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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

July 21, 2009


WaPo: GOP Focuses Effort To Kill Health Bills
LA Times: Smelling blood, Steele and RNC escalate assault on Obama's healthcare plan
WaPo: Michael Steele, the Health Care "Experiment" and Anxiety Politics
WaPo: Industry Cash Flowed To Drafters of Reform: Baucus Is a Leading Recipient
Politico: Left targets Baucus on public option
WSJ: Democrats Ready To Deal on Health
WSJ: Ten Questions on the Health-Care Overhaul
Wash Times: Mayo Clinic calls House plan bad medicine
Wash Times: On health care, Blue Dogs may wag tails
Human Events: Contact the Blue Dogs
Hill: Push to ban federal cash for abortion
CQ Politics: Health Bill: Big Lobbying Fight Means Big Money
CQ Politics: RNC Launches Health Care Ad
American Thinker: Racial Preferences in the Democrats' Health Care Bill
WSJ: Repealing Erisa
NYT: Democrats May Limit Tax Increases for Health Care Plan
NYT: Obama Restarts Push on Health Care Agenda
Wm Kristol: Kennedy: Lets Ration Health Care
WaPo: Kristol Rallies Republicans to 'Go for the Kill' on Health-Care Reform
NYT: Lobbies Adopt Tone of Accord With President
Hill: Obama is good for K Street lobbyists
David Brooks: Liberal Suicide March
Dana Milbank: Health Care for Dummies
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Hurry Up to Pass Subprime Socialized Health Care

Rasmussen: 2012 Match-ups: Obama, Romney Tied at 45%; Obama 48%, Palin 42%
Politico: Poll: Public losing trust in President Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Birth Certificate Issue Bubbles Up

WSJ: GOP Targets Backers of Climate Bill

CQ Politics: Sotomayor Vote Will Wait While GOP Deliberates
Pat Buchanan: Why No Evangelical Justice?

WSJ: Bernanke Heads to Congress Battling Calls to Tame the Fed
Ben Bernanke: The Feds Exit Strategy
WSJ: Treasury Is Criticized Over TARP
Wash Times: Watchdog: TARP tab could hit $24 trillion
NYT: Obamas Strategy to Reverse Manufacturings Fall

NYT: 9/11 Case Could Bring Broad Shift on Civil Suits
NYT: Panel Misses Deadline in Reviewing Guantnamo
Hill: Obama administration confident on Guantanamo
WaPo: Reports on U.S. Detention Policy Will Be Delayed

Wash Times: Probe of contractors linked to Murtha gets boost

Rep. Michele Bachmann: ACORN Involvement Undermines Confidence in Census

Wash Times: White House beefs up legal staff

WSJ: Obama Hones Immigration Policy

Mark Tapscott: Would Obama's America return to the Moon?

James Taranto: The Cronkite Tragedy

NYT: U.S. Withheld Data on Risks of Distracted Driving

WSJ: Minority Turnout Was Critical to Obama's Election, Data Show
NYT: 2008 Surge in Black Voters Nearly Erased Racial Gap

Politico: A Liz Cheney campaign?

Politico: Mary Matalin helps turn the pages

CQ Politics: Democrats Best GOP in Midyear Senate Money Chase

CQ Politics: Pelosi's Door Revolves for Top Lobbyist


NY Post: Idle Sens. found time for money: Raised $1.6M during coup
Newsday: Voters angered by Senate deadlock
Buffalo News: New York's voters angry over Senate debacle, poll shows
NYDN: Majority of voters intend on showing their anger toward State Sens. in voting booth
NYT: Maloney Apologizes for Repeating Slur
NYT: Comptrollers Report Reveals Drop in State Revenues
NYT: Paterson to Negotiate Personally With Silverstein
Hill: Candidates line up to replace McHugh
Politico: Murphys new gig


Star-Ledger: Christie introduces Monmouth Sheriff Kim Guadagno as GOP lt. gov. candidate
NYT: New Jersey G.O.P. Candidate Picks Woman as His No. 2
AP/Delli Santi: NJ gov candidate picks sheriff as GOP running mate
Paul Mulshine: Chris Christie and Kim Guadagno: Property-tax promise goes by the boards


Politico: BET co-founder endorses Bob McDonnell for Virginia governor
AP/Lewis: Billionaire backs McDonnell
Richmond TD: Deeds unveils tax-refund plan


LA Times: Budget accord reached
SacBee: A deal -- at last
SF Chronicle: State leaders have tentative plan to fix budget
Mercury News: Budget breakthrough solves California's long fiscal nightmare
WSJ: California Budget Deal Closes $26 Billion Gap
NYT: California Reaches Budget Deal, With Billions Cut
Dan Walters: Another tricky budget devised for California


Wash Times: Texas prepares for Hutchison-Perry battle
Rasmussen: Most Texas Voters Say Economy is Bad, Getting Worse


Miami Herald: 3 Crist appointees could shape U.S. Sugar deal
St. Pete Times: Kottkamp says he wants to fight crime as attorney general
Miami Herald: Finalists named for U.S. attorney, marshal


AJC: Perdue open to restarting water talks with governors
AJC: Georgia's docs in Congress influence health care debate
Politics Daily: Jimmy Carter Leaves Church Over Treatment of Women


Chicago Sun-Times: Kirk to run for Obama's old Ill. Senate seat
Chicago Tribune: U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk officially in Senate race
CQ Politics: Kirk Enters Illinois Senate Race
CQ Politics: Democrats See Illinois House Seat as Open Door
Chicago Sun-Times: Kirk's ex-wife: 'He'll make a great senator'
Daily Herald: State Sen. Garrett won't run, but others eye Kirk's Congressional seat

Chicago Tribune: Contributions to Gov. Pat Quinn soar to more than $860,000


Politico: Tim Pawlenty readies for national stage


PA Ave: Toomey hits Specter, Specter whacks Sestak
Politico: Rendell wants Sestak to ditch Senate bid
Examiner: Pa. budget still in gridlock; employee checks halted


Politico: John Kasich has little to say on budget
Cleveland PD: Strickland signs state budget bill but uses line-item veto 61 times


Detroit News: Businessman Rick Snyder launches bid for Mich. gov
Detroit FP: Businessman expected to join governor's race
Mlive: Does Rick Snyder have shot at GOP nomination for governor?


AP/Hanna: Kansas GOP leader moves to run for elections post


NYT: West Virginia Coal Miners Group Urges Tennessee Boycott
Tennessean: Parties fight over Tennessee's 2010 vote


Politico: DeMint responds to 'straw man' attack


Politico: Republican stays neutral on John Ensign's future


July 20, 2009


WaPo: Poll Shows Obama Slipping on Key Issues
WaPo: Washington Post-ABC News Poll
Fred Barnes: The Obama Agenda Bogs Down
Jed Babbin: The facts are what they are, and even Obama is stuck with them

WSJ: Democrats' New Worry: Their Own Rich Voters
Politico: Nancy Pelosi: Make millionaires pay for health care
Politico: Sebelius: Tax on wealthy is 'legitimate'
AP/Espo: RNC chairman attacks Obama on health care
AP/Ohlemacher: Obama targets rich to fund health care
WSJ: Doctors' Payments Snag Health Bill
WSJ: Centrists Seek to Slow Health Bill Timetable
WaPo: As Skepticism on Health Reform Mounts, Obama Will Intensify His Efforts
NYT: Governors Fear Medicaid Costs in Health Plan
AP: Governors resist footing federal projects' bill
NYT: Health Bill Might Direct Tax Money to Abortion
NYT: White House Less Firm on Date for Health Care Bill
WSJ: The AMA signs its members up to be civil servants
CQ Politics: Pivotal Week Ahead for Health Bill
Hill: Deficits, taxes dominate healthcare debate
Human Events: Will Blue Dogs Sit on Healthcare?

Gov. Bobby Jindal: 'A trillion here, a trillion there'
WaPo: Spotlight to Shine Again on Jindal, Perhaps Briefly

Hill: Lobbyists lining up for shot at climate bill
WaPo: Chemicals That Eased One Woe Worsen Another
Wash Times: Eco-friendly light bulbs flip switch on problems
Wash Times: Pickens tilts for windmills: Sees natural gas as transition fuel

NYT: Senators Spar Over Identity Politics and Sotomayor
WSJ: 'Empathy' Takes a Knock in Confirmation Hearings
Human Events: Sotomayor Stealth Stance on Abortion Criticized
Human Events: McConnell Announces He Will Oppose Sotomayor Nomination

Politico: Mitch McConnell takes on Peter Orszag over stimulus

Politico: White House's $50B foreclosure plan a bust so far
WSJ: Why Toxic Assets Are So Hard to Clean Up
Politico: Washington doesn't feel the pinch of the recession

WSJ: The New Old 'Card Check'
WSJ: Nominees Signal More Regulation

WSJ: U.S. Weighs Special Team of Terrorism Interrogators
WSJ: U.S. Expected to Miss Deadline on Detainee Policy

Ross Douthat: Race in 2028

American Spectator: Behind Closed Doors: The Walpin IG Firing

CQ Politics: Flake Wants Ethics Subcommittee Probe of PMA Charges

Human Events: Ted Kennedy: Forty Years after Chappaquiddick


NYDN: Attorney General Cuomo steaming over Gov. Paterson's state Dem pick
Albany TU: Senate Pork power rankings
NY Post: Gov's Ravitch bid 'illegal': Lundine
Hill: McHugh begins preparations for confirmation
Albany TU: Key role for Gillibrand in climate bill
Newsday: Schumer sounds alarm over 'sneak' GOP gun bill
NYDN: Sen. Schumer: I'll shoot down gun law
American Spectator: Sloppy Senates
LoHud: Spano has four times as much campaign cash as challenger


Star-Ledger: With lead in polls, Chris Christie keeps his messages simple
PolitickerNJ: Key Latino leader considers backing Christie
Tom Kean: Reform measures have been ignored
Philadelphia Inquirer: Have N.J. ethics laws curtailed illegal behavior?


Richmond TD: 2005 McDonnell-Deeds recount led to legislation, new safeguards
Roanoke Times: Deeds to detail his plan
AP/Lewis: PAC donations to governor candidates top $3 million


SacBee: Sunday budget meeting canceled; talks to resume today
Mercury News: California budget agreement delayed as 'wires crossed' in Sacramento
USA Today: California budget talks postponed
AP/Thompson: Final details left for discussion in Calif. budget
George Skelton: Schwarzenegger should be talking to himself
David Boies: Why Ted Olson and I are working to overturn California's Proposition 8
Dan Walters: Tauscher's congressional seat up for grabs


Houston Chronicle: Perry makes surprise visit to Texas troops in Iraq
Austin AS: Perry visits troops in Iraq
Star Telegram: Texas political campaigns are increasingly turning to new media
Austin AS: Unemployment insurance hovers over governors race


News-Press: Lt. Gov. Kottkamp to run for attorney general
Tampa Tribune: Kottkamp to run for Florida attorney general
AP: Fla. Lt. Gov. Kottkamp to run for attorney general
Miami Herald: Florida fundraising shows Democratic threat to GOP rule
News-Press: Beauty queen Prejean to drive discussion at Florida GOP gathering


AJC: Perdue: Corrective steps needed for budget


CPR: Kirk to Make 2010 Plans Official


Pioneer Press: Presidential poll finds Obama defeating Pawlenty in Minnesota


Politico: Arlen Specter takes hard line on Joe Sestak
Pittsburgh PG: U.S. attorney's critics need history lesson


Columbus Dispatch: Budget fallout key for Gov. Strickland
AP/Smyth: Painful budget leaves few people happy
Dayton Daily News: Senate hopefuls Ohio roots run deep


Mich M: Snyder, skewered by conservatives, readies bid for GOP gubernatorial nomination


AP/Mansfield: Tenn. senator urges TVA to produce more nuclear power
Tennessean: Ballot battles already forming


Charlotte Observer: Obama's approval rating dips in North Carolina


Gov. Mark Sanford: An apology, and a pledge
Hill: Sanford apologizes to South Carolina
Politico: Sanford channels Giuliani


Hill: After bashing K Street, Dodd mingles with lobbyists
Politico: Chris Dodd's denouncement of lobbyists raises eyebrows at NRSC


CQ Politics: D.A. Joins GOP Field for New Mexico Governor
Politico: N.M. governor's race takes shape


Las Vegas RJ: New poll reveals Ensign's status sinking
CQ Politics: Ensign's Numbers Fall Eight More Points


Anchorage Daily News: Palin packing up from governor's mansion
AP/Daly: Palin says tour of state expresses thanks
Wash Times: Palin: Alaska tour is thanks, not goodbye


July 19, 2009


Herald Tribune: GOP turns to Barbour
Fox: Mississippi Governor: GOP Should Work to Re-take White House in 2012
WaPo: Barbour's Efforts to Revive GOP May Also Boost Himself
WaPo: At Governors' Meeting, Budget Problems Are Inescapable
Sun Herald: Governors discuss stimulus packages
Jackson Clarion Ledger: Governors looking to upcoming elections

NYT: Defying Slump, 13 States Insure More Children
Peter Singer: Why We Must Ration Health Care

Kathleen Parker: The GOP's Sotomayor Sinkhole

Wash Times: Senate OKs bill on hate crimes

WaPo: Interviews Offer More Nuanced Look At Roles of CIA Contractors

NYT: Editorial: Trade and Climate

NYT: Editorial: Whats That Got to Do With Mr. Murtha?

CQ Politics: Vulnerable House Democrats Are Well-Funded

Examiner: Pat Buchanan: Affirmative action is reverse discrimination against white males


CQ Politics: Giuliani Would Be Strong Contender for Governor
Albany TU: Top Democrat Senate aide makes deal
NYT: Battling the Decay of Foreclosures


APP: Is Corzine campaign getting desperate?
Daily Record: Corzine campaign showing signs of obvious desperation


News-Virginian: McDonnell confident of victory in the fall
Richmond TD: Out-of-state groups pump $6 million into Va. gubernatorial race
AHN: Biden Stumps For Deeds In Virginia


SacBee: California budget deal taking shape
AP/Lawrence: Deal possible Sunday on California budget
LA Times: Higher costs could be unintended consequence of deep cuts
Dan Walters: Is now the right time build a railroad?
SacBee: Sacramento judges challenge state administrative agency


News-Journal: Hutchison, Perry set hectic spending pace through June


Miami Herald: Alex Sink's fundraising success could mean trouble for GOP
News-Press: Florida Sen. Martinez to vote for Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor
St. Pete Times: In Florida House District 45, GOP rivals line up allies


Salena Zito: The Sestak advantage
AP/Levy: Many exhaust jobless benefits in Pa.


WBRZ2: Jindal touts progress ... now


FWDN: Stutzman undaunted by big political hill to climb


CQ Politics: Ex-Speaker's Son Collects $87,000 For Illinois Campaign


July 18, 2009


WaPo: Three Republican Senators Back Sotomayor
Wash Times: GOP moderates back Sotomayor
NYT: Republicans Are Splitting on Sotomayor Confirmation
WSJ: The Supreme Court Kabuki Dance
WSJ: Sotomayor takes the Fifth on gun rights
Politico: Court tapes show blunt Sotomayor
James Taranto: Ethnic Etiquette: Confusion reigns over what's acceptable
Charles Blow: Losing the Races

WSJ: Centrists Seek to Slow Health Bill Timetable
NYT: Democrats Grow Wary as Health Bill Advances
Miami Herald: Conservative Democrats threaten to block health bill
WaPo: Alliances In Health Debate Splinter
WSJ: Their Own Medicine: Senators prefer the insurance they have
CQ Politics: Blue Dogs Show Teeth On Health Bill
Politico: DNC now targets House Democrats in health care push
WaPo: Obama Tries to Rally Lawmakers on Health-Care Legislation
NYT: Obama Presses Congress to Pass Health Care Plan
NYT: Obama Says Health Plan Wont Add to Deficit
John Fund: Obamas Velvet Fist
Rush Limbaugh: House Democrat Plan Outlaws Individual Private Health Insurance
WSJ: Budget Blow for Health Plan
WaPo: What's Next, Mr. President -- Cardigans?

WSJ: India and Climate Change

WaPo: House Panel to Investigate Canceled CIA Program
Hill: House to investigate whether CIA lied to Congress
Politico: Jan Schakowsky: Committee will investigate CIA
WaPo: House Will Investigate CIA's Handling of Canceled Program
WSJ: U.S. Weighs Special Team of Terrorism Interrogators

WSJ: Panel Probing Financial Crisis Has Wall Street Ties
NYT: Summers Says Stimulus Plan on Track Despite Job Losses
AP/Zibel: Tax breaks spur construction of new U.S. housing

Wash Times: Fired inspector general files lawsuit: Charges political motivation

John Lehman: Wasteful Defense Spending Is a Clear and Present Danger

WaPo: Immigration's Sideshow

NYT: Senate Votes to Add Sexual Orientation to Hate Crime Protections

WaPo: Surgeon General Pick's Stance on Abortion May Clash With Church's

NYT: State Tax Revenues at Record Low, Rockefeller Institute Finds

Anchorage Daily News: Palin wraps up term with bears, bills, travel and tweets
AP/Daly: Palin hailed in visit to western Alaska
Taragana: Gov. Sarah Palin hailed as she signs rural energy bill in Unalakleet
Texas4Palin: Beltway suddenly becomes more Palin-friendly
CBS: Palin Plans "Less Politically Correct" Twitter Account
AP/Pemberton: Alaska Gov. Palin promises "less politically correct" tweets once out of office
Politico: Fey nominated for Palin impression
NYT: Who Is Calling Whom a Quitter?
American Thinker: Peggy Noonan: Sarah Palin Jealous
Rush Limbaugh: Wake Up, GOP! Liberals Fear Sarah Palin Because the Voters Love Her

WaPo: Fundraising Picks Up for GOP Senate Hopefuls
Fox: Key Senate Republicans Report Big Totals in New Fundraising Reports

Fox: Only Half of U.S. Governors Expected to Attend National Governors Meeting

NYT: A Conservative Organization Is Accused of Offering Help in a Labor Dispute for a Price

WSJ: Walter Cronkite, Broadcasting Legend, Dies at 92
Wash Times: Legendary newsman Walter Cronkite, 92, dies at home
NYT: Walter Cronkite, Voice of TV News, Dies
NYT: Cronkites Signature: Approachable Authority
NYT: Memorable Reports by Walter Cronkite

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: In the New York Senate, Order Is Restored, but Decorum Isnt
Albany TU: Pork puts pressure on rules reform
NYT: Editorial: Now They Take a Vacation?
NYT: Senate Aide Admits to Forgery in Bid to Fire an Employee
NYDN: Gov. Paterson staffer Indira Noel pleads guilty to forgery tied to smear attempt
Albany TU: Top aide makes deal
Buffalo News: Albany politicos skirt protesters
Ed Koch: The Governors Best Man
CQ Politics: Reid Lends Clout to Gillibrand's Bid in New York
Rush Limbaugh: How Obama Health Care Plan Will Tax Average New Yorkers


Star-Ledger: Christie says he supports Sonia Sotomayor for U.S. Supreme Court


Hotline: Swift Boat Veterans For McDonnell?


WaPo: Md. GOP Considers Removing Chairman


SacBee: State workers union seeking strike option
California Progress Report: State Workers Will Vote For Strike
SacBee: Budget talks reach tentative deal on school funds, sources say
SF Chronicle: Democrats report new hope for fixing deficit
SacBee: Governor orders state vehicle 'garage sale'
SacBee: Still looking for a budget deal -- is today the day?
LA Times: U.S. judge ends federal oversight of the LAPD


Austin AS: Another poll shows Perry leading
AP/Castro: Democrats criticize Perry for nixing jobless aid
AP/Root: Lt. Gov. Dewhurst to amend financial disclosures
Dallas MN: Perry's homeland security chief to run DPS


Miami New Times: Miss California, Bruce Jenner Speaking at Florida Republican Youth Event
St. Pete T: Editorial: Florida Republican Party looking more like old, dysfunctional Democrats
St. Pete Times: Health care debate divides Florida


John Fund: Giveem Zell
AJC: Georgia is suddenly thirsty for friends in Congress


WSJ: How states like Illinois rig school tests to hype phony achievement
Capitol Fax: Hasterts poor showing


AP: GOP straw poll to test Minn. governor candidates
AP: Pawlenty headed to Puerto Rico in August


Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. House budget version now goes to Senate
AP/Scolforo: Dems send own Pa. budget plan to GOP-led Senate
Philadelphia Inquirer: Amid Pa. stalemate, Phila. suspends vendor payments


Cleve PD: Portman Senate campaign fund-raising far ahead of Democrats Fisher, Brunner
Cleveland PD: Mike DeWine to launch attorney general campaign
Columbus Dispatch: Strickland signs state budget
Columbus Dispatch: State jobless rate reaches 11.1 percent


Detroit FP: Michigans awful budget compared to what?


AP/Lieb: Roy Blunt outraises Robin Carnahan in U.S. Senate race in Missouri


AP/Alford: Coal miners boycotting Tennessee tourist sites


WITN: Republican Prosecutor in North Carolina Targets Democrats


AJC: Mark Sanfords press aide calls it quits


WSJ: Nebraska Liberal, New York Reactionary: Former Senator Bob Kerrey


Politico: Chip Pickering's wife sues alleged mistress


July 17, 2009


WSJ: The Grassley Test: An Iowa Republican may decide the fate of ObamaCare
NYT: House Committee Approves Health Care Bill
Wash Times: CBO: Health care reform to increase federal cost
WSJ: Senate Leaders Clash With CBO Head on Health-Care Overhaul
WaPo: CBO Chief Criticizes Democrats' Health Reform Measures
CQ Politics: CBO Chief: Health Bills To Increase Federal Costs
Hill: Doctors lift healthcare
Politico: Success on health care still a long way off
NYT: Kennedys Absent Voice on Health Bill Resonates
WSJ: A Reckless Congress
NYT: Mass. Panel Backs Radical Shift in Health Payment

Wash Times: Sotomayor's route to confirmation seems clear
WSJ: GOP Won't Filibuster Sotomayor
WaPo: Sessions: GOP Won't Block Vote on Sotomayor Nomination
CQ Politics: Next Question: How Many Votes for Sotomayor?
NYT: Senate Likely to Vote on Sotomayor by Early August
AP/Holland: GOP senators weigh options in Sotomayor's wake
NYT: A Nominee on Display, but Not Her Views
CQ Politics: NRA Thumbs Down on Judge Over Nunchakus Case
CQ Politics: Firefighters to Senators: We Were Devastated
James Taranto: New Bork, New York
Peggy Noonan: Sotomayor Hearing Escapes Gravity
Wes Pruden: 'Wise Latina' routs gang of white men
Byron York: How Republicans missed their chance with Sotomayor

Pat Buchanan: Socialist America Sinking

Charles Krauthammer: The Moon We Left Behind

Michael Reagan: The Upcoming Fight for Life

American Spectator: New York Times Misleads in Editorial on Census and ACORN

WSJ: Obama Needs to 'Reset' His Presidency

WSJ: Senate Grills Officials Over Progress on Foreclosure Prevention

NYT: Democrats Drop Key Part of Bill to Assist Unions

WSJ: House Wants Dealerships Reinstated
Hill: House moves to save car dealerships
Detroit News: Dealer bill faces Senate showdown

Wash Times: Battle lines form over fate of F-22 fighter

Wash Times: Salazar restores forest protection

WSJ: Earmark Requests Continue Despite Promises to Curb Process

WaPo: House Ethics Panel Urged to Investigate Rep. John Conyers

Politico: Romney leads 2012 fundraising race
CNN: Romney PAC raises $1.6M in six months
Boston Herald: Mitt Romney outpacing Sarah Palin in fund-raising race

Fox: Palin Still Popular
Politico: Sarah Palin tweets ode to mama grizzlies
Fox17: Magistrate says no questioning FBI in Palin hacking case

WaPo: Eric Cantor Honing His Oratorical Skills... For 2012?

Wash Times: Campaign-funded clothes violate donation law: FEC

Politico: Second-quarter fundraising critical for House challengers


Rasmussen: 2010 NY Governors Race: Giuliani Beats Paterson, Cuomo Beats Rudy
AP/Virtanen: NY senators say reforms end legislative chokehold
CQ Politics: Howard Dean Endorses Gillibrand
Hill: FEC Senate reports flowing in; Gillibrand builds lead
Albany TU: Pork puts pressure on rules reform
Albany TU: State slow to spend stimulus cash
Albany TU: Murphy shaking money tree
Albany TU: Chaos by day, night
NY Post: Sledgehammer hit to crumbling Empire State
NY Post: Turncoat is served $2M pork
Buffalo News: Board seeks investigation of Golisanos committee
NYDN: Keep mayoral control: Senate must maintain City Hall power over schools
AP/Virtanen: NY Senate votes to outlaw texting while driving


Wash Times: Corzine is Obama's sidekick at own rally
NYT: Behind in Polls, Corzine Gets Help From Obama
Star-Ledger: President Obama stumps for Corzine in key gubernatorial race
NYT: New Fund-Raising Reality for New Jersey Governor
Star-Ledger: Corzine seeks to raise $15M, owing to divorce, financial setbacks, report says
CQ Politics: It'll Take More Than Obama to Help Corzine


AP/Lewis: Virginia Republicans edge Democrats in June House races fundraising


SacBee: California lawmakers target city, county funds to close budget gap
LA Times: Proposition 98, which guards funding for state's schools, is tested again
Mercury News: California school funding spat has no easy compromise
LA Times: Budget mess makes CA vulnerable to crippling credit downgrade, official warns
Dan Walters: Tax volatility plagues California budget wrangle


Rasmussen: 2010 Texas GOP Governor Primary: Perry 46%, Hutchison 36%
CQ Politics: Texas: Perry Leads Hutchison For GOP Nomination


St. Pete Times: Crist won't take stand on Sotomayor nomination
Miami Herald: Florida Gov. Crist doesn't comment on Sotomayor, federal issues
CQ Politics: Florida: Ex-Sen. Smith Low On Cash, High On Staff Loyalty


AJC: Zell: Use Gorilla Glue on Obamas chair
AJC: The resurrection of a con man in a choir-boy face


NYT: Illinois Agrees on a Budget but Fails to Solve Deficit Issue
Chicago Tribune: Illinois' 'stable budget' loaded with buts
Daily Herald: Good, bad and ugly in the budget


Star Tribune: State Republicans running ads attacking Ritchie's role in recount
CQ Politics: Another GOP Candidate For Minnesota Governor


AP/Scolforo: Pa. House rejects GOP budget that had no new taxes


Mansfield News: Mike DeWine plans comeback
Columbus Dispatch: U.S. Senate race: Portman ahead in cash, but not polls
Newark Advocate: Tax woes muddy U.S. Senate contest in Ohio


Daily Reporter: Walberg running again for U.S. House seat


News-Leader: Blunt has edge in campaign funds


Chat: Corker: Medicare Savings Should Make It Solvent, Not Fund Govt-Run Health Care


CQ Politics: Burr's Numbers Improve in North Carolina
AP/Baker: GOP prosecutor in NC targets Dems on Obama's watch


AP/Blackledge: AP Investigation: 'Frugal' SC gov flew in style


Hill: Bunning, Mongiardo trail competitors in Kentucky
USA Today: Bunning trails fellow Republican in fundraising
Louisville CJ: Bunning raised $302,000 in second quarter
AP/Jalonick: Ky. Sen. Bunning raises less money than rivals


AP/Pettus: Wife of ex-GOP Rep. Pickering claims he had affair


Boston Globe: Role in financing Big Dig may test Bakers campaign


July 16, 2009


Gallup: Romney Edges Palin, Huckabee in Early 2012 GOP Test

CNN: Huckabee warns Palin: Don't leave GOP
Hot Air: Huckabee to Palin: Dont quit the party
Politico: Democrats reject palling around with Sarah Palin
CBS: Democrats Shy Away from Palin Offer
Examiner: Why the GOP kicked Sarah Palin to the curb

ABC: Ethics complaint against Palin dismissed
Fox: Ethics Complaint No. 20 for Palin
IBD: Palin Vs. Kerry (And

Karl Rove: The President Moves the Economic Goalposts
WaPo: Fed Sees Heightened Joblessness Drawing Out Recovery

John Yoo: Why We Endorsed Warrantless Wiretaps

WSJ: Sotomayor Plays Hearing Close to the Vest
WSJ: Supreme Strategy: Stick to the Script
WaPo: Sotomayor Avoids Pointed Queries: Nominee Is Elusive About Abortion & Other Issues
WaPo: Republicans Unable to Pin Her Down
NYT: Queries on Abortion and Guns Fail to Break Judges Stride
NYT: Post-Sotomayor Nominations Are at Stake in Hearings
NYT: Ad Accuses Sotomayor of Supporting Terrorists
Ann Coulter: Dems to GOP nominees: Will the defendant please rise?
James Taranto: The 'Empathy' Paradox: Sotomayor rejects Obama's judicial philosophy

Wash Times: Health care bill would deliver pre-Reagan tax rates
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Propose Massive Tax Increase for National Obamacare
WSJ: Democrats Turn Up the Heat on Insurance Industry
CQ Politics: Insurers: Dont Make Us Pay
WSJ: Big Pharma Gets Played: Congress repays business silence with price controls
WaPo: Obama Eyes The Purse Strings for Medicare
Politico: W.H. rolls out Medicare agency plan
Wash Times: Senate panel green-lights health care bill
WaPo: Senate Panel Advances Health-Care Overhaul
NYT: Health Care Vote Illustrates Stubborn Partisan Divide
Politico: Obama plays waiting game on health bill
CQ Politics: Republicans to Obama: This Isn't Bipartisanship
CQ Politics: Obama May Give Up On GOP Votes For Health Bill
CQ Politics: GOP Escalates Effort to Link Health Bill, Abortion
Human Events: Will Blue Dog Democrats Stop Health-Care Debacle?
NYT: Massachusetts in Suit Over Cost of Universal Care
Boston Globe: Boston Medical sues state for funds
NY Post: Dem health Rx a Poison Pill in NY: 57% tax for biggest earners

WSJ: Panel Set For Probe Into Crisis
NYT: A Panel Is Named to Examine Causes of the Economic Crisis

WSJ: Chamber of Commerce Pushes Increase in Gas Tax

George Will: Labor in the Driver's Seat

WaPo: Senate confirms ex-astronaut Bolden to head NASA

Michael Barone: The price of leaving the stimulus to Congress

Politico: NRSC still loves lobbyists
Hill: Takeover opportunities grow for House Dems
Rep. John Carter: Pelosi Censors Republicans


Rasmussen: 2010 New York Democratic Gubernatorial Primary: Cuomo 61%, Paterson 27%
Albany TU: Cuomo 2010 campaign adds $5M: Whatever office, attorney general has $10.1M
NYT: Cuomo Leads in Fund-Raising, but Paterson Spends More
CQ Politics: Gillibrand Has Another Multimillion-Dollar Quarter
NYDN: Gillibrand holds 2 to 1 cash advantage over possible challenger Carolyn Maloney
CQ Politics: King Has Spending Money, But Less Incentive, for a New York Senate Run
Albany TU: Monserrate regains job, 'lulu'


Cherry Hill CP: Christie builds on lead over Corzine
Examiner: Christie welcomes Obama to New Jersey
AP: Corzine looks to Obama to boost re-elect bid in NJ
Daily Record: Will Obama help Corzine?
Star-Ledger: N.J. Sierra Club blasts Gov. Corzine's environmental record
Star-Ledger: Editorial: Sarah Palin lost her star power in N.J. and beyond


Rasmussen: 2009 Virginia Governor: McDonnell 44%, Deeds 41%
Richmond TD: Gubernatorial candidates about tied in poll
Wash Times: Deeds' big donors outraise McDonnell


SF Chronicle: Whitman pours cash into campaign early
AP/Williams: Newsom names lawmaker to chair gubernatorial bid

CQ Politics: Challenger Outraises Bono Mack in California 45

LA Times: California budget talks stall
SF Chronicle: Budget deal talks progress, then stall
Mercury News: Schwarzenegger, leaders say budget deal is close
NYT: California Approaches a Deal on Budget Cuts
WSJ: California Is Close To New Budget Deal
SacBee: Schwarzenegger, lawmakers working on school cuts
LA Times: Online market opens to trade California IOUs
Assemblyman Chuck DeVore: Schwarzenegger’s Newfound Fiscal Conservatism
George Skelton: In Sacramento, they all dropped the ball

LA Times: Balance of power in flux on California tax board


WaPo: Obama, GOP Pick Stimulus Fight in Arizona


Politico: John Cornyn needs to walk a fine line

Dallas MN: Some of Gov. Rick Perry's past donors are backing Kay Bailey Hutchison
AP/Shannon: Perry pulls in slew of large donor checks
Amarillo: Governor's race causes rift in Republican Party


Politico: Boren goes nuclear on Obama


Jax Observ: Rubio Denies Interest in Switching Races
PNJ: Can Rubio knock Crist off pedestal?
Congress Daily: Sources Say Rubio Reconsidering Senate Race
Examiner: Rubio bowing out of Senate race?
Miami Herald: Gov. Charlie Crist: Stimulus is working; more help not needed


Charleton CH: Early numbers show trends in governors race
Examiner: Georgia GOP delegation slams Democrats' on health care bills


Chicago Sun-Times: Kirk announces statewide Senate run on Monday
AP/Bellandi: Kirk to run for Obama's old Ill. Senate seat


Dana Milbank: Half Senate, Half 'Saturday Night Live'


CQ Politics: Specter Assails GOP Criticism
Hill: Republicans could find it hard to hold onto Pennsylvania Rep. Gerlachs seat


Cleveland PD: GOP Senate candidate Portman trounces Democrats in quarterly fund raising
Cleveland PD: Brunner asserts state tax dept launched 'fishy' investigation against husband
Cleveland PD: Democratic National Committee runs health care reform ad in Ohio
Cleveland PD: Sen. Voinovich blocks EPA nomination over climate change bill analysis
Cleveland PD: Ohio's lawmakers approve $51 billion budget


Detroit FP: Feds: Riddle, Conyers extorted thousands
Detroit FP: Feds paint Conyers as bold shakedown artist
Wash Times: Conyers bribery case nets consultant
Detroit News: Controversy follows flamboyant Riddle

CQ Politics: Peters' Fundraising Zooming, Welday's in Slo-Mo in Michigan 9


KC Star: Blunt outraises Carnahan in second quarter
St. Louis PD: Blunt catches up to Carnahan in Missouri Senate cash dash
St. Louis PD: Tour of Missouri spat has larger political implications


Tennessean: Haslam raises most for Tennessee governor's race
CTFP: McWherter leads Dems in gubernatorial fundraising


WaPo: Sanford's Implosion Turns S.C. Into 2012 Toss Up
AP/Davenport: SC Sen. Jim DeMint passes $2.5M for re-election


AP: Repub. Murkowski has $1M for Alaska Senate race
McClatchy: Alaska's Young still paying legal bills from campaign funds


July 15, 2009


Wash Times: Health reform would tax the rich and near-rich
NYT: House Health Plan Outlines Higher Taxes on Rich
Reuters: House bill to hit millionaires with 5.4 pct surtax
AP: Obama group airing TV ad touting health overhaul
WaPo: Health-Care Plan Would Add Surtax On Wealthy
NYT: House Democrats Provide Income Surtax Details
WSJ: Small Business Faces Big Bite
WSJ: Health Reform Requires Lawsuit Reform
WSJ: Universal Health Care Isn't Worth Our Freedom
Politico: Democrats have a long road ahead for health care reform
Hill: Healthcare reform advances
Bloomberg: Obama Open to Partisan Vote on Health-Care Overhaul, Aides Say
NYT: Massachusetts Takes a Step Back From Health Care for All
Daily Mail UK: A 9-month wait for arthritis treatment

LA Times: U.S. toxic asset plan draws criticism
Newt Gingrich: Strategy Memo: Time for a Real Stimulus Bill
Dick Morris: BAM's Slipping Grip On The Public
Dick Morris: Obamas shifty economics
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Lied and the Economy Died
Rush Limbaugh: As Obama Destroys Economy, Media Laments His Drop in Polls

American Spectator: Granting Environmental Indulgences
WSJ: Going Nuclear: Atomic Power Fuels Political Debate in U.S., Europe

WSJ: Sotomayor Grilled by Panel
Wash Times: Sotomayor disavows 'wise Latina' remark
Wash Times: On Sotomayor, GOP treads lightly
WaPo: Sotomayor Emphasizes Objectivity
WaPo: Warming the Room With a Confident Touch
NYT: Sotomayor Leaves Passion Behind in Her Testimony
NYT: Nominee Says Identity Wouldn’t Distort Decisions
WSJ: Defining Activism Down: A liberal vote cast in conservative judicial rhetoric
CQ Politics: Graham Wants Sotomayor to be Nicer
CQ Politics: Kyl Hammers on 'Wise Latina' Comment
American Spectator: Sotomayor and Affirmative Action
American Spectator: The Borking of Frank Ricci
Byron York: Will Republicans expose the two Sotomayors?
James Taranto: The Diabetic Jailbird
Rush Limbaugh: Sotomayor Hides Her Radicalism

WSJ: Republicans Criticize Agency for Consumers

Politico: Why is Steve Rattner resigning from White House auto czar post?

WSJ: Rolling Out 'Cash for Clunkers'

WSJ: Surgeon General Pick Boosts Primary Care

Reuters: Palin slams Obama's energy and environment plans
KC Star: Palin polishes her energy credentials
WSJ: Palin Says Her Focus Is Fighting Cap-and-Trade
Politico: Sarah Palin campaigning for Democrats? Unlikely
WSJ: Poor, Persecuted Sarah Palin
Hill: King of Pops Palin lesson
American Thinker: Sarah Palin vs. the Marquis de Sade
Fox: Palin's Next Assignment
Anchorage Daily News: Local woman files fifth ethics complaint against Palin

NYDN: First black chairman of GOP Michael Steele woos NAACP at 100th birthday covention
WaPo: RNC Chairman Touts 'Historic Link' to NAACP
Politico: Steele takes 'baby step' with NAACP
LA Times: Black Republican Party chair Steele jokes with NAACP about his party
Baltimore Sun: Michael's Steele's complete Republican guide to NAACP speeches
CBS News: Steele Reaches Out to Skeptical NAACP

Amer Spectator: 2010: Next year's elections are going to produce a political earthquake

Politico: 10 campaign cash stories to watch


WCAX: NY court weighs lt gov appointment
Buffalo News: Naming of lieutenant governor defies constitution
Newsday: Control of NYC public schools now on State Senate table
Elmira Star-Gazette: Senate still has hundreds of bills to address
Roger Stone: Skelos Plot Against Espada Topples Coalition
NYDN: Tom Golisano: N.Y.'s bad news billionaire

NYT: Early Word on Patersons Fund-Raising
WaPo: N.Y. Quadrangle Probe Intensifies
NY Post: Manhattan DA race is very close


Star-Ledger: GOP gov. candidate Chris Christie unveils urban revitalization plan
Central Jersey: Christie: Help's "on the way"
Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie reaches for the urban vote
WSJ: Corzine Plays a Weak Hand, Weakly
AHN: In New Jersey, Republican Chris Christie Expands Lead Against Gov. Corzine
Star-Ledger: Chris Christie republishes 'Shared Values' section of his website
Star-Ledger: N.J. teachers union endorses Corzine in governor's race
Star-Ledger: N.J. govt offers unpaid work for unemployed lawyers, recent law graduates


Politico: Bob McDonnell raises $1.8 million in June
AP/Lewis: Deeds tops McDonnell in June Virginia fundraising


CA GOP: California Republican Party Launches New Web Ad: "Get Serious"
SF Chronicle: Gloves are off in CA budget crisis: GOP goes purple, launches tough new ad
Reuters: California budget fight opens new front on TV
LA Times: California's legislative leaders say budget agreement is near
AP: Schwarzenegger, lawmakers to meet again on budget
Mercury News: Debate over hefty cigarette tax increase heats up
Reuters: Moody's cuts California rating on budget crisis

Merc News: How will Meg Whitman spend a $15 million contribution to her own campaign?

Xinhua: Judy Chu becomes first Chinese American congresswoman in U.S.
AP/Blood: Democrat claims U.S. House seat in California
CQ Politics: Democrat Chu Brings Diverse Career to Congress

LA Times: Immigration debacle


Dallas MN: Perry: 'It's always a possibility' that Hutchison doesn't enter the race
AP: Perry questions whether Hutchison will run
Austin AS: Is the Hutchison campaign struggling, or are we just bored?
Examiner: Kay Bailey leads Perry by $3 million
Star-Tgram: Tom Schieffer reports nearly $800,000 in donations for Texas governor's race
CQ Politics: Can Texas Democrats Find a Winning Candidate?
WSJ: 'Water Hog' Label Haunts Dallas
CQ Politics: Texas Democratic Rep. Edwards Flush With Cash


Miami Herald: Crist thinks cash, Rubio thinks big
Herald Tribune: Crist fights for conservative title
Weekly Standard: A Wise Latino Man: Marco Rubio as the Anti-Sotomayor
News-Press: Lee County GOP poll pro-Rubio
PNJ: Armey endorses Rubio
Sun-Sentinel: Dick Armey backs Rubio for Senate
St. Pete Times: Alex Sink, Bill McCollum fill their campaigns with Florida political veterans


Fox Atlanta: Georgia Governor Candidates Go Cyber
Albany Herald: Scott continues on his walking tour of Georgia


Daily Herald: Another Kirk opponent?
Chicago Tribune: Republican Rutherford running for Illinois treasurer
Chicago Tribune: Lawmakers, Quinn closer, but no state budget deal yet
AP: No budget deal today, but lawmakers say it's close


Star Tribune: Ramstad says he won't run for governor
CQ Politics: Ramstad A No-Go For Minnesota Governor


NYT: N.R.S.C. Endorses Toomey for Pa. Senate Seat
Politico: NRSC endorses Toomey
CNN: NRSC finally gives nod to Toomey

Pittsburgh TR: Fourth-term U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach to run for governor
Philadelphia Inquirer: Gerlach to run for governor
Hill: Rep. Gerlach to run for governor
WaPo: Air Force Project Being Probed Is Linked to Murtha
Byron York: Arlen Specter: I'm still relevant. After all, I helped kill Bork.


CQ Politics: DeWine to Announce Bid
Akron Beacon Journal: Coughlin quits governor's race
Cleveland PD: State Sen. Kevin Coughlin ends bid to be GOP's candidate for governor
Dayton Daily News: Ohio slot machine critics say budget gamble a bad bet


CQ Politics: Battle Creek Battleground, As Ousted Michigan Rep. Seeks Rematch
Detroit News: Group wants John Conyers investigated
Politico: Michigan gives President Obama mixed reaction


AP: Blunt, Carnahan each claim to have raised more than $1M in Mo. Senate bid
St. Louis PD: Missouri governors office wading into dispute between Blunt, Eckersley


Tennessean: Tenn. leaders square off on energy


News & Observer: Death penalty bill provokes a battle
WNCT: Inauguration Promises Examined in Part Two of Perdues Progress Report


AP/Davenport: Files: SC gov didn't use state cell phone on tryst


Wash Times: Rep. Perlmutter has interest in 'green' bank


Politico: Legal hurdles could still loom in John Ensign scandal


Politico: Don Young's sizable legal bills stack up


AP/Lowy: White House turns up heat on Arizona senator




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