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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime


December 21, 2008



WaPo: Obama Expands Stimulus Goals
NYT: As Outlook Dims, Obama Expands Recovery Plans
WaPo: Optimism High About Obama Policies, Poll Finds
WSJ: Obama Fills Science Posts With Climate Change Experts
Washington Times: Obama names climate change experts to posts
Politico: Obama: Science again to be 'at the top'
NYT: Likely Pick for Intelligence Chief Would Face Task of Corralling Fractious Agencies
AP/Hoag: Pastor Rick Warren defends invite to inauguration
Christopher Hitchens: Three Questions About Rick Warren's Role in the Inauguration
Daily Herald: Cabinet-elect Lahood popular among Democrats, Republicans
Michael Barone: Expectations of Hope and Change
American Thinker: Taking Obama at his Word on Gun Rights
AP/Elliott: Obama arrives in Hawaii for holiday

Hill: Bush defends decision to bail out automakers
Bloomberg: Congress Will Set Conditions for $350 Billion in Rescue Funds
NYT: White House Philosophy Stoked Mortgage Bonfire
Charlotte Observer: The good deal that wasn't
St. Petersburg Times: Some think Bush was too liberal

LA Times: Sarah Palin: From running mate to Time's runner-up
Baltimore Sun: Women stirred by Palin build political network |
Times UK: Hillbilly heroin arrest hits Palin family

Boston Globe: Maine's GOP senators may control the moderate middle
AP: McMorris Rodgers to lead GOP earmark reform panel

McClatchy: McCarthy makes a quick rise on Capitol Hill
WaPo: Members of Congress / Kevin McCarthy

NY Post: Bill's dubious donors: $500M Charity's Rogues
WSJ: Bill Clinton's Complicated World
WaPo: Editorial: The Clinton Conflict: The former president's fundraising invites trouble

WSJ: China Blocks NY Times Web Site

Nicholas Kristof: Bleeding Heart Tightwads
NYT: Top 10 Gifts for Politics Geeks: Recession Edition

SF Chronicle: The GOP - in search of its resurrection

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Daily News: Bring on Caroline Kennedy - I can beat her, says Rep. Pete King
Politico: Nepotism NY style as clans vie for seat
NY Post: Caroline 'Pol'icies: Hedges on Mike election support
Daily News: Senate-hopeful Caroline Kennedy talks gays, war, and education
NYT: Kennedy Offers Hints of a Platform, and a Few Surprises
NYT: The Young Know Carolines a Kennedy, but Which One?
Politico: Kennedy, 51, introduces her views
Politico: Kennedy comes out for gay marriage
Buffalo News: Kennedy backs gay marriage, weapons ban, Bush tax cuts
Politico: More answers from Caroline
Salon: Is Caroline Kennedy pro-choice?
Boston Herald: Bored Caroline Kennedy wants a Senate seat to play with
Telegraph UK: Can Caroline Kennedy keep the Camelot legend alive?

NYT: Paterson Calls Higher Taxes on Wealthy Unappealing but Likely

Daily News: It was all an accident, Hiram Monserrate sez of assault
Daily News: Queens Councilman Monserrate has self-professed history of mental problems


AP/Robinson: Blagojevich Charges Go Well Beyond Senate Seat
WaPo: A Dark Cloud Hangs Over Blagojevich, Or Is It Just His Hair?
Time: In Blago's Defiance, Echoes of an Idol, Richard Nixon
Time: Blagojevich's Lawyer: Taking the 'Unwinnable' Cases
CBS: Blago Case Bad News For Rahm Emanuel
American Thinker: Blago will get Emanuel tapes
AP/Blackledge: Senate-for-sale case threatens new chief of staff
Barron's: Unraveling Rahm Emanuel's Fast Fortunes


Pioneer Press: What will it take to declare a winner?
Politico: Franken expects to defeat Coleman by 35-50 votes
Hill: Franken camp projects win by 35 to 50 votes
Minneapolis ST: The Recount: No hanging chads, but plenty of hang-ups
Minneapolis ST: Some way to elect a centaur, er, senator
CQ: Franken Inches Ahead, but Minn. Recount Battle Far From Over


AP: Pilot killed in Ohio crash was GOP consultant


LA Times: Kenneth Starr to defend gay marriage ban before state Supreme Court

Mercury News: Democrats' budget ploy could shake up balance of power in Sacramento
Mercury News: Editorial: Governor's stimulus plan looks reasonable
LA Times: Budget standoff carries big risks, marginal rewards for California governor
Washington Times: Calif. tax hike passes through loophole
Fresno Bee: Wanna be next governor? Stay away from Legislature
Sacramento Bee: Republicans must demonstrate vision
Sacramento Bee: GOP's message needs to reach more voters

SF Chronicle: S.F. police chief announces retirement

SF Chronicle: S.F. blames out-of-towners for endless homeless problem


Concord Monitor: Sununu's challenge is tougher than he makes it sound


Arizona Republic: Napolitano rankles GOP with outgoing executive orders


Miami Herald: Gov. Crist led all-out push to save Big Sugar deal
Orlando Sentinel: Florida Democrats' technology closes gap with GOP
Tampa Tribune: Local Republicans Stick With Leaders


Salt Lake Tribune: Treasurer's race probe mired in politics


Philadelphia Inquirer: GOP picks candidate for vacant Pa. Senate seat


AP: Detroit mayor orders cuts as deficit nears $300M
Detroit FP: Detroit deficit estimated as high as $300 million


Birmingham News: Shelby, Sessions knock auto bailout plan


December 20, 2008



WSJ: U.S. Throws Lifeline to Detroit
NYT: Bush Aids Detroit, but Hard Choices Wait for Obama
WaPo: Aid in Hand, Clock Ticks for Detroit
NYT: After Lifeline, Big 3 Are Still in Deep
WaPo: UAW's Sacrifices Look to Some Like Surrender
Washington Times: GOP demands at heart of auto deal
NYT: Editorial: Survivor: Detroit
WSJ: 'Non-Binding' Bailout: President Bush's parting gifts to Detroit and Obama
WSJ: Rescue to Give Obama Enormous Influence Over Industry
Rush Limbaugh: Bush Saves Two Million Jobs, Bails Out the United Auto Workers

WSJ: Obama Completes His Cabinet-Level Picks
NYT: Obama Reshapes White House for Domestic Focus
WSJ: Unions See Champion in Solis at Labor
WSJ: Obama Picks Military Man, Blair, as Top Spymaster
WaPo: Blair Is Steeped in the Ways Intelligence Works
WaPo: Obama Expected to Name Karen Gordon Mills to Lead SBA
Hill: Obama picks Sen. Snowe ally for SBA
WaPo: For Obama Cabinet, A Team of Moderates

WaPo: The Friday Senate Line: Appointments A-Plenty

McCain/Lieberman/Graham: A Chance for Consensus on Iraq
US News: Interview with Minority Whip Eric Cantor, the Houses only Jewish Republican

NYT: OpEd: U.S. Aid Should Be Earned
NYT: A Payoff Out of Poverty?

WSJ: Bush on His Record

United Liberty: Stone on McCain


NYT: Kennedy Brand Leaves Cuomo Feeling Stymied
Daily News: Caroline Kennedy seeks support for Senate bid from labor leaders
Michael Kinsley: For Caroline Kennedy, a Standards Deviation
Rasmussen: Most Voters Like Caroline, But Only 37% Say She Is Fit for Senate
Rush Limbaugh: Social X-Ray Schlossberg Eats!
Roger Stone: Don't Crown Caroline

NYT: State Senator-Elect Accused of Slashing Companions Face
NY Post: Senator Sluggo
NY Post: GOP takes whack at denying Dem seat

NYT: Suffolk to Sue Tribal Smoke Shops Over Taxes

Albany TU: Parole chairman quits over missing laptop
Albany TU: Parole chairman resigns after IG probe
NY Post: Parole honcho quits in laptop theft
Buffalo News: Head of state parole board resigns, faces computer theft charges

Albany TU: NYC Bar Association releases assessment of Chief Judge nominees

Newsday: House ethics panel drops Fossella inquiry


NYT: I Will Fight, Blagojevich Unapologetically Vows
WaPo: Blagojevich's Defiance Complicates Democratic Strategy
WaPo: Republicans Hold a News Teleconference on Gov. Blagojevich
Politico: Ill. Dems say Gov. Blago cold and remote

Fox: Blagojevich Pardons 22 People

Chicago Tribune: Got corruption? Get Jesse Junior G-Man


Minneapolis ST: High court to hear Coleman camp's arguments on duplicate ballots
Minneapolis ST: Franken posts newfound lead over Coleman
AP/Bakst: Al Franken opens first lead in Minn. Senate race
AP: Franken Takes His First Lead In Hotly Contested Senate Race
WaPo: Senator Franken?


Rick Santorum: Republicans need a new leader


LA Times: Schwarzenegger orders mass layoffs, unpaid furloughs
SF Chronicle: Governor orders layoffs, unpaid time off
AP/Lin: Schwarzenegger orders hiring freeze, worker cuts
AP/Burke: Calif. gov. calls lawmakers back on budget

LA Times: Jerry Brown asks California Supreme Court to void gay-marriage ban
NYT: Top Lawyer Urges Voiding California Proposition 8
WSJ: Calif. Attorney General Calls to Overturn Prop. 8

SF Chronicle: Bay Area home values hit 8-year low in November

LA Times: Analysis calls ambitious L.A. solar plan 'extremely risky'


Fort Worth ST: Perry makes Fort Worth speech before becoming longest-serving governor


Ledger: Ex-Rep. Ross May Consider Run for U.S. Senate

St. Petersburg Times: A better way for Florida's budgetT


CBS: Voinovich Breathes Sigh Of Relief


Flint Journal: Republicans in Michigan face difficult road ahead


NYT: Democrats Vent Against Lieberman


WaPo: Complaint Filed Over Stevens Trial

Fox: Levi Johnston's Mother Arrested on Drug Charges
Anchorage DN: Johnston's arrest was oxycontin-related
Telegraph UK: Sarah Palin daughter's future mother-in-law seized in drugs bust


Arizona Republic: Kyl reluctant to take lead on immigration plan again


December 19, 2008



NYT: Obama Team Is Seeking Stimulus Bill by New Year
WaPo: Obama Team Assembling $850 Billion Stimulus
WSJ: Stimulus Package Heads Toward $850 Billion
AP/Kuhnhenn: Obama team weighs up to $850 billion economic jolt
LA Times: Stimulus plan could shape course of Barack Obama's presidency
NYT: Wall Street Slides as Oil Falls Below $40 a Barrel
WaPo: Government Cracks Down on Unfair Credit Card Practices
NYT: Tax Break May Have Helped Cause Housing Bubble

NYT: Car Bankruptcy Cited as Option by White House
WaPo: GM Town 'On Edge Until Bush Gives Us the Money'
Detroit News: Decision close on carmaker rescue
Jed Babbin: Corker Says White House Detroit Bailout May Be Modeled On His Plan
Newsmax: House Republicans Tell Bush: No Bailout for Detroit
WSJ: U.S. Firms Join Forces to Build Car Batteries

Peggy Noonan: Who We (Still) Are
Pat Buchanan: Obama's War: Is the Afghan war worth the cost?

NYT: Obama Names Three to Top Economic Posts
WSJ: Obama's Picks Show Split on Trade
WSJ: Obama Keen to Regulate Finance
WSJ: Obama Team Takes Two Shapes
NYT: Picks for Labor and Trade Positions Disagree on Policy
WSJ: Regulator Schapiro to Run SEC for Obama
WaPo: Calif. Congresswoman Solis tapped to head Labor
CQ Politics: Obama Chooses Rep. Solis for Labor Secretary
WaPo: Ron Kirk Likely to Head USTR
Boston Globe: Obama chooses Harvard physicist as science advisor
WaPo: Obama to Announce Final Cabinet Picks
WaPo: Retired Admiral Picked as Spy Chief, Officials Say
Washington Times: Financial ties of Clinton, Vilsack scrutinized

WSJ: Pastor Rick in the Political Spotlight
WaPo: Obama Defends Invocation by Conservative Pastor
WSJ: Choice of Pastor Aims to Bridge Divide
WaPo: Obama's Inaugural Mistake
Daily News: Dial it down a notch, President-elect Barack Obama tells gays

NYT: Political Donors Contracts Under Inquiry in New Mexico
WSJ: Democrats Are the New Ethics Story
NY Post: Rahm 'pitched' Bam pick

WaPo: Risks Seen For Clinton As Husband Lists Donors
Dick Morris: 500M problems for Madame Secretary
WSJ: Clinton Reveals Donors: Charity Got $140 Million Abroad; Questions for Sen. Clinton
WaPo: Bill Clinton's Foundation Raised Millions From Foreign Governments
WSJ: Foreign Governments Among Clinton Foundation Donors
NYT: Moguls and Arab States Are Big Donors to Clinton Charity
NY Post: Bubba sheik-ing the money tree

Washington Times: FBI agents paid overtime for cocktail parties

Ted Nugent: Traitor Tamm: If they're guilty, hang em' high

WSJ: New Rule Shields Health Workers Who Object to Abortion
CQ Politics: FEC Approves Bundling Rules for Lobbyists

CQ Politics: From Campaign to Congress: No Respite for New Members and Staff

MSNBC: The GOP's future: Duncan in trouble?
Hill: Steeles management questioned in RNC race

NYT: Bush Shares Bittersweet Memories
WSJ: Bush Has Made Us Vulnerable

Energy Publisher: Sarah Palin's great future

WSJ: Conservative Activist Paul Weyrich Dead at 66
Fox: Conservative Icon Paul Weyrich Dies
US News: How Paul Weyrich Founded the Christian Right
CNW: Richard Viguerie on Paul Weyrich: America's Most Unsung Conservative Hero


Charles Krauthammer: The U.S. House Of Lords?
Judith Warner: Getting Beyond Camelot
Kathleen Parker: Caroline Kennedy Is No Sarah Palin
Wes Pruden: A Senate test for high celebrity
NY Post: Caroline's spotty voting history
Daily News: Records show Caroline Kennedy failed to cast her vote many times since 1988
NY Post: Caroline's poll fault
Village Voice: Why Bloomie is Campaigning for Caroline Kennedy
AP/Kates: Kennedy reaches out to upstate
Albany TU: Probing Kennedys resume
Syracuse PS: Caroline Kennedy stops in Syracuse during tour of Upstate New York
Daily News: Remember, Gov. Paterson, it's up to you, not the Kennedy PR machine

Rochester D&C: GOP says Paterson's budget will cost average family $3,875
NY Post: Dave's budget under fire from both sides
NYT: The Amazon Tax and the iTunes Tax, Compared

NYT: Proposed Gas Drilling Upstate Raises Concerns About Water Supply

AP: Golisano gave at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation

NY Post: 'Fraud' pol snaps at fotogs


Chicago ST: Emanuel talked directly to gov: source
WaPo: Blagojevich Allegations Are Expanded
WaPo: Thoughts on This Blagojevich Business
NYT: Blagojevich Wants Campaign Funds to Pay Lawyer
WSJ: Blagojevich Request for Public Defense Funding Denied
AP/Wills: Ill. lawmakers limited in building impeachment case
Washington Times: Blagojevich joins school for scandal: Americans riveted, poll shows


CQ Politics: Franken Scores A Legal Win as Minnesota Recount Drags On
Minneapolis ST: Coleman's lead dwindles to single digits after Day 3
AP/Condon: Coleman with 2-vote lead after 3rd day of canvass
WaPo: Holidays, Court Ruling Will Further Extend Minn. Senate Recount
Minneapolis ST: About the Senate recount vote totals
Minneapolis ST: Coleman's lead over Franken shrivels


Pittsburgh PG: Pa. Legislature holding $237 million in reserve fund
Pittsburgh TR: General Assembly has $200 million surplus


SF Chronicle: Dems' new budget plan adds $9 billion revenue
WSJ: More California Towns Face Bankruptcy


Washington Times: Candidates aplenty for Salazar's seat


Dallas MN: Hutchison sows campaign seeds
Houston Chronicle: Perry voices support for 'Choose Life' plates


AP: Former Jeb Bush Lawyer Nominated for Supreme Court
Herald Tribune: W encouraging Jeb Bush to run for U.S. Senate


Columbus Business First: Senate passes vet bonus; Strickland planning veto
AP/Majors: Governor mulls veto of voting, movie break bills
AP: Ohio governor, GOP split over filmmaker tax credit
AP/Kinney: Economy tops list of Ohio stories in '08


Arizona Republic: Governor gives state workers new right
Phoenix Business Journal: Gov. Napolitano signs order allowing state workers to unionize
Arizona Republic: GOP asks Napolitano not to sign any orders


Kansas City Star: Brownback wont seek re-election to Senate
CQ Politics: Brownback Wont Run Again for Senate, Eyes Governors Seat
CNN: Second GOP senator to announce retirement
St. Joseph NP: Brownback keeps his word on term limits


Detroit News: Lawmakers aid light rail for Detroit, abandon plans for road repairs
Detroit FP: Deals on Cobo, transit pushed


Boston Globe: DiMasi ally indicted in lobbying case


Richmond TD: Governors budget proposal shows grim outlook for Va.


Boston Globe: Racist e-mails fuel an inquiry in Alaska


News-Leader: Hulshof's wife 'not sure anymore' if she's a Republican


December 18, 2008



WaPo: Republicans Revolt on RNC's Obama-Blago Strategy
Atlanta JC: Gingrich blows whistle on partisanship?
Politico: Politico's guide to the RNC chair race
US News: RNC Chairmans Race Haunted by the Republicans Either/Or Problem
Marc Ambinder: A Shakeup In The RNC Chairman's Race
Townhall: RNC Candidates Offer Competing Blueprints
Boston Globe: The case of the vanishing GOP voter
CSMonitor: Young Republicans seek a new kind of party
Hill: With economy in shambles, Congress gets a raise

US News: Sarah Palins To-Do List if She Wants to Run for President in 2012
Tucson Citizen: McCain: 'I'm proud of Sarah Palin'

Karl Rove: Organizing the White House Is Obama's First Test
Arthur Laffer: Obama Should Forget About Energy Independence
Larry Sabato: That Was The Year That Was

NYT: Picks Made for S.E.C. and Transportation Post
WSJ: Regulator Schapiro to Run SEC for Obama
WaPo: Obama to Add GOP's LaHood to Cabinet
WaPo: LaHood Accepts Transportation Secretary Job
WSJ: LaHood to Be Named Transportation Secretary
NYT: LaHood, a Republican, Considered for Transportation Slot
AP/Tarm: Obama to name LaHood, R-Ill., transportation head
Bloomberg: Republican LaHood Likely Obamas Transportation Pick
WSJ: Shaiken Emerges as Top Candidate for Labor Secretary
WSJ: Big Drilling Issues Await Salazar
WSJ: OPEC Announces Biggest Cut in Decades
AP/Margasak: AG pick earns $4.6 million from law firm
Washington Times: Holder testimony on pardon questioned
American Thinker: Holder' s Selective Memory Syndrome?
Politico: Vilsack got Ag. Dept. farm subsidies
Hill: Clinton backers selected to join Obama administration
Washington Times: Gay man backed for Navy secretary

PolitickerNH: Sununu appointed to oversight panel
AP: Sununu named to bailout oversight panel
Politico: McConnell appoints Sununu to TARP board
Fosters: Sununu picks up where Gregg left off on panel

NYT: Obama Selects California Evangelist for Invocation at His Inauguration
CBN: Pro-Life Rick Warren to Give Invocation at Obama Inauguration
Politico: Gay leaders furious with Obama
Washington Times: Editorial: Obama's abortion conundrum

ENPR: Illinois, Colorado, and New York Senate Vacancies Kick Off 2010 Race

WSJ: States Squeeze Cities, Spreading the Economic Pain

Seattle PI: GOP animus to auto union has deep roots
LA Times: Editorial: UAW busting, Southern style
Mort Kondracke: Best Auto Plan: Bankruptcy Terms Minus Bankruptcy

Human Events: A RINO vs. El Rushbo

Washington Times: Cheney defends war on terror's morality

American Thinker: A better way to counter judicial activism

Chicago ST: Obama continues silence on Rahm Emanuel
Rick Moran: Is Rahm Emanuel in trouble?


NYT: Kennedy Goes on Tour Upstate
Daily News: We know Caroline Kennedy's name, but not her views on the issues
NYT: Mayors Aide Pushes Hard for Kennedy
Buffalo News: Caroline Kennedy brings 'listening tour' to Buffalo
Newsday: Peter King: Kennedy not qualified for Senate seat
John Fund: The Kennedy Entitlement: Can David Paterson say 'No' to Caroline?
Gail Collins: Send in the Celebrities
Steve Chapman: Caroline and the Lure of Royalty
Cal Thomas: Sweet Caroline

Albany TU: What's in Paterson budget
NYT: Editorial: Gov. Patersons Tough Budget
Nicholas Kristof: Miracle Tax Diet
CNN: Paterson's tax-hike proposal draws jeers in New York

Albany TU: Authority summoned in Bruno case


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich strikes back
NYT: Illinois Court Wont Hear Plea to Oust Blagojevich
NYT: Vigorous Blagojevich Defense by Noted Lawyer
WaPo: Blagojevich's Attorney Assails Proceedings
USA Today: Republicans want more seats on Blagojevich impeachment committee
Daily Herald: Blagojevich attorney trying to get taxpayers to foot his tab
WSJ: Prospects Fade for Quick Ouster of Blagojevich
Fox: Attorney: Blagojevich Won't Appoint Anyone to Fill Obama's Senate Seat

Chicago ST: Emanuel likely to stay out of battle for his House seat


Ann Coulter: One Plus One Equals 20 Votes for Franken
Pioneer Press: 'This is not Florida': Coleman's case gets off to rocky start in Supreme Court
Pioneer Press: Canvassing board finishes with Franken challenges; Coleman leads by 365
AP/Condon: Minn. high court weighs rejected absentee ballots
CNN: Minnesota judge to GOP lawyer: This is not the Florida recount

AP: Pawlenty will unveil budget cuts on Friday


Pittsburgh TR: You bet your dupa Specter rues jokes


LA Times: California Democrats devise plan to hike taxes
LA Times: State Democrats plan to increase taxes
AP/Lin: Calif. Dems try to pass budget without GOP votes
WSJ: California Board Halts Financing for Infrastructure Projects
LA Times: More are moving out of California than in


WaPo: TX-Senate: Dominoes Fall
Dallas MN: Is Cornyn looking to Abbott to replace Hutchison?
LegalNewsLine: Abbott mentioned as possible U.S. Senate candidate
Houston Chronicle: Railroad panel chief plans to run for U.S. Senate
AP: Speaker candidates call for House changes


Sun-Sentinel: Florida Legislature to consider raising cigarette tax
Miami Herald: A Miami judge is being considered for the Florida Supreme Court
News-Press: Judah calls for Lee County GOP leader's resignation


Columbus Dispatch: State official resigns over 'Joe the Plumber' affair
AP/Cornwell: Director suspended over 'Joe the Plumber' flap resigns; 2 others lose jobs
Cleveland PD: Election-reform bill clears Ohio House


Detroit FP: Blackwell, first black Republican mayor, dies


WaPo: Attorney General Offers Proposals To Make Voting Easier, Laws Clearer


AP/Bluestein: Ga. lawmakers pitch death penalty rule changes


Hartford Courant: Lieberman Panned In Poll, Admonished By State Democrats
AP/Haigh: Conn. Dems express `disappointment' to Lieberman
Reuters: Chided Lieberman meets with Reid on McCain support


KWGN: In Salazar's senate seat, Republicans see an opening


American Spectator: Jindal Care


December 17, 2008



Byron York: Could the Blago Scandal Ensnare Team Obama? You Betcha.
Chicago ST: Rahm's 21 calls on tape

WSJ: Fed Cuts Rates to Historic Low
WSJ: Bernanke Goes All In
WSJ: Fed, Financials Spur Rally
WSJ: OPEC Eyes Cut of 2 Million Barrels of Oil a Day
Washington Times: Fed moves aggressively to revive economy
NYT: Fed Cuts Benchmark Rate to Near Zero
NYT: Retail Prices Fell at Record Rate in November
NYT: OPEC Plans Further Output Cut
NYT: Stocks Soar as Fed Cuts Rate to Lowest Level Ever
NYT: Growing List of Commercial Properties Facing Distress
WaPo: HUD Chief Calls Aid on Mortgages A Failure: Congress Blamed For Shortcomings

Bulletin: Palin Church Fire Sparks Debate
YouTube: AP Video: Sarah Palin's Home Church Torched

Fox: White House Nears Decision on Auto Bailout
AP: White House pressed from right, left on car rescue
Bloomberg: Bush Considers Options for GM, Chrysler Rescue Plan
Detroit FP: Auto industry rescue on hold as Bush looks at the data
WaPo: The Big Divisons on the Big Three
CQ Politics: Bailout Season Has Republicans Choosing Sides

WSJ: Obama Works to Overhaul TARP
WSJ: Bush-Era Abortion Rules Face Possible Reversal
WSJ: Tough Decision Looms on Space Shuttle's Fate
WSJ: Education Pick Backs Test-Heavy Regime
Daily News: Arne Duncan, newly tapped top education official, is Obama's neighbor
WSJ: Big Drilling Issues Await Salazar
WSJ: Obama Taps Iowa's Vilsack for Agriculture Post
Jake Tapper: The Cabinet Clock's Ticking for Obama: More Republican Picks to Come?
Marc Ambinder: Where Republicans Can Pick A Fight

WaPo: Vilsack and Salazar Nominations Expected Wednesday
NYT: Editorial: Fixing Interior
Boston Globe: Vilsack reportedly Obama's pick for agriculture secretary
AP: Vilsack's career launched in response to small-town shooting spree
Hill: GOP probes Holders role in Elian Gonzales case
NYT: Clintons Personal Secretary Helping Obama Team
WSJ: Unprecedented challenge faces next SEC chief
Hill: Murtha: Defense spending under severe pressure
Politico: Senate vacancies complicate agenda
Politico: WH: 'No hard feelings' for shoe-thrower

Washington Times: Blackwell's RNC bid gains steam
Hill: Blackwell, Benkiser team up for RNC bid
MSNBC: Anuzis unveils GOP blueprint
Marc Ambinder: Gingrich: RNC Web Ad Is "Destructive Distraction"

Newt Gingrich: Big Government Breeds Big Corruption


NYT: Paterson Proposes Austere Budget to Close Deficit
NY Post: Gov's Tax & Spend Shocker
NY Post: Paterson dishes up the same old mess
Albany TU: Budget's pain is far-reaching
Albany TU: Smith: I would wager that we will cut spending
Albany TU: Paterson's budget: $9.5 billion in spending reductions
NYDN: Paterson unveils dire New York State budget that includes new taxes, layoffs and cuts
NYT: New York Governor Unveils Plan for Closing Budget Gap
NY Post: Gov proposes new budget for New York
Albany TU: Tediscos response
NYT: From Albany, Move to Trim Pension Plans
Newsday: Paterson plan would eliminate STAR rebate checks
Buffalo News: Paterson proposes dramatic spending cuts, higher taxes and fees

Marc Ambinder: How Caroline Kennedy Cleared The Field
Human Events: Is Being a Kennedy Enough?
Kathleen Parker: To the Senate Born
Daily News: Hillary Clinton tells supporters to back off Caroline Kennedy
Daily News: Caroline Kennedy can lock in Senate seat by saying she'll run in 2010
WaPo: Beyond Senator Caroline
NYT: As Privacy Ends for Kennedy, a Rough Path Awaits
NYT: Kennedy Has No Shortage of Advisers
Politico: Clinton chides supporters on Kennedy
Albany TU: Senate Majority Leader Reid endorses Kennedy
NY Post: Caroline Kennedy in Capitol 'Hill' bid
CNN: Senator Harry Reid supports Caroline Kennedy to replace Hillary Clinton
Daily News: 45 Photos: Caroline Kennedy: Through the years
AP: Possible successors for Sen. Hillary Clinton
IBD: New York Deserves A Qualified Senator
CQ Politics: Caroline Kennedy a Senator? Not Qualified

Albany TU: Senate Dem backers appeal to Gang of Three to come back into fold

Albany TU: Spargo pleads not guilty to bribery and extortion


Chicago Tribune: Impeachment panel begins, teeth clenched
AP/Wills: Ill. parties clash over potential special election
NYT: Blagojevich Impeachment Inquiry Stalls
American Thinker: Insiders still own Illinois' Senate seat
WaPo: Rep. Jackson Says Illinois Governor Sought Donations in 2002
Daily News: Jesse Jackson Jr. ratted on Blagojevich
AP/Babwin: Father and daughter at center of efforts to remove Blagojevich have stormy past with governor


NYT: Handicapping the Colorado Senate Seat
WaPo: CO-Senate: Salazar Departure Creates GOP Opportunity
AP/Paulson: Colo. governor refuses to speculate on how he'll choose replacement
Politico: Dems scramble to replace Salazar


CQ Politics: Hopes Dim for Settling Minnesota Senate Race by Friday
Newsday: Coleman takes slim lead over Franken
Townhall: Update on Coleman/Franken Race
AP: Minn. ballot review begins with Franken challenges
NYT: In Minnesota Recount, Scribbles, Mice and Other Ballot Puzzles
Hill: Franken sues to have more votes counted
Hill: Coleman hires defense attorney
Minneapolis ST: Colemans tap top lawyers, as does friend named in suit
Fox: Coleman Hires Attorney Following Allegations of Illegal Money Funneling
CBS: Coleman To Use Campaign Funds For Defense


SF Chronicle: Dems' new budget plan fails to get 2/3 majority
AP: Calif GOP rejects Democrats' 2nd push for taxes
San Diego UT: GOP offers budget plan that relies on deep cuts
LA Times: California road, school construction projects could be halted or delayed
IBD: Drill, Arnold, Drill!


Dallas MN: Bill White to run for Senate
Reuters: Houston mayor may pursue Senate seat in 2010
Houston Chronicle: Washington: a new allure for White


Miami Herald: State party leaders to keep jobs
Business Journal: Florida Legislature to address $2.3B shortfall
Orlando Sentinel: Florida faces stark choice: Taxes vs. services
Politico: Bush: Jeb would be 'awesome' senator
Naples Daily News: Lee commissioners want Republican leaders to step down
Orlando Sentinel: Special interests jump on political newcomers
AP: $1.3B U.S. Sugar buyout approved amid skepticism of Everglades deal
Sun-Sentinel: Editorial: Sansom should resign as Florida House speaker


AP: Michigan lawmaker Huizenga to seek Hoekstra's seat


Salt Lake Tribune: Huntsman fends off calls for another special session


NYT: In Georgia, Push to End Unanimity for Execution


NPR: Is the Oregon Republican Party Dead?


December 16, 2008



USA Today: Feds: Arsonist poured flammables around Palin's church
AP: ATF: Accelerant poured around Palin's church
Politico: Palin 'suspicious' of church fire
Fox: Fire at Palin's Church Lifted Spirits, Churchgoer Says, as Governor Apologizes Again

NYDN: Barack Obama admits aides spoke with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich
Politico: Obama will report gov contacts next week
Rasmussen: 45% Suspect Obama Team Involved in Blagojevich Scandal

NYT: Wall Street Stumbles as News Remains Bleak
Fox: Madoff Made Hefty Political Contributions to Top Officials
FT: White House to set tough terms on Detroit aid
NYT: Global Markets Await Fed Decision
WSJ: Treasury Pressured to Help Homeowners
USA Today: White House: Letting auto industry fail would be 'irresponsible'
Pat Buchanan: The Toyota Republicans
Dick Morris: The Impending Collapse of Our Enemies
Politico: Bailout payout tops $8 trillion
Washington Times: Spending soars 25% before bailout
CQ Politics: Democrats Readying Legislation in Case Treasury Asks for More TARP Funds

WSJ: Duncan Is Obama's Choice for Education Secretary
WaPo: Obama Picks Chicago's Schools Chief For Cabinet
NYT: Chicago Schools Chief Is Obamas Education Pick
CQ Politics: Obama Chooses Chicago School Chief as Education Secretary
Politico: Obama to pick Duncan, Salazar
Hill: Salazar accepts Obama offer to join Cabinet
AP: Colorado Sen. Salazar for Interior is latest choice
Dallas MN: Ron Kirk could become U.S. Trade Representative
Politico: Pelosi lays down the law with Rahm
Hill: Pelosi stands behind Emanuel, Jackson
Bloomberg: Obama Cabinet Is Shy on Southerners, Republicans

WaPo: New Committee Chairmen Named on Capitol Hill
GovExec: Holder hearing, bailout might spoil bipartisan start in '09
CQ Politics: Holder Hearings Pushed Back a Week
Birmingham News: Sessions meets with Holder
Washington Times: Obama aide tied to failed immigration policy
AP: Court rejects Obama citizenship lawsuit

Fox: John McCain Returns as the Democrats Favorite Republican
WaPo: Some Republican Oversight Committee Staff Dismissed
Huffington Post: What's the GOP's 2010 Pitch to Potential Senate Candidates and Donors?
WSJ: Democrats Risk Losing Hispanics
Rush Limbaugh: Rush Responds to General Powell
American Thinker: The GOP needs a Colin-cleansing

Rush Limbaugh: Vice President Cheney Calls Rush
Hill: Cheney says Obama should be grateful to Bush
LA Times: Cheney admits role in waterboarding approval

NYT: One More Round of Voting, as Electors Do Their Duty

NYT: Report Finds Meddling in Interior Dept. Actions
NYT: Hard Task for New Team on Energy and Climate
NYT: Big Oil Projects Put in Jeopardy by Fall in Prices

Politico: The Obey-Lewis Feud Continues
WaPo: Ex-Contractor Gets 21/2 Years in Prison In Cunningham Case


WSJ: Caroline Kennedy Seeks New York Senate Seat
NYT: Caroline Kennedy to Seek Clintons Senate Seat
NYT: Rsum Long on Politics, but Short on Public Office
Politico: Kennedy hires insider to soothe critics
Politico: Kennedy begins push for Senate in earnest
NY Post: Caroline Kennedy seeking Senate seat
NYDN: Caroline Kennedy is 'interested' in Hillary's senate seat and making phone calls
NYDN: Hardworking and smart, Caroline Kennedy embodies the spirit of JFK
Albany TU: Caroline Kennedy declares interest in Senate seat
Time: Is Caroline Kennedy Ready for the Senate?

NYT: Where Buckley Entertained Liberally

Albany TU: Schumer, Paterson ask for federal aid
Buffalo News: Paterson to cut funding for Empire Zone program in half

SI Advance: Donovan: I was there for Vito

Washington Times: Amtrak awaits rail line to speed D.C.-N.Y. trip


Sacramento Bee: GOP seeks deep cuts
SF Chronicle: GOP budget plan: Slash $10 billion from schools
Mercury News: GOP proposes deep cuts to schools, aid to needy to close deficit
LA Times: State's Healthy Families program gets a last-minute lifeline
AP: Calif. GOP lawmakers propose $22B in budget cuts
AP: Democrats, Schwarzenegger critical of Republican budget proposal
Sacramento Bee: What cuts the Republicans proposed
Sacramento Bee: What revenues the Republicans proposed
Contra Costa Times: Anthony Adams named chief Republican whip


Dallas MN: With views in minority, Gramm protg Jeb Hensarling rising in House
News8Austin: Battle begins between Hutchison, Perry
Hill: DSCC wins battle for White


Palm Beach Post: Top Florida Democrat denies rewards for cash

Miami Herald: Special session set for budget crisis
Sun-Sentinel: Florida Legislature summoned to cut budget in January
St. Petersburg Times: Jan. special session will try to fill budget hole
Orlando Sentinel: Crist crafts way to get out budget of red
WSJ: Charlie Crist and the Electoral Benefits of Marriage

Rasmussen: 78% in Florida Say Jeb Bush Likely to Run for Senate


WSJ: Process to Oust Governor Starts
NYT: Illinois Legislature Votes for Impeachment Efforts
NYT: Legal Hurdle in Blagojevich Case: A Crime, or Just Talk?
AP: Ill. House votes to launch impeachment process
AP/Wills: Prospect of impeachment now looms over Blagojevich
Rush Limbaugh: Dems in Turmoil: Blago Won't Go
Politico: Should Blago stay or should he go?
Fox: The Right Man to Replace Obama
News-Gazette: Republican Edgar regrets choice not to run in 2006 race
Rick Moran: Enough with the Illinois Bashing Already
Chicago ST: Black leaders see Senate seat being hijacked
RCP: Fitzgerald the Pit Bull


Fox: Rep. Pete Hoekstra to Resign From House in 2010


Virginian-Pilot: Republican House leaders promise to keep tabs on subcommittee votes


Marc Ambinder: A Republican Governor Is Antsy About The Bailout


Pioneer Press: State Canvassing Board set to examine Senate ballots
Minneapolis ST: Senate recount: Battle of ballot disputes set to begin
Pioneer Press: Disputed ballots fall into 3 areas
Minneapolis ST: Coleman, Franken joust ahead of critical election board meeting
Pioneer Press: Minnesota Supreme Court to hear arguments Wednesday in Senate recount
Minneapolis ST: A nasty bug emerges in the state election system
CQ Politics: Minnesota Recount Enters Crucial Phase Tuesday


Rocky Mountain News: Sources: Salazar to become Obama's interior secretary


WSJ: Palin's Budget Shows Hit to Alaska From Falling Oil Prices


Hill: Mongiardo eyes rematch with Sen. Bunning


December 15, 2008



WSJ: Emanuel, Blagojevich Aides Discussed Senate Seat
Byron York: The Blago Scandal: Whats the Rush?
WSJ: The Real Story Behind the Rushed Blagojevich Bust
American Spectator: Hot Rodders: Obama's friends of Rod Blagojevich
WaPo: RNC Pushing Hard on Obama-Blago Connection
YouTube: RNC Video: Questions Remain
American Thinker: Unanswered questions for Obama Team on Blagobust
American Conservative: Welcome back, Carter
Politico: McCain scolds GOP for whacking Obama
CNN: McCain: I can't promise to support Palin for president
Union Leader: Bill Ayers continues to justify his terrorist past

Fox: Palin Apologizes to Pastor for Fire at Her Church
KC Star: Colin Powell's trite attacks on Sarah Palin, the GOP

PolitickerMA: Romney calls for immediate action on stimulus package
Boston Globe: Groups line up for share of huge stimulus package

Detroit News: Granholm, Romney spar over bailout package for carmakers
Bloomberg: Corker Says UAW Counted on Bush to Offer a Bailout
Donald Lambro: Keys to auto overhaul
Fox: Transcript: Sens. Corker, Stabenow on 'FNS'
CQ Politics: Transcript: Romney, Granholm, Pat Quinn, Madigan on NBCs Meet the Press
CQ Politics: Transcript: Sens. Casey, Ensign, UAW Pres. Gettelfinger on CNNs Late Edition
AP: White House: No immediate deal on auto loans
Detroit FP: Battle heats up between UAW and Republicans
William Kristol: Left and Right, Piling On
WSJ: White House Sizes Up Auto Rescue
WSJ: Bush Blinks on the Auto Bailout
LA Times: Auto bailout's death seen as a Republican blow at unions

WaPo: Executive Pay Limits May Prove Toothless

NYT: States Funds for Jobless Are Drying Up

Deseret News: Republicans can bounce back, but it'll take time, effort
Milwaukee JS: Midwest is GOP's best shot at gaining ground
LA Times: Obama may bring change, but Congress will be the same
Milwaukee JS: Minority GOP still holds some cards in Congress

WSJ: Bush Touts Alliance in Iraq as Pullout Is Questioned
NYT: Touting New Security Deal, Bush Makes Final Iraq Visit
WaPo: Shoe-Throwing Mars Bush's Baghdad Trip
Washington Times: Bush's holiday extension leaves $450 million bill

Baltimore Examiner: Steele focuses on change in bid to become GOP chairman
Baltimore Examiner: Steele, GOP have clear mission: 'Turn this ship around'


NYT: Gov. Paterson to Propose $4 Billion in Taxes and Fees to Close Deficit
Albany TU: Pain, gain in budget figures
Albany TU: Gov. Paterson to sign the Indian tax bill
Buffalo News: Paterson to sign bill collecting taxes on Indians' cigarette sales
NYDN: Governor Paterson proposes 'Obesity Tax,' a tax on non-diet sodas
NY Post/Dicker: NY's 'Gang'buster gov is feeling Ill.
WNYC: Malcolm Smith Says He Has Enough Votes to be Majority Leader
Albany TU: Why Paterson may take his time re: Senate majority

Newsday: Should Rep. Peter King replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate?
NYDN: Caroline Kennedy approaches Sheldon Silver about Senate seat

NYT: At Brunch, Fossella Says Farewell. Or Does He?
WCBSTV: Supporters Turn Out For NY Rep. Fossella Farewell
NYDN: Family, pals turn out for luncheon for disgraced Staten Island pol
NY Post: Wife, kids skip Vito's SI farewell

NYDN/Benjamin: Bruno indictment likely - pals


LA Times: Is California too unwieldy to govern?
LA Times: Californians have gotten recalls out of their system
LA Times: Where Schwarzenegger goes, money follows
Stockton Record: State legislators still fiddling while deficit burns us


Southern Political Report: Texas: Line Growing for Hutchisons Senate Seat
Houston Chronicle: Republicans revive voter ID proposal
Lubbock AJ: Perry-Hutchison battle would be a memorable one
Amarillo: Eye on Austin: Perry to set Texas record


LA Times: Florida sugar deal may be going sour
Palm Beach Post: Obstacles cloud U.S. Sugar land deal
Sun-Sentinel: Gov. Crist has chance to put stamp on state Supreme Court
Tampa Tribune: State Party Leaders Likely Here To Stay


Washington Times: Blagojevich gave big contracts to donors
Chicago Tribune: Illinois lawmakers to sort out Gov. Rod Blagojevich scandal
AP/Wills: Illinois lawmakers to focus on ousting governor
Reuters: Embattled Illinois governor won't resign Monday
NYDN: No bleepin' way! Blagojevich won't budge in Illinois bid to nudge out scandal gov
USA Today: Even before arrest, Blagojevich had few allies
NYT: 2 Sides of a Troubled Governor, Sinking Deeper
Chicago ST: Illinois GOP Sunday launches drive for special election
Chicago Tribune: GOP wants special election for Obama seat
WaPo: Illinois GOP Pushing for Special Election for Senate Seat
Hill: Illinois GOP launches special election campaign
Hartford Courant: Rowland Says Illinois Governor Should Resign
American Thinker: Blago meets with Criminal lawyer: Resignation tomorrow?
Am Thinker: 'More than a dozen' witnesses have come forward in the Blago investigation
TimesUK: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich digs in over 'pay-to-play' claim


Akron BJ: Campaigns under way for 2010: Brunner, Voinovich losing some support
Dayton Daily News: Say 'Who?' three times, and there's Ohio GOP's problem


Hill: Hoekstra to announce retirement
Hill: Levin hopeful of White House help for Big Three
Chicago ST: Michigan card show drops autograph session of auto bailout foe Bunning


WaPo: House GOP Agrees to Recorded Votes
Northern Virginia Daily: McAuliffe stops in Shenandoah


AP: Analysts focus on NV governor's no-tax pledge


Charlotte Observer: High-energy Charlotte mayor leaves a high bar


Minneapolis ST: Minnesota's vote: Cast into doubt
Fox: Franken Campaign to Withdraw Several Hundred Contested Ballots
Washington Times: Minnesota recalls Florida 2000 fight
AP/Condon: Veteran lawyers battle in Minn. Senate recount


Arizona Republic: Napolitano successor Brewer seen as competent, partisan
Arizona Daily Star: With Brewer in office, change may be tangible
Arizona Republic: House leaders: Drop Renzi charges


Hartford Courant: Shays Unsure Of Where Loss Will Take Him


Salt Lake Tribune: Senate Republicans call for 15 percent budget cuts


NYT: In Georgia, Stir Over Plan for Black Colleges


Allentown MC: Specter looms as a decisive voice


NWAnews: Webb wins bid to lead state GOP for 2 years
Pine Bluff Commercial: Ark. GOP elects new chairman


Wisconsin SJ: Doyle: Double state job cuts if no federal aid



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