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Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

Then and now, President Trump and his supporters celebrate the greatest hits at his campaign rallies

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms

What can Congress do to punish Saudi Arabia if Trump won’t?

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence

White House counsel Donald McGahn officially leaves the job

As midterms near, Democrats accuse GOP of plotting to cut Medicare, Social Security

Amid global outrage over Khashoggi, Trump takes soft stance toward Saudis

December 21, 2009


NYT: Health Bill Passes Key Test in the Senate With 60 Votes
WaPo: Health-care bill clears crucial vote in Senate, 60 to 40
NYT: Hopes Dim, G.O.P. Still Vows to Fight Health Bill
Wash Times: Senate health bill passes major test: Foes appear out of options
WSJ: Historic Health Vote Looms: 30 Million to Get Insurance, Firms Face New Taxes
WSJ: Abortion Continues to Be Dividing Issue
Politico: Senate advances landmark health bill
Politico: GOP leader vows to stay to February
CSM: GOP's last bullet in healthcare reform battle: public opinion
WSJ: Democrats Pin 2010 Hopes on Bill
WSJ: Tax Exemption in Compromise a Bright Spot for Insurers
NYT: Senate Debate on Health Care Exacerbates Partisanship
NYT: Deep in Health Bill, Very Specific Beneficiaries
WSJ: Change Nobody Believes In
CQ Politics: Nelson Cites Reason Behind Health Care Compromise
Hill: CBO pegs Nelson's deal for Nebraska at $100 million
Hill: Snowe says 'no' to health bill, lamenting hastened pace
Hill: After criticism, Reid vindicated by early morning healthcare vote
Hill: Cloture vote foreshadows conference tussle over final healthcare bill
Paul Krugman: A Dangerous Dysfunction
Dana Milbank: An ugly finale for health-care reform

NYT: Mixed Bag for Obama on Climate Change Deal Amid the Recession
Politico: Copenhagen fizzle won't help bill
CQ Politics: Nonbinding Climate Deal May Aid Senate Bill
Hill: Graham: Healthcare fight makes passing energy and climate bill tougher
Hill: Schwarzenegger 'fundamentally' at odds with Palin on climate change policy

WSJ: Defense Bill Gets Senate Approval

WaPo: Fed's approach to regulation left banks exposed to crisis
Wash Times: Instead of lending, banks focus on covering losses
Boston Globe: Dodd tacks new course on Senate bank bill

NYT: Labor Data Show Surge in Hiring of Temp Workers
Wash Times: Tax impact could be crucial to recovery

Wash Times: Obama to clear secret records: Executive order follow-up on inaugural pledge

NYT: Robert P. George, the Conservative-Christian Big Thinker

John Bolton: Dick Cheney: Conservative of the Year
Human Events: Dick Cheney on the Political Hot Topics of 2009

NYT: Making His List: Questions for Mike Huckabee
Howard Kurtz: 'Folksy' Mike Huckabee keeps eyes on Fox's fan base, and the White House

AP: McCain: Palin going to be GOP force for some time
Armstrong Williams: Palin's paradox

Examiner: Top ten GOP presidential hopefuls for 2012

CQ Politics: Ethics Inquiries Close for Four Lawmakers
Hill: Looming retirements could smooth rough votes for House Democrats
Hill: McCain: Obama administration has been more partisan than Clinton White House


DN: Dem party's new political guru calls Paterson's lack of popularity 'major cause of concern'
LoHud: Lazios Endorsements Move From Western NY To North Country


Star-Ledger: N.J. attorney general nominee Dow heralded for toughness, outsider status


Richmond TD: At least 7 GOP candidates eager to take on Perriello
WaPo: Editorial: The harshest cuts


Wheeling News-Register: McKinley Mulls Congressional Run in 2010


George Skelton: Speaker-to-be Prez knows what he's in for
SacBee: Capitol's Latino caucus mending fences after split
SacBee: Round 3 of California's never-ending budget bout looms


Dallas MN: In health care debate, Hutchison's bark comes with little bite
Weekly Standard: The Next GOP Senator from Texas
RedState: Hutchison Implies Fellow Republicans Are Anti-Troops


Herald Tribune: Getting Florida's Nelson to vote for the health bill
Pittsburgh TR: Riddle of a race for Senate
Jacksonville News: Legislature set to hit the session running on corruption reform


RN-T: Isakson: Health Care Bill Is Bad for America


Politico: Dennis Hastert keeps perking along
Chicago Sun-Times: Blago aide's computer yields new secrets
Quad City Times: GOP vows to block detainee transfers to Thomson


Pioneer Press: 'Cut, cut, cut' the budget, say GOP hopefuls
Chicago Tribune: Leading the charge of the right brigade


Danville News: Derk to announce whether hell run


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio lawmakers wary on climate bill


Detroit News: Ex-candidate seeks probe into Detroit mayoral election


American Chronicle: Blunt Votes No on Second Stimulus
AP: Mo. Legislature faces second largest turnover since passage of term limits


UPI: Tennessee may hold key to House control


BlueRidgeNow: Deep in Health Bill, Very Specific Beneficiaries


Greenville News: Sen. Graham calls health-care deal 'seedy' politics


Boston Globe: Coakley accepts curb on abortion coverage


Las Vegas Sun: Health care compromise gives sweet Medicaid deal to Nebraska


Politico: GOP sets sights on blue Hawaii


Politico: Mainer vies for another first


CQ Politics: Video: A Conversation With Linda McMahon, Conn. Senate Candidate


Human Events: Is GOP's Kentucky Win Shape of Things to Come in 2010?


December 20, 2009


Telegraph UK: Barack Obama's health reform set to pass Senate after abortion deal
WSJ: Democrats Secure 60 Votes on Health Bill
NYT: Democrats Clinch a Deal on Health Bill
Wash Times: Dems land critical 60th health bill vote
NYT: Negotiating to 60 Votes, Compromise by Compromise
WaPo: With Nelson on board, health-care bill could pass by Christmas
WaPo: To sway Nelson, a hard-won compromise on abortion issue
Politico: Health deal hinged on abortion
Politico: Payoffs for states get Harry Reid to 60 votes
Hill: Final Senate healthcare bill released by Reid in drive for 60
Hill: Coburn: Nelson agreement with leaders 'threw unborn babies under the bus'
Kathleen Parker: Overreaching leaves Obama with few friends

WSJ: Climate Summit Recognizes U.S. Accord
NYT: A Grudging Accord in Climate Talks
WaPo: Hope and funding for saving forests around the world
CNN: Palin continues to blast climate change believers

AP: Impeachment Evidence Grows Against U.S. Judge

LA Times: Democrats will invoke Bush in 2010
NYT: Editorial: The Election Sabotage Commission


AP/Gormley: Analysis: Paterson, Lazio bridge political divide
Albany TU: Bruno jurors slam state
NY Post: GOPer sets new push to oust tax-challenged Rangel
NYDN: 'No evidence' Rudy Giuliani will run vs. Kirsten Gillibrand for Senate seat


APP: Runyan says run for Congress still his game plan
AP/Delli Santi: Governor's replacement power to stand
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine loss to N.J. Gov.-elect Christie puts state employees on job hunt


Charlottesville DP: McDonnell, GOP lawmakers assail Kaines budget plan
Richmond TD: Analysis: With budget, Kaine leaves tough task for both parties
CQ Politics: Virginia Rep. Nye Loses A Republican Challenger


LA Times: Schwarzenegger has options for post-gubernatorial act
SF Chronicle: Boxer supports abortion deal


Dallas MN: Republican partisans take aim at TX House Dems
AP/Shannon: Democrats try to stake claim in Texas
Dallas MN: Ronnie Earle runs for lieutenant governor


St. Pete Times: Gov. Charlie Crist stands by embattled Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer
Miami Herald: Suddenly in a slump, Crist seems a bit lost


Macon Telegraph: Local legislators optimistic about new speaker-to-be
AJC: Legislature to focus on ethics in 2010
Athens BH: Thompson: Speaker's departure was insulting


NYT: Democrats Stumble Toward Senate Primary
AP/Wills: Ill. budget raises tough questions for GOP


AP: Pawlenty: No tax increase for stadium


Pittsburgh PG: Specter-Toomey race too close to call, says Quinnipiac poll
PennLive: Sen. Arlen Specter: Health care reform passage 'pulling bicuspids'
AP/Scolforo: Pa. assembly corruption probe nears critical phase
Pittsburgh TR: Scandal doesn't shake lawmakers to reform


Dayton Daily News: Stricklands win on budget deal clouded by jobless rate
Toledo Blade: Wagoner calls vote to delay tax cut tough


Detroit News: Lawmakers pass education reform


News-Leader: Contributions in six figures spur talk of new limits


Knox News: Experts say Tennessee is key for Republican efforts nationwide


WRAL: N.C. senators split vote on defense appropriations bill


State: Legal strategy, differing opinions helped Sanford avoid impeachment


Boston Globe: Browns biggest foe: Bay States blue streak
Boston Globe: Baker team warming to Mihos match


Las Vegas Sun: On debt, two Nevada pols find they agree


Nashua Telegraph: Gregg: health bill is re-hash of expensive ideas


NYT: Louisiana Has Much at Stake in Health Care Debate


Politico: Huck rallies against Dem reforms in Nelson's backyard


December 19, 2009


Wash Times: Deal reached in Copenhagen climate talks
WSJ: Climate Pact Falls Short
WSJ: CO2 Pact Leaves Businesses Feeling Up in the Air
NYT: Many Goals Remain Unmet in 5 Nations Climate Deal
WaPo: Climate deal falls short of key goals
Politico: Climate deal falls short of expectations
Hill: Obama departs fractious Copenhagen talks with limited pact
WaPo: 5 questions about the Copenhagen climate talks
AP/Casey: Forest plan gets ax at UN climate talks
NYT: Text: Climate Deal (.pdf)
NYT: An Alphabet Soup of Causes and Clauses
WSJ: Global Warming and an Odd Bull Moose
WSJ: Copenhagen's Lesson in Limits
Pat Buchanan: Shakedown in Copenhagen

WSJ: Reid, Nelson Wrestle Over Health Bill
Politico: Harry Reid 'confident,' but Ben Nelson not there yet
LA Times: Abortion deal in sight in Senate healthcare negotiations
NYT: Senator Reports Progress in Talks on Health Bill
AP/Werner: Republican Snowe still courted on health care
WaPo: In health-care deliberations, Senate is a surreal world
WaPo: Senate Dem leaders scramble to lock up votes for health-care reform legislation
Wash Times: MoveOn urges Senate to oppose health bill
Hill: Staffers rework Christmas plans as Senate plays chicken on healthcare
Hill: McConnell not backing down on health overhaul as round-the-clock votes loom
Hill: Reid to unveil final offer on healthcare bill on Saturday morning
Gail Collins: The New Perils of Pauline
Dana Milbank: Democrats take on the Liebermonster
Rush Limbaugh: Senate Democrats Running Out of Time to Pass Sinking Obamacare

WSJ: Uncertainty Swirls Around Estate Tax

WSJ: Lawmakers Weigh a Wall Street Tax

Robert Wilmers: Not All Banks Are Created Alike

George Will: A look at how Americans lose their jobs

NYT: F.B.I. Accused of Abuse of Power in Clinton Case

AP/Evans: Impeachment appears imminent for federal judge

NYT: Ethics Office Closes Inquiry on Lawmakers Ties to Lobbyists
Hill: Dems cleared of wrongdoing in PMA lobbying scandal

NYT: Economists See a Lift in 2010 Census

NYT: Judge Is Asked to Reject Terror Defendants Claim He Didnt Receive a Speedy Trial

Politico: NRSC outraised DSCC in November
CQ Politics: NRSC Outraises DSCC in November
CQ Politics: NRCC Fundraising Struggles, DCCC Holds Three-to-One Edge
CQ Politics: RNC Raises $6.3 Million In November
Hill: Pelosi vows to hang onto House in 2010
Rush Limbaugh: Obama White House Repeats Mistake GOP Made After 1994

Hill: Top 10 lobbying triumphs: Some firms won big despite difficult year in 2009

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Thompson Wont Rule Out Pursuing U.S. Senate Seat
NYT: Prosecutors Assail Albany Record Keeping
NYT: Regulator Criticizes Ethics Plan
WSJ: New York Can Do Better By Juvenile Offenders
Albany TU: Attorneys voice support for Spargo


Philadelphia Inquirer: Ex-Eagle Runyan ready for S.J. congressional race
AP: Federal-spending worries drive footballer Jon Runyan to pursue N.J. congress seat

Star-Ledger: Gov.-elect Chris Christie's transition team readies for change


WaPo: Virginia governor proposes an income tax increase
Roanoke Times: Kaine proposes sweeping changes
Daily Press: From deep in the red, Gov. Kaine proposes a brutal state budget
Richmond TD: Va. House speaker calls Kaine proposal terrible
WSLS: Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell on Gov. Kaines budget proposal
Culpeper Star Exponent: McDonnell faces a foul odor upon taking office


SGVTrib: It's Politics: No one knows Meg Whitman
SF Chronicle: Whitman has wide lead over her GOP rivals
CQ Politics: What? Theres a Race for Governor?
NYT: Rule Invites Cameras Into Federal Civil Cases


Dallas MN: Gov. Rick Perry continues to press Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison on filibuster vote


Tulsa World: Inhofe says climate trip a success


Kathryn Lopez: Rise of Rubio could be good for Floridians
Rush Limbaugh: DNC-TV's Dylan Ratigan Berates Rep. Wasserman Schultz (D-FL)


Rasmussen: 2010 Georgia Governor: Barnes Still Holds Big Lead Among Democrats


WSJ: Guantanamo Detainees Welcome Here
Des Moines Register: Federal prison decision seen as $1 billion boost
Chic Trib: Republican governor candidates spar over business expansion near Lisle school


CNN: MN GOP calls Franken-Lieberman incident an 'embarrassment'
WCCO: Bachmann, Franken Stir Health Care Controversy


Reuters: Specter tied with Toomey in Senate race: poll
CQ Politics: Specter, Toomey In Dead Heat
CQ Politics: Marino Meets With NRCC About Possible Carney Challenge


Examiner: GOP's Kasich brands Strickland incompetent in wake of 11th hour budget deal


Rasmussen: 2010 Michigan Governor: Cherry Trails Three GOP Hopefuls
WSJ: Interview with Dave Bing: Can Detroit Be Saved?


St. Louis PD: Missouri GOP continues to criticize Nixon over fee office bids
St. Louis PD: Missouri Democratic Party complains about Roy Blunt mailer


CQ Politics: Black's Fundraising Letter Raises Concerns


State: S.C. jobless rate hits record 12.3%


Boston Globe: DeLeo does it his way: A low-key speaker, a House divided


SacBee: Harry Reid wannabe challenger slam-dunks on Fresno cash


AP: Paul doing damage control after aide's resignation


December 18, 2009


Politico: Health care deadline obstacles pile up
WSJ: The health-care contradictions multiply
WaPo: 'Cadillac Care' is largely a myth
NYT: A Race to Win One More Vote for Health Bill
Politico: Harry Reid plays it close to the vest
Hill: Nelson a 'no' on health reform bill pending further changes
CQ Politics: Sen. Nelson Still Not Ready To Support Health Care Bill
Politico: Nelson rejects abortion compromise
NYT: Anti-Lieberman Drive Tops $1 Million
NYT: Liberal Revolt on Health Care Stings White House
Wash Times: Labor unions oppose Senate's health bill
Hill: SEIU complains, but backs moving bill
Kim Strassel: Democrats on the Health-Care Precipice
David Brooks: The Hardest Call
Paul Krugman: Pass the Bill
Dana Milbank: Senate Democrats threaten to hold health-care vote on Christmas
Hill: A merry Christmas; Senate eyes Dec. 24 vote on health reform
Hill: DeMint promises to delay health bill, force Christmas Eve vote
Rush Limbaugh: Why the Democrats are in Such a Rush to Pass Obamacare This Year
Rush Limbaugh: Government Mandates Will Cause Insurance Premiums to Skyrocket

Rasmussen: 66% Favor Smaller Government With Fewer Services, Lower Taxes

WaPo: On environment, Obama and scientists take hit in poll
NYT: Obama Arrives at Climate Talks, Seeking to Wrest a Deal
WaPo: Obama arrives in Copenhagen; optimism for climate pact grows
Hill: President enters fray in Denmark
CQ Politics: Clinton Says U.S. Would Take Lead on $100 Billion Climate Fund
Hill: Pelosi, top Dems will back Clintons climate aid pledge to poor nations
Politico: GOP to Obama: Investigate 'climategate'
Politico: Haley Barbour: Health care reform like Jonestown
Politico: Jim Inhofe gets cool reception in Denmark
WSJ: How to Manufacture a Climate Consensus
James Taranto: AP: Authoritarian Propaganda
Rasmussen: 50% Now Say Global Warming Caused by Long-Term Planetary Trends, Political Class Strongly Disagrees

NYT: Estate Tax Is Expiring, but Death Wont Last
Forbes: Congress Throws Estate Plans Into Disarray
LA Times: The taxation of death

WaPo: Bernanke clears hurdle for second term
WSJ: Banking Panel Backs Bernanke for New Term
NYT: Panel Backs Bernanke for Second Term
WSJ: Agencies in a Brawl for Control Over Banks
WSJ: Treasury Official Outlines Exit Strategies for TARP Investments
WaPo: Kucinich panel to investigate Citigroup tax ruling

Sec. Arne Duncan: Banks Don't Belong in the Student Loan Business
Hill: Republican lawmaker renews call for Obama to fire the 'safe schools' czar

Wash Times: Senate heads off filibuster on defense bill
NYT: Defense Bill Clears Senate Hurdle
WaPo: Senate Democrats block GOP filibuster

WSJ: States Scramble to Close New Budget Gaps

Politico: DOJ appeals ruling lifting ACORN funding ban

Peggy Noonan: The Adam Lambert Problem
Charles Krauthammer: Obama Intends to Be the Reagan of New Liberalism

AP: Attorney: Fort Hood suspect recovering

Politico: FEC members clash over family gifts
CQ Politics: FEC Opens Scrutiny of Nonprofit Rules

Politico: Palin smacks Post columnist
Politico: Sarah Palin cuts vacation short

Politico: Monica's back - says Clinton lied
NYDN: Monica Lewinsky believes Bill Clinton lied to grand jury, Monicagate book reveals


NYDN: Collins Hires Firm With Rudy Connections
NY Post: Death threats made against Cuomo
NYDN: Gov. Paterson helps likely future election foe Andrew Cuomo blow out birthday candles
NYDN: Paterson Predicts: Obama Will Stay Out Of 2010 Primary
NYDN: Bruno will likely face jail time, say federal prosecutors
NYT: Court Backs Police Commissioner on Drug Testing of Officers


Star-Ledger: Gov.-elect Chris Christie's transition team readies for change


WaPo: Virginia governor to raise taxes, cut core services' funding
Virginian-Pilot: 'Painful cuts part of Kaine's Virginia budget proposal
AP/Lewis: Va. House leaders push Webb, Warner on health bill
NRO: Tangled Webb
CQ Politics: Redistricting: How One Political Move Affects Two Others


Politico: Byrd's coal comments rock W.Va.


SF Chron: Whitman hits up donors to fight attacks from "liberal activists" on climate change
LA Times: Politics is part of John Prez's DNA


CQ Politics: Arizona Senate: Hayworth Meets with D.C. Supporters


Dallas MN: By lingering in Senate, Hutchison risks bid for governor
Dallas MN: Rick Perry's bio: Now you see it, now you don't


St. Pete Times: Fifty Florida GOP officials sign letter calling for vote on Greer
St. Pete Times: LeMieux drops opposition to Obama nominee


Rasmussen: 2010 Georgia GOP Governor: Oxendine 28%, Handel 14%, Deal 13%
Hill: Georgia lawmakers: Biden snubbed us


CQ Politics: Durbin Defends Plans for Illinois Prison Purchase
CQ Politics: Illinois: Dold's On the Air, Cadigan's Out


AP: Presiding over Senate, Franken declines to yield Lieberman additional time to speak


Hill: Despite request, Murtha continues to push back against retirement rumors


AP/Sheeran: 'Proud ex-con' Traficant eyeing House
CQ Politics: Ex-Rep. (And Ex-Con) Traficant Weighs Comeback
CQ Politics: Jim Traficant Unplugged


Chicago Tribune: MI poll: Obama, Granholm get negative job ratings
AA: Snyder, Michigan gubernatorial candidate, says MEDC incentives 'out of control'


Rasmussen: Missouri Senate: Carnahan 46% Blunt 44%


Knox News: Tennessee retirements could cause electoral earthquake
CQ Politics: Three Days, Six Figures, One New Rival in Tennessee


WaPo: Dem NC US House Member angers supporters by voting against health-care bill
AP: NC Democratic Senate candidates talk about bonuses


Charlotte Observer: Sanford censured over his cheating, his use of planes
State: State revenues are meeting projections


Boston Globe: Cahills legal costs soaring: He and lottery head fight suit on bid dispute


Las Vegas Sun: Nevadas 10 biggest political stories of 2009
Las Vegas RJ: Reid's health reform dilemma


Hill: Bill Clinton pitches e-mail for Sen. Lincoln's reelection effort in Arkansas


Louisville Courier-Journal: Paul spokesman quits over Web remarks
Hill: Rand Paul spokesman resigns as controversy swirls over writings
CQ Politics: Paul Spokesman Resigns Amid Controversy
AP/Schreiner: Aide quits Paul's Senate campaign after blog post


Union Leader: Granite Status: Pawlenty meets key GOP players; Hodes blasts Lieberman


December 17, 2009


Karl Rove: The President Is No B+
EJ Dionne: Democrats can't blame Bush for their troubles
Wash Times: Left out: Liberals frustrated by Obama's compromises
Rush Limbaugh: Hoax & Chains: Obama Wants You to Live on Less, Feel Like a Failure

Wash Times: Dems recraft health bill to win passage
NYT: In Senate Health Showdown, Round Goes to G.O.P.
Politico: Vote by Christmas in peril
Politico: Mitch McConnell: Democrats are ducking Senate rules
LA Times: Health bill held up by single Democrat and GOP tactics
CQ Politics: Senate Republicans Trigger Procedural War To Slow Health Bill
Rush Limbaugh: Senate GOP Employs Brilliant Delay Tactic on Obamacare Bill
Politico: Harry Reid punts on punishing Joe Lieberman
WSJ: Lieberman's Ties to Ex-Party Frayed by His Use of Swing Vote
Hill: Left eases threat to kill health bill
McClatchy: Pelosi: House Democrats could back health care bill lacking public option
Hill: Union pulls back on supporting bill
Hill: GOP lawmaker seeks documents on Obama healthcare deals
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Enrages Left with Sellout to Big Pharma on Drug Importation
WSJ: ObamaCare and the Liberal Obsession
WSJ: Health-care bills are loaded with taxes on families earning less than $250,000 a year
WaPo: Senate plan is called too empowering to health insurers
NYT: If Health Care Reform Fails, Americas Innovation Gap Will Grow
Hill: Sanders withdraws single-payer healthcare bill amendment
Wash Times: GOP senator forces reading of 767-page amendment
Sen. Tom Coburn: The Health Bill Is Scary
Ann Coulter: Less health care for more money: What's the catch?
George Will: Health-care fight gives Republicans a chance to win
Matthew Dowd: Success on health reform holds risks for Democrats
James Taranto: Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Gail Collins: Sorry, Senator Kerry
Howard Dean: Health-care bill wouldn't bring real reform
Rush Limbaugh: Dr. Howard Dean Makes Our Case for Blowing Up the Health Care Bill

Politico: Lindsey Graham and Carol Browner meet on climate bill

Politico: Chaos at climate conference
Wash Times: U.S., China deadlock Copenhagen
WaPo: China says it can't see reaching agreement on climate pact
NYT: Outside Climate Talks, Protesters March on the Hall
NYT: White House Plan Would Increase Clean Energy Tax Credit
WSJ: Cap and Trade in Practice: How to get paid for laying off workers
WSJ: Climate Change Is Nature's Way
Politico: Pelosi taking 20 House members to Copenhagen
CQ Politics: Kerry Assures Copenhagen Delegates Congress Will Pass Climate Bill
Hill: Kerry says Copenhagen key to paving the way for U.S. law on emission cuts

NYT: 4 Big Mortgage Backers Swim in Ocean of Debt
WaPo: Federal Reserve edges away from crisis measures
WSJ: Senators Urge Reinstatement of Bank Separation
WSJ: Bernanke Foes Seek to Curtail Fed
Wash Times: Bernanke expected to keep job at Fed
Politico: Ben Bernanke named Time Person of the Year
WSJ: Obama vs. the Banks: Exploit the Fed-Treasury interest rate spread
WaPo: Republican Sen. Richard Shelby fights for financial regulatory reform
WaP: BOA defends performance in Making Home Affordable mortgage modification program
WaPo: Treasury to delay selling government's stake in Citigroup after share price falls
WaPo: Washington Post/ABC News Poll: Americans hold a gloomy outlook on the economy
Hill: White House touts stimulus data while pushing new plan to create jobs

WSJ: House Approves $636 Billion Pentagon Budget Bill
Hill: House passes defense bill 395-30

WSJ: House Narrowly Passes $290 Billion Increase in Debt Limit
Hill: House votes 218-214 for short-term debt ceiling increase
CQ Politics: Breaking Down The House Vote To Increase Federal Debt Limit
NYT: Bills Pass on Debt and War Funds
WaPo: House passes temporary measures to end 2009

Hill: House narrowly passes Pelosi's $174B jobs bill, 217-212
NYDN: House narrowly approve year-end jobs measure without single vote from Republicans
Hill: Durbin: Senate to move to jobs in January
CQP: Senates Procedures Leave House Democrats Frustrated on Jobs Bill, Other Issues

WaPo: Pelosi says rallying votes for troop surge in Afghanistan will be Obama's job

WaPo: Documents show DHS improperly spied on National of Islam in 2007
NYT: Intelligence Improperly Collected on U.S. Citizens

WSJ: Aloha, Segregation: The Akaka bill would create a race-based state in Hawaii

WSJ: Effort to Extend Estate Tax Fails
Politico: Republicans block estate tax extension
Bloomberg: Estate Tax Expiration Sets Up Battle on Retroactive Restoration

WaPo: FCC issues proposals to meet national broadband plan

WSJ: Downturn Revises Census Projections
Wash Times: Blacks seek urban efforts for census

WSJ: Democrats' Blues Grow Deeper in New Poll
Hill: Pollster: 2010 could be year of 'the angry white male' heading into elections
AJC: Economy will determine 2010s political losers
Hill: Financial industry takes heat but spends $20M on '10 campaigns
Politico: Nancy Pelosi in 'campaign mode'
Hill: Pelosi: 'I'm in campaign mode'
Wash Times: Democrats' ads target House GOP on finance bill vote

Politico: Palin blasts Arnold: 'Greener than thou'
Knox News: Meaning of identity theft key to appeal in Palin case
NYDN: Sarah Palin wears 'McCain for President' visor on vacation, but blacks out the words
Politico: Palin supports McCain '100 percent'
Mail UK: Sun-conscious Sarah Palin covers up for beach holiday in Hawaii (with pictures)
Salt Lake Tribune: Check from Palin in the mail?
Seattle Times: Costco removed tomatoes to save Sarah Palin from possible pelting
MSNBC: Work fashion tips from Sarah Palins stylist
Gallup: Palin’s Favorable Up Slightly; Obama’s Holds Steady

Rasmussen: Generic Ballot: Republicans 44% Democrats 37%
Politico: Poll: Clinton approval soars
CQ Politics: Women Try to Transfer Corporate Success to Campaigns


NYT: Paterson Sued Over School Payments
NY Post: Poll: Support for NY Legislature at new low
NYT: Strains Felt in Health Coverage for Jobless
NYT: Word Prompts Apology From Schumer
NY Post: Thompson runs strong vs. Gilly
NYDN: We ain't gonna tell you if Ravitch can raise funds, says Gov. Paterson's office


Star-Ledger: Christie still gunning for lame-duck nominations
Star-Ledger: N.J. Lieutenant Gov.-elect Guadagno is tapped as secretary of state


Richmond TD: McDonnell hints at job cuts for state employees
WaPo: Kaine may renew Virginia's car tax debate amid budget gap
Virginian-Pilot: Filling $3.5 billion budget hole in Va
CQ Politics: Vote Haunts Virginia Candidate


SacBee: Whitman leads GOP field, trails Brown slightly
Ventury County Star: Whitman leads GOP governor race, poll says
Merc News: Poll: Support for Whitman continues, but voters watching economy, not politics
SF Chronicle: GOP rivals' wealth heats up governor's race
Contra Costa Times: Unflattering picture of Whitman emerging from trial
AP/Williams: Poll: Brown still leads in Calif. governor's race

George Skelton: A reality check for California's excessive borrowing


Dallas MN: Texas Gov. Rick Perry takes jab at ex-ally Al Gore on climate change


Rasmussen: 2010 Florida Governor: McCollum 44%, Sink 39%
AP/Farrington: McCollum's goals if elected Fla. gov look familiar
Miami Herald: Rivals for Florida governor attack over roles in mortgage crisis

Rasmussen: 2010 Florida Senate: Rubio, Crist Both Lead Meek
CQ Politics: Club for Growth Bundling for Rubio Hits $100,000
Wash Times: Conservative ties Crist in Senate poll

NYT: Florida Governor Signs Bill to Expand Rail Service
Miami Herald: Open-records allegations taint Charlie Crist's high-speed rail bill-signings

St. Pete Times: High-stakes coup forming against RPOF chair Jim Greer
Miami Herald: State Republican chairman is fighting efforts to oust him

St. Pete Times: Senate Republican leader files for divorce from lobbyist wife
Miami Herald: Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla, wife file for divorce


AP/McCaffrey: Scandals' domino effect shakes Ga. GOP leaders
Savannah MN: Retractive tax break for Purdue surfaces as issue in speakership race
AJC: ONeal offers his version of Perdues $100,000 backdated tax break


Chicago ST: State GOP leader: Thomson prison worth a lot more than gov's price tag

Chicago Sun-Times: Blago lawyers may not need Obama testimony
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich lawyer hoping to get Obama to testify at trial
AP: Obama could be witness in Blagojevich trial


American Spectator: Bayh Bayh Evan?


Hill: Pawlenty: I won't make endorsements in 2010 primaries
CQ Politics: Bachmann Parts Ways With Fundraising Firm


CQ Politics: Group Runs Anti-Abortion Ad Against Casey


WaPo: Recession hitting Ohio's former steel towns hard


Detroit FP: Lt. Gov. John Cherry's campaign manager to leave


St. Louis PD: $30m Danforth Foundation grant will fund Wash U studies on religion & politics


Tennessean: Five GOP hopefuls line up for Rep. Bart Gordon's job


BlueRidgeNow: GOP chief pressures Shuler on TVA call


State: House panel kills Sanford impeachment plan
NYT: S.C. Panel Kills Measure to Impeach Governor
Politico: Impeachment dropped in S.C.

State: No lie! S.C. voices dominate '09 top quotes list
AP: 'You lie!' is a quote to remember


Boston Globe: Brown hopes issues give him an opening


McClatchy: Danny Tarkanian's Senate campaign finds gold mine in Fresno
AP: NV Assembly Republicans return pay


Politico: Overflowing toilets stall GOP hopeful


CQ Politics: McMahon Drops Fabulous Moohlah on Campaign Manager


CQ Politics: Democrats Face Uphill Battle Against Grassley


CQ Politics: Rand Paul Raises $100,000 in Less Than 12 Hours


December 16, 2009


Wash Times: Obama pushes Senate to pass health bill
WaPo: Obama urges Senate to pass health-care bill; Lieberman signals support
NYT: Obama Health Care Meeting Aims to Rally Senators
Boston Globe: Public option out, Democrats press on
Hill: Liberals grit their teeth and gather behind healthcare reform bill
Hill: Lieberman expresses regret to colleagues over healthcare tension
Hill: Obama tells lawmakers not to allow disagreements to kill health reform
Hill: Hoyer: House can pass healthcare reform bill without public option
Hill: AARP endorses Senate health bill
Hill: Durbin: Dems will have votes to pass health reform by next week
Hill: Left launches ad against Emanuel on public option
WSJ: Measure to Allow Drug Imports Fails
WaPo: Hospital, physician lobbyists fought Medicare buy-in plan
Politico: House Dems: Senate is 'dithering'
Politico: Liberal lament: What bill is this?
Politico: President Obama: 'Cautiously optimistic' on health care bill
Politico: Tea Partiers rally: 'Kill the bill'
CBS: Conservatives Rally to "Kill The Bill"
Michael Gerson: The hidden burdens of Democrats' health reform
Dick Morris: Health bill has no clothes
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Will Do Anything to Pass Obamacare; RINOs Clueless
American Spectator: Health Care: The Religious Question

Hill: U.S.-China Copenhagen fight key to Capitol Hill climate change debate
Hill: Official: Verifying China's emissions a key issue at 'bumpy' Copenhagen talks
NYT: Nuclear Power Expansion in China Stirs Concerns
Sen. James Inhofe: China, India Will Hurt Obama in Copenhagen
NYT: Climate Talks Near Deal to Save Forests
Politico: Arnold Schwarzenegger: Focus on small changes
Politico: Al Gore sets April deadline for climate bill
WSJ: Copenhagen Shakedown: Developing countries understand real costs of climate change
Newt Gingrich: Message to Copenhagen: Our Constitution Begins, 'We the People...'
Dick Morris: Copenhagen: African dictators demand "democracy"
Gallup: Americans Favor U.S. Signature on Copenhagen Treaty
American Spectator: The Great Hoax
American Thinker: Climategate's Stubborn Facts

Hill: Pelosi: Jobs bill by State of the Union
WSJ: Obama's Drive to Create Jobs Starts Slowly
WSJ: Bernanke Foes Seek to Curtail Fed
NYT: Bernanke Tells Senate Panel Rising Inflation Is Unlikely
WSJ: The Audacity of Debt: Comparing today's deficits to those in the 1980s
WSJ: The Case for Optimism on the Economy
American Spectator: Put Men Back to Work

WSJ: Detainees Heading to Illinois
NYT: Obama Tells Prison to Take Detainees
WaPo: Obama administration to buy Illinois prison for Guantanamo detainees
Wash Times: Gitmo debate goes to heartland
Politico: Critics rail against 'Gitmo North'
Hill: Obama administration transferring Guantanamo detainees to Illinois
LA Times: Obama's Illinois prison plan faces a high wall: the GOP
Human Events: White House Gives Illinois Gitmo Detainees

Human Events: Stand Up for the SEAL 3
NYT: In a Federal Case Over State Secrets, a Question of Whether Evidence Is Too Secret
Human Events: Taliban Uses Mosques as Training Areas in Pakistan
Thomas Friedman:

NYT: Democrats Put Off Some Difficult Issues Until 2010
Politico: Congress punts problems to 2010
CQ Politics: House Struggles To Wrap Up Fiscal Business
AP/Abrams: Lawmakers rush to wrap up work before year's end

WSJ: Lawmaker Expects Estate Tax to Be Repealed as Scheduled
CQ Politics: No Deal Yet on Estate Tax Extension

NYT: New Immigration Bill Is Introduced in House
Wash Times: Hispanics renew immigration-reform push

WSJ: Waxman Working on Fix to Consumer-Product Safety Law

WSJ: Congress Travels More, Public Pays

Wash Times: Justice restrains lawyers in Panther inquiry

WaPo: D.C. Council approves same-sex marriage bill
AP: D.C. Council Approves Gay Marriage

NYT: Democrats Ads Slam Republicans as Cozy With Wall Street
CQ Politics: DCCC Radio Ad Targets GOP on Financial Regulation

WSJ: Newsrooms Don't Need More Conservatives

NRO: Which Other House Democrats Are Thinking About Retirement?
Politico: The Democratic non-retirement list

Rush Limbaugh: The Limbaugh Strategy for 2010: We Will Be Heard Next November
Fox: Tea Party Movement Evolves Into Political Force With Eye Toward 2010
TPM: Tea Partiers Debut 'The 12 Days Of Obama'

Dallas MN: Evangelist Oral Roberts dies at age 91


CQ Politics: Gillibrand Strongest In General Election Match-Ups

NYDN: Paterson warns of real debacle for education, seniors if budget gap isn't closed
NYT: Editorial: New Yorks Fiscal Crisis: A Legislature in Denial

NYT: Working Families Party Documents Subpoenaed
Albany TU: Poll shows a state divided on many issues
Albany TU: Grannis ups heat on Palin
Albany TU: Voting machines approved by BOE
NY Post: New Yorkers want restrictions on state lawmakers outside work


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie names Democrat as attorney general
Trentonian: Christie taps Democrat to be new AG
Star-Ledger: Christie: AG pick a straight shooter
Bloomberg: New Jerseys Christie Selects Dow for State Attorney General
Jackson News: Tom Kean praises Christies choice for AG
Star-Ledger: Christie opposes pension deferrals by local government

CQ Politics: N.J. Republicans Hope to Unite on Adler Challenge
PolitickerNJ: Sources: Christodoulou mulls 2010 challenge to Lance


Virginian-Pilot: McDonnell in Norfolk: Make it easier for business
Richmond TD: Kaine seeks ways to increase revenues
Wash Times: Pre-filing allowing avalanche of new bills
WaPo: Dems on McDonnell advisers list: I'm doing what now?


Frum Forum: Poizner Reaches Into His Deep Pockets Again
CNN: Schwarzenegger slams Palin


Hill: Eyes turn to Texas
Life News: Texas Governor Hopeful Kay Bailey Hutchison Under Fire for Missing Pro-Life Vote
Star-Telegram: Mansfield secessionist leaves gubernatorial race
CQ Politics: Texas GOP Businessman Preps Bid Against Rep. Edwards
Politico: Houston election signals key trend


Rasmussen: 2010 Florida GOP Senate Primary: Crist 43%, Rubio 43%
Jacksonville Observer: Shock Poll: Rubio Now Tied With Crist in Senate Race
Hill: Huckabee donates Twitter background to Rubio
Tampa Tribune: Rubio getting the holiday fundraising blues?
Tampa Tribune: Jeb Jr/George P. Bush fundraiser for Rubio pushed to 2010
St. Pete Times: Gov. Charlie Crist launches investigation into 'pancake' e-mails
St. Pete Times: A rail deal or a 'pancake'? Dockery takes aim over e-mails
American Spectator: Charlie's Limp Homecoming


AJC: Election for speaker to be held in state Capitol
AJC: Three governors say a water-sharing agreement is in the works


Chicago Sun-Times: Terror trials at Illinois prison draw fire from Republicans
Chicago Tribune: Gitmo & Thomson prison become issue for Quinn & IL governor race
Chicago Tribune: Republicans question McKenna's actions as GOP chairman
Daily Herald: GOP gubernatorial candidates square off in debate
AP/Wills: GOP candidates offer few differences in debate


Nashua Telegraph: Minn. Gov Tim Pawlenty addressing NH GOP event


Legal Newsline: Corbett leads field of candidates
NYT: Pittsburgh Sets Vote on Adding Tax on Tuition


Dayton Daily News: State budget woes bigger than holiday break
AP: Ohio gov. says budget should trump holiday plans
CPD: Editorial: Dem lawmakers need to make construction reform part of OH's budget


Detroit News: Nearly half of Detroit's workers are unemployed


AP/Blank: Mo. House leader proposes more ethics changes


Politico: Tennessee: 2010 election crucible
CQ Politics: Davis Running Again


WRAL: NC GOP chairman expands Perdue request to board
AP: Son's job kept NC governor out of recruiting firm


State: Sanford censure likely to move forward today
AP: SC legislators consider formal rebuke of governor
Politico: S.C. ponders Jenny Sanford's future
State: State budget ax chops additional $238 million


Boston Globe: Coakley, Brown spar on environmental policy, economy
Boston Globe: DeLeo agrees to cost review: Will examine bills from DiMasi case
Hill: Kerry hits Palin in fundraising push


Hill: Lieberman leaves door open for Republican candidacy in 2012
Politico: Connecticut colleagues fed up with Joe Lieberman


Providence Journal: Carcieri on defensive as local leaders decry budget plan
AP/Henry: RI governor defends funding cuts to cities, towns


CQ Politics: Running For Congress With Family In The White House


Rapid City Journal: Chris Nelson competitive against Sandlin in potential House match-up
CQ Politics: Herseth Sandlin Has Single-Digit Lead in South Dakota


Denver Post: Ritter dared to play with dynamite


LJWorld: GOP Kevin Yoder plans run for US House seat occupied by Democrat Dennis Moore


Reno Gazette Journal: Vucanovich endorses Gov. Jim Gibbons
Las Vegas Sun: Brian Sandovals campaign for governor stumbles out of the gate
Las Vegas RJ: Governor requests possible budget cuts of up to 10 percent


December 15, 2009


WSJ: Democrats Drop Plan to Expand Medicare
WaPo: Senate health bill unlikely to include Medicare buy-in
Wash Times: Senate Democrats move to cut Medicare buy-in
NYT: Lieberman Gets Ex-Party to Shift on Health Plan
Hill: Reid bows to centrists, will drop Medicare buy-in provision
LA Times: Senate Democrats move to drop Medicare proposal
NYDN: Obama summons Senate Dems to White House in attempt to salvage health care
Politico: Dems may drop Medicare expansion
WaPo: Drugmakers fight plan to allow imports
JT: ObamaCare backer: Defying public, wrecking healthcare "significant political achievement"
Sen. John Cornyn: Health care reform must lower costs
Ezra Klein: The death of the public option
Rush Limbaugh: The Democrat Health Care Bill is an Unmitigated Disaster

NYT: China and U.S. Hit Strident Impasse at Climate Talks
WaPo: Poor nations stall talks on global warming
Politico: Al Gore arrives in Copenhagen
Hill: Sen. Boxer fears climate change debate becoming 'personalized' over events
NYT: Global Warmings Cold Shoulder
WSJ: Time for a Smarter Approach to Global Warming
Gov. Schwarzenegger: Beyond Copenhagen, global warming requires grassroots action
Anne Applebaum: Anti-climate change, anti-human

WSJ: Bank CEOs Pledge to Push for Re-Regulation
NYT: Obama Presses Biggest Banks to Lend More
Hill: Obama leans on bankers to lend more
WaPo: Obama calls on banks to ramp up lending
WSJ: Banker Baiting 101: Obama's latest populist turn won't help the recovery
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Rails Against "Fat Cats"
WSJ: Another Federal Bludgeon: The economy doesn't need a bigger, badder, FTC
NYT: Poll Reveals Depth and Trauma of Joblessness in U.S.
WSJ: Tough Times for Big Law: Grads turn down offers of $80,000 not to work for a year
Wash Times: Immigration bill backers try again despite jobless rate

Hill: House heads for Saturday defense vote
Politico: House budget splits defense, jobs
Hill: Defense appropriations bill comes as calendar crowded by healthcare debate
WaPo: House Democrats discard larger debt limit
Wash Times: U.S. red ink flirts with crisis, panel warns
Hill: Cramdown legislation could be a losing battle, backers say

WaPo: U.S. to announce transfer of detainees to Ill. prison
NYT: U.S. Said to Pick Illinois Prison to House Detainees
NYT: Brooklyn May Also Play Host to Terror Trials
David Brooks: Obamas Christian Realism

NYT: Court Keeps Campaigns in Suspense

NYT: Supreme Court Takes Texting Case
Wash Times: High court to examine privacy at work case
WaPo: Court to rule on privacy of texting: Messages sent on pager owned by employer

Stanley Fish: Sarah Palin and the Truth of Autobiography
Eugene Robinson: Palin's own 'Climate-gate'

WaPo: Democrats lose fourth congressman to retirement
CQ Politics: Democrats Expect More Departures
Wash Times: Lawmakers' fine dining on taxpayers' tab
Hill: Obama ally says jobs and debt reduction are key to Democratic Party's '10 hopes

Politico: Conservatives grab for Tea Party cash
Human Events: The Soul of the Republican Party, Part II


NYT: Republican Lawyer Weighs Run for Gillibrands Senate Seat
CQ Politics: Gillibrand Wins Over A Potential Democratic Challenger

NY Post: Cuomo's big lead on gov

NYT: School Districts Scramble After Albany Delays Aid
Albany TU: Threat on aid is now reality
NY Post: Shel says gov's cash cutoff OK
Albany TU: A '70s flashback at Capitol
Albany TU: Senate to go bipartisan on committee chairs

NYT: Setbacks Signal Post-Election Life for Bloomberg

NY1: NYPD Ordered To Release Details Of RNC Arrests


Paul Mulshine: Chris Christie is looking like a Tom Kean Republican
Star-Ledger: Despite objections by Christie, Corzine nominates dozens to state posts
Star-Ledger: Christie chooses Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow as attorney general

NYT: New U.S. Attorney in New Jersey Is Sworn In
Star-Ledger: Paul Fishman is formally sworn in as U.S. Attorney for N.J. in Newark


Baltimore Sun: How Ehrlich could win
CQ Politics: NRCC Tests 'Soft on Crime' Poke at Kratovil


Wash Times: Gilmore takes helm of Free Congress: Selection may influence GOP
Politico: Can Republicans 'smoke out' Jim Webb?


CQ Politics: Another Republican Enters Race For Rep. Mollohan's Seat


Mercury News: Will Poizner's millions move the needle in bid to be CA's next governor?
SF Chronicle: Republican Tom Campbell insists " I'm in the governor's race"

Wash Times: GOP fights Boxer with 'ma'am' remark

WSJ: Gay-Marriage Backers Split on 2010 Ballot Effort


American Spectator: Texas Trouble for Sarah Palin?
KTLV: Kay Bailey Hutchison campaigns in East Texas

Austin AS: Friedman gives up second bid for governor
Houston Chronicle: Friedman will run for ag chief instead


St. Pete Times: In Pinellas, Gov. Crist takes aim at Rubio's conservative credentials
Tampa Tribune: Charlie Crist, 'Statesman of the Year'
American Spectator: Crist Capades
RedState: Charlie Crist Lies Again About Marco Rubio
Palm Beach Post: Greer's record as GOP leader divides local party officials
News-Press: Lee's Hoffman wants GOP Florida chair to resign
Orlando Sentinel: Sink and McCollum duke it out over pension fund


Athens BH: Editorial: State GOP legislators send encouraging signals
AJC: Tom Graves declares himself out of Republican race for House speaker


Daily Herald: GOP gubernatorial candidates square off in debate
Chicago Tribune: GOP's soul becomes a target in Illinois Senate primary fight
Chicago Sun-Times: Party probes a McKenna memo. . .


Politico: Evan Bayh calls on President Obama to veto spending bill


Politico: Dick Armey: Tim Pawlenty on 'safest ground'
Politico: Al Franken feuds with GOP's No. 4


Rasmussen: 2010 Pennsylvania Governor: GOP Has Early Edge But Race Wide-Open
Pittsburgh TR: House approves state-related university aid, table games


CQ Politics: Biden or Bust: No Plan B for Delaware Democrats


Columbus Dispatch: Strickland: School cuts only option to fill budget hole


Detroit News: Debates to be held for GOP gubernatorial candidates


St. Louis PD: Lawmakers tackle election ethics


Hill: Top GOP recruit set to run for Gordon's seat
Tennessean: Rep. Bart Gordon's exit in 2010 alters politics for Tenn.
WSJ: Another Top House Democrat to Retire: Rep. Bart Gordon (D. Tenn.)
Politico: Bart Gordon retiring
CQ Politics: Rating Change: Retirement Gives Edge to GOP


WRAL: GOP calls for probe of Perdue's campaign finances
ABC11: Accusations leveled over Perdue flights

Sanford Herald: Republican tosses hat in ring for Congress


Orangeburg TD: Higher national profile for DeMint prompts questions
Politico: DeMint warns of 'emergency rally'
NPR: S.C. Republican Pins Hopes On Urban Blacks


Boston Globe: Coakley balking at 1-on-1 debates
AP: GOPs Brown calls for 7 debates with Coakley in Sen. race

Boston Globe: Frustrated lawmakers block action in House


CQ Politics: The Who, What, When And How of A Dodd Exit Strategy


Rasmussen: 2010 Colorado Governor: McInnis 48%, Ritter 40%
Wash Times: Colo. court upholds tax privacy for illegals
Denver Post: Villafuerte withdraws as nominee for Colorado U.S. attorney


Wash Times: GOP to replicate anti-Pelosi Ky. House race


AP: Burns' condition upgraded to serious after stroke



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