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Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

Then and now, President Trump and his supporters celebrate the greatest hits at his campaign rallies

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms

What can Congress do to punish Saudi Arabia if Trump won’t?

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence

White House counsel Donald McGahn officially leaves the job

As midterms near, Democrats accuse GOP of plotting to cut Medicare, Social Security

Amid global outrage over Khashoggi, Trump takes soft stance toward Saudis

August 7, 2009


WSJ: Senate Votes 68-31 to Confirm Sotomayor
Wash Times: Senate confirms Sotomayor
WaPo: Senate Confirms Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court
NYT: Sotomayor Confirmed by Senate, 68-31
WaPo/Fix: The Politics of the Sotomayor Vote
NYT: Sotomayor Faces Heavy Workload of Complex Cases
WSJ: Justice Sotomayor: Shes lucky she didnt get the Miguel Estrada treatment
Pat Buchanan: A GOP That Can Say No

WSJ: White House Vows to Defend Democrats on Health Reform
Hill: Medicaid costs fueling dispute between states, Senate
NYT: Governors Fear Added Costs in Health Care Overhaul
NYT: Senators Hear Concerns Over Costs of Health Proposal
NYT: Democrats Say No to Cost Cap for Drug Manufacturers
NYT: Unions Join Fray in Health-Care Overhaul
NYT: Over the Airwaves and on Cable TV, Health Care Dominates
WaPo: Senate Health-Care Negotiators Hope to Keep Deal Alive During Break
WaPo: Democrats Weigh the Calculus of Public Insurance
WaPo: Experts Argue for and Against a Public Option
Hill: Axelrod gives Dems their health talking points
WSJ: France Fights Universal Care's High Cost

Charles Krauthammer: Health-Care Reform: A Better Plan
Rush Limbaugh: From the Oval Office, Obama Orders Up His Own Union Mob
Rush Limbaugh: Whose Swastikas, Speaker Pelosi?
Politico: Harry Reid: GOP 'run by a talk show host'
Kim Strassel: Blue Dog Blues: Voters dont want Nancy Pelosi in power
Human Events: Dems Fear Town Hall Meetings
Paul Krugman: The Town Hall Mob
AP/Werner: Activists say no letup for health care protests
Dallas MN: Cornyn accuses White House of compiling 'enemies list'
Byron York: Obama's dissident database could be secret -- and permanent
Wash Times: Obama pledge to whistleblowers in doubt
James Taranto: Democrats play the victim. ObamaCare must really be in trouble
Hugh Hewitt: Why Resistance To Obamacare Is Growing Despite Intimidation and Slander
Michael Barone: Voters nix health care proposals
Scott Rasmussen: Health Reform and the Polls
Rasmussen: Krugman Disses Rasmussen Poll - But Forgets to Fact-Check

WSJ: Senate Democrats Want Climate Bill to Protect Manufacturing
NYT: Climate Bill Is Threatened by Senators
NYT: Senators Issue Warning on Climate Bill
WSJ: The Homely Costs of Energy Conservation
American Thinker: The Real Climate Agenda

AP/Zibel: Fannie Mae seeks $10.7B in US aid after 2Q loss
WaPo: Mortgage Giants' Revamp Disputed

WSJ: Spitzers Incredible Shrinking Case: Greenbergs alleged misdeeds at AIG get smaller
AP: Ex-AIG head to pay settlement

NYT: With Jobs Data Due, Experts See Some Lift From Stimulus
Politico: White House braces for new unemployment statistics
NYT: Another Hurdle for the Jobless: Credit Inquiries

WSJ: Senate Adds $2 Billion to 'Clunkers' Plan
NYT: Senate Adds Cash to Clunkers Plan
WaPo: With Senate Vote, Congress Refuels 'Clunkers' Program
Dana Milbank: Clash of the Clunkers
AP: Senate roll call on 'cash for clunkers'

Stephen Moore: Its Time to Legislate a Spending Cap

WSJ: Congress Gets an Upgrade: $500 Million Slated for Purchase of Eight More Planes

CBS: Obama's Falling Approval Rating
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Craters in Polls
Rasmussen: 71% Say Obamas Policies Have Driven Up Deficit
Michael Gerson: The End of Obama's Honeymoon
Hill: Cantor swipes at Obama policy on Mideast trip

WaPo: Obama as The Joker: Racial Fear's Ugly Face

WSJ: Key Lawmaker Received Countrywide Loans
Hill: Conrad, Issa spar over Countrywide probe
Politico: Kent Conrad rips Darrell Issa investigation

Wash Times: Justice Dept. pressed to explain Panthers dropped charges

WaPo: A $191 Million Question: Relationship between Army official & private contractor

WSJ: Immigration Effort Draws GOP Backer

Wash Times: Kansas senators fight Gitmo move
WSJ: Doubt Raised on Gitmo Closing Date

National Journal: Senate Race Rankings

Politico: Is Bush still relevant?

KC Star: Palin hits Big Apple
CNN: Start spreading the news: Palin in New York


NYT: In Bid for House Seat, a Question of Identity for Republicans Upstate
NYDN: Republicans Staff Up, Take Shots In NY-23
ADE: Candidate from Lake Placid secures Conservative nod for New Yorks 23rd District seat
Albany TU: Senate meets, acts, leaves
NYT: State Senate Renews New York Mayors Control of Schools
NY Post: Gov's party pal: Tapped as 88G-a-year aide amid 'hire freeze'
NYDN: What hiring freeze?! Gov. Paterson hires 'club' pal Gabrielle Turner
Politico: Gillibrand: 'Where's Carl from?'
CQ Politics: Maloney Stays Mum on Plans for New York Senate Run
Politico: Fear and loathing at New York town hall
Buffalo News: Pigeon launches two new political funds for Espada


Rasmussen: New Jersey Governor: Christie Takes 13-Point Lead Again
AP: Protesters plan to push for NJ mayor's resignation
CQ Politics: New Jersey: More Older Voters Want Corzine Out
PolitickerNJ: Does Corzine Have a Viable Comeback Strategy?


MSNBC: VA poll: McDonnell up eight points
NYT: Obama Campaigns With Candidate for Virginia Governor
Wash Times: Obama stumps Va. for Deeds
Hill: Obama raises money for Deeds, sans healthcare talk
CQ Politics: Can Obama Help Democrat in Governors Race?
NYT: State Races Seen as Tests for Obama
Hill: Obama ratings may be aiding GOP in Virginia
Fox: Obama's Campaign Efforts a Double-Edged Sword in Virginia Governor Race

AP: Ex-Aide to Biden Nominated U.S. Atty. in Alexandria

Wash Times: Kaine frees three of 'Norfolk Four' sailors


SF Chronicle: Carly Fiorina gets boost from GOP leadership in possible Senate bid
CQ Politics: Pham Takes on NRCC 'Young Gun' in California 47
SacBee: Big donors sought for Schwarzenegger climate meeting
Dan Walters: 2006 education bill bedevils Schwarzenegger


Dallas MN: Hutchison picks and chooses her issues on key Senate panel
McClatchy: Cornyn predicts 'free-for-all' for Hutchison's Senate seat
AP/Castro: Perry, Hutchison oppose Cash for Clunkers program


News-Press: Crist touts creation of green jobs
CBS4: Marco Rubio's Long Road
Herald Tribune: Rubio gets hint to drop out from former ally
St. Pete Times: Rubio mentor Al Cardenas endorses Charlie Crist
Orlando Sentinel: Pawlenty will be on-hand for GOP get-together in Orlando
Palm Beach Post: What the censure means to Gov. Crist
Sun Sentinel: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist censured in his own state

ESPN: Holtz has no plan to run for office


Augusta Chronicle: Health, not personal problems pushed Cagle out of 2010 run
MyFox Atlanta: Water War Becomes Issue in Gov. Race


NYT: Climate Vote Causing Heartburn for Kirk in Senate Bid
CQ Politics: Hynes Challenging Illinois Gov. Quinn


RCP: Pawlenty Headlining Florida, Ohio GOP Dinners


American Spectator: Toomey for Sotomayor
Hot Air: Confirm Sotomayor, says Pat Toomey
USA Today: Toomey's surprise: He supports Sotomayor
Philadelphia Inquirer: Sestak officially announces he will take on Specter for Senate

CQ Politics: Costello Joins GOP Race in Pennsylvania 6


AHN: Voinovich Declares Support For Sotomayor


AP/Hoffman: MI GOP gubernatorial candidates differ over money
Detroit FP: Influential GOP lobbyist calls for gas tax hike to break stalemate


News-Leader: Blunt blasts public health care option
St. Louis PD: Bond gets points for principle


TimesNews: Ramsey brings gubernatorial campaign to hometown of Blountville
TimesNews: TRP may reinstate Kent Williams as 'bona fide' Republican


WSJ: Edwards Ex-Mistress Appears at Court
NYDN: Former mistress Rielle Hunter, brings love child, to court investigating John Edwards
Swamp: John Edwards' funds: Grand jury eyes


Pickens Sentinel: McMaster formally enters governors race
Item: Rex considers running for governor


CNN: Ron Paul's son following in father's footsteps


Wash Times: Jefferson faces financial hits at sentencing


Des Moines Register: Possible gubernatorial bid spotlights long Branstad record


August 6, 2009


WSJ: Sen. Enzi Won't Rush Into Health-Bill Deal
WSJ: ObamaCares Real Price Tag
WSJ: Grassleys Leverage: The White House bows on ethanol tariffs
WaPo: Senators Closer To Health Package
NYT: Centrist Democrats Upbeat on Health Care Bill
NYT: White House Affirms Deal on Drug Cost
Politico: Pelosi's plan: wine, dine big donors
Politico: Chris Dodd to colleagues: Stick to basics
Hill: Dems seek to unite for recess push
CQ Politics: Health Debate Produces Angry Protests, Angry Retorts
Hill: Cornyn: Public anger on healthcare a good opportunity for GOP
Karl Rove: Health Reform and the Tax Pledge
David Broder: The Blue Dogs and the Bloc Party
Rush Limbaugh: A Warning to Blue Dog Democrats
NYDN: Rush Limbaugh's diet plan probably won't work long-term, experts say

NYT: Agreement on a Vote to Extend Car Program
Detroit News: Senate cuts $2B clunker deal
Detroit FP: Cash-for-clunkers plan heads to Senate vote today
Wash Times: 'Cash for clunkers' extension en route to Senate

WSJ: GOP Eyes Next Court Pick With Sotomayor Vote
NYT: Sotomayor Vote Planned for Thursday
Wash Times: 8 GOP senators for, 30 against Sotomayor
Politico: Kit Bond, Judd Gregg say yes to Sonia Sotomayor
Hill: Shoo-in vote for Sotomayor
Politico: Ralph Reed warns GOP on Sonia Sotomayor
WaPo: Democrats Rally for Sotomayor
Politico: Sonia Sotomayor tops Senate sprint to recess
AP: Senate Poised to Make History With Sotomayor Vote
Politics Daily: What We Still Don't Know About Sonia Sotomayor

WaPo: U.S. Considers Remaking Mortgage Giants
WSJ: Regulator of Fannie, Freddie to Step Down
WaPo: Regulator of Mortgage Giants to Step Down
NYT: As U.S. Weighs Future of Housing Giants, Overseer Is Leaving

NYT: U.S. to Reform Policy on Detention for Immigrants
James Taranto: Why children of illegal aliens are natural-born citizens
Ann Coulter: Obama birth certificate spotted in bogus moon landing footage

NYT: Geithner Takes Regulators to Task on Turf Battle

WaPo: Grants Steered to Green Car Research: $2.4 Billion for Battery Makers
Wash Times: Stimulus to aid foreign battery makers

NYT: Democracy Behind Bars

NYT: St. Martins to Publish Mitt Romney Book
Politico: Sarah Palin calls divorce report 'made up'
Politico: Huck: Obama 'most pro-abortion' pres.
Human Events: Newts New '2+2=4' Campaign
CBS: Is It 2012 Already?

Politico: John Cornyn embraces declining President Obama polls


Albany TU: Senate back, but no drama?
AP: NY Senate to seal mayoral control of NYC schools
AP/Virtanen: Inmate legal aid tops pork derby
NYT: Leader of Carpenters Union and 9 Others Indicted in Corruption Inquiry
Albany TU: No-work state worker wins hearing
Business First: Added license plate fee irks Collins
NYDN: Unions Mail Against Collins
Watertown DT: Hoffman urges GOP to change mind
Politico: Town hall trouble from both sides now
PressConnects: State Senate will ignore anti-gun bills for now


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie once again touts anticorruption plan
Star-Ledger: N.J. corruption scandal takes centerstage in governor's race
NYT: With Scandal as Backdrop, New Jersey Race Heats Up


Fox: Virginia GOP Governor Nominee to Rebut Obama Weekly Radio Address
Wash Times: Obama loses favor in Va., could hurt Deeds
Politico: Jon Corzine resurrects George W. Bush in governor race
WaPo: Ex-Lobbyist Called Top Candidate for Alexandria U.S. Attorney


CQ Politics: For Cornyn, Grass Seems Greener In Fiorina Candidacy
WSJ: Bratton Joins Private Sector After 7 Years as L.A.'s Top Cop
Human Events: How California Can Avoid a Sequel of the Budget Crisis
BAR: California support for same-sex marriage still below 50 percent
San Diego UT: California voters increasingly 'tolerant'
McClatchy: Democrats target House GOP stalwart in California


Dallas MN: Cornyn optimistic on Republican changes in 2010 elections
McClatchy: Cornyn is confident that Republicans could keep Hutchison's seat
AP/Shannon: Analysis: Latinos could be factor in GOP slugfest


USA Today: Capitol presents final Hill to climb for Holtz
LA Times: Lou Holtz is trying to see if he is politically correct

CQ Politics: Rival Emerges In Florida 16

Miami Herald: Tempers flare in S. Fla. over healthcare overhaul

Daytona Beach NJ: Special election called to replace the late Sen. King
AP: Crist sets date for election to fill King seat


AJC: Southern Republicans, it seems, have seceded from sanity


ABC: Kirk speaks out against healthcare reform plan
Chicago DO: The Bright Side of Mark Kirk on the US Senate Primary Ballot


Star Tribune: Sizing up the Sixth District for 2010
Star Tribune: Democrats getting an earful on health care during recess


Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell signs stopgap budget
Pittsburgh PG: Rendell signs partial budget, vetoes more than half
Reuters: Pennsylvania gets stop-gap budget, Philly left out
LA Times: Editorial: Arlen Specter's challenge


CQ Politics: Strong Challenger in Ohio 12


AP/Martin: Tax hike talk grows without budget plan in Mich.
Detroit FP: Don't cut help for poor, protesters in Lansing say
Detroit News: Proposed cuts to Mich. budget hurt poor


St. Louis PD: Missouri's senators not playing to type on "Cash for Clunkers"
AP/Davis: GOP Sen. Bond says he'll vote for Sotomayor
Joplin Globe: Rep. Blunt touts GOP plan for health-care reform


NRO: Gordons Blue-Dog Blues


WRAL: Lawmakers pass $19B state budget
Winston-Salem Journal: Perdue expected to sign off on state budget of $19 billion
Charlotte Observer: Sales tax rate to rise on Sept. 1
AP: North Carolina: State Budget Approved


WMBF: Sanford set to return to work after two week trip
WCNC: Sanford's longtime spokesman calls it quits


WSJ: Jefferson Guilty in Bribery Trial
Wash Times: Jefferson found guilty on 11 counts
Hill: Former Rep. Jefferson guilty on 11 of 16 counts
WaPo: Jefferson Convicted In Bribery Scheme
NYT: Ex-Rep. Jefferson Convicted in Bribery Scheme
Politico: William Jefferson convicted in freezer cash case


AP: Alaska: Changes to Ethics Law Urged


Louisville CJ: Paul says he will run for Senate
USA Today: Rand Paul joins race, fundraises in NYC
AP/Alford: Ron Paul son Rand joins Ky. GOP race for Senate
Politico: Comments you don't want to make at the start of Kentucky primaries
Politico: Democratic race goes blue in Kentucky
SmartBrief: Obama nominates Ky. Republican for post on safety commission


CQ Politics: New Hampshire: Butt Out of GOP Primary


Hill: Cornyn promises well-funded challenger for Reid
Hill: Cornyn won't commit to endorsing Ensign


WaPo: Maryland Is Third-Most Democratic State, Poll Says


NYT: Arizona G.O.P. Divided Over Budget
Arizona Republic: Arizona Senate buys time to get sales tax on ballot


AP: Conn. Republicans to unveil new budget plan


August 5, 2009


WSJ: As Congress Goes on Break, Health Lobbying Heats Up
WaPo: Groups Take Health-Reform Debate to Airwaves
Wash Times: Democrats see phony health bill outrage
WSJ: Dems vs. Dems
WSJ: Blue Dogs or Corporate Shills?
Politico: Class war: Junior Dems split on health bill
Politico: With bill elusive, Democrats pitch small ball
Politico: Barack Obama vs. Drudge Report
CQ Politics: Health Care Ad Wars Heat Up as Recess Begins
Hill: Health insurance industry pushes back on Democrats
Arthur Laffer: How to Fix the Health-Care Wedge
James Taranto: Town Hells: Dems get an earful from their constituents
Fred Thompson: Right accused of hyping risk of terminal talks with the aged
Dick Morris: 'Reform' at seniors' expense
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Becomes a Caricature

CSM: GOP senators concede on Cash for Clunkers
WSJ: Reid Says Senate Will Extend 'Clunkers' This Week
Wash Times: 'Clunker' support gains some traction
NYT: Senate Is Expected to Extend Clunker Trade-Ins

AP/Davis: Parties preview Sotomayor debate
Politico: Senate kicks off Sotomayor debate
CQ Politics: Sotomayor Has the Votes
WaPo: GOP Senators Seem Unconcerned About Hispanic Backlash
Marco Rubio: Opposing the philosophy of Sonia Sotomayor isn't anti-Hispanic

Politico: Climate bill may fall by the wayside
WSJ: Why Nuclear Power Is Part of Our Future
Wash Times: Report: Climate bill spells gloom for jobs
Politico: Group pushes 'clean coal' in ad blitz

WSJ: Stimulus Slow to Flow to Infrastructure
WSJ: Foreclosure Plan Is Off to a Bumpy Start
Hill: Issa wants answers from Emanuel

CQ Politics: Guantnamo Ire Provokes Senate Threats
Rep. Peter Hoekstra: Gitmo North?

AP: Palin's use of private e-mail subject of hearing

Hill: Bush staffers run for election likely to test Ws legacy
Politico: Two GOP Reps. hit the road in search of candidates
Kathleen Parker: Southerners weighing heavily on Republican Party
Kathleen Parker: A Tip for The GOP: Look Away


NYDN: Union bigs push Cuomo for gov run
NYT: New York Seeks Millions in Tax From Lehman


Star-Ledger: Chris Christie to unveil plan to crack down on political corruption
Star-Ledger: GOP governor candidate Chris Christie takes campaign to Franklin
NYT: Mayor in Corruption Inquiry Wont Quit, and Residents Worry
AP: Poll finds N.J. voters not swayed by lieutenant governor's race
AP: N.J. governor's race receiving more outside funding from special interest groups

Star-Ledger: Three indicted on election fraud charges in N.J. senate race


Wash Times: Poll: McDonnell widens lead in Va. race
Virginian-Pilot: McDonnell, GOP ticket up in new poll
WaPo: Is Race for Governor More About Obama?
Richmond TD: McDonnell says he would not raise taxes for roads


SacBee: Field Poll contends GOP is isolated as California shifts left
LA Times: Federal judges order California to release 43,000 inmates
SacBee: Judges order California to cut prison population by 40,591
NYT: California Prisons Must Cut Inmate Population
Dan Walters: State of denial on prisons boomerangs


Dallas MN: Perry quick to accept invite to debate primary rival Hutchison
AP/Castro: Hutchison, Perry accept debate invites


NBC: Five Reasons Why Lou Holtz Would Make a Great Congressman
St. Pete Times: Pinellas GOP denies link to Facebook page with image of Obama as Joker
Tampa Tribune: House Sansom hearings on hold for criminal trial


Atlanta JC: Olens gains primary opponent in bid for AG
Rome NT: Candidate with Floyd County ties to seek AG seat
Atlanta BC: Isakson: Democrats going wrong way on health care


CQ Politics: 2010 Campaigns Begin in Illinois
Politico: House race may split black vote


CQ Politics: Tinklenberg Out of Minnesota 6 Race


WSJ: Specter Faces Democratic Primary Challenge
Wash Times: Sestak challenges Specter, defies Obama
CQ Politics: Sestak Loves 'Being The Underdog'
Hill: Senate candidates from opposite sides use same strategy against Specter


AP/Majors: Embattled lottery director resigns


Politico: Administering some love to Michigan


SCM: Bond, Blunt, area ag leaders discuss concerns about cap and trade bill
News-Leader: Blunt among birth certificate skeptics in online interview
St. Louis PD: GOP looking for Ike to take a hike: Republicans target Skelton


Reuters: Sen. Corker says could support more "clunker" funds


Fay Observer: North Carolina budget nears approval
News & Observer: Budget raises your taxes
BRN: GOP: Time is ripe to unseat Shuler


Post and Courier: McMaster opens governor campaign
Palmetto Scoop: McMaster files for guv, staffs up


CQ Politics: Castle to Decide on 2010 in 'Month or So'


Human Events: 'Countrywide Chris' Dodd


Las Vegas Sun: For now, Ensign in GOPs good graces


August 4, 2009


Boston Globe: Romney, Pawlenty spar on healthcare
Examiner: Editorial: Put the health care reform bill online, now
Pat Buchanan: Time To Go, Grampa
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Approaches Tipping Point As Nation Erupts Over Health Care

Wash Times: Health reform bill gets no recess respite
Politico: Democrats's break looking like a bad trip
Wash Times: Schumer: Health bill possible without GOP
Politico: Clock ticking on bipartisan bill
Hill: Left is miffed at Pelosi over her comment
Politico: Recess health care ad blitz kicks off
CQ Politics: Health Care Message Gets West Wing Tune-up
Radio Iowa: Grassley says health care could be done by November
Hill: Sen. Enzi: No deadline for healthcare talks
Hill: Senate Dems have backup plans for healthcare
WSJ: Silicon Valley Has a High-Tech Prescription to Cure Health Care's Swollen Costs
CQ Politics: Health Care Debate a Campaign Cash Cow

WSJ: Global Warming and the Poor
WSJ: American Babies Are Ruining Everything
Politico: Edward Markey raps coal group on forgeries

NYT: Obama Renews Vow of No Middle-Class Tax Increase
Hill: Tax trial balloon pops
WSJ: Teeing Up the Middle Class: Joe the Plumber’s tax vindication is nigh
James Taranto: A novel way of blaming George W. Bush for Barack Obama’s mistakes
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Administration Breaks No-Middle-Class-Tax-Increase Pledge

WSJ: White House Counsel's Job at Stake

WSJ: Security Cyber Czar Steps Down
WaPo: Top Cybersecurity Aide At White House Resigns

WSJ: Senate GOP Leader to Question 'Clunkers' Extension
US News: DeMint, McCain Oppose 'Cash for Clunkers' Push
NYT: Spurring Sales, Car Rebate Plan Is Left Up in Air
WaPo: Cash for Clunkers Deal Drives Auto Sales
Wash Times: Clunker debate teams up old foes: Senate vote will be close
Politico: White House pushes 'cash for clunkers' funding
WSJ: The Killer App for Clunkers Breathes Fresh Life Into 'Liquid Glass'
Hill: Reid juggles hectic final week agenda
Rush Limbaugh: The Cash for Clunkers Boondoggle

WaPo: Dueling Public Interests In Policing Rescued Firms

WaPo: Va., N.Y. Districts Vie for 9/11 Case
NYT: Obama Administration Weighs in on State Secrets, Raising Concern on the Left
Wash Times: Panel blasts dismissing Panther case

Politico: DNC to Supreme Court: Don't discourage small donors

LA Times: Senate set to begin Sotomayor debate
Wash Times: Gun foes see new hope with Sotomayor
AP/Davis: Senate opens debate on Sotomayor for Supreme Court
NYT: McCain Will Vote Against Sotomayor
Politico: John McCain, in the middle, says no
WSJ: McCains Decision Confirms a Partisan Trend on Sotomayor
Politics Daily: McCain's 'No' on Sotomayor Could Haunt Him in 2010
CQ Politics: Yesterdays Spats Shadow Todays Court Debates
NYT: Off the Bench, Souter Leaves Farmhouse Behind

WSJ: Bill Clinton in N. Korea; Captives Discussed
NYT: Bill Clinton in North Korea to Seek Release of U.S. Reporters
WaPo: Reports: Bill Clinton Arrives in N. Korea
Wash Times: Bill Clinton in N. Korea to free newswomen
Politico: Bill Clinton begins rescue mission
AP: Graham hopes Clinton NKorea mission is an opening

NYT: Staying Tough in Crackdown on Immigrants

NYT: Editorial: States in Distress

Wash Times: Republicans closing gap in polls

AP: A look at Democrats targeted by House GOP

Politico: August homework for the GOP

Politico: Why is the GOP slighting Hispanics?


Human Events: New York Trading Down
NYT: City Hall Broke Rules Funneling Money to Groups
Albany TU: $2.3 million for Capital Region crime fighting


AP: Christie widens lead over Corzine in new poll
NYT: Big Donors Make End Run in New Jersey Campaign
Politico: Corzine hoping for an Obama bounce


WaPo: Va. Politics: Party Chairs Trade Barbs on Welfare Comment
Richmond TD: State GOP leaders remarks decried
DNR: McDonnell Awaits Rest Stop Reply
News-Advance: Deeds swings through rural parts of Central Virginia


CQ Politics: Whitman's in the Money in Calif. Governor's Race
SacBee: Twitter to join GOP fall debate
SacBee: Field Poll: Changing electorate
Dan Walters: Polling reveals California's fragmented electorate
SacBee: Steinberg, Schwarzenegger on vacation


AP/Root: Were Hutchison's earmarks a conflict of interest with husband's bond business?
Houston Chronicle: Judicial vacancies might be filled while truce holds
NYT: Doggett Shouted Down Over Health Care Plan
Austin AS: Texas is competitive between the parties, Gallup says


Orlando Sentinel: Ex-coach Lou Holtz considering running for Congress in Central Florida
WDBO: Lou Holtz for Congress in Central Florida?
Orlando Sentinel: Ex-Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz eyeing Central Florida congressional run
Human Events: Florida Congressman: Stimulus Bill Is Funding Porn
Miami Herald: Politics, pensions a tricky balance
Palm Beach Post: Florida panel to weigh ex-speaker Sansom's fate in ethics probe
St. Pete Times: Florida House to judge former speaker Ray Sansom and itself
Tallahassee Dem: Legislators to hold memorial for former Senate President Jim King today


AJC: Lawmakers who owe taxes now in ethics probe


Daily Herald: Kirk presents rival plan for health care reform
Chicago Tribune: Illinois politics opens Tuesday for February primary
Chicago Sun-Times: Sources: Hull wanted Obama's Senate seat


Hot Air: Resurging Republicans in Minnesota?


WaPo: Specter-Sestak Under the Microscope
Politico: Joe Sestak takes the plunge
Hill: Rep. Sestak to announce Senate bid Tuesday


Enquirer: Strickland taps Crowley for state board


Detroit News: Candidate field to get a trim during primary
WSJ: Two Cities Hurt by Auto Woes To Vote on a Path for Future
Ted Nugent: Michigan on Life Support


CQ Politics: Martin Explores Bid For Missouri Rep. Carnahan's Seat


CTFP: More in Tennessee leaning Democratic, poll says


Fay Observer: GOP ads target N.C. congressman on health care


Politico: Republicans see chance for North Dakota Senate seat


Hill: Republicans in New Hampshire scoff at D.C.s role in Senate race
Hill: NRSC to host fundraiser for N.H.'s Ayotte


AP/Massey: Firms with NM investments donated to Richardson


OregonLive: Gallup: Washington, Oregon stay strongly Blue


WaPo: Maryland: More Blue than New York or California?


August 3, 2009


LA Times: U.S. prison plan for Guantanamo inmates under review, officials say
WaPo: New Detainee Site In U.S. Considered
AP/Jakes: Military-civilian terror prison eyed

NYT: Two Sides Take Health Care Debate Outside Washington
Boston Globe: Democrats reframing insurers as obstacle
Star Tribune: Health insurers fighting overhaul plan with cash
WaPo: Democrats Find Rallying Points on Health Reform, but Splinters Remain
Politico: 5 things to watch during recess
Politico: As recess begins, the heat is on
Politico: Senate Democrats spar over public plan
Hill: Hatch: Dem healthcare plan out of this world
CQ Politics: Health Bills Allow Some a Religious Exemption
Gov. Tim Pawlenty: To Fix Health Care, Follow the States
Lanny Davis: Obama's health plans confusing
Jed Babbin: Teachable August
Rep. Darrell Issa: Affordable Coverage, Dependable Care for All Americans

WaPo: Falling Behind On Green Tech

WSJ: White House Flags Jobs, Deficit Concerns
WaPo: Economic Messengers Perform on a Tightrope
Wash Times: Geithner, Summers hedge on tax hikes
Politico: Timothy Geithner won't rule out new taxes
WSJ: States, Cities Spend for Stimulus Cash
WSJ: Drug, Energy Firms Buck Lobbying Decline
WSJ: The Antitrust Anachronism
Ross Douthat: Blue-State Blues
Paul Krugman: Rewarding Bad Actors

WSJ: 'Clunkers' Rebates at Risk Unless Senate Acts
WSJ: More Cash for Clunkers?
NYT: Cash for Clunkers Becomes a Republican Target
Politico: GOP could block clunkers cash
Hill: McCain will lead GOP opposition to cash-for-clunkers
Hill: Clunkers bill could face tougher road in Senate
WSJ: Cash From Clunkers: Lets have a $4,500 subsidy for everything

Andrew Breitbart: On race, 'No, he can't!'
AP/Lavoie: Gates Says He's Able to Joke About Arrest

AP: McCain Is Undecided on Sotomayor
NYT: Party Policy Shifts With the Majority

CQ Politics: Crowded Agenda Before Senate Recess Begins Friday

WaPo: 'High Risk, High Reward': McCain's choice of Sarah Palin

NYT: New Owner for the Magazine 'The Weekly Standard' as Political Tastes Change
EJ Dionne: The GOP's Extremist Dilemma

WSJ: Gay Marriage, Democracy, and the Courts

Politico: RNC Chairman Michael Steele finds his voice
American Thinker: The GOP is not a group, it's a party

CQ Politics: Top Early Money Candidates In Open-Seat Races

Politics Daily: Conservative Bloggers Hold Conclave


NYT: On Governors Race, Cuomo Stance Is Wait and See
NY Post: Latest fiscal gloom could doom Gov
NYDN: Attendance in Albany is optional for some NY lawmakers
NYT: Editorial: A New Gap for Albany
Albany TU: Search for pork by legislator, county
Albany TU: Devil's in the numbers


Star-Ledger: Comparing Lt. Gov. picks


WaPo: Dems Continue Anti-Bush Campaign: Ex-President's Record Used Against McDonnell


SacBee: Governor's inmate reduction program: How will it work?
Dan Walters: California's supermajority budget vote in the crosshairs


SA News: Cornyn says many Republicans eyeing seat
Politico: Texas Senate seat within Democrats's reach
Austin AS: Waiting for Hutchison: Plenty of Texas aspirants caught in her political pileup


Politico: Lawyer says Feeney investigation over


AJC: Party ties aside, bill unites two senators


Chicago Business: Business bored by GOP field


AP/Bauer: Effort to share Wis., Minn. resources hits snags
Minn Post: State GOP bloggers lose their leader, Michael Brodkorb


AP/Scolforo: Stalled Pa. budget no closer after 2-hour talks


Columbus Dispatch: State wants gambling money; do politicians?


Detroit News: Low turnout expected for Detroit primary election


Student Life: MBA graduate and law professor face off in Mo. state auditor race


Knox News: 5 of 7 gubernatorial candidates get money they can't legally use
Tenn: Rutherford election commission may hire attorney for GOP members to fight suit


Politico: Bev Perdue already faces rocky road
Hill: In North Carolina, its dj vu all over again


Anchorage Daily News: Lu Young, wife of Rep. Don Young, dies at 67


Hill: Nelson, liberals escalate feud


August 2, 2009


WaPo: Obama Trims Sails On Health Reform
Chicago Tribune: Health care legislation: Democrats face tough questions from constituents
Wash Times: 5 panels work on 5 different health plans
AP/Zaldivar: Both sides shift health care debate to Main Street
Hill: Unions budget up to $15 million for August campaign
NYT: Editorial: Curbing Runaway Health Inflation
Michael Reagan: A Presidential Pattern of Acting Without Facts

Leon Panetta: Congress and the CIA: Time to Move On

AP/Davis: NRA threats fail to sway senators on Sotomayor

NYT: Prolonged Aid to Unemployed Is Running Out
NYT: $100 Million Payday Poses Problem for Pay Czar

NYT: Confusion Surrounds Clunkers Program
Hill: McCain, McCaskill oppose more clunker funding
St. Louis PD: Not all in Congress agree with extending cash-for-clunkers program
Rasmussen: Most Oppose Cash for Clunkers, but Many Willing to Take the Money if Offered

Hill: Ag groups lobby Senate on food safety bill

NYT: Despite a Decade of Controversy, the Faith-Based Initiative Endures

CQ Politics: Reid Pushes Workaround For Hot Spot Travel Ban

Wash Times: RNC reconsiders primary schedule
Hill: Analysis: It's Steele's party -- kind of

Politico: States' woes could drag Democrats down

Hill: Justice Department drops probe of ex-Rep. Feeney

NYDN: Sarah Palin divorce reports are untrue, says the ex-governor of Alaska's people
Politico: Sarah Palin beats press to blog claim
Swamp: Sarah Palin divorce chatter: Denials

CQ Politics: Huckabee Takes Sides in 2010 Primaries

CQ Politics: HillPAC Shuts Down

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Human Events: Stephanopoulos Faces Conservative Critic Malkin on Sunday Show


Albany TU: Pork money goes south: $3.7M spending shift to New York City, Westchester
Albany TU: Murphy: No more clunker cash just yet
Post-Journal: NY Congressional Delegation Chimes In On Public Health Insurance Debate


Press of Atlantic City: Van Pelt resigns, citing public's 'outrage' over corruption charges


Hill: Obama campaigns to keep Virginia in blue column
Salena Zito: Fall eyes on Virginia


AP: Former eBay CEO has cash cushion in Calif campaign
SacBee: State workers union gives leaders permission to strike
SacBee: Offshore drilling debate won't end with budget accord
LA Times: California's redevelopment agencies face an uncertain future
Dan Walters: Recession holds key to budget


Dallas MN: Perry: Hutchison's call for him to leave governor's race 'bizarre'
Dallas MN: Hutchison and Perry join Sean Hannity


St. Pete Times: Local Florida Republican activists cool to Crist's Senate campaign
Miami Herald: Florida House to investigate ex-Speaker Sansom's dealings with college


AJC: Congressman Deal steps up for governors race


AP/Levy: Is the air going out of Pa.'s state budget battle?


Toledo Blade: GOP filings questioned


Detroit FP: Despite guilty plea, Monica Conyers could make Detroit's Nov. 3 ballot


KSPR: Blunt and Bond Trash Cap and Trade


Tennessean: Tennessee gubernatorial candidate promises cleanup of THP


WRAL: Burr: Health overhaul could decimate N.C. economy


CQ Politics: New Mexico Gov Field at Two With More Likely


Hill: Nelson pushes back hard against liberal attack ad


Times-Picayune: Sen. David Vitter says the Southerners are all right


August 1, 2009


WSJ: House Panel Approves Sweeping Health Bill, 31-28
Wash Times: Key panel OKs health care bill
WaPo: House Committee Approves Health-Care Package
AP/Werner: GOP blasts Dems' health care legislation
NYT: Health Bill Clears Hurdle, and Hints at Consensus
Hill: House panel approves healthcare reform bill
Hill: Liberals will get single-payer vote on House floor
Politico: President Obama's health plan passes key hurdle
WaPo: Health Reform Is Messy Business
Hill: Veterans groups have grave concerns on health bill
WaPo: Talk Radio Campaign Frightening Seniors
Politico: Nancy Pelosi outlines August plan of attack
Politico: See you in September
CNN: DCCC campaign hits vulnerable GOP incumbents on health care
WSJ: Agencies Seek to Use Stimulus Funds to Find Cheaper Health Care
NYT: Obamas Pledge to Tax Only the Rich Cant Pay for Everything, Analysts Say
WSJ: Democrats Show Strain of Heated Battles
WSJ: A soda pop tax and government health care wont cure obesity
James Taranto: Would You Buy a Used Kidney From This Man?
Rush Limbaugh: Barney Frank: Public Plan Will Lead Us to Government-Run Health Care

WSJ: New Cash Steered to Clunkers
Wash Times: House triples 'clunker' cash, despite flaws
NYT: House Approves $2 Billion to Extend Clunker Plan
Detroit FP: House OKs $2 billion more to buy clunkers
Rush Limbaugh: Government Disasters: Cash for Clunkers, Obamacare for Suckers

WSJ: House Passes Bill to Curb Executive Pay
NYT: House Approves Limits on Executive Pay

NYDN: House OKs pardon for first black boxing champ Jack Johnson

Kathleen Parker: A Crude Reality About Energy Independence

WSJ: The Shareholder Bill of Rights is good for union leaders but bad for business

NYT: Federal Agencies Diverted Earmark Money
Hill: Contractor convicted in earmark probe

CNN: GOP leader bashes Obama's happy hour
WSJ: From Wilsons brewery ban to JFKs French champagne, a presidents drink choice
Shelby Steele: From Emmitt Till to Skip Gates: Black victim, white oppressor
Politico: 911 caller gets flowers & note from prof, not Obama

Politico: 58 percent of GOP not sure/doubt Obama born in US
CQ Politics: Three-Quarters of Americans Believe Obama Was U.S.-Born

WSJ: Pulling No Punches: The maverick on Obamanomics, Sarah Palin, and the media

Wash Times: RNC puts off vote on ethics proposal
Hill: Steele raised campaign cash from RNC vendors
Hill: RNC looks inward after months of negotiation
Wash Times: Rules fight seen as window to GOP's future
Hill: RNC eliminates states from convention contention
WXOW: Pawlenty speaks to Republican National Committee
AP/Blood: Minn. governor urges GOP to broaden party base
Star-Ledger: Republican Party: North vs. South in GOP
EJ Dionne: Can Republicans escape their extremists?

Politico: Newt's big cash haul: $8 million
Politico: Huck pays daughter $29k
CQ Politics: GOP PACs Dominate

AP/Blood: Iowa, NH defend spots in presidential contests


Albany TU: $2.1B budget deficit forecast
NYDN: Senate shuffle in Albany cost 741G in lump sum vacation pay
Albany TU: $42 million biomedical research project touted last year by Bruno disappears
NYT: In New York, It Takes More Than Beer to End Feuds
NYDN: Official e-mails reveal boondoggle over Air Force One's Manhattan flyover
AP/Gormley: 'Identity politics' increasingly shaping NY policy
Fox: Giuliani on Health Care Consequences
Watertown DT: Scozzafava is well prepared to represent NNY in Congress


TPM: Can Dems Turn Things Around In New Jersey And Virginia?
RCP: Four Months To Learn to Say 'Gov. Chris Christie'
NRO: Democrats for Chris Christie
AP: Ethics on center stage in NJ gov's race
Paul Mulshine: Try dreaming a possible dream, Chris

Human Events: Behind the New Jersey Scandals
Reuters: Two more NJ politicians resign amid graft probe


PennEnergy: Deeds, McDonnell Address Farm Forum
Richmond TD: McDonnell writes Kaine on ideas to reopen rest stops
WaPo: McDonnell Secures a Vote -- or Two
Roanoke Times: Candidates discuss stands on agriculture, rural issues
WaPo: Deeds, McDonnell and a Roomful of Farmers


SacBee: Whitman has $19 million ready
SF Chronicle: Brown, Whitman lead money race for governor
Mercury News: Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman open big fundraising lead in 2010 gov's race
Legal Newsline: GOP strategists: Brown on his way to becoming governor, again

WSJ: California Deal Leaves More Kids Uninsured
John Fund: California Is Still Not Out of Its Budget Hole
AP/Lin: Public pensions draw scrutiny amid Calif. crisis


Fox: Perry Accuses Opponent of Slander, Including Hidden Phrases on Web Site
Austin AS: Hutchison campaign cuts ties with 'hidden phrases' firm
AP/Sherman: Texas Sen. Hutchison explains no vote on Sotomayor


Miami Herald: Crist's top donors represent special interests
Palm Beach Post: Florida Republican Party chairman wins national GOP post
Jacksonville Observer: Both Parties Target Florida State Senate Races
St. Pete Times: CFO Alex Sink's blind trust limits public financial disclosure
Buzz: Roger Stone vs George LeMieux
Herald Tribune: McCollum reluctant to join drilling camp


AJC: Atlanta bounced from 2012 RNC race
CQ Politics: Add Another GOP Heavy-Hitter to Georgia's 9th
Morgan County Citizen: Republican Party has Founders Day banquet


Chicago Tribune: Bond out of 10th Congressional Democratic race
CQ Politics: Bond Ends Bid For Illinois Rep. Kirk's Seat
Daily Observer: Kirk Exit Sets New Lineup for the Illinois 10th


Politico: Franken feuds with T. Boone Pickens
MinnPost: Abortion shaping up as big issue in Bachmann race


Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell takes budget talks private
AP/Scolforo: Pa. budget talks termed productive, but no deal


Columbus Dispatch: Strickland far outpacing Kasich on cash
Cleveland PD: Strickland far ahead of John Kasich in fund raising for Ohio governor's race


Niles Daily Star: Governor hopeful stops in Niles


St. Louis PD: Blunt camp slams radio ad on donations from insurance industry
Bolivar: Former U.S. Sen. Danforth visits Bolivar


CTFP: Georgia legislator call for action on Tennessee water


WSOC: Candidates In Charlotte Mayoral Race Raise Big Money


NYT: Alabama Area Reeling in Face of Fiscal Crisis


Hartford Courant: Sen. Christopher Dodd Fighting Prostate Cancer
CQ Politics: Newspaper Takes Dodd's Side on Mortgages
WSJ: Sen. Dodd Has Prostate Cancer, Says Disease Was Caught Early
NYT: Dodd to Have Surgery for Prostate Cancer


NYT: Familiar Face Reappears for Key Role in Nevada


CQ Politics: New Alaska Governor More Popular Than Palin
Politico: Alaskans divided on Sarah Palin after exit
KAIT: Citizen Palin begins private life quietly




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