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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again


Al Jazeera video: reporting on a meeting last Saturday in Saudi Arabia of the Organization of Islamic Conference -- the speaker is not identified by Al Jazeera:

"We call on the U.S. administration, namely the U.S. president-elect Barack Obama, to pay the utmost attention . . . to the [Gaza] war's consequences on the new administration's efforts to enhance the image of the United States within the Muslim world."

     Didn't the Organization of Islamic Conference -- or Al Jazeera -- get the memo? There's just one president at a time, and the "U.S. administration" is headed right now by somebody named Bush, not Obama.  It was in all the papers.

Al Jazeera: Obama's Gaza silence condemned

"Silence sounds like complicity," Mark Perry, the Washington Director of the Conflicts Forum group, told Al Jazeera.
     "He wants to be cautious and I think he will remain cautious because the Arab-Israeli conflict is not one of his priorities," Hassan Nafaa, an Egyptian political scientist and secretary-general of the Arab Thought Forum in Amman, told Reuters.

     "Obama's position is very precarious. The Jewish lobby warned against his election, so he has chosen to remain silent (on Gaza)," added Hilal Khashan, a professor of political science at the American University of Beirut.

Reuters: Obama's silence on Gaza confirms low Arab expectations

"The Arab world was largely enthusiastic about Obama's election victory in November, in the belief that a fresh face in the White House must be better than outgoing President George W. Bush, who invaded Iraq and gave strong support to Israel."

* * * *

     "But his choice of a foreign policy team, especially Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff, have raised doubts that much will change.

     "Mustapha el-Sayed of Cairo University said: 'I am really pessimistic . . . because when I see the kind of people who surround President-elect Obama I find they are the best friends of Israel who do not dare to distance themselves from the positions of the Israeli government.'"

* * * *

     "Walid Kazziha, a professor at the American University in Cairo, said Obama would have to take bold steps if he wants to restore U.S. influence in the Middle East, widely seen as having greatly declined during eight years of Bush.

     "But the first signs do not suggest Obama will do that, he added. 'If he was going to take a stand he would have said something. When he wants to say something, he can,'" he said.

* * * *

January 7, 2009



WSJ: Obama Calls for Budget Reform as Deficits May Last for Years
NYT: Obama Warns of Trillion-Dollar Deficits
WaPo: Obama Predicts Years of Deficits Over $1 Trillion
Washington Times: Obama bans stimulus pork, warns of deficits
WaPo: U.S. Service Sector, Factory Orders Decline
LA Times: Obama sweetens stimulus for GOP
WSJ: With Billions at Stake, Business Lobbyists Vie for a Piece
NYT: In Feds Decision to Slash Rates, Fears of a Long Recession
WSJ: Housing Push for Hispanics Spawns Wave of Foreclosures
WSJ: Obama Pushes States to Cover More Unemployed
WSJ: Many Taxpayers Stand to Gain From New Laws
WSJ: The GOP Should Fight Health-Care Rationing: Obama's HMO deserves opposition
Michael Gerson: The Risks in Obama's Ambitions
Rick Moran: Obama appoints another CAP employee to staff
Daily News: Hillary Clinton to get confirmation hearing next week

Columbus Dispatch: New Congress sworn in, told to quickly craft economy plan
AP: House re-elects Nancy Pelosi as speaker
Gateway Pundit: Pelosi Moves to Silence Minority By Erasing Long-Standing House Rules
Hill: Reid readies for another round with Senator No
Hill: Reid: Dems must be very careful about overreaching
NYT: New Voices in Congress Will Change the Tone of the Democratic Majority
NYT: Congressional Black Caucus Assesses Its Role Under a Black President
NYT: Editorial: DC: Americas Colonial Capital

NYT: Specter Attacks Choice for Attorney General
NYT: Republican Senator Blasts Nominee for Attorney General
Debra Saunders: Eric Holder and All Political Prisoners

WaPo: Obama Is Under Fire Over Panetta Selection
NYT: Obama Seeks to Mend Rift Over Panetta
WaPo: Panetta's Peers Back Him for CIA
AP/Hess: Obama's CIA pick unlikely to face Senate challenge
Telegraph UK: Did Leon Panetta know about 'extraordinary renditions' under Clinton?
Ralph Peters: An Awful Pick: O Opts to Politicize Intelligence

WaPo: TV's Gupta Chosen for Medical Post: Pick has Communication Skill
NYT: CNN Reporter Tops List for Surgeon General
NYT: CNNs Gupta Approached About Surgeon General Post
WaPo: Obama Wants Journalist Gupta for Surgeon General

CBS: Coulter, Harry Take Each Other On
Brent Bozell: Coulter v. The Counter-Coulters
MSNBC: Coulter: Liberals are assaulting America
NewsBusters: NBC Rebooks Coulter for Wednesday's Today Show

Human Events: President Bush: The Exit Interview

NYT: A Plan to Turn the Lowly Bureaucrat Into a Cherished Public Servant

WSJ: Legal Run-Ins Dog the Firm in New Mexico Probe
ABC: Funds Tie Obama to Richardson Probe Figure
Washington Times: Donor in Richardson probe also gave to Obama
Pittsburgh TR: Contract earned Rendell donor $600,000
Bloomberg: Richardson Adviser Helped JPMorgan Win Bond Deals
NYT: Richardson Withdrawal Hurts Obamas Southwest Strategy
John Fund: Richardson Bows Out: He can always resume his baseball career

WSJ: Waiting for Dodd: Where are those Countrywide papers?

NY Post: SEC Gal Fires Back


Union Leader: NH's Mike Dennehy to aid Ohio conservative in RNC race
Miami Herald: Duncan fights to keep RNC post despite odds, critics
Hill: Duncan dealt blow at conservative gathering
CBS: Battle Rages For RNC Chair
Real Clear Politics: The Race for RNC Chair
AP/Sidoti: Six compete to lead GOP back from defeats
CNN: RNC committee opts against vote on candidates' conservative cred
GOPUSA: Selection vs. Election in the Republican Party
CNS: RNC Chairman Candidates Weigh In on War, Guns and Twittering
The Other McCain: RNC Chair Debate
Kathleen Parker: Who Will Run the RNC?

Richard Viguerie: GOP Needs To Think Small Again
WSJ: Republicans See Template for Rebound in Election of Puerto Rico's Fortuno

Telegraph UK: Paul Weyrich


NYT: Democrats Reach Pact to Lead the Senate
Daily News: Sen. Malcolm Smith makes Albany history

NY Post: Good News Scarce for Gov's State of the State
NYT: States Unemployment System Buckles Under Surging Demand
Buffalo News: Governor proposes health coverage for adult children

NYT: Cuomo Aide Is Said to Try to Slow Kennedy Bid
Maureen Dowd: Sweet on Caroline
NY Post/Dicker: 45% Favor Caroline
AP/Gormley: Caroline Kennedy loses some luster, but missteps might not mean much
Post-Standard: Old Kennedy magic doesn't do the trick
PolitickerNY: The Un-Campaign of Andrew Cuomo

Albany TU: GOP disavows plan for campaign

NYT: Child Killed by Campaign Bus for Queens Council Candidate
Daily News: Sources say video shows Sen. Hiram Monserrate dragging lover

NY Post: GOPer Drops Out of NYC Mayoral Run


Chicago Tribune: Roland Burris is turned away at Senate
ABC: Burris, Rejected by Senate, 'Weighs Options'
WaPo: Senators Turn Burris Away at Capitol: But Are Considering Allowing Him to Serve
WSJ: Senate Rejects Blagojevich Pick on a Chaotic Day
NYT: Burris, Blocked From Taking Seat, Gains New Support
Washington Times: Feinstein backs Burris appointment
AP: Feinstein says Senate should seat Burris
Pat Buchanan: There's Something About Harry
IBD: When Harry Met Blago

WaPo: Battle for Rahm's Seat Heats Up as Geoghegan Tosses Hat in the Ring


Star Tribune: Coleman sues over Minnesota Senate recount result
WSJ: Coleman Sues Over Minnesota Recount
USA Today: Coleman files suit challenging Franken's apparent Senate win
Fox: Coleman Files Lawsuit to Contest Minnesota Senate Recount Results
AP/Bakst: Coleman sues over Minnesota Senate recount result

Star Tribune: Carlson says Coleman should consider dropping election fight
NYT: Endless Vote Recounting Tests Minnesota Niceness


LA Times: Chris Matthews ponders Senate seat vs. TV chair
Examiner: Matthews said to be weighing TV contract offer
AP/Scolforo: McCall, Scarnati elected to lead Pa. Legislature


WSJ: Tech Chiefs Vie to Run California
NYT: Whitman Clears Schedule Before Tossing Her Hat?
AP/Lin: Ex-eBay CEO to run for Calif. governor

LA Times: California may delay tax refunds amid budget impasse
American Spectator: Benedict Arnold


Austin AS: The Joe Straus era begins
Dallas MN: Mark Davis: Give new House speaker a chance, for now
Dallas MN: Editorial: Straus speaker candidacy

Dallas MN: Trans Texas Corridor is dead, TxDOT says


Miami Herald: Without Jeb Bush, Senate race in Florida is wide open
Orlando Sentinel: Without Bush, field wide open for Senate
St. Petersburg Times: Jeb Bush won't run for Senate
Sun Sentinel: Jeb Bush decides not to enter U.S. Senate race
Herald Tribune: Jeb Bush Won't Run for Senate
NYT: Bush Brother Wont Seek Senate Seat in Florida
LA Times: Jeb Bush won't run for Florida Senate seat in 2010
AP/Farrington: Ex-Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush won't run for Senate in 2010
CQ Politics: Jeb Bush Opts Out of 2010 Florida Senate Race

Palm Beach Post: Fla. Republicans sticking with no-taxes approach
Tallahassee Democrat: Florida's social services could face steep cuts

WSJ: A Charter Setback in Florida: Charlie Crist takes a school-reform powder


Cleveland PD: House Speaker Armond Budish pushes regionalism plan


Detroit FP: Michigan's new Dems enter Congress in new climate


Virginian-Pilot: Virginia's new congressmen being sworn in today


January 6, 2009



NYT: Obama Seeks Wide Support in Congress for Stimulus
WaPo: Obama Pitches Stimulus Plan: GOP Asked to Help Design Bill
WSJ: Stimulus Plan Would Expand Tax Credit for Poor
WSJ: IBM Chief: IT Investment Will Create Jobs
WSJ: Democrats' Factions Could Stall Grand Plans
CQ Politics: Obama Meeting With Hill Leaders on Economic Recovery Package
Hill: Pres-elect courts GOP on stimulus
Boston Globe: Economists divided over cutting taxes
George Will: Medicare, Medicaid costs cannot be sustained
American Thinker: Pay-to-Play Politics, the SEIU and Obamacare

WSJ: Panetta Is Surprise Pick to Run the CIA
LA Times: Panetta a surprise pick to run the CIA
WaPo: Panetta Picked to Head CIA
NYT: Panetta Chosen as C.I.A. Chief in Surprise Step
Wash Times: Democrats cool to Panetta at CIA: Lawmakers demand intelligence experience
NYT: Panetta to Be Named C.I.A. Director
Hill: Panetta's experience questioned
Politico: Panetta, Blair land top intel posts
Boston Globe: Kagan nominated for solicitor general
American Thinker: Obama's choice for Solicitor General
NYT: Obama Names 4 for Justice Jobs in Break From Bush Path
WaPo: Obama Nominates Four To Senior Justice Posts
WaPo: Don Gips Selected as White House Director of Personnel

WaPo: Richardson, Obama Teams Trade Blame
Politico: Richardson blames investigation length
American Spectator/Prowler: Beyond Bill Richardson
Rush Limbaugh: Bill Richardson's "Distraction"

NYT: Biden Schedules Fact-Finding Journey to Asia

Hill: New DNC chief signals a change

Politico: With 111th, the age of Pelosi dawns
Politico: 25 people you should know on the Hill
Hill: Pelosis power move leaves House Republicans fuming
Fox: Bipartisan Group May Launch Dingell-for-Speaker Protest Vote Tuesday

CQ Politics: GOP, Dem Strategists Eye Closest 08 House Races for 2010 Targets

Hill: Lawmakers criticize SEC in Madoff probe
Bloomberg: Congress Demands SEC Speed Madoff Inquiry to Improve Oversight

NYT: Air Security Could Involve Private Jets
WSJ: Justice Requires 12 Angry Men: Small juries are less likely to get the verdict right

WaPo: Editorial: George W. Bush becomes the conservation president, at least at sea

Reuters: NBC bumps Ann Coulter, denies conspiracy

WaPo: Obama Girls Start School at Sidwell

NYT: Griffin Bell, Ex-Attorney General, Dies


WSJ: RNC Hopefuls Stress Return to Core Beliefs
Washington Times: Steele, Blackwell take limelight at RNC forum
Detroit News: Candidates for GOP chairmanship criticize big-spending Republicans
US News: Race for RNC Chairman Will Determine Christian Right's Influence
McClatchy: Republicans seeking to lead party blame Bush for woes
WSJ: Ron PaulFinallyGets His Due
Politico: RNC hopefuls predict Obama backlash
Hill: RNC candidates call for new direction
Media General: Not Too Late, says Fla. GOP Chief of His Possible RNC Candidacy
MSNBC: Notes from the RNC Candidate Forum
Dayton Daily News: Blackwell talks about guns, Facebook and grass-roots efforts in debate
Matt Lewis: RNC Hopefuls Spar, but Land Few 'Hits'...
Cleveland PD: Ken Blackwell states his case for GOP chairmanship
Dana Milbank: Aspiring RNC Chairmen Wonder: What Would Reagan Do?
EJ Dionne: The Party of Tomorrow
Rush Limbaugh: Stunning Ignorance on Display in "Barack the 'Magic Negro'" Flap


Politico: NRSC chair encourages King candidacy
WCBS: Kennedy Trailing Cuomo Huge
Daily News: New poll sez Caroline Kennedy is unsweetened
NYT: Kennedy Shadow Looms Over Senate Hopefuls
NY Post: Paterson gets personal in vetting Caroline
NYT: So You Want to Be a Senator? Answer 28 Pages of Questions

Daily News: Rebel Dems, Malcom Smith close to Senate deal, say sources
Newsday: Party control of State Senate hanging in the balance
NY1: Political limbo remains strong in Albany
Albany TU: SEIU 1199: No intervening in Senate fight
Daily News: Malcolm Smith's path to power
NYT: State Senate Leadership Down to the Wire

NYT: Editorial: New Yorks Legislature Still Broken After All These Years
Syracuse Post-Standard: Report: Albany is 'still broken'
Rochester D&C: Group says New York's Legislature 'still broken,' provides suggestions

AP: E-mail reveals Albany Republicans' plan to regain Senate
NY Post: GOP note spurs cry for probe

Daily News: Hiram Monserrate: NYPD, DA pursuing a "political lynching"

NYT: New York Housing Plan Is Delayed

Albany TU: Whats on Jim Tediscos iPod?


NYT: Early Hurdle in Senate Confronts Illinois Pick
NYT: Defiant Burris Says Senate Seat Is His
Chicago ST: Secretary of the Senate rejects Burris' appointment
Chicago Tribune: U.S. Senate rejects Burris' credentials
CNN: Secretary of Senate rejects Roland Burris' certificate of appointment
Hill: Dems scrambling to avoid spectacle
Hill: Disputes and high turnover fuel unprecedented Senate disorder
Chicago ST: Burris' fight for Senate: Chances likely boosted if he pledges not to run for seat
CQ Politics: Senate Likely to Defer Vote on Seating Burris
Rush Limbaugh: If Dingy Harry Won't Seat You in the Senate, Try Denny's, Mr. Burris

AP: Extension Granted in Blagojevich Case
Chicago ST: Judge OKs release of some recorded Blagojevich conversations to lawyers
Daily Herald: Judge gives Blagojevich time to object to release of wiretaps
Chicago ST: Feds want to have a talk with Blagojevich's brother


Reuters: Senate Democrats put off plans to seat Franken
NYT: Democrat Is Winner in Recount of Minnesota Senate Race
Hill: Franken may be sworn in this week
Star Tribune: Senate recount: Franken's on top; Coleman to sue
Star Tribune: Senate committee officials order Coleman's offices shut
Pioneer Press: Franken declares victory over Coleman
Politico: Franken declared winner over Coleman
NYT: Minnesota Board Certifies Franken Win
Politico: Cornyn: Franken has no 'legal right'
Politico: Coleman vows to challenge results
Hill: Coleman will challenge Frankens victory
LA Times: Make that Sen. Al Franken, probably, but ...
WaPo/Cillizza: MN-Senate: Franken Claims Victory
CQ Politics: Senate Democrats May Try To Seat Franken


LA Times: Ex-EBay chief Meg Whitman quits board seats
Mercury News: EBay's Whitman appears set to run for governor
Politico: Whitman testing waters in California
WSJ: EBay Ex-Chief Spurs Political Speculation
Reuters: Ex-eBay CEO Whitman eyes run for California gov.

CBS13: GOP Hints At Compromise On State Budget Crisis
Sacramento Bee: California's legislative leaders prepared to cut own budgets


Dallas MN: New Texas House speaker could be a boon for big cities
Dallas MN: Straus' rise symbolic of the fracture in GOP
Austin AS: Straus: a partisan with bipartisan appeal
Houston Chronicle: Houston's interest lies with Straus
AP/Root: Straus says his lead for Texas speaker is growing
Dallas MN: Tom Craddick will stay in Texas House, just not as speaker
AP: A timeline of Craddick's career


Tennessean: With Frist out, others jump in
CQ Politics: Wamp Announces Run for Tennessee Governor
Chattanooga TFP: Wamp running for governor; Berke weighing race
FoxMemphis: Gibbons Announces Run for Tennessee Governor
KnoxNews: In the wake of Wamp's announcement
Memphis CA: Editorial: Frist is out, governor's race is on
CNN: Zach Wamp enters Tennessee governors race
Hill: Wamp to run for Tennessee governor
Politico: Wamp to run for governor


Miami Herald: Florida Legislature begins special session to slash budget


AP/Lieb: Judge OKs legal settlement for Mo. gov.'s e-mails


Boston Globe: Patrick intensifies state's push to curb soaring health premiums


Pittsburgh TR: Senate Republicans' legal bills top $1 million


AP/McCaffrey: Ga. Republican lawmaker suggests strip club fee


WaPo: Republicans Attack Kaine on DNC Post
Washington Times: DNC post for Kaine raises issue of shortfall


Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J. plans more big budget cuts
PoAC: Corzine targets pension funding


LJW: Brownback kicks off fundraising for his Kansas gubernatorial campaign
KC Star: Brownback eyeing governors race


January 5, 2009



WSJ: Obama Eyes $300 Billion Tax Cut
Fox: Obama Eyes $300 Billion Tax Cut
NYT: Obama Plan Includes $300 Billion in Tax Cuts
Politico: Big tax cuts in the works
WaPo: Top Democrats Give Longer Timetable for Stimulus Bill
Hill: McConnell says GOP could back stimulus
Hill: Obama expects stimulus after inauguration
WaPo: Economic Stimulus Bill May Not Be Ready on Jan. 20
Politico: Hill leaders say no stimulus by Jan. 20
Washington Times: Democrats pursue ambitious agenda on Hill
Mercury News: Editorial: Stimulus must help transit projects too
NYT: Editorial: A Pitch for Mass Transit
WSJ: How to Make Sure the Stimulus Works
Kent Conrad & Judd Gregg: A Fiscal Battle on Two Fronts
CBS: Confidence In Auto Makers Up After Bailout

WSJ: Probe Leads Richardson to Abandon Cabinet Bid
Politico: Team pressed Richardson, got nothing
LA Times: Billygate: Why Obama dumped Gov. Richardson now
AP/Feller: Richardson's public life imperfect but resilient
Jake Tapper: Obama Team Feels Richardson Wasn't Forthcoming
NYT: Richardson Wont Pursue Cabinet Post
WaPo: Richardson Withdraws Name as Commerce Secretary-Designee
Washington Times: Richardson withdraws name for Commerce Secretary
CQ Politics: Under Investigation, Richardson Withdraws as Commerce Secretary
Hill: Richardson withdraws from Commerce consideration
Politico: Richardson exits Cabinet due to probe
AP/Pickler: Richardson withdraws bid to be commerce secretary
WaPo: Lessons From Richardson's Withdrawal
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Richardson Withdraws

WaPo: For NASA Administrator, This Mission Is a Tad Personal
AJC: Is choice of Warren a shift in beliefs?
NYT: Justices Ruling in Discrimination Case May Draw Quick Action by Obama
Lanny Davis: Advice to Obama: Revive 'Gang of 14'... or more

NYT: Speaker Makes Room for New No. 1 Democrat

NYT: Virginia Governor Is Named D.N.C. Chief
WaPo: Kaine Poised To Chair The DNC
WSJ: Kaine to Become DNC Chairman
Hill: Tim Kaine to head the DNC

Hill: Bush Sr. wants Jeb as president
AP/Feller: Former President Bush touts son Jeb for top job
Mike Lupica: Enough of the Bushes already

CBS: The Cheney Exit Interview
Hill: Cheney: 'I would absolutely do it again'
Politico: Cheney: Iraq intel was "wrong"

NYT: Activist Unmasks Himself as Federal Informant in G.O.P. Convention Case


WaPo: Candidates for chairman of the RNC square off in Washington in a debate today
Hill: Four to qualify for RNC ballot amid busy week
CQ Politics: RNC Chairman Maps Multi-Ballot Strategy for Keeping Job
Washington Times: Conservatives back Blackwell as RNC chief
Akron Beacon Journal: Blackwell making a run for Republican chairman
Cleveland PD: Ken Blackwell, landslide Ohio loser in '06, now hopes to lead national GOP
USA Today: Six-way race for GOP chairman heats up
Politico: RNC chair race: 'Everyone is ... p-ssed'
Matt Lewis: The Case Against Michael Steele for RNC Chair


NY Post/Dicker: GOP plot to tap state staff for re-elex bids

Daily News: Rep. Charles Rangel denies he made inappropriate pitch for funds


Reuters: Reid cites "legal authority" to bar Illinois pick
WaPo: Reid Stands by Decision to Block Burris
WSJ: Reid Appears to Give Burris an Opening
Washington Times: Reid to meet Blagojevich Senate pick
Hill: Reid cracks Senate door open for Burris
CQ Politics: Transcript: Sen. Harry Reid on NBCs Meet the Press

AP/Shenoy: Burris to go to DC as his fate remains in question
NYT: Senate Appointee in Illinois Vows to Fight On
NYT: With Senate Set to Return, Uncertainty Over Obamas Seat
AP: Top senators plan Monday meeting on Burris
Chicago Tribune: Durbin: No plans to seat Burris provisionally

Legal Insurrection: Will Blago Meet RICO?
AP/Wills: Illinois Gov Blagojevich has few friends left as impeachment decision nears


AP/Glover: Budget problems may dominate Iowa Legislature


Reuters: Franken to be declared Senate victor in Minnesota
AP/Forliti: Minn. board to announce Al Franken Senate winner
Star Tribune: Coleman's best hope is in court
Pioneer Press: Ballots retallied, but race isn't over
WSJ: Funny Business in Minnesota: In which every dubious ruling seems to help Al Franken
WaPo: Franken Looks Like a Winner, but Not Quite a Senator
WSJ: Lawsuits Readied as Minnesota Senate Tally Winds Down
Pioneer Press: Schumer says there's no doubt Franken has won
AP/Forliti: Ex-DSCC chair: Franken should be seated in Senate
Politico: Schumer: Franken is the winner


AP/Paulson: Colo. governor's Senate choice shocks both parties
NYT: Colorado Senate Pick Vows Innovative Spirit


Memphis CA: Frist bows out; Gibbons will run for Tennessee governor
Chattanooga TFP: Frist out; GOP eyes 2010 race
AP/Schelzig: Frist decides against 2010 Tenn. gubernatorial bid
Nashville Post: Nooga Website Says Frist Not Running For Governor
Tennessean: Others in GOP now plan to seek governor's office
Politico: Frist out of 2010 race


Philadelphia Inquirer: 'Hardball' host may not be Specter's chief worry


CBS: California Faces $42 Billion Shortfall


Las Vegas RJ: Why Harry Reid can be beat: Not endeared by Nevadans


Austin AS: Craddick out of speaker race; 2 in GOP ready to do battle
El Paso Times: Republican Tom Craddick withdraws from Texas House speaker race
Star-Telegram: Craddick drops out of speakers race, colleagues say
Dallas MN: Newcomer Straus poised to become the new Texas House speaker
Dallas MN: Straus: Well-liked except by far right
KFDA: Smithee Joins Texas Speaker Race
Dallas MN: Tom Craddick withdraws from speaker's race

AP: State senator seeks end to straight-ticket voting

Star-Telegram: Bush once was Texas' favorite son, but not any longer


KWCH: Analysis: Lt. gov. exit hurts Kan. Dems in 2010


Palm Beach Post: Crist pledges 'smart' cuts to budget
Sun Sentinel: Florida legislators to search for lasting budget cuts
AP/Kallestad: Fla. lawmakers to cut $2.3B from budget
PNJ: Education spared deep slash; officials say cuts still painful
South Florida BJ: Florida Legislature to decide on key business issues


Dayton Daily News: New year starts at Ohio Statehouse
Dayton Daily News: Coping with budget cuts
Akron Beacon Journal: New Ohio legislature begins work Monday
Columbus Dispatch: Five economists analyze recession, predict what Ohio still faces


WXYZ: Economy Woes Hinder Job Search For Ex-Lawmakers
Detroit News: Mayor race centers on integrity claims


WaPo: Warner Leaves Legacy, Void in Va. Delegation
WaPo: A Political Giant Takes His Leave

CNN: Longtime Clinton aide says he'll run for VA governor


Cincinnati Enquirer: Veteran Dems to run for House leader


AP: Delay Is Alleged in Alaska Arrest


January 4, 2009



NYT: Obama Considers Major Expansion in Aid to Jobless
WaPo: Tone May Be Key to Obama's Agenda
Politico: House plans to fast-track Obama plan
AP/Schreiner: McConnell: Scrutinize stimulus plan
Bloomberg: Law Deans Are Said to Be Top Contenders for Solicitor General
Washington Times: LaHood's tough road at Transportation
David Broder: LaHood known for fairness

WSJ: The Bailout Bowl: Big-Game Sponsors Scored Billions
WSJ: The Trials of the Auto Dealer
WSJ: 2009 Could Be Better Than You Think

WSJ: Congress Revises Retirement-Fund Rules
NYT: Should Congress Put a Cap on Executive Pay?
Diane Feinstein: Let's Commit to a Nuclear-Free World

NYT: A Donors Gift Soon Followed Clintons Help

NYT: 100 Ways to Become a Senator
Washington Times: Burris, Franken face chilly Senate welcome

WaPo: Editorial: Fair Pay for Judges

AP/Feller: Bush's personality shapes his legacy
NYT: Editorial: Exit, Stonewalling

Times UK: Unsinkable Palin eyes run against Obama
SitNews: Governor Palin Welcomes International Diplomats
TopNews: First pictures of Sarah Palins grandson reportedly bid for $300,000
AFP: Palin welcomes grandson, daughter discourages teen pregnancy
Politico: Top 10 political newcomers of 2008

Washington Times: Remaking New England as gay 'equality zone'

Virginian-Pilot: Pat Robertson sees left tilt, rebound under Obama

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Reuters: FRC Action's Tony Perkins Endorses Ken Blackwell for RNC Chairman
Cleveland PD: Blackwell wins Phyllis Schlafly's endorsement for RNC chair
NBC4i: Blackwell Gaining Support For Leadership Job
Politico: Top conservatives back Blackwell


Politico: Cornyn rips Reid on Blago calls
Jake Tapper: Republicans Pounce on Reid Story to Insinuate Possible Bias
ABC: Reid to Meet With Burris as Showdown Looms
Jake Tapper: Reid Hits Blago for 'Distorting' Their Conversation in Leak to Sun-Times
AP/Tarm: Sen. Reid called Blagojevich about Senate seat
ChST: Reid pressed Blagojevich - For: Duckworth, Madigan. Against: Jackson, Jones, Davis
ChST: Reid pressured Blagojevich not to appoint Jackson Jr. to Obamas U.S. Senate seat
AP: Reid Has Conflict of Interest, Blagojevich Spokesman Says
WSJ: Burris Wages Court Fight For Obama's Senate Seat
CNN: Aides: Democrats have plan if Burris shows up
Jake Tapper: Durbin Trying to Arrange Meeting Between Reid and Burris to Avoid Showdown
Steve Chapman: Why the Senate should seat Burris
Hill: Burris attorney presses Dem leaders to seat appointee


Star Tribune: Franken up 225 with recount complete; focus turns to court
Star Tribune: Blogging the recount: Counties understood rules differently
WSJ: Lawsuits Readied as Minnesota Senate Tally Winds Down
AP/Condon: Minn. recount nearly done; next up, the lawsuits
AP/Bakst: Franken Is Ahead as Recount For Minn. Senate Seat Ends
NYT: Counting Ballots (Again) in Minnesota
CQ: Franken Expands Lead on Coleman After Count of Disputed Ballots
CNN: Tense moments in Minnesota Senate recount

St. Cloud Times: Balancing the budget


NYT: Kennedy Was Spared Financial Disclosure as a Top Aide at City Schools
Crain's: Caroline bobbles her Senate bid
Daily News: YouTube interview by fifth grader shows a caring and eloquent Caroline
Daily News: Rep. Carolyn Maloney makes upstate bid for Hillary's Senate seat
Post-Standard: Rep.Carolyn Maloney visits Syracuse Sunday
Buffalo News: A quick look at what's happening today
NY Post: Cuomo: Alas, New Yorick, I dunno: Hamlet Act Hurts Andy Senate Bid

Daily News: Rep. Charles Rangel denies he made inappropriate pitch for funds
NY Post: Rangel probe faces shakeup

Rochester D&C: GOP senators wait to see who gets majority

AlbTU: Foundation under scrutiny: Discrepancies in resume for Bruno's daughter at nonprofit

WKBW: Erie County D.A. Makes Big Changes
Buffalo News: Putting an exclamation point on 12 years in office


St. Petersburg Times: Florida, this budget session could hurt some
Miami Herald: Florida Legislature about to chop budgets for education, other services
TallaDem: Some Florida legislators eyeing taxes to make up for $2.3 billion budget shortfall
HT: Crist under the gun as Florida legislators head into special session
TallaDem: Florida's budget outcome is hazy
Miami Herald: When economy trips, Florida falls hard

Miami Herald: Cuban American named Florida Supreme Court justice


Atlanta JC: Former Attorney General Griffin Bell hospitalized


Dallas MN: Conservatives blast House speaker hopeful Straus on abortion, gambling
Star-Telegram: Tarrant County Democrats join push to topple Craddick
Houston Chronicle: Craddick challenger boasts of being new
El Paso Times: Tom Craddick, challenger confident in supporters
AP/Root: Democrats meet about volatile race for speaker

AP: Transportation issues in Texas Legislature


Sacramento Bee: Schwarzenegger shifts budget focus from opposing taxes to creating jobs
NYT: San Francisco Studies Fees to Ease Traffic


Hill: Bennet picked to replace Salazar
Politico: Coloradans react to Bennet pick

Denver Post: Daunting challenges face 2009 legislature
Denver Post: Republicans: Focus on jobs and highways


Cleveland PD: Looking at Ohio politics through the crystal ball

Dayton Daily News: State, local governments await fed plan
Cleveland PD: Strickland renews call for $1 trillion in federal aid for states
Akron Beacon Journal: Governor is keeping cards close to his vest


Pittsburgh TR: Metcalfe says he's in House speaker race to win it


WaPo: Upcoming Assembly Session Sets Up Clash of GOP, Kaine

Washington Times: McAuliffe says he'll enter race for governor
WaPo: McAuliffe Declares Bid for Governor: Former DNC Chair Says He's Prepared
Hill: McAuliffe announces bid for VA governor
AP/Felberbaum: Former DNC chief announces Va. gov run

AP/Lewis: John Warner takes a look back at his long career in politics


WaPo: Key Wins Bolster O'Malley In Run-Up to 2010 Elections


PoAC: Corzine thinks state pay freeze may cure NJ revenue ills


AP: Candidates make cases for Republican chairmanship
Des Moines Register: GOP activists say party has identity crisis


Kansas City Star: Budget woes await lawmakers in Missouri, Kansas


Cincinnati Enquirer: Beshear office defends staffers
Louisville CJ: Richards, Stumbo face off in House speaker's race
Louisville CJ: Jenkins challenges Clark for speaker pro tem


Clarion Ledger: Governor's new aide to make $80,000


Las Vegas RJ: Top GOP officials' quarrel escalates


January 3, 2009



WaPo: As 111th Senate Is Set to Begin, Four Seats Still Up in Air

WaPo: Obama to Meet with Congressional Leaders Monday
Daily News: Barack Obama to sit down with Republican congressional leadership
Boston Globe: GOP demands say on stimulus
WSJ: Obama to Meet With Lawmakers, Former Presidents
Reuters: Obama, Congress leaders to meet Monday on economy
WSJ: Obama Will Find the White House Is a Lonely Place
Daily News: Obama to begin working on stimulus plan with congressional Democrats
AP/Taylor: Obama's team polishing economic stimulus measure
Jake Tapper: Republican Leaders Set a Skeptical Table for Monday Stimulus Chat
CQ Politics: Hard Times Put Hill to Work

WaPo: Governors Call for $1 Trillion Stimulus to Offset Budget Cuts
NYT: Governors Seek $1 Trillion in Federal Aid Over 2 Years
AP/Fouhy: Cash-poor states eager for a piece of Obama plan
Politico: States seeking $1 trillion to 'keep afloat'
AP/Bauer: Governors seek $1 trillion in federal help

AP/Pickler: Source: Harvard Law dean leading contender as Obama's solicitor general
NY Observer: Obama and the Inevitable Fight Over Holder

Michelle Malkin: The State of Our Borders 2008
Michael Barone: No Permanent Majorities in America
NYT: Democrats Debate Methods to End Stem Cell Ban
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Bushs Health Care Legacy

Hill: Palin is odds-on favorite to win 2012 GOP nomination
Washington Times: Palin launches pit bull-with-lipstick salvos
Politico: Bristol: Pregnancy wasn't 'ideal'

Smoking Gun: Obama And That Other Ponzi Scheme

WaPo: Dow Climbs Above 9,000 for Best Close in Two Months
WaPo: U.S. Debt Expected To Soar This Year
NYT: Some Economists Find Reasons to Be Optimistic
WSJ: Credit Default Swamp
NYT: OpEd: G.M.s Secret Success

CQP: House Rules Package Could Curb Minoritys Power, End Term Limits for Chairmen

Peggy Noonan: In With the New. And out, once again, with the "inevitable."

Politico: Malia and Sasha's first day at Sidwell Friends


WaPo: Six Vying To Become The Next RNC Chair
WaPo: Republican National Committee | Chairman Candidates
Detroit News: Debate set in race to lead GOP
Examiner: Republicans and minority voters
Hill: Analysis: Republicans struggle with race
WSLS: Virginia GOP chair not phased by CD scandal
Richmond TD: VA GOP boss: Racial song a distraction
Kansas Liberty: Kansas' Natl Cmte Woman joins other Republicans in denouncing bailouts


NYT: Rangel Pushed for a Donation; Insurer Pushed for a Tax Cut

NYT: Gauging Risk to Paterson in Defying Conventional Wisdom
Ann Althouse: Why aren't we talking about how Caroline Kennedy looks?
NY Post: Steinem touts Kennedy for NY seat - in House
NY Post: Appointees no elex shoo-ins
DN: Paterson: disgraced aide Charles O'Byrne not advising on Hillary Clinton replacement

Daily News: Paterson stuck with all-male list of candidates to lead Court of Appeals
Albany TU: Paterson joins Democratic govs with hand out
Albany TU: Paterson announces $1 million in emergency food aid
Albany TU: Paterson roots for Buffalo

Albany TU: For McNulty, a dream job draws to close after 20 years


WSJ: Burris Wages Court Fight For Obama's Senate Seat
AP/Kellman: Democrats plan cool reception for Senate appointee
WSJ: If Roland Burris isn't fit for the Senate, how is Chris Dodd?
NYT: Illinois Lawmakers Look to Vote on Impeachment
NYT: Will the Real Senate Please Be Seated
Chicago Tribune: Burris asks high court to move fast
Chicago Sun-Times: Burris' trip to Washington on Monday sure to be a media circus
Daily Herald: House pushes up Blago impeachment hearings
CBS: Burris Unlikely To Get Sign-off By Tuesday
WSJ: Burris Unlikely to Get Document Necessary for Swearing-In
Hill: Burris presses Illinois court for action
Chicago Tribune: Madigan: Possible impeachment vote next week
Laurence Tribe: Blagojevich And The Constitution
WaPo: The Craft of Graft: Gov. Rod Blagojevich is giving corruption a bad name
AP/Rousseau: Ill. governor's federal security clearance revoked

Chicago Tribune: Law firms' woes likely to last


Star Tribune: Senate recount proceeds as high court seeks more ballot information
CQ Politics: Coleman Turns to Courts as Minnesota Recount Nears End
Politico: Coleman may lose office until election is decided
WSJ: Senate GOP to Block Attempt to Seat Franken Early
NYT: Republican Leader Threatens to Block Seating of Franken
WSJ: Senate GOP to Block Attempt to Seat Franken Early
Hill: Cornyn promises filibuster on Franken
Politico: Cornyn threatens filibuster over Franken
AP/Bakst: Senate GOP would block early try to seat Franken
CNN: Senate GOP prepared to fight if Dems try to seat Franken
Hill: Coleman team virtually guarantees lawsuit


Rocky Mountain News: It's the Senate for Bennet | Bio
Rocky Mountain News: Bennet viewed as vulnerable if he runs in 2010
GJ Sentinel: Bennet's lack of experience could be blessing for GOP
WSJ: Denver Public Schools Chief to Get U.S. Senate Seat
NYT: Denver Schools Chief in Line to Complete Senators Term
NYT: Denver Schools Chief Said to Replace Salazar in Senate
Politico: Bennet to replace Salazar in Senate
Hill: Reports: Sen. Salazar replacement picked
CQ Politics: Denver Schools Chief Reportedly Gets Nod for Salazars Senate Seat


Sacramento Bee: Governor offers a leaner plan to 'blow up the boxes'
Sacramento Bee: California budget plan cuts prison time, loosens parole rules
SF Chronicle: Governor and GOP take aim at Democratic ballot initiatives


Dallas MN: GOP bloc backs Joe Straus to topple House Speaker Tom Craddick
Star-Telegram: San Antonio lawmaker emerges as GOP challenger to Craddick
Houston Chronicle: GOP selects Rep. Joe Straus as House speaker candidate
Austin AS: Anti-Craddick GOP group picks speaker candidate
San Antonio Express: S.A. representative to challenge Craddick
Amarillo: Rebels hope newcomer can oust Craddick
AP/Root: Insurgents plot overthrow of House speaker
Austin AS: Hartnett: The other side of the Craddick story
Austin AS: Uncertainty over speakers race
AP/Root: Texas Republicans plot overthrow of House speaker
KBMT: Republican Battle Being Planned Over Texas State House Leadership Position

Austin AS: DeLay-related ruling shows polarization of 3rd Court
AP: Appeals court polarized in DeLay-related ruling

AP/Shannon: Texas lawmakers to focus on transportation politics


NewsOK: GOP to formalize Senate control for first time in Oklahoma history


Tampa Tribune: Crist Makes 3rd Pick To Fill Florida Supreme Court Seats
Orlando Sentinel: Crist taps Labarga for high court post
St. Petersburg Times: Editorial: Right pick for court
Tampa Bay Business Journal: Governor appoints Jorge Labarga to high court
Tallahassee Democrat: Crist announces new Florida Supreme Court justice
AP: Governor names Palm Beach judge to Florida Supreme Court | Jorge Labarga bio
WMBB: Special Session for Florida Lawmakers Begins Monday
NRO/Whelan: Florida Gov. Crist to Cave?
Point of Law: Florida Gov. Crist appoints justice, irks conservatives
Palm Beach Post: Labarga pick riling both sides of the aisle?
PB Post: Crist ratings high at term's midpoint despite missteps and economic woes


Cleveland PD: Ohio lobbyists fight it out in court


Charlotte Observer: Charlotte trio vying to be U.S. attorney


DC Examiner: It's No Secret Why Tennessee GOP Won Big in 2008


Philadelphia Inquirer: Corzine seeking more cuts in budget
Philadelphia Inquirer: Western Pa. Republican enters House speaker's race


January 2, 2009



Politico: Holder only confirmation hold up
WaPo: Obama's Team Rankles the Right: To Conservatives, Advisers Are Alarmingly Liberal
Reuters: Obama to meet with congressional leaders on economy
Army Times: 2008 Military Times poll: Wary about Obama
NYT: Editorial: Is Ken Salazar Too Nice?
Politico: Republicans to flee DC for inauguration

LA Times: Moderate Republicans may be in big demand in Senate

NYT: Steel Industry, in Slump, Looks to U.S. Stimulus
AP/Lowy: Panel wants fuel taxes hiked to fund highways
WSJ: Treasury to Ford: Drop Dead
WSJ: Let's Write the Rating Agencies Out of Our Law
WSJ: The Senate Goes Wobbly on Card Check

WaPo: End of the Year Brings A Burst of Settlements With Justice Department

AP/Spagat: Many illegal immigrants live in public housing

Karl Rove: Let's Be Worthy of Their Sacrifice
Peter Berkowitz: Conservatives Can Unite Around the Constitution
John Fund: The Bush Hangover: Republicans vs. Bailout Nation
Ann Coulter: Teaching Democrats New Tricks

American Thinker: The Ten Grinchiest Republicans in 2008
Paul Krugman: Bigger Than Bush

WaPo: Two Advisers Reflect on Eight Years With Bush

AP: Chief justice urges pay raise

Fox: Palin Says New Parents Levi and Bristol 'Working Their Butts Off'
WaPo: Palin's Last Word


WZTV: Alabama's Hubbard endorses SC's Dawson for RNC
Mlive: The GOP plays to the base


Daily News: Paterson: No 'caretaker' for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat
NY Post: Paterson opposes Senate caretaker
NYT: Governor Says Hes Undecided on Senate Pick and Is Still Interviewing
WSJ: How Support for Abortion Became Kennedy Dogma
NYT: Memo to Caroline: Act Less Bouvier and More Triborough
CNN: Kennedy clears political hurdle
AP: Silver supports naming Kennedy to Clinton Senate seat
AP/Gormley: Keeping the seat warm for 2010

NYT: The City Boss Becomes the Country Boss

Daily News: A leaderless N.Y. state Senate is a blessing in disguise
Albany TU: Senate majority retirements

NY Post: Sunny sets on Rudy


Philadelphia Inquirer: Official face-off over N.J.'s '09 governor race


Politico: Burris sought death for innocent man
American Thinker: Roland Burris advocated 'reparations' for slavery
WSJ: Burris Predicts Senators Will Relent, Let Him Serve
EJ Dionne: Folding Blago's Big Top
Fox: Democrats Could Try Stall Tactics to Block Burris From Senate
Politico: Blocking Blago: Senate has Plan B for 90-day delay
Matt Lewis: Republicans Shouldn't Help Dems Block Burris
American Thinker: The Blago Saga: Chapter 2
Hill: Blagojevich disregards Obamas list of candidates
Steve Chapman: An Empty Suit For an Empty Seat
Eugene Volokh: Argument for Why the Senate May Decline To Seat Roland Burris
RCP: Karl Rove on the Burris Appointment

Hill: Trio emerges as favorites for Emanuels seat


Quad City Times: Republicans criticize Iowa same-day voting laws


Pioneer Press: Coleman asks court for new rules on absentees


SF Chronicle: Schwarzenegger opens new push on state budget


Star-Telegram: Fort Worth lawmaker Geren key in bid to oust Texas speaker
NewsWest9: Midlander Tom Craddick Faces Tough New Years Challenge
KERA: Anti-Craddick Republicans to Chose Speaker Candidate
Amarillo: Editorial: Smithee may ... or may not
El Paso Times: Editorial: Ditch Craddick: Vote out Texas House Speaker

AP: John Sharp files paperwork for US Senate seat


CQ Politics: Republicans Dr. No Shows No Sign of Changing His Style


Miami Herald: Liquor, tobacco shielded from lawmakers' special session
Miami Herald: Florida Legislature to hear public's views on budget cuts

Miami Herald: Editorial: House Speaker leads by bad example
Tallahassee Democrat: OpEd: GOP must restore the integrity Sansom stole


AP/Rawls: Mike Hubbard to run again for state GOP chairman


American Thinker: Crunch Time for Bobby Jindal


NY Post: McKinney's troubled waters


Vindy: Strickland reviews record, hints at re-election bid


AP: Taylor exits Mich. court after 11 years
AP/Eggert: 9-year conservative era ends on Mich. high court


WaPo: Analysis Suggests Changes for State Personnel System


NYT: Claiborne Pell, Ex-Senator, Dies at 90
Hill: Former Rhode Island Sen. Claiborne Pell dies at 90


January 1, 2009



WaPo: Obama, Pelosi to Discuss Scope of Economic Package
Hill: Pelosi steers stimulus to all-Dem panel

NYT: Senate Panels Set Hearings on Selections for Cabinet
WSJ: Obama Expected to Name Labor Economist to Advisory Council
Hill: Obama to face critical immigration test early
CQ Politics: Wily Inside Player, Reid Is Key to Obama Agenda
Politico: Whitaker tries to avoid Obama spotlight
CA Politics: Biden Could Cast More Votes Before Leaving Senate
Hill: Obama dismisses Bush Pentagon appointees
WSJ: Gonzales Defends Role in Antiterror Policies
Joe Scarborough: Liberals won't tell the truth about Bush
Phoenix: Top 25 Most Likely 2012 Republican Presidential Nominees
George Will: Dr. Leavitt's Scary Diagnosis on Health Care Costs

Carl Leubsdorf: New year, new predictions
AP/McCaffrey: State legislators will grapple with budgets in '09

NYT: Markets Limp Into 2009 After a Bruising Year

NYT: On Fast Track for Clemency, via Oval Office
Washington Times: Bush thanks U.S. for 'privilege'
Hill: Bush vows to keep working hard until Jan. 20
American Thinker: Laura Bush, Steel Magnolia
AP: Vanity Fair examines Bush's presidency
Vanity Fair: An Oral History of the Bush White House
Vanity Fair: The Good, the Bad, and Joe Lieberman

AP: Palin denies Bristol, daughter's beau are dropouts

WSJ: Vicki Iseman: Is She a Public or Private Figure?
Salon: Will Vicki Iseman's lawsuit stand against the N.Y. Times?
Politico: Iseman faces legal hurdles in Times suit


Tampa Tribune: Fla. GOP Leader Weighs U.S. Job
Fox: Resolution Opposing Bailouts as 'Socialism' Airs Rift in GOP
Politico: Bailout politics in the GOP
Media General: Fla. GOP Chairman Mulling Bid for RNC Chief
GRPress: Michigan GOP leaders say Obama song parody in 'bad taste'
John Fund: RNC note
NYT: Editorial: Talk About Out of Touch

Arizona Republic: What's happened to GOP since Goldwater | Goldwater biographical info
American Spectator: What Conservatives Must Now Do


NYT: Choice of Kennedy for Senate No Longer Seems Inevitable
Daily News: Paterson is leaving Caroline in limbo by delaying choice for Senate seat
NY Post: Silver now takes shine to Caroline
Daily News: Michael Sheekey ignores Caroline Kennedy camp's call to chill
AP/Gormley: NY Democratic advisers talk up `caretaker' senator
Brent Bozell: Sweet on Caroline

NY Post: Gov's now a commuter: Frees SI mom in fatal pot robbery

Human Events: Tax Fat People, By The Pound

Albany TU: Ex-GOP judge wins authority job

NYT: In Shaky Job Climate, Busy Days for a Public Workers Newspaper


WSJ: Burris Confident He Will Be Allowed to Take Senate Seat
WaPo: Blacks Conflicted About Supporting Appointee
AP/Bellandi: Spotlight shifts away from Illinois governor as his Senate pick battles for seat
James Taranto: Joker Plays Race Card: Will it win? Don't Rush to conclusions
Daily News: Burris confident Senate Dems will let him in
Daily News: Roland Burris goes to Illinois Supreme Court to push Senate appointment
Politico: Burris brings the battle to court
Fox: Not So Fast? Campaign to Contain Blagojevich Hits Roadblocks
NYT: Tough Calculus for Blagojevich on Senate Seat
NYT: Earlier Blagojevich Pick for Senate Says He Turned It Down
Hill: Senate pick bogs Obama down in racial politics
Hill: Obama sides with Senate Dems against Blagojevich
Hill: Illinois official key for Senate Dems
David Broder: Illinois Outdoes Itself

Concurring Opinions: Can the Senate Refuse to Seat Blagojevich's Appointee?
Eugene Volokh: Could Senate Refuse To Seat a Senator Appointed by Gov. Blagojevich?
Slate: How the Senate Can Stop Blagojevich

Washington Times: Blagojevich prosecutor short on time
WSJ: U.S. Attorney Seeks More Time for Blagojevich Indictment
NYT: Fitzgerald Asks for More Time on Blagojevich Indictment
Chicago Tribune: U.S. seeks more time to indict Blagojevich
Politico: Feds seek extension in Blago case
Politico: Blago plays offense with Burris pick

Hill: No rebirth for Illinois special election


Hill: Coleman camp sues to include more absentee ballots
Hill: Coleman-Franken race will make history
Star Tribune: Franken's lead at 49 pending resolution of absentee ballots


Mountain Times: Republicans Win Ashe County Battles in 2008


LA Times: Schwarzenegger steps up release of budget plan
NYT: Schwarzenegger Proposes Budget
LA Times: Schwarzenegger's budget proposes tax hikes, steep cuts
AP/Williams: Schwarzenegger's new budget fix plan for Calif.
Governor: Governor's 2009-2010 Budget Proposal (.pdf)
Scripps: Proposed Calif. state tax on pet care worries veterinarians


AP/Root: Speaker's friends, foes plot strategy: Contest looms over Craddick's leadership
Dallas MN: Editorial: Texans to watch in 2009


TDem: Crist: No layoffs or furloughs for state workers planned to fix budget shortfall
D'Alemberte & Graham: Judicial nomination process must be fair


Akron Beacon Journal: Last of Ohio tax cuts rolls in with New Year


Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J. Senate Republicans sue Corzine over spending
Courier Post: N.J. GOP sues Corzine to make budget documents public
NJ Biz: Republicans Sue Corzine Over Spending
PolitickerNJ: Statement from Gov. Corzine regarding the lawsuit by Senate Republicans


American Spectator: Changing of the Guard


AP: Bribery trial looms as Jefferson loses delay bid


Rocky Mountain News: Udall named to Energy Committee


AP: GOP takeover big story of year in Oklahoma


NYT: South Carolina Governor Backs Down on Jobless Funds


WaPo: Money, Endorsements Old Pals in Va. Politics


Salt Lake Tribune: Guv, Republican senators at odds over liquor law reforms


AP/Clark: Wilson mulls run for governor


Sound Politics: Gregoire Moves Right?



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