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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

House Democrats’ Mueller report dilemma: To impeach or not?

Federal appeals board: Better defunct or with Trump appointees?

Actually, the Mueller report showed that Russia *did* affect the vote

House Democrats’ Mueller report dilemma: To impeach or not?

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

April 7, 2009



WSJ: Pentagon Pushes Weapon Cuts
Washington Times: Defense budget 'overhaul' meets resistance
NYT: Military Budget Reflects a Shift in U.S. Strategy
Politico: Defense cuts deepen old wounds
Hill: Pentagon to end F-22 production
WaPo: Contracting Boom Could Fizzle Out: Jobs Would Return to Pentagon
WaPo: Gates Seeks Sharp Turn In Spending: Budget Focuses On Lower-Tech Weapons
WaPo: Gates Proposal Reveals His Alienation From Procurement System
Dana Milbank: Pentagon Chief Calls for Cuts; Congress Opens Fire
Hill: Gates forecasts change for Obama Pentagon budget
Hill: Lieberman-Obama honeymoon stops at missile defense
WSJ: U.S. Offers to Cut Nuclear Arms
WSJ: The Nuclear Illusionist
WSJ: Obama's Unreality Tour
WaPo: OpEd: Obama's Nuclear Fantasy
Bill Kristol: A World Without Nukes -- Just Like 1939
Politico: Newt: U.S. at greater risk under Obama
Human Events: Obama's Pentagon Cuts

WSJ: Bailout Man Turns the Screws
NYT: Muted Signs of Life in the Credit Markets
WaPo: Plan to Expand Financial Oversight May Add New Risks
WSJ: In Defense of Derivatives and How to Regulate Them
WSJ: Political Donations Slide Amid Slump
WSJ: Obama's Estate-Tax Plan Hits Hurdles
WSJ: An Idea for Mr. Summers
WSJ: How Democrats Make Millionaires
WaPo: The SEC's New Enforcer: Former U.S. Prosecutor Charged With Adding Muscle
WaPo: Foreclosure Scams Are Target of Crackdown
Dick Morris: The Declaration of Independence has been repealed

WSJ: U.S. Reduces Subsidies for Private Medicare
NYT: Editorial: A Public Plan for Health Insurance?

Hill: Lincoln opposes card-check bill

WSJ: Internet Providers Gird for Fight With FCC

American Thinker: It Looks Like the Ted Stevens' Case Judge Means Business
Star-Ledger: Editorial: In Sen. Ted Stevens case, justice system failed
Boston Globe: Editorial: Justice makes a comeback
NYT: Dismayed Lawyers Lay Out Reasons for Collapse of the Stevens Conviction
NPR: Stevens Case A Blow To Justice Department
AP/Pickler: Judge expected to toss Stevens conviction

NYT: Senators Fault Science Agency Over Handling of Porn Cases

WaPo: Delayed Court Appearances May Invalidate Confessions

NYT: Invitation to Obama Stirs Up Notre Dame
David Brooks: The End of Philosophy
WSJ: God Still Isn't Dead
WSJ: Why Gay Marriage Matters
Washington Times: D.C. eyes gay marriage recognition
AP: Gingrich to talk gay marriage

James Taranto: Moral relativism and absolute barbarity

Pew: Partisan Gap in Obama Job Approval Widest in Modern Era
Eugene Robinson: Chairman Steele's Crazy Talk
Chicago Tribune: Ray LaHood: Transportation secretary is also Obama's envoy to congressional Republicans
Politico: Alabama Rep. calls Pelosi 'Tom DeLay in a skirt'
Rasmussen: More Voters See Taxes As Very Important Issue


Albany TU: Absentee count to start Wednesday
WACS: Tedisco Takes Lead in 20th Race
Albany TU: Tedisco takes the lead (or not)
Politico: Murphy wins court ruling

Albany TU: Assembly GOP name new minority leader
Newsday: NY Assembly Republicans select new minority leader
Business Journal: Assembly Republicans pick Canandaiguas Kolb to replace Tedisco

Albany TU: Budget gives no boost to Paterson
NY Post: Gov should 'quit' while he's behind: poll
Buffalo News: Most in state say Paterson shouldn't run next year

NYT: Survey Calls Attack Bloomberg Rival

NY Post: Spitzer Blames Gremlins For Hooker Use
NYT: On TV, Spitzer Says Getting Caught Crossed My Mind
NYDN: Eliot Spitzer talks about Ashley Dupre hooker scandal
Politico: Spitzer's return

CQ Politics: Gillibrand Raised $2.3 Million Since Appointment to Senate
Hill: Gillibrand raises $2.3 million in two months
Politico: Gillibrand's fundraising
Quinnipiac: Gillibrand trails U.S. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy 33 - 29 percent


AP: Poll: Christie still leading NJ gov
CQ Politics: Burgeoning Field in New Jersey Governor Race
PolitickerNJ: Bucco: Republican Opening Statement on State Budget


Star Tribune: Senate recount down to 387 ballots - and almost certain appeal


SacBee: Schwarzenegger renews his focus on expanding health care


Dallas MN: Partisan split on display at voter ID hearing in Texas Legislature
Star Telegram: Texas house committee takes up voter ID bill
El Paso Times: Experts testify as Texas House takes up voter ID
AP/Root: Impassioned testimony over voter ID


News-Press: Florida GOP leader quits post over budget
Ledger: Florida's Budget Crisis: Tax Mood Turns Serious

Tallahassee Democrat: Meek begins petition drive in run for Florida Senate seat
AP/Farrington: Meek begins petition drive in Fla. Senate race


Atlanta JC: Poor priorities, partisan politics ruled Legislature
Macon Telegraph: Dublin's Porter in race for governor


AP/Bellandi: Illinoisans poised to fill Emanuel seat in House


Politico: It's already nasty in Specter-Toomey race

Pittsburgh PG: Pa. Republican House leader to sponsor reform bills
AP: Pa. House Republican leader outlines reform agenda


Richmond TD: McDonnell calls for unity after leading ouster of party chairman
WaPo: Rejected GOP Chief To Run Again in Va
Human Events: What Next for Virginia GOP After Chairman Ousted?


Politico: Iowans oppose same-sex marriage
Human Events: Same Sex Marriage in the Heartland


Providence Journal: Chafee forms committee to explore run for governor
Politico: Chafee planning to run for R.I. governor


Politico: Mongiardo raises $420K


Oregonian: Oregon GOP plays out a weak hand at Capitol


LA Times: Nevada governor's divorce papers claim infidelity
USA Today: Nevada governor in divorce court, accused of infidelity with two women
Las Vegas RJ: Gibbons accused of affairs


AP/Bauer: Republican politicians weigh in for Fernandez


Salt Lake Tribune: Republican U.S. Attorney likely not long for the job


April 6, 2009



Washington Times: Geithner hints at banker ousters

WSJ: Obama Team's Finances Released
NYT: A Rich Education for Summers (After Harvard)
WaPo: Blacks at Odds Over Scrutiny of President

Politico: GM planning for bankruptcy
Politico: Geithner appears open to GM bankruptcy
WSJ: Rattner Rises as Obama's Mr. Fix-It
NYT: Obamas Top Auto Industry Troubleshooter
Hill: Sens. Corker, Stabenow spar over GM future
LA Times: For Obama, politics may be hard to avoid in auto bailout

WSJ: From Bubble to Depression?
NYT: Homeowners Hard Times Are Good for the Foreclosure Business
NYT: Some Revile Plan to Limit Short-Selling
Ron Rotunda: Was Madoff good for the economy?

CQ Politics: Gates Plans Big Shift in Defense Spending

WSJ: Firms Move to Fight Overseas-Profit Tax

WaPo: Documents In Stevens Case Are Requested: Material Linked to Alleged Misconduct
USA Today: Holder has a long to-do list at Justice

Ed Whelan: Look Who's Politicizing Justice Now
Wm Jacobson: "Think Progress" Borkers Now Object To Borking
EJ Dionne: Health Care's Year
Jed Babbin: Liberal Isolationism
Rep. Tom Price: Time to Pick Up the Pieces
Sen. Jim DeMint: Political Greed

WSJ: House Earmark Requests Risk Clash With Obama

Hill: Anti-abortion groups decry GOP silence on Sebelius

WSJ: Dems and Poor Kids: Sitting on evidence of voucher success, & the battle of New York

NYT: A List of the Most Wanted, by the E.P.A.

Washington Times: Group gains against Electoral College


WROC: Kolb to be elected NYS Assembly Republican leader

NY Post: Cuomo rips Paterson's tax hikes
NY Post: David defied Basil as he climbed to the top
NY Post: Pater-son burned by dear old Pater-dad
NYDN: Paterson gets message from top Dems: Better poll numbers by Nov or forget 2010
Albany TU: A fine mess for Democrats

AP: Ex-Congressman Sweeney Is Arrested on D.W.I. Charge
Albany TU: Sweeney popped for DWI, again
North Country Gazette: Ex-Congressman Sweeney Busted For Felony DWI

Albany TU: Susan Bruno quits job
Buffalo News: No crime too big to take away a public pension

Albany TU: Tedisco-Murphy deadlock: Sweating it out is nothing new
Albany TU: House fight is a boon for lawyers

Albany TU: Giuliani waxes gubernatorial

NYDN: Mayor Mike Bloomberg gets Independence Party endorsement
NYT: Bloomberg Is Endorsed by Independence Party

NYT: State Law to Cap Public Defenders Caseloads, but Only in the City


PolitickerNJ: A Bold Clean Energy Initiative for Chris Christie to Consider

Star-Ledger: Munoz's widow seeks to fill his Assembly seat
PolitickerNJ: Nancy Munoz to run with Bramnick in LD 21


USA Today: Special panel set to do last count in Minn. Senate race
Politico: Franken-Coleman gravy train rides on
UPI: Coleman urged to fight to Supreme Court
MinnPost: Pawlenty and Coleman: A political Gordian Knot ready for cutting


LA Times: Advice for California's GOP candidates for governor
WSJ: Budget Woes Take Their Toll on Cal State University System
SF Chronicle: Unusual pairings in Prop. 1A battle
San Diego UT: Measure to halt lawmaker raises amid deficit looks certain to pass
SF Chronicle: Voters could push deficit past $15 billion
LA Times: Soaring medical insurance costs are a sore spot for employers


Star-Telegram: Roaring debate over voter-ID legislation hits state House this week
Amarillo Globe-News: Voter ID debate could slow other matters
Austin AS: House to take up Voter ID issue
Dallas MN: As Texas debates, Indiana voter ID law proved no side was right

Austin AS: 2006 governor's race lawsuit back in court


Tampa Tribune: Crist Facing Conservative Uprising
Florida Times-Union: Political intrigue already is starting to mount
Ledger: King Disavows Bias in Chancellor Bid
Herald Tribune: Bill has good news and bad for schools


AP/McCaffrey: Long campaign trail begins in Georgia
Atlanta JC: Transportation funding still an explosive issue


Chicago Tribune: Illinois politics: Many careers hinge on Atty. Gen. Lisa Madigan
AP/O'Connor: Quinn looking to fill holes in education budget where stimulus not helping
Chicago Sun-Times: Special House election: Quigley holds all the cards


Allentown Morning Call: Specter tries to tie Toomey to Wall Street mess


AP/Smyth: Slots, tax hikes among Ohio's options


CQ Politics: General Motors CEO Henderson on NBCs Meet the Press


CQ Politics: Rivals for Governor Hope to Sow Support in Northern Virginia


KC Star: Tax breaks for Rep. Roy Blunt, wife under review
Missourian: House and Senate differ on health coverage for Missourians
St. Louis PD: Money is the music the Missouri Legislature dances to


KnoxNews: Ron Ramsey, Tennessee governor hopeful, offers changes
Tennessean: TVA board candidates have Tennessee ties


Greenville News: Lawmakers hope to strike deal with Sanford now that stimulus certified
State: S.C. Gov. Sanford: 'I'm doing what I think to be right'
Stateline: Tracking the recession Much ado about a small stimulus pot
State: Signs South Carolinas governor may have designs on national office
State: S.C. Supreme Court justice race heating up
IndepMail: Duncan launches campaign for Barretts congressional seat for S.C


Charlotte Observer: New N.C. senator steers toward middle


Seattle PI: Ted Stevens: Rested, and ready to be Alaska governor?

Politico: Palin camp responds to Levi Johnston


CQ Politics: Iowans Have Doubts About Their Governor


AP/Miga: Ex-Rep. Simmons noisily taking on Conn. Sen Dodd
Norwich Bulletin: Norwich Republicans endorse candidate


Milwaukee JS: Politicians pile up frequent flier miles over spring break


AP/Messina: Iowa ruling on same-sex marriage unlikely to sway West Virginia lawmakers


April 5, 2009



WaPo: GOP May Be Stuck on Cohesion: Top Leaders in House Display a Tendency to Diverge
Examiner: Report on the House Republican budget alternative
Hill: House Republican sorry for knocking Europe
Baltimore Sun: Washington watches for the Democratic tide to start ebbing

WSJ: Obama Outlines Disarmament Plan
WaPo: On European Trip, President Tries to Set a New, Pragmatic Tone
NYT: Obama to Loosen Restrictions on Policy With Cuba

NYT: This Time, Slump Hits Well-Educated, Too
NYT: Editorial: Unemployment Rising
WaPo: OpEd: The Radicalization of Ben Bernanke

Hill: Budget OK'd, but little else done for health reform
NYT: Policy Agenda Poses Test for Rusty Legislative Machinery

George Will: Government vs. the Axles of Evil
Thomas Friedman: Obamas Big, Bold Bet
Maureen Dowd: The First Shrink

AP/Barrett: Justice Dept under microscope after Stevens trial

ABA Journal: Two Judges Nominated for Seats on 4th and 2nd Circuits

AP/Hefling: Senator stalls Duckworth's nomination

Politico: Anti-Obama talk worries some on right

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Budget, autos to drive Sunday talk


NYDN: Rudy Giuliani hits Republican fundraiser circuit amid talk of governor run

Hill: Parties raring to take another election to court
Albany TU: Tediscos statement on leadership resignation

NY Post: Pols in state of utter confusion over budget
AP/Gormley: Analysis: NY's Assembly speaker rises with budget
NYT: Spoils of Victory in Albany Are More Funds for Pet Projects
NYDN: One Budget, Two Views
Albany TU: $432M for clean water
Syracuse PS: Valesky tries to share pork, gets no takers
Auburn Citizen: Local senators, roles reversed, take their shots

Reuters: N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg to get minor party's backing
NYDN: Indy Line Won't Come Cheap
NY Post: Candidate Bloomy's a Bam man


Star-Ledger: Foes see tarnish on Christie's sparkling image
AP/Delli Santi: Christie wants to end dual office-holding in NJ
Star-Ledger: Christie proposes tightening rules for state lawmakers


Minn Indep: GOP senators tell Coleman to make a federal case out of it
Hill: Senate Republicans back Coleman all the way


NYT: California Appoints a Watchdog for Stimulus
La Verne CN: Assemblyman Adams Named Chief Republican Whip
LA Times: California lottery lacks the bells and whistles of other states
Rep. Tom McClintock: Earmarking is favoritism, and it's wrong


Austin AS: Perry woos Young Conservatives
AP: Perry speaks to Young Conservatives of Texas
NYT: Texas Mayor Caught in Deportation Furor


NYT: Louisiana, a Test Case in Federal Aid


Ledger: McCollum: GOP Will Rebound Next Year
News-Press: Mack's exit enhances possible Crist Senate run
Herald-Tribune: A rough week on several fronts for Florida's governor
Herald-Tribune: Florida's strategy on taxes assailed
Sun-Sentinel: Florida legislators wrestle with taxes, spending cuts
PNJ: Budget ax poised to fall
Miami Herald: Florida lawmakers feel pain over no-tax-hike pledge
Tampa Tribune: Crist Embraces Seminole Gaming Compact, Draws Foes
St. Pete Times: Editorial: Governor's compact good bet for Florida
AP/Kaczor: Fla. House, Senate budgets $600 million apart
Miami Herald: Name-calling abounds in Florida Legislature
St. Pete Times: Look for a change in Florida's growth law


Atlanta JC: A budget nobody will call perfect
Macon Telegraph: Divided Macon delegation doesn't get it done
News-Record: Unlike N.C., water issues take high priority in Georgia
Athens BH: Georgia needs a meaner attorney general


LA Times: Aaron Schock, GOP's fresh face, mixes TMZ and House committees

Pantagraph: Ex-Gov. Edgar calls Blagojevich worst governor he's seen
Journal-Register: When will reality set in for Blagojevich?
AP/Wills: Fed indictment alleges new heights of corruption

AP/Bellandi: New job puts spotlight on 'squeaky clean' Quinn

Sun-Times: Daley's big game: All or nothing


Newsweek: Suddenly Seeking Specter
Pittsburgh PG: Specter revises early attack ad against possible rival Toomey

Philadelphia Inquirer: Former CEO is Pa.'s stimulus watchdog


Cleve PD: Car dealer Tom Ganley says lack of political experience is asset in Senate bid


Detroit FP: Cox says he will run for Michigan governor
Detroit FP: Dillon eyes Nov. ballot for overhaul of Michigan tax system
Mlive: When will Michigan hit bottom?


Richmond TD: Virginia GOP ousts Frederick as chairman
Washington Times: Frederick ousted as GOP chairman
WaPo: Va. GOP Ousts Chairman Who Ignored Call to Resign
Virginian-Pilot: Virginia GOP removes Frederick as state chairman
Roanoke Times: Virginia's GOP chairman ousted
News Virginian: State GOP leader ousted
AP: Virginia Republicans Oust Their Leader

Loudoun Times: Huckabee, Northern Virginia doesn't think like us
American Spectator: VA Dems Exploit Huckabee in Gov. Race


KC Star: Bill to reform fee-office contracts advances to Missouri Senate
Southern: Missouri state pension fund managers rewarded despite losses


Gov. Mark Sanford: State does have a stimulus option


UPI: Vermont in fight over same-sex marriage
NYT: A Push Is On for Same-Sex Marriage Rights Across New England


Des Moines Register: Marriage ruling may boost Iowa economy
Omaha World-Herald: The new gay mecca next door: Iowa may ring up tourism dollars


Fox: Dodd Faces Potential Primary Challenger in 2010 Senate Race
Journal Inquirer: Anyone can beat Dodd -- why not Blumenthal?


AP: Todd Palin: $150K on clothes 'out of our control'
Hollywood Gossip: Todd Palin Defends Sarah Palin Wardrobe Debacle
NYDN: Trashed! $150K worth of Palin's clothes reportedly in garbage bags
AOL: RNC Says All of Palin's Clothes Have Been Donated
NRO: Todd Palin Speaks

NYDN: Sarah Palin's feud with Bristol Palin's ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston hits new level
Politico: Palin's exposure

Anchorage DN: Legislators refuse Palin's demand for public vote


Arizona Republic: Survey touting support for tax increase useless
Arizona Republic: Ariz. firms push for tax repeal to be permanent


Louisville CJ: Bunning calls for GOP unity to bring success in elections


NYT: Lobbyist inquiry said to reach Indiana lawmaker


CQ Politics: Sparks Ignites Democratic Primary for Alabama Governor


CQ Politics: North Dakota's Dorgan Could Face Familiar But Thrice-Foiled Foe


April 4, 2009



WaPo: Administration Seeks an Out On Bailout Rules for Firms
WSJ: Estimate of TARP's Cost to Taxpayers Increases
WSJ/Martin Feldstein: Geithner's Bank Plan Is a Good Start
WSJ: Obama Wants to Control the Banks: Refuses to accept repayment of TARP money
Hill: Issa defends Towns on regulatory overhaul

NYT: Financial Industry Paid Millions to Obama Aide
WaPo: Summers Earned Salary From Hedge Fund, Speaking Fees From Wall St. Firms
Politico: W.H. team discloses TARP firm ties

Politico: Millions for Axelrod in sale of firm

NYT: Fannie and Freddie Detail Retention Bonuses
Washington Times: Fannie, Freddie overseer defends big bonuses
WaPo: Fannie, Freddie Budget $210 Million On Bonuses, Draw Lawmakers' Fire

NYT: Falling Prices Draw First-Time Home Buyers
WaPo: Aid to Borrowers Not Preventing Rising Delinquency
NYT: When to Use a Mortgage Broker

WaPo: Fiat, Chrysler Pushing Debt Holders, Union to Wrap Up Deal

WSJ: Dow Retakes 8000: Small Friday Gains Cap Strong Week for Stocks

NYT: No End in Sight to Job Losses; 663,000 More Cut in March
WaPo: Unemployment Rate Jumps to 8.5 Percent
WSJ: Recession Jobs Losses Top 5 Million
WSJ: Unemployed Lose Fallback Options
AP/Lester: Republicans want a more restrained budget approach

Washington Times: Health care reform battle begins

CQ Politics: Gates Prepares 'Fundamental Shift' in Defense Funding Priorities

NYT: Obamas Farm Subsidy Cuts Meet Stiff Resistance

WSJ: U.S to Lift Some Curbs on Travel to Cuba

Am Spectator: Legal Services Unleashed: Congress moves to end restrictions on activism

NYDN: Off base on terror: Judge throws open US courthouse doors to our worst enemies

WSJ: Biggest Challenges Still Await Congress
WSJ: Giving Capitalism Its Due
WSJ: Bull Market in Government: It's the only sector that seems to be hiring

NYT: Editorial: Getting Fuel Economy Right
NYT: Editorial: A Blow to Workers Rights

James Taranto: All the 'Nuance' That's Fit to Print
Kathleen Parker: Political Pullback for the Christian Right?
Pat Buchanan: Should We Kill the Fed?
George Will: Dubious ways to 'Save the Planet'
Michael Barone: Obama Abroad: In Some Ways, Much Like Bush
Rush Limbaugh: While Obama Dismantles America, The World Laughs Behind His Back
Rush Limbaugh: Should the Employed Feel Guilty?

Politico: Norquist rags racists, rich liberals
Politico: Meet Obama's pollsters
Politico: Dems tank in weekly poll
Hill: Former Bush aides help form new political intel firm
CQ Politics: Lawmakers Slow to Comply With New Filing Requirement

Fox: Wisconsin Rep. Ryan Seen as Future of GOP

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet

NY Post: Breindel award to writer Krauthammer


Albany TU: 20th House vote produces a tie, for now
Hill: Murphy and Tedisco all tied up in N.Y. recount
NYT: Tedisco Declares Transition, but Not Victory
CBS: Republican Inches Ahead In New York House Race
Reuters: New York race a chance for Republican redemption
CQ Politics: Congressional Contestant Tedisco Quits New York Assembly Post
NYT: Amid Signs of a Shove, Tedisco Quits as Assembly Minority Leader
CQ Politics: In N.Y. 20, Final Tally Waits But The Spin is In
CQ Politics: Lawyers Get Into the Act in NY 20 Race
NYS Board of Elections: Unofficial Results for NY-20 by county (.pdf)
Albany TU: Another snapshot in the 20th

NYT: N.Y. State Passes $131 Billion Budget
NYDN: State Senate passes budget as Albany GOP rails
WSJ: New York's Budget Targets the Golden Eggs
Buffalo News: DiNapoli says state budget is blueprint for fiscal failure
NYDN: Giuliani Pans 'Catastrophic' State Budget
NY Post: Rudy's firm in decline: Losing jobs, clients

Rush Limbaugh: Drive-Bys Selectively Report on Rush and New York Taxes Story


WSJ: South Carolina Governor Requests Stimulus Funds
WaPo: Last Holdout Governor Will Now Accept Stimulus Money
WaPo: S.C. Governor Accepts Stimulus Funds, but With Caveats
NYT: Rejecting Aid, One Governor Irks His Own
AP/Davenport: Sanford postpones stimulus decision


PolitickerNJ: Senate GOP leader disagrees with Christie ethics plan
Observer-Tribune: Christie defends handling of federal monitoring contract
APP: Protesters mourn "loss" of middle class
Philadelphia Inquirer: In N.J. race, corps of Democrats fields GOP lobs at Corzine
Star-Ledger: League of lefties has no business hosting GOP debate
PolitickerNJ: Lonegan objects to League of Women voters debate sponsorship
Record: Lonegan attacks Corzine on immigrant 'entitlement'


NYT: Iowas Gay Marriage Ruling in the 2012 Lens
WP/Cillizza: Iowa, Same Sex Marriage and the 2012 Presidential Race
WSJ: Iowa Supreme Court Overturns Gay-Marriage Ban
Washington Times: Iowa court says same-sex marriage legal: OK in 3 states now
NYT: Iowa Court Voids Gay Marriage Ban
WaPo: Iowa Court Rules Against Same-Sex Marriage Ban
Hill: Iowa Democrats react cautiously to same-sex ruling


Chicago Tribune: 5 months after election, Minnesota may get 2nd senator. Or not.
Hot Air: Are Democrats trying to extort a concession from Coleman?
Pioneer Press: Norm Coleman no longer denies FBI contact in Nasser Kazeminy case
American Thinker: Somali immigrants remake Minneapolis


SacBee: Political merry-go-round diminishes Democrats' clout in Legislature
SF Chronicle: California Dems target 8 GOP districts
Mercury News: State GOP hoping to recapture Assembly seat
Rasmussen: California: The key to the electoral lock


AP/Root: Voter ID bills will get public airing
AP/Stone: Texas high court reaffirms its workplace ruling
Austin AS: Supreme Court upholds its ruling in key worker's comp case


Politico: A Crist-Rubio Senate primary?
CQ Politics: In Florida, a Democratic Primary Test for Blue Dog Boyd
Tallahassee Democrat: House proposes higher pay cuts for state employees
Miami Herald: Florida House panel approves scaled-back gambling bill
St. Pete Times: Fees or taxes? In Florida's Legislature, it depends on the party
Florida Times-Union: Hospital fight divides GOP in Florida Legislature
Miami Herald: Money shortage causing tension among Florida lawmakers


AP/Bluestein: Georgia lawmakers face deadline day at Capitol
CQ Politics: Georgia Attorney General Joins Race for Governor


NYT: Illinois Enacts Post-Blagojevich Reform of Public Worker Pension Boards
WSJ: Stimulus Money Weighs on Illinois Mayoral Race


Politico: Rep. Murtha Wants $134M In Earmarks

Hill: Lobbyist sentenced for destroying evidence


Cleveland PD: Sen. Husted offers a sensible route to a redistricted Ohio
Columbus Dispatch: Republican Husted says he'd make office nonpartisan


American Thinker: Carl Levin and the ruins of Detroit
Detroit News: Conyers admits ex-con is her brother
Detroit FP: Monica Conyers' son and niece got jobs, too


Virginian-Pilot: State GOP chairman faces crucial party showdown
NYT: Republicans in Virginia Split Sharply Over Leader
Richmond TD: Republican chairman Frederick says hell fight to retain post
Roanoke Times: Pair to defend GOP chief
NBC29: Will Va GOP Party Vote to Oust Chairman?

CQ Politics: Virginia Governor Rivals Talk Business in First Joint Forum


RCP: Greenwich Democrat Explores Challenge to Dodd in Connecticut
CQ Politics: It's Already Name-Calling Season in Connecticut's 2010 Senate Race


NYT: Lawmaker Said to Surface in Lobbying Inquiry
Hill: Visclosky steers clear of PMA earmarks

Indianapolis Star: Former state Rep. Luke Messer to challenge Burton


Fox: Special 'Rerun' Alaska Senate Election Highly Unlikely
NYDN: Gov. Sarah Palin's sister-in-law, Diana Palin, arrested for burglary
AP/D'Oro: Palin sister-in-law accused of breaking into home
NYDN: Levi Johnston reveals on 'Tyra Banks' show that Sarah Palin knew he and Bristol were having sex


Daily Times: GOP leader urges Republican resurgence in New Mexico


April 3, 2009



WSJ: Congress Approves Obama's $3.6 Trillion Budget
WaPo: Congress Approves Budget: $3.5 Trillion Spending Plan Paves Way for Obama Goals
Hill: Senate passes budget 55-43
Bloomberg: Senate Rejects Obama Plan to Cut Tax Breaks on Charitable Gifts
NYT: Budgets Approved, With No G.O.P. Votes
Politico: Budgets fall short of Obama's mandate
Human Events: Even Drunken Sailors Have a Credit Limit

WSJ: G-20 Reality Check
NYT: World Leaders Pledge $1.1 Trillion to Tackle Crisis
NYT: Editorial: The Economic Summit
David Brooks: Greed and Stupidity
Wm Jacobson: Obama Gives Queen iPod Made In China By Exploited Workers
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Compares the Queen to His "Typical White" Grandmother
NYDN: First Lady Michelle Obama's Queen Elizabeth II hug sets tongues wagging in England

WSJ: House Votes to Have FDA Regulate Tobacco
NYT: House Passes Tobacco Bill, but Senate Battle Looms

WSJ: Senate May Push for Shake-Up of Regional Fed Banks

WSJ: FHA Losses Spur Talk of a Taxpayer Bailout
WSJ: Homeowner-Aid Plan Caught in Second-Loan Spat
NYT: As the Foreclosed Move Out, First-Time Buyers Move In
SacBee: Interactive graphic: Looking for the bottom of the housing bust

WSJ: Treasury Seeks to Free Up Funds by Shuffling Spending in TARP
WSJ: Paulson Expected Criticism for Changing Course on TARP
Hill: Members sought TARP cash for banks back home
WSJ: Free-Marketeers Should Welcome Some Regulation
WaPo: As Crisis Loomed, Geithner Pressed But Fell Short
Hill: Frank dismisses Townss plan to slow down reform
American Thinker: Federalism and America's Financial Crisis

WaPo: After 'Car Bubble' Collapses, Excess Inventory Creates a Backlog
Hill: Auto fears dominate spring break
Human Events: Uncle Sams Car Lot and Repair Shop
Rasmussen: 44% Favor Government-Backed Auto Warranties

Charles Krauthammer: Obama's Ultimate Agenda
Peggy Noonan: Obama's Domestic Agenda Gains Clarity
WSJ: Obama's $163,000 Tax Bomb
WSJ: Obama's Attack Machine

WSJ: Cap and Tax Collapse
WSJ: Technology Is the Answer to Climate Change

WSJ: Expert on 'Sampling' Tapped to Lead Census
NYT: Obamas Census Choice Unsettles Republicans
AP: Obama picks survey expert to run the census
Detroit FP: U-M prof chosen for Census Bureau

WaPo: 3 Detained in Afghanistan Can Take Challenges to U.S. Court
NYT: Detention at Afghan Base Is Subject to U.S. Courts
Politico: Judge OKs suits by some held by U.S. in Afghanistan

WaPo: Obama Taps 2 for Key Appellate Courts
WSJ: Obama Nominates Two for Appellate Bench
Baltimore Sun: Baltimore judge nominated for U.S. appeals court

Politico: FEMA's revolving door?

CQ Politics: Sebelius Confirmation Delayed by Bunning Objection to Timing
McClatchy: Sebelius gets gentle hearing, with little mention of taxes

Politico: Gingrich: GOP-ers may form third party

Washington Times: Steele urged to target stimulus: Conservatives call for RNC session
Examiner: Michael Steele: Saving the Republican Party by emulating Inspector Clouseau

Hill: Cantor: GOP could take back House in 2010
NewsMax: Cantor: Obama's Overreach Will Help Republicans Reach Majority in 2010


Rush Limbaugh: Rush Responds to Governor Paterson
NYT: Paterson Bids Rush Limbaugh Farewell
NY Post: Gov nixes non-union hike$

Albany TU: More Republicans have returned absentee ballots
Albany TU: Like tea leaves, absentee ballots hard to read
Albany TU: Republican leader praises Tediscos performance
Albany TU: Tedisco faces revolt over Assembly leadership

Albany TU: Senate eases rules for vote
NY Post: Pol aide in scam bust

CQ Politics: Sign of a Shifting Stance: Gillibrand Cosponsors DREAM Act
CQ Politics: Spitzer Continues Public Relations Blitz

NYT: Bloomberg Makes Early, Aggressive Bid for Black Support

Buffalo News: Grant interviews for Parole Board; would quit Legislature if appointed


Anchorage DN: Palin, Ruedrich call for Begich resignation
Politico: Palin calls for Begich's resignation
NYT: In Alaska, Calls for a New Senate Election

Michael Barone: Former Senator Ted Stevens Deserves Praise From Alaskans
AP/Kellman: Analysis: Stevens vindicated; what of his legacy?
Philadelphia Inquirer: Editorial: Stevens Case
Atlanta JC: Bridge to Nowhere Senator wronged
NYT: OpEd: Prosecutors Gone Wild
Bloomberg: Holder Pledges Caution in Prosecuting Public Corruption Cases
WSJ: Can Ted Stevens Sue the Government . . . And Win?

NYDN: Senate Democrats reject her State senate pick, Tim Grussendorf


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie forced to discuss brother's old SEC case


Politico: Coleman faces hot seat even if he wins
Minn Post: Coleman travels to Washington and talks a little
Minn Indep: Coleman prepares supporters for long battle
Star Tribune: Editorial: Judges' order hews closely to state law
Star Tribune: Stakes for Coleman climb with next move


AP: Wis. House delegation splits on party lines


LA Times: California lawmakers look past the fiscal crisis
Examiner: Poizner yips at Big Dog's heels
SacBee: Schwarzenegger aides are co-captains of state's stimulus team
LA Times: 37% of Californians without health insurance at some point, study finds


Star Telegram: Knight throws support behind Republican running for Hutchisons seat
Reuters: Texas House eyes budget, Senate mulls privatization


News-Press: Mack won't make a run for Senate
Politico: Mack's not running for Senate
AP: US Rep. Mack won't seek Fla. Senate seat
Political Pulse: Mack to Charlie: I'm not running, but I'll back you


AP/Bluestein: Tight deadline looms for lawmakers at Ga. Capitol
Atlanta JC: Obama pushes wind power on coastline


WSJ: Blagojevich, 5 Associates Indicted
WaPo: Former Illinois Governor Indicted: Charges Include Extortion, Fraud
NYT: Blagojevich Indictment Lays Out Broad Enterprise of Corruption
Wm Jacobson: Blago Meets RICO
Politico: Blago indicted on corruption charges
Politico: Indictment suggests Rahm, brother were victims of extortion attempt
AP: Reactions to ex-Ill. Gov. Blagojevich's indictment

Politico: Burris adviser slams Dem leadership

Chicago Sun-Times: LaHood, Durbin rolling on Illinois transportation projects

AP: Ill. Senate votes to shake up GOP elections


Pittsburgh PG: Specter runs negative TV ads against Toomey
Philadelphia Inquirer: Early Specter TV ad targets Toomey on derivatives
Public Opinion: Guest essay: 'Dedicated Republicans' must reject Specter in '10


Columbus Dispatch: Republican Husted to run for secretary of state
Dayton Daily News: Husted needs name recognition
AP: Former Ohio speaker to run for secretary of state


Detroit FP: Michigan braces for more budget cuts
Detroit News: Conyers got ex-con brother city job


Politico: Huck at issue in Virginia
Politico: Huckabee's advice to Virginia Republicans
WSLS: Huckabee tells Virginia Republicans to flatten Democrats tires
CQ Politics: Virginia Bears Bellweather Burden


KC Star: Missouri lawmakers deny link between campaign contributions and appointments
St. Joe News: Bond spells out challenges for FHA amid housing woes


WZTV: Tempers flare during Tenn. House floor debate


McClatchy: S.C. governor gives in on stimulus, will apply for state's funds
Politico: Sanford denies stimulus deadline

State: Kevin Hall out of running to lead GOP
AP: Hall pulls out of race to chair SC Republicans


Seattle Times: Obstacles challenge proposals to create an income-tax on the wealthy


Fox: Dodd Trails Potential GOP Opponents in 2010 Race, Poll Shows
CBS: Dodd Polls 16 Points Behind Possible Republican Challenger For 2010
Politico: Dodd: 'I'm the underdog'
Hartford Courant: Q Poll: Dodd Would Lose To Simmons
Examiner: Dodd's a goner in Connecticut

Hartford Courant: Rell Opposes Democratic Tax Hikes on Income, Corporations
WTNH: Rell blasts Dems' budget
AP/Haigh: Conn. Democrats' budget plan raises income taxes


WSJ: Vermont House Backs Gay Marriage


April 2, 2009



Anchorage Daily News: Attorney general drops Stevens prosecution
WSJ: U.S. Drops Case Against Former Sen. Stevens
WSJ: The Ted Stevens Scandal
Hill: Sen. Stevens got screwed by Justice
WaPo: U.S. Seeks to Drop Case Against Former Sen. Stevens
WaPo: Ex-Senator's Friends Say This Victory Is Bittersweet
NYT: U.S. to Drop Case Against Ex-Senator From Alaska
WaPo/Cillizza: Stevens Cleared in Alaska
NPR: Some Alaskans See Stevens As Good As Vindicated
Power Line: Stevens Cleared
Politico: Holder's bold stroke
Politico: No apologies from Stevens' doubters
CQ Politics: Senators Relieved to See Stevens Case Dismissed
Wm Jacobson: Ted Stevens Conviction Reversed, But What About The Election?
American Thinker: Justice For Ted Stevens: Now what about his Senate seat?
Detroit FP: Stevens case dismissal raises questions of Justice Dept. integrity

WaPo: House GOP Offers More Detailed Alternative Budget Plan
NYT: Pushed to Act, House G.O.P. Pitches a Budget
Reuters: Republican US budget plan would cut taxes, spending
CQ Politics: McCain Uses Budget To Make His Move
CQ Politics: McCain Goes His Own Way With GOP Budget Plan
Politico: Fierce fights may follow budget victory
Politico: Budget cuts concern defense contractors
Human Events: Ryan Explains Republican Alternative Budget

Ann Coulter: Why is Rick Wagoner fired and Nancy Pelosi still working?
Karl Rove: The President Is 'Keeping Score': Chicago politics has moved into White House
Dana Milbank: The Permanent Campaign Rally
Dick Morris: Obama's worst jobs killer

WaPo: U.S. Urges GM to Consider Bankruptcy
CBS: Geithner On Ousting CEOs, Reviving Economy
Politico: Mack calls on UAW chief to resign

WSJ: House Passes New, Weaker Bill Curbing Bonuses
Hill: Republicans don't want ex-AIG chief testifying
Hill: House takes second crack at bonuses
Hill: Rep. Cantor votes present on bonus bill
CQ Politics: Milder Executive Bonus Bill Advances as Outrage Ebbs
WSJ: House Debates Executive-Pay Curbs for TARP Recipients

WSJ: U.S. Releases $44 Billion in Stimulus Funds for Schools
Rush Limbaugh: WH Recognizes Governors Have Right to Control Stimulus Money
AP: LaHood: Low bids may mean more stimulus projects
WSJ: GOP Senator Says Tax Errors Shouldn't Bar Sebelius
WaPo: Employers Cut 742K Jobs in March
WaPo: Stocks Rise on First Day of Second Quarter

WSJ: Senate Sets Climate Bill Procedures
WSJ: Senate to Take Up House Climate Bill
George Will: Climate Change's Dim Bulbs

WSJ: And Democrats accused Republicans of politicizing Justice?
CQ Politics: Spelling it Out for Ex-Presidents and Executive Privilege

NYT: Health Critic Brings a Past and a Wallet

NYT: Education Secretary Says Aid Hinges on New Data

WSJ: Spend It in Vegas or Die Paying Taxes
NYT: Editorial: The Forgotten Rich

WSJ: Is This the End of Capitalism?
Howard Rich: Obamas Chilling Effect on Capitalism
Rush Limbaugh: Anti-Capitalists Protest as World's Biggest Anti-Capitalist Leads G20
American Thinker: The Soros Doctrine in Obama Foreign Policy

Hill: Pryor seeks card-check deal

NYDN: Sen. McCain asks President Obama to toss out Jack Johnson's 1913 rap

Townhall: Dems Manipulating Senate Rules Against Republicans

WSJ: Sudan's dictator roams free, but Bush officials are in jeopardy

WSJ: Obama Urged to Fill Product-Safety Post as Complaints Mount
AP/Margasak: Many Republicans boycott judicial nominee hearing

Fox: Angie Harmon Defends Bristol Palin's Pregnancy

Washington Times: D.C.'s money-saving plan: Free inmates

James Taranto: Trouble in Paradise

CSM: Sarah Palin: No soup for you!
WaPo: Gingrich Subs for Palin at Congressional GOP Fund-Raiser
MSNBC: Palin still attending Indiana fundraiser

Politico: Romney sounds like candidate at event
Salt Lake Tribune: Romney keeps high profile on Republican circuit
Hill: Romney breaks with GOP on the issue of deregulation

Star Ledger: Mike Huckabee supports "Fair Tax' plan in Rider University speech

Politico: Republicans' outlook remains bleak
Hill: Preventing 60: Hope for Republicans may be two elections away


Albany TU: It's up to absentees
Albany TU: Breakdown of the absentee ballots
WSJ: N.Y. House Election Appears to Tighten
NYT: No Decision Soon in Upstate House Race
WaPo/Cillizza: Democrats Predict 210-Vote Victory in NY-20
NYDN: NRCC Plays Franken Card In 20th
Dallas MN: New York tea leaves tell us little
Politico: Murphy's lead shrinks to 13 votes
Politico: DCCC chair: NY20 race proof of Obama's coattails
Hill: GOP: Democrats trying to 'steal' NY-20
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Pulled Out All the Stops to Win NY-20 and It Did Not Work
American Spectator: Scott Murphy's Law

Albany TU: One vote stalls budget: Illness leaves Senate Democrats without ballot needed
NYDN: Lawmakers in Albany fail to pass budget; Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson taken ill again
Buffalo News: State budget vote halted again due to lawmaker's illness
NY Post: DiNapoli rips fellow Dems: Blasts 'danger' budget
NYDN: Frustrated Gov. Paterson blasts Senate on stalled MTA talks

Newsday: NY's Fossella still prominent at public events

Time: New York's Rockefeller Drug Laws

AP: Bloomberg meets with RNC chair Steele
NY Post: GOP boss coy on Bloomberg
NYDN: Steele Takes A Pass On Bloomberg


Politico: Franken puts Pawlenty in a jam
AHN: Ruling Effectively Ends Coleman's Election Contest; Republican To Appeal In MN S.Ct.
Power Line: A setback for Senator Coleman
Dallas MN: Republican senators count Coleman in at dinner
Star Tribune: Online chatter spikes over Coleman-Franken contest


SF Chronicle: GOP's Poizner fires anniversary blast at Brown
WSJ: Calif Moves To Put Costly Gas Station Pollution Rules On Hold
SacBee: California tax credit for new-home buyers bearing fruit


Dallas MN: Texas House OKs sessions to override governor vetoes
AP: Highlights from the Texas Legislature
Dallas MN: Hutchison fought against income tax, but she was hardly alone


Reuters: Florida governor slashes Everglades land deal
Sun-Sentinel: Florida Senate debates sweeping property insurance measure
AP: Meek outraising Gelber in Florida Senate race
Miami Herald: Kendrick Meek raises $1.5 million for Senate bid
AP: Meek raises $1.5 million for Fla. Senate race


AP: Attorney general files to replace Perdue
AP/Bluestein: Ga. House approves state transportation overhaul


Star Ledger: Corzine defends arts funding budget cuts in response to 'outraged' Tom Kean


Chicago Tribune: Illinois stimulus: State likely to get all $935 million of road funding
AP/Robinson: Blagojevich could be indicted Thurs.
St. Louis PD: Illinois primary voters must continue to declare their party


Politico: Murtha stays mum on PMA inquiry

CCH: Senator Specter reverses stance on EFCA, cites sluggish economy


Dayton Business Journal: Ohio transportation budget headed to Strickland


Detroit News: Leaving Michigan Behind: Eight-year population exodus staggers state


WaPo: State's Economic Problems Emerge as Major Force in Campaign


SPR: Both parties face contested primaries in Tennessee governors race


WSJ: Stimulus Stance Isolates Sanford


Hill: Gregg says he definitely won't run again


Boston Globe: Lobbyists under scrutiny linked to Capuano donors


April 1, 2009



WaPo: U.S. Plans Key Role In Naming GM Board
NYT: U.S. Plan Sees Easing of G.M. to Bankruptcy
WaPo: New GM Chief Foresees 'Deep' Restructuring
WSJ: Detroit's Fate Sealed in West Wing
NYT: Workers Share in the Pressure on Carmakers
WSJ: Cash-for-Clunkers Plan Gains Speed
NYT: In Europe, Cash for Clunkers Drives Sales
NYT: Cerberus Tries to Salvage What It Can From Chrysler
NYT: At G.M., an Abrupt Changing of the Guard
WSJ: Rivals' Revamps Vex Ford
WSJ: GM Bankruptcy? Tell Me Another
WaPo: GM, Ford to Make Payments for Buyers Who Lose Jobs
Detroit FP: GM's Henderson is known for fixing things
CBS: Sen. Corker: Obama's Auto Plan Sets "Dangerous Precedent"

Dick Morris: Obama, GM: You break it, you own it
Rush Limbaugh: Politics Will Guide General Motors; Watch for Higher Gas Prices Next
Maureen Dowd: No More Hummer Nation
John Fund: Car Crazy: Introducing Obama Motors Inc.

WSJ: Rescue-Fund Recipients Could Face Hiring Restrictions
WaPo: Four Banks Are First to Return U.S. Aid
WSJ: Treasury's Very Private Asset Fund
WSJ: U.S. Bailouts So Far Total $2.98 Trillion, Official Says
WSJ: Credit-Card Bill Narrowly Advances in Senate
WSJ: Foreclosures Trap Translators in Middle
Nicolas Sarkozy: Rebuilding Capitalism
Dana Milbank: Funeral Business Feeling Six Feet Under

WSJ/Rep. Paul Ryan: The GOP's Alternative Budget
WaPo/Sen. Judd Gregg: Obama Wants to Take Us Left
SF Chronicle: Major battle shaping up in Congress over budget
Human Events: Will Obamas Budget Pass?
Hill: GOP has unified budget message but is split on spending
Hill: Momentum grows among Dems for using rules to avoid filibuster
CQ Politics: McCain Battles Party Leaders on Budget Plan

WSJ: Congress Seeks AIG Monitor's Reports
Politico: Dems haven't given up on AIG bonuses

NYT: Democrats Agree on a Health Plan; Now Comes the Hard Part
Newt Gingrich: Hope for Ending Alzheimer's

WaPo: Federal Plan to Aid Small Businesses Is Flawed, Lenders Say

WSJ: House Emissions Bill Postpones Decisions on Cost
NYT: Democrats Unveil Climate Bill
Hill: Climate bill seeks new energy era
CQ Politics: Key Lawmakers Lay Out Plan for Limiting Greenhouse Gases
Oil & Gas Journal: Boehner names Pence to lead House GOP Energy Solutions Group
Roll Call: House Republicans Say Yes to Energy Fights
Thomas Friedman: The Price Is Not Right

WSJ: Bill Expands Volunteer Opportunities

Rep. John Boehner: GOP won't compromise secret ballots

Wash Times: Conyers weighing probe of ACORN: Defies voices in own party

WSJ: Obama's Poor Tax: Why raising the tobacco levy will hurt the states

WaPo: High Court to Weigh Relevance Of Voting Law in Obama Era

WaPo: D.C. Vote Bill: Holder Overrode Ruling That Measure Is Unconstitutional

Wash Times: Rights groups fight Obama lobbyist rules: See violation of Constitution

WSJ: HHS Nominee Sebelius Amends Tax Returns
NYT: Sebelius Pays Back Taxes
AP/Werner: Sebelius admits errors, pays $7,000 in back taxes
Politico: Sebelius paid over $7,000 in back taxes

NYT: Storm Clouds Gather Over Obama Nominees
NYT: Navy Secretary Nominee Drew Notice Over Divorce

Hill: PMA scandal dogs Pelosi

James Taranto: We Shall Overcome?

WSJ: Facing Tough Washington Climate, Abortion Foes Move Debate Online
Michael Gerson: Obama's Brewing War With Catholics

Fox: Republicans Disinvite Palin to Major Fundraiser
WaPo: Gingrich to Replace Palin at GOP Dinner
Politico: Guess who's not coming for dinner
Anchorage DN: Gingrich replaces Palin at DC GOP dinner

NYT: Obama Will Headline Fund-Raiser for Senate Majority Leader
WSJ: Lawmakers Have Long Rewarded Their Aides With Bonuses

USA Today: Romney's on the run . . . for 2012?
AP/Johnson: Romney's work puts him in 2012 political spotlight

Baltimore Sun: Steele chides GOP for infighting
Examiner: New York special election doesn't bode well for Chairman Steele
NewsMax: Blackwell: NY GOP Defeat Would Be 'Devastating' to Steele


Albany TU: Tedisco, Murphy in dead heat
WSJ: Murphy Lead Is Razor-Thin in House Race
NYT: Upstate New York House Race Is Too Close to Call
NYDN: Upstate battle for Kirsten Gillibrand Congressional seat is too-close-to-call
WaPo: Absentee Ballots to Decide N.Y. House Race
Hill: N.Y. special election too close to call
CQ Politics: The Race Goes On in New York 20
CQ Politics: History of Special Elections Suggests Don't Read Too Much Into NY 20
Albany TU: Tedisco may be out as leader no matter what

NYT: A Long Night in Albany as a Budget Inches Toward Passage
Albany TU: Bumps in road for budget
NYT: Editorial: Recession? Not in Albany
NY Post: Action! Gov gives tax breaks for TV

WSJ: States Try to Tap High Earners
NY Post: Tax-crushed Rush is fleeing NY
NYDN: Limbaugh says he'll leave New York over Paterson's tax increases
American Thinker: Class War in America

NY Post: GOP slams Working Families' 'Game' Plan


Star Ledger: Bret Schundler endorses Chris Christie for N.J. GOP Gov nomination
Philadelphia Inquirer: In N.J. race, corps of Democrats fields GOP lobs at Corzine


Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: Judges' ruling is boon to Franken
Pioneer Press: Senate race down to 400 ballots
WSJ: Ballot Ruling Favors Franken in Senate Battle
NYT: Franken Wins Ruling in Minnesota Senate Race
NYT: Minnesota Court Ruling a Setback for Coleman
Politico: Court ruling favors Franken
Hill: Court hands Coleman defeat in key decision
CQ Politics: Court Narrows Number of Minnesota Ballots to Count
USA Today: Minn. court order might finally resolve Senate contest


Mercury News: Fiorina 'seriously considering' challenging Sen. Barbara Boxer
SacBee: Ex-HP chief Fiorina 'seriously considering' challenging Boxer
Information Week: Carly Fiorina Tapped To Lead Tech Think Tank

SF Chronicle: Maldonado rebukes Poizner on budget
SF Chronicle: GOP throwdown: Maldonado v. Poizer, Round II
SacBee: Maldonado blasts Poizner for opposing ballot measures

AP/Lin: Calif.'s budget fix falls heavily on taxpayers

AP/Lawrence: Calif. GOP lawmaker to return Buddhist donations

NYT: California Bond Sale Could Revive Public Works

Mercury News: Arnold looks more and more like a job applicant


Austin AS: Democratic prospect from Austin says hes raised $308,000 for U.S. House run


CQ Politics: Cole Passes Up Bid for Oklahoma Governor


Miami Herald: Crist aims for no-frills sugar deal


Atlanta JC: Oxendine blames rival for budget cut


NYT: In Illinois, a New Push to Combat Corruption


Pocono Record: Arlen, a Specter to behold
Pocono Record: Darlin' Arlen likely to survive
Pennsylvania Ave: Specter to oppose budget resolution
Hill: The Specter of defeat


Columbus Dispatch: Republican proposes switch in how district lines drawn


Det News: Michigan readies for medical pot use: Up to 50,000 may qualify for legal smoking


Daily Progress: Keep taxes, regulations low, McDonnell tells UVa crowd
WHSV: Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Stops in Valley
News Virginian: McDonnell campaign opens with plea for jobs
News Leader: McDonnell talks economy, politics


WSJ: Native Hawaiians Lose Claim
NYT: Justices Limit the Reach of Apology to Hawaiians


Hartford Courant: Republican Caligiuri Announces Senate Bid Against Dodd
CQ Politics: A Second Republican Officially Enters Connecticut Senate Race
Hill: Republicans see streaks of red in Connecticuts blue regions
Hartford Courant: Sen. Dodd Trying To Cut Ties To AIG
Bloomberg: Dodds AIG Ties, Cash Shortage Threaten Senate Re-Election Bid

ABC: Dodd Foe: Senator Violated Public's Trust

Hartford Courant: Pot Decriminalization Bill Advances In Legislature

Detroit News: Springtime for New England Republicans?


Boston Globe: DiMasi adviser trades testimony for immunity
Boston Globe: Walsh pulls out amid uproar
Boston Globe: Patrick's political pit



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