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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

July 7, 2009


Rush Limbaugh: Rush Limbaugh Comments on Sarah Palin's Resignation
NYDN: Palin may have quit, but that won't stop her running for President, says Limbaugh
Politico: Rush perplexed, but positive, on Palin
Anchorage Daily News: Palin says ethics inquiries were paralyzing
Anchorage Daily News: Palin critics defend their actions
WSJ: Palin Confidante Says Governor Felt Hampered by Probes
ABC: Sarah Palin Called GOP Leaders Before Quitting
WaPo: Alaskans Consider Palin's Legacy As She Prepares to Leave Office
WaPo: Palin's Online Army Unbowed by Her Resignation
Hill: GOP Rep. King doubts Palin can come back
AP/Joling: Palin to emerge into public view for bill signing
Politico: The sins of Sarah Palin
Politico: The Odds on Sarah Palin
NewsMax: Steele: Palin Will Be Helpful in 09 Govs Races
CNN: Virginia and NJ Republicans non-committal on Palin
Salon: Palin to hit the campaign trail?
CSM: Where does Palins exit leave GOP for 2012?
American Spectator: Palin and the Politics of Familial Destruction
James Taranto: Why Palin's Bailin'
Bill Kristol: Panicked Over Palin
Roger Stone: Palin's Plan and why it can work
Rich Lowry: Sarah Palin: Up and Out

WSJ: White House Open to Deal on Public Health Plan
WaPo: Hospitals Reach Deal With Administration
NYT: White House and Hospitals Are Reported to Be Near Deal
AP/Espo: Top Democrat, hospitals near deal on health care costs
Wash Times: Attack ads hit moderates on health reform
Wash Times: Democrats seek GOP support for agenda
CQ Politics: Unions Waver on Taxing Health Benefits
Hill: Dems to show how they will find $1 trillion
Hill: Centrists threaten Obama's agenda
NYT: Editorial: Financing Health Care Reform

WaPo: Push and Pull in Senate May Recast Climate Bill
WSJ: So Much for 'Energy Independence'

WSJ: Calls Grow to Increase Stimulus Spending

Fox: Sessions Curious if Sotomayor is Too Racially Biased to Judge
CQ Politics: GOP Looks for Ways to Delay Sotomayor Hearing
NYT: Little Information Given About Solo Law Practice Run by Sotomayor in 80s
CQ Politics: The Sotomayor Primary

NYT: Guilty by a 10-2 Vote: Efficient or Unconstitutional?

WaPo: Key Senator Backs Telecom Probe

Hill: Coburn amendment would require online expenditures

Wash Times: Obama appoints friends in high places

Hill: CBC member vows fair probe of Caribbean trip

American Spectator: Jon Voight's Profile in Courage

Hill: Dark horse races to watch in 2010
NYT: A Contrarian Re-election Strategy


Albany TU: Could co-leadership work in the Senate?
Albany TU: Proposal would let Paterson pick
Newsday: Proposal to appoint lieutenant governor gets no action
NYDN: Cuomo: Not So Fast
NYDN: Editorial: Gov. Paterson must ask the courts about power to name lieutenant
NYT: Who Would Lead New York if Paterson Left? Who Knows?
NYDN: Senate debacle yields hiring freeze on police, firefighter jobs: Bloomberg

CQ Politics: Why Abortion Rights Groups Back Gillibrand Over Maloney

Digital Journal: Alec Baldwin Eyes New York Politics

Capitol Hill Blue: GOP Rep Peter King: Michael Jackson was a 'low life'


Star-Ledger: N.J. GOP governor candidate Chris Christie outlines energy plan
AP/Mulvihill: Christie wants N.J. to go greener
NJ Newsroom: Chris Christie unveils eight-point energy plan


WaPo: Palin to Campaign in Virginia? You Betcha.
News-Leader: Deeds vs. McDonnell


WSJ: Big Banks Don't Want California's IOUs
LA Times: Speaker boycotts California budget session
SF Chronicle: Assembly speaker boycotts budget talks
SacBee: California's borrowing costs may rise after Fitch downgrades state bonds
AP/Williams: Calif. budget talks stall amid reform proposals
Dan Walters: Ideology divides tax reform panel

CNN: The Gavinator and Meg Whitmans big money


Dallas MN: Hutchison and Perry have different takes on Sarah Palin
Houston Chronicle: Other governors come and go, but not Texas' Perry


PNJ: State GOP headed to Gotham
Tallahassee Democrat: Web parody takes aim at Sink


AJC: Can Democrats elect a governor?
AJC: Legislature likely will leave cuts to Perdue


CQ Politics: Illinois: Potential GOP Senate Candidate Kirk Posts Big Bucks
CQ Politics: Whats Next for Davis and His Seat in Congress?


Star Tribune: Editorial: Pawlenty moves on amid GOP struggles
AP/Bakst: Minnesota, land of the freshman senator


Wash Times: Specter faces hurdles in Democratic re-election


BC of Cincinnati: Ohio Senate taking up second temp budget
Cincinnati Enquirer: Editorial: Senate: Resolve Ohio budget impasse
Cleveland PD: Harris seeks to persuade Gov. Ted Strickland to join slots referendum plan


Roll Call: Rogers is NRCC's top cop
Mlive: Michigan AG Mike Cox backs NRA efforts to overturn Chicago handgun ban


St. Louis PD: Schweich to announce bid for Missouri auditor
Legal Newsline: Koster's office defends Mo. judges' firings


Politico: Ex-state GOP chairwoman wants Zach Wamp's Tennessee seat


WRAL: Perdue adds Peaslee, Earls to election board
AP: Monday at the North Carolina General Assembly


Politico: Sanford survives: Gov. rides out storm
State: State Republicans censure Sanford
AP/Davenport: SC GOP censures Gov. Sanford over absence, affair
AP: South Carolina G.O.P. Censures Sanford


CQ Politics: Democrat Focusing on Challenge to Republican Terry in Nebraska 2


Hill: Former Rep. Pearce seeks return
CQ Politics: New Mexico: Ex-Rep. Pearce To Challenge His Successor, Teague


Boston Globe: Cahill prepares to leave his party


July 6, 2009


Reuters: McCain says Palin to play leadership role as ex-Governor
Politico: Rove 'perplexed' by Palin, Huckabee calls move 'risky'
USA Today: Top Republicans puzzled by Palin's abrupt resignation
Hill: Lt. Gov. Parnell defends Palin's resignation

Wash Times: Palin fires back at critics on Twitter
Twitter: Sarah Palin's Twitter Page

CQ Politics: Palins Decision Debated on Fox News Sunday
NYDN: Top Republican: Palin may have stopped making sense but she can still make dollars
Anchorage Daily News: FBI: Palin not under investigation
Politico: Feds: Palin in the clear
Telegraph UK: Sarah Palin threatens legal action over resignation rumours
NYT: Legal Bills Swayed Palin, Official Says
WSJ: Growing Criticism at Home Took Toll on Palin
WSJ: Governor's Move Highlights GOP Divide
American Thinker: Sarah Palin -- All In
Pittsburgh TR: Palin's punchline
CSM: What Palins move means for 2012
WSJ: The Palin Puzzle: This isn't the way to win in 2012
Ross Douthat: Palin and Her Enemies
Anne Applebaum: Palin's Parting Shot
Human Events: What's Next For Sarah Palin?
Globe & Mail: Sarah Palin: The Fatal Attraction of Republicans
Andrew Sullivan: The Best Republican Brawl In A Long, Long While

Wash Times: Gingrich back with a vengeance

Beaufort Observer: Powell now sides with Limbaugh on Obama's expansion of government
NewsBusters: Colin Powell Again Goes After Rush Limbaugh
Examiner: Colin Powell on Republican Party and race, & Obama's spending
Politico: Powell: History will judge Iraq war
CNN: Powell on Sotomayor, affirmative action
LegalNewsline: Powell: Sotomayor nomination should not be derailed
AP: Powell urges Sotomayor critics to move past 'nonsense'

AP/Davis: Analysis: GOP struggles for anti-Sotomayor message
AP: Group Sotomayor Belonged to Sued Over Job Tests
Human Events: Selling Sotomayor: Ethnocentricity or Rule of Law?
James Taranto: There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Judicial Restraint

WSJ: Congress Shifts Into High Gear to Tackle Full Agenda

Hill: Schumer promises public option in healthcare bill
Politico: Schumer guarantees public health care option
Politico: Chuck Grassley is rope in Capitol Hill tug of war
WaPo: On Health Care, The Prognosis Is Compromise
WaPo: Familiar Players in Health Bill Lobbying
AP/Daniel: Senators say compromise key to health care bill
NYT: In Maine, Two Sides on Health Care Step Up Competition for Senators Votes
Paul Krugman: HELP Is on the Way
EJ Dionne: Obama's Testing Time

WaPo: Q and A on the Climate Bill
WSJ: Pay More, Drive Less, Save the Planet

NYT: Volatile Swings in Price of Oil Stir Fears on Recovery
WSJ: Companies, Workers Tangle Over Law to Curb Layoffs
WSJ: Calls Grow to Increase Stimulus Spending
CQ Politics: LaHood: On the Road to Sell Stimulus Still
WSJ: Public Pensions Cook the Books
Wash Times: Technology jobs thrive

WSJ: Electronic Outreach Tests House Rules

AP/Lieb: At least 38 states overestimated tax revenues


NY Post: Minority backers like 'Gov. Cuomo'
NY Post: Sampson donors chow down at state trough
NYDN: Gov. Paterson suggests Dems soften stand, give plum role to turncoat Espada
NYDN: Senate follies coupled with tax shortfall equal huge N.Y. budget nightmare
Albany TU: Sunday session: A lot like last Sundays session
AP: No deal: NY Senate adjourns after 3-minute session
NYDN: Albany power struggle leaves mixed martial arts bill in the lurch
LA Times: New York takes legislative gridlock to next level

Hill: National parties already gearing up for Massa seat
NYT: Thompson, the Stealth Candidate

NYT: Welfare Checks to Increase for First Time in 19 Years


APP: Stimulus spending draws protesters' ire in N.J


Examiner: Bob McDonnell tries to make it personal with Virginians
Examiner: Weight of national expectations on McDonnells shoulders
Richmond TD: GOP now grappling with deficit


SF Chronicle: Governor, lawmakers debate cuts again Sunday
George Will: Whitman: A promising bid for governor


Dallas MN: T. Boone Pickens fueling dialogue on clean-energy efforts


Orlando Sentinel: Hand it to Haridopolos: He's got party backing
Sun-Sentinel: Broward sheriff's budget showdown could go to Tallahassee
Florida Today: Stadium tea party protests taxes


MND: Georgia Supreme Court Justice Leah Ward: Let's end disposable marriage


SJ-R: Madigan decision could change game for other politicians


CQ Politics: Minnesota 3 Could See Another Brawl Around the Mall
USA Today: Franken's Senate tenure no laughing matter
Detroit FP: Call him Senator Al


Lehigh VL: Rep. Joe Sestak claims he is the true Democrat, not U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter


Dayton Daily News: Budget cuts make job tough for Ohio governor
Dayton Daily News: Wonder how Ohio got into this mess? Heres how
Cincinnati Enquirer: Dead senator's seat up for grabs
Cleveland PD: Ohio laws governing gas drilling among most lenient in nation, experts say


WSJ: GM Choice of Plant Site Stirs Questions
Lansing State Journal: Senate gives preview of budget options


News-Leader: White House tours a hot ticket


Leaf Chronicle: Experts: McMillan long-shot for governor


AP/Robertson: NC tax overhaul still alive in budget talks


State: State GOP conference call on Sanford set for Monday


Politico: Washington Democrats try to bail out Chris Dodd


CQ Politics: Rhode Islands Kennedy Favored Despite Latest Rough Patch


July 5, 2009


Fox: Options Abound for Palin After Alaska Governorship
Anchorage Daily News: Palin's career has been one surprise after another
Anchorage Daily News: Palin attorney decries 'defamatory' rumors
Politico: Palin attorney warns press on 'defamatory material'
Wash Times: Palin's resignation latest shock for GOP
WaPo: Weary Palin Sought to Regain Control
WaPo: Palin's Hometown Crowd Expresses Support for Her
AP/Thiessen: Palin takes to Web for hints of political future
WaPo: Sarah Palin's July 4th Message Posted to Her Facebook Account
NYDN: Sarah Palin keeps low profile, claims 'higher power' via Facebook amid flap
Telegraph UK: There is something about Sarah Palin
Chicago Sun-Times: Palin 'is a source of constant surprise'
LA Times: Palin's speech had shades of Nixon, circa '62
NYT: If White House Is Her Goal, Palin’s Route Is Risky
WaPo: Palin's Latest Move Puzzles, and Perhaps Offends
WSJ: Palins Resignation: Shrewd Move or Political Suicide?
NYT: Sarah Palins Resignation: Another Example of the G.O.P. Split
Politico: Five questions for Sarah Palin
Wm Jacobson: It Always Has Been About Trig
Bloomberg: Palin Resignation Leaves Party Weaker as It Seeks New Leaders
CQ Politics: Palin Faced a Rocky Road if She Filled Out Her Term
CQ Politics: Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee Reacts to Palin Resignation

Maureen Dowd: Now, Sarahs Folly
UPI: Columnists name Palin 'Sitting Duck'
AP: Newspaper columnists give Gov. Palin dubious honor
Examiner: Sarah's a Duck, and fires a Public Health Director
Dennis Byrne: Sarah Palin's last laugh on dolt columnists

WSJ: Romney Emerges as Top Issues Play to His Strength
Politics Daily: Why Mitt Romney's Star is Rising

Wash Times: Holiday marked by anti-tax Tea Parties
WaPo: Obama Urges Groups to Stop Attacks
AP: Colin Powell cautions Obama on big government
NYT: Boehner Reaches Into Bag of Tricks to Disrupt Democrats

NYT: Tax Bill Appeals Take Rising Toll on Governments

Hill: Dems won unexpected GOP support for climate bill
Hill: In House climate vote, hints of problems in Senate
Bloomberg: Climate bill helps utilities more than oil companies
CQ Politics: Both Parties Try to Cash In on Passage of Climate Change Bill

NY1: Republicans Accuse Sotomayor Of Reverse Discrimination

NYT: President Obama makes serious commitment to immigration reform

Hill: McCain: Obama slow to embrace Iran protestors

CQ Politics: Five Polls, Five Pieces of Gloomy News for Democratic Governors

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYDN: Paterson tells treasurer to freeze state senators' direct-deposit salary
NYDN: Albany pols unwind for the holiday from all the lack of work
Albany TU: Senate's holiday shift: 7 minutes
AP/Gormley: Analysis: NY Senate coup a month-long standoff
Arthur Levine: Wipe the slate clean: Albany needs a third-party rescue. Who will lead it?

Politico: About that Times endorsement, Mrs. Gillibrand...


Star-Ledger: Official: Christie alienating unions


AP/Sidoti: Analysis: Centrism wins in Virginia, New Jersey
WaPo: Editorial: Charter Schools in Virginia
Richmond TD: Stakes high for Kaines DNC duties


LA Times: Budget talks as a reality TV show?
SF Chronicle: Fiscal crisis tarnishes Golden State's image
Reuters: California governor signals key budget concession
AP/Williams: Schwarzenegger legacy entwined with fiscal crisis
ST: Can former eBay CEO Whitman sell CA voters on her reform agenda in guv campaign?
Capitol Weekly: Poizner overhauls political shop to stave off Whitman moves
Daily News: Republican candidate Tom Campbell might be "it" for governor
George Will: A California Comeback?


Las Vegas Sun: Popular in their cities, could Reno or Las Vegas mayor be governor?


Austin AS: Sen. Cornyn booed at Capitol tea party
Lubbock: Big bucks about to start rolling in for 2010 races


AP/Evans: Thunderous Okla. applause greets Bush on July 4


News-Press: Dem Aronberg pulls in cash in GOP-heavy Southwest Florida
Orlando Sentinel: Disturbing laws, groveling let the Florida "fun" begin


AJC: Tax protesters celebrate with Atlanta Tea Party
GDP: Ralph Hudgens seeking insurance commissioner's post


Chicago Sun-Times: Governor bypasses legislative leaders, talks to lawmakers

Chicago Sun-Times: Birkett running for Illinois attorney general
Legal Newsline: Republican announces run for Illinois AG


Fox12: 2 MN State Senators Eye 2010 Governor's Race
Pioneer Press: It's a Franken-filled Fourth of July on the Iron Range
NYT: Al Franken and the Odd Politics of Minnesota


AP/Levy: Pa.'s budget battle: Compromise is in the middle


Columbus Dispatch: New poll shows Strickland in trouble
CQ Politics: Economic Woes Cause Strickland's Ratings to Plummet in Ohio


WaPo: What Did Rep. Conyers Know? Wife's Bribery Plea Raises Questions About MI Dem


St. Louis PD: Missouri's Roy Blunt heads up GOP effort on healthcare reform
Joplin Globe: Discontent brews at 'tea party'
CSM: Round 2 of Tea Party protests: a political powerhouse in the making?


CTFP: Corker Pops Up 15th on GOP Presidential Contenders List


Post and Courier: Organizers depend on DeMint to deliver views
State: Sanfords affair: How to mismanage a crisis


Examiner: Republican Mark Neumann enters Wisconsin race for governor
CQ Politics: Wisconsin Governor Battles Economy, Popularity Slump


Seattle PI: With Palin gone, will Ted Stevens run for Alaska gov.?


July 4, 2009


WSJ: Palin to Quit as Alaska Governor, Won't Seek Re-Election
WSJ: Transcript of Palins Announcement
NYT: Palin Announces Resignation (Video)
WaPo: Gov. Palin Says She Will Quit, Citing Probes, Family Needs
LA Times: Sarah Palin's exit as Alaska governor stuns, puzzles observers
LA Times: Analysis of Sarah Palin's strange move: Timeout or Flameout?
McClatchy: GOP strategists left baffled by Palin's sudden resignation
McClatchy: A list of ethics complaints filed against Sarah Palin
Time: Why Sarah Palin Quit
Forbes: A Lot Of Sarah Palin In The Lower 48
WaPo: Once Again, An Enigma Plays It by Her Rules
Howard Kurtz: Maybe She Got Tired of the Full-Court Press
Chris Cillizza: Palin To Resign, Focus on Presidential Run
Wash Times: Palin to call it quits as Alaska's governor
NYT: Palin Resigning Governors Job; Future Unclear
NYT: With Palin Leaving Office, the Spotlight on Alaska Is Likely to Go, Too
Anchorage Daily News: Palin to resign as Alaska governor
Anchorage Daily News: Palin decision mystifies some, thrills others
Politico: Palin resignation splits GOP
CQ Politics: Romney's Stock Rises with Public, but Palin Reigns Among Republicans
Human Events: Palin Quits to Help Parnell
American Thinker: Sarah Palin breaks the mold again
McClatchy: Palin's and Romney's roles in 2012?
Tennessean: Early start may pay off for Palin
NYDN: Alaska's governor Sarah Palin resigns, dooming her presidential pipe dream
American Spectator: Palin's Dereliction of Duty
Gail Collins: Sarahs Straight Talk

Thaindian: Sarah Palins daughters ex to pen tell-all book

LA Times: Obama's radio address pushes domestic agenda

CQ Politics: Health Industry Was Good for Health Care Czar
Rush Limbaugh: Hospitals Cave to Obama's Threats
American Spectator: There is nothing humane about government-run health care

NYT: Dueling Ads Highlight the Politics of Climate-Change Legislation
McClatchy: House climate bill wouldn't cut U.S. oil dependence much
Star-Ledger: Cap-and-trade bill: Blood and Gore

WSJ: Group Sotomayor Belonged to Sued Over Job Tests
CQ Politics: Republicans To Probe Sotomayors Views on Racial Bias

NYT: For Banks, Wads of Cash and Loads of Trouble
LA Times: Another wave of foreclosures is poised to strike
LA Times: Glut of oil could push gasoline prices back down below $2 a gallon
Examiner: Editorial: No second stimulus, please

Cleveland PD: Dems' grip tightens
Wash Times: Government growth challenges liberty

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows


NYT: Thaw in Senate Talks, but No Hints of Power-Sharing Deal
Newsday: Senate leaders won't budge after meeting Paterson
Albany TU: A birthday but little else
NYDN: Senate Status Report: Same Stalemate, Different Date
NYDN: Paterson eases up on do-nothing senators
Buffalo News: Despite tough act, Patersons support slipping

Albany TU: Clinton signals possible party rift


PolitickerNJ: Corzine focuses Friday evening energies on Carteret


NBC29: Deeds, McDonnell Hammer Out Campaign Strategies


SF Chronicle: Governor backs off plan to suspend Prop. 98
SacBee: Schwarzenegger praises state's diverse economy
SF Chronicle: Editorial: State budget mess only gets worse
CQ Politics: In California, A Political Rorschach Test

LA Times: Meg Whitman's $6.5 million fundraising puts her atop California gov race
SF Chronicle: 2010 gov candidates' bottom line: Whitman has raised $6.5 million
AP/Williams: Brown, Whitman raise most in Calif. governor race

NYT: Congressional Race in California Draws a High-Profile Cast
SacBee: Congressional candidate gets national attention


Dallas MN: Politics magazine taps 3 Texans as rising stars


Orlando Sentinel: Upstart Rubio's Senate run bucks GOP etiquette
Jax: Wall Street Journal Slams Charlie Crist, Says FL Headed For Disaster
St. Pete Times: Crist ordered to pick name on judicial nominating list


AJC: Karen Handel: Yes, I have a high school diploma
GPB: Battle over Wikipedia between Oxendine and Handel


Daily Herald: Kirk takes heat from GOP for backing climate bill


Minn Indep: Palin does Pawlenty one better: Shell quit now
Pioneer Press: Franken to be sworn in Tuesday


CQ Politics: Pennsylvania: Republican Welch Announces for Rep. Sestak's Seat


CQ Politics: Economic Woes Cause Strickland's Ratings to Plummet in Ohio


AP/Eggert: Michigan may cut subsidies that keep Amtrak running


St. Louis PD: Missouri's Roy Blunt heads up GOP effort on healthcare reform


Oak Ridger: New GOP candidate stumps in Oak Ridge


Greenville News: Sanford joins family in Florida for weekend
NYDN: Gov. Sanford heads for Florida for tense reunion with wife, Jenny
AP/Davenport: South Carolinians split over Sanford


Politico: Dems target McConnell, want to send a message


CQ Politics: Approval Ratings Fall for New Hampshire's Lynch


CQ Politics: New Mexico: GOP Hopes Hinge on Democrats Woes


July 3, 2009


Wash Times: Democrats claim deep cuts in health care bill
NYT: Revisions to Health Bill Are Unveiled by Democrats
WaPo: Obama, Party Tout Lower Figure for Health Reform
Politico: Key committee supports public option
Politico: Obama calls top Hill Dems to push health care
Politico: Hospitals nearing a deal with White House
CQ Politics: Drug Industry Ad Buy Boosts Democrats Over House Recess
NYT: Senator Grassley Asks Aetna About Limited Health Policy

Wash Times: Energy job losers could get windfall: 3 years' pay, benefits in bill
WSJ: The EPA Silences a Climate Skeptic
WSJ: The Carbonated Congress: The 'largest corporate welfare program' ever
Politico: Climate vote threatens some Dems' careers
Rasmussen: 56% Dont Want To Pay More To Fight Global Warming
American Thinker: Capping and Trading Away Our Jobs
American Thinker: Cap and Trade: The Big Con

NYT: Republicans Question Sotomayors Role in Puerto Rican Groups Legal Battles
CQ Politics: White House Says GOP Request on Sotomayor Not Relevant
AP/Davis: Republican: Sotomayor had ties to extreme group
Politico: Bloomberg slams Sessions' "baseless" attack on S'mayor
Politico: Craig defends White House over Sotomayor docs
Charles Krauthammer: The Meaning of Ricci

Hill: Supreme Court opens door to possibility of corporate political spending

WSJ: Lawmakers' Travel Reports Understate True Cost
WSJ: House Delays Web Posting Of Expenses
Hill: Online posting of House expenditures delayed
NYT: Editorial: The House Eyes the Swamp

WSJ: Donors Find a Home in Obama's Ambassador Corps
Hill: Obama taps Kmiec, fundraiser for foreign posts

NYT: Joblessness Hits 9.5%, Deflating Recovery Hopes
WaPo: Job Losses Dampen Hopes for Recovery
Wash Times: New data indicate recovery not near
Politico: Where are the jobs?
WSJ: Tilting at Windmill Jobs: The 'stimulus' promised a jobless peak of 8%; it's now 9.5%
NYT: Editorial: More Jobs Lost
WSJ: New Evidence on the Foreclosure Crisis
Paul Krugman: That 30s Show
James Taranto: Desperately Seeking Silver Linings
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Economic Plan is Working

WaPo: McCain, Feingold Team Up Again Over FEC

Peggy Noonan: In appreciation of our country's founders & its greatest living historian
Eugene Volokh: Flag Burning & Free Speech: 1st Amendment protects 'symbolic expression'
David Brooks: Chinese Fireworks Display
Bennett & Cribb: The Last Best Hope of Earth
Ted Nugent: Happy Upside-down Day, America
Michael Reagan: 233 Years Later, a New Independence Push
Rush Limbaugh: Happy Dependence Day, America

Pat Buchanan: Hands Off Honduras!

WaPo: Post Co. Cancels Corporate Dinners: Journalistic Boundaries Brought Into Question
NYT: Pay-for-Chat Plan Falls Flat at Washington Post

NYT: Grand Jury Inquiry on Destruction of C.I.A. Tapes
NYT: U.S. Says It Will Preserve Secret Jails for Terror Case
WaPo: New Evidence Cheney Swayed Reaction to Leak

NYT: U.S. Shifts Strategy on Illicit Work by Immigrants

AP: Karl Rove inks $1M-plus memoir deal

AP: Herbert G. Klein, a Nixon Aide, Dies at 91

WSJ: In Political Ads, Christian Left Mounts Sermonic Campaigns

Politico: White House reminds staff of policy on free tickets

Politico: College GOP: Not down, out


NYT: Senators at an Impasse Find That Their State Pay Is at an Impasse, Too
NYT: Holiday Plans? Senators Will Be Stuck in Albany
Albany TU: DiNapoli moves to withhold Senate pay
NYT: Formerly Reticent, a Brooklyn Democrat Finds a Voice as a Leader in the Senate
NY Post: Mike rips Senate's top Dem

NYT: Bill Clinton to Headline Maloney Fund-Raiser
NY Post: Bubba defying Bam to aid Maloney bid
NYDN: Rangel defends Maloney's bid for Gillibrand Senate seat


PolitickerNJ: Christie on Obama visit, budget poll numbers and Albin confirmation
Examiner: Poll: Governor Corzine on the rebound in Garden state showdown?
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine joins legal fight to overturn federal ban on sports betting
Philadelphia Inquirer: N.J. gubernatorial candidate touts change


Virginian-Pilot: Deeds takes stand on biz issues raised by GOP
Politico: TV station rejects anti-Perriello ad


LA Times: California sends out IOUs
SacBee: Cash-dry California starts churning out the IOUs
NYT: Coffers Empty, California Pays With I.O.U.s
SacBee: California budget gap grows $25 million a day
Dan Walters: Schwarzenegger shares blame on chronic deficits


Dallas MN: Texas Legislature ends special session without toll-road bill
Dallas MN: Tea Party's organizers hope to draw 50,000 to Southfork Ranch on Saturday
World Net Daily: Gov. Perry calls special legislative session on transportation


Mia Herald: FL Supreme Court rejects Crist's request to have minorities on list for judgeships
AP/Kaczor: Fla. justices: Crist can't reject judge nominees
Times: Let's play the fundraising expectations game
Ledger: Wilkinson Declares He's Running for U.S. House


WSBTV: Karen Handel Upset Over Altered Wikipedia Entry


NYT: In States Still Waiting for New Budgets, the Waiting Goes On


AP/Condon: GOP's Coleman could eye Minn. governor run next
Politico: Poll: High unfavorables for Al Franken
CQ Politics: Franken Likely To Take Senate Seat on Tuesday


AP: Pennsylvania: Ex-Lawmaker Seeks New Trial


Cleveland PD: Ken Blackwell will recommend redrawn congressional districts
Toledo Blade: Strickland's slots plan slammed


Ludington Daily News: Cox sees different way for Michigan


AP: Missouri: Judge Allows Lawsuit Against Mayor


NYT: Tennessee Wins Ruling on Execution


News & Observer: GOP leaders decry Perdue's budget remark


Wash Times: Sanford's wife ready to forgive
WSJ: South Carolina Finds No Misuse of State Funds
NYT: Sanford Did Not Spend Improperly, Official Says


CQ Politics: Ex-GOP Reps. McInnis, Neumann Go For Governor


CQ Politics: Another Republican Declines Run for NH Senate


Hill: N.D. GOP chairman pushing Hoeven to take on Dorgan


Hill: Schiff polling shows him competitive with Dodd


July 2, 2009


WaPo: A Sarah Palin Rebound?
WaPo: Latest Palin Controversy Just a Subset of War Over Direction of GOP
WaPo: The Sarah Palin Chronicles Mask Deeper GOP Troubles
Week: Sarah Palin, Vanity Fair, and 2012
NRO: Who's the Palin Leaker from the McCain Campaign?
Fox: McCain's Camp Praises Sanford and Trashes Palin?
Wash Times: Palin's 'demons'
KTUU: Palin e-mail hacker asks for dismissal
Knox News: Attorney attacks charges against UT student in Palin e-mail case
UPI: Politics part of Palin-hack jury selection

Fox: Romney Urges Republicans to 'Stand Up' to Obama's Policies
Daily Kos: 5 Reasons Mitt Romney is the Guy to Watch
US News: Strategists Worry Obama's Popularity is Dropping

Wash Times: Democrats' supermajority may be illusory
WaPo: GOP Revamps Strategy to Address Democrats' Super-Majority

WSJ: Obama Moderates Health-Care Stance
NYT: President Pushes Health Plan as an Economic Boon
Politico: Chuck Schumer crafting public option
Weekly Standard: Fear and Loathing in Health Care Reform
WaPo: A Pitch on Health Care To Virginia And Beyond
WSJ: Everyday Low Politics: Wal-Mart buys protection by selling out its competitors
WSJ: To Fix Health Care, Some Study Developing World
WSJ: Why It's Easy to Steal From Medicare
WSJ: Medicare Plans to Cut Specialists' Payments

CQ Politics: Senate Struggle Expected over Climate Change Legislation
CQ Politics: NRCC Targets 14 House Democrats On Climate Change Vote
NYT: G.O.P. Aims at Lawmakers Over Energy Votes
Detroit News: Jobs may determine climate bill's fate
Rush Limbaugh: Cap & Trade Bill: Follow the Money
American Thinker: Cap-and-Trade Means Regulate and Subsidize
American Thinker: Taking the hot air out of wind power
WSJ: A higher gas tax is a better way to get green cars on the road
EJ Dionne: The New Energy Politics
Reuters: Congressman Henry Waxman admitted to hospital

Wash Times: Senators question U.S. role in hostage deal

WSJ: Congress's Travel Tab Swells: Spending on Taxpayer-Funded Trips Rises Tenfold

Wash Times: Sotomayor advised critics of Bork
Fox: Sotomayor Helped Hispanic Police Officers Challenge Promotions Exam
Wash Times: Sotomayor's foreign ideas: Supreme Court nominee backs transnationalism
NYT: Sotomayors Recusals Suggest Impartiality
AP/Davis: Legal group's records tell little about Sotomayorl
Rasmussen: Public Support for Sotomayor Falls After Supreme Court Reversal

Ann Coulter: So Much For Wise Latinas
David Broder: For Obama, Court Cases That Matter

Ron Rotunda: The Orange Grove: U.S. imports of lawsuits rising
Karl Rove: Why would a 61-year-old civilian surgeon volunteer for Iraq?
James Taranto: Haughty Hamas Honcho Plays Pundit

Wash Times: Aussie diplomat makes U.S. road trip

WSJ: Two Centuries On, a Cryptologist Cracks a Presidential Code

AP/Abrams: GOP loses last Jewish senator with Coleman loss

Wash Times: Opinionated Prejean, Ireland shatter myth

Wash Times: Voight rebuts 'hate speech' tag: Dissent, he says, isn't 'hate'

Townhall: Meghan McCain


WSJ: Senate Deadlock Hits New York Schools
NYT: Senate Inaction Is Hurting Many Towns Across State
NYT: Senate Impasse Forces City to Revive Old School Board, in Name
Albany TU: Are Senate bills legit? Silver is leery of actions passed during 'Padavan' session
NY Post: Conflict eyed in Sampson move
AP/Virtanen: GOP claims NY Senate records doctored after coup
NYDN: Paterson Ruins July 4th Holiday, Side-Steps The 10-Day Question
Albany TU: Paterson calls session through July 6
Reuters: No Senate holiday, NY's gov says as GOP turns to him
Albany TU: Senate GOP and Dems each will negotiate Thursday
NYDN: The Senate Democrats Make Their Case, The Assembly Converses
Legis Gaz: Dems call on Paterson to sign bills they say were passed yesterday

CQ Politics: Democrat Maloney In, GOPs King Probably Out of New York Senate Race
NY Post: Gilly meets her match in Maloney
AP/Hefling: Maloney to take on Gillibrand in primary
NYT: For an Insider, a Lonely Road to Senate Run
Roll Call: Maloney, Sestak Set to Challenge Democratic Establishment


CQ Politics: Christie Makes Inroads Among NJ Democrats Against Corzine
Star-Ledger: A-polling we will go
Star-Ledger: Chris Christie, The Godfather and what not to say to an Italian from Jersey


WaPo: Obama Tries to Rally Support for Health Care Reform at Town Hall Meeting
Politico: Deeds turned down chance to be with Obama


LA Times: Schwarzenegger orders third furlough day, proposes new cuts
SacBee: Schwarzenegger hopes IOUs sway budget debate
NYT: California Fails to Break Impasse as States Struggle to Meet Budget Deadlines
SacBee: Furlough Fridays back - now three days a month
WSJ: To Solve Deficit, Schwarzenegger Turns to a Democrat
NYT: Who Can Possibly Govern California?
Mercury News: Different paths to top of state's GOP, same hard-line resolve


Dallas MN: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison visits Texas troops Iraq
Power Line: Rick Perry Explains How It's Done
AP/Vertuno: Texas Senate passes agencies bill
WSJ: Texas Applies for Stimulus Funds With Minutes to Spare


Jax: GOP Senate Primary Starting To Heat Up
Mike Thomas: Hold on: Crist doesn't have Senate race wrapped up yet
Orlando Sentinel: Patterson makes it official: he's running for CFO


AJC: Nine are candidates for state Supreme Court vacancy
AJC: Nathan Deal and the 2008 farm bill


CQ Politics: Illinois Rep. Foster Gets Another Republican Challenger
Bloomberg: California, Illinois Fail to Meet Budget Deadline


Human Events: Minnesota GOP Chairman: 'All Votes Should Have Been Counted Equally'
CNN: Fellow Republicans urge Bachmann not to boycott 2010 Census


CSM: Are Specters Senate days numbered?
Philadelphia Inquirer: Lawmakers miss deadline for state budget
AP: Key points of dispute over Pa.'s budget stalemate
AP/Levy: State loses authority to pay bill, vendors warned


Wash Times: Rep. Kaptur gets $3.5 billion sweetener in climate bill
Columbus Dispatch: State Senate Republicans plan hearings on slot machines
AP/Majors: Ohio House approves second 7-day budget


Battle Creek Inquirer: Hoekstra to GOP: Freedom the main issue
Detroit News: Conyers sentence fires up debate


KC Star: Maybe Blunt should start wearing blue jeans


Knox News: U.S. House candidate coming to East Tennessee
Knox News: Haslam collects $3.8M, Wamp reports $1.2M in governor's race
CTFP: Ramsey campaign says $1.3 million raised
Chattanoogan: Robin Smith Launches Race For U.S. House Seat


AP/Baker: Ex-Edwards aide appears at federal courthouse
WRAL: State sales tax debate goes online


State: 39 trips for Sanford with no security in '09
WaPo: S.C. Governor Resists Pressure to Resign
CNN: Call for Sanford resignation grows louder in South Carolina
AJC: Adulterous governors chattiness puzzles PR exec, ex-staffer
Politico: South Carolina GOP: Mark Sanford must go
State: Sanford confidant Davis confers with Sanfords, staff
Politics Daily: Mark Sanford & Jenny: The New York Times Wedding Announcement

Human Events: Jim DeMint's Formula for Saving Freedom


Union Leader: Sununu says he won't run for Gregg's Senate seat
CQ Politics: Former Sen. Sununu Passes on New Hampshire Comeback


AP/Joling: State senator files gubernatorial intent letter


MSNBC: Another GOP poll shows trouble for Dodd


Arizona Republic: Gov. Brewer's 1-2 punch might resolve budget


July 1, 2009


Politico: Sarah Palin story sparks Republican family feud
Vanity Fair: It Came from Wasilla
Politico: The other Palin profile
Runner's World: I'm a runner: Sarah Palin
Thaindian: Palin says she could beat Obama in long distance running
Politics Daily: Palin: Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful

Politico: GOP senators target public option plan
WSJ: Parsing the Health Reform Arguments
NYT: Many With Insurance Still Bankrupted by Health Crises
WaPo: Wal-Mart Endorses Employer Mandate
WSJ: Wal-Mart Backs Drive to Make Companies Pay for Health Coverage

NYT: With Something for Everyone, Climate Bill Passed
Wash Times: Sweetener swayed House's climate bill vote
Wash Times: GOP: EPA hid global warming memo
NYT: Editorial: Climate in the Senate
Thomas Friedman: Climate Bill: Just Do It
Michael Gerson: Cap and Traitors: 8 Republicans Stand Tall on Climate Change
American Spectator: Cap and Trade Dementia

WSJ: The Supreme Court Says No To Quotas
WaPo: Term Saw High Court Move to The Right: Roberts-Led March Likely to Continue
NYT: The Roberts Court, Tipped by Kennedy
NYT: Editorial: Firefighters and Race

WaPo: Obama Presents Bill to Create Consumer-Finance Watchdog
WSJ: Consumer Protection on Wide Scale
NYT: Banks Balk at Agency Meant to Aid Consumers
WSJ: Finance Lobby Cut Spending as Feds Targeted Wall Street
WaPo: After Call From Senator's Office, Small Hawaii Bank Got U.S. Aid

Dick Morris: GOP: Stand your ground
Dick Morris: Obama breaks 'Read My Lips' promise
James Taranto: Lefties for Ahmadinejad

Politico: McCain, Feingold reunite to block Obama's FEC pick

Rasmussen: Republicans Lead Again on Congressional Ballot

WSJ: How Dysfunction Helps the GOP
Hill: A bigger majority means more Democratic defectors
Dana Milbank: Boldly Going Where Plenty of Right-Wingers Have Gone Before

NYT: States Labor to Meet Budget Deadlines
USA Today: Cuts, tax hikes, stimulus help most states avert 'doomsday' crises


Albany TU: Senate goes 0 for 3: Three sessions produce little more than turmoil
NY Post: NY Senate Dems claim quorum, start passing bills
NYT: Glimpsing a G.O.P. Passer-By, Senate Democrats Grab the Gavel
NYDN: Back To The Future
Albany TU: Senate session: Dems say valid, GOP says charade
Newsday: State senator's walk for coffee puts session in chaos
Fox 23: Confusion over Senator's Soda
Newsday: Editorial: Of coffees, Cokes and quorums: More Albany inanity
NYT: Blame Panic in G.O.P. for Standoff in Albany

CQ Politics: The News for New York's Paterson Keeps Getting Worse


AP: Poll finds Christie leading Corzine
Star-Ledger: Christie tries to move past questions on federal contracts
PolitickerNJ: North Carolina-based pollster puts Christie ahead of Corzine by 10

SL: N.J. workers union CWA approves contract deal with 10-day furlough, deferred raises
AP: NJ state workers union approves furlough deal


NBC 29: Campaign Fundraising Deadline Near
Virginian-Pilot: VA GOP chief: Republicans will continue to track Kaine's travels
Virginian-Pilot: Labor group backs Deeds


NYT: Senator Byrd Released From Hospital


LA Times: 11th-hour votes on state budget fail
SacBee: Governor, lawmakers blow deadline as budget hole deepens
Contra Costa Times: State budget squabble dragged into the night
WSJ: To Solve Deficit, Schwarzenegger Turns to a Democrat
SacBee: No progress as lawmakers seek to meet midnight deadline
AP/Lawrence: Calif. lawmakers face deadline to avoid IOUs
AP/Lin: California, other states face tough budget choices
Dan Walters: Squeeze play exacts price for a budget
LA Times: Measure R sales tax hike goes into effect today

WaPo: EPA to Let Calif. Set Own Auto Emissions Limits

SF Chronicle: Brown leads Newsom in fundraising race


AP/Sample: Thousands rally against Hawaii furlough plan


Houston Chronicle: GOP forum airs health care issues
AP/Vertuno: Short agenda for Texas special session
Dallas MN: Many want Perry to add items to special session's agenda
KERA: Special Session Wish List
Houston Chronicle: Governor says sessions task is set in stone


Talla Dem: Poll: McCollum holds lead over Sink in Florida governor's race
RCP: FL Gov: McCollum +6 In Mason-Dixon Poll
Orlando Business Journal: Sink draws heat over use of state plane
Capitol News Service: Questionable State Plane Spending
Examiner: Crist leads in Florida senate race
St. Pete Times: Sen. Victor Crist vies to be supervisor of elections in Hillsborough
AP/Kaczor: Crist signs Fla. water management bill
Herald Tribune: Why the latest oil drilling bill has a good shot of passing
Times: Is Sen. Nelson out of touch with Florida on drilling?


Ins Journal: State Senator Hudgens Joins Race to Be Georgia Insurance Commissioner
Rome News Wire: Republican Candidate For Governor Walks Into Rome Literally


Chicago Tribune: Q & A: Will state government shut down?
Daily Herald: Quinn: Adults don't 'put off decisions'


WSJ: The 'Absentee' Senator: Franken wins by changing the rules
WSJ: Franken Heads to Senate, Bolsters Democrats' Hand
WaPo: Franken Wins Senate Battle: Minn. Court Ruling Gives Democrats A 60-Seat Majority
WaPo: Coleman Concedes to Franken in MN Senate Race
Star Tribune: State Supreme Court rules for Franken; Coleman won't appeal
NYT: Frankens Victory Bolsters Democratic Grip in Senate
LA Times: Norm Coleman concedes Minnesota Senate race to Al Franken
AP/Bakst: Minn. court rules for Franken; Coleman concedes
Politico: Why Norm Coleman lost
CQ Politics: Don't Expect Sen. Franken to Be a Barrel of Laughs
MN Supreme Court: Opinion in Coleman v. Franken (.pdf)


KDKA: Former U.S. Rep. Pat Toomey Eyes General Election
Philadelphia Inquirer: Bill to expand Pa. health insurance sparks debate


Bloomberg: Voinovich Says Crap in Climate Bill Will Stall U.S. Passage
Akron BJ: State budget at stalemate over slots


Wash Times: Conyers supported project linked to wife


St. Louis PD: Blunt attracts more GOP support
AP: Blunt touts GOP endorsement in 2010 Missouri Senate bid


Knox News: Former GOP chief kicks off U.S. House bid


AP: NC lawmakers agree to stopgap spending plan
Charlotte Observer: Judge returns from Iraq, set for courtroom


Wash Times: Sanford says he 'crossed lines' in marriage
Politico: Sanford cops to more meetings with Maria
Rush Limbaugh: Swooning Over Sanford's Letters
Ruth Marcus: Jenny Sanford, Role Model


CQ Politics: No Retirement For Alaska's Don Young
CQ Politics: Will Don Young Lose Earmark for Railroad to Nowhere?


CQ Politics: Patrick Looking Vulnerable in Massachusetts' Governor Race


CQ Politics: Hodes Has Modest Lead over Sununu in New Hampshire




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