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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

August 21, 2009


LA Times: Americans' faith in Obama fading: Poll
WaPo: Faith in Obama Drops As Reform Fears Rise
Paul Krugman: Obama’s Trust Problem
Fox: Why Obama Is a Lame Duck

Politico: Charlie Cook: Dem situation has 'slipped completely out of control'

Sarah Palin: My Facebook Page
Politico: Palin's Facebook megaphone

Politico: Mitt Romney's fundraising slows
Politico: Romney defends Mass. plan

Hill: NRSC outraised DSCC in July
CQ Politics: DNC Pulled Big July Bucks With Obama on Dais

WSJ: Obama Faults GOP in Health Debate
Hill: Democrats continue attacks on insurance industry
WSJ: Scaled-Down Health Bill Is Democrats' Less-Risky Path
WaPo: Key Senators Discuss Trimming Health Bill
NYT: A Basis Is Seen for Some Health Plan Fears Among the Elderly
WSJ: AARP Takes Heat Over Health Stand
NYT: A Fund-Raiser for the Public Option
NYT: Obama Insists Health Plan Will Pass
Hill: 'One way or another,' Obama guarantees reform
Politico: Finance Committee negotiators 'committed' to bipartisan bill
WSJ: Why the GOP should resist all entreaties to be 'bipartisan.'
Grand Rants: ObamaCare: The Musical

Sen. Richard Burr: Republicans Have Better Healthcare Proposals
Michael Levitt: Health 'Co-ops' Are Government Care
Peggy Noonan: Pull the Plug on ObamaCare
Charles Krauthammer: The Truth About Death Counseling
Michael Gerson: When Planners Decide Life

Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare: What Can Go Wrong?
Rush Limbaugh: False Claim: "If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It"
Rush Limbaugh: Refuting Obama Lies About "Lies"
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Off-Script with No Plan B; Union Thugs Threaten Democrats
Rush Limbaugh: Socialized Medicine Will Change the Fabric of This Country Forever

John Fund: Holder's Black Panther Stonewall

NYT: Government Will End Clunker Program Early
WaPo: U.S. Says Program Will End on Monday
WSJ: Big Government, Big Recession

Hill: Special interests battle for climate-change ground

Politico: Obama addresses immigration reform
Hill: Obama drops by immigration meeting, promises reform

NYT: Rise of the Super-Rich Hits a Sobering Wall

WSJ: FCC Plans Broad Review Of Wireless Industry

WSJ: Ridge Cites Alert-Level Pressures
NYT: Bush Official, in Book, Tells of Pressure on 04 Vote
Politico: George W. Bush vets dismiss Tom Ridge claims
US News: Tom Ridge on National Security After 9/11

Wash Times: Western Democrats brace for '10 pitfalls

WSJ: Reporting the Truth about Robert Novak


NYDN: Appellate Panel Rejects Ravitch Appointment
WSJ: Naming of N.Y. Lieutenant Governor Ruled Unlawful
NYT: Court Rejects Governor's Appointment
Albany TU: Skelos: Appeal would be futile
NY Post: Legal 'Vitch slap
NYDN: Richard Ravitch's appointment to lieutenant governor ruled unlawful by appeals court

NY Post: Senate eyeing ethics vote
Albany TU: Ethics bill on Senate plate? Tighter donor limits? Session is likely for Sept. 10

Buffalo News: Obama supporters in WNY rally to keep 'public option'


Newsweek: How N.J.s Corzine-Christie Clash Could Hurt Obama
AP/Delli Santi: NJ Dems press Christie to reveal ties to old job
Star-Ledger: Corzine seeks release of records for Chris Christie's tenure as U.S. Attorney


WaPo: N.Va. Looking for Reassurance From Deeds
Politics Daily: Abortion Cuts Both Ways in Battles for Health Reform, Virginia Governor
WaPo: More on McDonnell and Martinsville


SGV Tribune: Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman rallies in Covina
LA Times: California Senate OKs plan to reduce prison population


Star-Telegram: Hutchison calls Perry's ceremonial bill signings 'phony'
NYT: Editorial: An Unfit Judge


US News: Crist's Conundrum: Who to Pick to Replace Retiring Florida Sen. Martinez


CQ Politics: Biden Raises Money For Illinois Rep. Halvorson


CQ Politics: Study: Bachmann Is on Cable News Every 9 Days


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. Senate Democrats block GOP budget override


WaPo: Residents Decry Idea of Guantanamo Prisoners at Mich. Facility
Detroit News: Citizens let voices be heard on Gitmo in Michigan idea


CQ Politics: GOP Push Bumps Rating on Missouris Skelton


CQ Politics: Grayson Leads Potential Rivals in Kentucky


State: Sen. DeMint town hall stays civil, turns away many
CQ Politics: Conservative Issue For South Carolinas Inglis


Boston Globe: Leaders cool to Kennedy request
CQ Politics: GOP Pushback on Kennedy Request
CQ Politics: Senate Appointment Debate Re-Emerges
WSJ: Kennedy Asks for Speedy Succession
NYT: Kennedy Asks for Faster Way to Pick His Successor
WaPo: Kennedy Looks Toward Succession
WSJ: What Ted Kennedy Wants: He's trying to change election rulesagain
Hill: Kennedy opens dialogue on his replacement
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Exploit Kennedy Illness


CQ Politics: Ritter Faces Tough Re-Election in Colorado


August 20, 2009


Karl Rove: Why John Conyers, New York Times & Washington Post owe me an apology

Politico: DeLay: 'I love' Dems troubles

Politico: Democratic Party ratings plummet
WSJ: Post-Partisan Promise Fizzles
Examiner: Questions of competence begin to dog Obama

Fox: Concerns Over White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod's Ties to a Media Firm
Human Events: Axelrod Cashes In On 'Change'
CBS: White House Denies Axelrod Benefits from Ad Deals
AP/Theimer: Firms with Obama ties profit from health push

WSJ: New Rx for Health Plan: Split Bill
WaPo: Senator Calls for Narrower Measure: Republican Grassley Cites Town Hall Anger
Hill: Dems recommit to bipartisan health deal
CNN: White House may push through health care without Republicans
NYT: Obama Calls Health Plan a Moral Obligation
Hill: Obama turns to religion to press health agenda
WSJ: ObamaCare's Contradictions
NYT: Obama to Talk Health Care With Conservative Radio Host
WSJ: GOP Looks to Deficit Reports to Fight Health Overhaul
WSJ: An Anesthesiologist's Take on Health-Care Reform
WSJ: Health Co-ops: Slow Road to Government Care
WaPo: Editorial: To pass health reform, Obama will have to ditch its goal of a public plan
James Taranto: Democrats try to take over health care--without a plan and without allies

Ann Coulter: Liberal lies about national health care: First in a series
Rush Limbaugh: The Democrats are on the Brink; Now the GOP Must Stick Together

NYT: House Queries Insurance Companies on Executive Pay
WaPo: House Democrats Increase Pressure on Health Insurers
Fox: Health Insurers Fear Probe By House Dems Is Reprisal for Opposing Obama's Plan
Politico: Democratic investigators target health insurers
AP/Espo: Insurers: Dems mount 'fishing expedition'
Rush Limbaugh: Comrade Waxman Launches Investigation of Insurance Industry

WSJ: Gas Industry Girds to Fight in the Senate Over Climate

NYT: Countrywide Loses Ruling in Loan Suit

NYT: Government Jobs Have Grown Since Recession

George Will: Bulldozing Freedom Of Speech

Sarah Palin: Your tax dollars at work: First cars, now foreign oil
Politico: Ex-Im Bank disputes Palin attack
American Thinker: Palin v. ObamaCare

WSJ: Bob Novak, Truth Seeker
American Spectator: Bob Novak, Boy Reporter


NYDN: Wojtaszek, Stealth Candidate No More
Newsday: Drive to replace state GOP chair Mondello lands on LI
NYDN: Wojtaszek Defends Dede; Gillibrand Pushes For McHugh
Buffalo News: Giuliani coy on gubernatorial race
NY Post: Mario tiptoes around son run
AP/Gormley: NY's No. 2 Senate Republican has prostate cancer
CQ Politics: New York Rep. Bishop Still Favored, But Not Safe
Albany TU: Assemblyman gets state pension of $73,020 and full pay as official
NY Post: Big jobs a coup for Senate Dems
Albany TU: Espada taps $350,000
NYDN: Those hired by Senator Espada are costing NY state an added $350,000 in payroll
AP: NY Senate Democrats approve hires for new leader


Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine, challenger Christie spar over N.J.'s unemployment numbers
AP: N.J. jobless rate inches up to 9.3 percent
Star-Ledger: Calling it an 'oversight,' Christie admits he failed to report a loan
Star-Ledger: Corzine, NJ Dems continue to attack Chris Christie over unreported $46K loan
AP/Delli Santi: Analysis: NJ GOP candidate now playing defense


RCP: McDonnell Seizes On Budget Shortfall
WaPo: Budget Politics in Virginia
Loudoun Times: With few Loudoun visits, Deeds lags in donations


WaPo: Can California Be Competitive (Again) in 2010?
SF Chronicle: Senate bid dogged by Fiorina's failure to vote

AP/Thompson: Schwarzenegger tours devastation after prison riot
CSM: Schwarzenegger: riot terrible symptom of crowded prisons
SF Chronicle: Governor highlights his prison plan at site of a recent prison riot

Wash Times: It's farmers vs. fish for California water

SacBee: Failure predicted for plan to sell California workers' comp insurer
SacBee: CalPERS suit fights Schwarzenegger over furloughs
SacBee: State Worker: Layoffs likelier than fourth furlough day


AP/Billeaud: Treasurer says Arizona must enact budget this week


Dallas MN: Perry rallies his Dallas troops
Dallas MN: Texas gov rivals Rick Perry, Kay Bailey Hutchison trade jabs over time in office
Star-Telegram: Hutchison's campaign tour hits Dallas
Lubbock AJ: Hutchison continues Perry blast in Lubbock
WSJ: Remember the Alamo? It's Under Siege Again -- This Time From Within


Bloomberg: Florida Republican McCollum Leads in Poll on Governors Race
Miami Herald: Poll: Alex Sink losing ground to Bill McCollum
CQ Politics: GOP Up by Fraction in Tossup Florida Gov Race
Buzz: Poll: Sink losing ground; Crist strong as ever

Rasmussen: 2010 Florida GOP Primary: Crist 53%, Rubio 31%
Rasmussen: 2010 Florida Senate Race: Crist Leads Meek or Brown
CNN: Crist holds on to primary lead as appointment questions linger
Examiner: Governor Crist interviews his placeholders


NYT: River Basin Fight Pits Atlanta Against Neighbors
Examiner: Georgia Rep. John Barrow faces trouble for opposing Public Option
AJC: New Georgia Supreme Court justice earns praise


CQ Politics: Illinois Rep. Kirk Gets Another Senate GOP Primary Opponent
Peoria JS: Kirk touts pro-growth agenda
AP/Wills: Democrats spar, try to escape Blagojevich shadow
Daily Herald: As summer closes, campaign season begins
Hill: NRCC banking on Illinois candidate's Schock factor


Politico: Pawlenty hitches star to health care
PIM: GOP gubernatorial hopefuls to attend Roseville picnic
Capitol Report: Four would-be governors talk about their visions for Minnesota


Pittsburgh PG: GOP senators to attempt override of Rendell budget vetoes
Philadelphia Inquirer: Republicans hope to override Rendell budget vetoes
AP: Nutter Warns Of 'Virtual Shutdown' Of Courts


Newark Advocate: Tea-party protesters gather outside Space's office, demand change
Cleveland PD: Cleveland mayoral candidates meet for first time at public forum


Detroit FP: Hoekstra pushes military for fate of Cuba detainees
Politico: Michigan seems focus of Gitmo closure planners


KC Star: Feds reject MO plan to use stimulus funds for unemployment benefits
St. Louis PD: On the market: Roy Blunt seeking $1.6M for Georgetown home


Tennessean: Corker sets town hall meetings on health-care reform
Decatur County Chronicle: Corker Holds Town Hall Meeting, Discusses Health Care Reform
Tennessean: Rutherford GOP endorses 'Stop Fraud' health effort

Maryville DT: Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam advocates small business development
Leaf Chronicle: Zach Wamp: Employer-based health care should end


CQ Politics: Rep. Etheridge Taking Another Look at N.C Senate Seat
Charlotte Observer: Hayes won't challenge Kissell in 8th District
CQ Politics: In North Carolina, Hayes Passes Up A Third Race Against Kissell
ABC13: Hagan doesn't plan health care town hall meeting


CNN: DeMint blasts Obama's 'false promises'
LA Times: Jenny Sanford says you-know-who is a you-know-what
WSJ: Lawmaker Inglis Gets Flak for Health-Plan Idea


CQ Politics: Reids Nevada Senate Race: Follow the Leader?
CQ Politics: Reid Piles Up $7.7 Million Worth of Defense

AP/Sonner: Ensign tells AP affair was mistake, but nothing 'legally wrong,' unlike Clinton
AP: Ensign: I did nothing 'legally wrong'


AP/Breen: New W.Va. GOP leader Troy Berman has tough job


WSJ: Seattle Mayor Running Third as Vote Tally Goes On
NYT: Seattle Mayor Is Trailing in the Early Primary Count


CQ Politics: Heinrich Plays Defense for 2010


Boston Globe: Kennedy, looking ahead, urges that Senate seat be filled quickly


August 19, 2009


WSJ: White House Rethinks How It Sells Health Overhaul
Wash Times: White House: Obama still backs 'public' health plan
Hill: Public health option bogs down White House
American Spectator: We've Long Had a Public Option
Wash Times: Filling in the blanks in health debate
WSJ: Kyl Says Cooperative Health Plan Won't Win Support
CQ Politics: Grassley Wont Say Yes to Health Bill Without GOP Backup
NYT: Grassley Calls Obama and Pelosi ‘Intellectually Dishonest’
NYT: Democrats Seem Set to Go It Alone on a Health Bill
AP/Babington: Analysis: Liberals tired of health care compromise
NYT: Death Panels Arent the Half of It, Says Senator Kyl
NYT: Baucus, and the Debate on Health Care, Go West
WSJ: Democrats' Agenda Relies on Reid's Role
NYT: Editorial: The Public Plan
WSJ: Conservatives Take a Page From Left's Online Playbook
Politico: David Axelrod's ties targeted in health fight
WSJ: ObamaCare Is All About Rationing
WaPo: Debate's Path Caught Obama by Surprise
WaPo: It's Time to Give Up On the Public Option
Kathleen Parker: Whole-Grain Health Reform
Newt Gingrich: Keeping End-of-Life Decisions, Our Decision
Pat Buchanan: Populist Right Rising

NYT: Jilted Republicans Strike Back at Drug Makers
Hill: PhRMA defends itself from Boehner criticism

CQ Politics: RNC Takes McCain-Feingold to Court

James Taranto: Spammer in Chief: WH resorts to email harassment to sell health-care

NYT: Oil Industry Backs Protests of Emissions Bill
NYT: More Fake Letters to Congress on Energy Bill

WaPo: Justice Department Hires Gay Activist as Senior Counselor
NYT: An Unexpected Allys Road to Championing Same-Sex Marriage

NYT: F.B.I. Agents Role Is Transformed by Terror Fight

NYT: In Appraisal Shift, Lenders Gain Power and Critics

NYDN: Poll: GOP heavyweight Sarah Palin would lose in 2012 election against Obama
Politico: Former Gov. Palin reports gifts: Gun case, statue
Gallup: Gallup Daily: Obama Job Approval hits new low

AP/Bauder: Fox News on pace for its best year

WaPo: Robert Novak, Long-Time Conservative Columnist, Dies at 78
Human Events: Robert Novak Dead at 78
American Spectator: Robert Novak, RIP
NYT: Robert Novak, Columnist, Dies at 78
David Broder: 3 Giants in a Drama They Loved
WSJ: Prince of Light: Reporter, patriot, skeptic of the powerful
WaPo: The Heart of the 'Prince of Darkness'
Larry Kudlow: Bob Novak, R.I.P.


NYDN: Factions Emerge In Battle For State GOP
Albany TU: Cox gets momentum
NPR: North Country takes sides in fight for GOP control
Buffalo News: Cox garners support from county leaders in bid to lead state GOP

NYT: Hearing Begins on Lt. Governor Issue
NYDN: GOP Argues Ravitch Appointment Is A 'Slippery Slope'

LoHud: Battle brews over reform of public authorities

NY Post: Dave yanks state cops out of Javits

NYT: Pension Funds No Barometer for NYC Comptroller

Rochester D&C: Massa defends stance on health care voting
Elmira SG: Massa brushes off online criticism on health care


AP: NJ's Christie: Failure to report loan an oversight
NYT: Candidate for New Jersey Governor Apologizes for Failing to Report Loan
NYT: Corzine Rival Failed to Report Loan on Tax Returns
AP: Acting U.S. Attorney Ralph Marra faces internal ethics probe


WaPo: No Limits On Gifts or Questions: Campaign Contributions Worry Some Virginians
WaPo: Realtors Back McDonnell; Black Caucus Favors Deeds


Mercury News: Fiorina inches toward challenge of Boxer in 2010
Politico: Fiorina preparing to challenge Boxer
SacBee: Carly Fiorina files paperwork to explore 2010 Senate bid
CQ Politics: Fiorina Moves Closer to Calif. Senate Bid
AP: Former H-P Chief Fiorina Moves Toward Senate Run

SacBee: Meg Whitman discusses California immigration issues

Dan Walters: Can Capitol's dysfunction ever be fixed?


Dallas MN: Dallas key in governor's race as Hutchison kicks off run
AP: Perry says he has made Texas 'envy of the nation'
Dallas MN: Hutchison's warning about "shrinking majorities"
Dallas MN: How would Hutchison limit tuition increases?

Houston Chronicle: Can The Hammer' nail a Texas two-step?


Tulsa World: Judge tosses abortion law
WaPo: Law Requiring Ultrasounds for Abortions Is Struck Down
NewsOK: Oklahoma's abortion law falls in court
AP: Oklahoma abortion law overturned


Politico: Battle brewing over Martinez successor
St. Pete Times: Could Rep. C.W. Bill Young be headed for Senate?


AJC: 3-state agreement likely to precede any action by Congress on water, Nathan Deal says


Examiner: Illinois Senate race very close
CQ Politics: In Illinois, Coulson To Enter GOP Race For Rep. Kirk's Seat
Chicago Sun-Times: Why Chris Kennedy isn't running for U.S. Senate


Star Tribune: Doyle's Pawlenty parallel
Star Tribune: Kline to Walz: No


Pittsburgh TR: Toomey: Health focus should be cutting costs


WSAZ: Ohio Executes Murder-for-Hire Triggerman


AP: Where Mich. gov. candidates stand on detainees
Detroit News: Granholm says lawmakers to pass budget next month


KC Star: Blunt selling Georgetown home


Tennessean: Rep. Lynn to seek Tennessee Senate seat


BlueRidgeNow: GOP recruiting Shuler challenger
Salisbury Post: N.C. GOP leaders map strategy to gain seats
BlueRidgeNow: Burr to debate health care
AP/Baker: Burr warns of mistake in health care reform


Fox: Republican Senator Jim DeMint on Stopping Health Care Reform
USA Today: Town hall meetings no problem for Sen. DeMint
CQ Politics: Long GOP Line of Scrimmage in S.C. 3
AP: Sanford's wife feels sorry for mistress


CQ Politics: Nevada Freshman Titus Draws Bid by Banker


Grand Junction: Republican Thompson joins race for Salazar seat

Ode To A Meltdown (by Peter Buxton)

Our President Obama is birthless
and lots of his plans are just worthless.
He'll smash up some old cars
and promote lots of Czars,
But Nancy Pelosi is mirthless.

She's stuck running the House,
counting votes from the South.
And the poor little dear
has Murtha to fear
from constantly running his mouth.


August 18, 2009


Wash Times: White House stops collecting 'fishy' e-mails: GOP pledges investigation
Hill: Issa wants answers from White House on e-mails
WSJ: Obama Shuts Email Tip List
Politico: White House disables e-tip box
NYT: White House Cans Its Fishy E-Mail Box
Politico: White House will change e-mail rules

WSJ: White House Reassures Allies
Hill: White House: No change on public option
Wash Times: Old-fashioned co-ops get new focus: An alternative to public plan for insurance
WSJ: Conrad Defends Health Co-ops Plan
WSJ: Chances Dim for a Public Plan
WSJ: The big fight over ObamaCare is far from finished
WSJ: The Panel: What death by bureaucratic fiat might look like
Rush Limbaugh: The Bottom Line on "Death Panels"
WaPo: Public Option Called Essential: Democratic Lawmakers Express Concern
WaPo: Cooperatives Being Pushed as an Alternative to a Government Plan
NYT: Alternate Plan as Health Option Muddies Debate
NYT: Some Democrats Push for Keeping Public Insurance Option
Politico: Liberals revolt over public option
Hill: Liberal Dems alarmed by public option move
Rich Lowry: Feeling 'left' out and betrayed by their prez
Politico: Pelosi strongly supports public option
Rasmussen: Voters Skeptical About Health Care Reform Claims Made By Pelosi and Hoyer
CQ Politics: Public Option Here or History?
Hill: Boehner blasts PhRMAs Tauzin over healthcare deal
NYT: Lack of Medicare Appointee Puzzles Congress
Wes Pruden: Finding no buyers for snake oil
Human Events: Eliminate Clunker Health Care
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Fall for Democrat Head Fake, Obamacare Still Must Be Defeated

NYT: Editorial: The Climate and National Security
WSJ: Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling: Too bad it's not in U.S. waters

WaPo: Obama Says Marriage Law Should Be Repealed
Wash Times: Obama backs marriage act repeal
WSJ: DOJ Shifts Tone on Marriage Act

WSJ: Why Obama's Ratings Are Sinking
James Taranto: Rules for Republicans, Too

NYT: Supreme Court to Hear Case on Executive Pay

CNS: The Stimulus Isnt Working, Republican Says -- Six Months Out
NYT: One Persons Boondoggle, Anothers Necessity
WaPo: Unemployment Spike Compounds Foreclosure Crisis

AP: More Are Hired to Speed Up the Clunker Reimbursements

Wash Times: Fresh fight looms over immigration
WSJ: U.S. Intensifies Audits of Employers

CQ Politics: Cantor Puts Democrats on Notice for Fall

Human Events: Coulter, Gingrich Inspire Students at YAF Conference

CNS: Conservatives Now Outnumber Liberals in All 50 States, Says Gallup Poll

AP/Thomas: Republican Huckabee supports Israeli settlements

Chicago Tribune: DLA Piper feeling sick over Armey's work with group against health reform


Albany TU: Battle to head state GOP heats up
NYDN: GOP Source: Cox Nears 50%
Elmira Star Gazette: Nixon son-in-law could be next N.Y. GOP chairman
Politics on the Hudson: Cox Building Support For State GOP Chairman

CQ Politics: Lazio Goes After Cuomo: Preview of Governor's Race?
NYT: Some N.Y. Lawmakers Take Pensions on Top of Pay
AP/Bernard: Cuomo sues Schwab over auction-rate securities
NY Post: Spitzer prober a rising star

NYT: In Westchester, an Open Plea to Accept a Housing Accord
LoHud: Spano presses case for housing plan

NY Post: Golisano is out to shell Silver
Politics on the Hudson: Golisano Infomercial


NYT: Christie Failed to Disclose Loan to Federal Prosecutor
Star-Ledger: Christie lent $46K to federal prosecutor who repays him in installments
AP: Christie says nothing illegal about governor race talks with Karl Rove
Examiner: Menendez joins attacks on Christie

Star-Ledger: N.J. Assembly GOP committee looking to draft anti-corruption bills
AP: NJ Republicans hold anti-corruption hearing


AHN: McDonnell Takes Wider Lead In New Virginia Gubernatorial Poll
Charlottesville DP: McDonnell pays visit to UVa, touts affordable tuition plan
Staunton NL: McDonnell visits Staunton businesses
WaPo: Editorial: Abortion and the Virginia Race


WSJ: Calif. Ills Aid Tom Campbell Campaign
NYT: House Ethics Inquiry Has Roots in Untidy Yard


CQ Politics: Hutchinson, Perry Spar Early in Texas Gov Race
Houston Chronicle: Hutchison makes challenge of Perry official
Hill: Hutchison kicks off governors race, slams Perry
Dallas MN: At a glance: What Republicans will look for in Hutchison's announcement

NPR: Tom DeLay Joins 'Dancing With The Stars'
WaPo: Once Again, Mr. DeLay, You Have the Floor
Wash Times: DeLay's reality show plans irk viewers
Politico: Tom DeLay: From 'The Hammer' to the hustle


Hill: Crist's list for Martinez seat grows longer
NY Times: Fla. Governor's Moves Scrutinized for Clues to U.S. Climate Debate


Rasmussen: Illinois Senate Race a Toss-Up


CQ Politics: Burton Could Face Tough GOP Primary in Indiana


WaPo: Chuck Grassley's Dispiriting Bipartisanship


Politico: Saving Senator Specter
Hill: Obama, Biden to raise money for Specter

Philadelphia Inquirer: Gov. Rendell trying to lose weight


NYT: Tax Bills Put Pressure on Struggling Homeowners


Politico: Bob Corker: U.S. 'awakened' by town halls
WSJ: Tennessee Experiment's High Cost Fuels Health-Care Debate


NYT: Jenny Sanford Talks About Husbands Affair
Politico: Jenny Sanford to Vogue: 'Id like somebody 5,000 miles away I could E-mail.


CQ Politics: Sandoval Resignation Stirs 2010 Nevada Governor Talk
AP/Chereb: Embattled Ensign to host annual Tahoe Summit


AP: Utah: Missionaries Will Be Left Out of Census


WSJ: Clouds Over Seattle Mayor's Election Bid


August 17, 2009


Jed Babbin: Gingrich Predicts Anti-liberal Eruption
Time: Why Newt Gingrich Converted to Catholicism

WSJ: Chances Dim for a Public Plan
NYT: ‘Public Option’ in Health Plan May Be Dropped
Wash Times: Obama may drop government-run health insurance plan
WaPo: Key Feature Of Obama Health Plan May Be Out
Hill: Sen. Conrad: Public option a 'wasted effort'
CQ Politics: Health Care: ‘Public Option’ or Co-op Concept?
Wash Times: Union members pack Obama's town halls
Hill: Obama picks fight with left on health reform
American Thinker: The Array of WH ObamaCare Tactics Grows
Politico: GOP gains steam as health care bill sputters
AP: Shelby: Insurance co-ops worth looking at
Politico: Sebelius stands behind end-of-life planning
CNN: Sebelius: There will be competition with private insurers
Hill: Dems use personal touch to sell healthcare
WSJ: We Don't Spend Enough on Health Care
WSJ: Democrats give veterans a pass from ObamaCare
Hill: Dems abandoning leadership advice
WaPo: In Defense of Britain's Health System
CP: Overhauling health-care system tops agenda at annual meeting of Canada's doctors
Rasmus: 54% Say Passing No Healthcare Reform Better Than Passing Congressional Plan
SF Chronicle: Why Obama is losing on healthcare
Ross Douthat: Telling Grandma ‘No’

Wash Times: Climate bill would bloat federal agencies
Pickens & Turner: New Priorities For Our Energy Future
WaPo: 'The Clunkers of the Power-Plant World'

WaPo: The Signs Don't Point To a Typical Recovery
WSJ: Fannie Mae Enron, the Sequel
NYT: Job Search Firms: Big Pitches at Big Fees, but Few Jobs

NYT: Obama Pushes States to Shift on Education

Hill: Big firms will not participate in broadband program

NBC Philly: GOP drafts NFL talent
WSJ: Liberals Fret a Democratic Stay to Center
Andrew Breitbart: George W. Bush-by-proxy syndrome
Politico: Israelis sour on Rahm Emanuel


NY Post: Even friends singing, 'Bye Bye, Gov'
Newsday: Cuomo widens lead over Paterson among Democrats
CQ Politics: In New York, Paterson's Numbers Up -- Not Much
AP/Ma: Paterson pressed on reform
NY Post: Ex-con-stitutional: Jailbird profs to eye laws' race tilt


NYT: For New Jersey Candidate, First Effort at Ethics Crackdown Was Short-Lived
NYT: Corzine Running Mate Blends Folksiness and Hard-Edged Politics


CQ Politics: McDonnell Stakes Out Clear Lead in Virginia
WaPo: Fact Check: Did McDonnell Turn His Back on Unemployed?
WaPo: Republican Chairman Wants Crabill to Step Aside


WSJ: Mollohan Faces Ire at West Virginia Town Meeting


SacBee: Lawmakers return for a month to slew of bills, little money to spend
Dan Walters: Legislature's in last inning of an age-old game


WSJ: Oregon Residents Uneasy on Health Reform


AP: Many expect Sandoval to challenge Gov. Gibbons


CQ Politics: Teague-Pearce Redux in New Mexico 2?


Dallas MN: Much at stake in Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign kickoff
Houston Chronicle: Hutchison campaign video previews her strategy
AP/Root: Hutchison kicks off campaign for Texas governor


NYT: In Arkansas, a Democrat Navigates the Health Fight
Southern Political Report: Arkansas: Republicans target congressional gains


Miami Herald: Martinez's exit to weaken Florida's political clout


WSJ: Atlanta Protest of Health-Care Overhaul Draws Thousands


Examiner: Adam Andrzejewski is a legitimate contender in Illinois Republican Primary


Politico: Braley vs. Grassley?


Milwaukee JS: Man arrested in attack on Mayor Barrett
AP/Ramde: Milwaukee mayor in hospital after attack


Star Tribune: Fear and Fury: Whats behind town hall tensions?
Politico: Netroots Nation welcomes Bachmann foe


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate: Toomey 48%, Specter 36%
Philadelphia Inquirer: Health-care furor an issue in Specter's campaign
Hill: Specter: Town halls shouldn't dominate process


Columbus D: Some attacks on Obamacare are false, but Americans' skepticism runs deep
Delaware News: Brooks to challenge Tiberi for12th District seat in Congress


WSJM: Granholm Talks Pop and Cig Tax


KC Star: Sen. Kit Bond is sticking with his story


WSJ: Tennessee Experiment's High Cost Fuels Health-Care Debate
Tennessean: Town hall meetings on health care provoke passions
Tennessean: Obama must restore respectful discourse on health care


CQ Politics: Burr Opens Double-Digit Lead in N.C.
ENC: Potential opponent challenges Sen. Burr to health care debate


News Channel 7: Attorney General McMaster Postpones Campaign Plans After Mother Dies


Nashua Telegraph: Shaheen gets an early start on re-election


August 16, 2009


WSJ: Health Forum Turns Personal for Obama
LA Times: GOP seeks its revival in the revolt against Obama's healthcare plan
Deseret News: Hatch defends vitriol seen at town hall-type meetings
Wash Times: Obama warns of a health care 'cost of inaction'
WaPo: Obama Urges Realistic Expectations
WaPo: Loose Network of Activists Drives Reform Opposition
NYT: Competing Ads on Health Care Plan Swamp the Airwaves
NYT: To Promote Health Care Plan, Obama Talks About His Own Grandmother
Hill: Obama: I just lost my grandmother last year
Barack Obama: Why We Need Health Care Reform
American Thinker: Manufactured Healthcare Crisis

Hill: Critics seek to raise worry about climate bill

NYT: Emanuel Wields Power Freely, and Faces the Risks
Maureen Dowd: Sarahs Ghoulish Carousel
Kathleen Parker: Taking the President on Faith


NY Post: Cuomo clobbers Gov: Poll
NYDN: Poll shows Gov. Paterson far behind Democratic rival Andrew Cuomo
AP/Gormley: Poll: Cuomo leads Paterson in possible '10 race
CQ Politics: Cuomo Much Stronger Than Paterson
Albany TU: GOP puts Murphy in cross hairs
Albany TU: Paterson approves range of new bills


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie-Rove talks have Democrats riled
Star-Ledger: GOP governors association to stop using Sierra Club logo in Corzine attack ad


WaPo: McDonnell Ahead In Governor's Race


LA Times: Legislators return to discord and a full agenda


Chicago Tribune: Republican honcho recruits suburban congressional candidates


CQ Politics: Hayhurst Will Challenge Indiana GOP Rep. Souder


Milwaukee JS: Doyle won't seek re-election in 2010
WISC: Republicans React To Doyle News
WaPo: Doyle Won't Seek Third Term in Wisconsin
Politico: Gov. Jim Doyle won't seek re-election


Hill: Rep. Cao could be GOP vote for healthcare


AP: Dodd Recovering at Home After Cancer Surgery


CQ Politics: Patrick's Approval Rate Hits 19%


August 15, 2009


James Taranto: Palin Wins: How did Obama lose the argument to her?
Boston Globe: Senators eliminate end-of-life provision
NYT: Palin Renews Criticism of Democratic Proposals
Politico: Newt Gingrich's advice for a Sarah Palin comeback

Salt Lake Tribune: Hatch hammers health reform in weekly GOP address
Hill: Sen. Hatch warns of government takeover
WSJ: Illegal Immigration Enters the Health-Care Debate
WSJ: Obama and the Practice of Medicine
WSJ: At Indiana Forum, Skepticism of Overhaul Reigns
WSJ: Obama Visits Mountain West to Tout Health Agenda
Hill: Obama takes on insurers, death panels
Wash Times: Health insurance heads to court, campaign trail
WaPo: Obama to Make Case for Health Reform at Montana Town Hall
NYT: Obama Says Insurers Are Trying to Block Change
NYT: Health Debate Fails to Ignite Obamas Web
Politico: Party leaders prepare liberals to accept a health care reform deal
Hill: Kennedy absences raise concern for health vote
Politico: Obama embraces the new "exception not the rule" strategy on town halls
Rush Limbaugh: Heed Ronald Reagan's Warning on socialized medicine
Rush Limbaugh: Law Mandates White House Keep the E-mails Sent to Snitch Website

CQ Politics: Conrad Spokesman Denies Earlier Report
Jamestown Sun: Conrad says he won’t support government-run health care program

NYT: Drug Firms Cost Lobbyist Dick Armey His Position
Hill: Armey leaves DLA Piper

WSJ: The Countrywide Senators

WSJ: Color-Coding the Suburbs: The social engineers come to Scarsdale

WSJ: Treasury Bailout's Limits on Lobbyists Still Haven't Taken Effect

George Will: A New Deal Worth Fostering: Legalize Internet Poker

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Paterson Set to Reject Public Authority Overhaul
AP/Gormley: DJ makes waves as NY Senate 'creative director'
Albany TU: Diaz asks for don’t-single-out-Pedro nepotism probe
NYT: Thompson Fund-Raising Drops in His Bid to Unseat Bloomberg


NYT: Christie Spoke With Rove About Run, Memo Shows
Examiner: Gasp! Christie spoke to Rove!
PolitickerNJ: Tom Kean: Corzine More Than 10 Months Late on Ethics Appointments


WaPo: Where Is McDonnell From?


CQ Politics: California: Whitman, Brown Lead for Governor


NYT: Governors Race Exposes Republican Rift in Texas
Dallas MN: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to be in Dallas on Tuesday for rally


Miami Herald: Gov. Charlie Crist's healthcare views at odds
Herald Tribune: GOP candidates stray far from former gov's stance on coastal protection


Politico: Tim Pawlenty foresees GOP surge if health plan is rejected


CQ Politics: Specter, Sestak Court Liberal Bloggers In Pittsburgh
Politico: Joe Sestak big winner in Netroots straw poll


WSJ: Mayor Courts Resistance in Detroit
WSJ: Michigan Prison Assessed for Possible Gitmo Transfers


MyNC: Republican Sen. Richard Burr Weighs In On Healthcare


AP: S.C. Attorney General Wants Ethics Probe on Governor
Politico: Mark Sanford faces stormy forecast


CQ Politics: What Is Willie Herenton Running For in Tennessee?


WSJ: Arkansas Rep. Ross Faces Restive Crowd on Health Care


AP/Glover: Iowa Republicans hope voter anger helps at polls


AP: Wrestling exec considering Dodd challenge


WaPo: Crowds' Ire Sharpens Cardin's Resolve for Bill


CQ Politics: Nevada: Lowden More Likely to Challenge Reid




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