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Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

Then and now, President Trump and his supporters celebrate the greatest hits at his campaign rallies

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms

What can Congress do to punish Saudi Arabia if Trump won’t?

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence

White House counsel Donald McGahn officially leaves the job

As midterms near, Democrats accuse GOP of plotting to cut Medicare, Social Security

Amid global outrage over Khashoggi, Trump takes soft stance toward Saudis

December 14, 2009


NYT: Lieberman Rules Out Voting for Health Bill
LA Times: Lieberman criticizes Senate healthcare compromise
Politico: Joe Lieberman says no to Medicare buy-in
Wash Times: Nelson, Lieberman balk at Medicare buy-in
AP/Kellman: Obama, Democrats waiting for Nelson on health care
CQ Politics: Senators Back Away From Health Compromise
Hill: Lieberman, Nelson: Public-option compromise still not good enough
Hill: McCaskill says CBO score will determine her vote on Reid's new healthcare bill
Politico: High hurdles ahead for health plan
Politico: Mammograms become political weapon
NYT: Long-Term Care Is Latest Issue in Health Care Debate
WSJ: Congress's Long-Term Care Bomb: New entitlement will make future costs explode

WSJ: McCain Takes Center Stage in Health Fight
NYT: McCain, Distanced From Race, Raises Senate Voice
NY Mag: Is McCain attacking Obama over principle or revenge?
WSJ: The 'Cost Control' Bill of Goods

Wash Times: Senate sends $1.1 trillion budget bill to Obama
Hill: Senate passes $1.1 trillion spending bill
WaPo: Spending measure clears Senate
NYT: Senate Passes Spending Bill Amid Debate on Raising Debt Limit
WSJ: Plan Mulled to Lift Debt Cap Briefly
Politico: McConnell: Unemployment is the key
WSJ: White House Puts Emphasis on Jobs
WSJ: White House Puts Jobs Over Deficit
WaPo: Editorial: The coming debt panic: Only bipartisan action can avoid it

WSJ: U.S. unveils plan to rev up clean technology in poor nations
NYT: U.S. Offers $85 Million to Promote Efficiency
Politico: Arrests, rattled nerves in Copenhagen
Hill: Inhofe, Markey spar over White House agenda at Copenhagen summit
Boston Globe: Despite stalemates, hope flickers on climate
WSJ: Venture Capitol: DOE is the New VC Force

WSJ: Obama Slams 'Fat Cat' Bankers
WaPo: Obama presses bank chiefs to lend more
NYT: Citigroup Nears Deal to Return Billions in Bailout Funds
Wash Times: Bernanke's 2nd term could be as tough as first
Wash Times: Obama economists send mixed message: Differ over recession timeline
Hill: Conservatives replaced Bachus in the lead on regulatory overhaul
Paul Krugman: Disaster and Denial
Jed Babbin: Obamas Assault on Economic Freedom

NYT: Imams Lawyer Plays Up Interagency Rift in Terror Case
Wash Times: Lawmakers wage war of words over Army deal

CNS: 40 Congressmen Call on Special Ops Commander to Drop Navy SEALs Court Martial
Rep. Mike Rogers: Gratitude, Not a Court Martial for the SEAL Three
Human Events: Petition To Free the SEALs

Ross Douthat: Prisons of Our Own Making

WSJ: GOP needs to enlist voters who embrace a progressive lifestyle

Wash Times: GOP hopes rise for Obama, Biden Senate seats

Hill: Freshman Rep. slams Gregg

NewsMiner: Sarah Palins nationwide book tour ends at Eielson Air Force Base amid crowd

Examiner: Mitt Romney joins Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul with new book


NYDN: Senate Dems in discussions to give lucrative committee assignments to Republicans
NYDN: State pols' aides leading double lives: 49 key staffers face conflict over positions
NYT: Paterson Trims Aid to Schools and Localities
Buffalo News: Gov. Paterson says state is out of money, cuts aid
NYT: Editorial: Eminent Domain in New York


Star-Ledger: Morris County GOP re-energized as Gov.-elect Christie takes office
Star-Ledger: Christie and Corzine at odds over lame duck appointments
Paul Mulshine: GOP in N.J. share the blame for creating the deficits


Hill: Primary decision favors Hurt in race to face Perriello in Virginia
CQ Politics: Virginia GOP Chooses Primary In Rep. Perriello Race


Merc News: Gubernatorial candidate Poizner to inject $15 million into anemic campaign
SF Chronicle: Poizner adding $15 million to governor campaign
Legal Newsline: Calif. tort reform proponent to put $15 million in his campaign coffers

WSJ: Underdog in GOP Senate Race Counts on California Conservatism

Sac Bee: California candidates aim to tap anti-Sacramento anger
Dan Walters: California's cities feel budget pinch as well

WaPo: GOP war within: In CA, one vote by legislator illustrate fractured state party


Dallas MN: State Commission on Judicial Conduct has the job of judging Texas' judges


Tampa Tribune: GOP infighting shakes party
SPT: A decade of Gov. Jeb Bush's One Florida has seen minority college enrollment rise


AJC: Bill Hembrees pitch for speaker to House Republicans
AJC: Will Gold Dome turmoil cost the GOP?
Savannah MN: Ethics case stalks Johnson run


Chicago Tribune: Several Illinois governor candidates say ethics reform law fell short


WaPo: An uncertain future for the bipartisan Bayh


MPR: Iowa Tea Party head not high on Pawlenty


Philadelphia Inquirer: Specter: Senate panel to probe Phila. courts
Philadelphia Inquirer: For some, Corbett not a friendly face
Pittsburgh TR: State's table games impasse may hurt students, workers


Dayton Daily News: Housing crisis bills moving through Ohio Legislature slowly
Dayton Daily News: A closer look at housing crisis legislation


Detroit News: U.S. Senate spending bill gives Michigan $197M


Fox: McCaskill a No Vote if Health Care Bill Doesn't Save Money


Knox News: Support for Sansom is bipartisan


AP/Robertson: NC Senate primary has candidates with 2nd chances
McClatchy: Burr blocks U.S. attorney pick over Easley, Edwards probes
Charlotte Observer: Support up for public campaign financing


State: Tumultuous ending to political partnership


Louisville CJ: Will GOP fight for Massachusetts Senate seat?


Politics Daily: Reid Trails All His Top Potential Republican Opponents in Nevada


Hill: Biden: Dodd 'getting the living hell beat out of him' in quest for re-election


Hill: Former Rep. Sali weighing his options in Minnick race


Argus Leader: Thune grabbing positive attention


Politico: Bad signs for Bennet


December 13, 2009


CQ Politics: McConnells Fighting Words
Hill: Rove: GOP could pick up four to six Senate seats in 2010 elections

WaPo: Senate Democrats end GOP filibuster of spending bill
NYT: Senate Clears Way for the Approval of a Spending Measure
AP/Taylor: Filibuster on omnibus spending bill fails
Hill: $11 billion in disclosed earmarks expected in fiscal year 2010

CA: In GOP rebuttal, Rep. Marsha Blackburn blasts Obama climate-change plans
Hill: GOP: Copenhagen could 'destroy millions of American jobs'
AP: GOP: US competitiveness at risk from climate pact
WSJ: Industrial Nations Criticize Draft Climate Pact
WaPo: Protesters demand 'climate justice'
NYT: Hundreds of Protesters Arrested at Climate Talks
NYT: Whats Rotten for Obama in Denmark
American Thinker: The wages of climategate

Hill: Doubts grow over Senate's Christmas deadline for healthcare reform
Hill: Sen. Nelson: No abortion amendment, no cloture on health bill

NYT: Interest Rates Are Low, but Banks Balk at Refinancing
AP/Superville: Obama blasts banks for opposing financial overhaul

Greg Mankiw: Tax Cuts Might Accomplish What Spending Hasnt

Dallas MN: Fort Hood suspect's lawyer: A soldier always deserves a fair trial

WaPo: How governors could guide a Grand New Party

Politico: Fight's on to be rights TPM, HuffPo
CSM: The Republican Party fights ... with itself
Times UK: Republican votes bagged by Tea Party
SF Chronicle: Tea Party radicals gear up for 2010 elections

Philadelphia Inquirer: Palin a new kind of puzzle for national Republican Party
Pittsburgh PG: Palin is up, Obama is old news

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Hill: Climate, healthcare to top news shows


PostStar: State has reached the crisis point
LoHud: Bruno legacy etched on buildings, minds in Albany area
Ithaca Journal: N.Y. lawmakers differ on prospects for climate change legislation


Star-Ledger: Paul Fishman, U.S. attorney for N.J., will be officially inducted in Newark


Richmond TD: GOP, Kaine clash over new taxes
AP/Lewis: Business gets big role in McDonnell transition
Hill: Primary decision favors Hurt in race to face Perriello in Virginia


Mercury News: Poizner's payola? Republican blogger creates cyber-scandal
Mercury News: Republican challenger to Fiorina needs money, but he also has a heart
NYT: California Companies Fight Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide
Dan Walters: A two-tier California is now reality


WaPo: In Texas, a showdown at the GOP corral
Austin AS: Hutchison sticks to Republican themes in trying to oust GOP governor
NYT: Houston Is Largest City to Elect Openly Gay Mayor
CQ Politics: Texas Rep. Hall Would Set Age Record On Christmas 2012
CQ Politics: McCaul Foe Sheds "Exploratory" Label In Texas Race


St. Pete Times: Jim Greer's job as GOP chairman still at risk
St. Pete Times: Crist and Rubio trade flip-flopping barbs
St. Pete Times: Senate run puts Rubio's ties to FIU under fiscal scrutiny
Miami Herald: Florida Commission on Ethics seeks more authority
St. Pete Times: Florida's Commission on Ethics seeks more power, autonomy
St. Pete Times: Law firms jockey for plum State Board of Administration job in Florida


AJC: State GOP faces internal revolt
AJC: History of scandal at state Capitol


Chicago Tribune: Leaked memo details what would happen if Thomson prison chosen
Rasmussen: 51% in Illinois Oppose Prison for Guantanamo Terrorists In Their State
Chicago Tribune: Two computers stolen from Blagojevich's lawyers found
Chicago Tribune: Poll shows Gov. Pat Quinn leading Dems & Jim Ryan leading Republicans


Chicago Tribune: Investigation of Indy financier troubles GOP


Pittsburgh PG: State GOP looks forward to 2010
Bulletin: Toomey Leads In Senate Race


Dayton Daily News: Fight for control of GOP ray of hope on Dems cloudy days
Columbus Dispatch: Governor: Education nightmare draws near


Detroit FP: GOP candidates: We're done with straw polls


Knox News: Three Democratic candidates for governor detail income, deductions


Greensboro NR: 3 Democrats hope to unseat Burr
News & Observer: Walker seen as fair and effective


State: What S.C. thinks about Sanford, Graham, DeMint and the race for governor


Boston Globe: Brown says US should treat Iranian leader as an outcast
Boston Herald: Third-party hopeful: Foes ignore job woes


LVS: Tarkanian attacks Lowden as big spender, erstwhile Reid backer and pro-life weakling
Las Vegas RJ: The Invisible AG appears too late
Reno GJ: Nevada legislators cut state workers pay but don't cut their own
Las Vegas Sun: Gibbons failure to lead


CQ Politics: Lee to Enter Utah Senate Race In Early January


AP: Republican candidate leaves race for RI governor
Providence Journal: Republican Rory Smith backs out of governor's race


December 12, 2009


NYT: Sarah Palin Appears on Tonight Show
LA Times: Sarah Palin on Conan O'Brien's show, with William Shatner (with video)
Ent Weekly: See Sarah Palin out-Shatner William Shatner on 'The Tonight Show'

NYT: Senate Hits New Roadblocks on Health Care Bill
Wash Times: Rising costs predicted in health care bill
WaPo: Medicare cuts could hurt hospitals, expert warns
Politico: Business Roundtable edges away from health reform plan
WSJ: Health Care's 'Radical Improver'
James Taranto: ObamaCare is now almost as unpopular as it is monstrous
Dana Milbank: Harry Reid's main focus: Harry Reid
Rush Limbaugh: Obamacare Polls Lower Than Bush's Social Security Reform

WaPo: U.N. group drafts plan to reduce emissions
Wash Times: Rich nations urged to make emission cuts
AP/Hebert: Alternative to cap and trade proposed in Senate
WSJ: Naked Copenhagen: Temperature is increasingly at the mercy of the developing world
NYT: Geothermal Project in California Is Shut Down
NYT: Editorial: This Week in Copenhagen
Rush Limbaugh: It's Not Going Well in Copenhagen

WSJ: House Strikes at Wall Street
Wash Times: House puts tighter reins on Wall Street
WaPo: House votes to reform financial regulations
NYT: House Approves Tougher Rules on Wall Street
Hill: House approves financial overhaul
KC Star: House passes banking reform without - you guessed it - any GOP votes
Rep. Michele Bachmann: Giving more power where power is not due

WaPo: Arrests suggest U.S. Muslims, like those in Europe, can be radicalized abroad
NYT: New Cases Test Optimism on Extremism by U.S. Muslims

NYT: Immigration Officials Arrest 300 in California

NYT: House Ban on Acorn Grants Is Ruled Unconstitutional
AP/Goldman: Move to cut ACORN funding ruled unconstitutional

WaPo: House prepares bills on debt ceiling, jobs
WSJ: Obama's Best Jobs Idea
WSJ: Congress Squabbles Over Debt Ceiling
AP/Taylor: Hoyer eyes $1.8T debt-limit boost
WSJ: More, More, More: Watch what they spend, not what they say
Hill: Failed omnibus talks set up another working weekend for Senate

WSJ: Sarbox Routed in House: A rare victory for small business

George Will: An interference call for college football

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Paterson Signs Bill to Rein in States Free-Spending Public Authorities
NYDN: Paterson OK with more powerful Attorney General; could clean up Albany
AP/Gormley: New light for shadowy authorities
Albany TU: Tier V praised as saving billions
NY Post: Gov on comptrol race: Spitz fits!
NY Post: Christie & Bloomy are new BFFs


Star-Ledger: N.J. gay marriage vote unlikely until after new year


CQ Politics: All Seven Challengers To Virginia Rep. Nye Have Military Records


LA Times: Appeals court denies gay marriage supporters' bid for Prop. 8 communications
SF Chronicle: Court tosses Prop. 8 ruling on strategy papers
SacBee: CHP withholds costs of protecting Schwarzenegger
WSJ: California Assembly Supports Perez as New Speaker


WSJ: Houston Election May Prove Historic
NYT: Houston Mayoral Race Sees Personal Attacks
Dallas MN: GOP hopefuls get litmus test in Tarrant, Collin, Denton counties


St. Pete Times: Former Buccaneer Derrick Brooks may tackle politics in a state Senate race


AJC: The latest memo on reforms for House Republicans
AJC: Perdue: Lake Lanier Georgia's best option for drinking water


Chicago Tribune: Poll shows Quinn leading Democrats and Jim Ryan leading Republicans


Pioneer Press: Kelliher in middle of campaign funding flap
PIM: MN GOP asks for more info on Kelliher campaign donation controversy
AP: Campaign finance error dogs Minn. House speaker


Pittsburgh TR: Pennsylvania's politicians swoop in on New York
Philadelphia Inquirer: Gambling on back burner as Pa. pols head to N.Y. soiree


AP/Smyth: Ohio budget debate mired in gridlock
Cleveland PD: Budget battle over income tax delay draws in educators


Detroit News: Cox deposition in stripper lawsuit gets heated
Detroit FP: Cox deposition in Tamara Greene case wasn't cordial, attorney says


TPM: Missouri GOP Seeks Statewide Vote On Opting Out Of New Federal Health Care Plan


AP/Schelzig: Tenn. demonstrates trend of looser guns laws


Fay Observer: New U.S. attorney will wait; plague of free flights won't quit


WSJ: Gov. Sanford's Wife Files for Divorce
NYT: Sanfords Wife Files for Divorce


Boston Globe: Coakley runs against history in state where old boys rule


Rasmussen: 2010 Nevada Senate: Reid Trails Amidst Strong Opposition to Health Plan


NYT: In Connecticut, Biden Stumps for Dodd
CQ Politics: Biden Offers a Fiery Tribute to 'Best Friend' Dodd


NYT: Baucus Aide Met With Divorce Lawyer
AP/Daly: Benefits for Baucus' girlfriend: Gets pay raise, federal job recommendation


Rasmussen: 2010 Colorado Senate: Norton Runs Best Against Democrats
CQ Politics: Colorado: Appointed Senator Struggling


CQ Politics: Abercrombie to Resign From House
CQ Politics: Abercrombie's Early Exits Sets Up Special Election Headache for Dems
Hill: Both parties prepare for special election for Abercrombie seat
Honolulu Advert: Republican Party says resignation is move to 'steal election' from Djou


December 11, 2009


Rep. John Boehner: A better plan for jobs
WSJ: Obama, GOP Spar Over Employment Plan
WaPo: Joblessness plan revamps rules on bank bailouts
American Spectator: Lies, Damned Lies, and Job Creation

WSJ: Pelosi Indicates Support for Senate's Medicare Deal
WaPo: Pelosi backs Medicare buy-in plan in Senate health-care deal
Politico: Moderates uneasy with Medicare plan
WSJ: Worse Than the Public Option: Harry Reid's Medicare gambit
WSJ: ObamaCare Keeps Falling in the Polls
Wash Times: Democrats clash over Obama deal to aid drug firms
Hill: Pharmaceutical deal holding up bipartisan health amendment

WSJ: Senators Unveil New Climate Bill Draft
WaPo: Senators propose cutting greenhouse gas emissions 17% by 2020
Hill: Senators offer Copenhagen boost
NYT: Global and Local Concerns Cross Paths in Hopenhagen
NYT: American Climate Envoys Good Cop, Bad Cop Roles
Politico: Ken Salazar: George W. Bush 'slept' through climate change
Michael Gerson: Whose war on science?
Charles Krauthammer: The new socialism
Kim Strassel: The EPA's Carbon Bomb Fizzles
Rasmussen: 43% Favor Urgent Action Against Global Warming, 43% Say Not So Fast

NYT: Blackwater Guards Tied to Secret Raids by the C.I.A.
WaPo: Blackwater tied to clandestine CIA raids

NYT: Geithner Warns of Headwinds on Road to Recovery
WSJ: Geithner: TARP Extension Needed for Successful Exit
NYT: Many See the VAT Option as a Cure for Runaway Deficits

NYT: Democrats Defend Bill to Rein in Wall Street
Hill: House to take up financial overhaul bill amid consumer-agency controversy
WaPo: House steps closer to passing financial regulation overhaul
NYT: Goldmans Curbs on Bonuses Aim to Quell Uproar Over Pay
WaPo: Goldman Sachs modifies its bonuses
Politico: Anger at Goldman lingers on Hill
Pat Buchanan: Ron Paul's Hour of Power

NYT: House Approves Bill That Would Ease Federal Grip on Washington
NYT: House Passes Trillion-Dollar Spending Bill
NYT: Senate Committee Passes Shield Law
WaPo: Democrats to seek higher limit on the federal debt
WSJ: Congress to Raise Debt Ceiling
Politico: Dems to lift debt ceiling by $1.8 trillion, fear 2010 backlash
WaPo: Foreclosure relief program is stuck in first
WSJ: House to Weigh Dropping Plan for Consumer Financial Watchdog
WSJ: Do We Really Need a Systemic Regulator?
WSJ: The Tax That Won't Die

WSJ: Obama Defends 'Just War' at Oslo
Wash Times: Giving nod to war, Obama accepts Nobel
NYT: Accepting Peace Prize, Obama Offers Hard Truth
Politico: Conservative praise for Nobel speech
Kathleen Parker: An American triumph at Oslo
Peggy Noonan: Obama Moves Toward Center Stage
WSJ: The Disarmament President: Obama's boffo Oslo speech versus the real nuclear world
American Spectator: Peacenicked
CNN: Palin on Obama speech: 'I liked what he said'

Steven Pearlstein: One problem with Republicans: They've got the wrong Mitch
Hill: Limbaugh vs. McConnell: GOP leader targeted by conservative groups

Politico: John McCain, critic-in-chief?

Politico: Ethics probes may saddle Democrats in 2010
CQ Politics: Analyzing The House Retirements Scorecard
American Thinker: Can the GOP Win Back the House?
Rush Limbaugh: Bad Poll News for Obama, Dems

Politico: Poll: President Obama, Mike Huckabee running even

Politico: Sarah Palin, Dem greens' grinch


Alb: Feds: Probes ongoing: State lawmakers put on notice about scrutiny after Bruno case
NY Post: Spitzer eyes comptroller job in 2010
NYDN: Let me keep Albany pols in line, says Attorney General Andrew Cuomo
Buffalo News: Collins continues quest for higher office


Star-Ledger: After delay in Senate, gay marriage bill awaits a hearing date in Assembly
Star-Ledger: N.J. Assembly speaker says no date set for hearing on gay marriage bill
Star-Ledger: Repeal of mandatory minimums in drug cases clears N.J. Senate
Star-Ledger: N.J. Senate approves exemptions to handgun limit


WaPo: Editorial: Mr. McDonnell's transition: Grappling with reality in an era of austerity


LA Times: Democrats select Perez as next Assembly speaker
WSJ: California Assembly Supports Perez as New Speaker
SacBee: Prez chosen as California Assembly speaker
SacBee: California agency delays 119,000 unemployment checks
SacBee: Assembly approves education bill opposed by governor


Politico: DeMint backs 2010 Texas candidate
CQ Politics: DeMint PAC Backing Michael Williams For Senate In Texas


Miami Herald: Rebellion growing against state GOP leader Greer
St. Pete Times: Rebellion stirs as state GOP leader gets vote of confidence
St. Pete Times: Crist calls Rubio a flip-flopper over stimulus money
St. Pete Times: Rubio now assails cap-and-trade plan, though he earlier backed legislation


AP: Georgia House Republicans to meet, discuss future
WSBTV: Rep. Chuck Martin Calls For Speakers Election


Chicago Tribune: Todd Stroger a distant 3rd in poll


AP: Somali terror case hearing set today in Minneapolis


Rasmussen: 2010 PA Senate: Toomey With Narrow Lead Over Both Specter & Sestak
Rasmussen: 2010 Pennsylvania Senate Primary: Specter 48%, Sestak 35%


Rasmussen: 2010 Ohio Senate: Portman 40%, Brunner 33%; Portman, Fisher Neck-&-Neck
CQ Politics: Ohio Senate: Portman Even With Fisher, Leads Brunner


Detroit FP: Cox set to be deposed today in Greene suit
Detroit News: Michigan approves smoking ban


KC Star: Police report in Jetton case says woman was battered for hours


CQ Politics: NRCC Embrace Irks Opposition in Tennessee
CQ Politics: NRCC Names Fincher to 'Contender' List


NYDN: Sanford still wants to reconcile with wife, but Jenny Sanford is not willing
AP/Davenport: SC Gov. Sanford wants to reconcile with first lady


Politico: Max Baucus gave girlfriend $14K raise


Politico: Brian Baird's exit sets parties scrambling


Politico: Cook Political Report's dire forecast for Dodd


December 10, 2009


WSJ: White House Pins Hopes on Senate's Health Care Deal
WaPo: Groups representing hospitals and doctors oppose Medicare buy-in
WaPo: If 'public option' is no longer an option in Senate bill, then what?
CQ Politics: Drug Import Issue Slows Senate Health Care Debate
NYT: Senate Democrats See Room for Hope on Health Care Bill
Hill: Not so fast, say senators on health bill as they anticipate price tag
Wash Times: Polls show dim support for health care bill
WSJ: Olympia Snowe Is Right: Durable social reform in the U.S. has always been bipartisan
John Fund: Fifty six percent of voters disapprove of the president's handling of health care

Politico: Climategate distracts at Copenhagen
Dick Morris: Needless climate regulation
Alan Leshner: Don't let the climate doubters fool you
Rush Limbaugh: Cracking the ClimateGate Code

Rasmussen: 53% Say EPA Should Not Regulate Greenhouse Gases Without Congress' OK
WaPo: Editorial: Curbing carbon: EPA intervention should prod Congress to act

WSJ: Obama, GOP Spar Over Employment Plan
NYT: A Testy Exchange at White House Over Jobs Proposals
Jim Taranto: Obama wants another "stimulus." There's a better way to help the economy

NYT: U.S. Attorney General Goes to N.Y. for Meetings on 9/11 Trials

WaPo: Cleric linked to Fort Hood attack grew more radicalized in Yemen

WSJ: House Votes to Extend Tax BreaksFor Now
WSJ: The House raises taxes on carried interest
WaPo: Centrist, conservative Democrats delay financial reform debate
Hill: House Dems reach deal on regulatory reform after threats by party centrists
Politico: GOP tries again to end TARP
WSJ: Lawmakers Push Commission to Tackle Fiscal Challenge
WSJ: Bid to Legislate Football Playoffs Takes Step in House
George Will: Rise of the Fed bashers

WSJ: Staff Shortages Stymie Effort to Spend Stimulus Funds on Energy
Hill: Mark Penn's two firms awarded millions from stimulus for PR campaign
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Uses $6M from Stimulus Stash to Pay Off Hillary's Pollster

NYT: Obama Arrives in Oslo for Nobel Ceremony

Karl Rove: Can Republicans Retake the Senate in 2010?
Politico: Mike Huckabee: Big tent will 'kill' GOP
WaPo: For conservatives, a political surge: 'It's time to take control,' say 'tea party' groups

Politico: Obama taps Palin critic


Albany TU: Paterson holds fast on local aid
NYDN: Gov. Paterson vows that New York State won't run out of money on his watch

CQ Politics: A Doctor Seeks The House

NYT: State Sues Administrator of Workers Compensation

Albany TU: 'Honest services' law under review
Albany TU: Bruno out as CMA chief
NYDN: On heels of Joe Bruno conviction, Gov. Paterson ripped for not cleaning up Albany


Star-Ledger: Gov.-elect Chris Christie will borrow $1B to pay for highway, transit projects

NYT: New Jersey Marriage Vote Canceled
Star-Ledger: N.J. Senate delays vote on gay marriage bill


Wash Times: McDonnell questions Kaine benefits plan
CQ Politics: Virginia Primary Battle Already a Sequel
Human Events: Too Expensive to Die in 2010


SF Chronicle: Blogger paid to be pro-Poizner booted from conservative site
CQ Politics: Sanchezs Holiday Spirit Pushes A Million


Dallas MN: Sen. Jim DeMint reportedly backing Michael Williams for Texas Senate seat
Dallas MN: U.S. Rep. Joe Barton's anti-BCS bill passes House subcommittee


PBP: Feds question GOP Senate leaders about Dem Mandy Dawson's links to indicted lobbyist


WSJ: Race for Atlanta's Mayor Settled
NYT: Atlanta Mayor Recount Goes to Reed


NYT: Illinois Limits Donations in Elections


CQ Politics: Peterson Raises GOP Hopes for His Retirement


Rasmussen: 2010 Pennsylvania Senate Primary: Specter 48%, Sestak 35%


CQ Politics: Plouffe Endorses Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher While Firm is On Campaign Payroll


Detroit News: Michigan lawmakers' budget talks edge toward holiday break


AP/Blank: Missouri lawmakers paid Jetton $400,000 for advice


Lake County Banner: Tanner Retirement Has Ripple Effect for West State Politics


Real Clear Politics: A Democratic Schism In North Carolina
Charlotte Observer: Hoyle to retire from N.C. Senate
JDNews: State GOP keeps an open primary


State: Panel votes to censure Sanford, but against impeachment
NYT: South Carolina Panel Rejects Impeachment of Governor
State: Jenny Sanford sees 'hurdles' for marriage


Ann Coulter: Martha Coakley: Too Immoral for Teddy Kennedy's Seat
Boston Globe: Divergent strategies for Brown, Coakley
NYT: In Bid to Replace Kennedy, Another Prominent Democrat


Wash Times: Prospects slender for Reid


NYT: Catholics vs. Kennedys


WSJ: Kentucky Votes No: A special-election warning on health care


Politico: GOP strategically silent on Chris Dodd


CQ Politics: Baird To Retire Rather Than Run in 2010


CQ Politics: Melancon Raps Vitter's Silence on Health Care Provision


December 9, 2009


Sarah Palin: Copenhagen's political science
CBS: Sarah Palin On ClimateGate, Copenhagen: Beware Politicized Science
NYT: Climate Deal Likely to Bear Big Price Tag
Politico: Expectations game awaits President Obama
Politico: House GOP Copenhagen bound
Wash Times: Copenhagen climate summit a wild ride
Tom Friedman: Going Cheney on Climate
Fred Krupp: A climate deal needs a strong compliance and verification system
Jed Babbin: EPA Scientist Silenced in Coverup

WaPo: Senate may drop public option: Reid says he is optimistic about bill after deal
NYT: Reid Says Deal Resolves the Impasse on the Public Option
Wash Times: Democrats make health deal
Boston Globe: Democrats temper public option
AP/Espo: Dems ditch public option
Ezra Klein: The team of 10 reaches a deal on the public option
NYT: Finding the Nerve to Cut Health Costs
WSJ: House Democrats Blast Rise in Brand-Name Drug Prices
Politico: Michael Steele to President Obama: Delay health care
Rush Limbaugh: Just Say No to Obamacare, GOP!
Rep. Bart Stupak: What My Amendment Wont Do
James Taranto: The Mystery of Harry Reid
WaPo: Editorial: Health reform's heavy lifting
Dick Morris: The charge of the 280 Dems

WSJ: Obama Pushes New Job Stimulus
WSJ: Stimulus III: Democrats want TARP to become a revolving line of political credit
Wash Times: Obama wants to use TARP for new jobs bill
Wash Times: McCain, Coburn antsy over stimulus 'waste'
American Spectator: Newt Does a Job on Obama on Jobs
NYT: Obama Offers Help for Small Businesses
WaPo: Obama lays out strategy for jobs: Cutting taxes and limiting credit
Steven Pearlstein: Obama's Stimulus 2.0 acknowledges government's limitations
Rush Limbaugh: President Hoax and Change Gives Speech Full of Lies, Blames Bush
Paul O'Neill: Tear Down That House
Newt Gingrich: Democrats Commit Political Suicide -- In Three Steps

NYT: Audit Finds TARP Program Effective
NYT: Mortgage Relief Plan Shows Weak Results
WaPo: Lawmakers growing frustrated with mortgage-relief failures

Wash Times: Ex-FBI head to direct Fort Hood probe
WSJ: Major Hasan and the Quran

Wash Times: Records ordered to explain Panthers handling

Politico: Congress breaks spending impasse

NYT: Justices Appear Skeptical of Anticorruption Law
Chicago Tribune: Anti-corruption law on shaky ground during Supreme Court hearing
USA Today: Court muddled by 'vague' anti-fraud law

WSJ: White House Moves to Raise Transit-Safety Standards
WaPo: White House seeks federal oversight of rail-transit safety

WSJ: The Rabbit-Ear Wars: Get ready for a rumble over the future of over-the-air TV
WSJ: Rep. Issa Raises Question of Conflict in FCCs Broadband Plan

WSJ: Charter Schools Against the Odds: They're growing, despite union hostility

WSJ: Obama's Nobel Balance
NYT: Accepting Peace Prize Will Be a Test for Obama
Wash Times: Obama prepares speech for peace prize

Politico: Sarah Palin: Mike Huckabee made 'horrible decision'
Michael Gerson: Clemency for Huckabee

Kathleen Parker: Santorum's resurrection

WDXE: Fred Thompson to Publish Memoir


NY Post: Bruno scandal sparks new sleaze bill
NYT: In Albany, a Legislature Indifferent, if Not Averse, to Ethics Rules
NYDN: Need change of ethics in Albany, say forewoman of jury in Joe Bruno corruption case
Albany TU: Bruno out as CMA chief
NYT: In Brunos Upstate Corner, Name Stays Untarnished
NYT: Editorial: Senator Brunos Legacy


Star-Ledger: Incoming Christie administration looks to delay, lower employer tax hike
NYT: Christies 123rd Bruce Springsteen Concert Wont Be at His Inauguration
Star-Ledger: Rocker Bruce Springsteen endorses gay marriage N.J. gay marriage bill


Wash Times: McDonnell vows not to raise taxes
WaPo: McDonnell: Palin and I share values
Virginian-Pilot: GOP: Bid to end car-tax break would be dead on arrival


SDNR: The Maldonado trial: Senator waits while Legislature decides his future
Mercury News: CA Republicans may be delusional about their chances in coming elections
Dan Walters: Assembly's top post lacks big clout
WSJ: L.A. Agrees to Limit Medical-Marijuana Dispensaries


Dallas MN: Unemployment taxes spike for many Texas employers
AP: Texas Lt. Gov. Dewhurst files for re-election


Jacksonville Observer: Rail Bill Wins Senate Approval, Heads to Crist
Orlando Sentinel: Haridopolos becomes Senate Prez-designate
AP: GOP names Haridopolos next Fla. Senate president
Tallahassee Democrat: Sink loses push for more pension-fund oversight


IA Ga: 'Tis The Season To Be Nervous On Capitol's Third Floor
Fox Atlanta: Leadership at Georgia House Left Shaken


AP/Bellandi: McKenna announces Illinois finance plan
AP/Wills: Holy mackerel! 1 year since Blagojevich arrest


Pioneer Press: Minnesota / Pawlenty won't cut local aid for now


CQ Politics: Costello Drops Bid for Gerlach's Seat in Pa.


Columbus Dispatch: GOP adamant on long-term fixes in state budget


AP/Hoffman: MI GOP candidate: Privatize most school services
Detroit FP: Senate panel OKs bill to raise diesel tax


SE Missourian: Jetton closes political consulting firm in wake of assault charge


CQ Politics: Another Democrat Enters Race for Tanners Seat


News & Observer: Hagan goes to bat for Holding


WSJ: Removal of Sanford a Tall Order
Rasmussen: 51% of SC Republicans Say Party Should Be More Like DeMint Than Graham
CQ Politics: South Carolina: Conflicting Views of DeMint


Boston Globe: Its Coakley vs. Brown
WaPo: Massachusetts chooses Senate hopefuls
WSJ: Massachusetts Picks Senate Candidates
NYT: Top Lawyer Wins Primary to Replace Kennedy
Boston Globe: A lack of interest, time kept many away: Contest marked by low turnout


Reno GJ: Layoffs possible as Nevada budget shortfall reaches $53 million


NYT: Louisiana: Lieutenant Governor Landrieu to Run for Mayor of New Orleans
Politico: Miami Dolphins chop block Bobby Jindal


Anchorage DN: Samuels joins governor's race, says he'll eye oil taxes
Legal Newsline: Alaska AG plans ethics rules overhaul following Palin lawsuits


Billings Gazette: Palins followers brave cold to see former governor
Billings Gazette: Fans meet Palin, get coveted autograph in the book
KULR8: Hundreds Meet Palin


CQ Politics: Jenkins Gets Primary Challenge in Kansas 2


Rasmussen: 2010 Connecticut Senate: Dodd Struggles Against All Republican Challengers


Montgomery Advertiser: AL attorney general's office to check complaint against Riley
AP: GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Johnson calls for a probe of AL GOP Gov. Bob Riley


December 8, 2009


AP: Climate talks begin in Copenhagen
WSJ: The U.N.'s climate confab runs into the reality of costs and science
NYT: Under Banner of Urgency, Delegates Tackle Policy
WaPo: Climate change is just the latest problem that people acknowledge but ignore
Politico: Critics start fast in Copenhagen
Steven Hayward: A corrupt cabal of global warming alarmists are exposed
James Taranto: The Big Cutoff: Global warmist to reporter: Save the mirth!
Wes Pruden: Saving world from Copenhagen crackup
Rep. John Linder: Don't jump off cliff for climate

WaPo: EPA is preparing to regulate emissions in Congress's stead
NYT: Greenhouse Gases Imperil Health, E.P.A. Announces
Politico: Lisa Jackson: 'The threat is real'
NYT: Editorial: The Endangerment Finding
WSJ: The EPA aims to bully Congress and business with its carbon ruling

Wash Times: Health care debate turns to abortion
Boston Globe: Abortion dispute threatens overhaul
Politico: Nelson files his abortion amendment
CNN: Senate Democrats eye alternatives to public option
Politico: Public option compromise takes shape
WSJ: Grassley Asks Medical Nonprofits About Financial Support
NYT: Grassley Seeks Details on Medical Financing
NY Post: 'Slavery' slur at GOPers: Reid raps plan foes
McClatchy: On health care, Reid likens GOP to civil rights opponents
NYT: Liberal Senators Press for Expansion of Medicare
WaPo: Obama health 'czar' was chief of legally troubled firms
Rasmussen: Health Care Reform: 41% Favor Health Care Plan, 51% Oppose
Rush Limbaugh: Tale of Two Hoaxes: Man-made Global Warming and Obamacare

WaPo: Obama preparing new push to add jobs, tackle deficit
Wash Times: Obama mulls use of bank bailout money for jobs
NYT: A Plea to Congress on Jobless Benefits
NYT: Obama Suggests Uses for Bailout Fund
WSJ: Use of Cash From TARP Hits Hurdle
NYT: Debt Raters Avoid Overhaul After Crisis
WSJ: House to Raise Taxes on Fund Managers
WaPo: Central bank chief forecasts a sluggish recovery
Hill: High-stakes duel between Paul and Bernanke intensifies
WaPo: In debate over nation's growing debt, a surplus of worry
David Brooks: An Innovation Agenda
Pat Buchanan: Why Import Workers Now?

Michael Barone: Professor Obama as Dutiful Commander in Chief

NYT: For 9/11 Cases, a Short List of Lawyers

American Thinker: Is the Holder DoJ imploding?

WSJ: Solis Pushes Agenda to Bolster Labor

NYT: Court Spars on Oversight of Agencies

WSJ: Campaign-Finance Ruling Looms

AP/Yost: ACORN prober finds no illegal pattern on videos

Gallup: After Brief Uptick, Obama Approval Slips to 47%

Stanley Fish: Sarah Palin Is Coming to Town
Trentonian: Palin wows her detractors
Star Tribune: For Palin and her fans, the admiration is mutual (with video)
Pioneer Press: The 'Rogue' wore red, and her fans wore smiles
KARE: Palin worth the wait for Mall of America crowd
MPR: A party for Sarah Palin at the Mall of America
NYDN: Man arrested for throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin during 'Going Rogue' book signing
Fox: Man Arrested for Throwing Tomatoes at Sarah Palin, Police Say
Star Tribune: For Palin, after the Mall, the money
Star Tribune: Bachmann seeks a signed copy of Palin's memoir
Zimbio: Sarah Palin's Hat a Hit with Fans
UPI: Poll: Palin's popularity rises
CBS: Sarah Palin's Popularity Grows, Poll Finds
CSM: Sarah Palin rises in polls as Obama slips, new surveys show
Daily Mail UK: Obama 47, Palin 46

USA Today: Rick Santorum 'absolutely' looking at 2012 presidential race
Politico: Rick Santorum: Sarah Palin has 'explaining' to do
Examiner: Rick Santorum for President?

Wash Times: Pawlenty's passport suggests 2012 run

Dana Milbank: A portrait of Colin Powell

Rasmussen: Tea Party Tops GOP on Three-Way Generic Ballot
Politico: 'Tea party' polls better than GOP
Hill: Tea Party movement outperforms GOP in new poll


NYT: Bruno, Former Albany Leader, Convicted of Corruption
Albany TU: Jury: Bruno guilty on 2 counts
NY Post: Corrupt Bruno gets convicted
NYDN: Bruno convicted on 2 of 8 felony federal corruption counts
NYDN: Conviction in Joe Bruno corruption case puts scare in the air for Albany pols
Mid-Hudson: Bruno conviction is clarion call for stronger ethics laws, says Bonacic
NYDN: Joe Bruno, Eliot Spitzer and Alan Hevesi all part of club of disgraced Albany pols
Albany TU: Editorial: Mr. Bruno is convicted

NYT: Editorial: Tax Tax Revolution


NYT: Senate Panel in N.J. Approves Gay Marriage Bill
Star-Ledger: N.J. Senate Judiciary Committee approves gay marriage bill
Star-Ledger: How members of the Judiciary committee voted on the gay marriage bill
AP: NJ gay marriage bill clears state Senate Judiciary Committee; full Senate vote is next
Paul Mulshine: Gay marriage: Why not trust the people? Put the N.J. measure on the ballot

Trentonian: Bill: Strip guv of Senate pick
AP/Delli Santi: Bill: Let NJ Voters Fill US Senate Vacancies


Virginian-Pilot: Gov.-elect says charter school applications to get boost in Va.
Politico: Tim Kaine: Id have won re-election easily
Richmond TD: House of Delegates races set spending record
WaPo: Ten House races top $1 million mark
DP: Accused of mistreating an alleged terrorist, two Navy SEALs proclaim their innocence


SacBee: Sacramento is losing its legislative luster
SLO Trib: Abel Maldonado hopes merit will get him confirmed as lieutenant governor
Mercury News: Governor's prison plan draws mixed reviews
SacBee: Inmates' lawyers back plan to cut California prison crowding
Guardian UK: Whitman: eBay 'would have loved to have bought Craigslist'


LA Times: McCain switches into attack mode against Obama


Montgomery County Courier: Hutchison files to run for Texas governor
LA Times: US Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison makes it official, files to run for Texas governor
Dallas MN: Two sides of Hutchison apparent as she files to run for governor
Houston Chronicle: Hutchison files, then day really got busy
Dallas MN: If it's Perry and White, Dallas County would be ground zero
Dallas MN: Editorial: Texans will gain from a competitive governor's race

Dallas MN: Sen. Jim DeMint eyes Michael Williams for Senate endorsement in Texas
CQ Politics: Bonilla Backs Ames Jones for Texas Senate


Sun Sentinel: Conservatives battle moderates for supremacy in Republican Party

St. Pete Times: Rubio straddles the middle on rail issue
Miami Herald: Senate remains close on rail bill
Daytona Beach NJ: Senate divided on area rail bill
PBP: Rail bill passes Florida House, faces history of opposition in Senate


AJC: GOP caucus may challenge Burkhalters self-appointment as speaker
AP/McCaffrey: Burkhalter won't run for Ga. speaker
GPB: Burkhalter Won't Seek Speaker's Seat
IAGa: House Turmoil Continues; Burkhalter Won't Seek Speakership After January
AJC: A Handel focus on ethics and the Legislature


Chicago Tribune: Feds plan to revise Blagojevich charges


Fox: Gov. Pawlenty on How He's Closing Minnesota's Budget Gap


CBS: Barney Frank Endorses Joe Sestak Over Arlen Specter
Philadelphia Inquirer: House urged to end election of Pa. judges


Dayton Daily News: Ohio State chief pushes for bid reform for construction projects


Detroit News: State senator believes smoking ban compromise will pass


KC Star: Former Missouri speaker faces felony assault charge
AP: Former Mo. House speaker Jetton charged with assault, accused of choking woman


Examiner: House Speaker Kent Williams may be burning his own bridges with TN GOP
Cha: Wamp Says Haslam Should "Stop Stonewalling" And Release "Full Financial Information"
AP/Schelzig: Bredesen: Democrats see tough race in 8th District


CQ Politics: Cunningham Officially Announces Senate Bid
News & Observer: Iraq vet runs for U.S. Senate


Spartanburg HJ: Sanford presses on with agenda as impeachment hearings proceed
AP: Impeachment Debate in SC Focuses on Gov's Tryst


CQ Politics: Massachusetts Senate Candidates Final Push
Wash Times: Some Democrats seek votes by attacking Obama's plan


CQ Politics: For Reid in 2010, Beware the Ides of 2004
CQ Politics: Titus Looks Vulnerable in Nevada House Race


NYT: Baucus Disclosure Highlights Patronage Power


Bennington Banner: Britton to challenge Leahy for Senate seat


CQ Politics: McMahon to Meet With Senate GOP Leaders
Hill: McMahons rise puts wrestlings dangerous history in the spotlight
Free Lance-Star: Wrestlers lob past at McMahon


Nashua Telegraph: Republican Karen Testerman eyes NH governor seat


AP/Alford: KY Gov. Beshear sees tough budget decisions ahead with state's financial woes


Politico: Vitter must answer $300M question
CQ Politics: Democrats Hope Women Will Be Vitters Undoing



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