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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again


December 31, 2008



WaPo: Lobbyist Sues N.Y. Times, Saying It Falsely Alleged Affair With McCain
NYT: Lobbyist Sues Times, Citing Report of McCain Ties
Daily News: Lobbyist Vicki Iseman sues The New York Times
AP/Potter: Lobbyist linked by Times to McCain sues paper
Reuters: Lobbyist sues New York Times over McCain article
Politico: Lobbyist Iseman sues NYT for $27 million
Indian Express: Iseman sues 'New York Times' for $27 mn
Editor & Publisher: Here's How Story First Emerged Last Winter
American Thinker: Financial desperation grows at the New York Times

LA Times: Obama plans to campaign for economic stimulus package
WSJ: Free Trade Should Be Part of the Stimulus Plan
WSJ: Democrats Are Concerned Over Stimulus Plan Delays
WaPo: GOP Leaders Oppose Haste On Stimulus
Larry Kudlow: Time for a Choice Not an Echo

AP/Zoll: Warren's inauguration prayer could draw more ire
Politico: Protests interrupt Obama's paradise
Michael Gerson: Support Obama Will Need
LA Times: Editorial: A new approach to Cuba
Kathleen Parker: 2008: Sayonara and Good Riddance
Jonah Goldberg: Samuel Huntington's True Vision

WSJ: Let Detroit Build Profitable Cars
Michelle Malkin: Taxpayers taking hit amid auto union's mis-fore!-tune

CQ Politics: Loss of White House Puts McConnell in GOP Spotlight

Fox: Who Is Worried About Reelection Chances in 2010?
WSJ: Twelve Steps for the GOP: Advice from voters for a Republican recovery
James Pinkerton: Republicans Lead the Way on Reform: The Republican Comeback, Part 3
Byron York: Bush inspired deep devotion among those closest to him

Reuters: Sarah Palin most desirable celebrity neighbor: poll
UK Express: Palin daughter gives birth to boy


Hill: Greer floats potential RNC candidacy
Politico: Greer tests the waters
Hill: Slowly, RNC members commit to candidates
KFYR: ND Republican Party Chairman Leading RNC Meeting
Sequitur: Republicans to hold unprecedented meeting
Examiner: Anuzis seeks RNC chairmanship amid controversy and conflict
American Spectator: Hapless White Boys Run for GOP Chairman
WaPo: Editorial: A Little Less Than 'Magic'
LA Times: Chip Saltsman's 'Magic Negro' mistake


WaPo: The Weakening Prospects of Caroline Kennedy
NY1: Long Island Congressman Eyes Senate Seat, bashes Kennedy
NY Post: Mike's aide cooling his Caroline push
Daily News: Kennedy camp reigns in Bloomberg adviser Kevin Sheekeys lobbying efforts
NY Post: Mike takes 'um'brage at Kennedy critics
NY Post: Bloomberg aide: Kennedy lobbying 'wasn't working'
NY Post: Silver unswayed about Kennedy's loyalties
Times UK: Caroline Kennedy botches debut interview with 'you know' attitude (with audio)
AP/Peltz: Kennedy's 'you knows' become political fodder
Michael Kinsley: For Caroline Kennedy, a Standards Deviation
Ithaca Journal: Nadler for Senate
Wizbang: Princess Caroline seems to have, um, you know, blown it

AP/Virtanen: Schumer says up to $18 billion for state and NYC in Obama stimulus plan

AP/Kugler: NYC mayor cozies up to Democrats as election nears

Albany TU: Senate staffing in a holding pattern until March 31

NY Post: Indicted NY judge is sidelined


WSJ: Blagojevich Names Choice for Obama Senate Seat
WSJ: Editorial: Dynasty: The Democratic Party's Senate soap opera
NYT: Defiant Illinois Governor Names Pick for Obama Seat
NYT: Roland W. Burris, a Low-Key Groundbreaker
NYT: Democrats Seek to Block Appointee
Politico: Dems may not be able to block Blago pick
NYT: Editorial: The Latest From Illinois
WaPo: Blagojevich Makes Senate Pick Despite Democrats' Objections
WaPo: Blagojevich Appoints Burris to Replace Obama
WaPo: Degrees of Separation? Not in Illinois Politics
WaPo: Editorial: Tainted Choice in Illinois
Washington Times: Defiant Blagojevich names Obama successor
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich snubs Senate, taps Burris for seat
Politico: Obama calls Blago move 'disappointing'
CNN: Obama chides Illinois governor's decision to fill Senate seat
LA Times: Inside Blagojevich's bold, brash *&@#$% pick to replace Obama
Hill: Burris: I can overcome Blago taint
Politico: Bobby Rush: Don't "hang or lynch" Burris
Chris Cillizza: Blagojevich, Burris and More Problems for Illinois Dems
Fox: Rep. Rush Invokes Race in Defending Blagojevich Senate Appointment


WSJ: Franken Leads by 50 Votes With Absentees Left to Count in Minnesota
WSJ: The Minnesota Recount Folly: We've Been Down That Road
Bloomberg: Coleman Camp Disputes Franken Lead in Minnesota Race
Star Tribune: 'Stay civil,' both campaigns are told
NYT: After Unofficial Tally, Senator Trails Rival in Minnesota Race
Pioneer Press: Franken leads by 50
AP: Franken lead at 50 with absentees left to count
PR Newswire: RNC Statement on Minnesota Senate Recount
Hill: Sen. Cornyn says Senate shouldn't seat Franken
City Page: Klobuchar: Seat the certified winner before court battles


WIS10: Time ticking in deal to help unemployment benefits


Washington Times: McKinney may try for Gaza again
Fox: Cynthia McKinney Aboard Boat Headed for Gaza, Intercepted by Israeli Naval Force
Atlanta JC: McKinney relief boat hit by Israeli ship
BBC: Gaza aid boat 'rammed by Israel'
Atlanta JC: McKinney on boat with medicine for Gaza


Orlando Sentinel: Leaders, Crist agree on suggested budget cuts
Tampa10: Special session called to balance Florida budget
Orlando Sentinel: Cigarette taxes out, higher court and user fees in

PNJ: State legislators weigh in on Sansom

Fort Mill Times: Florida Rep. Kendrick Meek considers Senate run
Miami New Times: Kendrick Meek Interested in Senate Seat


SF Chronicle: Controller sees IOUs by Feb. 1 in budget crisis
Sacramento Bee: California got a wake-up call in 2008
SF Chronicle: Sierra snowpack below normal, surveyors find
SF Chronicle: S.F. to fight bias in health insurance costs


WSAW: Doyle Not Ready to Make Decision on Run for Office in 2010


Cleveland PD: State audit report highly critical of county recorder's office


Detroit News: Some Michigan lawmakers missing in action
Detroit FP: Scenes of disbelief, exasperation as Kilpatrick's career crumbled


News-Leader: Gov. Blunt to enter investment sector
AP: Blunt to join Massachusetts firm but won't move there


Star-Telegram: Craddick, allies to huddle in Austin
Dallas MN: Craddick's grip on power as Texas House speaker to be tested again
El Paso Times: Craddick support fades
Dallas MN: Speaker's race: A li'l spin from the Democrats
Dallas MN: Well, we know who the speaker *won't* be...
Newspaper Tree: Friday meeting of Republicans could be Craddick's end of the road
Houston Chronicle: Gattis joins long line of hopefuls for state House speaker post


December 30, 2008



Jerusalem Post: Specter takes message from PM to Assad
CQ Politics: White House, Hill Leaders Say Hamas Must Stop Rocket Attacks
Atlanta JC: Cynthia McKinney sailing to Gaza with relief supplies

NYT: Republicans Seek Recovery Plan Details
WSJ: Republicans Warn Against Overspending on Stimulus
Bloomberg: McConnell Urges Caution in Debate on Economic Stimulus Measure
WaPo: McConnell Puts the Brakes on Stimulus Plan
Hill: GOP warns against stimulus rush
Politico: McConnell questions Obama stimulus plan
WSJ: IMF Economist Backs Many Elements of Obama Stimulus Plan
WSJ: 'Stimulus' Doesn't Have to Mean Pork
AP/Kellman: Republicans say stimulus will cost $1 trillion, vow to scan for wasteful spending
YouTube: Video: Sponsor an Executive

WaPo: GMAC To Get $6 Billion Lifeline
Hill: White House adds $6 billion to auto bailout
Detroit News: Feds invest $6B in GMAC
CQ Politics: Dodds Dealmaking Skills Tested by Financial Crisis
WaPo: Editorial: It's easy to find the fat in the federal budget. What's hard is getting rid of it

WSJ: The Wizards of Oil
LA Times: Gasoline prices fall in U.S. but edge up in California, raising concern
WSJ: Carbon Limits, Yes; Energy Subsidies, No

Boston Globe: Holder's hearing might be rocky: GOP could grill Cabinet nominee
William Kristol: George, Abe, Rick & Barack

WSJ: Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.
WSJ: The Philanthropy Shakedown: Give to 'minority-led' charities, or else
WSJ: Why Detroit Has an Especially Bad Union Problem

WSJ: Obama Will Ration Your Health Care
WaPo: Obama Team Engages Public on Health Care
Newsday: 21 days to Inauguration

WSJ: Samuel Huntington's Warning: He predicted a 'clash of civilizations'

James Taranto: "Eat at Joe's" is protected speech. "Vote for Joe," not so much

Chris Cillizza: The Best Senate Campaign of 2008
AP/Bauder: Presidential candidates found late-night TV a far more valuable home
Phyllis Schafly: Public Schools Change Young Evangelicals' Values

Politico: 'Magic Negro' flap might help Saltsman bid
Politico: Huck weighs in
Politico: Crist's positioning
WSJ: Conservatives Promote Anti-Bailout Resolution at RNC
American Spectator: Blackwell's Back
CNN: GOP reaction divided over controversial Obama song
Washington Times: RNC draft rips Bush's bailouts

Fox: Palin's Daughter Gives Birth to Son Named Tripp
LA Times: Bristol Palin's baby makes Sarah Palin a grandma. And he's a Republican
Daily News: Bristol Palin gives birth to boy

American Spectator: Obama's Abortion Spending Spree

David Limbaugh: Biden's Bogus Feud with Cheney
Daily News: Clueless W was just like Palin, railin' ex-aide sez


Daily News: Caroline Kennedy no whiz with words
AP/Gormley: Caroline Kennedy draws criticism after latest tour
US News: Caroline Kennedy and the Sarah Palin Qualifications Test
James Taranto: Caroline Kennedy: Not Ready for SNL
NY Post: Caroline is USA-OK
American Thinker: Caroline Kennedy's Fractured Fairytale
Newsday: 4 of 5 in Senate seat Kennedy seeks lacked experience
Telegraph UK: Caroline Kennedy repeats 'you know' 142 times in interview
CNN: Poll: Gender gap over Caroline Kennedys Senate run

NYT: Kerik Pleads Not Guilty to New Charges
CNN: Kerik pleads not guilty in new corruption indictment

CQ Politics: Rangel Pays Parking Tickets With Campaign Funds

Albany TU: Patersons wish list to Obama, but still wants to cut $15.4b
Albany TU: Medium becomes message for 'fat tax'
NY Post: Payroll-tax plan on track: Shelly

Albany TU: Diaz says he doesnt think he can support Smith

NY Post/Dicker: NY's crazy '08
Newsday: Nassau GOP hoping to turn things around in 2009


AP: Prosecutors file to release Blagojevich recordings
WSJ: Blagojevich's Lawyer Claims Lack of Evidence to Impeach
WSJ: Blagojevich's Attorney Submits Obama Report to Impeachment Panel
American Thinker: Mocking Blago: let the ads begin

WaPo: Emanuel Announces House Resignation
Hill: Emanuel will resign House seat Friday
AP/Webber: Ill. governor must set election to replace Emanuel


Hill: Coleman wants 700 ballots recounted
Fox: Franken Maintains Small Lead in Ongoing Minnesota Recount
Star Tribune: Senate recount stalls on rejected ballots
Politico: Franken, Coleman feud over absentee ballots
AP/Bakst: Coleman, Franken can't agree on unopened absentee ballots
Minnesota Independent: Franken and Coleman fight over 1,350 uncounted ballots
Hill: Coleman calls for expanded ballot count
AP: Number of uncounted ballots in Franken, Coleman race still unclear
American Spectator: Update from the Coleman Camp
Bloomberg: Minnesotas Recount Fiasco Needs New Solution
Hill: Klobuchar suggests temporary senator be sworn in

Star Tribune: Minnesotans line up for a stimulus shot


Sacramento Bee: Schwarzenegger to present budget plan by Jan. 10
Sacramento Bee: Schwarzenegger prepares plan to close $40 billion shortfall
AP: Attempt to fix Calif. budget deficit moves slowly
Sacramento Bee: Nobel economist again dings Schwarzenegger on state's budget
LA Times: Editorial: California GOP's no-tax-hike pledge


Houston Chronicle: Another Republican challenges Craddick
Austin AS: Gattis makes bid for Speaker of Texas House
Dallas MN: Craddick spokeswoman: Dems list is "inaccurate."
Austin AS: Craddick camp rebuts Democratic list
Dallas MN: House Dems give us their list of no votes
AP/Vertuno: Democrats say list means end of Craddick tenure


Washington Times: Jeb Senate bid a GOP remedy
Orlando Sentinel: Cannon: Jeb should run for Senate
Miami New Times: All Signs Point to a Jeb Bush Senate Run

Pensacola NewsJ: Sansom faces ethics complaint
St. Petersburg Times: Sansom draws ethics complaint
Tallahassee Democrat: Editorial: Give it up, Mr. Sansom


Bayou Buzz: Louisiana Governor Jindal Complains To President Bush


Human Events: Will Senator Harry Reid Get 'Daschle-d'?
AP: Firing splits Hispanic Republican group in Nevada


Detroit News: Tax issues dog mayoral candidates


Boston Globe: DiMasi loses ally in bid to keep post


NM Independent: N.M. Republican icon Pete Domenici leaves office
AP/Clark: Pete Domenici bids farewell to political life


Arizona Republic: Conservatives look to Flake to rescue GOP


December 29, 2008



Hill: Axelrod says he wont be another Rove
AP: Obama adviser: Tax cuts will happen
WSJ: Obama Aide: Choice of Rev. Warren Is Healthy
CQ: Transcript: Senior Obama Adviser David Axelrod, Illinois Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn and Economist Paul Krugman on CBS Face the Nation
ABC: 'This Week' Transcript: Brown, Corker, Gibbs
Clarion Ledger: EPA nominee to face important decisions related to agriculture

KC Star: Racist 'Barack the Magic Negro' song hurts the GOP
Matt Lewis: Why the Saltsman Scandal May Help Make Ken Blackwell RNC Chair

Hill: Laura Bush defends husbands legacy


CQ Politics: Crafty, Combative Rangel is Powerful - and Under Scrutiny


Hill: Quinn predicts Blagojevich will be removed soon


Star Tribune: Counties identify 1,350 ballots to be tallied
Star Tribune: How long will Minnesota be a senator short?
Huffington Post: Franken Should Be Seated Until Election Mess Is Resolved: Klobuchar


Dallas MN: Editorial: Texas Dems on verge of leadership
Abilene Reporter-News: The Texas House speaker drama continues


Orlando Sentinel: Who is the most powerful person in Central Florida?


WITE: Former GOP fundraiser begins Ohio prison term


Chicago Tribune: Mich. hopes tax breaks will spur car batteries


AP/Lewis: After 30 years, John Warner exits Senate at peace


Boston Herald: Fresh air for GOP chair?


December 28, 2008



Hartford Courant: Clinton-Era Sentence Reductions Could Trip Holder's Confirmation

NYT: G.O.P. Receives Obama Parody to Mixed Reviews
WaPo: RNC Rivals Discuss Racial Song
Rick Moran: Is 'Barack the Magic Negro' racist?
Hill: Rivals slam Saltsman over controversial Obama song
CNN: RNC Chair criticizes rival over controversial Obama song
Politico: Blackwell defends Saltsman
NYT: For Some, Puff Loses Its Magic
Fox: GOP Blasts 'Magic Negro' CD Distributed by Top Republican Operative
AP/Metzler: RNC chair 'shocked and appalled' by Obama parody
American Spectator: The Tin Ear Republicans Don't Need
WSJ: Fight for the RNC Chairmanship Heats Up
AOL: RNC Chair: White Southerners Need Not Apply?

LA Times: Labor, business gird for battle over unions bill
American Thinker: The Unitarian Church and Obama's Religious Upbringing
WaPo: Religion's Big and Unprecedented Role in '08 Politics
Chicago Tribune: Barack Obama inauguration fights not to shortchange big donors
Michael Barone: Obama May Be an Aloof President

WSJ: There's No Pain-Free Cure for Recession
Charles Krauthammer: The Net-Zero Gas Tax
Politico: Top 10 political scoops of 2008
Axcess: Sarah Palin 2009 calender tops gift lists

LA Times: SEC's Christopher Cox defends his restrained approach
American Thinker: George W. 'Deer in Headlights' Bush

Washington Times: Planners urge long-term goal for stimulus
NYT: OpEd: An Emissions Plan Conservatives Could Warm To
WaPo: Editorial: Republican obstructionism renders the FEC powerless

KC Star: Guests on todays TV news shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Daily News: How JFK's daughter flubbed the audition to become the next Senator Kennedy
Politico: Clinton pal rips Kennedy
NY Post: Caroline: It's a clan-do effort
NY Post: Q&A with Caroline Kennedy
Buffalo News: This is a crisis I felt I might have something to offer
NYT: As a Candidate, Kennedy Is Forceful but Remains Elusive
WaPo: She's a Kennedy, But She's a Lot Like Us
Daily News: Caroline Kennedy tells Daily News: I wouldn't be beholden to anybody
Boston Herald: Caroline Kennedy: Pampered wannabe pol plays the victim card
Politico: More Caroline: Spoke to Hillary, won't run if not selected
American Thinker: What exactly is the Kennedy legacy?
Ross Douthat: New York, Swing State?
Daily News: Caroline Kennedy shares misty memories of Camelot

NYT: Chief Judge Is Retiring, Leaving Trail of Successes for Women on the Bench
Albany TU: Kaye exits 'role of a lifetime'
Albany TU: A sampling of the Kaye Court's rulings and dissents

NY Post: City Pension Nightmare

Daily News: President Bush's photo op with Robert Toussie was at home of city GOP'er


Time: An Illinois Dynasty Versus Blagojevich
AP: Blagojevich Panel Declines to Subpoena 2 Obama Aides
AP: Fitzgerald asks panel not to subpoena Obama aides
AP: Corruption crisis creates confusion in Illinois
Chicago Tribune: Gov. Rod Blagojevich's lawyer criticized by lawmakers
Daily Herald: One thing Gov. Blagojevich hasn't done is raise taxes


Hot Air: Will Jeb Run?
Orlando Sentinel: Jeb Bush proved he can lead with courage
Miami Herald: State proposes tough new rules for mortgage brokers

Florida TU: Speaker flap: Sansom must choose
Orlando Sentinel: How not to improve higher education


MinnPost: Bush pardon donor gave $4,600 to Coleman


Philadelphia Inquirer: Tight squeeze as Rendell's term nears end
AP/Levy: Melting economy may dog Rendell's last 2 years


Stockton Record: State government in need of overhaul
Sacramento Bee: Democrats say deal is 'very close'


KVUE: Minnesota race could affect Texas politics
WFAA: Spotlight may fall on Texas races for governor and Senate

Corpus Christi CT: Texas stands to gain four seats in Congress

Star-Telegram: Looking back at religion in 2008


Cleve PD: Death of Republican computer strategist Michael Connell spurs conspiracy theories
BNN: Mayday Over Ohio: Another Rove Enemy Goes Down in Flames

Toledo Blade: Convicted coin dealer settles in at new confines in southeast Ohio


WaPo: In Northern Va., a Republican Brigadoon


AP/Bluestein: Dire economy is top Ga. story
LA Times: How 4 weeks changed the Georgia Senate race


Salt Lake Tribune: A year of scrutiny for the LDS Church


AP/LaCorte: When times get tough, state's initiatives at risk


NYT: Pension Fight Signals What Lies Ahead


Chattanooga TFP: Ford blasts Corker on negotiations


AP/LeBlanc: Mass. GOP looks for opening in political travails


Missoulian: State GOP chairman Erik Iverson resigns


Washington Times: State must list gay dads on birth certificate


December 27, 2008



NYT: Blagojevich Defense Wants Top Obama Aides to Testify
Bloomberg: Blagojevich Impeachment Panel Split on Subpoena for Obama Aides
Politico: Obama, team lawyered up for inquiries
NYT: Obama Follows a Tradition of Testifying for Prosecutors
LA Times: Now, feds probe Gov. Richardson of Obama Cabinet for 'pay-to-play'
Times UK: Doubts increase over Barack Obama's ambitious spending promises
Politico: Locals bear gifts for Obama
Bloomberg: Spending Doubled as Obama Led First Billion-Dollar Race in 2008
NY Post: American in awe of O: Survey
WSJ: Rick Warren, Obama and the Left

Fox: UAW Keeps $6 Million Golf Course for Members at $33 Million Lakeside Retreat

Telegraph UK: George W Bush: winning the war on terror
Fox: Clemency Requests Pile Up as Bush Prepares to Leave Office

CQ Politics: Cantor is Rising Star in GOP Ranks
CQ Politics: Henry Waxman, Savvy Operator with New Power Base
Hill: Green gladly sheds ethics panel burden
Hill: Reapportionment to benefit Sun Belt

CNN: Sarah Palin understands small-town America

WSJ: Theodore Roosevelt Was No Conservative

Lawrence Summers: Obama's Down Payment: A Stimulus Must Aim for Long-Term Results
NYT: Burning Coal at Home Is Making Comeback
NYT: Editorial: The Gas Tax
NYT: Editorial: Curbing Credit Card Predators
WSJ: A Rigged Auction Derailed: Team Obama is already meddling with wireless markets
Bill Simon: A Conservative Philanthropist Looks to the Future

Hill: Ideology steers RNC chairman race
WaPo: Republican's Gift Held Racial Parody of Obama
WaPo: From RNC Chair Hopeful, A Provocative Holiday CD
Hill: RNC candidate distributes controversial Obama song
CNN: RNC chairman candidate defends 'Barack the Magic Negro' song
Tennessean: GOP candidate defends 'Magic Negro' song
Memphis Flyer: RNC Hopeful Saltsman in Hot Water Over "Magic Negro" Lyric
Daily News: Saltsman, RNC chairmanship hopeful, defends 'Barack the Magic Negro' CD
Politico: GOP paralysis, or generation gap?

RedState: Rebuilding the Party: The Technology
Hill: Norquist wades into RNC race
David Broder: The GOP Goes South

Hill: New rule prompts fears of guns at inauguration


NY Post: Shel: I'm not slicing the pork
Albany TU: Bruno story closes one chapter

NY Post: Sweet Caroline: I'm set to serve
NYT: Kennedy Talks of Seeking Senate
Politico: Kennedy 'dismayed' by own voting record
AP/Neumeister: Kennedy tells AP she'll have to work twice as hard

NYT: Downturn Ends Building Boom in New York

Newsday: Pardon would have cleared way for scammer to re-enter real estate biz
Daily News: Photo surfaces of President Bush with father of housing scammer Isaac Toussie

Albany TU: Abrupt plea for Ortloff in child sex case
Plattsburgh PR: City Police wrap up Ortloff investigation
NY Post: Perv Pol keeps his pension


WSJ: Gay Activists Boycott Backers of Prop 8

Mercury News: Voters may get chance to settle issue of Democrats' revenue gambit


WSJ: Reform Law Might Have Aided Blagojevich Scheme
Chicago Tribune: Illinois transportation projects sought as part of federal stimulus package


WaPo: Like Many States, Ohio Reaches for A Lifeline


Sun-Sentinel: Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist among possible entrants in race for Senate seat
AP/Lopez: The rise of Jeb the other Bush


NYT: Pension Fight Signals What Lies Ahead
Daily News: Philadelphia Mayor's top staffers getting hefty salaries


WSJ: Sen. Reid Hits the Ground Running in Uphill Re-Election Bid


AP: Trooper Says Election Delayed Alaska Drug Case


Star-Ledger: Republicans vow court fight over state budget information


Arizona Republic: The governor is playing games


AP/Kellman: Prosecutors to court: Stop delaying Jefferson's trial


December 26, 2008



WSJ: Lessons From '92 Offer Hope to GOP
American Thinker: A rare bit of good news for the GOP
LA Times: Republicans are blinded by love
Fox: The Nine Lives of John Boehner
USA Today: Pull of lobbyists' revolving door: Salary vs. service
Washington Times: GOP meeting eyed for top RNC post hopefuls
Politico: Top 10 people we'll miss in 2009

WSJ: Retail Sales Plummet
NYT: Dollar Shift: Chinese Pockets Filled as Americans Emptied
NYT: Japans Industrial Output Drops Sharply
WSJ: The Economic News Isn't All Bleak
Washington Times: Bailout could cost taxpayers $100 billion

Chicago Tribune: Barack Obama's Lack of attendance at a Christmas service
Time: Going to Church on Christmas: A Vanishing Tradition
IHT: Obama testifies for federal prosecutors
WSJ: Obama's Secretary of Earmarks: His Transportation nominee is a spending superstar
WSJ: Obama Picks a Moderate on Education
AP/Kellman: Cabinet picks send states scrambling
Hill: Clintons exit could leave fundraising hole for Dems
USA Today: Poll: Obama is man Americans admire most
Washington Times: Obama plays tough game of basketball
American Thinker: Warning: What Liberal Change Looks Like After One Year
Mona Charen: Defending Rick Warren

AP: Ind. lawsuit challenges Obama's eligibility
Indianapolis Star: Hoosiers file suit challenging Obama's birth status

NYT: Expansion of Clinics Shapes a Bush Legacy
WSJ: Bush Is a Book Lover: A glimpse of what the president has been reading
American Thinker: The psychopathology of Bush hatred
Wes Pruden: Only 26 days left for Bush-bashing

NYT: A Father, a Son, and a Short-Lived Presidential Pardon
USA Today: Pardoned exec gave money to Bush campaign
NY Post: Mike, Gov hail Bush unpardon
Daily News: Toussies' trail a doozie: Bush missed half-century of corruption
Daily News: Dream homes of Toussie victims were nothing but nightmares
Salon: About that pardon...

NYT: Solar Meets Polar as Winter Curbs Clean Energy
NYT: Editorial: Getting Immigration Right
WSJ: Bridges to Everywhere: Making Ted Stevens jealous

Peggy Noonan: A Year for the Books: Mother Teresa's secret, & other revelations from 2008


NY Post: LMDC now Shel's own 'Pork Farm"
Buffalo News: Paterson gambles on boosting revenues: Critics seek risks of more addiction
AP: Gov's health-coverage boost

Daily News: Lack of donations to city, state Dems may hurt Caroline Kennedy's bid
AP/Matthews: Kennedy quiet about wealth
Daily News: Gov. Paterson: No hasty choice for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat
NY Post: Senate pick won't be a rush job: Gov


NPR: Illinois Republicans Seek Return To Power
East Dubuque Register: Senate Dems block special election
AP/Hawkins: Gov's lawyer asks panel to subpoena Obama staff
Daily News: Gov. Blagojevich goes after subpoena for Emanuel
AP: Blago's on a Rahm-page


Reuters: Senate race in Minnesota remains undecided
Human Events: Franken Leads, Court Battle Is On In Minnesota Senate Race


WSJ: Donor Disclosure Downsides: Supporters of California's Prop. 8 have faced a backlash
WSJ: Targeting the Wasteful, Activists Seek End to California's Waste Board


Politico: Jeb Bush poised for Florida Senate run

Palm Beach Post: Don't raid the Chiles fund


Atlanta JC: Georgian gets GOPs attention


Huffington Post: The Intriguing Death Of Top GOP Consultant Michael Connell
Canton Rep: Federal agencies examining deadly Lake Township plane crash


WSJ: Still Oklahoma's Most Wanted: AG leads posse chasing critics of government


Review Journal: Republican urges party to put up fight


Times Argus: Sen. Doyle picked as Republican minority leader


December 25, 2008



Ann Coulter: My Triumph Over Kwanzaa!
Pat Buchanan: On the Death of Deep Throat
Hans Von Spakovsky: A Christmas Tale -- 1919

Politico: Jindal in 2012?

WaPo: Bush Revokes Pardon Of GOP Donors' Relative
LA Times: Bush withdraws fast-track pardon
NYT: Pardon Lasts Just a Day for Developer in Fraud Case
CNN: Bush orders pardon re-examined
Bloomberg: Bush Cancels Pardon After Campaign Donation Disclosed
Newsday: Bush withdraws pardon of Brooklyn developer
Daily News: Finally, justice is in the house, say victims of scammer Isaac Toussie

CNET: Newsweek asks design firms to "resurrect the Republican brand"
NYT: White House Divergence After 8 Years
WSJ: How Bush Can Transcend the Shoe Thrower

NYT: Federal Cases of Stock Fraud Drop Sharply

Fox: Senate Could Reject Illinois Appointment, Minnesota Victor

Politico: Republicans staffers plan for inauguration

Hill: Duncan tenure at issue in RNC race


NY Post: Tax-wary NYers lose love of Gov

NYT: Paterson Says There Is No Front-Runner for Clintons Senate Seat
Daily News: Caroline Kennedy is no front-runner, peeved Gov. Paterson pledges
NY Post: Gov gets testy over 'Sen. Caroline' grill
Buffalo News: Kennedy feels sharp elbows in rocky start
AP: Schlossberg feeling N.Y. backlash

Daily News: Court Hands Senate Dems, Gennaro A Holiday Gift
NYT: Editorial: Aim That Shoe at Albany


Bloomberg: Blagojevich Probe Expands to Include Prison Closing
McClatchy: Report: Governor wanted Cabinet post


Hill: Coleman: Lawsuit a virtual certainty
Fox: Minn. Court Denies Coleman Bid to Toss Duplicate Ballots
Star Tribune: Coleman suffers setback in court


LA Times: Lavish spending is not the culprit in California budget crisis
WaPo: Calif. Court Limits What Samaritans Can Safely Do


KDBC: Lawmakers say Texas needs statewide smoking ban


AP/Kaczor: Florida gov says gambling deal has little chance
Orlando Sentinel: The 25 Most Powerful People in Central Florida


WaPo: GOP Aiming to Plant Seeds of Its Resurgence in Va. Governor's Race


Post-Dispatch: Is the tone in state politics bipartisanship or bye, Blunt?
KC Star: Blunt settles dispute over e-mails


American Thinker: More Shennanigans Charged in Stevens' Criminal Case


December 24, 2008



Smoking Gun: Obama Interviewed In Blagojevich Probe
Washington Times: Feds interview Obama on 'pay-to-play'
NY Post: Obama got a Fed Quiz on Blago
ABC: Obama Was Interested in Senate Successor After All

Politico: Emanuel the only aide to talk with Blago
Chicago Tribune: Report: No 'quid pro quo' on Obama seat
Greg Craig Report: Transition Staff Contacts with the Governors Office (.pdf)
NYT: Obama Report Outlines Talks on Senate Seat
WSJ: Audit Finds Obama Staff Had No Improper Contact With Blagojevich
Chicago Sun-Times: Report: Top Obama aide talked to Blago
NYT: No Improper Contact With Governor, Says Obama Report
WaPo: Obama team releases report on contacts with Blagojevich
Daily News: Obama aide Emanuel had multiple talks with Illinois Gov. Blagojevich, aides
AP/Pickler: Obama, 2 aides met with Blagojevich investigators
NYT: For Now, Obama Proves to Be Elusive Target for G.O.P.
WaPo: Blagojevich's Tentacles

CNN: Former Clinton administration official guilty of child porn (H/T Clinton Update)
WSJ: A member of John Kerry's "band of brothers" pleads guilty to possessing child porn
WSJ: Clinton's Donor List Raises Lots of Questions

WSJ: Biden Vows No Stimulus Earmarks
WSJ: Defense Spending Would Be Great Stimulus
WaPo: 'Green' Jobs Compete for Stimulus Aid
WSJ: Blunt Talk by Health-Care Leader
WSJ: Get Ready for a Lost Decade
WSJ: An Ethanol Bailout?
WaPo: SEC Chief Defends His Restraint: Cox Rebuffs Criticism of Leadership During Crisis
WaPo: UAW Vows to Fight Salary Concessions
NYT: Nearly the End of the Line for S.U.V.s

Esquire: Why Obama Really Might Decriminalize Marijuana
WaPo: Obama Administration May Look to Tie Food Assistance to Improved Nutrition
WaPo: Obama Fills More Key National Security Slots
Washington Times: Climate czar left no electronic trail: Browner refused to use e-mail
Hill: Cabinet appointees donated heavily to Obama

US News: Did McCain Botch the Sarah Palin Pick?

Guardian UK: Republican contenders finally find voice: as radio talk hosts

CBS: Republican IT Guru Dies In Plane Crash

Washington Times: Bush pardons 19, commutes 1 sentence
NYT: A New Spotlight on Libby, the Name Not on the Pardon List
American Thinker: WSJ: Pardon Libby
Boston Globe: Pardon is given man who aided Israel
Miami Herald: Miami 'unsung hero' pardoned
KSL: Utah man pardoned by President Bush
McClatchy: Clovis woman gets presidential pardon
Daily News: President Bush pardons Brooklyn home scammer
AP: List: 20 people granted a pardon or a commutation

Mark McKinnon: The Problem With the GOP Is... Me

Hill: RNC members push for special meeting
Washington Times: GOP hopefuls focus on reform: RNC candidates cite change

American Thinker: A lump of coal in our stockings: States to levy a bevy of new taxes

Politico: Bret to succeed Brit on Fox
AP: Bret Baier replacing Hume on Fox evening newscast


NY Post: Shel Shocker: Beware Caroline, He Warns Gov
Daily News: Caroline Kennedy is just Hizzoner's pet, Sheldon Silver hints
NYT: Resistance to Kennedy Grows Among Democrats
Daily News: Caroline Kennedy: The $100M Woman
John Fund: Sweet Caroline: David Paterson gets his marching orders
Newsday: New Yorkers split on Caroline Kennedy
AP: Aide: Kennedy will back Dems' pick for NYC mayor
Albany TU: Paterson cant wait for Clinton appointment
Politico: Kennedy education record at issue
Hill: Kennedy, Cuomo top poll for Clinton seat
Fox: Selection Beats Election for Silent Caroline Kennedy
CQ Politics: Snared That Senate Appointment? Good Luck!

NY Post: 'Ex" factor enraged Hiram: Cops
NY Post: Biz card made Hiram a 'slasher'

Newsday: Paterson bemoans commission's choices for Appeals Court

Buffalo News: Parole Board chief arraigned on felony counts for stealing computer
Albany TU: Ex-parole board chair going to court after all

Albany TU: Ex-Assembly aide rejects plea offer

NYT: Mayor Bloomberg Taps Old Antagonist to Aid His Re-election Effort


USA Today: 'Gov. Ditka' has an intriguing ring to it

NYT: Illinois Panel Asked to Limit Blagojevich Inquiry
Chicago Tribune: Prosecutor won't aid impeachment panel

Chicago Tribune: Lisa Madigan denies asking for Senate seat

CQ Politics: Insider or Outsider in Race to Succeed Emanuel?


Pioneer Press: State Supreme Court weighs possibility of doubled-counted votes
NYT: New Congress Likely to Meet Before Ruling in Minnesota
AP/Bakst: Minnesota won't have new senator before 2009
Star Tribune: More time sought to count ballots in Minn. Senate race
Hill: Panel nixes Coleman effort to rehash challenges
Politico: Coleman speaks!

AP: Trial date set on federal RNC-related charges


SF Chronicle: No budget solution likely before Christmas
WaPo: Calif. Budget Crisis Has a Familiar Ring
AP/Lin: Schwarzenegger, Dems try to find budget compromise
LA Times: Assembly leader sees opportunity in the state's crisis
Sacramento Bee: Governor presses to expedite transportation projects
LA Times: Another shot taken at the two-thirds rule

CNN: Child porn investigation catches California lawyer


AP: Stevens witness says he would not have testified if he didn't think he had immunity


Politico: Lone Star State to pick up 3 seats
Houston Chronicle: Other states fueling most Texas growth

Dallas MN: Leppert downplays run at Hutchison's possible vacant Senate seat


Charlotte Observer: N.C. draws people despite the economy


St. Petersburg Times: Florida's new first lady makes public debut


WSJ: Michigan Governor Fights for Big 3 -- and Her Future


WaPo: Kaine Relative Eyed for U.S. Attorney Job
Virginian-Pilot: Those against cigarette tax are mum on alternatives


Tennessean: Elections revamp spotlights secretary of state post


Connecticut Post: Dodd deflects question on mortgages


December 23, 2008



CA GOP Chairman Ron Nehring: Road back for GOP

WSJ: Conservative Snobs Are Wrong About Palin
LA Times: Sarah Palin reveals her biggest lesson from defeat
CBS: Palin: I Should Have Done More Interviews
Anchorage DN: Palin invited to speak at conservative gathering
Politico: Sarah for Senate?
Hartford Courant: Sarah Palin Fans In Connecticut Hold On To Hope
Human Events: Interview With Sarah Palin
American Spectator: Evidence that Palin is a potent political force continues to mount

NYT: Obama Is to Report on Blagojevich Contacts
WSJ: Report Arrives on Obama-Blagojevich Staff Contacts
WaPo: Obama report on Blagojevich contacts set for release Tuesday
Washington Times: Obama wants Bush war team to stay
EJ Dionne: A Gamble for Obama . . . And a Risk for Rick Warren, Too
Time: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood
Daily News: Marc Rich pardon shouldn't bar Eric Holder from AG job, sez prosecutor
CQ Politics: Bushs Former Deputy Attorney General James Comey Endorses Holder
USA Today: Timing and luck crucial for seat on high court

NYT: Clinton Moves to Widen Role of State Dept.
NYT: Clinton Is Out $13 Million She Lent Campaign
WaPo: Clinton won't seek recovery of millions she loaned campaign

NYT: In Budget Crises, States Reluctantly Halt Road Projects
Washington Times: States set to impose bevy of new taxes

NYT: Editorial: The World According to Cheney
NYT: Bush v. Gore Set to Outlast Its Beneficiary
WSJ: Bush and Scooter Libby: The former White House aide deserves a full pardon
WaPo: Bush Visits Injured Soldiers at Walter Reed
Rick Moran: The simple human decency of George Bush
Politico: Regrets? Bush has too few to mention

Portland BJ: Fred Thompson to replace O'Reilly on radio
Reuters: Fred Thompson lands daily radio show

Newt Gingrich: Christmas Night, 1776


NY1: State GOP calls for Monserrate to delay taking office
Daily News: Hiram Monserrate's supporters say 'accident' was confrontation over drugs
Gothamist: Alleged Reason Behind Monserrate's Assault on GF
Gawker: Face-Slasher Supporters: Galpal's Drugs Made Him Do It!
Daily News: Hiram Monserrate's girlfriend pushes prosecutors to drop assault charges
NY Observer: Monserrate Undeterred by Calls to Step Aside
Albany TU: Golden introduces resolution to keep out Monserrate
Gawker: Face-Slashing State Senator-To-Be Also Big-Time Scientologist!

NYT: Kennedy Declines to Make Financial Disclosure
Daily News: Caroline Kennedy gives inadequate answers to policy questions
Daily News: Bloomberg defends Caroline as replacement for Hillary Clinton's senate seat
WaPo: The Case for Caroline Kennedy
College News: Senator Peter King would revive the Republican brand

NY Post/Dicker: Keep the flak jacket, Dave

Albany TU: Judge-elect furor

Albany TU: Mearas bipartisan senate gets


NYT: Impeachment Panel Hears of Blagojevich Fund-Raising

Record: Second chance for the Illinois GOP


Pioneer Press: State high court hears fight over duplicates
Hill: GOP recount guru advises Coleman
AP/Condon: Franken holds lead over Coleman, but it's not over
Minneapolis ST: Senate recount: Franken leads but margin narrows
Minneapolis ST: Recount: No hanging chads, but plenty of hang-ups
Politico: Franken leading Coleman by 48 votes
Daily News: Empty seat in senate grim prospect as election wrangling goes on
NewsMax: ACORN, Soros Linked to Franken Vote Grab

Minneapolis ST: John Marty hints at run for governor in two years


Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell's top aide on health care to step down


SF Chronicle: Governor, Dems negotiating in private on budget
LA Times: Unions sue Schwarzenegger over mandatory days off
AP/Lin: Official says Calif. could be broke in 2 months


El Paso Times: Race for Texas House Speaker remains murky
KVUE: Next Texas House Speaker still uncertain


Orlando Sentinel: Who will claim Martinez's U.S. Senate seat? How the contenders match up

Palm Beach Post: Florida high court politics now officially out of control
St. Petersburg Times: Lawyers see political ploy in nomination to high court

News-Press: Crist visits Fla. unemployment agency, defends policies


AP/Majors: Ohio watchdog: Ex-AG spent campaign funds on pals
Cleveland PD: Inspector general blasts Marc Dann for misspent money


Detroit News: More are saying so long to Michigan


WaPo: Virginia GOP's Tobacco Love Affair
Media General: Goodlatte To Be No. 2 Republican on Judiciary


WSJ: Colorado Tightens Reins on Energy Extraction


KC Star: Next Missouri governor wants stimulus program to launch quickly


Greenville News: GOP lawmakers criticize Sanford for not yet requesting federal jobless aid
AP/Adcox: SC senator fined by Federal Election Commission


Knoxville NS: State GOP prepares for vote on officers
Tennessean: GOP gets one comptroller candidate


Concord Monitor: Vindictive prosecution alleged in phone case


December 22, 2008



WSJ: Obama Sets Fast Pace for Transition
WSJ: Obama Increases Jobs Goal to Three Million
WSJ: Democrats Try to Lower Expectations
Washington Times: Obama team's books are a look at the future?

WSJ: Cheney Says Congress Failed in Detroit Rescue Effort
William Kristol: Cheney: Popularity Isnt Everything
Fox: Cheney Mocks Biden, Defends Rumsfeld in 'FOX News Sunday' Interview
Politico: Cheney and Biden trade shots
AP: Cheney defends fight on terrorism, time in office
Bloomberg: Cheney Says Loans to GM, Chrysler Are Best Course
Washington Times: Bush, Cheney comforted troops privately
Mike Lupica: I'll be thrilled to see you go, Dick Cheney

Dick Morris: Clinton Donors Are Massive Conflict of Interest

Telegraph UK: Barack Obama aide demanded Senate seat for President-elect's friend
Politico: Obama to absolve Emanuel in gov. scandal
Ashville CT: Troubling questions for Obama team
Chicago Tribune: Obama Blago report to clear Rahm
Chicago ST: Obama to reveal Blago contacts
American Thinker: Obama Report says Rahmbo only spoke with Blago once - ABC

WSJ: Biden Is Asked to Aid Middle Class
WaPo: An $850 Billion Challenge
NYT: Biden Defends Expanded Recovery Plan
WSJ: Quantum of Solis: Big labor wants Obama to dilute union disclosure rules
WaPo: LaHood for Transportation? It Wasn't That Long a Stretch
Houston Chronicle: Federal energy policy shift likely to be seismic

NYT: At the Front of a Potential Senate Fight
WaPo: Views Diverge on How To Recast Fannie, Freddie
NYT: More Firms Cut Labor Costs Without Layoffs
WaPo: Trade Barriers Toughen With Global Slump
WSJ: Washington Is Killing Silicon Valley

Steve Chapman: The Growing Case for Inflation
George Will: Bush Stretches Executive Powers Again

AP: Cheney: Palin no lock to be GOP nominee in 2012
Paul Mulshine: What's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom?
American Spectator: Attention, Palin Haters

Politico: WH accuses Times of 'gross negligence'
Hill: White House rips New York Times story
WSJ: Bush on His Record

NYT: With Stevenss Fall, Pipeline for Lobbyists Shuts Off

Politico: The rise of Newt-world
PoliGazette: Newt Gingrich: Republican Grandfather
NYT: For Conservative Radio, Its a New Dawn, Too
Cook Report: More Losses For Senate Republicans?

WSJ: Limbaugh Is Right on the Fairness Doctrine

Politico: Sunday shows focus on foreign affairs

ABC: Young Republicans Taking Obama's Win as Cue to Change Course of GOP


NY Post/Dicker: LI Rep Israel gets face time in Sen. bid
CBS: N.Y. Republicans Slam Caroline Kennedy
Bloomberg: Kennedys Fitness for Senate Questioned by New York Lawmakers
Newsday: Is Caroline Kennedy like Sarah Palin?
Hill: Ackerman compares Caroline Kennedy to Palin
AP: Some Dems question Caroline Kennedy's experience

Newsday: Rep. Israel, Gov. Paterson make surprise visit to Iraq
NYT: Paterson Visits Troops in Iraq, and Cites Surge Progress
Buffalo News: Gov. Paterson lands in Baghdad for surprise visit
NYT: Governor Paterson Travels to Iraq

NYT: On Pension Proposals, Paterson Takes Tactic From the Past

Albany TU: Government not shrinking with population


Chicago Tribune: Fundraiser seeks immunity in Blagojevich probe
Chicago ST: What really happened with Jackson Jr., feds
Daily Herald: Talk is cheap, but it still can be a crime
WaPo: Secret Tapes Helped Build Graft Cases In Illinois
WaPo: Report on Blagojevich Ties to Be Out Soon
AP/Wills: Ill. impeachment panel awaits word from prosecutor
WSJ: The Best Fitzmas Ever?
American Thinker: Blago's Auction


CNN: Minnesota Senate recount to resume this week


Pittsburgh PG: The soft corruption of Harrisburg's slush fund


LA Times: Governor and Democrats should push for a win in budget battle
Sacramento Bee: Budget talks by videophone
Sacramento Bee: Editorial: A most uncertain time and state
LA Daily News: The toll of bad budget decisions

LA Times: Schwarzenegger reveals tricks of the trade on '60 Minutes'

American Spectator: A Good Attorney (General) Is Hard to Find

Hill: Crowded race for Solis seat looms


San Antonio Express: Democrats so far ignoring 2010 governors election
San Antonio Express: Texas AG being asked if cities can ban dog breeds


St. Petersburg Times: Should Jeb Bush run or not for Senate?
Orlando Sentinel: Source: Mack "extremely likely" to enter U.S. Senate fray
Miami Herald: New appellate judge says he never forgets


Cleveland PD: Republican consultant Michael Connell's death in plane crash probed
Aero-News: Republican IT Expert Lost In Ohio Saratoga Crash
Canton Rep: Pilot in plane crash had connections to White House
Telegraph UK: George Bush aide dies in plane crash

Toledo Blade: 'Joe the Plumber' pens memoir on his life, his dream


Richmond TD: Warner earned reputation for independence


Arkansas News: Travails of the Arkansas Republican


Star-Ledger: Corzine: Economy a hurdle in 2009 re-election run


NYT: A Reeling City Is a Snapshot of Economic Woes



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