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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

February 28, 2009



CQ Politics: GOP Leaders Outline Strategy for Opposing Obamas Budget
Politico: GOP wants Obama to veto omnibus
Reuters: Republicans set course in Congress budget battle
Politico: Boehner: 'Spending barrage' starting

WaPo: Economy Shrinks At Staggering Rate
WSJ: Worst Month Since 1933
WaPo: Dow Hits 12-Year Low; Bank Stocks Pounded
NYT: Sharper Downturn Clouds Obama Spending Plans
NYT: G.D.P. Revision Suggests a Long, Steep Downfall
NYT: Braced for a Higher Tax Bill, Some May Dodge the Bullet
NYT: Democrats Line Up Behind Obamas Ambitious Budget
WSJ: Budget Burden Falls to Congress
WSJ: The Democratic Party Could Face an Internal Civil War
WaPo: As Task Force Debuts, Some Ask: Who Is Middle Class?
Politico: Budget winners and losers
Politico: McCain's top 10 'porkiest projects'
CQ Politics: Rhetoric vs. Reality: The Budget and the Campaign Promises

NYT: F.D.I.C. Raises Fees to Replenish Bank Fund
NYT: U.S. Agrees to Raise Its Stake in Citigroup
WaPo: Private Investment Required In U.S. Deal With Citigroup
NYDN: Government now owns over a third of Citigroup, says struggling bank

Lawrence Kudlow: Obama Declares War on Investors, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, And More
Matt Kinnaman: The Road to Serfdom, revisited

WSJ: States, Cities in Tug-of-War Over Stimulus Funds
WSJ: Why I'm Not Lining Up for Stimulus Handouts

WSJ: Leibowitz Tapped as FTC Chairman

SF Chronicle: U.S. to yield marijuana jurisdiction to states

Hill: White House: HHS nomination 'possible' next week
AP/Hanna: Pro-lifers vow to oppose Sebelius

NYT: Obama Set to Undo Conscience Rule for Health Workers
WaPo: Obama Administration to Reverse Bush Rule on 'Conscience' Regulation
Washington Times: Obama may overturn abortion rule
American Thinker: Obama may throw over 'conscience rule'

James Taranto: It's a Mad World: But we elected Obama! Why do they still hate us?

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows

LA Times: Dobson to leave Focus helm
AP/Gorski: Dobson resigns as chairman of Focus on the Family
WaPo: Will Dobson's Resignation Re-Focus Christian Right?


Politico: Romney: Bush blew it on stimulus

Hill: Cornyn thinks 2010 could be good GOP year
Politico: Cornyn looking to moderate recruits
CQ Politics: Now That GOP’s Down, Cornyn Sees Party Moving Up
CQ Politics: Transcript: Sen. Cornyn Speaks to the Conservative Political Action Conference
Austin AS: Cornyn serves up red meat to conservative crowd

Fox: Conservatives Seek Next Ronald Reagan
NYT: The Ghost of John McCain at CPAC
Human Events: Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's Remarks to CPAC
American Thinker: Conservatism Speaks at CPAC
American Spectator: The CPAC Idea-Shortage


Politico: RNC finance director quits
US News: How Michael Steele Plans to Shake Up the Republican Party
Politics in Color: GOP Chair Michael Steele Announces New Director of Coalitions

Politico: Newt calls out Holder on race
NYT: The Return of Newt Gingrich
CBS: Gingrich Sees Opportunity To Redefine GOP As "Loyal Opposition"
Boston Globe: Gingrich: Support Democratic primary challengers in 2010
NPR: Newt Always Seems Happier In The Opposition
CQ Politics: For Gingrich, Star Treatment at CPAC

CBS: Ron Paul "Probably" Won't Make Another White House Bid


AHN: Poll: Republican Jim Tedisco Leads In Race For Gillibrand's House Seat
Village Voice: Tedisco Leads Murphy in NY-20; Gillibrand Effect to Be Seen
Poughkeepsie Journal: Is New York's 20th the Republicans' Alamo?

NYT: Morgenthau, Prosecutor for 5 Decades, Rests Case
NYT: A Crusader, and a Keeper of Secrets
NYT: Contenders Jockey for Position in a Quick Race
NY Post: The prosecution rests for Morgy
NY Post: Power, privilege & public service
NY Post: Wannabes rush to throw hats in ring

NY Post: Gov's living a bit larger
NYDN: Paterson spends thousands of taxpayer dollars on Executive Mansion furnishings

Hill: Revival of gun debate puts Gillibrand in tough spot

NYDN: Sheldon Silver $2 bridge toll plan concerns Senate Democrats

WSYR: Sen. John DeFrancisco not running for Syracuse mayor


Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: Witness swept into the vortex
Pioneer Press: MN's U.S. Senate recount trial after five weeks: Round and round they go
AP/Bakst: Coleman faces setback in Minn. Senate trial
Pioneer Press: Should some votes be uncounted in the Senate race?
Politico: Cornyn's optimism


LA Times: State jobless rate hits 26-year high
AP/Young: Schwarzenegger declares Calif. drought emergency
LA Times: California paid for top officials' free rides
SacBee: McClintock rips on 'Schwarzenegger's crusade'
SacBee: DeVore drills way toward U.S. Senate bid
LA Times: Former assemblywoman lands new post


State: Voter ID wins approval: House Democrats walk out in protest


Dallas MN: Democrats could have a serious gubernatorial candidate
Austin AS: Fort Worth lawyer, longtime Bush hand, might be first serious Democrat
Star Tel: Signs point to Democrat Tom Schieffer announcing bid for Texas governor Monday
Dallas MN: Governor wannabe Schieffer was Bush's detail guy on the Texas Rangers deal

CQ Politics: Hutchison Would Be Stronger GOP Gov Candidate Than Perry in Texas

Dallas MN: House Speaker Straus hopeful on downtown Dallas law school


FloridaToday: Nelson wants federal aid for Fla. in event of natural catastrophe
Tallahassee Democrat: Budget shadow looms over Florida Capitol as session convenes
Herald Tribune: Galvano is positioned to play key role in legislative session
Miami Herald: Former U.S. attorney Kendall Coffey on panel to pick federal judges


Macon Telegraph: Georgia lawmakers divided on Obamas proposed budget


Galesburg: Bill Brady making four stops to announce run for governor
Effingham Daily News: Two possible GOP gubernatorial candidates speak
MyStateline: Bill Brady to Launch Governor's Bid Monday

AP/Wills: After turmoil, new Ill. gov. stresses diplomacy
Chicago Sun-Times: Burris takes issue with Madigan's legal opinion
Daily Herald: GOP leaders give Lauzen elections plan a cold shoulder


Politico: Biden, Rendell tease Pa. GOP-er Specter


Columbus Dispatch: State Rep. Yates to run for Voinovich's Senate seat
WKYC: Democratic state lawmaker to run for US Senate


AP: Anuzis joins group opposed to union legislation


WaPo: Va. House and Senate Negotiators Reach Agreement on Budget Differences


KC Star: Push for coal plants picks up momentum, but is it enough to pass?


Fox: Vicki Kennedy Wouldn't Be First Pol's Spouse to Inherit a Seat


AP: Alaska Governor Palin tax problems not solved by reimbursements for children's travel


Louisville Courier-Journal: Bunning denies he may resign to punish GOP foes
McClatchy: Bunning denies reports he's considering resigning Senate seat
WBKO: Rand Paul Discusses Possible Senate Run
Hill: Sen. Bunning reportedly suggests stepping down
Politico: Bunning denies resignation scheme
Politico: Another Bunning blockbuster


Hill: Sen. Gregg blasts 'incomplete' AP article
AP: Gregg Aided Former Base as He Invested There


Bayou Buzz: Draft Cooksey Campaign To Replace Louisiana David Vitter
Hill: Louisiana heats up with potential Vitter challenger


February 27, 2009



WaPo: In $3.6 Trillion Budget, Obama Signals Broad Shift in Priorities
WSJ: Blueprint Finds Support, Unease on Capitol Hill
NYT: Obama Plans Major Shifts in Spending
NYT: In Budget Choices, a Test of Obamas Political Skills
NYT: Examine the Budget Document Yourself
NYT: A Bold Plan Sweeps Away Reagan Ideas
WSJ: President Takes Aim at Foreign Profits
WaPo: Investors Bristle at Obama Budget
WaPo: White House Plan Would End Subsidies to Student Lenders
Washington Times: Charity tax limits upset many
WaPo: Tax Increase: Residents Around $250,000 Mark Disagree on Fairness, Effect
Washington Times: America's $3 trillion IOU
Politico: Class warfare returns to Washington
Reuters: Top Republicans rip into Obama budget plan
CQ Politics: Health Care, Taxes Will Test Obama Budget Plan
WaPo: In Budget, Signal of a Bigger Bailout
WSJ: Obama Budget Plan Boosts Resources to Combat Mortgage Fraud
WSJ: The Obama Revolution: Paid for by the people
WaPo: Ambitious Blueprint a Big Risk The President Is Willing to Take
NYT: Editorial: President Obamas Budget: Some Honesty About Taxes Finally
Paul Krugman: Climate of Change
Steven Pearlstein: A Budget Process Hijacked by Selfish Interests

Charles Krauthammer: The Obamaist Manifesto
Peggy Noonan: Obama Dons the Presidential Cloak
Rush Limbaugh: It Will Take Steel Onions to Slow Obama's Radical Authoritarianism

George Will: Climate Science in A Tornado
WSJ: An Inconvenient Tax: Cap and trade yields 'climate revenues.' But don't call it a t--.
Rush Limbaugh: Obama to Tax the Air You Exhale
American Thinker: Carbon Regulation: One Scientist's Unscientific Dream?

NYT: U.S. Is Said to Agree to Raise Stake in Citigroup
WaPo: U.S. Plans Bigger Stake in Citigroup: Stock Deal Wouldn't Require New Money
WaPo: Fannie's Red Ink Prompts U.S. Aid
WSJ: How Nationalization Found a Way Into My Vegetable Soup

WSJ: U.S. Stimulus Funds Begin to Flow at Different Speeds

Washington Times: Senate votes to give D.C. full House vote

WSJ: House 'Cram Down' Vote Delayed
NYT: OpEd: Dont Let Judges Fix Loans

LA Times: Senate to investigate CIA's actions under Bush

BG: Vacancies abound in crucial US posts: Obama vetting policy slows appointments

JTaranto: The High Cost of Dying: And the civil-libertarian case for capital punishment

Rush Limbaugh: Dick Durbin Introduces Backdoor Attempt at the Fairness Doctrine
Hill: Conservatives ask: Is Durbin going after Limbaugh?

Politico: Pence: GOP won stimulus argument

Politico: Plumber is king for a day at CPAC
CQ Politics: Conservatives Aim the Blame for Election Losses
Human Events: Chairman Price Offers Conservative Response
Rep. Tom Price: CPAC 2009: 'Conservatism Is Far From Dead'
Human Events: Rep. Mike Pence's Speech to CPAC

CNN: Steele to CPAC: The Republican party is just fine

CQ Politics: Governor races in 2009 and 2010

KC Star: Bobby Jindal was set up
NYDN: Jindal, rising GOP star and potential 2012 candidate, panned over Obama rebuttal


Albany TU: Gillibrand casts first gun rights vote in Senate

Albany TU: GOP's Tedisco leads race to replace Gillibrand, but Democrat Murphy gaining
Albany TU: Tediscos campaign pleased with Siena numbers
Albany TU: Murphys campaign also pleased with Siena numbers

Albany TU: Paterson fills key jobs in staff shakeup


Pioneer Press: Some rejected absentee ballots in U.S. Senate race to get a second look
Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: Ballot ruling buoys Coleman
Pioneer Press: In Senate trial, fishy-looking ballots may have innocent explanation

Star Tribune: Seven RNC lawsuits filed against police


SF Chronicle: Governor opens campaign to pass ballot measures
AP/Williams: Schwarzenegger starts campaign for ballot measures
SacBee: Judge rules state workers' pay can be cut to fed minimum wage when budget is late
SacBee: Solis approval touches off political duel


Dallas MN: Rick Perry's camp digs for dirt on Kay Bailey Hutchison at Dallas City Hall
Austin AS: Poll: Possible Democratic gubernatorial hopeful not well known

Star Telegram: The Texas House speaker's good news is his name
AP: Highlights from the Texas Legislature


Miami Herald: $5,000 in donations to Charlie Crist called illegal by feds
Politico: Martinez may back Dem housing plan
TampaBay: Tampa attorney tapped to chair state Judicial Nominating Commission
Orlando Sentinel: FHP plane, SUVs add to Florida Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp's travel bill


Atlanta JC: 19 state lawmakers failed to pay taxes, report says
Atlanta JC: Senate votes to cap property assessment


CQ Politics: As Burris Stays Put, Republicans Call for a Special Election to Replace Him
Fox: More Ammo for Critics of Senator Roland Burris
AP: Legislature considering taking away free rides


Lehigh Valley: Arlen Specter pushing for stem cell research


Cleveland PD: Strickland takes a power trip
Cleveland PD: Ohio House Republicans want to delay action on 3C Corridor rail plan


Detroit News: Conyers weighs write-in run for mayor


Virginian-Pilot: Mims confirmed to fill McDonnell's term as attorney general
Legal News Line: Mims tapped as Virginia's new AG


Nashville Scene: Caucus Chair Mike Turner Refuses to Defend Gary Odom


Hill: McCain to fundraise for key 2008 supporter


AP/Alford: Another Republican considering Senate run
AP: Another Republican considering Senate run against Bunning


Philadelphia Inquirer: GOP candidate Christie launches attack on Corzine


February 26, 2009



NYDN: President Obama set to offer details of massive spending plan
WaPo: In President's Budget Plan, Broad Agenda and a Few Gaps
WaPo: Budget Expects Revenue From Limits on Emissions
WaPo: Ambitious Blueprint Poses Test for Congress
Washington Times: Lawmakers hit Obama proposal to cut farm aid
WSJ: Boehner Says GOP Policies Are a Harder Sell

WaPo: Obama Proposes $634 Billion Fund For Health Care
NYT: Obama to Seek Higher Tax on Affluent to Pay for Health Care
WSJ: $318 Billion Tax Hit Proposed: Deductions Cut on Charity and Mortgage Interest
WSJ: The 2% Illusion: Take everything they earn, and it still won't be enough
WSJ/Baucus/Kennedy: We Cannot Delay Health-Care Reform
WSJ: Cuts Await Medicare Insurers

WSJ: Fight Looms Over Bankruptcy Plan in Bill to Stem Foreclosures
LA Times: Mortgage relief via the courts
WSJ: Next Front: Bank Regulation
WaPo: Expanded Rescue Of Banks Outlined: U.S. to Help if Firms Can't Find Capital
WSJ: Are Executives Paid Too Much?
WSJ: How Geithner Can Price Troubled Bank Assets
WSJ: Commission Urges Taxing Drivers More
WSJ: Experts Wonder How Education Goals Will Be Met
WSJ: Obama's School Choice: Democrats want to kill vouchers for 1,700 poor kids

WSJ: A Radical Presidency
Ann Coulter: The Cal Ripkin Presidency
Karl Rove: Why does Obama ascribe to opponents views they don't espouse?
Dick Morris: Bam's bold gamble - An enormous bet on big gov't
James Taranto: See No Evil: The Angry Right and Roger Cohen's contented Iranian Jews

WSJ: A Compromise Energy Policy Is Within Reach
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Obamas Energy Future

Washington Times: Illegals-raid dismays Obama backers
Washington Times: DHS chief vows drug war crackdown
WSJ: Napolitano Pledges to Untangle Gulf Recovery Efforts

NYT: House Passes Spending Bill, and Critics Are Quick to Point Out Pork
WaPo: House Bill Draws Criticism From GOP
WSJ: Spending Bill Passes With GOP Help
Washington Times: Democrats use omnibus to gut Bush policies
WSJ: A Congressional Bonus: Because a $787 billion bonus doesn't cover everything
WSJ: Lobbyists Line Up to Torpedo Speech Proposals

WSJ: Harkin Backs Gensler to Lead the CFTC

WaPo: City Can Reject Religious Display: Supreme Court Backs Utah Officials

Politico: This is Romney's year to shine

ABC: Cantor Emerges as GOP Voice
Politico: GOP at risk of becoming party in the no
Hill: GOP sees no bias in press hires
Hill: Flakes earmark crusade converts some
CQ Politics: Allies Lieberman and McCain At Odds on D.C. Voting Bill
CQ Politics: Black Caucus Wants Obama Involved in Census

Rush Limbaugh: Why We Love Bobby Jindal
NYT: Gov. Jindal, Rising Star, Plummets After Speech
NYDN: Jindal, possible GOP candidate in 2012, under fire for response to Obama speech
CNN: Jindal earns bad reviews in national debut

Human Events: Eagle Honors RNC Chairman Michael Steele


NY Post: Flailing Paterson's political purge continues
NYDN: Embattled Gov. David Paterson hires new aide, chief mouthpiece
NYT: Paterson Shakes Up Staff, From Top Down
Buffalo News: Paterson shakes up his top staff, replaces communications director
NYT: Bloomberg Presses Case for Republican Line
NY Post: Mike rips Paterson, hails Rudy
Hill: GOP pins hopes on N.Y. House race


Star Tribune: Senate recount trial dustup du jour: Testimony disallowed
AP/Bakst: Key Coleman witness tossed from Minn. Senate trial
Pioneer Press: U.S. Senate election trial takes a few twists, picks up speed
Bemidji Pioneer: Weeks of election trial remain
MinnPost: Day 23 offers entertainment inside and outside the courtroom
Hill: Coleman lawyer: Recount could be 'fatally flawed'


SF Chronicle: Effort seeks to scrap two-thirds vote rule
LA Times/Skelton: Schwarzenegger is getting his second wind as a reformer
SacBee: Ex-assemblyman pushes plan to split California into two states
NYT: Schwarzenegger Gets Part in Stallone Film


AOL: Texas Governor's Race To Be 'Downright Nasty'; Hutchison Has Leg Up
Dallas MN: Can Hutchison outmaneuver Perry?
CQ Politics: Texas Outlook if Hutchinson Leaves for Governor Run
Houston Chronicle: Perrys pandering to the far right
AP: Perry says Texas needs to spend money on water

Star Telegram: Poll shows no clear favorite for Kay Bailey Hutchison's Senate seat
Dallas MN: Poll: Battle to replace Hutchison a tossup


Miami Herald: Mass layoffs on the rise nationally, in South Florida
Miami Herald: House Republican leader Adam Hasner opposes Muslim lobbying effort
Orlando Sentinel: Own home? Tax burden shifts to you in Crist plan
St. Petersburg Times: High-tech fundraising hits Florida politics
NYT: Businessman With Ties to Florida G.O.P. Fund-Raiser Sargeant Is Indicted


AP: House panel OKs $18.9B state budget
WXIA: Governor Delivers Stimulus Wish List
Atlanta JC: Ga. senators take on D.C. guns
AP/Bluestein: Ga. transportation overhaul plan passes key hurdle


Chicago Tribune: Republicans see opportunity in Democratic disasters
AP/Bellandi: Ill. primary will winnow field to replace Emanuel
Chicago Sun-Times: Candidates crowd into 5th District
Chicago Tribune: Roland Burris: Replacing him isn't as easy as it may seem


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Specter's 'reluctant' vote helped firm with ties to his wife
Ponoco Record: Specter's stimulus vote will cost him with GOP


Columbus Dispatch: Court picks take heat
Cleveland PD: Ohioans in Congress add earmarks to spending bill
Cleveland PD: Ohio budget director defends using one-time money


Detroit News: Cockrel, Bing out to woo former rivals
Detroit FP: Cash, endorsements put Bing and Cockrel on top in primary
Detroit FP: Map: Where Bing, Cockrel came out ahead


AP/Jalonick: Kentucky senator battles his own party
USA Today: Bunning threatens to sue fellow senator
McClatchy: Bunning's statements, feuding create concerns in GOP
WSJ: Bunning Threatens to Sue Senate GOP Campaign Arm


February 25, 2009



WSJ: Obama Seeks to Snap Gloom
WaPo: Obama Outlines Road to Recovery, Stressing Education, Energy and Health Care
Washington Times: Obama vows: 'We will rebuild'
WaPo: President's Historic Message Balances Urgency, Optimism
NYT: Obama Assures Nation: We Will Rebuild
LA Times: Obama mixes optimism and hard truths
NYT: In Time of Crisis, Urging Bold Action and Big Ideas
NYT: Transcript: President Obamas Address to Congress
Politico: Conservative words for a liberal agenda
Politico: What Obama really meant
Hill: Obama lays out the crises and the costs in speech
Hill: Obama agenda is a starter pistol for K Street
Hill: K Street rebounds as many firms sign clients at fast pace

USA Today: Jindal: GOP must return to fiscal discipline
Boston Globe: Republicans put forth a fresh face of opposition
CQ Politics: Jindal Hits Familiar Themes in GOP Response
Politico: Jindal's response: Panned, seared
AP/Babington: GOP Gov. Jindal calls Obama's plan irresponsible
American Spectator: Jindal's Perpetual Potential
NYT: Transcript: The Republican Response by Gov. Bobby Jindal

WSJ: Top Democrat Hoyer Eyes Temporary Bank Takeover
Hill: Fighting cramdown
NYT: Fed Chief Says Recovery May Wait Until 2010 or Later
WaPo: Bernanke Hopes 2010 'Year of Recovery' for U.S.

WSJ: Obama Gets Strong Reviews for His Initial Weeks in Office
Gallup: Obama Job Approval Dips Below 60% for First Time
Rush Limbaugh: As President's Poll Numbers Drop, Obama Attempts to Co-opt Reagan
American Spectator: Selling Obama Short

WSJ: DC Appeals Court Orders EPA to Review Pollution Limits
Washington Times: Lobbyists AIPAC win classified leaks ruling

WaPo: Solis Confirmed as Labor Secretary
NYT: Senate Confirms Solis as Labor Secretary
CQ Politics: Senate Confirms Solis as Labor Secretary Despite GOP Concerns

Hill: Pence unveils measure on Fairness Doctrine

WSJ: Obama Unbridled: The President has only begun to expand the government
Gabriel Schoenfeld: Obama's Intelligence Choice
Holman Jenkins: Obama Needs a 'Not To Do' List
William Kristol: Not a War President

RCR: Leibowitz to be named FTC chairman

WSJ: The Navy Has a Top-Secret Vessel It Wants to Put on Display
James Taranto: The New York Times forgets that Saddam Hussein once ruled

CQ Politics: Senate Democrats Campaign Unit Continues Fundraising Roll

CQ Politics: Senate Moderates Primary Concerns


NY Post/Dicker: Fading Paterson gets poll-verized
NY Post: 'Raising' the heat on Dave
Alb TU: Paterson reviewing top staff: As poll numbers collapse, administrative chaos hurts
WPIX: Poll: Gov. Paterson's Popularity Plunges
Buffalo News: Siena poll shows continued slide for Gov. Paterson
Siena: Paterson Is Weakest Hes Ever Been by Every Measure (.pdf)

NYT: To Get G.O.P. Ballot Line, Mayor May Need Party Card
NYDN: Rudy Giuliani, George Pataki push GOP to back Mayor Mike Bloomberg for third term
NYDN: Bronx GOP Chair Gets His Rudy Call, Agrees To Keep 'Open Mind'

Newsday: New Nassau sales tax targets home heating bills


Star Tribune: Setbacks for Coleman grow at Senate recount trial
Star Tribune: Recount trial: Franken team tries to shrink Coleman's ballot pool
Politico: Coleman may continue legal challenges
AP: Franken-Coleman Senate trial hinges on voter mistakes
Pioneer Press: Witnesses' voter status is debated
Pioneer Press: Franken lawyer's 'Perry Mason' moment hurts Coleman claim on ballots

MinnPost: Pawlenty handicapped in 2012 GOP presidential sweepstakes
MinnPost: Rep. Bachmann praises stimulus-spurning governors


OC Register: O.C. Republicans like Obama style, but pan substance
SF Chronicle: Little room left to the right for GOP governor candidates
Contra Costa Times: State Republican Party reprimands Adams for budget support
SF Chronicle: California's GOP feuds over future philosophy
Ventura County Star: Arnold the independent?
Mercury News: Two-thirds vote drove state budget deal
SacBee: GOP budget backers tested on measure support

CQ Politics: Candidates Are Front and Center for Solis California Seat


Star-Telegram: Poll: Hutchison leads Perry among likely GOP voters
Austin AS: Hutchison trouncing Perry, Democratic pollster finds
Atlanta JC: In Texas, Hutchinson leads Perry with landslide numbers, says poll
Dallas MN: Hutchison, Perry give measured speeches at Dallas-Fort Worth events
AP/Stone: Perry targets Hutchison, D.C. at anti-abortion rally

Dallas MN: More than $1.7 million in gifts link political committees to fraud suspect
Dallas MN: Dallas Rep. Pete Sessions says Republicans may return Allen Stanford donations

AP: Highlights from the Texas Legislature


Miami Herald: Governors hear President Obama's economic-stimulus pitch
Sun-Sentinel: Republicans find their bipartisanship side during Obama's speech
AP: Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp faces ethics complaint
AP: Sansom friend resigns from Fla. insurance board

Hill: Crist looms over little-known crop of Democrats in Florida


Atlanta JC: Perdue on the stimulus: He didnt lobby House Republicans to oppose it


WaPo: Burris Refuses to Resign Despite Plea From Durbin
WSJ: Burris Rebuffs Durbin's Advice to Resign
NYT: Top Senate Democrat: Burris Should Consider Resigning
AP: Ill. GOP chairman: Senate should oust Burris

Chicagoist: Rove Hits the 'Burbs
AP: Karl Rove says GOP can win back state
RCP: Could the GOP Pick Off a Senate Seat in Illinois?


Detroit News: Bing, Cockrel to square off: Voters to choose one for Detroit mayor in May
Detroit FP: Bing, Cockrel will duel to be Detroit's mayor
Detroit News: Poll lines short with 15% turnout


WSJ: Tennessees Democratic Governor Weighs Rejecting Stimulus Funds


Hill: GOP tires of having Sen. Bunning on team
NYT: Kentucky Senator Fights With National Republicans
Lexington HL: Kentucky's Bunning 'would have a suit' if Republicans recruit opponent


AP: Hawaii Debates Same-Sex Unions


AP/Sutton: Palin to pay Alaska nearly $7,000 for kids' trips


AOL: Republican Governor: Congressional GOP Leaders 'Inconsequential'
Salt Lake Tribune: Utah's delegation appreciates president's tone


Politico: Perkins, porn star eye Vitter's seat


February 24, 2009



WSJ: Treasury's Unreality Show
NYT: U.S. Pressed to Add Billions to Bailouts
WaPo: U.S. Clears Path to Bank Takeovers
Politico: Citi's Parsons attends W.H. meeting
WSJ: Bank Nationalization Isn't the Answer
WSJ: Obama Aims to Address Worries About Widening Deficit
LA Times: Obama plans a more transparent budget
Politico: Dems seek billions more for 2009
WSJ: Democrats Unveil Spending Bill for Rest of Fiscal '09
NYT: Editorial: Republicans and the Stimulus
WSJ: Split Over Big Government Persists
WSJ: Post-Post-9/11 Looks Just Like Pre-World War II
Detroit FP: GM explores various options for bankruptcy
Rasmussen: 55% Say Government Mortgage Help Rewards Bad Behavior
Rush Limbaugh: Foreclosure Crisis Hits Five States

NYT: Survey Reveals Broad Support for President
WaPo: Obama Gets High Marks for 1st Month
WSJ: Obama Wants to Move the Center Left

WaPo: Obama Says Health Care Tops Fiscal Need List
CQ Politics: Obama Moves to Next Priority: Health Care
Boston Globe: Can Obama deliver healthcare overhaul for Kennedy?

WaPo: La. Governor Took Fast Track to National Prominence
Rush Limbaugh: Drive-Bys Try to Marginalize Jindal
US News: Bobby Jindal's Big Night and the Future of Religious Conservatives in the GOP
NYDN: President Obama's speech to Congress to be a State of the Union-lite
NYDN: President Obama criticizes stimulus stance of governors Jindal, Barbour and Sanford
National Journal: GOP Rift Is Hot Topic At Governors' Confab

Washington Times: Locke is likely Commerce Secretary
WaPo: Locke Called Commerce Pick: Former Washington Governor Was a Clinton Supporter
NYT: Official Says Ex-Governor Is New Commerce Choice

BG: Harvard prof named to Pentagon post: Weapons-buyer appointee has criticized stockpile

WSJ: Reid to Seek Federal Role on Power Lines
WaPo: U.S. May Set Greenhouse Gas Standard for Cars

Politico: Rove skips House Judiciary deposition

Politico: Rocky honeymoon for Hoyer, Cantor

Hill: Clients of raided lobby shop rake in the earmarks

WaPo: Ginsburg Returns to Court After Cancer Surgery

Washington Times: Levy suspect had detainment status
Hill: 8 years later, Capitol buzz again on Condit, Levy case

James Taranto: Four Papers in Two!

Rush Limbaugh: What One High-Ranking Republican Thinks About Obama and Limbaugh

LA Times: Mitt Romney backs GOP stimulus detractors with his PAC money
Hill: Romney's PAC cut checks for DCCC targets


NYT: Stimulus Is Early Focus in New York House Race

Albany TU: Paterson announces first stimulus-funded projects; GOP varies in response
NY Post/Dicker: Aide to Gov's wife soaking up raise

NY Post: Hill's Bill backs Gill


Examiner: Pawlenty to take stimulus money; breaking from republican governors
MSNBC: Pawlenty May Run For President

Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: More absentee ballots ruled in and out
Bemidji Pioneer: Coleman nears end of case
Pioneer Press: Still unanswered: How many tossed votes will be tallied?
WSJ: Minnesota Elections Director Takes Stand in Senate Trial
Star Tribune: Rulings have diminished Coleman's recount chances


LA Times: Schwarzenegger changes strategy in execution debate
SacBee: Schwarzenegger: Republicans who backed tax hikes are 'great heroes'
Politico: Arnold - a loner inside GOP

CQ Politics: Californians Donate Heavily to House Democrats


Star-Telegram: Perry discusses policy with Obama at White House
Dallas MN: New Democratic campaign puts Rep. Sessions on target list
Austin AS: Former Perry adviser signing on to communicate for Hutchisons gov campaign
AP: Highlights from the Texas Legislature


Miami Herald: Spend stimulus now, regret it later, Gov. Charlie Crist is warned
St. Petersburg Times: Crist's GOP allies fire at stimulus funds
St. Petersburg Times: Gov. Crist displeases the GOP true believers
WBBH: Crist doesn't rule out Senate
CQ Politics: Fence-Sitting Governors Sideline Other Candidates

WSJ: Sunshine for Lawyers: Florida tries to end a trial bar racket


Atlanta JC: Kind words from Georgia Rep. Price


Hill: Dem primary victor for ex-Emanuel seat likely to win general


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Pennsylvania's inheritance tax comes under fire again
RCP: Are Republicans Ready To Mount a Comeback In the Northeast?


Examiner: Ohio's Brunner gets a pass after Blackwell got the shaft
Cleveland PD: Obama touts stimulus package to governors including Ohio's Strickland


Detroit News: Ex-mayor mum on today's primary
AP/Williams: 15 Detroit mayoral candidates prepare for primary


Chattanooga TFP: Perdue, Bredesen may reject jobless stimulus funding
Times-Gazette: Smith, Wamp stress GOP values


NYDN: Bunning apologizes after saying Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg will die soon


AP/Sutton: Gov. Palin's office defends per diem payments


Washington Times: Utah governor ignores GOP legislators


Boston Globe: Stimulus 'nay' carries risk for some House Republicans


AP/Rawls: Gov. Riley to reject unemployment stimulus funding


February 23, 2009



WSJ: U.S. Eyes Large Stake in Citi: Taxpayers Could Own Up to 40%
NYT: Citi Holds Talks With U.S. Over Bigger Ownership Stake
WaPo: Citi Seeking More Federal Aid: Help May Not Require Taxpayer Money
Politico: Nationalization? Feds, Citi at the table
NYT: As Doubts Grow, U.S. Will Judge Banks Stability
Paul Krugman: Banking on the Brink
WSJ: Problem With 'Nationalization': Congress would quickly politicize seized bank assets
Ed Gillespie: How the GOP Should Approach TARP 2.0
Hill: HUD's Donovan defends mortgage relief

WSJ: Governors Agree on Woes But Disagree on Stimulus
WSJ: Governors v. Congress: The stimulus sets a long-term budget trap for the states
WaPo: Governors Hope to Guide Spending of Stimulus Funds
Bloomberg: Republican Governors Step Up Attacks on Obama Economic Policies
NYT: Disagreements About Stimulus Embroil G.O.P.
Hill: Jindal, Crist face off on stimulus
WaPo: GOP Governors and Federal Funds
CQ Politics: Governors Differ in Approach to Stimulus Spending
LA Times: Schwarzenegger calls on GOP leaders to work with Obama
LA Times: Schwarzenegger defends tax hikes, applauds stimulus
NYDN: Ahnold to GOP peers: I'll take your money
WFTV: Crist Creates Controversy With Republican Party Over Stimulus Package
WaPo: Government Gets Chance To Prove It Can Work
Human Events: Eleven States Declare Sovereignty Over Obamas Action

WSJ: Obama Targets U.S. Deficit
WSJ: Obama Pushes Firmer Budget Rules
Philadelphia Inquirer: Obama will seek more GOP backing on budget
NYDN: Barack the Knife: Nothing is safe as President Obama pledges to wield ax
Robert Kuttner: The Deficit Hawks' Attack on Our Entitlements
Hill: McConnell: Don't raise taxes on the wealthy
NY Post: Warning shot vs. Obama taxes

Wash Times: Postmaster's pay to be probed: Raises, bonuses mount while service struggles

WSJ: EPA Set to Move Toward Carbon-Dioxide Regulation
NYT: S.E.C. Chief Pursues Reversal of Years of Lax Enforcement
WSJ: The War on Drugs Is a Failure

WSJ: Congress Moves on Giving D.C. Full Voting Rights

Hill: Feingold, Dreier push for special elections

LA Times: Supreme Court to tackle judicial conflict of interest

WaPo: Legal Experts Propose Limiting Justices' Powers, Terms

AFP: Time to rethink US sanctions on Cuba: top Republican senator

WSJ: In 'Condit Country,' Wounds Are Reopened

WSJ: Info Wants to Be Expensive: Newspapers need to act like they're worth something

CQ Politics: Governors Races to Test Voters Taste for Purple
Politico: Forget change: GOP eyes retro strategy
Politico: 2012 GOP possibles coy on shows


NY Post: Gillie getting the willies
NYT: Conceding Errors, Paterson Vows to Regain Trust

Buffalo News: Talk of state's millionaires tax expands to not-so-rich

Albany TU: Oil polluters owe state $197M


SacBee: California budget deals can backfire later
Mercury News: California budget: an 'ugly' win for Schwarzenegger
SacBee: Infrastructure needs a harder sell, Schwarzenegger says
AP/Lawrence: California's two-thirds budget vote in crosshairs
Detroit FP: California to consider open primaries, and why not?
SacBee: GOP moves to punish members who backed budget
AP/Lin: CA GOP denies party funding to 6 GOP lawmakers who supported tax hike package

SF Chronicle: Few in Bay Area qualify in housing rescue plan

AP/Williams: At California Republican convention, it's all about taxes


AP/Root: One GOP speakers gone, but Dems still complaining

WSJ: Criminal Trial of U.S. Judge Set to Open


St. Petersburg Times: Gov. Charlie Crist losing some support in GOP
Miami Herald: Crist reserves judgment on Obama's plan for homeowners
AP: Fla. governor continues to back Obama on recovery


Politico: Interview: Gov. Sanford


Politico: Bobby Jindal's big moment


Atlanta JC: Perdue may turn down some funds


Hill: Sen. Bunning counting Justice Ginsburg's days
Politico: Bunning: Ginsburg will be dead in nine months
Hill: Kentucky legislator courted to face Bunning


Politico: How Burris blew it


Daily Review: Pa. Attorney General Corbett slams Gov. Rendell over budget


Politico: Ney may now be a victim


NYT: Explaining a No Vote on Stimulus in Michigan


WSJ: Mugging Phil Bredesen: Advocacy groups sink a Cabinet candidate


Hill: Palin shuns spotlight to pick up the pieces
Townhall: Sarah Palin's Problem


February 22, 2009



Times-Picayune: Jindal readies for his national debut
St. Petersburg Times: It's Crist vs. Jindal on 'Meet the Press'
WSJ: Governors Defend Stimulus Plan
Hill: Sanford praises GOP for 'gut-check' stimulus vote
NYT: Nations Governors See a Dismal Economic Outlook and a Slow Recovery
WaPo: At Meeting, Governors Share Plans for Stimulus Funds
Hill: GOP governors still split over stimulus
CQ Politics: At Governors Meeting, Schweitzer Jabs at Jindal
Politico: Q and A: Gov. Haley Barbour
CQ Politics: Is a Future President In The Room As Governors Gather?
NYT: When Consumers Cut Back: An Object Lesson From Japan

WaPo: Obama's First Budget Seeks To Trim Deficit
WSJ: Obama Says Stimulus Impact Would Be Felt Soon
NYT: Obama Has Plan to Slash Deficit, Despite Stimulus Bill
AP: Governors Embrace Stimulus Funds

AP/Hanna: Gov. Sebelius, Kansas GOP fight over health care

WaPo: Lugar, GOP Senate Report Urge Fresh Look at Relations With Cuba

CNET: Republican asks White House for e-mail policy
NextGov: White House Asked to Clarify E-Mail Policy
FCW: Issa seeks info on White House e-mail use

NYT: Arrest Near in Killing of Chandra Levy, Authorities Say
Fox: Police Close to Charging California Prisoner in Chandra Levy Case
AOL: Arrest Imminent in Chandra Levy Case

WaPo: Conservatives in Need of Star Power
American Spectator: What conservatives need right now is another Jack Kemp
CQ Politics: Tweets And More in an Increasingly Digital Political World

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Capital News 9: Murphy, Tedisco campaigning this weekend
AP/Bauman: Venture capitalist seeks NY congressional seat

Dean Skelos: State must act to preserve regions auto industry

NY Post/Dicker: Dave Scandal Aide Nixes Comeback
NYT: Ex-Paterson Aide to Return for Re-election Bid

NY Post/Dicker: Gov Boots Liquor 'Liar'

NYT: Career Options for Ex-Wall Street Workers


Pioneer Press: Franken lists ballots he wants added
Star Tribune: Franken wants 1,600 more ballots counted
KARE11: Franken suggests review of 1,585 absentee ballots
Pioneer Press: Off the tracks and unconstitutional
PowerLine: Uncount every vote!

Pioneer Press: Charges against 323 during Republican convention are dropped


NYT: Former Chief of eBay Tries a New Bid. Its Political.
Boston Globe: Romney playing role in Calif. governor race

SF Chronicle: Fiorina: Not ruling out Senate race, says GOP is "not the party of bigwigs"
SacBee: Fiorina coy on Senate bid, blasts executive 'excess'

SF Chronicle: Maldonado not making many friends with his budget vote
LA Times: Sen. Abel Maldonado has made a name for himself
Willie Brown: Sen. Abel Maldonado pulls off a political coup

LA Times: California GOP strains for ways to broaden appeal
SF Chronicle: GOP hears from governor hopefuls


Sun Sentinel: Florida Gov. Crist upsets Republicans by backing Obama stimulus plan
Florida Times-Union: Lawmakers blast Crist's budget plan

AP/Farrington: The next Bush in politics? Not quite yet

St. Petersburg Times: Sansom's key friend avoids spotlight


Atlanta JC: Is ag chief too close to businesses he regulates?


NYT: Burris Meets With Federal Agents
AP/Robinson: After Ill. gov's impeachment _ a senator's trial?
Chicago Tribune: Illinois lawmakers say they're ready for reforms


Hill: Gov. Rendell skeptical about stimulus potential

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: McCullough rose sharply in GOP ranks


Lebanon Western Star: Ohio Democrats face likely 'family feud'
Akron Beacon Journal: Race crucial for Fisher, Brunner


Detroit News: Michigan Republicans vow to return to power in 2010
Detroit FP: Michigan GOP chairman: We've come back before
AP/Eggert: Democrats, Republicans meet at Mich. conventions


WaPo: McDonnell Casts Himself As a More Moderate Choice
NBC29: McDonnell's Last Day as Attorney General
WaPo: Dear Gov. Kaine: Spare Some Stimulus Cash?


Shelbyville Times-Gazette: Open primaries benefit Tennessee


Indianapolis Star: Indiana Democrats pass $14.5 billion House budget bill


KC Star: Blunt calls out Carnahan, willing to meet "anywhere, any time"
AP/Lieb: Steelman leaning toward bid for Mo. Senate seat
MissouriNet: Missouri Republican Party names Lloyd Smith Executive Director


KC Star: Kansas budget battle a lengthy journey, a twisted pathway


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie beats Lonegan at Union County convention
Star-Ledger: Christie Vs. Lonegan: Reform vs. Revolution
North Jersey: Bergen Republicans line up behind Christie



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