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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

June 7, 2009



NY Post: 'NYer' Palin on Parade
Albany TU: Palin warms to Seward folly
Syracuse PS: Sarah Palin wows the crowd at Founders Day in Auburn
Citizen: Palin wraps up Auburn visit
Politico: With Palin at Seneca Falls
AP/Kates: Palin helps NY town celebrate Alaska anniversary
Syracuse PS: Sarah Palin celebrates history, beauty, strength of CNY (photo gallery)

NYT: Hugging Republicans Until It Hurts

NYT: Obama to Forge a Greater Role on Health Care
NYT: State Coverage Model No Help for Uneasy Insurance Industry
NYT: Editorial: Paying for Universal Health Coverage
WaPo: Kennedy Details Vision for Health Care
Politico: House Dems draft sweeping health bill
CQ Politics: Obamas Gamble: Making Health Care Components Mesh
Hill: DNC lays foundation for healthcare reform

NYT: For Sotomayor and Thomas, Paths Fork at Race and Identity
WaPo: Judge's Votes Show No Single Ideology
Roll Call: Sessions Worried by Obama's 'Empathy Standard' in Court Nomination

WaPo: Money Stashed in Freezer Is Key in Jefferson Trial

Roll Call: Senate GOP to Ramp Up Cap-and-Trade Pushback

AP/Blackledge: Agencies to set stimulus goals

NYT: Bank Accused of Pushing Subprime Deals on Blacks

Hill: Flake wants tighter financial interest rules
NYT: Editorial: Congress, the Banks and Derivatives

NYT: Supreme Court Asked to Block Chrysler Deal
AP/Sherman: U.S. Supreme Court asked to block Chrysler sale to Fiat
George Will: Have We Got a Deal for You

NYT: A Study in Why Major Law Firms Are Shrinking

NYT: U.S. Lawyers Agreed on the Legality of Brutal Tactic

Wash Times: Obama's job-performance disapproval rate highest to date

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: Patersons Economic Development Chief Announces Resignation
NYDN: Chuck Schumer has Obama's ear but maybe not his love
SI Live: Molinari Republican Club endorses Staten Island incumbents
Newsday: 'Jumbo pensions' spark state funding debate
NYT: Senate Passes Bill to Ease Government Consolidation
Crain's: GOP targets DiNapoli


KYW: NJ's Corzine, Christie Now Have to Pick Running Mates
North Jersey: Rumors swirl on Corzine's pick for No. 2
Star-Ledger: Corzine: 'I am going to fight like hell'
Paul Mulshine: The plot thickens ....


WaPo: Frenetic Push for Voters In N.Va.: Dems Woo Undecideds In Primary Race
CNN: Poll: Virginia Democratic primary up for grabs
WaPo: Parties Focus on Control Of House: GOP Aims to Keep It, Democrats to Gain It
WaPo: Close Races in Virginia, New Jersey May Be Indicators for 2010
Richmond TD: McAuliffe banks most in recent fundraising


Star Tribune: Pawlenty: Fresh face the GOP is seeking?
Politico: Red meat from T-Paw

Politico: All but over for Coleman, experts say


AP: Schwarzenegger backs state services to immigrants
Marcos Breton: Governor rebuts the rants on immigrants


Dallas MN: Hutchison seeks to reframe conservatism issue as style, not substance
Austin AS: Straus steered House with a light hand
Star-Telegram: Local lawmakers reflect on the good, the bad, the ugly


Jacksonville Observer: Poll: McCollum Leading Sink
St. Pete Times: McCollum touts his polls, but his party's numbers are slipping
Herald Tribune: Sink intent on finding her own path

Ledger: Crist Most Effusive About Magic

Miami Herald: Atwater has yet to draw opponent for Florida Chief Financial Officer

Orlando Sentinel: Longwood Judge James Perry sworn in as Florida's 4th black justice

Miami Herald: Obama's 2012 Florida strategy


Athens BH: Candidate for governor to address the GOP
AJC: Barnes ready to get past old issues
Macon Telegraph: Handed a hot issue by Justice


Southern: Cole eyes run for statewide office
AP: Republican Congressman Kirk announces divorce


Pittsburgh TR: 'Powerhouse' state Republican Party pairing urged


Cincinnati Enquirer: Lawmakers to battle Ohio budget
FallsNewsPress: Committee will try to reconcile Ohio House, Senate budget plans
Cleveland PD: Ohio Senate's budget rewriters didn't stick to important issues


C&G: Oakland Co. sheriff announces gubernatorial bid
Daily Tribune: Bouchard makes it official


News-Leader: Nixon misusing stimulus funds, some say
KSMU: Race to Replace Blunt Getting Crowded


Knox News: Editorial: Alexander's advocacy framing energy debate
Knox News: Budget a big task: Provisions designed to raise $60 million in new money


Spartanburg: Thomas joins race to unseat Inglis
Greenville News: Thomas in running for Inglis' Congressional seat
State: Thomas to challenge Inglis in primary
WSPA: Another Candidate to Make a Run at Bob Inglis

Greenville News: DeMint: GOP needs to stand up for beliefs

State: Economy, Sanford baggage could burden GOP
State: Legislature to take up Sanford vetoes
PostandCourier: Sanford's fight might define political future


Wash Times: O'Malley gears up in bid for 2nd term in Maryland


CQ Politics: A Race But Not a Crowd in Kansas Open 4th District


Hill: Rep. Davis makes governor bid official


GJSentinel: Penry, McInnis dominate straw polls for governor


June 6, 2009



WSJ: Employment Report Fuels GOP Attack on Obama Policies
WaPo: Jobless Rate Hits 9.4 Percent in May; Layoffs Slow
NYT: Joblessness Hits 9.4%, but Slowing Losses Raise Hopes
WSJ: Blue Chips Linger in the Red for '09
AP/Feller: Biden signals 'ramp up' of stimulus
Lawrence Kudlow: Recall the Stimulus, Let the De-TARPing Begin, and Set the Fed Free

WSJ: Sebelius Backs Public Health Insurance Option
NYT: Obama Urges Effort on Health Care
Michael Gerson: Obamacare's Antidote
LA Times: Healthcare overhaul effort moves forward without Kennedy
NYT: Sweeping Health Plan Is Drafted by Kennedy
Hill: Kennedy bill seeks overhaul of healthcare system
Politico: Health care reform draft bill released

WSJ: Sotomayor Faulted Over Missing Memo
NYT: New Scrutiny of Judges Most Controversial Case
AP/Evans: GOP says objectivity is key question for Sotomayor
NYT: Behind Judges Spending and Income
WSJ: Judicial 'Activism' Isn't the Issue
Rush Limbaugh: All the Latest on Sonia Sotomayor
LA Times: Just when I was forgetting Jeff Sessions' record as a prosecutor....

NYT: Appeals Court Refuses to Block Chryslers Sale

NYT: Congress Grapples, Again, With How to Pay for Transportation Projects

WaPo: Former Countrywide CEO Sued by SEC Over Risky Lending

Hill: Republican on Intel panel fires back at Dems
Hill: Dems mulling sanctions against GOP Intel members
Hill: Intel firestorm: Republicans reveal briefing info

WaPo: Studies Predict Rapid Rise in Sea Levels Along U.S. East Coast

LA Times: The forgotten story behind Obama's appointment of Jim Leach

WSJ: Intelligence Nominee Withdraws Over Questions About Interrogations

Michelle Malkin: The U.S. Department of Injustice

James Taranto: Two Murders, Two Statements

Politico: Sarah Palin takes low-key return to the road
Politico: Palin: 'Screw the political correctness'
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin Warns: Government Wants to "Control the People"

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows
Hill: Sunday shows running gamut


NYT: Paterson and Unions Agree on Limits for New Pensions
NY Post: Gov union-pension deal saving $440m
Albany TU: State buyout saves jobs
Albany TU: State buyout deal nears

NYDN: Rangel warns of 'racial polarization' if Cuomo challenges Paterson for gov in primary


Fox: Will New Jersey Prefigure Obamas (and Republicans) Futures?


WaPo: The '09 Governors' Races
WSJ: Democrats' Rainmaker Aims to Hold Virginia
WaPo: Unions Hope Patronage Translates to Leverage


Pioneer Press: Introducing Tim Pawlenty non-candidate for 2012
Minn Post: Pawlenty continues to hone national credentials in interview with Ripon Forum
AP: Pawlenty ends big week with speech to GOP group
CQ Politics: Pawlenty to GOP: Do as I Say, Not as I Do and Focus on 2010
CBS: Pawlenty: GOP Is Getting Its "Tails Kicked"


LA Times: Gov. Arnold to state Legislature: Our wallet is empty, credit dried up
Dan Walters: Two vacancies give governor opportunity


CQ Politics: Here's a Twist: In Nevada, 'Republicans for Reid '


Burnet Bulletin: Hutchison Announces Regional Organization Chairmen
Dallas MN: Editorial: Texas Legislative Leaderboard


USA Today: Crist enjoys commanding lead in Fla. Senate race
Herald Tribune: Crist enjoys high approval rating


NYT: A Blagojevich Tries Reality TV


Allentown MC: Specter begins to woo his new colleagues
Pittsburgh TR: Rendell lauds Specter during Dems' dinner
AP: Pa. Dems welcome Specter with gift of donkey tie


Greenwich Time: Greenwich man to challenge Dodd
CQ Politics: A Third Connecticut Republican is Eager to Take a Shot at Dodd
Hartford Courant: Greenwich Republican Tom Foley Running Vs. Sen. Chris Dodd

Hartford Courant: Gov. Rell Vetoes Death-Penalty Abolition Bill


Union Leader: Fergus Cullen: Republicans must stop mourning Reagan and move on


June 5, 2009



WaPo: Firms Tied to Murtha Have Troubled Past
Pittsburgh PG: Defense firm, a Murtha backer, got money from drug dealer
CBS: FBI Eyes Charity Linked To Rep. Murtha
WSJ: Pelosi's Pork Problem: The PMA scandal could make Abramoff look like a piker
CSM: Hoyer says Murtha and other Dems should be investigated

Wash Times: Republicans keep pressure on Pelosi: Demand evidence of CIA 'lies'
MSNBC: Boehner lashes out at Pelosi, Obama

NYT: Republicans Complain About Plan for Health Insurance
Wm Jacobson: Unaccountable Commission May Run Healthcare
Paul Krugman: Keeping Them Honest: Health reform will fail without serious cost control

WSJ: Nominee's Criminal Rulings Tilt to Right of Souter
WSJ: Sen Graham Cites Obama Standard In Threat To Oppose Sotomayor
WSJ: Sotomayor Records Divulge Details
WaPo: White House Delivers Trove of Sotomayor Documents
NYT: Debate on Whether Female Judges Decide Differently Arises Anew
Hill: Sotomayor contacted 3 days before Souter news broke
NYT: Sotomayor Rose on Merit Alone, Her Allies Say
NYT: Speeches Show Judges Steady Focus on Diversity and Struggle
Boston Globe: Congressional Republicans aim to present a united front

WSJ: Energy Industry Lobbies to Avert Drilling Rules
Roll Call: Ways and Means Republicans Move to Ensure Climate Votes

NYT: S.E.C. Accuses Countrywides Ex-Chief of Fraud
Hill: SEC charges former Countrywide executive

TV Tech: Republican FCC Selections Emerge

WSJ: White House Set to Appoint a Pay Czar
NYT: Ailing, Banks Still Field Strong Lobby at Capitol
WSJ: TARP Nominee Says Bailout Needs More Time
NYT: Could Mitt Romney Fix G.M.?

WSJ: Justice Calls for Release of Alaska Ex-Lawmakers

NYT: State Revenues Buffeted by Downturn

WSJ: House Lifts Lid On Its Expenses

CNN: House Republican leaders float $375 billion in budget cuts
AP/Taylor: House Republicans offer $23B list of spending cuts

Peggy Noonan: Ronald Reagan, cast in bronze, arrives at the Rotunda

Boston Globe: Former House speaker Gingrich rails against Obama

James Taranto: Torture in America's Schools


CQ Politics: Rep. McCarthy Wont Take On Gillibrand In Senate Primary
NYT: Upstate Democrat May Seek House Seat
AP/Pickler: Kerik pleads not guilty; blasts prosecution


USA Today: Poll: Corzine still trailing Christie
Philadelphia Inquirer: State workers agree to defer raises
Star-Ledger: CWA backs furloughs and freeze on wages
Star-Ledger: Assemblyman Mike Doherty was only bright spot for NJ's Republican right
Central Jersey: Doherty defeats Karrow for GOP ballot spot in NJ Senate primary


Fairfax Times: Republicans firm up ticket


Star Tribune: Coleman 'not ruling anything out'
Minn Indep: He will be done: Coleman confidants say hell stop at state courts
Minn CP: Coleman speaks at St. Louis conservative conference today

KC Star: Pawlenty: Next stop, the presidential campaign trail?

Minn Indep: Gay Republican Sen. Koering eyeing governors seat
St. Cloud Times: Koering considering run for governor


LegalNewsline: Republican senator announces run for Calif. AG

Mercury News: Political experts: New taxes will likely soften blow of state budget cuts


Politico: Republican governors go after Obama


Dallas MN: In Texas governor's race, Perry, Hutchison will take different roads to victory
Politico: Hamlet act has GOP concerned
Austin AS: Session over, but the politics of 2010 elections set to pick up
Dallas MN: Two Dallas-area Republicans reflect on power shift in House
AP/Stone: Lawmakers who molded and shaped the Legislature


Tallahassee Democrat: Aronberg to run for attorney general
News-Press: State Sen. Dave Aronberg throws his hat in ring
Naples News: Aronberg says he's running for state attorney general
Miami Herald: State Sen. Dave Aronberg expected to face Miami Beach's Dan Gelber

TPM: Rubio Picks Up Christian Right Support Against Crist


AJC: Barnes joins bid to get old job back


Memphis CA: Budget takes MS lawmakers to the wire; Barbour could call special session


NYT: Black Congressman Eyes Alabama Governors Seat


Chicago Tribune: Illinois budget talks focus on cuts, but tax hike still in play
Daily Herald: Illinois leaders seek pension, job cuts to balance budget


Philadelphia Inquirer: Specter seeks to reassure his new party


Cleve PD: Senate GOP pass $53.6 billion Ohio budget, slashing $1 billion in state spending


Daily Kos: Michigan Governor's Race 2010: Redux
Toledo Blade: Michigan hasn't hit rock bottom - yet


Politico: Missouri foes reject Roy Blunt's earmarks
St. Louis PD: In St. Louis, Norm Coleman offers GOP City Slicker wisdom


Tennessean: Tennessee GOP shake-up continues
Memphis Flyer: Bill Hobbs Red-Meat Style a Factor in Losing State GOP Job
Chattanoogan: New GOP Chief Devaney Names Rice To Oversee Transition

Tennessean: Tennessee's Sen. Alexander wants to give taxpayers GM, Chrysler stock


AP/Davenport: S.C. governor must accept $700 million


June 4, 2009



NYT: Reagans Glory Days Recalled at Statue Installation
Politico: Congress honors Ronald Reagan with figure in Statuary Hall
McClatchy: Reagan's larger-than-life statue unveiled at Capitol Rotunda
CNN: Emotional Nancy Reagan unveils statue of late president

NYT: Obama Open to Plan Requiring Everyone to Get Insurance
Hill: Obama lays out demands on healthcare reform bill
Hill: Obama demands government-run health option
WaPo: A Move Toward Requiring Health Coverage
Boston Globe: Obama lays out health overhaul
WSJ: Obama Shifts on Coverage Mandate
WSJ: Obama 'Hopeful' Health Bill Will Attract GOP Support
NYT: OpEd: Medicare, Start the Bidding

Hill: Speaker issues ultimatum on climate
George Will: Green With Guilt

NYT: Balancing Act for Republican Cornyn on Supreme Court Nominee
Dallas MN: Cornyn doesn't rule out filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor
WaPo: Years as N.Y. Prosecutor Gave Sotomayor Firsthand Look at Crime and Punishment
WSJ: Sotomayor's Talk Made No Waves in '01
NYDN: Newt Gingrich takes back Sonia Sotomayor 'racist' charge; comment was racist, not her
Wash Times: Gingrich takes back 'racist' charge on Sotomayor
Hill: Graham: 'Not fair' to call Sotomayor racist
Greenville News: Graham leaning toward opposing Sotomayor nomination
Newsday: Sotomayor meets with Schumer, Gillibrand
FindLaw: What is Sonia Sotomayor's Judicial Philosophy?
Rush Limbaugh: What if Sotomayor is Pro-Life?
Wm Jacobson: Sotomayor's Supporters May Spin Her Out Of A Job
Human Events: Sessions Meets Sotomayor; Pelosi Still in Hot Seat
RCP: Interview with Senator Jeff Sessions
David Broder: After Bork -- And Obama: Confirmation Fights Still Echo
Politico: Rush Limbaugh flips, may support Sonia Sotomayor
Pat Buchanan: A Quota Queen for the Court

NYT: Fed Chief Calls for Plan to Curb Budget Deficits
WaPo: Bernanke Presses For Fiscal Restraint
Hill: Fed chairman issues warning on instability of deficits

WaPo: SEC Chief Strives To Rebuild Regulator

WSJ: Acting FCC Head Wants Deregulatory Change While at Helm
ARRL: President Obama to Renominate FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell for New Term

WaPo: Senators Blast Automakers Over Dealer Closings

WSJ: House Asks Ethics Panel for Report on Lobby Probe
NYT: Editorial: PMAs Friends

NYT: Justice Dept. Reverses Bush-Era Immigration Rule
WaPo: Precedent Reinstated In Deportation Cases

WSJ: House to Publish Spending Records Online by Aug. 31

NYT: Telecoms Win Dismissal of Wiretap Suits

Roll Call: McHugh Launches Two Races
CQ Politics: Could Bipartisan Appointment Of McHugh Lead To Partisan Gain?

NYT: Obama Names a Republican to Lead the Humanities Endowment

Karl Rove: It's the Economy, Stupid: The Obama presidency will rise or fall on results

Ann Coulter: 49 million to five
WSJ: Common Ground on Late-Term Abortion: Anguish

Boston Globe: Romney assails Obama on national security
Atlantic: Mitt Romney Won't Run GM

WaPo: Prominent Republicans' Moves Scrutinized for Clues to 2012 Bids
Miami NT: Jeb Bush Nets a Whopping Six Percent in Republican Presidential Poll

James Taranto: Does Obama Scare Osama?
EJ Dionne: Rush and Newt Are Winning
Dana Milbank: Liberals May Be Looking for a Take-Back


CQ Politics: Maloney to Challenge Gillibrand in Senate Primary
Human Events: New York House GOPers: After McHugh, Down to Two?
NYDN: Gov. Paterson veto a jolt to state pension plan
NY Post: Gov's shocking payout pullback: Veto stuns police & firefighters
Albany TU: State buyout deal nears
Albany TU: Ethics reform hope fading
NY Post: Shelly caves on Silver dollars
NY Post: Malcolm dishes 'pay' dirt on Shel
Albany TU: Comptroller says 2010 test of campaign reform needed
AP/Gormley: Debate over gay marriage gets nasty
NYT: Editorial: Vote on Gay Marriage


WSJ: Showdown in Jersey: Campaign advice for Christie
Hill: Christies corruption-fighting scores on TV
AP/Delli Santi: Sparks already flying in NJ governor's race
AP: Republican Christie to Face N.J. Gov. Corzine in November


Dallas MN: Virginia as political laboratory
WCAV: Republicans Could Decide Democratic Primary
Virginian-Pilot: For the GOP gubernatorial ticket, the long fight begins
Reston Connection: Cuccinelli Wins GOP Attorney General Nomination
AP/Lewis: GOP Convention totals reveal big victory margins
Wash Times: 'Third choice' Deeds now No. 1 in race
Politico: Brian Moran comes out swinging in Va. contest


CQ Politics: Federal Appeal Is 'Entirely' Coleman's Decision, Cornyn Says of Minn. Race
Minn Indep: Experts: Prognosis grim as Coleman runs out of legal options
Star Tribune: Coleman to speak at conservative conference in St. Louis

Pioneer Press: Does Pawlenty have White House ambitions? He's not saying - yet
Minn Post: Expected wave of GOP candidates for governor starts with a ripple
SWCB: Republicans mull governor's race


Time: California's Day of Reckoning: The Fight over What to Cut

OC Register: Builder Bren backs Whitman for governor
OCBJ: Bren Endorses Whitman

SF Chronicle: Fiorina's scant voting record could haunt her


Arizona Republic: Showdown nears for state budget proposal
AP: Ariz. GOP legislative heads move forward on budget


Dallas MN: How Sotomayor, Perry and Hutchison are connected

Austin AS: Perry does not call for special session
Dallas MN: Texas House hit road early, causing chaotic end to 2009 session, Senate says

San Antonio EN: Perry wants Guard patrols to scour border

Austin AS: Combs seeking a second term, calls economy robust
Dallas MN: Texas Comptroller Susan Combs will seek a second term


Tampa Tribune: McCollum faces possible Republican primary challenge
Tampa Tribune: Marco Rubio on the Ray Sansom indictment
Tampa Tribune: Crist's environmental record hurt by growth legislation, critics say


Atlanta BC: Roy Barnes will run for governor in 2010
USA Today: Ex-Gov. Barnes admits mistakes, will run again
AJC: Gold Dome Live Barnes: I made mistakes, ready to move forward
AP/McCaffrey: Ex-Ga. Gov. Barnes announces gubernatorial bid
Rasmussen: 77% of Georgia Voters Favor ID Checks Before Voting


AP/O'Connor: Redemption from scandal? Ill. ethics reform mixed
Chicago ST: Ethics watchdog group says Burris Senate ethics inquiry should be open to public


Rick Santorum: The Elephant in the Room: Brace yourself for El Specter
AP: Specter to address Pa. Democratic leaders Saturday
RCP: Joe Sestak: Giant Killer?
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. Senate to mull conflicting gay-marriage measures


AP/Seewer: GOP blaming Gov. Strickland for Ohio job losses
AP: Don't blame me for job losses, Strickland says
Politics Daily: Former Fox News Host Promises to 'Right the Ship' as Ohio Gov.
AP: Ohio Senate approves budget plan


Detroit News: Bouchard enters gov race to 'fix' Michigan
AP/Hoffman: Republican sheriff launches campaign for Mich. gov
Detroit FP: GOP has plenty of governor hopefuls


AP/Zagier: Ex-prosecutor accused of misconduct in Missouri
News-Leader: Former Gov. Blunt, wife expecting second child


Knox News: House overrides Bredesen 'guns in bars' veto
Memphis CA: House votes to override Bredesen's veto of guns-in-bars bill


WCBD: South Carolinas Graham says Sotomayor not a racist


NYT: New Hampshire Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage


Boston Globe: Scandal raises issues for Patrick


Hartford Courant: Greenwich Republican Tom Foley Running Vs. Sen. Chris Dodd
AP: Former ambassador Foley files papers to run against Dodd


CQ Politics: Daniels Ends 2012 Speculation
AP/Jackson: Indiana Gov: Empathy can revive conservatism


Milwaukee JS: Ryan calls for unity among Republicans


Las Vegas RJ: Reid unveils Republican list of supporters
Las Vegas RJ: Big Republican names make Harry Reid's re-election A-list
Mercury News: NV's Republican first lady backs Reid re-election


Seattle PI: Candidate Hutchison tries to shun partisan label


June 1-3, 2009



NYT: Parties Plot Strategy as Sotomayor Visits Capitol
Boston Globe: Sotomayor in for a grilling, but a fair one, GOP vows
Wash Times: Silent Sotomayor courts lawmakers, thwarts reporters
Wash Times: Sotomayor hard to read on security issues
American Spectator: Sonia the Player Umpire
WaPo: GOP's Lead on Judiciary Panel Was Once Rejected for Bench
WaPo: Conservative Judges Echo Sotomayor in Gun Ruling
Hill: GOP Sen: Nominee could get 75 votes
Newt Gingrich: Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor: You Read, You Decide
Rich Lowry: How Sotomayor Misspoke
Human Events: Manuel Mirandas Take on Sotomayor

NYT: Nancy Reagan and Obama Kiss and Make Up
Wash Times: Obama boosts Reagan legacy

NYT: Obama Urges Quick Action on Insurance
NYT: Senators Set to Visit White House to Discuss Health Care Overhaul
WSJ: Obama Said to Be Open to Taxing Health-Care Benefits
Wash Times: Employer-based benefits tax on the table in Senate
WSJ: Why the Health Care Rush? Democrats don't think their bill can stand public inspection
NYT: Editorial: A Healthy Tax

Dick Morris: Whats keeping Obama up?

WaPo: Cheney Led Briefings of Lawmakers To Defend Interrogation Techniques

NYT: House Republican Is Choice for Secretary of the Army
WSJ: Rep. McHugh Is Nominated for Army Post
WaPo: Obama Picks GOP Rep. McHugh To Be His Secretary of the Army
Wash Times: Republican picked to be Army secretary
Politico: Congress reacts to McHugh
Politico: John McHugh pick creates opportunity for Democrats

Politico: Stealth War: Barack Obama sabotages Republicans
Atlantic: Mitt Romney Should Run GM

WaPo: Federal Antitrust Probe Targets Tech Giants, Sources Say

WSJ: States' Budget Woes Are Poised to Worsen

Wash Times: IRS files $800,000 lien on '04 Kerry campaign

WSJ: The GOP Ain't Dead Yet: By 2012 the bailouts will be Obama's to defend
US News: Cheney for President in 2012? Republicans Have No One Else


Roch D&C: GOP: Politics behind N.Y. Republican's nomination for Army secretary
CQ Politics: Democrats Vet Hopefuls for New Shot at Old GOP District in New York
Albany TU: Pick puts House seat in play
Albany TU: Obama introduces McHugh as nominee, candidates emerge
NYDN: President Obama taps N.Y. Republican John McHugh for post
CQ Politics: NY-23 Now Rated a Toss Up

Albany TU: Gay marriage bill support unclear
Albany TU: Expert: Go slower on state ethics overhaul
Albany TU: Senate vote next step for bill to make it easier to dissolve villages, towns
NYT: At a Sentencing, Details of Spitzers Liaisons

NYT: New York Mayors Race Is Shaping Up to Be Sleepy


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie wins N.J. GOP gubernatorial primary
NYT: Ex-Prosecutor Wins G.O.P. Primary in New Jersey
AP/Delli Santi: Christie, Corzine win NJ governor's race primaries
Politico: Chris Christie wins N.J. GOP gov. nomination
CQ Politics: Christie Wins GOP Nomination to Challenge New Jersey Gov. Corzine
PolitickerNJ: Christie: 'Let's start tonight by changing governors'
Philadelphia Daily News: Christie's race to lose in angry New Jersey?

Star-Ledger: Steve Lonegan concedes Republican primary to Chris Christie


Human Events: Interview with Bob McDonnell
Wash Times: Money can't buy McAuliffe an easy race
CQ Politics: Virginia Race Is Now a Toss Up


NYT: Minnesota Governor Opts Against Run for Third Term
WaPo: Pawlenty To Retire With An Eye on 2012
Politico: Gov. Pawlenty deflects growing 2012 speculation

NYT: Minnesota Justices Are Skeptical in Senate Case
Star Tribune: A recounting of Minnesota's Senate race


WSJ: Schwarzenegger Warns of Deadline to Plug California Budget Hole
AP/Williams: Schwarzenegger appeals for quick budget deal
LA Times: Watchwords in California's budget mess
Dan Walters: Schwarzenegger has key appointments to make


Dallas MN: Kay Bailey Hutchison may be '09 session's big winner
AP/Root: Texas GOP leaders vow to keep key agencies open
AP: Perry noncommittal on special session


Hill: Sen. Coburn to run for another term
Norman Transcript: It's hard to walk away


St. Pete Times: U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio seeks distance from indicted official
Examiner: GOP primary could feature three vying for Governor
AP/Farrington: US Rep. Brown to explore run for Fla. Senate seat


AJC: U.S. Justice Department rejects Georgia voter screening
Rome NT: Deal visits Rome to shore up support, touch base with Northwest Georgia


Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois House rejects increasing state income tax
Chicago Tribune: Illinois campaign finance package falls far short of reformers' goals


Fox: Sestak: I Will Reject Obama Request to Step Aside in Pennsylvania Senate Race


Columbus Dispatch: Strickland fires back at Kasich
Business Courier: Kasich formally declares run for governor


Detroit News: Oakland sheriff to announce run for governor
Mlive: Bouchard's entry in Michigan governor's race crowds an already cramped GOP field
AP/Martin: Bouchard kicks off Mich. gubernatorial campaign


KC Star: Naughty Nixon?


Tennessean: GOP primary could be costly: Ramsey's entry marks new phase in gov's race


State: High court considers stimulus fight today
WSJ: Governor Sanford Sees Loss in Stimulus Fight
NYT: South Carolina Stimulus Case Is Given to State Court


WSJ: Ex-Lawmaker DiMasi, Three Associates Indicted
Boston Globe: DiMasi, 3 associates charged with rigging of state contracts


Politico: Chris Dodd dodges New Haven firefighter case


NYT: Low-key governor becomes leading GOP voice on climate



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