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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

March 7, 2009



WSJ: Obama Touts New Hires Amid 'Challenges Ahead'
WaPo: Job Losses Could Drown Stimulus: Unemployment Soars to 1983 Level
WaPo: In Obama Tax Plan, A Shift of Wealth From the Top Down
WSJ: You Can't Spend Your Way Out of the Crisis
NYT: Job Losses Hint at Vast Remaking of Economy
Washington Times: Jobless rate reaches 25-year high
WaPo: Underwater Stock Options Get a Lifeline From Firms
WSJ: A 'Whoa' to Retirement-Plan Idea
NYT: Editorial: When Jobs Go Missing
NYT/Bob Herbert: Miracles Take Time
WSJ/Gov. David Paterson: Obama's Mortgage Plan Is What We Need
WSJ/James Taranto: Even Paul Krugman is losing confidence in Obama
NYT/Paul Krugman: The Big Dither
WaPo: Soaking the Rich? Jim Cramer, Greg Manikow...
George Will: Where the Obesity Grows
Kathleen Parker: A Cool Look At Those Trillions
NY Post: Scrimpers and savers being played for suckers
Washington Times: Spending bill keeps government open
Hill: Boehner calls on supporters to jam Senate on omnibus

WSJ: FDIC Bill Dodges a New TARP Fight
AP: Obama Treasury Sec. Geithner loses 2 key candidates for senior posts after they withdraw
Politico: Treasury island: Geithner's lost crew

WSJ: Geithner, Summers Hold Auto Meeting at White House Friday

WSJ: President Puts Defense Contractors on Notice: Crackdown on Costs Is Coming
John Yoo: Why the latest assault on Bush antiterror strategy could make us less safe
Politico: Obama Justice Dept. will defend Yoo

WSJ: Corporations Step Up Drive Against Bill to Ease Unionization

WSJ: The SEC's Annuity Grab
WaPo: Regulatory Reform Sought In Wake of Fraud Cases

WSJ: Obama to Reverse Policy on Stem Cells
NYT: Obama Set to Reverse Bushs Stem-Cell Restrictions
WaPo: Obama To Loosen Stem Cell Funding

NYT: In Divide Over Health Care Overhaul, 2 Major Unions Withdraw From a Coalition

Politico: Dean for surgeon general?
WSJ: Cybersecurity Chief Resigns
WaPo: Former NASA Official Is Accused of Steering Money to Private Client
Hill: Ex-congressional staffer faces corruption charges
CQ Politics: Former Aide to Rep. Don Young Indicted as Part of Abramoff Probe

WSJ: Industry Seeks to Raise Ethanol Levels in Fuel
NYT: House Bill for a Carbon Tax to Cut Emissions Faces a Steep Climb

NYT: For McCain, a Dual Role, Center Stage
WaPo: With Obama in Charge, Reid Returns to Preferred Role

WSJ: Obama adopts Bush view on the powers of the presidency
NYT: Their Ranks Bolstered, and With Big Issues Ahead, Democrats Stumble
NYDN: London aghast at President Obama over gifts given to Prime Minister Brown

WSJ: The GOP's Limbaugh Dilemma
WaPo: Limbaugh's Audience Size? It's Largely Up in the Air
NYDN: Limbaugh implies Ted Kennedy will be dead by the time health care reform bill passes

Wash Times: Steele calms some RNC members: New chairman airs 'missteps' in phone call
Chicago Tribune: GOP's Steele still ironing out the kinks
Politico: Steele pushes back; rivals gripe
Hill: Steele soothes jittery RNC nerves
NYT/Gail Collins: Just Steele Yourselves

Richmond T-D: Gingrich ponders White House run; says Cantor will be Speaker someday
NYDN: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich hints at 2012 presidential run

Politico: Jindal's Kenneth problem

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


Albany TU: Lawyers support embattled Bruno: Capital Region group says indictment flawed

Albany TU: Senate will fold Rocky drug law reform into budget proposal
Buffalo News: Bennett to leave chancellors post, stay on as regent
Albany TU: Bennett steps down as Regents chancellor
NYT: Democrats Agonize but Go Work for Bloomberg
WSJ: A Hole Grows in Brooklyn
DN: BoA threatens former employee with lawsuit over Cuomo Merrill Lynch bonus investigation


Pioneer Press: Franken loses argument for election certificate
Star Tribune: High court: Franken can't join Senate yet
NYT: Court Rules Franken Is Not Entitled to Election Certificate
CQ Politics: Coleman Court Case Will Run Course as Franken Petition Is Denied
Bemidji Pioneer: Minnesotans tired of Senate race, but know votes count
Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: Day 30

Rasmussen: 61% of Minnesota Voters Dont Think Pawlenty Should Seek Presidency in 2012
Politico: Pawlenty: GOP has 'bottomed out'

KARE: Casino proposed to fund new Vikings stadium


Fox: Whitman Stumps In The South Bay
SacBee: State controller says checks to taxpayers, others are flowing again
SacBee: Gay marriage backers still hard at work in California


Rasmussen: 47% of Texas Voters Support Governor's Opposition to Stimulus Funds
AP/Hastings: To execute or not: A question of cost?
Star Telegram: Editorial: Texas GOP senators gain advantage on voterID bill


Miami Herald: Fellow Democrat says Sen. Bill Nelson misfired on judicial panel nominees
AHN: GOP Warns Of Re-Election Defeat For Florida Rep. Alan Grayson
Politico: Rep. Grayson won't hold his tongue


Macon Telegraph: Georgia senate fails to crack down on tax delinquent members


NYT: Judges Uphold Bribery Conviction of a Former Alabama Governor


ABC7Chicago: Illinois GOP tries to restyle itself


JTA: A repeat challenger for Specter


Cleveland PD: Ohio Senate approves spending $360 million in state stimulus money


Daily Press: GOP chair loses support and a football pool


Tennessean: Tennessee to take stimulus cash


March 6, 2009



WaPo: Spending Bill Stalls in Senate, 1 Vote Shy of Breaking Filibuster
Politico: Omnibus still one vote short
NYT: G.O.P. Delays Fiscal Bill Over Earmarks
Washington Times: Senate delays spending bill vote
Politico: Dueling Dems have Obama in earmark jam
Hill: Spending-bill vote called off, lacking Dem support
CQ Politics: Senate Pulls Plug on Omnibus Spending Vote
CQ Politics: Pelosi Vows to Work With Obama to Examine Earmarking After Omnibus

WSJ: Obama's Radicalism Is Killing the Dow
WSJ: Obama Economy: Recessions don't last forever, but bad policies can prolong pain
WSJ: Obama Repeats Bush's Worst Market Mistakes
WaPo: U.S. to Invite The Wealthy To Invest in The Bailout
WaPo: Markets Resume Month-Long Sell-Off As Investors Brace for More Bad News
NYT: Slump Humbling Blue-Chip Stocks, Once Dows Pride
WaPo: Corporate America's Icons Crumbling Under Global Recession
WaPo: Senators Call AIG 'Lost Cause': Banking Panel Slams Insurance Giant's Bailout
NYT: A Trading Inquiry at Merrill Lynch
NYT: Handicapping the Jobless Report
NYT: Quiet Layoffs Sting Workers Without Notice
Politico: Frank pushes for punishment for crisis

WSJ: Bill Seeks to Let FDIC Borrow up to $500 Billion
Bloomberg: Fed Refuses to Release Bank Data, Insists on Secrecy

Hill: House approves cramdown legislation
CQ Politics: House Passes Mortgage Bill With 'Cramdown' Provision Included
WP: Homeowner Rescue Bill Passes House: Would Let Bankruptcy Judges Modify Mortgages
WSJ: Overdue Mortgages Increase
NYT: Obamas Housing Rescue Plan and You
NYT: Editorial: Helping the House Poor

WSJ: Top Treasury Candidates Pull Out: Decline to Endure Vetting Process
Politico: Treasury starved for appointees
Am Spectator/Prowler: Treasury This Moment: Another subcabinet nominee withdraws

Politico: Justice Dept Crim Div: Lanny Breuer's rogue's gallery

Charles Krauthammer: Great Non Sequitur: Sleight of Hand Behind Obama's Agenda
Matt Kinnaman: Coach Calhoun Rocks Obamanomics
Michael Gerson: GOP at the Abyss: Will the Party Face FDR, Clinton or Carter?
David Brooks: When Obamatons Respond
Peggy Noonan: A Tragedy of Errors, and an Accounting
Oliver North: Everyone But House Republicans Are Smiling
Chuck Norris: Obama Plus Congress Equals Economic Chaos
William Jacobson: New Song - "It Ain't Your Money To Spend"

WSJ: Obama, Health-Care Players Agree to Seek Overhaul
NYT: Obama Says He Is Open to Altering Health Plan
WaPo: Ex-Foes of Health-Care Reform Emerge as Supporters
WSJ: Health 'Reformers' Ignore Facts
Hill: Discord lurks beneath health summit
Rush Limbaugh: Tort Reform is Key Health Care Fix

NYT: Gupta Ends Surgeon General Candidacy
WaPo: CNN's Gupta Decides Against Surgeon General Position, Cites 'Timing'
Politico: Gupta withdraws surgeon general bid

American Thinker: The Obama Double Tax Whammy
American Thinker: Warning! Bracket Creep Ahead!

Am Spectator: Cox Exchange: Replacing smears with the truth about former SEC head

WSJ: Political Lobbying Drove FDA Process
NYT: Food Problems Elude Private Inspectors

Washington Times: 'Angry' Obama aides push Katrina recovery

Hill: Accurate 2010 Census count 'jeopardized'

WSJ: The Climate Change Lobby Has Regrets: Cap and trade is going to cost them
WaPo: Europe Advises U.S. Officials on Climate
WaPo: Ethanol Producers Press for Higher Limits

WSJ: House Outlines Obama Agenda Action
WSJ: Railroads, Customers Prepare to Spar Over Regulation Bill
WSJ: Biden Embraces Union Agenda at AFL-CIO Meeting
WSJ: Mayoral Control Makes the Grade: Unions want to take back the schools

AP: Live Coverage Boosts Access to Federal Courtrooms

Politico: House turns back call for PMA probe
Hill: Visclosky calls for PMA ethics investigation
Wikipedia: PMA Group

Politico: FEC: Obama mortgage a legal deal

WaPo: GOP Fights Back Over Criticism of Limbaugh
Washington Times: Voters disagree Limbaugh as poster boy
Fox: Dem Web Site Mocks Limbaugh, Republicans
BBC: Who leads the US Republican Party?
Politico: Trapped between Rush and hard place
Hill: Gibbs knows the art of war
Michael Reagan: The White House Vendetta
Rush Limbaugh: Obama "Tracking Poll" Plunges, While White House Plays Games
Rush Limbaugh: Creepy: Supreme Leader Wants You Desperate for His Salvation
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Disses Gordon Brown; Cozies Up to America's Enemies
Rush Limbaugh: The ChiComs are Now More Capitalist Than Obama's America
Rush Limbaugh: Liberal Jim Cramer Sees the Light
Rush Limbaugh: Suggest a Rush Billboard to the DNC
NYDN: Rush Limbaugh challenges President Obama to a debate

Kathleen Parker: As two messiahs duel, Romney shows GOP leadership

Politico: Did Palin's looks hurt?
Rasmussen: 75% Believe Constitution Guarantees Right To Own A Gun

SF Chronicle: CA state GOP head named by Steele to top Republican post
WaPo: RNC Online Director Resigns
WaPo: GOP Lawmakers Rally Around Steele
Politico: DLC on brink of a major shake-up


Albany TU: Senate Republicans offer their no-tax budget plan
Newsday: Senate Republicans unveil alternative budget for 2010
NYT: Senate Majority Courts G.O.P. on Transit Plan
Albany TU: State insurance chief quits as agency under fire
NYT: Paterson Shifts on Emissions, Drawing Fire
NY Post: Gov: I'll take 10% pay cut
NYDN: Gov. Paterson makes a 'sacrifice' & takes pay cut
Albany TU: NRCC gets funny
Albany TU: Area's jobless rate surges to 7.1 percent
Albany TU: Millions at stake in bottle bill
Albany TU: Introducing: Lawyers for Bruno
NY Post: Spitz buys 'Ho Zone' property
WSJ: Spitzer Is Back in D.C. -- in Real Estate
NYDN: Pay-for-luv ex-gov Eliot Spitzer buys sexy view
NY Post: Weiner's 'naughty' hottie$: Foreign babes gave illegally
NY Post: State road projects set for stimulation
Buffalo News: On 2nd day of WNY visit, Paterson says local projects will proceed


Pioneer Press: Franken asks judges to toss Coleman's suit
AP/Bakst: Franken pushes to toss Coleman's Minn. Senate suit
Star Tribune: Minnesotans split again -- on a new Senate vote
CQ Politics: What About a Do-Over in Minnesota?
CQ Politics: More Questions Than Answers in Minnesota Senate Case
Rasmussen: Minnesota Voters See Franken As Winner


SF Chronicle: California GOP head to lead state party chairs
NYT: California Court Weighing Gay Marriage Ban
WSJ: Drug Legalization Isn't the Answer


Dallas MN: While fighting earmarks, Sen. Hutchison tops list of Texas' earmarkers


Miami Herald: Gov. Crist touts affordable health insurance plan
Tampa Tribune: Crist Spreads Word About Health Plan
Miami Herald: Florida's No. 2, under fire for air travel, takes to the road
Miami Herald: End of Florida's boom reveals the flaws in tax system
Miami Herald: Tax gap could cost schools


Atlanta JC: Phil Gingrey on the topic of Rush Limbaugh, again


NYT: Republicans Look for a Reliever in Kentucky


St. Louis P-D: Illinois Republicans appear to be losing special-election battle
WaPo: Backers Resurrect Ill. 'Clean Coal' Project


Morning Call: Toomey tells friends Senate run is on
RedState: Pat Toomey is In Against Specter
Politico: Toomey's running against Specter


AP: 'Joe the Plumber' sues over Ohio records probe
WaPo: The Economy Has Put Columbus, Ohio, in A Tight Spot


Detroit News: State up for $187M in earmarks


Human Events: High Stakes Gov. Race

Virginian-Pilot: GOP officials file petition to oust Virginia party chairman
Richmond T-D: Va. Republicans are apparently ready to dump party chairman
Washington Times: Va. GOP chief asked to leave
AP: Major Va. donor named new state GOP finance chief


American Spectator: O'Malley's Hot Air


Jed Babbin: Sanford Rising?


Chattanooga TFP: Lieutenant governor considering joining gubenatorial race
KnoxNews: Exploratory Ramsey Not Running Late, Todd Says


Hill: Dems make 3rd try against Reichert


Boston Globe: Bay State's jobless rate jumps to 7.4%


March 5, 2009



WSJ: Mortgage Bailout to Aid 1 in 9 U.S. Homeowners
NYT: U.S. Sets Big Incentives to Head Off Foreclosures
NYT: Mortgage Plan Targets Up to Four Million Homeowners
NYT: Unlucky or Unwise, Some Borrowers Are Left Out
WaPo: U.S. Launches Wide-Ranging Plan to Steady Housing Market
WaPo: Details on the President's Refinancing and Loan Modification Packages
Bloomberg: More Than 8.3 Million U.S. Mortgages Are Under Water

WSJ: White House Rethinks Tax Hikes

NYT: House to Try Again to Let Judges Alter Mortgages

WSJ: See No Earmarks: Defining spending deviancy down
Politico: Omnibus advances amid earmark fight
Politico: Martinez: GOP in 'striking distance'
Hill: McCain elbows his way back

WSJ: Ex-Fannie CEO's Loan Is Questioned
Bloomberg: Raines Was Offered 4.1% Countrywide Loan in 2003
WaPo: Republican Says Documents, Raines's Statements At Odds
Hill: Rep says Fannie Mae exec got loan perks
American Thinker: Who is Barney Frank? The man at the center of our financial crisis
Washington Times: Big donors dominate Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board

WSJ: Merrill Men Paid Over $10 Million Subpoenaed
WSJ: The Right Way to Determine Executive Pay

WSJ: Fault Found in Takeover of Banks

NYT: Fed Report Paints Bleak Economic Picture
AP/Aversa: Fed survey: Recession getting worse in almost all of US
WaPo: A Global Retreat As Economies Dry Up
WaPo: Recession Deepening Across Regions, Industries, Fed Says
Dick Morris: Coming next year: Obama's inflation

WSJ: Government Contracting Is Targeted
NYT: Obama to Change Contract Awarding
WaPo: President Orders Review of Federal Contracting System
Politico: Ag Sec Vilsack kills $500k consulting contract

WSJ: Let's Get Real About Renewable Energy
WSJ: Green Trade War: Warming to protectionism
Reuters: US Treasury secretary attacks oil, gas tax breaks

Politico: McConnell: No gov't health insurance

Human Events: Democrats Launch Effort to Repeal 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Fox: D.C. Voting Rights Advocates Scramble to Save House Bill
Jed Babbin: Democrats Pull D.C. Voting Rights Act
Washington Times: Indefensibly unconstitutional: D.C voting rights is still wrong

Hill: White House taking a step back on line-item veto power

Karl Rove: Presidential Bait-and-Switch: What Obama once promised, & what he's delivering

NYT: Top Bush Aides to Testify in Attorneys Firings
WaPo: Deal Clears Rove, Miers to Discuss Prosecutor Firings
Hill: Deal means Rove, Miers will testify
Hill: Rove, Conyers reach deal on testimony
Politico: Rove, Miers to testify
CQ Politics: Rove, Miers to Be Questioned on U.S. Attorney Firings

McClatchy: Dispute over census could complicate Locke's confirmation hearing
Hill: Census plan gets counted out

WaPo: Fla. Official Chosen to Run FEMA
NYT: Obama Chooses Emergency Manager for FEMA
AP: Obama Taps Fugate for FEMA

Washington Times: Foreign ties of nominee questioned

Washington Times: Leahy battles alone for 'truth': Senators skip abuses hearing
Dana Milbank: Truth Commission: Facing the Cold, Hard Truth

Human Events: A new face and a new censorship strategy emerge at the FCC

WSJ: Pre-empting Drug Innovation: So much for the 'pro-business' Court
NYT: No Legal Shield in Drug Labeling, Justices Rule
WaPo: Justices Rule Against Drug Company in Injury Case

WSJ: Localities Facing Merger Push

James Taranto: Obama's Katrina? The new president seems dangerously out of touch

WaPo: Amid Criticism, RNC Chair Steele Says He'll Stay Focused on Remaking Party
Bill O'Reilly: Lack of Leadership Causing Chaos in Republican Party
WSJ: Has Obama Buried Reagan? The GOP is faltering in its defense of Republican ideals
CQ Politics: Republicans Go on the Record to Explain Their Earmarks
Fox: Where's Palin's $150G Wardrobe? RNC Doesn't Say

John Boehner: Democrats' Diversionary Tactics
Politico: Rush Job: Inside Dems' Limbaugh plan
Politico: Boehner now directly attacking Obama
Hill: Boehner: White House distracting with Rush
CQ Politics: In a Shift, House Republicans Take On Obama

Politico: Rush challenges Obama to debate
Rush Limbaugh: Rush to the President: Debate Me
Washington Times: 'Feeding' the beast on Rush attacks: Obama team admits input
Rush Limbaugh: Drive-Bys Fail to Ask Gibbs About Emanuel's WH Anti-Rush Operation
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Wants to Return the Wealth of the Nation to Its Rightful Owners
Time: Conservative Radio Host Rush Limbaugh
NYT: Fears of a Clown

ABC: A New Mystery for RNC Chief
Fox: Steele vs. Limbaugh: Who's in Charge of the GOP?
Rush Limbaugh: Drive-Bys Obsess on Steele Story

Ann Coulter: Olbermann's Plastic Ivy

Houston Chronicle: Barbara Bush undergoes heart surgery
AP: Barbara Bush rests comfortably after heart surgery
KHOU: Bio: Barbara Pierce Bush


NYT: Albany Takes Step to Repeal Rockefeller Drug Laws
Albany TU: Drug law reforms await Senate vote
Albany TU: Assembly drug reform vote tally

NYT: Challengers to Gillibrand Emerging
US News: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Kirsten Gillibrand

NYT: Amid N.Y.s Budget Crisis, a Scramble to Spend Billions
Buffalo News: Paterson pressed on sarifices during town hall meeting
NYDN: Yeah, I'd take a pay cut, too, says Gov. Paterson
NY Post: Mike: Albany stealing our stimulus $$
NYDN: Brooklyn GOPers like Mayor Bloomberg for nod
NY Post: De Blasio a 'shill - board'


Star Tribune: Coleman wonders if judges can find a winner
Star Tribune: Senate recount trial, day 28
Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: Mistakes were isolated, Franken team contends
Pioneer Press: Franken witnesses ask if their votes counted
Star Tribune: Senate trial: Coleman side points to election errors
Star Tribune: No legal basis for Senate do-over
Hill: Dems, GOP take different approaches in Minnesota marathon battle for Senate

MPR: Sutton announces bid for state GOP chair
Star Tribune: Sutton to seek state GOP chairmanship


LA Times: Panel votes to put California unemployment bill on fast track
LA Times: California has enough pork to be in hog heaven
NRO: Accounting for Californias Suicide
LA Times/Meyerson: As the GOP stands firm, California is changing direction

SacBee: Field Poll: Feinstein would be front-runner in race for governor
Politico: Brown strong in CA
Examiner: Schwarzenegger drops in polls among both parties

WSJ: Sides Prime for New Gay-Marriage Fights
NYT: California Court to Weigh Gay Marriage Ban
Seattle Times: Is Prop. 8 a constitutional wrong?

PC Magazine: Calif. Bill Would Blur Online Mapping Programs

AP/Reiterman: Lawyer: Feds in Sacramento resurrect Perata probe


AP/Shannon: Gov. Perry wants to lure Hollywood lights to Texas
AP/Burns: Texas postpones school bond guarantee
Austin AS: Kinky Friedman's back


Miami Herald: Stimulus could mean billions in Florida for unemployment aid, food stamps
Orlando Sentinel: Indian gaming is long shot in Florida Legislature
Daytona Beach N-J: Senate fights over state's commuter rail
Miami Herald: Republicans are trying to find a voice and a direction

St. Petersburg Times: Get your bets down on Crist's next move
MSNBC: Competition Heating Up Race For Putnam's Seat
TampaBay: Victor Crist has challenger for Hillsborough commission seat


CQ Politics: Barrett To Run For South Carolina Governor
AP/Davenport: Sanford to divvy stimulus next week


Arizona Republic: Brewer steps up with robust plan to quell crisis


Jackson Clarion-Ledger: House goes around Barbour for stimulus
Jackson Clarion-Ledger: Barbour objects to $50M in stimulus funds


Atlanta JC: Perdue cuts deep, wont refuse funds
Atlanta JC: Nearly $99 million in Georgia earmarks
Atlanta JC: Proof-of-citizenship bill for voters passes Senate
Atlanta JC: Sunday alcohol sales stumble
Athens Banner-Herald: Kemp, ex-lawmaker, files for secretary bid
Atlanta JC: Kemp jumps into secretary of state race, shows backing
AP/Bluestein: Ga. Senate targets tax-delinquent legislators
AP/McCaffrey: Senate: Would-be voters must prove citizenship
AP: Voters would have to prove citizenship


St. Louis PD: Illinois Republicans still agitating for special election
News-Herald: Illinois GOP Grapples With More Party Input
AP: Blagojevich book deal sparks legislation
Chicago Tribune: City Hall hiring back on trial


Philadelphia Daily News: Is it time for Arlen to rejoin Democrats?


Columbus Dispatch: GOP can't stop governor's rail idea


Detroit FP: Will mortgage plan be any help in Michigan?


Moment: Can Eric Cantor Save the GOP?
Fairfax Times: McDonnell says history favors him in governor's race


Tennessean: Tennessee should stick with open primary voting


March 4, 2009



WSJ: What Are the Odds of a Depression?
WaPo: As Markets Slump, U.S. Tries to Halt Cycle of Fear
NYT: Job Losses Show Breadth of Recession
WSJ: Geithner Defends Budget, Warns on Deficits
AP/Ohlemacher: Obama's plan to hike taxes meets fierce opposition
WaPo: Republicans Criticize Tax Increases, Plan to Cap Pollution
Dick Morris: Waging War on Prosperity
CNBC: Cramer to White House: Wealth Destruction Is Real
Politico: White House takes swipe at Cramer (video)
Michael Gerson: How Obama Will Bleed the Rich Dry
Rich Lowry: The Spending Is the Thing
NRO: An Assault on Authentic Compassion
Bloomberg: Rich Donors May Be Undeterred by Tax Caps on Charitable Gifts
WaPo: Obama Touts Investing With 'Long-Term Perspective'
William Kristol: Don't Worry, Be Happy: Obama gives the markets the back of his hand

WaPo: Democrats to Temper Mortgage Relief Bill: Bankruptcy Judges Given Less Leeway
WSJ: Hoyer Anticipates Mortgage 'Cramdown' Vote Thursday
WaPo: Mortgage Bill Language Undermines Protections, Critics Say
CQP: Bankruptcy Judges Would Get More Payment-Reducing Power Under Capitol Hill Deal

WaPo: Bernanke Blasts AIG For 'Irresponsible Bets' That Led to Bailouts
NYT: Fed Chief Says Insurance Giant Acted Irresponsibly
WaPo: Financial Rescue Turns to Toxic Assets
NYT: Ex-leaders of Countrywide Profit From Bad Loans
WSJ: Rethinking the Fan and Fred Takeover
WSJ: Bank Robbery: Depleting capital when it's most needed
Sen. Evan Bayh: Deficits and Fiscal Credibility
Wowowow: The MBAs of the Meltdown Where Did Those Bankers Go to Business School?

NYT: Stimulus Flows Into Patchwork of State Transport Projects

WaPo: Tough Test Emerges as Administration Aims to Bolster Automakers, Cut Pollution
Politico: Car sales nosedive; another bailout?

WaPo: Picks for Key Government Posts Play Long Waiting Game
WSJ: Obama Signals Backing for Union Law
CQ Politics: Can Card Check Alter Unions State?
WSJ: Intelligence Pick Faces Criticism
WSJ: LaHood Encourages Private Funds for Transportation and Mass Transit
WSJ: U.S. Willing to Roll Back Missile-Defense Plans in Europe
WSJ: U.S. Climate Official Urges Congress To Curb Greenhouse-Gas Emissions
WSJ: GOP Attacks Climate Plan as Too Costly
WSJ: U.S. Pushes for Crackdown on Tax Havens
WaPo: Bill Would Put Tobacco Under FDA Control
American Spectator: New Health Czar Challenges Obama's Ethics Reforms
American Spectator: Sebelius and Kmiec Catholicism

Stanley Kurtz: UCLA Tests Congress
NYT: Senator Asks Pfizer About Harvard Payments

NYT: Justice Dept. May Release More Terrorism Memos
Chicago Tribune: Bush memos on presidential power shock legal experts

WaPo: Senate Rejects McCain Earmark Amendment to Omnibus
Washington Times: Obama's reform on earmarks exposes rifts
NYT: McCain Loses Fight Over Earmarks
AP/Espo: Senate ignores McCain, keeps thousands in earmarks
SF Chronicle: Congress spending vote stirs earmarks debate
Boston Globe: McCain loses earmarks battle
WaPo: President Walks Tightrope on Earmarks
Politico: Angry McCain slams Obama
Hill: GOP lawmaker targets lobbying firm

WSJ: Obama Gets Strong Support in Poll

AP/Abrams: Democrats show little appetite for gun control

Hill: Inside the nations top 10 House races
AP: Judge Reinstates Subpoena Seeking Testimony From Cheney

WaPo: Justices Consider When a Judge Should Bow Out

WaPo: GOP Seeks Balance With Conservative Icon Limbaugh
Hill: Limbaugh basks in Obamas spotlight
American Thinker: Obama appoints Rush Limbaugh leader of the opposition
Jonah Goldberg: The tired war on Rush Limbaugh
WaPo/Cillizza: White House Cheat Sheet: (Re)Defining Rush
WaPo/Achenbach: Rush Limbaugh vs. David Brooks
CQ Politics: Reid Ties the Republicans to Rush
Politico: Inside the Dems' anti-Rush plan
WaPo: Rush and Response
US News: Rush Limbaugh: The Bull in the GOP's China Shop
David Plouffe: Minority Leader Limbaugh
Kathleen Parker: Rush to the Wrong Choice
Clarence Page: Limbaugh profits at the GOP's expense

Politico: Steele trap? GOP fears grow

NRO: Republicans should not build a strategy around courting 'upscale' voters
Reuters: Republicans search for path out of wilderness

James Taranto: An Honest Leftist
WSJ: Conservatives and Their Pity Parties
Politico: Love spat: GOP splits with big business

Washington Times: Evangelicals ponder 'who's the next Dobson?'

WaPo: Illegal Immigrant to Be Charged With Chandra Levy Murder


Albany TU: Debate proves spectator sport
AP/Bauman: Candidates for NY's 20th District seat debate
Capital News 9: Tedisco and Murphy debate
Albany TU: Murphy, Tedisco debate in Saratoga Springs
Hill: Hopefuls for Gillibrand's seat debate stimulus

Buffalo News: Golisano meetings with Republicans in Albany raise eyebrows
Newsday: Fed spending bill contains billions in earmarks for LI
Albany TU: Inspector general begins investigation into the State Insurance Fund
NY Post: Gov runs into foto flak
NY Post: Gov's $48B pension fix
NY Post: The biggest loser: Paterson poll NY's worst ever
NYDN: DA Morgenthau's top deputy Castleman quits over reported support for rival successor


Bemidji Pioneer: Coleman hints at new election
Pioneer Press: Franken team presents case as Coleman suggests election redo
Star Tribune: Coleman questions whether election can be decided
CQ Politics: More Questions Than Answers in Minnesota Senate Case
USA Today: Coleman says new election may be needed in Minnesota
KSTP: GOP chair solicits donations for Coleman

Bemidji Pioneer: Federal money helps lower state budget deficit to $4.6 billion
Pioneer Press: Minnesota gets a break on its bad budget news
Star Tribune: Earmarks for Minnesota? Not so much...


LA Times: Villaraigosa wins 2nd term; Greuel leads

SacBee: GOP recruiter's pay, results questioned
AP: GOP recruiter receives $900,000 to find candidates

LA Times: California Supreme Court may reveal stance on Prop. 8 on Thursday
UPI: Calif. Senate takes anti-Prop 8 stand

SF Chronicle: Poll: GOP, Dems equally dislike Schwarzenegger
SF Chronicle: California featured at world IT trade show
SacBee: Lockyer, other California officeholders earn outside income
Human Events/DeVore: Huge Tax Increases Are Roiling California GOP


Austin AS: Schieffer says he's looking into a run for governor
AP: Highlights from the Texas Legislature
Dallas MN: Dallas Fed estimates Texas may reach 8% unemployment
El Paso Times: Gov. Rick Perry urged to OK money for jobless
Dallas MN: Tax issues won't derail Kirk, key senators, experts say


Tulsa World: J.C. Watts running for Oklahoma governor?
Fox: Former Rep. Watts Stirs Speculation About Possible Run for Oklahoma Governor
AP: Watts stirs speculation on governor's race with Capitol visit
CQ Politics: Fallin in the Oklahoma Governors Race
Southern Political Report: Oklahoma 2010 governor's race could be crowded


Fox: Gov. Crist delivers State of the State
Pensacola News Journal: Crist delivers State of the State address
Bradenton Herald: Crist, GOP again at odds over stimulus
Palm Beach Post: Crist: No tax hikes or budget cutbacks
St. Petersburg Times: Legislature opens today with new stimulus buzz, speaker
St. Petersburg Times: Florida Senate, House leaders discuss issues facing Legislature
Orlando Sentinel: Florida Legislature kicks off session under cloud of economic worry


Atlanta JC: Bill would bolster food inspection
Atlanta JC: Chambliss pushes stronger food safety legislation
Atlanta JC: House has approved legislation creating a statewide 1-cent sales tax


Chicago Tribune: Quigley claims Democratic nomination in race to replace Rahm Emanuel
Chicago Sun-Times: Quigley takes the 5th
Hill: Quigley wins Dem nod for Rahm Emanuel's seat
CQ Politics: Primary for Emanuel's House Seat Under Way Today


Michael Barone: Specter v. Toomey, again? PA Will Be Tough For a Conservative to Win
NYT: Philadelphia Mayor Plans Rise in Taxes
Philly News: GOP candidate well ahead in state Senate race


Cleveland PD: Ohio House, Senate pass dueling film tax credits
AP/Majors: Ohio Legislature approves cash bonuses for vets
Vindy: Voters to decide on bonuses for vets
Western Star: Voters to decide on cash benefits for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan


AP/Bauer: Wis. Republican lawmakers seek business input


KC Star: Parkinson poised to become next governor of Kansas


Denver Post: Repeal of budget growth lid gets initial OK


Hill: Rep. Barrett to run for S.C. governor
Greenville News: Rep. Gresham Barrett says hes running for governor


March 3, 2009



WSJ: The Obama Economy: Dow keeps dropping, Obama is running out of people to blame
WaPo: Markets Sink Globally as Government Actions Fail to Reassure Investors
WaPo: Stock Sell-Off Spurs Fears That Slump Will Worsen
WaPo: Many Hires Needed for Budget Goals: 10,000s Could Be Added to Federal Payroll
NYT: Steep Market Drops Highlight Despair Over Rescue Efforts
Boston Globe: Stocks plunge on a wave of worry

WaPo: AIG Posts $61.7 Billion Loss, Faces Grim Future
WSJ: AIG's Black Box: The fourth rescue is not a charm
Politico: Senator: AIG bailout a 'tar baby'
NYT: Editorial: The Never-Ending Bailout
WaPo: Editorial: AIG Agony: The never-ending rescue of an insurer that was too big to fail

WSJ: Citi to Allow Jobless to Pay Less on Loans
WSJ: 'Bad Bank' Funding Plan Starts to Get Fleshed Out
American Thinker: Rewriting Mortgages and the American Social Contract
NYT: U.S. Likely to Keep the Reins on Fannie and Freddie
WaPo: Government-Picked Leader Resigns as Losses Pile Up
WSJ: Buyers Should Pay for Bond Ratings
NYDN: Sen. Chuck Schumer takes stock of Wall Street compensation
Politico: Tough talk to banks could backfire

WaPo: Sebelius, DeParle Named to Health-Care Posts
Hill: Senate expected to approve Sebelius nod
WSJ: Tough Questions Dog Health-Care Overhaul
NYT: On Health, President Takes Team Approach
NYT: Obama Taps Health Aide With Links to Industry
Politico: Group launches health care offensive
Politico: Will DeParle bring ethics conflicts?
WaPo: Nominations on Hold For 2 Top Science Posts
AP: Kansas Gov. Sebelius faces backlash from abortion foes if she is next health secretary
Rasmussen: 49% Say Obama Should Delay Health Care Reform Until Economy Is Better

Hill: House, Senate tackle cramdown, omnibus
WaPo: Legislation Calls For Independent Census Bureau

WaPo: Obama Makes Overtures to Russia on Missile Defense
NYT: Obama Offered Deal to Russia in Secret Letter

WSJ: Budget Chief Set to Defend Blueprint
WSJ: States Give Gambling a Closer Look

WSJ: Obama Pick for Trade Job Agrees to Pay Back Taxes
WaPo: Obama's Trade Pick Owes IRS $10,000
NYDN: Tax man nails 5th Obama appointee

Hill: Obama urged to think bipartisan on judges
Politico: Republicans warn Obama on judges

Politico: K Street cash lures Dem aides
Politico: Obama has messages whites don't hear

William Jacobson: Proof Obama's Fear Mongering Hurts The Economy
Patrick Buchanan: Pitchfork Time
David Brooks: A Moderate Manifesto
James Taranto: Red States, Blue Movies

Dana Milbank: McCain Stands Agape With Wrath
Hill: Analysis: Obama-McCain relationship deteriorates
AP: President Obama to sign budget despite earmarks breaking campaign pledge

Hill: GOP leader Mitch McConnell's earmarks give critics $75M target
McClatchy: 16 Emanuel earmarks in federal spending bill

NYDN: John McCain's daughter, Meghan, having trouble dating after campaign

WSJ: Can Congress Regulate All Political Speech?
WSJ: Activists want to redistribute foundation wealth based on racial quotas

Politico: DOJ releases Bush post-9/11 memos
Washington Times: Bush reversed wartime powers in final days
NYT: In Legal Memos, Clearer View of Power Bush Sought

NYT: Suit Seeks to Force Government to Extend Benefits to Same-Sex Couples
CQ Politics: Political Gender Bias Remains Alive and Well

LA Times: Painting Limbaugh as GOP's leader
WaPo: White House Lets Limbaugh Be Voice Of GOP Opposition
NYT: R.N.C. Chairman Apologizes to Limbaugh in Flap Over His Role
AP/Kuhnhenn: GOP chairman apologizes for Limbaugh remarks
Rush Limbaugh: A Few Words for Michael Steele
NYDN: GOP chairman Michael Steele and pundit Rush Limbaugh in war of words
Human Events: Steele's Wrong on Rush, Say Past Rivals For RNC Chair
Politico: Steele to Rush: I'm sorry
Hill: Limbaugh slams RNC head for 'shaky start'
Rush Limbaugh: CPAC Speech: Rush's First Televised Address to the Nation
Rush Limbaugh: Rush Analyzes the CPAC Speech
Rush Limbaugh: I Want Every American to Succeed. What Does President Obama Want?
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Wants America to Fail
Rush Limbaugh: The Definitions of Socialism
Washington Times: Hispanics wary of future in GOP
Hill: White House fires back at Rush Limbaugh


Albany TU: Tedisco and Giuliani in Dutchess County
Albany TU: Murphy and Tedisco debut contrast TV ads
Albany TU: Ad watch: 20th Congressional District
AP/Bauman: Tedisco dismisses address issue

AP/Hill: States' budget woes to outlast recession
Albany TU: State offers gas cards to job-seekers
Albany TU: Albany treasurer denies knowing of 'no-fine' tickets
AP: Bruno hurt in car crash
NY Post: Gov gets a leg up: Tells of new love: Jogging


Michael Barone: MN Senate Race, Plagued With Defects, Could End in Supreme Court
Star Tribune: Coleman camp asks that election result be 'set aside'
Hill: Coleman's lawyer: Vote is hopelessly flawed
CQ Politics: Coleman Side Rests in Minnesota Senate Recount Case
MinnPost: Is Coleman v. Franken headed for a re-do?
Pioneer Press: Coleman wraps up -- sort of -- in U.S. Senate contest trial
USA Today: RNC escalates battle to hold Minnesota Senate seat

Hill: Minn. Gov. Pawlenty: GOP must modernize to win back electorate


LA Times: California delegation to try a bipartisan meeting
SacBee: Field Poll shows early backing for budget items on ballot
SF Chronicle: Carly Fiorina has surgery for breast cancer
Mercury News: Carly Fiorina undergoes surgery for breast cancer
SacBee: GOP recruiter's pay, results questioned


Houston Chronicle: Schieffer mulls joining race for Texas governor
Dallas MN: Ethics ruling against former state Rep. Toby Goodman is overturned
Star Telegram: Former Arlington lawmaker wins appeal of ethics commission fine
Dallas MN: Texas Legislature news
AP/Shannon: Measure would move sex ed in Texas away from abstinence-only
Dallas MN: Cabinet-pick Kirk owes $10,000 in back taxes


Washington Times: 'Bridge to nowhere' OK'd for Everglades


WSJ: In-Vitro Fertilization Limit Is Sought


Daily Egyptian: Republican Sen. Brady announces 2010 gubernatorial bid in Marion
NYDN: Rod Blagojevich to tell all in six-figure book deal for former Illinois governor
AP/Babwin: Publicist: Blagojevich Signs Six-Figure Book Deal
Politico: Race re-emerges in Burris dispute


Allentown Morning Call: Pat Toomey may challenge Arlen Specter for Senate seat
Philadelphia Inquirer: Toomey weighs challenge to Specter
MSNBC: A Specter-Toomey rematch?
AP/Hefling: Toomey weighs 2010 primary challenge to Specter


Politico: CNBC's Kudlow mulls Senate bid


Toledo Blade: Ohio auditor calls late '08 figures 'unprecedented'
Cleveland PD: Ohio Auditor criticizes Strickland's administration for delay in budget figures
Columbus Dispatch: State's finances only a guess right now, auditor says


NRO: Will Offshore Drilling Be a Big Issue in Virginia's Governor's Race?


Tennessean: 'Closed' primary has pros and cons


Politico: GOP strategy: Shunning Bunning


March 2, 2009



ABC: Budget Battle Begins: Historic Ideological Shift
NYT: White House Poised for Budget Fight
Hill: Budget battles loom as Obama team heads to Hill
Politico: Budget gamble: Why Obama went big
WaPo: Aides Defend Budget: White House and Fiscal Conservatives Set for Showdown
WSJ: Regulators See Big Funding Boost
Hill: Obama may use 50-vote tactic on energy, healthcare
CQ Politics: Budget Process Likely to Be Bitter and Sweet
WSJ: Republicans Concede Budget Is Hard to Block
Examiner: Are Specter, Collins and Snow backing away from spending?
WSJ: A Republican Road to Economic Recovery
Washington Times: Obama's cap, trade irk some in party

NYT: U.S. Is Said to Offer $30 Billion More to Help A.I.G.
WaPo: AIG Said To Receive Access to More Cash: Insurer Expected to Report Record Loss
WSJ: Call Them Irresponsible: Rewarding those who put the 'liar' in liar loans
WSJ: Would a GM Bankruptcy Crash Its Suppliers?
WSJ: Too Risky for Venture Capitalists: Why proposals for a gov't bailout were rejected
WaPo: On Economy, Two United Voices Steer Obama Agenda
NYT: In Obama, Labor Finds the Support It Expected

Fox: Limbaugh the Leader? Obama Chief of Staff Calls Talk Show Host a Barrier to Progress
Washington Times: Emanuel: GOP relies on Limbaugh
Bloomberg: Emanuel Says GM Is Example of Day of Reckoning
CBS: Emanuel: Obama Doesn't Like Spending Bill
CQ Politics: Transcript: Rahm Emanuel on CBSs Face the Nation
UPI: Emanuel forecasts budget approval by April

WSJ: Health-Care Effort Ascends Agenda
Hill: Sebelius to face questions over abortion

WaPo: Case May Define When a Judge Must Recuse Self

Human Events: Conservatives Have Reason to Cheer After CPAC 2009
Fox: Transcript of Rush Limbaugh's Address at CPAC
Human Events: A New Vision for America: Reducing Government to its Right Size
American Spectator/Prowler: To the Left

AP/Kuhnhenn: White House, GOP avoid direct confrontation
Politico: Boehner's job on the line in 2010
Hill: House GOP still divided over earmark report
AP/Babington: to win could be a loser for GOP

CBS: Bobby Jindal: The GOP's Rising Star?

Politico: The GOP's rising stars: U.S. attorneys

Politico: Moderate Dems confront Pelosi
Politico: Pelosi's list: Who's on her bad side?


NY Post/Dicker: Gov dragging Dems down with him: Diaz
NYDN: Gov. Paterson strikes out on three pitches for a leader of state Democratic Party
Albany TU: Passing the budget on time is a crucial test for governor
NY Post: GOP lease furor: $8m deal amid contributions: Dems
NY Post: Pol's pick for bench under fire
Albany TU: Agencies could be hiring hundreds when the federal stimulus money arrives
Albany TU: Murphy wins the Independence endorsement in 20th CD
NYDN: Red flags raised by Rep. Anthony Weiner's 'earmarks'
NYDN: Sen. Schumer skewers hefty hunk of pork - $750M - for state in '09 budget
Buffalo News: Bob McCarthy: Flawed system yields spoiled fruit
Buffalo News: Democratic challenger sought to face Howard


Bemidji Pioneer: Gaertner seeks DFL backing in run for governor
Star Tribune: Capitol crowd braces itself for wild budget ride


Fresno Bee: Conditions for ditching two-thirds budget majority
SacBee: Unions hold the wild card on proposed state spending cap
SacBee: A proposal to tax meat
SF Chronicle: Roll through a red, fork over the green
AP/Gouras: Some states picking economy over environment regs
Modesto Bee: Campaign afoot to oust Radanovich
LA Times/Skelton: New Assembly panel goes on a quiet hunt for Capitol waste
San Diego Union-Tribune: Air regulators show no letup in their war on emissions


AP/Shannon: Texas ready to use stimulus money on roads
Dallas MN: Drive to choose judges on merit intensifies
Dallas MN: Cases with TX justices' big donors raises question: Does money rule the courts?


AP/Farrington: New RNC chair says GOP middle ground fine for Fla.
St. Petersburg Times: Stimulus stirs the pot as hard budget choices await FL lawmakers
Orlando Sentinel: Sin taxes, closed exemptions: Florida lawmakers look for money
St. Petersburg Times: Issues and people in Legislature to watch
News-Press: Crisis stirs radical, lasting changes to Fla. economy
Sun-Sentinel: Florida Legislature faces growing budget crunch, even with stimulus
St. Petersburg Times: Florida seeks per-gallon water fee from bottlers


Atlanta JC: Georgia Power gets its wish as opponents fume
Macon Telegraph: As legislative session passes halfway mark, much remains to be done


Chicago Tribune: Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington to enter governor's race
Daily Herald: Suddenly, GOP has plenty of candidates for governor
WEEK: Brady Running for Governor Again

NYT: A Line Forms to Succeed Burris, Sooner or Later
WSJ: Race to Fill Emanuel's Seat Is a Free-for-All
Politico: The senator who wasn't Obama
Daily Herald: What suburban lawmakers say about Burris

Chicago Sun-Times: Rod's dash for cash
Chicago Sun-Times: State pension fund dumps firm run by Cellini's son, daughter
Daily Herald: Staring down economic despair, lawmakers getting used to saying 'no'


AP/Levy: Maverick Specter's toughest vote could be ahead
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. senator wants panel to monitor stimulus spending


Dayton Daily News: Senate race keeps Ohio in national spotlight
Toledo Blade: Ohio budget keeps growing even in bad times
Columbus Dispatch: How Ohioans voted last week


Mlive: Tax cuts have left Michigan unable to invest in itself


NV Daily: Contenders in governor race debate drilling
Winchester Star: Stimulus gives state budget a boost
Roanoke Times: State budget passes both houses


AP: Democrats join race for governor seat
Tennessean: Tennessee bill would ban adoptions by unwed couples


Politico: Huntsman takes aim at GOP
Washington Times: Drugmaker money to Utah senator's charity escaped disclosure


LA Times: Jim Bunning: Republican senator, Republican irritant


CQ Politics: After Scandal, Sen. Vitter Regains Political Footing


March 1, 2009



WSJ: Budget Burden Falls to Congress
WaPo: Battle Lines Quickly Set Over Planned Policy Shifts
Hill: GOP slams Obama spending plan
Richmond Times-Dispatch: Cantor: Republicans will fight Obamas tax plan for wealthy
NYT: Obama Defends His Budget as a Threat to the Status Quo
NYT: Enjoying New Muscularity, Liberals Rejoin Lobbying Fray
NYT: Frustrated G.O.P. Tries to Drive Wedge Between Obama and Pelosi
PR Newswire: Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) Delivers Weekly Republican Address

NYT: Obamas Backing Raises Hopes for Climate Pact

WSJ: Obama Taps Sebelius for Health and Human Services Secretary
WaPo: Governor Of Kansas Tapped to Lead HHS
NYT: Kansas Governor Sebelius Accepts Offer as Health Secretary | Bio
Washington Times: 2 lobbyists eyed for food-safety post: Would violate Obama ban

NYT: Editorial: A Line for General Motors

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows

Washington Times: Limbaugh steals CPAC spotlight
Rush Limbaugh: CPAC Speech
YouTube: Video: Rush Limbaugh Gives Speech To CPAC
Hill: Limbaugh lights up CPAC
Fox: Limbaugh Rallies Conservatives to Fight Democrats, Find 'Right Candidate'
Politico: Rush rouses CPAC faithful
Hill: Limbaugh speaks to GOP faithful in search of leader

WaPo: The Conservatives' 'Cleansing' Moment
Boston Globe: Reeling conservatives assess damage
American Thinker/Moran: A final thought on CPAC and the future

NYT: In Conservatives Straw Poll, Romney Still Tops
CQ Politics: Conservative Activists Still Favor Romney
Deseret News: Right wing group still likes Mitt for 2012
Washington Times: Youthful GOP leader sought for '12

LA Times: Back already, George W. Bush hits the lecture trail
Politico: Bush a four-letter word at CPAC
Dallas MN: Conservatives have met the enemy. And it's Bush

NYT: Conservatives Ponder Way Out of Wilderness
Politico: Top RNC staffer forced to quit
CQ Politics: Foggo Saga Doesnt Reflect Well on Much of Anybody
CNN: GOP presidential movie: '2012: The sequel'
NYDN: Republicans undercut by a series of recent blunders

Kathleen Parker: A Better Bobby Jindal
Michael Barone: Liberals Turning Blind Eye to Human Rights

Boston Globe: RNC chairman plans turnaround for battered party
Politico: Steele pledges to fight for black vote


Weekly Standard: Tedisco to the Rescue? Rebuilding the GOP in the Northeast
Schenectady Gazette: Editorial: Tedisco: Yea or nay on stimulus?

WaPo: Clinton's Successor Has No Shortage of Critics
Press & Sun-Bulletin: Gillibrand marks her first month as senator

AP/Gormley: NY governor changes staff, tone
Newsday: Skelos presses Paterson on stimulus for Long Island
NYT: Legislation to Overhaul Rockefeller Drug Laws Moves Ahead Swiftly
Politics on the Hudson: Skelos To Dems: Repeal Taxes In 2008-09 Budget
Albany TU: Budget story extras: Incomes over $250k by Senate District

NYDN: Mayor Mike Bloomberg and GOP tell different tales of meeting on endorsement
NY Post: Thompson's 'Rich' slap at Bloomy
NYT: His Story Told, Koch Makes His Peace and Dares to Look Ahead


Star Tribune: Senate decision: Are we there yet?
Bemidji Pioneer: Senate trial: Whats a witness worth?
Bemidji Pioneer: Franken drops Becker County ballot claim
Hill: Pawlenty: Coleman chances still 'plausible'

Pioneer Press: Gov. Tim Pawlenty ranks low in conservatives' straw poll


LA Times: State's middle class getting less for its tax dollars
LA Times: Lawmakers seek billions to expand, improve California's water supply
SF Chronicle: Cities face 20% cuts in water use during crisis
SacBee: California budget election is the next step
WSJ: California's Jobless Rate Soars to 10.1%
SacBee: Dueling lawyers in California Prop. 8 case are a study in opposites
SF Chronicle: Bay Area nonprofits brace for 2010 Armageddon


Dallas MN: Dallas names among Dems' possible U.S. attorney choices
Dallas MN: Texas' Rep. Barton presses Obama on bipartisanship
Dallas MN: Bush, Hutchison dine in Dallas


Miami Herald: Florida Legislature set for clash on economic stimulus
Florida Times-Union: With $6 billion hole, nothing seen sacred
Orlando Sentinel: Florida Legislature returns Tuesday to face painful budget cuts
Tampa Tribune: Budget 'Gunfight' Expected In Legislative Session
Sun Sentinel: Session's top issues include Indian gambling, taxes, & Everglades land deal
Miami Herald: Generous benefits for top government workers safe from cuts
News-Press: Florida's work force cheapest in U.S.

Ledger: Ross Announces He'll Seek 12th District Seat in Congress
News-Press: Indictment says Jordanian made illegal donations to Crist, others
St. Petersburg Times: Crist-Obama lovefest not for all


Atlanta JC: State transportation board fires Commissioner Evans


AP: NC Sen. Burr gives Republican radio address
Winston-Salem Journal: Burr airs views on swelling federal deficit in GOP radio speech


Chicago Tribune: Roland Burris' attorney warns against special election
AP: Rep. Davis says he sees black support for Burris
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Blacks rally to defense of embattled Burris
LA Times: More entertaining Sen. Burris news, this time on son Burris II
NYT: Illinois: A Burris Worked for Governor


Hill: Rep. Burton goes on 2010 fundraising kick


Pittsburgh T-R: Specter could be 'toast' in 2010 election, pollster says
PennsylvaniaAve: Specter, Harkin Lay Down Gauntlet on Stem Cells


William A. Jacobson: High Taxes And Union Pensions Are Killing Rhode Island. Duh!


Philadelphia Inquirer: In N.J., questions on GOP's Lonegan


St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Roll Call story looks at Blunt-Steelman race for Senate
Joplin Globe: State senator to run for U.S. seat


Toledo Blade: Ohio jobless rate leaps to 24-year high of 8.8%
Columbus Dispatch: Ohio jobless rate rockets to 8.8 percent


Courier-Journal: Bunning's had an eventful year
Chicago Tribune: Kentucky Sen. Bunning becoming the GOP's Burris
Courier-Journal: Sen. Bunning's talk creates a buzz


WaPo: McConnell Helps McDonnell
WHSV: McDonnell Asks Candidates to Support Offshore Drilling
WaPo: Lawmakers Approve Revisions to 2-Year Budget


Greeneville Sun: Lt. Gov. Ramsey Declares Candidacy For Governor


Arizona Republic: Arizona has to pick up the pace



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