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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

February 21, 2009



Politico: Nation's governors prep for spotlight
Hill: Governors' meeting a key time to raise cash
Politico: RGA to announce record cash haul
Hill: RNC tops DNC; Congress Dems lead in funds
MSNBC: A Peek at the 2012 Republican Field

NYT: 6 Governors May Reject Portions of Stimulus
Politico: Jindal to refuse some stimulus money
WaPo: Stimulus Spin War Escalates
WaPo: Obama to Watch Cities' Stimulus Spending
NYT: Obama Tells Mayors to Spend Wisely
Human Events: Another Huge Spending Bill Planned For Next Week

WaPo: Bear Market's Bite Could Go Deeper
WaPo: Bank Shares Topple on Talk Of Possible U.S. Takeover
WSJ: 'Good Banks' Are the Cost Effective Way Out of the Financial Crisis
WaPo: Obama Plans Summit Next Week On Long-Term Budget Difficulties
WaPo: Mortgage-Aid Tiff May Portend a New Wave of Class War
WSJ: Finessing 'Moral Hazard' Is Tough in Housing Plan
WSJ: 'Nationalize' the Banks: A takeover and resale is the market-friendly solution
WaPo: Extent of Bankruptcy Reform Hinges on Details
NYT: Worries Over Banks Keep Pulling Stock Markets Back
WSJ: Campaign Pledges Collide With New Fiscal Reality
Ricardo J. Caballero: How to Lift a Falling Economy

WSJ: Geithner, Summers Lead Task Force on Auto-Maker Bailout
WSJ: Stringent Hiring Rules Leave Treasury in Need of Staff
WSJ: Sen. Reid: Aiming to Debate Climate Bill by Summer

James Taranto: White Cower: If Holder is serious, he'll say a word in defense of NY Post

WaPo: LaHood Talks of Mileage-Based Tax: White House Dismisses Controversial Idea

WaPo: Abramoff Scandal Yields More Charges

WSJ: Jobs Still Elude Some Bush Ex-Officials

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Paterson Had Staff Deny Kennedy Was Top Choice
NY Post: Gov cracks open door to taxing the rich
LoHud: Pataki Senate bid seen as unlikely
NYT: Editorial: Albany, Dont Bank on the Feds
Albany TU: Where in the world is Tedisco's top staff?

Buffalo News: Reynolds feels political itch but wants flexibility in life
Buffalo News: Makowski resigns as State Supreme Court justice


Star Tribune: Coleman challenges legality of already counted votes
Star Tribune: Rhetoric over Senate trial gets angrier
Pioneer Press: Coleman wants ability to revisit ballots already counted; Franken cries foul
MPR: Coleman moves to preserve information from counted ballots
Politico: RNC sends $250K for Coleman recount


NYT: The Budget Crisis May Yield Sea Change in Election Politics
LA Times: Governor's rift with GOP grows wider
WSJ: How California Became France
Hill: Movies or politics for Schwarzenegger?

SF Chronicle: Battered state GOP gathers to plot future
Fox: California GOP Officials Clash Over Gubernatorial Race
SacBee: Issa backs Whitman
SF Chronicle: Whitman names team for financing campaign
SF Chronicle: Whitman makes first public pitch for governor
Mercury News: Whitman opposes new taxes; seeks 2 million California jobs by 2015


AP: Cornyn to make up for contributions from Stanford
Dallas MN: GOP's solid hold in Texas is slipping
AP/Shannon: State senator eyes statewide run


Fox10: Crist releases $66.5B budget plan
NYT: Florida Leader Wants U.S. Money to Fill Budget Gap
Orlando Sentinel: Crist: Let's tap fees, gambling, federal aid


AP/McCaffrey: Plan to revamp transportation unveiled for Georgia


NYT: Illinois Governor Urges Senator to Quit and Calls for a Law on Special Elections
Chicago Tribune: Quinn calls on Burris to quit
NYT: Illinois Governor Calls for Burris to Step Down
WaPo: Pressure on Burris Could Lead to Special Election
CQP: Senate Ethics Panel Could Act on Burris Without Waiting for Criminal Investigation
Hill: Sen Burris's chief of staff resigns

Daily Herald: Top Republican rallies the troops in DuPage
Naperville Sun: GOP chair gives tough love at DuPage dinner


Ashland Times Gazette: Portman touts Senate run
Toledo Blade: On radio, Latta ridicules proposals for new Fairness Doctrine


Detroit FP: Michigan GOP prepare for 2010 elections
Detroit News: Ann Arbor mogul takes reins of Michigan GOP
Detroit News: Michigan's political parties gather
AP: Barbour to speak at Michigan Republican convention
WHMI: Rogers Declines Run For Governor In 2010


WaPo: Va. Senate Democrats' Edge Little Comfort


KnoxNews: Corker says banks insolvent


LA Times: South Carolina's governor may turn down stimulus money


February 20, 2009



Wash Times: States to combat stimulus strings: Assert sovereignty with 10th Amendment

WaPo: Mortgage Rescue Eligibility Still Being Finalized
NY Post: America Split Over Big Rescue
Rasmussen: 45% Oppose Government Mortgage Help for Troubled Homeowners
NYDN: City torn on mortgage plan: Debate rages if it will save economy or kill it
Larry Kudlow: Subsidize Bad Behavior?

NYT: U.S. Tries a Trillion-Dollar Key for Locked Lending
WSJ: Policing TARP Proves Tricky
Hill: Bank nationalization would pose hurdles for Obama
WaPo: Trouble Trickles From Steep Drop in Oil Prices

David Brooks: Money for Idiots
Phil Gramm: Loose money and politicized mortgages are the real villains
Peggy Noonan: Remembering the Dawn of the Age of Abundance

WSJ: Congress Turns to Budget Bill

WaPo: Dow Closes at Lowest Level in More Than 6 Years
NYT: Late-Day Drop Sends Dow Below 7,500 Threshold
AP/Crutsinger: Wholesale Inflation Takes Biggest Jump in 6 Months

Times-Picayune: Gov. Bobby Jindal vs. Florida Gov. Charlie Crist on stimulus?
LA Times: Jindal vs. Crist: GOP govs at war over Obama stimulus package: preview of 2012?
WSJ: Two Governors and the GOP Future
Fox: Obama's Approval Rating Drops 5 Points, to 60 Percent
Reuters: Republicans tap Louisiana governor for big speech

WSJ/Rush Limbaugh: Mr. President, Keep the Airwaves Free
St. Pete Times: Republicans worry that Democrats want to bring back Fairness Doctrine
American Spectator: Conservatives and Liberals, Come Together
NewsMax: DeMint to Force Vote on Fairness Doctrine

Rush Limbaugh: The Pulse of Revolution Has Begun

Dick Morris: Obama AWOL in Terror War

Wash Times: Napolitano debates Real ID: Will examine alternatives to driver's licenses

Wash Times: Holder's remarks draw mixed opinions
Rush Limbaugh: Holder and the Obama Crowd See America as a "Nation of Cowards"

Politico: Rove testimony hangs in balance
Politico: The Obama Cabinet is a CEO black hole

Charles Krauthammer: Obama's Supine Diplomacy

WSJ: Justice for Ted Stevens: Signs of prosecutorial misconduct

Politico: NRCC blasts Dems in robocalls

James Taranto: Superfluous Senator: Dems didn't even need Burris to pass "stimulus"

Politico: Iseman claims win; NYT stands ground
Hill: Lobbyist settles with New York Times
NYT: Libel Suit Against The Times Ends


NYDN: GOP head Steele promises PR blitz in 'hip-hop settings' and for 'one-armed midgets'
National Journal: Steele's First Fundraising Letter: Help Me "Clean House"


NY Post: Cocky Pataki Flirts With 2010 Senate Run
Hill: Cornyn meets with Pataki about Senate run
Ithaca Journal: GOP reaches out to Pataki about 2010 Senate run
AP/Gormley: Senate talk includes Pataki
AP/Gormley: GOP considers Pataki for US Senate run

NYDN: Pataki, Saul, Steele For Tedisco
Troy Record: Murphy opens office in Saratoga
CQ Politics: N.Y. Special Election A Test Ground On Stimulus Politics

NYT: Paterson Weighs Rehiring Top Aide Caught in Scandal
NY Post: Gov Rethinks Tax-Woe Aide

WSJ: Judge to Unseal Wiretap Documents in Spitzer Case


Star Tribune: Coleman team cites ruling in challenge to recount tally
Pioneer Press: Coleman team puts testimonies on fast track in Senate election case
Bemidji Pioneer: Cass County election official criticizes campaigns
Star Tribune: GOP heavyweights make a Coleman fundraising push
CNET: Minnesota Senate fight continues on YouTube

AP: GOP lawmakers propose pay cut for Minnesota legislators
Pioneer Press: Republican lawmakers propose 5% cut in pay of state elected officials


SacBee: At long last, a budget deal dawns in the capital
SacBee: Maldonado draws GOP's wrath
SacBee: California budget's higher taxes 'ugly' but necessary, experts say
LA Times: Schwarzenegger eager to sign budget, stump for measures
CNN: Schwarzenegger praises California budget deal
NYT: Budget Clears Legislature in California After Scathing Battle
LA Times: California's budget fiasco legacy could be reform
AP/Thompson: Calif. Republicans keep their no-new-taxes promise
AP: Highlights of plan to close Calif. budget deficit
AHN: Maldonado Agrees To Be Third GOP Vote On California Budget
Contra Costa Times: Republican lawmaker extracts open primary out of budget accord
SacBee: What Maldonado got
San Diego UT: GOP senators oust leader as budget stalls

SF Chronicle: GOP, Dems agree on dislike of open primary


Dallas MN: Pace of Texas stimulus spending called 'staggering'
Gov Rick Perry: Belief in individual at conservatism's core
NBCDFW: Gov. Perry Pitches "Return to Conservatism" in Column
Dallas MN: Angry words fly between Texas legislator, lawyer after immigration discussion
AP: Heated words fly after immigration discussion

Austin AS: Judge faces ethics trial
NYT: Texas Judge May Lose Job Over Appeal in Death Case

Houston Chronicle: Dodd, under fire for Stanford ties, points finger at Cornyn


Miami Herald: Crist budget proposals roil wary lawmakers
Miami Herald: Florida Gov. Crist defends stimulus package support
Herald Tribune: Dems to Crist: Cut chef, butler
TampaBay10: Obama enjoys lofty job approval among Floridians
MediaGeneral: Crist, Other Guvs Headed to DC this Weekend
AP: Republican Congressman to seek state Cabinet post
Herald Tribune: More property tax cuts for Florida?


WTOC: Senator Isakson campaigns in Savannah
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Perdue announces transportation system overhaul
AP/Bluestein: Ga. seeks more control of public defender system
AP/Bluestein: Georgia Republicans pushing wide-ranging tax cuts


WaPo: Embattled Ill. Senator in Series of 'Private Meetings'
Weekly Standard: Illinois GOP Renews Calls for Special Election
Chicago ST: In wake of Burris mess, Illinois GOP launches petition drive for special election
Chicago Daily Herald: Hynes calls for Burris to resign
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Ill. GOP reiterates protest on Burris affidavit
CQ Politics: Burris Lobbying Disclosures Dont Add Up
State Journal-Register: Burris list of clients doesn't match records
American Thinker: Sen. Durbin all but calls on Burris to resign
ABC: Could the Senate Expel Roland Burris?

Chicagoist: Quinn Picks Former Blago Aide For COO Position


Times Leader: Bonus probe has already cost Pa. Legislature $5.8M


NewsMax: Senate Candidate Brunner is ACORN Loyalist


LegalNewsLine: Michigan Senate leader considers AG run
WSGW: Michigan Secretary Of State To Run For Governor
Detroit FP: Who wants to be next Michigan governor? Parties to hear hopefuls over weekend


AP: How delegates and senators voted on Virginia smoking ban


AP/Rucker: Alexander says TVA, public should rethink coal use


NYT: Blunt Says He Will Seek Missouri Senate Seat


WSJ: Friend of Chris: Connecticut's AG says Connecticut's senator is outside his jurisdiction


Boston Globe: Patrick seeks hike of 19 cents in gas tax


Hill: Sen. Murray leads top Evergreen Republicans


February 19, 2009



WSJ: Housing Bailout at $275 Billion
NYT: $275 Billion Plan Seeks to Address Crisis in Housing
WaPo: Obama Proposes Package To Stave Off Foreclosures
NYT: Modifying Mortgages Can Be a Tricky Business
NYT: Obamas Housing Plan: Who Will Benefit?
LA Times: Obama's mortgage plan up against fast-rising defaults
WaPo: How the Program Would Work
WaPo: U.S. Doubles Fannie, Freddie Backing to $400 Billion
WSJ: Homeowner Aid Seen as Risky to Banks
WSJ: Obama: Mortgage Plan Will Not Help Speculators
WSJ: Democratic Praise, Republican Doubts for Obama Housing Plan
Politico: Housing plan leaves out critical pieces
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Obamas Foreclosure Plan
WaPo: Editorial: President Obama's cautious plan to help homeowners
WSJ: Assessing the President's Mortgage Plan: Judicial 'cramdowns' could roil the markets
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Announces Rezko Rescue: Bail Out Losers, Punish Achievers

WaPo: Fed Leaders Issue Bleak Forecast

Politico: GOP governors rift over stimulus
AP: Some GOP governors may reject stimulus aid

Karl Rove: Is the Administration Winging It? Obama's reputation for competence is at risk
Ann Coulter: Why we don't celebrate 'Historian's Day'
Pat Buchanan: Metrics of National Decline
Dick Morris: Obama needs to talk the talk
James Taranto: The New Federalism: NOW and wife-beheading: an issue for the states

NYT: Kansas Governor Seen as Top Choice in Health Post

NYT: E.P.A. Expected to Regulate Carbon Dioxide

Washington Times: Swiss bank to ID U.S. tax evaders
Rasmussen: CEOs Hit Rock Bottom, Less Popular Than Congress

NYT: LaHood Disappointed by the Lack of G.O.P Votes on Stimulus

Washington Times: Holder says U.S. cowardly on race: Vows fight for civil rights
CQ Politics: Attorney General Says America Nation of Cowards on Race

Washington Times: Spy agency focus of shakeup

Rush Limbaugh: Libs Still Fear the Silent Majority

CQ Politics: Firm with Murtha Ties Got Earmarks From Nearly One-Fourth of House


Washington Times: Steele: GOP needs 'hip-hop' makeover


Post-Star: Giuliani to campaign for Tedisco
Newsday: Cuomo: Health insurers rigged out-of-network rates
Newsday: Poll: More Dems would back McCarthy over Gillibrand
NYT: In Reversal, NYC Mayor Now Woos Political Parties
NY Post: Mayor eyes Dem line
Poughkeepsie Journal: Poll: Cuomo would crush Paterson


Pioneer Press: Judges shoot down Coleman request on excluded ballots
Star Tribune: Coleman lawyers blast judges
Bemidji Pioneer: Coleman team: Judges created fatal flaw
NYT: Coleman Camp Warns of Legal Quagmire in Minnesota
Examiner: Coleman v. Franken aims toward Bush v. Gore in Washington
PowerLine: Ben Ginsberg responds
CQ Politics: Colemans Latest Vote-Count Setback Could Be Fodder for Appeal
Politico: Coleman needs a miracle
CBS: Republicans Ask For Money For Coleman Legal Effort


LA Times: California Senate prepares to vote on plan to end fiscal crisis
WSJ: Maldonado Agrees to Back California Budget
SacBee: Maldonado's price for budget vote: 3 constitutional amendments
AP/Young: GOP senator invokes Reagan in pondering tax hikes
SacBee: Flawed unemployment insurance call center system costing California millions
SacBee: Mortgage relief: Will Obama's plan help Californians enough?
SF Chronicle: Schwarzenegger won't reopen talks on taxes
San Diego UT: County home prices sink under weight of distressed properties


Star Telegram: Perry says Texas will take its share of stimulus, but he has reservations
Austin AS: Perry relents on stimulus money
AP/Castro: Lawmakers learning details of stimulus


Miami Herald: $75B housing rescue plan could bring relief to South Florida
Miami Herald: Gov. Charlie Crist opposes pipeline off Fort Lauderdale
AP/Kaczor: More spending cuts likely for Florida budget
News-Press: Poll: Florida is Crist's oyster
Jax Daily: Crist leading whichever race he enters
Palm Beach Post: Frankel hands Crist nearly $120M stimulus wish-list


Atlanta JC: Georgia benefits of stimulus package greatest in Republican north metro Atlanta
Ledger-Enquirer: Bishop, Isakson promise to work together on stimulus funds
AP/McCaffrey: Isakson launches bid for second term in Senate
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Georgia Republicans launch state economic recovery plan
Atlanta JC: State GOPs tax package aims for jobs


WSJ: Burris Defends Himself Amid Public Doubt
WaPo: Clouds Gather Over Roland Burris
Politico: Dems abandon Burris
Hill: Burris on the ropes, fighting for his political life
CQ Politics: Illinois Voters Favor Quinn Over Burris in 2010
LA Times: Senate not likely to oust Sen. Roland Burris anytime soon


WSJ: Arlen's Fatal Stimulus: For his next escape


Columbus Dispatch: Bonuses for recent war veterans sail through Senate
Cleveland PD: Ohio housing experts like Obama foreclosure reduction plan
Cleveland PD: Hard U.S. stimulus figures lessen Ohio budget fears
Cleveland PD: Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher will run for Senate


Detroit News: Bing, Cockrel lead tight Detroit mayoral primary race


WaPo: Va. Senate Committee Approves Revised Spending Plan
Richmond Times-Dispatch: State Senate approves budget plan
WSLS: Republican candidates for Virginias Attorney General debate in Roanoke
Roanoke Times: GOP hopefuls debate for top prosecutor job


Tennessean: Bill Frist unveils plan to turn around Tennessee schools


Politico: Palin disputes 'fantasies' in new book
WaPo: Palin Now Owes Taxes on Payments for Nights at Home, State Rules


Fox: Rep. Roy Blunt to Run for Senate in 2010
Politico: Blunt running for Senate
Hill: Blunt to run for Senate


North Jersey: Christie looking beyond primaries
Hackensack Chronicle: Christie enters race for governor
Star-Ledger: Giuliani comes to Corzine's backyard to back a GOP rival
CNN: Giuliani endorses New Jersey Republican for governor


February 18, 2009



WSJ: Obama to Unveil Plan to Help Troubled Homeowners
WaPo: New Mortgage Plan to Focus on Lowering Payments
NYT: A Bailout Aimed at the Most Afflicted Homeowners
NYT: Effort Takes Shape to Support Families Facing Foreclosure
CQ Politics: Obama to Unveil Mortgage Mitigation Plan
WSJ: Housing Fix's Challenge: Making Modified Loans Attractive

WSJ: Obama Signs Stimulus Into Law
NYT: Signing Stimulus, Obama Doesnt Rule Out More
NYT: Recovery Measure Becomes Law and Partisan Fight Endures
WaPo: Obama Signs $787 Billion Economic Stimulus Bill Where is Your Money Going?
US News: Key Republican Governors Like Palin Oppose the Obama Stimulus Package
NYT: Editorial: An $80 Billion Start
WSJ: A Short History of the National Debt
Kathleen Parker: Be Calm and Prosper
Washington Times: GOP to hound pro-stimulus Blue Dogs
American Spectator: The Hidden Healthcare Horror

WSJ: GM Seeks $16.6 Billion More in U.S. Aid
NYT: Automakers Seek $14 Billion More in Aid
WaPo: GM, Chrysler Ask for Billions More in Federal Aid
Detroit News: GM, Chrysler raise aid request by $21.6B
Detroit News: Big 3, UAW reach pact on givebacks
WaPo: Detroit, Prepare For Big Changes
NYT: Obama Takes On Auto Crisis Without a Czar
NYT: A Painful Departure for Some G.M. Brands

WSJ: Treasury Report Claims Aid Recipients Still Not Lending
Hill: Govt.s TARP losses $86.5B since October
NYT: OpEd: The Bailout Is Robbing the Banks
WSJ: How Democracy Ruined the Bailout
FT: Bank nationalisation gains ground with Republicans

WaPo: Swift, Steep Downturn Crosses Globe
NYT: Dow Drops Nearly 300 Points
WaPo: Stocks Tumble as Recession Appears to Worsen

NYT: E.P.A. to Consider Rollback of Bush Coal Policy

CQ Politics: New Team Repackages The Rights Thinking
Human Events: Gingrich Says Dems Are 'Anti-Business, Anti-Entrepreneur and Anti-Jobs'
Human Events: 'Steeling' the Show

Hill: Visclosky, Nelson returning cash from raided firm
Politico: Daschle, Obama aides join K Street
Politico: Rahm's immigration turnabout
Hill: Dem family politics blocks Dean at HHS

American Spectator: New Republican Opportunity: Welfare Reform

American Spectator: Obama's Enemies List

NYT: Aides Say No Pardon for Libby Irked Cheney
Politico: Rove: Cheney's fight 'overblown'
NYDN: Ex-VP Dick Cheney outraged President Bush didn't grant 'Scooter' Libby full pardon
Maureen Dowd: Cheney and the Goat Devil

WaPo: Former Attorney General Mukasey Joins Law Firm
NYT: Mukasey to Join New York Law Firm

WaPo: In Unusual Move, Justice Dept. Pulls Prosecutors From Stevens Case
CQ Politics: New Prosecutors Assigned To Handle Case Against Stevens

WaPo: A Setback For Whistleblowers

WSJ/Taranto: Man allegedly beheads wife. Feminists shrug.

WaPo: Bristol Palin on Abstinence, Motherhood


NYDN: Paterson trails Cuomo by 32 points in new 2010 Democratic primary poll
NY Post: Paterson pounded by 32 pts. vs. Andy: Poll
Albany TU: Approval poll: Paterson down, Cuomo up
Hill: Poll finds Gillibrand, Paterson in trouble
NYDN: Poll: Don't get used to Gillibrand; L.I. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy would win primary
Politico: Tedisco lining up GOP starpower
Albany TU: Cities eager for stimulus dollars
Albany TU: 115 donors spend large
NYDN: Adolfo Carrion heads to White House for new urban policy position
NYDN: Caroline Kennedy goes public again, mum on Gov. Paterson
NYDN: Gov. Paterson rises in defense of staff's raises
NY Post/Dicker: Dave has second thoughts on pay hikes


Pioneer Press: Coleman lawyers underscore argument about absentee ballot unfairness
Star Tribune: Carver County's handling of absentee ballots a focus of Coleman's argument
Bemidji Pioneer: Signatures key Senate trial issue
AP/Jackson: Stimulus highlights stakes of Minnesota recount
AP: Minnesota Senate Trial Speeds Up, but End Still Far Off
Star Tribune: Editorial: Ritchie kicks off election law debate
Bemidji Pioneer: Editorial: Time for election reforms


LA Times: California budget negotiations hit a new snag
SacBee: Senators in lockdown struggle to make deal
SacBee: Poizner explains views on California budget
CNN: Schwarzenegger sends out 10,000 layoff notices
WaPo: Budget Mire Forces Calif. Senate Lockdown
WSJ: California Senator Feels Heat
NYT: California, Almost Broke, Nears Brink
AP/Lin: Key votes for Calif. budget come with a price
WSJ: Lawmakers Weigh Hollywood Tax Break
WSJ: The Decline of California
Rush Limbaugh: Attaboy! California Assembly Republicans Refuse to Give In

SacBee: California's Prop. 8 legal challenge harkens back to 1966 housing measure


Austin AS: Perry draws line between good stimulus, bad stimulus
AP/Vertuno: Perry: Be cautious with federal stimulus


Palm Beach Post: Rooney decries partisanship in stimulus debate


AP/McCaffrey: Perdue signs homeowner tax grant bill, reluctantly


Hill: Ethics panel opens probe on Sen. Burris
Politico: Senate Ethics may investigate Burris
WSJ: Sen. Burris Admits Seeking Donations for Blagojevich
NYT: Burris Tried to Raise Money for Blagojevich


Daily Times: Former U.S. attorney takes first step to being governor


Hill: Two Dems jump into Ohio Senate race


Hill: Kansas GOP Senate nominee may be matter of personality
AP/Hanna: Kansas budget impasse ends


Politico: Mortgage deal may hurt Dodd in 2010


WaPo: Back Home in Alaska, Palin Finds Cold Comfort


February 17, 2009



Washington Times: Obama to sign $787 billion stimulus
WSJ: Obama Strategy: Keep Lawmakers Close
NYT: G.O.P. Governors Support Obama
AP: States prioritize stimulus funds
WSJ: McCain's Vote Should Trouble Obama

WSJ: Don't Believe the Stimulus Scaremongers
WaPo: Big-City Leaders Call Stimulus a Fine Start
WaPo: After Stimulus Battle, Liberals Press Obama
NYT: For Education Chief, Stimulus Means Power and Risk
WSJ: Congress Gets Punitive on Executive Pay
Dick Morris: Obama's Trojan Horse
Rasmussen: 38% Say Stimulus Plan Will Help Economy
AP/Sidoti: Republicans using economic stimulus debate to restore image of fiscal discipline

WSJ: Auto Maker Bankruptcy Looms
Detroit FP: GM, Chrysler race to meet U.S. deadline: More job cuts, plant closings expected
NYT: G.M. Presses Union for Cuts in Health Care
WaPo: GM, Chrysler Finalize Plans To Restructure
AP: GM to get $4 billion in loan agreement
Hill: Levin criticizes Obama's auto panel
American Spectator: The Future of the Car Industry
Jed Babbin: Don't Bail Out the UAW (Again)

NYT: Obama Plan on Housing Said to Push on Lenders
WSJ: Axelrod: Obama Has 'Solid' Housing Plan

WaPo: Late Change in Course Hobbled Rollout of Geithner's Bank Plan
Hill: Conservative group sues for TARP details

Dick Morris: Rahm's 'rent' is just the tip of the ethics iceberg

WSJ: Congressional Junkets Defended as Work-Based
Politico: Hoyer to Pelosi: Stand up to Senate
Politico: Obama vets seek change on K street
CQ Politics: Wall Street Woes Make Their Way to K Street
Government Executive: Record Vacancies
Hill: Western swing reflects 2012 campaign strategy

Washington Times: Postmaster got $800,000 in pay, perks

American Spectator: Alternative Energy: The Next Subprime Mortgage Meltdown

Boston Globe: 2 Romney estates hit the market

NYDN: Ex-VP Dick Cheney outraged President Bush didn't grant 'Scooter' Libby full pardon


Washington Times: GOP jumps on tech bandwagon


NY Post: All sides 'raise' hell over Gov's pay hikes
NYDN: The kingmakers of N.Y.: High-ranking pols to rain stimulus dough on state
Newsday: Gillibrand removes guns from under bed
NYDN: Gillibrand still has guns, but they're no longer under bed because of 'security' issues
NYDN: Adult download tax proposal awaits climax in Albany


Star Tribune: Coleman asks court to reconsider ruling on rejected ballots
Star Tribune: Not-a-senator-but-ready-to-serve Franken meets mayors
Pioneer Press: Franken takes state's economic pulse
American Spectator: Al in a Box


LA Times: Legislature adjourns with no budget; governor prepares to lay off 10,000
WSJ: California Vies to Close Budget Gap Amid Dire Conditions
NYT: California, Almost Broke, Nears Brink
AP: Ca. budget likely to cut 10,000 jobs


AP/Vertuno: Texas lawmaker moves to impeach judge for refusing after-hours appeal in death penalty case


WBBH: Crist talks stimulus with agencies
WPTV: How stimulus plan will help Florida
Orl Sentinel: Federal stimulus plan gives Florida $12B - and a way out of budget problems
Herald Tribune: Florida's stimulus: $12 billion
Miami Herald: Editorial: Gov. Crist extends political courtesy


AJC: No Isakson opponents in line: Republican senator to announce re-election run today
AP: Isakson announcing bid for second Senate term
Beaconcast: Isakson, Chambliss Rebuke Obama Spending Bill
Athens Banner-Herald: Chambliss: Fix housing market first


WSJ: Burris Defends Actions, Fights Calls to Leave Senate
NYT: Revelations by Senator Are Raising Concerns
Politico: Dems hold breath on Burris


Philadelphia Inquirer: Specter: A $10 billion act of courage


Mansfield News Journal: Ohio GOP chair in Mansfield to lay out plan for change
WHIO: Ohio Stimulus Payment: $600 Million Short


CNS: Virginia Governors Race Potential Bellwether for Nation in 2009
WaPo: Va. Budget Shortfall Reaches $3.7 Billion
Washington Times: Virginia has shortfall covered


Tennessean: To retake legislature, Tennessee Democrats need a better farm team
Tennessean: Tennessee gets a jump on 2010 census work


AP/D'Oro: Sarah Palin faces first major challenge in office with Alaska's sickly oil revenues


KC Star: Kansas tax refunds, state paychecks in limbo over budget dispute
Wichita Eagle: Kansas may delay tax refunds, paychecks


WTMW: Snowe Makes No Apologies For Supporting Stimulus


February 16, 2009



NYT: White House Wants to Revise Compensation Part of Stimulus
NY Post: Top Dem balks as O hints at Stim Change
Hill: Obama, Dodd clash on executive compensation
NYT: States and Cities in Scramble for Stimulus Cash
WaPo: Politically, Stimulus Battle Has Just Begun
WaPo: Obama Advisers Defend Stimulus Bill
NYT: White House Says Stimulus Wont Be a Quick Fix
WSJ: 1,073 Pages: A stimulus bill that's anything but transparent

Detroit News: Geithner to lead auto panel: White House won't rule out bankruptcies
Detroit FP: New team will steer a new auto industry
WSJ: Obama Will Not Name 'Car Czar' to Oversee Detroit
NYT: To Fix Detroit, Obama Is Said to Drop Plan for Car Czar
WaPo: White House Won't Appoint a 'Car Czar'

Hill: Once radical, nationalization attracts GOP support

WSJ: Axelrod: Obama Has 'Solid' Housing Plan

WaPo: Two Moderate GOP Senators Give Big Voice To Little Maine

John Fund: A Census of One: Wanted: GOP figurehead for Census bureau

Washington Times: Ken Starr: Obama's Supreme Court picks will face trouble

Washington Times: Editorial: Did blabbermouth Feinstein spill secrets?

CQ Politics: A Party Fractured, GOP Conservatives Regroup
Human Events: Will GOPers, Dems Leave House In Big Numbers in 2010?


NYDN/Benjamin: Gov. Paterson's team for next year's vote 'in shambles'
NY Post/Dicker: Gov's Hy-Pay-Crisy: Staffers get secret raises amid 'freeze'
NY Post: Dave warms to 'rich tax'
Albany TU: Alternative Senate tax proposal in the works
NYT: Gillibrands Affinity for Asia Becomes an Asset
Buffalo News/McCarthy: Mining nuggets in campaign reports
AP/Gormley: State share of aid hits $24.6B


LA Times: She ran EBay, can she run California?

LA Times: One vote shy, state budget still in limbo
SacBee: California lawmakers fail to pass budget deal
SF Chronicle: Talks fail to end California budget impasse
WSJ: California Lawmakers Fail to Pass Budget
AP/Young: Calif. budget fix stalls with too few GOP votes
Mercury News: Sweeping budget plan in trouble; Dems still need one more GOP vote
SF Chronicle: State lawmakers still lack votes to pass budget
LA Times/Skelton: California's GOP lawmakers should do the budget math
SacBee: Budget pressure puts unions on the spot
AP/Young: Calif. Senate adjourns without voting on tax hikes


WSJ: Burris Defends Himself Amid Calls for His Resignation
NYT: Burris Defends His Evolving Description of Talks
WaPo: Sen. Burris Denies Intent to Mislead; GOP Seeks Probe
Washington Times: Burris denies lying to impeachment panel
AP: Burris denies affidavit contradicts testimony
Rick Moran: IL House Republicans looking into perjury charges against Burris
Politico: Burris under an ethical cloud
AP/Shenoy: Illinois GOP Leader Calls on Sen. Burris to Resign


Duluth News Tribune: Winner in Senate race? It could be early voting
Star Tribune: How many jurisdictions does it take to run a region?
Hotline: Key Coleman Staffer Up For State Job


Columbus Dispatch: Ex-Rep. Pryce joins D.C. law firm, will work here


WaPo: Democrats' Slim Victories In Va. Build GOP's Hopes


St. Petersburg Times: Florida's governor readies four proposals for property tax relief


AP: Republican Party of Iowa announces new director
Des Moines Register: Hope exists for Iowa Republicans


Dallas MN: Democratic strategist says when Hutchison leaves Senate, party will pounce
Houston Chronicle: Big donors fill state's governing boards


Hill: S.C. senator to governor: take stimulus money
Hill: Clyburn, Sanford feud over stimulus


Red County: Wamp and Haslam Duke it Out for Republican Gubernatorial Money


Hill: Conyers seeks DoJ probe into controversial sheriff


February 15, 2009



McClatchy: McConnell, Senate Republicans helpless to shape stimulus bill
LA Times: Stimulus struggle hints at a party showdown
AP/Espo: Stimulus bill a 'major milestone' to recovery, Obama says
AP: Obama plans to sign stimulus measure Tuesday

WaPo: Geithner Takes Plan To Global Leaders

Washington Times: Dodd stiffened executive pay limits
WaPo: Getting a Grip on Pay: More Rigorous Limits Trigger Concerns

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Eric Cantor: In Gingrich Mold, a New Voice for Solid Resistance in G.O.P.


Albany TU: 20th CD: Image crucial in quick campaign
Albany TU: Tax war in the 20th

NY Post: Gov fighting for his political life
NYDN: Gov. David Paterson: Obama stimulus plan will bring New York State $24.6 billion
NYT: Paterson Lowers Expectations on Soda Tax, Calling Approval Unlikely
NYDN: Michelle Paterson stands by David Paterson's performance as governor


Chicago Sun-Times: Lawmakers call for Burris perjury investigation
Chicago Tribune: Burris changes story on Senate seat
Chicago Tribune: Roland Burris statement and affidavit
WSJ: Burris Says Blagojevich's Brother Sought Donation
NYT: Burris Now Says He Was Asked for Donations
WaPo: Burris Discloses Fundraising Requests
Washington Times: GOP may seek Burris perjury probe
AP/O'Connor: Senator says Blagojevich kin asked for help in fund-raising

Chicago Sun-Times: Emanuel keeping his options open


WaPo: Would-Be Senators From Minn. Describe Life in Election Limbo

Pioneer Press: Panel wants to replace business tax with sales tax increases


SF Chronicle: State GOP convenes amidst falling fortunes

LA Times: California legislators begin voting on state budget
SacBee: Budget marathon, midnight oil
SF Chronicle: Lawmakers still debating budget
AP: Highlights of Calif. budget proposal

SacBee: California union cuts furlough in pact with Schwarzenegger
LA Times: California's largest employee union reaches deal to reduce furlough days
SacBee: SEIU union deal halves state employee furloughs

LA Times: Republicans cry foul over $8 billion for high-speed rail


Dallas MN: Immigration a hot-ticket item for Texas Legislature


Milwaukee JS: GOP makeover gets fresh face from Wisconsin


Herald Tribune: Will Gov. Crist run for Senate? Signs point to yes
Miami Herald: Crist reads polls well on stimulus plan
EV Journal: 5th DCA judge pressures Crist on court vacancy
Miami Herald: Crist to unveil tax cut proposals

Miami Herald: Florida could get $12 billion in stimulus


Atlanta JC: Billions headed for Georgia


Pittsburgh PG: Pa. senators, representatives will be in the thick of things


Cleveland PD: Ohio legislature, especially on GOP side, is Boys Town


Detroit FP: What's in the stimulus for Michigan


Richmond TD: GOP chairman to give up House seat
AP: Va GOP chief won't seek re-election to House seat
WaPo: Frederick Urges Wife to Run for Seat

WaPo: Brash and Loaded With Cash, McAuliffe Skips Past The Experience Issue


Business Week: Former GOP head to become new TVA chairman
Chattanooga TFP: GOP political figure named TVA chairman
AP/Mansfield: Former GOP head to become new TVA chairman



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