picks fight with chatty House Dems
AP/Frommer: Senator did Woodstock, but doesn't want federal money for museum
AP: Bush Raises GOP Cash
American Spectator/Prowler: Bartlett's Connections
Reuters: For Gerald Ford, Dead Men Do Tell Tales


Newsday: Tedisco lawsuit to target Spitzer license plan
NY Post: Sheriffs gun down Spitzer's license plan
NY Daily News: GOP pol's immigrant license comments leave a bad taste

NY Sun: Governor To Bet Billions on SUNY

CQ Politics: New York Democrat McNulty to Retire from the House
Newsday: Albany area's McNulty retiring after 10 terms
AP: NY Rep. McNulty Announces Retirement


LA Times: Sheriff Carona indicted in O.C.
AP/Kurtzman: Fires Boost Schwarzenegger's Image


AP/Merritt: Tancredo Says He Won't Seek House Seat
CQ Politics: GOP Presidential Long Shot Tancredo to Retire from House
Politico: Tancredo not seeking re-election
CQ Politics: Tancredo May Soon Be Gone, but Not Soon Forgotten by His Colleagues


CBS News: George Allen Making A Comeback?
Reid Wilson: GOP Faces More Bad News In Virginia


Orlando Sentinel: Variety spices Florida House contest


Herald-Leader: Rematch proving tough for challenger


Washington Post: Pride and Joy in India Over La.'s Bobby Jindal


AP/Hester: Poll finds NJ voters unlikely to shake things up


NY Times: Thomas J. Meskill Dies at 79; Ex-Congressman, CT Governor and Federal Judge


October 29, 2007


NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani defies critics, campaigns hard in early states
Boston Globe: Giuliani's iron fist
Guardian UK: McCain: Giuliani Deservedly Popular
Boston Globe: Choice endorsements in Boston for Rudy
AP/Elliott: Giuliani blasts Sen. Clinton for talking about preinaugural plan
NY Post: Giuliani's firm plays silent partner
NY Post: Rudy foe gets boost from Hill
Newsday: Giuliani curve was no change of pace
USA Today: McCain says it's 'hard to imagine' Giuliani as GOP nominee
NY Daily News: Giuliani is GOP's best shot against Hillary, said Ford
Angus Reid: Giuliani Surpasses Three Democrats in Florida

Des Moines Register: Thompson: Immigration stance defines me
CSM: Thompson alone tackles entitlements
Mens News Daily: Thompson Gets Tough On Illegals, 14th Amendment
Guardian UK: Huckabee, Thompson Reagan Dinner

Union Leader: With little money, McCain may bet everything on New Hampshire
Politico: McCain comeback still a gamble
UPI: McCain: Iran can't be allowed nuclear arms
Boston Globe: Peace, love, politics at Woodstock
AP/Frommer: Woodstock Vet Won't Back Museum Funds

News-Press: Romney targets Clinton during S. Fort Myers visit
Naples Daily News: Romney stumps where the swamp buggies roll
News Herald: Romney woos Emerald Coast
Nashua Telegraph: Romney leads N.H. dollars race

OpinionJournal: Mike Huckabee: My Proud Record
Washington Times: Huckabee stirs up third-party fear

LA Times: Is San Francisco Ron Paul territory?
Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Ron Paul: Libertarian favorite

Sacramento Bee: Hunter lashes at Pentagon bureaucracy

Houston Chronicle: GOP battle may last to convention
Houston Chronicle: Chance of clarity emerges as states set up primaries
Politico: GOP could be best gauge of Hillary success

MSNBC: GOPers speak at Iowa Reagan Day Dinner
Fox News: Three Top-Tier Republicans Skip Reagan Dinner in Iowa


Washington Post: Bartlett Heading Home to the Lone Star State
US News: A new book reveals Gerald Ford's thoughts on his relationship with Richard Nixon
American Spectator/Prowler: Steny's Stoppage; Mitt's big bopper

American Thinker: Bobby Jindal and the 'Southern Strategy'
Washington Times: The Jindal message


Chicago Tribune: Editorial: Removing a governor


AP/Glover: Iowa Democrats Set Earlier Caucus Date
CNN: Democrats vote for January 3 caucuses in Iowa, joining GOP


NY Times: Some Support, but Still Furor Over New Plan for Licenses
NY Daily News: Eliot Spitzer compares driver's license plan to MetroCards
AP: Spitzer: Talks with Chertoff shaped license plan
AP/Gormley: Spitzer new driver's license plan safer, still controversial

NY Post: Spitz stymie: Exec snub slows probe
Newsday: High hopes, few results from Albany legislators
AP/Gormley: Spitzer budget office warns of lower revenues
AP/McShane: Lou Dobbs Makes Spitzer Nightly Pinata


AP/Alford: Fletcher, Beshear hammer ethics issues in Sunday debate
Lexington Herald-Leader: GOP's Grayson clinging to lead


Orlando Sentinel: Huge undecided bloc puts state up for grabs
Sun-Sentinel: With deadline near, legislators close in on deal to cut property taxes
News-Press: Gov. Crist uses likability, bully pulpit


Savannah Morning News: Saxby Chambliss well-positioned to win re-election in 2008


Detroit News: Some candidates court Arab-American vote


Philadelphia Daily News: City GOP: Alive but not kicking


October 28, 2007


Wash Post: Giuliani's Bid to Woo New Hampshire Independents Centers on Health Care
Houston Chronicle: Giuliani, in West Texas, gets backing from Clayton Williams
MyWestTexas: Williams throws support behind Giuliani
Seattle PI: Giuliani's strong suit is common touch
Chicago Tribune: How Giuliani tried to control legacy
Atlantic/Sullivan: Giuliani Makes Light Of Soviet Torture
Reuters: Giuliani hits Democrats on Iran
NY Post: Judas Giuliani's Red Sox Fan-dering
NYT/Rich: Rudy, the Values Slayer
Advocate: Will religious right bolt GOP over Giuliani?
Fred Barnes: Only Rudy and Mitt have credible scenarios
Courier Post: Giuliani holds huge N.J. primary lead
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 32%, Thompson 15%

LA Times: Fred Thompson vs. the moonshiners
AP/Glover: Thompson Wary of Long-Term Iraq Presence
Times UK: Wife gives foot-dragger Fred Thompson a shove in White House race

AP/Sidoti: Things Looking Up for McCain
Kansas City Star: McCains ad recalls the continuing culture divide over the 1960s
Stars and Stripes: McCains Hard Call remembers historic decisions

AP/Madkour: Romney Pans "Hillary's House of Horrors"
LA Times: Romney trips over his tongue

LA Times: Huckabee: Republican rock star
AP: Huckabee, Thompson Top Reagan Dinner

Sacramento Bee: GOP field's hard turn to right has risk
LA Times: Hopefuls should out-Reagan Reagan


George Will: Abortion's 'So-What' Factor
David Broder: For the GOP, a New Breed of Governor
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
NY Daily News: Ford saw Clinton as a sex 'addict'
National Journal: The Art Of Drudge

Bloomberg: GOP pol optimistic about '08 election


NY Times: Spitzer Tries New Tack on Immigrant Licenses
NY Post: Gov needs year to fix ID wreck
AP/Barrett: Feds Strike ID Deal Over NY Licenses
Newsday: Spitzer gets federal backing for license plan
Newsday: Licensing in New York on the road to change
Newsday: Three-tiered license plan draws mixed reactions
Newsday: Spitzer driving on both sides of the street?

Buffalo News: Kemp urges local GOP to broaden partys base

Newsday: Jindal's win reverberates on LI


AP/Levy: State still grappling with idea of limiting campaign donations


Politico: Larry Craig says judge was at fault


Advocate: La. GOP aims for majority
Washington Post: A Dividing Line Springs Up From Jindal's Milestone


Washington Post: Judicial Races Now Rife With Politics


OpinionJournal: Massachusetts refugees aren't behind the state's liberal drift


Boston Globe: Earlier caucus date is failing to gain traction in Nevada


Globe Gazette: Six Republican White House hopefuls speak in Des Moines


Sound Politics: More on GOP Candidate Recruitment


October 27, 2007


NY Times: South Carolina Primary Shapes Up as a Main Contest for the Republican Field

NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani vows to curb illegal immigration in 3 years
NY Times: 80s Plot to Hit Giuliani? Mob Experts Doubt It
AP/Quaid: Giuliani Resembles Bush on Terrorism
NRO: On Brownback's Meeting With Giuliani, I Think We're Reading a Lot Into Good Manners
National Journal: Brownback Still Plays Coy After Giuliani Sit-Down
AHN: Giuliani Calls On Yemen To Rearrest USS Cole Bombing Suspect Jamal Al-Badawi
KEYETV: Giuliani in Austin for campaign cash
NY Press: Giuliani Almost Assassinated In '87
PoliticsNJ: New Eagleton poll shows Clinton leading Giuliani in New Jersey
Midland Reporter-Telegram: Perry endorsing Giuliani: Best VP shot?
CFnews13: Poll: Rudy leads Clinton in Florida 46-43%

Washington Post: Rudy a Lefty? Yeah, Right.
San Francisco Chronicle: Field Poll finds GOP rivals gaining on Giuliani in California

Fox News: Thompson to File Monday for New Hampshire Primary
NRO: Is Fred Thompson 'Running Against the Drive-Bys'?
Miami Herald: Highlights from the week's campaign trail
Des Moines Register: Thompson campaign adds Iowa staff
NRO: Awkward Timing for Thompson Fundraisers in Southern California

AP/Elliott: McCain Hits Clinton in 2nd Woodstock Ad
AP/Syeed: McCain Marks 40th Anniversary of Crash
USA Today: McCain, Huckabee talk tough on Social Security
Fox News: John McCain Swipes at Rudy Giuliani, Says Waterboarding 'Is Torture'
RCP Blog: Rethinking McCain
NYT/Caucus: McCains Secret Strategy Memo on Giuliani
Wired: McCain's Disputed Fox Debate Clip a Viral Hit Online
Washington Post: A Museum On Woodstock, With a Haircut
NY Times: Fox Orders Candidates to Stop Using Its Images

Boston Globe: Poll: Romney grows lead in NH
AP/Glover: Romney Says Giuliani's Support Will Fade
Swamp: A splash of sunshine for the Romney campaign
Fargo Forum: Romney on top in North Dakota Republican presidential straw poll
Grand Forks Herald: Romney wins N.D. Republican straw poll
NY Post: Mitt's scare tactic on Hill
NY Daily News: Mitt Romney warns of White 'House of Horrors' under Hillary
Boston Globe: Romney pushes family values
Boston Globe: Romney sees spirit of Halloween in Clinton run
CBS News: Romney's "Two Man" Two-Step
Topeka Capital-Journal: Romney looks good enough to be president

Houston Chronicle: Ron Paul's campaign takes to the airwaves
CBS News: Ron Paul: GOP Needs To Change
RedState: What a sane Ron Paul supporter sounds like

NRO: Dump the Huck
Patrick Buchanan: Looking for Mr. Right
Washington Post: Religious Americans Have Long Voted Republican, but...


Bloomberg: Republican Cole Says Party Has Shot at Gains in '08

LA Times: Bush-Congress budget battle intensifies
NY Times: Denounce Waterboarding, Democrats Tell Attorney General Nominee
Washington Post: Torture Stance Raises Doubts on Mukasey

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: DeLay energizes GOP faithful
AP/Dobnik: Conservative author David Horowitz speaks at Columbia

OpinionJournal: On Monday Lt. Michael Murphy was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. Meet the man who told his story.


NY Daily News: Governor Spitzer's father a member of all-white club

NY Post: Spitz hits reverse with license deal
NY Daily News: Gov. Spitzer to announce sharp revision on license plan
NY Times: Shifting His Stance on Licenses, Spitzer Is Expected to Back Federal ID

CQ Politics: New Yorks McNulty Becomes First House Democrat to Retire


The Hill: Potential Dole challenger Hagan weighs her options


Seattle Times: Rossi enters governor's race
Bellingham Herald: Can Rossi's 'fresh air express' blow out Gregoire?


NY Times: New Hampshire: Little Chance of December Primary


Washington Post: VA GOP Senate Majority Rides on Handful of Tight Races


Dickinson Press: Romney wins N.D. Republican straw poll
Jamestown Sun: Romney wins ND Republican straw poll


Sun-Sentinel: Attack ad targets Republican candidate in special primary for Florida House


Times-Picayune: Jindal, Blanco team up for recovery
Times-Picayune: Louisiana Moves in the Right Direction


October 26, 2007


Politico: Sam Brownback warms to Giuliani
AP/Quaid: Brownback and Giuliani Discuss Abortion

NY Post: Rudy: Hey, I won the mob vote
AP: Giuliani Jokes About Reports of Mob Hits
NYT/Caucus: Crime Bosses Considered Hit on Giuliani

NY Daily News: As President, Giuliani says he'd reduce illegal immigration
AP/Sidoti: Giuliani's Police Chief Could Be Problem
AP: Poll: Giuliani Leads in California
RedState: The Giuliani Factor
Washington Post: Bill Simon: Giuliani's Policy Professor
NY Post: Why Rudy's flying high
American Spectator: Running Interference for Rudy
Yahoo News: Intrade Republican Nomination Market

CBS News: Thompson Tackles Sunshine State
ABC News: Fred Thompson and executive power
NewsMax: Fred Thompson Campaign Bleeding Staffers
RedState: Fred Thompson: Breaking Fake Rules
Release: Fred Thompson Announces Congressional Leadership Team
The Hill: 2008 and counting: GOP didnt look to Thompson last year
Washington Times: Law of Sea Treaty draws GOP focus

NY Times: McCain Rebukes Giuliani on Waterboarding Remark
AP/Glover: McCain, Huckabee Court Seniors
AP: McCain Rejects Fox Request to Cease Ad
Reid Wilson: McCain, Giuliani Like Gephardt, Kerry?

Politico: Minding business pays off for Romney
AP/Johnson: Romney Jabs at Clintons' 'Family Values'
AP/Johnson: Romney Embraces Jones Endorsement
AP: Play of the Day: Romney's Questioner
AP: Romney Maintains Lead in New Hampshire

OpinionJournal/Fund: Who is Mike Huckabee?
AP/Glover: Iowans Give Huckabee a Second Look
Dallas Morning News: Low-Key Huckabee on the Rise

The Hill: Rep. Ron Paul plans ad blitz, personal appearances in N.H.

Charles Krauthammer: A Fine Field of 41/2
Jonah Goldberg: A Hillary nomination would be a Republican dream


WP/Cillizza: The Line: Open-Seat Advantage for House Dems?
CQ Politics: CQ Politics Top Ten: Challengers With the Most Money
CQ Politics: FEC Will Allow Alleged Violators of Election Law to Request Hearings
AP/Kellman: Mukasey's Nomination Runs Into Trouble
Baltimore Sun: GOP fires back on SCHIP


AP/Barrett: NY Rep. McNulty to Retire
NY Sun: Spitzer's Father Is Member of Harmonie
Newsday: Spitzer critics question license verification
City Journal: Can Buffalo Ever Come Back?
Probably notand government should stop bribing people to stay there


HeraldNet: Snohomish County will be key in Rossi's second bid for governor
Seattle Times: Rossi due to make rematch official
CQ Politics: Rematch of Disputed Washington Governor Race Now Set


Washington Post: Davis Confirms He Won't Seek Senate Seat: Says Party Is Too Far Right
AP/Lewis: Va.'s Davis: No US Senate Bid in '08
CSM: After much anticipation, Rep. Tom Davis won't seek U.S. Senate seat in Virginia
CQ Politics: GOP Rep. Davis Out of Dem-Favored Virginia Senate Race
The Hill: Davis rebukes state and national GOP in turning down Senate bid


AP/Peterson: Houston Mayor Coasting to Third Term


AP/Robinson: Court Denies Ex-Gov. Ryan a New Hearing


Washington Post/Milbank: Democrats, the War and Shays's Rebellion


Swamp: Bush tours wildfires, pumps up California governor
Politico: House gets subpoena for Doolittle probe e-mails


October 25, 2007


ABC News: FBI Agent: Mob Discussed Killing Giuliani
NY Post: Mob wanted to whack Rudy
AP: Testimony: Mob Discussed Giuliani Hit
Newsday: Rudy unfazed by threats
AP/Quaid: Giuliani, Brownback to Meet Thursday
The Hill: Brownback to meet Rudy
AP/Glover: Giuliani Talks Tough on Immigration
NY Times: Mideast Hawks Help to Develop Giuliani Policy
OpinionJournal: Giuliani and religious right meet on the road to political adulthood
NY Daily News: In July, Rudy Giuliani swore he would never back Red Sox
Boston Globe: New York papers offer Giuliani a Bronx cheer
Washington Monthly: Rudy Awakening: Giuliani would grab even more executive power
Dallas Morning News: Will Christians' concerns hurt GOP turnout in '08?

Slate: Fred Drift: The muddled progress of the late-breaking candidate
AP/Davenport: Thompson Downplays Staff Departure
Politico: Fred's home-state bundler oversaw fined GOP
Boston Globe: Candidates rap Congress on Schiavo
Boston Globe: Thompson stirs rivals with immigration plan

NY Sun: McCain Skips a Key Vote on Immigration
AP/Elliott: McCain Mocks Clinton's Woodstock Project
NY Times: McCain Reflects on P.O.W. Past, and Goes After Clinton
AP/Syeed: McCain Suggests Boosting Arab Ties
George Will: McCain-Feingold Strikes Campus

AP/Smith: Romney Wants All Delegates Seated
AP/Johnson: Christian College Embraces Romney Bid

AP/Glover: Iowa Gives Huckabee a Second Look
Pinkerton: Opinion: Tancredo's anti-immigrant credo gaining

Philadelphia Inquirer: May-December romances, November aspirations


Ann Coulter: Have you hugged an Islamo-Fascist today?
LA Times: Coulter's appearance at USC prompts ovations, protests
CNS News: Ann Coulter on Making Liberals Squeal

American Spectator: Rush Limbaugh: The Merry Sage of Broadcasting Excellence

Slate: Drudge vs. TNR
NY Observer: TNR's Foer: Drudge's Documents Could Have Come Only From the Army

NY Times: Senate Backs Disputed Judicial Nomination
Politico: Southwick confirmed by Senate
The Hill: Southwicks saga ends with win for GOP
AP/Kellman: Controversial Judge Confirmed by Senate

NY Times: A Top Republican Joins in Question for Attorney General Nominee
Washington Post: Children's Health Yields to the Senators From Pork
CQ Politics: GOP National Committee Keeps Up Money Lead Over Dems


Newsday: Spitzer's driver's license plan debated
Newsday: Spitzer critics question license verification
Newsday: Supporters of immigrant drivers' licenses protest outside hearing


AP/Alford: Ky. Gov. Candidate Draws on Church Life


CQ Politics: Kerrey Stays Out of Nebraska Senate Race, and GOPs Hopes for a Hold Gain
AP/Bratton: Kerrey Won't Run for Senate
The Hill: NRSC gets a rare break from Kerrey
NY Sun: Kerrey Won't Seek Hagel's Senate Seat


Politico: New Hampshire's turn as leader may be up
WCAX-TV: Gregg drops out as GOP fundraising sponsor in primary spat


The Hill: Washington Dems see opportunities in the Kentucky gubernatorial race
Lexington HL: Soliciting party funds limited: Lawmakers can't steer lobbyists, panel says


CBS2Chicago: GOP Hopes To Exploit Gov's Weakness In '08


AP/Eggert: Student Hounds Prof Running for Congress


NY Times: Texas Judge Draws Outcry for Allowing an Execution


NY Times: Former Acting Governor of New Jersey Is Accused of Harassing a Colleague


Editor&Publisher: Former Sen. Rick Santorum Gets 'Philadelphia Inquirer' Column


Capital Notes: Dean: GOP Wants To "Neuter" California


CQ Politics: Franken and Coleman Make Minnesota Nations Most Expensive Senate Race


Washington Post: Davis Won't Try to Seek Warner Seat, Sources Say


AP/Neary: National GOP: Penalize Wyo, others


October 24, 2007


NY Sun: Giuliani Boasts of Bloomberg, Backs Red Sox
NY Post: Rudy the Yankee flipper
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani becomes Red Sox fan on eve of World Series

AP/Kugler: Giuliani Keeps Conservative Nature Vague
AP/Lindsay: Longtime Yankees fan Giuliani says he's backing the Red Sox
NYT/Caucus: Giuliani Roots for Red Sox
Boston Herald: Giuliani stumps at swank Hub fundraiser
NY Sun: Giuliani Touts His Succession by Bloomberg
Guardian UK: No salvation for Giuliani
NRO: Giuliani Swings Hard at Thompson on Ilegal Immigration
National Journal: Giuliani Goes On Tax Offensive In NH
Pajamas Media: The GOP's "Rudy Problem"
RedState: Giuliani Shields Priest Friend
Bloomberg: Giuliani Overshadows Field for 2008 Race, Poll Shows
Associated Content: Poll: Rudy Giuliani Gains Lead in Texas Republican Primary Race
Atlantic/Ambinder: 2008 Race Rankings: The Republicans
Robert Novak: An early Giuliani win would make Calif. a player in 2008

Washington Times: A call to end illegals' refuges
AP/Farrington: Thompson Proposes Immigration Crackdown
Reuters: Thompson wants stronger US immigration enforcement
MSNBC: Fred's Immigration Roll Out
The Hill: Thompsons N. H. window closing
CBS News: Starting Gate: Thompson Finding His Feet?
Orlando Sentinel: In Kissimmee, Thompson tackles issue of image
NYT/Caucus: More Turnover in Thompson Staff
Fox News: Fred Thompson Adviser Switches to John McCain's Team
NRO: George Allen on Thompson: 'I'll Be His Blocking Back.'
Baltimore Sun: For Thompson, Schiavo case too close too home
CQ Politics: Thompson Seeks Florida Do-Over

Union Leader: McCain, Giuliani put names on NH ballot
Boston Globe: McCain says he wants to shoot Osama
NYT/Caucus: On the Road: New Hampshire Filings
AP/Ramer: McCain Touts His Experience
Boston Globe: Once the top Thompson backer, now he's with McCain
Union Leader: Dan Hughes switches to McCain
Sioux City Journal: McCain to make five NW Iowa stops this week

AP/Johnson: Romney Finds Christian Support in S.C.
AP/Johnson: Play of the Day: Romney's PowerPoint Way
WP/Trail: Romney Must Prove He's the Genuine Article
NYT/Caucus: Romney Makes Obama-Osama Gaffe

Politico: bans new Ron Paul supporters
American Spectator: A Tale of Two Candidates: Huckabee & Duncan
Human Events: Huckabee and Giuliani Judged by Values Voters
WP/Cillizza: Mike Huckabee: A Campaign of Starts and Stops
Gulf News: Ron Paul and the anti-war Republicans

Politico: Wannabe first ladies don't debate
AP/Fouhy: Presidential Hopefuls Wives Trade Tales
NY Daily News: Campaign wives swap tales at annual Women's Conference
NY Daily News/Parker: The First Lady's quiet coup


Washington Post: Ex-Attorney General Says Politics Drove Federal Prosecution

Dallas Morning News: Jindal's election a reminder how quickly political tides can turn

CQ Politics: Judicial Nomination Prompts Another Bipartisan Senate Gang Meeting
AP: GOP Senators to Push Judicial Nominee Southwick
The Hill: Republicans target red-state Dems on Judge Southwick

AP/Taylor: Paulson Urges Speedy AMT Tax Fix
The Hill: Senate GOP puts price on a blue-state tax cut


NY Times: A Spitzer Milestone: Outlasting Another Governor Who Alienated Colleagues
Newsday: LI's Indian community thrilled with Jindal's win
Newsday: Senate confirms more of Spitzer's nominees
Newsday: Editorial: Editorial: Soft applause for New York Senate
Newsday: Editorial: Spitzer bungled driver's license idea


Bayou Buzz: Louisiana Republican Party Backs Mike Strain In Agriculture Race
The Hill: Newest special election in La. set to be expensive, pitched GOP battle


Washington Post: Poll Finds Va. Focused On Illegal Immigrants
CQ Politics: Vacant Virginia House Seat to Be Filled in Dec. 11 Special Election
WP/Cillizza: Va. Senate: Davis Expected to Opt Out of Race


Reno Gazette-Journal: Nevada Republicans won't move presidential caucus date


Charlotte Observer: Erwin says he won't challenge Graham for U.S. Senate in 2008


CQ Politics: Ethics Flap Hasnt Slowed Alaska Senators Fundraising
Washington Post: Alaska Democrats Try to 'Retire' Ted Stevens


NYT/Caucus: Drive for Calif. Electoral Vote Revived


Union Leader: Punishing NH: RNC gets petty over primary


Casper Star-Tribune: 'Worth the loss'


Orlando Sentinel: GOP: Florida should lose half of delegates
St. Petersburg Times: Florida GOP wooing blacks' allegiance


October 23, 2007

Washington Times: Honor for a fallen hero
AP/Eltman: SEAL to Get Posthumous Medal of Honor


NY Times: Transcript of the Republican Debate on Fox News Channel
LA Times: Excerpts from the GOP presidential debate

Wash Post: Do Giuliani and Clinton share similar positions on social issues, or don't they?
Bloomberg: Rudy May Yet Hear an Amen From Values Voters
Time: Giuliani's Blue-State Argument
Pinkerton: Giuliani's lord of only two rings
Boston Globe: Giuliani headed to Boston for endorsement
Chicago Tribune: GOP hopefuls target Giuliani
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Rep. Emerson gets on board with Giuliani campaign
MSNBC: Emerson endorses Giuliani
Boston Globe: Ex-Mass. treasurer Malone endorses Giuliani
Fox News: Giuliani Law Partner Distances Candidate From Bernard Kerik
Detroit News: Giuliani opens Michigan office
WP/Cohen: Giuliani's War
Univ. Wisconsin Badger Herald: Giulianis impact on NYC overrated
Spiegel, Germany: Right-Wing Wariness Means Mainstream Embrace for Giuliani
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 29%, Thompson 19%

Washington Times: Thompson keeps it short, not so sweet
NYTimes: Thompson Finds Reason to Discuss Schiavo Case
AP/Quaid: Thompson Talks of Daughter Who Died
Real Clear Politics: Thompson Goes Electric
CSM: Fred Thompson and the value of 'easy does it'
USA Daily: Fred Thompson challenges Giuliani and Romney on Conservatism

NY Times: Savior or Machiavelli, McCains Top Aide Carries On
AP/Wang: McCain: Bin Laden Reveals U.S. Success
The Hill: McCains POW footage powerful
Seacoast: McCain stops in Hampton Tuesday

WP/Dionne: Romney's Dilemma
Boston Globe: Romney, Giuliani take hits in debate
NRO: Assessing Mitt Romney's Win at the FRC Summit
Cleveland Plain Dealer: Romney (R) Leads in Ohio Presidential Contributions

American Spectator: One for the Price of Two
AP/Quaid: Thompson will ' campaign the way I want'

Time: Huckabee's Bid for the Christian Right
US News: 'Values Voters' Splinter on Evaluations

AP/Ohlemacher: GOP Considers Delegate Cut for 5 States
CQ Politics: National GOP to States: Jump the Gun, Lose Half Your Delegates
Atlantic/Ambinder: Florida: Two Men, 57 Delegates

Fox/Fr. Jonathan Morris: Conservative Republican Candidates Wanted for '08

WP/Trail: A GOP Race That Refuses to Narrow
Real Clear Politics: The Coming War


WP/Cillizza: Louisiana: Is Jindal's Win a Sign of GOP Turnaround Nationally?
Boston Globe: Tsongas's slim victory signals a derailed Congress
Washington Post: GOP Finds Hot Button in Illegal Immigration
American Thinker: How Hillary Revived the GOP
AP: Bush Helps Raise Cash for GOP Governors
Politico: Vote to indicate heft of Southwick baggage


NY Times: Senate Votes to Stop Spitzer Plan to Give Illegal Immigrants Drivers Licenses
Newsday: Spitzer, Senate collide head-on
NY Daily News: State Senate votes to derail Gov. Spitzer's license plan
Newsday: Spitzer license clash threatens LI sales tax bills
AP/Bauman: Senate GOP strikes back at Spitzer's illegal immigrant plan
NY Times: Spitzer Aide Now Refuses to Testify
NY Post: Gov's ex-aide to probers: Dopp dead
AP/Gormley: Ex-aide to Spitzer, Senate clash over subpoena
NY Sun: Spitzer Stalls as He Heads to Year Two
Newsday: Ethel King, mother of congressman


Newsday: Connecticut comes up big for presidential candidates


AP: Jindal says he'll stay out of legislative, statewide runoffs
Bayou Buzz: Ethnic Minority Bobby Jindal Leads Magical Louisiana Weekend
Hindustan Times, India: Their Bobby, our Bobby
Wikipedia: Bobby Jindal bio


AP/Syeed: Iowa Courses Focus on Caucuses


Politico: Tom Davis opts against running for the Senate
Washington Post: Davis to Offer More Details on Whether He'll Run


AP: Estabrook to seek Republican nomination for Senate


Politico: Larry Craig uses campaign funds for legal fees


LA Times: GOP team revives electoral vote initiative
Mercury News: Electoral vote plan is revived


October 22, 2007


Washington Post: Attacks Sharpen Among Party's Principal Rivals
NY Times: At Debate, G.O.P. Race Becomes More Personal
Fox News: Republican Debate Offers Internal Jabs, Pack Attack on Hillary Clinton

Politico: Republicans trade blows at fiery debate
AP/Quaid: GOP Rivals Argue Who's Most Conservative
NRO: Everybody Was Good; Fred, Rudy, and Huck Were Best
NY Post: Hillary's the 'roast' of the town at GOP debate
AP/Quaid: GOP Hopefuls Pile on Clinton
NY Daily News: At debate, GOP front-runners spar and gang up on Hil
American Spectator: Against Discount Values
Real Clear Politics: In GOP Race, Game On
Real Clear Politics: Florida GOP Debate 10.21.07 Highlights

Wall Street Journal: Social Issues Dog Giuliani
ABC News: Giuliani Knows 'Virtually Nothing About Foreign Policy' Biden says
Robert Novak: Californians for Rudy
Chicago Tribune: Republican debate: Giuliani fights for the GOP base
Salon: A mixed message for Rudy from the Christian right

Washington Times: GOP debate signals race to the right
NYT/Caucus: For Thompson, It Was Florida in Four Minutes

NY Sun: Romney, McCain Lock Horns Over Shifts in Position
Telegraph UK: Mormon factor puts Mitt Romney on defensive

AP/Hebert: GOP Rivals Argue Who's Most Conservative
Washington Times: Values Voters find no satisfactory candidate

NY Times: Republican National Convention: Hoist the Curtain, Its Almost Showtime


AP/McCaffrey: GOP Govs Discuss Health Care at Retreat


NY Post: Spitzer steering us toward a crash: Dems
NY Post: 'Tricks' probe is tainted: GOP
NY Sun: Fight Brews Over AIDS in Albany


John Fund: Louisiana elects a reform governor. What's next?
Captain's Quarters: Bobby rises in Louisiana
Politico: Jindal cements GOP hold on La.
Independent UK: Asian governor lives the American dream
AP/Deslatte: Governor-Elect Tackles Louisiana's Image
AP: Louisiana's new governor presses for ethics reform


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