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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again


January 14, 2009



WSJ: Stimulus Proposal Aims to Aid State, Local Governments
NYT: Democrats See Progress on Proposal for Economy
WSJ: Construction Industry Counts on Obama
WSJ: An 8.3% Deficit Is Plenty of Stimulus
Fox: Obama Pulls Job-Credit Plan From Stimulus Bill
Hill: Obama tamps down dissent
Politico: Safeguards needed for stimulus

WaPo: Fed Backs Obama's Bailout Request: Officials Detail Plan To Overhaul Rescue
AP/Sidoti: Stakes high in bailout vote for Obama, Democrats
Reuters: Senator files measure to block final TARP funds

Yahoo: Obama attends conservative dinner party
Camille Paglia: Obama's early stumbles

WSJ: Senator Urges Merger Deal for Chrysler
NYT: A Tennessee Republican in Detroit’s Courtyard
Mlive: Corker arrives at Detroit auto show; media go haywire
Detroit FP: Corker gets celebrity treatment during Detroit auto show visit

Reuters: Republican lawmaker questions Clinton Foundation
Reuters: Husband's charity clouds Clinton nomination
Atlanta JC: Donors remain issue for Clinton
WSJ: Clinton Money: The 'Committee's View'
WaPo: Editorial: The Senate's Advice: Clinton's husband's foreign fundraising
Time: Just One Blip in Hillary Clinton's Senate Lovefest: Bill's Donations
WSJ: Clinton to Engage Iran and Syria Soon
WaPo: At Confirmation Hearing, Clinton Talks of Engagement With Iran
NYT: Clinton Pledges Tough Diplomacy and a Fast Start
NYT: Getting Specific in Order to Get Confirmed
AP/Gearan: Clinton navigates confirmation hearing smoothly
Dana Milbank: Back at the Clubhouse, Clinton Gets a Warm Embrace
NYT: Editorial: Principles and Pragmatism
Dick Morris: What the Senators Must Ask Hillary

NYT: Geithner Questioned on Tax Returns
Washington Times: Treasury pick Geithner owed IRS $35,000
WaPo: Treasury Nominee Accounts for Own Tax Errors
AP/Raum: Geithner tax and housekeeper problems jolt Obama
AP/Blackledge: Treasury pick failed to pay self-employment taxes
AP/Davis: Tax problems may plague Obama's treasury pick
Reuters: Geithner told panel of tax mistake: Obama official
Politico: PR push may save Geithner
Maureen Dowd: Tim Geithner! Why Are Rich People So Cheap?

WSJ: Obama's Pick for FCC Signals Change
WaPo: Change Sweeping to the FCC: Pick Could Shift Commission's Focus to Internet

WSJ: Chu Softens Views on Coal, Nuclear Power
LA Times: Steven Chu impresses energy committee

NYT: Few Specifics From Education Pick
WaPo: Education Nominee Is Warmly Received in Senate

NYT: Wider Role Urged for Housing Choice
Hill: HUD nominee breezing through confirmation hearing
CQ Politics: Donovan Pledges Vigorous HUD Effort To Stabilize Housing Sector
Politico: Senators want HUD chief in inner circle
AP/Zibel: HUD nominee vows stronger role
NPR: Obama's Pick For HUD To Tackle Foreclosures
Federal Times: Donovan pledges sweeping changes at HUD

AP/Yost: Holder may reverse Bush secrecy
Fox: Eric Holder: Gun Grabber
Politico: GOP setting up roadblocks for Holder
CNN: Leahy continues campaign for Holder, with GOP help
St. Louis PD: Danforth: Very positive about Eric Holder as AG

AP/Cappiello: Senate panel considers Obama's EPA pick

AP/Jalonick: Senate panel considers Vilsack for ag secretary
Washington Times: Vilsack's revolving door on energy: Pick pushes Obama ethics

AP/Davenport: Homeland security pick didn't complete state plan

Bloomberg: Rattner, Possible Car Czar, Is No Iacocca, Auto Analysts Say

WaPo: LaHood Sponsored Millions in Earmarks: Transportation Pick Directed Money to Donors

Ruth Marcus: Hearings and Evasions

LA Times: Retooling Obama's campaign machine for the long haul

WaPo: House Set to Pass Child Health Bill
AP/Freking: House to take up children's insurance
WSJ: Rep. Towns Touts Wall Street Oversight
AP/Hess: Intel committee to reflect new Democratic majority

Politico: GOP could win 3 key Senate seats: FL, MO & OH
Rick Moran: For GOP senate prospects in 2010, it only gets worse
Hill: Signs pointing toward another huge Senate cycle

WSJ: Probe Faults Hiring at Justice Division
NYT: Criticism of Ex-Official in Hiring at Justice Dept.
WaPo: Report Cites Political and Racial Bias At Justice
Reuters: Bush Justice official castigated for partisanship

NYT: Some States in a Pinch May Raise Gasoline Tax

WaPo: Turmoil Over TV Switch: Some Lawmakers Join Obama's Call to Push Back Deadline

AP/Margasak: Democrats seek criminal probe of Bush 'abuses'

WaPo: A Test of The Power To Unpardon

LA Times: Palin is getting in her own way
Fox: Palin Fascination, Scorn Shows No Sign of Receding


Albany TU: Tedisco: Open Senate seat to vote
AP/Gormley: NY Republicans want to force vote for Senate pick
Newsday: NY lawmakers: Voters should choose senator, not guv

Daily News: Andrew Cuomo talked to Gov. Paterson about Hillary Clinton's seat - sources
Andrea Peyser: Reborn Good Guy Deserves to Be Sen. Andy
OpEdNews: Andrew Cuomo Should be the next junior senator from New York State
Daily News: Gov. Paterson urged to bypass Caroline Kennedy

NY Daily Balance: Meet the New Democrat Senate Majority
Albany TU: The pioneeers of senate reform
TDN: Senate going about business of changing its arcane procedures
WKBW: New Senate Majority Leader Faces Questions About Development
WGRZ: NYS Sen. Thompson Gets Raise With Change Of Leadership
Queens Tribune: Queens Smith Takes Key State Role
Life News: New York Senate Leader Will Push Radical Bill to Significantly Expand Abortions

Albany TU: Sales tax revenues plunge $170M
NY Post: Court OKs State's Amazon.Tax

AP/Gormley: Veteran jurist Lippman for state's top court

NY Post: Rudy Backs Mike


NYT: Corzine Warns on New Jersey Budget


Politico: Dems cool on Burris Senate seating
American Spectator: Life in the Blagosphere


Star Tribune: Franken expands legal effort to get seated in Senate
NYT: Franken Campaign Escalates Case for Certification
AP/Bakst: Franken seeks Senate certificate from Minn. court
PowerLine: Franken Goes to Court
USA Today: Franken asks Minn. high court to grant certificate


LA Times: Would-be California governors boot up for 2010 race
San Jose BJ: Meg Whitman tops California governor poll

SF Chronicle: Governor makes a grab for state school funds
Economist: World's 8th-biggest economy nears fiscal oblivion
Sacramento Bee: State supervisors urge legislators to impeach governor over furloughs

AP: Republicans shuffled on Calif. Senate committees

SF Chronicle: S.F. Housing Authority agrees to let tenants own guns


Houston Chronicle: House Speaker Straus takes seat
Dallas MN: House lawmakers figuring out lay of land under Straus
Dallas MN: Straus steps into Craddick's shoes in Texas House
Dallas MN: Straus' debut as speaker draws exiles back to Texas House
AP/Castro: Texas lawmakers elect first Jewish House speaker
Dallas MN: Knives out of sight in Texas House, for now
Houston Chronicle: Legislative revolution? No, tradition
AP: Highlights Tuesday from the Legislature

AP/Shannon: Perry reportedly doubts Hutchison will run for governor


Tampa Tribune: Education Cut Too Far, Crist Says
NYT: Budget Woes Expose Rifts Over Tobacco Money

Sun-Sentinel: Marion Thorpe sets sights on U.S. Senate
Broward Politics: Former congressional candidate enters Senate race
Hill: The other Bush passes on Senate bid
Miami Herald: Meek gains a key advisor


Columbus Dispatch: Portman's U.S. Senate run begins today with Ohio tour
Cleveland PD: Portman officially announces interest in Senate race
Hill: Portman leaning toward running


Detroit News: Charges of pay-to-play surface in Detroit suit


WaPo: Crime Panel Deadlocks on Gun Show Rule


Knoxville News Sentinel: Williams elected as House speaker
Memphis CA: Democrats unite, elect moderate Republican as Tenn. House speaker
Tennessean: Lawmaker Kent Williams goes from obscurity to power
Chattanoogan: Naifeh Outflanks Republicans On House Speaker
Tennessean: GOP is furious after vote
Nashville Scene: GOP Already Acting to Officially Disown Williams
Nashville BJ: Tennessee Legislature opens session with surprise vote
AP: Ramsey re-elected Tenn. Senate speaker


Cal Thomas: Jindal has common-sense cure for what ails Republican Party


January 13, 2009



WSJ: U.S. Seeks Rest of Bailout Cash
WaPo: Obama Seeks Rest of Bailout: Request for Funds Meets Skepticism On Capitol Hill
NYT: Despite Anger, Release of $350 Billion More for Bailout Gains Favor
Fox: Republicans Urge Delay in Release of Remaining Bailout Cash
USA Today: Congress, Obama could spar over $350B request
Hill: Pelosi seeks changes to TARP
CQ Politics: Obama Seeks Senate TARP Accord
NYT: At Obamas Urging, Bush to Seek Rest of Bailout Funds
AP/Kuhnhenn: Bush seeks final bailout funds at Obama's behest
WSJ: Let's Spend on Broadband and the Power Grid

WaPo: Obama Shelves Jobs-Credit Proposal
WSJ: Power to Modify Mortgages Sits Well With Judges

Daily Mail: Clinton 'intervened six times for companies donating to husband's foundation'
AP/Burns: Clinton appears set for Senate OK as top diplomat
WSJ: Clinton Aims to Restore State Department's Clout
Reuters: Smooth Senate hearing seen for Hillary Clinton
WSJ: The Clinton Business: Bill out-negotiated Barack on financial disclosure
Hill: Clinton will continue raising money for Dems

Hill: Sen. Hatch to back Eric Holder for AG

US News: From Arizona Governor to Homeland Security Chief
NYT: Bringing Sperling Back
WSJ: Rattner, Possible 'Car Czar,' Faces Questions
WSJ: UAW Backs Idea of 'Car Czar'
WSJ: Obama to Tap Tech Adviser as FCC Chief
Politico: Department of Justice: Eric Holder
Politico: Department of Health and Human Services: Tom Daschle
Politico: Department of Housing and Urban Development: Shaun Donovan
Politico: Department of Agriculture: Tom Vilsack
Politico: Department of Energy: Steven Chu
Politico: Department of Interior: Ken Salazar
Politico: Department of Education: Arne Duncan
WaPo: Editorial: The Senate's confirmation hearings get off to a less-than-edifying start
Politico: Will Cabinet hearings be love fests?
CQ Politics: Senate Panels Roll on Not-Yet Nominations

WaPo: Obama to Address House Republican Conference
Hill: Obama accepts invitation to speak to House GOP
WSJ: What Obama Could Learn From Cheney
James Taranto: "The world" begins to sour on Obama

NYT: Congress Set to Renew Health Care for Children
Hill: Coalition of interest groups backs SCHIP bill

Politico: 44 to reverse 43's executive orders

WSJ: Bush Defends His Tenure, Concedes Some 'Disappointments'
NYT: Mistakes, Ive Made a Few, Bush Says at Final News Conference
Washington Times: Bush admits mistakes, defends record
NYT: A Reflective Bush Defends Decisions on National Security
AP/Loven: Emotional at the last, Bush defends his presidency
Houston Chronicle: Bush zeroed in on energy like few other presidents
Politico: Bush plans prime-time farewell
WaPo: Staffers' Good-Riddance Party for Chao a Labor of Love

CNN: Senate Republicans brace for ominous 2010
WaPo: For Senate GOP, 2010 Losses on Top Of the 2008 Losses
LA Times: More GOP Senate quitters: Real despair or real opportunities?
Reuters: A fourth Senate Republican wont seek reelection
NYT: Kerry, After Setbacks, Aims to Make a Mark as a Senate Chairman

KC Star: Blunt to coordinate Republican leadership in Congress
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Expect Much from the GOP

Amer Thinker: Senate Republicans Need to Demand Re-Examination on Global Warming
American Thinker: Another prominent scientist ridicules global warming theory
AFP: The earth's magnetic field impacts climate: Danish study

MMC: Meghan McCain Interview
Politico: Not talking about Palin


NY Post/Dicker: Top state watchdog quits post: Cloud over Spitzer probe

Daily News: Caroline Kennedy still has a shot at U.S. Senate seat, says Gov. Paterson
NY Post: Caroline woos key Bronx pols

NYT: State Senate Tries to Balance the Structure of Power
NYT: Editorial: Promises of Reform Deferred
Albany TU: Reform 'down payment': Senate base budgets offered
WNYT: New York Senate changes how it does business
WXXI: Democrats Revise Some Senate Rules, Plan More Changes Later
Newsday: Democrats' turn: Will the State Senate see a difference?
Star-Gazette: Democrats in Senate seek rules reform to chamber
Poughkeepsie Journal: Democratic senate leader to push sex-ed, abortion legislation
Daily News: Albany Democrats vow budget cut and reform
Albany TU: Smith: pro-choice agenda a priority this year
Albany TU: Other Senate Dem leadership positions
Post-Standard: Valesky to chair new Senate rules committee
Daily News/Benjamin: The Valesky-Bonacic Committee, A New Reality In Albany

NYT: Sounding Like a Rival, Weiner Attacks Bloomberg
Daily News: Blame Mike for city's money mess - Weiner

Albany TU: Ex-Assembly candidate charged with menacing

Buffalo News: Judge slashes county tax hike sought by Collins


WSJ: Senate Will Seat Burris, Ending a Messy Standoff
NYT: Burris Will Take His Seat as a Senator From Illinois
NYT: Burris Cleared to Take Senate Seat
WaPo: Burris to Take Seat in Senate As Credentials Standoff Ends
WaPo: Senate Democrats to Seat Roland Burris This Week
Politico: Dems accept Burris into the Senate
Chicago Tribune: Burris declares fight over, praises opponents

Politico: Cornyn: Beating Burris is top priority
Chicago Sun-Times: Statement from Ill. GOP Chair on Democrats endorsing Burris

NYT: Uneasy Times for Blagojevich and His Colleagues in Illinois


AP/Delli Santi: Appeals court rules New Jersey governor's e-mails can remain private


Pioneer Press: Tripartisan trio to rule on election contest
AP/Bakst: As judges named, Minn. Senate legal fight grows
Bio: Hayden| Marben | Reilly
MPR: Judicial panel named to hear Minn. Senate lawsuit
MinnPost: Judges named to hear Senate election contest
Star-Tribune: Cutting costs may have had own price

Star-Tribune: Franken tries to sidestep courts
AP/Bakst: Officials turn down Franken request in Minn. race
Bill O'Reilly: Many Hollywood Heavyweights Donated to Al Franken's Senate Run
CQ Politics: Democrats File FEC Complaint Against Coleman

WaPo: Editorial: Lessons from a photo finish in Minnesota


Houston Chronicle: Texans' tax dollars will be spread thin
AP/Vertuno: Get ready Texas: '09 session ready to begin
Lubbock: Legislators expecting less drama in new session
Dallas MN: Editorial: Legislature's tough spending chore
Austin AS: Editorial: State coffers shrink as demands grow

Human Events: Rep. Pete Olson: Republican Renaissance Man


AP/Lin: Budget crisis overshadows Schwarzenegger address
CBS13: Budget To Dominate 'State Of The State' Address
LA Times: Schwarzenegger running out of time to control his legacy
Sacramento Bee: California's top elected Democrats reject furlough plan
LA Times: Editorial: California's kamikazes: State Republicans are close to crashing

AP/Blood: Go East, young man? Californians look for the exit


Cincinnati Enquirer: Voinovich opens door for Portman
WSJ: Sen. Voinovich of Ohio Won't Seek Re-Election
Toledo Blade: Voinovich retiring, says he won't seek 3rd term
Cleveland PD: Sen. George Voinovich plans to bid politics farewell, integrity intact
Morning Journal: Sen. Voinovich's successor will have some big shoes to fill
Marc Ambinder: The Ohio Senate Landscape
Hill: Voinovich retirement could set up tough primaries
Vindy: Will Ryan make a run for Senate?


Palm Beach Post: 1960s radical's talk ignites FSU protest
AP: Bill Ayers to speak at FSU, conservatives protest
WCTV: Bill Ayers' Speaks at Florida State
Tallahassee Democrat: Ayers speaks to a full house at FSU

Miami Herald: Congressman Kendrick Meek of Miami plans to run for U.S. Senate
St. Petersburg Times: Meek to enter Senate race
Palm Beach Post: Miami Democrat Meek to announce Senate run
AP/Farrington: Race kicks off for Senate seat
Hill: Sources: Rep. Meek to enter Senate race
CQ Politics: Democrat Meek to Make Senate Plans Known
Jax Daily: Meek jumps into open Senate race


Hill: Sanford accuses Clyburn of playing race card


WHNT: Tenn. Legislature convenes; GOP set to take charge
Tennessean: Victory is likely for GOP choices
Tennessean: GOP ready to remake legislature in its image
Nashville City Paper: GOP picks nominees for constitutional offices


Human Events: Citizen Kaine


Matt Lewis: Specter Scrambles to Shore Up Conservative Support


January 12, 2009



WSJ: Obama Plans to Keep Estate Tax
NYT: Obama Lobbies for Release of Second Half of Bailout
WaPo: Obama Lobbies for 2nd Half of Bailout
CQ Politics: Senators Expect Obama to Detail Plans for Remaining Bailout Funds
NYT: In Emphasis on Economy, Obama Looks to History
CQ Politics: Obama Outlines Timeline for Heavy Agenda
NYT: Obama Signals His Reluctance to Look Into Bush Policies
Hill: Obama: Focus not on probing Bush administration
Human Events: Obama's Judicial Agenda
US News: Why Obama is Causing a Liberal Freakout
NYT: Republicans Latest Talking Point: The New Deal Failed
William Kristol: Continuity We Can Believe In
CQ Politics: Senators, Obama Team Discuss Doubling Energy Tax Credits in Stimulus
Hill: Senate Dems set Feb. 13 goal for stimulus
Neal Boortz: There is a better stimulus plan out there
Politico: NYT reporter warns of one-term Obama
McClatchy: Will Mitch McConnell rain on Obama's parade?

WSJ: Nominee Holder to Face Critics on Hill
Politico: Former top Bush officials back Holder
American Spectator: Eric Holder's Lengthy Client List

Washington Times: Obama climate czar has socialist ties
NYT: S.E.C. Choice Is Sued Over a Merger of Regulators
Politico: Land mines ahead for Hillary
WSJ: CDC, FDA Set to Get New Leaders
WSJ: Politics Tests Energy Goals
NYT: Democrats Look for Ways to Undo Late Bush Administration Rules

Washington Times: Democrats set vote to tighten health gap: SCHIP
EJ Dionne: SCHIPing away at the need for health insurance
AP/Freking: Health funds for kids get priority

Hill: Pelosi vows to keep stimulus free of earmarks
Human Events: Pelosi to Republicans: Youll Get Nothing and Like It
Politico: Boehner: More money a 'tough sell'
Hill: Boehner: Stimulus may not be done by Presidents Day
LA Times: GOP chooses Rep. Kevin McCarthy as chief deputy whip
Politico: Walden tapped as No. 2 in NRCC

Politico: Reid wins in latest tangle with Coburn
Hill: Senate thwarts Coburn filibuster of lands bill
Bloomberg: Plan to Set Aside More Wilderness Land Advances in U.S. Senate
NYT: On a Sunday, the Senate Votes Yes on a Lands Bill
AP/Daly: Wilderness bill advances in Senate

NYT: Push on Immigration Crimes Is Said to Shift Focus

WSJ: Bush Tells GOP to Stay Open-Minded on Immigration
NYT: Bush Calls on Republican Party to Be Inclusive
WaPo: Bush Advises Republican Party to Be 'Compassionate'
Politico: Bush defends interrogation record
Fox: Bush Says He Refused to Bail Out Republicans With Iraq Withdrawal
AP/Feller: Bush cautions GOP to stay open-minded
Hill: Bush says GOP got whipped in 2008
Hill: Bushs last Air Force One trip is a family affair
Fox: Transcript: Presidents Bush 41 and 43 on 'FOX News Sunday'
Dallas MN: Bush reviews unfinished business and his legacy
WaPo: Economy Made Few Gains in Bush Years

American Thinker: Libby's Innocent and the President Should Pardon Him

CBS: Sarah Palin Is Right This Time
LoHud: Palin, citing Kennedy bid, faults media again

Reuters: Sean Hannity shaking up new Fox News show

AP: Joe the Plumber trades wrench for reporters notepad in Israel


NYT: No Clear Frontrunner for Republican Chairman

WSJ: Take It From McCain's Advisers: The GOP Would Raise Taxes
NYT: Editorial: A Threat to McCain-Feingold


NY Post/Dicker: Watchdogs facing bite: Dirty Tricks Scandal

Daily News: Caroline Kennedy is 'impressive' at Brooklyn pol confab
Newsday: Cuomo touted as a better Senate pick than Kennedy
Albany TU: NYC voters like Caroline, upstate, not so much

CBS6 Albany: Schumer, Paterson talk stimulus today in Albany
Albany TU/LeBrun: Paterson's address was hollow

Post-Standard: Senate Majority Leader Smith set to unveil reforms of Senate rules Monday
Daily News: Editorial: Smith must bring dramatic reform to Albany
Gotham Gazette: The Democrats Take Albany
Newsday: State senator wants to bar an accused colleague

Albany TU: NY First Lady talks about incoming First Lady

NYDN/Benjamin: Bloomberg faces payback from Senate Democrats


Hill: Burris lawyers in Senate Monday
WSJ: Durbin Says Burris Decision Is Likely Before End of Month
Chicago Sun-Times: Durbin: Let's end this
Politico: Senate Dems soften tone on Burris
CQ Politics: Senate Grapples With Decision on Burris
Chicago ST: Durbin, Burris on CBS News "Face the Nation." Transcript
CQ Politics: When did Illinois last have a vacant Senate seat?

Chicago ST: Asphalt king to gov: Help. Feds say Blagojevich's answer: Raise me $100,000


Star Tribune: Coleman is casting wider net for votes
UPI: Coleman seeks to widen ballot scrutiny
CSM: Minnesota Senate race becomes court fight
Star Tribune: The Court Jousters
PowerLine: Did Ritchie meet with the Franken campaign?


Sacramento Bee: Warnings of budget 'Armageddon' don't rouse ordinary Californians
LA Times: Editorial: California's transit troubles
SF Chronicle: Editorial: Schwarzenegger skips school
Sacramento Bee: Editorial: Business fails to lead on budget

Debra Saunders: The woman who would be governator
CQ Politics: Feinsteins Actions on Blagojevich Appointee Could Help Her Later
AP/Werner: Feinstein ready for powerful role

McClatchy: McClintock ready to just say no as he starts House term


Houston Chronicle: Big donors shifting to Hutchison
Austin AS: Political ambitions will tint legislative session
Houston Chronicle: Texas lacks monument to Bush's largess
Amarillo: Good timing aided Straus


Miami Herald: Florida legislative leaders agree on cuts in spending
Sun-Sentinel: Special budget session of Florida Legislature ends with no tax increases
Tampa Tribune: State Raids Reserves For Funds
Orlando Sentinel: No tax hikes yet, but services suffer
News-Journal: Believe it: Tax hikes coming
Orlando Sentinel: State deficit may swell by $1.6B

Orlando Sentinel: Editorial: Florida needs a practical problem-solver to succeed Martinez
Herald Tribune: Martinez neutral on possible successors
Herald Tribune: Suspicious minds in the Senate race?

Miami Herald: A Teflon governor: Charlie Crist remains popular despite Florida's hard times


AP/McCaffrey: Ga. to kick off 2009 legislative session
Atlanta JC: Lawmakers face painful spending decisions
Atlanta JC: More than personal political fortunes at stake in 09
Atlanta JC: Wild Hog Supper may be only pork this session
Atlanta JC: Lineup of movers and shakers

Atlanta JC: Handel puts twists into 2010 election
WSB News: Handel for Gov.
AP/McCaffrey: Sec. of State Handel: "I am running for governor"


Columbus Dispatch: Voinovich won't run again in 2010
Cleveland PD: Sen. George Voinovich will not run for re-election
Cleveland PD: Who will face off in Ohio's 2010 race for the U.S. Senate?
WaPo: Who Runs for Senate if Voinovich Retires?
Politico: Voinovich to announce retirement
CNN: Sources: Voinovich to retire from Senate
AP/Espo: GOP officials: Sen. Voinovich of Ohio to retire
Cleveland PD: Voinovich, a fiscal conservative, may get behind economic stimulus package

Columbus Dispatch: Wall Street ties might hamstring GOP Gubernatorial hopeful Kasich

Cleveland PD: It's time for Ohio to get casinos and their taxes and jobs


Detroit FP: Some in business favor Patterson running in '10


AP/Griffith: Renegade Nevada claims election bellwether status


AP: Court upholds acquittal in GOP phone-jamming


WaPo: McAuliffe's Bid Challenges Assumptions in Va. Politics


Arizona Daily Star: Having left her mark on state, 'Janet' departs
Arizona Republic: Napolitano readies her farewell


Seattle Times: Dems in control but not in sync as Legislature opens


AP: McConnell Honored For 25 Years In Senate


Memphis CA: Tennessee House focus: speaker election


January 11, 2009



WSJ: Obama Releases Stimulus Analysis
WaPo: Obama Stresses Plan's Job Potential: Nearly 4 Million Positions Saved or Created
WSJ: Yearly Job Loss Worst Since 1945
NYT: Obama Raises Estimate of Job Creation in Plan
NAP/Elliott: Obama advisers: Plan would create up to 4.1M jobs
WaPo: Stimulus Bill May Include Energy Measures
YT: Economy May Delay Work on Campaign Pledges
AP/Raum: Analysis: GOP urging restraint in stimulus debate
WaPo: Gallup: Majority of Americans Back Stimulus Package
NYT: Editorial: The Stimulus Debate
Thomas Friedman: Tax Cuts for Teachers
Politico: Romney to offer ideas for stimulus
RedState: Romney to Headline Economic Hearing

WaPo: Democratic Congress Shows Signs It Will Not Bow to Obama
Baltimore Sun: Awaiting Obama, Democrats are bold, Republicans cautious
McClatchy: Show civility or claws? GOP at a crossroads in Congress
Mercury News: Both parties need to relearn civility and compromise
US News: Senate Republicans' Warning to the Democratic Leaders

Dick Morris: Gutting security: Bam's dangerous anti-terror picks
Debbie Schlussel: Who Gave Millions to CIA-Director-in-Waiting Leona Panetta?
Toledo Blade: Editorial: Panetta's promise

Hot Air: Is Holder in trouble?
NYT: A Public Servants Private Stint Is at Issue
Hill: McConnell: Only Holder faces confirmation fight

Newsday: Clinton confirmation hearings set for Tuesday

WaPo: Obama's Lawyer Connected to Controversial Program
Washington Times: Obama's culture war: Thomas Perrelli
Bloomberg: Obama to Maintain Practice of Naming Donors to Ambassador Posts

Politico: Blunt rejoins GOP leadership
Roll Call: Blunt to Play Leadership Role

Digital Journal: Obama to Honor McCain on Inauguration Eve
David Ignatius: Mr. Cool's Centrist Gamble

Dallas MN: Bush talks about unfinished business and his legacy
Houston Chronicle: Bush says he'll return to Texas 'with my head held high'
NYT: For Bush and His Staff, a Season of the Lasts
Houston Chronicle: Bush endures stormy present, counting on history's judgment

NYDN: Vice President Dick Cheney divisive? That's probably okay by him


NYT: At Key Moment, Diverse G.O.P. Leadership Choice
McClatchy: Dawn of Obama era forces Republicans to take stock
Philadelphia Inquirer/Polman: Bush damaged party in two fundamental ways


Buffalo News: NY GOP meets in Buffalo to regroup

NYT: Paterson and Kennedy Meet to Discuss Senate
NY Post: Caroline, Gov Finally Powwow
Daily News: Caroline Kennedy interviewed by Gov. Paterson for Hillary's Senate seat

NYT: A Governor With No Money Seeks to Improve the Peoples Health
Rochester D&C: New York's pension administrative costs soar
NY Post: Silver is Disin-Klein-ed
Buffalo News: Legislature still broken, seeks to avoid fiscal pain

Buffalo News: Kearns may challenge Brown for mayor


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich to swear in Senate, then members start his trial
Chicago Sun-Times: Why blacks are refusing to condemn gov
Chicago Sun-Times: Gov's sickest charge of all

Chicago Tribune: Would-be senator offers 1st glimpse of his agenda
Politico: Burris may return to D.C. to demand seat
Fox: Burris Appointment Dispute Extends to White's Signature
David Broder: An Early Drubbing For Obama


Politico: GOP sees Franken as top public enemy
UPI: Franken draws scorn of Minn. GOP


Roll Call: Toomey Confirms Hes Looking at Statewide Bid
Post Chronicle: Matthews Not Running; Shapiro, Murphy Rise To Top

AP/Jackson: Candidates lining up to run for high court seat


Sacramento Bee: State offices will shut two Fridays a month
Sacramento Bee: Furlough announcement rattles many California state workers

AP/Williams: Ex-eBay chief largely unknown in 2010 race for governor
Times UK: Blondie, former eBay boss, wants to be new Arnie

McClatchy: Doolittle leaves Congress with a $45,000 pension at age 62


Houston Chronicle: Straus likely to bring new tone
San Antonio EN: Speaker-to-be has deep Republican roots
Dallas MN: Straus names chief of staff within the hour
Dallas MN: Hutchison praises consensus choice for Texas House speaker
Star-Telegram: Straus says public education will be 'job one' in Legislature

Lubbock AJ: With Craddick out, what's in store for West Texas?
MyWestTexas: Many remember Craddick as pioneering Republican

Dallas MN: Texans on the Bush team - where are they now?


Miami Herald: Florida Republicans reelect Jim Greer as chairman
Tallahassee Democrat: State GOP Chairman Greer wins new term with backing from Crist
AP: Fla. Republicans Re-Elect Greer As Chairman
Orlando Sentinel: Despite heat, Jim Greer keeps job as state's GOP chief

Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Testing the waters for a Senate run
Daytona Beach N-J: After Jeb, nobody's on first

St. Petersburg Times: Florida officials seek $1-billion for Everglades
Sun Sentinel: Editorial: Encouraging to see big-name Republican buck spending trend


Cleveland PD: Sen. George Voinovich weighs seeking third term in U.S. Senate
Cleveland PD: Voinovich to tell donors about his plans Sunday night
Cleveland PD: Gov. Ted Strickland's gambling turnabout gives hope to casino industry


Detroit FP: No decision yet on governor's race, Patterson says
Detroit News: State budget cuts likely


Des Moines Register: Republicans choose Strawn to rebuild state party
Quad City Times: Strawn picked to head Iowa GOP
Iowa Independent: Strawn will lead Iowa GOP
Iowa Politics: New GOP Chair Strawn says communication, technology are key
AP/Glover: Strawn picked to head GOP


AP: Fahleson tapped as new Nebraska GOP chairman
Omaha World-Herald: 2010 vote, bailout talks dominate GOP meeting


Columbia Tribune: Hulshof, Steelman eye Senate
AP/Lieb: Bond's announcement creates 2nd GOP scramble
News-Leader: Bond 'standing back' from successor talk
St. Louis PD: Christopher "Kit" Bond will leave unconventional shoes to fill
St. Louis PD: Emerson bows out of any race for Bond's seat
KC Star: Emerson will pass up Senate race

News-Leader: Blunt brought change to Missourians -- whether they liked it or not
News-Leader: Timeline for Blunt's gubernatorial term
St. Louis PD: Jay Nixon to be inaugurated as Missouri governor on Monday

St. Joseph N-P: Missouri may lose seat in Congress


Times-Picayune: Vitter getting busy with re-election bid

Times-Picayune: Money for healthcare, hurricane recovery top Jindal's cong. wish list
KATC: Jindal outlines goals to congressional delegation


Central Jersey: Christie's run gives state GOP fighting chance
Philadelphia Inquirer: Economy, N.J. budget top issues in governor's race
Courier Post: Christie entry wasn't handled all that well
Daily Record: Christie campaign off to bumpy start
AP/Mulvhill: Christie faces conservative challenge in party primary
UPI: Poll numbers may be bad news for N.J. gov
PolitickerNJ: Poll: Corzine leads Christie, but continues to struggle for voter approval


AP/Robinson: Perdue takes office as first female NC governor


AP/Martin: Daniels preparing for scaled-back inauguration


Atlanta JC: Lawmakers confront host of issues
AP/Bluestein: Budget could help heal GOP divide in Georgia


Louisville Courier-Journal: McConnell reflects on Senate career


Oregonian: Former state Rep. Bob Tiernan to lead Oregon GOP


NYT: U.S. Inquiry Goes On in New Mexico


Memphis CA: Tennessee gubernatorial candidates get an early jump on 2010
Chattanooga TFP: Wamp welcomes Haslam to race
KnoxNews: State GOP to work on gaining power
Chattanooga TFP: Costly spill cleanup spurs debate over who pays
NYT: In Nashville, a Ballot Measure That May Quiet All but English


WaPo: Budget Cuts Are Focus for Md., Va.: Legislators Meet This Week
Martinsville Bulletin: McAuliffe to donate his salary if he is elected Va. governor


Anchorage DN: Alaska delegation has new look
Fairbanks News-Miner: Sen. Begich gets warm welcome in D.C. from Murkowski, Young
Anchorage DN: Column on Levi Johnston generates heat


January 10, 2009



WaPo: Bush Prepares Request for Rest Of Bailout Funds
NYT: Plan to Jump-Start Economy With No Manual
NYT: Jobless Rate Hits 7.2%, a 16-Year High
WaPo: Lawmakers Push for AMT Protection in Stimulus Bill
LA Times: The failure of our 401(k)s
WSJ: Frank Seeks TARP Funds for Foreclosures
WSJ: TARP Oversight Panel Urges Transparency, Accountability
Arizona Republic: Ex-HUD chief sees recovery in 2010

WaPo: Obama's Attorney General Pick Faces Growing Criticism
LA Times: Senate panel wants testimony about Eric Holder
McClatchy: Senate approval of Obama's Cabinet won't be slam-dunk
Politico: Warner bucks GOP-ers, backs Holder

LA Times: Hilda Solis deflects Republican questions over union issues
NYT: Republicans Criticize Soliss Support for Union Bill
NYT: With Senate Hearing, Preparing for Change at Top of Labor Dept.
NYT: Departing Secretary of Labor Fends Off Critics
Politico: Labor nominee pressed on union ties

WSJ: Intelligence Team Is Break From Bush
WSJ: Let's Give the CIA Its Due: Terrorists haven't been 'lucky' here since 9/11
WaPo: Obama Under Pressure On Interrogation Policy
WaPo: Dems signal CIA interrogators not held responsible
NYT: Editorial: Leon Panetta: Not a Company Man
NYT: When a C.I.A. Nominee Urged a New York Coup
Washington Times: Hayden: Panetta can learn from CIA staff
American Spectator: Panetta the Spy
WaPo: Feinstein grabs spotlight, committee reins
AP: Biographical info on Sen. Dianne Feinstein

WSJ: President Gulliver's Lawyer: A nominee who wants to tie down the executive branch

Atlanta JC: CNNs Sanjay Gupta vs. Michael Moore
Politico: Despite TV, little known about Gupta

NYDN: Gen. Colin Powell: I won't take job in President-elect Barack Obama's White House

NYT: House Passes 2 Measures on Job Bias
AP: House roll call on an equal pay bill
AP: House roll call on a bill to reverse 2007 ruling

WaPo: Justices Will Hear Challenge to Voting Rights Act
NYT: Supreme Court Takes Voting Rights Case

WSJ: 'Libel Tourism' Threatens Free Speech

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet

Fox: Palin: Katie Couric 'Not the Center of Everyone's Universe'
WaPo: Palin: Crazy or Crazy Like a Fox?


WaPo: More Senate Republican Retirements?
WaPo: The Friday Line: 10 for 2010

Haley Barbour: The Republican Revival Will Start in the States

Rush Limbaugh: Stop Playing Defense, GOP
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Obama: Nave or Devious?

Idaho Statesman: Who will lead the GOP?
Politico: Duncan strains to keep rivals at bay
Idaho Statesman: RNC chairman defends House Republicans' 'no' votes on Bush's plan

American Spectator: The Importance of Jack Kemp


Rasmussen: New Yorkers Give Governor Good Marks But Frown On Tax Hikes

Politico: Palin: Kennedy qualified, experienced
AP/Gormley: Palin: Is Kennedy getting 'kid glove' treatment?
NY Post: Caroline would best King: Poll
Buffalo News: Mayor Brown gets questionnaire for U.S. Senate seat

NY Post: Bloomberg ducks GOP talk

Buffalo News: Malcolm Smith pledges to boost WNY economy


Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich vows to fight Senate trial is set to begin Jan. 26
Chicago Tribune: Blagojevich defends actions in helping people
Chicago Tribune: 3 Chicago Democrats in House didn't vote to impeach Blagojevich
Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois House votes to impeach Gov. Blagojevich
Chicago Sun-Times: Blagojevich: 'I will continue to fight everyday'
Chicago Sun-Times: What's next in Gov. Blagojevich impeachment process?
Chicago Sun-Times: Allegations levied against Blagojevich
WSJ: Illinois House Impeaches Governor
NYT: Illinois House Impeaches Governor
WaPo: Blagojevich Answers Impeachment Vote
Washington Times: Blagojevich faces impeachment trial

Chicago Tribune: Supreme Court ruling gives Burris the Senate seat, attorney says
CNN: Illinois high court rules in favor of Roland Burris appointment to vacant Senate seat
Chicago Sun-Times: Durbin: Senate won't seat Burris without signature
Bloomberg: Durbin Says Court Ruling Doesnt Resolve Burris Senate Dispute
AP/Robinson: Durbin: No Burris Senate seat without signature
Politico: Dems stew in botched Burris imbroglio
Hill: Burris claims Senate victory but obstacles remain


Star Tribune: Coleman: Limbo hurts constituents
AP/Frommer: Coleman: Democrats blocking constituent service
NYT: Minnesotas Lone Senator Shoulders New Workload
Politico: Franken emerges as GOP Public Enemy No. 1
Star Tribune: Norm Coleman: 1 house, 14 years, 12 debt terms
Star Tribune: Poll on recount: Coleman should concede


Public Radio Capital News: Matthews decision creates an opening for Democrats


WSJ: CA's Gold Rush Has Been Reversed: Entrepreneurs are fleeing heavy taxes in the state
WSJ: California to Close Offices Twice a Month Amid Budget Crisis
LA Times: Borrowing $23.3 billion for state budget won't be easy, analyst says


El Paso Times: New Texas House speaker to work with El Paso legislators
Dallas MN: GOP pals ensure decent digs for dethroned Craddick

Hill: Hutchison could cause Texas-sized trouble with gubernatorial run


Miami Herald: Florida legislators near deal on closing $2B budget hole
PNJ: Dems, GOP at odds over Fla. budget cuts
Daytona Beach News-Journal: State lawmakers hope for stimulus rescue
Florida Times-Union: Negotiations begin to shape budget bill

Miami Herald: Florida GOP chairman likely to be relected
Palm Beach Post: State GOP chair's job seems safe despite critics of lavish spending
Naples Daily News: State GOP meets in Orlando this weekend

Fox: Florida Conservatives Fight for Repeal of Transgender Restroom Rule


WaPo: Unpaid Taxes Hurting Virginia: Delinquencies Total $1.4 Billion


NYT: Challenges Ahead in 2009


WSJ: Baltimore Mayor Dixon is Indicted on 12 Counts
NYT: Baltimore Mayor Indicted in Theft and Perjury Case
AP/Nuckles: Baltimore mayor indicted on theft, perjury charges
Baltimore Sun: Mayor Sheila Dixon indicted
Baltimore Sun: Statement from Mayor Sheila A. Dixon
Baltimore Sun: List of charges against Mayor Sheila Dixon
Baltimore Sun: Mayor's supporters underwhelmed by case


AP/Gamboa: Missouri senator's exit alters political landscape
KC Star: Bond denies that decision against seeking re-election was abrupt
Post-Dispatch: Comeback defined Bond's career of tenacity

News-Leader: Cole most likely to chair state GOP

KC Star: Gov.-elect Jay Nixon vows to sidestep the pitfalls of his predecessors


Des Moines Register: Strawn appears headed to GOP post
Politico: Iowa GOP chair contest a photo finish


NM Independent: Yates announces candidacy for N.M. GOP chairman


Tennessean: GOP can't agree on top state constitutional officers
KnoxNews: Panel decides not to recommend candidates


January 9, 2009



NYT: Obama Presses for Action on the Economy
Bloomberg: Obama Uses Poll, Focus Groups to Sell Stimulus Plan to Congress
US News: Republican Leaders Endorse Notion of Stimulus, but Warn of Cost, Haste
SF Chronicle: Conservatives' thoughts on stimulus package
WaPo: Geithner Preparing Overhaul Of Bailout
WSJ: Geithner's Track Record Cuts Two Ways
WaPo: Obama Cites Grim Economy At Start, as Past Presidents Have
NYT: Senate Allies Fault Obama on Stimulus
Hill: Dems and Obama split on taxes
Politico: Doubts arise over Obama stimulus plan
WSJ: Exxon CEO Advocates Emissions Tax
Bloomberg: U.S. Ban Being Lifted on Oil Shale in Wyoming, Utah
NYT: Bill Easing Unionizing Is Under Heavy Attack
NYT: Citi Reaches Deal With Lawmakers on Home Loans
WaPo: Citigroup Reaches Deal With Lawmakers on Home Loans
WaPo: Lenders Backlogged By Refinancing Rush
WaPo: Teamsters Union Approves Wage Cuts for Truckers
WSJ: Bankruptcy Rules Thwart the Recovery
NYT: Obama Is Urged to Open High-Tech Exports
US News: Why Obama Will 'Own' the Recession
EJ Dionne: Obama's Big-Tent Stimulus
Kathleen Parker: Why some old economic formulas simply no longer work
David Brooks: The Confidence Surplus
NY Post: Editorial: Mortgaging America
Rush Limbaugh: Insane Obama Plan: The Biggest Economic Blunder in Our History
Rush Limbaugh: Why 40% Pay No Fed Income Tax

LA Times: Eric Holder pushed for controversial clemency
Orlando Sentinel: Obama pick's role in '99 clemency case revealed
Politico: Holder may need one Republican vote

WSJ: Daschle Says U.S. Needs Health-Care Overhaul
NYT: Daschle Lays Out a Plan to Overhaul Health Care
NYT: Editorial: Cuddly Welcome for Mr. Daschle
WSJ: 'Alternative' Medicine Is Mainstream
Rush Limbaugh: Dems Move to National Health Care
Hill: Conyerss opposition to Gupta is connected to Michael Moore

WaPo: Obama Taps CIA Veteran Brennan As Adviser On Terror
WaPo: Obama Selects 4 More Senior Defense Officials

WSJ: Secrets of Solis: The Labor nominee's ballot history
NYT: A Difficult Road Awaits Panetta at the C.I.A.
WaPo: Obama Team Asks Congress to Postpone Digital TV Switch

WSJ: Panel Steps Up Criticism of Treasury Over TARP
NYT: Treasurys Oversight of Bailout Is Faulted
WSJ: Drug Industry Critic Joins the FDA
NYT: Editorial: Census Crunch Time

WSJ: Wall Street Is Big Donor to Inauguration
Larry Sabato: Inaugurations Past and Present
WSJ: Business Warms to Obama, but Frictions Loom on Climate
NYT: No Surprises in Electoral Tally

Breitbart: A Revealing Interview With Sarah Palin (with video)
Politico: Palin: Media goes easy on Kennedy
NYDN: Sarah Palin declares 'class' war against Caroline Kennedy, Tina Fey and Katie Couric
Howard Kurtz: Online, Sarah Palin Has Unkind Words for the Press

Fox: House Speaker Pelosi Gets Second Shot at Pushing Her Agenda
USA Today: Blue Dog Democrats barter for tighter spending limits
Politico: The 'old McCain' is back

John Fund: Pelosi Turns Back the Clock on House Reform: Moderate Democrats frozen out
Peggy Noonan: Mere Presidents: American leaders are mortal, not magical
NYT/Greenhouse: The Chief Justice on the Spot
Kim Strassel: Burris, Franken: A Tale of Two Would-Be Senators
Charles Krauthammer: Endgame in Gaza
Dana Milbank: Pompousness and Circumstance
Michelle Malkin: Who's Afraid of Joe the Journalist?

WSJ: Trial Lawyer Bonanza: Off and suing with the 111th Congress

AP: Activists launch Web site to deny campaign cash to opponents of public election financing


NRO: First Hurdle for Aspiring RNC Chairs: Getting on the Ballot
Robert Duncan: The Need for the RNC
PoliGazette: College Republicans Endorse Ken Blackwell for RNC Chair
Amanda Carpenter: Blackwell's Case for RNC Chair
Life News: Pro-Life Advocates Back Ken Blackwell for National Republican Party Chairman
Citizen Link: Dr. Dobson Supports Blackwell to Lead RNC
Steve Mitchell: Anuzis has right stuff to lead GOP
Kathleen Parker: The men vying to lead GOP out of the wilderness
Planet Jackson Hole: Larimer seeks RNC co-chair
Amanda Carpenter: Current RNC Chairman Defends Losing Record
NRO: Highlights and Lowlights from the RNC Chair Debate
Human Events: Who's Up and Whos Down After RNC Chairman Debate?

WSJ: Obama Names Tim Kaine to Succeed Dean as DNC Chair
WaPo: Obama Names Kaine as DNC Chair
Politico: Obama snubs Dean


NYT: For G.O.P. in Albany, the Spoils Are Going Away
Buffalo News: Senate leader to meet Brown, other Democratic mayors; vows to expand list
AP/Virtanen: Moves under way at NY Capitol
Elizabeth Benjamin: The Big State Senate Schlep
Village Voice: Tenants Jeer for New Housing Chair Espada
Village Voice: Habemus Corruptio! Senates Dems' Deal Settled

NYT: Seeking Clintons Seat, Would-Be Senators Provide Exhaustive Background Details
Rasmussen: Kennedy Leads King by 18 But Vulnerabilities Linger
AP: With her Senate bid, Kennedy is seen as role model for moms re-entering the work force
Daily News: Caroline Kennedy's inexperience weighs big on Gov. Paterson's mind
American Spectator: They Don't Make Kennedys Like They Used To
Albany TU: Is Gillibrand a Senate dark horse?

Albany TU: Paterson once arrested over Rockefeller drug law reform

NY Post: Former GOPer Mike Wants to Get Back In
NYT: City Employee Pay Is Outpacing Private Sector, Report Says


WSJ: Illinois Panel Recommends Impeachment
WaPo: Panel Hears Burris, Votes To Impeach Ill. Governor
Fox: Illinois Legislative Committee Recommends Impeachment of Blagojevich
Chi Sun-Times: House panel votes unanimously to recommend Blagojevich's impeachment
Chicago Tribune: House panel unanimously approves report accusing Gov. Rod Blagojevich
NYT: Panel Recommends Impeaching Blagojevich
Chicago Tribune: Lawyers for Gov. Rod Blagojevich want U.S. attorney off case
Chicago Sun-Times: Ex-advisor to panel: Order Blago to get psych evaluation

Chicago Tribune: Roland Burris asked ex-Rod Blagojevich aide about Senate seat
Chicago Tribune: Burris called Blagojevich aide to try to get nephew state job
CQ Politics: Early Illinois Primary Would Give Burris Just Months to Prove Himself


Pioneer Press: Senate saga's next chapter is handed to Page
CQ Politics: Senate Democrats May Seat Franken Before Coleman Lawsuit Is Resolved
American Thinker: Why Soros wants Norm Coleman out of the Senate
Dick Morris: Franken's funny business
Al Conason: Al Franken stole the election? Prove it or shut up
Nation: The Big Lie on Al Franken
Pioneer Press: Minnesota lawmakers to push runoff elections for close statewide races
AP: Texas filing seeks to put off suit tied to Coleman
Politico: Norm Coleman's housing woes

NYT: Minnesota: Plea in Republican Convention Case


Philadelphia Inquirer: Chris Matthews happy where he is


WSJ: California's Plans to Close Gap Become More Drastic
LA Times: Editorial: A California budget -- or else

John Fund: Feinstein Hunts Alone: Dianne speaks her mind

AP/Lin: CA court refuses to hear lawsuit challenging state Democrats' plan to raise taxes


AP: Texas man pleads guilty in RNC case


AP/Farrington: Key Fla. Senate race a toss-up without Jeb Bush
St. Petersburg Times: Other Democrats wait as CFO Sink ponders Senate bid
WUSF: Dems May Have Senate Edge

Miami Herald: Florida Forever land protection faces budget ax


Star Ledger: Christopher Christie files to run for New Jersey governor
NYT: Christie, Former U.S. Attorney, Enters Governors Race in New Jersey
AP/Delli Santi: Christie opens bid for governor on GOP ticket
CQ Politics: GOPs Christie Adds His Name in N.J. Governor Race
Trentonian: The perfect political storm will deny Christie


St. Louis PD: Kit Bond won't seek 5th term as Missouri senator in 2010
Kansas City Star: Bonds announcement opens a race for 2010
AP/Lieb: Republican Missouri Sen. Kit Bond declines to seek fifth term in 2010
KC Star: Lawmakers react to Sen. Bonds announcement
KC Star: Bonds impact on federal money to KC will be remembered


NYT: Ex-Senator Ends Effort to Withdraw Guilty Plea


WSJ: New Mexico Vindication: Remember that U.S. Attorneys hoohah?
Scripps: Sidelined Richardson may be in trouble


Knoxville News: Republicans off and running for governor
Tennessean: Candidates brace for long, costly Tennessee governor race


January 8, 2009



WSJ: Stimulus Plans Intact, Despite Big Deficit
LA Times: Political wrangling bogs down economic stimulus package
WSJ: The Deficit Spending Blowout
NYT: $1.2 Trillion Deficit Forecast as Obama Weighs Options
NYT: Budget Shortfalls Put States in Same Gloomy Straits
NYT: Obama Says He Will Seek Overhaul of Retiree Spending
Washington Times: Entitlements on the line as deficit rises
WaPo: Lawmakers and Financial Experts Question Obama's Tax Cuts
WaPo: 2008 Leaves Pensions Underfunded
Politico: Obama, Dems face hard sell on stimulus
George Will: End Run On the Treasury

WaPo: Obama Assembles Powerful West Wing
CQ Politics: Emanuel: Democratic Warriors Bipartisan Side
NYT: Daschle to Face Tough Questions on Competition in Health Insurance
Hill: Tom Daschle returning to new Senate
NYT: Clinton Is Moving to Fill Senior Posts at State Dept.
NYT: Obama Is Reported Set to Revise Counterterrorism Efforts
WSJ: Obama's Pick to Lead CIA Clears Key Hurdle
TNR: The Secret History Of Leon Panetta And Dianne Feinstein
Politico: Dems circle wagons around Holder
Washington Times: Holder hearings won't be 'smooth sailing'
CNN: Obama appointee Holder to face bruising confirmation fight
WSJ: Fed Moves Closer to Picking Geithner's Successor
WSJ: SEC Nominee to Face Tough Questions at Confirmation Hearing
NYT: F.D.I.C. Head Seen as Likely to Keep Job
WSJ: Obama's Regulatory Czar Likely to Set a New Tone
WSJ: FDA Outlays for Morale-Boosting Draw Fire From Lawmakers
WSJ: SEIU Plans to Spend Big on Its Agenda
WSJ: Steel's 'Buy America' Ploy

Politico: Cantor to focus on GOP message
WaPo: Despite Majority, Senate Leader Has Rough Start
Hill: A familiar McCain back on old stomping ground
Politico: McCain unveils new PAC
NYT: McCain Starts Country First PAC
Hill: McCain, Feingold reunite to battle earmarks
Hill: Blue Dogs are taking a leap of fiscal faith
Tulsa World: Cole picked for House Appropriations Committee
CQ Politics: Republicans Maneuver for Position on Appropriations
Hill: Reid plans weekend session

Karl Rove: President Bush Tried to Rein In Fan and Fred
Ann Coulter: This Is the Downer We've Been Waiting For!
Dick Morris: Tyranny of the tax-exempt

Washington Times: Republicans seek to bar Fairness Doctrine's return

CQ Politics: FEC Chairman Outlines Priorities, Money Needs

WaPo: Bush Hosts Once and Future Presidents at the White House
AP/Feller: Obama hails 'extraordinary' moment with presidents
Dallas MN: Bushes to stop in Midland on way back to Crawford ranch
Politico: Cheney: I'm actually 'lovable'

WaPo: Romney Rejoins Marriott Board

Jimmy Carter: Gaza: An Unnecessary War

Buffalo News: Jack Kemp undergoing treatment for cancer
LA Times: Former VP nominee, GOP Rep. Jack Kemp has cancer


Washington Times: Anuzis, Dawson favored to head RNC
NRO: Who's the Next RNC Chair? Depends on Who You Ask
Charleston City Paper: RNC Race: Ohio Talks Trash About S.C. GOP
Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Greer backs Steele in RNC showdown
Politico: Greer: Steele 'can be a visionary'
Jim Greer: GOP must reject racially divisive rhetoric
MSNBC: Gunning for a new RNC
John Fund: Bush Mutiny: GOP: Bailouts R Not Us


NYT: Governor Says New York Is in a Perilous Situation
Daily News: New York's state? 'Perilous,' says Gov. Paterson, in State of the State address
NY Post/Dicker: Wrong Address, Gov.: Dull Speech Blows Shot At Serious Change
Buffalo News: Paterson offers stark assessment of state's plight
Albany TU: Paterson: reform Rockefeller drug laws
NYT: Editorial: Moving Forward in Hard Times

NYT: Role Reversal in the Senate, and Emotions Run High
AP: Democrats officially take control of State Senate
Albany TU: New era dawning for Democrats in Senate
Albany TU: Smith: Deal set for majority
LifeHudson: Skelos, On Life In the Minority

NY Post: Defiant Hiram Joins Senate
NYT: New Senator, Under Fire, Appears Cool and Collected

MSNBC: Pete King vs. Caroline Kennedy Battle Looms
Buffalo News: Brown snubbed on questionnaire on US Senate post


Chicago Tribune: Senate's Democratic majority clears path for Roland Burris
WSJ: Democrats Retreat on Burris
NYT: Senate Democrats Open Way to Seat Burris
WSJ: Burris Unbanished: Democrats receive a lesson in Constitutional law
WaPo: Senate Appointee Makes Inroads: Leaders Define Steps for Burris
Hill: CBC unanimously backs Burris
Politico: Dem leaders battered by Hurricane Burris
Dana Milbank: Democratic Senators Yield to Burris

WSJ: Blagojevich Objects to Release of Wiretaps to Impeachment Panel
ChiTrib: Illinois impeachment panel bristles at report of Rod Blagojevich's hiring practices
Chicago Sun-Times: Govs wifes job? Raise money to repay state-backed deal

Chicago Sun-Times: Daley's clout deal puts homeless shelter in the red


Star Tribune: Senates ruling on Burris affects seating Franken

Pioneer Press: Pawlenty's State of the State set for Jan. 15
Pioneer Press: As lawmakers assemble, a few sparks begin to fly
Pioneer Press: Pawlenty calls on leaders to ease state crisis
Pioneer Press: Efficiency report details savings for state


Philadelphia Inquirer: Chris Matthews bows out of Senate run
Philadelphia Daily News: Matthews to stay on the 'Ball'
WaPo: After Eyeing a Senate Run, Chris Matthews to Stay at MSNBC
Reuters: MSNBC's Chris Matthews won't run for Senate
Politico: Matthews isn't running for Senate


SF Chronicle: Governor, legislative leaders to talk budget
AP/Lawrence: Schwarzenegger to restart stalled budget talks
Sacramento Bee: Time to end budget feuds, governor says
LA Times: Schwarzenegger proposes 5 fewer school days
Sacramento Bee: Californians battle swamped state phone lines to get jobless benefits
SF Chronicle: Black support for Prop. 8 called exaggeration


OregonLive: Snodgrass, Tiernan compete for Oregon GOP job


Dallas MN: Next speaker of Texas House says he plans power sharing
AP/Castro: Straus's record shows moderate, independent side
Dallas MN: Q&A with likely next speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus
Dallas MN: Gov. Perry 'strong supporter' of speaker-to-be Straus'
Dallas MN: Craddick allies urging support of Straus - with Craddick's blessing
Austin AS: Two numbers made Craddick defeat possible
Austin AS: How the House speaker's race was won

Hill: Hutchison could cause Texas-sized trouble with gubernatorial run


Tampa Tribune: Republican Leaders Poised To Consider Tax Reforms
Florida Times-Union: Budget plans to be voted on today

St. Petersburg Times: Grand jury may investigate House Speaker Sansom


AP: Joe the Plumber to become a war correspondent


Detroit FP: Partisan shift expected in Michigan Supreme Court
Detroit News: Michigan Supreme Court to swear in newest justice
AP/Eggert: Mich. court to choose new chief in public view
Detroit News: Patterson explores run for governor
Detroit News: Jobless claims overwhelm state


WaPo: Kaine Pushes Expansion of In-Person Early Voting
WaPo: The Challenge: Cutting $3 Billion From 2-Year Budget
WaPo: Democrats' Inaugural Ball Waltzes Past Fundraiser Law


WSJ: Richardson's Stumble on U.S. Stage Erodes Clout at Home
AP/Massey: Richardson adviser worked for firm feds probing


AP/LaCorte: Budget deficit looms largest


Tennessean: Candidates brace for long, costly runs for governor
Memphis Flyer: Knoxville Mayor Haslam, an Early-Bird Candidate for Gov., Visits Memphis
ChattTFP: Haslam says GOP governor race primary will cost candidates at least $5 million
ChattTFP: Former Tennessee Sen. Bill Brock endorses Rep. Wamp for governor
AP: Ford: Too early to decide on Tenn. governor's race


Hartford Courant: Rell: Deep Cuts Needed To Balance State Budget


AP/Delli Santi: Christie flirts with NJ gov bid


Worcester Telegram: DiMasi re-elected speaker under ethics shadow


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