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Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

Then and now, President Trump and his supporters celebrate the greatest hits at his campaign rallies

Just about everything you’ve read on the Warren DNA test is wrong

Despite rampant voter enthusiasm, the reality: Many don’t plan to vote in November

With ‘Horseface,’ Trump chose his base over women who could swing the midterms

What can Congress do to punish Saudi Arabia if Trump won’t?

Trump’s preferred Jamal Khashoggi narrative collides with increasingly grim evidence

White House counsel Donald McGahn officially leaves the job

As midterms near, Democrats accuse GOP of plotting to cut Medicare, Social Security

Amid global outrage over Khashoggi, Trump takes soft stance toward Saudis

March 21, 2009



Fox: Special Olympics Bowler Offers Obama Bowling Tips
AP/Williams: Special Olympics bowler to President Obama: Let's meet in an alley sometime
You Tube: Video: Obama's "Special Olympics" Joke on Leno
Rush Limbaugh: Comparison: Barack Obama and Sarah Palin on Special Olympics

NYDN: Palin attacks Obama over 'Special Olympics' crack on 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno'
McClatchy: Palin criticizes Obama for Special Olympics quip
AP: Palin criticizes Obama’s Special Olympics remark
YouTube: Video: Governor Palin's Address To The 2009 Special Olympics In Boise, Idaho

LA Times: Now, Maria Shriver chastises Obama for Special Olympics 'joke'
SF Chronicle: Schwarzenegger defends Obama after TV gaffe
Rush Limbaugh: Vulgar Obama Acting Like a Pop Culture Celebrity, Not a President
Washington Times: Schwarzenegger defends Obama over TV gaffe
Chicago Tribune: Obama's 'Tonight Show' gaffe one of many for president
Brownsville Herald: Obama's humor might need a bailout
Journal Gazette: Obama set to speak at Notre Dame graduation
Albany TU: Paterson invites Obama to bowl

Wash Indep: As Dodd Takes Heat, Republicans Smell Blood
Flashback: The Kennedy-Dodd Waitress Sandwich

WSJ: U.S. Sets Plan for Toxic Assets
NYT: Toxic Asset Plan Foresees Big Subsidies for Investors

NYT: New Deficit Forecast Casts Shadow on Obama Agenda
WaPo: Deficit Projected To Swell Beyond Earlier Estimates
MSNBC: Republicans pounce on CBO estimates

WSJ: Obama Seeks to Soften the Punitive Bonus Legislation
AP/Kellman: Senate Republicans Brake Rush to Tax AIG Bonuses
WaPo: Bankers Press Case Against Punitive Tax
WaPo: AIG Suing To Recover Taxes in IRS Dispute
NYT: The Problem With Flogging A.I.G.

WSJ: After Voting No, Republicans Tout Stimulus Funds

WSJ: FBI Ramps Up Probes of Financial, Mortgage Fraud
WSJ: Downpayment Insurance Could Stabilize Home Prices
WaPo: Locked Out of Refinancing

NYT: States Look at Tobacco to Balance the Budget

NYT: Obama to Push Programs in Budget
WSJ: The Folly of the 'Hundred Days'
WSJ: Vindicating McCain

WSJ: Bernanke Says Capital Rules May Need to Change
WaPo: Small Banks Could Drive Recovery, Bernanke Says
WSJ: Now Is No Time to Give Up on Markets
NYT: Editorial: The Fed Does Battle, Again

WSJ: Three Companies to Back Proposal on Union Bill
WaPo: Firms Seek Alternative On Labor Legislation

WSJ: 'Green' Push Faces Resistance From Locals
WaPo: Climate Change 'Big Priority' For Energy Commission Chief
WaPo: Climate Change Myths and Facts
NYT: Michael Steele: We Are Not Warming
AP/Freking: Feinstein seeks block solar power from desert land

WSJ: Dems Map Strategy to Pass Health Reform Without Republicans
WaPo: Crunch Time for Fixing Health Care

WaPo: Obama's Turnabout On Vets Highlights Budgeting Nuances

J Taranto: 102% Tax: Forget stabilizing financial system. Congress is hungry for revenge

Fox: GOP Tops Dems in February Fundraising
USA Today: The early bird gets the congressional seat
McClatchy: Micro-targeting is a powerful predictor in politics


NYT: For Cuomo, Financial Crisis Is His Political Moment
NYT: For Rangel, a Complicated Relationship With A.I.G.
NYDN: Gov. Paterson slaps state Republicans for blocking plan for MTA
Albany TU: Disabled worker avoids ax
Albany TU: Labors Smith to the Obama Administration
NY Post: Gov: I'd end sole control of state pension $$

NCPR: Tedisco: "Rush Limbaugh is meaningless to me."
Newsday: Republican in NY House race: Rush irrelevant
CQ Politics: Candidates Well-Funded in Special New York House Race
Bulletin: New York Race Could Spell Trouble For Democrats
AP/Bauman: Dem in NY House raise raises more cash


NJ: GOP gubernatorial candidate Lonegan says N.J. should repeal paid family leave
APP: Lonegan offers his 5 top state laws to kill
AP/Delli Santi: NJ governor's race taking shape early


MPR: Pawlenty calls on DFLers to get specific about tax plan

Star Tribune: Colemans lead lawyer expects victory via appeal
Pioneer Press: Norm Coleman's lawyer predicts a loss in Senate trial, but appeal is likely
Pioneer Press: Coleman's lawyer: We'll lose, then appeal to Minnesota Supreme Court


AP: Effort to recall Republican state senator back on
WaPo: Winning By Losing On Prop. 8

SGV Tribune: Adams, despite resigning from county party, stands by budget vote
AP/Schou: GOP assemblyman resigns county post in tax flap


AP/Root: Texas Democrats at crossroads in 2010 elections
Dallas MN: Senators rescind efforts to cut state funding for Planned Parenthood
NYT: Editorial: While Mr. Perry and Mr. Jindal Fiddle


Florida TU: What 15% less means to you: Crist may have been trying to shock Legisature
Examiner: Florida Democrats took AIG money, voted for the bonuses, now claim outrage
Orlando Sentinel: Funding education in Florida: Can we afford to bail out schools?
MGWash: Fla. Senator says His Office Computers Were Hacked


Atlanta JC: Obama tiff rattles Legislature
NYT: Resolution on Obama Stirs Debate
Gather: Georgia House GOP slams resolution honoring Obama


McClatchy: Obama again rejects S.C. governor's request to redirect stimulus funds
NYT: South Carolina Governor Rejects Stimulus Money
WSJ/Gov. Mark Sanford: Why South Carolina Doesn't Want 'Stimulus'
Greenville News: Stimulus may have votes in General Assembly


WEEK: Republican Leader Not Happy with Gov. Quinn's Tax Plan
WSJ: The Taxin' Illini


PennLive: Rendell not concerned about strings attached to stimulus money
AP: Scranton, Pa., mayor snubbed by party


Cleveland PD: Ken Blackwell endorses Rob Portman for Senate
Columbus Dispatch: AG's office cracks down on Internet use
Newark Advocate: Ohio lawmakers not immune to Twitter craze


Holland Sentinel: Hoekstra will make decision about gubernatorial race by month's end
MLive: Oakland County executive L. Brooks Patterson weighs run for governor
Michigan Messenger: Poll: Hoekstra, Patterson tied for gov seat nod
Grand Rapids Press: Poll buoys Rep. Peter Hoekstra's ambitions to run for MI governor


WaPo: Huckabee Raises Money for McDonnell
Daily Press: This week in the governor's race: Smack AIG
Richmond TD: Cantor got $10,000 from Swiss banks PAC


NYT: Vermont Senate Panel Approves Same-Sex Marriage Bill


AP/Joling: Alaska Democrats pile on Palin over stimulus money


Arizona Republic: Obama to address ASU grads, boost his profile in state


March 20, 2009



NYT: Connecticut Senator Draws Voters Ire for His Bonus Role
Hartford Courant: Congressional Report: Countrywide Bent Loan Rules For Dodd
Hartford Courant: Dodd, Obama Officials Try To Clarify Senator's Role In AIG Controversy
AOL: Republicans Clamoring to Knock Off Chris Dodd
AP/Miga: Dodd's political stock tumbles in Connecticut
Reuters: Veteran senator Dodd in the eye of AIG bonus storm
Hill: Storm center hanging over Chris Dodd
American Thinker: Time to Get the Heck Outta Dodd
Hartford Courant: Dodd Seeks to Quell AIG Bonus Flap
NYT: Dodd, Facing Opposition, Pushes Back
CSM: Senator Dodd takes the heat on AIG bonuses
Fox: Sen. Dodd Admits Adding Bonus Provision to Stimulus Package
NYT: Scorn Trails A.I.G. Executives, Even in Their Driveways
NYT: Many in Government Knew Weeks Ago About A.I.G. Bonuses
Hill: Rep. McMahon returning timely AIG donation

Fox: Senate Tackles AIG Bonus Bill After House Approves Its Version
NYT: House Approves 90% Tax on Bonuses After Bailouts
WaPo: Congress Moves to Slap Heavy Tax on Bonuses
WaPo: Fannie, Freddie Decry Bill to Tax Bonuses
WaPo: In New Dilemma, Banks Cite Two Paths to Disaster
CQ Politics: Republicans Vow to Slow Bonus Bill
Politico: Boehner, Cantor ties taxed by AIG vote

W Times: Treasury seeks corporate bonus killers: Hiring 'executive compensation specialist'

NYT: A.I.G. Sues U.S. for Return of $306 Million in Tax Payments

WaPo: 13 Bailed-Out Banks Failed to Pay Taxes
Rasmussen: 68% Say Bailout Money Is Going To Those Who Caused The Economic Crisis

WaPo: Auto Parts Makers Get $5 Billion Lifeline
Detroit News: Republican senators rip $5B auto supplier aid
Detroit FP: Corker, Gregg criticize aid for auto suppliers

Kim Strassel: 'Greed' Is Not Good
WSJ: AIG and 'Political Risk'
David Brooks: Perverse Cosmic Myopia
NYT: OpEd: Off With the Bankers
WSJ: AIG Still Isn't Too Big to Fail
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Bonus Scandal Might Just Be Preview of a Long, Hot Summer

WSJ: Excess Capacity Keeps Heat on Fed
WSJ: Senators Debate Fed's Role in Overseeing Systemic Risk
WSJ: Secretary of the Fed

WaPo: Beefy Rsum for a Giant Job: Policing Stimulus Spending

NYT: Editorial: Capping itemized deductions at a 28 percent rate would not kill charity

Bloomberg: California Congressman Calls Maryland Home to Gain Tax Credit
WSJ: Congress's Own Liechtenstein

WSJ: President Obama Makes History by Appearing on 'Tonight Show'
NYT: For Obama, Talk About Economy Goes Into Late Night
WaPo: Obama Shops Budget Plans In Cash-Strapped California
Globe & Mail: Embattled Obama fights for budget that will define his presidency
WSJ: Obama Is No Socialist
Peggy Noonan: The unbearable lightness of Obama's administration
James Taranto: Chicago Economics
Charles Krauthammer: Bonfire of the Trivialities
Human Events: White House Attack Machine

NYT: Senate Confirms Kagan as Solicitor General

WSJ: Lawmakers Criticize Food Industry Over Inspections
NYT: House Panel Questions Industry on Food Safety

WSJ: Democrats Angle for Health-Care Edge
WaPo: GOP Pressed on Health Care

Hill: Tax panel feels tighter Pelosi grip
WSJ: Lawmakers Seek Inventory of U.S. Airwaves
WSJ: Plan to Let Judges Alter Loans Stalls
WSJ: Unionize or Die
WaPo: Latest CIA Scandal Puts Focus on How Agency Polices Self
Washington Times: Conyers suggests probe of ACORN
American Spectator: Red Ink and Blue Dogs
AP: GOP senator blasts new medical marijuana policy

Washington Times: GOP bests its rival for YouTube views
Emory Wheel: The Reign of the Republican Apostate
Politico: NRSC, DSCC match fundraising totals
Townhall: GOP Far from RIP


NY Post: Dem duo in $30M pension 'scam'
Albany TU: AG: Pay to play scam

NRO: Tedisco: Geithner Must Go
AP/Bauman: Limited debate in NY congressional race
Albany TU: 20th district debate minus one candidate
Daily Star: Tedisco: I'm focused on local interests
Gazette: Party spending tops $600K in race for congressional seat
Albany TU: Campaign finance in the 20th Congressional District
AP/Bauman: Dem running for NY Congress seat has union backing

Albany TU: Secrecy still shrouds budget talks
NY Post: Dems fare game for Paterson

AP/Hill: NYC grows as upstate shrinks


Steve Lonegan: Five worst anti-business laws


Minn Indep: Coleman still seeks FECs OK to pay lawsuit bills with campaign cash


SF Chronicle: Bipartisan cheers greet Obama in California

CQ Politics: Field Forming for Rep. Tauschers California Seat
Hill: In race for Soliss seat, Democratic Party may prove to be powerbroker


Dallas MN: Texas' GOP senators rule day on judges
AP: Appeals court snubs Tex prosecutors in DeLay case


St. Pete Times: Crist freezes $800 million in state spending
Miami Herald: Crist freezes 15% of spending
Miami Herald: Democrats blast Florida Atty General McCollum's public service advertising


Atlanta Business Chronicle: Ga. House OKs recession-wracked budget
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Senate pushing tax exemption for Georgia-based companies
AP/Bluestein: Ga. Republicans block resolution honoring Obama
Hill: Georgia builds up its lobbying, PR efforts


WSJ: Illinois Governor Proposes Broad Array of Tax Increases


Philadelphia Inquirer: Luksik makes it official: She's challenging Specter
Pittsburgh PG: Luksik to take on Specter next year
Tribune-Democrat: Luksik: Dont underestimate my candidacy

NYT: Philadelphia Mayor Proposes Temporary Tax Increases


AP/Smyth: Commission: Ohio's former AG violated election law
Cleveland PD: Republican change on building code proposal may threaten stimulus funds


Detroit FP: Businessman eyes Michigan governor's race
AP/Hoffman: Mich. venture capitalist exploring governor's race
AP: Mich. AG under scrutiny for giving $500K to parks


Dana Milbank: McAuliffe's Campaign Junk-et

News-Virginian: Augusta GOP supports an embattled Frederick
WaPo: Frederick Takes On Several Local GOP Chairs


AP/Cousins: Tenn. jobless rate jumps to 9.1 percent


Denver Post: Hopeful state GOP sees 2010 comeback


CQ Politics: Dodd May Be Dodging GOP Bullets in 2010 Race
Hartford Courant: Rob Simmons Finally Speaks Out on Chris Dodd


Rasmussen: 68% of Arizona Voters Favor Sheriff Who Gets Tough on Immigration


AP/Sutton: Palin rejects nearly 30 percent of stimulus funds


March 19, 2009



Hartford Courant: Dodd Admits Role In AIG Bonus Controversy
Hartford Courant: Dodd Admits Having Known Of AIG Bonus Loophole
Politico: Dodd clarifies position on bonuses
American Thinker: Dodd comes clean

WSJ: Critics Got Donations From Insurer
WaPo: House GOP Report Details Countrywide's Efforts to Benefit VIPs

WSJ: Some Will Pay Back AIG Bonuses
WSJ: Obama Seeks Legal Authority to Stop Future Bonuses
WSJ: AIG's Liddy Asks Employees to Give Back Bonuses
WSJ: Obama Accepts Blame for AIG Bonuses
WSJ: Dodd's Amendment at Crux of Bonus Issue
WaPo: How the Fed Failed to Tell Obama About The Bonuses
WaPo: AIG Chief Asks That Awards Be Returned
WaPo: Inside AIG-FP, Feeling the Public's Wrath
WaPo: Key Argument for Incentives Questioned
Politico: GOP wary of plan to tax AIG bonuses
NYT: A.I.G. Chief Asks Bonus Recipients to Give Back Half
WSJ: Lawmakers Express 'Outrage' at AIG
Fox: As Blame Game Deepens, AIG Outrage Could Give GOP Electoral Opening
NYT: Editorial: Its the Regulations, Not the Regulator
WSJ: Obama's AIG Panic
WSJ: Washington Has Always Demonized Wall Street
WSJ: Spitzer Spouts Off

Fox: Rep. Mack Calls for Geithner to Resign or Be Fired Over AIG Bonuses
Fox: AIG Bonuses: What Did Geithner Know and When?
WSJ: Uproar Over Geithner's Role in Bonuses Could Vex Rescue
NYT: A Defining Moment for Treasury Secretary
WSJ: Geithner to Testify Twice Before House Panel Next Week
Politico: Republicans blame Geithner
Politico: Can Geithner bounce back?

Lawrence Kudlow: The AIG Outrage
James Taranto: Just Wait Till Last Year: Why doesn't AIG avail itself of the Obama dodge?
Dana Milbank: AIG's Chief Punching Bag Takes the Blows

WaPo: Fannie Plans Retention Bonuses As Outlined by the Government
WaPo: 4 Fannie Execs Each to Get $400K in Govt.-Okayed Bonuses
WaPo: Merrill Bonus Details Ordered To Be Disclosed

IHT: Fed to pump another $1 trillion into U.S. economy
NYT: Fed to Buy $1 Trillion in Securities to Aid Economy
WaPo: Federal Reserve to Buy $1.2T in Bonds, Mortgage-Backed Securities
WaPo: Stocks Surge on Federal Reserve Announcement
WaPo: So the Fed Is Taking Action. How Will It Affect You?

Washington Times: Obama's $500,000 book bonanza

WSJ: Pelosi Backs New Car Sales Incentive Plan
Detroit News: Chrysler: Cash will last through March

WSJ: Consumer-Loan Plan Is Off to Slow Start
WSJ: Is Inflation Baked Into the Budget Plan?
American Spectator: Cap-and-Trade Socialism
WSJ: Earmark Madness
WaPo: Could Crowdsourcing Help Control the Stimulus?
WaPo: Obama, in Calif., Says He Hopes To Return 'Balance' to Economy

WaPo: Senate Leaders Meet With Ethics Panel on Burris Probe

WaPo: Advocates Fault System Of Lobbying Disclosure

McClatchy: Commerce nominee Locke sails through confirmation hearing
WSJ: Locke Stresses Free, Fair Trade
AP/Daly: Commerce pick says nation needs new jobs strategy

AP/Sniffen: Obama's computer chief once shoplifted 4 shirts

CQ Politics: Senate Confirms Kirk as Trade Representative
UPI: Former mayor Kirk confirmed as trade rep

WSJ: Foundations Oppose Obama Tax Plan for Deductions

NYT: Insurance Change for Veterans Is Scrapped

WSJ: Guantanamo Detainees May Be Released in U.S.

NYT: Obama Administration to Stop Raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensers
AP/Barrett: Attorney general signals shift in marijuana policy
AP: Attorney General Signals Shift in Marijuana Policy

WaPo: Administration to Support U.N. Declaration Decriminalizing Homosexuality

WaPo: Davis Backs Expanding House for D.C. Vote
WaPo: D.C. Groups Divided Over Davis's Plan
WaPo: Kennedy Introduces Bill Urging Statehood for D.C.

Ann Coulter: Silver's bravery not an act
Elaine Chao: Two Steps Back on Labor Rights
Howard Kurtz: Celebrity Gossip Web Site Takes Stodgy Washington by Storm
Wm Jacobson: The Official Guide To Obama Kitsch

Karl Rove: Obama Gives the GOP an Opening
Townhall: Catching Up With Karl Rove

Washington Times: RNC raises $5.1 million in Feb.
CNN: Steele raises $5 million in first month
NRO: First Look at February RNC Numbers . . . Eh, Not Too Bad
WaPo: RNC Releases February $ Numbers
AP/Sidoti: RNC raises $5.1 million in February
Baltimore Sun: The symbolism of Michael Steele's new job


WaPo: GOP Candidate Uses AIG in NY-20 Ad Campaign
Hill: GOP hopes AIG anger will score points in N.Y. race

NYT: Taxes Not Seen as Making the Rich Flee New York
NYT: On Tour of New York, Paterson Gets an Earful
CQ Politics: The Ordeal of David Paterson
NewsLI: Senator Flanagan Unveils Visionary Plan for New York State
AP/Gormley: Lobbying remains thriving business in New York


Star Ledger: Corzine can keep Katz e-mails private
North Jersey: Katz email saga over
AP/Delli Santi: NJ governor's e-mails with ex will remain private

Philadelphia Inquirer: Recession may slow N.J.'s open space purchases

North Jersey: Enmity casts long shadow on GOP vote


WSJ: S.C. Governor Offers New Plan for Spending Stimulus Money
AP/Jalonick: SC's Lindsey Graham contends that gov may control stimulus cash
Greenville: Bypass for stimulus funds called into question
McClatchy: Can states override governors on stimulus? Report raises doubts
Politico: Clyburn blasts Graham over stimulus

NYT: Mark Sanford: The G.O.P.s Goldwater Solution?


Pioneer Press: Cut the knot -- open all the ballots now
MinnPost: An update on Coleman's other legal cases

Star Tribune: Lawmakers propose 'time out' on wage law


CNN: Behind Meg Whitmans bid to save California

SacBee: Obama sounds populist theme in Orange County
WaPo: Pitching His Budget, Obama Makes a California Swing
AP/Babington: Schwarzenegger helps Obama answer GOP critics

SF Chronicle: Tauscher's job move opens up coveted seat
Mercury News: Tauscher accepts State Department post
Majority Report: Tauscher Leaving Congress, Who Will Take Her Seat?

WSJ: Will Gay Couples' Marriage Vows Survive California Court Review?


Dallas MN: Senate votes to allow needle exchange programs
Austin AS: Perry opposes needle-exchange bill
MultichannelNews: Hutchison To Locke: DTV Date Locked In
AP: Highlights from the Texas Legislature
Dallas MN: Congratulations, Ambassador Ron Kirk


AP/Word: Florida governor holds town hall meeting on base
St. Pete Times: Florida GOP loses ground among new voters
Miami Herald: Ultrasound abortion provision revived in Florida House
AP/Farrington: Obama sees many Fla. issues differently than Bush


Macon Telegraph: Federal stimulus funds prevent deeper state budget cuts
Atlanta JC: Legislator suggests teacher furloughs
AP: Perdue files voting rights brief


AP: Republican Senate leader opposes tax plan
Chicago Tribune: Gov. Pat Quinn lets tax hike out of bag
AP/Bellandi: Ill. Gov faces 'greatest crisis of modern times'
Chicago Tribune: Grading the governor


Pittsburgh TR: State Attorney General Corbett begins run for governor
Post Chronicle: AG Corbett Making It Official

Philadelphia Inquirer: Specter staying on Republican ticket


WHIO: Fisher, Portman Lead U.S. Senate Primary Races
CQ Politics: Dems Hold Edge in Race for Voinovich Seat
Hill: GOP in Ohio narrowing gap but still trailing
Hill: Ohio voters just favor Dems in Senate poll
Cleveland PD: Democrats undecided about Lee Fisher and Jennifer Brunner
Columbus Business First: Poll: Race for Voinovich Senate seat wide open
Cleveland PD: Senate candidates to address Ohio State Medical Association this weekend

Dayton Business Journal: Poll: Obama approval falls in Ohio

MSNBC: Cuyahoga County GOP Wants Sheriff Removed


Detroit News: Gov backs graduated income tax plan
Detroit News: Mich. Senate: No tax hikes if home values fall


MSNBC: Va. GOP Chair Will Stand Up To Fat Cats!


St. Louis PD: Bond, Carnahan blast AIG


WBIR: 100 most powerful people in Tennessee


WSJ: New Mexico Governor Signs Death Penalty Repeal


Politico: CNBC's Kudlow headlines GOP fundraiser


AP: NH Sen. Gregg introduces measure on ethanol tariff


March 18, 2009



WSJ: Treasury Will Make Grab to Recoup Bonus Funds
WSJ: AIG Bonuses Spur Taxpayer Outrage
WaPo: AIG Firestorm Raises Alarm For Other Firms
WaPo: Congress Moves to Impose Hefty Tax on Executives Who Don't Return Money
Hill: Fury over AIG fuels clawback bills
Hill: Dems propose tax hike as AIG punishment
Hill: AIG staff: We deserve this money
NY Post/Dicker: This man is Jackpot Jimmy, one of AIG's bonus babies
AP/Virtanen: Cuomo: AIG paid 73 bonuses of $1 million or more
AP/Kellman: Geithner vows to recoup bonuses
Hill: White House hammered on AIG bonuses
WaPo: Wall Street's Dangerous Refusal to Learn
LA Times: AIG furor puts spotlight on retention bonuses
NYT: Outcry Builds in Washington for Recovery of A.I.G. Bonuses
NYT: Paying Workers More to Fix Their Own Mess
NYT: A.I.G.s Bailout Priorities Are in Critics Cross Hairs
NYT: OpEd: A.I.G.s Bonus Blackmail
WSJ: Needed: A Bailout That Doesn't Look Like One
Politico: Fallout: Dems in disarray over AIG
Politico: Why AIG outrage rings hollow

Edward Liddy: Our Mission at AIG: Repairs, and Repayment
NYDN: A lightning-quick fall from grace for AIG's new chairman Edward Liddy
Thomas Friedman: Obamas Real Test
Maureen Dowd: Obama and A.I.G.
Human Events: Gingrich Calls on Obama to End Bailouts
Newt Gingrich: Bankruptcy, Not Bailout
Rush Limbaugh: Obama and Congress Knew All About the AIG Bonuses a Year Ago
Rush Limbaugh: Comrade Schumer to AIG Workers: We Will Seize Retention Bonuses
Michelle Malkin: The Kabuki Theater of AIG Outrage

WaPo: President's Budget Strategy Under Fire: Tactic May Break Obama's Bipartisan Pledge
Hill: Obama axes GOP in new budget push

James Taranto: Reporters use anonymity to shield their own ethical violations
Pete DuPont: California or Delaware? Obama emulates the wrong state
Kathleen Parker: Bring the Boys Along: The White House Council Obama Forgot
Dick Morris: Obama feels heat in polls

NYT: Buffett Is Unusually Silent on Rating Agencies
WSJ: Financial Journalists Fail Upward

WSJ: In Defense of Tax Havens
WSJ: Mr. Wen's Debt Bomb

WaPo: Trade Barriers Could Threaten Global Economy
WSJ: Congress Doesn't Respect Nafta

WSJ: Unionizing Fight Focuses on 3 States

NYT: Team Effort in the House to Overhaul Health Care

WaPo: Veterans Groups Denounce Private Insurance Proposal
WSJ: Will Obama Go AWOL on VA Health Benefits?
Hill: Emanuel to meet with veterans groups
Rush Limbaugh: Outrage: Obama Plans to Charge Wounded Veterans for Treatment

Hill: Obama, Hispanic Dems to huddle on immigration

WaPo: Agencies Divide Alternative-Energy Oversight Offshore
Wm Jacobson: Shell Gives Heave-Ho To Wind, Solar and Hydrogen

Detroit News: A heap of stimulus: 'Cash for clunkers' bill could jumpstart new auto sales
Washington Times: Gas tax hike looks good to GM chief

NYT: Old Problems Resurface in New Earmark Rules

WaPo: Obama Names Judge to Appeals Court
Politico: Bipartisan aim for judge picks -- for now
Chicago Trib: Judge filibuster threat: Senate Republicans say Obama needs to include them

Washington Times: Commerce pick tied to China cash
WaPo: Tauscher to State
Politico: Rooney to be ambassador to Ireland
Washington Times: Chief information officer reinstated
NYDN: President Obama won't give his convicted computer whiz Vivek Kundra the boot
CQ Politics: GOP Senators Urge Obama to Replace Hill as Nominee for Ambassador to Iraq

WaPo: Administration's Black Women Form A Strong Sisterhood
American Spectator: Some Are More Equal Than Others

NYT: Editorial: Electoral Reform

CQ Politics: Senate Passes Bill to Require Votes on Congressional Pay Raises

Rasmussen: Republicans Take Small Lead on Generic Congressional Ballot
Hill: Obamas picks and GOP angst are creating a primary boom
NYDN: Polls show President Barack Obama's approval rate dropping
Wm Jacobson: The Wheels Are Falling Off The Obama Administration

Anchorage DN: GOP says Palin will star at dinner; she says she hasn't yet agreed
WaPo: The Protecters of the Palin Brand

Armstrong Williams: Michael Steele, who are you?
American Thinker: We Need Something Stronger than Steele
NYT: A Testing Time for R.N.C. Chief
Politico: Will Republicans bend Steele?

NYDN: Meghan McCain vs. Laura Ingraham


WaPo: AIG Controversy Enters N.Y. Campaign
NCPR: Is AIG the opening Tedisco needed?
RCP: NRCC Chair Weighs In On NY-20
CNN: RNC sends more cash to NY 20
Seattle Times: AIG bonus outrage becomes an issue in New York's 20th Congressional race

NYT: Paterson Rejects Democrats M.T.A. Plan
AP: A lobbyist's recession
NY Post: Weiner hands back $60,000
DN: Justice Dept OK's change in election rules allowing Mayor Bloomberg to run for 3rd term
Buffalo News: Firing of state worker for running escort service on the job is upheld
Buffalo News: Democrats gain first-ever enrollment edge upstate


AP/Delli Santi: NJ governor 'rethinking' property tax deduction
Philadelphia Inquirer: Corzine eyes change on property-tax write-off
APP: County GOP goes for Christie


Star Tribune: If Franken wins, he wants Coleman to pay court costs, some lawyers fees

Pioneer Press: Keeping track of its federal stimulus carries price tag for state: accounting

NYT: Minnesota: Plea in Convention Case
UPI: Man pleads to having Molotov cocktails


Wowow: Meg Whitman May Spend $50 Million of Own Money on Gov's Race
SF Chronicle: Riding symbolism into the race for governor
Reuters: Meg Whitman opposing California budget measures

SF Chronicle: Obama to make foray into state GOP's turf
LA Times: Obama's a hot ticket in O.C.

SF Chronicle: Assembly Republicans block unemployment bill
Mercury News: California budget: Higher taxes, more cuts likely


Dallas MN: Texas Senate advances voter ID bill on party-line vote
Houston Chronicle: Texas voter ID bill passes Senate test


Miami Herald: Obama's Florida network mobilized to promote presidential agenda
Miami Herald: Budget crunch puts Florida lawmakers in a trading mood


Daily Herald: Will state tax hike make economy worse?
Chicago Sun-Times: Daley: Quinn's tax plan could turn up heat on local tax increase
AP/Wills: Quinn making most of his opportunity


Hill: Specter wont rule out run as an Independent
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. legislators seek control of stimulus money


Columbus Dispatch: Strickland's poll numbers fall


Detroit News: Mayoral TV debate off; only Cockrel to appear


Washington Times: Embattled party chief assails GOP 'insiders'
WaPo: GOP Chairman Fires Back as Party Leaders Seek His Ouster
Richmond TD: Republican Party chairman fights back against those seeking his ouster
AP/Lewis: Besieged Va. GOP chief rebuts critics in e-mail


Greenville: Sanford refines stimulus appeal


Hill: Crowded field, rough terrain await Simmons in Connecticut Senate race


March 17, 2009



WSJ: Political Heat Sears AIG: Obama Vows to Block Bonuses, but It May Be Too Late
WSJ: The Real AIG Outrage
WSJ: AIG Can Be Salvaged By a Breakup
Politico: AIG uproar speeds action on new regs
NYT: The Case for Paying Out Bonuses at A.I.G.
NYT: Obama in Effort to Undo Bonuses at A.I.G.
NYT: Editorial: A.I.G. Bailout: The Gift That Keeps on Giving
WaPo: Anger Over Firm Depletes Obama's Political Capital
WaPo: Editorial: Could outrage at AIG's maddening payouts make a bad situation worse?
LA Times: How to get back the AIG bonus money
Rush Limbaugh: Bonuses Just Cover for $93B AIG Payouts to Europe, Goldman Sachs
Human Events: Rush Limbaugh Trumps the Obama Team

WSJ: Stimulus: Shovels Are There, but the Readiness May Not Be
WSJ: Group Forecasts Tax Bills Under Obama's Proposal
Boston Globe: Obama gears up for budget battle
Politico: Could budget spur debt deal?

WSJ: Immigrants Can Help Fix the Housing Bubble
WaPo: Mortgage Fraud Up As Credit Tightens

WSJ: Obama to Avoid Auto Bankruptcies: Task Force Seeks GM, Chrysler Changes Outside Ct
WSJ: Tax My Products, Please

NYT: Obama Acts to Aid Small Businesses
WaPo: Small-Business Lending Gets a Boost

WSJ: Congressmen Push to Restore Rule Limiting Bearish Bets
WSJ: Congress Is the Real Systemic Risk

NYT: Obama Undercuts Whistle-Blowers, Senator Says

WSJ: Hamburg, Pick for FDA, Faces an Agency in Crisis

Boston Globe: Gates readies big cuts in weapons

David Brooks: The Commercial Republic
James Taranto: Obama deploys the euphemism treadmill as a weapon of war
Dana Milbank: Scolding the Bonus Babies
Dick Morris: Boggled Bam - Can President Get Job Done?

NYT: Moderate Is Said to Be Pick for Court
NYT: Few Ripples From Supreme Court Ruling on Guns
Politico: Trial lawyers plan tort reform fight

WaPo: Obama Team Derides Cheney's Criticisms
AP: Lynne Cheney treated for fainting in Philadelphia

WSJ: The Dissing of Laura Bush

LA Times: Sarah Palin vs Barack Obama: The 2010 money race begins
NYDN: President Obama to headline Democratic fund-raiser despite economic downturn
NYT: Popular Presidents, Fractious Parties

Wash Times: Republicans reverse stance on filibusters: Strategy shift on nominations

Southern Political Report: The myth of congressional rematches


Albany TU: Tedisco says no to stimulus
AP/Bauman: Republican in NY House race opposes stimulus
NRO: Internal Polls Show 'Extreme Republican Self-Suppression' in NY-20
Wash Indep: House GOP Makes it Rain for Tedisco
Troy Record: Murphy closes in on Tedisco

NY Post: Gov to Legislators: I'm not buying votes
Albany TU: Paterson looks for lift in numbers

NYT: Charities Give to State Campaigns, Despite Law


Star Ledger: GOP gubernatorial candidate Christie rails against proposed Corzine budget

Atlantic City: Republicans to announce Atlantic City mayoral bid


USA Today: White House rejects Sanford aim to redirect stimulus cash
Politico: Orszag: Sanford can't sit on stimulus


Politico: GOP eyes Bush v. Gore to save Coleman seat
WSJ: Minnesota Senate Standoff Plays Into GOP's Hands
Star Tribune: Pawlenty: Don't send Sara Jane Olson back
Star Tribune: Bachmann on defense after claiming she did not accept earmarks
Pioneeer Press: DFLers propose overhaul of state health insurance


Fortune: Can Meg Whitman save California?
NYT: Preparing for Race, Whitman Talks to G.O.P. Governors
SacBee: Meg Whitman - woman on a brown horse?
SF Chronicle: Newsom hopes governor's race a battle of mayors

LA Times: California Assembly defeats bill to extend unemployment benefits
AP/Williams: Investigation of former Senate leader nears end


Sen. John Cornyn: Reckless spending priorities pose threat to Texas taxpayers
Dallas MN: Texas' GOP senators fight to retain control of federal judge nominations
Dallas MN: Editorial: How Texas can keep unemployment money
Houston Chronicle: Officials want $2 million to update voters about IDs
Houston Chronicle: Hutchison: No on bill, yes on pork
Austin AS: Democrat assures Straus hes not planning a coup


Sun-Sentinel: Wage cuts, tax raises may be needed to balance Florida budget, Senate told
AP/Kaczor: Fla. lawmakers may cut employee pay
Orlando Sentinel: State to feel further pinch in pocketbook?
News-Press: Pay for state workers eyed


Chicago Sun-Times: Burris' son got state job fairly, Quinn says
Chicago Tribune: Gov. Pat Quinn seeks consensus in break from past


WaPo: Research Center Faces Scrutiny: Advice From Murtha Allies Guided Funding Requests
Politico: Labor bill key issue in Specter race
NYT: Ex-Pennsylvania Lawmaker Convicted


Cleveland PD: Ohio House Republicans want Budget Director Pari Sabety removed


Detroit News: Detroit councilman Kenyatta, candidate for mayor, defaults on mortgage


WaPo: Making a Living in Governor's Race


SE MO: Kit Bond tells Cape Girardeau crowd he'll keep working for GOP after retirement


ChattTFP: Chattanooga: 3 of 5 county GOP legislators neutral on Wamp bid


Hartford Courant: Chris Dodd - Rob Simmons Race Heating Up
WSJ: Dodd's Safe Perch Is Shaken by Bailout


Politico: Abortion plays role in House GOP race


March 16, 2009



NYDN: Ex-V.P. Dick Cheney: Don't blame Bush administration for economic mess
Washington Times: Cheney hits Obama policy on terrorism
WaPo: Cheney, Bush Strongly Disagreed on Libby
NYT: Cheney Says Obama Has Increased Risks
WSJ: Cheney Says Obama Moves Raise Terrorism Risks
Hill: Cheney defends record, blasts Obama

WaPo: Pension Check Guarantees Mean More Budget Woes

WaPo: Obama Enlists Campaign Army In Budget Fight
Human Events: House and Senate Republicans Working on 'Bolder, Clear' Budget
Reuters: Obama faces Democrat discord on spending plans

WSJ: U.S. to Toughen Finance Rules
WSJ: Ambitious Agenda Has Obama Appointees Stretched Thin
WSJ: Labor-Backed Contract Rules Advance
WSJ: Labor's European Model
WSJ: White House Aides Seek Patience on Credit Markets, Recovery
NYT: Economic Advisers Warn of No Quick Turnarounds
NYT: A.I.G. Lists Firms It Paid With Taxpayer Money
WaPo: AIG Discloses $75 Billion in Bailout Payments
NYT: Bracing for a Bailout Backlash
WSJ: Bear Stearns: The Fed's Original 'Systemic Risk' Sin
NYT: Government Combs Through G.M.s Survival Plan
WSJ: Obama Sets Steps to Toughen Food Safety Regulation
WaPo/Howard Kurtz: As Markets Fell, Pundits Came Down On Obama
Michael Barone: Criticism Shows Obama Is Losing Focus

WSJ: Waters Says Help to Bank Was Proper

CQ Politics: Will the Lands Bill Leave the Building?

Politico: Health care hinges on Senate insiders
WSJ: The Truth About Hormone Therapy

AP/Song: Attorney Smith elected NFLPA executive director

American Spectator: Gerrymandering on Trial
CQ Politics: A Bailout of Another Sort

WSJ: The Fine Art of Copyright
WSJ: Everyone Hates Ethanol
WSJ: Native Americans Need the Rule of Law

USA Today: Governors reject stimulus money for unemployment
ABC: Can States Circumvent Anti-Stimulus Guvs?

NYT: Alternate Route: Bypassing the G.O.P.
Shelby Steele: Why the GOP Can't Win With Minorities
Examiner: Obama launches propaganda war against Republicans
Politico: Obama tightens reins on capital
St. Pete Times: GOP's unified "no" strategy against Obama's spending carries risks
Examiner: Hill Republicans content without another DeLay or Gingrich
Hill: Analysis: House and Senate hopefuls must start early

CSM: Despite Steeles rough start, many in GOP optimistic
Union Leader: Shooting wild: RNC chairman has no aim

Bulletin: Limbaugh Issue Is A Distraction For The GOP


NY Post/Dicker: Gov's secret pork to 'buy' budget votes
NYT: Senate Is Said to Seek More in Income Tax From Wealthy

NY Post: Dems issue warning about Gilly to party boss

Reuters: New York race a chance for Republican redemption
Hill: GOP spending big to fight for NY seat
Post-Star: National Republican Trust to air ads in confressional race

NYDN: Against Mayor Bloomberg, do Democrats really have Bill Thompson's back?

Buffalo News: As Reynolds steps down, funding withers


AP/Delli Santi: Christie criticizes NJ governor's budget plan


Forbes: Small-government conservatives have found their champion in Mark Sanford
AP/Fouhy: SC Gov. Sanford set to reject stimulus millions | Sanford bio
New American: Gov. Mark Sanford on Stimulus, Economy


Star Tribune: Recount drama moves into judges' chambers
AP/Bakst: Judges begin deliberations in Minn. Senate battle


LA Times: Will Feinstein run for governor?
Politico: Sanchez coy on governor dreams
SF Chronicle: GOP turns on itself, risks losses in midterms
SF Chronicle: State faces new budget shortfall, new tax ideas
AP/Thompson: Calif. fight over inmate care may go to high court
Roll Call: Hill Clout: California Is Still Golden


Austin AS: Voter ID measure set to head to House
Dallas MN: Victory on voter ID may cost GOP Latino support

KVUE: Sen. Cornyn says Perry is right to reject stimulus dollars
Houston Chronicle: Jackson Lee, Ellis fight for stimulus aid


Miami Herald: More lawmakers embracing social networking tools
Miami Herald: Editorial: McCollum TV ads confuse the message
Orlando Sentinel: It's no time to rest for time-share industry in Florida Legislature
Sun-Sentinel: New fees raise cost of driving in Florida


Savannah Morning News: No free rides
Atlanta JC: Republicans and embryonic stem cell research


Pantagraph: Despite hard times, Quinn looking to raise taxes
New Yorker: The rise of Roland Burris


Washington Times: AFL-CIO pledges votes for Specter: 'Check card' bill on the line
Human Events: Pat Toomey May Take Arlen Specter Out of GOP's Misery


Cincinnati Enquirer: 'Tea Party:' Stimulus bill too steep


Detroit News: Gingrich shows political touch in Mich. visit


NV Daily: Dinner hosts attorney general contenders
AP/Lewis: Some House GOP leaders call for Frederick's ouster


St. Louis PD: Mo. senators not living up to party stereotypes on earmarks
St. Louis PD: Claire McCaskill, other politicians use video, Twitter to further their agenda


Chattanooga TFP: As Gobble runs for Congress, would-be rivals weigh options


Seattle Times: Lawmakers thwart Gregoire's cap-and-trade plan on climate


Hartford Courant: Simmons Says He's Vie For Dodd's Senate Seat In 2010
AP/Miga: Simmons To Challenge Dodd In 2010 Senate Race


March 15, 2009



Louisville Courier-Journal: McConnell says Obama seeks to go 'pretty far left'
Examiner: McConnell says Obama, Democrats trying to Europeanize America

WaPo: Bailout King AIG Still to Pay Millions In Bonuses
NYT: A.I.G. Planning Huge Bonuses After $170 Billion Bailout
NYT: Editorial: Following the A.I.G. Money
WaPo: Hedge Funds Making Way For Government Regulation

WSJ: Stimulus Spending by State

Boston Globe: Democrats, GOP draw battle lines on healthcare plan
NYT: Administration Is Open to Taxing Health Benefits

WaPo: Affordable-Housing Efforts in NYC Could Spread Nationwide

WaPo: Washington Observes the Influence of Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett
McClatchy: Obama's ambitious first-term agenda could backfire
Politico: Reform, don't ban, earmarks
Fox: Pelosi Denies She's Partisan, Accuses GOP of 'Process' Politics
Bloomberg: Obama spending splinters Republicans, business groups

WaPo: Labor Union Bill Raises Broader Capitalism Issues

NYT: As Oil and Gas Prices Plunge, Drilling Frenzy Ends

George Will: Voting Rights Gone Wrong
Kathleen Parker: Drive-By Pundits Are Killing Papers

Hill: GOP eyes offensive strategy for 2010

WaPo: Steele's Focus Turns to Nuts and Bolts
Baltimore Sun: Michael Steele's job remains secure, GOP officials say
CSM: McConnell sees better days ahead for Steele and GOP candidates

Washington Times: The conservative civil war
Chicago Tribune: The business of Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh: 'Getting past' Reagan?
LA Times: Conservative talk radio on the wane in California

Politico: Battle brews over Bush library

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows


Hill: Dead heat nationalizes New York special
NYT: After Promises of Openness, Comptrollers Pension Fund Moves Draw Scrutiny
AP/Bauman: NY investigation commission faces possible sunset
Crain's: Maloney may seize the moment and run for gov
NYT: Bloomberg Campaign Discloses Its Spending
NY Post: State bigs take NYers for a ride: $86 mil tab for chauffers and lavish car perks


Philadelphia Inquirer: Would Corzine budget smack middle class?
AP/Delli Santi: Bad-news NJ budget could render political fallout
Examiner: Democrats' Poll Numbers Cratering
NJ: Chris Christie's secret fundraiser


Pioneer Press: We won't know who won the election
MinnIndep: FEC: Franken, Dems can keep raising funds for Senate contest


LA Times: Judge appointments are Obama's chance to shape California courts
SacBee: Do California primaries need to change?
Mercury News: More tax hikes, spending cuts for California?


AP/Brown: Lawmakers hear North Texans' stimulus ideas


Sun-Sentinel: Republican infighting: Savvy Crist becomes an 'Obamlican'
St. Pete Times: Where's the love for Charlie Crist, Jeb?
Hill: Rep. Meek scores big Union nods


Rome NT: Isakson addresses county Republicans


Chicago Tribune: Gauging political price of tax plan
Chicago Tribune: Quinn eyes fee increases for construction plans
Chicago Sun-Times: Quinn: Income tax rate going up
WIFR: Blago on Tax Hike
AP/Shenoy: Burris gets cold reception at St. Pat's parade
Chicago Sun-Times: Burris turns up on Blago list of potential fund-raisers


Philadelphia Inquirer: GOP's increasing conservatism could hurt Specter
LA Times: Arlen Specter faces GOP ultimatum over union-rights bill
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Employee Free Choice Act banks on Specter
Tribune-Democrat: Hoping others join Luksik, seek office


Cleveland PD: Gambling promoters toss another self-serving idea at Ohio


Detroit News: Poll: Michigan's next gubernatorial race might be a close one


News Virginian: Bolling sees Republican resurgence in Virginia
Daily Press: For better and worse, Eric Cantor is in the D.C. spotlight
Washington Times: Fundraiser McAuliffe fills his war chest


News-Leader: Sunshine Law in Missouri spotlight


Tennessean: Corker says auto industry on track


Examiner: Washington state budget crisis has Governor Gregoire looking for easy options


MSNBC: Republicans Reax to Sen. Lincoln's Re-Election Bid
AP: Lincoln kicks off re-election bid


AP/Daly: Alaska's Murkowski a new 'powerhouse' in Senate
AP: Biographical details on Alaska Sen. Murkowski


KGMB9: Local Republicans Select New Honolulu Chair


KLAS: Gov. Gibbons Blasted from All Sides
KOLO: Conservative Activist:"Gibbons Should Resign"
Las Vegas Sun: The Man Formerly Known as Governor
Las Vegas Sun: Gibbons ignores community, industry input on budget plan
Nevada Appeal: Editorial: Gov. Gibbons shows once again he is out of touch


Milwaukee JS: In state Supreme Court race, age is the unspoken issue



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