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Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

Power Up: The Khashoggi crisis is only deepening. Here's what to watch in Washington.

Then and now, President Trump and his supporters celebrate the greatest hits at his campaign rallies

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms

What can Congress do to punish Saudi Arabia if Trump won’t?

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence

Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

White House counsel Donald McGahn officially leaves the job

As midterms near, Democrats accuse GOP of plotting to cut Medicare, Social Security

July 14, 2009


WaPo: Sotomayor Pledges 'Fidelity to the Law'
Wash Times: Sotomayor vows 'fidelity to the law'
NYT: Sotomayor Vows Fidelity to the Law as Hearings Start
NYT: Sotomayor Mostly Listens as Senators Have Their Say
WaPo: Republicans Walk Fine Line Questioning Sotomayor
Human Events: Sessions' Opening Statement at Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearing
WSJ: Praise, Skepticism Greet Sotomayor
WaPo: 'Jane Roe' Arrested at Supreme Court Hearing
Hill: Graham to Sotomayor: You're in, barring a 'meltdown'
Wash Times: Senators play hardball as Sotomayor waits on deck
Time: How the Republicans Will Go After Sotomayor
CQ Politics: GOP Ready to Get to Specifics on Sotomayor
Human Events: Sotomayor Day 1
NYT: Editorial: Questioning Judge Sotomayor
WSJ: The Catholic Double Standard
WSJ: Sotomayor and International Law
David Brooks: The Way We Live Now
Kathleen Parker: Sonia Sotomayor Speaks -- and Feels
Pat Buchanan: How to Handle Sonia

Gov. Sarah Palin: The 'Cap And Tax' Dead End
Politico: Sarah Palin: President Obama's energy plan a 'threat'

NYT: Palin’s Fund-Raising Numbers Roll In
Anchorage Daily News: SarahPAC collections reach nearly a million
Politico: SarahPAC rakes in $733K in 6 months

Wash Times: Cheney's daughter weighs political bid

WSJ: US Sen. Alexander Says 'No' To Climate Compromise
Sen. Lamar Alexander: A Blueprint for 100 New Nuclear Plants in 20 years
Daily Kos: Senator Alexander's Nuclear Blueprint, and Reality

WSJ: GOP's Grassley Key to Senate Hopes for a Bipartisan Deal on Health Care
WSJ: Discord Hinders Health Bill
Reuters: Republicans plan rival healthcare plan
WaPo: On Health-Care Reform, Obama Looks to the LBJ Model
NYT: Obama Prods Lawmakers in Meeting on Health Bill
Hill: Obama's health reform: ‘Don’t bet against us’
Politico: President Obama steps up health care push
Politico: Democrats to unveil health care bill details
Politico: Republicans search for health language
Human Events: How Will Doctors Handle Uncle Sam Health Care?

WSJ: $1 Trillion Deficit Complicates Obama's Agenda
WaPo: U.S. Considers Rescue of Major Small-Business Lender
WSJ: The Economy Is Even Worse Than You Think
WSJ: Obama Democrats pick income redistribution over job creation and economic growth
WSJ: Picking on the Swiss: The Obama Administration blows up a tax treaty
WSJ: The 0% Tax Rate Solution
WSJ: Business Needs to Speak Up on Trade

Wash Times: Stimulus plan produces two bright spots
Hill: Dem says tax cuts blunted the stimulus
Rush Limbaugh: President Obama Tells the Truth: His Stimulus Working as Intended

St. Louis PD: ACORN-fueled protest fizzles, Census director confirmed
WSJ: Senate Clears Groves to Lead Census Bureau
NYT: New Director of Census Bureau Is Approved

WaPo: Obama Names Surgeon General

WSJ: Auto Czar Quits Post Six Months Into the Job
NYT: Obamas Chief Auto Adviser Steps Down

NYT: Obama Faces Hurdles in Closing Guantnamo

WSJ: CIA Plan Envisioned Hit Teams Killing al Qaeda Leaders
NYT: C.I.A. Had Plan to Assassinate Qaeda Leaders
WaPo: CIA Had Program to Kill Al-Qaeda Leaders
Politico: CIA inquiry raises stakes for Nancy Pelosi

WaPo: Holder Faces Avalanche Of Work, and Scrutiny
SF Chronicle: UC law professor to appeal prisoner suit ruling

AP/Borak: McCain looks to cut funding for more F-22 jets

NYT: Clinton Says Candidate for Aid Agency Is Tangled in Vetting

Michael Barone: Chaos on Capitol Hill: All politics is loco

Baltimore Sun: Michael Steele's technological problem

Wash Times: Ethics probe of Rep. Conyers sought

Politico: House GOP: winners by default

Wash Times: $300 million building to house Bush library

Politico: Wherabouts of elected officials is now fair game


Newsday: Skelos sure shook things up in Albany
Rick Lazio: One for All
AP/Virtanen: Millions in payroll at stake in NY Senate talks
Buffalo News: Focus is on N. Y. City as reshuffled Senate returns
Albany TU: Senate's rules remain murky
Albany TU: The Senate still has to eat

Hill: Gillibrand mulls move left on gays in military

NYDN: Ex-Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno's war chest helps legal fees
NY Post: Bruno's legal campaign


AP: Chris Christie widens lead on Gov. Jon Corzine, poll shows
Star-Ledger: Anticipating a win, GOP boosts Christie
Star-Ledger: GOP leader Michael Steele stumps in N.J. for gov. candidate Chris Christie
Examiner: RNC Chairman Steele rallies the faithful for Christie
AP: GOP leader campaigns with Christie in NJ
Star-Ledger: Report says Corzine is close to picking Randal Pinkett for lt. governor run
Star-Ledger: Christie, Webber deny party division after Lonegan letter


WaPo: Deeds raises $3.4 million
Politico: Creigh Deeds rakes in over $3 million
CNN: Deeds shows money first in Virginia battle


LA Times: Schwarzenegger releases TV ad vowing to veto taxes and excess spending
LA Times: Cries for reform of California government come from all sides
Merc News: Early steps taken in what could be a pitched battle over corporate tax loopholes
SacBee: Many stung by lack of action on California's non-budget bills
Dan Walters: Two data sets neatly frame state's budget crisis
SacBee: Governor replaces 6 of 7 appointees to nursing board


CQ Politics: Hutchison Officially Taking On Texas Gov. Perry, Raises Millions
Dallas MN: Hutchison's accusations kick off a war of words with Perry rep
Star-Telegram: Hutchison says shes 'ready to go' in Texas governor's race
Dallas Observ: Kay Bailey Says She Leads Perry in Polls & She's "Just as Anti-Washington"
Houston Chronicle: Kay Bailey Hutchison has $12.5 million war chest
Dallas MN: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison raises $6.7 million for Texas governor's race
WFFA: Hutchison pushes past Perry in campaign funds
Austin AS: Editorial: And the Republican showdown begins
Dallas MN: Hutchison's take on Sotomayor
NRO: Hutchison vs. Perry

WSJ: The Culture Wars' New Front: U.S. History Classes in Texas


Hill: In Florida, Republicans declare open season on freshman Dem Rep. Kosmas
St. Pete T: Crist signs bad growth law, is 'punished' with $4.3m in campaign contributions


Examiner: McCain crosses Chambliss, Isakson on fight for F-22
Examiner: Ralph Reed's second act
Examiner: Georgia's Isakson co-sponsors the Patients' Choice Act of 2009
AJC: The newest requirement for candidates: A lie detector


Chicago Sun-Times: McKenna not running for Senate seat if Kirk runs
AP/Jackson: Kirk announcement 'soon,' as rival steps aside
Politico: McKenna stepping aside for Kirk
CQ Politics: McKenna Will Not Oppose Rep. Kirk For Illinois GOP Senate Nod


CQ Politics: Franken Tries to Show He's Good Enough, Smart Enough
Wes Pruden: Franken, a clown for all seasons, arrives in time


NYT: For Pa. Senate Seat, Words Fly Between Specter and Sestak


AP/Majors: Ohio House approves budget bill, heads to Senate


Politico: President Obama seeks boost in Michigan


News-Leader: Governor vetoes bill on public defenders
AP: Mo. Lt. Gov. Kinder joins businesses in backing initiative on union elections
KC Star: Better Courts for Missouri to take judicial selection reform to the voters


Tennessean: Alexander: Build 100 nuke plants
Jackson Sun: Corker gets new staff member


Charlotte Observer: Tax repeal would hurt Charlotte


Wash Times: Sanford weathers affair; firm on ending term


Wash Times: Melancon eyes possible Senate bid


CQ Politics: Democrats Outpace Rell in Connecticut Governor Fundraising
CQ Politics: Dodd Raises $1.2 Million in Second Quarter


July 13, 2009


WSJ: Congress Faces Busy Week With Health Care, Sotomayor on Plate
WaPo: Judicial Confirmation Process Could Be a Partisan Platform and a Barometer
CQ Politics: Sotomayor to Face Questions on Judicial Neutrality
NYT: G.O.P. Senators Are Set to Question Judges Impartiality
Fox: Bias on the Bench is GOP's Biggest Concern About Sotomayor
Dallas MN: Republicans vow to keep open minds during Sotomayor hearings
Heritage Foundation: Key Questions for Sonia Sotomayor
Hill: Sessions flabbergasted by Sotomayor
Hill: Cornyn signals GOP to be careful on Sotomayor
Houston Chronicle: Gun-rights advocates' new target: Sotomayor
Politico: What to watch in Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation hearings
CQ Politics: What To Watch For At Sotomayors Hearing
Wash Times: Sotomayor faces easy route to confirmation
Dick Polman: The American Debate: Why GOP can't block Sotomayor
Howard Fineman: Sotomayor Is a Shoo-In
Examiner: As Sotomayor hearings begin, Democrats predict easy confirmation
Wash Times: Schumer says nominee will get more votes than chief justice
AP/Sherman: Sotomayor faces friendly jury as hearings begin
HC: Sotomayor hearings are the first skirmish in ideological war over Supreme Court's future
Bloomberg: Sotomayors Nomination Wont Face Senate Filibuster
WSJ: The Seinfeld Hearings
EJ Dionne: The Real Court Radicals
Human Events: Ginsburgs Support for Sotomayor

Wash Times: 'Rationing' is GOP weapon against health reform
Politico: Health care deadline unlikely to be met
Politico: Moderate Democrats shaping health reform
AP/Elliott: Officials push for health care in spite of delay
Hill: Senate Dems cool to House tax on rich

Politico: Climate bill faces steep Senate climb
WSJ: Climate Bill Splits Industry Coalition
Politico: The energy bill's ticking timebomb
Politico: Is cap and trade Dems' next 'BTU'?
Politico: Nuclear energy must be part of the equation
Politico: Refining the renewable fuel standard
Sen. John Thune: Biofuels are a long-term renewable solution
Cleveland PD: Cap-and-trade plan fuels political debate

Hill: Cantor calls stimulus a 'flop'
Politico: Cantor wants focus on "ideas" not "personalities"

LA Times: Activists push ballot initiative to end state benefits for illegal immigrants and their U.S.-born children

WaPo: In West Wing: Grueling Schedules, Bleary Eyes

WSJ: CIA Had Secret Al Qaeda Plan
WaPo: Bush Anti-Terror Policies Get Reluctant Revisit
NYT: Feinstein Says Law May Have Been Broken
Hill: Rep. Eshoo wants House probe of CIA program
Jed Babbin: The Democrats' War on our Spies
WSJ: Report Cites Weaknesses in Wiretapping Program
WSJ: Holder Mulls Bush Torture Probe
Wash Times: Republicans hit pursuit of torture probe
Hill: GOP, Holder battle over New Black Panthers
WSJ: An intelligence report shows how effective drone attacks are

Fox: Palin Plans to Stay in Politics, Stump for Republicans and Democrats
Anchorage Daily News: Palin confirms jump to national politics
Examiner: Online activism is the next step for Palin revolution
NYDN: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin plans to hit campaign trail after leaving office
NYT: Palins Route to Resignation: Missteps and Ignored Advice
Wash Times: Palin to stump for conservative Democrats
Hill: McCain: Palin not a quitter
CQ Politics: Palin Didn't Consult McCain on Resignation

NewsOK: Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee defends Sarah Palins resignation
AP/DeMillo: Analysis: Huckabee's star in GOP rises while other 2012 contenders fall

LA Times: Republican pundits open fire on Sarah Palin


Newsday: Trump blasts NY's new lt. gov. in Paterson letter
NY Post: Donald delivers a 'Vitch slap to Gov

Albany TU: Elite get fat pay hikes amid Senate stalemate
NYDN: State Senators doled out fat raises to staffers while Albany paralyzed
NY Post: Bozos dole out big raises
Albany TU: Idiocy in Senate killed trust
Rochester D&C: N.Y. Senate promises change, but will upstate be left in the dust?
Buffalo News: Bitter aftertaste of Senate coup leaves Pigeon as a resented hired gun

CQ Politics: Did Cuomo Tip His Hand?

Albany TU: Bruno wants trial delayed until high court speaks

NY Post: Thompson campaign wins Silver
NYT: Mark Green Back on the Campaign Trail, Despite His 2006 Vow

NYT: Job Losses Show Wider Racial Gap in New York


AP/Delli Santi: Advertising goes negative early in NJ gov's race
NJ: How Tweet it is: Christie, Corzine go online to reach voters
Wash Times: Obama enters fray in governors' races


Daily Kos: Senators Webb and Warner Working Hard for Creigh Deeds


SF Chronicle: Progress cited in state budget negotiations
AP/Young: Calif lawmakers face tough choices in budget talks
SacBee: Schwarzenegger's call to suspend Prop. 98 jolts Capitol
SacBee: Sacramento mayor's settlement with feds didn't end political fray
Mercury News: Governor candidates: How would they solve California's budget crisis?
SF Chronicle: GOP has tough row to hoe in California


AP: Perry Campaign Reports $4.2 Million Raised In Nine Days


Florida Today: Matt Nye steps into spotlight, changes game
Buzz: Ads target Adam Putnam, John Mica over Sotomayor


AJC: Reed aims to rejuvenate Christian conservatives
AJC: Appeals nominee set sentence rule aside
AJC: Georgia port plan runs into political barriers


Human Events: Did Cap and Trade Vote Undo Ill. GOP Senate Hopeful?


Pioneer Press: Republicans' missteps may benefit Pawlenty presidential bid


Philadelphia Inquirer: House debate on budget an exercise in futility?


AP/Majors: Ohio committee to vote on budget compromise


Detroit FP: Ex-Gateway CEO weighs a run for governor
WSJ: Slump Spreads to Health Care as Michigan Loses Auto Jobs


KC Star: Consideration to cut funds of Tour of Missouri is purely political


Knox News: $160M in middle of partisan disputes


Asheville CT: Leake gets another term on elections board
Winston-Salem Journal: Injury bill gets to N.C. Senate


CQ Politics: Democrats Let Vitter Score Populist Points


Las Vegas Sun: Silence, not calls for Ensign to quit
Politico: Family ties may hold Harry Reid's son back


July 12, 2009


Wash Times: Palin plans to stay in politics
Telegraph UK: Sarah Palin quits... but she'll be back
Bloomberg: Palins Twitter Impersonators Show Challenge of Tweet Control
Frank Rich: She Broke the G.O.P. and Now She Owns It
Maureen Dowd: Sweet, Tweet Revenge
Willie Brown: Sarah Palin, political genius

CNN: Top House Republican slams Obama over stimulus, jobs
NYT: President Urges Public Patience on Economy

Wash Times: Sotomayor's Senate hearings start Monday
CSM: Sonia Sotomayors historic trial by Senate fire about to begin
NYT: Path to Supreme Court: Speak Capably, Say Little
WaPo: In Sotomayor, an Insider's Achievements Meet an Outsider's Insecurities
Politico: Sonia Sotomayor battle may jolt Republicans
National: Senate to question Sotomayor
Fox: Sotomayor Faces Cast of Characters on Senate Committee at Confirmation Hearings
Sol Wachtler: The myth of judicial activism

NYT: For Doctors in Congress, Little Harmony on Health Care
Hill: GOP, tax groups criticize tax on rich
David Broder: Red Flags On Health Care
NYT: Editorial: Not So Generous
CQ Politics: Health Bill Now, Climate Change Later

NYT: Cheney Is Linked to Concealment of C.I.A. Project
Wash Times: Official: Cheney, Tenet hid CIA program
WaPo: Democrats May Investigate Secret Program
AP: Cheney Directed CIA to Withhold Information From Congress
Politico: Bashing George W. Bush still politically potent

NYT: Attorney General May Open Interrogation Inquiry
WaPo: Probe of Alleged Torture Weighed

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


AP/Gormley: NY Senate feud rooted in ugly politics
NYT: Howard Wolfsons About-Face


AP: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to headline N.J. GOP fundraiser
Examiner: Poll: NJ voters sour on economy, Corzine


WaPo: Governor Hopefuls Veer Off The Trail
WCAV: McDonnell and Deeds Speak at American Legion Convention
Wash Times: Kaine to break record with budget cuts


AP/Lin: Talks intensify over closing Calif.'s $26B deficit
Fox40: Governor and Lawmakers Gather for Weekend Budget Meeting
LA Times: It's business as usual in Sacramento, even as deficit grows
AP/Thompson: California's creditors look to options for IOUs
San Diego UT: Fiscal crisis takes toll on California's bond ratings


Colorado Springs Gazette: Colorado, California taking different roads to ruin


AP/Shannon: Perry praises police group, anti-gang law
Austin AS: Who do we want for guv? Someone Else. Anyone Else?
Examiner: Why are so many scientists Democrats?


St. Pete Times: Even for Senate race, Crist's haul is huge
Hill: FEC reports show Crist the man to beat in Florida
Miami Herald: Leading Dem in Florida governor's race repays for use of state plane
Orlando Sentinel: Florida Republicans have themselves to blame for disarray


AJC: Hopefuls for governor find big-time donors


WGIL: Durbin Says U.S. Senate Race A Battle With or Without Burris
Atlantic: Senator Roland Burris exits, anonymity beckons
Pantagraph: Rutherford to announce bid for treasurer Monday


St. Pete Times: Franken only latest show biz star to enter politics


WYTV: Rendell Wants to Raise State's Personal Income Tax
Pittsburgh PG: Rendell says his plan fairest way to fund education


WTOV9: Ohio Budget Deal Faces Opposition
Cincinnati Enquirer: Editorial: At long last: Ohio budget deal


NYT: In Michigan, Deficits Defy Years of Cutting
Detroit News: Obama to speak to invitation-only audience Tuesday in Macomb


LJWorld: Brownback rallies party faithful at GOP barbecue
KC Star: Kansas secretary of state wont seek re-election


Knox News: GOP gubernatorial candidates all proudly wear the conservative badge


CQ Politics: Its All About Recruiting In North Carolina 8


State: Why tide against Sanford ebbed
US News: Sanford's Affair Might Have Jeopardized Top-Secret Clearance


Hill: Questions, resignation whispers surround Ensign


July 11, 2009


AP: Palin's Post-Governor Game Plan: 'Get Out There and Fight'
AP/Pemberton: Palin appears on gun rights radio talk show
Wm Jacobson: If Palin Were President Now
Examiner: Why do political and media elites loathe Sarah Palin?
American Thinker: Peggy Noonan Rips Sarah Palin, Again
Mark Shields: Ugly Republican backbiting
Politico: Levi Johnston: Sarah Palin did it for the money

WaPo: Governors Line: A Republican Rust Belt Revival?

WSJ: Health Bill in House Relies on Wealth Tax
WaPo: Democrats Agree on Tax Hike to Fund Health Care
NYT: Leaders in House Seek to Tax Rich for Health Plan
Wash Times: Dems urge higher taxes for health bill
NYDN: Rep. Charlie Rangel wants to tax the rich to fund health bill
AP/Werner: House Dems want to tax the rich for health care
WSJ: The Massachusetts Health Mess

NYT: Disillusioned Environmentalists Turn on Obama as Compromiser

Hill: Cantor: Obama policies aren't working

Wash Times: Sotomayor confirmation no done deal, GOP warns
WaPo: Sotomayor Girds for Hill Showdown
AP/Davis: Women's groups quiet on Sotomayor

WSJ: White House Searches for Ways to Help Small Businesses
WaPo: White House Eyes Bailout Funds to Aid Small Firms
WaPo: AIG Plans Millions More in Bonuses
WSJ: Stimulus Aid Is Said to Be Moving Faster
James Taranto: The Krugman Fix: The stimulus isn't working! Must . . . have . . . more . . .

WSJ: Lawmakers Call for Fed Probe

WSJ: Our Pettifogging FEC

WSJ: New Curbs Set on Arrests of Illegal Immigrants

WSJ: Report Cites Weaknesses in Wiretapping Program
NYT: U.S. Wiretaps Were of Limited Value, Officials Report
LA Times: Report: Bush-era surveillance went beyond wiretaps

WSJ: White House: No Grounds to Probe Deaths of Taliban Prisoners
NYT: U.S. Inaction Seen After Taliban P.O.W.s Died

NYT: Civil Rights Group Divided Over Gay Marriage

Politico: 50 politicos to watch

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows


NYDN: Payback: Controller DiNapoli's bill is only nay of the day as senators exact revenge
Newsday: Who won, lost in NY's Senate coup?
NYDN: Sure, I'd wreck Albany again, says Billionaire Tom Golisano
Buffalo News: Golisano says reforms open door to Senate input
NYT: Editorial: Now What in Albany?

NY Post: Gov: Dirty dealin' pols walkin' crooked line
AP/Gormley: Paterson says party hopping tests legality
AP/Gormley: Paterson seeks reforms to fight party switch

NYDN: Ravitch Case Adjourned Until Wednesday
Albany TU: Court delays Ravitch hearing - set for next week
NYT: For Lieutenant Governor, Job Description Comes Next

NYT: With Senate Astir, Governor Will Delay Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Valley News: Can Republicans hold on to McHugh's House seat?


Rasmussen: Will National Issues Impact NJ Gov Race?


AP/Lewis: GOP's McDonnell swipes at Va. gov over jobs fund


SacBee: For Boxer, global warming bill is the challenge of a lifetime
SacBee: Most banks hold firm, refuse to cash state's IOUs
LA Times: California debt attracts investors again
NYT: University of California Makes Cuts After Reduction in State Financing
SacBee: Suit challenges two-thirds vote on taxes


AP: Perry names Lowe chair of state education board
Dallas MN: Lampasas Republican named to lead the State Board of Education
Star-Telegram: Newspaper publisher appointed to lead State Board of Education


CQ Politics: Sink Leads Fundraising For Florida Governor
AP: Rubio says he will win Fla. Senate race on ideas


Daily Herald: Divisive GOP primary for Senate ahead?
Chicago Tribune: Roland Burris officially bows out of 2010 Senate election
AP: Sen. Burris Not Running, Cites Fundraising

CQ Politics: Kirk Not Withdrawing From Race For Burris Seat
AP: Kirk still considering


WSJ: Pawlenty Garners Attention With Budget Move
CQ Politics: Coleman's Handling of Recount Battle Darkens His Political Future


Radio Iowa: GOP candidates rap Culver over tax issue
AP/Glover: Iowa Gov. Culver assembling re-election team


CQ Politics: Republicans Are Among Murtha's Second-Quarter Contributors
Examiner: There is no end to Specters hypocrisy


Boston Globe: Most voters don't know much about Charlie Baker
Boston Globe: Candidates for Mass. governor: Charles D. Baker Jr.


Dayton Daily News: Budget deal done, but spending cuts a secret
Reuters: Ohio turns to racetrack slots to balance budget


AP/Martin: More Michigan lawmakers return portion of salaries


KC Star: Did Blunt say the feds should never have created Medicare?


Tennessean: Election board hires lawyers


News & Observer: Hagan wants to keep U.S. Attorney


WSJ: Vitter Prevails in Prescription-Drug Debate


AP/Adcox: SC gov hangs on to office, 2 weeks after scandal


AP/Hennessey: In Nevada, politicos withhold judgment on Ensign


July 10, 2009


CBS: Palin Invited to Iowa GOP Dinner
WSJ: Iowa Republicans Ask Palin to Dinner
McClatchy: Palin: Inquiries were a waste of `millions'
WaPo: Palin Doesn't Have a New Job Lined Up, Her Attorney Says
NYT: Whats Sarah Palins Political Future?
LA Times: Who's the next GOP star?
AP/D'Oro: A closer look at Palin finances as she steps down
Peggy Noonan: Palin was bad for the Republicansand the republic
Gary Bauer: Palin: Not Down and Not Out
Hill: Vulnerable GOPs want Palin to stay home

WSJ: House Democrats play politics with national security to protect Pelosi
Hill: Issa proposes polygraphs for CIA-briefed lawmakers
Wash Times: CIA chief urged to 'correct' record: 7 Democrats apply pressure
WaPo: Secret Program Fuels CIA-Congress Dispute
CQ Politics: Partisan Squabble Sheds Light on CIA Program
McClatchy: House Democrats, White House at odds over CIA briefings
CNN: Republicans, Democrats trade barbs on alleged CIA wrongdoing
NYT: C.I.A. Reviewing Its Process for Briefing Congress

Politico: House Democrats buck leaders on health-care bill unveiling
CQ Politics: Health Care Headache Intensifies on Capitol Hill
NYT: Democrats Are at Odds on Financing Health Care
CQ Politics: Pelosi Orders House Chairmen To Hold Down Health Bill Costs
WSJ: Democrats Open to Idea Of Forming Health Co-op
Kim Strassel: Democrats Hoodwink the Health Lobby
Dick Morris: Obama will repeal Medicare

CQ Politics: Senate Committee Vote on Climate Change Bill Off Until September
Politico: Climate change punted deeper into fall
Sen. Lamar Alexander: Let's Build 100 Nuclear Reactors -- Again

Wash Times: Health, climate reforms hit roadblocks

Arizona Republic: Kyl charting GOP strategy on Sotomayor
Politico: New Republican Sonia Sotomayor attack: campaign cash
NYT: To Get to Sotomayors Core, Start in New York
NYT: Witness List for Sotomayor Has a Couple of Surprises
NYT: Hundreds of Pages Withheld on Sotomayor
Floyd Abrams: The Judge Sotomayor I've Faced
CQ Politics: Firefighter Plaintiffs, Former MLB Player to Testify in Sotomayor Hearings
CQ Politics: Supreme Court: Filling a Vacancy Can Take Months (Graph)

WSJ: Economists Oppose More Stimulus
Paul Krugman: The Stimulus Trap
David Brooks: Whip Inflation Now
WaPo: Editorial: Calls for additional spending by a government already neck-deep in red ink
Wash Times: GOP hits Pelosi for mouse funds: $16m
American Spectator: The Night and Day Economy

Hill: Oversight panel warns of $2B in TARP losses

WaPo: U.S. Prepared to Spend Billions on Swine Flu Vaccine
NYT: Obama Warns of Return of Swine Flu in the Fall

Wash Times: Career diplomats save share of postings

WSJ: Senate Resists Changes on Immigration

Human Events: Thune Says Card Check Undead

Politico: Pelosi rejects Michael Jackson resolution

Hill: Numerous arrests in two Capitol incidents

NYT: Black Caucus Studies Racial Makeup of House Committee Staffs

Charles Krauthammer: Obama's Plumage
James Taranto: What if the AP covered sports the way it covers politics?
Pat Buchanan: America is being converted into a multi- Tower of Babel

Hill: Republicans bring in familiar faces for House races in 2010
NRO: The NRCC Gets Their Man . . . and Their Woman

Rasmussen: Voters Trust GOP More than Democrats on Eight of 10 Key Issues


NYDN: Battle over Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch's appointment heads to court
Newsday: Lengthy court fight looms over Ravitch appointment
Newsday: Attorney says it's official: Ravitch is the lieutenant governor
NYDN: Bloomberg Questions Legality Of Ravitch Appointment
Albany TU: Paterson calls Ravitch an ally on economy
NYT: Ravitchs Wild Ride: Steakhouse Ceremony to Albany Return
NYDN: Diaz Sr. Takes Credit For Ravitch
AP: NY court vacates restraining order for Lt. Gov.
WSJ: New York Needs a Constitutional Convention

Albany TU: Espada will rejoin Senate Democrats
NYT: Standoff Ends as Defector Rejoins Albany Democrats
NYDN: Rogue Democrat Pedro Espada returning to Dems
Newsday: Key developments in NY Senate standoff

Reuters: NY gov: deficit may have swollen to $800 mln


Star-Ledger: Chris Christie says Sarah Palin won't stump for him, but Rudy Giuliani will
Star-Ledger: Poll shows shrinking lead for Chris Christie vs. Gov. Jon Corzine


Roanoke Times: McDonnell rolls out ideas for creating jobs
Wash Times: McDonnell proposes job-creation plan for Virginia
Richmond TD: Va. GOP candidates sell their jobs plan
Examiner: McDonnell, Bolling roll out jobs plan
Daily Press: McDonnell takes swipe at Kaine over jobs fund
Wash Times: Republican McDonnell makes Twitter debut to directly reach voters

Examiner: First Ohio, now Virginia - Obama approval dropping like a stone

WaPo: $2.2 Billion State Computer Contract Upgraded to Election-Year Headache

WaPo: Federal Appeals Court Judge Karen Williams Resigning


Chicago Tribune: Carly Fiorina gets set to take on Sen. Barbara Boxer of California
SF Chronicle: Fiorina failed to register business, foundation

SacBee: Schwarzenegger's fraud allegation tough to pin down
AP/Thompson: Furloughs to close Calif. offices starting Friday
LA Times: How did California get into this mess?


Star-Telegram: Perry holds 12-point lead over Hutchison, poll shows
CQ Politics: Perry Leads Hutchinson by 12 Points Among Texas Republicans
Dallas MN: Perry's, Hutchison's fundraising letters pit Washington against Austin


Orlando Sentinel: Gov. Crist smashes fundraising record in U.S. Senate race
Miami Herald: Crist fundraising for Senate race quickly leaves Rubio behind
CQ Politics: Crist Announces $4.3 Million Raised for Florida Senate Race
Jac Obs: Crist Outraises Senate Rivals by Wide Margin


Gainesville: Governor's race 2010: Initial fundraising relies on friends and neighbors
RN-T: Oxendine returns contributions


WaPo: Burris Wont Seek Re-election
NYT: Illinois Senator Wont Run in 10, Officials Say

Wash Times: Aide may be crucial to Blagojevich trial


Minn Indep: Coleman deserves easy, humdrum race someday, former GOP colleague says


CQ Politics: Specter: Sestak Is A "Flagrant Hypocrite"
Philadelphia Inquirer: Democrats in Pennsylvania House plan vote on GOP budget


CQ Politics: Ohio: Small Early Edge For Democrats In Races For Governor, Senator


Detroit News: Poll: Michiganians prefer budget cuts, taxes to close deficit


St. Louis PD: Appointee of Matt Blunt keeps Harvester fee office under Gov. Jay Nixon


Knox News: Ousted Democratic election chiefs file suit
Metro Pulse: Tennessee's Gubernatorial Campaign Cash


WRAL: N.C. GOP leader pans Perdue's temporary tax offer


AP/Adcox: Rally planned to call for SC Gov to go
AP: State E-Mails Detail SC Gov's Argentina Trip Plans


WaPo: Ensign Acknowledges Mistress Payment
Politico: John Ensign paid $96k to mistress's family
Politico: Coburn blasts 'untruths' from Ensign mistress' husband
NYT: Senators Parents Gave Mistress Thousands
Politico: Did Rick Santorum tip off John Ensign?


Boston Globe: Baker bid for governor rallies struggling GOP


Baltimore Sun: 7 steps to heal Maryland GOP


July 9, 2009


Esquire: Jeb Bush: The Future of the Republican Party
NYT: Jeb Bush Says G.O.P. Message Needs an Upgrade

Rasmussen: Obama's disapproval rating jumps to highest ever
Politico: Independents begin to edge away from President Obama
NYT: Doubts About Obamas Economic Recovery Plan Rise Along With Unemployment

Rasmussen: Romney Leads Among GOP Voters With Fiscal Concerns

Ann Coulter: Forgetting Sarah Palin
Human Events: Palin Already a Bestseller
American Thinker: Hating Palin
Anchorage DN: Palin to campaign in Texas, maybe Virginia

WaPo: Group of 8 Agrees On a Ceiling for Temperature Rise
NYDN: President Barack Obama signs first U.S. climate pact at G-8 meeting
NYT: Developing Nations Rebuff G-8 on Curbing Pollutants
AP: Protesters add face to Rushmore

NYT: Gov. Barbour Dives, Once More, Into the Climate Fray
CQ Politics: Lousy Economy Could Swing Climate Change Vote
CQ Politics: Boxer Crosses Aisle For Help on Climate Bill
Heritage Foundation: Cap and Trade Sold under False Pretenses
American Thinker: In Search of an Intelligent Energy Policy

WSJ: Health-Care Overhaul Goals Prove Challenging
WaPo: Discord on Health Care Dulls Luster Of New Pacts
NYT: Democrats Divide Over a Proposal to Tax Health Benefits
Wash Times: Democrats shy away from health care tax
Fox: Reid Extends Hand to Republicans
Hill: Republicans soothed by Reid
Politico: Harry Reid opens $320B health plan hole
WaPo: Senate Democrats Still Seeking GOP Support
NYT: Infighting Distracts Unions at Crucial Time
Rove: Obama Can't Be Trusted With Numbers, So why should we trust him with health care?
WSJ: The Public Option Two-Step
Rep. Tom Price: We Can Win on Healthcare

WSJ: Democrats Say Panetta Admits CIA Misled Them
WaPo: House Intelligence Chairman Reyes Says CIA Lied to Committee
NYT: Democrats Say C.I.A. Deceived Congress for Years
Politico: Letter by six House Dems claims Panetta admits the CIA misled Congress
CQ Politics: Panetta Admits CIA Misled Congress on Significant Actions
AP: Letters cite admission CIA misled Congress

WaPo: Uncommon Detail Marks Rulings by Sotomayor
NYT: From Sotomayor Rulings, a Wealth of Data
Politico: NRA holds its fire on Sonia Sotomayor nomination
Human Events: Sonia Isnt Joe
American Thinker: Democrats Double Down on the Sotomayor Race Card

WaPo: House Panel Interviews Karl Rove About Attorney Firings

Reuters: Obama nominates Francis Collins to head NIH
NYT: Pick to Lead Health Agency Draws Praise and Some Concern
WSJ: Obama Names Geneticist as NIH Chief

Politico: John Boehner: Joe Biden's lying about stimulus
Politico: Republicans attack Democrats on job loss numbers
CNN: GOP slams Obama stimulus as ineffective
NYT: Cities Lose Out on Road Funds From Federal Stimulus
WSJ: Stimulus to Aid State Budget Gaps
WSJ: Do We Need a Second Stimulus?

WSJ: U.S. Targets Contractors Hiring Illegals
NYT: Government to Require Verification of Workers

WaPo: House Republican Recruitment Shines
Hill: GOPs hopes for 2010 lifted by economy

Human Events: New NRSC Video '60'

Indy Star: RNC Chairman Steele lauds Indiana's successes
AP/Smith: RNC chairman fires up Ind. Republican fundraiser

Hill: Ten FEC reports to watch


NY Post: Pooh-bah Paterson flouts law
NY Post: Gov in a bold power play
NYDN: Not so fast, Dave, the law may trip you up, experts warn
Albany TU: Paterson names Richard Ravitch as lt. governor
NYT: Paterson Names Ex-M.T.A. Chief as Lieutenant Governor
NYT: Baseball War Was Practice for Senates
NYT: Editorial: The Governors Mr. Fix-It
WSJ: Gov. Paterson Moves to End Tie in Senate
Newsday: Paterson appoints Richard Ravitch lieutenant governor
NY Post: Paterson names ex-MTA Chairman as Lt. Governor
NYDN: Can he do that? Gov. Paterson names Richard Ravitch as lieutenant governor
Bloomberg: New York Senators Set Deadline on Partisan Deadlock

Newsday: State paying for egg donors stokes debate


Rasmussen: New Jersey Governor: Christie Still Leads NJ Gov Race
St. Louis PD: Ashcrofts no-bid deal an issue in N.J. governors race
Star-Ledger: Dems hoping Obama visit will give Corzine a boost
Paul Mulshine: Is Christie a cap-and-traitor?


Wash Times: Deeds vs. McDonnell: Tweets don't fail now
Human Events: Republican McDonnell Ahead in Virginia

Hill: Freshman Rep. Nye gets top Republican opponent
CQ Politics: GOP Auto Dealer Rigell Challenges Rep. Nye


LA Times: Carly Fiorina seems to be prepping for a bout with Barbara Boxer
SacBee: The State Worker: Schwarzenegger plans 20% pay cuts
Reuters: Top California lawmaker sees budget talks back on
SacBee: Poizner rejects workers' compensation increase
WSJ: California Gives Desalination Plants a Fresh Look


Dallas MN: Perry announces $4.2 million boom in contributions
Star-Telegram: Perry's campaign reports raising $4.2 million in nine days
Dallas MN: Perry says Palin to campaign for him


St. Pete Times: Dem Scott Maddox to challenge Adam Putnam for FL Ag commissioner job
Florida TU: Keith Olbermann calls Duval GOP "worst persons in world"


Fayette DN: GOP gets leg up in fall races


Wash Times: GOP's Kirk seeks Obama's old seat
WaPo: Kirk Will Run For Illinois Senate
CQ Politics: Kirk Will Run for Senate, Madigan Opts Out
ABC Chicago: 5th Republican entering gov's race
Chicago Sun-Times: Dillard announces his candidacy for governor
Chicago Tribune: IL political floodgates open after Madigan passes on gov, Senate bids
Chicago Sun-Times: Why Lisa Madigan isn't running
NYT: A Decision Scrambles 2 Top Illinois Races
NYT: Illinois A.G. Wont Run for Senate or Governor

Chicago Sun-Times: Ex-aide to Blago: I tried to stop him
AP: Blagojevich Aide Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case


Pioneer Press: Marty Seifert, former House Republican leader, joins governor's race


AP: Toomey claims hes raised $1 million-plus in Senate bid
Phil Daily News: Toomey: I'm electable! GOP leaders not so sure
AP/Jackson: Specter may face 3-way nomination contest in 2010


Politico: Obamas approval tanks in Ohio
Cleveland PD: Obama's approval rating falls significantly in Ohio
WSAZ: Alec Baldwin Says He Was Approached to Run for Governor of Ohio
Cleve PD: DC Democrats criticize U.S. Senate candidate Rob Portman for Washington ties
Cleve PD: Democratic National Committee raps Ohio's Boehner


Detroit FP: Cox: Weed out Medicaid fraud
CQ Politics: Will Michigan Rep. Peters Have A 'Rocky' 2010 Race?
Detroit News: Ron Weiser's new challenge is rebuilding Michigan GOP


AP: Kehoe resigns from Mo. transportation commission, confirms potential Senate bid


CTFP: Smith names campaign finance director


Southern Political Report: The GOP wants to take on Kissell
Beaufort Observer: Perdue calls for $1.6 billion in new taxes


Sun Journal: S.C. governor to return Wednesday, his office says
State: Polls say it's time Sanford resigns


WaPo: Coburn Says He Counseled Ensign to End Affair
Politico: Tom Coburn knew of John Ensign's affair
AP: Ex-mistress' husband says Ensign paid severance


Boston Globe: GOPs Baker leaps into race against Patrick
Boston Channel: Baker To Run For Governor As Republican

NYT: State Suit Challenges U.S. Defense of Marriage Act
Boston Globe: Mass. is 1st to fight US marriage law
WSJ: Massachusetts Sues U.S. Over Definition of Marriage


Des Moines Register: GOP leader in Iowa Senate plans to run for governor
Ottumwa Courier: McKinley exploring run for governor
AP/Glover: Can conservative Iowa GOP gov candidates win?


NYT: Justice Dept. Whistle-Blower in Alabama Case Is Fired


CQ Politics: 'Real World' Alumnus Launches House Bid in Wisconsin


Baltimore Sun: Md. GOP tensions boil over: Lawmakers, party leaders feud with chairman


Louisville CJ: Rand Paul may challenge Bunning
AP/Biesk: Rand Paul to decide US Senate candidacy by August


July 8, 2009


Fox: Palin Blasts Critics, Remains Mum on 2012 Bid
Politico: Republican insiders see value in Sarah Palin's move
Roger Stone: Palin's Plan and why it can work
NYT: Reading (Too Much?) Into Palins Resignation
WSJ: An Open Letter From Sarah Palins Lawyer, Thomas Van Flein
WaPo: Palin Faces New Ethics Complaint Over Reimbursements
CNN: Analysis: Is Palin the next GOP 'kingmaker'?
LA Times: Sarah Palin reclaims her inner fisherwoman: 'Politically, if I die, I die. So be it.'
AP/Joling: Palin: Politically speaking, 'If I die, I die.'
AP/Joling: Palin says she's open to 'all options'
AP: Palin Says She's a Fighter, Not a Quitter
Politico: Poll: GOP divided on Sarah Palin resignation
WSJ: Steele to Palin: Come on In. The Waters Nice.
Rasmussen: Palin At The Top And Bottom for GOP Voters in 2012
USA Today: Poll: Palin's support still strong among GOP
CQ Politics: Most Americans Wouldn't Vote for Palin for President
John Fund: Why Palin Quit: Death by a Thousand FOIAs
James Taranto: The Biden Curve: Palin was "stupid" for saying what he says now
Kathleen Parker: Gold Rush In Alaska
Dick Morris: Palin took big risk in quitting office
Camille Paglia: Can Palin ever come back?

Examiner: News leak shows Obama in free fall in new shocker poll
Newt Gingrich: How Team Obama Hijacked 'Change' And How We Can Take It Back
Pat Buchanan: Dumbing-Down the U.S. Navy

WSJ: Support Slips for Tax on Employee Health Benefits
WaPo: Swing-State Senators Concerned About Tax on Employer-Paid Coverage
Wash Times: Most polled oppose health benefits tax
WaPo: In Retooled Health-Care System, Who Will Say No?
NYT: Health Deals Could Harbor Hidden Costs
NYT: In Health Reform, a Cancer Offers an Acid Test
NYT: Reid Is Skeptical About Wooing G.O.P. on Health Care
Politico: Reid jumps into health negotiations
CQ Politics: Selling the Greater Good on Health Care
AP/Zaldivar: Health care overhaul racing against the clock
WSJ: White House Assures Drug Makers on Reimportation
Michael Gerson: Obama's Sinking Health-Care Agenda

WSJ: White House Presses Cap and Trade to Senate
NYT: Despite Shift on Climate by U.S., Europe Is Wary
Human Events: Midwest Shoulders Pelosi's National Energy Tax

NYT: U.S. Considers Curbs on Speculative Trading of Oil
WSJ: Oil Prices Need Government Supervision
Politico: House, oil industry fractured over gas well regulations
T. Boone Pickens: One year later, we still import too much oil
Buzzle: Texas Tycoon Pickens Scraps $10bn Windfarm Plan

WSJ: Does Obama Want to Own the Airlines?
WSJ: The problems with a financial products safety panel

WSJ: Jobless Feel Effects of States' Stimulus Rejection
WaPo: Power of Stimulus Slow to Take Hold
Politico: Democrats stuck in stimulus jam

WaPo: Task Force to Recommend Overhaul of U.S. Immigration System

NYT: Gun-Rights Advocates Ask Senate to Oppose Sotomayor Confirmation
Wash Times: NRA raises concerns over Sotomayor
NYT: Senators Settling Into New Roles to Weigh Sotomayor Nomination
AP/Davis: Top Republican hits Sotomayor on firefighters case
NYT: Senators Start Setting Stage for Sotomayor Hearings
Politico: GOP war-games Sotomayor hearings
Human Events: Sotomayor Comes into Focus

NYT: Rove Is Interviewed in Judiciary Panel Inquiry
Politico: Rove deposed in U.S. attorney probe

Politico: Barack Obama could preside over demise of modern campaign finance

WSJ: Pelosi v. CIA: Videotapes for agents, secrecy for the Speaker

WaPo: Bribery Plea in Probe of Firm With Murtha Ties

Wash Times: Jurors view tape of Jefferson taking briefcase

WaPo: Government Agencies, Washington Post Targeted in Cyberattack

Politico: Governors groups see big cash hauls

Wash Times: Young Cons a YouTube surprise hit


Albany TU: 3 Senate Dems stoke speculation as pressure builds to share power with GOP
NY Post: Senate 'Amigos': D-Day tomorrow
Albany TU: Paterson to talk of crisis in Senate: Governor asks TV time
WSJ: Albany Jam Leads to Talk of Convention
AP/Bauman: Gridlock may embolden individual NY senators
WNYC: Senator Adams to Republicans: "Get Butts Back in This Chamber"
NYDN: No paychecks for Albany senators; DiNapoli order to hold paychecks takes effect
Newsday: State Senate chiefs hope to end impasse by week's end
Elmira Star-Gazette: N.Y. senators work toward agreement

American Spectator: NY Republicans Outflanking Dems on Gay Marriage?

YouTube: Pete King speaks out against honoring Michael Jackson

NYT: Pension Costs for Local Governments May Triple by 2015, Analysis Says

Newsday: Sarah Palin's moves perplex LI Republicans


AP: Sarah Palin is not attractive to Chris Christie's N.J. Gov campaign
Star-Ledger: Federal aid to N.J. a lightning rod for Corzine, Christie during governor's race
AP/Mulvihill: Independent NJ candidate qualifies for match


Virginian-Pilot: New poll: McDonnell 49, Deeds 43
CQ Politics: McDonnell Opens Lead Over Deeds In Virginia Governor Race
Public Policy Polling: McDonnell leads for Governor (.pdf)
Politico: Poll: GOP state candidates lead in Va.
AP/Lewis: Va.'s McDonnell ducks questions on Palin aid


WSJ: A New York Solution for Bailing Out California
NYT: Staggering Budget Gap and a Reluctance to Fill It
LA Times: Karen Bass is a target atop the California Assembly
Mercury News: California leaders in no hurry to break budget impasse
SacBee: Brown returns $52,500 to donors linked to pension fund probe
Dan Walters: Public worker unions are seeking more clout


Dallas MN: GOP AG hopefuls Ted Cruz and Dan Branch each have $1 mil warchests
AP: Perry, running for 3rd term, speaks in Conroe
Texas Monthly: Lots of talk that Perry will report giant fundraising numbers
AP: Staples wants 2nd term as Texas ag commissioner


Miami Herald: Marco Rubio's fundraising numbers cast doubt on Senate bid
Examiner: Meek raises $3 million for Senate race in Florida while Rubio sputters
Hill: Meek, Crist to report more than $3 million raised
St. Pete Times: Rubio slow raising money
Orlando Sentinel: Rubio comes up a little...short
St. Pete Times: Crist's personal finances remain modest, report says
AP: Meek, Rubio announce fundraising for Fla. Senate
TBO: Web ad attacks Sink's use of state aircraft
CQ Politics: Republican Hukill to Challenge Kosmas in Florida 24


AJC: Can Dems win governors office? Yes. Will they? Well, that depends


Politico: GOP hopes 'Hastert' resonates
Chicago Tribune: Gov. Pat Quinn to detail $1 billion in spending cuts


Pioneer Press: State Rep. Tom Emmer says he'll run for governor
Minn Post: Former House Minority Leader Seifert officially announces run for governor
Star Tribune: Emotional Franken finally gets sworn in
Pioneer Press: Franken takes his seat


CQ Politics: Specter Loyal Democrat Since Party Switch, Vote Study Shows
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. budget talks resume but consensus distant


Toledo Blade: Top Ohio Senate Republican calls for slot ballot vote
Politico: A Kilroy-Stivers rematch


Mich Mess: Rogers works to stem tide of Republican losses in Congress


AP: Schweich enters Mo. auditor's race, joins Rep. Icet in a Republican primary


PNJ: Fred Thompson talks sports


WRAL: Hagan squeezed by both sides on health care reform


NYT: Censure Adds to Sense Sanford May Survive Scandal
Reuters: Pressure eases on South Carolina governor
State: Sanford issues schedule -- no public events


Union Leader: AG Ayotte resigns, eyes Senate run
Union Leader: Ayotte: My 'intent was to continue serving'
Politico: Republicans land top recruit in New Hampshire
CQ Politics: Ayotte Resigns to Explore New Hampshire Senate Bid
Hill: Aiming for Greggs open seat, Ayotte is unknown big name


Louisville CJ: Bunning says he has more money than rivals


Wash Times: Ouster a threat for Md. GOP chairman


Hill: Vitter raises $1.2 million for reelection fight




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