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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

March 14, 2009



WaPo: Obama's New Tack: Blaming Bush: President Points to 'Inherited' Economy
Govt Exec: Republicans band together to monitor stimulus spending

WSJ: Summers: Timing of Turnaround Is Unclear
WSJ: Mortgage 'Cramdown' Plan Hits Turbulence in Senate
WSJ: White House Taps Bankruptcy Lawyer for Auto Task Force
Washington Times: Obama adviser Summers touts case for stocks

Boston Globe: Obama boosts Amtrak funding
NYT: Napolitano Targets Border Violence
NYT: Obama Says He Will Review Request for Guard on Border
Hill: Obama to pick Reed adviser for Pentagon post

WaPo: Lawmaker Tried to Aid Bank Partly Owned by Husband
SF Chronicle: Waters didn't reveal bank ties before meeting
CQ Politics: Waters Denies Improperly Aiding Bank Where Husband Was Board Member
LA Times: Rep. Maxine Waters defends her ties to banks
Politico: Waters fights back on bank conflict allegations

NYT: After Change in Federal Policy, Some States Take Steps to Limit Stem Cell Research
WSJ: Stem Cells and the Truth About Medical Innovation

NYT: Editorial: Offshore bank accounts: $100 Billion in taxes the Country Could Use
WSJ: U.S. Insists China Fears Over Debt Unfounded
WSJ: Obama's Education Opening
WSJ: Tax Me If You Can
WSJ: Why the D.C. Voting Rights Act Is Wrong
WaPo: Are Earmarks Defensible?
Bloomberg: Obamas Popularity Doesnt Sway Republican Critics

NYT: G.O.P. Rift on Need for Alternate Budget
WSJ: McConnell: GOP Needs Same Message, Better Candidates

AP: Ginsburg: Court likely changing 'soon'

James Taranto: Please Get Serious, Mr. President
Wm Jacobson: Will Krugman Call Obama Narcissist-in-Chief?
Wm Jacobson: A Cure For Social Security

WaPo: The Trouble With Michael Steele
Dallas MN: McConnell: Steele off to a "rough start"
AHN: Huckabee Calls Republican Chairman's Abortion Comments 'Very Troubling'
Nashville Scene: Michael Steele: the GOP's George Costanza

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows


UConn Advance: Giuliani offers law school audience insider's view of justice department

Albany TU: Clash over staff roils Senate
NYT: Editorial: Stimulus spending: So, Who Will Watch Albany?
Newsday: Sheldon Silver, the king of New York?
Buffalo News: New York Senate seeks new approach to budget
Press&Sun-Bulletin: Well, so much for an open N.Y. budget process
Rasmussen: Governors Popularity Plummets in New York

NYT: Bloomberg and the Incredible Shrinking Mayors Race
NY Post: Bx. pol got a slick 'Rangel' tax break

NRO: A Diagnosis of What Ails Tedisco, From New York's 20th District
CapitalNews9: Gillibrand supports Murphy
AP/Bauman: Gillibrand stumps for Democrat


PolitickerNJ: Lonegan, still unknown, runs nearly even with Corzine and gains on Christie
CQ Politics: Outlook Continues to Look Dim for New Jerseys Corzine
Philadelphia Inquirer: Corzine rejects GOP claims budget proposal attacks middle class
PolitickerNJ: 49 states have elected a Republican since N.J. GOP last won
PolitickerNJ: Christie leads among Independents, ahead by 10 points in South Jersey
Rasmussen: Corzine Falls Further Behind in New Jersey Reelection Bid


Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: Now it's up to the judges
CQ Politics: Coleman Lays Out Appeal Strategy Pending Recount Decision
Hill: McConnell: Coleman fight should go to federal court
Minn Indep: GOPs McConnell urges Coleman to take Senate case to federal court
Pioneer Press: U.S. Senate race results up to just 3 voters
Fox: Minnesota Senate Election Case Concludes
AP/Bakst: Judges begin deliberations in Minn. Senate battle


LA Times: California budget faces new $8-billion shortfall
SF Chronicle: California faces new fiscal crisis, report says
Bloomberg: California Teachers Rally as 26,000 Job Cuts Loom
NYT: Farmers Lead a Bid to Create 2 Californias
LA Times/Rutten: Rep. Waters' troubling ties


Gov. Rick Perry: Stimulus bill puts unfair burden on employers
CBS42: Texas Sen. Hutchison concerned about Perry unemployment decision
Dallas MN: State Democrats gird for battle over stimulus fund rejection
Star Telegram: Democrats will push to overturn Perry move to reject some stimulus funds
ATR: Gov. Perry Rises to the Occasion and Protects TX Taxpayers
Austin AS: Editorial: Perry's misguided $555 million stand
AP/Castro: Texas critics assail rejection of stimulus cash
Dallas MN: Editorial: Texas House should support redistricting reform


St. Petersburg Times: For Gov. Crist, darkest days are always sunny in Florida
Sun-Sentinel: Everglades visit reinforces Gov. Charlie Crist's stance for land deal
Herald Tribune: Critics say Florida is slow to spend the stimulus
News-Press: Economists: Florida faces $3 billion revenue shortfall
Sun-Sentinel: Florida legislative session might go into overtime to reach a budget deal
Miami Herald: Florida Senate leaders target sales-tax exemptions


AP/Brumback: Critics: Proposed Ga. law amounts to a poll tax
Macon Telegraph: Grocery sales tax looks to be dead this year
Law: Northern District of Georgia's New Chief Judge Reflects on Her Career
AP: Ga. lawmakers seek more control of public defender system


St. Louis PD: Quinn will propose major state tax hike to address Illinois deficit
Daily Herald: Tax hikes coming from Quinn
Chicago Sun-Times: To fix fiscal crisis, Quinn must go for broke


Philadelphia Inquirer: Specter: Amtrak to get $63 million for work in Chester
Hill: Rendell says stimulus 'not enough'


Columbus Dispatch: House sets slow pace for budget work
CPD: Cleveland schools may get about half the $53 million in stimulus money they expected


Detroit FP: Tough times across U.S. have Michiganders stuck in state


WaPo: Va. GOP Leader Tightens His Grip: Five Congressmen Join Call for Frederick to Quit
Richmond TD: GOP chairman unsurprised Republican congressmen seek his ouster
AP/Lewis: Va. GOP congressmen join call for Frederick's exit


AP/Lieb: Mo. House Republicans propose budget cuts


AP: GOP operative pleads no contest to election charge


AP/Slodysko: In WA, budget looms for Legislature's second half


NYT: Governor Challenges Utahs Conservative Verities


WSJ: Nebraska Sets the Standard on Government Accountability


Hill: Perkins not challenging Sen. Vitter


March 13, 2009



NYT: Investors See a Glimmer and Shares Soar Worldwide
WaPo: Stocks Soar, But Dismal Signs Remain
WSJ: Americans See 18% of Wealth Vanish
NYT: China Worried About Safety of U.S. Treasuries
Hill: Obama confident after good Dow days
Detroit News: GM dealers balk at ordering new autos
Reuters: Citi doesn't need more government capital: Parsons

WSJ: Cuomo, Frank Seek to Link Executive Pay, Performance
WSJ: Obama Makes Overtures for Cooperation of CEOs
WSJ: European Leaders Push Back on Obama's Calls for Aid
WSJ: Don't Let Government Dictate Labor Contracts
Politico: Gregg grills Geithner on budget

WaPo: Senate Democrats Seek Support For Mortgage Modification Bill
Hill: Senate Democrats mull changes to cramdown
WaPo: No Second Stimulus Bill Is Coming Soon, Pelosi Says

NYT: Congresswoman, Tied to Bank, Helped Seek Funds
Politico: White House CIO Vivek Kundra takes leave
Washington Times: Obama appointee on leave after FBI raid

WSJ: Senate Confirms Ogden as Deputy Attorney General | Bio
NYT: 2 Are Approved for Justice Dept.
Law: Senate Confirms WilmerHale Partner as Deputy Attorney General
WaPo: How Obama Will Handle U.S. Attorney Posts Still Unclear
AP: Senate Panel Approves Kirk As Trade Chief
WaPo: Fourth Nominee Withdraws From Treasury's Roster
Politico: More Treasury staffing woes
Hill: Lawmakers deny Freeman's Israel lobby charges
Politico: Lobbyist ban limits Obama's options
Human Events: GOP Senate Whip Failed to Show Leadership on Obama Nominees

Human Events: Obama's Broken Earmark Promises
CQ Politics: For Health Care Package, Speedy Delivery
NYT: Budget move for climate bill draws rebuke from 28 senators
WSJ: Who Pays for Cap and Trade? -- II
CQ Politics: Duncan Defends Proposed Education Overhauls
WSJ: New Calls for Assault-Gun Ban
NYT: Obama on Spot as Rulings Aid Gay Partners
WaPo: When Administration Has Queries About Rules, Adviser Norm Eisen Answers the Call
WSJ: Obama's Poll Numbers Are Falling to Earth

Hill: Dems have chance at 60-plus in Senate

Peggy Noonan: There's No Pill for This Kind of Depression
Charles Krauthammer: 'Science' Fiction on Stem Cells
David Brooks: Education Reform
Michael Gerson: Party-Line President: A Post-Partisan Dawn Quickly Turns False

Washington Times: Steele begins naming his team
Politico: Steele names top RNC exec
Hill: Steele names Ken McKay new chief of staff

Larry Sabato: 36 Governorships on the Chopping Block in 2010
American Thinker: Obama Administration's Midterm Campaign Themes

WSJ: RNC's Steele Comes Under Fire for Abortion Remark
WaPo: RNC Chair's Remarks on Abortion Draw Criticism
NYT: In Interview, Republican Chairman Strays From the Party Line on Abortion
NYT: R.N.C. Leader Under Fire
Politico: Steele 'choice' gaffe sparks GOP revolt
Politico: Florida party chair defends Steele
NYDN: GOP chairman Michael Steele says talking to God keeps him from hurting critics
LA Times: John Amato on Michael Steele and the RNC's troubles
Townhall: Michael is Man of Steele: Hero or Zero
Rick Moran: Steele Resignation Watch

NYDN: Red-state staple Rush Limbaugh's radio show has a loyal audience in New York City
Susan Estrich: Engaging Limbaugh Only Makes Him Stronger
McClatchy: Obama v. Limbaugh: Poll finds it's no contest
Hot Air: The lame anti-Rush billboard and a response


AP/Bauman: NY Senate Republicans rally against Dems
Albany TU: Poll reveals House race tightening
Albany TU: Tediscos lead over Murphy shrinks to 4 points
AP/Bauman: Senate Republicans say door shut
NY Post/Dicker: Dave loses another player
NY Post: Andy's big hire
NY Post: Foreclosures in NYC soar 44%


Rasmussen: Election 2009: New Jersey Governor


Hartford Courant: Dodd Seen As Vulnerable In 2010 Race


Star Tribune: Minnesota Senate recount: Sudden sprint to finish line
Pioneer Press: Coleman, Franken get final say today
Bemidji Pioneer: Missing Clay ballots end Senate trial testimony
NewsMax: Coleman, Franken Make Closing Arguments Friday
USA Today: Coleman, Franken head to closing arguments


LA Times: Schwarzenegger begins campaign for ballot measures
SF Chronicle: Governor lobbies for ballot measures in S.F.
SF Chronicle: Schwarzenegger "compares legislature to dogs"
AP/Williams: Schwarzenegger decries capital's dysfunction
LA Times: Budget-related measures on California's May 19 ballot
SacBee: Schwarzenegger hammers critics, explains flip on taxes
SacBee: Schwarzenegger wins furlough fight
SacBee: Budget trigger a convoluted political mess
Rasmussen: Boxer Leads Schwarzenegger, Fiorina in 2010 Senate Race


Dallas MN: Perry says no to part of stimulus money
Star Telegram: Democrats will push to overturn Perry move to reject some stimulus funds
AP/Rohr: Texas gov. rejects stimulus money for unemployment
Chuck Norris: I May Run for President of Texas
Hill: Olson gets pacemaker after fainting in gym


Human Events: Gov. Crist Alienates Conservatives With Judicial Misstep
Palm Beach Post: Crist's supreme politics
Orlando Sentinel: Crist stood up to his party's base in naming a new high-court justice
Tampa Tribune: Crist Seeks User Fee Increases
Orlando Sentinel: The face of the GOP
Charlotte Sun: Marco Rubio is considering a run for the U.S. Senate
Sun-Sentinel: Florida House considers tax break for first-time home buyers
News-Press: Two Florida Senators admonished after fight
Miami Herald: Lawmaker seeks to legalize adoption by gays in Florida


Macon Telegraph: Small-business tax credits pass House
Atlanta Business Chronicle: Georgia Senate OKs ban on embryonic stem cell research


AP/Fouhy: SC Gov. Sanford set to reject stimulus millions
Jed Babbin: WaPo Hit Piece Misses South Carolina Gov. Sanford
Guardian UK: 2012 heads-up: DNC targets South Carolina Gov Mark Sanford


Chicago Tribune: Illinois income tax rate may rise by 50%
Daily Herald: GOP threatens lawsuit over open election plan
Chicago Trib: State GOP retains law firm to sue over proposed changes to leadership panel
Legal News Line: Madigan emerges as Democratic frontrunner for governor


KYW: Interesting Race Developing for Pa. Senate Seats
NRO: Toomey Can Put Specter Out of GOPs Misery
Law: Feds Turn Their Sights on Third Pa. Judge as Part of Corruption Probe
Hill: Murtha presses forward with tanker program


Hill: Former Rep. Goode files to run for old seat


KC Star: Press conferences mark beginning of Missouri legislative spring break


Life News: Tennessee Senate Panel Passes Amendment to Limit Court Ruling on Abortion


WSJ: Leader of Counties Group Faces Felony Charges
CNS: Justice Dept. Investigates Arizona Sheriff for Enforcing Immigration Law


WaPo: LA-Sen: Vitter's Meltdown
Roll Call: Vitter Goes From Hookergate to Gate-Crashing


March 12, 2009



Washington Times: Obama vows to get tough on earmarks
WSJ: Obama Outlines Plan to Curb Earmarks
WaPo: Obama Signs Spending Bill, Calls for Earmark Guidelines
WSJ: Obama Backs Spending Bill, Pushes for New Rules
NYT: Obama Signs Spending Bill as He Criticizes Its Earmarks
NYT: Obama Says He Can Ignore Some Parts of Spending Bill
WSJ: U.S. Posted $192.78 Billion Total Budget Deficit in February
NYT: Cities Plans to Swap Cash for Stimulus Are Stopped

WSJ: Old Europe Is Right on Stimulus
WaPo: Treasury Seeks Billions More to Aid Ailing Nations

USA Today: Cantor pitches House GOP's housing plan
WSJ: Foreclosed Houses Haunt Home Builders
WSJ: Freddie Won't Let Mortgage Refi Borrowers Shop Around
AP/Zibel: Foreclosures up 30 percent in February

WSJ: The Next Big Bailout Decision: Insurers

WaPo: Intelligence Pick Blames 'Israel Lobby' For Withdrawal
NYT: Ex-New York Health Commissioner Is F.D.A. Pick
NYT: Seattle Police Chief Selected as Drug Czar
AP: 'Porn lawyer' likely to be deputy AG
NYT: Obamas Council on Women and Girls
WSJ: Obama's $80 Billion Exaggeration

Atlanta JC: Food safety revamp on way, Obama says

NYT: Public Lands Bill Defeated in House
SacBee: Public lands bill fails in House as Democratic leaders miscalculate
WSJ: Obama Weighs Pushing Climate Bill Through Congress
Fox: Pelosi Flexes Her Muscles, Draws GOP Ire, on Capitol Hill

WSJ: Waters Helped Bank Whose Stock She Once Owned
WSJ: Chris Dodd's Irish 'Cottage'
SF Chronicle: S.F. police union accuses Ayers in 1970 bombing

NYT: Italian Court Upends Trial Involving C.I.A. Links

WSJ: For More Mayors, School Takeovers Are a No-Brainer

NRO: Preserving Marriage in Substance, Not Just Name

NYT: A 29-Year-Old Joins Times Op-Ed Lineup

Karl Rove: The White House Misfires on Limbaugh
Ann Coulter: Are 'hope' and 'change' still tax-deductible?
Eugene Scalia: Secret Ballots Are Free Choice
Tony Blankley: Obama Leverages His Political Risk in First 50 Days
James Taranto: Charles Freeman fiasco shows why Obama's "spiritual mentor" mattered
Detroit FP: Gingrich: Health care reform should start with behavior

Time: Why Rush Limbaugh Is Good for the Republicans
US News: Democratic Poll: Rush Limbaugh Is a Drag on the Republican Party
Rush Limbaugh: McClatchy Poll: El Rushbo is One of the Most Popular People in the Country
Rush Limbaugh: A Thank You to the League of Conservation Voters for New Ad
Am Spectator: Attacks on Limbaugh are a distraction by conservatives without credibility

Washington Times: Abortion a 'choice,' Steele tells GQ
WaPo: Steele's Rocky Road
GQ: Michael Steele, the Reconstructionist


NYT: Paterson Reaches Deal With Legislative Leaders to Drop Soda Tax and Other Fees
Buffalo News: Paterson's plan to tax sugary sodas fizzles out
Albany TU: State leaders drop $1.3 billion in taxes, fees from budget
NY Post: Gov 'strips' down plan for taxes
NYDN: Gov. Paterson gives self raves over moves on economy
AP/Gormley: GOP senators claim they're blocked from budget

NYT: Religious Leaders Fight New York Bill to Open Abuse Cases

NYT: Weiner Steps Back, for Now, From Mayoral Race
NY Post: Weiner bid now in limbo

Newsday: Siena poll expected on NY 20th House seat
Schenectady Gazette: New poll shows Murphy narrowing gap
Hill: Dems poll shows candidate gaining in special election

Politico: Questions about Gillibrand linger


Steve Lonegan: GOP must unite against new taxes on income, smokes and booze
NJ: Governor Corzine to middle class: Drop Dead


State: Sanford rejects federal funding: S.C. lawmakers will bypass him, accept money
McClatchy: South Carolina's Sanford to become first governor to reject funds
CNN: S.C. governor evokes Zimbabwe in arguments against stimulus
Post and Courier: Obama to weigh Sanford's request


Star Tribune: Secret Service is investigating hacking of data on Coleman donors
KARE: Coleman calls data breach 'chilling'
AP/Bakst: GOP candidate for Minn. Senate seat warns of leak
Hill: Coleman supporters' private info likely breached
WSJ: Coleman Campaign Says Donors Credit Information Was Stolen
Pioneer Press: While witness is delayed, Franken gains 14 votes
AP/Bakst: End near? Franken to rest in Minn. Senate case


Politico: California special election set for Solis seat
SacBee: Earmarks mean millions for Sacramento-area projects
SacBee: Most California residents polled say no to a split state


Dallas MN: Texas Senate committee approves voter ID bill, will face tougher test in House
AP/Vertuno: Texas Senate advances voter ID bill


Miami Herald: Tax breaks aren't likely to be dumped
St. Pete Times: Florida legislators defend earmarks as Obama signs bill chock-full of them
St. Pete Times: Legislator stripped of post after defying House speaker
Miami Herald: Court papers reveal nuclear feud at Turkey Point

St. Pete Times: Crist names James Perry to Supreme Court, despite conservative opposition
Orlando Sentinel: Crist appoints Longwood judge to Florida Supreme Court
Tampa Tribune: Crist's Pick For High Court Gets Mixed Reaction


AHN: Georgia House Kills Proposal To Reinstate 4% Grocery Tax


Chicago Sun-Times: Illinois earmarks. The complete list.


Allentown Morning Call: Specter, Toomey spar over vote for stimulus package
Washington Independent: Can Peg Luksik Save Specter?
Philadelphia Inquirer: Luksik says she'll run against Specter
NRO: An Extra Problem for Arlen Specter


Columbus Dispatch: Finance chiefs point fingers
Dayton Daily News: Husted residency question goes to Ohio Secretary of State


WLNS: Federal Earmarks Send Money To Michigan
AP: GOP-led Michigan Senate creates stimulus committee


WaPo: McDonnell Gambles On Frederick
Richmond TD: Governor candidate McAuliffe taps out-of-state fundraisers

Virginian-Pilot: Virginia Democratic chief to seek reelection
Richmond TD: Cranwell to seek second term as state Democratic party chairman
WaPo: Cranwell Will Seek Reelection As Party Chair


KC Star: Bond is among top senators in securing earmarks
KC Star: Dogfight over stimulus


Chattanooga TFP: Williams still a Republican, House caucus says
KnoxNews: GOP Caucus members will allow Williams at meetings
Nashville Scene: House Republicans Defy Leadership, Admit Williams to Caucus
AP: Tenn. House speaker welcomed back to GOP caucus


Boston Globe: State deficit may hit $1b again


March 11, 2009



NYT: Senate Clears Spending After Fractious Debate
WaPo: Senate Approves $410 Billion Bill to Fund Federal Government
WSJ: Lawmakers Weigh Need for Second Stimulus to Spur Job Growth
WaPo: Congress May Need to Fund Another Stimulus, Pelosi Says
McClatchy: $410B spending bill includes $200,000 for tattoo removal program
Politico: Inside Murtha's 'earmark factory'

Fox: GOP Cross-Overs Have Earmarks to Gain in $410 Billion Spending Bill
LA Times: Senate passes $410-billion spending bill
AP/Taylor: Senate ready to clear huge spending bill for Obama
Bloomberg: Obama Spending Splinters Republicans, Business Groups
CNN: Senate passes $410 billion spending bill

NYT: Dow Soars 379 Points as Investors See Hint of Hope
WSJ: Citigroup, GM, GE Power DJIA; Nasdaq Leaps 7.1%
WaPo: U.S. Stocks Stage Strong Rally on Wall Street Optimism

WSJ: Local Economies Seek Own Revival
WSJ: TALF Bogs Down as Investors Balk
WaPo: Citi's Long History of Overreach, Then Rescue
WSJ: Buffett's Unmentionable Bank Solution
WSJ: Turning Away Talent: Another harmful 'stimulus' provision
WSJ: It's a Terrible Time to Reject Skilled Workers
WSJ: The Coming Local Government Credit Crunch

WaPo: Bernanke's Vision for Change
WaPo: Bernanke Calls for Broad Regulatory Reforms
WSJ: Democrats Propose Bill to Create New Financial Products Regulatory Agency

WSJ: Housing Plan Creates Opening for Scammers
Alan Greenspan: The Fed Didn't Cause the Housing Bubble
Dick Morris: Phony mortgage plan

WSJ: The Union Cudgel: Big Labor gets nasty on 'card check.'
NYT: Fierce Lobbying Greets Bill to Help Workers Unionize
Las Vegas Sun: Card-check bill back, but with fewer supporters
Hill: Dem senators cooling on card check
Hill: Union bill weighs heavily on four senators up in 2010
Newt Gingrich: Dancing to Big Labor's Tune

WSJ: U.S., U.K. Plan Trade Package for G-20
NYT: Editorial: Mr. Obamas Trade Agenda

WaPo: Obama Considering Tanker Deal Delay

NYT: For Scientists, Stem Cell Decision Comes With a Worry
Kathleen Parker: Behind the Cell Curve

NYT: Obama Outlines Plan for Education Overhaul
WSJ: Education Push Includes Merit Pay
WaPo: Obama Says Public Schools Must Improve

WSJ: Obama Takes On Market-Based Gov't: GOP's outsourcing deserved to be repudiated

WSJ: Former New York Health Chief Is Top Candidate to Run FDA
NYDN: Conflict-of-interest issues grow for President Obama's new urban czar Adolfo Carrion
Hill: Obama grants two more lobbyists waivers
Politico: Santorum alarmed by 'zealot' nominees

Washington Times: Freeman withdraws name from intel post
Hill: Under fire, intel pick withdraws
Politico: Freeman hits 'Israel lobby' on way out

NYT: Obamas Court Nominees Are Focus of Speculation

Bruce Ackerman: A Role for Congress to Reclaim

NYT: New Idea on Capitol Hill: To Join Senate, Get Votes
NY Post: Revealed: Pelosi's 'Air Rage': Berating military to get best planes for personal use

National Law Journal: Action stirs on U.S. attorneys

NYT: At Radio City, a Showdown Between Maher and Coulter
James Taranto: Double Trouble? The majority of "homeless" children live in homes

NYDN: Samuel Wurzelbacher, a.k.a. Joe the Plumber, criticizes GOP chairman Michael Steele
538: Steeles Fate Likely Hinges on NY-20
AP/Sidoti: State GOP leaders say they still support Steele

NYDN: The faces of the new GOP leadership
CBS: Rush Limbaugh: Republican Party Leader?
American Thinker: Rush Limbaugh and the Two Minute Hate

Human Events: Obama’s War on Capitalism
Rush Limbaugh: How Can We Slow Down Obama?
Rush Limbaugh: The Founders Wanted Presidents to Fail If They Deserved To Fail
Bloomberg: Republicans McConnell Seeks to Say Yes to Obama on Something
Human Events: Top 10 Senate RINOs
Rush Limbaugh: Don't Hold It Against Conservatives Who Voted Against McCain

PC Magazine: Palin Hacker Facing Three Additional Charges

Politico: No quit: the campaign to boost Bush

Politico: GOP goes retro for 2010 races

Atlantic: The GOP in 2012


NYT: Old Clinton Hands Line Up Behind Gillibrand
CQ Politics: Upstate New York Democrats Gain Political Clout
NY Post: Huh? Gov's 'Fire & Hire' Wild Defense
Albany TU: Spitzer: A year later, recalling a fall
AP/Virtanen: Task force advocates more state disclosure regarding investments
NY Post: Ethics probe 'Dopp-out'
AP: GOP aims to block Democrats on anti-Bloomberg bill
Newsday: Ex-Nassau worker wins $1M after political firing


Philadelphia Inquirer: Corzine lays out wrenching budget
Reuters: Corzine seeks income tax hike in new budget
PolitickerNJ: DeCroce says Corzine's budget will dismantle NJ's shrinking middle class

Philadelphia Inquirer: GOP candidates for governor trade jabs over abortion
APP: Christie, Lonegan drum up support at Shore
PolitickerNJ: Lonegan laments Corzine's budget proposal


Pioneer Press: Senate marathon suddenly a sprint
AP/Bakst: Voter signatures puzzle in Minnesota Senate trial
Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: Day 32
Star Tribune: Smaller vote pool may hurt Coleman
Michael Barone: A Good Case for A Revote in the Coleman-Franken Minnesota Senate Race
St. Cloud Times: Franken sees a light at the end of the tunnel


SF Chronicle: Stimulus not enough for state in short-term

AP: Republican state senator served with recall papers
Desert Dispatch: Barstow's state senator faces recall attempt over budget

ClickZ: Meg Whitman for Governor Campaign Teams with eBay Alum
AP/Burke: Shriver says she won't run for office in 2010


Star Telegram: Voter ID bill generates hot debate in Texas Senate
Dallas MN: Texas Senate sharply debates voter ID bill
Houston Chronicle: State senators grapple over voter ID law
Houston Chronicle: Voter ID battle heads to Senate
Houston Chronicle: Highlights from the Texas Legislature


Miami Herald: Florida lawmakers consider ban on bestiality
News-Press: Florida oil producers one step closer to tax breaks
St. Petersburg Times: McCollum takes heat over his ad campaign
Orlando Sentinel: Florida AG McCollum's adman snags no-bid state contract
Politico: Meek has steep hill to climb to Senate


AP/Bynum: Chambliss fights subpoena in sugar explosion lawsuit
Atlanta JC: Budget passes, retains homeowner grants
NYT: Arrests of Right-to-Die Officials Draw Notice to Assisted Suicide


McClatchy: Gov. Sanford's star on the ascent among conservatives


Daily Herald: Should voters have the chance to pick GOP leadership?
AP/O'Connor: Ill. gov considers 2-tiered pension system


Washington Independent: Conservatives Bet on Ousting Specter in 2010


Cleveland PD: Ohio lawmakers get millions in earmarks in budget bill passed by Senate
Columbus Dispatch: State lawmakers to consider revamped DNA-testing law


Virginian-Pilot: Senate Republicans join anti-Frederick chorus
WSLS: Virginia Senate Republican leaders back Fredericks ouster as party chairman
WaPo: Senate GOP Wants Jeff Frederick Removed
AP/Lewis: Senators join bid to oust GOP chairman
Richmond TD: Gubernatorial candidates in Va. react to Employee Free Choice bill


Memphis Flyer: Gubernatorial Candidates Cammack and Wamp Are Different Strokers


AP/LaCorte: Wash. Senate passes "everything but marriage" bill


Dana Milbank: A Play-With-Pay Scheme


March 10, 2009



WSJ: Fight on Bill Augurs Woes for Democrats
Hill: Senate Dems say they have omnibus votes
WaPo: Democrats Stung by Dissenters: Unity on Agenda Eludes Party Leaders
Fox: Winners and Losers in the Proposed Massive Spending Bill
CQ Politics: Senate to Vote on More Amendments to Omnibus
WSJ: When Congress Spends, Worse Is Better: Earmarks enable bad bills

NYT: Obamas Budget Faces Test Among Party Barons

WSJ: U.S. Weighs Further Steps for Citi
WaPo: Detox for Troubled Assets: Plan Is Critical to Financial System, FDIC Chair Says
WaPo: AIG Warned of 'Catastrophic' Failure
WSJ: Treasury Plans Small-Business Aid
WaPo: Staffing Shortage Hinders Treasury's Progress
WaPo: Tim Geithner's Black Hole
WSJ: Credit Cards Are the Next Credit Crunch
WSJ: The Charity Revolt: Liberals oppose a tax hike on rich donors
Washington Times: World loses more than $50 trillion

NYT: Conspicuous Consumption, a Casualty of Recession
David Brooks: Republicans: Taking a Depression Seriously
Pat Buchanan: Lyndon Baines Obama
American Spectator: Obama's LBJ Syndrome
Rush Limbaugh: Tired, Frustrated Obama Inspires Zero Confidence, Scares Millions
Jim Gilmore: Obama Isn't Giving Businesses What They Need

WaPo: UAW, Ford Reach Agreement on Contract Deal
Reuters: Ford Workers Accept Concessions

WaPo: Obama's Order on Stem Cells Leaves Key Questions to NIH
WSJ: Obama Overturns Bush Policy on Stem Cell Research Funding
NYT: Obama Lifts Bushs Strict Limits on Stem Cell Research
NYT: Obama Puts His Own Spin on Mix of Science With Politics
WaPo: Obama Ends Curbs on Federal Funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research
CBS: Republicans Rally Against Obama On Stem Cells
NYT: Editorial: Science and Stem Cells
WSJ: The President Politicizes Stem-Cell Research
WaPo: Science vs. Ethics?
WaPo: Editorial: Stem Cell Questions
Boston Globe: Stem cell scientists hail new era: Obama recalibrates terms, role of research

WSJ: Mergers and Inquisitions: Health stocks are sending a message about Washington

WSJ: Obama Orders Review of Bush's Signing Statements
NYT: Obama Looks to Limit Impact of Tactic Bush Used to Sidestep New Laws
WaPo: Obama Pulls Back from Signing Statements

NYT: Justices, 5-4, Set Limit on Sweep of Voting Law
WSJ: Supreme Court Narrows Reach Of Voting Rights Act
WaPo: Supreme Court Restricts Voting Rights Act's Scope
WSJ: Voting Rights Progress

WSJ: U.S. Should Boost Ethanol Blend in Gasoline, Vilsack Says
WaPo: Public Transit Ridership Rises To Highest Level in 52 Years
WaPo: Stimulus Dollars Energize Efforts To Smarten Up the Electric Power Grid
Dana Milbank: The Beautiful Wind of T. Boone Pickens

WSJ: Labor Bill Faces Threat in Senate
NYT: Cuomo, Frank Demand BofA Bonus Data
NYT: A Zealous Watchman to Follow the Money
WaPo: A Struggle Over U.S. Cybersecurity
Walter Mondale: A Key Legal Right at Risk
CQ Politics: Congress Pay Raise: 50 Ways to Duck and Cover
CQ Politics: Obama Seeks to Delay Tanker, Cancel Bomber

WaPo: U.S. to Toughen Its Stance On Trade
AP: Trade Nominee Stresses Rules Over Deals
AP: Kirk on Course for Trade Post

WaPo: 15 Percent of Americans Have No Religion
AP: Court turns down NYC case against gun industry

Washington Times: GOP senators vow scrutiny over Freeman
Weekly Standard: Now Senate Republicans Blast Freeman
Politico: Senate Republicans: Freeman pick 'sends wrong message' on intel
WSJ: Obama's National Intelligence Crackpot

Boston Globe: By careful measure, Romney's prospects raised

Washington Times: GOP deputy whip McCarthy on political fast track
Politico: Dems' Cantor plan: Call him 'Dr. No'
Hill: RNC dispute over $4M
CQ Politics: Democrats Lean Heavily on Big Freshman Class
CQ Politics: McCain Fights GOP Effort to Overturn Ban on Soft Money

USA Today: Meghan McCain calls Ann Coulter 'offensive' and 'radical'
NYDN: Young Mac attack: McCain's daughter Meghan dresses down Ann Coulter
US News: Meghan McCain Calls Ann Coulter Offensive

Register: Feds file new felonies against alleged Sarah Palin hacker
AP: Accused Sarah Palin email hacker David Kernell pleads not guilty to three more charges
NYDN: A 'Russian Sarah Palin'?

Washington Times: Legislators pack fundraiser hosted by Podestas
Washington Times: $900M Dulles rail deal back on track

James Taranto: Canon Fodder: Uncle Sam wants you to go to college


MSNBC: DCCC jumps into NY-20 fray
Albany TU: Top of GOP 2010 ticket coming to Albany
Albany TU: Paterson freezes executive staff salaries
Albany TU: Budget fight makes strange bedfellows
NY Post: Probe fails to keep price off Cuomo's head
NY Post: Mystery of Gov's 'off-and-on' aide

Albany TU: Paterson touts $10.7B overhaul of N.Y. rail service
Buffalo News: State unveils $10.7 billion plan for high-speed rail service
NY Post: Gov's money train will take years to engineer

NY Post: I'm the guy: Cy


Pioneer Press: 1,530 absentee votes, but little change
Star Tribune: Senate recount trial: Day 31
Power Line: Do-Over In Minnesota?
Time: Coleman and Franken Still Battle, as Minnesota Awaits a Senator
WaPo: MN-Senate: Will It Ever End?
AP: Absentee Ballot Pile Shrinks in Minnesota Senate Trial


LA Times: Cities brace for revenue losses as property values continue to drop
SacBee: California legislators duck worst blows of budget ax
SacBee: Field Poll shows voters evenly divided on gay marriage


Dallas MN: Recession comes to Texas as Perry faces off with challengers for governor
Dallas MN: Senate Democrats denounce a Republican-pushed voter ID bill
News8Austin: Texas Senate braces for voter ID storm
Austin AS: Redistricting commission gets through Texas Senate committee


Hill: Dr. No leaves constituents guessing about reelection


Southern Political Report: Florida: Ten hot congressional races next year
CQ Politics: Two Get a Jump as Primary Battles Loom for Open Florida Seat
Miami Herald: Drop in tax revenue might sour deal to buy U.S. Sugar land


Atlanta JC: States 4% grocery tax could return
WXIA: Sales Tax Hike on Groceries Ready for House Vote
Macon Telegraph: Speeding bill passes Ga. House


Hill: N.C. Rep. Shuler opts against challenging Sen. Burr


St. Louis PD: Illinois voters oppose tax hikes even as huge government shortfalls loom
WBBM: Poll Shows Burris Not A Factor In Senate Race


US News: Specter's Toomey Primary Race Is Tough Because of Limbaugh--as Steele Fiddles
AP: Specter: Nation Is on 'Brink of a Depression'
Tribune-Democrat: Luksik to oppose Specter
PA Ave: Pa. law: Specter can't pull a Lieberman
Hill: Santorum mum on Specter-Toomey rematch


WaPo: Gov. Kaine Signs Va. Smoking Ban Legislation


Honolulu Advertiser: Abercrombie kicks off run for governor
CQ Politics: Democrat Abercrombie Launches Hawaii Governor Bid


MSNBC: 2010: Blunt vs. Steelman
Politico: Steelman pushes Blunt on earmarks


Greenville News: Graham says Limbaugh doesn't make Republican policy


Philadelphia Inquirer: Christie focusing on Corzine
NYT: In a Tough Sell, Corzine Works to Connect


March 9, 2009



Washington Times: GOP says some big banks may have to fail
NYT: G.O.P. Senators Say Some Big Banks Can Be Allowed to Fail
WaPo: GOP Leaders Criticize Bank, Budget Plans
Hill: McCain: Stop propping up AIG, GM, banks

Fox: Top Republicans Call for GM to Declare Bankruptcy
Detroit News: GOP resists new auto aid
AP: Boehner: No GM funds without plan
Rasmussen: Just 32% Have Favorable Opinion of General Motors

IHT: World Bank offers dire forecast for world economy
NYT: World Bank Says Global Economy Will Shrink in 09
AP/Riechmann: Recession on track to be longest in postwar period
WSJ: Orszag Urges Patience on Recovery
NYT: A Rising Dollar Lifts the U.S. but Adds to the Crisis Abroad
NYT: Geithner, With Few Aides, Faces Challenges
Paul Krugman: Behind the Curve
NYT: Editorial: Two Americas, Two Tax Codes
William Jacobson: My Success Did Not Cause Your Failure
Jed Babbin: Obama Fiddles While Wall Street Burns
Rasmus: Declining Expectations of Economic Future Drag Investor Confidence to Record Low

Atlanta JC: Friends, countrymen: Lend me your earmarks

WaPo: Officials: Presidential Memo to Insulate Science From Politics
Reuters: Obama to let health institute decide on stem cells
NYT: Obama Is Leaving Some Stem Cell Issues to Congress
WSJ: University Labs Set to Gain From Stem-Cell Switch
Hill: Cantor: Stem-cell reversal a distraction
NYT: OpEd: Health care: A Time for Tontines

WSJ: Who Pays for Cap and Trade?

Guardian UK: Obama will use spring summit to bring Cuba in from the cold
Orlando Sentinel: Embargo of Cuba robs U.S. of influence
NYT: Presidents Political Protector Is Ever Close at Hand
NYT: Terror-War Fallout Lingers Over Bush Lawyers

NYT: Fear of Lost Jobs Is Hurdle to Reining In Defense Contracts
Politico: Business, unions swarm Hill

WaPo: Money Stimulates Debate in States Over Plan's Goals
WSJ: U.S. to Push for Global Stimulus
NYT: U.S. to Nations Schools: Spend Fast, Keep Receipts
WSJ: Watchdog Over Stimulus Spending Toes a Delicate Line

AP: Obama Nominates 3 to Key Treasury Posts
Detroit FP: Cabinet short on managerial experience
Politico: Tax cop trips up W.H. nominees

CQ Politics: Nearly Three Dozen GOP House Winners Dodged Obamas Coattails
LA Times: GOP sees its 2010 chances improve -- thanks to Obama

Washington Times: Gingrich: Rush flap contrived
AP/Fouhy: GOP tussles over leadership, party's future path
NYDN: Rush Limbaugh toxic to Republican Party, says Bush speechwriter David Frum
NYT: Is Focus on Limbaugh Blurring the Big Picture?
Globe & Mail: Divided Republicans struggle to find the right balance
Cleveland PD: House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio helping to unite GOP
NYT: Editorial: Whos Filibustering Now?

Dick Morris: Pelosi would muzzle talk radio


WNYT: Tedisco forms economic advisory panel
Albany TU: On the issues: Tedisco and Murphy
NY Post: State GOP gives Rudy a Gov-race deadline
Press & Sun-Bulletin: Paterson waited too long to appoint Gillibrand
NY Post: Perv group puts 10G 'Hit' on Andy


AP/Bakst: Minn. Senate race leaves voters tired of law drama
MPR: Who's paying for the Senate trial?
Power Line: Al Franken's premature electionation

PioPr: In next two weeks, Pawlenty, Democrats to pitch plans for fixing $4.6 billion shortfall
Star Tribune: Governor's staff partly paid by state agencies


WaPo: In Missouri, Senate Race Represents Struggle for Reins of GOP


WSJ: Next Front Opens in Fight Over California Budget
Hill: Ken Starr returns as champion of the right
LA Times: Lobbyists gave California lawmakers a getaway during budget talks
SacBee: California Legislature's wheeling and dealing rises to a new level in budget deal
SacBee: Governor's office demands new travel, income rules


Houston Chronicle: Republicans split over controversial earmarks
Dallas MN: Condo owners suing SMU seek depositions from Bushes about library site
Dallas MN: Live from New York, it's ... Senator "Hutchinson"?
Austin AS: Editorial: Attacking Texas' identity crisis: Voter ID


Orlando Sentinel: Tight budget puts Crist's agenda on life support
WSJ: Highway Upgrade Goes Private
Miami Herald: Stimulus funds could boost highway projects
St. Pete Times: Florida Democrat Kendrick Meek builds support, war chest for Senate run


Atlanta JC: Tax breaks pushed to spur hiring
Macon Telegraph: Corporate tax cut bills hit House floor
Atlanta JC: Legislators share Georgians pain


Politico: Illinois Dems eye Burris seat
Chicagoist: Extreme Makeover Edition: Illinois GOP

Chicago Tribune: In Springfield, some bills don't stand a chance
State Journal-Register: GOP bills about sex offenders draw ire


NewsMax: Pat Toomey: Specter Betrayed the GOP
American Spectator: Country Clubbing for Growth
Patriot-News: State's a battleground within GOP
NJ: Sen. Arlen Specter could face GOP backlash overs stimulus bill vote
Pittsburgh T-R: Chairman clings to belief GOP will rise again in state


Cleveland PD: Ohio stimulus project proposals underscore infrastructure problems
Cleveland PD: Steve Dettelbach rises to the top for U.S. attorney post
AP: Economy Fuels Partisanship In Ohio


Livingston Daily: Statement from U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers on housing recovery bill
Leelanau News: Wise new co-chair of GOP state party
Detroit News: Release of Kilpatrick, Beatty text messages expected today


Examiner: Virginia race upended by shrewd bid


Tennessean: Sen. Bob Corker goes to the head of his class


Seattle PI: State stimulus aimed at roads


AP: Gregg-for-Cabinet was Reid's idea


March 8, 2009



WaPo: More FHA-Backed Mortgages Go Bad Without a Single Payment
WaPo: House Trap: Upside-Down Owners Missed by Rescue Long to Exhale
Bloomberg: Mortgage Cram-Down Bankruptcy Bill May Aid 1 Million in U.S.

Washington Times: Health care debate to flood airwaves
WaPo: Health Sector Has Donated Millions to Lawmakers
NYT: Editorial: A Start on Health Care Reform
Houston Chronicle: Obama, Republicans spar over health care reform

WaPo: Supreme Court Defies Pro-Business Label: Decisions Reveal More Nuanced Portrait
LA Times: GOP senators rethink filibuster option on judicial picks

LA Times: Obama may have trouble keeping Democrats on his track
WaPo: GOP Looks to Escalate Attacks on Obama: Spending Offers A Prime Target
Fox: Obamas Crutch Why Is He So Afraid of Speaking Without a Teleprompter?
William Jacobson: Brooks Back On Board The Obama Ship Of State

NYT: New Chairman Boos G.O.P. When Hes Not Cheerleading
Baltimore Sun: Michael Steele gets off to a rocky start as GOP chairman
Pittsburgh TR: Steele's mission
Pittsburgh TR: The GOP is stuck in the wilderness
Toledo Blade: Steele melts in Rushs mouth
Philadelphia Inquirer: GOP lacks leader but has potential
Washington Examiner: Top Republican web expert leaves the RNC
ZDNet: RNC: Shortage of tech workers to build platforms, apps

Washington Times: Chez Limbaugh
NYDN: Rush Limbaugh is rich, nasty and now de facto don of Republican Party
Dallas MN: Mark Davis: Rush Limbaugh, consistency and courage
Dallas MN: Rod Dreher: Rush Limbaugh, inflexible and unhelpful
Sydney MH: Talkback titan Limbaugh is ahead in the beratings
Toronto Star: Why Democrats love Rush Limbaugh
Hill: Rush may not lead GOP, but Cantor and Ryan may
American Enterprise Institute: Conservatives versus Republicans
Politico: Ad ties five House Republicans to Rush

AP: Guests for the Sunday TV news shows


Albany TU: Republican Tedisco cites his record in the Assembly
NY Post/Dicker: Gov faces doom after year of fiascos
AP/Bauman: Parties have plenty at stake in congressional race
Ithaca Journal: New York lawmakers defend spending earmarks


Star Tribune: Will we have a second election?


SacBee: Boxer has big lead over potential GOP Senate challengers in poll
SF Chronicle: Field Poll finds Boxer on solid footing for '10
CQ Politics: Voters Divided on Boxer, But She Still Has The Edge
San Bernardino Sun: County GOP tabs San Diego Republican to lead party


Star Telegram: Texas lawmaker takes aim at illegal immigrants
Dallas MN: Texas GOP legislators hopeful, with reservations, on health care reform
Houston Chronicle: How Texans voted in Congress


Miami Herald: Gov. Charlie Crist: We must spend to jolt economy
Palm Beach Post: Florida closer to getting stimulus for schools


Macon Telegraph: Budgetary pork the talk of Capitol Hill


Kankakee Daily Journal: Caught in the Burris mess
Chicago Tribune: Democrats vote down special election for Roland Burris Senate seat


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: 6 of 10 U.S. lawmakers from Wisconsin seek earmarks


Des Moines Register: Iowa GOP begins to bounce back


Lexington Herald-Leader: Republicans unite for Lincoln Day
Time: Why Senate Republicans Want to Bench Jim Bunning
Louisville Courier-Journal: Rep. Lewis is gone, but his earmarks remain


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Harrisburg Tea Party protests ongoing bailout
Philadelphia Inquirer/Polman: Time for Specter to join a new party
Hill: Specter faces make-or-break shift as challenge looms
Hot Air: Specter to bail on the GOP?
CQ Politics: Possible Specter-Toomey Rematch Would Test Clout of GOP Factions


Cleveland Plain Dealer: House Republicans look ready to fight
Akron Beacon Journal: Legislators are divided and evasive


Richmond Times-Dispatch: Harris rejects push to seek Va. GOP chairmanship


Chattanooga TFP: Prominent Democrats still undecided about gubernatorial race


Beaufort Observer: GOP hopeful will stump to Republicans


AP: Ore. Republicans gather to plan recovery


Salt Lake Tribune: Hatch backs Obama on stem cells


KC Star: Steelman questions own party's question...of Carnahan
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: McCaskill expects to vote for budget despite earmarks
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Missouri Dems criticize House leaders over budget process
AP: Missouri House Republicans seek public health, social services cuts
PR Newswire: Congressman Roy Blunt (MO-07) Delivers Weekly Republican Address


North Jersey: Lonegan camp says it received matching funds


Boston Herald: GOP leaders say theyll have more followers


KITV: Abercrombie Expected To Announce Run For Governor
AP/Song: Abercrombie 'tweets' way into race for Hawaii gov


Anchorage Daily News: Murkowski moves into leadership role
Anchorage Daily News: Former Young aide is indicted in lobbying scandal


Arizona Republic: Brewer's reform package; plus Good Joe vs. Bad Joe


Montgomery Advertiser: Shelby defends earmarks on spending bill


Hill: Some GOP critics of omnibus love their earmarks



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