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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again


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September 30, 2007


Politico: Giuliani proves himself Mr. September
NY Post: Rudy: I'll be like Reagan
AP/Hoffman: Giuliani's Strategy: Not Hillary Clinton

NY Times: G.O.P. Hopeful Fred Thompson Took Own Path in the Senate
Tennessean: Fred Thompson in West Tennessee: Critics are wrong

AP/Ramer: McCain Calls for Tough Stance on Myanmar

Newsweek: Mitt's Mission
Washington Post: Report to Show Romney Fortune's Bigger Role

McClatchy: Huckabee rips President Bush's foreign policy

LA Times: Gingrich to sit out 2008 presidential race
Washington Post: Gingrich Says No to White House Bid
AP/Quaid: Gingrich Says No to White House Bid



AP/Gormley: Pelosi a weapon as Senate Dems eye N.Y., congressional control
Buffalo News: Spitzers driver's license policy for illegal immigrants draws wide criticism

NY Times: Ex-Monitor of Horse Racing Interviewed in Bruno Inquiry


AP/Eggert: Mich. Lawmakers Try to Avoid Shutdown


September 29, 2007


AP/Jablon: Former LA Mayor Backs Giuliani

AP/Quaid: Giuliani Cites Bible on Personal Life
NY Post: Rudy: '9/11 spurred Judi interlude at NRA meeting'
NY Daily News: Giuliani explains why he took wife's call during NRA speech
NY Post/Podhoretz: It's Rudy v. Hill but Clinton 's sitting prettier
LA Times: Giuliani friend funded GOP Calif. electoral bid

CBS News: McCain On Skipping The African American Debate
NY Times: McCain Plays Up His P.O.W. Past
AP/Sidoti: McCain Criticizes Foes on Foreign Policy
AP/Karoub: McCain Optimistic About Global Economy
NY Daily News: McCain: No Muslim president, U.S. better with Christian one

NY Times: Gingrich Tiptoes Toward a White House Bid
Politico: Gingrich takes step toward '08 run
AP/McCaffrey: Gingrich: $30 Million by Oct. 21 for Bid

Boston Globe: Patrick blasts Romney for medical aid stance

Des Moines Register: Yepsen: Huckabee stands out in GOP forum
Boston Globe: Huckabee departs slightly from GOP views on war

AP/Glover: Iowa, NH Eye New Caucus, Primary Dates


NY Times: Jenna Bush Begins Book Tour and Media Blitz
LA Times: Jenna Bush chats with Diane Sawyer

AP/Sherman: Thomas Says Hill Was 'Mediocre' Employee Used by Opponents
Washington Post: Justice Clarence Thomas Lashes Out in New Memoir
MyWay: Justice Thomas Writes Autobiography

NY Times: White House Says Mukasey Would Skip Giuliani Issues

AP/Babington: GOP Solidarity Softens in Congress


Newsday: NY Senate panel demands Spitzer e-mails, threatens subpoenas

Newsday: GOP vows to derail Spitzer's immigrant license plan
NY Post: Spitzer foe: No licenses for aliens
Palladium Times: Barclay hits Spitzer on alien drivers license plan

Newsday: GOP task force eyes LI property taxes


AP/Castro: Perry's Rental Home Raising Eyebrows
AP: Perry's Rental Home Raising Eyebrows


NY Times: Leader Quits Ballot Effort by G.O.P. in California


NY Times: Michigan to Cut Services if Budget Talks Fail


Orlando Sentinel: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20070929/D8RUR14O0.html


September 28, 2007


Newsday: FDU Poll: Giuliani holds sizable lead in NJ
AP/Blood: Former Calif Governor Backs Giuliani
NY Sun: Wilson Endorsement Could Boost Giuliani's California Strategy
Newsday: Rudy Giuliani skips GOP minority-issues forum
NY Post: More asking if Rudy has right stuff
American Spectator: Rudy's money goals fall short. Fred impresses Arlington Group

Tennessean: Fred Thompson faces fundraising pressure
WP/Trail: Thompson, Running on the Revolution
AP/Davenport: Thompson's S.C. campaign will run out of Clyburn's old office
CBS News: Wyoming Lassos In Fred Thompson
AP/Schelzig: Thompson Unaware of Death Penalty Cases
CBN News: Jeri Thompson to be Featured in People Magazine

AP: McCain Dines With Tony Soprano

NY Sun: McCain Refreshes a Plan for League of Democracies
AP/Sidoti: McCain assails GOP rivals on foreign policy experience
Arizona Republic: Rebuilding the McCain campaign
Boston Globe: Army personnel spoke at McCain rally

AP/Lowy: Romney Criticizes Democrats on Sex Ed
Politico: Romney hits Dems on gay issue
CQ Politics: Romney: Turning Over the Turnaround Label
Boston Globe: Romney camp sees positives in N.H. poll numbers
Boston Globe: Ad produced by college student is pick of Romney campaign

Real Clear Politics: Ron Paul Country

Atlanta JC: Gingrich begins his roving forum
Maryland Capital Gazette: Gilchrest urges Gingrich to join presidential race
Atlanta JC: Gingrich launches project to examine nation's problems
The Hill: Gingrich: 'Formidable' Clinton most 'effective' candidate

Washington Times: GOP's crucial '08 base divided

Washington Times: Second-tier hopefuls rally for black vote
NY Times: 4 Top G.O.P. Candidates Skip Debate With Minority Focus
American Spectator: Going Where the Voters Are
AP/Witte: GOP Hopefuls Assailed for Debate Absence

AP: Dem Debate Draws Around 1.5 Million Viewers

Politico: The Republican riddle


John Boehner: Pork Barrell Stonewall: Democrats refuse to allow scrutiny of all earmarks
Courier-Journal: Justices to rule on Indiana's voter-ID law
NY Times: Senate Passes Childrens Health Plan
P Noonan: Americans should not fear talking--and listening--to those whose views we loathe


AP/Gormley: Senate questions Spitzer, NYRA over racing future
NY Daily News: Spitzer blasts Bloomberg for questioning driver's license plan


Dallas Morning News: Party switch signals area's shifting tide


AP/Hester: Republicans revive anti-tax increase plan rejected 10 years ago


AP/Apuzzo: Stevens, Worker at Odds Over Fundraising


Akron Beacon Journal: Records request for state e-mails the work of GOP operative
Cleveland Plain Dealer: GOP Records Request Scheme Exposed


Bloodhorse: Beshear and Fletcher Continue Kentucky Casino Debate


WDBJ7: Battle for control of Virginia's legislature is on


AP: State Shutdown Threatened in Michigan


The Hill: Daub to drop bid for Senate, Nebraska sources say


CQ Politics: Several Reps Seconding the Thought of Running for Open Alabama House Seat


Boston Globe: Hot issues provide sparks at 5th Cong. Dist. debate


September 27, 2007


San Diego Union-Tribune: Republican presidential debate

CNN: Poll: Giuliani has caught up with Romney in New Hampshire
AP: Giuliani Meets With Iraqi President
NYT/Caucus: Giuliani to Meet With Iraqi President Talabani
AP/Newmarker: Giuliani in NJ touts his national appeal

Newark Star-Ledger: Giuliani: Columbia wrong to let Iran president speak
Asbury Park Press: GOP frontrunner Giuliani stumps in N.J.
Philadelphia Daily News: But it's gonna be Hill vs. Rudy
Philadelphia Inquirer: Giuliani leader in N.J. poll
NJPols: Live from New Jersey, Its Rudy Giuliani
Napa Valley Register: Giuliani in Yountville Friday
KESQ: Pres. Hopeful Giuliani in the Desert Saturday
Oregon Live: Giuliani set for Portland fundraiser
Radio Iowa: Giuliani says he's "absolutely" competing in Iowa
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani fires chief fund-raiser & moves into N.H. tie
AP/Quaid: Giuliani Campaign's Top Fundraiser Out
NY Times: Giuliani Replaces Lead Fund-Raiser
BBS News: Giuliani Campaign has Ties to Big Oil and Fund Raising Using 9/11 Themes
Fox News: Giuliani Bobs and Weaves on Gun Control Record
Times UK: Rudy Giulianis mobile love talk makes gun lobby squirm
Atlantic/Sullivan: Rudy and Other People's Cell-Phones
Yahoo News: Ron Paul Supporters Taunt Rudy on Ferry
Detroit Free Press: Paul officials deny involvement in Giuliani Mackinac ferry taunting
RedState: A Question for Ron Paul Supporters
BNN: Rudy should steer clear of TX Gov.Rick Perry
NY Jewish Week: Evangelical Split Seen Fueling Giuliani Bid
AP/Hoffman: Giuliani latest candidate to commit to Oct. 9 Michigan debate
WNYC: Giuliani Shapes Image in Radio Ad Campaign
CT/Clout Street: Ex-AG Ryan backs Giuliani in GOP primary
NY Times: In a 9/11 Survival Tale, the Pieces Just Dont Fit

TransWorldNews: The Current Opinion Of Fred Thompson
Politico: Evangelicals turn on Thompson
Press Release: Fred Thompson: End World Bank Funding of Iran

Union Leader: McCain to launch TV, radio ads in NH
AP/Sidoti: McCain to Run Ads in New Hampshire

AP/Johnson: Romney May Spend More on Campaign
AP: Poll: Romney, Giuliani Even in NH
CBS/Horserace: Romney Loses Ground In New Hampshire

Reuters: What to do with Bush on the 2008 campaign trail?

NRO: Editorial: Newt, Dont Run
CSM: The conservatives are restless. Enter Newt Gingrich (maybe)
CBS/Horserace: Newt Hearts Huckabee

Human Events: The Values Voter Debate


AP/Shannon: Court Won't Reinstate DeLay Charge

The Hill: NRCC expects surge in recruits
Fox News: Top House Republican Leaders Avert Clash, but Money Problems Remain
CQ Politics: GOP in Unusual Position: Behind in Money Chase
US News: Truce Sought in House GOP Feud

Robert Novak: Socialized Medicine's Front Door

Washington Post: FEC Nominees' Names Sent to Senate for Vote

Yahoo News: Jack Kemp Rips Fellow Republicans


NY Sun: Spitzer Plan on Licenses Sets Tumult
Newsday: Skelos proposal to make teachers state employees has admirers, opponents


Washington Post: Judge to Rule Next Week on Idaho Senator's Bid to Drop Plea
WP/Capitol Briefing: Judge in Craig Case 'Doesn't Suffer Fools'
AP/Babington: Craig to Stay in Office Pending Ruling
NY Times: Craig Will Remain in Senate Until Judge Rules
Reuters: No decision in Sen. Craig sex plea case


CQ Politics: GOP Rep. Everett of Alabama to Retire
The Hill: Everett to call it quits in 2008


East Texas Review: Should party switches scare the Dallas GOP?
Austin A-S: Unless he confesses, it's not Dewhurst's fault Texas has no early primary


Swamp: GOP nixes fundraiser for lack of prez candidates


AP/Haigh: Rell calls for negotiations after session ends with no action


AP: GOP says Gregoire's 'listening tour' looks like campaigning
AP/Johnson: Sullivan Stays U.S. Attorney in Seattle


Union Leader: Poll: Giuliani, Romney tied in NH
Boston Globe: Poll: GOP race tightening in N.H.
USA Today: New NH poll shows a Romney-Giuliani horserace


First Coast News: Republican Mailer Recruiting Democratic Voters


PoliticsNJ: A former Democrat faces an ex-Republican in 8th district Senate race


Cleveland Plain Dealer: Records request from state officials the work of GOP operative


Deseret News: School Voucher issue unifies Demos, divides GOP


Rocky Mountain News: Cheney to attend GOP fundraiser
Rocky Mountain News: Gov. Ritter on a roll in latest polls


NYT/Caucus: Backer of California Electoral Initiative Is Giuliani Supporter


CQ Politics: House Candidate Field is Highly Fluid for Minnesota Open-Seat Battle


September 26, 2007


LA Times: Pete Wilson to endorse Giuliani
AP/Blood: Giuliani to Get Former CA Governor Wilson's Nod
AP/Sidoti: Giuliani Defends Right to Bear Arms
Politico: Blogger files complaint over Giuliani ad
Detroit Free Press: Paul campaign faults heckling of Giuliani Mackinac Island
OpinionJournal: For Mr. Giuliani, it's more than his wife that's on the line
AP/Quaid: Giuliani Party Draws Criticism From Dodd
BBC News: Anger at Giuliani 9/11 fundraiser
Boston Herald: Giuliani delivers law-and-order message to troopers convention
AP: Giuliani Leads in NJ
NY Post: Rudy: Why I like guns

Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Thompson 26%, Giuliani 22%
Yahoo: The Thompson Bounce
Men's Daily News: Thompson Surge Means Conservatives Are Desperate
Washington Times: GOP candidates use Iran to show foreign policy

Des Moines Register: McCain covets Kerry-like revival
Power Line: Can McCain expect a Kerry-like revival?
MyFox-KC: Video: Eye on John McCain
Phoenix Business Journal: Staubach looks to help McCain's White House bid
Swamp: McCain: Upbeat on Iowa, N.H., 'straight' about S.C.

Washington Post: Carefully, Romney Embraces Change
YouTube: Mitt Romney's "Khatami" Radio Ad
WP/Trail: Change as Romney's Tune
WCVB: Romney Security Adviser Tied To Blackwater
NRO/Mitt Romney: A mission for the United Nations, Iran, and the world

AP: Gingrich: Skipping Black Forum a Mistake
Captain's Quarters: Republicans Making A Mistake In Avoiding PBS Debate

Real Clear Politics: Mike Huckabee: An Interview
Washington Times: Huckabee hits Hillary on ad
David Harsanyi: Huckabee: The Nanny Candidate

The Hill: Pay Pals Paul supporters reach into their pockets


Politico: Boehner retreats on NRCC resignation threats
CQ Politics: Pressure Building at NRCC for Better Fundraising and Recruitment Results
The Hill: Griles begins prison term
Swamp: Gallup: Dems remain voters' favorites
NY Post: Mukasey's marshals fumed at valet duty


Rochester D&C: Walsh breaks with GOP on child health bill
Newsday: Spitzer: Beyond the edge of cynicism
LoHud: Yonkers Republican Party leader Jereis won't seek re-election to post
Newsday: Feud seen as behind confirmation holdups in Senate
NY Sun: Republicans Find Flaws In Scandal Report
NY Post: Bruno warns of illegal vote drive


Wall Street Journal: Pre-Gaming Tomorrows Larry Craig Hearing
The Hill: Craig coy on resignation
Politico: Scandals take a load off Craig, others
AP/Freed: Craig Seeks Another Chance in Court Case


CQ Politics: Tight Timeframe Could Make Ohio Special Primary a Two-Man Race for GOP


AP/Joling: Alaska Verdict Has Wider Implications
AP: Former Alaska Lawmaker Guilty of Bribery


AP: ND Gov. Seeks Unprecedented Third Term


NYT/Caucus: Florida G.O.P. Chides Democrats
Sun-Sentinel: Crist asked to name Republican sheriff of Broward


Dallas Morning News: With possible foes in wings, Craddick urges GOP unity


September 25, 2007


NY Post: Rudy rips insulting invitation
NY Times: Bloomberg Begs to Differ With Giuliani on Gun Suit
AP/Kugler: Giuliani, Bloomberg Disagree on Guns
NY Sun: Editorial: Giuliani v. Bloomberg
Atlantic: Is Rudy Paying Lip Service To Iowa?
AP: Giuliani Party Seeks $9.11 Per Person
Washington Post: Giuliani's Rhetoric on Terror Contrasts With His Record
Jonah Goldberg: Stick to your guns, Rudy

CBN News: Southern Baptist Leader Defends Fred Thompson
American Spectator: Southern Fried Fred
Government Executive: Pondering President Thompson
NY Post: Fred loves federalism

Chicago Tribune: Lots of work ahead in Iowa, McCain says

SacBee: Romney in swing through Silicon Valley, urges party to get back to its roots
Mercury News: Romney tries to break out
Washington Post: Romney Blasts Iranian Leader
Wall Street Journal: Romney Tries to Show Voters He 'Gets It'

Washington Times: Huckabee hits Hillary on ad

Jack Kelly: What Might Newt Say?
American Spectator: Newt, Columbia, and the Idea of Dissent
Chuck Muth: Dropping the Newtron Bomb

AP/Kuhnhenn: Campaigns Prepare for Big Spending
Washington Times: NRA now eyeing role in GOP primaries


NYT/Bob Herbert: The Ugly Side of the G.O.P.
Newark Star-Ledger: Bush is the president non grata in the GOP race
NYT/Caucus: The Ethics Issue
Philadelphia Daily News: GOP shows true colors by snubbing forum
AOL/Stump: NRCC in Chaos
AP/Hanley: Schwarzenegger, Gore Seek Climate Action


NY Times: Bruno Inquiry Panel to Question Leader of the State Police
Newsday: New York Senate panel votes to subpoena in panel
NY Post: Bruno rips DA's Spitzer 'Whitewash'
NY Post: GOP split on Gov's drive rule


AP/Best: Governor's race outcome could effect other statewide races


Seattle PI: Sizing up a rerun of Rossi, Gregoire match
Seattle Times: Was prosecutor too partisan?


Cincinnati Enquirer: Dems, GOP, back sales tax


Tampa Tribune: Putnam's Profile Rising Within GOP


NY Times: In Trenton, Judge Says Item on Stem Cells Stays on Ballot


AP/Joling: Alaska Corruption Trial Winds Down


September 24, 2007


NY Daily News: 9/11 coalition set to 'Swift-boat' Rudy Giuliani today
LA Times: Candidates aren't going negative, yet
LA Times: Giuliani's migrating position is in dispute
RedState: Mackinac Island: Thompson Serves Potato Chips, Rudy Serves Red Meat, Romney Tells Them They Need a Diet
Arkansas News: Fred who? Rudy runs against Hillary

Houston Chronicle: Thompson taps Texas to fuel his campaign
St. Petersburg Times: Where voters live, Thompson matters
CNN: Thompson: Not all campaign finance reform was good
Weekly Standard: Fred stumbles, gains ground
Knoxville News Sentinel: Thompson set for fundraising run
Chattanoogan: Roy Exum: Dr. Dobsons Dumb Mistake
Atlantic: Dobson's Choice Isn't Fred Thompson. So It's Probably Mike Huckabee.
Chicago Sun-Times: Daley mocks 'machoism' of GOP hopeful Thompson
NYT/Caucus: Thompson and McCain Strike Different Notes

Detroit News: Romney on top in GOP straw poll
NYT/Caucus: Romney Wins Mackinac Straw Poll
LA Times: Romney keeps distance from Bush
AP/Johnson: Romney Touts His Business Experience
Power Line: What's With Mitt?
RCP: Romney Wins Mackinac Poll
Politico: For GOP, Michigan looms large

Detroit News: GOP candidates follow party line

American Spectator: Newt Gingrich: Up to His Ankles
Washington Times: Gingrich seeks donors for GOP bid


Newsday: Caucus seeks to bridge Congress' partisan divide
AP: Independents Compared to GOP and Dems

Newsday: Times admits charge for MoveOn.org ad was too low
NY Daily News: N.Y. Times admits Petraeus ad sold to Moveon.org at 1/2 off
NY Sun: Clinton Voices Disapproval Of Ad Mocking Petraeus

NY Sun: Mukasey's Independent Streak May Haunt Bush
NY Times: Post-9/11 Cases Fuel Criticism for Nominee


NY Post: GOP set to make top cop a canary
Newsday: Spitzer driving a fine line on immigration


John Fund: The men who gave us the "Bridge to Nowhere" may be headed there themselves


NY Times: Editorial: An Opportunity for Mr. Schwarzenegger


Detroit News: The pressure is building in Lansing
Detroit Free Press: Senate passes big cut
Detroit Free Press: Levin may face challenge by Raczkowski


September 23, 2007


NYT/Caucus: In Michigan, Giuliani Takes On Clinton
NYT/Opinionator: Did Giuliani Dodge a Bullet?
LA Times: Giuliani's migrating position is in dispute
Robert Novak: Rudy Scores With Conservative Activists
AP/Quaid: Giuliani: I Support Right to Bear Arms
CQ Politics: Despite Past Record, Giuliani Tries to Convince NRA Hes on Their Side
Washington Post: Giuliani's Speech at NRA Doesn't Reassure Skeptics
Newsday: Rudy takes lead as campaigns look overseas

AP/Quaid: Wife's Call Interrupts Giuliani Speech

Detroit News: Thompson makes first campaign stop in Michigan

Human Events: Fred Thompson Stands Up for McCain-Feingold
NRO: Fred Thompson Wows 'Em At the NRA Convention

Detroit News: McCain says more time needed to create stability in Iraq
Detroit News: McCain renews stance on Iraq, saying consequences of failure 'horrendous'
Detroit News: Magic is gone for McCain in Michigan

Detroit News: Put house in order, Romney tells GOP
Washington Times: Republicans' message in Michigan: Get serious

NYT/Caucus: In Michigan, Romney Works the House
USA Today: Republicans meet in Michigan
Toledo Blade: GOP presidential hopefuls making weekend trek to Michigan
Wall Street Journal: Romney Challenges GOP To Put 'House in Order'
AP/Sidoti: Romney Promises to Restore Wayward GOP
Politico: Romney silent on Blackwater shooting

Detroit News: Texas rep, Ron Paul, trolls for Michigan presidential support
NY Times: G.O.P. Hopefuls Take Varying Paths in Wide Open Race

Politico: Gingrich cash doesn't measure up


CQ Politics: Democrats Outpacing Republicans in Building 2008 Congressional Warchests
AP/Gorski: Christian Right Looks to Rebound
NY Times: Nuance and Resolve in Rulings by Attorney General Nominee
NYT/Frank Rich: Pardon Poor Larry Craig


AP/Gormley: State watchdog gone, exits NY's `partisan death match'
AP/Milton: New York to allow illegal immigrants to get drivers' licenses
NY Times: Spitzer Grants Illegal Immigrants Easier Access to Drivers Licenses


Huntsville Times: Editorial: Bad rule by the GOP


Edmond Sun: GOP donors under scrutiny


NY Times: Gov. Rell Bans Parole for Crimes of Violence


September 22, 2007


Lansing State Journal: Republicans descend on Mackinac Island

NY Times: Giuliani Tells N.R.A. He Opposes New Gun Limits
Newsday: NRA sees a new, changed Giuliani, he says
Atlantic: Giuliani Claims An Evolution On Gun Rights
WP/Cillizza: Rudy and the NRA: showing up is at least half the battle
LA Times: Giuliani seeks to bury the hatchet with gun group
NRO: The Big Show: Rudy Meets the NRA
NY Times: Editorial: Oh, That Past
CQ Politics: Despite Past Record, Giuliani Tries to Convince NRA Hes on Their Side
The Hill: Giuliani sports a bulls-eye at NRA conference
McClatchy: NRA skeptical about Giuliani
Buffalo News: Editorial: Giulianis thriving candidacy is just what Republican Party needs

NY Post: Bad call by rude Rudy: Puts NRA crowd on hold for Judi
NY Daily News: Rudy Giuliani picks up wife's phone call during NRA speech

WP/Trail: Giuliani Makes All The World His Stage
WorldNetDaily: Giuliani unaware of Values Voter debate?
Angus Reid: Republicans 2008: Giuliani 27%, Thompson 18%

Washington Times: GOP rivals take aim at Giuliani
NY Post: Fred hotter than pistol: Breaks up gun group
Breitbart Video: Fred: My Wife Would Make a Much Better First Lady Than Bill Clinton
American Thinker: Dick Morris doesn't like Fred Thompson

Politico: Thompson's campaign plagued by errors

Atlantic: McCain's NRA Moment
Swamp: Protesters give McCain best line at NRA gathering
The Hill: At NRA, McCain puts Romney in crosshairs
AP/Herman: McCain: Don't set date to withdraw
Boston Globe: NRA hears GOP candidates appeal for backing
AP/Wane: McCain, Romney Stop in Hoosier State

Chicago Tribune: Romney declares 'Republican Party got lost'
AP/Sidoti: Romney Issues Challenge to GOP
NYT/Caucus: Romney and Change
Swamp: Romney: Gov't ethics inspire Jay Leno punchlines
CNN: Romney: My wife is 'prettier' than Bill Clinton

The Hill: Gingrich will consider running if enough people are worried about stopping Clinton


Politico: NRCC chair threatens to resign

Baltimore Sun: Bush urges GOP to woo blacks

The Hill: DOJ appeal reopens battle over Jefferson raid
Politico: Justice Dept. appeals ruling in Jefferson case


NY Post: 'Eliot knew' of dirty tricks
NY Daily News: DA: Spitzer protected Joe Bruno before Troopergate scandal
Newsday: DA closes book on Choppergate - for now
NY Sun: Javits Expansion Delays Blamed on Pataki
NY Post: Gov fills post-scandal 'Integrity' panel


AP/Quinn: Alaska Ends Plan for `bridge to Nowhere'


DN: Michigan voters put Romney, Giuliani and Thompson in dead heat; McCain is struggling
Detroit News: Giuliani says Michigan can rebound with lower taxes, have less government


CQ Politics: Rep. Weller Latest House Member to Retire
The Hill: Weller makes retirement official


CQ Politics: Race Narrowing for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire


Fort Worth Star-Telegram: GOP lawmaker hits leadership, crosses the aisle
Dallas Morning News: GP legislator decides to make switch to Democratic Party


San Diego Union-Tribune: Governor advises GOP on election


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