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Facing negative polls and internal tensions, Trump plans to launch reelection bid with Orlando rally

Ocasio-Cortez presses case that U.S. is running ‘concentration camps’ at border amid Republican outcry

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Trump characterizes alleged attacks by Iran on oil tankers as ‘very minor’

Trump claims he tamed Iran to stop chanting ‘Death to America.' Wrong.

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

The Boston Globe’s ‘disturbing’ fake Trump front page from 2016 is proving increasingly prophetic

Democratic candidates are honing their message to the religious left

Biden suggests he has raised nearly $20 million for his White House bid

The Daily 202: Steve Bullock won’t be on the debate stage. But he’ll keep talking about his signature issue.


December 14, 2008



AP: Palin's Church Severely Damaged by Arson
AP/D'Oro: Chief: Gov. Palin's home church damaged by arson
LA Times: Services today moved as suspicious fire wrecks Sarah Palin's church
NYDN: Suspicious fire burns Palin's Alaska church
CNN: Fire hits Palin's church in Alaska
Alaska Dispatch: Palin's church catches fire, raising suspicions of a vengeful act
Anchorage DN: Powell on Palin: 'I just don't think she contributed to the ticket at this time'

WaPo: Stimulus Package To First Pay for Routine Repairs

Times UK: Senate scandal snares Obamas chief aide
Washington Times: Obama 'advisor' in scandal unidentified
AP/Yost: Role as Obama adviser might force Holder as AG to withdraw from overseeing Chicago probe
LA Times: Senate Republicans seek to delay hearings on Holder as attorney general
Chicago Tribune: Some Republicans balk at attorney-general pick
NYT: Uncertainty on Obama Education Plans
Sun-Sentinel: Republicans criticize Obama
Charles Krauthammer: Nothing middle-of-the-road about president-elect's vision
Larry Elder: Obama likable, but that's not enough
American Thinker: Axelrod, the Obama team, and political corruption
Michael Barone: Chicago Politics Stains Obama
IBD: Obamacized GOP
Politico: Inauguration donor info released

WSJ: Editorial: Mitch McConnell's Finest Hour
WaPo: Views on Auto Aid Fall On North-South Divide
Las Vegas Sun: With stand on bailout, GOP signals priorities
McClatchy: Auto bailout's defeat shows Senate Minority Leader McConnell still has leverage
NRO: Detroit in Denial
Daily Collegian: Groups look to future of Republican Party

Politico: HUD pick foresaw subprime crisis in '04
AP/Elliott: Obama names NY housing commissioner to head HUD
WSJ: Obama Names HUD Secretary

NY Post: Bronx pol Adolfo Carrion will head urban policy

WSJ: 'Cow Tax' Uproar Underscores Greenhouse-Gas Divide
Atlanta JC: Pickens touts gas proposal
Kristof: Food Secretary?

NYT: Lobbyist Associated With Abramoff Pleads Guilty

LA Times: Resurrecting the moderate Republican
NYT: Clinton impeachment: The Lasting Effects of Political Poison

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Emanuel Had Contact With Governor’s Office on Senate Seat
NYDN: Rahm Emanuel gave a wishlist for Senate
Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel talked with governor's office about who should fill Obama's Senate seat
Politico: GOP Blago hit: A Dem a day
Chicago Tribune: Uncomfortable spotlight shone on Patti Blagojevich
Chicago ST: What to do? Gov meets with top defense lawyer
Chicago ST: Tapes have potential witnesses speaking out
Chicago ST: Blago could decide future by Monday

AP: Protesters call for Jackson Jr. resignation
Chicago ST: What's next for Jesse Jackson Jr.?
Essence: The back story of Valerie Jarrett
AP/Johnson: Scandal puts Quinn, Madigan in limelight
AP/Johnson: Disgraced Illinois governor meets with defense lawyer
NYDN: Rod Blagojevich shops for a lawyer

Chicago Tribune: Lake County sheriff expected to make party switch to GOP official Monday


AP/Gormley: Smith reaches out to GOP for votes
NYDN: Malcolm Smith hits back over plot to oust him as majority leader
AP/Gormley: Smith on rocks, promises Democratic Sen. majority
Fulton Valley News: New York State Senate could see repeat of 1964

NY Post: Caroline 'horns' in: Hard lobbying in push for Hill's seat
Buffalo News: Speculation surrounds Kennedys possible run
NYDN: Key Hillary friends oppose Caroline Kennedy for N.Y.'s Senate seat
Newsday: Peter King could be spoiler in race for Clinton seat
NYT: Truman, Dewey and a Pick for Senate

Albany TU: Cuomo's plan faces pride angle

NYT: A Champion of Wall St. Reaps the Benefits

AP: Paterson signs bag recycling bill

NYDN: Why Bloomberg's third attempt will be a mess


Sacramento Bee: GOP hangs tight on taxes as red ink rises
SF Chronicle: Budget crisis may lead to $40 billion deficit
AP/Thompson: Calif. lawmakers get paid despite budget meltdown
Washington Times: Grim California deficit horizon


FtWorth ST: Former secretary of state Roger Williams announces Senate exploratory cmte
Houston Chronicle: White eyes Hutchison's U.S. Senate seat


Miami Herald: Keep the honeymoon short, governor
Miami Herald: Politician's ties to college president raises questions
St. Petersburg Times: Sansom's new job puts strain on GOP
St. Petersburg Times: Should Jeb run or not? Let's count up
Orlando Sentinel: Big spending clouds future for cigar-loving GOP boss
Tallah Dem: Florida budget crunch seen by some as an opportunity to shrink government


Columbus Dispatch: Brown, Voinovich heap criticism on auto bailout collapse
Toledo Blade: Ohio's leaders ask White House to speed bailout


Traverse City RE: Rep. Camp to lead GOP on Ways and Means


Virginian-Pilot: La. Gov. Jindal lends endorsement in Virginia governor's race
AP: Moran Resigns Va. House to Run for Governor


Philadelphia Inquirer: State targets Fumo charity on spending
Philadelphia Daily News: Governor Wannabes Work PA Society
Politico: Rendell: Matthews is the 'strongest Democratic candidate'
FrontPage: Softball with Chris Matthews


Minneapolis ST: Coleman asks court to intervene in rejected absentee ballot count
American Thinker: How to steal a senate seat
Time: Franken vs. Coleman: Still Counting in Minnesota
WaPo: In Senate Recount, Two Decisions Help Minnesota Democrat Franken


WaPo: After the Storm, Mr. Cao Goes to Washington
Hill: Rep. Jefferson suffers another legal blow


Rocky Mountain News: Key Republican giving up seat to tend to business


AP: District of Columbia judge temporarily lifts Sen. Ted Stevens' law license


Lexington HL: Auto bailout's defeat stings in Ky.


December 13, 2008



WSJ: Detroit Gets Access to Bailout Funds
NYT: White House Ready to Aid Auto Industry
WSJ: White House Shifts as Auto Rescue Stalls
WaPo: White House Considers Using Wall Street Rescue Money to Aid Automakers
NYT: White House Open to Using Bailout Money to Aid Detroit
NYT: U.A.W. at Center of Dispute Over Bailout
AP/Kellman: Sen. Corker faults White House on failed auto plan
Washington Times: Automaker bill failure sparks GOP intra-party war
LA Times: Automakers fail to cash in on big GOP donations
NYT: U.A.W. Chief and Senator Gain From Face-Off
WaPo: UAW Condemns GOP for Scuttling Bailout
LA Times: Auto bailout's death seen as a Republican blow at unions
WaPo: Editorial: Bailout Roulette: The auto industry's last chance for a rescue

NYT: Pensions Get a Reprieve in Congress

WSJ: Meatier Stimulus Plan in Works

NYT: New York Housing Chief Picked for Slot in Cabinet
WaPo: Obama Names N.Y. Housing Commissioner to Head HUD
NYDN: City's housing boss, Shaun Donovan, may become nation's housing boss

WSJ: Obama Team Woos GOP to Ease Way for Agenda
NYT: Obama to Hear Panel on Changes to War Powers Act
NYT: Atop Capitals Guest Lists, an Outsider

NYT: G.O.P. Sounds Theme of Democrats: Ethics

WSJ: Key Lawmakers Ask FCC Chair Not to Make Decisions

CNN: GOP warned to embrace technology or face 'suicide'
National Journal: Q&A: Saul Anuzis


NYT: Suburban Democrats Crave State Senate Clout
Albany TU: Senate GOP: transition ongoing

NY Post/Dicker: Hill ally: Caroline not ready for Senate
Albany TU: Velzquez take herself out of the running

Buffalo News: Illuzzi site can be a bit of a sticky PR web


SF Chronicle: GOP leaders unmoved after meeting governor
LA Times: California GOP leader expressed support for vehicle license fee hike, sources say


Dallas MN: Rick Perry-Kay Bailey Hutchison battle fuels tensions among Texas Republicans
Dallas MN: Kay Hutchison likes her chances against Perry
UPI: Hutchison slams Texas GOP leadership
AP: Williams joins race for US Senate seat

Dallas MN: Making the case for keeping Texas Republican


WSJ: Opponents Mount Last Stand on Everglades Plan

AP: Panel to reconsider Fla. Supreme Court nominees
Tampa Tribune: Editorial: Base Judicial Picks On Merit

Tampa Tribune: Crist-Rome wedding photos
Orlando Sentinel: Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Crist
St. Petersburg Times: It's Gov. and Mrs. Charlie Crist
Tallahassee Democrat: Governor and bride wed with family, politicos, celebrities
Miami Herald: Who's coming? Some names have leaked
Tallahassee Democrat: Crist's wedding to be a cold one
Sarasota HT: Live blog of Crist wedding

NYT: A Local Elections Results Raise Major Questions on Race


Chicago Tribune: Madigan to court: Remove Blagojevich
WSJ: State Attorney General Seeks to Strip Governor of Powers
WaPo: Illinois Attorney General Asks High Court to Remove Governor
NYT: Illinois Official Moves to Force Governor Out
NYT: Take 2 Leading Officials; Add Hostility
NYT: Blagojevich Defies Calls for His Resignation
WSJ: Blagojevich and Union Have Longstanding Ties

AP/Pickler: Republicans criticize Obama aides' silence
AP/Pickler: Sources: Emanuel not target of Illinois probe


NYT: Last Phase May Be Approaching in Minnesota Recount
CBS: Franken Gets A Boost
AP/Bakst: Al Franken gets boosts in Minn. Senate recount


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio's senators praise Bush for move to aid automakers
Cleveland PD: Governor Strickland releases a bleak Ohio budget outlook


NYT: City of Detroit, Buckling Under Repeated Blows, Sustains Another Hit
AP/Karoub: Many in Michigan mad at collapse of auto bailout


Southern Political Report: Virginia: Poll Shows Close Governors Race


December 12, 2008



NYT: Senate Abandons Automaker Bailout Bid
WaPo: Auto Bailout Talks Collapse as Senate Deadlocks Over Wages
WSJ: Shelby, South Lead Resistance to Rescue
WaPo: The Players in the Senate
WaPo: Junior senator takes wheel in U.S. auto aid stakes
WaPo: What Was On the Table
Politico: Auto bailout vote puts GOP in harm's way
NYT: Asian Markets Sink on Auto Bailout Collapse
AP: How they voted: Senate roll vote on $14B auto bailout
WSJ: House's Auto Bill Comes Under Republican Fire
NYT: Republicans Float Auto Bailout Alternative
Hill: McConnell puts Bush in a tight spot
Detroit FP: Levin: Democrats unlikely to accept deep UAW concessions
CQ Politics: Auto Plan at an Impasse in Senate

NYT: Daschle Will Lead Health Care Overhaul
Politico: Daschle will head up HHS
Politico: Daschle's wife avoids potential conflicts
WSJ: Browner's Husband Lobbied on Energy Issues
WaPo: When It Comes to Holder, Specter Has Reservations

Politico: Clinton selection could face court challenge

Peggy Noonan: Rectitude Chic: The first Christmas in the age of restraint

USA Today: A friendlier McCain visit with David Letterman
AP/Bauder: John McCain to Letterman: 'I don't want to talk about bleeping campaign

Politico: Hannity goes solo
Fox: FOX News Channel to Launch New Primetime Program

WaPo: RNC Field Sorts Itself Out
Politico: Duncan slightly favored for RNC chair


Fox: Rahm Emanuel Reportedly Spoke with Blagojevich About Senate Seat
WSJ: Blagojevich Thrived by Capitalizing on Connections
Politico: Obama to list staff contact with Blago
WSJ: Obama Says Staff Not Involved in Scandal
NYT: Obama Says He Never Spoke to Governor on Senate Seat
WSJ: Blagojevich Has $500,000 in Unpaid Legal Bills
ABC: How Did Feds Listen In on Blagojevich?
AP/Bellandi: Movement to impeach Illinois governor gains momentum
LA Times: While Barack Obama talks, Tony Rezko sings

Rush Limbaugh: Some Questions for Mr. Fitzgerald

John Fund: Who Will Govern Illinois? The power struggle to appoint a replacement

Michael Barone: Blagojevich, Stupidest Governor in the Country, Puts Obama in a Bad Light

Hill: Jackson now unlikely Obama replacement
Rasmussen: Madigan Is Illinois Favorite Now for Senate, Jacksons Support Plummets
AP/Webber: Contenders for Obama's Senate seat walk fine line after governor's arrest
Human Events: Unsung Hero Behind Blagojevich Arrest Could Fill Senate Seat


Newsday: Cuomo noncommittal on vying for Senate seat
NYT: A Newly Circumspect Cuomo’s Senate Tap Dance
Albany TU: Cuomo talks consolidation, jokes on Senate
Buffalo News: Cuomo backs law to reduce local boards and agencies
Buffalo News: Editorial: Cuomo for Senate
NY Post: Dem knock on Caroline
Politico: Not so sweet on Caroline
NYDN: Caroline Kennedy's fine, but a senator? Andrew Cuomo not so sure
Albany TU: NY political ceiling-breaker drops name in Senate hat

Albany TU: Senate majority drama endures

Albany TU: ‘Republican Star’ to talk party recovery

WSJ: Rangel Scandal Could Vex Obama


LA Times: California approves plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions
AP/Young: California adopts nation's most sweeping greenhouse gas rules

SF Chronicle: State deficit nearly $15 billion, governor says
AP/Lin: Schwarzenegger sees 'financial Armageddon'


WSJ: Perry: Carbon Caps 'Disastrous' for Texas
Dallas MN: Perry: Give me money to beat Kay 'Democrat Lite' Hutchison
Dallas MN: Cornyn Joins Ranks of GOP Senators Blocking Auto Bailout


Miami Herald: Gov. Crist’s wedding: ‘His power, her wealth’
Florida Today: Guests mum on Crist wedding details
Miami Herald: Crist isn't the first Florida governor to wed while in office
Palm Beach Post: Ex-Gov. Claude Kirk has little advice for Gov. Charlie Crist
Bradenton Herald: Crist wedding present features Manatee rancher

St. Petersburg Times: Florida House speaker keeps the dough, forfeits the authority


AP/Majors: Ohio governor presents bleak budget cut scenario
Toledo Blade: House passes bill to punish state workers for snooping databases
AP: Ohio Legislature pushing through asbestos bill


Detroit FP: Dave Camp to be top Republican on House Ways and Means Committee


Richmond TD: Republican Virginia congressman calls for bi-partisan transportation panel


Reading Eagle: Gerlach considering run for governor in 2010
Pittsburgh PG: Rep. Gerlach considers bid for governor's seat

Philadelphia Inquirer: The GOP lost its 'big tent'


Rasmussen: Georgia Voters Say Governor Not Doing Enough to Help Them Economically


CQ Politics: Minnesota Board Holds Key Meeting Friday on Disputed Senate Race
Hill: Franken vows to fight for seat


Charlotte Observer: McCrory won't run for mayor in 2009


December 11, 2008



NYT: House Passes Auto Rescue Plan
WaPo: Auto Bailout Clears House but Faces Hurdles in Senate
Washington Times: Senate GOP puts brakes on bailout
Hill: House approves autos package; Senate lacks votes
AP: House roll call: How they voted on $14B auto rescue bill
NYT: White House Struggles to Find G.O.P. Support for Auto Bailout
Boston Globe: Regional split at root of auto vote
Detroit FP: Senate Republicans voice opposition to weak auto rescue bill
AP/Davis: Republican senators voice opposition to auto aid
Hill: Polls show auto backers Voinovich, Bond vulnerable
NYT: Fighting Foreclosures, F.D.I.C. Chief Draws Fire
NYT: Blunt Advice for Treasury on Progress of the Bailout
WSJ: Democrats Push for Volcker as 'Car Czar'
AP/Yost: Before handouts, big firms bankrolled conventions
NY Post: Editorial: 27 Reasons to say 'No Bailout!'
NRO: Editorial: Subsidizing Failure

Reuters: GM, Ford shares decline after Shelby comments
Detroit FP: GM retiree launches anti-Shelby Web site

WSJ: Whitewashing Fannie Mae: Congress begins its self-absolution campaign

WSJ: Obama Picks Team to Guide Energy, Environment Agendas
Reuters: Obama taps LA official as environment council head
AP/Cappiello: Obama to name Lisa Jackson as first African-American to head EPA
Politico: Blagojevich questions censored on Transition site
NYT: Liberal Legal Group Is Following New Administrations Path to Power
Hill: Specter seeks to slow down Holder confirmation

Karl Rove: How the GOP Should Prepare for a Comeback
Dick Morris: Don't Fire Fitz
John Fund: Obama Was Mute on Illinois Corruption
AP/Seewer: Joe the Plumber:Appalled by McCain bailout support
WSJ: Poll Shows Obama Gains Support
Politico: GOP may seek Bill Clinton's testimony

Politico: Power play: Boehner's revenge
AP/Espo: Alaska's Don Young steps down as lead Republican on committee
Birmingham News: Bachus remains in top GOP job on House Financial Services Committee
Reuters: Top House bank panel Republican may be out-aides
AP/Margasak: House ethics committee hands GOP a gift by expanding probe of Rangel
Politico: Tough times for Republican job seekers
Politico: GOP resumes are piling up on Hill

WSJ: Political Favors at the FCC: Kevin Martin orders up another rigged spectrum auction

WSJ: RNC Chairman Duncan Is Seeking Re-Election
Washington Times: Duncan wants to keep RNC chairmanship
Hill: Duncan running to keep RNC job
CNN: Duncan announces RNC re-election bid
Louisville CJ: Duncan starts bid to keep GOP post
Lexington HL: GOP party chair tries for 2nd term
Life News: Mike Duncan Makes Republican Party Chairman Re-Election Bid Official
PolitickerKY: With KY behind him, Duncan makes re-election bid official; launches web site

John Fund: New Blood vs. Friends in High Places: For the RNC, what kind of 'conservative'?

CNS News: Michigan GOP Leader Throws Hat in Ring for RNC Chairmanship
Life News: Republican Party Chair Candidate Saul Anuzis Talks Abortion, Pro-Life Values

Tennessean: Saltsman acts to become national GOP chairman
Chattanoogan: Chip Saltsman Is Candidate For RNC Chairmanship
AHN: Chip Saltsman Launches Bid For RNC Chairmanship
Hill: Chip Saltsman launches bid to head RNC


NYT: Senate Accord Falls Apart, Putting Leadership in Question Again
Newsday: Talks for Smith to lead state Senate collapse
NYDN: Democrats may not gain control of New York state senate after all
AP/Virtanen: Smith: Deal off with dissident NY Senate Democrats
Albany TU: Deal for Senate control is in tatters
Buffalo News: Collapse of State Senate deal reopens infighting

Albany TU: Ousted judge under federal probe: Spargo faces possible charges

NYT: Paper-Ballot Count Ordered in Queens Race
AP/Gormley: NY court agrees to further recount in Senate race

NYDN: Mondello Compares Critics To 'Worms,' Announces Eristoff Commission

Albany TU: Senate weighs four-day school week to cut costs

NY Post/Dicker: Caroline 'equals J.Lo': Dem
AP/Gormley: Star power to give NY Senate question a long run

Hill: Fossella may be testing waters for post-conviction comeback


LA Times: Gov. Schwarzenegger: Budget gap has increased by $3.6 billion
WSJ: California Budget Deficit Grows Another $3.6 Billion
AP/Young: Calif. considers tough greenhouse gas restrictions


Dallas MN: How long should Hutchison keep voting?
AP/Shannon: Perry to push for more movie incentives


AP/Farrington: Fla. Gov. Crist to wed on Friday
Palm Beach Post: Former RPOF chairwoman endorses Greer


NYT: Obama Calls for Governor Under Siege to Step Down
American Spectator: The Tainting of the President-Elect
IHT: Obama team faces an early test of its ability to weather a storm
NYDN: Obama must explain Blago ties: Public needs to know what links him to Illinois gov
ABC: Obama Transition Web Site 'Open for Questions' -- Except on Blagojevich
Fox: Axelrod's Comment on Talk with Blagojevich Seems to Contradict Obama
Chicago ST: Scandal gives GOP a shot at Senate seat
CQ Politics: Proposed Special Election for Obamas Seat No Sure Thing for Dems
AP/Bellandi: Illinois leaders consider ousting embattled governor
NYDN: Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's wife has her own baggage, too
Chicago Tribune: Obama and the curse of Illinois
Chicago Tribune: Quinn: Resign Rod, impeachment would be unhealthy for Illinois
NYT: Fitzgeralds Legal Strategy
Chicago Daily Herald: Republicans eyeing Senate seat for comeback
AP/Yost: From Valerie Plame case to taking down a governor
NYT: Senate Vacancies Leave a String of Sordid Tales
American Thinker: Democratic Party Scandal: How High Will It Go?
AP: Deputy governor Greenlee resigns

Washington Times: Jackson denies Senate bribe
WSJ: Graft Case Touches Jackson Jr.
NY Post: Jesse Jr. admits: I'm No. 5
NYDN: Jesse Jackson Jr. is 'Senate Candidate 5' in corruption charge against Blagojevich
Hill: Rep. Jesse Jackson says he didnt 'pay to play
CQ Politics: Obama Calls on Blagojevich To Resign as Jesse Jackson Jr. Denies Wrongdoing
Howard Fineman: What Jesse Jr. Wants


Ann Coulter: Minnesota ballots: Land of ten thousand fakes
Hill: Coleman asks for exclusion of ballots that can't be found
CQ Politics: No End in Sight in Minnesota Senate Recount
Politico: Another curious turn in the Minn. Senate race
Rasmussen: 67% of Minnesota Voters Expect Coleman to Win
Minneapolis ST: FBI investigating allegations against Coleman supporter


Cincinnati Enquirer: Poll: Strickland ahead for 2010: Portman has little name recognition
Cleveland PD: Poll shows Strickland's popularity slides, but no early challengers emerge
Columbus Dispatch: Strickland looks good, Voinovich shaky in new poll
Cleveland PD: Ohio mayors lobby for auto bailout
WaPo: Democrat Ekes Out House Race in Ohio
AP/Majors: Democrats pick up a House seat in central Ohio

Columbus Dispatch: Voinovich tells GOP senators: back bailout
Akron BJ: Ohio Senate passes bill on vote window


Detroit News: Michigan's Camp gets key congressional post


Star Exponent: State GOP reflects on election losses


AP/Schreiner: Ky. Sen. Bunning criticizes proposed auto bailout


AP/Lewis: Jindal says he's focused on 2011 re-election, not presidential bid
CNN: Democrat concedes Louisiana congress race


Arizona Daily Star: Give Brewer a chance, Napolitano says


Waverly News: Fahleson likely next state Republican chairman
NYT: Kerrey Gets Vote of No-Confidence at New School


December 10, 2008



NYT: Democrats and Bush Near Deal on Auto Bailout
WaPo: Vote on Detroit Bailout Nears: Measure Would Create Car Czar To Oversee Rescue
AP/Davis: Deal reached in principle on $15B auto bailout
NYT: Foreign Automakers Say Little in Aid Debate
NYT: White House Pushes for G.O.P. Support on Auto Bailout
WaPo: An Auto Industry Czar in the Offing
WSJ: Bush and Detroit: A bailout that won't enhance the Republican's legacy

NYT: Member of a Panel Overseeing the Financial Bailout Objects to Its Findings
WSJ: Lawmakers Grill Ex-GSE CEOs
NYT: Ex-Officer Faults Mortgage Giants for Orgy of Nonprime Loans
NYT: As F.H.A.s Role Grows, So Does the Risk of Fraud

Reuters: US Dems blast FCC Republican chief's management
AP/Tessler: House report finds leadership breakdown at FCC
WaPo: House Probe of FCC Finds "Egregious Abuses of Power"

Politico: Joe the Plumber: McCain 'appalled me'

WaPo: Browner to Take White House Energy and Environment Job
WaPo: Incoming WH Press Secretary Gibbs Prepping for His New Job

Politico: Dems fight for seat at redistricting table
Salon: The Republican comeback of 2010


Chicago ST: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich taken into federal custody
WSJ: Governor Is Arrested on Graft Charges
WaPo: FBI Says Illinois Governor Tried to Sell Senate Seat
NYT: Illinois Governor in Corruption Scandal
NYT: Editorial: The Strange Tale of Gov. Blagojevich
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Blagojevich's Arrest
DOJ: Blagojevich arrested on federal corruption charges (.pdf)
Hill: Clues to identity of candidates #1-6
NYT: Governor Said to Push for Firings at Chicago Paper
WaPo: Blagojevich Arrest Muddies Illinois Political Waters
WaPo: Tapping the Governor's Phone
WaPo: Obama Tries to Stay Above the Hometown Fray
Hill: RNC: Obama's statement on Blagojevich 'insufficient'
Hill: Illinois House to consider special election
NYT: Fond Ties Have Grown Between Chicago and Its Corruption Fighter
Kathleen Parker: Ink and Stain: Zell and Blagojevich Make Their Mark
Michelle Malkin: The Democratic Culture of Corruption

Rasmussen: Jackson Is Top Choice of Illinois Democrats To Succeed Obama in Senate


NYDN: Senate Dem deal unraveling
Rochester D&C: New York Senate leadership deal threatens to fall apart
NY Observer: Senate Leadership Deal Turning to Dust
Albany TU: Smiths deal down the drain?
Albany TU: Malcolm Smith announces Senate chairmanships
NYT: 3 Senate Democrats End Holdout in Return for Power Sharing

Newsday: Peter King interested in Hillary's Senate seat
AP/Barrett: NY Rep. King interested in NY Senate seat

WSJ: Poll: Cuomo, Kennedy Deadlocked for N.Y. Senate Seat
NYDN: Poll shows dead heat between Cuomo and Kennedy for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat
NY Post: Sweet on Caroline: Clobbers Cuomo in poll
Boston Globe: Caroline Kennedy's new political turn
NYT: Paterson Says Kennedy Has Not Called About Niece
LA Times: Editorial: Filling Senate vacancies
NYT: Kennedy Is Said to Cast Her Eye on Senate Seat
NY Post/Dicker: Paterson cool on Caroline
NYDN: Fran Drescher wants Hillary Clinton's senate seat

NY Post: Aide in Dirty Tricks probe quits Paterson post

WSJ: Rangel's Problems Dog Democrats
NYDN: Panel eyes Rangel link to oil exec
MSNBC: Pelosi defends Rangel


Dallas MN: Perry vs. Hutchison, clash of heavyweights
Dallas MN: Perry: What part of I'm running don't you understand?
ReporterNews: Hutchison, Perry camps squaring off
DMN: Hutchison, foot out the Senate door, loses top aide to House GOP Conference
Houston Chronicle: Hutchison puts $1 million in gubernatorial campaign fund
DMN: Rove advising Kay Bailey Hutchison?

Austin AS: Williams says Senate exploration imminent
Star-Telegram: U.S. Senate race: Democrat John Sharp, Republican Roger Williams
Dallas MN: Former Texas Comptroller John Sharp to run for U.S. Senate seat

Dallas MN: Next president may be among governors


Politico: Jeb Bush considers run for U.S. Senate
Sun-Sentinel: Crist on Jeb: a "great candidate" for U.S. Senate
Miami Herald: Mel Martinez won't seek Senate reelection

Miami Herald: Four Dade lawmakers win top spots
Naples News: Florida Rep. Tom Grady appointed to multiple committees

AP/Kaczor: Crist noncommittal on Fla. Supreme Court nominees

St. Petersburg Times: Former FSU standout Boulware appointed to Board of Education
Tallahassee Democrat: Boulware appointed to Board of Education

Miami Herald: House speaker faces outcry on school funds
Miami Herald: Democratic Party chief seeks probe of House speaker

Miami Herald: Editorial: Crist's road show sets a poor example
Miami Herald: Crist's trip cost taxpayers $430K
Sun-Sentinel: Governor Crist and entourage traveled in style across Europe as businesses and taxpayers footed the bill

Pensacola NJ: Don't expect an invite to hear Crist say 'I do"
Herald Tribune: Crist's modern bride will have the big, white wedding she wants
Ledger: Crist's Romance Began on a Busy, Memorable Day
Palm Beach Post: Crist wedding hush-hush


CSM: California running out of money
Reuters: California November revenue $1.3 billion below estimate
Mercury News: Rare joint session convened on budget meltdown
San Diego UT: State pinch may halt $5 billion in projects
Sacramento Bee: Editorial: GOP is driving the budget to ...


Ann Coulter: The Cleanest State Meets the Pushiest Person


Nashua Telegraph: For first time, NH Dems say they're in the majority
PolitickerNH: NH Democrats Now Out Number Republicans in Granite State


WaPo: Appeals Court Rejects Craig's Attempt to Pull Back Guilty Plea in Sex Sting
CNN: Court denies Sen. Craig's effort to withdraw sex-sting plea


Kansas Liberty: Kobach to step down as state GOP chair


December 9, 2008



NYT: Deal to Rescue American Automakers Is Moving Ahead
NYT: Detroit Bailout Is Set to Bring on More U.S. Oversight
NYT: Republicans Divided on Aid to Automakers
WSJ: Let Ford Save Ford: It's time for the foundation to give back
CNS: Senate Republicans Could Block Auto Bailout Compromise

WSJ: The Obama Health-Care Express

CNN: Obama still must fill key positions, possibly with Republicans
WaPo: Holder Confirmation Hearings begin in early Jan.
WaPo/Cillizza: Out of the Cabinet -- Where Do They Land?

CBS: Obama To Shift Balance In Federal Courts
NYT: Influence on the Supreme Court Bench Could Be an Inside Job

NYT/Douthat: Abortion Politics Didnt Doom the G.O.P.

WaPo: Raines Says Company's Woes Not of His Making
AP/Zibel: Former Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac execs to be grilled at House hearing on companies' collapse
ProPublica: Freddie Spent Millions to Make Republican Friends

WaPo: Sen. Snowe Pushes for Cabinet-Level Status for SBA

WSJ/Noonan: 'At Least Bush Kept Us Safe'

Boston Globe: Romney paves way for possible '12 run
WSJ: Romney Eyes 2012 Run
WP/Cillizza: The Rising: Jon Huntsman Jr.

CNN: Saltsman formally jumps into RNC race
LifeNews: Chip Saltsman Makes Pro-Life Republican Party Chairman Candidacy Official

WaPo: Supreme Court declines to hear Obama nationality case


Newsday: Paterson's re-election could hinge on senatorial pick
AP/Hill: NY's next US senator needs to know Ithaca and Afton, Iraq and Afghanistan

AP/Barrett: Rep. Vito Fossella gets 5 days for drunken driving


AP: Search Ends for Ballots in Minnesota
AP: Minneapolis ends search for about 130 missing ballots; Franken withdraws more challenges
Minneapolis ST: Whoever wins, state's next senator will play a pivotal role


WaPo: GOP Finds an Unlikely New Hero in Louisiana
WSJ: Louisianans Clean House
NYT: Voters Oust Indicted Congressman in Louisiana
AP/McGill: Election loss may have cost indicted La. congressman key bargaining chip for criminal case


WaPo: Va. GOP Meets to Rebuild, Strategize


LA Times: California fiscal officials try 'Scared Straight' approach with Legislature
SF Chronicle: GOP appears in deep trouble in California
PolitickerCA: Nehring gives his two cents on the future of the Republican Party


Sun-Sentinel: Florida Dems want Gov. Crist to repay $430,000


Sun-Times: Obama's basketball pal for governor?


AP/Daly: New Alaska Sen. Begich doesn't want Stevens jailed


AP: Elder Sununu may lead Republicans
WCAX: Sununu Wants to Chair N.H. Republican Party
PolitickerNH: Gregg says Sununu will be strong voice for state Republicans


USA Today: Many governors cut glitz from inaugurations



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