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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

February 14, 2009



WSJ: Recovery Package Gets Congressional Approval
NYT: Stimulus Plan Receives Final Approval in Congress
WaPo: Congress Passes Stimulus Package
Washington Times: Congress approves stimulus package
Boston Globe: Compromise bill highlights
Wikipedia: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
LA Times: Economic stimulus money will reach nearly all
WaPo: Billions Slated For Area Schools, Transportation
WaPo: Stimulus Includes $5 Billion Flexible Fund for Education Innovation
WaPo: Congress Trumps Obama by Cuffing Bonuses for CEOs
WaPo: The Best Stimulus Targets
Politico: Economists predict stimulus effects
Hill: Blogs follow partisan tone of stimulus vote
CQ Politics: The Stimulus Bill: How Its Tax and Other Provisions Affect You
CQ Politics: Senate Clears Stimulus Package Without a Vote to Spare
WSJ: Obama to Shift Focus to Budget Deficit
NYT: Stimulus Plan Tightens Reins on Wall St. Pay
NYT: A Smaller, Faster Stimulus Plan, but Still With a Lot of Money
NYT: Bipartisanship Isnt So Easy, Obama Discovers
NYT: Specter, a Fulcrum of the Stimulus Bill, Pulls Off a Coup for Health Money
SF Chronicle: Stimulus aid coming for poor, disabled students
WSJ: GM to Offer Two Choices: Bankruptcy or More Aid
WSJ: Obama's Rhetoric Is the Real 'Catastrophe'
WSJ: The Great Interest Rate Wave
WSJ: House Financial Services: Committee on Doubt and Uncertainty
AP: The economic stimulus plan: Who wins and who loses
AP/Taylor: House OKs $787B stimulus bill with GOP opposition
YouTube: Video: GOP Leader Boehner Floor Speech Opposing Trillion-Dollar Spending Bill

AP/Zibel: Obama to outline plan to help homeowners next week; lenders halt foreclosures

CQ Politics: Judge Holds Stevens Prosecutors in Contempt
AP: Judge Holds Stevens Prosecutors in Contempt

Hill: Conyers issues second Rove subpoena
CQ Politics: Conyers Summons Former Bush Adviser Rove, Again

WSJ: 'Public Interest' Lawyers Say Leave the Homeless to Rot

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Jeb Bush: Republicans Must Be a National Party


NY Post: Paterson shows P.R. guru the door
AP/Gormley: Paterson says soda tax plan fizzles but raises obesity issue
NY Post: Eliot's Gal Clothes Hook
NYDN/Benjamin: Odds And Ends


Star Tribune: Recount trial: Coleman dealt blow, but no knockout
Pioneer Press: Rules are rules, judges say in reducing absentee votes
CQ Politics: Court Throws Out Some Minnesota Senate Ballots, More Still in Dispute
Hill: Court narrows focus in Coleman lawsuit
Politico: Setback for Coleman
AP/Dunbar: Judges in Minn. Senate trial say absentee ballot problems not widespread


SacBee: California budget deal depends on voters' approvals
SacBee: State deficit: The political process
SacBee: Governor puts off sending layoff notices to 20,000
SF Chronicle: Legislators compromise over budget
AP: CA lawmakers plan vote Saturday on critical budget package to solve $42 billion shortfall
Washington Times: Calif. tax hikes may swallow stimulus
NYT: Editorial: Californias Crowded Prisons


St. Petersburg Times: Crist says Florida will get $10 billion, more jobs from stimulus


Chicago Sun-Times: Blago hit up Burris for cash


Hill: Republicans line up for a shot at Burton


NYT: Civil Rights Hero, Now a Judge, Is Indicted in a Bribery Case


AP/Shea: Arkansas considers allowing hidden guns in churches


Rasmussen: Specter Vote For Stimulus Hurts Him Back Home


Detroit News: Stimulus bill passes; Mich. may get $18B
Detroit FP: Karmanos: Kilpatrick slips up, he's out


Boston Globe: Gregg's withdrawal leaves Washington and N.H. reeling


Boston Globe: Two top Patrick aides to testify: Pair subpoenaed in Cognos probe


February 13, 2009



WaPo: Gregg Withdraws As Commerce Pick
WSJ: 'Irresolvable Conflicts' With Obama on Stimulus, Census
NYT: Gregg Ends Bid for Commerce Job
Washington Times: Gregg pullout presages census debate
Boston Globe: In stunning shift, Gregg pulls out
Boston Globe: Statements from Gregg and the White House
WSJ: Judd Gregg's "change of heart."
WaPo: Gregg's Withdrawal Becomes a Partisan Issue
WaPo: Gregg Withdraws as Commerce Nominee
WaPo: Gregg Links Withdrawal to Census Concerns
Politico: 'I couldn't be Judd Gregg'
Politico: Conflicting WH responses to Gregg
Hill: Judd Greggs withdrawal jolts Obama
Politico: Godspeed, Bonnie Newman
WaPo: Rove: Second Thoughts
AP/Babington: Gregg withdrawal hands a new distraction to Obama amid economic crisis
AP/Yen: Gregg withdrawal creates uncertainty in plans for census
AP: Obama nominees who have withdrawn from consideration
Politico: Judd Gregg: New GOP hero
NY Post: Editorial: A Principled Politician
Time: After Gregg Jilts Obama, Washington Assesses the Damage

WP: Sifting Through Details of Deal: Lawmakers Assess Gains & Losses In Stimulus Package
WSJ: Next Challenge on Stimulus: Spending All That Money
WSJ: Emanuel Says Obama Team Lost Message on Stimulus
NYT: Even After the Deal, Tinkering Goes On
NYT: Details of a Trimmer Stimulus Emerge
NYT: Stimulus Bills Tax Breaks and Benefits
WSJ: GE, Tech Win Big in Stimulus Bill
WSJ: Debt Buyback Tax Break Wins Inclusion in Stimulus Deal
Reuters: Republican governors at odds on U.S. stimulus cash
WSJ/Strassel: Obama's Enablers in Chief: Three Republicans voted for stimulus
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Stimulus: $13 a Week
Rush Limbaugh: The Coming Liberal Economic Spin
Rush Limbaugh: Porkulus: The Depressing Details
Hill: Conference tactics leave deep House resentment
Hill: Early GOP ad on stimulus uninspiring
AP/Sidoti: Stimulus bill produces lots of winners and losers
AP/Herbert: Lawmakers strip $50 billion pro-nuclear loan guarantee from stimulus package
Boston Globe: What the $789 billion stimulus would do for consumers
LA Times: Nation's schools would get $106 billion from federal economic stimulus package
Houston Chronicle: Compromise on stimulus bill gives NASA $1 billion
RCP: Video: Graham, Boxer Spar on Senate Floor Over Stimulus

NYT: Ailing Banks May Require More Aid to Keep Solvent
WSJ: Derivatives Oversight Spurs House Turf Battle
WSJ/Zywicki: Don't Let Judges Tear Up Mortgage Contracts
WSJ: Big Labor threatens banks on 'card check'

Politico: Menendez targets nine GOP seats
Hill: Democratic Senate campaign leader says Republicans ought to be afraid

WaPo: Republicans Continue to Hammer White House Over Census

NYT: Panetta Confirmed for C.I.A. Post

SF Chronicle: Labor nominee Solis up for full Senate vote

WSJ: Hillary Clinton Heads to Asia, Signaling China Is a U.S. Priority

Peggy Noonan: Is 'Octomom' America's Future?
Charles Krauthammer: Will Obama Defend Iraq's Gains?

Fox: Obama Picks Seattle's Top Cop for Drug Czar
Seattle PI: Kerlikowske seen as a progressive
Seattle Times: Gil Kerlikowske timeline
Buffalo News: Ex-Buffalo police commissioner named Obama's drug czar

WSJ/Taranto: Global warmists make "scientific" predictions by consulting political calendar

Politico: Video: What's Bush been up to?


NYDN: Bam plan may mean big bucks for NY jobs, schools, Medicaid

MidHudsonNews: Tedisco wins support of state Conservatives
Post Star: Sportsmens group endorses Tedisco
Albany TU: Tedisco wont commit to attending leaders meetings
Schenectady Gazette: Tedisco campaign gets outside help

Albany TU: DSCC head expects to back Gillibrand

NYT: Health Care Groups Soften Attacks on Governors Budget Cuts
CBS: Paterson Admits Obesity Tax Plan Has Failed

Buffalo News: Hoyt bill would tie more strings to company tax breaks

Newsday: Hundreds of same-sex couples attempt to marry in NYC

Newsday: Caesar Trunzo to step down as Islip GOP chairman


LA Times: Stimulus deal could mean $26 billion for California
SacBee: White House: California to gain 396,000 jobs under stimulus plan
WSJ: California Budget Plan Still Shy of Votes
AP/Thompson: Court weighs contempt motion: unfunded prison health care reforms
LA Times: California's foreclosure pace slows in January


St. Petersburg Times: Crist takes heat from Republicans for supporting stimulus package
Miami Herald: GOP seethes over Crist's stimulus-plan support
Orlando Sentinel: Bailout package won't solve all of Florida's financial problems
Orlando Sentinel: 3.8 million Floridians lack health insurance
Tallahassee Democrat: Bill would enforce sales tax collection


Dallas MN: Straus gives Dallas-area lawmakers plum Texas House committee posts
Dallas MN: Resist spending, conservatives urge Texas Legislature


CQ Politics: Minnesota Judges Expected to Rule Monday on Ballot Parameters
Star Tribune: Senate recount trial turns on what exactly a 'legal' absentee ballot is
Pioneer Press: Coleman argues flawed absentee ballots should count
AP/Condon: Judges in Minn. Senate trial to rule soon on big batches of absentees
AP/Condon: Pace picking up in Minn. Senate trial
KARE: Senate trial lawyers skirmish over meaning of voting rules
Star Tribune: Judges will hear which absentee ballots should count today


CQ Politics: The State of New Hampshires 2010 Political Chessboard
Hill: Rep. Hodes will stay in N.H. Senate race


Hill: Rep. Moran: Murtha not worried over raid


Hill: Young and wealthy Illinois treasurer eyes Burris seat
Chicago Tribune: Spirited race is set for Emanuel's seat
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich lifts lid on future act


AP/Delli Santi: NJ Supreme Court asked to hear Corzine-Katz e-mail case


AP/Goodman: $7B for Michigan in U.S. deal
Detroit News: Kilpatrick backer now his employer


Boston Globe: Massachusetts releases funds wish list
Boston Globe: Patrick stimulus chief was fired from state post


American Spectator/Prowler: Obama's Man From Tennessee


Columbus Dispatch: Ohio's share of stimulus will fund projects, patch the budget
Cleveland PD: Stimulus could save or create 133,000 Ohio jobs
Cleveland PD: Stimulus falls short of Ohio's expectations, budget cuts loom


February 12, 2009



NYT: Obamas Battle on Stimulus Shows Threats to His Agenda
WSJ: Lawmakers Reach Deal on a $789.5 Billion Stimulus Bill
WaPo: House, Senate Negotiators Reach Agreement on Stimulus
NYT: Negotiators Reach Accord on Stimulus Plan
Washington Times: Deal reached on historic stimulus
AP/Abrams: Highlights of economic stimulus plan
WaPo: For Insight on Stimulus Battle, Look to the '30s
Hill: Rahms fingerprints all over package, tactics
WSJ: Exactly How Does Stimulus Work?
NYT: That ‘Buy American’ Provision
WSJ: Big Business Loses Out on Tax Break Under Stimulus Deal
WSJ: The Real Stimulus Burden

Ann Coulter: Goodbye, America! It was fun while it lasted
George Will: Runaway Stimulus
Matt Kinnaman: Civic sacrilege mars Lincoln’s birthday
Karl Rove: Obama's Legislative Victory Comes at High Cost

WaPo: Key GOP Senator in Stimulus Deal Is Known for Centrist Approach
Time: How Maine's GOP Senators Are Key to Obama's Agenda
American Spectator: The Unseen Hand of Arlen Specter?
Dick Morris: Benedict Arnolds of the GOP
Nicholas Kristof: Escaping the Bust Bowl

WSJ: Bank Chiefs' Charm Fails to Defuse Lawmakers' Ire
NYT: Lawmakers Challenge Bankers on Bailout
WaPo: Lawmakers Line Up Bankers, Unleash Anger of the Masses
WaPo: Geithner Defends Slow Rollout of Rescue Details
LA Times: FBI expects number of major financial bailout fraud cases to rise
Boston Globe: In grilling, bank executives offer assurances
Rush Limbaugh: A Full-Scale Assault on Capitalism
Rush Limbaugh: Our Time Will Come, Liberals
Rasmussen: 56% Oppose Any More Government Help For Banks

WSJ: Senate Panel Approves Solis as Labor Secretary
Hill: Solis affidavit moves Labor bid forward
AP: Senate approves Lynn; Solis and Panetta advance
AP/Flaherty: Senate confirms former lobbyist as Pentagon No. 2

AP/Deslatte: Jindal tapped to give national GOP response to Obama's speech to Congress
USA Today: Jindal will give Republican address after Obama's
Politico: Jindal vs. Obama

WSJ: Lawmaker Says Treasury May Need More Funds

WaPo: In Record Numbers, Employers Move to Block Unemployment Payouts

NewsMax: Sarah Palin Forced to Cancel CPAC Appearance

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah a step closer to a fourth House seat
Darrell Issa: Census should be free from politics


Politico: Conant to stay at RNC

Rasmussen: Parties Now Neck-and-Neck on Generic Congressional Ballot
Rasmussen: On Economic Issues, Voter Trust in Democrats Is Falling
Politico: GOP hopes to rebound with ads

American Thinker: The Emerging Liberal Oligarchy


CQ Politics: March 31 Penciled In For New York House Special Election
Albany TU: March 31 likely for House test
Business Review: Murphy, Tedisco to square off March 31
Albany TU: Tedisco: Now we will (with video)
Post Star: Tedisco: Congress should seriously look at capping CEO salaries

Star Gazette: Paterson signals flexibility on Empire Zones
Fox23: New York State Budget Woes
PoliticsHudson: State Senate Gets Interactive
NYT: Uncovering the Perks of Albanys Fallen G.O.P.
NYDN/Benjamin: Paterson stands pat with executive staff, despite infighting

Business Week: Cuomo blasts Merrill executives on bonus plan
NY Post: Andy takes a sly poke at Paterson

WNYT: Silver pushes millionaire's tax
NY Post: Top Senate Dem Attax Silver plan

NY Post: Schumer aide eyed for fed job as Manhattan US Atty
NYDN: Sen. Chuck Schumer pushes own chief counsel for U.S. Attorney spot

Rochester D&C: GOP attacks Massa for taking corporate PAC funds

NY1: Bloomberg says federal stimulus deal may save city jobs
WNYC: New York's Republican Mayor?

Albany TU: Chief judge set to tackle pay issue


Star-Ledger: Former Gov. Tom Kean endorses Chris Christie


Star Tribune: Pawlenty: State deficit could hit $6 billion to $7 billion

Star Tribune: Franken lawyer says Coleman doing a turn-around on some ballots
Star Tribune: Ritchie calls for early voting, fewer recounts
NewsMax: GOP Colleagues Pitch in on Coleman's Legal Fees
Star Tribune: Coleman, Franken back in D.C.
AP/Condon: Judges' order could shorten Minn. Senate trial
City Pages: Reid says he won't try to seat Franken until trial concludes
Hill: GOP senators to raise funds for Coleman
Hill: GOP senators in no hurry for Minn. seat to be filled
ABA Journal: Al Franken Outspends Opponent on Legal Fees by 6-1

Star Tribune: New push for medical marijuana legalization
Bemidji Pioneer: Medical marijuana debate revived


Sac Bee: Governor, key legislators reach deficit-fixing accord
Sac Bee: Editorial: Compromise on budget looks fair
Sac Bee: Furloughs boost governor's muscle at bargaining table
LA Times: Schwarzenegger, legislative leaders settle on budget framework
SF Chronicle: State officials work on final items in budget
WSJ: California Nears Budget-Balancing Deal


Dallas MN: Texas Republicans aim to bar Guantnamo detainees from state, U.S.
AP/Shannon: Kinky Friedman may run again for governor
Austin AS: Chief justice seeks to abolish judicial elections


Hill: Florida Senate poll shows Crist annihilating field
NRO: Crist, Mack Lead Early Florida Senate Buzz
Orlando Sentinel: Crist may not be able to prevent more cuts
Herald Tribune: Crist: Federal stimulus means state may not have to raise taxes
TD: Charlie Crist: Lincoln, NAACP remind us of the essence of equality

Sun-Sentinel: South Florida's top federal prosecutor a top candidate for FIU law school job

Miami Herald: GOP official wants to reclaim her post
Tampa Tribune: Republican Bosses Join E-Mail Fray


Athens BH: Editorial: State should take serious look at tax breaks
Atlanta JC: Senate decides against a veto fight with Gov. Sonny Perdue


Charleston PC: Columbia lawyer seeks state GOP post
Rock Hill Herald: York County's McCall endorses Floyd for state GOP chair


Chicago Sun-Times: Blago: State lawmakers cheat on spouses, drink too much
Politico: Dems worry about Burris in 2010


Politico: Pelosi concerned about a Murtha probe
Politico: Specter a target for GOP, Dems


Cleveland PD: Three candidates to help GOP hang on to Voinovich's Senate seat

Columbus Dispatch: State budget director defends spending plan
Cincinnati Enquirer: Ohio GOP plan: Help grads buy houses


Detroit FP: Stimulus has perks for Michigan
Detroit News: State prison, health funds face ax

Detroit News: Report: Kilpatrick will work for Compuware affiliate
Detroit FP: Kilpatrick expected to get Compuware job
Detroit FP: Monica Conyers: Re-election might not be worth it


Richmond Times-Dispatch: Candidates try their hand at being comics

AP/Lewis: GOP anti-union amendment passes in Va. House


Tennessean: Tennessee Deputy House Speaker presides
Nashville Scene: GOP Buys Ad to Attack Williams in Hometown Paper
Tennessean: Tennessee names Mark Goins as elections coordinator


Sun Herald: Stimulus bills come with no guarantees
Calhoun County Journal: Maxwell Appointed To Court Of Appeals
Jackson Free Press: Barbour Ignoring Black Judge Applicants?


Hartford Courant: GOP Lawmakers Propose Sweeping Budget Cuts


Politico: Bill Richardson tarnished by scandal


February 11, 2009



WSJ: Market Pans Bank Rescue Plan: Short on Details About Bad Assets, Mortgages
NYT: Bailout Plan: $2.5 Trillion and a Strong U.S. Hand
NYT: Stocks Slide as New Bailout Disappoints
Fox: Republican Senator Corker Says Financial Overhaul Is Too 'Vague'
ABC/Tapper: Senate Republicans Grill Geithner for Greater Detail on Financial Plan
Washington Times: Obama bank plan skids on Wall Street
NYT: Vulture Investors Eye Bad Assets, but Warily
WaPo: Wall Street Slams Plan With Sell-Off
WaPo: Wall Street's Sharp Rebuke To Rescue Short on Detail
WaPo: Geithner Plan Lacks Freshness And Clarity
WaPo: Facing Oversight, Banks Go on Offense
WSJ: Treasury Secretary Gets a Chilly Reception
NYT: For Geithners Debut, a Lukewarm Reception
WSJ: Geithner at the Improv: Amid more public uncertainty, private capital flees
WaPo: Prospective Buyers of Toxic Assets Wary of Plan
WSJ: Another Trillion-Dollar Hole: The "fair value" of banks' goodwill could be close to zero
WSJ: The Unmentionable Bank Solution: It's all about "regulatory forbearance."
WSJ: Why Markets Dissed the Geithner Plan
WSJ: Wall Street Mocked American Values
Thomas Friedman: The Open-Door Bailout
NYDN: Who might benefit from the bailout
Rasmussen: 75% Oppose Nationalization of U.S. Banks

WSJ: Obama Seeks to Restore Some Stimulus Spending
WaPo: Senate, House Begin Talks on Stimulus
NYT: Senate Approves Stimulus and Begins Intense Talks
NYT: Maine Senators Break With Republican Party on Stimulus
Commentary: More on Specters Stimulus Support
LA Times: Deal on stimulus bills mired in details
NYT: Senate Approves Stimulus Plan
WSJ: Stimulus Bill Poses Political Risks for Both Parties
WSJ: Tax Break Divides Large, Small Builders
WSJ: Handful of Firms Benefit in Senate Bill
WSJ: Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics
WaPo: Obama Paints America's Choice as His Plan or Nothing
Washington Times: Obama stakes presidency on stimulus
WaPo/Gerson: Obama in the Shallows
WaPo/Parker: So Far, Obama Amateur Hour
Politico: Huckabee: Stimulus is 'anti-religious'
WSJ: A Health-Tech Monopoly: Another surprise in the stimulus fine print

WaPo: Taking Apart the $819 billion Stimulus Package

Time: GOP Governors: Split over Obama's Stimulus Plan
WaPo: States Counting on Stimulus Aid to Balance Budgets
AP/Fouhy: Obama's outreach to GOP govs has its limits
Rush Limbaugh: Outrage Over Socialized Health Care Hidden Inside Porkulus Bill
Rush Limbaugh: Americans Beg Their President for Free Stuff at Town Hall Meeting
Gather: Limbaugh's Approval Rating Depends on Your Party Affiliation

Boston Globe: GOP makes Pelosi focus in stimulus fight

WSJ: Obama Aims to Help Homeowners, Wins Endorsement of Fla. Governor
WSJ: Finding a Way to Stem Foreclosures Proves Tricky

WSJ: Obama's Press List: Membership shall have its privileges

WSJ: Bernanke Defends Efforts to Unclog Credit

Rush Limbaugh: Shocker: Electronic Money Market Run Nearly Destroyed US Economy

Dick Morris: Hillarys incredible, shrinking role

Politico: House Dems to give up pay raise
AP: Lawmakers to Give Up Pay Raise

Boston Globe: Lynn nomination held up
AP/Flaherty: Senate delays confirmation of Pentagon deputy
UPI: Pentagon nominee to face recusal difficulties
Reuters: Senate may vote on Pentagon nominee Lynn on Wednesday

WaPo: 500 TV Stations Still Plan to Make Digital Switch Next Week


Michael Barone: Steele Owes His Victory to Puerto Rico, Other Territories
Politico: Island bloc expects Steele payback
Politico: Steele's deal
AP: New GOP chairman is Right to Life keynoter
Pocono Record: GOP's Steele and Limbaugh Republicans
American Thinker: What Michael Steele Should Do

Balt Sun: New questions arise over Steele campaign's payments to sister's defunct company


State: Senators: Hall should lead GOP | Bio
SC Politics: Hall endorsed by Graham, DeMint for S.C. GOP chair
State: South Carolina State GOP chairman Katon Dawson won't seek re-election


NYDN/Benjamin: Skelos: 'Biggest One-Shot In History'
Albany TU: How Paterson will dole out that infrastructure cash

NY Post: 'Millionaire tax' still in play with Paterson
Albany TU: Millionaires tax on deck

Albany TU: Cuomo calls for less local government

WXXA: Sen. Skelos to Governor: Redo Budget
Empire State News: Senate Republicans call on governor to resubmit executive budget

NYT: Former New York City Public Advocate Wants the Job Back
NYT: Green to Run for Public Advocate

NYT: Chief Judge Nominee Draws on Administrative Skill

AP: Rangel keeps House chair
Hill: Dems table GOP ethics resolution on Rangel

Albany TU: Bruno trial slated for November


Star Tribune: Judges add 23 to Franken's count, but it's far from over
Pioneer Press: 23 rejected absentee ballots to be counted, judges rule, more may follow
AP: More Ballots to Count in Minnesota Senate Race
WaPo/Cillizza: Mr. Franken Comes to Washington


LA Times: GOP gubernatorial candidate Whitman outlines stands
LA Times: Who's this Meg Whitman who wants to run California?
PC Magazine: eBay's Whitman Running for California Governor
Guardian UK: Former eBay CEO announces bid to become California's governor
Internet News: Whitman's eBay Legacy Could Help, Haunt Bid

LA Times: Governor threatens to lay off 10,000 state workers
WSJ: California's Pain Is Only Beginning: Cuts to Parks, Schools and Roads
CNN: Schwarzenegger says state worker layoffs looming
Mercury News: Democrats have tough time reaching state budget deal
LA Times: California budget talks marked by secrecy
AP/Williams: Schwarzenegger: Layoffs coming if no budget by Friday


AP: Perry keeps up bailout criticism
Houston Chronicle: Why Perry gave a pass to Cornyn
Dallas MN: Texas senators both vote against stimulus bill
Star-Telegram: Texas' senators miss votes during stimulus debate
Dallas MN: Cornyn skips Senate vote on stimulus to raise money in New York
Politico: Cornyn, found
AP/Shannon: Kinky Friedman may run again for governor


Hill: Obama gets bipartisan boost from Crist


WSJ: FBI Raided Defense-Related Lobbying Firm Linked to Murtha
WaPo: Raided Firms Have Murtha Ties: Two Companies Have Benefited From Earmarks
ABC: FBI Raided Lobbying Firm Connected to Murtha
NYT: U.S. Raids a Lobbying Firm With Ties to a Congressman


Columbus Business First: Senate Republicans lay out priorities
Youngstown Vindicator: State GOP caucus unveils 10 legislative priorities
Chillicothe Gazette: Ohio senators split on stimulus vote
Business Courier: Strickland taps PUCO chairman for 3rd term


NYT: Tennessee House Member Wins Top Job, but Loses Party
KnoxNews: Bredesen Leaving Republicans Out of the Loop?


WSJ: Palin Ally, Under Fire, Resigns Alaska Post
NYT: Agent Claims Evidence on Stevens Was Concealed


WSJ: Lazy Leahy: Vermont's senior senator seeks to outsource his own job
NYT: Judiciary Chairman Calls for Commission to Delve into Bush Practices


Washington Times: Kaine rips smoking-ban amendments
WaPo: Editorial: Virginia lawmakers approve a landmark smoking ban


Union Leader: Gregg's non-votes get reaction back home
Boston Globe: Gregg declines to cast any votes in Senate
UNH: Former UNH interim president tapped to replace Gregg in Senate


Hartford Courant: Q Poll: Rell's Popularity High, Dodd's Approval Sinks | M. Jodi Rell bio
Hartford Courant: Voters Pan Dodd In Poll Following Countrywide Controversy
CNN: Poll suggests Sen. Dodd could face tough re-election next year
Journal Inquirer: Governors approval surges, Dodd hits new low
Hartford Courant: Dodd's Popularity Sliding; Lieberman Could Lose
AP: Rell's Popularity High Despite Budget Woes
Hartford Courant: Rell Bars Abusive Double-Dipping By State Retirees


Charlotte Observer: State GOP offers probation remedy


Detroit News: Police drive Conyers' son to private school
Detroit FP: Insults escalated in spat between Conyers, Kenyatta
Detroit News: $4.7B for Michigan in stimulus
Fox: Rep. Hoekstra Defends Use of Twitter in Iraq, Afghanistan
Grand Rapids Press: Pete Hoekstra says Twitter is another way he is 'very transparent'


February 10, 2009



WSJ: Senate Stimulus Bill Passes Key Test Vote, Obama Makes Pitch for Economy
WaPo: Senate to Vote Today on Stimulus Bill: 3 Republicans Join Move to Cut Off Debate
NYT: Senate Clears Path for Vote on $838 Billion Stimulus
NYT: By Slim Margin, Senate Advances Stimulus Bill
Politico: Senate advances stimulus package
CQ Politics: Latest Version of Stimulus Leaves Little Room for Negotiation
CNS: Specter Says Stimulus Must Emerge from Conference Committee 'Virtually Intact' to Win
Washington Times: GOP plan to block stimulus fails
Rush Limbaugh: Stand on Principle, Republicans
Rush Limbaugh: Porkulus Anger Rivals Amnesty
Rick Moran: A GOP Turncoat's mealy mouthed defense
Rasmussen: 62% Want Stimulus Plan to Have More Tax Cuts, Less Spending

NYT: Obama Says Failing to Act Could Lead to a Catastrophe
WSJ: Obama Warns of 'Lost Decade'
Politico: Obama paints bleak economic picture
NYT: Taking on Critics, Obama Puts Aside Talk of Unity
Dana Milbank: Again With the Depression? Great.
American Spectator: Preparing for Failure
Rush Limbaugh: Unpresidential Obama Loses Cool, Flees DC to Push the Porkulus Bill

NYT: As Aid Vote Nears, Governors Dial for Dollars
AP/Fouhy: State budgets being delayed by stimulus debate
WSJ: Republican Governors Pick Sides at Their Own Risk
USA Today: Florida's GOP Gov. will introduce Obama tomorrow
WSJ: Gov. Crist to Join Obama at Townhall Meeting to Pitch Stimulus

NRO: 50 De-Stimulating Facts
WaPo: In Stimulus Bills, A Windfall for Agency Budgets
WSJ: Drug Makers Fight Stimulus Provision
Betsy McCaughey: Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan
Tulsa Today: Executive Encephalitis
NYT: Editorial: A Better Stimulus Bill
WSJ: Pelosi's Indefensible Bill
WSJ: There's No Stimulus Free Lunch: It's hard to spend wise and spend fast
WSJ: The Missing Obama Tax Cut: The capital-gains tax for small businesses
WSJ: The Return of Welfare As We Knew It
WaPo: Editorial: Congress struggles to weed out the weaker parts of the stimulus bill

WaPo: New Bailout May Top $1.5 Trillion
Washington Times: Public-private aid seen for toxic loans
WSJ: Banks to Get Stress Test Before Aid
NYT: Geithner Said to Have Prevailed on the Bailout
NYT: Calls for Clarity in New Bailout for U.S. Banks
David Brooks: Geithner's Plan: Showing Some Discipline
Washington Times: Bailout recipients keep donating

WSJ: Why Obama Wants Control of the Census

WSJ: Rushing to Justice: A confirmation is about information
WSJ: HHS Candidate Bredesen Draws Fire, Fights Back
WaPo: Generous Severance for Some Administration Officials
WaPo: Interior Official Was Nabbed in FBI Sting
WaPo: Prosecutors Want Barry Jailed Over Tax Returns
Hill: Lawmakers skip taxes on family travel

Rush Limbaugh: Gallup Polls Rush Approval Rating
Seattle PI: Obama Up, Republicans down in Gallup Poll

AP: S.E.C. Enforcement Director Is Leaving Post

Forbes: America's Most Miserable Cities

WSJ: Plouffe to Donate Speaking Fee to Pro-Democracy Groups
Politico: Gephardt pays $42K FEC fine

WaPo: Looking With Interest at 2010 Money

LA Times: Rove versus leakers: Government leaks in the media can cause serious harm

WaPo: Bush Faithful Rewarded With Jobs: On the Way Out, He Placed Aides and GOP Donors

DMN: Head of Family Research Council, once a GOP stalwart, says party has to win him back
US News: Is Tony Perkins's Criticism of the GOP Genuine?

HollyScoop: Sarah Palin Movie in the Works


NYDN: Republican congressman Pete King says Kirsten Gillibrand flip-flops
NYT: New Senator Vows to New Yorkers to Take Wider View on Gun Issues
NYT: Gillibrand Says DAmato Isnt in the Picture

NYT: Plan to Raise Taxes on the Rich Is Gaining Momentum
Albany TU: Cuomo speaks to redundancy of local government structures
NY Post: 3 Conservative Cheers for Cuomo

Albany TU: DCCC hasnt abandoned the 20th CD

Examiner: Young Republicans prez on failure of NY GOP
Examiner: Who are the NYC Young Republicans?

Buffalo News/McCarthy: Wojtaszek eyes the state

NY Observer: Bloomberg Gets One-Man Standing Ovation From Republicans


Pioneer Press: Franken & Coleman camps agree not to count late-arriving absentee ballots
Star Tribune: Senate recount trial resumes: Judges ponder Franken objection
AP: Minnesota Senate Trial Judges Hope to Speed Up Process
AP: Franken lawyer hits Coleman team for trial tedium
Pioneer Press: Was your absentee ballot rejected? Search our database


LA Times: Meg Whitman, EBay's former CEO, joins California governor's race
Sac Bee: Republican Whitman launches 2010 bid for governor
Mercury News: Meg Whitman edges toward run for California governor
SF Chronicle: Meg Whitman off and running
WSJ: Meg Whitman Launches Exploratory Committee for California Governor
NYT: Meg Whitman Entering the Race for Governor
WaPo: CA-Gov: Whitman's In
US News: Republican Meg Whitman to Run for California Governor

Sac Bee: Schwarzenegger sues Chiang over furloughs
AP/Lin: Schwarzenegger sues to furlough more Calif workers
AP: Calif. leaders take a break from budget talks
SF Chronicle: Counties brace for missed payments from state
NYT: Court Orders California to Cut Prison Population
Bloomberg: California Debt Downgrade Puts Credit Below Louisiana


Memphis Commercial Appeal: TN Republicans throw House speaker out of the party
Chattanooga TFP: Republicans boot Speaker Williams
Marc Ambinder: Mr. Republican Speaker, You're Not A Republican Anymore
TriCities: Tennessee GOP Ousts House Speaker Kent Williams
Memphis Flyer: Williams Says He's Still a Republican as Democrats Ask Him to Switch

AP: Memphis Mayor Focus of Federal Grand Jury


WaPo: Va. House Approves Ban on Smoking
AP/Lewis: Smoking curbs clear hurdle in home of Marlboro man
Richmond Times-Dispatch: Weaker smoking ban backed


Politico: Pelosi, Reid have "failed," Shuler says


Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Question: 'Morning Joe' or Sen. Joe?
Politico: Scarborough for Senate?

Miami Herald: Senate budget chief wants to cut lieutenant governor's security
Orlando Sentinel: Editorial: The lieutenant governor's tab for air travel is outlandish
Miami Herald: Editorial: Now boarding: The privileged class


Philadelphia Inquirer: Torsella says he'll run for U.S. Senate
AP: Philly civic leader to seek Specter's Senate seat
Morning Call: Montco Democrat wants to challenge Specter for Senate seat in 2010
Philadelphia Daily News: Torsella wants Specter's seat
AP: Biographical facts about Joe Torsella


Dallas MN: Perry, Hutchison spar on stimulus talks, UT regent's exit
AP/Shannon: Perry, Hutchison take swipes
Dallas MN: Bailout issue boils between Hutchison and Perry
Examiner: Texas Dems blast Hutchison, her D.C. office issues response
AOL: Conservatives Question KBH's Abortion Stance


Las Vegas Sun: Ensigns hard line upsets some in GOP


Arizona Daily Star: Tax repeal among House GOP priorities
Arizona Republic: Ending state tax is a top priority, Republicans say


AP/Glover: King says he's pondering a run for Iowa governor
Radio Iowa: King ponders bid for governor in 2010


Cleveland PD: Ohio's stimulus money dwindles in compromise
Toledo Blade: Governor Ted Strickland sees devastation if aid evaporates


Detroit News: Rep. Dingell to become America's longest-serving congressman


February 9, 2009



NYT: In Congress, Aides Start to Map Talks on Stimulus
WSJ: Democrats Target Tuesday for $827 Billion Plan, but Differences With House Remain
WaPo: If Spending Is Swift, Oversight May Suffer
NYT: Already Back on the Trail, Now to Sell a Stimulus Plan
WaPo: Stimulus Pitch Absorbs Agenda
NYT: Spending More Than $800 Billion Is the Easy Part
WSJ: The Last Thing Employers Need: A screening program that doesn't work
Washington Times: 'Bloated spending' ricochets on GOP
Politico: Shelby: Stimulus 'the socialist way'
CNN: Stimulus will lead to 'disaster,' Republican warns
WaPo: GOP Sees Positives In Negative Stand: Leaders Seize On Spending Issue
Arlen Specter: Why I Support the Stimulus
Politico: LaHood pushes for GOP support
San Diego UT: Americans have doubts about plan for economy
Rasmussen: Voters Evenly Divided Over Obama's Warning of Economic Catastrophe
CNN: New radio ads to target pivotal stimulus senators

WSJ: Treasury Secretary to Unveil Private-Sector Partnership to Buy Troubled Assets
NYT: U.S. Bank Bailout to Rely in Part on Private Money
WaPo: In Geithner's Overhaul, Aggressive Use of All Available Tools Expected
NYT: Bailout Announcement Pushed Back to Tuesday
Rick Moran: Bleak choices facing Geithner in trying to save the banks
AP/Gordon: Regulators close failed banks in Ga., Calif.
CNN: Foreclosure fix elusive for Obama
McClatchy: Unpaid taxes, uncowed GOP: Obama searches for his style
WSJ: How Government Created the Financial Crisis

American Thinker: Democrat Wage Controls Mean Mediocre Management

WaPo: Get Ready For the U.S. Census Fight, Chicago-style
NewsMax: White House Nabs Political Control over Census
Salt Lake Tribune: White House control over census worries Utah GOP
Fox: Political Battle Brews Over 2010 Census

AP/Loven: Sebelius a top candidate to replace Tom Daschle as Obama's pick for HHS
Politico: Sebelius, Bredesen up for HHS spot

AP/Barrett: Whiff of change in US medical marijuana policy

WSJ: Partisan Divide Haunts Obama's Push on Policy
Palm Beach Post: Dems retreat from reality


NYT: Now Talking on Sunday, the R.N.C. Chief
JC Watts: New RNC chairman has an opportunity
KnoxNews: Will Steele keep GOP on well-worn path?
PR Newswire: RNC Chairman Michael Steele Delivers Weekly Republican Address
RCP: The Limits of the RNC
Politico: The Krohn campaign
Politico: Resignations at the RNC

AP/Pickler: GOP seeking to end ban on some donation limits

Chicago Tribune: FBI probes GOP national chairman's state campaign spending
WaPo: Steele Defends Payment to Sister
AP: RNC chief: Payments to sister's firm appropriate
Bloomberg: Republican Steele Says Payment to Sisters Company Was Proper
Swamp: RNC's Steele: 'Want to clear good name'

Politico: A letter to Rush Limbaugh


Buffalo News/McCarthy: Wojtaszek eyes the state
Examiner: Giuliani governor or senator in 2010?
NYDN: Former Hillary foe Rick Lazio says losses might save New York GOP

Pittsburgh TR: Gillibrand a poor fit for Democrats' big tent
Miami Herald: Democrats' gun-rights senator
Newsday: Gillibrand makes a shift in Senate
NYT: To Some in Gillibrands Old District, Her Evolution Is a Betrayal

MidHudsonNews: Tedisco stumps for special House election
Catskill Daily Mail: Tedisco lists priorities for economic recovery
Press & Sun-Bulletin: 'Battle royale' for Gillibrand's seat under way
Poughkeepsie Journal: Candidates talk economy, jobs as they vie for seat
Capital News 9: Tedisco on 'Road to Recovery' tour, Murphy campaigns in Salem
NY Observer: Meet Scott Murphy

Newsday: Smith says NY Senate lacks gay marriage votes
NYT: For Supporters of Gay Marriage, a Dashing of Great Expectations

NYDN: Mayor Bloomberg reaches out to Republicans

NYT: Editorial: Rockefeller Laws: An End in Sight


Pioneer Press: Coleman ballot list heavy on GOP turf
Pioneer Press: Pawlenty's budget would leave 10% of adults without dental coverage
AP/Lohn: Democrats had $1M advantage in Minn. House races
AP: Minneapolis mayor kicks off re-election campaign


Times UK: How Arnold Schwarzenegger lost to the 'girly men'
WSJ: California's Tough-Guy Controller
Mercury News: Secrecy shrouds California budget talks
SF Chronicle: Budget possibilities for this week
LA Times/Skelton: Three tough steps to fiscal sanity in California


Dallas MN: Texas Gov. Rick Perry uses bailout talk to criticize Kay Bailey Hutchison
Waco TH: Sure, governor's race is a ways off, but it could set the GOP's long-range future
Dallas MN: Some speculate Texas Gov. Rick Perry may reject aid from stimulus package

Star-Telegram: Bush family returning to a different Dallas

AP/Castro: Committee assignments first test for new speaker


Politico: Cornyn: Fla. Senate race 'open field'
NYT: In Florida, Despair and Foreclosures
St. Petersburg Times: Budget crunch forces Florida prisons to feed inmates for less
Miami Herald: Lawmaker joins 2 others in web of lobbying ties
Miami Herald: Official will pay state for family's free trips
Miami Herald: South Florida prosecutor is asked to stay, but not for long


Fox: Jindal Says Republicans Can Only Blame Themselves for Loss
Shreveport Times: Jindal campaign on the road again
WWLTV: La. Gov. Jindal heads to Arkansas to raise money
Advocate: Jindal goes to Ark. for three fundraisers


Augusta Chronicle: Some leaders emerging from mess
Atlanta JC: State tax revenue sinks 14 percent for January


Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn touts Dem tide sweeping native DuPage


Bulletin: Toomey Heartens His Supporters In Harrisburg
Patriot-News: Specter's role in stimulus talks riles state GOP
AP/Dale: Rendell to testify Monday at corruption trial of former state senator


Cleveland PD: Stimulus deal? Not for Voinovich

Dayton Daily News: Portman has head start in 2010 U.S. Senate race
Springfield News-Sun: Portman off to head start in Senate race

Toledo Blade: Tax reform's full effects not yet felt
Toledo Blade: Kaptur presses on to refocus stimulus
Cincinnati Enquirer: As news worsens, governor thrives


Detroit News: Forced-out lawmakers land on their feet


WaPo: Va. House, Senate Set For Clash On Budget
CNN: McAuliffe takes heat from rival at Democratic dinner


City Paper: House Republicans need to find their swagger to lead
Tennessean: State GOP may expel Kent Williams
Kingsport TN: Sullivan County Chair urges party to move past anger over speaker election


Arizona Republic: Gov. Brewer blames Napolitano for budget crisis
AP: Napolitano remains GOP punching bag


North Jersey: Christie says Katz, e-mails are off-limits
Philadelphia Inquirer: Just sworn in, Adler already in GOP sights


MSNBC: Arkansas House Passes Tobacco Tax


News-Leader: Roy Blunt happier in reduced role
Ky3: Roy Blunt makes no announcement about run for Senate


USA Today: Areas of Kentucky dark 2 weeks after storm


February 8, 2009



NYT: Congress Is Divided Over Competing Stimulus Bills
Politico: Reid: 'Wheels finally moving' on 778-page $827-billion bill
Wash Times: Obama: It's stimulus or 'catastrophe': Chastises GOP for 'tired' tax theories
Fox: GOP Senators Risk Political Backlash Over Support of Stimulus Bill
Portland Press Herald: Collins says stimulus talks were tough
WSJ: Obama and Senate Republicans Bicker Over Stimulus
Politico: Senate GOP says they were left out
Politico: AUFC ad touts GOP stimulus backers
WaPo: Economists Agree Time Is of the Essence for Stimulus
Tennessean: Stimulus bill pushes broadband
Hill: Senators exert leverage over Pelosi on stimulus
WaPo: OpEd: Here's How to Make a Real Stimulus Take Flight
Washington Times: Editorial: How to cause a depression

WSJ: Bailout Revamp Could Use Private Bank for Bad Assets
WaPo: In Geithner's Overhaul, Aggressive Use of All Available Tools Expected
Hill: Trying to make TARP all shiny and new
Politico: Geithner: Gov't money 'a privilege, not a right'

American Thinker: Little noted move on census by Obama could spell GOP disaster

WaPo: Obama's NSC Will Get New Power

Hill: Unions step up to fight for Solis
Hill: Contentious labor bill struggles behind the scenes

Washington Times: Sebelius called top HHS candidate
Politico: HHS rumors spark Bredesen backlash

Washington Times: 'Pent-up fury' at nominee tax woes
Michael Barone: Calm and Cool on a No Good, Very Bad Day

AP: Guests for the Sunday TV news shows


LA Times: Rush Limbaugh has his grip on the GOP microphone
LAT: Fewer Republicans today find Rush Limbaugh unfavorable than in 2003, says Gallup

NYT: New G.O.P. Chairman Defends Payment to Sister
Baltimore Sun: Spokesman defends Steele's campaign spending


AP/Gormley: New York's GOP urges Giuliani to help them rebound
NYT: No Gay Marriage Bill This Year, Smith Says
NY Post: Angry GOP lets off $team-ulus: Schumer eyes big NY gains
Buffalo News: N.Y. Power Authority surplus will go to state, not customers


Star Tribune: In D.C., Ritchie recounts Senate recount work
Power Line: Lost and found in Minnesota


Sac Bee: Local government lobbying costs soar in California
Sac Bee: Health care subsidies pushed for the jobless
Sac Bee: Jobless benefit fund takes big beating

Capitol Weekly: Gov. Poll: Campbell 15%, Whitman 14%, Poizner 4%, Foy 1% (.pdf)
Sac Bee: Poll: Feinstein tops Dem field; GOP race tight in 2010

NYT: Prop 8 Donor Web Site Shows Disclosure Law Is 2-Edged Sword
Sac Bee: Jerry Brown lists '25 Random Things About Me' on Facebook


Star-Telegram: Texas senators still oppose stimulus deal
Dallas MN: Texas grapples with how to spend its share of stimulus
CNN: GOP senators 'caved in' on stimulus, Paul says


St. Pete Times: Crist to decide on U.S. Senate bid after legislative session ends in May
Ledger: Crist Slow to Decide on 2010 Candidacy
Florida Times-Union: Florida politics: Crist and the Senate

Sun Sentinel: Larry Cretul, Florida's new House speaker, rises out of obscurity
Pensacola News Journal: In midst of scandal, Sansom talks ethics


Atlanta JC: Stimulus pulls GOP two ways
Atlanta JC: Chambliss, Isakson will vote against Obama stimulus package
Atlanta JC: Georgias gift ban has wide loophole


Lebanon Daily News: Pa. Sen. Specter predicts stimulus passage

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Melvin receives GOP endorsement for state Supreme Court seat
AP/Jackson: GOP judge pick faces opposition


Columbus Dispatch: Possible gubernatorial candidate says wait, see


Detroit FP: House Republicans, Cox: Put all state spending on Web site
Detroit FP: Dingell to set record for time in the House
Detroit FP: In crowded field for Detroit mayor, 3 loom above the rest


Washington Times: Clinton, McAuliffe raise funds, if not votes
WaPo: Moran Relying on Democratic Roots, Judgment in Run for Governor


Kingsport Times News: Williams says he hopes to remain a Republican
Clarksville: Ramsey tells Williams: Quit! Become an Independent!


Union Leader: Bonnie Newman: Now that she's a senator, where does she stand?


Rutland Herald: Vt. House to introduce same-sex marriage bill
WPTZ: Vt. Considers Allowing Gay Marriages


Arizona Republic: Arizona's 2 senators reversing their roles


Montgomery Advertiser: Davis announces gubernatorial run
Birmingham News: U.S. Rep. Artur Davis announces bid to be governor of Alabama
CQ Politics: Alabama Rep. Davis Launches Landmark Bid for Governor
AP: Alabama: Candidate for Governor


News Leader: Missouri GOP not sold on stimulus


Boston Globe: More donors to Wilkerson had business with state


Politico: Todd Palin found in contempt
Anchorage Daily News: Todd Palin's lawyer responds



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