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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

President campaigns for former foe at Nevada rally

House candidates campaign on their agendas, but voters vote on Trump

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

December 7, 2009


WaPo: Obama presses Democrats on health-care bill
Hill: Obama meets Dems without addressing divisive issues; negotiations continue
NYT: Push for Deal on Public Health Plan
Wash Times: Obama gives Dems a health-care pep talk
WSJ: CEOs and ObamaCare
Politics Daily: Reid on Health Care Package: 'We're Not There Yet'
NYT: Public Option for Senators
Politico: Chances shrink for pure public option
Politico: Rx For House Republicans: More Doctors

Politico: Mitt Romney: Tim Pawlenty is wrong on Massachusetts plan

WSJ: Business Fumes Over Carbon Dioxide Rule
NYT: As Climate Meeting Starts, a Revival of Skepticism
NYT: Copenhagen Talks Tough on Climate Protest Plans
WaPo: U.S. urged to do more on climate
LA Times: Copenhagen climate talks will hinge on economics
AP/Max: 192 nations at UN climate conference in Copenhagen
WSJ: Global Warming and Mt. Kilimanjaro
Paul Krugman: An Affordable Truth

NYT: U.S. Forecasts Smaller Loss From Bailout of Banks
WaPo: Administration to slash bailout loss estimate by $200 billion
Politico: Strange coalition tries to stop Ben Bernanke at Fed
WSJ: Saving More Homes for the Same Money
Human Events: Jobs Summit Charade

WaPo: McChrystal's Afghanistan plan stays mainly intact
NYT: No Firm Plans for a U.S. Exit in Afghanistan
Hill: July 2011 withdraw date called 'firm'
Wash Times: Gates downplays Afghan exit timetable
Jed Babbin: Dont Court Martial the SEAL Three

Hill: Senators buckle down for a long holiday season in session
Hill: House likely to move on regulatory reform by end of the week
NYT: Ethics Rules for Congress Curb but Dont End Trips
Wash Times: States vie for $69B in infrastructure funding
Wash Times: Democrats briefly cede Senate to GOP

NYT: Justices to Weigh Honest-Services Law
WaPo: High court to take up corruption law: 'Honest services' called too vague
WSJ: The Supreme Case Against Sarbanes-Oxley
WaPo: Need is up, but funding plummets for legal aid

NYT: As Obamas Poll Numbers Fall, Criticism of Multitasking Rises

Sioux City Journal: Palin draws adoring crowd at book signing
Des Moines Register: 500 wait in line to meet Sarah Palin in Sioux City
Times UK: Sarah Palin speech and Iowa visit raise talk of White House bid in 2012
NYDN: Iowans line up in freezing temperatures to see Sarah Palin
AP/Glover: Palin's Iowa stop seen as presidential precursor
Politico: Sarah Palin hits Iowa on book tour
Politico: McCain very "proud" of Palin
NYT: The Comedy Duo of Palin and Frank

Examiner: Commentary: Was Huckabee wrong?

SFV BJ: GOP Hopes for Another 94, But Route 66 Likely


NYT: An Elegant Home Away From Home for Republicans in Albany
NYT: Suozzi Campaign Failed, but Has $2 Million Left
Human Events: Where's Rudy?
Albany TU: Jury focuses on attorneys in Bruno case
Albany TU: Red ink for Joe's friends
NYDN: Gay advocates see bloodbath for New York Dem 'no' voters


PoAC: Showdown over gay marriage begins in New Jersey state Senate
Star-Ledger: N.J. lawmakers consider gay marriage

Politico: Dems mull limits to Christie powers
S-L: Editorial: Filling NJ's vacant Senate seats: A transparent attempt to tie Christie's hands

PoAC: Runyan's run may make for heated primary in New Jersey's 3rd District

Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J. town's drift could be omen for Democrats
Cherry Hill CP: GOP sees brighter future in S.J. races


News-Leader: After losing streak, Va. GOP hails wins
Examiner: Virginia GOP continues to advance
Danville: With weeks left, Gov. Kaine reflects on term
WaPo: Wilder examines Deeds's failures


LA Times: Democrats would do right to do right by Maldonado
Contra Costa Times: Maldonado nomination poses GOP dilemma
LA Times: Assembly Democrats go public with battle over next speaker
Dan Walters: Immigration debate linked to health care
American Spectator: Witch Hunt in the Golden State


Midland RT: White's switch to governor's race adds intrigue for Dems


AP/Farrington: Analysis: With election near, Gov. Crist changes
Herald Tribune: Crist to speak at GOP dinner Sunday in Sarasota
Ledger: Dockery Presses Fight on SunRail


AJC: Norwood to seek recount in Atlanta mayor's race
Sunday Paper: A talk with Atlanta's new mayor


Chicago Trib: Senate candidates agree on elections for vacancies, making jobs a priority
Chicago Tribune: Republican, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate tackle Illinois issues
Chicago Tribune: Burglary at Blago's lawyers produces gun charge


Star Tribune: R.T. Rybak leaps into the race for governor


Philadelphia Inquirer: Heated race for money in Pa. governor's campaign


Columbus Dispatch: Brown likes one GOP health-care proposal


Livingston Daily: Livingston man in race for governor


Hill: McCaskill: 'Weird' when good job numbers used as political fodder


Tennessean: Lamar Alexander coordinates GOP offensive on health care
Commercial Appeal: Jackson, Tenn., doctor weighing run for Congress


News & Observer: Hagan avoids specifics on Senate hopefuls


AP: SC panel convening 4th Sanford impeachment hearing
Greenville News: Censure more likely for Gov. Mark Sanford


USA Today: Mass. primary poses puzzle on future of Kennedy's Senate seat
Politico: Clinton records robo-call for Coakley
Daily News: U.S. Senate primary election slated for tomorrow
Eagle-Tribune: Editorial: Remember, there's an election tomorrow


Las Vegas Sun: John Ensign working his way back, trying to put affair behind him
Politico: John Ensign probe shifts into high gear
AP: Poll: Goodman, Sandoval neck to neck for governor


WSJ: Baucus Tie to Nominee Kept Mum
WSJ: Girlfriends and Double Standards
Politico: Max Baucus just one of the Washington club


LA Times: The fight's back in John McCain


Salt Lake Tribune: Hatch gains a new 'seat' of power


Louisville CJ: Stakes high for each side in special Senate election
WFPL: Special Election Tuesday For Kentucky Senate Seat


December 6, 2009


WaPo: Illinois prison likely to house detainees
NYT: How Obama Came to Plan for Surge in Afghanistan
WaPo: Obama pressed for faster surge
WaPo: Cadets left with 'a real clarity about our mission'
AP: Protesters Rally Against New York Terror-Trial Plan

WSJ: Obama, Senate Democrats to Meet Sunday on Health Care
Hill: Obama will try to rally Senate Dems on healthcare Sunday
Wash Times: Public option bedevils Senate Dems
Politico: Dems weigh new public option deal
WaPo: Deals cut with health groups may be at peril
NYT: Senate Clears Way for Home Health Care Cuts
Boston Globe: Worries grow that health overhaul could price out many
NYT: Editorial: Senate Health Care Follies

NYT: Negotiators at Climate Talks Face Deep Fault Lines
Wash Times: Climate treaty's goals elusive
WSJ: EPA Poised to Declare CO2 a Public Danger
AP: UN climate chief: hacked e-mails are damaging
Boston Globe: Copenhagen: the Climate Summit
LA Times: Denmark's green credentials obscure some unpleasant facts
American Thinker: Understanding Climategate's Hidden Decline
American Thinker: Sudan despot embraces 'climate justice' in Copenhagen
NYT: Editorial: That Climate Change E-Mail
Jared Diamond: Will Big Business Save the Earth?
George Will: The climate-change travesty

Politico: New jobs plan may be more of old one
CQ Politics: Obama Promises Focus on Jobs; GOP Returns to Health Care Critique

NYT: Grab Bag of Charities Grows, Along With U.S. Tax Breaks

Reuters: Sarah Palin in the belly of the beast: Washington
WSJ: With Humor, Palin Attempts Media Truce
Politico: Palin cracks wise at Gridiron dinner
Hill: Palin pokes fun at herself at Gridiron
McClatchy: What Sarah Palin had to say at Saturday's Gridiron dinner
LA Times: Sarah Palin speech: The view's better from inside the bus than under it
WaPo: Palin fans out for a look and a book in Fairfax: Signing event draws thousands
American Thinker: In defense of Sarah Palin & conservative women

Fox: Draft Cheney? Conservatives Have Competing Visions Over Former VP's Role

NYT: 4 Ex-Governors, Older, Grayer and Craving Jobs of Yore

Politico: Frank reps Dems at Gridiron dinner

NYT: Threats Against Obama Spiked Early

Wash Times: Club for Growth wields outsized influence
CQ Politics: Small-Business Lobby Retools For Current Political Picture
Wash Times: 'Ethical' stem-cell work advances


NYDN: Judge went easy on Monserrate sentence - but State Senate sanctions may be tough
NY Post: Hiram spared jail, denied love
AP/Long: 3 years probation for NY pol

Albany TU: Bruno jury back Monday; case still undecided
Albany TU: Jury re-hears testimony about Brunos work for Abbruzzese


Star-Ledger: Once powerful teachers union faces tough times with Christie
Paul Mulshine: N.J.'s financial crisis: Crunch time for Gov.-elect Chris Christie


Wash Times: Cuccinelli vows as Va. AG to defend conservatism


SacBee: California official exempted himself to drive state car home
Dan Walters: Book looks back on California's golden era of legislation


Austin AS: Low-key Houston mayor hopes his hometown popularity translates statewide
Daily Tribune: Kinky Friedman stops in Naples on campaign tour


Florida TU: Political intrigue slows U.S. attorney pick
Ocala: War of words dominating search for U.S. attorney

Palm Beach Post: Cash pursuit for rail line thorny issue for Florida GOP
Palm Beach Post: Crist: Opposing rail package would be catastrophic


AJC: Atlanta's mayoral vote certified: Mayor-elect Reed begins transition


Chicago ST: Police fail to turn up laptops after searching Blagojevich computer suspect


Star Tribune: A few inch ahead in race for governor


Pittsburgh TR: Tom Corbett's conundrum
Scranton TT: Pa. casinos spend over $1 million to lobby in '09


Cleveland PD: GOP Senate candidate Portman urges suspending payroll tax a year
Cleveland PD: Sen. Brown joins GOP in demanding that Congress go on 'public option,' too
Columbus Dispatch: Strickland alleges China dumping steel in U.S


Detroit News: GOP faithful greet Michigan candidates
Detroit FP: Cox to file lawsuit to block carp


CQ Politics: Herron Calls GOP Attacks 'Desperate'


News & Observer: Palin gets Graham's blessing


Rasmussen: SC Governor: Democrat Rex Runs Close Against Top GOP Hopefuls
State: S.C. governor candidates look for dirt


Boston Globe: Candidates making last push before primary


AP: Senate panel seeks records in Ensign scandal


NYT: Baucus Acknowledges Recommending Girlfriend
WaPo: Baucus defends nominating girlfriend
WSJ: Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for U.S. Attorney
Wash Times: Baucus picked girlfriend for key post
Hill: Baucus: Relationship wasn't an 'affair'


AP: Kentucky Halts Lethal Injections Until Hearings


Hill: NRSC hits Lincoln for insurance industry contributions


Des Moines Register: Palin returning to Sioux City
Argus Leader: People lining up to see Sarah Palin


December 5, 2009


Hill: Palin says Obama should boycott Copenhagen over hacked e-mails
St. Louis PD: Sarah Palin meets with Billy Graham, calls for more Godly America
AP: Sarah Palin says nation should rededicate itself to God
Austin AS: Hundreds brave cold to see Sarah Palin at Fort Hood
AP/Brown: Palin arrives to cheering crowd at Fort Hood
NYDN: Sarah Palin brings 'Going Rogue' book signing tour to Fort Hood
KWTX: Crowds Gather Early For Palins Fort Hood Visit
Star-Telegram: More than 1,000 Palin fans show up for book signing in Plano
Dallas MN: Palin brings star power to Plano
Dallas MN: Fans' enthusiasm means Palin's still a GOP force
Sioux City Journal: Palin fans will begin lining up tomorrow in Sioux City
NYT: Palin, Frank to Speak at Gridiron Dinner
St. Louis PD: Palin calls Obama birth certificate an issue but not one she raises
WaPo: Palin backs questions on Obama citizenship
NYT: Palin Enters, and Quickly Tries to Exit, the Scrum on Obama’s Birthplace
Winnipeg FP: Palin speaks American
AP: Critic files complaint against Alaska officials: Critic's 5 previous complaints dismissed

Larry Sabato: Looking Ahead: Senate Races 2012-2014
Howard Kurtz: Conservatives jumping ship

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet

Wash Times: Climate-research furor might not stop U.S. deal
WaPo: In e-mails, science of warming is hot debate
Hill: Rep. Issa: Obama's refusal to investigate 'Climategate' emails is 'unconscionable'
NY Post: NASA big: Scrap cap and trade
WSJ: Obama, in Shift, Expects Climate Deal at Summit
WaPo: Hopes for climate deal get a boost
Politico: W.H. raises climate summit stakes
NYT: Obama Shifts His Visit to Last Day of Climate Conference
Hill: Obama shifts gears, will attend close of Copenhagen talks
NYT: Obama Delays Trip to Copenhagen by One Week
Wash Times: Skeptics press Obama on climate summit
Hill: Kerry: U.S. moving too slowly on climate
Jim Taranto: The Inconvenient Truth: Gore "brushes aside" evidence of scientific misconduct

NYT: Jobs Report Is Strongest Since the Start of the Recession
CQ Politics: Boehner Notes That Jobless Rate Is Still at Double Digits
Hill: Boehner 'encouraged' by jobs report, but 'no cause for celebration'
Fox: RNC Chairman Steele Blasts Job Summit
Fox: Job Woes Hit Blue States Hardest, Spelling Trouble for Democrats
Hill: Dems push jobs bill despite 'best jobs report' since recession began
NYT: In Speech, Obama Calls Jobs Report a ‘Hopeful Sign’
WaPo: Taking his jobs message on the road
WSJ: Ground Shifts for Stimulus: Positive Report Complicates Dems' Push for More Spending
WSJ: Obama's Week Ends on Up Note
WSJ: TARP Cash Targeted in Jobs Push
WSJ: A Jobs Sigh of Relief: A better stimulus plan: Have Congress adjourn until 2011
WaPo: Quarter of borrowers in anti-foreclosure plan are behind
Hill: CBO: Financial overhaul would hike deficit by $4.5 billion

WSJ: Senate Moderates Target Health Costs
WaPo: Senate pushes ahead on long-term care program
Wash Times: Senate approves long-term care for seniors, disabled
NYT: Efforts to Strip Health Care Provisions Fall Short
NYT: Home Care Patients Worry Over Possible Cuts
WSJ: Blue Cross Blue Patients: Another study predicts higher insurance prices
Hill: Senate Democrats targeting the pay of health insurance executives
Hill: AFL-CIO ad pushes senators to nix 'Cadillac tax' in health bill
Hill: Senate to vote on health amendments over weekend
Hill: Talks on future of public option in healthcare bill intensify in the Senate
WaPo: The only doctor in town
Politico: Abortion battle could derail health bill
Politico: Mods, libs hold rare meeting on health care
Hill: Burton hopes GOP will look pretty in pink during health debate
Kim Strassel: Lieberman: No Way, No How, to the Public Option
Ed Miller: Health Reform Could Harm Medicaid Patients
John Fund: Why Dems Are Obsessed by Health Reform

WSJ: Public Option Campus Revolt: Federal student-loan takeover gets booed in academia


Albany TU: A year of turmoil winding up at Capitol
NYDN: Rudy Giuliani takes job as security consultant for Rio 2016 Olympic Games
NY Post: Hevesi took swank trips as 'payoffs'
Albany TU: Priscilla Almodovar resigns
NYT: Editorial: A Little Pension Reform

NYT: Probation for Monserrate After Assault Conviction
AP/Long: Probation, no jail for Monserrate

NYT: Bloomberg Drops Key Initiative to Cut Greenhouse Gases


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie names several senior aides
AP: NJ Gov.-elect Christie names top office staff

NYT: New Jersey Nears Vote on Letting Gays Marry

AP: N.J. debt climbs to $33.9B, third highest in nation


Richmond TD: McDonnell adds five to administrations team
Wash Times: McDonnell names four to state posts
Patriot-Post: Interview with Governor-Elect Bob McDonnell
NBC29: McDonnell Makes Key Appointments
Richmond TD: Deeds losing campaign ends up in the black, but just barely


SF Chronicle: Abel Maldonado puts both Dems, GOP in quandary
McClatchy: For California politicians, state's drought is big issue
SacBee: Tax board's request signals California may see more furloughs
WSJ: 'Weak' Mayor Seeks Assist to Reshape Sacramento


Houston Chronicle: Perry has little to say about the Houston mayor's bid
Austin AS: White swings at Perry as he enters governor's race
Dallas MN: Houston Mayor Bill White to run for Texas governor
WSJ: Houston's White Enters Texas Governor Race
NYT: Popular Mayor to Run for Governor of Texas


CQ Politics: Rubio's Congressional Supporters To Come Out for D.C. Events
CQ Politics: Short-Timer LeMieux Opens Leadership PAC

SPT: Panel dismisses ethics claims against Kottkamp, McCollum, Sink for use of state planes
Miami Herald: Senators continue to squabble over rail plan
St. Pete Times: Florida's revenues not as dire as first thought

NYT: Paula Hawkins, 82, Florida Ex-Senator, Dies
Orlando Sentinel: Scott Maxwell recalls ex-U.S. Sen. Paula Hawkins


GPB: Burkhalter Won't Raise Taxes; Power Struggle Ahead?
AJC: Georgias Republicans after Richardson


Chicago Tribune: Computers with Rod Blagojevich recordings are stolen
Chicago Sun-Times: Authorities look into break-in at Blagojevich lawyers' office
Politico: Blagojevich evidence stolen

Herald-Review: Bill Brady garners downstate support in GOP race for governor


Wash Times: Pawlenty sued for making cuts to balance state budget
Politico: Pawlenty: Obama's 'Ponzi scheme'
AP/Lohn: Pawlenty, other aspirants travel for foreign cred


PennLive: Toomey blasts Obama on economy
CQ Politics: Rep. Barney Frank to Endorse Sestak for Senate


Examiner: Kasich warns $1M from Dem govs to Strickland will lead to economic oblivion


Detroit News: Michigan House Speaker has end-of-session goals
Detroit News: Kilpatrick aides tied to bribery scheme
Detroit FP: Kilpatrick aides implicated: Pair took kickbacks in land deal, ex-cop says


St. Louis PD: Limits to jury damage awards to be debated by Missouri Supreme Court


Examiner: Julia Corker, daughter of Bob Corker, carjacked 9 blocks from US Capital


News & Observer: Burr won't hold up nominee's hearing
Greensboro NR: Editorial: Hagan takes a stand for federal prosecutor


Rasmussen: 49% in South Carolina Oppose Impeachment of Sanford
AJC: Body language and political marriages

McClatchy: Commentary: Lindsey Graham needs to stop flirting with bipartisanship


Boston Globe: Women across US donate to Coakley


USA Today: Poll: Sen. Reid's approval rating at 38%
Politico: Poll: Reid badly trails Republican opponents
AP: Poll: Reid's favorability hasn't risen with ads

NYT: Nevada Senator Ensign Faces Increased Scrutiny
NYT: Ethics Committee Issues Subpoenas in Ensign Inquiry


NYT: Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for Post, Aide Says
AP/Peipert: Aide: Baucus nominated girlfriend for US attorney
Politico: Baucus nominated girlfriend for U.S. Attorney job


Hill: Rep. Thompson faces ethics probe over credit card measure, industry donations
Politico: Aide denies Thompson charges regarding contributions from credit card companies


Politico: Ex-Shays aide charged with embezzlement
CQ Politics: Shays Ex-Campaign Manager Indicted
Hill: Former campaign manager of Shays pleads not guilty to embezzlement


CQ Politics: Thune Strategist: Daschle `Amateur Compared to Reid


AP/Hanna: Wiggans to stay in governor's race despite lawsuit
AP: Brownback manager: Demo gov hopeful 'fraud'


December 4, 2009


WaPo: Gates: 'No deadlines' on troop withdrawal
NYT: Gates Says Afghan Drawdown Timing Is Flexible
NYT: Obamas Afghanistan Decision Is Straining Ties With Democrats
Politico: The aftermath: A new reality for President Obama
Peggy Noonan: Obama Redeclares War: Can he win without support of his political base?
Charles Krauthammer: Uncertain trumpet
Pat Buchanan: Obama's Exit Strategy
David Brooks: The Analytic Mode of Obama
Max Hastings: Our Timeline, and the Talibans
Seth Jones: Take the War to Pakistan
Michael Gerson: Obama's case to make
Sen. Jim Webb: A plan in need of clarity
Anders Rasmussen: A new momentum for Afghanistan
James Taranto: Bush Can't Swim: The AP outdoes itself in Obama puffery
Human Events: The Kerry Report
American Spectator: Democrat Wars
WSJ: The Welfare State and Military Power

WaPo: Resumed military panels face new challenges

Wash Times: Democrats call for temporary 'don't ask' immunity

NYT: Obama Tackles Jobless Woes, but Warns of Limited Funds
Hill: GOP's own economic talks blame policies, uncertainty
Fox: On the Job Hunt: Newt Gingrich Weighs in
AP: Newt Gingrich calls President Obama's jobs forum a 'disappointment'
Rush Limbaugh: The EIB Jobs Summit: Stories of Employers and the Unemployed
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Summit Just a PR Show
WaPo: Jobs summit underscores dilemma: With deficit soaring, role of private sector pushed
Hill: Job proposals from Democrats could add $300 billion in new federal spending
Politico: Obama dismisses criticism of summit
Hill: Obama calls for jobs measures despite budget deficit worries
WSJ: TARP Cash Targeted in Jobs Push

WSJ: Crowded Agenda Dogs Health Bill
Hill: Talks on future of public option in healthcare bill intensify in the Senate
Hill: Democrats market new public options, but securing 60 votes remains elusive
WaPo: Reid's recipe for getting health-care deal done
Wash Times: Democrats win $400B in Medicare cuts
WaPo: Senate votes down GOP plan to strip Medicare cuts from bill
Hill: Nelson amendment restricting abortions expected to fall short even with GOP support
NYT: Senate Backs Preventive Health Care for Women
Politico: Senate health bill inches forward
Hill: Reid plans noon session on Sunday
NYT: Editorial: Good News on Premiums
WSJ: Medicare Part D 'Reforms' Will Harm Seniors
Paul Krugman: Reform or Else
Judith Warner: Bo-Tax Backlash

WSJ: The High Costs of Copenhagen
LA Times: Global warming e-mails prompt Republican letter to EPA
Wash Times: Dems aim to expand water pollution controls
Wash Times: Gore cancels climate conference event
Rasmussen: Americans Skeptical of Science Behind Global Warming
Politico: Have the greens failed?
American Thinker: Global warming's new clothes
Rush Limbaugh: Algore Stays Silent on ClimateGate

WSJ: Bernanke Fights for Second Term
Wash Times: Bernanke makes case for new Fed term
Hill: Key Dems back Ben Bernanke for second term as Fed chairman
Wash Times: Bernanke says Fed actions averted meltdown
NYT: Bernanke Says Fed Should Have Done More
Politico: Ben Bernanke defends Fed's decisions
WaPo: Senators critical of Bernanke at hearing
WaPo: Editorial: Nibbling at Mr. Bernanke
WSJ: Near-Zero Rates Are Hurting the Economy
Lawrence Kudlow: No Solid Gold Performance from Bernanke

WSJ: Sarbanes-Oxley on Trial: The hasty 2002 law gets a potent constitutional challenge

Hill: Frank, Waxman ironing out differences over financial regulatory agency

Politico: Nancy Pelosi pushes global financial fee

NYT: House Votes to Extend Tax on Estates of the Wealthy
NYT: House Extends Estate Tax Rate
WSJ: House Bill Extends Current Estate Tax
Wash Times: Estate tax rate to be set at 45%

WSJ: Officers Put on Leave Over Crashing of Party
NYT: 3 Secret Service Officers Put on Leave in White House Gate-Crashing

NYT: Deputy Attorney General to Step Down in February
Politico: DOJ No. 2, David W. Ogden, steps down

Politico: Sarah Palin embraces anti-abortion role
Politico: Palin: Obama birth certificate 'a fair question'
AP: Sarah Palin's fans push for 2012 presidential run
AP/Zagier: Palin book tour keeps press as far away as possible
Politics Daily: Mike Huckabee's Loss is Sarah Palin's Gain
Debra Saunders: Huckabee Handed Out Pardons Like Candy

WSJ: Dems Need a Midcourse Correction
David Broder: Testing President No-Drama
Hill: Hoyer: Dems need to focus on economy to avoid mid-term losses
Hill: Liberals warn Obama that base may skip midterm elections

Dick Morris: The Black Caucus war against Obama

Politico: Tim Kaine: Tea parties devouring GOP
American Spectator: Can You Hear Us Now?


NYT: New York States Budget: The Republican View
NYT: Bleeding Cash and Deep in Debt, OTB Files for Bankruptcy Protection

NYT: Paterson Sidelined in Push for Same-Sex Marriage
Albany TU: Gay marriage defeated: Senate Roll Call

NYT: Boss and Close Friend, and Not Afraid to Tell Bruno to Stop It in Court
Albany TU: Ex-Senate lawyers role gets new look

NYT: Court Bars Takeover of Land for Columbia Campus


Star-Ledger: N.J. borrowing grew 700 percent during past two decades
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine nominates his chief of staff for Superior Court judgeship


Cal Thomas: New face for the GOP: Virginia governor-elect may be party's future
Roanoke Times: Virginia budget expert to keep post as finance secretary under McDonnell
WaPo: Kaine plans to extend health benefits to same-sex partners


Contra Costa Times: Maldonado will seek lieutenant governor's job
LA Times: California ethics panel probes state Sen. Wright in campaign-law issue
Dan Walters: Political chess played on California initiatives
SF Chronicle: Prop. 8 backers likely to win disclosure fight


Dallas MN: Perry's hat back in ring for Texas governor; Hutchison, White to follow
Dallas MN: Potential election foes Hutchison, White unite in fight for Texas plant
Dallas MN: Sarah Palin making stop in North Texas today
Dallas MN: Sarah Palin making stop at Plano's Legacy Books on Friday as part of book tour


PNJ: Crist speaks to local GOP: Crist stumps ahead of Senate primary
St. Pete Times: Behind-the-scenes fight affects U.S. Attorney nomination
St. Pete Times: Legislative session on rail opens with defections, polarized debate
Orlando Sentinel: Rail session creates some compromising situations for lawmakers


AJC: Richardson out, Burkhalter will be speaker
AJC: Burkhalter champions tax cuts
LA Times: Georgia House speaker to resign amid scandal
NYT: Lawmaker Steps Down Under Cloud
AP/McCaffrey: Ga. speaker resigns after lobbyist affair claim

AJC: Reed's lead grows after count
WSJ: Atlanta Officials to Count Provisional Ballots in Mayoral Race


American Spectator: Mark Kirk's Lead Seems Safe
Chicago Tribune: McKenna stakes campaign on shaky label as outsider
NYT: Cook County Board President Struggles to Rally Crumbling Political Base
NYT: Daley Allies Split Over the Budget


Star Tribune: Norm Coleman back in the buzz as talk of gubernatorial candidacy grows
Star Tribune: Palin to make time for Freedom Club in Minnesota


CNN: RNC airs critical ads prior to Obama visit
Philadelphia Inquirer: Delco lawmaker seeks state's No. 2 position
Philadelphia Inquirer: Killion to run for lieutenant governor


Lancaster EG: Former Ohio senator DeWine brings his attorney general campaign to town


Detroit News: Bing pleads for federal dollars for Detroit at Jobs Summit


St. Louis PD: Blunt: GOP needs to make sure minorities know our message


CQ Politics: Finney Says No to Tennessee 8
Hill: Rep. Tanners exit signals more trouble for Dems than Moores


Fox: Attorney Nomination Raises Concerns About Course of Edwards Probe


State: 28 ethics charges dropped against Sanford
State: Tradition trumps Sanfords' marriage woes
State: Midlands businessman running for governor


Boston Globe: Four Democrats reaching out to voters as primary looms
Boston Globe: Candidates are hoping TV ads can pitch them into Senate seat
Politico: Fight to replace Ted Kennedy fizzles


CQ Politics: Nevada Senate: Angle Doesn't Need Ensign's Help


Wash Times: Tancredo rouses gun rights advocates


Rasmussen: 2010 Arkansas Senate: Lincoln Runs Behind Four GOP Challengers
Rasmussen: 70% in State Oppose Letting Elected Officials Reduce Felons Sentences


CQ Politics: Ex-Rep. Hostettler to Run for Senate against Bayh


CQ Politics: Delaware Likes Castle for Senate


CQ Politics: Connecticut Candidate Swaps Races


December 3, 2009


WSJ: Time Limit on Surge Draws Fire
WSJ: Lawmakers Challenge Gates: Withdrawal Date, Afghan Participation Are Questioned
NYT: Afghanistan and Pakistan Rattled by Plan for Drawdown
WaPo: Pakistanis voice concerns about Obama's new Afghanistan plan
NYT: Obama Team Defends Policy on Afghanistan
NYT: Most New U.S. Forces for Afghanistan Will Be Sent to Taliban Stronghold in South
Wash Times: Senators scrutinize Obama's war plan: GOP members wary of 2011 withdrawal
Wash Times: U.S. allies pledge 5,000 more troops
NYT: Some Allies Wary of New Troop Pledges
Hill: Gates opposes troop withdrawal deadline for Afghanistan
Karl Rove: Obama Can Win in Afghanistan
James Taranto: Al Qaeda and Iraq: Obama subtly acknowledges the link
Eliot Cohen: A Wartime President: losing old friends and winning uncomfortable new ones
John Fund: President Obama and President Pelosi Part Ways
George Will: This will not end well
Dana Milbank: Obama's Afghan deadline all but missed
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Incoherent Afghanistan War Policy Doesn't Plan for Victory
Rush Limbaugh: Imagine if Mullah Omar Announced Taliban Has Plan to Retreat in 2011
WaPo: Homeland Security chief warns of threat from al-Qaeda sympathizers in U.S.
Wash Times: Blackwater founder to resign, cites legal woes

NYT: Senate Breaks Health Stalemate; First Votes Today
Wash Times: Senate to skip holiday if health care bill stalls
WSJ: US Senate Democrats Bemoan Slowed Health-Care Debate
NYT: Democratic Governors Voice Concern Over Health Care Bill
NYT: Memo Tells How to Derail Senate Health Bill
Reuters: Health debate in Senate moves toward gridlock
Politico: Senate debate is the beginning of health-care dialogue
Hill: Coburn offers amendment to remove Gulf Coast money from healthcare bill
AP/Werner: Abortion rights supporters, foes prepare for showdown on Senate health bill
Dick Morris: UK cancer death rate is 38% higher than in the US
American Thinker: Public Option: Great Britain's Warning to America
American Spectator: Where's the Urgency on Health Care Reform?

WSJ: Obama Science Adviser Urges Climate Action Amid Uproar
WaPo: An energy answer in the shale below?
WaPo: Drilling right into a heated environmental debate
WaPo: As emissions increase, carbon 'sinks' get clogged
Wash Times: NASA embroiled in climate dispute
Hill: Sen. Kerry sees 'definite Republican votes' for climate change legislation
Hill: Boxer: Hackers should face criminal probe over 'Climategate'
Ann Coulter: Do smoking guns cause global warming, too?
Rep. John Linder: Climate challenges

WaPo: NIH authorizes use of first human embryonic stem cells under new policy
Wash Times: 13 new human stem-cell lines OK'd

WSJ: Administration Targets Jobs Puzzle
WaPo: As Obama opens jobs summit, he faces limited options for growth
Wash Times: Obama's jobs summit faces vexing statistics
American Thinker: Jobs Summit will not produce jobs
Politico: House Democrats float new jobs plan
CBS: Gingrich Offers Alternate Jobs Summit
Rep. Lamar Smith: Recovering stolen jobs is key to American recovery
Robert Samuelson: Job creation made hard
Harold Meyerson: Time for more stimulus
WSJ: Mistakes in Stimulus Report Under Review
WaPo: Stimulus is boon for D.C. area contractors
WaPo: Financial regulatory package heads to House despite boycott of vote
WSJ: Black Caucus, White House Clash: Lawmakers Skip Finance-Overhaul Vote in Protest
NYT: Senator Moves to Hold Up Bernanke Confirmation
Politico: Bernie Sanders's block ups stakes for Fed
CQ Politics: Republicans Displeased With Delay in Implementation of Gambling Law

WSJ: House Transport Panel Head Seeks $69 Billion in New Spending

WSJ: Beach Erosion Weighed in Property-Rights Case

NYT: Report Examines Civil Rights During Bush Years

WaPo: Editorial: Extend the estate tax

Wash Times: Top Interior official gets $2M bonus

AP: Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin brings 'Going Rogue' book tour to southwest Missouri
American Thinker: Sarah Palin's Reagan Qualities
NYT: Review: Palin memoir's sharpest barbs are reserved for the McCain campaign

American Thinker: Shameless Huck-stering

Examiner: 2012 Election: Republican presidential field is wide open
Politico: Dem govs focus on economy for 2010
WaPo: Democrats say they'll be on defensive in '10
Martin Frost: Warning signals for House Democrats

Baltimore Sun: Steele speaks out against litmus tests
American Spectator: Conservatives, Beware of Overconfidence


Albany TU: Same-sex marriage defeated in state Senate
NYT: New York State Senate Votes Down Gay Marriage Bill
AP/Gormley: New York state lawmakers reject gay marriage bill

WSJ: NY State of Revolt: Enough with the taxes, say voters in Westchester and LI

Albany TU: No verdict yet; jury to return Thursday


Star-Ledger: N.J. Gov.-elect Christie to re-evaluate all state borrowing
Philadelphia Inquirer: $40.1 million spent to contest N.J. governorship


WaPo: Va. budget to test McDonnell's stance
Daily Press: Virginia GOP huddles in Williamsburg
Examiner: Steve Hunt wins GOP nomination for the Va. 37th Senatorial District
WTOP: Source: Kent to head McDonnell gov staff
WaPo: Kent likely to get chief of staff nod Thursday
Richmond TD: McDonnell expected to fill two positions
Virginian-Pilot: McDonnell to announce staff


SF Chronicle: LA Dem may become Assembly's 1st gay speaker
LA Times: 2 L.A. men vie to be California's next Assembly speaker
SacBee: California Assembly speaker backs L.A. freshman as successor
SacBee: Whitman spot is big on ideas, short on specifics
Napa Valley Register: GOP gubernatorial candidate, Steve Poizner stops in Napa
George Skelton: Schwarzenegger's last year and last chance


Dallas MN: Perry to file for re-election Thursday, says DC set on 'regulatory flights of fancy'
Dallas MN: Gov. Rick Perry names State District Judge Lana Myers to appeals court in Dallas
NYT: Its Just a Texas-Governor Thing
AP: Texas primary filing period begins
Austin AS: Texas education head warns of 'federal takeover'


Palm Beach Post: Rubio defends 'limited government' record
Tampa Tribune: Crist camp: Rubio squandered tax dollars
News-Press: Top court gives Crist his corruption grand jury
AP: High court OK's Crist request for grand jury
Miami Herald: Plunging property values will cause school funding shortfall
St. Pete Times: Falling Florida property values to pose problem for legislators


GPB: State House Dems Eyeing Ethics Complaint Against Speaker
AJC: Richardson's future topic of meeting
AJC: Richardson facing fight for career
AJC: Signs that Glenn Richardsons resignation is a matter of when, not if
AJC: Richardsons political future unclear

Macon Telegraph: Oxendine to Ga. insurers: Keep covering mammograms

AJC: Atlanta mayoral election: Race a key factor
LA Times: 'Crossover' voters called key to Reed's apparent win in Atlanta mayoral race


Chicago Tribune: 3 GOP hopefuls split with Kirk over Guantanamo statements
Chicago Tribune: GOP governor candidate gets the attribution right this time in new TV ad


Politico: Norm Coleman's re-emergence builds 2010 buzz
Star-Tribune: State budget deficit projected at $1.2 billion
AP/Bakst: Back in red: Minnesota faces $1.2 billion deficit
MPR: Third Republican enters race for Minnesota's 1st District
Winona DN: Hagedorn third Republican to challenge Walz


PennLive: Toomey plans to take full advantage of Obama's visit to Allentown Friday


Cleveland PD: Lawmakers hammering out deal to balance state budget
Cleve PD: Jennifer Brunner takes early anti-surge position: Smart, but too late?


Lansing SJ: Bernero 'mulling' run for governor


KSPR: Gov. Sarah Palin Signs Hundreds of Books in Springfield


Politico: Tanner's departure alarms Dems
Politico: The Republican pitch for Tanners seat
CQ Politics: Tanner To Retire; Herron Switches Races, Will Run For House
CQ Politics: Heron Set to Refund Gubernatorial Campaign Cash

CQ Politics: Possible Gordon Challenger Meets with NRCC


N&O: U.S. attorney change in N.C. raises questions about Easley, Edwards investigations


State: Sanford's lawyers defend use of state airplanes
State: High Court: Sanford documents must be released
Politico: DeMint: Wish I'd thought of 'You lie!'
Politico: DeMint: Tea Parties can defeat Dems


Boston Globe: In last debate, Coakleys foes go after each other
Boston Globe: If looks make the senator, Coakley takes race
CQ Politics: Massachusetts: Can Capuano Catch Up in Senate Special?


Reno GJ: Nevada governor starts planning for more budget cuts


Ct PBN: Fedele: First Republican Candidate in 2010 Governor's Race
Politico: Can Chris Dodd climb out of his hole?


Salt Lake Tribune: Palin's Utah stop expected to draw big crowds


AP/Kohler: Energy issues flare in Colo. governor's race


ADN: Murkowski: "I want to be able to rely on the good judgment of a provider I trust."


Dubuque TH: Branstad riding momentum


CQ Politics: So Many GOP Contenders for One Kansas Seat


December 2, 2009


WSJ: Obama Bets Big on Troop Surge
NYT: Obama Adds Troops, but Maps Exit Plan
WaPo: Obama: U.S. security is still at stake
Wash Times: Obama pledges to avoid repeat of Vietnam
WSJ: Critics From Across the Spectrum Rip Plan
Boston Globe: Democrats wary of the commitment
WaPo: With speech, president makes the conflict truly his own
WSJ: With Key Role, Gates Stands to Get Credit -- or Blame
WaPo: The puzzle for Congress: How to pay for plan
Wash Times: Congress struggles to pay for Afghan surge
Pervez Musharraf: The Afghan-Pakistan Solution
William Kristol: A war president
Dick Morris: Obama channels Bush
WaPo: Editorial: An Afghan strategy: Obama balances more troops with a limited mission
NYT: Editorial: The Afghanistan Speech
Wash Times: Text: Obama's address on Afghan strategy
Politico: Barack Obama's speech: A sober call for a limited Afghan mission
Politico: Afghan uncertainty on right and left
Human Events: Obama Strategery

Hill: New public option plan to be unveiled
WSJ: Health-Bill Amendments Court Women, Seniors
NYT: Senators Pitch to Women and Elderly on Health Bill
Wash Times: Lawmakers set to make health bill changes
WaPo: Senators express hope for a health reform bill
NYT: American Indians Stand to Gain in Health Overhaul
CQ Politics: American Indians Exercise Political Clout
WSJ: ObamaCare at Any Cost
Hill: Threat of reconciliation hovers over centrist Democrats on healthcare
James Taranto: He Hasn't Accomplished Nothing
Dana Milbank: Health-care fatigue syndrome: They're talking about you, Grandma
Dick Morris: Healthcare raises taxes

Wash Times: Public health threat plans under review
WaPo: U.S. health-threat response to be reviewed: Efforts to develop new defenses

WSJ: Global Warming Revolt: A carbon tax faces new opposition
WaPo: Moves by U.S., China induce India to do its bit on climate
Politico: Republican candidates run from climate bill
Human Events: GIGO Global Warming

NYT: Terrorist Suspect Cites Trial Delay in Seeking Dismissal
Human Events: Americans to Rally Against Holder 9/11 Trials Decision

Wash Times: Critics not invited to White House's 'jobs summit'
CQ Politics: GOP Leaders Plan an Alternative to Obamas Jobs Summit
Hill: House GOP looks to play offense on jobs
Newt Gingrich: Obama 'Jobs Summit' Who In the White House Has Ever Created a Job?
Christina Romer: Putting Americans Back to Work

WSJ: Fed Debates New Role: Bubble Fighter
WSJ: Fed Faces Grilling on Consumer-Protection Lapses
Politico: Hearing on Ben Bernanke brings out fed critics

Hill: Dem attacks on first stimulus grow
Rush Limbaugh: The Porkulus: Obama's Slush Fund

WaPo: FHA to toughen rules for borrowers

WSJ: Black Caucus, White House Standoff Continues

WaPo: General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson resigns
Detroit News: GM CEO Henderson forced out; Whitacre takes over -- for now
Detroit FP: It's Whitacre's GM now

NYT: Federal Law Limiting Legal Advice Draws Particular Interest at the Supreme Court

Mike Huckabee: Washington State Tragedy
Seattle Times: E-mails show Washington state battled to keep Clemmons in custody
WaPo: After police killings, Huckabee defends clemency for suspect
Politico: Mike Huckabee: Political attacks 'disgusting'

Politico: Palin defends private plane use

Wash Times: RNC members brawl over candidate funding: Sniping centers on litmus test
Rasmussen: Number of Democrats Falls to Four-Year Low
Hill: Dem poll: Doubts in Obama policies
Rush Limbaugh: Get Real! Cut the Third Party Crap: The Two Parties Are Not the Same

Politico: Judge rejects RNC bid to end minority voter protections


Albany TU: Vote due on deficit reduction plan
NYT: Votes on Budget and Gay Marriage Delayed
NY Post: State pols stick $700M finger in budget dike
NYDN: Sampson: Tier Five Talks Underway

NYT: Bruno Jury Says It Has Reached Verdict on 2 of 8 Counts
NY Post: Bruno jury gets all hung up on 6 raps
NYDN: Jury says they have reached a verdict on 2 out 8 charges against Joseph Bruno
Buffalo News: Bruno jury has verdict on 2 charges, stuck on 6 others
Albany TU: Jury to return Wednesday; no verdict yet

NY Post: GOP takes Nassau after 8 years'

NYDN: Assembly again OKs legalizing gay marriage in New York, hands off to state Senate

NYDN: Cuomo calls on all social networking sites to join fight against online sex predators
NYDN: More than 3,500 sex fiends from Facebook, MySpace get boot in crackdown


Star-Ledger: N.J. Governor-elect blasts Democrats on budget, lame-duck issues


AP/Lewis: Kaine heralds dawn of smoke-free Va. restaurants


NYT: California to Use Deflation in Assessing Property Taxes
LA Times: Prop. 8 foes seek initiative sponsors' internal records
McClatchy: Matsui repays $2,800 after wrongly claiming Maryland tax break
SacBee: Two L.A. Latinos lead pack to become Assembly speaker
SF Chronicle: Perez said to be next Assembly Speaker


Star-Telegram: Primary won't decide candidate for chief justice of 2nd Court of Appeals
Houston Chronicle: Too-secretive pardons and paroles process
Texas Tribune: Grading KBH's Education Plans


Tampa Tribune: Bondi enters attorney general race
St. Pete Times: Pam Bondi enters state attorney general race
St. Pete Times: Prosecutor seeks GOP nomination for Florida attorney general
Miami Herald: Rothstein `fraud' funded campaign donations
Politico: Crist endorses Tebow


AJC: Atlanta mayor: Reed declares victory
WSJ: Recount Is Likely for Atlanta Race
NYT: Atlanta Mayoral Race Too Close to Call


CBS: Debate over Gitmo Prisoner Transfer turns Political in Illinois
Daily Herald: McKenna to Quinn: "Bah Humbug"


Politico: Al Franken fallout has GOP fuming
CQ Politics: Walz Draws A Crowd For Minn. House Seat


CQ Politics: GOP Possibles Keep an Eye on Platts Possible Leap


Columbus Dispatch: Senate GOP OK with tax delay?


Detroit News: Bing finds goodwill in Lansing
Detroit FP: Granholm pushes reform, aims for U.S. grants


KC Star: Missouri Senate leader proposes sweeping ethics bill


WaPo: Tanner to retire


CQ Politics: Good News, Bad Timing on N.C. Senate Race


Greenville News: Sanford impeachment could hinge on Argentina trip
Spartanburg HJ: Panel looks at Sanford flights


Boston Globe: Senate candidates spar on abortion issue


Las Vegas Sun: On the unintentional comedic stylings of John Ensign
Hill: Ensign tests relationship with fellow Nevadan Reid


NYT: Baltimores Mayor Is Convicted


CQ Politics: Sen. Gregg to Host D.C. Fundraiser for Ayotte


CQ Politics: McConnells Leverage in Kentucky Senate Race


December 1, 2009


WSJ: U.S. Opts for Limited Surge
NYT: Obama Issues Order for More Troops in Afghanistan
WaPo: 34,000 troops will be sent to Afghanistan
WaPo: A test for the blocks needed to rebuild a nation
Hill: President Obama sets policy for winning the war in Afghanistan
Boston Globe: Kerry close to supporting troop buildup
WSJ: John Kerry's Tora Bora Campaign
Wash Times: Democrats push new war tax
Politico: Democrats 'nervous' about Afghanistan plan
David Brooks: Clear, Hold and Duct Tape
James Taranto: Obama has no trouble making decisions except when they're hard
Dana Milbank: The perils of being commander in chief
Pat Buchanan: Hamlet as War President

NYT: Supreme Court Overturns Decision on Detainee Photos
Hill: Supreme Court upholds government position in detainee photo battle

NYT: Cole Attack Trial Will Test Tribunal System

NYT: Justices Say Capital Cases Must Weigh War Trauma

Wash Times: Tax talk kicks off Senate health care debate
Politico: Sharp tones kick off Senate debate
Hill: CBO: Senate bill would increase individual insurance premiums
NYT: No Big Cost Rise in U.S. Premiums Is Seen in Study
WaPo: Senate health bill gets a boost
Rasmussen: 41% Support Health Care Legislation, 53% Oppose
Wes Pruden: Dr. Bureaucrat horrors
Dick Morris: How much will your states' taxes go up in Obamacare?
Dick Morris: Hardest hit by Obamacare
American Thinker: Dick Morris and the crusade against ObamaCare

WSJ: Climategate: Follow the Money
Wash Times: Meet Al Gore at Copenhagen, for $1,209
WSJ: The Climate Science Isn't Settled
Guardian UK: Leaked emails won't harm UN climate body, says chairman
Rush Limbaugh: Universe of Lies: Big Warmers Try to Whitewash ClimateGate Fraud
Rush Limbaugh: It's Not a Consensus, It's a Cabal
Rush Limbaugh: Gibbs Stonewalls on Climate Hoax; Two Geologists Call in to Respond
Charles Krauthammer: The quintessential Andrew Sullivan

WSJ: House Weighs Impeachment of Judge in an Unusual Move

Wash Times: Republicans revive Obama court pick fight

John Podesta: Creating jobs for America's youth
Ted Nugent: Uncle Ted's American Jobs Summit
WSJ: Temporary Workers and the 21st Century Economy
WSJ: CBO: 600,000 to 1.6 Million Employed by Stimulus
NYT: Treasury Pushes Mortgage Firms for Loan Relief
WSJ: Systemic Risk and Fannie Mae
Hill: Bernanke, Geithner at hearings this week
Hill: Dems split on stock tax
Hill: Sec. LaHood: Gas tax likely to see debate in Congress soon

Hill: Invite for crashers... testify on the Hill
WaPo: House Republicans ask Desiree Rogers to join party-crasher hearing
NYDN: Pete King: Desiree Rogers Should Testify
Rush Limbaugh: What's the Real Story Behind the Obama State Dinner Crashers?

Politico: Nancy Pelosi spends $2,993 on flowers

Politico: Cheney slams Obama for projecting 'weakness'

Wash Times: Palin's power, popularity stronger
Star Tribune: Palin tops; Pawlenty a one percenter in new poll
American Thinker: Palin and the future
ABC: Sarah Palin Uses Private Jet Between Stops on Cross-Country Bus Tour to Promote Book

LA Times: Mike Huckabee defends freeing convict wanted in Washington police shootings
Wash Times: Huckabee's White House bid could be undone by pardon
WaPo: Huckabee's pardons at issue after police killings
NYT: Old Clemency May Be Issue for Huckabee
Politico: Conservatives hammer Mike Huckabee over shooting
NYT: Mike Huckabee’s Burden
Hill: Commuted sentence haunts Huckabee
AP/DeMillo: Political death blow for Huckabee?
Politics Daily: Huckabee White House Chances Look Slim to None After Police Slayings
MSNBC: Huckabee's commutation record
American Spectator: Mike "Pardon Me" Huckabee

Human Events: What the Tea Party Movement Means for Conservatives
Wash Times: Union members key to GOP wins
Politico: GOP establishment scorns purity test
Hill: Poll: GOP divided on state of their party
Examiner: Limbaugh the most influential conservative?
Rush Limbaugh: Rush is America's Most Influential Conservative (And This is News?)

Politico: Another departure at the RNC

Politico: Spotlight on undercover ACORN pair
Boston Globe: Republicans stay on warpath against ACORN
American Spectator: Biggest Story of 2009: The Rise of the Virtual Newsroom
American Spectator: Is ACORN engaged in a massive money laundering scheme?

CQ Politics: The Next Battle to Draw the Lines
CQ Politics: Before Redistricting: Reapportionment

NYT: Chelsea Clinton Announces Engagement
NY Post: Chelsea Clinton to wed longtime beau


CQ Politics: Ex-Rep. Bradley Co-Hosts Fundraiser with Pawlenty in NH


NY Post: Andy to Dems: Don't endorse me yet

NYT: In Budget Impasse, Governor Warns of Withholding Municipal Aid
NYDN: Legislature finds $2.8B in fat to trim - but Gov. Paterson says that's not good enough
Albany TU: Deficit deal, or no deal?
NYDN: Paterson Sees The Legislature's Offer, Goes A Step Further

NYT: Jurors Ask to Be Read Testimony Perhaps Helpful to Bruno

NYT: Vote Recount in Nassau Executive Race Ends
LI Press: Mangano Leads Suozzi At End Of Recount
NY Post: Suozzi: End of vote count near

WSJ: Saying No to Spitzer, Four Years Later

AP: Sharpton daughter tells judge cops were wrong


Swing State Project: How Christie Won: Urban and Northern New Jersey
Philadelphia Inquirer: Bill would force a Democratic replacement for N.J. Senate
WSJ: New Jersey Likely Next to Legalize Medical Marijuana
Star-Ledger: N.J. budget gap forces state to withhold $20.7M in aid payments to towns


News Virginian: Saxman helping with McDonnell education team
WaPo: A day of changes for a changing state
Richmond TD: Kaine sets special elections for Va. Senate


SacBee: Meg Whitman touts eBay experience in new radio ad
CQ Politics: Democratic Field Thins in Race Against Lungren
LA Times: One question divides same-sex marriage proponents: When?
Dan Walters: Battle over Maldonado is just politics


Dallas MN: Why Hutchison is the biggest force in the governor's race
Dallas MN: Perry pulling in big bucks from Austin political interests
Dallas MN: Hutchison on education
Dallas MN: Texas House speaker sees fiscal scrape coming
Houston Chronicle: Consultant has been on both sides
News8Austin: As Gattis withdraws, Republican Party eyes candidates


St. Pete T: FL Supreme Court rejects Crist's petition for grand jury to investigate corruption
CQ Politics: Top Florida Democrats Help Quest for Putnam Seat
CQ Politics: GOP May Have Its Grayson Challenger
St. Pete Times: Is Pam Bondi warming up for the campaign trail?


NYT: In Race of Opposites, Atlanta Votes Tuesday
AJC: For the day when every vote counts, Republican or not
AJC: Richardsons ex-wife: Speakers suicide attempt aimed at controlling her


Hill: Durbin to host briefing on sending Guantanamo detainees to Illinois
Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn: Probe of Blago hires still alive


AP: State Rep. Demmer tries again in Minn. 1st


WSJ: Arlen Specter would make it easier for terrorists to sue


Columbus Dispatch: Congress leery of Obama's troop plan
Toledo Blade: Lt. governor gains endorsements during stop in Toledo


Detroit News: Mich. Senate ready to OK bills in hopes of qualifying for fed aid
Detroit News: New recusal rules for Mich. Supreme Court under fire


News-Leader: Palin's 'Rogue' book signing to be packed


Hill: Democrat running for Wamp's seat drops out
CTFP: Wamp says hes the man to stand up to nanny state
Politico: Challenge looms for Bart Gordon in Tennessee


AP: Obama picks Walker for US attorney in eastern NC


AP: SC legislators resume gov's impeachment hearings


Boston Globe: Capuano attacks Coakley remarks
Boston Globe: Pagliucas views didnt match chains actions
Politico: Temporary senator opposes surge


Boston Globe: Kennedy tries to put controversy over Communion denial to rest


Las Vegas Sun: Ensign: Resignation would hurt GOP, shift focus from ousting Harry Reid
Hill: Ensign: Resignation would take resources away from defeating Reid
CQ Politics: Ensign Hits Airwaves, Refuses to Resign
Politico: John Ensign says he won't resign
Politico: Ensign's semi-mea culpa on Clinton


WSJ: Colorado GOP Writes Its Own Invitation to the Tea Party


Hill: Sen. Shelby wants 'living wills' for the country's largest financial companies


Human Events: Mary Landrieu: Louisiana's Bionic Woman



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