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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

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Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

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Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

Grateful Citizen:


     I hope that even the most ardent Bush haters will acknowledge that as President Bush leaves office on January 20, 2009, we will have had 2688 consecutive days without a terrorist attack on American soil.

     Close your eyes and think back to noon on September 11, 2001.  As you watched the smoke rise from the Pentagon and from the pile of rubble that once was the World Trade Center, was there any question in your mind that this country would soon see more terrorist attacks, with the only question being when, where, and how?  Would another plane be flown into a major building?  Would there be another strike at our government institutions?  Or next time would there be an attack on a major port?  A poison release in a subway?  Contamination of the water supply to a major city?  Coordinated suicide bombers in a shopping mall in a large metropolitan area?

     When would it come?  Later that same day, on September 11?  The next day?  Maybe within the next eight days.  With luck, could we go 88 days without another attack?  688 days?  No way.  2688 days?  Unthinkable.

     Can you bring yourself to think -- even for a short moment -- that maybe, just maybe, President George W. Bush deserves some credit -- even a teeny, tiny bit of credit -- for the fact that for seven years, four months, one week, and two days we have all been safe in our homes, in our schools, in our places of worship, and in our workplaces, safe from another terrorist attack?

     Perhaps some would prefer to credit this to the power of prayer, to good fortune, or to just plain dumb luck.  Those are all factors, but I am willing to give a lot of the credit to George W. Bush.

     Thank you, President Bush.

January 21, 2009



WSJ: Obama Sworn In as President; Appeals for Unity and Hope
NYT: Obama Is Sworn In as the 44th President
WaPo: Obama Sworn in as 44th President of U.S.
WaPo: A Historic Inauguration Draws Throngs To the Mall
WSJ: A 'Responsibility' Era: A pragmatic call to Americans to lift our national game
AP/Loven: Obama takes power, urges unity vs. 'raging storms'
NYT: Editorial: President Obama
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CBS: The GOP's Five Likeliest Obama Backers
Cincinnati Enquirer: Mixed feelings for local Republicans
Human Events: A Dangerous Presidency Begins

Rush Limbaugh: 44th President of the United States Inaugurated with a Botched Oath
Rush Limbaugh: Lowery and the Poet Steal the Show

Peggy Noonan: Meet President Obama: He begins with a serious, solid Inaugural Address
Juan Williams: Judge Obama on Performance Alone: Let's not celebrate ordinary speeches
Kathleen Parker: Sometimes a Great Nation
George Will: Speech Therapy
Bob Barr: Constancy of governments intrusion unlikely to change

WaPo: Dow Drops Below 8,000 on Fresh Fears About Banks
NYT: As Bank Crisis Deepens, Obama Has No Quick Fix
WaPo: Sell-Off Is Sobering Welcome From Wall Street
WSJ: Finance Coalition Touts Private Stimulus
WSJ: Let's Stimulate Private Risk Taking: Tax cuts are the way
WaPo: Stimulus Projects May Be Slow, CBO Says
WSJ: A Kinder Bankruptcy Law Is Sought as Filings Soar
WSJ: How to Save $40 Billion: One suggestion for transcending 'worn-out dogmas'
WSJ: Can Obama Make Government Solvent?
American Spectator: Was There Ever a Default on U.S. Treasury Debt?

WaPo: Obama Seeks Halt to Legal Proceedings at Guantanamo
AP/Fox: Obama administration moves to suspend Gitmo trials
Miami Herald: Two war-court cases are set to go forward

WSJ: Senate Confirms Raft of Cabinet Picks
NYT: 2 Confirmed for Economy and for National Security

Politico: Capitol Conflict: Clinton vs Cornyn
WaPo: Obama Picks Confirmed, But Clinton Is on Hold: Her Husband's Foundation an Issue
WaPo: Clinton Nomination Vote Delayed
AP/Abrams: Senate OKs 6 Cabinet secretaries, budget director, delays Clinton vote

WSJ: Tax Issue Won't Derail Geithner
Politico: Geithner will face TARP questions
NYT: OpEd: Questions for Mr. Geithner
Washington Times: Gingrich urges GOP to fight Geithner: Wants 'tax evader' disqualified
Bloomberg: Geithner Faces Senate Grilling on Taxes, Financial Rescue Plans
NPR: Senate Panel To Question Treasury Nominee

WSJ: Sen. Kennedy Has Seizure at Congressional Lunch
WaPo: Kennedy Recovering After Having Seizure at Obama Luncheon

LA Times: Rep. Zoe Lofgren to head House Ethics Committee
CQ Politics: Pelosi Picks Lofgren To Chair Ethics Committee
WaPo: Rep. Lofgren Chosen to Chair Ethics Panel
CQ Politics: Ethics Case Knocks Against Rangels Tax Acumen

Hill: House GOP to seek meeting with Obama on stimulus
Hill: Reid to let Republicans offer amendments to fair pay bill
Roll Call: House GOP Looks to Triangulate
WSJ: The Latest Entitlement: Federal health care at 300% of poverty

WSJ: FCC Sets Comcast-Phone Probe

WSJ: Appeals Courts Set for Tilt to Left
Roll Call: Judge Goes After Stevens Prosecutors
WaPo: Editorial: Will the White House and Congress find a better way to appoint judges?

WSJ: Bush Leaves White House, Tells Staff 'We Led With Conviction'
NYT: Bushes Have a Warm Homecoming in Texas
WSJ: George W. Is No Martyr: Bush deserves all the criticism he gets
Maureen Dowd: Exit the Boy King


Human Events: Blaming Rush Limbaugh and Conservatism for Republican Woes
WSJ: Obama's Win Was the GOP's Loss
American Thinker: Conservatism's Dilemma: To be or not to be in the GOP
American Thinker: Republicrats Flock to Obama
Dawson Times: American Conservative Party to replace the Republican Party?


NYT: In Albany, an Expectation of Higher Taxes for the Rich

NYT: Paterson Will Announce Senate Choice by Saturday
Buffalo News: Paterson now says Cuomo is potential senator
Fox: Poll: New Yorkers Prefer Cuomo Over Kennedy for U.S. Senate Seat


Chicago Tribune: Obama sworn in, Blagojevich fingerprinted
Roll Call: OConnor Enters Race for Emanuels Seat as Filing Closes
Pantagraph: Republican pilot might aim for Halvorson
Chicago Public Radio: Chicago Republicans More Determined by Obama's Inauguration


Star Tribune: Senate recount: Franken ratchets up legal fight
KSTP: Coleman: 'I will be ahead'
AP/Condon: Franken says Minn. law lets him join US Senate now
Power Line: Count every vote, Republican style
Polinaut: Coleman says "Franken is no Obama" in fundraising solicitation


LA Times: Arnold makes appointments from D.C.
Sacramento Bee: Schwarzenegger fills high-paying jobs amid budget crisis

Sacramento Bee: Prop. 8 foes push new ballot measures to reverse gay marriage ban


Houston Chronicle: Two Texas Republicans offer Obama scant praise


AP/Kaczor: At Crist's request, new batch of judicial nominees is diverse
Orlando Sentinel: Legislature halts funding for $7M Lake County land deal
Tampa Tribune: Sansom Denies Wrongdoing
Suncoast News: Staying Out of the Senate Race
Naples News: Kottkamp predicts he and Gov. Crist are back in 2010


Sun News: We need trauma care in Georgia fixed now
Athens B-H: Editorial: Perdue should discuss multimillion-dollar loan
Times-Gazette: GOP state chair to speak at local banquet


Gateway: Southwestern Republican is first to seek Voinovich's seat
Cleveland PD: Ohio tax credit for filmmakers still on lawmakers' agenda


WaPo: Lawmakers Say Kaine Failed to Cut Enough


Memphis CA: New Tennessee House speaker accused of sexual harassment
KnoxNews: Memos allege Williams' sexual misconduct in '07
Tennessean: Tennessee House Speaker: I did not harass legislator
Chattanoogan: New House Speaker Denies Sexually Harassing Rep. Lynn
Nashville Business Journal: Tennessee speaker denies harassment claim
KnoxNews: Mumpower releases memo alleging sexual misconduct by speaker

WZTV: Tenn. House leaders begin talks over assignments

Tennessean: Naifeh's title of 'emeritus' angers GOP


Nashua Telegraph: Republicans plan to stand behind liberal leader


Arizona Republic: Pullen, James to square off again in state GOP chair race
New Times: Endorsements Stack Up for Lisa James as GOP State Chair Race Ignites
Capitol Times: Adams, Burns endorse James in race against Pullen
PolitickerAZ: Dean Martin Endorses Lisa James
PolitickerAZ: Lisa James Attack Piece Hits Mailboxes


Denver Post: Balmer balks at ethics probe
Rocky Mountain News: Panel to Balmer: Show us records
Examiner: Lawmaker won't give phone records to ethics panel


January 20, 2009



WSJ: Obama to Call for a New Era of Responsibility
WaPo: Obama's Moment Arrives: Historians Say He Could Redefine the Presidency
WSJ: Deficits Restrict Obama as His Promises Come Due
AP/Taylor: Much in Obama stimulus bill won't hit economy soon

ABC: What Recession? The $170 Million Inauguration
Washington Times: Welcome party costs $170 million during tough times
ABC: On the Money Trail: Inauguration Perks Go To the Rich

WSJ: Obama Has Chance to Shape U.S. Courts
AP/Sherman: First inauguration for Roberts as chief justice

NYT: Obama Team Makes Early Efforts to Show Willingness to Reach Out to Republicans
NYT: In McCain Country, Acceptance of Obama Grows
NYT: In Bipartisan Appeal, Obama Praises McCain and Powell
IHT: Obama reaches out for McCain's counsel
AFP: Die-hard Republicans wait for Obama shine to fade

WSJ: An Inauguration for the People: First who doesn't come from Northwest Europe
WaPo: Obama Looks to Future With a Nod to His Past
WaPo: 61% in Poll Back Rick Warren as Invocation Pick
NYDN: Woman who beat Sarah Palin for Miss Alaska title to perform at inaugural balls
NYT: Transition Holds Clues to Obama Governance
WaPo: On First Full Day, Obama Will Dive Into Foreign Policy
NYT: How Long Will the Obama Honeymoon Last?
WSJ: The Opacity of Hope: A President of great personal talents but public elusiveness

WSJ: Holder for Wiretaps: The AG nominee bows on Presidential power
Byron York: Geithner Cant Explain His Failure to Pay Taxes
NY Post: Biden was offered Hill's job, says wife
Hill: Transition: Biden was offered only VP slot
Reuters: Foundation concerns could delay Clinton confirmation
Politico: Hillary can wait (a day)

NYT: House Plan for Infrastructure Disappoints Advocates for Major Projects
Detroit News: Minority party lawmakers plan to focus on stimulus package
WSJ: A bill in the House could tie your doctor's hands: "Comparative Effectiveness" of drugs
WSJ: Work With Congress Shows New Tack
Townhall: Endangering American Democracy to Go After Bush
Politico: Pelosi draws her lines with Obama

NYT: Editorial: An Even More Dysfunctional F.E.C.
NYT: Obama Will Ease Restraints on States Health Insurance Programs for Children
NYT: Maybe, Finally, a Wilderness Bill
NYT: Editorial: Governments Promise
LA Times: Gay-rights supporters protest Rick Warren's role at inauguration
Human Events: The False Hopes of Gay America
David Brooks: The Politics of Cohesion
Gabriel Schoenfeld: Will Obama Bring Home the Neocons?
David Broder: From FDR to Clinton, Parallels and Cautionary Notes
David Horowitz: How Conservatives Should Celebrate the Inauguration

Chicago Tribune: Ayers denied entry into Canada

Newsweek: No Pardon For Libby: Bush uses clemency powers sparingly to the end
NYT: Bush Commutes 2 Border Agents Sentences
Politico: Bush commutes sentences for border guards
AP/Riechmann: Bush commutes sentences of former US border agents
Hill: Bush commutes Border Patrol agents' sentences
Hill: Washington waits for more pardons

McClatchy: Bush calls world leaders on final full day in office

WSJ: History Will Remember Bush Well
Jerusalem Post: Thank you, Mr. President
WSJ: Bush's Real Sin Was Winning in Iraq
PowerLine: President Bush: An Assessment
PowerLine: Bush's farewell speech
CNN: Bush will be vindicated
Atlanta JC: Republican rumors: Polishing Bushs legacy and other disinformation
AP/Babington: Inauguration is a day at the beach for Republicans

AP/Yost: Court rules in favor of Cheney in lawsuit
NY Post: Dick hurts back on moving day
WaPo: White House Says Cheney to Be in Wheelchair Tuesday


Pat Buchanan: Is GOP Still a National Party?

PR Newswire: RNC Chairman on Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Blog Critics: Can the Grassroots Play a Role in Picking the RNC Chairman?


WSJ: Economic Savvy Needed to Get New York Senator Job
Buffalo News: Paterson says he will make Senate decision by weekend
Staten Island Advance: We need a senator now
ReadMedia: Mondello: Voters Should Select New York's Next Senator
NY Post: Gov: I'm clueless on Senate choice
Bloomberg: Caroline Kennedy Might Help Throw the Bums Out
Gotham Gazette: Can Obama Help Save New York?
Crain's: Battle for top spot at NY Fed nears end


AP/Bellandi: GOP gets to use Blagojevich playbook against him
Chicago Sun-Times: Gov's lawyers say pay not reason for pullout
AP/Zelinski: Ill. governor's trial delays action on other woes
Hill: Roskam expects crowded Senate race, may run


Star Tribune: Coleman going after all rejected absentee ballots
Pioneer Press: Coleman camp wants one more look at rejected absentee votes
NYT: In Minnesota, Another Bid for a Recount
Hill: Coleman wants to open thousands of absentee ballots
Politico: Coleman wants thousands more ballots counted
AP/Bakst: Court to Franken: Wait until Feb. on election suit
NewsMax: Al Franken Looks to Cash in on Obama Inaugural


LA Times: For fast stimulus, restore the sales tax deduction
AP/Lawrence: Poizner seeks to lift rules on group disability policies


AP: Midland readies to welcome Bush back to Texas
MyWestTexas: Downtown stage set for Bushes; 20,000-plus expected for rally


Tallahassee Democrat: Sansom: AG probe will vindicate me
Orlando Sentinel: Sansom: "I will never understand the controversy"
Orlando Sentinel: Bailout? Close Florida's tax loopholes first


Access North Georgia: Sec. of State Handel: "I am running for governor"
Athens Banner-Herald: Georgia will be cut off from Obama administration


Akron Beacon Journal: Fortunes of party rest on DeWine

Dayton Daily News: New poll: Ohio's U.S. Senate race wide open
Columbus Dispatch: Poll shows potential Senate candidates have work to do
CQ Politics: Candidates for Voinovichs Ohio Seat Suffer Name Recognition Problems
Politico: Poll shows wide open Ohio Senate race


Record-Eagle: Elsenheimer looks to rebuild House GOP
AP/Martin: Federal aid won't fix all Michigan's budget woes
Real Clear Politics: Election Review, Part 4: The Midwest
AP: GOP state senator explores run for Michigan AG


Virginian-Pilot: Early voting bill quickly tabled by House, not likely to return
WaPo: Delegates Toss Early Voting, Redistricting Bills
Richmond Times-Dispatch: House panel votes against no-excuse early voting


KnoxNews: Price and credibility in the vote for House speaker


Fox: Portland Mayor Admits Past Relationship With Teen


January 19, 2009



Washington Times: Obama builds on King's dream
WSJ: Obama Poised to Assume Presidency
WSJ: Obama Attends Star-Studded Ceremony
NYT: Obama Reaches Out for McCains Counsel
AP: Obama to Act Quickly on World Affairs, Axelrod Says
NYT: Military Leaders to Be Among Obamas First Priorities
Hill: Summers: Obama to keep jobless rate below 10 percent
Hill: Emanuel says Obama will stress need for responsibility
Hill: Obama's 'strong message' to bankers: Start lending
NYT: At Lincoln Memorial, Uplifting Music and a Talk of Challenges
CNN: Festive mood overtakes Washington as Obama inauguration inches closer
Hill: Tens of thousands brave the cold to celebrate Obama
WaPo: Editorial: National Day of Service: The president-elect's call to action
Franklin Graham: Politics of prayer

Charles Krauthammer: Serve the nation: Do a gas tax right
Rick Moran: 'President Obama has 4 years to save the earth'

Politico: Video: Sunday shows wrap up
CQ: CBS' "Face the Nation" | Fox News Sunday | ABC's "This Week" | CNN's "State of Union"

Politico: Pelosi vows Bush probe, open to prosecutions
WSJ: Pelosi Appears to Differ With Obama Over Taxes, Bush Probes
Hill: Pelosi: Now is not the time to talk about tax hikes
AP/Sidoti: Obama builds collegial relationship with Congress

WaPo: Clinton's Goals Detailed
Daily News: Objections May Delay Clinton
Salon: Hillary is back: At the Emily's List gala

WaPo: Did Geithner Make an Honest Mistake?

WaPo: White House Directive Guides Policy on Arctic

Washington Times: GOP drafts ideas on stimulus plan

WaPo: GOP Appointees Scramble for the Few Washington Jobs in a Tough Economy
NYT: More Joining American Military as Jobs Dwindle

NYT: Fox News Primes Itself for a Shift

NYT: Interest Rate Drop Has Dire Results for Legal Aid

Politico: Pardons: 10 cases Bush could review
WaPo: 1,000 Words: The Many Faces of George W. Bush
William Kristol: The Next War President
EJ Dionne: Why the Uniter Divided Us
Washington Independent: The Great Bush Leadership Casualties
Herald Tribune: Gingrich is critical of Bush's bailout
American Thinker: Bush and the Bush-Haters
American Thinker: Bush's Legacy: None of The Above

Time: As Dick Cheney Prepares to Depart, His Mystery Lingers
WaPo/Cocco: Cheney's Scorecard


Shreveport Times: The future of the Republican Party
Andrew Breitbart: No magic Internet button for GOP


Daily News/Benjamin: Obama wants Caroline but Gov. Paterson is keeping mum
NY Post/Dicker: Caroline the 'certain' pick for Dave: Rivals
NYT: In a Most Private Kennedy, a Lure of Public Duty
Newsday: Clinton leaves NY politics having won over critics

NY Post: Barack's Voter-Profiler Whiz Signs On With Mike

NYT: As Economy Stalls, Fewer New Yorkers Moving Out of State

Buffalo News: State GOP needs strong leadership


Star-Ledger: Christie a new man as he resurrects political career


Chicago Tribune: GOP: On the road to recovery?


Examiner: Bigshot Joe Friedberg joins the Norm Coleman legal team
CityPages: Coleman lawyer has helped shady donor

Star Tribune: In D.C., Franken courts big donors


Pittsburgh TR: Rendell adamant that $95,000 hire is appropriate


Rasmussen: California Governor: Brown 40% Whitman 38%

NYT: Marriage Ban Donors Feel Exposed by List

LA Times: Schwarzenegger gives lucrative board seats to ex-legislators and aides


Houston Chronicle: Dem victory could end Straus fest
El Paso Times: Rep. Tom Craddick loss brings fresh outlook in Texas House


Miami Herald: Florida's budget squeeze spurs talk of tax hikes

Miami Herald: Inquiries keep Florida House speaker silent
Ledger: House Speaker Ducking Spotlight


Beaconcast: GAs Infrastructure Woes Could Lead to Further Economic Downturn


Western Star: Demise of big-city Republicans challenges GOP


Livingston Daily: Prediction: Rogers for governor
Detroit News: New Michigan House settles in


WaPo: Editorial: To Seat or Not to Seat?


Examiner: Republican Md. US attorney hopes to stay on


Louisville Courier-Journal: Bunning's future big question for GOP
WFIE: KY Lt. Gov considers Senate run
Hopkins: Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo Considering Run For U.S. Senate Seat

Louisville Courier-Journal: Ky. legislators work on budget shortfall


Memphis CA: Legislature fallout hinges on Williams
Memphis CA: House Speaker Williams true to Republican spirit


Kennebec Journal: New GOP Chairman Webster unhappy about party not showing passion

WMTW: Republicans Banding Together Against Gay Marriage
PolitickerME: Maine Republican offers alternative to Sen. Damon's same-sex marriage bill
Bangor Daily News: Two bills compete to define marriage


Missourinet: New Missouri Republican Party Chairman ready to hit the ground running
Fort Mill Times: Mo. bipartisanship showing first cracks


KRDO: Salazar Resigns Senate Seat


January 18, 2009



NYT: Obama Urged to Move Swiftly to Rescue Banks
AP/Babington: Economic stimulus bill to fuel Obama's priorities
Hill: Net neutrality rules in stimulus trigger backlash
Hill: Mayors push for stimulus money
NYT: Poll Finds Faith in Obama, Mixed With Patience
WaPo: Nation's Hopes High for Obama, Poll Shows
AP/McMorran: Lance Armstrong has high hopes for Obama
Waco Trib: Tax cuts, targeted spending embrace the best of Republican, Democratic ideas
Thomas Friedman: Time for (Self) Shock Therapy

WSJ: Obama Arrives in Washington After 'Whistle-Stop' Tour
WaPo: Obama Retraces Lincoln's Path On Slow Train Ride to Capital
WSJ: Obama to Tap Grassroots Network to Push Initiatives
WaPo: Obama's $100,000-Plus Backers Were Able to Contribute to Several Entities
Politico: Obama naysayers speak out

Power Line: Holder's disgrace

Washington Times: Senate Republicans face tough 2010

Atlanta JC: Lobbyists get ready for new day in D.C.

WaPo: Bush's Post-Presidency to Include More Than a Library
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Bush Exits
Maureen Dowd: The Long, Lame Goodbye
Bob Woodward: 10 Take Aways From the Bush Years

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Free Times: Dawsons Drive
Real Clear Politics: RNC Chair Update
NRO: Today's RNC Chair Race Update
CNN: Steele reveals a dozen whips in bid for RNC chair
Politico: Blackwell's Ohio problem
Politico: Steele: Too moderate?


Daily News/Benjamin: Lazio vs. Giuliani?

NYT: Would-Be Senators Describe Job Interview With the Governor

DN/Benjamin: Peeved Republicans may deny Mike Bloomberg GOP line for third run
NYT: A Mayoral Hint From a Supermarket Mogul


Herald de Paris: Burris Ties to Blago Show Close Relationship


Star Tribune: Coleman can keep office until Feb. 4, senators say
Minnesota Independent: Colemans staff gets temporary reprieve

Pioneer Press: Why Pawlenty's pitch is right for now


LA Times: Arnold falls below C level


Newsweek: The Lone Star State Stays Red

Abilene Reporter News: GOP looks forward to governor race

Houston Chronicle: Editorial: Cheap shot: GOP action on voter ID a misguided tactic


Sun Sentinel: South Florida Democrats lining up to run for U.S. Senate


Atlanta JC: Proposals on gaming get serious
Fort Mill Times: Ga. Senate unveils transportation plan


Toledo Blade: Former state legislator to guide Ohio GOP


NBC29: See How Much the Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates Have Raised


Tennessean: How Kent Williams become the House's new speaker
Times News: New House speaker says hes no ones puppet
Memphis CA: Democrats' scheme hits GOP in House
Tennessean: All calm as GOP wins state posts
Southern Political Report: 'Prince' Mumpower defeated by Machiavellian tactics


St. Louis PD: Cassville attorney is new chairman of Missouri Republican Party
Joplin Globe: Cassville attorney chosen as Missouri GOP chairman
KC Star: Missouri GOP gets a new chairman
AP: Cole named chairman of Missouri Republican Party
Missourinet: Missouri Republicans choose attorney David Cole as new party chair
News-Leader: Kinder touts new GOP chairman David Cole


January 17, 2009



WaPo: The Growing Foreclosure Crisis
Washington Times: Consumer prices continue decline
WaPo: Report Finds Major U.S. Companies Have Offshore Tax Havens
NYT: In Search of One Bold Stroke to Save the Banks
WSJ: Mayors Struggle to Get Piece of Stimulus
WaPo: Federal Mortgage Banks Show Stress
AP/Sidoti: Obama: 'Dramatic action' needed now to fix economy
Hill: Obama: Economic recovery 'wont happen overnight

NYT: Panel to Vote on Holder Next Wednesday
WaPo: GOP senator Martinez gives key support to Obama's AG pick
NYT: Support for Justice Dept. Nominee From Ex-F.B.I. Chief
WaPo: Attorney General Nominee Eric Holder Gains Support From GOP, Law Enforcement
WaPo: Editorial: Confirm Mr. Holder

WSJ: Mukasey Cites Risk in Using Term 'Torture'
Washington Times: Intel director backs harsh methods
NYT: Remarks on Torture Could Lead to Legal Changes
NYT: Pentagon Studies Bases as Alternative to Guantnamo; G.O.P. Lawmakers Object

Politico: GOP-ers may block Solis confirmation
Bloomberg: Napolitano: Fixing "broken" immigration system is priority
NYT: For a Power Lawyer, a New High-Wire Act
Reuters: Obama Cabinet headed toward quick Senate approval
NYT: Senate Democratic Leaders Push for Swift Confirmations on Obama Cabinet

WaPo: Congress, Obama Toil to Help Jobless Get Health Care
NYT: Editorial: Health Care: Not So Reasonable and Customary

AP/Tessler: Senate Republicans block delay in TV transition
WaPo: D.C. Voting Rights Bill Set for Hearing

NYT: Book Review: When Buckley Met Reagan

WaPo: First Person Singular: Newt Gingrich
Colin Powell: Let's Renew America Together
Michael Barone: Is a Change in Migration Patterns at Hand?
Fred Barnes: The Only Thing We Have to Fear . . . is Obama
Politico: Obama tries to seduce Republicans
Rush Limbaugh: Limbaugh: I Hope Obama Fails
Rush Limbaugh: McCain Campaign Manager Blames Rush Limbaugh for McCain's Loss
Rush Limbaugh: EIB Conversation: Ann Coulter
Andy Levy: If I Wrote For The Huffington Post - Give Geese A Chance

WSJ: The Bush Economy
NYT: Poll Finds Disapproval of Bush Unwavering
WaPo: Admit It: The Surge Worked
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Bush at His Best and Worst
David Broder: The Call That Bush Didn't Make
Hill: Obama praises Bush for smooth transition

Hill: Cheney plans to do more than fishing in retirement


Hill: Anuzis takes first shots at RNC rivals
Star Parker: Shareholder revolt in GOP?
Politico: Blackwell: Obama plan a partisan ploy


Newsday: Sources say Lazio is mulling run for governor

NY Post/Dicker: Dave: '2nd thoughts' on Hill's successor
Daily News: Long Island pol in bid for Hillary Clinton's seat gave gov Paterson 5G
NYT: In Book World, Caroline Kennedy Is a Powerhouse
Buffalo News: Paterson in no hurry to name Clinton's replacement
Politico: Paterson will choose 'right after inauguration'

NY Post: Bloomberg & Golisano in third-party tag-team

Daily News: Prosecutors detail case against State Sen. Hiram Monserrate

Buffalo News: Kathleen Mehltretter to serve as acting U.S. attorney WDNY


NYT: Christie Lays Out Theme for Fellow Republicans
NYT: Corzine Offers Himself as Remedy for Fiscal Health
Rasmussen: New Jersey Governor: Christie 42%, Corzine 40%
Philadelphia Inquirer: Polls show competitive Jersey gov race


Chicago Tribune: Gov. Rod Blagojevich's lawyers to boycott impeachment trial
WSJ: Blagojevich Lawyer Pulls Out of Senate Trial
Chicago Tribune: Ex-Rod Blago adviser Christopher Kelly pleads guilty in tax fraud case
Chicago Sun-Times: Feds may not be done with gov's go-to guy Kelly


KSTP: Coleman gets new, high-profile attorney
Star Tribune: Senate recount: Coleman adds legal star power to team
Pioneer Press: Franken-Coleman Senate trial set for Jan. 26
AP: Hearing set for next week in Minnesota lawsuit over Franken-Coleman Senate fight
Star Tribune: Stalled Senate race fuels bad blood in Congress
AP/Bakst: 1st hearing in Minn. Senate lawsuit set for Wed.
Star Tribune: Recount: Trial on Coleman challenge to begin on Jan. 26
PowerLine: An unconstitutional recount?

Star Tribune: Mark Dayton plans bid for governor's post in 2010
Business Journal: Mark Dayton will run for Minnesota governor
MN Daily: Dayton, Gaertner among DFLers to file for governor


NY Observer: Specter Puts on a Show for Conservatives


LA Times: California controller to suspend tax refunds, welfare checks, student grants
SF Chronicle: State may delay tax refunds, disability checks
Mercury News: How California controller's action could affect you

Sacramento Bee: California business groups ease opposition to raising taxes
AP/Lin: Amid crisis, Calif. GOP pushes for spending cap
SF Chronicle: State to pay up on construction projects
Sacramento Bee: Schwarzenegger plan to tap wildlife fund riles sportsmen

AP: Schwarzenegger, Shriver to attend Obama inauguration next week
WSJ: Schwarzenegger Uses His Movies to Make Points as Governor
Sacramento Bee: California treasurer will run the state on Inauguration Day

LA Times: Feinstein rises -- but faces a tough choice


Dallas MN: Hutchison already feeling fire on the right
KBMT: Senator Hutchinson Ready to Battle Perry


Hill: Potential Dem candidates flood Fla. Senate race
Herald Tribune: Sink won't run for Senate
CQ Politics: Democrat Sink Passes Up 2010 Florida Senate Race
Tampa Tribune: Sink Likes Being CFO, Won't Run For Senate


Columbus Dispatch: Kevin DeWine elected Ohio GOP party chairman
Dayton Daily News: Kevin DeWine takes over as Ohio GOP chairman

Columbus Dispatch: Portman gets another endorsement


Detroit News: Remarks topple Detroit's top lawyer


Politico: McAuliffe's big-name donors


AP/Abrams: Senate swears in Ted Kaufman, successor to Joe Biden


Chattanoogan: Republicans Gearing Up To Go After Williams In Next Election
Examiner: Democrats pave way to reseat Jimmy Naifeh as Speaker


January 16, 2009



WaPo: Obama Pledges Entitlement Reform: Says He'll Reshape Social Security, Medicare

NYT: Senate Releases Second Portion of Bailout Fund
WaPo: Senate Votes To Release Bailout Funds To Obama
Hill: Senate approves release of TARP funds
Politico: Obama gets first major win with TARP
Hill: Obama to use bailout money to reduce foreclosures
AP/Espo: Congress OKs release of final $350B of bailout
NYT: Some Ask if Bailout Is Unconstitutional
NYT: Rescue of Banks Hints at Nationalization
WSJ: Meet Obama's Loyal Opposition
WSJ: An Auto Show for Congress: At least Ford doesn't seem eager to go on the dole

WSJ: Stimulus Package Unveiled
WaPo: House Offers $825 Billion Stimulus
Hill: Pelosi touts $825 billion stimulus package
Hill: Rep. Obey not sure $825B stimulus is enough
NYT: Congress Moves on Stimulus Bill and Bailout Money
AP/Sidoti: Obama hitting the road to sell his economic plan

WaPo: Waterboarding Is Torture, Holder Tells Senators
WSJ: Holder Says Waterboarding Is Torture
NYT: Holder Wants Some Detainees Tried in the U.S.
NYT: Holder Tells Senators Waterboarding Is Torture
Hill: Holder says he was not fully informed on Rich pardon
Washington Times: Holder: Made mistakes in Rich pardon
AP/Margasak: Obama's AG pick on track for confirmation
Joe Conason: The real reason Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich

Reuters: Republicans won't block Geithner on taxes: Grassley
James Taranto: Will Geithner's tax problems sink his nomination after all?

American Thinker: Why Geithner and Rangel Matter
NY Observer: Why Geithner Will Skate

NYT: Homeland Security Nominee Vows to Safeguard Country, but Offers Few Specifics
WaPo: Napolitano Pledges Shift In Immigration Focus
Houston Chronicle: Napolitano signals shift in worksite raids

NYT: Gentle Questioning for U.N. Nominee
WaPo: At Hearing, Obama's U.N. Pick Decries Disunity

NYT: S.E.C. Nominee Offers Plan for Tighter Regulation
NYT: Interior Department Nominee Pledges Reform

Politico: Aides downplay Daschle tax forms
CBS: Questions Surround Some Obama Cabinet Picks
NYT: Signs of Trouble Emerge in Transitions Last Days
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Cabinet of Scandals
American Thinker: Will the GOP default?

WSJ: Beware of the Big-Government Tipping Point: Socialized health care
American Spectator: Obamacare Could Kill You

NYT: Court Affirms Wiretapping Without Warrants
WSJ: The Wiretap Vindication
WaPo: Intelligence Court Releases Ruling in Favor of Warrantless Wiretapping

CQ Politics: One More Committee Seat for Republicans

Hill: Cantor takes new approach as Republican whip
CQ Politics: Pelosi Quietly Lines Up Her Young Lieutenants

NYT: Spirit of Bipartisanship Spreads to Consultants
AP: More Republicans sign up for bipartisan dinners
Rush Limbaugh: Elected Republicans Cave to Obama and Left at Their Own Peril

Peggy Noonan: Suspend Your Disbelief: How to enjoy an inauguration fully

WSJ: Bush Tries to Rekindle Ties to the Public in Farewell Address
WSJ: The 9/11 Presidency
WaPo: In Farewell, Bush Says He Acted in Best Interest of U.S.
Charles Krauthammer: Exit Bush, Shoes Flying
Hill: Bush to highlight unshakable faith in America
MyFoxLubbock: Lubbock GOP to Welcome Home President Bush
Hill: Americans think history will judge Bush harshly
Fox: FOX News Poll: Most Call Bush a Good Person, But Say History Will Be Cruel
Politico: Fade out: Bush staffers make their exits

Fred Barnes: Pardon Libby: It's the right thing to do


Washington Times: Republican leaders push broader appeal
Politico: Kaine pick sends ripples across RNC
Hill: RNC race gets pricy, nasty
GOPUSA: GOP Chairman's Race Enters Home Stretch
Cleve PD: Ohio GOP Chairman endorses Duncan for RNC chairman, shuns Ohio's Blackwell
CNN: Dawson, Duncan nab endorsements in RNC race
CNN: Candidates for RNC chair pick up more endorsements


NYT: Lazio Said to Mull Run for Governor
Elizabeth Benjamin: Paterson's $3.6 Million

Politico: Caroline Kennedy's popularity slipping
Newsday: State pols defend Caroline Kennedy's qualifications
AP/Gross: How would much clout would Caroline Kennedy have in the Senate?
Village Voice: Bloomberg Maneuvers to Crown a Kennedy
Newsday: Next New York senator must be able to hit ground running in tough times

Niagara Gazette: GOP looks to upstate

Niagara Times: Our New York State Senate

NY Post: Poll: Big Fat No to Fat Tax

NYT: With Nod to History, Bloomberg Sees Recovery
NYT: Mayors (Fill in the Blank)-Point Plan to Achieve (Fill in Again)

Newsday: Parties ink deal in Suffolk races


Hill: Burris sworn in to take Obamas place in the Senate

Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich won't go to D.C. for Obama inaugural

Hill: Emilys List backs Feigenholtz for Emanuel's seat


MPR: Three-judge panel to decide on timeline for Senate court case
Star Tribune: Franken campaign proposes fast track for Coleman challenge
Hot Air: Was the Minnesota Recount unconstitutional?
Argus Leader: Thune backs Coleman's challenge
CQ Politics: Its a Trial Date Tango in Minnesota

Star Tribune: Pawlenty's deficit plan: Freeze, cut


WSJ: Facing Budget Gap, Schwarzenegger Urges Lawmakers to Bridge Divide
LA Times: Budget dominates Schwarzenegger's State of the State speech
LA Times: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's State of the State address: text of speech
AP/Williams: Schwarzenegger: Deficit is 'rock upon our chest'
Mercury News: Local Democrats unmoved by Schwarzenegger's state of the state


Austin AS: Hutchison makes big transfers, has $7.9 million in guv committee
Hill: Hutchison transfers millions to gubernatorial account
Dallas MN: Hutchison betting $8 million to beat Perry
AP/Shannon: Hutchison moves nearly $8 million to state account
Dallas MN: Hutchison: Allow cell phone jammers in prisons
Star-Telegram: Hutchison not planning to vacate Senate seat soon

Dallas MN: Perry reports raising $4.7 million in latest period
Austin AS: Perry has more than $6 million in campaign kitty
Houston Chronicle: Hutchison, Perry build war chests for guv race

Pegasus News: Texas Senate exempts voter identification legislation from two-thirds rule
Dallas MN: Republicans' move to avoid Texas Senate rule upsets chamber's dynamics

Dallas MN: Texas House members boost their office budgets


Hill: Eyeing 2010, Sen. Vitter leaving little breathing room for challenge on right


Herald Tribune: Crist says he's not interested in entering Senate race
Herald Tribune: National GOP pushing Crist to run for Senate
AOL: John Cornyn Propositions Charlie Crist
NRO: If You Can't Get One Governor of Florida to Run For Senate, Try Another One

AP: Crist urges schools to let kids watch inauguration


CNN: Republican sitting pretty in Virginia governor's race
Richmond Times Dispatch: McDonnell has cash advantage: $2 million for governor race
Examiner: McDonnell leads in fundraising
WaPo: McDonnell Leads Rivals in Fundraising: McAuliffe Catches Up With Moran, Deeds
Washington Times: McAuliffe leads Democrats in fundraising

WaPo: Democrat Barred From Taking Seat in Va. House


Deseret News: Huntsman spending nights on daughter's couch for inauguration


AP/Chase: Kaufman ready to take Biden's Senate seat


Star-L: Christie declines dinner invite from former GOP official he prosecuted for corruption
Philadelphia Inquirer: A political assessment of Corzine's speech


MSNBC: Naifeh Could Have New Leadership Role
Kingsport Times News: Odom outlines maneuver that thwarted Mumpower
KnoxNews: Williams joke is on the people of Tennessee
KnoxNews: Editorial: Opening act was mostly a power play
Nashville Scene: Mumpower Decries 'Web of Lies'


AP: Portman Of Ohio Launches US Senate Run
Cleveland PD: Rob Portman stops in Cleveland on campaign kickoff tour
Toledo Blade: Portman starts U.S. Senate campaign, visits Packo's cafe
Dayton Daily News: Portman announces Senate run backed by GOP leaders
Columbus Dispatch: Portman throws hat into ring for 2010

AP: Ohio GOP tackles role of social conservatism


Arizona Capitol Times: Republican leaders identify $3 billion in budget cuts
Arizona Republic: GOP budget plan slashes funds for Ariz. education


AP: Elder John Sununu shoe-in for GOP chairman
Union Leader: NH's GOP looks to come in from the cold
AP/Love: Former White House chief of staff to lead N.H. GOP


AP: Nebraska GOP gets new leadership


January 15, 2009



WSJ: Stimulus Package Approaches $850 Billion
WSJ: Stimulus Proposal Aims to Aid State, Local Governments
WaPo: Democrats Finishing Up Stimulus Proposal: Expected Tomorrow
Bloomberg: Stimulus Plan to Cost $850 Billion, Emanuel Says
WaPo: Weak Retail Sales Report Sends Markets Plummeting
WSJ: Obama, Stimulus Proposals Enjoy Broad Backing in Poll
WSJ: Leadership and Panics: TARP II and other reasons people are scared
Human Events: House Conservatives Offer Stimulus Package
WSJ: Stimulus for Tax Collectors: Internet consumers beware

NYT: Obama Officials Ask Senate G.O.P. to Back Release of Bailout Money
WaPo: Pressure Grows on Obama to Allocate More Money for Distressed Financial Firms
AP/Kuhnhenn: Obama would spend bailout funds on housing crisis
AP/Kuhnhenn: Obama awaits vote in Senate for $350B bailout
Reuters: Obama aides offer more assurances on bailout money
Politico: Senate GOP bailout support plummets
WaPo: GM and Its Unions Are Negotiating Pay Cuts to Meet Terms of Federal Loan
CNN: Senate to vote Thursday on rest of bailout, Reid says

WSJ: IMF Informed Geithner on Taxes
Byron York: Geithner Accepted IMF Reimbursement for Taxes He Didnt Pay
WaPo: After Tax Errors Raised, GOP Leaders Defend Treasury Nominee
NYT: Geithners Skill May Trump Tax Issue
WSJ: Confirmation Hearings for Geithner Postponed
NYT: Geithner Hearing Scheduled for Jan. 21
WaPo: Geithner Confirmation Hearing Postponed
James Taranto: Too Taxing: The lesson of Geithner's IRS troubles
Rush Limbaugh: Obama, Drive-Bys Clear Geithner
Dana Milbank: The Nomination That's Too Big to Fail
WSJ: A Geithner Tax Amnesty: The 'tax gap' in profile
NYT: Editorial: More Questions for Mr. Geithner

WSJ: Holder Vows to Restore Credibility at Justice Department
WaPo: Editorial: Mr. Holder and Pardons: The AG nominee must explain his roles
CQ: Conscious of 2010 Election, Specter May Get Tough During Holder Hearing
Rep. Dan Burton: The People's Lawyer, Not the President's
NYT: Parties Brace for a Fight on Justice Dept. Choice
Jed Babbin: Questions Holder Needs To Answer
AP/Yost: Obama pick faces questions over bombers' clemency
USA Today: Holder is likely to face tough questions
WaPo: Holder's Sister-in-Law Blazed Trails at Justice

WSJ: EPA Nominee Pledges to Put Science Before Politics
NYT: E.P.A. Pick Vows to Put Science First
CQ Politics: EPA Will Be Guided by Science, Jackson Pledges
WSJ: Coal Industry Digs Itself Out of a Hole in the Capitol

WaPo: Shinseki Says He Would Modernize VA
NYT: General Shinseki: Act II, Scene 1
AP/Hefling: Shinseki Promises to Modernize VA

WSJ: Daschle's Confirmation Bogs Down in Committee

NYT: For Homeland Security Nominee, Good Leadership Is in the Details
WaPo: Rand Beers Tapped as Counselor to Napolitano

WaPo: LaHood Hearing Postponed: Insufficient data?
WaPo: LaHood Confirmation Hearing Postponed

Washington Times: Panetta faces rendition queries
WSJ: Retired Air Force General Gration Is Leading Candidate for NASA's Top Post
WaPo: Orszag Promises More Oversight and Transparency
AP/Gordon: Obama's SEC choice being quizzed at critical time
AP/Jalonick: Agriculture Dept. Nominee to Push Food for Poor
NYT: Obama's People
David Frum: The duty of Republican opposition
Karl Rove: Welcome to the White House, Mr. Obama: The honeymoon doesn't last long
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Transition Full of Scandals

American Thinker: Clinton Foundation's Dubious Dubai Donations

Ann Coulter: Murder Spree By People Who Refuse To Ask Directions

CNN: Obama committed to ending of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy on gays in the military

WaPo: House Votes to Expand Child Health Insurance
NYT: House Votes to Expand Childrens Health Care

NYT: Justices Say Evidence Is Valid Despite Police Error

WSJ: Corruption Cases Renew Debate on Campaign-Finance Laws

Hill: FEC holds unprecedented self-exam

Dallas MN: Texas Senator John Cornyn sees hope for a GOP comeback in the Senate
CBS: GOP Optimistic About 2010 Senate Chances
CQ Politics: GOP Senate Campaign Chief Cornyn Voices Cautious Optimism
WSJ: Sen. Cornyn Says No More GOP Retirements Expected

WSJ: Poll: Obama Approval Is Steady at 71%
Howard Kurtz: Obama Charms Even a Night's Grand Ol' Party
PowerLine: An evening well spent
EJ Dionne: Obama: Audacity Without Ideology
Chicago Tribune: Republicans flee Washington ahead of Inauguration Day

Politico: Bush launches post-presidential office

WSJ: Bush and the Libby Pardon
Byron York: Libby Hasnt Asked for a Pardon
Washington Times: Backers of jailed border agents appeal to Bush
WSJ: Bush Destroyed a Dictator. Clinton Installed One.

CNN: Palin's media battle raises eyebrows


Daily News: Poll: New Yorkers now want Andrew Cuomo over Caroline Kennedy
AP/Gormley: Cuomo leads in poll for NY Senate seat
AP/Gormley: NY Senate poll favors Cuomo, but gov doesn't care
Newsday: Paterson downplays Kennedy-Cuomo polls
Buffalo News: Paterson may move up selection of Clinton Senate replacement
NY Post: Gov tips early pick
NY1: Paterson Hints At Timeline Over Senate Decision

Ithaca Journal: New chief judge wants cameras in courtroom

MSNBC: New York Should Tax "Crack and Hookers," Says Conn. Pol

Rochester D&C: Members from Rochester area get busy in House

Politico: Ethics cloud still hangs over Rangel

Buffalo News: Volker adjusts to life in minority

Post-Standard: City auditor mulls bid for Syracuse mayor


Chicago Tribune: Trial overshadows swearing-in: Blagojevich opens Senate, a.k.a. his jury
NYT: Illinois Senate Begins Impeachment Proceedings
AP/Wills: New Ill. Senate take steps toward governor's trial
Chicago Tribune: Senate takes oath as Blagojevich impeachment jurors
Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich formally served with impeachment notice
Chicago Sun-Times: Feds play candid camera with Gov. Blagojevich

Reuters: Republicans target Obama's former Senate seat


WSJ: Richardson Administration Hit by Another Allegation


Star Tribune: Coleman camp devises 5-stage challenge to Franken's numbers
Star Tribune: GOP activists to sue over alleged double-counting in Senate race
Pioneer Press: GOP voter group seeks voice in double-ballot issue
WSJ: The Minnesota Recount Was Unconstitutional
AP/Bakst: Coleman proposes conducting Minn. trial in stages
MPR: ENPR: Some Republicans quietly hoping Coleman gives up
Bemidji Pioneer: U.S. Senate: Frustrated voters turn to courts
AP/Bakst: Court to Franken: Wait until Feb. on election suit
Pioneer Press: Court to hear Franken certificate argument Feb. 5
CQ Politics: Minnesota Senate Saga May End in March

Star Tribune: Pawlenty expected to call for cuts in every corner


Star-Ledger: GOP Chairman issues deadline for Corzine-Katz e-mail appeal


SF Chronicle: Republican jumps ship in the governor's furlough battle

George Will: Proposition 8: Of Judges, By Judges, For Judges


Dallas MN: Kay Bailey Hutchison assures Rick Perry she's running against him for governor
AP: Hutchison committed to running for governor
Politico: Hutchison pressured to stay in Senate
Hill: Cornyn urges Hutchison to stay, keep Texas seat red

Dallas MN: Senate comes out of the gate fighting over voter ID
Houston Chronicle: Texas Senate changes bill to ease debate on voter ID bill
Austin AS: Editorial: Senate Republicans put the GOP first, not issues that matter
Dallas MN: Texas leaders caution Legislature to be careful about spending
AP/Root: Senators working to avert partisan meltdown
Dallas MN: Senate Democrats losing voter ID fight
Pegasus News: Texas Senate Republicans trying to dump two-thirds voting rule

AP/Castro: Craddick says he has no regrets


Hill: Cornyn: GOP is talking to Crist about Senate bid

Florida TU: Florida state budget: Tough times call for tough decisions
Daytona Beach N-J: State budget cuts hit education
Sun: Florida Legislature approves billions in budget cuts
Miami Herald: State budget cuts hit home
Palm Beach Post: Crist sees room to ease sting of cuts


Columbus Dispatch: Portman enters Senate race
Politico: Boehner endorses Portman
Cleveland PD: Bob Latta, Patrick Tiberi, John Boehner endorse Rob Portman for U.S. Senate
CQ Politics: Its Official: Ohios Portman Begins Senate Bid
Dayton Daily News: Portman announces candidacy for Voinovich's U.S. Senate seat
Dayton Daily News: Public to Portman, other candidates: Fix the economy
Marc Ambinder: Portman Is Running, But Not From Bush
Toledo Blade: Portman to appear in Toledo and announce U.S. Senate candidacy


WaPo: Republicans Target Democratic Fundraising
WaPo: Economic Recovery A Priority For Kaine


WaPo: Layoffs Loom for Md. State Employees


Boston Globe: Republican lawmakers blast governor for not identifying budget cuts


Hill: N.H.s Lynch says no to Senate bid


American Thinker: The Curious Case of Christopher Dodd

Hartford Courant: House Passes Budget-Cutting Plan By 111 to 35
AP/Haigh: Conn. lawmakers to take up deficit plan


Wichita Eagle: GOP lawmakers outline their 2009 agenda
LJW: House Republicans release priorities
Topeka C-J: GOP dismisses governor's budget plan


Seattle PI: Gregoire starts 2nd term urging unity
Seattle Times: Gov. wants temporary increase in laid-off worker benefits
AP/LaCorte: Party time: Gregoire celebrates re-election


Tennessean: Angry GOP lashes out at Williams
Tennessean: Editorial: Rise above party fights on Hill
Tennessean: Speaker vote aftermath leaves House in disarray
Examiner: The TN GOP weighs in on their new "Republican" Speaker

Knoxville News Sentinel: Bredesen says 2,000 state workers could be laid off


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