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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

June 14, 2009



Anchorage DN: Trip Outside shows Palin's star still blazes
Reuters: McCain defends Palin against Letterman
Toledo Blade: Palin power
Kathleen Parker: Why Dave's Not Funny
Boston Herald: NOW takes the side of right in Sarah Palin vs. Dave Letterman
Fox: New York Lawmaker Calls on CBS to Fire Letterman for Palin Comments
American Thinker: Inside Letterman's Head

NYT: Many in Congress Hold Stakes in Health Industry
WaPo: Obama Seeks Spending Cuts for Some Federal Health Programs
American Thinker: A Real Free Market Health Care Solution

Hill: Pence goes after climate bill in GOP address
Wash Times: Climate bill called 'energy tax': GOP offers alternative to cap-and-trade
CNN: Republicans target climate bill
CQ Politics: Compromises Threaten Energy Bills Chances on Senate Floor
Hill: GOP threatens ethics probe over Markey letter

St. Louis PD: Brewing industry fears talk of higher federal beer tax

Wash Times: Sotomayor worries gun rights groups
AP/Davis: Sotomayor impresses in interviews, senators say
George Will: More Judicial Activism, Please

NYT: Regulators Feud as Banking System Overhauled

LA Times: Some projects raise question: Where's the stimulus?

Wash Times: Cornyn seeks Senate seats for GOP in '10
NYT: Republicans Rethinking the Reagan Mystique
WaPo: GOP-Leaning Majority Seen Fading in U.S.
Rich Lowry: Indiana guv has answers for bedraggled GOP

David Broder: The Stakes For Obama This Fall
WaPo: Obama's Spending Plans May Pose Political Risks

Hill: Bilbray: White House playing games with immigration

Politico: Pete Visclosky OK'd to use campaign funds for law fees

Hill: Redistricting looms over 2010 election landscape

LA Times: Newt Gingrich, zombie politician


Newsday: State Senate Republicans confident Monserrate in fold
Albany TU: Bold coup upsets Senate
NYT: State Senate Coup Exposes Albanys Lack of Order
Buffalo News: State Senate nears nightmare scenario
NYT: Albanys New Political Order Is Disorder
NYT: Scant Role for Women in Albany Mess
Crain's: The rapid rise and faster fall of Sen. Smith
NY Post: Hiram sought defense-fund $$ from lobbyist
Buffalo News: Once again, Pigeon is at center of political storm


Star-Ledger: Christie taps Morris Plains attorney Jay Webber as state GOP chairman


WaPo: McDonnell, Deeds Hit Ground Running
Inside NoVa: McDonnell stumps Manassas area


Star Tribune: State GOP chooses Sutton as new chair
Pioneer Press: MN Republicans elect veteran campaigner Tony Sutton their new state chair
MPR: Tony Sutton elected as new chair of Minnesota GOP
AP: Hibbing grad is new Minnesota GOP chairman
MPR: Brodkorb elected MNGOP Deputy Chair

Minn Indep: Video: Colemans bulldog credo is Bite hard and dont let go


LA Times: GOP lawmakers bring the budget pain home
LA Times: Jerry Brown again says Prop. 8 should be struck down
SF Chronicle: No laughter in Sacramento
SacBee: Without a budget, California could issue IOUs
Dan Walters: California budget deal is a faint hope
Mercury News: Editorial: Crunch time for state budget
SF Chronicle: Cash flow woes: The numbers behind the crisis
Mercury News: Making sense of the state's financial meltdown

SacBee: Union donors got CalPERS deals while leader was board member

SacBee: Prop. 8 leader to run for Sacramento-area Assembly seat


Austin AS: Jose, shifting demographics, and the GOP outlook
LegalNewsline: Texas AG opposes GM's bankruptcy plan
AP: Billions in federal money sought for N. Texas


Herald Tribune: McCollum is seeking a place in the middle
Miami Herald: Attorney General McCollum makes case for Florida governor post

St. Pete Times: Meek vows aggressive Senate campaign against Crist
News-Press: Crist signs bill in Fort Myers


AJC: Oxendine donors previously used controversial tactics
AJC: GOP should favor health overhaul
Atlanta BC: Pushing transportation, Barnes draws support from business
AJC: Jury out on Roy Barnes role as attorney
IA Georgia: Health Insurance Battle Comes To Georgia


Raleigh NO: Fetzer takes reins of state GOP
Asheville CT: Johnson elected state Republican vice chairman

AP: NC House prepares for state budget vote


State: Republican congressional races take shape


Daily Herald: GOP leader: Gov. Quinn 'shameless' in tax hike push
Times: Republican announces run for Halvorson's Congressional seat
WSJ: Casinos Sue Blagojevich Over Law


Philadelphia Inquirer: Rendell challenges GOP's education funding plan
Pittsburgh TR: Rendell's propaganda machine
AP: Sales tax increase could end up in Pa. budget mix


Columbus Dispatch: DeWine planning to run again
Fox28: Former US Sen. DeWine makes campaign filing
Cleveland PD: Disclosures show Congress members from Ohio also lost money
Columbus Dispatch: Sentencing-overhaul battle brewing in Senate


KC Star: Sen. Kit Bond still performs political miracles
AP: Missouri rally calls for scrapping income tax


Chattanooga TFP: Tennessee Senate, House likely at odds over budget
Chattanooga TFP: Corker, Alexander explain differing votes
Knox News: Bill to allow guns in parks signed


Milwaukee JS: Some state Democrats think Doyle won't seek re-election
Milwaukee JS: Republicans criticize Democrats on Assembly budget


Missoulian: Will Deschamps new state GOP chairman


Statesman: Ritter's new COO draws GOP fire


AP: Hansen wins Utah GOP chairmanship
Deseret News: Hatch staffer voted state Republican chief
Salt Lake Tribune: Utah GOP changes while promising to stick to its guns
Deseret News: Hatch, Bennett get not-so-warm welcome

Salt Lake Tribune: More the merrier for Bennett re-election bid


Arizona Republic: Political stakes high in budget showdown
Arizona Daily Star: Five key reasons for budget stalemate
Arizona Daily Star: AZ budget deal hits wall as sides spar


Commercial Dispatch: Mississippi not alone in budget impasse
HA: Editorial: Barbour's trip OK


Montgomery Advertiser: Sanford's upset win gives GOP big boost


June 13, 2009



LA Times: Gov. Sarah Palin: Won't commit to 2010 re-election bid
CNN: Palin tight-lipped on political future
NRO: Governor Palin Not Certain to Run for Reelection in 2010?

E: Palin Says Letterman "Crossed the Line," Rejects "Convenient" Apology
LA Times: The Letterman-Palin feud continues to simmer
LA Times: Sarah Palin goes into overtime in dispute over Letterman's crude joke
Fox: Palin Continues Her Feud With Letterman
Politico: Palin defends flight attendants
Syr PS: Finch: Palin jokes no laughing matter, says CBS should fire Letterman
Rush Limbaugh: Letterman's Attack on Palin and Her Family Exposes Lib Hypocrisy
Politico: Letterman, right's new public enemy?

WSJ: Congress Sends FDA Tobacco Bill to Obama
NYT: With House Vote, Tobacco Bill Goes to Obama
Rush Limbaugh: Be Careful What You Wish For

WSJ: Obama to Propose $300 Billion in New Health Cost Cuts
WaPo: Lawmakers Reveal Health-Care Investments
Fox: What a week with health care
AP/Espo: Tax on health benefits likely to be in Senate bill
Rush Limbaugh: Safeway Puts Itself in Crosshairs
Rush Limbaugh: National Health Care Will Be Almost Impossible to Roll Back

US News: Will the $8,000 First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Expand to $15,000?

WSJ: Cash-for-Clunkers Clears Hurdle
WSJ: Cash From Lunkheads: Congress wants to pay you to destroy your car

CSM: If theres a knock on Sotomayor, its not inexperience

Reuters: Republicans hammer Democrats on Guantanamo
Mich Messenger: Petraeus debunks Rogers, Hoekstra on Miranda rights

Rush Limbaugh: Illegal: Obama Fires Inspector General Who Investigated Crony

CBS: Cantor Compares Obama To Putin

WaPo: U.S. Senators Release Their Financial Records
Hill: Cantor, Boehner are wealthiest GOP leaders
WSJ: Senators' Investments Offer Financial Cushion

Mike Murphy: The Ice Age Cometh for Republicans
RCP: Mike Murphy's Strange Math

AP: Guests for the Sunday TV News Shows
Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYDN: Gotta go, Dems tell Malcolm Smith: Step down to regain control of Senate
AP: Smith's fate uncertain: Democrats evasive over leader's future after Manhattan meeting
NYDN: Smith's Fate To Be Determined Today

WSJ: Court Temporarily Bars Change of New York Senate President
Albany TU: Judge to Senate: Work out this dispute
Buffalo News: Judge tells State Senate to settle its feud
NYT: Judge Gives State Senators Weekend to Negotiate
NYDN: Judge will rule on Albany factions, but hopes they settle; no chance, says Espada

Newsday: New Senate majority pushes for votes on 33 bills
Newsday: Editorial: Albany circus aside, there's work to be done
Buffalo News: Coup leaves State Senate paralyzed
NYT: Editorial: Jump-Start the New York Senate

NYDN: Undoing The Coup
NYT: At Center of Maelstrom, a Senator Used to Chaos
NY Post: Monserrate 'gal assault' details
Newsday: Senate coup: Power, sex and money play roles
American Spectator: Angry ACORN Mob Intimidates NY Lawmaker, Assaults Top Aide

Albany TU: Integrity panel members defend party jobs


AP/Delli Santi: GOP: Proposed NJ budget will bring fiscal disaster
PolitickerNJ: Christie declines to seek NJEA endorsement
PolitickerNJ: Bucco: Corzine's Legacy Will Be Worst Fiscal Crisis in New Jersey History
New Ledger: Dems Drag Christie Before Congress, Admit Its a Political Smear Campaign
PolitickerNJ: Lautenberg throws Christie and Romney into Bush bundle


Fred Barnes: Clintonism Goes Down in Virginia
WaPo: Moran, McAuliffe Supporters Glad At Least Its Deeds


Pioneer Press: 3 vie today for Minnesota Republican Party chairmanship
Star Tribune: GOP meets to name its state leader and rework party's image
MPR: Governor's race ramping up
Pioneer Press: Instant runoff voting cleared by high court


AFP: Schwarzenegger warning as budget deadline looms
Reuters: Loosening unions' grip may be key for California
LA Times: Schwarzenegger may withdraw plan to take money from local governments
NYT: San Francisco at Crossroads Over Immigration
WSJ: California Inmate Plan Draws Ire
American Thinker: California's expensive policy for increasing CO2 emissions


Las Vegas RJ: Goodman eyes race for governor: Discusses possibility with Jesse Ventura AP: Goodman weighs independent bid for governor


Salt Lake Tribune: Republicans gather to pick new leaders


MNS: Montana GOP elects Deschamps as new state chair
AP: Hard-liners turned aside in fight to lead MT GOP
KFBB: Montana Republicans Hold 2009 Officers Coonvention in Helena


Fort Worth ST: Opponent will drop bid for Texas governor if Perry adopts his issues
AP/Vertuno: Texas says GM contracts break state law


McClatchy: McConnell endorses Charlie Crist in GOP Senate contest
NewsMax: Sens. McConnell, Cornyn, McCain to Raise Money for Charlie Crist
ESPN: McCollum urges NCAA to release letter
Herald Tribune: Controversial insurance bill to Crist
St. Pete Times: GOP senator says his bill may be victim of Crist retaliation


Macon Telegraph: Wood leaving his U.S. attorney post
WALB: Oxendine banks on Independent voters in the race for governor


Charlotte Observer: GOP looks to Democrats' problems to help candidates
AP: NC GOP holds election for new party chairman
News14: GOP delegates to choose chairman at convention
WRAL: State GOP seeks to regroup after election losses
Asheville CT: Harsh NC GOP race bares local leader's past crime
FayObserver: Watch N.C. GOP (GOP = Republican) Convention live


AP: GOP leader Radogno criticizes Quinn on 'At Issue'
Rasmussen: 61% of Illinois Voters Say They Would Definitely Vote Against Roland Burris


Pittsburgh BT: Pennsylvania budget deficit passes $3B mark


Toledo Blade: Ohio legislators told hole in budget is now at $2.5B
AP: ACLU in Ohio decries Pledge of Allegiance plan


AA News: Former GOP Rep. Carl Pursell, known as pragmatist, moderate, dies at age 76
Wash Post: Michiganite Led GOP Moderates In House
Detroit FP: Congressman Carl Pursell was a true problem solver

Holland Sentinel: Riemersma will call audible on run


CQ Politics: Missouri Senate: Schweich Out, But Will Steelman Get In?
KC Star: Danforth on board with Blunt, too? Have to take Roy's word


WBIR: Alexander still among Congress' wealthiest members


Hill: Bunning makes $20K from baseball signings


Providence Journal: Rep. Kennedy decides to step away for medical treatment
WaPo: Patrick Kennedy Returns to Treatment Facility
AP/Tucker: Rep. Patrick Kennedy again receiving treatment


Gail Collins: Mr. Dodds Best/Worst Year


June 12, 2009



WSJ: The New Wage Controls: One more sign that the levelers are now in charge
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Administration Moves to Cap Pay All Across Private Sector

WSJ: White House Sends Signals on Deficit
WaPo: Spike in Interest Rates Could Choke Recovery
David Brooks: The Great Unwinding
WSJ: The 'Paygo' Coverup: The Obama pattern: Spend, repent, spend again, repent
Reuters: House Republicans propose financial reforms

WSJ: Obama Stumps for a Public Insurance Option
WaPo: Obama Stumps for Health-Care Reform
NYT: Obama Takes His Health Care Case to the Public
Politico: Obama: Health insurance a 'moral imperative'
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Lies About Health Care
Hill: Dems brace for CBO score
CQ Politics: Questions Over Lobbyist Meetings Complicate Health Care Negotiations
WSJ: How Safeway Is Cutting Health-Care Costs
Kim Strassel: Democrats and the Health Tax Taboo

WSJ: Senate Passes FDA Tobacco Bill
WaPo: Senate Passes Bill to Let FDA Regulate Tobacco
NYT: Senate Votes to Allow F.D.A. to Regulate Tobacco
NYT: Editorial: Tobacco Regulation, at Last

WSJ: Lawmakers in Farm Belt Try to Steer Climate Bill
Politico: Senate energy bill on tight timeline
Hill: GOP charges Markey with climate witness intimidation
Hill: GOP mulls summer sequel protest on gas prices

Politico: Tempers flare over Sonia Sotomayor
CQ Politics: Chairman Apologizes But Sotomayor Hearing Will Go On

WSJ: House Ethics Committee Takes Up PMA Probe
NYT: Ethics Review of Lobbying Case
WaPo: House Ethics Panel to Probe PMA
CNN: House Ethics panel looking at allegations of misconduct
Politico: House Ethics committee launches PMA probe
Hill: Ethics panel confirms PMA investigation
CQ Politics: Ethics Panel Has Begun Review of Lawmakers' Links to PMA Lobbying Firm
AP/Margasak: Analysis: Republicans may gain ethics issue

Detroit News: House, Senate teams OK $1B 'cash for clunkers' program
Hill: Cash for Clunkers bill: concerns on cost, environmental gains

WaPo: Obama Bows on Settling Detainees
Wash Times: Military warns against detainee transfers
WSJ: Miranda Issues Cloud Gitmo Cases
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Told Ya So: Obama Gov't Reads Miranda Rights to Terrorists

AP: Appeal court reverses order to release photos of detainee abuse of suspected terrorists
NYT: Abuse Photos Part of Agreement on Military Spending
WSJ: Path Clears for Passage of War-Spending Bill

Peggy Noonan: How Republicans got cast as the party of "angry white males"
Politico: Poll: GOP suffers from low self-esteem

Charles Krauthammer: Obama Hovers From on High
Wes Pruden: When discontent stalks the land

Paul Krugman: The Big Hate
Rush Limbaugh: Hate-Promoting Left Seizes Chance to Falsely Blame Right for Violence
James Taranto: 'Them Jews'
Michael Gerson: Why the Jews?

Newsday: Sarah Palin rebuffs David Letterman's offer
NYDN: David Letterman keeps Sarah Palin feud alive with more 'Late Show' jokes

WSJ: Delay the Minimum-Wage Hike

Politico: Spy spat divides Jane Harman, Janet Napolitano

NYT: Editorial: Why the Voting Rights Act Matters

NYT: Editorial: A Clear Case for Impeachment


NYT: Attempt to Open New York Senate Falters
Albany TU: Another day in the Senate: Monserrate talks, walks; judicial merry-go-round
Albany TU: Is change in the wind for Senate Democrats?
AP: NY Senate coup goes back to court
NY Post: Turncoat's vote is up for grabs
NYDN: Hiram Monserrate's conscience is real key to resolving Albany mess
Newsday: Experts: Political circus has serious stakes for GOP

NY Post/Dicker: Gov bitten by his watchdog

CQ Politics: Labor Activist Ensures Gillibrand Will Face Primary Challenge


Star-Ledger: Christie taps conservative as pick for GOP chairman
Philadelphia Inquirer: Jay Webber named head of N.J. GOP
PolitickerNJ: Webber will be new GOP State Chairman
Star-Ledger: Chris Christie will name Assemblyman Jay Webber GOP chairman for state


Rasmussen: Virginia Governor: Deeds (D) 47%, McDonnell (R) 41%
EJ Dionne: In Virginia, the Advantage Goes to Deeds


Minn Post: In Minnesota's governor's race, history tells us to expect the unexpected
Minn Post: Pawlenty supports Tony Sutton for GOP party chair
KXMC: Prominent businessman opts out of Minn. gov's race


LA Times: Schwarzenegger takes step toward carrying out budget threat
SacBee: Governor revokes borrowing ability
SacBee: Speaker in hot seat as Democrats debate California budget
Reuters: California seen missing budget deadline again


Dallas MN: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison meets with Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor


Orlando Sentinel: Crist will leave behind big unfinished agenda
AJC: Hard right flexes its muscle in Florida Senate race . but nobody seems to notice


Augusta Chronicle: Handel touts crisis work in bid to be governor


Daily Herald: State Sen. Dillard considers run for governor
AP: Dillard considering run for Illinois governor


LVL: Republican Party of PA wants U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter to return campaign donations


AP/Smyth: Investigation into former Ohio AG ends with fine
Dayton BJ: Ohio lawmakers facing $3.2B budget hole


Jed Babbin: Hoekstras Temptation
Politico: Gridiron star mulls over House bid
Detroit News: State's layoffs target troopers
Detroit News: Former U.S. Rep. Pursell dies


KC Star: A Schweich stunner: He's out, now backs Blunt
St. Louis PD: Thomas Schweich drops out of the race to be GOP nominee for U.S. Senate
AP: Former Bush staffer says no to Missouri Senate run


Knox News: Bredesen speaks out against GOP budget plans
Chattanooga TFP: Governor threatens Republican with budget veto


AP/Robertson: House approves raising NC taxes


Charleston PC: Republican group wants Sanford to run for president
AP: Early straw poll set in race for SC governor


Politico: Mary Landrieu hedges on health care letter
Politico: SEIU hits Vitter close to home


Politico: Delaware Rep. Mike Castle won't pursue education and labor panel slot


Hill: Rep. Young's legal fees run to $1.3 million


CQ Politics: Doyle Fends Off All But Thompson


June 11, 2009



Politico: Sarah Palin smacks down David Letterman again
NYDN: Sarah Palin attacks David Letterman over 'sexually-perverted' joke

WaPo: U.S. Targets Excessive Pay for Top Executives
NYT: Overseer to Set Executive Pay at Rescued Companies
LA Times: Executive pay targeted in Obama administration crackdown
WSJ: Pro-Business Group Targets Obama Agenda
Hill: Presidents say on pay
LA Times: Executives draw huge salaries at L.A. nonprofit drug treatment center

Fox: GOP Aide: Senate Dems 'Shoving' Health Care Bill Down Republicans' Throat
WSJ: Industry Groups Push Back on Kennedy's Health Bill
WaPo: Obama Administration Finds Health-Care Model in Green Bay
NYT: Doctors Group Opposes Public Insurance Plan
NYT: Savings for Small Business in Health Plan
LA Times: Kennedy's healthcare plan meets resistance
WSJ: US Senate Democrats Keep Options Open On Public Health Plan

Karl Rove: How to Stop Socialized Health Care
Rush Limbaugh: National Health Care and the UAW
David Broder: The 'Rock' In Health Reform
Dana Milbank: It's Healthy to Vent

Ann Coulter: Welcome Back, Carter

AP/Davis: Top Republican rips Democrats for Sotomayor 'rush'
NYT: Senate Republicans Demand More Background on Sotomayor
NYT: Videos Reveal Sotomayors Positions on Affirmative Action and Other Issues

WSJ: Treasury Sale Trips Up Stocks

Hill: Dem mutiny on climate bill grows, says Peterson
CQ Politics: One Energy Plan Still Has a Thrill for the Drill

NYT: Senate Clears Hurdle on Tobacco Bill

CQ Politics: Pelosis War Bill Pitch Gets Personal
Hill: GOP sees Pelosi as Dems Achilles heel

WSJ: Market Downturn Hit Lawmakers
WaPo: Members of Congress Hold Stock in Bailed-Out Companies

Hill: Hutchison: Proposed cuts to NASA 'destructive'
Hill: NASA states going ballistic over cash cuts

AP/Glover: Huckabee warns Republicans against 'mushy middle'

ABC: GOP Leader Rep. Eric Cantor Predicts Republican Landslide in 2010

Hill: Republican members vie for education panel post

Atlantic: The Six Top Republicans Obama Listens To

Politico: Rove: Dowd 'twisted, deranged'


Albany TU: Smith seeks Troy venue to block GOP takeover
Newsday: Monserrate makes demands on new State Senate majority
NYT: Door Is Locked, and Senate Is in Gridlock
NYDN/Benjamin: Is He In, Or Is He Out?
NY Post: Circus Maximus Getting Zanier
Capital News 9: Coalition says it's still strong
Buffalo News: State Senate fails to convene; GOP trying sway more Democrats
NYDN: Albany Republicans accomplish zip as Gov. tells feuding pols: 'Act like adults'
Albany TU: Senator goes rogue over $1.9M in pork
Albany TU: Republicans, Democrats plot strategy
Reuters: NY state Senate in "diabolical" leadership spat: Governor
Human Events: Golisanos Coup

CQ Politics: Paterson's at a New Low, and New Yorkers Want Him Out in 2010


AP/Delli Santi: Poll: Christie up by 10 points in NJ governor race
WSJ: Corzine Trails GOPs Christie by 10 Points in N.J.
Star-Ledger: Corzine allies challenge Christie in conference call
PolitickerNJ: Governor's Race: Eight Key Quinnipiac Findings
AP: NJ candidate asked to testify on monitor deals


WaPo: Deeds's Victory Renews McDonnell Rivalry -- With a Difference
Wash Times: Deeds starts fast in denigrating GOP
WaPo: Candidates For Governor Get Fast Start
WaPo: Lack of Va. Roots Doomed McAuliffe's Bid
WaPo: How Moran's Early Edge Unwound
NYT: Fierce Gubernatorial Race Kicks Off in Virginia
US News: Deeds' Win in Virginia Means Trouble for the Republicans
Politico: Mapping Virginia
Politico: Why Creigh Deeds won big in Virginia
EJ Dionne: 'Obamacized' Virginia? Creigh Deeds Will Test a Victory's Durability


Pioneer Press: First Republican announces candidacy for governor
Minn Post: Former legislator Bill Haas is first Republican officially in governor's race

CQ Politics: Franken Wins a Ruling, Still Waits for a Victory
Pioneer Press: Minnesota court orders Coleman to pay $95K to Franken
AP: Minn. court orders Coleman to pay $95,000 to Franken


LA Times: Schwarzenegger threatens to shut down state government
SacBee: Assembly leader says new revenue sources are on the table

LA Times: Miss California is stripped of her title
WaPo: Trump to Miss California: You're Fired

AP/Lawrence: Calif. groups getting around donation caps

SF Chronicle: Backers of legal pot eye ballot


Dallas MN: Kay Bailey Hutchison: No special session if I'd been Texas governor
AP: Hutchison questions Perry's leadership

Austin AS: Perry says carbon dioxide limits would destroy state's economy
WSJ: Texas Hold Em: Gov. Perry Hates Climate-Change Bill, Loves Clean Energy


Tampa Tribune: Crist the GOP favorite for Senate, by far, Quinnipiac poll says
Tallahassee Democrat: Crist leading Rubio in Senate-race poll
Fox Tampa: Early survey shows Crist with big lead
CNN: Crist holds lead in GOP Senate primary
Politico: Charlie Crist holds wide lead in Senate poll
CQ Politics: Crist Swamps Rubio in Republican Primary Match-Up for Senate


Fayette Daily News: Do Georgians want a Gov. Roy Barnes again?


Chicago Tribune: Dennis Hastert's son advances potential run for dad's old seat
Stateline: Budget Talks Among Illinois Leaders Stall


WHOTV: Huckabee Endorses Vander Plaats for Governor in 2010
AP/Glover: Huckabee wades into Iowa governor's race


Allentown MC: Pa. House begins debate on state insurance program


CQ Politics: Schiff Discusses Potential Dodd Challenge on Daily Show


Cleveland PD: Ohio House rejects Senate changes to budget bill
Vindy: Ohio House doesnt agree with Senate budget cuts, talks to follow
AP/Viviano: Ohio chief justice wants new ethics policy


AP: Ex-football star Riemersma eyes congressional seat
Mich Messenger: Former football star seeks Hoekstra seat


Knox News: Republicans Move to Cut Bredesen Spending and Tax Plans
Knox News: GOP senators slash revenue, spending from Bredesen budget


Raleigh NO: Race for N.C. Republican chairman 'just might be the dirtiest on record'


ABC: South Carolina Gov. Sanford on Why Cheney Needs to Defer to New GOP Voices
WYFF4: SC Republican Senator To Run For Governor


Montgomery Advertiser: Poll hints at close race for governor
RCP: AL Gov Poll: Byrne Has Early Advantage
CQ Politics: Alabama Governor's Race Looking Competitive
Politico: Artur Davis competitive in governor's race


Arizona Republic: Arizona GOP advances limits on abortion


McClatchy: Senator blasts Kansas project as waste of stimulus funds


Deseret News: Political newcomer joins U.S. Senate race


AP/Foley: Former DNR secretary mulling run against Wis. AG


Honolulu SB: Mayor looks like he is running for governor
Honolulu Advertiser: Honolulu mayor explores run for governor


June 10, 2009



NYDN: Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin and Jon Voight -- yes, Jon Voight -- go after Pres. Obama
WaPo: GOP Fundraiser Offered Dinner and a Circus
Politico: Palin: David Letterman 'pathetic'
Rush Limbaugh: A Report on the GOP Fundraiser
Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin's Future Looks Much, Much Brighter Than Katie Couric's
US News: Sarah Palin Mystifies and Annoys the Republican Establishment
Kathleen Parker: Sarah Palin's Dysfunctional Organization May Be Her Undoing
Dallas MN: Gingrich-Palin power tiff fails to dampen GOP fundraiser

Andrew Breitbart: Go Jon Voight Go! (with video: Voight speech 8 min.)
Wash Times: Voight calls Obama 'good actor'
Guardian UK: Jon Voight asks Republicans to 'bring an end to this false prophet, Obama'
USA Today: 'Midnight Cowboy' star to raise funds for GOP

Newt Gingrich: Once, We Would Have Called It a Scandal

Dick Morris: Obamas issues crumbling

WSJ: High Court Clears Way for Sale of Chrysler
WaPo: Supreme Court Clears the Way for Chrysler Sale
NYT: As Court Clears Path, Chrysler Is Set to Exit Bankruptcy
James Taranto: Speaking Ruth to Power: Not so fast with that Fiat, Mr. President!

WaPo: House Approves Incentives for Trading In Gas-Guzzlers
Politico: Cash-for-clunkers deal moves ahead
AP: House Passes 'Cash for Clunkers' Bill

WaPo: Whitacre Named New GM Chairman
Detroit News: Auto outsider to lead GM board
WSJ: GM Needs a Political Strategy
Hill: Frank defends intervention to save GM facility in his district

WSJ: Health-Care Bills Begin to Crystallize
WaPo: On Health Care, Congress Must Navigate Tricky Political Terrain
NYT: Democrats Nearing Consensus on Health Plan
Hill: House Dems show first draft of health reform bill
Politico: Dems double down on health care
CQ Politics: One Tough Sell: Paying for Health Care Overhaul
Calif Healthline: Republican Leaders Heat Up Opposition to Public Health Plan
WaPo: Fixing Health Care Starts With the Doctors
WaPo: Tax on Health Benefits Weighed

NYT: House Republicans Draft Energy Bill With Heavy Focus on Nuclear Power
Hill: Senate panel opens up more Gulf drilling

Wash Times: Obama says bailout has 'turned a profit'

WSJ: Industry Pushes to Extend Home-Buyer Tax Credit

WaPo: Goals Shift For Reform Of Financial Regulation
NYT: 10 Large Banks Allowed to Exit U.S. Aid Program
WaPo: 10 Banks Allowed to Repay $68B in Bailout Money
Hill: Bank PAC money keeps pace

WSJ: Democrats Mix Signals on Deficit
NYT: For U.S., a Sea of Perilous Red Ink, Years in the Making
NYT: Obama Aims to Revive Pay as You Go
Politico: Republicans: Debt will bring Barack Obama down
Arthur Laffer: Get Ready for Inflation and Higher Interest Rates

WaPo: Senate Sets Sotomayor Hearing Date for July 13
St. Pete Times: Sen. Martinez 'delighted' with Sotomayor after private meeting
Wash Times: GOP senators seek to slow Sotomayor timeline
Hill: GOP criticizes hearing dates for Sotomayor
Politico: Sonia Sotomayor scheduling infuriates Republicans
CSM: GOPs new Sotomayor strategy: Attack Obama
NYT: A Supreme Court Nomination Stirs Up Bad Memories
Human Events: The Sotomayor Case File

WSJ: Ruling on 'Probable Bias' Spotlights Political Reality

WSJ: U.S. Temporarily Suspends Policy of Deporting Widows of Citizens

MSNBC: Boehner: Obama 'importing' terrorists
Wash Times: Graham, Lieberman fight to block release of detainee photos
Politico: Graham: Hillary opposes release of torture pics
NYT: Lawsuits Force Disclosures by C.I.A.

Politico: McKeon to replace McHugh on Armed Services
Dallas MN: GOP leaders pick McKeon for Armed Services slot
Human Events: McKeon Wins Top GOP Spot on Armed Services

Wash Times: House quietly restricts ethics probes
Politico: House GOP sometimes votes 'yes'

NYT: Editorial: Census Follies, Continued

WSJ: Unions in Debt: Big labor has big financial problems it wants to keep quiet

Wash Times: Gun control measure foils House voting bill

WSJ: Boom Town: Washington is awash in money

WSJ: Independents and the Obama Mandate
CQ Politics: Proportion of Independents Among Electorate at 70-Year High
Politico: FEC: President Obama funneled money to swing states
Rush Limbaugh: Five Months Later, We Examine Barack Obama's Empty Promises

CQ Politics: Abortion and Black Voters

Hill: Steele calls on Republicans to hold the line


Newsday: New Senate leaders vow to work with Paterson
NYT: Feeling Slighted, Rich Patron Led Albany Revolt
NY Post: Golisano was power behind push
NYT: N.Y. Democrats Try to Reverse G.O.P. Coup in State Senate
Buffalo News: GOP seeks to expand victory in Senate coup
NY Post: Albany's bozos are in the dark: Senate shut amid 'countercoup' bid
NYDN: Ousted Majority Leader Malcolm Smith fiddled with BlackBerry while Senate burned
NYDN: Ousted Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith didn't mind store - or rats
NY Post: Malcolm aide sees 'extortion' by rebel
NYT: Editorial: Albanys Madhouse

Politico: Carolyn Maloney polls Senate campaign

CQ Politics: Republican Adds His Name to List of Candidates to Replace McHugh
Politico: GOP readies for N.Y. special election

NYT: Poll Finds Paterson Deeply Unpopular
NY Post/Dicker: Hapless gov getting what he asked for


Star-Ledger: Christie criticizes new CWA deal
Philadelphia Inquirer: The who, the what of lieutenant governor
PolitickerNJ: The fight for the Passaic County Republican Party winds down in Wayne


CQ Politics: Virginia Governors Race To Be a Closely Watched Rematch
WaPo: Contest Will Play Out on a National Stage in the Fall
Hill: Deeds shocker gives Dems safer centrist in Va.

Wash Times: Deeds wins Democratic primary
WaPo: Deeds Surges to Stunning Win in Va.
Politico: Deeds cruises in Va. gov race
NYT: State Senator Beats McAuliffe in Va. Primary
WaPo: Severe Weather Meddles in Tight Virginia Contest


Hill: Another pitched GOP primary forming on the Eastern Shore


NYT: For 2012 Contender Pawlenty, Some Advantages in Leaving Office
Pioneer Pr: Pawlenty to announce spending cuts w/i 2 weeks, state employees face layoffs
CQ Politics: Just Try To Keep Track of All The Candidates For Minnesota Governor
Star Tribune: GOP activist seeks rejected absentee Senate ballots


LA Times: Budget knife threatens popular state programs

SacBee: Leader says Senate GOP will support most of Schwarzenegger's cuts
SacBee: California mayors join forces to oppose state funding cuts
SacBee: Senate Dems push to raid budget reserve
LA Times: State budget: Democrats' plan would ease cuts, tap 'rainy day' funds
Reuters: Top California lawmaker aims to tap rainy-day funds
Politico: The California GOP's problema grande

Calif Chronicle: Tom Harman Kicks-Off his Campaign for California Attorney General


Dallas MN: Governor: Special session of Texas Legislature to deal with agencies' future
Houston Chronicle: Perry: Special session is coming
Austin AS: Special session coming, Perry says
AP/Shannon: Perry says he will call special session
Dallas MN: Governor Perry breaks collarbone in accident
Austin AS: Governor breaks collarbone in biking accident
WSJ: Texas Blasts Federal Efforts to Fight Global Warming


Tampa Tribune: McCollum questions poll showing Sink leading for governor
CQ Politics: Crist's Decision to Run for Senate Gives Dems a Shot at Governorship
USA Today: 2010 Fla. governor's race a 'tossup'
Orlando Sentinel: Sink has slight lead over McCollum in governor's race
AP: Bronson endorses McCollum in governor's race

Miami Herald: Senate looks to shrink no-drilling zones
St. Pete Times: Gulf drilling measure would put rigs 45 miles from coast
AP/Hebert: Senate panel approves drilling off Florida


WSJ: Failed Banks Dot Georgia's Vista
AJC: Isakson: Give GM stock to taxpayers
Examiner: Barnes, Oxendine: Grease spots on the gubernatorial trail?


Fox: Dennis Hastert's Son to Run for Father's Illinois Congressional Seat
CQ Politics: Son of Ex-Speaker Hastert To Challenge Rep. Foster
Progress Illinois: Meet Ethan Hastert
USA Today: Hastert's son joins the family business
CBS: Ethan Hastert To Run For House Seat
Politico: Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert's son announces House bid
WSJ: Former Speaker Hasterts Son to Run for U.S. House


Allentown MC: Is Corbett-Meehan a GOP dream ticket? Some say yes
Philadelphia Inquirer: Specter's shift: Just noise
Pittsburgh TR: Likely Specter challenger Sestak makes early rounds
Pittsburgh PG: Protesters rally against tax hikes at state Capitol


Mansfield NJ: Petro tells local GOP he will run for Supreme Court


NYT: Michigan Tries to Renew Itself Without King Auto


Tennessean: Gov. Bredesen's budget is likely to change


CQ Politics: Inglis Faces Deluge of Primary Challengers in South Carolina 4


AP/Riley: Governor vetoes more bills


Delmarva: Ehrlich addresses Republicans


WaPo: Haley Barbour Enters the 2012 Thicket
Dispatch: Barbour plays role of both wedge, hammer in stalemate


June 9, 2009



CNN: Palin center of attention at big GOP dinner
WaPo: Palin Welcomed at GOP Dinner
NYT: In Palins Shadow, Republicans Collect Cash
Dana Milbank: Keynoter or Not, Palin Steals Spotlight at GOP Fundraiser
Politico: Sarah Palin makes little splash at dinner
Wash Times: GOP scrambles for a messenger
Hill: Gingrich: Cheney takes first round vs. Obama
AP/Evans: Gingrich urges GOP inclusion at fundraiser
CQ Politics: Gingrich Trumps Palin at GOP Gala

Politico: Sarah Palin: Barack Obama's agenda not 'sensible'
NYDN: Sarah Palin rips Obama, tells Fox News his economic policy is leading U.S. to socialism

Fox: Governor Palin's Victories Against Ethics Complaints

NYT: Supreme Court Delays Sale of Chrysler to Fiat
WaPo: Supreme Court Delays Chrysler's Swift Sale
Wash Times: Ginsburg stalls sale of Chrysler
WaPo: Supreme Court Stalls Chrysler-Fiat Deal
Hill: Auto plan hits potholes

WSJ: Senators Respond to Obama on Health Care
WaPo: Decision Makers Differ on How To Mend Broken Health System
WSJ: Two Thorny Details Bedevil Health Bill
CQ Politics: Taxing Health Benefits Wouldnt Cover Full Cost Of Insurance For All
WaPo: Senate Republicans Send Obama Letter Opposing Public Health Plan
WSJ: Canada's ObamaCare Precedent: Governments always ration care by making you wait
Dick Morris: Here comes health care rationing
Betsy McCaughey: Downgrading American Medical Care
Rush Limbaugh: Stopping Obama's Health Care Takeover Must be Our Top Priority

WaPo: On the Cusp of Historic Majority, Senate Democrats Miss 'Pillars'

NYT: Senate energy markup may herald return of offshore drilling debate
Wash Times: Study: Cap and trade would hurt economy

WSJ: FedEx Begins Campaign Against Labor Bill

WaPo: CIA Urges Judge To Keep Bush-Era Documents Sealed

WSJ: Sotomayor Fractures Ankle at Airport
NYT: An Ivy-Covered Path to the Supreme Court
David Brooks: Sotomayor Cautious at Heart
Kevin Baine: Making Law on the Court

WSJ: GOP Blocks Census Nominee

Fox: House Republican Moves to 'Terminate the TARP'
WaPo: Banks May Need New Stress Tests, Panel Says
Wash Times: Bailouts no longer money in the bank: Funds diverted to help automakers

WSJ: FAA Chief Faces Test on Commuter Safety

WSJ: The Media Fall for Phony 'Jobs' Claims: The Obama Numbers Are Pure Fiction
WSJ: Obama Presses Cabinet to Speed Stimulus Spending
Wash Times: Obama to hurry recovery effort amid rising doubt
Hill: Bad jobs data spur Obama on stimulus
Hill: Cantor: Administration 'moving goalpost' on stimulus
Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Economy is Failing
Pat Buchanan: The Anti-Reagan

WaPo: Court Ties Campaign Largess to Judicial Bias
NYT: Justices Tell Judges Not to Rule on Major Backers
WSJ: Court Rules Against Massey Unit in Judicial-Bias Case
WaPo: Supreme Court Says Judges Must Avoid Appearance of Bias
WSJ: Judges and 'Bias': The Supremes trample on state courts
NYT: Editorial: Honest Justice

WaPo: Supreme Court Turns Down 'Don't Ask' Challenge
Wash Times: Justices decline 'don't ask, don't tell' case

WSJ: Holder Winks at Voter Intimidation

WaPo: House Clears New IG Independence Bill
Politico: Senate vote a sea change for tobacco
Hill: Cantor complains Pelosi refuses to meet with him

NYT: Turf Battles on Intelligence Pose Test for Spy Chiefs

Wash Times: 'Cold cash' looms large in Jefferson trial

Ross Douthat: Not All Abortions Are Equal


NYT: Republicans Regain Control of New York State Senate
Albany TU: Republicans flip Senate: GOP regains control of chamber with aid of 2 Democrats
Albany TU: Anticipating the aftershock
Albany TU: Senate revolt could lead to legislative gridlock
Albany TU: Guide to the players
NY Post: State Senate's gone coup-coo: GOP in power as Dems 'flip'
NY Post/Dicker: Clueless leaders didn't see it coming
NY Post: GOP takes control of State Senate
Newsday: GOP gains control of NY Senate, names Skelos majority leader
NYDN: GOP coup in Albany: Senators Monserrate & Espada vote against fellow Democrats
Albany TU: Two Democrats join Republicans to topple Smith as Senate leader
Buffalo News: Republicans retake state Senate, aided by renegade Democrats
Rochester D&C: Senate majority flips; vote pushes Smith out as majority leader
NYT: Republicans Seize Control of State Senate

CQ Politics: Gillibrand Locks Down Two More Endorsements

Buffalo News: Old budget ideas are 'new' again in governor's plan

Wash Times: Stage set in upstate New York for race to fill McHugh's seat

NYT: Poll Finds Lukewarm Support for Bloomberg


AP/Delli Santi: GOP's Christie blasts NJ governor over union deal
Shore News Today: Lonegan concession showed style, but will it reunite Republicans?
NYT: Corzine, in Burst of Election Ads, Pins G.O.P. Label on His Rival


WaPo: Primary Hinges On Voter Turnout
WaPo: Some Facts About Today's Dem Gov Primary
Wash Times: Virginia Democrats face pivotal primary
Politico: Late surge shapes Va. governor race
SurveyUSA: At the Wire, VA Democratic Governor Primary Snaps into Focus
CQ Politics: As Virginians Head to Polls, Reports Show Last-Minute Help From Big Backers
News Virginian: Virginia GOP aims to get back on winning track
WaPo: Va. Candidates Enter Homestretch of Tight Primary Race


Politico: Robert Byrd remains hospitalized with staph infection


Post-Bulletin: Presidential buzz swirls around Pawlenty

Minn Post: GOP activist seeks to count unopened Coleman-Franken absentee ballots


SacBee: 2010 governor hopefuls tread carefully in budget crisis
SacBee: Taxes still the way in California budget crisis, some insist
SacBee: Governor cancels unfilled 'vendor contracts'
Reuters: California to eliminate funds for recent contracts
SacBee: California's lawmakers cutting back, voluntarily

AP: SoCal politician's son dies in apparent cliff fall


Houston Chronicle: Perrys suggestion of power


USA Today: Ex-senator Robert Smith of N.H. will run again, via Florida
Florida Today: State Sen. Gelber plans attorney general run

Miami Herald: Florida Legislature gives OK to ship inmates out of state


WSJ: Holder Winks at Voter Intimidation
New American: Will Noncitizens Be Allowed to Vote in Georgia?

Columbus LE: McKoon plans to seek Harps Senate seat


Chronicle: Hastert's son announces run for Congress
Politico: Hastert's son to run for House
CQ Politics: Illinois Rep. Schakowsky Won't Go After Burris' Senate Seat
Hill: Rep. Schakowsky won't run for Senate
Chicago Sun-Times: Blago on Huckabee: 'Burris turned us down.' But did he?


AP/Scolforo: Pa. House Dems defeat Senate Republicans' budget


AP: Ohio governor making pitch to public for schools


Detroit News: Kilpatrick's new digs: $1M mansion
Detroit FP: Kilpatrick's new home bigger than Manoogian


CNN: Blunt: Public health care option a non-starter
AP/Blank: Missouri AG seeks to remove Dent County prosecutor


Chattanooga TFP: Redistricting will hurt Democrats, Forrester warns


AP: Asking for Stimulus Money, Reluctantly


BRN: Shuler: 'I am not running for Senate'


Politico: Cold Alaska: Sarah Palin's chilly relations with Mark Begich


June 8, 2009



NYDN: Sarah Palin hits New York City, joins Rudy Giuliani for Yankees game
Hill: Palin draws 20,000 to New York appearance
Wash Times: Palin fends off ethics charges brought since '08
AP: Alaska Gov. Palin talks about special needs in NY
Independent: Palin lays groundwork for 2012 presidential bid

WSJ: Ailing Kennedy Key to Health Bill
Wash Times: Grassley objects to health bill timeline
AP/Werner: Senator says Obama 'got nerve' to push lawmakers
NYT: Bipartisan Health Bill Is Possible, Leaders Say
WSJ: Obama's Health Cost Illusion
Politico: Shelby: Obama will destroy 'best health care system the world has ever known'
Bloomberg: Democrats Weigh Health Mandate as Obama Urges Taxing Wealthy

WaPo: U.S. Will Let Some Banks Repay Aid

NYT: U.S. to Propose Wider Oversight of Compensation
Vitter/McClintock: Capping pay, sapping incentives
NYT: Obamas Economic Circle Keeps Tensions Simmering

Human Events: New, Convoluted Auto Bailout: Cash for Clunkers
NYT: Opponents of Chrysler Sale to Fiat Make Appeal to Supreme Court

Guardian UK: Levy on international air travel could fund climate change fight

Wash Times: GOP seeks to trim stimulus, cut deficit
NYT: Stimulus Funds Spent to Keep Sun Belt Cool

CQ Politics: Gun Rights Lobby Prepares To Weigh In On Sotomayor
NYT: Sotomayor Is Recalled as a Driven Rookie Prosecutor
WSJ: Shelby Steele: Sotomayor and the Politics of Race
Politico: Newt explains 'racist' remark
Politico: Polling Sonia Sotomayor
WaPo: The Nominee's Jurisprudence: Hayden v. Pataki, 2006

WSJ: Obama's Speeches Setting a High Bar for Results
Human Events: Obama Administration May Have First Real Scandal

WSJ: Tobacco and the Tort Bar

Jed Babbin: The Watergate of Waterboarding

WaPo: Antiabortion Efforts Move to the State Level

Politico: Sarah Palin in, then out, back in -and now again out of fundraising dinner
Hot Air: A dangerous dance for the NRCC

Politico: Republicans angle for Rep. John McHugh's spot on House Armed Svcs Committee

Politico: GOP targets Nancy Pelosi's road trip


NY Post: Gov takes his Andy fears out on Mario
NYDN: Gov. Paterson's fix for economic crisis: High-tech spending
CQ Politics: While McHugh Awaits Confirmation, Would-Be Successors Wait, Too
Albany TU: Paterson: Panel to probe cop 'friendly fire'


Star-Ledger: Corzine comes to life and goes on attack in re-election battle
USA Today: Democratic candidates adopt anti-Bush strategy
NJ: Where is the Christie platform?
Cherry Hill CP: Campaign must be about the issues
Philadelphia Inquirer: Fractured Glouco GOP braces for another battle


CQ Politics: Virginia Democrats To Choose Gubernatorial Nominee
Hill: Card check makes '09 political debut in Virginia
WaPo: Black Vote Courted In Home Stretch


Politico: Norm Coleman stays course as Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty exits
Star Tribune: Wide-open field for governor in 2010


LA Times: State's budget crisis opens rift between unions and Democrats
SacBee: Most California lawmakers take full pay despite state shortfall
AP/Lin: The Golden State's safety net strains
SacBee: Threat of layoffs puts public employee unions on the spot


Dallas MN: If Hutchison leaves Senate, down-ballot frenzy could begin
Houston Chronicle: Straus learns fast on managing House
SA News: Take away 'voter ID' and new speaker might have smooth sailing


Wash Times: Some sunshine in Florida


Chicago Sun-Times: Why, oh why, am I watching Patti?


Politico: Arlen Specter's charm offensive
PA2010: Sestak: Only an act of God will keep him out of Senate race


Townhall: Kasich v Strickland -- Ohio center stage again


Mirror: His roots are here, but Mike Bouchard is eyeing Lansing
Detroit News: Cherry has image problem in bid to be next Michigan governor


Clarksville: The Tennnessee House GOP Review


Politico: David Vitter: Outlook for 2010 'very good'
Advertiser: Louisiana Spotlight: Louisiana barely dodges two bullets


CQ Politics: New Mexico GOP Waits to Hear If Pearce Be With Them


Boston Globe: DiMasi case shines spotlight on ally: Topazio cooperating with prosecutors


Examiner: Maryland Republican Party hosts Newt Gingrich


Fort Wayne JG: Daniels in 2012? Maybe 2016


AP: Budget impasse focuses on taxes vs. spending


Las Vegas RJ: Reid just irks Nevada GOP: Few dollars to defeat senator
LA Times: Nevada's Harry Reid secures some GOP backing for reelection -- a user's guide
Roll Call: Reid's Republican Supporters in Nevada Form Committee


AP/Byrd: Analysis: Barbour's strength at play in stalemate, MS


Arizona Republic: Pullen touts Brewer plan; tax foe irked



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