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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

January 31, 2009



WSJ: Steele Wins RNC Chairman Vote | Bio
NYT: Republicans Choose First Black Party Chairman
WaPo: Election of Moderate Marylander Signals Break From Bush Era
Dallas MN: New RNC chairman welcomed by Cornyn and Sessions
Newsweek: Man of Steele: Gingrich sees change ahead
MSNBC: Steele and the Party of Lincoln
KC Star: Steele a smart pick by GOP
USA Today: Steele: 'Time for something completely different'
Politico: Steele: 'How do you like me now?'
McClatchy: GOP picks its first black chairman
WaPo: Steele Elected RNC Chair
RedState: The Spokesman and The Leader
NYT: OpEd: Wither the Republicans?
AP/Witte: Local leaders congratulate Steele on RNC leadership post
James Pinkerton: Michael Steele: The Republican Party Does the Right Thing
LA Times: What now for Michael Steele's new Republican Party?
Times UK: Michael Steele victorious at Republican National Committee meeting
Telegraph UK: First black Republican leader Michael Steele says he will go after Obama
Weekly Standard: Steele Says He Looks forward to Sparring with Obama

AP/Sidoti: Ohioan abandons GOP chairmanship bid, supports Steele

WaPo/Cillizza: Ten Republicans To Watch


WaPo: Obama Considers GOP's Gregg to Head Commerce
WSJ: Intrigue Grows Amid Sen. Gregg’s Consideration for Commerce
Boston Globe: N.H. senator emerging as key GOP ally of Obama
IHT: Obama Cabinet move may give Dems Senate control
NewsMax: Sen. Gregg Nomination Is Obama's Grab For Senate Supermajority
Hill: Republicans say Gregg won't give Dems 60
Politico: GOP fights to keep Gregg in the Senate
Union Leader: Republicans to Gregg: Stay put
Weekly Standard: GOP to Sen. Gregg: Please Don't Go
Marc Ambinder: The Judd Gregg Project
Hotline: Judd Jeffords?
Politico: Schumer: We'll get to 60

NYT: Steep Slide in U.S. Economy as Unsold Goods Pile Up

WSJ: Senate Begins Its Horse-Trading Over Stimulus Bill
WSJ: Stimulus Funding for Highways Runs Into Potholes
George Will: Congress Will Have the Buffet
Dick Morris: How to Beat the Stimulus Package
Rush Limbaugh: Obama/Soros Radio Attack Ads Use Rush to Target GOP Senators

WaPo: A Multi-Pronged Bank Plan
WaPo: Federal Regulators Seize, Sell Md. Bank
WaPo: Bailout Oversight Still Lacking, GAO Finds
WaPo: Admiration Turns to Anger as Wall St. Bosses Feather Nests
WSJ: Wall St. Execs: 'Idiots' Indeed

WaPo: Daschle Owed Back Taxes That Exceeded $128,000
WSJ: Daschle Paid Back Taxes After Vetting
NYT: Use of Free Car Lands Tom Daschle in Tax Trouble
Politico: Daschle made $5m; health groups paid $220k
CQ Politics: Daschles Nomination Held Up by Tax Issues
Politico: Back taxes stumbling block for Daschle
Hill: Reports: Ex-Sen. Daschle failed to pay taxes
RedState: Lobbyists and Tax Cheats Abound in New Administration

Politico: Obama approached Snowe?

AP/Superville: 15 lawmakers to join Obama to watch Super Bowl

WaPo: Obama Alters Labor Policies
NYT: OpEd: Social Security on the First Date

Politico: Conyers-Rove showdown postponed

WSJ: Bush Hatred and Obama Euphoria Are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Owes America an Apology for His Lies About the US Economy
Rush Limbaugh: The Job Casualties Mount in Barack Obama's War on Prosperity

Fox: Palin to Come to Washington in Hopes of Talk With Obama
CNN: Palin lying low during Washington trip
ABC/Tapper: Palin to attend Alfalfa Club Dinner (President Obama Will Be There Too)
Hill: Palin heading to D.C., will meet with McConnell
AP/Sutton: Alaska lawmakers question Sarah Palin's focus

Salt Lake Tribune: GOP hungry for Romney's take on economic crisis
AP: Republican Romney criticizes Obama on abortion
American Thinker: Obama and The Culture of death

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Editorial: Listening to Ms. Gillibrand
Albany TU: Gillibrands disclosure form

NYT: Bloomberg Budget Plan Calls for Benefits Cuts


Foster's: Can you really say no to the president?
Concord Monitor: Who might take over Gregg's seat?
Nashua Telegraph: Gregg Cabinet nod has state pundits abuzz
Union Leader: Obama and Gregg need Gov. Lynch


Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: Valid ballots were rejected, expert says
Star Tribune: Senate trial focuses on absentee processing
Star Tribune: Senate recount trial recap
St. Cloud Times: Election judges vote rejected
Pioneer Press: Trial in Coleman-Franken Senate recount ends first week
AP: Franken lawyer plays up shift in Coleman strategy
Star Tribune/Coleman: Death by a thousand cuts as recount trial opens


WSJ: New Illinois Governor Takes On State's Economic Woes
NYT: Successor in Illinois Is the Unassuming, Independent Anti-Blagojevich
Chicago Sun-Times: Pat Quinn's long, surprising rise to governor
Chicago Tribune: New sign of the times: No Blagojevich
Chicago Sun-Times: Was Blago going to resign?


Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell to target insurance, tobacco tax
Centre Daily: Obama invites Casey, Specter to party


WSJ: California to Delay $4 Billion in Payments
Sacramento Bee: Schwarzenegger extends reach of furlough plan
Sacramento Bee: Judge approves Schwarzenegger's worker furlough plan
Mercury News: Schwarzenegger, legislative leaders under fire from both sides

AP: Calif Sen. Boxer has $4M campaign war chest

Sacramento Bee: Brown sits atop Democratic money primary


AP/Shannon: Texas gubernatorial tussle under way
Lubbock A-J: Editorial: Perry's under Hutchison's political microscope


Miami Herald: Florida House speaker steps aside amid criminal probe
Sun-Sentinel: Sansom resigns as House speaker: Dealings with college
Miami Herald: For Ray Sansom, the cheers turn to silence
Orlando Sentinel: Sansom noise grew too loud
Pensacola N-J: Sansom less distracting now
Tampa Tribune: Sansom Finally Steps Down
AP/Kallestad: Embattled Fla. House speaker steps down for now

News-Press: Rep. Larry Cretul takes over as House Speaker | Bio
Herald Tribune: Cretul faces tough session
Miami Herald: New speaker a quiet conservative

Hill: Former Sen. Bob Smith weighs a run in Florida


WSAV3: Isakson calling for panel to investigate banking system
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Georgia House OKs 09 tax relief
Macon Telegraph: House backs property tax break
AP/McCaffrey: Ga. lawmakers propose fee for strip-club patrons


Youngstown Vindicator: Kasich: Ohio needs a change
Youngstown Vindicator: Ohio lawmakers want stimulus to follow Buy American rules
Cleveland PD: Governor Ted Strickland's campaign fund has $2 million surplus
Columbus Dispatch: Strickland has a $2 million lead for 2010


AP: Virginia Senate Says No to Payday Lenders


Chattanooga TFP: Gubernatorial candidate Gibbons names campaign chairman
Memphis CA: Memphis lawyer Kustoff to manage Gibbons' gubernatorial campaign
Bristol HC: Regions Lawmakers Ready To Move On After Contentious House Vote?
Memphis CA: Editorial: Turmoil in the state House


AP/Rawls: Former Ala. Gov. Guy Hunt dies in Birmingham at 75


Arizona Republic: Disputes slow state budget talks


January 30, 2009



WaPo: Economic Signs Turn From Grim To Worse

WSJ: Senate Begins Its Horse-Trading Over Stimulus Bill
WSJ: Obama Will Score Legislative Win, but How Game Plays Out Is Key
USA Today: Some Senate Republicans vow opposition to stimulus plan
WaPo: GOP Stakes Its Claim With Stimulus Vote: Small Government Returns as Maxim
LA Times: Republicans lack a party line on economy
AP/Daly: Republicans question role of Rep. Obey's son in stimulus spending on parks
Fox: Senate Republicans Warn Stimulus Rebates Could Pay Illegal Immigrants
WSJ: Stimulus Funding for Highways Runs Into Potholes
WSJ: 'Cash for Clunkers' Plan Is Considered
NYT/Brooks: Cleaner and Faster Stimulus
WSJ: A Warning to the President: The cost of abdicating to Nancy Pelosi
WSJ: Raiders of the Lost Taxpayer: A tax break for Tinseltown
WSJ: Protectionism as Stimulus: We need to trade more, not less
Peggy Noonan: In Congress and the boardroom, failure to recognize a new era

Rush Limbaugh: House GOP Stood Up and Exposed the Immoral Obama Porkulus Sham
Fox: Limbaugh Cracks the Whip, and Republicans Get in Line
ABC News: Limbaugh: Friend or Foe of GOP?
Politico: Running against Limbaugh
David Frum: What's good for Rush Limbaugh is bad for Republicans
Kathleen Parker: El Presidente Tangos With El Rushbo

Sean Hannity: Ann Coulter Weighs in on Conservative Commentator War
YouTube: Video: Coulter Slams Stimulus Plan
CBS: Obama Vs. Rush: Coulter Weighs In

LA Times: In nifty political play, Obama ponders GOP's Gregg for Commerce
LA Times: Sen. Judd Gregg reportedly considered for Commerce
NYT: Democrats Set Sights on Republican Senators Who Oppose Stimulus Plan
NYT: Obama May Seek Republican for Cabinet
AP/Elliott: Officials: Gregg on list for commerce secretary

NYT: Obama Calls Wall Street Bonuses Shameful
NYT: Bonuses for Bad Performance

WSJ: U.S. Eyes Two-Part Bailout for Banks

WSJ: Fannie Strikes Deal to Modify Loans to Prevent Foreclosures
WSJ/Conyers: Loan Modification Can Stop the Foreclosure Crisis: Change bankruptcy law

WaPo: Senate Passes Health Insurance Bill for Children: Immigrant Clause Opens Rift
NYT: Senators Approve Health Bill for Children
WSJ/Strassel: Democrats have been quietly working to nationalize health care

AP: Senate set to confirm Eric Holder as attorney general on Monday
WSJ: Obama Taps Froman for Joint Security, Economic Post
AP/Flaherty: Republicans demand details on Pentagon nominee

NYT: A Steppingstone for Laws Best and Brightest
NYT: Economy Pinches the Billable Hour at Law Firms
NYT: Chill of Salary Freezes Reaches Top Law Firms

WSJ/Spakovsky: Voter ID Was a Success in November

NY Post: Palin & Obama to Share Stage Saturday Night


Hill: Five file for RNC chairman post
Nashville Post: Chip Saltsman Withdraws From RNC Chairmans Race
Townhall/Carpenter: Smoke Signals to Watch For
NYT: Candidate Linked to Obama Parody Song Leaves Race for G.O.P. Chairman
CNN: Saltsman out of the running for RNC chair
NYT: Candidate for R.N.C. Chairman Drops Out
CQ Politics: Saltsman Off Ballot for RNC Chief

WSJ: Republicans, Facing Raft of Woes, to Pick New Party Chairman
Louisville C-J: GOP's Duncan fights to keep job: Kentuckian among those vying for top post
Detroit FP: GOP's dirty race for a leader winds up today
Cincinnati Enquirer: Blackwell seeks GOP post as outsider
Philadelphia Inquirer: RNC seeks new leader, new path
News-Journal: Benkiser seeking national perch by touting GOP gains in Texas
Tampa Tribune: Greer, Crist Try To Bring Moderate Tone To National Party
American Spectator: Fear and Loathing at the RNC
Independent UK: Republicans may choose their first black leader to claw back support
Marc Ambinder: Young Republicans Want More Open Party, Prefer Steele
Atlanta JC: Georgia GOP leader backs African-American as national chair
CNN: RNC race still wide open as members meet in Washington
CQ Politics: Will Republicans Think They Need a Change?
National Journal: RNC Chairman's Race: What's Next?

Charlotte Observer: S.C. chairman Dawson catches heat as RNC race intensifies
Spartanburg HJ: Dawson contends for RNC chairman; voting starts today
WaPo/Cillizza: RNC Chair Race: The Fix's Final Handicapping

WSJ: Playing Catch-Up, the GOP Is All Atwitter About the Internet
WSJ: Has a Stake Really Been Driven Through Social Wedge Issues?
AP/Sidoti: Senate GOP leader says Republicans must better explain core principles
NYT: Where Did All the Republicans Go?
McClatchy: McConnell: Republicans must become more than a 'regional party'


Albany TU: Ranger great Richter won't seek Gillibrand seat
Albany TU: Siena poll: Gillibrand wins, Paterson continues to slip
Newsday: Gillibrand already preparing for 2010 elections
NYDN: Kirsten Gillibrand goes from Senate seat to on the stump
AP/Bauman: Special election should fill future U.S. Senate vacancies, poll says

Albany TU: 20 state leaders pay up tax bills
NY Post: Eliot Spitzer's Madam Gets 6 Months
NYDN: Poll: Paterson blamed for soap opera over filling Clinton's vacant Senate seat

NYT: Bloomberg Will Seek Increase in Sales Taxes
NY Post: Mike's Budget: Bad News for Jobs, Taxes
NYT: Albany and City Battle Over Fund Meant for Low-Cost Housing


Chicago Tribune: Quinn becomes governor
Chicago Sun-Times: Senate votes 59-0 to impeach Blagojevich
WSJ: Blagojevich Is Removed From Office by Unanimous Vote
NYT: Blagojevich Ousted by Illinois State Senate
WaPo: Illinois Senators Vote 59-0 to Oust 'Devious' and 'Unfit' Governor
NYT: On His Way Out, Blagojevich Makes a Day of It
SJ-R: Ann Coulter: Blagojevich just another liberal playing the victim


Star Tribune: Coleman went to court, Franken went to Florida; How do you get to D.C.?
Pioneer Press: State health care cuts could jeopardize millions in federal aid
Pioneer Press: Jury gets RNC Molotov cocktail case


CNN: Ads pressure GOP senators to back Obama's stimulus plan


SF Chronicle: Fiorina Eyeing U.S. Senate?


Dallas MN: Perry blasts 'bailout mentality' but would take Texas' share of stimulus
Dallas MN: Hutchison, Cornyn don't see much GOP support for stimulus package
Dallas MN: Gallup says Texas is purple in Republican-Democrat split
Examiner: Kay Bailey Hutchison runs for governor for no apparent reason
McClatchy: Hutchison expected to stay in Senate to stave off 60-vote Democratic majority


New Times: Katherine Harris, Will You Please Run for U.S. Senate?
Capitol News: In the Race for US Senate, More Out than In

Sun-Sentinel: Florida Supreme Court OKs ballot questions to alter method for redistricting

Jacksonville BJ: Rood named state GOP finance head


Examiner: Georgia reps react to stimulus vote
Atlanta JC: Georgia GOP opposes Obama stimulus plan


Cleveland PD: Bush adviser Karl Rove to help local Republicans


Detroit News: Mich. gov hopefuls to speak
Detroit FP: State Senate OKs cut in business surcharge


AP: Va. Senate Committee Approves Smoking Ban


Tennessean: Saltsman drops bid for national GOP post


WSJ: Dodd of Indignation: Wall Street bonuses and sweetheart mortgages


January 29, 2009



WSJ: House Passes Stimulus Package
WSJ: Missing in Package: Bipartisan Support
WaPo: House Passes Obama Stimulus Package: Bill Gets No GOP Votes
Washington Times: Stimulus plan passes in House without GOP
NYT: House Passes Stimulus Plan Despite G.O.P. Opposition
Fox: House Republicans Push Counter-Proposal on Stimulus
NYT: Stimulus Packages Components Vary in Speed and Efficiency
Washington Times: Stimulus includes plum for lawmaker's son
WSJ: Tech Industry CEOs Back Obama's Rescue Package
WSJ: Business to Get Share of Relief
WaPo: 'Buy American' Rider Sparks Trade Debate: Proviso Limits Steel, Iron From Abroad
WSJ: Individuals' Tax Breaks Fulfill Campaign Promise
WSJ: From Yachts to Textiles, Perks for Special Interests
WSJ: The Entitlement Stimulus: More giant steps toward government health care
Wash Times: Economic-stimulus bills allot millions for STD prevention
Rush Limbaugh: Music Maestro Barry White and the Obama STD Stimulus Theme!
AP/Taylor: Obama seeks Senate GOP help for recovery bill
Hill: Senate Republicans want to guarantee mortgages
NYT: Editorial: The Stimulus Advances

WSJ/Rush Limbaugh: My Bipartisan Stimulus
Rush Limbaugh: The monologue that became a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed
Rush Limbaugh: Congressman Eric Cantor & Rush Expose the Obama Porkulus Bill
Rush Limbaugh: America Wins If Liberalism Fails
Seattle PI/Bookman: Republicans in Limbaugh's shadow
Rush Limbaugh: Drive-Bys Declare: Rush Leads GOP
SF Chronicle: Limbaugh is talk host king, not leader of GOP
Neil Cavuto: Rush Limbaugh Doesn't Need Me to Defend Him
Rush Limbaugh: Congressman Phil Gingrey to Rush: "I Regret Those Stupid Comments"

WSJ/Lawrence Lindsey: How About a Payroll Tax Stimulus?
WaPo/Martin Feldstein: An $800 Billion Mistake
George Will: Stimulus Math for the GOP
Dick Morris: GOP, push free enterprise

WSJ: New Bank Bailout Could Cost $2 Trillion
WSJ: Fan and Fred's Lunch Tab: A quarter-trillion dollars, and rising
WaPo: U.S. Aid Goes to Credit Unions: $1 Billion Infusion Sent to Firm That Services Industry

NYT: Leaders Say Obama Has Tapped Pastor for Outreach Office
NYT: Obama Holds Reception for Congressional Leaders
NYT: White House Unbuttons Formal Dress Code
Karl Rove: The Obama White House May Be a Crowded Mess
Larry Elder: Obama: The Endless Honeymoon?

Ann Coulter: Liberal Victimhood: A game you can play at home

NYT: Panel Backs Justice Dept. Nominee
NYT: Judiciary Panel Approves Holders Nomination
Washington Times: Holder assures GOP on prosecution
American Spectator: Holder the Hater

WSJ: The Geithner Exception
WSJ: Geithner's Wrong on the Yuan
Politico: Bush holdovers populate Defense
NYT: Editorial: Hilda! Hilda! Hilda!

NYT: House Defeats Bill to Delay Digital TV Switch
Fox: GOP Congressman Intros 'Rangel Rule,' Eliminating IRS Late Fees
Weekly Standard: The Rangel Rule

WaPo: Postal Service May Cut Deliveries: Mail Could Arrive Only 5 Days a Week

NYT: Union Membership Up Sharply in 2008, Report Says

Washington Times: Gore: Congress must OK emissions bill
WSJ/James Taranto: Not Cool Anymore: Global warmism's winter of discontent
WaPo/Dana Milbank: The Goracle Looks Into the Future

AP/Pickler: Abramoff deputy accused of providing gifts to public officials

American Spectator: Bill Kristol's Departure

Anchorage Daily News: Palin gives reasons for forming PAC
US News: Sarah Palin and the Republican Party Stay Mum on Faith


Human Events: RNC Chairmans Race: 24 Hours To Go And Still No Favorite
Detroit News: Race for GOP leader unsettled as vote nears
Hill: RNC race expected to go beyond one ballot
Real Clear Politics: RNC Chair Race Reaches Finish Line
Washington Times: 'Dirtiest ever' race for RNC chairman: Racism, graft allegations fly
WaPo: For GOP, a Case of Misshapen Identity
IHT: Struggling Republicans to pick new party chief
Cincinnati Enquirer: Blackwell wants to lead Republican Party
MSNBC: 'We Expect Duncan to Be the Winner'
MSNBC: For RNC Chair, A 'Two-Man Race'?
Politico: Steele's count
Politico: Log Cabins at issue in RNC chair race
Arizona Capitol Times: Pullen campaigns for national GOP slot

Eric Cantor: The GOP's path back
CQ Politics: Cantor Scores Perfect on Stimulus Test
Jason Chaffetz: GOP choice: Expediency or principle
Hugh Hewitt: 'I won': GOP words to live by
Lou Zickar: The GOP's rocky road back


NY Post/Dicker: Gov's Wife New Star of Spamalot: Email War vs. Media
Real Clear Politics: Gov. Paterson Gives the GOP Three Gifts

Hill: N.Y. reps. not sold on Gillibrand, could back McCarthy
Politico: Gillibrand, the fundraising dynamo
Politico: Schumer goes to the mat for Gillibrand

Albany TU: It's Tedisco as GOP pick: Assemblyman wins party support for 20th CD contest

Albany TU: Feds want lawyer off Spargo case

NY Post: Poll Potent Ammo for Mayor 'Class' Warfare


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich pulls surprise, will go today to deliver closing argument at trial
WSJ: Blagojevich Asks to Speak at His Impeachment Trial
NYT: Blagojevich to End Boycott of His Own Trial
Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich to make Thursday plea at capitol
David Broder: It's No Joke to Illinois


Pioneer Press: Some valid votes in Senate race still uncounted, official says
Star Tribune: Coleman lawyers probe reasons for rejecting ballots
Star Tribune: Senate recount trial recap
AP: Election official questioned in Franken-Coleman recount
Star Tribune: Coleman website technical difficulties resolved
Fox: Norm Coleman on Undecided Minnesota Senate Race
NRO: Abolish Recounts

St. Cloud Times: Bachmann votes no on stimulus legislation


Public Radio CN: Conservative Lawmakers Blame Rendell, Not Economy for Budget Gap
Allentown Morning Call: Budget crisis puts charge into rhetoric machine


Sacramento Bee: Governor threatens layoffs if state workers balk at furloughs
SF Chronicle: Governor threatens to dismiss state workers
Sacramento Bee: Today's furlough hearing won't ease the uncertainty
Sacramento Bee: State tax refund delay hurts low wage earners
Sacramento Bee: Schwarzenegger, other state officials want to dump prison health czar
Sacramento Bee: Schwarzenegger: Beyond the budget kabuki
LA Times: Stimulus would bring welcome relief to California
Mercury News: Poll shows voters fed up with Sacramento, want reform
LA Times/Skelton: Californians aren't ready for the one-two budget punch


Houston Chronicle: Texas Republicans assail Obama stimulus plan
Dallas MN: Texas lawmakers lay out concerns about stimulus package
Fox: Last Republican Standing? Cornyn Takes Fight to Democrats

AP/Caldwell: Hutchison wants more federal money for border cops

Dallas MN: Texas House adopts rules to curb speaker's power
Austin AS: Editorial: Texas' modest aims for an uncertain climate

Dallas MN: Former President George W. Bush, wife attend Baylor women's basketball game


Miami Herald: Attorney General McCollum and Rep. Allen Boyd pass on Senate run
USA Today: Republican McCollum says no to Florida Senate race
Orlando Sentinel: McCollum won't pursue Florida's open senate seat in 2010
AP/Farrington: Boyd, McCollum won't run for Fla. Senate seat
News-Press: McCollum, Boyd won't run for senator in 2010
Tampa Tribune: 2 Big Names Won't Enter Senate Race
Hill: McCollum, Boyd say no to Senate bid
Broward Politics: Senate field narrows as McCollum and Boyd say they're not running

Tallahassee Democrat: Florida could gain billions from stimulus plan

Herald Tribune: Lawmakers and governor look to counter State Farm pullout
News-Press/Cook: State Farm takes its billions and takes off
Orlando Sentinel/Thomas: Sorry, Charlie: State Farm needs to stay
NYT: Big Insurer Says It Will Quit Florida Property Market


Atlanta JC: Phil Gingrey to Rush Limbaugh: I regret those stupid comments
CNN: Gingrey apologizes for Limbaugh criticism

Atlanta JC: Chambliss, Isakson say stimulus package must help housing sector
Macon Telegraph: If stimulus passes, Ga. to get more than $5.8B


Business First: Ohio Republicans say Strickland reforms short on specifics
Business Courier: Strickland address speaks to Ohio cuts, tax credits, education reform
Business First: Full text of Stricklands State of the State address
Cleveland PD: Questions raised by Gov. Ted Strickland's State of the State address
Columbus Dispatch: Strickland wants major education reform
Toledo Blade: Strickland proposes big changes for Ohio schools
Dayton Daily News: Strickland calls for big changes
Columbus Dispatch: Republicans see budget savings in consolidation


Detroit News: Conyers aide under fire
Detroit News: Kilpatrick ready to bolt


Fairfax Times: State's GOP leaders roll out economic plan for Virginia
News & Advance: House Republicans push for state stimulus projects


Knoxville News Sentinel: Tenn. House Ethics Committee rejects complaint
AP/Johnson: Complaint against speaker not taken up by panel
News Channel 5: House Ethics Committee Meeting Gets Heated
Nashville Scene: Even Republicans Vote to Dismiss Ethics Complaint Against Speaker
Chattanoogan: Rep. Lynn Admitted To Hospital For Stress-Related Symptoms


Denver Post: GOP offers alternate transportation plan


LA Times: Republicans roll out early attack ads on Harry Reid
AP/Werner: Republicans buy ad in Reno targeting Harry Reid
Dallas MN: Republicans launch first major ad for 2010 election cycle (with video)


Boston Globe: Patrick proposes broad cuts, taxes


Politico: Bunning throws Cornyn a curve


NRO: Dodds Guide to Clean Livin: Stall, and hope they forget


January 28, 2009



WSJ: Stimulus Bill Near $900 Billion
WSJ: A 40-Year Wish List: You won't believe what's in that stimulus bill
Fox: Republicans Object to Stimulus Dollars for ACORN
NewsMax: Obamas Bill Hands ACORN $5.2 Billion Bailout
American Spectator: ACORN's Stimulus
Marc Ambinder: Interview: Cantor On What Republicans Want
Hill: Dems target Republicans who backed smaller stimulus
WaPo/Milbank: The Republicans Are Smiling, but They're Not Buying
NYT: Obama, Visiting G.O.P. Lawmakers, Is Open to Some Compromise on Stimulus
WSJ: $646,214 Per Government Job: Spending where unemployment is already low
WSJ: A $545 Billion Private Stimulus Plan: Bring home foreign earnings without tax penalty
NYT: Stimulus Plan Would Provide Flood of Aid to Education
NYT: A Stimulus With Merit, and Misses Too

WaPo: Treasury Weighs Hard Choices To Save Banks
WSJ: Geithner Announces Stricter Lobbying Rules for Bailout
NYT: Geithner Sets Limits on Lobbying for Bailout Money
WSJ: Central Bank Takes Step to Alter Mortgage Terms
WaPo: Fed Adopts Program To Stem Foreclosures: Mortgage Renegotiation
WSJ: Senate Provision Would Let Buyout Firms Defer Taxes on Canceled Debt
WSJ: Senate Confirms Tarullo to Fed Post
WSJ: Fed Governor Duke Adds Dissenting Voice

WSJ: Eric Holder Wins Backing of Key Republican
LA Times: Editorial: Cornyn's outrageous confirmation demand
Andrew McCarthy: Politicizing Justice: How would Holder fare under the Democrats Gonzales standards?

WSJ: Bill Clinton Speech Fees Topped $4.7 Million in '08

WSJ: U.S. House Panel Approves Mortgage Measure

WSJ: Offshore Drilling on the Table
WSJ: Detroit Takes One (More) for the Team: Obama offers another costly gesture
WSJ: Kerry Seeks Action on Climate Pact
WSJ: The Pfizer Drug Warning: The Wyeth deal and the decline of innovation

WSJ: States Take Aim At Medicaid

LA Times: Bush rejected clemency for Michael Milken and 'Duke' Cunningham
Chicago Tribune: Bush rejected high-profile pardon requests, Justice Dept. tells Tribune

WaPo: GOP Eyes Seats of Appointed Senators: Some See 3 of 4 Up for Grabs in 2010
Politico: McConnell: GOP free of Bush 'burden'
Hill: Redistricting is a hidden weapon for gloomy GOP
American Thinker: Why Bipartisanship is Unethical

WaPo: Is Rush Limbaugh the New Face of the GOP?
Telegraph UK: Rush Limbaugh profile: The Most Dangerous Man in America?
Rush Limbaugh: Why Republicans Must Hold Out
Rush Limbaugh: Nancy Pelosi's Contraception Plan Aborted from Obama Porkulus Bill
Politico: Limbaugh takes a hit from Gingrey
Politico: House GOP member to Rush: Back off
Fox: Democrats Launch Petition Against Rush Limbaugh
Clarence Page: Obama vs. Limbaugh, audacity vs. ideology
Michelle Malkin: GOP: Time To Get Things Undone

CQ Politics: Palin Establishes PAC
LA Times: The GOP countdown to 2012: Sarah Palin forms a PAC
McClatchy: Palin sets up a PAC in sign she'll be around in 2012
Bloomberg: Palin Forms Political Committee That Could Help a 2012 Campaign
CNN: Palin launches political action committee
Politico: Palin starts PAC


Politico: Republicans eager for Barbour clone
WaPo: Backlash Against Bush Apparent in RNC
Ron Nehring: A Republican 50-state strategy?
Hill: RNC candidates announce new endorsements
Marc Ambinder: RNC Chairman's Race Update: Wadhams Endorses Anuzis
LA Times: Buying the RNC chairmanship?
Politico: Saltsman pins 'Magic Negro' on media
Mlive: Is Saul Anuzis conservative enough to be RNC chair?
Detroit FP: An Anuzis win -- so high school
NY Observer: Why Won't the Republicans Clean House?


Capital News 9: GOP picks Tedisco to run on Republican ticket
Albany TU: Tedisco tapped by GOP for 20th race
AP/Virtanen: County GOP chairmen tap Tedisco for Congress
Albany TU: Tedisco votes remotely while courting GOP congressional nod
CQ Politics: Republican Tediscos Fast Break Lands Him in N.Y. Special Election
Hill: Tedisco grabs GOP nod for Gillibrand seat

NYDN: Albany Democrats: We'll seek Kirsten Gillibrand foe for 2010
NRO: Challenging Gillibrand: Can Peter King do it?
PolitickerNY: Kirsten Gillibrand, Like Chuck Schumer With Connections
NYT: Drawing Fire on Immigration, Gillibrand Reaches Out
NYT: Gillibrand Takes Oath as Senator
Albany TU: Gillibrand starts life as senator
Roger Stone: Gillibrand's Dirty Tricks: Will AG Cuomo Get The Facts?

NYDN: Top Albany Republican in attack on Paterson's 'credibility'
Newsday: Skelos: Paterson lied about attacks on Kennedy
NY Post: Dave won't look into the smearer: Refuses Caroline probe
Buffalo News: Paterson won't 'hunt down' source of Kennedy leaks

LegisGazette: Skelos: Republicans "deserve to be part of the process"
Fox23: Budget battle begins again at the Capitol

Troy Record: Joe Bruno demands his day in court
Albany TU/LeBrun: Does Joe Bruno understand gravity of where he is?

NY Post: Novello facing felony charges

NY Post: Bloomberg, Weiner remain 'polls' apart


Chicago Tribune: FBI plays wiretaps of Rod Blagojevich at state Senate impeachment trial
Chicago Sun-Times: State senate hears Blagojevich wiretap tapes
WSJ: Illinois Senate Hears Blagojevich Tapes
WaPo: Illinois Lawmakers Hear Blagojevich Tapes


Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: Rejected voters have their day
Pioneer Press: 6 tell court their votes were unfairly denied in U.S. Senate election
AP/Condon: Voters ask court to add absentees to Minn. recount
CNN: Minnesota recount's comedy of errors

Pioneer Press: Pawlenty makes budget cuts with eye to the future
Star Tribune: Pawlenty would balance budget with cuts, federal stimulus


Wilkes Barre Times Leader: Pa. House Dem budget leader outlines $5.6B problem


Sacramento Bee: State leaders say federal stimulus will ease deficit crisis, not solve it
LA Times: California home foreclosures top 236,000 in 2008
Sacramento Bee: Furlough clash heats up
LA Times: Strangling California's budget


Dallas MN: Perry's address aimed at businesses and social conservatives
Austin AS: Perry seeks to hold the line this session
Star Telegram: Texas economy still healthy, Gov. Rick Perry says
Dallas MN: Key points in Perry's State of the State address
Dallas MN: Perry sounds like a man fighting for governor job in State of State
NYT: Texas Governor Blasts E.P.A.

Dallas MN: Texas lawmakers lay out concerns about stimulus package

Austin AS: House rules: Straus first test
NYT: Texas Rebellion Gives a Centrist a Lift


Miami Herald: S. Florida Republicans resist Obama's stimulus
Miami Herald: Gov. Charlie Crist vetoes $365 million from state budget cuts
Miami Herald: Crist's vetoes irk Republicans
CBS4: Crist Vetoes Millions From Fla. Budget Cuts
Tampa Tribune: Fla's DC Repubs v. Tallahassee Repubs
Orlando Sentinel: Grading Gov. Crist reveals harsh truths, despite his desire to succeed

St. Petersburg Times: Sansom inquiry targets Northwest Florida State College trustees

St. Petersburg Times: Iorio says she might run for U.S. Senate


Atlanta JC: Georgia congressmen split on stimulus plan


Cleveland PD: Republicans to governor: Shrink state government, eliminate jobs
Toledo Blade: GOP floats plan to shrink Ohio's government, cut 11,448 positions
Columbus Dispatch: Voinovich votes no in committee on Senate stimulus bill


Detroit News: Ann Arbor businessman poised to lead state Republicans
Detroit News: Hoogendyk out, Weiser in for Michigan GOP chair
AP/Hoffman: Race for Michigan GOP chairman down to Ron Weiser
AP: Biographical information about Ron Weiser

Mlive: Sen. George running for governor

Detroit News: Feds up pressure in bribery probe
Detroit FP: Names emerge in Synagro allegations
Detroit News: Kilpatrick wants to pack up, leave Mich.


Virginian-Pilot: McDonnell a Republican savior?
Richmond Times-Dispatch: Chief fundraiser for Va. GOP quits
Richmond Times-Dispatch: Cantor taps longtime aide to lead staff


AP: 2 TN congressmen seek $25M for TVA ash cleanup


Politico: Republicans chew on DeMint


Boston Globe: DeLeo will lead House; Patrick to unveil cuts


Arizona Republic: House Republicans tout plan's shallower cuts


CNN: Bunning defiantly promises to seek re-election in 2010


AP/Niesse: Hawaii gov: Need to balance budget, spur economy
Star Bulletin: Legislators should work with governor in handling crisis
AP: Lingle delivers State of the State speech
Honolulu Advertiser: Hawaii must make difficult choices, governor warns


Hill: On Bennet, Colorado GOP takes wait-and-see tactic


Hartford Courant: Hartford Mayor Arrested On Bribery Charges
AP: Hartford, Conn., mayor arrested on bribery charges


January 27, 2009



NYT: 62,000 Jobs Are Cut by U.S. and Foreign Companies
WaPo: Major U.S. Companies to Slash 48,400 Jobs
Wash Times: Premier firms shed 70,000 jobs: January on track for worst losses since '74

Hill: House to begin stimulus debate Tuesday
WSJ: Obama Urges Quick Action on Stimulus
WSJ: The proposed stimulus isn't big enough to restore confidence
WSJ: Corporate Tax Cuts Should Be Part of the Stimulus
WSJ: Economic Policy Will Have to Be Very Agile
WaPo: Stimulus Bill Sends Thrill Through Region
Rush Limbaugh: The Obama-Limbaugh Bipartisan Stimulus Plan of 2009
Rush Limbaugh: We Want the President's Policies to Fail So Everyone Can Succeed
AP/Sidoti: Obama to seek input from Republicans on economy

Huffington Post: Courting Snowe And Collins To Defang Senate Republicans

NY Post: Limbaugh slams Obama: Says new prez is not a 'unifier'
Rush Limbaugh: The Great Unifier Attacks Rush
Boston Herald: Analysts say prez erred in singling out Rush Limbaugh
Politico: Rush: Obama wants me to fail
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Nixonian Enemies List
NYT: Republican Senate Leader Sings Bipartisan Tune
LA Times: Obama ramps up bipartisan efforts
WaPo: The Effort to Roll Back Bush Policies Continues
Telegraph UK: The Right-wing talk show host Barack Obama has told Republicans to ignore

Rush Limbaugh: Speaker of the House Pelosi: Birth Control Helps the Economy
WSJ: Speaker Nancy Malthus: Pelosi should abstain from social engineering

Hill: Pelosi expects major step on health reform in '09

Politico: Cantor whips votes, counts cash

Hill: Welch gives back Rangel contributions

WSJ: Obama Moves to Let States Set Own Rules on Emissions
NYT: Detroit Calls Emissions Proposals Too Strict
NYT: Obama Directs Regulators to Tighten Auto Rules
WaPo: Obama Announces New Energy, Environmental Policies

NYT: Senate Confirms Geithner for Treasury Post
WaPo: Taking Office at Treasury, Geithner Vows Swift Action
WaPo: Geithner Confirmed By Senate
CQ Politics: Senate Confirms Geithner Despite Tax Problems
AP: Roll vote on treasury secretary
Washington Times: Collins to vote against Geithner

WSJ: Outgoing Spy Chief to Return to Booz Allen
WaPo: Kristol Severs Ties With the N.Y. Times

Washington Times: Political dynasties fade away

WSJ: Democrats Subpoena Rove, Testing Their Clout and Obama
Politico: Rove subpoenaed by Conyers
Hill: Conyers subpoenas Rove
AP/Margasak: House Judiciary Chairman Subpoenas Karl Rove


Marc Ambinder: RNC Chair Race Update: Unentangling Alliances
Townhall: RNC Rumors Flying
Plum Line: Anonymous Attack On GOP Chair Candidate Uses Fake Newspaper Cover
Media General: Fla. GOP Chief to Whip for Steele in RNC Chairmans Race
Hill: RNC candidates play Lets Make a Deal in final week
Politico: Steele denies deal with Duncan
Hotline: An RNC Chairman Race In Flux; Duncan Has Modest Edge


Newsday: Poll: Cuomo, Giuliani rise in 2010 gov matchup
McClatchy: Cuomo ties Paterson in governor's race poll
Buffalo News: Poll shows Paterson losing big lead over Cuomo in primary matchup
NY Post/Dicker: Paterson lyin' king of state: Knows Kennedy leaker
NY Post: Editorial: The fabulous fabulist
NY Post: Mike rips 'cheap shots' at Kennedy
NYDN: Caroline Kennedy bashing 'cheap dirty politics,' Mayor Bloomberg says
NYT: Paterson Seeks Distance From Senate Damage, but Hedges
NYT: After Criticism, Paterson Cancels Trip to Davos

Newsday: Records show McCarthy contributed to Gillibrand races
Politico: Gillibrand already fundraising for a Senate race
Hill: Poll: Republicans like Gillibrand pick more than Dems
AP/Matthews: Gillibrand vows to back hunters' rights
NYDN: Pro-gun Senator-designate Gillibrand should see heartbreak at Brooklyn HS
Newsday: Gillibrand's debut sees D'Amato on front row

CQ Politics: New York Party Bosses to Choose Ballot Names

NYT: Report Assails Ex-Health Chief in New York
NYDN: Antonia Novello, former surgeon general, rocked by scandal

NY Post: Hot Weiner catching up to Bloomy in poll

Albany TU: Bruno: Time for righteous indignation
Albany TU: Who thinks highly of John Faso? John Faso does
Buffalo News: Schumer, Higgins urge federal probe of gas prices

Buffalo News: O'Donnell named to key state homeland security post
AP/Bauman: NY criminal justice boss to lead homeland security


NYT: Illinois Trial Goes on Minus Star Defendant
WSJ: Blagojevich Takes His Case to TV: Illinois Governor Skips Impeachment Trial
Politico: The Rod Blagojevich Show
Politico: Blago impeachment trial underway
WaPo/Milbank: Waxing Poetic About Injustice
Detroit FP: Blagojevich mum on federal recording comments
NYDN: Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich: I considered Oprah Winfrey for Senate seat
Chicago Tribune: Young Republicans offer fundraiser to hospital in Blagojevich scandal


Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: Copies of ballots don't cut it
Pioneer Press: Markings on absentee ballot envelopes upset Coleman case
Hill: Opening day indicates long Coleman-Franken trial
Hill: Franken gets jump-start on Minnesota Senate hearing
Hometown Source: Republican Norm Coleman attending trial before panel

Star Tribune: A giant battle over Medicaid is brewing in Minnesota
Pioneer Press: Pawlenty puts health, welfare on cutting table

Star Tribune: GOP legislators want photo IDs for voting in Minnesota
Pioneer Press: Requiring voter IDs is back on the agenda

Star Tribune: Accused of intending to bomb GOP convention


WaPo: Murtha's 'Big-Game' Link


Sacramento Bee: Feds' stimulus plan could set stage for California budget deal
Bloomberg: Schwarzenegger Says Deal Is Close as Cash Runs Short
SF Chronicle: GOP, Dems gamble on effect of a stimulus bill
Sacramento Bee: Environmentalists sound alarms over budget deal

Sacramento Bee: Tough California air rules to force new era for cars?
SF Chronicle: Emissions rule waiver expected this spring
Mercury News: Obama embraces California vehicle emissions efforts

LA Times: Stanford law graduate who allegedly was a call girl pleads guilty to tax evasion


Dallas MN: Hutchison releases names of Perry donors who are now part of her campaign
News 8 Austin: 1 year out, Perry-Hutchison battle heating up

Dallas MN: Proposed Texas House rules trim committees, moderate speaker's power
Austin AS: Speaker Straus would roll back some Craddick policies


Orlando Sentinel: Economy dominates town-hall meeting with Crist

Media General: Gelber To Join Fla. Senate Race
Ledger: Gelber Will Enter Senate Race For Martinez's Seat
AP/Farrington: Fla. state Sen. Gelber to run for US Senate

WCTV: Florida Supreme Court Appointment Info


Atlanta JC: Georgia Legislature: Counties could team on transit
Atlanta JC: Property tax relief deserves to live
Macon Telegraph: Cuts run deep in Perdues budget proposal


Marc Ambinder: The Ohio Senate Landscape


Detroit FP: Synagro exec exposes bribes; plea details point to Kilpatrick
Detroit News: Kilpatrick, dad linked to FBI bribery probe
Detroit News: Kilpatrick seeks permission to travel


Chattanooga TFP: GOP lawmakers ready to work with House leader
Chattanooga TFP: Lawmakers ready to put budget on chopping block


Politico: McAuliffe airs first ad of gov. race
Hill: Bill Clinton to keynote Virginia Dems dinner


Politico: Stevens: Agent, witness had romance


Hill: Suthers says no to Colorado Senate bid


Louisville C-J: Mongiardo will seek Bunning's Senate seat
Lexington HL: Mongiardo to run for U.S. Senate
Hill: Kentucky Lt. Gov. will challenge Bunning
Business Courier: Mongiardo announces intention to run for Senate
MSNBC: Mongiardo To Enter Senate Race


Boston Globe: House seethes in fight for speaker: DeLeo appears to have the votes
Boston Globe: Picking a more conservative speaker: Low-key DeLeo is a man of House
AP/LeBlanc: Mass. House Speaker is third in a row to quit powerful post under ethics clouds


January 26, 2009



WSJ: Business Seeks Stimulus Tax Cuts
NYT: Nationalization Gets a New, Serious Look
Times UK: Banks call on Barack Obama for urgent cash injection
NYT: Republicans Are Resistant to Obamas Stimulus Plan
LA Times: Republicans step up criticism of Obama
Politico: Boehner not on board with stimulus
NYT: White House Pushing Stimulus Package
WSJ: The Stimulus Time Machine: That $355 billion in spending isn't about the economy
WSJ: We need to know what's mucking up the financial system
WSJ: How Modern Law Makes Us Powerless
WSJ: States of Distress: Our local politicians want $200 billion without any shaping up
WSJ: Watch Out for Stimulus 'Leaks'
WSJ: Congress Needs to Help the Economy Fast
Reuters: Obama aide won't rule out more money for bailouts
CQ Politics: More Money for Floundering Financial Industry?
AP: Pelosi: GOP ideas judged by ability to create jobs
ABC: 'This Week' Transcript: Nancy Pelosi
Fox: Transcript: Sen. Schumer on 'FOX News Sunday'
AP/Quaid: Stimulus: School money will be hard to cut later
AP: McCain will not vote for stimulus as it stands now
Drudge: Pelosi says birth control will help economy

WSJ: Geithner Is Exactly Wrong on China Trade
AP/Ohlemacher: Congress takes up economic plans, Treasury nominee
Washington Times: Napolitano lists Canadian border a top security priority
AP: McCain grudgingly says defense pick will proceed
USA Today: Ex-ACLU lawyer settles into government role
Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel inside the bubble
American Thinker: Media averts eyes from subpoenas to Obama top staff
Detroit FP: Bill Ayers denies '70s plot to blow up Detroit police sites

ABC/Tapper: POTUS v. Limbaugh
PoliGazette: Limbaugh and Obama Go To War

WSJ: Obama Moves to Let States Set Own Rules on Emissions
NYT: Obamas Order Is Likely to Tighten Auto Standards
WaPo: Obama to Take Steps On Car Fuel Efficiency
AP/Feller: States may gain power over emissions standards

Hill: Top Dem: No comprehensive health reform this year
CQ Politics: Within Stimulus Bill, Democrats Move to Expand Medicaid

Pittsburgh TR: Feingold to introduce amendment ending appointments
CNN: Senator: End Blagojevich-type appointments

NYT: Editorial: The Moment for National Service
NYT: Editorial: From Here to Retirement

WaPo: Fed May Gain More Financial Oversight

William Kristol: Will Obama Save Liberalism?
EJ Dionne: Ready-for-Disaster Republicans

Miami Hurricane: Karl Rove speaks to students about Gitmo, presidential legacy

Hill: Dem whip challenges GOP to invite Obama to retreat

AP: McCain says it hurts to lose the election

WaPo: Once Pardoned, Always Pardoned


Human Events: RNC Race Is Red-Hot
Baltimore Sun: Steele has a shot at the GOP chairmanship in a cozy little contest
Honolulu Advertiser: Hawaii GOP leader to vote for national GOP chief
GOPUSA/Muth: RNC Race Heats Up, Turns Negative
Politico: RNC race boosts technology


Post Star: Saratoga County GOP backs Tedisco
Capital News 9: Saratoga Republican Committee endorses Tedisco for Congress
Star Gazette: Many set sights on Gillibrand's seat
MidHudson News: Two more candidates surface for Gillibrand House seat
Swing State Project: NY-20: Treadwell Is Out

NYDN: Senate-designate Gillibrand: My goal is to try to fill Hillary Clinton's shoes
Troy Record: Gillibrand expected to be upstate watch dog
Village Voice: Is Gillibrand Too Republican to Replace Clinton?

NY Post/Dicker: Caroline's Secret Reason
NYDN/Benjamin: Hired PR gun doomed Caroline, insiders say
NY Post: Kennedys Livid as Gov Asked Caroline to 'Lie'
NY Mag: The Zany Adventures of (Senator) Caroline Kennedy
NYDN/Lupica: Gov. Paterson is the one who is out of his weight class
NYDN: Gov. Paterson's political future is on life support - Dems
Buffalo News: Paterson may feel backlash from angry Democrats

Buffalo News: Thompson to make a bigger splash
Post-Standard: Syracuse agencies worry about state budget cuts

MSNBC: After Indictment, Bruno Says He's Being Targeted
Capital News 9: Local Republican leaders speak out for Bruno
Rochester D&C: Bruno's fight underscores need for tougher ethics laws
Times Herald-Record: Bonacic: Bruno indictment highlights Albanys problems
Gothamist: Indicted, Bruno Says Fed's Investigation "Stinks"
NY Observer: Feds Explain Indictment of Bruno, Albany

NY Post/Dicker: Dave's Swiss Bliss: Will Flee Town After Semate-Pick Debacle

Washington Times: Rangel ethics inquiries vex House leaders

NY Post: Obama plans $3.4B shot in arm for NYC
NYDN: New York in line for $3.4B boost under Obama stimulus package

NY Post: Molinari is Mayor's guy


ABC7: State rep.: Governor has 'gone insane'
Chicago Tribune: Senate trial looms, Blagojevich unbowed
Chicago ST: Blagojevich in NBC interview compares himself to Gandhi, King and Mandela
NYDN: Please feel sorry for me, says Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich
AP/Zelinski: Impeachment casts cloud over other state work
AP/Wills: Impeachment trial to proceed without Ill. governor
Daily Herald: Governor's impeachment trial a first for Illinois

Daily Herald: Ryan will take his bid for freedom to Obama


Star Tribune: 3 judges take control today of Senate race
WaPo: Franken Has the Lead, but Coleman Has His Day in Court
AP/Condon: Burden in Minn. Senate trial heavier on Coleman

AP: Trial starts for Texas man charged in RNC case

AP: Pawlenty to release budget plan on Tuesday


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Rendell's stinky cronyism
Philadelphia Inquirer: Editorial: Raising Pa. Taxes: Not now
Philadelphia Inquirer: What to expect from Fumo's defense


LA Times: Legislators signal $6 billion in budget cuts
LA Times: Governor rails against waste but finds it's hard to pin down
Sac Bee: Tech slump's ripples hit both capital, Capitol
SF Chronicle: Property tax revenue plummets with home values
Ventura County Star: State crisis reflects nation's

LA Times: Obama clearing way for California emissions waiver

AP/Leff: Gay leaders mull taking fight to 2010 vote


Fort Worth Star Telegram: New duties have Granger rethinking Senate race
Houston Chronicle: Hutchison meets campaign supporters in Austin
Dallas MN: Transcript of interview with Texas Gov. Rick Perry
Houston Chronicle: Just a few lawmakers make switch to lobbying


Houma Courier: Why didn't President Bush pardon Edwin Edwards?
Times-Picayune: Chance for release passes Edwards by


Orlando Sentinel: Crist counts on federal relief to rescue Florida
Tallahassee Democrat: State eyes Chiles fund again
Sun-Sentinel: South Florida cities list projects for Barack Obama stimulus plan money
Orlando Sentinel: Florida should hurry if it wants cigarette-tax hike
Sun-Sentinel: Florida Legislature fight looms over Seminole gambling deal
Palm Beach Post: Grand jury to weigh speaker's ethics amid inquiries about ties to college


McClatchy: Georgia could get $1.9B of stimulus
Atlanta JC: Lawmakers take aim at public defender council
Rome N-T: Lawmakers in budget struggle; more cuts proposed
Times-Herald: Georgians have ample reason to question Perdue's $21 million loan


Tuscaloosa News: Alabamas 12 most influential people


Port Clinton News Herald: Strickland will be squeezed as State of State address looms


Tennessean: Bredesen: Family tax break totally illegitimate
Kingsport Times News: Williams: Ethics complaint will be dropped


Anchorage Daily News: Governor rekindles massive dam plan
Juneau Empire: Palin hiring freeze raises questions


NYT: Brothels Ask to Be Taxed, but Official Sees a Catch


Boston Globe: DiMasi will resign: Defends record, says ethics issues not forcing him out
NYT: Speaker of Massachusetts House Resigns Over Friendship


WaPo: Senate Seat Is Latest Stop On Bennet's Unlikely Ride


Arizona Daily Star: Brewer jabs at Napolitano, vows to eliminate deficit


AP: New head of Neb. Republicans predicts GOP power


CQ Politics: The Curious Case of New Mexicos Governor Race


AP: Gay Portland Mayor Won't Resign Over Lying About Relationship With Teen


January 25, 2009



WaPo: Obama Details Recovery Plan
Atlanta JC: Republicans: Obama plan bad medicine
Hill: Boehner rips Dem stimulus as chock-full of spending
Hill: House leaders to discuss stimulus on Sunday shows
AP: Sunday news show lineup
NYT: In Effort to Build Support, Obama Details Stimulus Plan
LA Times: Obama offers some economic stimulus specifics
House: Text of Stimulus Bill (.pdf)
Hill: In first radio address, Obama promotes stimulus
Hill: Rail group seeks track to stimulus funds
AP/Elliott: Obama touts aid plan's impact on average Americans
NYT: Obama Plans Fast Action to Tighten Financial Rules
Bloomberg: Republican Boehner Criticizes Democrats Economic-Recovery Plan
PR Newswire: House Republican Leader Boehner Delivers Weekly Republican Address
CQ Politics: Obama Tactics May Strain McConnell-Boehner Tie
LA Times/McManus: Obama's short-lived honeymoon
SF Examiner: Editorial: Cowering GOP becomes Obamas doormat
Financial Post: Obama's billionaire buddies

WaPo: Bush Doctrine Stalls Holder Confirmation: GOP Wants No More Investigations
Washington Times: Panetta faces qualification questions
Pasadena Star-News: Solis' confirmation as Labor secretary delayed
Las Vegas Sun: Card check issue stalls panels vote on nominee
Hill: Obama waives lobbying rules for Lynn
WaPo: Three New Homeland Security Hires
Politico: Holbrooke: Special Envoy to India
NYT: Partisan, Playful and Profane, Obama Aide Rahm Emanuel Tries to Hold It In
Daily Mail UK: Meet Obama's bodyman: The White House 'Chief of Stuff'

LA Times: Obama moves forward with plans to cut emissions
Washington Times: Obama poised to change Cuba policy?

NRO/York: Limbaugh Responds to Obama
JustOneMinute: Rush To Judgement
Telegraph UK: Barack Obama picks a fight with Rush Limbaugh as bipartisan spirit crumbles

NYT: Editorial: Uphold the Voting Rights Act

Washington Times: Report: Palin's clothes from RNC end up in trash
Fox: Sarah Palin Fan Mistakenly Buys Notorious Effigy Hung by Noose During Campaign


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: What Republicans must do
Politico: Nicholson to GOP:Rethink immigration


Politico: King: "Cloud over" Gillibrand pick
Politico: Gillibrand unpopular among peers
AP: Gillibrand starts statewide "listening tour" in Harlem
NY Post: Gillibrand starts statewide tour in Harlem
Newsday: Gillibrand's rise not surprising to those who know her
AP/Gormley: Schumer the unseen hand in NY Senate choice
Newsday: Paterson criticized for how he choose new senator
Times UK: Poison flows as Kennedys daughter drops Senate bid
NYT: In Becoming a Willing Bridesmaid, Cuomo Plays Against Type
NYT: Enough About Gillibrand Who Won?
WROC: Congressman Chris Lee Weighs in on Governor Appointment
Maureen Dowd: Which Governor Is Wackier?
Newsday/Henican: New senator Gillibrand puts new president on hold

NY Post: Rangel probers AWOL: Ethics inquiry stalls as pols leave panel

Rochester D&C: Weight of public pensions growing for taxpayers


Chicago Sun-Times: Feds subpoena Blagojevich about contacts with Axelrod, Jarrett
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich likely to be ousted
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich hires Drew Peterson's PR firm
Chicago Sun-Times: Gov enlists Drew's PR firm to oversee dealings with media
Chicago Tribune: Governor takes his fight to airwaves
Daily Herald: Blagojevich's talking points
Chicago Tribune/Kass: As the stakes sharpen, Blago bares his fangs
Chicago Sun-Times/Marin: Gov's media blitz: unadulterated poppycock
Chicago Sun-Times: Genson quits Blago's criminal case
AP: Blagojevich Chief Attorney Quits Case
Daily Herald: Senate Republicans mix politics with impeachment trial


Star Tribune: Norm Coleman reaches out to Franken on absentee ballots
AP/Condon: Minn. Senate recount trial: What happens now?
Pioneer Press: U.S. Senate Race / Next stage of election could be the last
Power Line: Secretary Ritchie responds


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. Senate GOP pushes "government reform" bills


Sac Bee: California is almost out of ways to pay bills, fund programs, controller says
SF Examiner: San Francisco seeks $1.1 billion of stimulus funds
Sac Bee: Speaker names full committee membership

Sacramento Bee: Prop. 8 donor disclosure dispute heats up
LA Times: Proposition 8 opponents hold Equality Summit

LA Times/Lopez: Toss one of those plum posts to me, governor
Sac Bee/Walters: How could constitutional convention help California?


Time: Bush Returns to a Divided Texas Republican Party
AP/Shannon: Hutchison meets campaign supporters in Austin
Dallas MN: Team Hutchison targets Gov. Perry
Austin AS: Hutchison: Ill declare for governor this summer
Star Telegram: Hutchison looking to play cards right on two fronts


Tallahassee Democrat: Grand jury to consider probe into Sansom's college job
Miami Herald: Florida House Speaker Ray Sansom faces complaints, state probe
St. Petersburg Times: Inquiries heat up for Sansom
St. Petersburg Times: For it's one, two, three Sansom scandals

CQ Politics: Florida GOP Gov. Crist Riding High as Re-election Year Nears
Tallahassee Democrat: Editorial: Obama public-records order echoes Crist's

St. Petersburg Times: I-4 corridor yields no U.S. Senate crop for Democrats so far

Orlando Sentinel/Thomas: Economic reality catching up with Crist's insurance pipe dream
Orlando Sentinel/Maxwell: Sin-stained cash OK for GOP but not you


Macon Telegraph: Economic stimulus package may send $1.9 billion to Ga.


Akron Beacon Journal/Willard: Ohio needs to overhaul weak voting system now
Columbus Dispatch: Can Gov. Strickland right the ship?
Columbus Dispatch: State's jobless rate up to 7.8%


Detroit News: Mich. delegation presses Obama to help state


WaPo: Va. Governor's Divided Workload Raises Questions


Jackson Sun: In a Keith vs. Wamp race, Tennessee's children will be winners
Times News: Mumpower releases text of undelivered victory speech
Times News: Commission dismisses ethics complaint filed against Mumpower


Phoenix Business Journal: Rep. Jeff Flake ponders run for Arizona governor


Des Moines Register: Northey considers running for governor
AP/Glover: Northey ponders bid for Iowa governor


Bayou Buzz: Louisiana Democratic Party Criticizes Vitter, La. Republicans On Women Issue


Cincinnati Enquirer: Bunning running on empty
Louisville Courier-J: Bunning's weak '08 fundraising raises more questions about 2010 run
Bluegrass Politics: McConnell remains mum on Bunning


News-Leader: Blunt ponders run for Bond's Senate seat


Star-Ledger: GOP selects Karrow to fill seat in state Senate


January 24, 2009



WaPo: Downturn Accelerates As It Circles The Globe
Washington Times: Obama hears GOP stimulus concerns
WaPo: Obama to Decide Soon Whether to Add to Bailout
Reuters: Republicans agree stimulus to pass in February
Reuters: Top Republican echoes Obama's call to end sniping
NYT: Obama Presses for Quick Jolt to the Economy
WSJ: Partisan Rancor Seeps Into Talks on Stimulus Plan
WaPo: Obama Seeks GOP Backing for Stimulus
AP/Taylor: Senate panel proposes $300 bonus payment to seniors
NYT: Firms That Got Bailout Money Keep Lobbying
WSJ: Politicians Asked Feds to Prop Up Ailing Bank
AP/Smyth: Governors seek concessions from public workers
George Will: Grand, Yes. Bargain, No.

Houston Chronicle: Texas Sen. Cornyn challenges Obama agenda
AP/Gamboa: Eye on 2010, Texas senator ready to challenge Dems
Politico: Jindal gets top GOP speaking slot
Hill: Jindal to keynote NRCC dinner
Hill: McConnell fires shots at Schumer for campaign tactics

WSJ: Delays in Cabinet Nominations Demonstrate GOP Resolve
WSJ: Geithner Delay Slows Assembly of Crisis Team
WSJ: Geithner's China Bash
Politico: Geithner plans regulations blitz
WaPo: For Political Appointees, a Trickle-In Theory
Boston Globe: George Mitchell returning to hot seat: Mideast poses new challenge
LA Times: Middle East envoy George Mitchell no stranger to conflicts
Politico: Bush's legal foes now Obama's legal team

Radio World: Obama Names Copps Interim FCC Chairman
Reason: Copps On Patrol
Information Week: Obama Names Acting FCC Chair
Reuters: Democrat Copps says named acting US FCC chief

NYT: Obama Reverses Rules on U.S. Abortion Aid
AP/Lee: Obama reverses Bush abortion-funds policy

WSJ: Pay-Discrimination Bill Signals Pro-Labor Shift in Washington

WaPo: Senate Nears Deal To Delay Digital TV

Nick Gillespie: Bush Was a Big-Government Disaster
Detroit News: Cheney wanted Bush to pardon Libby of perjury, obstruction

Politico: Kempthorne 2012?

AP: Sunday news show lineup
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Fox: Rush Limbaugh Breaks Down Republican Party Problems
GOPUSA: Will the next GOP Leader please stand up?
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Plan to Separate Elected Republicans from Their Voters
NY Post: Obama Zings Limbaugh


NYT: DAmato Takes (Near) Center Stage at Gillibrand Announcement
NY Post: Dem Red 'Al'ert on Sen Kirsten
NYT: Gillibrand Is a Centrist With a Tenacious Style
NY Post: Gov says Caroline turned 'nasty'
NYT: In Selection Mess, Paterson Dug Hole Deeper
WSJ: Gov. Paterson Ends Senate-Seat Saga
WaPo: N.Y. Governor Angers Kennedy, Cuomo Backers
AP/Eltman: Pro-gun US Senate pick makes some NY pols unhappy
AP/Gormley: Little-known congresswoman picked for Clinton seat
Buffalo News: Patersons pick is known as a powerful political presence
Ithaca Journal: Many candidates interested in Gillibrand's seat
Troy Record: Several already eyeing Gillibrand's post
NY Post: Gov. Paterson Names Gillibrand Senator: Has 'Palin Pizazz'
Washington Times: Gillibrand pick cheers right, angers left
Daily News: Critics pounce on Gov. Paterson's choice
Buffalo News: Gillibrand, Hudson Valley moderate, appointed to Senate
NYDN: Caroline Kennedy was in over her head, but Gov. David Paterson crew stoops low
NYDN: Source: Gov. Paterson was underwhelmed with Caroline Kennedy from the start
Politics on the Hudson: Race For Gillibrands Seat Underway
Politico: Gillibrand conducted oppo research on self
NYT: Editorial: Adventures in New York Politics
NYDN: Editorial: Paterson owed New York a senator of commanding stature
David Broder: Dynasties In Decline
Susan Estrich: Caroline's Exit

NY Post/Dicker: Dave Dooms Self to Lose vs. Andy
Rochester D&C: Paterson may pay price for Senate pick
NYDN/Benjamin: Week's political turmoil reveals the three-ring circus that is Albany

NY Post: $3M Bruno Fraud: Fed Indictment in Phony Fee Scam
NYDN: Bruno indicted on corruption charges spanning 13 years
NYT: Ex-Senate Leader Bruno Is Indicted for Corruption
Buffalo News: Federal indictment cites illicit payments to ex-State Senate leader
Buffalo News: Bruno defiant, denies charges of corruption
AP/Hill: Former NY Senate GOP leader Joseph Bruno indicted on federal corruption charges
Village Voice: Joe Bruno Indicted
AP: Former NY Senate leader Joe Bruno indicted
AP/Hill: Former N.Y. Senate Majority Leader Indicted

NYT: In This G.O.P., the ‘O’ Stands for Optimism


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich: Impeachment trial 'hanging' him
Chicago Sun-Times: Editorial: Govs plea: Save me: We say: Save yourself
WSJ: Gov. Blagojevich Claims Impeachment Trial Won't Be Fair
NYT: Blagojevich Calls Impeachment Process Unfair
WaPo: Gov. Blagojevich Vows to Boycott His Senate Trial
NYDN: Blagojevich: Corruption charges are like 'Pearl Harbor'
AP/Wills: Blagojevich: I might sue to stop trial
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Think Blago Can't Survive


Pioneer Press: Coleman's request for ballot inspectors denied by three-judge panel
Star Tribune: Coleman loses bid to check at least 4,500 ballots
AP/Condon: Coleman denied request for Minn. ballot inspection
WSJ: Minnesota Vote Fight Enters New Phase

AP: Ex-House DFL Leader Entenza may run for governor


Philadelphia Inquirer: Specter unsure after Holder meeting
Roll Call: Murtha Had Long Relationship With Defense Firm
American Thinker: Murtha-Funded Firms Busted


Mercury News: Obama stimulus, Schwarzenegger budget plans at odds
LA Times: California unemployment rate jumps to 9.3% in December
San Diego UT: State, local jobless numbers jump
LA Times: Orange County public assistance workers decry layoffs


Dallas MN: Texas' Sen. Hutchison opposes $825 billion stimulus package
Dallas MN: Stimulus plan, which includes $27 billion for Texas, vexes GOP leaders
AP/Root: Gov. Rick Perry rips federal government

DMN: Texas education board approves standards that don't include evolution 'weaknesses'
NYT: Split Outcome in Texas Battle on Teaching of Evolution


Sun-Sentinel: Gov. Charlie Crist wants Florida to get fair share of stimulus money
Miami Herald: New rules raise the bar for condo mortgages in Florida

Miami Herald: Embattled House Speaker Ray Sansom hires prominent attorney
St. Petersburg Times: House Speaker Sansom hires criminal defense attorney

Hill: Poll finds close Florida race with many unknowns
MSNBC: Senate race: Mack, McCollum best known

Miami Herald: Survey: Floridians back cigarette tax, gays' right to adopt


Atlanta JC: Billions may be headed to Georgia
Dawson Times: Georgia Republican Delegation Calls on Obama to Allow Offshore Drilling


Roll Call: Portman Meets With Cornyn
Akron BJ: It's time to set record straight on the results of Ohio vote


Detroit News: Farrakhan visits Kilpatrick


Washington Times: Va. absentee ballot bill advances
Richmond Times Dispatch: Redistricting bill dies in House panel


Austin AS: The GOP's Tennessee Waltz
NWTN: Williams election completes northeast Tenn. power shift
Chattanooga TFP: Wamp says 1 seat not enough insurance
CQ Politics: An Early Entry in Tennessee House Race


WSJ: Mayor's Admission Roils Portland
AP/Hudetz: Portland mayor to decide soon whether to resign


Boston Globe: Patrick to cut local aid by $128m


Olympian: Parties choose leaders today


Arizona Republic: Gov. Napolitano's legacy an unclear one


January 23, 2009



WSJ: Expect the World Economy to Suffer Through 2009
WaPo: Stimulus Plan Meets More GOP Resistance
Reuters: Republicans Upset as House Panels Move on Stimulus
AP/Kuhnhenn: Obama, lawmakers to meet on economic stimulus
AP/Espo: House Dems push tax breaks through committee
WSJ: Investors Want Clarity Before They Take Risks
WSJ: The World Won't Buy Unlimited U.S. Debt

WaPo: Delays in Bank Aid Spur Frustration
WaPo: Report Faults Financial Oversight

WSJ: Senate Panel Approves Geithner for Treasury's Top Post
WaPo: Geithner Says China Manipulates Its Currency
NYT: Geithner Hints at Harder Line on China Trade
WSJ: U.S. Stance on the Yuan Gets Tougher
NYT: Geithner Says China Is Manipulating Its Currency
WSJ: Party Line Central Banking: A Geithner loyalist at the New York Fed
Reuters: Key Republican Won't Back Geithner For Treasury

WSJ: Torture Inquisition: Eric Holder isn't Attorney General yet
WaPo: Editorial: An unjustified delay on Mr. Holder

AP/Kellman: Senate OKs Obama nominees LaHood & Donovan, more, waits on others
WSJ: Nominee for Transportation Dept. Urges Role for Private Sector
WSJ: Internet-Law Expert Is Nominated as Antitrust Chief
WSJ: CDC Insider Named Acting Director
WSJ: Obama Appoints Envoys to Address Foreign Conflicts

WSJ: Obama Closes Detention Network
WaPo: Obama Reverses Bush Policies On Detention and Interrogation
CBS: Republicans Express Concerns On Guantanamo Executive Order
NYT: Obama Orders Secret Prisons and Detention Camps Closed
AP/Raum: Obama breaks from Bush and orders Gitmo to close
WaPo: Bush's 'War' On Terror Comes to a Sudden End
WSJ: The Jack Bauer Exception: Obama's executive order wants it both ways on interrogation

WSJ: Congress Will Test Obama's New Tone: 'Truth commission'? Just call it a witch hunt

WSJ: U.S. Raids Contractors Aided by Murtha

NYT: Senate Undertakes Bipartisan Ways
WaPo: Senate Gets Reacquainted With McCain the Maverick

WaPo: Fair-Wage Bill Clears The Senate: High Court Decision Would Be Overturned
AP: How they voted: Senate roll vote on wage discrimination bill

WSJ: First Embryonic Stem-Cell Trial Gets Approval From the FDA
WSJ: Obama Intends to Lift Family-Planning 'Gag Rule'

SF Chronicle: Can the vice president learn to zip his lip?

NYT: Environmental Issues Slide in Poll of Publics Concerns
NYT: Editorial: Collapse of the Clean Coal Myth
American Thinker: Productive stimulus: Fast-track nuclear power

WSJ: Senate Expected To Pass Digital TV Delay To June 12
AP/Tessler: Senate nears deal to delay digital TV transition

Rush Limbaugh: Video Clip: Hannity Asks Rush: Do You Want Obama to Succeed?
Peggy Noonan: What I Saw at the Inauguration: And what 4-foot-tall Americans learned
Charles Krauthammer: Obama's Inaugural Surprise
Dick Morris: Beware Obama's Trojan Horse
Matt Kinnaman: Mother Teresa and the Inauguration
Harvie Wilkinson: Storming the 4th Circuit
Carl Icahn: The Economy Needs Corporate Governance Reform
WSJ: How Government Looks at Pundits

Chicago Tribune: Sarah Palin's book deal: $11 million?


Bloomberg: Republican Battle for Party Chairman Pits Leaders Against Base
Stuart Rothenberg: RNC Race Too Close to Call as Election Approaches
Union Leader: Michigan's Anuzis has NH supporter
CQ Politics: To Guess RNC Winner Think High School, Watch Anuzis


NYT: Paterson Picks Gillibrand for Senate
AP/Gormley: Aide: Paterson picks Gillibrand as next NY senator
WSJ: Paterson to Pick Gillibrand to Become Next New York Senator
Newsday: Upstate U.S. Senate Dem hopeful shreds 'liberal' label
Wowowow: 6 Things To Know About Kirsten Gillibrand
Gotham Gazette: The Next Senator from New York?
Post Star: Republicans voice early interest in congressional seat
Capital News 9: Treadwell, Little say they'll run for seat
Post Star: Cash on hand for possible GOP candidates

NYT: Housekeeper and Taxes Are Said to Derail Kennedys Bid
WaPo: Kennedy's Withdrawal Illustrates a Double Standard, Some Say

Newsday: Suozzi's future appears to be in Albany


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich: 'Impeachment trial is a sham'
Chicago Tribune: Gov's lawyers expect removal from office
Chicago Sun-Times: Sighting 'The View' A Blago blitz?


Star Tribune: Franken's request to dismiss Coleman suit is denied
Pioneer Press: Franken loses bid to toss out Coleman suit
AP/Condon: Franken's motion to dismiss recount suit rejected
Pioneer Press: Reality of recount in Franken/Coleman race seems lost on Washington

Reuters: Coleman finds temporary gig as fight for Senate seat goes on
Minn Post: Coleman joins Republican Jewish Coalition as paid consultant
Star Tribune: Coleman takes 'temporary' job

Politico: Cornyn to Reid: Don't seat Al Franken


LA Times: Economic stimulus package has a potential windfall for California government
Sacramento Bee: Stimulus plan would give California $4.5 billion for infrastructure
Sacramento Bee: Tax overhaul panel facing daunting task
Sacramento Bee: Bond money crunch freezes out environmental nonprofits
SF Chronicle: BART directors eye raising fares, parking fees


Dallas MN: Texas Gov. Rick Perry supports eminent-domain protection for homeowners
Austin AS: Perry moves to restake his ground on eminent domain


South Florida Bus. Journal: Poll: Crists popularity remains strong
St. Petersburg Times: Governor may veto Florida Forever cut
Orlando Sentinel: Crist veto could blunt some budget cuts

Am Spectator: Only Qualified to Be President? It's not too late for Jeb Bush to reconsider


AP: Budget hearings wrap up at Georgia Capitol
AP/McCaffrey: Georgia DOT pleads with lawmakers for more money
Dawson Times: Isakson Named to Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Cmte


Richmond TD: GOP fundraiser says he is in compliance


Tennessean: Speaker Kent Williams splits House power
Chattanoogan: Williams Names Republican McDaniel As Deputy Speaker
WDEF: Tennessee Republicans & Democrats Share Committee Chair Power In House
Nashville Business Journal: Williams makes bipartisan appointments


KC Star: Kansas Republicans set budget cut bull's eye at $300 million


Arizona Republic: Critical moment for Arizona GOP
Phoenix Business Journal: Gov. Jan Brewer puts hold on issuance of new state regulations
Arizona Guardian: Where does Brewer stand?


Hartford Courant: State GOP Chairman Calls For Gaffey Investigation
Newsday: GOP chair wants Gaffey investigated


SeaCoast: Former Governor Sununu named chairman of NH GOP
Concord Monitor: Sununu takes reins of NH GOP
Union Leader: New GOP chairman Sununu comes out fighting


January 22, 2009



WSJ: Obama Freezes Top Salaries, Guant. Curbs, Lobbying Limits, Middle East Diplomacy
NYT: Oath Is Administered Once Again
WSJ: Conservatives Have Answered Obama's Call
Washington Times: Roberts, Obama re-do swearing in
Politico: What we don't know about Obama
Politico: Ten Dems Obama should watch out for

WSJ: Political Interference Seen in Bank Bailout Decisions
WSJ: Bill May Not Stimulate Jobs Right Away
Hill: GOP wins Obama meeting on stimulus
Hill: House passes bill to restrict bailout funds
AP/Kuhnhenn: Three-quarters of stimulus to go in 18 months
Washington Times: Editorial: The grim tax reaper

Hill: Republicans delay Holder for a week
WSJ: Republicans Invoke Marc Rich in Holder Confirmation Holdup
WaPo: Republicans Obstruct Holder's Path to Justice Dept.
NYT: G.O.P. Forces Delay on Attorney General
NYT: Editorial: For Attorney General

WSJ: Clinton Is Confirmed for Secretary of State
NYT: Clinton Is Approved, but Vote on Holder Is Delayed
AP/Schweid: Mitchell eyed for top post in Mideast diplomacy

WSJ: Geithner Apologizes, Calls for 'Dramatic' Action
NYT: Geithner Grilled Over Tax Issue
WaPo: Treasury Secretary Nominee Urges Changes to Current Bailout Plan
NYT: Editorial: For Treasury Secretary
WSJ: Geithner's Tax Code: The nominee explains his payment 'mistake.'

WaPo: LaHood Gets a Warm Welcome on the Hill
NYT: Panel Approves Transportation Nominee

Politico: Fired U.S. Attorney will be terror prosecutor

CQ Politics: Health Care Overhaul Still in Happy Talk Stage

Politico: Republicans hand out prime committee spots
Hill: Enzi, Cornyn get coveted Finance seats
Hill: Gloves off as Sen. Cornyn launches attack on Reid

NYT: Ethics Panel Chief Vows High Standards
Roll Call: Isakson Takes Top GOP Seat on Ethics

Connecticut Post: Dems want apology from Lieberman

WSJ: President Bush: A Quiet Farewell and a Warm Reception in Midland TX

Weekly Standard: Cheney Speaks Out on Libby

Karl Rove: Bush Was Right When It Mattered Most
Ann Coulter: More Boos Than Balls
Dick Morris: The Obama Presidency: Here Comes Socialism
Andrew McCarthy: Unpardonable: Holders Marc Rich Shuffle

American Thinker: Roe Is Only the Beginning
American Spectator: The President and Abortion


Dallas MN: Chair pick will reveal GOP direction
NY Post: GOP's Golden Opportunity

Politico: RNC chair race is all about race
Townhall: Steele Releases GOP Tech Plan
American Spectator: Would All Be Well With Blackwell?


WSJ: Caroline Kennedy Drops Bid for Open Senate Seat
NYT: Kennedy Withdraws Senate Bid
NY Post: Caroline's Kaput
NY Post/Dicker: Caroline Kennedy ends Senate seat bid
Buffalo News: Kennedy confirms she's ending bid for Senate
NYDN: Caroline Kennedy officially withdraws
NYDN: Let's make Caroline Kennedy our special envoy to Washington
Power Line: She's Back!
AP/Gormley: Source tells AP: Kennedy still wants Senate seat
NYT: In Casting a Senator, Double-Takes by the Governor

NYDN/Benjamin: King In Enemy Territory

NYDN/Benjamin: Senate GOP Still Has Money Edge, Dems Gaining
Auburn Pub: Change in Albany happens slowly

NYT: New York Borrows to Pay Jobless Claims
NYT: In New York, Proposed Budget Shuts Out Zoos, Aquariums and Gardens


Chicago Sun-Times: Patti Blagojevich fired from charity job
Chicago Tribune: Patricia Blagojevich fired by homeless agency


Star Tribune: Senate recount: Franken, Coleman court resolution
USA Today: Judges in Minn. Senate hear motion to dismiss
Politico: Coleman rallies support for lawsuit

Politico: Coleman making the rounds in D.C.
Washington Times: Coleman chides Reid in fight over Senate seat
Pioneer Press: Franken in D.C. to bone up on issues

Pioneer Press: House Republicans target welfare benefits for new residents
Star Tribune: GOP sees welfare as area to start tightening belt

Marc Ambinder: Interview: Gov. Tim Pawlenty

Fox: Sen. Klobuchar Granted Spot on Influential Judiciary Committee


Fox: Murtha Says He'd Take Guantanamo Prisoners in His District


Sacramento Bee: California Republicans put taxes on table for state budget deal
Sacramento Bee: Democrats hold out hope for budget deal
MSNBC: Calif. Leaders Lobby For Federal Help
LA Times: Controller joins unions in lawsuit challenging Schwarzenegger
AP/Young: Schwarzenegger asks Obama for tailpipe rules


AP/Shannon: Perry urges more money to create jobs

Austin AS: Bush comes home to Texas' open arms

NYT: In Texas, a Line in the Curriculum Revives Evolution Debate


Sun-Sentinel: New poll shows Floridas U.S. Senate race is wide open
CQ Politics: Wide Open 2010 Outlook for Martinezs Florida Senate Seat

St. Petersburg Times: Editorial: A new tack on taxes


Fox: Voinovich named to appropriations committee
Cleveland PD: Voinovich lands coveted seat overseeing government spending
CQ Politics: An Important Stop on His Way Home
Columbus Dispatch: Voinovich joins key spending committee

AP/Majors: Northeast Ohio monopolizes power in state legislature


WaPo: Judge Denies Request to Speed Recount in Delegate Election


Chattanooga TFP: Republican lawmaker files ethics complaint against Speaker Williams
Nashville Business Journal: Tennessee House speaker faces ethics complaint
Times News: Williams says alleged incidents never happened


Politico: Beau Biden's Senate path clearer?


NYT: Rhode Island to Test Medicaid Spending Cap


AP/D'Oro: Palin to news organizations: Leave my kids alone
Alternative Energy: Sarah Palin Issues Alaska Challenge: 50% By 2025

Fort Mill Times: Murkowski named to Senate Appropriations Committee


KVOA: Brewer sworn in as Arizona Governor
Arizona Republic: Growing deficit in budget awaits Brewer's shears
AP/Davenport: New Ariz. gov wants state to live within its means


CQ Politics: N.C. Republican Burrs Approval Ratings Lag as Senate Campaign Nears


Politico: GOP pressures Bunning to quit



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