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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

June 30, 2009


WSJ: Ruling Upends Race's Role in Hiring
WSJ: Decision Reflects Court's Deep Division
Wash Times: High court rules for Conn. white firefighters
WaPo: High Court Rules for White Firefighters in Discrimination Suit
NYT: Supreme Court Finds Bias Against White Firefighters

WSJ: Firefighter Justice: The Supremes, Sotomayor, and racial jurisprudence
Wash Times: Ruling reverses Sotomayor in firefighter case
WaPo: No Peril Seen for Sotomayor
Politico: Ruling could tarnish Sotomayor
CQ Politics: Critics Seize on Supreme Court Decision to Assail Sotomayors Judgment
Hill: White House defends Sotomayor after ruling reversed
Time: The Supreme Court's Firefighter Ruling: A Blow to Sotomayor?
NYT: Stage-Setting on Sotomayor and the Supreme Courts Ricci Ruling
Linda Greenhouse: The Court Changes the Game
George Will: On Race, The Slog Goes On
James Taranto: The New 'Separate but Equal'
Rush Limbaugh: Supreme Court Acknowledges Judge Sonia Sotomayor's Racism
American Spectator: Reversing Discrimination

WSJ: High Court Orders Rehearing in McCain-Feingold Case
WaPo: Justices to Review Campaign Finance Law Constraints
NYT: High Court Poised to Rewrite Spending Rules
Politico: Supreme Court reconsiders McCain-Feingold
AP/Holland: Court raises stakes in anti-Hillary movie

WSJ: State Prosecutors Can Probe National Bank Lending
WSJ: Spitzerism Revisited: Scalia invites assaults on national banks

Dana Milbank: Souter's Last Day

NYT: Obama Steers Health Debate Out of Capital
NYT: Daschle and Podesta Support Taxing Employer Plans
NYT: How Health Records Could Promote Job Growth
WSJ: How Other Countries Judge Malpractice
David Brooks: Vince Lombardi Politics

Politico: Vulnerable House Democrats in GOP sights after energy vote
WSJ: Obama Wary of Tariff Provision in Climate Bill
Politico: Energizing the Senate cap-and-trade bill
Politico: Chaos and arm-twisting gives Nancy Pelosi a major win
AP/Sidoti: White House announces new lighting standards
Sen. James Inhofe: Cap-and-Trade: What's Next?
Rush Limbaugh: Waxman Bill Forces Environmental Inspection to Sell Your Own Home

WaPo: Despite Majority, Obama to Be Tested: Diverse Ideology Cuts Democrats' Edge

WSJ: We'll Need to Raise Taxes Soon: Expect Congress to consider a value-added tax

WaPo: More Intelligence Oversight Advised

Politico: George W. Bush appointees buck Barack Obama on terror policies

Wash Times: Study: Political leanings drive car choice
WaPo: Uncertainty Clouds Recovery of U.S. Investment in GM

WSJ: House Probes Resignation at Amtrak

Hill: Boehner to tee off with Tiger Woods

Politico: Cheney's rising stars

Politico: Pence to Iowa

CQ Politics: Why Campaigns Want Your Money NOW

Pat Buchanan: Making a Monkey Out of Darwin

WSJ: Ten States Race to Finish Budgets
LA Times: States brace for shutdowns: AZ, CA, IN, MS & PA


NYT: Judge Orders All 62 Senators to Meet in One Place
Albany TU: Back at it, Senate told
NY Post: Judge sends slapstick Senate back
Buffalo News: Judge orders dueling Senate factions back to work
AP: Judge Expected to Rule on N.Y. Senate Attendance
Politico: Rudy weighing N.Y. governor run
Politico: King iffy on NY Senate after intel appointment
Politico: Gillibrand picks up NARAL endorsement
Albany TU: Paterson aide takes new job


AP/Mulvihill: NJ Gov. Corzine signs $29B 'recession budget'
LegalNewsline: N.J. Senate gives justice tenure
PolitickerNJ: Conservatives angry at Lance, LoBiondo and Smith over cap-and-trade vote


Richmond TD: Va. Republicans drop fight over access to Kaines DNC travel records
WaPo: State GOP Disappointed in Kaine
Stafford County Sun: McDonnells TV ad to run 10 days


Charleston Gazette: Byrd, Rockefeller wary of global warming bill


SacBee: Rhetoric reigns as California IOU deadline nears
SacBee: California to issue IOUs to vendors, local governments
SacBee: Schwarzenegger calls for two-tier state pension system
SF Chronicle: Governor says he would veto any budget end run
Dan Walters: Budget drills show why California needs reform
SacBee: Michigan may soon house California inmates

LA BJ: Poizner asks California insurers to divest billions in Iran holdings


Las Vegas RJ: Reid attracts more GOP supporters


SA News: Barbecuing for 4th? Perry thinking tea party
SA News: Perry won't add CHIP, voter ID to session
B-C Connection: Williams discusses Senate run, calls for GOP to reach out


South Florida BJ: State worker files ethics complaint against Fla. CFO Sink
PNJ: Poll: Crist leading Rubio
CQ Politics: Crist Leads in Both Primary and General Races for Senate
Bay Buzz: Tampa GOP firm splits
St. Pete Times: State auditors say Florida officials are misusing travel system
Orlando Sentinel: Alex Sink needs to own her banking past


AJC: Gubernatorial donors pinched by recession: Tuesday deadline for candidates to report
NBC Augusta: State Sen. Ralph Hudgens announces run for insurance commissioner


Chicago Tribune: Bob Schillerstrom launches campaign for Republican governor nomination
CQ Politics: Chicago Urban League President Weighs Illinois Senate Race


AP/Smith: Indiana budget talks resume with 2 days to go


Politico: Norm Coleman: the GOP's million-dollar man
Star Tribune: Pawlenty says he'll follow court's ruling on Senate
Pioneer Press: Get ready to pay more for gas and goods: tax hikes hit Wednesday


Politico: Republicans embrace Pat Toomey's 2010 Senate bid
AP/Levy: Pa. to begin 7th straight year without a budget


AP: Lawmakers agree to pass interim budget


Detroit FP: Conyers' resignation clears way for Cobo
Politico: Monica Conyers resigns Detroit City Council seat
Reuters: Michigan offers to house California prisoners


St. Louis PD: Roy Blunt pulls in key Republican support in Senate race
St. Louis PD: Missouri GOP criticizes Gov. Jay Nixon over fee office award


Knox News: Candidates for governor have donated to others
CTFP: Watson will not seek Wamps congressional seat


NYT: Former Aide to Edwards Will Write Tell-All Book


Hill: Sanford asks supporters for forgiveness
Michael Barone: Mark Sanford's sin doesn't mean ruin for Republicans
Politico: Four reasons Mark Sanford has a future

CQ Politics: For Barrett, Nothing Could Be Finer Than Being Outside of Carolina


CQ Politics: Alabama Official Gives GOP a Six-Pack for '10 Governor Primary


June 29, 2009


NYT: Republicans Highly Critical of House Energy Bill
RCP: Climate Bill Faces Long Odds in Senate
WaPo: Obama Hails Climate Bill, Hopes for Some Changes
Politico: David Axelrod: Senate will pass energy legislation
NYT: Obama Warns Against Trade Penalties in Energy Bill
WSJ: Trade Proposal in Climate Bill a Potential Problem as Action Moves to Senate
CQ Politics: Lawmakers Power Up on Next Energy Debate
CQ Politics: Pelosi Used Personal Touch To Win Climate Vote
Michael Barone: Anatomy of the House cap-and-trade roll call
Hill: The lawmakers who pushed climate bill to passage
Hill: Obama gives a pass to Democratic energy defectors
Human Events: The Eight Republican Cap and Traitors
Hill: Dems instructed to hold recess events on agenda
Hill: Boehner: Climate bill a 'pile of s--t'
Hill: Chamber CEO: House is rushing climate change bill
Paul Krugman: Betraying the Planet
Gregg Easterbrook: The Dirty War Against Clean Coal
AP/Foy: Heavier regulation curtails deep-coal mining
WSJ: States Consider Gas and Oil Levies
WSJ: Democrats Present Hurdles for Obama
WSJ: Obama, Democrats in Congress Clash on Spending
WSJ: The Black Liquor War

CQ Politics: Debating the Options on Paying for Health Care
WSJ: Reform Needs Healthy Life Incentives
Wash Times: Seven cross aisle for health care 'coalition'
Politico: Sebelius: Public plan won't ration
Wash Times: Axelrod: Obama flexible on health care
Politico: Grassley: Republicans are not going to be hoodwinked
Politico: Axelrod waffles on Obama no-middle-class-tax-hike vow
AP/Espo: Analysis: Obamas health care reform moves concern supporters
Gregory Mankiw: The Pitfalls of the Public Option

Politics Daily: Firefighters Case Looms Large for Sotomayor
Roll Call: McConnell Says Time Needed to Review New Sotomayor Material

WSJ: New Rift Opens Over Rights of Detainees

Sen. Jon Kyl & Richard Perle: Our Decaying Nuclear Deterrent
WSJ: Obama and Cyber Defense: Government should protect our e-infrastructure
CQ Politics: Defense Bills Defy Obamas First Veto Threat

WSJ: Fed Documents Fuel Concerns About Expanding Central Bank's Role
WaPo: How a Loophole Benefits GE in Bank Rescue
NYT: A Plan to Stem Foreclosures, Buried in a Paper Avalanche
CQ Politics: Ron Pauls Audit the Fed Bill Gathers Steam

Jed Babbin: Why Did Justice Drop New Black Panthers Case?

WSJ: Acorn Role in Census Challenged

Hill: Chambliss blocks regulatory nominee over animal lawsuits

Hill: Northeastern 2010 GOP picture taking shape

Politico: Mitt Romney says govs must 'live by a higher standard'
Politico: Mitt Romney rising: His team awaits 2012
AP/Daniel: Republicans eyed for 2012 weigh Sanford fallout
Politico: McConnell ducks Sanford questions
WaPo: Sen. Mitch McConnell: Is he Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker?
Hill: GOP leaders split over fallout from sex scandals

Hill: Graham calls Dem tactics Rove, DeLay politics


AP/Gormley: Senate power talks resume
WSJ: Albany Standoff Hits Governor
NY Post: Paterson in plea to Dems
NYT: Democratic Lock Seen on 2013 Albany Senate
NYT: Gay Marriage Lost in Shuffle of Divided Senate
Buffalo News: Ranzenhofer gets an earful on Albany mess
AP/Gormley: No Sunday pass for stalled Senate in test of power
NY Post: Gov aide meets with top GOP mudslinger
NYDN: Can that be you, Rudy Giuliani spouting so much love-for a price?


Examiner: Christie can unite Republicans with running-mate selection


Human Events: Ed Gillespie: 'Creigh Deeds Is No Mark Warner'
Daily Press: Playing the numbers


LA Times: Assembly Democrats OK budget package
SacBee: Schwarzenegger gives Democrats a new plan for cuts
Politico: Washington to California: Drop dead


AP/Myers: Arizona moves to allow concealed guns in bars


AP/Brown: Schieffer says he has vision to be Texas governor


Wash Times: Anti-tax group at odds with Crist
WSJ: Hurricane Charlie: The Republican Barney Frank
Herald Tribune: How they voted


AJC: Perdues stimulus plan slow to help sagging economy


Daily Herald: Democrat Harper taking another shot at Biggert's seat
CQ Politics: Illinois: Harper Launches Rematch Against Republican Rep. Biggert


Hill: Pawlenty may certify Franken if battle drags out
Politico: Pawlenty praises Jennifer, blasts Mark Sanford


Patriot-News: Editorial: Compromise needed to reach Pennsylvania budget deal


AP/Majors: Pension cut proposal is Ohio budget sticking point


Detroit FP: GOP's chief is mum on scandals
Detroit FP: Conyers took cash and jewelry, ex-aide says


Joplin Indep: Potts announces US Senate candidacy


CTFP: Sen. Corker vs. 'car wrecks'


News & Observer: NC judge hailed as tough but fair with his work


Wash Times: South Carolina governor urged to finish term
WaPo: In S.C., Governor's Wife Is 'the Hero in This Story'
Politico: South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's affair turns political
Politico: Inside Sanford's love letters
NYT: Woman Linked to Sanford Comments on E-Mail
AP/Gallardo: Woman in Sanford affair confirms relationship
NYT: South Carolina Politics Looks Past Affair to Its Effects on Governor Race


CQ Politics: Kansas Freshman Aims to Take Root After 08 GOP House Takeover


CQ Politics: Louisiana Senate: Incumbent Vitter Attacks Not-Yet-Candidate Melancon
Hill: Melancon gets ready to put Vitters serious sin on trial


CQ Politics: Schiff Polling for Potential Senate Run Against Dodd in Connecticut
CQ Politics: Democrats in One Connecticut Town Take No Confidence Vote on Dodd


Hill: Under GOP urging, Castle still weighing Senate race


Memphis CA: Barbour calls Mississippi lawmakers into special session on Sunday
RCP: Susan Rice and Haley Barbour on "Face the Nation"


Denver Post: Colo. crisis worst since Depression


June 28, 2009


Wash Times: Obama peddles climate bill to Senate
NYT: Energy Bill Drives Out Health Care From Address
AP/Babington: Obama implores Senate to pass climate bill
LA Times: Climate bill shaped by compromise
NYT: Climate Change Bill May Be Election-Year Issue
AP/Capiello: Questions and answers about the US climate bill
Newsbusters: Boehner's Amazing Speech on the House Floor Friday (with video)
NYT: Breakdown on House Climate Change Vote, 219 to 212
Power Line: Eight Republicans make Pelosi's job easier
NYT: The Urgency of Health Care Usurped by Energy Vote
AP/Kahn: Winners and losers emerge in climate bill
Atlantic: What's the Point of Reducing Carbon Emissions?

WaPo: Health-Care Activists Targeting Democrats
Politico: AARP threatens senators on health care reform
George Will: Americans Will Regret Health Care 'Fix'

WaPo: Most Americans Want Sotomayor on Court

CQ Politics: Will Oberstars Grand Highway Plan Stall?

WaPo: Pentagon, DHS Divided On Military's Role at Border

AP: Supreme Court to Decide Final 3 Cases Monday

LA Times: Will scandals inspire evangelicals to stray from Republican Party?

RCP: Palin Responds To Sen. Kerry Joke: "Why The Long Face?" (video)
WaPo: Sen. Kerry Clarifies Joke About Palin
Anchorage DN: Candidate Palin has character problem

Fox: For Republicans, a Narrowing List of Presidential Prospects

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Newsday: Paterson orders evening session of State Senate
R News: State Senate Accomplishes Nothing on Saturday
NY Post: Senators 'work' on Saturdaze
WSJ: Paterson Calls for Special Session of New York's Senate
NYT: Patersons Powers Are Tested as Gridlock Drags On
NYT: Albany Festers, and Voters Dont Clean House
NYDN: Albany stalemate leaves city schools' mayoral control law in question

NYDN: Carrozza represents Queens, but is living large on L.I. Gold Coast

Buffalo News: Pigeon-controlled funds flout law, probe claims


Larry Sabato: Expect A Very Competitive Race for NJ Governor
NJ: N.J. Republican infighting over abortion
Philadelphia Inquirer: Tough budget won't make the next one easier


WaPo: For GOP, Taxes Retain Potency: In Gov's Race, Deeds's Foes Cite His Voting Record
Wash Times: Editorial: Democrats' FOIA problems
AP: Kaine Denies Request for Travel Records


SF Chronicle: Governor adds new proposals in talks with Dems
LA Times: Governor's last stand: his way or IOUs
NYT: More Furloughs Possible for California
UPI: 2 California senators refuse pay cuts
SF Chronicle: How Golden State sank into budget morass
Modesto Bee: Six reasons why California today is ungovernable
Pat Buchanan: California's bleak present is the nation's future


LA Times: Arizona's budget war is a GOP standoff
Arizona Daily Star: Tax proposals stall action until Monday


Dallas MN: Texas legislators join Obama in immigration talks
Amarillo: Perry vetoes stir anger
NYT: Texas Adopts Law on Stewardship of Trusts After Founders Die
Dallas MN: Hutchison says Gov. Perry has repelled people from the GOP


Ledger: CFO Sink Orders Audit of Her Use of State's Plane
St. Pete Times: GOP hatches a plan to snag the youth vote
Ledger: Insurance Bill Veto Override Unlikely
NWF: Sansom report: 'It will blow over,' Richburg thought


Rome NT: Oxendine campaigns in Rome, defends financial contributions
Augusta Chronicle: GOP hopeful Deal makes Evans stop


Peoria Journal Star: State budget problems persist


MPR: In Arkansas, Pawlenty emphasizes limited government


Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell proposes more Penna. budget cuts
Pittsburgh PG: Rendell offers $500 million cut in budget


Cleveland PD: Somewhere under the political price tags is Ohio's budget


AA News: Run for governor fits into lifelong plan for Ann Arbor venture capitalist Rick Snyder

Detroit News: Detroit bruised again with Monica Conyers plea
AP: Conyers keeps away from wifes legal troubles


SE Missourian: Missouri Republicans gather for pig roast, discuss 2010 election
American Chronicle: Blunt Statement on Vote Against National Energy Tax


NYDN: Aide's tale of John Edwards sex tape


Greenville News: Sanford, state ponder his fate as Bauer waits in the wings
WSJ: Sex Americana: Infidelity is no longer a career-killer for politicians
State: Lett: Why we published the Sanford e-mails


CQ Politics: Sununu Senior Says Son Nearing Decision on Senate Comeback


June 27, 2009



WSJ: House Passes Landmark Climate Bill
Wash Times: House passes landmark climate change legislation
LA Times: House climate bill passes by slim margin
NYT: House Passes Bill to Address Threat of Climate Change
AP/Hebert: House narrowly passes major energy-climate bill
AP/Hebert: Boehner protests last-minute climate amendment
WaPo: Democrats Hopeful for Narrow Victory on Climate Bill
NYT: Climate Bill Passes Key Procedural Hurdle in House
Rush Limbaugh: H.R. 2454: The Cap & Tax Travesty

WaPo: White House Says Transportation System Overhaul Must Wait

Wash Times: Impeached judge Samuel B. Kent tenders his resignation

CQ Politics: Sanford's Implosion a Huge Opportunity For Bauer, Huckabee

WaPo/Fix: Friday Line: Primary Colors

James Taranto: We Will Bury You: How the Iranian regime treats a genuine martyr


Newsday: Ex-congressman Lazio files papers to run for governor
NYDN: Rudy Giuliani, Gov. Paterson & I can fix Albany, Rick Lazio says

Albany TU: Paterson: Forget the weekend
NY Post: Gov. nixes pols' weekend
Albany TU: Legislative digests, summaries and the latest legal salvo by the GOP
Albany TU: Aubertine offers a compromise
NY1: Paterson Goes To Court To End Legislative Stalemate
Albany TU: What is the people's business?

WGRZ: Gillibrand Will Likely Face a Primary Challenge in 2010

AP/Virtanen: Ex-Surgeon General Novello pleads guilty in NY


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie speaks to congressional subcommittee
AP: N.J. Gov. Jon Corzine, GOP candidate Chris Christie may have longer to pick lieutenant
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine says he'll sign N.J. budget 'first thing' next week


Hotline: McDonnell Keeps A National Focus
WaPo: Deeds Takes Fire From Gingrich Group
AP/Lewis: Dem. governor denies GOP travel records request


LA Times: Schwarzenegger says he'll impose third unpaid furlough day
SacBee: Governor threatens third furlough day for state workers
SF Chronicle: Governor threatens to furlough workers 3rd day
SacBee: GOP senators block bill to impose car fees, keep state parks open
AP/Lin: Controller: IOUs signal Calif fiscal mismanagement

SacBee: Villines launches bid for insurance commissioner seat
LA BJ: Poizner questions selling State Fund assets


Dallas MN: Gov. Perry "urges" Texas members to oppose climate bill
Star-Telegram: Perry predicts special session will be short


Miami Herald: 2 Florida Republicans urged to back U.S. climate change bill
Tallahassee Dem: Sansom faces House sanctions; committee named to consider case
St. Pete Times: At investigator's urging, House will look into Sansom's dealings
St. Pete Times: CFO Alex Sink to review her use of state plane
Palm Beach Post: Florida attorney general's schedule shows part-time workload


MPR: Ramstad considering run for governor
Bemidji Pioneer: Ramstad is toying with run for Minn. governor

Star Tribune: Pawlenty crosses into Huckabee's territory

Politico: Coleman, late night's fave punchline?


Central Penn BJ: Rendell unveils more cuts amid wide gap with GOP
AP/Levy: Pa. gov cuts more, sticks to guns on school aid

USA Today: Club for Growth wants to help GOP donors get refund checks from Specter
Politico: Sestak: Specter is in danger of losing


Cleveland PD: John Kasich, GOP candidate for governor, speaks at Cleveland City Club
Cleveland PD: Ohio budget deal appears near: committee schedules meeting for Saturday
Dayton Daily News: Ohio lawmakers scramble to meet budget deadline
CPD: John Kasich has plenty of ideas for Ohio, but he's steering clear of budget suggestions
CNN: Ohio the proving ground for GOP's back-to-future bid


Detroit FP: In Detroit, Republican leader Steele discusses GOP ideals
Battle Creek Enquirer: Pete Hoekstra to speak at Lincoln Day celebration
Mich Mess: Hoekstra responds delicately to Lands decision not to run

Detroit FP: Conyers guilty in bribery case
Detroit News: Colleague says Rep. Conyers shaken
Politico: Conyers' wife pleads guilty

Detroit News: State House, Senate pass differing budget bills


News-Leader: Nixon meets budget with withholds, vetoes


Examiner: GM leaving Tennessee staying in Michigan
Tennessean: Election panel opens resumes


AJC: Oxendine shuffles staff


AP/Robertson: NC House approves bill to keep funding government


WSJ: Sanford Apologizes to Cabinet
WaPo: S.C. Gov. Sanford Meets With Cabinet, Rejects Calls to Resign
NYT: South Carolina Governor Apologizes to Staff
NYDN: Love letter for Argentine mistress outed Gov. Mark Sanford's affair to wife Jenny
NYT: A Political Wifes Tough Stance Strikes a Chord
AP/Smith: Wife had told Sanford to shun lover


June 26, 2009



NYT: Court Nominee Criticized as Relying on Foreign Law
Hill: Conservatives demand GOP delay Sotomayor vote
CQ Politics: Conservative Activists Want Sotomayor Vote Delayed

WaPo: Agreement Reportedly Near on Health Bill
NYT: Obama and Congress Clash on How to Pay for Health Care
NYT: Senate Democrats Say Cost of Health-Care Bill Can Be Trimmed
John Calfee: The Dangers of Fannie Mae Health Care
WSJ: Obama's Health Future: Rationing, and not only withholding care from the elderly
Peggy Noonan: By trying to do too much, Obama risks not doing enough
Dana Milbank: At Breakfast, a Side of Political Sausage-Making with Rahm Emanuel

Wash Times: Democrats in House push huge energy bill
WaPo: Close Win Predicted For Cap-and-Trade Bill
WSJ: Trade Penalties Weighed in Climate Bill
WaPo: As Vote Nears, Obama Pitches Climate Change Bill as a Job Creator
CQ Politics: Moment of Truth Nears in House on Global Warming Bill
AP/Werner: Senators claim $1 trillion health bill in reach
Hill: Boehner doubts climate bill will pass
Kim Strassel: The Climate Change Climate Change: The number of skeptics is swelling
Steven Pearlstein: For the Farm Lobby, Too Much Is Never Enough

NYT: Justices Rule Lab Analysts Must Testify on Results
NYT: Justices Say Childs Rights Violated by Strip Search

NYT: Republicans Focus on Guest Workers in Immigration Debate
NYT: Guest Worker Program Poses Obstacle for Obama on Immigration Push

WSJ: Gates Faces Test Over Fighter Budget

CQ Politics: FEC Punts on Kerry, Rules on Coleman

Bloomberg: Baker Named to U.S. Federal Communications Commission

Hill: Obama taps more major donors for ambassador posts

Hill: Obama wants immigration reform by early next year

Wash Times: Conyers backs off probe of ACORN

Charles Krauthammer: Iran: Desperately Seeking Yeltsin

Atlantic: What Mitt Romney's Doing Right


NYT: Leaders Say Agreement Is Near to Unfreeze New York Senate
NYT: Senate Squabblers May Be Near a Deal
NYDN: Speed Sessions!

NYDN: Rudy Giuliani calls Albany 'bizarre,' as GOP presses him to run for governor
Albany TU: Draft Rudy emails a sign of things to come?
AP: Lazio Web site indicates run for NY governor
Politics Daily: Paterson Tanks, Cuomo Soars Amid NY Chaos

NYT: Rangel and Four Others in House Investigated Over Caribbean Travel

WSJ: The Albany-Trenton-Sacramento Disease


NYT: In Testy Exchange in Congress, Christie Defends His Record as a Prosecutor
Star-Ledger: GOP gov. candidate Christie defends record as U.S. Attorney before Congress
Star-Ledger: Christie defends contracts awarded while U.S. attorney during cong. hearing
Star-Ledger: Christie testifies about the selection of Ashcroft (video)
Politico: Hill gets bitter taste of NJ Gov. race
Hill: Dems, Christie battle in 'political circus' of a hearing
AP/Hefling: House panel examines US attorneys oversight

NYT: New Jersey Passes Budget Fueled by $1 Billion in Tax Increases


Fredericksburg: McDonnell pledges business aid
Richmond TD: GOP candidates to be first on ballot
Examiner: Va. governors race expected to shatter money record


LA Times: Assembly approves budget package, but Schwarzenegger says he'll veto it
SacBee: Schwarzenegger, GOP senators reject stopgap budget bills
SF Chronicle: Sweat and tears, but no budget plan
NYT: Schwarzenegger Rejects Inmate Health Care Plan
Dan Walters: Do enterprise zones really generate jobs?


Dallas MN: Perry sets special session for Wednesday
Reuters: Texas Gov recalls lawmakers for public-private deals


Rasmussen: GOPs McCollum Takes Early Lead in Floridas 2010 Governor Race
CQ Politics: Republicans Show Early Edge in Florida Senate and Governor Races
Miami NT: McCollum Has Eight-Point Advantage Over Sink; Crist Still on Top

PNJ: Rep. Jeff Miller endorses Rubio
CQ Politics: Second Member of Congress Backs Rubio in Florida Senate Race


Roll Call: Georgia's Roy Barnes hopes for a successful second act
WSJ: Voting Rights and the High Court: Recognizing the nation's progress on race


ABC: Quinn offers new solutions to budget crisis


Politico: FEC cuts Coleman a break


CQ Politics: Pennsylvania: Sen. Specter's Standing Slips
Hill: Club for Growth accepts Specter's refund offer


WaPo: Portman's Insider Argument


CQ Politics: GOP'S Land Opts Out of Bid for Michigan Governor
WSJ: Michigan Braces for a Surge in Welfare Applications
Detroit News: Rep. Cheeks Kilpatrick under fire


AP/Lieb: Missouri governor targets $430 million in spending


CTFP: Tennessee: Haslam donation not tied to fundraising ban vote


CQ Politics: Burr Still an Unknown to Many N.C. Voters


Hill: Dems worry about Melancon’s seat


WSJ: Gov. Sanford Struggles to Hang On
Wash Times: Sanford used public funds to visit mistress
NYT: Governor Used States Money to Visit Lover
Politico: Sanford had trade mission rendezvous
Politico: Poll: 50 percent say Sanford should resign
CQ Politics: Most South Carolinians Say Sanford Should Go
Rush Limbaugh: Did Mark Sanford Simply Give Up?
AP/Glover: Miss. governor says Sanford shouldn't quit
Dorothy Rabinowitz: What Sanford Should Have Said


June 25, 2009



Hill: Obama targets middle class in healthcare broadcast
NYT: Senators Worry That Health Overhaul Could Erode Employer Insurance Plans
CQ Politics: Public Plan Devastating In Any Form, Insurers Say
WaPo: States Assert Place in Health-Care Debate
WSJ: Senator Raises Possibility of Taxing Some Medical Benefits
WaPo: Senate Report Finds Insurers Wrongfully Charged Consumers Billions
Wash Times: Hill considers health care 'free riders'
Hill: $285B switch might remove health hurdle

Karl Rove: ObamaCare Isn't Inevitable
Hill: Dems see agenda slipping
WSJ: Government Health Plans Always Ration Care
Nicholas Kristof: The Prescription From Obamas Own Doctor
NYT: Editorial: The Drug Industrys Offer
NYT: OpEd: The Only Public Health Plan We Need

WSJ: Climate Bill Is Expected to Reverberate in 2010 Vote
WSJ: The Cap and Tax Fiction
Hill: Seeking votes, Pelosi meets with GOPers, leans on Democrats
WaPo: Limits on Emissions Have Wide Support
Human Events: Waxman's Economy Killer
Wash Times: Climate bill gives billions to foreign foliage
CQ Politics: Following the House Draft on Climate Change
George Will: Obama's Green Joblessness: Tilting at Green Windmills

WSJ: The Secret 'Friends of Angelo'

Politico: GOP zeroes in on Democrats' ties to PMA

WSJ: Abolish the Inspector General

NYT: Fed Board Maintains the Status Quo
WaPo: On Promise Of Upswing, Fed Holds Rate Steady
NYT: G.O.P. to Paint Bernanke as Ally of Big Government
Richard Posner: Our Crisis of Regulation

WSJ: White House Hosts Bipartisan Immigration Talks
WaPo: Senate Democrats Address Immigration
NYT: Obama Set for First Step on Immigration Reform
WaPo: Senate Subcommittee Chair Lays Out Priorities for Immigration Reform
Politico: Push for immigration reform escalates

LA Times: GOP to press Sotomayor on gun rights
CQ Politics: Brownback Will Vote Against Sotomayor
Hill: Specter to nudge Sotomayor on SCOTUS cameras
NYT: In 98, Hints From Sotomayor on Death Penalty
Boston Globe: Dem women in Senate push for Sotomayor; so does a liberal law group
Adam Cohen: White Firefighters, Black Airline Passengers and Judge Sotomayor
EJ Dionne: Courtly Politics: A Compromise Sustains the Voting Rights Act

NYT: Senate Begins Impeachment Process Against Federal Judge

WSJ: Scrutiny Grows as U.S. Pays Staffers' Student Loans

WSJ: FDA Pressed for Transparency

AP/Taylor: House passes $44B Homeland Security spending bill

Politico: Barbour takes over RGA
Reuters: Sanford quits as Republican Govs Association head

Examiner: 2012 GOP Presidential Field: Sarah Palin
Pew: Romney's Image Improves; Palin Well Regarded by Republican Base
Politico: Mitt Romney's favorability rating on the rise

Ann Coulter: Obama to Iran: Let them eat ice cream

Steny Hoyer: Congress Must Pay for What It Spends


Albany TU: Day of discord; new trip to court
NYT: Defying Paterson, New York Senators End Session
NYDN: Senate Dems Head Home, Senate GOP Stays Put
NYDN: Gov. Paterson: State senators' salaries are at risk unless the dithering ends
Capital News 9: Paterson threatens legal action to force Senate session
Albany TU: Giuliani: Meeting needed for change
AP: Giuliani calls for NY constitutional convention
NYT: Amid Senate Chaos, Hope Fades for a Bill to Raise Jobless Benefits
WSJ: Senate Democrats Take Seats, Try to Hold Power
Albany TU: Espada profits, firm owes
NY Post: 'Attack' Dem faces new heat

Politico: Ten months in, new twist in Rangel ethics inquiry

CQ Politics: Eye on the Senate: 'Undecided' Leads Among New York Democrats


CQ Politics: Christie Holds Double-Digit Lead Over Corzine
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine, Christie spend similar amounts in early days of N.J. gov. race
AP: Christie's deferred prosecutions in NJ


WCAV: GOP Chair Urges Virginians to Call Kaine on the Phone
Richmond TD: Kaine says DNC will repay state for security expenses
WaPo: Kaine's Travels as DNC Chief Not So Easy to Pin Down


WSJ: California Republicans Reject Democrats' Budget Plan
NYT: California to Pay Creditors With I.O.U.s
SacBee: Democrats' budget-balancing plan crashes and burns
LA Times: Lawmakers reject budget fix; state could begin issuing IOUs next week
SF Chronicle: Democratic plan to fix budget headed for defeat
Rush Limbaugh: Liberals Have Destroyed California


Wash Times: Lawmaker boosts funds for son's project


Hill: Top GOP House candidate under investigation
Hill: In Oregon, Dems target top Republican House picks financial records


AP/Shannon: Texas race for gov. a Republican slugfest
BurntOrange: Polls Show Most Texans Are Undecided in Governor, U.S. Senate Races
Cleburn TR: Williams discusses Senate run, calls GOP to reach out


Rasmussen: 2010 Florida Senate Race: Crist Leads Meek or Brown
Tampa Tribune: Naming successor to Busansky an opportunity, risk for Crist
St. Pete Times: Crist rejects bill that aimed to lure property insurers to Florida
Orlando Sentinel: Crist vetoes bill on deregulation of insurance

St. Pete Times: Florida's Cabinet members rack up miles in state planes
Miami H: FL gubernatorial candidates Sink, McCollum defend their usage of state planes


Rome NT: Oxendine to be in Rome Saturday
Augusta Chronicle: Former congressman indicted


Hill: Barbour makes his national debut, Part II
AP/Ramer: In NH, Barbour keeps focus despite Sanford affair


Chicago Tribune: Lawmakers return to Springfield amid protest, talk of cuts
CPR: Republican Commentator Announces Bid for Governor


Pioneer Press: NRSC spends almost $1M to help Norm Coleman
WSJ: A Franken Victory In Minn. Could Prove Vital To Senate Dems
Star Tribune: The wait is agonizing for Coleman, Franken

Star Tribune: Ellison's privately paid trip to Mecca prompts debate


Iowa Indep: Barbour to visit Iowa as leader of RGA


CQ Politics: Will Bethlehem Mayor Callahan Challenge GOP Rep. Dent?
Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell, Scarnati to take Pa. budget debate to TV


CQ Politics: No Party Switch for Delaware GOP Rep. Castle if He Runs for Senate


WSJ: Mayors Targeted as Economic Pain Fuels Recall Bids


Mlive: RNC Chairman Steele says GM will turn into Amtrak under Obama administration


Life News: Missouri Pro-Life Advocates Back Roy Blunt Over Robin Carnahan for Senate
KC Star: Three judges sue Nixon, top aide over plans to lay them off
News-Leader: Missouri lawmaker responds to criticism of her hunger comments


CQ Politics: A Call to Overhaul Congressional Redistricting
Tennessean: Tennessee's Rep. Tanner targets gerrymandering
Memphis CA: Rep. John Tanner touts FAIR Act for nonpartisan redistricting


WRAL: NC AG: Agents involved in probe related to Easley
News & Observer: N. Carolina SBI investigating ex-Gov. Easley
Beaufort Observer: Emails are "missing" from NCSU in the Easley investigation


WSJ: Sanford Odyssey Ends in Tears
WaPo: S.C. Gov. Sanford Admits to an Affair
NYT: Gov. Sanford Admits Affair and Explains Disappearance
Rush Limbaugh: Sanford Could Have Been Our JFK
Politico: Some Mark Sanford trips were taxpayer-paid
NYT: Sanford Case a New Dose of Bad News for Republicans
NYT: For Press, Rumors of Straying but No Hard Evidence
NYT: Sanford and His Love Interest, in E-Mail
State: Read e-mails between Sanford, woman
NY Post: Lust emails of Buenos Airhead
Reuters: Recent sexual scandals in U.S. politics
Gail Collins: The Love Party
Dana Milbank: Sanford's Tearful Stream of Consciousness
WaPo: For Republicans, a Long Winter Gets Longer
Wash Times: Social conservatives fall from moral high ground
Examiner: Bad timing on Sanford affair for congressional Republicans
CQ Politics: In South Carolina, Pondering Whats Next


Hill: Melancon gets ready to put Vitters serious sin on trial


June 24, 2009



WSJ: Obama Open to Health Overhaul Without Public Plan
WaPo: 'Public Option' May Be Highest Hurdle in Senate
WSJ: Insurance Industry Warns on Health-Care Proposals
Wash Times: Insurers decry public-plan option: See threat to private industry
NYT: Obama Says Government Health Coverage Plan Would Not Hurt Private Insurers
WaPo: Most Want Health Reform But Fear Its Side Effects
WSJ: Obama Backers Hope 'Story Bank' Aids Health Reform
WaPo: Obama Turns to Grass Roots to Push Health Reform
Hill: Emanuel visits Senate to press health reform
NYT: Baucus Grabs Pacesetter Role on Health Bill
CQ Politics: Spouses in Health Care Affect Members Views
Robert Reich: Why We Need a Public Health-Care Plan

WSJ: Climate Bill Set for Vote After Deal Is Reached
Politico: House Democrats strike deal on climate bill
NYT: Energy Bill Unfinished, but Vote Nears
Hill: Pelosis green gamble
CQ Politics: Carrots, Sticks and Maybe a Raw-Meat Subtext
Human Events: Dems Separated By Cow Emissions
Hill: Environmental group issues climate-bill warning
WSJ: The New Nuclear Revolution: Safe fission power is our future -- if regulators allow it

NYT: Behind the Scenes, Fed Chief Advocates Bigger Role
WSJ: Obama and 'Regulatory Capture'
WSJ: Who Owns the Banks, Round Two?
WSJ: Barney the Underwriter: Telling Fannie Mae to take more credit risk. Now there's an idea

NYT: War Spending Bill May Pit Republican Against Republican

Hill: Bank says it needs subpoena from Issa's panel

Human Events: Sen. Sessions: What Do Judges Do? (Video)

Rep. Kevin Brady & Rep. Jason Chaffetz: The Most Dangerous Credit Card

Politico: Will Immigration reform move off the back burner?

Politico: President Obama short of money on highway fund
Hill: Groups seize on Metro crash in push for highway bill

WSJ: The Pursuit of John Yoo: Next time the lawsuit may target Obama's advisers

Hill: Black caucus criticizes ethics probe of trip to the Caribbean

Wash Times: Obama seeks to lift sagging agenda

Politico: A Republican comeback?

CQ Politics: Democrats Tout Four States as Takeovers in Governor Races

Dick Morris: Obamas weakness issue
Newt Gingrich: Forget Negotiations, President Obama, Seize the Moment
SF Chronicle: ABC News: We're not in the tank for Obama

NYT: Cheney to Publish His Memoir

NYT: On Nixon Tapes, Ambivalence Over Abortion
Politico: New Nixon tapes released on Tuesday


Rudy Giuliani: Putting New York Back Together

NYT: Come to Order! Not a Chance, if Its Albany
Albany TU: Democrats, Republicans each claim the gavel, but progress appears doubtful
NY Post: Albany's Dueling Dolts: Pols run simultaneous bull sessions
NYDN: List of losers in New York Senate never seems to end
Buffalo News: Farcical Senate engages in split show

CQ Politics: Gillibrand Hypes Possible Pataki Run To Raise Cash
NYDN: Rivals Kirsten Gillibrand, Carolyn Maloney put aside differences to aide 9/11 victims

Albany TU: Assemblyman quits, to plead guilty

Buffalo News: Golisano denies rumors he'll seek U.S. Senate seat in Florida
Syracuse PS: Golisano denies run for U.S. Senate from Florida


Star-Ledger: Chris Christie testifying on John Ashcroft contract: Good move, bad timing


NBC29: 'Stark Contrast' Between McDonnell, Deeds
Virginian-Pilot: Coming soon: another McDonnell campaign commercial
Roll Call: When a Warner replaces a Warner
Richmond TD: Kaine, Assembly Republicans at odds over management of IT agency


Anchorage DN: State dismisses another ethics complaint against Palin
AP/D'Oro: Palin reimburses state $8,100 for family trips


LA Times: Editorial: California has to lean harder on Obama
LA Times: State budget plans are built with fiscal gimmicks
SacBee: Democrats' budget plan will likely be dead on arrival
Dan Walters: Another budget thats rooted in gimmickry
SacBee: Lawmakers square off on budget priorities
AP/Williams: Shriver: Most Californians don't want budget cuts
WSJ: Amazon Warns Calif. Lawmakers on Sales Tax Bill

LA Times: Democratic California Assemblyman Juan Arambula re-registers as independent
SacBee: California Assemblyman Arambula done as a Democrat


DMN: What Rick Perry's education record says
Austin AS: Tom Schieffers announcement tour; five factors to watch
DMN: Berman says he'll pull out of TX governor's race if Perry embraces immigration ideas
DMN: Leo Berman a no-go in governor's race?

DMN: Is Sen. Hutchison and Cornyn's new judicial screening committee fair and balanced?

Star-Telegram: Battle lines already forming over control of Texas House in 2010

LegalNewsline: Radnofsky announces run for Texas AG


NYT: Huckabee Stumps for Rubio in Fla. Senate Race
USA Today: Huckabee backs Rubio in Fla.
CQ Politics: Huckabee Lends Rubio Conservative Credibility in Florida Senate Race
Hill: Huckabee rips into NRSC for backing Crist

St. Pete Times: Is Crist 'governing' or fundraising out of state?

Buzz: Rep. Ray Sansom charged 'private' meeting to Republican Party American Express


WALB: Oxendine pleased to be front runner in Governor's race


WaPo: Haley Huddles with Top GOP Strategists
CQ Politics: Barbour Makes Dry Run Into 2012 Proving Grounds
CNN: Barbour on 2012 decision: probably never
Fox: Mississippi Governor Avoids Talk of Presidential Bid
MSNBC: Barbour decries government health care


WSJ: Chicago Turns to Workers to Close Deficit


Star Tribune: GOP spent $900,000 to help Coleman pay legal bills


AP/Jackson: Pa. high court nominees each raise more than $250K
Gant Daily: Aichele Announces Bid for Lt. Gov.


CQ Politics: Dems Lead For Now in Race for Open Ohio Senate Seat
Toledo Blade: Ohio lawmakers rush ballot issue to regulate livestock care


Detroit FP: Get ready Michigan, Obama's coming back


News-Leader: Ashcroft backs Blunt's bid for U.S. Senate seat
Joplin Globe: Former U.S. attorney general backs Blunt
St. Louis PD: Term limits have made government worse in Missouri


Chattanoogan: Wamp Names Statewide Campaign Leaders
CTFP: Wamp announces leadership team for governors race


WWAY: Chair of NC Republican Party sues local radio host Curtis Wright


WSJ: Governor's Hike Reopens Rifts
Wash Times: Sanford's trek to woods draws queries
Politico: Mark Sanford risks being odd man out in 2012
Hill: Legislators have trouble believing Sanford's story
AP/Fouhy: Analysis: SC gov's walk in woods problem for GOP


CQ Politics: House, Senate or Retirement For Delaware GOP Rep. Castle?


NYT: Dodd Turns to Kennedy for Help as Part of Early Campaign Blitz


Politico: Davis hits party wall in Alabama


Politico: Ensign takes a page from Vitter's playbook


June 23, 2009



Rep. John Boehner: Where are the jobs, Mr. President?

WSJ: Senate Looks to Trim Tax Break for Personal Medical Costs
WSJ: A Doctor's Reflections on Health-Care Reform
WSJ: Government Health Care and Voters
NYT: Federal Saving From Lowering of Drug Prices Is Unclear
Politico: Details sparse in $80B proposal
Politico: Public health care option takes center stage
Politico: Deficit politics driving health care timetable
Hill: Baucus-Dodd friendship may be key to healthcare
David Brooks: Something for Nothing
American Thinker: Healthcare Reform: A Looming Policy Disaster
Ted Nugent: Hell Scare Healthcare
Jed Babbin: Sen. (and Dr.) Tom Coburn on Health Care
Rich Lowry: How Prez doomed 'health reform'

WaPo: Broad Agreement Reached on Derivative Oversight
WaPo: Poll: Americans Less Upbeat About Stimulus Bill's Impact

Politico: Nancy Pelosi to bring climate change bill to floor
Hill: Climate change bill to hit House floor this week
Politico: Four keys to solving energy stalemate
Hill: Rep. Peterson keeping firm grip on gavel

WaPo: Obama Signs Bill Regulating Tobacco
NYT: Occasional Smoker, 47, Signs Tobacco Bill

WSJ: White House to Abandon Spy-Satellite Program

Politico: President Barack Obama's poll numbers start to wilt
ABC: Obama Approval: Trouble Ahead?
Robert Shrum: Obama's two pressing problems

Howard Kurtz: Emanuel's Mastery Of Reading Reporters

WSJ: Supreme Court Avoids Voting-Rights Act Fight
NYT: Justices Retain Oversight by U.S. on Voting
WaPo: Supreme Court Rules Narrowly on Voting Rights Act
CQ Politics: Supremes Duck A Decision on Voting Rights Act

NYT: Court Affirms Reimbursement for Special Education
AP/Holland: Court says public must pay for private special ed

AP: Court will not revive Plame's lawsuit

CQ Politics: FEC Dismisses Cases Against 527s

Wash Times: GOP lawmaker: Dems shut down debate in House

Politico: Conservatives right about nominees

Thomas Sowell: Republicans in the Wilderness

Politico: GOP leadership candidates running unopposed
Hill: Murkowski seeking Republican leadership post

CQ Politics: House Political Operations Feel Economys Pinch

CQ Politics: Senate Fundraising Arms Stay Competitive


Albany TU: State's leaders not on the same page
Albany TU: Skelos calls Tuesday session for 2 p.m. Tuesday
NYT: Paterson Says State Senate Cant Put Off Its Return
NYDN: Governor David Paterson's special Senate session could be usual circus
NY Post: Enough of this split! Gov rejects Senate
AP: NY Senate showdown Tuesday
CQ Politics: New York's 2010 Elections Look Like a Thrill a Minute
NYT: Opinion Poll Not Needed for Albany

Politico: Rangel: NY Post "drunk with ignorance"

WIVB: Golisano may consider Senate run
Politics on the Hudson: Golisano To Run For U.S. Senate In Florida? Not Likely, Aides Said


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie trumpets N.J. school vouchers
Star-Ledger: Christie Challenges Corzine's Ties to Labor

Wash Times: U.S. Attorney nominee won't ID all clients

Star-Ledger: Judicary Committee approves Supreme Court Justice Albin for lifetime tenure


Hill: RNC gives $1.5 million to Virginia's McDonnell
Richmond TD: McDonnell ducks on mining question while stumping with Mississippi governor
Virginian-Pilot: Miss. Gov helps McDonnell raise $$
WaPo: Barbour Helps Raise $250,000 for McDonnell


WSJ: Los Angeles Mayor Will Not Run for California Governor
Politico: Villaraigosa backs out of gov. race
CQ Politics: The Mayor Loves L.A. -- So Who Loves Sacramento?
Dan Walters: Villaraigosa's departure boosts Brown

NYT: California Bailout, Impossible or Inevitable?


Politics Daily: In Texas, Gov. Perry Crows About His Endorsement by Palin
Dallas MN: Editorial: Rick Perry's curious veto pen
News-Journal: Watson blasts Perry over vetoes
Amarillo G-N: Eye on Austin: Governor's race will eclipse current news


News-Press: Rubio demands 10 debates with Senate rival Crist
Politico: GOP establishment thinks Crist is a sure thing
Politico: Rubio's curious Tweet
Politico: Rubio: Iran protesters should have right to bear arms
Hill: Meek just doesnt really describe this Senate candidacy

Examiner: Looking for a leg: Florida offshore oil drilling

Miami Herald: Welfare case load in Florida up dramatically

St. Pete Times: Key document in Sansom case refers to airport early on


Rasmussen: 2010 GOP Primary: Oxendine Far Ahead of Other Gubernatorial Hopefuls
Rasmussen: 2010 Democratic Primary: Barnes Big Leader in Governors Race
Examiner: Georgia Democrats seeing blue for 2010, Rasmussen Poll not so sure
AccessNGa: Poll: Deal third among Republican gubernatorial candidates
Gainesville Times: Expert: Candidates benefit from name recognition in early polls

NBC Augusta: Governor disappointed by ruling to keep Voting Rights Act alive

Atlanta BC: Atlanta financial woes dominate mayoral debate


CQ Politics: Illinois Governor: GOP State Sen. Murphy Announces Bid


Star-Ledger: Al Franken-Norm Coleman Minnesota Senate race: It ain't over 'til . . . when?
MSNBC: Minn. Senate race -- By the numbers

Minn Indep: Whos in for 2010: GOPers eyeing the governors mansion

Star Tribune: State's GOP to elect new House minority leader
Eagle: Two seek House GOP leader job
Fox Mankato: Minnesota Republicans To Elect New Caucus Leader


AP: Higher taxes, program cuts drive Pa. budget debate
Pittsburgh TR: Allegheny County GOP follows Dems' playbook


Philadelphia Inquirer: Castle weighs Senate run


Politico: John Kasich closes gap in Ohio governor race


Detroit FP: GOP activists push Snyder to make a run for governor


News-Leader: Democrats criticize Blunt for voting against bill with MO-based military jobs


Knox News: Ramsey names six campaign finance chairs


Politico: Poll vs. pol: Richard Burr says numbers lie


WSJ: Governor's Trip Confuses Carolina
WaPo: Where in the World is Mark Sanford?
Politico: Staff says Gov. Mark Sanford is safe
Hill: Gov. Sanford located after whereabouts unknown
Politico: Missing Gov. sparks political fight


CNN: Haley Barbour's big week sparks 2012 chatter


Politico: Alaska waiting on Sarah Palin's plans


Politico: Dodd flips on gay marriage
CQ Politics: Dodds Road to Redemption and Re-Election
CQ Politics: How's Dodd Doing? It Could Be Worse
CQ Politics: Dodds Health Care Charge and Re-Election Hopes


WSJ: Maine Miracle: Finally, a state that cuts tax rates on the rich


Politico: Ailing Byrd misses another week


CQ Politics: Tiahrt on the Air in Kansas Senate Race


Politico: Back at work, John Ensign keeps lips zipped
Hill: Ensign in spotlight upon return
Politico: Ensign returns quietly, but questions on affair linger
CQ Politics: Groups Want Ethics Probe of Ensign Affair


June 22, 2009



WaPo: McConnell Carefully Chooses His Battles: Senate GOP Chief Assumes Higher Profile
Wash Times: Obama, GOP at odds over stimulus
Hill: Republicans plan more protests on approps bills

WSJ: Is Government Health Care Constitutional?
LA Times: Republicans question cost of healthcare reform; Feinstein expresses doubt
NYT: Panel Might Revise Health-Care Bill
WaPo: AARP to Endorse Offer Of Drugmaker Price Cuts
NYDN: President Obama's health-care reforms shaky with Democrats, GOP
Reuters: Obama's healthcare push on rocky road in Congress
AP/Zaldivar: Democrats may go it alone on gov't insurance plan
Philadelphia Inquirer: Scrubbing In: Good health care doesn't come cheap
Tennessean: Health-care reform should focus on efficiency
Paul Krugman: Health Care Showdown
Ross Douthat: Dems wont finance universal health care without middle-class tax increases
Fred Hiatt: Prognosis: Debt

WSJ: In the House, It's Peterson vs. Climate Bill

WaPo: Recovery's Missing Ingredient: New Jobs
WSJ: How to Get The Fed Out Of Its 'Box'

NYT: White House Changes the Terms of a Campaign Pledge About Posting Bills Online
Rasmussen: Obama: 32% Strongly Approve 34% Strongly Disapprove

Human Events: On Sotomayor and the Court, Watch McConnell
Politico: GOP: no benefit to court fight
NYT: Judges Mentor: Part Guide, Part Foil

NYT: States Turning to Last Resorts in Budget Crisis
WSJ: Numbers On Welfare See Sharp Increase
Robert Samuelson: Welfare in a Bad Way

Hill: GAO: More money needed to combat Mexican violence

NYT: Editorial: How to Trust Electronic Voting


Buffalo News: Paterson orders State Senate into special session Tuesday
NYT: Paterson Vows Vote on Gay Marriage Before Break
NY Post: 'Mediator' Dave drawing hoots
NY Post: Gov gives a shove
Mike Lupica: It's about time Gov. Paterson flexed some muscle in Albany
Joseph Spector: Other states deal more easily with tie
Newsday: Stakes are high in State Senate coup
WSJ: New York Standoff Sharpens Focus on Lawmaker
NYDN: Hiram Monserrate sparks a mess, not change, with state Senate party jumping
Albany TU: $85M in pork awaits
NY Post: Mike takes on class clowns

AP/Hill: Gillibrand builds support


AP/Mulvihill: Obama's campaign strategies get tested in NJ, VA
Star-Ledger: N.J. Supreme Court Justice Barry Albin faces confirmation hearing
Paul Mulshine: The revolution has been crushed


CQ Politics: Warner: Another Ex-Governor Adapts To the Senate


NYT: Californias Solution to $24 Billion Budget Gap Is Going to Bring Some Pain
SacBee: One crisis, two plans
SacBee: California budget Q&A: How did we get here? Where are we going?
Mercury News: Budget magicians use sleight of hand to help close California's giant deficit
Assemblyman Chuck DeVore: Dems Want More Taxes in California
George Skelton: California has no money and few options
LA Times: SF's D.A.'s program trained illegal immigrants for jobs they couldn't legally hold


McClatchy: Hutchison, Perry wage impressive, expensive battle
Daily Texan: Perry campaigns with social media
Lone Star Times: Sen. Patrick Endorses Gov. Perry in 2010
Houston Chronicle: Schieffer says hes best shot Democrats have of winning
BOR: Schieffer to launch Gubernatorial Bid Wednesday
Dallas MN: In Plano, Texas House Speaker Joe Straus says bipartisanship is a must


WDBO: McCollum to get challenger in Governor's race?
Ledger: State Sen. Dockery Known for Building Coalitions
Politico: Brown, Carrie Meek were close friends, colleagues


Columbus LE: Two Columbus residents seek Vance Smith's Georgia House seat


Chicago Tribune: Matt Murphy, Republican state senator, enters race for Illinois governor


Rep. Michele Bachmann: Will Congress Again Rescue ACORN?


Republican Herald: Amid budget crisis, debate heating over fairness of Pa. taxes
AAP: Senator Casey on Children and Health Care Reform


CQ Politics: Ohio's Strickland Looking Vulnerable in 2010 Governor's Race
CQ Politics: Strickland in Trouble
Columbus Dispatch: State lawmakers inundated with budget requests
Toledo Blade: Ohio has plenty of company in scramble to balance budget


Detroit FP: Editorial: Michigan can't afford budget stalemate


Fox2: Former Senator Jim Talent Endorses Rep. Roy Blunt For U.S. Senate


Tennessean: GOP has plans for redistricting
CTFP: Speaker Williams' earns some praise


News & Observer: Republicans invite Perdue to join the conversation


FITS: GOP Activist In Serious Condition After Assault


WSJ: Hawaii Unfazed by Missile Threat


Hill: Senate to consider Renzi land-swap deal
AP/Billeaud: Arizona considers tougher immigration laws


Boston Globe: Law firms may provide clerks for courts


Politico: John Ensign's approval rating plummets
Hill: Ensign approval plummets after affair revelation
Hill: Ensign affair latest in long line of political scandal

Politico: Reno mayor ain't endorsing Harry -- really


Politico: Teddy's ad for Dodd


Anchorage DN: National campaign pads Palin's legal fund
Anchorage DN: A listing of Ethics complaints filed against Palin
AP/D'Oro: Palin spars with critics over ethics complaints
AP: Alaska lawmaker plans bill on ethics complaints against governor, staff

CQ Politics: Drill, Baby,Drill? Do It Sideways, Says Senator


Human Events: Thune's Exit Strategy




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