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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

June 21, 2009



Louisville CJ: McConnell targets health-care proposal
Chicago Tribune: McConnell on Dems: 'Rush and spend' (with video)
AP/Warner: GOP Says Dems Health Overhaul Would Break the Bank
Examiner: McConnell says Democrats offer turtle tunnels, not real reform
Hill: McConnell warns of healthcare costs
LA Times: Weekly Remarks: McConnell on health reforms

WaPo: Obama, Democrats Cheer Announcement of Drug Savings for Federal Programs
WSJ: Senate, White House Reach Deal With Drug Industry
LA Times: Drug makers offer $80 billion toward healthcare overhaul
Wash Times: Drug makers agree to cut Medicare costs
Politico: Health reform gets boost with Rx deal
Hill: Obama lauds $80B pharmaceutical deal
NYT: In Poll, Wide Support for Government-Run Health
CQ Politics: Poll Finds Strong Support for Government-Run Insurance Plan
NYT: Editorial: A Public Health Plan
WaPo: Obama Brings the Pain for Health Care's Gain
George Will: The Stealth Single-Payer Agenda
KC Star: In health debate, words are weighty

NYT: Obama Pushes Financial Regulatory Overhaul
WaPo: Obama Defends Proposed New Agency
AP/Feller: Obama puts critics of financial overhaul on notice

LA Times: Bill would boost congressional oversight of covert spy programs

WaPo: Obama's Travel Mixes Policy, Politics

Wash Times: Bush, aides find voice on Obama policies

Politico: NRSC outraises DSCC in May

Examiner: 2012 GOP Presidential Field: Mike Huckabee

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: New York Democrats Press for Special Session
Buffalo News: Paterson may force Senate to meet
Albany TU: Paterson brings in mediators for senate deadlock, Dems react cautiously, cooly
Albany TU: Senate split tests talks
Newsday: Espada predicts resolution of State Senate stalemate
AP/Bauman: Espada predicts Senate stalemate nearing end
NY Post: Albany fix near: Bx Dem
NYDN: Traitor Hiram Monserrate likens himself to Jesus


Star-Ledger: Christie agrees to testify before Congress on federal monitoring contracts
Daily Record: Pallone, Pascrell to testify at hearing featuring Christie
PolitickerNJ: Pundit: Christie decision to testify was the right one
Philadelphia Inquirer: Gay marriage now key issue for Corzine


Richmond TD: IT flap is a chance for McDonnell
Richmond TD: Va. GOP wants records on Kaines DNC duties
Wash Times: GOP seeks details of jet-setting Kaine's travels
Examiner: New chairman of Virginia GOP wants answers on Kaine travel
AP/Szkotak: GOP wants Kaine to account for time, money spent in travels as DNC head
Charlottesville DP: Virginia races more contested
Culpepper SE: Cantor seeks funds for high-speed rail in Va.


Wash Times: California's budget crisis forces cuts in small towns
LA Times: Villaraigosa's future, once bright, looks dimmer now
SacBee: Democrats want California schools to get billions that voters rejected
Dan Walters: Economic nonsense and the budget


Dallas MN: Texas Watch: GOP senators give Democrats voice on federal judge picks
Dallas MN: Trial set to begin in Dallas public corruption case


St. Pete Times: State GOP discourages Sen. Paula Dockery on McCollum gov challenge
Orlando Sentinel: Senator bucks her party's politics
Orlando Sentinel: Will Charlie Crist be remembered for anything?


Chicago Sun-Times: Burris says he's 'absolved,' won't discuss future


Star Tribune: Pawlenty keeps the upper hand


Allentown MC: Rendell defends income tax-hike plan


Cleve PD: Senate candidates Rob Portman, Lee Fisher & Jennifer Brunner show off wallets


St. Louis PD: Talent, Kinder endorse Blunt for U.S. Senate
KC Star: Kinder, Talent out for Roy Blunt


Knox News: GOP makes strides in '09
Chattanooga TFP: Tennessee: GOP claims strides on issues


News-Record: Sen. Hagan hedges on health care reforms


Kathleen Parker: A Stain to Erase in South Carolina


Kay Ivey: Announces run for Governor
CQ Politics: State Treasurer Ivey Joins Alabama GOP Governor Race Field


Wash Times: Ehrlich hints at new life for old bumper stickers


Las Vegas Sun: In state GOP, Ensign finds few defenders
Politico: GOP Woe: What's the matter with Nevada?


CQ Politics: Nebraska Rep. Terry Faces Fight on Newly Shaky Ground


Dispatch: Barbour: State can function without budget
Jackson CL: Barbour: 'Redneck' may overcome


Milwaukee JS: GOP nearing brink of generation gap


June 20, 2009



Gallup: Obama Job Approval Slips to 58% for First Time

WSJ: Democrats' New Health Plan Caps Confusing Week
Wash Times: Bill calls for controversial public insurance plan
NYT: House Unveils Health Bill, Minus Key Details
WSJ: Wyden's Third Way: Oregon senator questions wisdom of govt health insurance plan
AP/Zaldivar: Dems' health care plan stumbles but keeps moving
Rasmussen: Americans Evenly Divided Over Urgency of Health Care Reform

NYT: House GOP Decries Speed of Climate Plan
Pete DuPont: The Big Chill: Congress shouldn't fight global warming by freezing economy

WaPo: Ken Starr Endorses Sotomayor
NYT: Conservative, and a Fan of Judge Sotomayor
WSJ: Court Nominee Sotomayor Quits Women-Only Group
Hill: Sotomayor resigns from all-women's club
AP/Sherman: Sotomayor quits women's club after GOP criticism
Boston Globe: White House launches Sotomayor PR offensive
NYT: Uncertain Evidence for Activist Label on Sotomayor

Wash Times: House impeaches Texas judge
NYT: House Approves Impeachment Articles Against Judge
Hill: House votes to impeach imprisoned judge
CQ Politics: House Adopts Impeachment Articles Against Texas Judge
AP/Gamboa: House impeaches federal judge from Texas

WSJ: Wall Street Critic Inspired New Consumer-Protection Agency

WaPo: Delay in Releasing CIA Report Is Sought
WaPo: Judge Questions Justice Dept. Effort to Keep Cheney Remarks Secret
WaPo: Editorial: Padilla v. Yoo

AP/Leff: Census will count married gay couples

CQ Politics: Obama Helps DNC Post This Cycles Best Money Month
Hill: DCCC raises $3.4M but remains in debt

Examiner: 2012 GOP Presidential field: Mitt Romney

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Albany TU: Nominees wedge issue in Senate?
NYT: Summit on Senate Impasse Is Planned at Sharptons Offices
NYT: Paterson to Senate: Untangle It Yourself or in Special Session
NY Post: Gov vows to force Senators back to work
Buffalo News: Paterson threatens to call Senate into session next week
NYDN: Paterson may call special session of state senate if Albany stalemate isn't solved
AP/Gormley: AP source: NY governor will force Senate session
Albany TU: Senate Dems offer deal anticipating govs extraordinary session
NYDN: Dems Try, Try Again on Power Sharing
NYDN: Monserrate On His Young And 'Uninformed,' Pre-Democrat Days
NYT: Editorial: The Lost Arts of Albany
John Fund: NY's Cleansing Coup: Tax refugee Tom Golisano still cares about his old state

Artvoice: Steve Pigeon Helping Arlen Specter


USA Today: All the 'news' that's fit to print about Jon Corzine
Fox Philly: Chris Christie Visits 'Good Day'


CQ Politics: Virginia Governor: McDonnell, Deeds In Dead Heat
Richmond TD: Va. Republicans file FOI request for Kaines DNC travel
Virginian-Pilot: Kaine's travel questioned, criticized
Richmond TD: Contested races for House of Delegates seats increase


CQ Politics: Second Republican Makes Minnesota Governor's Run Official
ABC5: Will Jesse Ventura run for governor in 2010?
CBS: Rep. Bachmann Refuses To Fill Out 2010 Census
Politico: FEC: Donors can't pay all Norm Coleman bills


WSJ: California Housing Market Shows Pockets of Recovery
SacBee: California jobless rate hits record high in May
Bloomberg: Californias Credit Rating May Be Cut by Moodys
SF Chronicle: 'Multi-notch' trim in credit rating threatened


Dallas MN: Rising unemployment puts Perry in a pickle
Dallas MN: Republicans lay plans to hold Texas House
Austin AS: Republicans launch new effort to win House seats
Dallas MN: Dem leader scorns GOP push


St. Pete Times: Rubio gets some good news in run for U.S. Senate
Miami Herald: Marco Rubio lands big-name supporters for Senate campaign
Weekly Standard: Rubio Crushes Crist in Straw Poll
Sun Sentinel: Florida Ethics Commission says it will take Gov. Crist at his word on flights
St. Pete Times: Sink makes her case for governor to a GOP crowd in Miami
SPT: Bankrupt Democrat says he was pressured to contribute to GOP Rep. Vern Buchanan
St. Pete Times: FBI investigating Sansom case
Miami Herald: U.S. takes up investigation of former Florida House speaker


Daily Citizen: Oxendine and Barnes top picks for governor, polling firm says
AJC: Sidelined Cagle on the mend, at peace


WaPo: Prosecutor Says Sen. Burris Will Not Face Perjury Charge
NYT: No Illinois Perjury Charge for Burris


PennLive: Toomey trails Specter & Sestak: Rasmussen


CQ Politics: House GOP Leader Boehner Avoids Primary Challenge
Cincinnati Enquirer: Sheriff Jones won't run for Congress
AP/Majors: Ohio governor accepts gambling amid budget deficit


Detroit News: Conyers worries about FBI investigation
CQ: Rep. Rogers at Odds With Former Employer Over Miranda Rights for Terrorist Detainees


AP/Lieb: GOP Mo. House leaders urge gov to avoid vetoes


Knox News: Tennessee budget deal reached; spending to fall by $1.4 billion


NYT: A Senator, an Affair, a Demand for Money
WaPo: Husband of Ex-Mistress Sought Cash, Ensign Says
WaPo: Ensign Accuses Mistress's Husband Seeking Payment
AP/Hennessey: Sen. Ensign responds to ex-mistress' husband


Hill: Melancon may challenge Vitter in Senate


CQ Politics: Hawaii's Abercrombie in the Lead in Hawaii Governors' Race


WSJ: Dodd's Irish Luck: The Senator Sure Knows How to Pick an Investment


WSJ: The Oregon Travail: Driving business away with billions in tax hikes


June 19, 2009



USA Today: GOP chief: ABC in the tank for Obama
NYDN: RNC's Steele looking to buy airtime to offset ABC's White House health-care specials
CNN: Republicans raising cash to counter-program ABC Obama special
US News: ABC Says No to GOP Ads During Obama Healthcare Special

WSJ: Medicare Cuts Weighed to Fund Health Overhaul
NYT: Democrats Scramble to Cut Costs From Health Plan
WaPo: Obama Initiatives Hit Speed Bumps On Capitol Hill
WP: Senate's Healthcare Draft Calls for Most to Buy Insurance, Nixes Obama's 'Public Option'
WaPo: Grassley Part of Group Seeking Consensus
Tom Daschle: Bipartisan health reform is possible
NYT: On Health Care, Obama Tries to Seize the Moment
Hill: WH: Health reform this year despite setbacks
WSJ: Business will pay for government health care
WSJ: Dissecting the Kennedy Health Bill
Dana Milbank: The Slow, Slow Pulse of the Deliberative Body

WSJ: Climate Talks Ease Concern in Farm Belt
Hill: Coal lobby fights back on climate bill
Hill: Pelosi courts both sides to thaw frozen climate bill
American Spectator: Commandeered by Climate Alarmists

WSJ: Geithner Defends Push for New Rules
Wash Times: Lawmakers attack Fed's expanded role
WaPo: Lawmakers Balk As Administration Tries to Redefine Central Bank's Role
NYT: Senators Skeptical of Financial Regulation Plan

WSJ: Twin Threat: Jobless Rate, Deficit

WSJ: War-Funding, 'Clunkers' Bill Approved
WaPo: 'Cash-for-Clunkers' Bill Passes in Bid To Revive Car Sales
Detroit News: Congress OKs 'cash for clunkers'
AP: Senate roll call on 'cash for clunkers' program
Buffalo News: Many car buyers won't qualify for 'Cash for clunkers'

NYT: Senate Widely Approves Emergency Funds for Wars
Hill: War supplemental passes after photo settlement
NYT: Senate Tempers Flare Over War Spending Vote

Reuters: Senate panel approves FCC nominee

WaPo: Senate Backs Apology for Slavery
NYT: Senate Approves Slavery Apology, With Reparations Disclaimer

Hill: House passes first approps bill after long day of votes
AP/Abrams: House puts new restrictions on Gitmo closing
Fox: House defeats Gitmo amendment by one vote
AP/Abrams: Republicans force lawmakers to vote, vote and vote
Hill: Hoyer threatens weekend work over GOP 'obstruction'

WSJ: Lawmakers Blast Internet Data Collection

WaPo: Meese Active in Opposition to Sotomayor
CQ Politics: Senate Judiciary Asks Group for Information on Sotomayor
NYT: In New York, Sotomayor Put Focus on the Poor
ABC: Republicans Want More Sotomayor Records
AP/Davis: Republican: Will Sotomayor represent 'all of us'?

NYT: Pick for Protocol Post Corrects Failure to File Taxes in 2 Years

WSJ: White House Looks to Include Same-Sex Unions in Census Count

NYT: Obamas Pledge on Donations Faces Reality

WSJ: Court Upholds States in DNA Testing of Convicts
NYT: Justices Reject Inmate Right to DNA Tests
WaPo: Court Limits Access to DNA Evidence
Hill: Lawmakers criticize ruling on DNA testing

Wash Times: High court adds hurdle to age-bias suits

WSJ: U.S. Fortifies Hawaii to Meet Threat From Korea
AP/Chang: US boosts Hawaii defense to counter NKorea threat

Peggy Noonan: Whose Side Are We On? You Have to Ask?
Charles Krauthammer: Hope and Change -- but Not for Iran
Pat Buchanan: Tiananmen Moments
Jed Babbin: Obamas Phony Iran Dilemma

Gary Bauer: Palin Proves Conservatives Can Fight Pop Culture and Win

Rush Limbaugh: George W. Bush Finally Fires Back

Rush Limbaugh: Gerald Walpin is Not Afraid

Hill: At fundraiser, Obama laughs at critics


NYT: Senate Power-Sharing Talks Break Down
NYDN: Midday talks in Albany break down; hope fades for deal to end 11-day lockdown
NYDN: About That TRO? Nevermind...The Appellate Division Will Decide
NYDN: Back To Court
Albany TU: GOP jolts upstate Democrats
NYDN: Tempers flare between Sens. Espada and Klein as Albany stalemate continues
Newsday: NY State Senate leaders try to resolve differences
AP: Dissident NY senator: Dems use racist attacks
NYDN: Editorial: Senators pluck taxpayers to feather their own nests

NYT: Groups Controlled by Golisano and Aide Investigated Over Donations

Politico: End to the McCarthy-Gillibrand feud?

NYT: NYCs Unemployment Rate Climbs to 9%; 361,000 Are Jobless, Highest Since 1993


NYT: Christie Aims at Democrats Unhappy With Poor Schools
Politico: N.J. governor's race could get ugly
NYT: $400 Million From Tax Amnesty Program Gives Trenton a Budget Breather
Paul Mulshine: Trenton Republicans: It's the progressivity, stupid!


TPM: Poll: GOP's McDonnell Has One-Point Edge In Virginia Gubernatorial Race
Larry Sabato: Off-Off-Year Elections: They Seem Important at the Time


RCP: Republicans Would Do Well To Consider Pawlenty
Star Tribune: GOP Rep. Paul Kohls announces gubernatorial candidacy
Fox9: Kohls Running For Governor


SF Chronicle: So close, and yet so far, on California budget
CalHealthline: Budget Vote on Tap, Republicans Pledge To Block Tax Increases
WSJ: A Flat Tax for California? The Governator goes back to his roots as a reformer
Dan Walters: Historic tax overhaul plan to hit Capitol

CQ Politics: Californias Next Gay Marriage Vote


Kaufman Herald: Brown: Session full of highs and lows


Gainesville Sun: Florida House Speaker Cretul eyes run for Congress in 2010


AP/Walker: Vance Smith to head Department of Transportation


CQ Politics: Ill. Senate: Obama Will Not "Pick A Candidate," White House Says


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania 2010 Senate Match-ups: Specter, Sestak Top Toomey
CQ Politics: Pennsylvania Senate: Specter Leads Sestak By 19 Points
CQ Politics: Toomey Loses to Either Candidate

Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell might back stopgap budget


CQ Politics: Revealing Video Emerges in Ohio Senate Race


AP/Hoffman: Michigan GOP considers changing nomination method
Detroit News: Monica Conyers tie to $40,000 in jewelry probed


News-Leader: GOP lawmakers fear budget withholding

Missourinet: MOGOP files ethics complaints against Robin Carnahan
KSPR: Missouri GOP Files Ethics Compaints Against Carnahan
St. Louis PD: GOP and Carnahan squabble over ethics complaint


Memphis CA: Republicans count victories as Tennessee legislature adjourns


News & Observer: Higher electricity tax added to Senate plan
CQ Politics: North Carolina Voters Say Its Time for Burr to Go


AP: Sanford sends Palin consolation gift in hockey bet


CQ Politics: Republican Barela Enters House Race in New Mexico


AP: Sen. Ensign helped mistress's husband get two jobs, aide admits
Wash Times: Husband's actions led Ensign to confess
Politico: John Ensign takes offensive in affair drama
Politico: John Ensign's troubles a family affair
Politico: Ensign shedding interns?

CQ Politics: Porter a "No" on Nevada Senate Run


June 18, 2009



Fox: Bush Takes Swipes at Obama Policies
Wash Times: Bush takes swipes at Obama policies: Defends interrogations
Erie Times-News: Bush talks about life outside White House (with video)

WSJ: Public Wary of Deficit, Economic Intervention
NYT: In Poll, Obama Is Seen as Ineffective on the Economy
NYT: New Poll: Public Still Sees Poor Economy

WSJ: Historic Overhaul of Finance Rules
WSJ: Not Everyone Is Cheering Fed's New Role
WaPo: Core Reforms Held Firm As Much Else Fell Away
WaPo: Obama Defends Financial Overhaul
NYT: Some Lawmakers Question Expanded Reach for the Fed
NYT: Only a Hint of Roosevelt in Financial Overhaul
Hill: Wall Street plan draws many critics
WSJ: Too Big to Fail, or Succeed
WSJ: Hope vs. Financial Experience
AP/Kuhnhenn: Romer, Boehner, debate new financial regulations

WaPo: Debate on Health Care Hits Snags At the Start
Hill: Baucus to ax $600B, GOP derides reform joke
WaPo: Health-Care Cuts Could Shift Costs: Private Sector May Face Greater Burden
NYT: Partisan Ire Surfaces as Senators Start Work on Health Bill
NYT: Hatch, Friend of Kennedy, Warns Democrats on Health Care
Salt Lake Tribune: Dems missing health care opportunity, Hatch warns
WSJ: Senate Republicans Assail Process On Health Care
WSJ: 'Public Option': Son of Medicaid
Karl Rove: The GOP Can Stop ObamaCare
Rush Limbaugh: Yes, We Can Beat Back Obamacare
Rep. Mike Pence: Freedom Can't Be Rationed
EJ Dionne: The 'Bipartisan' Trap In Health Reform

Bloomberg: Former Senate leaders push healthcare compromise
Examiner: Daschle teams up with GOP to scuttle public option in health care reform effort

CBS: Daschle, Dole Promote Bipartisan Health Care Plan
CSM: A bipartisan healthcare plan? Yes we can, say former Senate leaders
Atlantic: The Daschle-Dole Health Care "Compromise"
David Broder: Heavy lifters join push for health-care reform

NYT: Senate Panel Approves Energy Bill
WaPo: Expansive Energy Bill Advances In Congress

Rasmussen: Little Change in Perceptions of Sotomayor
Richard Viguerie: The Real Importance of the Sotomayor Fight

CNN: Senate OKs block of alleged abuse photos
Human Events: ACLU Photos Not From Interrogations?
Greenville News: Graham releases hold on war-funding bill
AP/Abrams: War-funding bill may face difficulty in the Senate
WSJ: Congress and the IMF's Power Grab

Ann Coulter: NYT: Duke lacrosse players killed Meredith Kercher

George Will: Burned by a Tobacco Bill

LA Times: Utah senator confronts attorney general on tactics used in artifact raids

NYT: Outcry on Federal Same-Sex Benefits
Politico: President Obama fails to quell gay uproar
Rush Limbaugh: Gay Community Slaps Obama Silly

NYT: Obama Plans to Replace Bushs Bioethics Panel

Big Hollywood: Incoming FCC Chairman: No Censorship

WaPo: After Stevens Case, Justice Dept. Corruption Unit in Disarray

Cleveland PD: Lawmakers seek answers about Obama's firing of inspector general
Politico: Grassley, McCaskill press for more on IG firing
CQ Politics: White House Tries to Explain the Firing of a Watchdog
American Spectator: Walloping Walpin
WaPo: AmeriCorps IG Tit-for-Tat Continues
NYT: White House Defends Inspector Generals Firing
WaPo: White House Comments On Dismissal

Politico: Feinstein, Coburn dispute NYT surveillance story
Baltimore Sun: Feinstein says NSA not violating surveillance laws
NYT: Editorial: The Eavesdropping Continues

Politico: Democrats dodge ban on cash from lobbyists

Hill: Thune makes move on Ensign leadership spot
Hill: Rising star shoots for Ensigns job
CQ Politics: Ensign Resigns From GOP Leadership Post; Thune a Possible Successor
Salt Lake Tribune: Hatch jumps in, and then out, of Senate leadership race
Fox: Ensign Affair Impacts GOP On the Diamond
NYT: After Affair, Senator Resigns Leadership Job
WaPo: Ensign's Former Treasurer Acknowledges Affair With Senator
CQ Politics: Ensigns Mea Culpa Wins Praise From Image Experts
CQ Politics: When Dominoes Fall
Dana Milbank: In the GOP Caucus, Prayers for the Sinner -- but Mostly Silence

Post-Bulletin: Kline chosen as ranking Republican on Education and Labor
MPR: Rep. John Kline elected to education and labor committee
Politico: Kline top GOP lawmaker on Education and Labor

US News: Republicans Struggle to Unite in the Obama Era

Hill: Conservative and Republican no longer synonymous

Wash Times: GOP losses in 2010? Still Obamanomics could aid the right


NYT: Senate Stays Paralyzed; So Do Bills Big and Small
Newsday: Bills languish as NY State Senate impasse continues
Albany TU: Stalemate squeezes counties
Buffalo News: Senate stalemate imperils local funding
NYDN: Monserrate's Appeal To Cuomo
Albany TU: Espada claims 2 votes in roles
NYDN: Two For The Price Of One?
NYDN: Editorial: State Sen. Pedro Espada is loony on plan for double voting
NY Post: Espada's shocking slam at Dem foe
Newsday: Senate split: Trails and trials of Sen. Pedro Espada
NYDN: Espada in cross hairs of Bronx DA Robert Johnson as criminal probe intensifies

NY Post: Shortfalls open huge budget hole: Comptroller

NYDN: Gilli's Endorsement Parade
Gail Collins: Barack Takes Sides in New York


Star-Ledger: Top N.J. Democrats say they have enough votes for budget passage
Philadelphia Inquirer: Democratic bill to stimulate N.J. economy has givebacks
Star-Ledger: Corzine, Christie trade jabs at dinner
PolitickerNJ: Centinello will replace Povia as Executive Director of N.J. GOP


WaPo: Gingrich's Group Sends Letter to Deeds, McDonnell
Examiner: Outer suburbs seen as critical to gubernatorial candidates hopes
AP: Deeds Campaign Changes Press Aides
Southern Political Report: As party shrinks, state chair races heat up


Wash Times: Bachmann fears ACORN role in census


SacBee: Democrats plan to pass California budget plan next week
Mercury News: California Democrats unveil budget plan, but Schwarzenegger vows veto
SF Chronicle: Dem leaders say they're close to budget deal
Capitol Weekly: Fiscal fight moves toward close, but its not there yet
AP/Lin: Schwarzenegger: Higher taxes will be vetoed
LA Times: Legislative panel approves oil and tobacco taxes

Hill: Lungren tops Democrats list of California targets for 2010

SF Chronicle: Californians want health care reform, poll says

UPI: Schwarzenegger: Neutral on Prop 8 legality


NYT: Slump Dashes Oregon Dreams of Californians


Dallas MN: Texas Democrats try to block Perry's use of stimulus funds
News-Journal: John Tower paved way for GOP's rise to power in Texas

AP: House to vote on impeachment charges vs. federal judge who lied in sex assault case


Politico: Florida Speaker mulls Alan Grayson challenge
Ocala: Cretul may run for Congress

Examiner: Bill McCollums campaign in high gear

Wash Times: Crist rival maps out strategy for 2010 Senate race
Florida TU: Crist meets with college leaders during Jacksonville visit


Gwinnett Daily Post: Oxendine, Barnes lead polls
Examiner: Barnes and Oxendine leading 2010 gubernatorial race
Columbus LE: Barnes, Oxendine lead in Georgia poll; Perdue and Obama score well
AJC: State GOP far ahead in funds
AJC: State delegation split over 'no-pork' pledge


Chicago Sun-Times: Madigan, weighing Senate bid, meets with Obama, Jarrett & Emanuel
AP: Illinois Senator Is Questioned by Prosecutor

Chicago Tribune: Gov. Pat Quinn says legislators' work isn't done
Chicago Sun-Times: Lawmakers called on to tackle budget crisis
CPR: Illinois Lawmakers Standoff on Budget Deficit
Daily Herald: Service agencies worry while lawmakers lock in budget stalemate
AP: Lawmakers at odds on tax increase


Rasmussen: Pennsylvania Senate Primary: Specter 51% Sestak 32%
Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell orders $500 million in budget cuts
Pittsburgh PG: Tax hikes? How about paring the Legislature?


Columbus Dispatch: State departments predict doom with worst-case budget scenario


Detroit News: Governor hopeful: Let's 'reinvent' Michigan
Detroit News: Michigan jobless rate 14.1%, highest since '83


News-Leader: State senator considers seeking Bonds U.S. senate seat
News-Leader: Purgason weighing bid for U.S. Senate seat
Politico: Missouri's Chuck Purgason weighs Senate run
CQ Politics: Missouri State Senator May Challenge Blunt For GOP Senate Nod


Tennessean: House, Senate agree on $29B budget
AP/Johnson: Tenn. House speaker prepared to cancel Taiwan trip


News & Observer: Fetzer says Democrats' fundraiser stretches ethics
WaPo: Post-Scandal, John Edwards Finds a Quieter Purpose


TriCityHerald: Poll: Sanford might do well with Southern Republicans


WISN: Wis. Senators Pass State Budget Without Republican Support
WiscSJ: State Senate passes budget plan raising capital gains tax, dumps oil company tax


Deseret News: Chaffetz starts group to kill wasteful federal programs


June 17, 2009



Drudge: ABC Turns Over Programming to Obama
Rush Limbaugh: State-Run Media: ABC Turns Over Its Network to Obama Propaganda
Wash Times: GOP fears slant in ABC news special
NYT: ABC News Responds to Republicans Over Broadcast

WSJ: Senate Finance Panel's Health-Care Bill Hits a Snag
CQ Politics: Democrats Lose Ground in Health Care Debate
Hill: Dems reel on healthcare
Hill: Chamber rips Senate healthcare bill
NYT: Obama Raises Funds for Health Care Agenda
NYT: Democrats Defend Health Care Plans, Despite Cost Estimate
Reuters: Republicans plan rival U.S. healthcare plan
CNN: GOP lawmakers offer 'practical' health care reform plan
NYT: Health Care Rationing Rhetoric Overlooks Reality
WSJ: Cost of Health Plan Weighs On Senators
WaPo: Obama's Health Plan Needs Spending Controls, CBO Says
NYT: Democrats Work to Pare Cost of Health Care Bill
CQ Politics: Nudging Centrists Into the Health Care Corral
Hill: Dem, GOP centrists meet in secret
NYT: Editorial: Malpractice and Health Care Reform
WSJ: The Death and Life of Health 'Reform'
WSJ: Health Reform and Competitiveness
American Spectator: How Obamacare Will Change Your Life
Rush Limbaugh: There is No Health Care "Crisis"
Dick Morris: Healthcare: Obamas Waterloo?

WSJ: Climate Fight Heads for New Round

WaPo: House Approves $106B Bill to Fund Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan
Wash Times: House OKs war-funding bill with $5 billion IMF proviso
Politico: House approves war bill with IMF funds
Hill: House approves war supplemental
AP: Roll Call: House vote on war funding bill

WaPo: Obama Blueprint Deepens Federal Role in Markets
NYT: Obama Sought to Enlist a Wide Consensus on Finance Rules
WSJ: Obama Aspires to a 'Light Touch,' Not a Heavy Hand
WSJ: Draft Details New Rules for Markets
WSJ: Obama Wants SEC, CFTC to Police Derivatives
WSJ: Plan Calls for Charter Bank Regulator
WSJ: Regulatory Plan Would Create New Insurance Office
WSJ: Consumer Agency to Seek an Expansive Role
WSJ: Proposed Consumer Agency Would Have Power to Rewrite Mortgage Rules

Wash Times: Sotomayor rapped for ties to women's club
NYT: In 03, Hints of Skepticism by Sotomayor on Expanded Wiretapping
American Thinker: Sotomayor's 'Fundamental' Flaws

Detroit News: 'Clunkers' bill faces opposition in Senate
WSJ: White House Turns Down Auto Suppliers' Aid Request
Detroit News: Feds: Auto suppliers don't need aid
American Spectator: Don't Know Much About Car Story

WSJ: FCC Pick Backs Broadband Stimulus, Opposes Fairness Doctrine
WSJ: FCC Chairman Nominee Promises Pragmatic Rules

WSJ: Obama Praises Bernanke, but Won't Talk About Reappointment

WaPo: CIA Fights Full Release Of Detainee Report: White House Urged to Maintain Secrecy
NYT: E-Mail Surveillance Renews Concerns in Congress

WaPo: Obama Intends to Extend Federal Benefits to Unmarried Partners
LA Times: Obama to offer benefits to gay partners of federal employees
NYT: U.S. to Extend Its Job Benefits to Gay Partners
Wash Times: Obama to give benefits to gay feds' partners

NYT: Gun Rulings Open Way to Supreme Court Review

WaPo: Group Files Suit Against Obama Administration for Access to Visitor Logs
Hill: White House reviewing policy on visitor logs

NYT: New F.D.A. Chief Says Shell Toughen Enforcement Efforts

Wash Times: Voight meets harsh political criticism

Newt Gingrich: 'Dont Tell Me It Can't Be Done'

NYT: Palin Accepts Letterman’s Apology
AP: Letterman Apologizes for Joke About Palin's Daughter
Rush Limbaugh: Letterman Pulled a Katie Couric

WaPo: Ex-Rep. Jefferson's Ethics Not on Trial, Defense Says
Wash Times: Jefferson 'cold cash' blamed on FBI sting
WSJ: Jefferson's Bribery Trial Begins
Dana Milbank: Clarence Darrow Meets Clarence Birdseye

Reuters: Republican demands BofA-Countrywide loan emails

Hill: GOP eyes Mountain West for electoral gains in 2010

CQ Politics: House members: Stay for Seniority or Run for Governor?

AP/McGill: Jindal backs ending presidential draft effort

James Taranto: Silence Me Before I Kill Again


NYT: Judge Refuses to Undo Change of Control in State Senate
Albany TU: No easy way out of Senate conflict
Albany TU: Judge dismisses Democrats' Senate suit
NYDN: Albany Judge tosses out Dems' case, refuses to rule on control of state Senate
Buffalo News: Judge rejects challenge to State Senate coup
AP: N.Y. Senate Remains Gridlocked as Judge Stays Out of Fight
Albany TU: Coup players face legal complaints
NY Post: Espada's deadlock 'solution': "I can have 2 votes'
NYDN: Hiram Monserrate keeps showing he's unfit to play powerbroker
NYT: Espadas Switch Imperils Pro-Tenant Rent Law Changes
Wash Times: N.Y. gay marriage bill may get new life

NYDN: Rep. Carolyn Maloney takes aim at Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's 'character'

NY Post: Spitzer wants wiretap muzzle


Philadelphia Inquirer: Corzine, Christie kick off campaign
Star-Ledger: Republican Governors Association backs Christie with anti-Corzine ads
NYT: National G.O.P. Group Takes Aim at Corzine
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine, Chris Christie spar about plans to revive state's economy
Star-Ledger: N.J. Election Law Enforcement Commission names new director
PolitickerNJ: ELEC picks ex-GOP operative as Executive Director


Wash Times: McDonnell sees fat in VDOT, Medicaid
CQ Politics: Virginia Governor Nominees Vie for Poll Position


Star Tribune: Pawlenty announces $2.7 billion in cuts, other savings
Pioneer Press: Where Pawlenty's budget ax falls


Wash Times: Schwarzenegger's deficit plan hit
NYT: Another No to Federal Propping of California
Reuters: California Republicans draw line on taxes
LA Times: Western states want reins on federal power
LA Times: Committee rejects additional state worker pay cuts


Arizona Republic: Gov. Brewer sues over delay in sending budget bills
AP: Ariz. gov sues over delay in sending budget bills


Dallas MN: Perry signs bills, Hutchison assigns blame
Dallas MN: Kay Bailey Hutchison tries clearing up doubts over her loyalty to Ronald Reagan
Dallas MN: Are politics behind differing decisions in SMU suit involving Bush?
Dallas MN: Editorial: John Cornyn, practicalty and immigration


Tampa Tribune: Florida Senate race shaping up as battle for GOP's direction
Atlantic: DeMint Backs Rubio, Florida Becomes A Battleground
Politico: DeMint rattles GOP with Rubio endorsement
UPI: Governor's son won't sue Florida


Examiner: Tax credit for move up homebuyers?


St. Louis PD: Madigan being urged to run for Senate instead of governor


Pittsburgh PG: Rendell urges income tax hike
Philadelphia BJ: Rendell proposes personal income tax hike
NYT: Proposal to Raise Income Tax in Pennsylvania
AP/Mandak: Rendell wants income tax increase for next 3 years

Politico: GOP waits on Jim Gerlach decision
CQ Politics: Oft-Foiled GOP Sizes Up Pennsylvania Democrat Holden


Hill: In Ohio, Stivers (R) expected to attempt second run at Kilroy


Politico: Report: John Conyers' wife accepting plea deal in corruption probe
Detroit News: Bribery probe closes in on Conyers
Detroit FP: Monica Conyers hasn't said she'll accept plea deal in bribery probe
Detroit FP: A deal could benefit prosecutors, Conyers and a scandal-weary Detroit
Detroit FP: Michigan stimulus projects make senator's list of the worst

CQ Politics: Ex-Michigan State Coach Puts Run for Governor in His Playbook


News-Leader: Missouri politicians report their finances


AP/Schelzig: Tenn. House budget proposal sent to floor vote


Beaufort Observer: County GOP Chmn Larry Britt reports on the recent NC GOP convention


Southern Political Report: South Carolina: Inglis faces trouble on his right


WSJ: Sen. Ensign Said to Acknowledge Affair
WaPo: Ensign Acknowledges Extramarital Affair
NYT: Senator Says He Had Affair With an Aide
Politico: Admission clouds Nevada Sen. John Ensign's future
Politico: Not all political affairs created equal
Hill: Ensign deeply regrets affair with his staffer

AP/Riley: Governor's chief of staff quits


Human Events: Rhode Island and Patrick Kennedy


June 16, 2009



WSJ: Senate Mulls Over Health-Bill Details
NYT: As Obama Pushes Health Issue, New Cost Concerns Arise
WaPo: In Pitch to AMA, Obama Paints Mixed Picture
NYT: C.B.O. Releases Estimates on Kennedy-Dodd Health Care Bill
Politico: Health reform bill could cost over $1T
Hill: CBO: Healthcare bill exceeds $1 trillion
WSJ: Obama's Malpractice Gesture
Hill: Obamas counterattack on healthcare
Politico: Senate GOP launches health care attack
Hill: GOP lash out at Obama's health bill, unveil own
Rush Limbaugh: Arrogant Obama Misleads the AMA
American Spectator: A Trillion Dollars in Incompetence
CSM: Three conservative reviews of Obamas healthcare reforms

Sen. Lamar Alexander: Needed: 100 New Nuclear Power Plants in 20 Years

Wash Times: Paging through Sotomayor's open-book life
NYT: Sotomayor Defends Ties to Association
NYT: Ginsburg on Sotomayor
NYT: OpEd: Her Justice Is Blind
Human Events: Sotomayor the Realist?
American Spectator: Pat Leahy's Fish Story

Hill: Issa seeks documents on VIP mortgage deals

WSJ: Obama Stamp Is on Finance Rules
LA Times: Obama to propose strict new regulation of financial industry
WaPo: Regulatory Revamp Targets Securities at Heart of Crisis

WSJ: GOP Faults Some Stimulus Projects
Politico: Stimulus serves up Obama pork
CQ Politics: Guardrail to Nowhere Should Go, Says Coburn

Hill: In reversal, GOP balks at war funding

Hill: Boehner torn over choice for top GOP education post
Hill: GOP committee race down to McMorris Rodgers, Kline
MinnPost: Kline one of two contenders for top GOP post on education-labor panel

Bloomberg: Cash-For-Clunkers Vote May Open Path for $4,500 U.S. Vouchers
Detroit News: Cash for Clunkers may take a while, feds say
Politico: Car talk with McCain, McConnell

NYT: Tobacco Regulation Is Expected to Face a Free-Speech Challenge

WSJ: Letterman Apologizes for Joke About Palin's Daughter
NYT: Letterman Apologizes Again to Governor Palin and Her Family
WaPo: Palin Gag? Comedy's All in the Mis-Timing
CQ Politics: Letterman Apologizes to Palin Again
Politico: David Letterman apologizes to Sarah Palin
Politico: 7 things Sarah Palin must do now
Human Events: Palin Should Go On Letterman

WSJ: The White House Fires a Watchdog: The curious case of the inspector general
Power Line: The Walpin Story: It's About Money

KC Star: Panetta's cheap shot at Cheney
Fox: Sen. McCain: Panetta Should Retract His Comments on Cheney Immediately
Rush Limbaugh: Panetta Rips Cheney as Ex-Gitmo Detainees Swim in Bermuda Sun

Dana Milbank: William 'Dollar Bill' Jefferson Edition: Explaining $90,000 in a Freezer

Wash Times: After lobbyist boasts, Feinstein cancels event

Wash Times: Conservatives hold their lead over liberals
Rush Limbaugh: Listening, GOP? 40% of Americans Call Themselves Conservatives


Newsday: Dean Skelos set up Senate deadlock
Buffalo News: Gridlock sets in, with Senate 31-31
NYT: Monserrates Flip Creates Tie in Senate
WaPo: With Senate in Dispute, N.Y. Politics a 'Circus'
Albany TU: Republicans press for judicial ruling
NYDN: State Senate mess in judge's hands after legislature can't reach deal
NYDN: How to spell hypocrisy: GOP. Selfish Albany Republicans reject power-sharing deal
Albany TU: The Dems power-sharing offer to GOP
Newsday: Sampson named de facto leader of Senate
Albany TU: Sampson seen as a 'gentle giant'
NY Post: Sampson is Mike Ed. foe
NY Post: Heat got to Hiram: Espada

CQ Politics: Gillibrand Secures Major Union Endorsement


Wash Times: N.J. GOP sees Corzine as vulnerable
Star-Ledger: GOP leaders slam 'gimmicks' in Corzine's proposed budget
AP: Republicans give NJ budget thumbs down
Philadelphia Inquirer: Budget wins N.J. panels' blessing


CNN: McDonnell gets support from Mark Warner backers
Roanoke Times: McDonnell makes push to the center
Richmond TD: McDonnell goes for bipartisan support; Obama praises deeds
Politico: Barack Obama touts Virginia hopeful in new email
WaPo: Va. Wants Tobacco-Free Prisons by 2010
CQ Politics: Deeds Edges McDonnell in New Poll


Pioneer Press: Pawlenty's budget ax falls today
Star Tribune: Klobuchar taps Lubinski for U.S. marshal's post


WaPo: Calif. Aid Request Spurned By U.S.
SacBee: Schism widens in California budget review
LA Times: Lawmakers' plan eases governor's proposed cuts
SF Chronicle: Panel seeks to save services from governor's ax
WSJ: Schwarzenegger Gets Radical: Terminating the California Income Tax
Dan Walters: Dems offer drill on new taxes

SacBee: The Buzz: Villaraigosa still mum on gubernatorial candidacy


Dallas MN: Clements says GOP gubernatorial bloodbath could help Democrats


Politico: Jim DeMint backs Marco Rubio in Florida governor race

St. Pete Times: Gov. Charlie Crist endorses Deveron Gibbons for St. Petersburg mayor
St. Pete Times: Crist backs gambling deal; now it's up to Seminole Tribe


AJC: Cleland back in political spotlight


NYT: For Some in Illinois, Talk of Reform Was Just That


Politico: Pat Toomey raises $1M for GOP primary
CQ Politics: Sestak Staffs Up for Primary Challenge
Pittsburgh TR: Pennsylvania Senate Republican leader Scarnati takes a look at table games


Cleveland PD: Both parties in the state budget debate fear decisions


WSJ: Michigan and the Knowledge Economy
Detroit FP: Guilty plea brings prosecutors a step closer to Monica Conyers


Hill: Steelman backs off Senate primary vs. Blunt, turns focus to House seat
CQ Politics: Path Cleared for Blunt in Missouri Senate Race


NYT: Tennessee Expands Gun Rights


WaPo: N.C. Tobacco Farmers Find Friend in State's New Senator


CQ Politics: Huckabee Makes South Carolina House Endorsement


Newsmax: Utah Republicans Bash Hatch for Deficit Spending


Wash Times: Barbour to back GOP in Iowa, N.H.: He's emerging as party leader


Politico: Tea party leader to run for Senate


CQ Politics: Brownback Gets Clear Primary Field in Kansas Governor Race


CQ Politics: Wisconsin's Doyle Looking Vulnerable in Bid for Third Term as Governor


Arizona Republic: Budget impasse intensifies


CQ Politics: Tight Race for Brownback's Seat


June 15, 2009



WaPo: Obama Is Pressed to Tax Health Benefits
NYT: G.O.P. Senators Question Obamas Health Reforms
AP: Officials voice no support for health benefits tax
Fox: Dodd Resists Tax on Health Care Benefits, Calls Proposal 'Unnecessary'
Hill: Conrad: Votes lacking to pass public-option healthcare
Bloomberg: Grassley Says Consensus Possible on Health Insurance
Hill: Dodd, Grassley spar over health taxes
Politico: McConnell: Obama wants a 'national rationing board' on health care
Politico: Sebelius: Health care dynamic 'changed'
Politico: Sebelius open to mandatory insurance?
Politico: Obama plan to pay for health reform
NYT: Obama Open to Reining in Medical Suits
NYT: Health Plan May Mean Payment Cuts
NYT: Following the Money in the Health Care Debate
WSJ: Hospital Industry Bristles at Cuts
WSJ: Obama Outlines $313 Billion in New Health Cost Cuts
WSJ: The 'Public Plan' Would Be the Only Plan
Politico: Obama takes his case to the AMA
Hill: Ex-AMA leader: Obama needs healthcare specifics
CQ Politics: Will Book Get Howard Dean Into National Health Debate?
CQ Politics: Obama Proposes Big Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid
CQ Politics: Are Both Parties Negotiating On a Health Bill? Depends Who You Ask
CQ Politics: Senators Discuss Components of Health Care Overhaul

WaPo: Democrats Struggling for Consensus on Climate Bills

ABC: Republicans Push Back Against Sotomayor
NYT: Issue of Property Rights Is Likely to Arise in Sotomayors Confirmation Hearings
WaPo: White House Guides Fervent Sotomayor Supporters
Politico: Dos and don'ts of Senate confirmations
Politico: Brian Benczkowski is GOP's go-to guy for Sotomayor hearings
Politico: McConnell: Sotomayor filibuster is possible
Hill: McConnell puts Sotomayor filibuster on the table
Politico: Sonia Sotomayor's 'empathy' isn't all it's cracked up to be
Politico: Barack Obama's 'real world' Sonia Sotomayor pitch
Politico: Ginsburg praises Sotomayor
Wm Jacobson: Are The Justices Delaying The Ricci Decision?
Jed Babbin: Question Sotomayor on Hamiltons Views

Wash Times: Bush rejects Pelosi charges of CIA lies
NYT: Judge Allows Civil Lawsuit Over Claims of Torture

Hill: Republicans step up the anti-Obama-speak

NYT: As U.S. Overhauls the Banking System, 2 Top Regulators Feud
Paul Krugman: Stay the Course

Wash Times: GM's deal erased many average Americans' savings

WSJ: The IRS Phones Home: What's next, a tax on each sip of office coffee?

WSJ: Lawmaker Wants Expats Counted

Wash Times: Pick for Army chief pushed defense funds

CQ Politics: Pelosi Pushes Democrats To Vote For War Money
Human Events: Democrats Can't Pass War Supplemental

WSJ: Ambassadorships for Sale: The Few, the Proud - the Maxed Out

American Thinker: Sarah Palin, the 21st Century 'It' Girl
American Thinker: The Murder of Civil Life

Ben Stein: Fathers and Money


NYDN: Sen. Hiram Monserrate tells News he'll return to Dems - without Sen. Pedro Espada
Newsday: Report: Monserrate returning to Dems
NYT: New Majority Says It Will Convene Senate Despite Challenge
Fred Dicker: Dem lawyer fired after GOPers wipe floor with him
NYDN: Brooklyn state Senator Kevin Parker cutting deal on assault charge

NY Post: Albany Shel shock: Takes charge, warns Assembly will leave

NYDN: State Controller Thomas DiNapoli open to have board oversee pension fund

CQ Politics: New Yorks Gillibrand Makes the Most of Brief Tenure

Buffalo News: Power Authority paid nearly $40 million in bonuses

AP/Gormley: Bruno calls gay marriage civil right
AP: Bruno flips on gay nups


Star-Ledger: U.S. attorney nominee has more than a decade of experience as a prosecutor


Richmond TD: Why Deeds won the gubernatorial primary
Hill: Both sides look for wider margin in Va. rematch


MPR: Pawlenty's cross-country travels aimed at expanding base
Star Tribune: State GOP chooses Sutton as new chair
Nick Coleman: Time to end charade in Senate race


AP/Lawrence: Calif. budget deadline looms; no deal in sight
SF Chronicle: Deadline day for state leaders to close deficit
SacBee: Schwarzenegger appoints committee to oversee census
SacBee: Governor wants to merge 3 tax agencies under new department
Mercury News: Are Californians overtaxed?
Examiner: Senator Maldonado supports pledge not to raise taxes

Hill: Cajun Fundraisin' for Boxer, Courtesy of Carville


Star-Telegram: Politicians, observers assess blame for TX Leg needing special session
Houston Chronicle: Sessions cost to Texas taxpayers: $9.1 million


Miami Herald: McCollum kicks off Florida race attacking Obama 'socialism'
Gainesville Sun: Longtime conservative Bill McCollum drifts to middle
Miami Herald: Miami police chief backs Supreme Court nominee
Miami Herald: Mortgage renegotiations encouraged by Fla. courts


AJC: The case for and against comeback governors in Georgia
AJC: In the background of Max Clelands return
AJC: Donor tactics not new


Rockford RS: Winters eyes bid for lite gov in 2010 GOP primary
AP/Wills: Latest Ill. budget impass raises new questions
WSJ: Casinos Sue Blagojevich Over Law


Columbus Dispatch: Taxing health benefits hot issue


WSJ: Tennessee Bar Fight: Busting the monopoly on judicial selection


NBC17: NC Republican Party Selects New Leadership


AP/Adcox: SC lawmakers to again attempt payday loan limits


News Tribune: Two from GOP to challenge Smith for Congress seat


AP/Pettus: Miss. governor tests 2012 GOP waters in Iowa, NH


Politico: Dodd: Questions on wife "offensive"


Salt Lake Tribune: Huntsman welcomes western governors
Politico: Bob Bennett's challengers line up


Hill: Arizona: House Freshman Stresses Independence


CQ Politics: Will Biden's Son Run for Senate?




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