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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

March 31, 2009



WSJ: U.S. Threatens Bankruptcy for GM, Chrysler
WSJ: Tough Auto Measures Carry Political Risks for the President
WSJ: Blame Is Put on Management, but Hourly Workers, Retirees Face More Pain
WSJ: The Obama Autoworks
Detroit News: Obama effectively becomes CEO-in-chief
WSJ: Wagoner Had to Go
Politico: Under Wagoner, GM gave big to GOP
NY Post: Wagoner cushioned by $20 mil
LA Times: Plan for GM may involve bankruptcy
WSJ: We Have Chapter 11 for a Reason
NYT: For U.S. and Carmakers, a Path Strewn With Pitfalls
NYT: President Gives U.S. Carmakers a Short Lifeline
NYT: U.S. Sees a Smaller Future for G.M. Than G.M. Does
NYT: Enthusiasm Builds for Helping a Shift to Fuel-Efficient Cars
NYT: Hummers Decline Puts Dealers at Risk
NYT: Editorial: The Last Best Chance for Detroit
WaPo: Editorial: Tough but Fair
NYT: OpEd: One Roadblock Too Many for G.M.
NYT: Music: Protest From the Right Side of Country
WaPo: Hard Line on Auto Aid Puts Bailed-Out Firms on Notice
Politico: Carrots for banks, sticks for autos
Politico: Detroit plan has GOP all over the map
CQ Politics: Obamas Auto Moves Draw Mixed Reaction From Bystanding Lawmakers
CQ Politics: Reid, Dingell Praise Auto Plan; Most Republicans Skeptical

David Brooks: Car Dealer in Chief
Larry Kudlow: A Truly Breathtaking Departure
Richard Cohen: The Wheels Are Off: Stop Pouring Money Into GM and Chrysler
Dana Milbank: No Nominee Yet for Secretary of Rustproofing
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Fires General Motors CEO in Government-Backed Union Coup
Rush Limbaugh: This Dangerous Democrat Attack on Capitalism Will Get Much Uglier
Andrew Klavan: Take the Limbaugh Challenge
Juan Williams: Why the White House Wont Let Go of The Limbaugh Thing Anytime Soon

WaPo: Recession Puts a Major Strain On Social Security Trust Fund

WaPo: Blame for Downturn Not Fixed on Obama

NYT: Obama Goes to Lawmakers on Budget
NYT: A Week for Budget Battles
Politico: Obama sells budget to Dems
Hill: Obama asks for budget momentum from Dems
WSJ: P&G Chief Criticizes Tax Plan on Foreign Profits
WSJ: Night of the Living Death Tax
Rep. Mike Pence: The Republican Budget: Let the Debate Begin
St. Pete Times: Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida criticizes Obama budget
WaPo: Ex-Commerce Nominee Now Top Budget Critic
Hill: Oversight panel shortchanged in House budget

WSJ: In the Exurbs, the American Dream Is Up for Rent

WSJ: SEC's New Top Cop Faces Challenges

WSJ: Locke Vows to Push for 'Fair Trade'
NYT: Editorial: A Champion for the Census?

NYT: Wilderness Lands Bill Becomes Law
NYT: Obama Issues Signing Statement With Public Lands Bill
Human Events: Sen. Jim DeMint Blasts National Service Bill

AP: Health secretary nominee to face senators

WaPo: House Democrats Plan to Introduce Greenhouse-Gas Bill
Washington Times: Coal is winner even in 'green' Congress

WaPo: EEOC Willfully Violated Pay Law, Arbitrator Rules

WaPo: Arms Development Costs Soar: Weapons Programs Still Over Budget

Pat Buchanan: Is Notre Dame Still Catholic?
American Spectator: Jimmy Carter's Spirit of Notre Dame

Hill: Gingrich becomes a Catholic, then has dinner at Caf Milano

AP/Johnson: Romney's work puts him in 2012 political spotlight

Baltimore Sun: Man of Steele or super-mistake?
MSNBC: More RNC staff cuts


Washington Times: N.Y. House race in spotlight
NYT: Gillibrands District Set to Vote for a Successor
Hill: Parties have a lot riding on N.Y.-20 race
CQ Politics: New York Race Watched for More Than Results
LA Times: Riding the anti-Wall Street wave to Congress?
Reuters: Congressional election in NY seen as economic test
NRO: Populism on the Hudson
Albany TU: Tediscos all-nighter

NYT: Albanys Big 3 Is Cut to One as Silver Flexes Might
NYT: Paterson Tries to Defend Budget Deal
Buffalo News: Paterson, leaders defend state's $131.8 billion budget
NewsLI: Statement by Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos
Albany TU: Budget details come to light
NY Post: No one is safe from tax smack in state budget
NY Post/Dicker: Setting NY back 30 years
NYDN: New York State Democrats cheer as rest of us grumble

NYDN: Rangel spent $777 a month for lease on Cadillac

NYT: For Injured Workers, a Costly Legal Swamp


Star Tribune: Texas Sen. says Coleman has right to pursue legal fight for years
Pioneer Press: A timeline to resolution of the Coleman-Franken U.S. Senate contest


SF Chronicle: Budget savvy boosts Campbell's election odds
SF Chronicle: Back to the future: Bill Simon exploring a run for lieutenant governor?
SacBee: Handpicked candidates & campaign contributions empower lobbyists in Legislature

SF Chronicle: Schwarzenegger pal backs Prop. 1A


AOL: Sen. Hutchison Praises Clinton; Campaign Hits Palin

Dallas MN: Two big tests await Straus
AP/Root: Texas Senate approves drunk-driving crackdown
Houston Chronicle: City DWI checkpoints OK in bill advanced by Senate


Miami Herald: Lawmakers try to draw Gov. Charlie Crist into budget battle
Miami Herald: Lawmakers consider new taxes on tobacco
Palm Beach Post: Republican plan would hike homeowner insurance rates 23% on coast

Orlando Sentinel: Judge asks top court to force Crist to pick replacement


Atlanta JC: Senate nears OK on budget
Southern Political Report: Georgia: GOP Prospects for Congressional Gains Poor in 2010
Atlanta JC: Transportation power shift needs standards, openness


CQ Politics: Burrs Attention to Black Community May Help Save His Seat


Chicago Tribune: Giannoulias to decline special interest cash
AP: Ill. gets $3B for education in stimulus money


CQ Politics: Iowa Democrat Sowing Seeds of Challenge to Grassley


Philadelphia Inquirer: Road to reelection will be a rough one for Specter
Hill: Stimulus package may impact primary races before economy

Philadelphia Inquirer: Lawmaker to Corbett: Resign if you run for governor

Pitt PG: Critics claim Murtha is capitalizing on corrupt system, but he's not apologizing
CQ Politics: Did Murtha Say What He Meant?
DC Examiner: Murtha investigation could hand GOP issue for 2010


Columbus Dispatch: New bill lets trucks go faster, backs rail
AP/Majors: Ohio officials reach transportation budget deal


Detroit FP: Hoekstra enters race for governor Detroit
Detroit FP: Hoekstra will enliven '10 GOP race
Mlive: Local officials, business leaders praise Hoekstra's candidacy
Politico: Hoekstra running for governor
WSJ: Rep. Hoekstra Enters 2010 Race for Michigan Governor
WaPo: Rep. Hoekstra to Run for Mich. Governor
CQ Politics: Hoekstra Kicks Off Governors Bid in Michigan
Fox: Hoekstra Announces He Will Seek the Republican Nomination for Governor of Michigan


Richmond TD: Huckabee campaigns with McDonnell in Roanoke
WSLS: Mike Huckabee stumps for Bob McDonnell in Roanoke
WaPo: McAuliffe's Fundraising: High-Dollar, High-Mileage

Richmond TD: Republican Party chairman hires attorneys to fight ouster
WaPo: Frederick Hires Attorneys for Fight


KC Star: Missouri lawmakers welcome FBI investigation


Times News: TN's Republican senators criticize Obama's roughhousing of auto execs
Tennessean: Tennessee legislators take aim at gun limits


Greenville News: S.C. lawmakers prepare to cut $368 million from stimulus-free budget
WCBD: Governor Sanford to look at stimulus study Tuesday
Greenville News: Graham opposes intervention


AP: Summary Box: Washington state budget
Seattle Times: Editorial: Slimmed down, the state must put education first


UPI: Palin appoints Republican to Dem seat
Fort Mill Times: Palin taps Grussendorf to open Senate seat
Anchorage DN: Alaska Democrats aim to block Palin's state Senate pick
Anchorage DN: Palin makes a controversial pick for Juneau vacancy
Anchorage DN: Palin picks Grussendorf for Senate seat
LegalNewsline: Palin criticized over AG nomination

Life News: Alaska Legislators, Governor Sarah Palin, Discussing Abortion-Parental Consent


March 30, 2009



WSJ: Government Forces Out Wagoner at GM
WaPo: GM Chief to Resign at White House's Behest
NYT: U.S. Moves to Overhaul Ailing Carmakers
NYT: With a Busy Agenda, Obama Turns to Auto Bailout Plan
Hill: Obama rejects GM plan, forces out CEO
NYT: The Steady Optimist Who Oversaw G.M.s Decline
AP: Obama to give GM 2 months to restructure; Chrysler to get 30 days to finish Fiat deal

NYT: Stocks Fall Sharply in Asia and Europe
LA Times: AIG crisis could be the tip of an insurance iceberg
Paul Krugman: America the Tarnished

Washington Times: AIG chiefs pressed to donate to Dodd
NY Post: Sen. Dodd's cavalcade of scandal

Hill: McConnell criticizes Obama 'explosion of government'

NYT: Banks Starting to Walk Away on Foreclosures

WSJ: Report Finds Fraud Rife in SBA Program
WSJ: Many Smaller Cities Dodge Crunch in Consumer Lending
WSJ: How Long Until Stocks Bounce Back?

WSJ: Cap and Trade War
WaPo: A Budget Watcher's Guide to the Action
WaPo: Winds of Change Evident in U.S. Environmental Policy
WaPo: U.S. Climate Envoy Vows Support
CQ Politics: Consensus Could Be a Conundrum for Climate-Change Bill

NYT: Star Lobbyist Closes Shop Amid F.B.I. Inquiry
Politico: Dems fear defections in PMA probe
WaPo: In a Down Time Everywhere Else, K Street Bustles

WSJ: Why Card Check Is Unconstitutional

NYT: Editorial: Reviewing Criminal Justice

American Thinker: American Cardinal joins criticism of Notre Dame
Chicago Sun-Times: Obama speech tests Notre Dame's strength

NYT: Fox Newss Mad, Apocalyptic, Tearful Rising Star

American Spectator: The Tragedy of Supremely Bad Law

CNN: McCain: I'd like to see Palin compete for 2012 WH bid

NY Post: Parties & pot in Biden kid's past

American Thinker: Rodney Dangerfield Republicans
David Horowitz: Obama Derangement Syndrome
New Republic: Why the Democrats Can't Govern


Albany TU: Seeking the inside track in bellwether race
Poughkeepsie Journal: Economy central to special congressional election
AP/Bauman: NY House special election seen as Obama's 1st test
WaPo: When a High-Profile Endorsement Is Low-Profile
CQ Politics: Heated N.Y. 20 Campaign Reaches Back to Grass Roots
Albany TU: Clutch donors
Albany TU: Solomon campaigns for Tedisco

NYT: State Leaders Outline Deal on a Budget
Albany TU: It's a deal: $131.8B
NY Post: What Dems are 'up' to: $132B
NYDN: State's staggering new $131.8B tax-and-spend plan has critics howling
AP/Gormley: NY state budget full of taxes, some spending cuts
Buffalo News: Senate Democrats increase staffers pay
NYDN: Tenants can't find a friend in New York state capital
Gotham Gazette: In Albany, Budget Battles Behind Closed Doors
NY Post: Meet Gov's bureaucrat boneheads

NYDN: Retired Sen. Alfonse D'Amato to lobby for 9/11 Memorial Foundation - for $50G

NYDN: Mayor Bloomberg woos Staten Island GOP and sings praises of Vito Fossella


PolitickerNJ: Gloucester Endorsement-Tail of the Bull(y)
Daily Record: Lonegan camp takes aim at DeCroce


Politico: In Minnesota, it's still November


Desert Sun: Valley becoming gubernatorial hot spot
LA Times: Cogdill, though ousted, saw the right path for the GOP
PE: One ouster leads to another in Sacramento
SacBee: Riordan slams ballot measures
Contra Costa Times: No sure thing in race for Tauscher's seat


Houston Chronicle: Perry-Hutchison battle could impact GOP nationwide


St. Pete Times: Tracking Crist by O-meter to D.C.
Insurance Journal: Florida House Moves Workers Comp Attorneys' Fee Limit Bill


Atlanta JC: Looking at a Roy Barnes comeback


Chicago Tribune: Can Quinn's budget be approved?


Human Events: Toomey Announces Against Specter--Almost
Boston Herald: Apparent challenger for Arlen Specters Senate seat starts ball rolling
Pittsburgh PG: Why Specter is good for the GOP

Philadelphia Inquirer: Will Corbett charge Republicans in Bonusgate?
KYW1060: Pa. Republican Reignites Debate Against Illegal Alien Benefits


Dayton Daily News: GOP ready to take on Obama


Detroit News: Granholm, Republicans wrangle over budget cuts


Virginian-Pilot: Mike Huckabee to raise cash for McDonnell in Va. Beach

Politico: Budget, Britney dim Cantor's star


AP/Logan: GOP ties Mo. early voting to photo ID
AP: Groups question HUD funding for Mo. pig farm


Tennessee Journalist: UT Republicans still working after election


State: Understanding S.C. and the stimulus
NYT: Editorial: Courting Disaster in South Carolina


Jed Babbin: Paul Ryan's Big Chance


AP/Smith: Remember, lawmakers must pass a new budget


Advocate: Boehner visits BR, pitches GOP budget


Honolulu Advertiser: Hawaii Democrat Ed Case says he'll run for U.S. House seat
Star Bulletin: Case will seek U.S. House seat
CQ Politics: Hawaiis Case Decides to Run for Congress, Not Governor


March 29, 2009



WaPo: Overhaul Targets Money Market: Plan Also Limits Hedge Funds
NYT: Companies Pretty Up Prices to Win Stimulus Projects
NYT: Editorial: Questions for Reform
WaPo: Swiss Talk Tough In Banking Battle
WaPo: Where Are the Leaders?
WaPo: One-Time Cabinet Nominee Assails Obama Budget Plan
Hill: Gregg: U.S. lurching to the left
Politico: Rangel: Geithner not in touch with people's "pain"
Politico: Krugman: the left's new anti-Obama
Carl Icahn: Were Not the Boss of A.I.G.
American Thinker: The Drive to Abolish National Currencies

George Will: Bailing Out of the Constitution
Michael Barone: Not Yet Ready for a Welfare State
Pat Buchanan: Can Uncle Sam Ever Let Go?
Wm Jacobson: Liberal Ugliness Revealed On The JournoList
Wm Jacobson: Obama Attempts to Rewrite The First Amendment
Wm Jacobson: The American Left Outsources The Spanish Inquisition

Washington Times: Tax plan called bad for small oil firms
Bloomberg: Republican Spending Blueprint Contains No Detail, Orszag Says
NYT: Battle Brewing Over Reconciliation, Which Is Anything but That

WaPo: White House finalizing plan for more auto aid

WSJ: G-20 to Set New Rules for Tax Havens Under Regulatory Shake-Up
WaPo: Obama Signals Flexibility Ahead of G-20 Summit
WaPo: No Givens As Obama Steps Onto World Stage

NYT: Cost Works Against Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources in Time of Recession
NYT: White House Announces International Meetings to Address Energy and Climate Issues
Thomas Friedman: Mother Natures Dow
WaPo: Hour of Darkness for Energy Enlightenment
Hill: Dem Senators press to sidestep GOP on climate change
Houston Chronicle: Geography trumps party in energy bill
Rush Limbaugh: UN Climate Change Plan Fits with Obama's Anti-Capitalism Scheme

WaPo: Union Bill's Declining Chances Give Rise to Alternatives

WaPo: Delay in Immigration Raids May Signal Policy Change
Houston Chronicle: GOP must call Obamas bluff on immigration

Rush Limbaugh: The Most Anti-Life President in US History to Speak at Notre Dame

WSJ: Obama Taps Three Nominees for Treasury Posts

Fox: Classic Clinton Phrase Inspires New GOP Strategy to Regain Power
Pittsburgh TR: GOP eyes midterm
Richmond TD: Embracing Conservative Principles Will Bring Republican Success
American Chronicle: Wave the White Flag in the Limbaugh War
SF Chronicle: Obama keeps pace with evolving media

NY Post: 'Friend' of Biden's daughter shopping tape of her allegedly doing cocaine
NYDN: Report: Video for sale allegedly shows Joe Biden daughter, Ashley, snorting cocaine

AP: IA Sen. Grassley: First suicide for AIG bonus-getters, now remark about colleague's wife

Washington Times: Public financing 'dead,' McCain says
NRO: Editorial: A Clear Danger to Free Speech
Washington Times: McCain has only kind words for Palin
Newsweek: Former McCain Adviser Endorses Same Sex Marriage

New Times: Meghan McCain Poised to Become "New Young Republican," Says The Atlantic
Salem News: Cutting Meghan McCain Down to Size
Kathleen Parker: Meghan McCain, another maverick?

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet
Politico: Inside Obama's Sunday show strategy


WaPo: Parties Eye N.Y. House Race as a Vote on Obama
NYDN: Run for Gillibrand's old House seat a litmus test for GOP, President Obama
Albany TU: Ads erode Tedisco's standing
Rush Limbaugh: Dems Ramp It Up in NY-20 Race

NYT: Deal Is Reached to Raise Taxes on Top Earners in New York
NY Post: Gov clinches deal on huge tax hikes
NY Post: Secret state tax plan would hit rich hard
NYDN: Gov. Paterson, Albany leaders settle on personal income tax hike
NYDN: New state budget packed with pork for Albany legislators, despite economic crisis
Albany TU: Budget bills race against the clock
AP/Gormley: NY Legislature agrees to state budget
NY Post: Gov's med-plan 'bankrupt' fear
NYDN: The dysfunctional government in Albany: You guys are a disgrace!
Buffalo News: Senate Democrats giving their staffs double digit pay raises

NYDN: NYers find Bloomberg cold, but warm up to idea of reelecting him for third term - poll

Buffalo News: Tea Party protests high taxes, 'failed' government


AP: Election records show Chris Christie previously gave campaign donor large contract
Morris County Citizen: Those who benefited from contract give to Christie campaign
PolitickerNJ: Middlesex Republicans pick 21-year-old for District 14 assembly seat


Hill: Michele Bachmann: Low profile for GOP congresswoman? Not exactly
Bemidji Pioneer: Minnesota Legislature: Budget limits efforts for unemployed


LA Times: Republicans run from, not on, Schwarzenegger's record
SacBee: Lobbyists spend millions -- and rarely lose in Legislature
SacBee: Early signs encouraging for California's share of federal stimulus


Austin AS: Perry, Hutchison spar early and often in '10 matchup
Austin AS: Perry and Hutchison teams for 2010 campaign


St. Pete Times: Florida Legislature awaits Crist's word on budget


Atlanta JC: Barnes eying another run for governor


Journal Star: Illinois GOP chairman bowed but not beaten
CQ Politics: No Rahmbo, But Illinois House Special Favorite is Ready


Des Moines Register: Democrat says Grassley has been in Senate too long


Philadelphia Inquirer: As conservative conference closes, all eyes on Toomey
Philadelphia Inquirer: Likely challenger sees chance against Specter
Patriot-News: Toomey rips Specter over stimulus vote
AP/Jackson: Pat Toomey 'very likely' to launch Senate bid
USA Today: All eyes on Pat Toomey
CQ Politics: Reid Reached Out to Specter But Doesnt Expect a Party Flip

AP/Jackson: GOP gov hopesfuls climax Pa. conservative conclave


Cleveland PD: Ohio Statehouse has a language all its own: Slotspeak


WaPo: McDonnell Officially Begins Campaign for Va. Governor
Roanoke Times: McDonnell launches campaign for governor
Richmond TD: McDonnell kicks off his gubernatorial campaign
AP/Lewis: McDonnell opens bid for Va. governor
WaPo: Kaine Vetoes Bills to Expand Death Penalty
Washington Times: Kaine vetoes bills on death penalty, gun possession


Washington Times: Child advocates await action on Md. porn bill


KC Star: FBI inquiry involves Missouri lawmakers


NewsChannel5: House Speaker Will Seek Re-Election
Times News: House Speaker Williams vows to run for re-election in 2010


Hill: Former Rep. Case to run for Hawaii seat


Louisville CJ: Beshear endorses Mongiardo for 2010 Senate race
Hill: Kentucky gov. endorses Bunning challenger


AP/McGill: Opposition to Obama fuels Sen. Vitter's resurgence


Eagle Tribune: Bay State Republicans need to find their conservative souls


Hartford Courant: Is Dodd Beatable?
AP: Conn. senator hires campaign manager
Hartford Business: Time Short For Dodd To Regain Voters Trust


Anchorage DN: Palin won't budge on parental-consent abortion bill


Arizona Daily Star: Top aide has loyally served in Brewer shadow for years


March 28, 2009



WSJ: Bankers, Obama in Uneasy Truce
WaPo: Obama, Bankers Sit Face to Face: President Urges More Lending
NYT: Bankers Pledge Cooperation With Obama

NYT: U.S. Expected to Give More Financing to Automakers
WaPo: Consumer Spending Shows Signs of Life
Bloomberg: Obama Budget Director Dismisses Republican Spending Blueprint
NYT: Obamas Man on the Budget: Peter R. Orszag: Just 40 and Going Like 60
NYT: Obama Brings Flush Times for Black News Media
WaPo: Obama Says U.S. 'Must Respond' to Flood Potential in Midwest
AP: Obama Pledges Midwest Flooding Help
WSJ: Mr. Obama's Surge
WSJ/Robert Reich: Obamanomics Isn't About Big Government
WSJ: World Bank Responsibility: $500 million for companies suspected of corruption

Washington Times: Reid accuses chief justice of deception

WaPo: Obama Town Hall Questioners Were Campaign Backers

WSJ: U.S. Backdating Probe Roils OTS

WSJ: Let's Put Bylines on Our 'National' Intelligence Estimates

WSJ: Congress Is Buying Time for Health-Care Savings
WaPo: More Support for Health-Care Fix: But Funding Coverage Still Sticking Point

WSJ: The Carbon Cap Dilemma

LA Times: 'Card check' bill loses key supporters

WSJ: FAA Administrator Nominee Gets Strong Airline Support
WSJ: Obama Names Former Mississippi Governor as Navy Secretary

WSJ: After Initial Successes, Electoral College Foes Set Sights on Higher Peaks

James Taranto: Cast a vote for freedom by switching on the lights Sunday night!
Kathleen Parker: Why a GOP Benefactor Switched Parties
David Broder: The Democratic Congress's Cover-Up: Hiding a Mountain Of Debt

USA Today: How to save the Republican party
NYT/Charles Blow: Steele Ridiculous
CNS: Demonizing Individual Republicans: First Limbaugh, Now Rove


WSJ: New York Has a Referendum on Obama
NYT: Ire at Wall St. Bonuses Is Now Factor in House Race
Albany TU: NRCC ad invokes Sept. 11 attacks
Albany TU: Murphy makes inroads on Tedisco
WaPo: N.Y. Special Election Is Too Close to Call
Albany TU: Murphy now leads Tedisco by four points

NYT/Gail Collins: Patersons Decline: How to Train a Governor
NYT: As States Budget Deadline Nears, Leaders Still Far Apart on Many Details

NYT: Deal on States Drug Laws Means Resentencing Pleas
WaPo: N.Y. Governor, Lawmakers Agree To Soften Drug Sentencing Laws
Albany TU: Drug law reform to save $250M
NY Post: Drug cons at the end of 'Rocky' road
NYDN: End is near for Rockefeller drug laws

Albany TU: State senator denies assault charges

Buffalo News: HUD audit blasts city over funds


Gloucester County Times: Christie endorsed by Gloucester County Republican Party


MinnPost: Heres a quick look at whats keeping Minnesota delegation busy


LA Times: Ethanol investors try to derail California's carbon-emissions proposal
Mercury News: Opinion: California Republicans need to step up to anti-tax plate
SF Chronicle: Arnold: "I can do anything I want"


WSJ: A Showdown on Voting Rights
AP/Root: Republican seeks to delay on new voter ID rules


Tampa Tribune: Crist Facing Conservative Rebellion
Miami Herald: Florida lawmakers hear from gambling foes
Orlando Sentinel: Florida jobless rate hits 33-year high
Broward New Times: Gov's Race Preview? Sink Hits McCollum


Atlanta JC: Handel enters Georgias 2010 race for governor


AP/Jackson: Toomey keynotes major Pa. conservative conclave
Examiner: Republican purists risk losing seat in rush to punish Specter

NYT: Judges Kickback Scheme Thrived Despite Red Flags


Muskegon Chronicle: Will he or won't he run for governor? Hoekstra won't say
AP/Ohlemacher: Democrats, GOP duel over small business taxes
Detroit FP: State House votes to end ban on drug industry lawsuits


CNN: Romney will raise money for Virginia Republicans
WaPo: DC Region's Jobless Rate Up Sharply: District Reaches Nearly 10 Percent


WP: Easy-to-Get Licenses Expose Md. to Fraud: Out-of-State Illegal Immigrants Exploit Rules


Hill: Missouri's Carnahan in lead for Bond's seat
KC Star: Details emerge on plan for Missouri stimulus money


Greenville News: Graham: Skirting Sanford 'arrogant'


Hartford Courant: Connecticut Sen. Dodd Hires Rising Star To Run His Campaign


March 27, 2009



WSJ: Treasury Maps New Era of Regulation
NYT: Battles Over Reform Plan Lie Ahead
WSJ: In the Geithner Plan, the Devil Is Lurking in the Details
WSJ: Geithner Is Overreaching on Regulatory Power
CBS: GOP, Experts Doubt Financial Overhaul Plan
AP/Crutsinger: Financial overhaul plan draws GOP opposition
WaPo: As Oversight Plan Is Unveiled, Turf Battle Begins to Unfold
AP: S.E.C. Chief Tries to Stake Out Role in Overhaul
WSJ: What's Left of TARP? Treasury Stays Mum
NYT: Inquiry Asks Why A.I.G. Paid Banks
Bloomberg: Cuomo Expands AIG Bonus Probe With Subpoena of Data on Swaps
Paul Krugman: The Market Mystique
NYT: OpEd: How to Conjure Up $500 Billion
NYT: Rising Fear of a Future Oil Shock
WSJ: Acting Director of OTS Put on Leave Amid Probe
WaPo: Bank Regulator on Leave Pending Inquiry
WSJ: Did the Fed Cause the Housing Bubble?
WaPo: Freddie Mac's Duel With Regulator: Does It Report Government's Role in Its Losses?
Rush Limbaugh: President Obama Wants Chaos
Human Events: Geithner Needs Adult Supervision

WSJ: Senate Panel Clears $3.6 Trillion Budget
WaPo: Democrats Agree on Budget's Outline
Fox: Reid Leaves Open Option for Extreme Maneuver on Health Care, Energy Overhauls
LA Times: Campaign for Obama's budget is widening
Hill: Senate panel approves budget resolution
WaPo: House Republicans Present Outline of Alternative Budget
Washington Times: House GOP budget light on specifics
Hill: GOP offers budget outline with details to come
Washington Independent: The House GOPs Cunning Budget Plan
Hill: White House scoffs at House GOP's budget
Politico: Sources: GOP leaders split on budget blueprint
Fox: GOP Split on Whether to Reach Out to Moderate Democrats in Budget Battle
Rasmussen: More Voters Than Ever Say Tax Cuts Help the Economy

NYT: Senate Approves National Service Bill
Salt Lake Tribune: Senate passes Kennedy-Hatch service bill
AP: How the Senate voted on a national service bill

WSJ: National Health Preview: The Mass. debacle, coming soon to your neighborhood
Washington Times: Partisanship seen risky to Obama's health care reforms
Politico: Hoyer sets health care reform 'target'
Hill: Hoyer playing health reform referee
Politico: Attack on healthcare budget hits lack of detail
NYT: Date Set for Health Nominees Confirmation Hearing

WSJ: Business Beats Card CheckFor Now

Politico: Need security advice? Call Chertoff

James Taranto: Give Back That Bonus! Oh, and by the way, you still owe taxes on it

Michael Gerson: What the Teleprompter Teaches
Wm Jacobson: Obama's Teleprompter Tells A Joke And Starts A Fight

Larry Sabato: 36 Governorships on the Chopping Block in 2010

Oliver North: Obama Team Eyes Second Amendment
American Thinker: Obama's Sights on Second Amendment

WaPo: Political Parties See Dramatic Decline in Fundraising
Washington Times: Obama raised cash after leaving Senate
CQ Politics: Democrats Keep Track of Whos Helping the Party
Erick Erickson: Getting the GOP Back To Basics
USA Today: DNC keeps Karl Rove in its sights

Rush Limbaugh: White House Strategy Backfires: Rush Ratings Through the Roof

American Spectator: Touchdown Obama: Notre Dame hands him another Alinskyite victory
American Spectator: Obama Ignores His Tocqueville


Albany TU: House race takes national stage
Daily Record: New York congressional race a preview of 2010
AP/Bauman: Questions remain unanswered in NY 20th House race
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Run Against Rush in NY Special Congressional Election
Albany TU: Election rules, sloppiness end third-party House bid
Albany TU: Libertarian removed from ballot
Gazette: Libertarian candidate off special election ballot

NYT: As New Lawyer, Senator Gillibrand Defended Big Tobacco

NY Post: Silver tax hike targets $300g earners
NYDN: Tax hike for rich gaining steam: Gov. Paterson, pols mull big rate increase
NYT: In Budget Talks, Higher Tax Brackets and No Increase in School Spending
Buffalo News: Golisano warns Democrats he helped elect not to raise taxes
NYDN: Golisano Offers Comfort To Budget Renegades
AP: Billionaire to bankroll state budget opponents
NYDN: In Dem war vs. Paterson, the GOP wins
Albany TU: GOP raps drug reform effort

WSJ: Un-Cuomo: Some AGs still abide by values of respect for law & prosecutorial discretion

NYT: Mayors Campaign to Woo Independence Party Is Close to Paying Off
NYT: City Jobless Rate Takes Highest-Ever One-Month Leap


PoAC: Cumberland Republicans back Christie for governor


WaPo: Minnesota Recount Update: All Eyes on Pawlenty
MinnPost: Michele Bachmann gets pro-business award


SF Chronicle: Governor sees possibility in budget crisis
LA Times: California is poised to extend unemployment benefits
SacBee: Lawmakers say yes to federal stimulus funds for California
SacBee: Stimulus not likely to solve state job woes

NYT: Schwarzenegger Says Hes Not Running for Senate
CBS: Schwarzenegger Rules Out Run For Senate
CQ Politics: No Senate Run for Schwarzenegger in 2010

SacBee: Five of six ballot items doomed, says California GOP Senate leader
SacBee: State GOP to consider ballot measures next month

LA Times: Calif.'s Rep. Issa moves to impose transparency on Michelle Obama


McClatchy: Obama rebuffs Texas' GOP senators on judicial nominees
Austin AS: Obama to work with Texas Democrats, not GOP senators, on judge nominations
Dallas MN: Cornyn says he and Hutchison will send their own judicial selections
Star Telegram: Cornyn says senators will maintain role in judicial nominations

DMN: Split vote upholds TX ed board ruling to ax evolution 'strengths & weaknesses' rule
NYT: Defeat and Some Success for Texas Evolution Foes


Tallahassee Democrat: Florida House, Senate at odds over budget
Sun-Sentinel: Florida Legislature may raise property taxes for education
Miami Herald: Florida senators to take up school prayer, lobbyists, budget
Herald Tribune: Groups push to end gerrymandering in state

Miami Herald: State's attorney general goes on offense about name-building ads


Atlanta BC: Georgia House to nix new transportation agency


LNL: Possible Madigan governorship draws strong reactions among legal reformers
WGIL: Business Leaders Tempted to Leave Illinois Over Proposed Tax Hike
Chicago Tribune: Most corrupt state: Louisiana ranked more corrupt than Illinois


Philadelphia Inquirer: Two polls show challenges for Specter
CQ Politics: Specter Does a Little Better in New Poll
Bulletin: Who Can Win Pennsylvania's Senate Seat In Next Election?
Pittsburgh PG: Specter trying to gauge interest in an 'open' primary election


Akron Beacon Journal: Governor's focus on jobs in stimulus
Columbus Dispatch: Brown to run for secretary of state
Cleveland PD: Columbus-area politician to run for secretary of state


Detroit FP: Hoekstra expected to enter governor's race Monday
Mlive: Hoekstra's planned tour of the state indicates a sure run for governor
Detroit News: Hoekstra to decide on run for governor
Mlive: Ann Arbor entrepreneur Snyder's startup vision may guide potential bid for governor

AP: Michigan House OKs bill to help auto suppliers


Richmond TD: Webb calls for criminal justice review
WaPo: Ex-Lobbyist in Running For U.S. Attorney's Job


KC Star: Missouri House adopts $22.8 billion budget for 2010 fiscal year


KnoxNews: Gibbons Adds to Campaign Staff
Greeneville Sun: Rep. Wamp Names Aides In Campaign For Governor
Tennessean: Ethics complaint process reviewed
KnoxNews: Former Sen. Mike Williams Gets a TDOT Job


USA Today: Duncan vows to deliver S.C. school funds
AP/Davenport: Clyburn asks US Education chief for stimulus funds
State: S.C. Politics Today


Boston Globe: US expands inquiry into DiMasi friends
CQ Politics: Patrick Has Uphill Fight for Re-election in Massachusetts


Hill: Dodd gains ground over Simmons in poll
CQ Politics: Dodd Has Thin Lead Over Republican in Connecticut


Anchorage Daily News: Palin names Ross attorney general
Bloomberg: Alaska Stock Loss Grows to $1.5 Billion as Palin Seeks Oil Cash
Anchorage Daily News: Palin calls blogger's ethics complaint bogus
Politico: Palin stiffs Alaska legislature
American Spectator: The Lady Is Preoccupied


CQ Politics: Utahs Election Process May Get a Workout in 2010 Senate Race


March 26, 2009



WaPo: Geithner to Propose Vast Expansion Of U.S. Oversight of Financial System
WSJ: Geithner Wants New Rules to Check Risks
NYT: U.S. to Detail Plan to Rein In Finance World
WaPo: A Growing Chorus on the Hill Questions the Fed's Decisions
NRO: In the Market for a Better Banking Plan
AP/Crutsinger: Treasury head Geithner unveiling regulatory agenda
Rasmussen: Support for Govt Control of Executive Pay Only If Taxpayer Money Is Involved

WaPo: In Housing and Other Big-Ticket Markets, Early Stirrings of Hope

Washington Times: Geithner gaffe roils markets
WaPo: U.S. Vows To Sustain Dollar's Dominance: Geithner Defends Currency's Role
WSJ: Markets don't like Treasury talking down the dollar's status

WSJ: Democrats Bid Business Adieu
WSJ: Have We Seen the Last of the Bear Raids?

Chicago Tribune: Rahm Emanuel's profitable stint at mortgage giant

WSJ: Obama Asks Democrats to Preserve Budget Priorities
ABC: Obama's Middle Class Tax Cut May Not Survive Budget
WSJ: Obama Defends Budget, Says Spending Will Pay Off
WaPo: President Shifts Emphasis From Wall Street to Budget
WaPo: Obama Tries to Unite Democrats On Budget Plan
NYT: Budget Has Obama Courting Fellow Democrats
NYT: Optimism Grows in Congress for Retooled Budgets Prospects
NYT: Editorial: No Time for Budgetary Games
Politico: Budget battle rife with contradictions

WaPo: Obama Defends Push to Cut Tax Deductions for Charitable Gifts
American Thinker: Lefty truthful about Obama's real agenda on charitable contributions
Bloomberg: Obama Asks Volcker to Lead Panel on Tax-Code Overhaul
NYDN: AIG exec whines and resigns after being 'unfairly persecuted by elected officials'
Rush Limbaugh: Axelrod: White House Talent Can Keep Their Wall Street Bonuses

Politico: GOP gloves off for budget brawl
WaPo: GOP Split Over Budget Alternative
Politico: Pelosi: We don't need GOP on budget
Hill: House budget advanced on party-line vote
Hill: Liberals want more defense spending left behind
Reuters: Republicans float subsidy for housing investors

Ann Coulter: Gordon Gekko is a Democrat
Karl Rove: Obama Points Back to the GOP's Future
Ted Nugent: Obamas Katrina
Matt Kinnaman: Fairness is a poor substitute for freedom
Arthur Levitt: Weakening A Market Watchdog: An Accounting Rule Change's Real Costs
Nicholas Kristof: Learning How to Think
EJ Dionne: Will Anyone Admit That Taxes Have to Rise?
James Taranto: Down the Cardin Path: The dangers of nonprofit status for newspapers

WSJ: Obama Administration Revives Tax Battle With Oil Industry
American Thinker: An End to Dependence on Middle East Oil
WSJ: Auto Task Force Set to Back More Loans -- With Strings

WSJ: White House Leans Toward Tighter Enforcement of Taxes
Washington Times: Mortgage fraud cases swamp FBI

Washington Times: Congress overrides rejection by park service

Politico: Prospects dim for labor bill
Fox: Card Check Process Used by Union Organizers Ignites Fury at Indiana Plant
WSJ: U.S. Steps Up Wage-Law Enforcement

Washington Times: Stimulus may hit states' tax revenues

Washington Times: Postal chief defends bonuses
WaPo: In Special Delivery to Lawmakers, U.S. Postmaster Signals SOS

WSJ: Time for the Supreme Court to overturn McCain-Feingold
WSJ: Is the Bonus Tax Unconstitutional?

NYT: Editorial: A Legal Adviser Worthy of the Job

NYDN: ND students protest as pro-choice Obama picked to give commencement speech

NYDN: Bobby Jindal: It's all right to want Obama to fail

American Spectator: The 1966 Election's Warning to Obama
Kiplinger: Hottest Senate Races in 2010
CQ Politics: Candidates With Deep Pockets: A Trend in 2010?
CQ Politics: 435 District Presidential Vote Map Shows GOP Still Home on the Range
CQ Politics: Split Districts of 08 Key To GOP Rebound Hopes
Politico: Eric Cantor's Circus of a night, watching Britney Spears
Hill: Parties altering 2012 calendars


USA Today: N.Y. special election a preview of 2010
Hill: Fighting Irish lawmakers mad over Obamas honor
NYT: Albany Reaches Deal to Repeal 70s-Era Drug Laws
Albany TU: Cuomo road show visits Schenectady
NY Post: Docs sick over malpractice cap boost
Albany TU: State of insecurity arrives
Albany TU: State Layoffs Open Thread


Newsday: Christie launches radio campaign
PoAC: Joblessness in N.J. tops federal rate, hits 8.2%


Star Tribune: Senate race is a broken record


LA Times: Ballot measures on California budget in trouble, poll finds
SacBee: Foes surface against California ballot measures
LA Times/Skelton: California's bond ratings don't reflect reality

Bloomberg: Schwarzenegger Opens California Fairgrounds to Homeless Camp
NYT: Cities Deal With a Surge in Shanty Towns
NYT: Financial Safety Net of Nonprofit Organizations Is Fraying, Survey Finds
NBC LA: The New California Gold Rush


Dallas MN: Cloud looms over Texas budget
Brownwood Bulletin: Hutchison yet to declare candidacy
Dallas MN: Dallas DA Craig Watkins cashes in with national fundraisers


Miami Herald: Florida launches program to encourage in-state shopping
Fox: Governor Crist Endorses Grassroots Movement to Boost Florida's Economy
Miami Herald: Class-size amendment linked to penny sales-tax hike
Sun-Sentinel: Senate bill offers full-fledged casinos to Seminoles
Politico: Florida Blue Dog hit from the left


Atlanta JC: Senate OKs tax incentives to boost hiring
AP/Bluestein: Businesses, not homeowners, to get Ga. tax break


Chicago Tribune: Dueling governors on Chicago radio today


LA Times: Pennsylvania voters ready to deny Sen. Specter a sixth term, polls show
Reuters: U.S. Republican Senator Specter in tough race
Hill: Specter not surprised by Toomey poll lead
CQ Politics: Grassley May Not Take Specters Seat on Judiciary Committee
Politico: Rep. Murtha's Internet skirmish


Columbus Dispatch: Transportation bill now needs meeting of minds


Hill: Dominos ads delivering for Gov. contender
Detroit News: State jobless rate up to 12%


Human Events: Virginia's GOP Chairman Under Fire and Fighting Back
WaPo: McAuliffe Criticized For Ties to Lobbyist
CNN: McAuliffe takes heat for fundraiser at lobbying firm
WaPo: Rural Roots Offer Benefits, Obstacles To Deeds's Run


Missourinet: House Republicans pass budget, reject Nixon Medicaid plan
St. Louis PD: Budget bills advance after Medicaid debate
St. Louis PD: Abortion issue upstages jobs in Missouri Legislature


Chattanoogan: Wamp Announces Team To Lead Statewide Gubernatorial Campaign
Tennessean: Election commission clears Fred Thompson
Tennessean: Tennessee bill would apologize for slavery


PostandCourier: Stimulus questions remain


WSJ: Vermont Governor Intends to Veto Gay-Marriage Bill


Wichita Eagle: Kansans to vote on amendment for right to own guns


Milwaukee JS: GOP hopes to reinvent itself with 'young guns' such as Ryan


March 25, 2009



WSJ: Obama Defends Budget, Says Spending Will Pay Off
NYT: In a Volatile Time, Obama Strikes a New Tone for Crisis
WaPo: President Points To Progress on Economic Efforts
Politico: Obama: Budget, recovery 'inseparable'
Thomas Friedman: Secrets of a Pollster
Tom Shales: The Very Face of Victory
Wm Jacobson: Obama Presser In A Nutshell: A Thirst For Power That Will Not Be Quenched

WaPo: Potential GOP 2012 Candidate's Response to Obama
Dallas MN: Jindal to GOP: Time for navel-gazing over
Politico: GOP faithful still loves Jindal
CNN: Jindal urges GOP to put '08 in rear view mirror
AP/Evans: La. Gov. Jindal urges GOP to stand up to Obama

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Plan to Return Our Wealth to Its "Rightful Owners" Advances
Newt Gingrich: Americans are TEA'd
Pat Buchanan: The Weimar Solution
Dick Morris: Obamas just not that into you
Washington Times: Notre Dame bishop to boycott Obama
AP/Blank: Huckabee likens abortion to slavery at Missouri fundraiser

WSJ: Tapping AIG Furor, Regulators Seek Power to Seize Nonbanks
NYT: U.S. Plan Seeking Expanded Power in Seizing Firms
Hill: Obama expects backing on broader-authority plan
WSJ: Drive to Tax AIG Bonuses Slows
WSJ: On Wall Street, Talk of Trust and Civil War
WSJ: Toxic Assets Were Hidden Assets
WSJ: The Real AIG Disgrace
NYT: OpEd: Dear A.I.G., I Quit!
NYT: Top Hedge Fund Managers Do Well in a Down Year
WSJ: Why Congress Will Kill the Bank Rescue
WSJ: The 'Populists' Are Right About Wall Street
Politico: Official defends Fannie bonuses
Rasmussen: 81% Say Congress Cant Raise Taxes Retroactively

WSJ: Key Senator Won't Support Union Bill
WaPo: Specter To Oppose Employee Free Choice Act
NYT: Key G.O.P. Senator Reverses Course on Union Organizing Bill
Hill: Specter deals heavy blow to card-check
Politico: Specter gives Dems cover on labor bill
Reuters: Republican opposes US labor bill, may doom measure
AP/Hananel: Specter shifts stance to oppose card check
WSJ: The Power of 41: Chipping away at the support for "card check."
NYT: Labor Enforcement Agency Is Failing Workers, Report Says

WSJ: Now for the Car-Parts Bailout: The solution to Detroit's woes grows increasingly complex

WaPo: Senate Considers Relief for Credit Card Holders
Reuters: U.S. bill seeks to rescue faltering newspapers

WaPo: Handling Of 'State Secrets': Like Predecessor, New Justice Dept. Claiming Privilege

NYT: Health Insurers Ease Stance on Pre-Existing Conditions
Rasmussen: 63% Support Affordable Health Care for Every Single American

NYT: House Republicans to push for guns amendment to public lands catchall

WaPo: Democrats Take Knife To Obama's Budget
WSJ: White House to Hunt for New Tax Revenues
Politico: Conrad carves up Obama's budget
Politico: GOP warns about budget hardball
AP: Senate Democrats to scrap Obama's $400 tax credit
WSJ: Tax-Policy Change Is Proposed for Charities
WaPo: A Deduction From Charity

WSJ: How Not to Fight Discrimination: The EEOC joins a class-action effort against Wal-Mart

WSJ: LaHood Pitches Mexico Truck Plan to Skeptical Lawmakers

Politico: Napolitano announces border plan

CQ Politics: Senate Confirms Locke as Commerce Chief
American Spectator: Boredom at Commerce
CQ Politics: State Department Nominees Lobbyist Past Raises No Objections in Senate
WSJ: Treasury's Top Candidate to Run TARP Drops Out

NYT: To Cut Costs, States Relax Prison Policies

WaPo: Justices May Soften Campaign Ad Law
NYT: Justices Consider Campaign Finance Law

James Taranto: Sing for Chrysler

Kathleen Parker: Another McCain Throws Down a Challenge
USA Today: Meghan was "all talked out," but now she's not
Atlantic: Meghan McCain, Youth Spokeswoman

Fox: RNC Chairman Steele Names New Media Director
WaPo: Former MSN Exec Named RNC New Media Director
AHN: Republicans Hire Former MSN Executive As New Media Director
ClickZ: RNC's New New Media Guy a Web Video Guru
Colorado Indep: RNC boss to Colorado GOP: We lost our minds, strayed from roots

Politico: NRSC launches direct attack on Obama
Hill: GOPs rising star runs into a rough patch
Human Events: Top 10 House RINOs
Washington Times: Democrats hold on to Madoff money
Rasmussen: Democrats Regain Lead on Generic Congressional Ballot
CNN: GOP event pulls in $6 million


NY Post: 8,900 are targeted after unions nix major givebacks
NY Post: Paterson: 8,900 layoffs on the way
NYDN: Paterson orders layoffs of 8,900 New York state employees amid economic downturn
Albany TU: State planning layoffs: 8,900 jobs to be trimmed from payroll

NYT: State Official Rigged Civil Service Jobs, a Report Finds
Albany TU: Exclusive: IG slams former tax chief in job scandal
Albany TU: Drawing state pay from a distance

Daily Gazette: Golub endorses Tedisco
WTEN: Big name endorses Tedisco; Sundwall fights to stay
AP/Bauman: Candidates in NY House race get out the vote

Hill: Justice sues New York over military voters

NY Post: Qns. pol extorted charity: Feds
NY Post: Feds slap Queens lawmaker with more charges
NYDN: Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio hit with new extortion charges

NYT: Bloomberg Seen as Cold but Still Favored, Poll Finds

Buffalo News: Power Authority to freeze rates through April 2010


PolitickerNJ: Christie wins 94% at Ocean GOP convention
Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie touts career as prosecutor in radio ad
Hill: Republicans see hope in Va., N.J. gubernatorial elections


Reuters: Coleman won't rule out appeal if loses Senate case
Politico: Coleman won't rule out federal appeal
MPR: Coleman appeal could play constitutional wild card
CQ Politics: A Winner in Minnesota or More Election Fatigue?
USA Today: FEC: DSCC can raise money for Franken's recount

AP/Lohn: Pawlenty to meet with DFL, warns against tax hikes


LA Times: Tauscher accepts State Dept. post, setting off political scramble to replace her
SacBee: Getting California out of marriage business proposed as answer to Prop. 8 war
SacBee: U.S. judge won't oust California prison medical czar


AP/Vertuno: Top judge files response to misconduct charges
AP: Highlights from the Texas Legislature


St. Pete Times: Crist defends corporate jet use, declines to give more details
Miami Herald: Gov. Charlie Crist: I'm 'cautious' about my use of state planes
Sun-Sentinel: Florida Gov. Charlie Crist says he pays for trips on private jets

St. Pete Times: CFO Alex Sink's recent moves make gubernatorial run look likely

Herald Tribune: Florida faces $1 billion budget rift
Orlando Sentinel: FL Senate looks to gambling, cigarettes to help raise money for budget


Chicago Tribune: Conservative Cornyn warns Illinois GOP against litmus test


Madison Messenger: McDonnell touts qualificatons during visit


CNN: Bunning blasts McConnell over fundraising
AP/Biesk: Ky.'s Bunning: McConnell making fundraising tough


Boston Globe: Towns try to punish public marijuana use


NY Post: Dodd's wife, too, had money link to AIG
GPW: Top Recipients of AIG Campaign Donations from 1989-2008
NYT: Kudlow of CNBC Rules Out Senate Race


March 24, 2009



WaPo: U.S. Seeks Expanded Power to Seize Firms: Goal Is to Limit Risk to Broader Economy

NYT: U.S. Expands Plan to Buy Banks Troubled Assets
WaPo: U.S. to Help Investors Buy Bank Assets
WSJ: Obama Dials Down Wall Street Criticism
WSJ: Toxic-Asset Plan Sends Stocks Soaring
WSJ: Rescue Agencies Now in Scramble
NYT: Rescue Plan, With Some Fine Print, Dazzles Wall Street
NYT: Banking Plan Propels Wall St. to Best Day in Months
WaPo: Some Experts Say Rescue Program Might Not Work
Rasmussen: 45% Say Stop All Bailouts for Financial Industry
Washington Times: Investment firms stand to profit in Treasury plan
WSJ: The Geithner Asset Play: At least it's an attempt to clean up bank balance sheets
Paul Krugman: Geithner plan arithmetic
NYT: Editorial: The Bank Rescue
WSJ: We Need Honest Accounting
WaPo: Shining Light on the Bailout Effort: Watchdog Calls for More Transparency at Treasury
George Soros: One Way to Stop Bear Raids: Credit default swaps need stricter regulation
George Will: The Toxic Assets We Elected

WaPo: Senate Will Delay Action on Punitive Tax on Bonuses
WSJ: AIG's Bonus Unit Now in IRS's Sights
NYT: $50 Million in A.I.G. Bonuses to Be Repaid
Bloomberg: Half of $165 Million in AIG Bonuses May Be Returned, Cuomo Says
NYT: Senate Will Weigh Risks of Bonus Taxation
CQ Politics: Senate Takes a Time-Out in AIG Bonus Situation
WaPo: AIG Employees to Repay $50 Million in Bonuses
Rasmussen: 57% Support 90% Tax on AIG Post-Bailout Bonuses

Boston Globe: Gregg continues budget-blasting of Obama
WaPo: Obama to Pursue Budget Goals on Hill

Ronald Rotunda: The right of free speech, regardless of what is spoken
James Taranto: Attainder for Beginners: A "grenade" is constitutional. A sniper rifle isn't

WSJ: Health-Care Battle Set to Focus on Public Plan

TRNS: Senate Republicans bash Employee Free Choice Act

WSJ: EPA Raises Heat on Emissions Debate
WSJ: Carbon Caps Are the Best Policy
WaPo: Editorial: Regulating Carbon
NYDN: Obama's Clean Energy Plan Appears Safe

WaPo: Census Bureau Will Try an Ad Campaign To Reach Minorities

WaPo: Obama Makes Senior Picks at Treasury Dept.
WSJ: Three Tapped for Top Treasury Posts
Washington Times: Sebelius in trouble with Catholic Church
WaPo: Community Policing Defines Nominee to Lead Drug Office
AP/Woodward: HUD No. 2 choice oversaw huge public-records fines
NYT: OpEd: Nominate and Wait

NYT: Contraception Pill Strictures Are Eased by a Judge
WaPo: FDA Ordered to Rethink Age Restriction for Plan B
WSJ: Obama Gets Their Irish Up: The president doesn't want a dialogue about abortion
MSNBC: Obama faces Notre Dame Catholic backlash

AP/Sanner: Senate looks into expanding AmeriCorps

WaPo: Campaign Finance Challenged: Bill to Overhaul System Would Ban Lobbyist Donations
WSJ: Bill Would Limit Corporate Campaign Fund Raising

Michael Barone: Republicans Aren't Doing Better--Democrats Are Doing Worse
CQ Politics: February Tie Goes to GOP in Senate Fundraising Chase
Human Events: A New House Seat Open to Republicans?
LA Times: DNC's Kaine picks panel to reform Democrats' entire nominating process

CNN: Meghan McCain: 'I support the president'
KC Star: Todays weighty issue: The Ingraham-McCain catfight


Newsday: Skelos hints a bum-rush budget is an April Fool's errand
Buffalo News: State GOP plans to delay budget passage
NYT: Albany Leaders Struggle in Face of Budget Deadline
NY Post: Mike foresees frightening flight pattern

NYDN: Democrats and Republicans alike upset at Paterson cigarette fee plan
NYDN: Governor Paterson's bungling is no surprise to New York politicians
NYDN: Gov. Paterson waffles, fibs, bungles and mumbles - but he doesn't resolve
NYDN: Bloomberg: Leave 'Easy Target' Governor Alone
NYDN: Paterson: I Was A Successful Senate Leader
Albany TU: 4 in 5 think Paterson is doing a bad job
NY Post: Dave's marks are worst by NY gov

Albany TU: Senator indicted on assault charges
NY Post: Dem pols suspend indicted Senator

NYT: New York Democrats Say Power Vacuum Threatens Party Candidates

AP/Gormley: Paterson to NY Power Authority: Avoid rate hikes
Buffalo News: Governor urges Power Authority to reject rate hike, bonuses
WIVB: Flood of criticism for Power Authority: Head of NYPA arrives in Buffalo

Newsday: Islip GOP names Ronkonkoma lawyer as town chairman


AP/Delli Santi: NJ borrowing federal cash to pay jobless claims
PolitickerNJ: How Blue is New Jersey?
Politico: GOP sees signs of life in Northeast
PolitickerNJ: Corzine makes his AC pitch


Star Tribune: FEC says donors can pay Coleman, Franken legal bills
AP: FEC: National committees can raise recount funds

MN Ind: Bachmann wants Minnesotans armed and dangerous against Obama energy policy


CBS: Is Schwarzenegger Eyeing A 2010 Senate Run?
LA Times: Assembly OKs 20-week extension of unemployment pay
WSJ: San Francisco Mayor Starts Statewide Bid
Legal Newsline: Progressives leaving Brown's side in 2010
Hill: Politicians waiting for the go-ahead from Tauscher to campaign for seat
SF Chronicle: State GOP putting money where their mouth isn't


Dallas MN: Perry, Hutchison tangle over governor's rejection of part of stimulus package
Austin AS: Hutchison, Perry clash on economy and unemployment
Marshall NM: Hutchison not moved by Perry's economy claims
AP/Shannon: Hutchison urges Perry to use stimulus for jobless
AP/Castro: Senate committee OKs stimulus spending
Dallas MN: Some question Perry's transfer of funds to Texas A&M
Houston Chronicle: Board of Education evolves into sideshow
Dallas MN: Texas Senate endorses bill to have commission redraw congressional districts


Miami Herald: GOP defends Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum's cybercrime ads
Ledger: Fla. Republicans Must Act Fast to Repair Education Funding
AP/Kaczor: Fla. 'Stimulus czar' named to ride herd over funds
Orlando Sentinel: Gov. Crist's refusal to open up about private jet flights is hypocritical
Sun-Sentinel: Florida governor was investigated and cleared in 2001 flight flap
Miami Herald: Common Cause Florida shutting down
Tallahassee Dem: House to vote on resolution to repeal public campaign-finance provisions
American Spectator: Charlie Crist: The Specter of a New Arlen


Macon Telegraph: House, Senate still split on roads funds


St. Louis PD: Ill. Gov. Quinns tax plan a political gift to Republicans
AP/Bellandi: Gov. Quinn, labor groups push construction plan

Daily Herald: National Republicans eye Burris' seat
AP/Bellandi: National Republicans see chance in Illinois
CPR: Senator Burris Still Not Talking to Media
CQ Politics: Burris Seeks to Establish Legal Defense Fund

WSJ: Riverboat Robbery: When does a tax become an illegal 'taking'?


Philadelphia BJ: Pa. Republicans want oversight on stimulus money


Vindy: GOP lawmakers want to adjust state budget
AP/Majors: Economic gloom hurting Ohio governor


Detroit FP: GOP: Granholm must immediately cut spending
Detroit News: Cut spending now, Granholm told


CNN: Virginia Democrat aims to replicate success of Obama web tool


St. Louis PD: Missouri Republicans criticize Nixon for appointments of donors
KC Star: Missouri GOP blasts Nixon for hiring key campaign contributors
Missourinet: House appears ready to reject Nixon health care plan


Tennessean: Tennessee to tighten its belt


AP: SC lawmakers to announce new voucher plan


Columbian: State budget woes can be solved without raising taxes


KC Star: KS House trims $680 million budget deficit by cutting state agencies by 10 percent


American Spectator: Ten Questions for Jeff Flake


Salt Lake Tribune: Governors visit Utah for fundraiser


March 23, 2009



WSJ: Geithner Banks on Private Cash
WSJ/Timothy Geithner: My Plan for Bad Bank Assets
NYT: U.S. Rounding Up Investors to Buy Bad Assets
Paul Krugman: Financial Policy Despair
Robert Samuelson: American Capitalism Besieged
Rasmussen: Most Americans Say Let AIG Go Out of Business, Political Class Disagrees
WaPo: The Wealth Gap Gets Wider
NYT: OpEd: When the Economy Really Did Fall Off a Cliff
WSJ: Swiss Banks and the End of Privacy

WSJ: Obama Says Constitutionality of House Bonus Bill in Doubt
WaPo: Advisers To Obama Wary of Bonus Tax
Politico: W.H. dials back support for bonus tax
Washington Times: Obama cool to high tax on bonuses
Hill: Spitzer emerges to urge caution on 'clawback'
Hill: Honeymoon may be over for 'clawback' bill
WSJ: The Bonus Tax Is Just Plain Stupid
WSJ: Populist Anger Is Hard to Contain
WSJ: How Bank Bailout Cost Mr. Hoaglin
Washington Times: Tax code escalates as Democrats' power tool

WSJ: Geithner Aides Worked With AIG for Months on Bonuses

Fox: Shelby: Geithner on 'Shaky Grounds'
Politico: Shelby questions if Geithner is right for job (with video)
WSJ: Geithner Gets High-Profile Support
NYDN: Biden takes Geithner joke to the bank, as Obama's busy defending him
Rasmussen: Political Class Gives Geithner Good Reviews, Most Americans Disagree

NYT: G.O.P. Is Wary of Obamas Optimism on the Economy
Politico: Shelby: $20 trillion deficit coming
Washington Times: Gregg: Deficits could bring bankruptcy

WaPo: Foreign Firms Eye Stimulus Dollars
NYT: Trade Barriers Rise as the Recessions Grip Tightens
WSJ: A Smoot-Hawley Moment?

WaPo: Local Realty Executive to Direct FHA
WSJ: Obama to Appoint Mortgage Executive to Head FHA

WaPo: As Cuts Loom, Will Working From Home Lead to a Layoff?

WSJ: Obama Sticker Shock
EJ Dionne: Obama vs. the Dodgers
Politico: Kroft to Obama: Are you punch-drunk?
Politico: Why Obama should confront his base
Hill: McCain creams Obama -- in NCAA picks, that is
Hill: Obama uses 'gallows humor' to face economic crisis
NYDN/Lupica: Hey President Obama, the campaign is over - forget the popularity contest

Human Events: ACORN Whistleblowers Produce Shocking Testimony on Capitol Hill

WSJ: States Vie for Share of Clean-Coal Cash
CQ Politics: Coal Industry Digs in With Lobbying Campaign

WSJ: Food Industry Opposes Fee for More Inspections

NYT: Energy Secretary Serves Under a Microscope

CQ Politics: Transcript: Rep. Frank, Sen. Grassley on CBSs Face the Nation'
CQ Politics: Transcript: Romer, Rep. Rangel, Sen. Shelby on Fox News Sunday
CQ Politics: CQ Transcript: Sens. Conrad, Collins on ABCs This Week

American Thinker/Moran: Political party identification: A turn of the tide?
Politico: Kaine cash haul leaves Dems wanting


NY Post: Gov plots secret tax hike on rich
NYDN: Gov. David Paterson's Senate minority leader tenure marked by chaos, dysfunction
Albany TU: Governor goes for the green

CQ Politics: Special Election Doubles as Audition for Political Pros
AP/Sidoti: NY election seen as referendum on stimulus

Albany TU: A field of four for U.S. attorney position
Albany TU: Guilty plea offers leads
NY Post: Top black rev. backing Bloomberg
Politico: Spitzer's road back
Niagara Gazette: Sorting out the authority sweep


PoAC: Christie opponents bypassing county conventions
Cherry Hill Courier Post: Lonegan lists laws he wants repealed
PolitickerNJ: Atlantic County GOP chairman reads desperation in Democrats' District 2 ticket
Star Ledger: Crumbling economy has steered Corzine and NJ in new direction
Bloomberg: Corzine First to Face Voters as Governors Brace for Backlash


Star Tribune: The recount: Can it be over soon?
Star Tribune: Key budget adviser does double duty for the state


SacBee: Governor open to feds raising gas tax for projects
LA Times: Gov. Schwarzenegger has more kind words for Pres. Obama
SacBee: 20-week extension for jobless benefits headed for a vote this week
LA Times: Editorial: Help for California's jobless
Modesto Bee: Editorial: State should tap into extended unemployment benefits

AP/Lawrence: Eight candidates compete for vacant Senate seat


Dallas MN: Midway through its legislative session, Texas House has yet to pass a bill
NYT: Stimulus Ideals in Conflict on the Texas Prairie
WSJ: Texas School Board Set to Vote on Challenge to Evolution
News-Journal: One of the final area Democratic strongholds going Republican
Austin AS: State Sen. Nichols looks to tame tollway deals


Miami Herald: Crist shields details of travel on private jets
Sun-Sentinel: Senate bill would strip elections supervisors of party labels
Sun-Sentinel: GOP's Hasner and Bogdanoff partisan and determined in Tallahassee
St. Pete Times: With citizenship bill, Rep. Bill Posey goes from obscurity to on-air scorn
AP: Feds: FL law interferes with regulations for Cuba
Orlando Sentinel: Seminole casinos cause rift between House, Senate
Herald Tribune: Further cutbacks in store for prisons


Atlanta JC: State control over airport hotly debated
Athens Banner-Herald: Editorial: Rep. Heard's resolution a sad political stunt
AP: GA lawmakers consider easing up on sex offenders


Chicago Sun-Times: Monken tapped as director of Illinois State Police
Chicago Tribune: Jonathon Monken: 29-year-old picked to head Illinois State Police
Peoria Star Journal: Reform panels turn to campaign finance


Philadelphia Inquirer: Toomey poised to take on Specter
WSJ: Specter Facing Pressure From All Sides as 2010 Vote Nears
NYT: Matthews Renews Contract at MSNBC
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: The new depths of Pennsylvania sleaze


Cleveland PD: Redistricting proposals abound in Ohio
Marion Star: Ohio GOP senators want lines redrawn
WYTV: Congressional Redistricting Competition
Columbus Dispatch: Republicans offer plans to reform redistricting

Dayton Daily News: Governor 'trying to do due diligence' on pardon requests
Toledo Blade: Actions of ex-Putnam elections chief questioned


Detroit News: Granholm slams 'double standard' on executive bonuses
CNN: Granholm to Obama: Rein in health care costs
Detroit News: Electric bills may jump 11% this year


WaPo: Editorial: VA's GOP Rift: GOP leaders look to oust the state party's divisive leader
Virginian-Pilot: Jeff Frederick under fire


Fort Mill Times: Mo. lawmakers block governor's agenda


KnoxNews: State budget includes plenty to argue about
Tennessean: Bredesen's budget expected to call for gradual cuts
Memphis CA: Bredesen budget taps $5 billion from U.S. stimulus, recovery funds
WVLT: Governor Phil Bredesen to give budget address Monday


Washington Independent: Conservatives Size Up Sanford for 2012
Politico: Sanford makes his case
AP/Davenport: Field for Barrett's 3rd District SC seat expanding
State: Cigarette tax gains momentum


AP/LaCorte: WA bill would smooth voting restoration for felons


Day: Will GOP Tap Kevin O'Connor To Help Lead Party's Revival?


March 22, 2009



WaPo: Treasury Presses Ahead With Plan For Toxic Assets
Washington Times: AIG fallout could trip up toxic-asset sales
AP: Treasury's bank rescue plan to be announced Monday

NYT: Administration Seeks Increase in Oversight of Executive Pay
Politico: Geithner to call for new bonus system
WaPo: Obama Backs Geithner Despite Vast Criticisms

WaPo: Obama's Campaign Army on Road Again
WaPo: Some Activists Barred From Government Work
McClatchy: Congress loathe to more bailouts after AIG
AP/Lohn: Stimulus cash hits statehouse speed bumps
Washington Times: Retailers floating union compromise

NYT: Obama Responds to Criticism From Cheney
Politico: Obama slams Cheney on '60 Minutes'
Seattle PI: Obama holds steady in national poll

PR Newswire: RNC: Governor Haley Barbour (R-MS) Delivers Weekly Republican Address
CQ: Transcript: Gov. Barbour Delivers GOP Response to the Presidents Weekly Radio Address

Washington Times: Bishop to shun Steele's address
Denver Post: Q&A Michael Steele, chairman of the Republican National Committee
Detroit FP: Candidates already lining up for 2010 Senate election
American Thinker: The GOP and the Midterm Elections
Boston Globe: Divided we stand: The problem with bipartisanship
NYT: The Art of Political Distraction
Pittsburgh TR: Bob Livingston speaks out

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


AP/Gormley: GOP in NY demands probe into AIG campaign donation
Fox: AIG Bonus Controversy May Affect Race to Replace N.Y. Sen. Gillibrand in House
Albany TU: Totals top $1M each in 20th district race
Baltimore Sun: Special N.Y. election a test for the national parties
NYDN: AIG's $100G donation to Democrats was unknown to Gov. Paterson, he says
NYT: In Albany, Budget Talks Stay in Dark
NY Post: Duo 'Driven' from Office
NY Post: Spitzer's Madam's a Hit with A-Rod
NYDN: I dated A-Rod, and provided him hookers


PoAC: Cape Republicans endorse Christie because 'he can win'
PolitickerNJ: Passaic County regular Republican organization endorses Chris Christie
Cape May County Herald: County GOP Backs Christie for Governor
PolitickerNJ: Cryan Calls on Christie to Produce a Balanced Budget
Philadelphia Inquirer: Corzine's budget relies on one-time fixes
North Jersey: Can Corzine survive fiscal woes?
Gloucester County Times: GOP in Trenton sees a chance

Press of Atlantic City: Republican Kurtz enters Atlantic City mayoral race
NBC40: Republican Candidates Announce Candidacy in A.C. Election


Star Tribune: Obama's Minnesota supporters get back to campaign
KAAL: Coleman Attorney Picks Franken To Win Recount


SF Chronicle: Predictions for Schwarzenegger's next big role
LA Times: 'Sacramento Six' face conservative backlash
OC Register: Sheriff revokes the gun permit for GOP heavyhitter
AP: OC sheriff revokes ex-GOP chief's weapons permit
SacBee: California budget slash underscores useless lieutenant governor's office
McClatchy: Schwarzenegger asks Obama for more infrastructure money
SacBee: Schwarzenegger, Shriver weigh in on Obama's 'Special Olympics' remark
AP/Thompson: Largest California state union ratifies contract
AP: California gets nation's lowest bond rating driving up cost to taxpayers


Dallas MN: Texas is taking a greater interest in global warming
Austin AS: Texas parks remain underfunded
Star-Telegram: Funding for North Texas roads, rail faces rising opposition


Sun-Sentinel: Who buys when Gov. Charlie Crist flies?
Florida Times-Union: Crist opposes 1-cent school tax
Florida Today: Florida budget picture isn't pretty
Florida Times-Union: Region's lawmakers weigh in on AIG
Miami Herald: Florida Legislature's conflict of influence: Consultants serve two masters
St. Pete Times: Editorial: Put limits on lawmakers' slush funds
Miami Herald: Federal ruling offers new hope for Cuba-trip travel agents
Palm Beach Post: Democrats, GOP spar over ending sales tax breaks as budget talks start


Atlanta JC: Cobb chief casts an eye on run for governor
Atlanta JC: Road bill bends in direction of donors


Chicago Sun-Times: Could income tax hike doom Quinn in '10?
Peoria Journal Star: Speech shows Quinn no silver-tongued orator


Star Gazette: Specter downplays re-election scenarios
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Rivals welcome for Arlen
Times Leader: Glory goes to a gutsy Sen. Specter


Chronicle-Telegram: Kasich, eyeing run for governor, meets local GOP
Daily Sentinel: Kasich rallies Gallia GOP with address
Hudson Hub-Times: Poll: governor's support still high, but slipping
Cleveland PD: Ohio taxes will rise, but Strickland hopes not until 2011
Cleveland PD: Redistricting: Ohio Dems and GOP want to change the way districts are drawn


Mlive: Newest MI gubernatorial aspirant Rick Snyder, former Gateway exec, shakes up race
Detroit FP: Michigan Democrats should be worried
NYT: As Detroit Struggles, Foundations Shift Mission


Richmond TD: To Win Virginia, Parties Must Court Independents


News-Leader: McCaskill, Blunt are just a tweet away


KnoxNews: Wamp plans to be competitive


Hartford Courant: GOP's Simmons Positions Himself As The Anti-Dodd
Norwich Bulletin: Simmons a formidable foe for Dodd
Hill: Dodd does damage control after rough week


Charlotte Observer: Burr key tobacco funds recipient


State: From the NFL to County Council, Sam Wyche moves fast


Denver Post: State GOP keeps Wadhams in charge
Colorado Indep: Wadhams clobbers challengers to win re-election as CO GOP chairman
Examiner: Colorado GOP keeps Wadhams as chairman
Vail Daily News: Stone loses bid for state GOP chair


News and Tribune: Small crowd in Madison County welcomes Bunning



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