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Mueller report lays out obstruction evidence against the president

Power Up: Mueller's report shatters White House alternative universe

Five takeaways on how the 2020 candidates are spending their money

‘One of your top 20 choices’: Democratic presidential candidates find breaking out of record field is tough

Trump asked his lawyer to cross legal lines. The Mueller report shows how he pushed back.

Your questions about the Mueller report, answered

The 10 Trump actions Mueller spotlighted for potential obstruction

What Attorney General Barr said vs. what the Mueller report said

Here’s what Trump and his associates said at the time. Now, read what the Mueller report tells us.

Mueller laid out ‘thorough and compelling’ case of obstruction, but Barr decided Trump wasn’t guilty of a crime

May 7, 2009



Joe Scarborough: How the Republicans Can Come Back
Politico: GOP looks to middle for 2010 recruits
Politico: Cantor pushes back (gently) on Rush
Politico: Rush to Powell: Go be a Democrat
WSJ: Should the GOP Forget Reagan?
Fox: Karl Rove on re-energizing the Republican Party
Atlanta JC: Should the GOP steer right to regain momentum? Two Views
Time: Republicans in the Wilderness: Is the Party Over?
David Broder: Jack Kemp: The Life of His Party

Karl Rove: Republicans and Obama's Court Nominees
AP/Evans: Top Republican inclined against Scotus filibuster
WaPo: N.Y. Federal Judge Likely on Shortlist
NYT: OpEd: A Deep Bench

James Taranto: Reporting for Duty: John Kerry vouches for a child-porn criminal

Ann Coulter: Watching MSNBC is torture
Andrew McCarthy: The Justice Departments Torture Hypocrisy
Rush Limbaugh: Andy McCarthy on DOJ, "Torture" and the Demjanjuk Contradiction
WaPo: Experts Say Authors Of Memos May Avoid Professional Sanctions
Politico: Is Guantanamo Republicans' winning issue?
WSJ: Obama's Gitmo Mess: So where is the Pentagon going to send the Yeminis?
WSJ: The ACLU Explains: Two Senators warn about releasing abuse photos
NYT: Editorial: The Torture Debate: The Missing Voices
NYT: Editorial: The Torture Debate: The Lawyers
NYT: Justice Dept. Finds Flaws in F.B.I. Terror List
CQ Politics: Gitmo Politics: Kansas Senate Candidate Seeks to Block Transfer to U.S.
Washington Times: Senator, defying other Dems, to seek Gitmo funds
Washington Times: GOP probes 'extremism' report's origins

NYT: Obama Will Propose $17 Billion in Budget Cuts
WSJ: Budget Proposes Cuts in 121 Programs
WaPo: Obama's Budget Knife Yields Modest Trims
NYT: White House Is Firm on Shaking Up Military Spending
Hill: Gates criticized over budget secrecy
NYT: Rangel Bars Any Taxes on Workers Health Care

NYT: As Stress Tests Are Revealed, Markets Sense a Turning Point
WaPo: Stress Test Finds Strength in Banks
WaPo: Major Banks Receiving Federal Aid Backed Subprime Lenders, Report Says
Timothy Geithner: How We Tested the Big Banks
WSJ: House Panel to Probe BofA's Merrill Deal
WSJ: FDIC Chief Wants Broader Federal Powers
Richard Posner: Capitalism in Crisis

NYT: Senate Approves Measure to Reduce Home Foreclosures
WaPo: Senate Aims to Overhaul Troubled Foreclosure Prevention Program

Michael Barone: White House Puts UAW Ahead of Property Rights
George Will: Obama and the Automakers

Hill: Dem centrists press Pelosi to shelve climate bill
Politico: Waxman under fire on climate change

CQ Politics: Luntz Shapes GOP Messages on Health Care

WSJ: Provision to Ease Unionization Likely to Drop Out of Bill

WSJ: White House Begins Effort to Bridge the Divide on Abortion

Rush Limbaugh: The Destruction of Carrie Prejean

CQ Politics: GOP Committees Deal Could Falter If Gregg Opts Not to Retire

Washington Times: Records violations ensnare housing nominee

Hotline: A Granite State Home Base For Romney?

NYDN: Report: John Edwards' ex-lover Rielle Hunter going ahead with paternity test


NYT: Former Comptroller McCalls Firm Is Subpoenaed in Pension Inquiry
Albany TU: McCall firm surfaces in probe
NY Post: McCall, Rudy pal in pension score
NYT: More States Start Pension Inquiries
Albany TU: Senate is in a twitter over new Web site
NYT: M.T.A. Rescue Passes, but Impact Is Questioned


AP/Mulvihill: Democrats preparing to wade into NJ GOP primary
Star-Ledger: Politics makes strange bedfellows
NYT: New Jersey Democrats Step Into G.O.P. Race
PolitickerNJ: Schundler: Lonegan tax plan won't work


Virginian-Pilot: Frederick's heir to the GOP throne?
Richmond TD: Lawyer promises fight for chairmanship of Va. GOP
WaPo: Va. Campaign Gets a Lesson on Loose Lips in the Age of Twitter
Richmond TD: McAuliffe takes on Republicans in House of Delegates


WaPo: When and How will Franken-Coleman Contest Be Resolved?

Star Tribune: Stillwater doctor will challenge Bachmann in 2010
St. Cloud Times: Reed to challenge Bachmann for House seat
CQ Politics: Rematch Possible for Bachmann in Minnesota


SF Chronicle: Whitman: "Prosecute illegal all of our cities."
Fox: Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman Wants to Be California's Next Governor
CBS5: Whitman Delivers Keynote To SF Businesswomen Group
CQ Politics: California Republican Explores House Race Against Loretta Sanchez

SF Chronicle: Assembly GOP leader expected to resign today
Fresno Bee: Villines to resign as GOP leader
Mercury News: Assembly Republican leader weighs political future

NYT: Schwarzenegger Urges a Study on Legalizing Marijuana Use
NYT: Group Renews Fight for Same-Sex Marriage in California


Dallas MN: Hutchison-Perry race tightening
Austin AS: Perry camp touts poll showing him closer to Hutchison
AP: Highlights from the Texas Legislature
Austin AS: Editorial: Congressional districts redrawn in blood


Politico: GOP optimistic that Crist will run
Politico: Fla. GOP chair won't challenge Kosmas


Atlanta JC: Good ol leaders hold back state


Chicago Tribune: Illinois governor's race: Robert Schillerstrom explores run
CQ Politics: Illinois Republican Schillerstrom Explores Campaign for Governor
AP: Ill. House speaker avoids meetings with GOP chief


Philadelphia Daily News: Ridge said to be eyeing Senate seat. But, why?
NYT: After Party Switch, Senator Specters Confused Alliances
WaPo: Specter Isn't Sitting Too Pretty These Days
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. Senate passes cut-heavy budget; House likely won't


CQ Politics: Eye on the Senate: Ohio Seat Strongly Tilting Toward Democrats


Detroit FP: Conyers gears up for a fight over control of Detroit City Council
Detroit News: Rep. Conyers top campaign funds spender for travel


St. Louis PD: House Republicans: Gov. Jay Nixon is offering jobs for votes
KC Star: Missouri House rejects health-care expansion


NYT: Maine Governor Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill
WaPo: Maine and N.H. Move to Expand Gay Rights


Politico: GOP lands Peter DeFazio challenger


Tulsa World: Watts hasn't decided about governor's race


May 6, 2009



Montgomery Advertiser: Sessions wins Judiciary Committee post
Politico: Jeff Sessions is the GOP's new point man
Roll Call: Sessions Is in the Spotlight
Hill: Sessions less likely to opt for filibuster
CQ Politics: Sessions' Own History A Factor in Supreme Court Confirmation
McClatchy: Top Republican to grill court nominee rejected for judgeship in '80s
NPR: Specter Helped Defeat Sessions In 1986 Judiciary Vote
Politico: Specter regrets 'no' vote on Sessions
CroweBlog: Sessions and Shelby

AP/Evans: McConnell warns Obama on pick
CQ Politics: Posturing on Supreme Court Pick Continues; No Selection Likely This Week
Politico: Groups push for first gay Supreme Court justice
Wm Jacobson: Gay Marriage The New Nomination Litmus Test

NYT: U.S. Says Bank of America Needs $33.9 Billion Cushion
WaPo: Bank Tests Yield Early Progress
NYT: As Investors Circle Ailing Banks, Fed Sets Limits
Washington Times: Investors say stress test too easy on banks
WSJ: Condition Is Set for Banks' TARP Exit
NYT: U.S. May Set a Debt Test for Banks
WSJ: Banks Need Fewer Carrots and More Sticks
WSJ: We can get better bank management for a fraction of the cost
NYT: Bright Spot in Downturn: New Hiring Is Robust
NYT: Bernanke Sees Hopeful Signs but No Quick Recovery
WaPo: Bernanke's Outlook a Bit Brighter
WSJ: Big Spending and Easy Money Will Produce a Recovery
Rush Limbaugh: Trickle Down and the Wealth Gap

WSJ: Obama's Global Tax Raid
Dick Morris: How Obamas socialism works
Rush Limbaugh: What is Barack Obama's Endgame?
Newt Gingrich: Are You an Obama Winner? Or an Obama Loser?

WSJ: Justice Likely to Urge No Prosecutions Over CIA Memos
WaPo: Bush Officials Try to Alter Ethics Report: Focus Is Approval of Harsh Interrogations
AP: Draft report proposes no interrogation charges
John Bolton: Obama's Prosecutions by Proxy

WSJ: How to Handle the Guantanamo Detainees
James Taranto: Can Obama meet his self-imposed deadline for closing Guantanamo?

WSJ: Deal Struck on 'Cash for Clunkers'
NYT: House Democrats Reach an Accord to Subsidize Vehicle Trade-Ins
WSJ: Return of Le Car
WaPo: Judge Approves Chrysler's Plan For Selling Assets
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Thugocracy on Display in Unconstitutional Chrysler Takeover

WSJ: Senators Sort Out Curbs on Credit Cards

WSJ: Obama Tries to Stop Union Disclosure

Wash Times: Fractured majority ties up Obama's agenda: Health, climate bills on hold
CNS: House Republicans Hold Energy Summit to Blast Cap-and-Trade Legislation
Politico: Henry Waxman may fast track climate bill
Hill: Rep. Waxman hits back on climate change
Politico: No breakthrough for House Democrats on climate bill
Politico: Pence: GOP not anti-science 'caricature'
WaPo: EPA Proposes Changes To Biofuel Regulations
NYT: OpEd: Free Trade, Green Trade
American Thinker: The Coming Of Zerocare
Hill: Grassley plots backup healthcare plan

Hill: House GOP takes new tack to go toe to toe with Rep. Barney Frank
Hill: Reps will ask Justice not to investigate Indian tribes

NYT: John Edwardss Wife Speaks About His Affair
Politico: Disgraced John Edwards back in the spotlight
NYDN: Elizabeth Edwards to Oprah: 'No idea' if John Edwards fathered Rielle Hunter's baby
Politico: Povich: I'll pay to DNA Rielle's kid!

WaPo: Huntsman Rising, Weaver Advising

WaPo: Republican Recruiting Recovering
Fox: Republicans on the Hunt for Messengers as Party Moves to Reconnect With Voters
Rush Limbaugh: Republicans in Rebuilding Phase: Stop Whining and Start Teaching!
Rush Limbaugh: Jeb and Huckabee: Conservatives?
Rush Limbaugh: The Left is Afraid of Us, Folks
Rasmussen: Generic Ballot: Republicans 40% Democrats 39%

Washington Times: Steele yields powers to foes in RNC

WSJ: Some PACs Run After Politicians Drop Out

Politico: Out of Alaska, Bristol Palin to head teen pregnancy effort

Seattle PI: Remembering Jack Kemp: GOP apostle who preached for an open tent
Houston Chronicle: Ex-QB made key plays in Reagan Revolution


Albany TU: Schumer recommends Loretta Lynch for Eastern District
Buffalo News: William Hochul nominated for U.S. Attorney for WNY

NYT: Lawmakers Strike Deal to Rescue New York Transit
Albany TU: Paterson wants to keep Timothy's Law on the books
Albany TU: Marist poll: How low can Gov. Paterson go?
NY Post: State workers going off the 'bottle'


Fox: GOP Contender Chris Christie Reveals How He Is Winning in the New Jersey Polls
NRO: Jon Corzine Fears a Matchup Against Chris Christie
Philadelphia Inquirer: Conservatives fire volley at Christie
North Jersey: Christie still has $3M to Lonegan's $500K
CQ Politics: New Jersey Gubernatorial Nomination is Christie's Race to Lose. And He Is.
AP: GOP governor candidates differ on N.J. tax overhaul
NYT: Corzine Allies Plan Attack in G.O.P. Primary

PolitickerNJ: Lonegan marshals his forces in Clark
AP: Lonegan calls in the plumber
PolitickerNJ: Joe the Plumber revs up Lonegan crowd
US News: Joe the Plumber on the GOP and Homosexuals


AP/Lewis: Democratic ads hammer McDonnell
Hill: Obama, Clinton play silent role in Virginias gubernatorial race
Hill: Democrats make major investment in Virginia


CQ Politics: Specter Says He Misspoke on Minnesota Senate Race
Politico: Specter still supporting Norm Coleman

CQ Politics: Ellison Endorses Entenza for Minnesota Governor


NYT: Seeking a Hollywood Ending in Sacramento


Dallas MN: Texas House passes increased exemptions to business tax


CQ Politics: Florida GOP Chairman Targets Freshmen Grayson and Kosmas
Hill: Florida GOPers look to Specter for inspiration

Miami Herald: Former House speaker Marco Rubio running for U.S. Senate
News-Press: Rubio in U.S. Senate race
Politico: Rubio running for Senate, gunning for Crist
AP/Farrington: Former Fla. Speaker Rubio will seek US Senate seat
NPR: Will Fla. Gov. Crist Decide To Run For Senate?


Atlanta BC: Perdue signs business tax breaks


Chicago Tribune: Giannoulias defends purchase of SUV from college savings program


Hill: Specter added as Dem to five committees
WaPo: Party Switch Costs Specter His Seniority on Senate Committees
NYT: The Keystone States Most Junior-Senior Senator
Politico: Specter loses seniority on five committees
Politico: Poll to test Sestak Netroots support
Wm Jacobson: Specterenfreude

CQ Politics: Ridges Decision: To Run or Not to Run
AP/Jackson: Cornyn: Ridge weighs bid for Sen. Specter's seat
CQ Politics: Ridge Listed Residence in Maryland

Pittsburgh BT: Pa. Senate Republicans propose own state budget


Cleveland PD: Ohio income-tax revenue drops, leaving huge hole in yearly budget
AP: GOP lawyer sues Ohio for payment for past work


Detroit News: Mayor Bing: Detroit businessman unseats Cockrel
Detroit FP: Bing: 'You have voted for change'
WSJ: Ex-NBA Star, Dave Bing Wins Detroit's Mayoral Race
NYT: Challenger Wins Special Mayors Race in Detroit
AP/Williams: NBA great Dave Bing wins race for Detroit mayor


NYT: Gay Marriage Advances in Maine


Washington Times: D.C. votes to recognize gay marriages
WaPo: Uproar in D.C. as Same-Sex Marriage Gains


Lexington HL: Grayson to be master of ceremonies at GOP dinner
Louisville CJ: Bunning blames McConnell for Senate losses
NYT: Kentucky: Hints From Senator
McClatchy: Bunning slams McConnell's leadership, Specter's switch
RCP: Bunning Criticizes Senate Leader McConnell
AP/Alford: Money may force Bunning to rethink re-election bid
News&Tribune: Bunning might reconsider if fundraising falls short


May 5, 2009



NYT: G.O.P. Picks Conservative for Senate Judiciary Post
WaPo: Sessions Takes Specter's Judiciary Post
Des Moines Register: Plan shuffles Grassley's roles on committees
Fox: Look Out Mr President, Theres a New GOP Sheriff on Judiciary
Politico: Sessions to replace Specter on Judiciary
Hill: Deal struck on Judiciary
Hill: Sessions seeks fair treatment of court pick
Hill: White House sees 'tight timeline' for court pick
Washington Times: Hatch cites Obama assurance not to appoint 'radical' justice
CQ Politics: Obama Urged to Look Beyond Federal Appeals Courts in Replacing Souter
Politico: Orrin Hatch: White House may announce Supreme Court nominee this week
James Taranto: The push to replace Justice Souter with someone mediocre

WaPo: Murtha's Nephew Got Defense Contracts: Millions in Work Came Without Competition

WaPo: Major Banks Get Stress Test Results Today
WSJ: More Banks Will Need Capital
WSJ: We Can't Subsidize the Banks Forever
WSJ: GOP Senator Criticizes New York Fed Chairman
Washington Times: Bipartisan probe of economy nears nod
John Ashcroft: Bailout Justice
Rush Limbaugh: See, I Told You So: US Businesses Scared by Obama Regime Threats

NYT: Where Home Prices Crashed Early, Signs of a Rebound

NYT: Obama Calls for New Curbs on Offshore Tax Havens
WaPo: Obama Targets Overseas Tax Dodge
WSJ: President's Tax Proposal Riles Business
Washington Times: Businesses pan tax crackdown plan
Hill: Obama triggers tax fight
NYT: Obama Plan Leaves One Path to Lower Taxes Wide Open
NYT: Editorial: Tax Salvos
Rush Limbaugh: The Obama Sitcom Rolls Along: Geithner to Close Tax "Loopholes"

WaPo: Chrysler Gets Green Light for Federal Loans
Rasmussen: Only 18% Say UAW, Government Will Do Good Job Running GM, Chrysler
Wes Pruden: Would you buy a car from Obama?

WSJ: White House to Step Up Ethanol Efforts
WSJ: Industries Push for Free Pollution Credits

WSJ: Need for Cost Data Slows Health-Care Overhaul
NYT: Schumer Offers Middle Ground on Health Care
WSJ: Specter On Cancer: The real story on medical research
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats Plan to Put Private Health Care Industry Out of Business

WSJ: Budget Targets Fraud and Errors in Social Programs

Politico: Stimulus memo has lobbyists on edge

WSJ: President Finesses Labor Agenda
Washington Times: Unions benefit from Obama decisions
Bloomberg: Card-check may be stripped from bill
Michael Barone: Beware of Mandatory Arbitration in Card Check

WSJ: Obama Rebuffed on Funds to Close Guantanamo
Washington Times: War bill omits funds for Gitmo closure
WaPo: Democrats Seek More Interrogation Documents

Politico: Dems seek more Senate panel seats

NYT: Ray LaHood: G.O.P. Rsum, Cabinet Post, Knack for Odd Jobs
NYT: Group Seeks Public Access to Congressional Research

NYT: Court Bars Identity-Theft Law as Tool in Immigration Cases
NYT: Justices Agree to Take Up Sentencing for Young Offenders
NYT: Lower Court Told to Revisit Ruling in Super Bowl Show
WSJ: Court Throws Out Ruling on Janet Jackson
WSJ: Voting Rights Milestone: A Supreme debate about racial progress

NYT: At Annual Meeting, Pro-Israel Group Reasserts Clout

Fox: How to Revitalize the GOP
WSJ: GOP Tries to Dig Out of Its Hole
Fox: Former Bush Aides to Help House GOP Sell Message
Politico: Palin will work with Nat'l Council
RCP: Rush On Jeb Bush, Romney: They "Hate" And "Despise" Palin
Boston Globe: Romney keeps his name in the mix
Politico: Republicans reach out to Hollywood
Hill: The most partisan and bipartisan House members
Politico: Greenberg vs. Gillespie, Ayres
Pat Buchanan: Glimmers of Hope for the GOP
David Brooks: Republicans: The Long Voyage Home
Ross Douthat: Republicans: A Hole in the Center
Rush Limbaugh: You Cannot Fight Left-Wing Absolutes with Lukewarm Water
Rush Limbaugh: Our Nostalgia Isn't for Reagan, Jeb. It's for Conservatives with Courage
Rush Limbaugh: Let's Replace the Listening Tour with a Conservative Teaching Tour

Washington Times: For political comedians, the joke's not on Obama

Politico: The endlessness of Jack Kemp
American Spectator: The Final Completion


CQ Politics: Gillibrand Weak as She Faces Voters Next Year
Politico: Paterson ratings continue to drop
NY Post: Gov lower than low in new poll
Albany TU: Dems claim theyre gaining registration advantages
NYT: Gov. Paterson Seeks a Cap on Spending by the State
NYDN: Skelos Pans Paterson As GOP Lite
NYT: More Middle-Class New Yorkers Face Eviction
NYDN: New York State Senate Democrats reach tentative agreement on MTA bailout
NYT: Editorial: No Fix for Public Transit
NYDN: Gay Marriage Gets Another Assembly Republican
NYDN: Caroline Kennedy called off Senate run on her children's advice, book says


North Jersey: Campaigns turn to 2 'Joe the Plumbers'
PolitickerNJ: In lieu of appearance fee, Lonegan will buy Joe the Plumber's books


Fox: With Specter Switch, Minnesota Senate Race Could Drag On for Months -- or Longer
Politico: For GOP, it's Coleman or bust
Star-Ledger: Rep. Chris Smith and the future of the Republican Party


Mercury News: Rove, visiting Central Coast, says Obama's popularity will fade
Politico: Plouffe, Rove Spar in California
Mercury News: Karl Rove defends Bush administration's record of bipartisanship
LA Times: Assembly Republicans block labor contract for state government workers


Dallas MN: Texas Faith: Is broadening the evangelical agenda a political sideshow?
San Antonio Current: Voter ID battle continues in Texas House


Hill: Prominent Fla. GOPer Rubio to enter Senate race
Washington Times: Democrats' dual message for GOP
Miami Herald: Get ready for more taxes, less service from $65 billion Florida budget deal


CQ Politics: Isakson Leads But Others Within Range


Daily Herald: Palatine state Sen. Murphy eyeing run for governor


WaPo: Ridge May Run for Specter's Senate Seat
CQ Politics: Ridge Could Beat Specter in Pennsylvania
Bulletin: Poll Shows Ridge, Specter In A Dead Heat
CQ Politics: A Poll Could Cure What Ails Toomey
Politico: After Specter switch: buyer's remorse?

Pittsburgh PG: Senate Republicans OK spending plan
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa. Senate GOP releases its own budget plan


CQ Politics: Strickland Approval Remains Steady


Detroit News: Detroiters vote for mayor today
Detroit News: Granholm to order 4% budget cuts


Richmond TD: Frederick wont try to regain state GOP chairmanship
Roanoke Times: Ousted GOP leader says he'll stay out
Virginian-Pilot: Frederick ends suspense, won't run to regain GOP chairmanship


KC Star: Missouri lawmakers want to expand Medicaid coverage


Chattanooga TFP: Corker calls bailout plan a slush fund


Life News: South Carolina Republicans Discuss Abortion Waiting Period, Pro-Life Group Calls


NYT: Acorn Charged in Voter Registration Fraud Case in Nevada


Politico: Daniels to GOP: Quit 'whining'


Hill: For Colorado GOP, nominee for Senate may be a fresh face


CQ Politics: Sununu Leads Hodes in New Hampshire
CQ Politics: Senate: In New Hampshire, Hodes Trails Potential GOP Rivals


Politico: Bunning skips Kentucky Derby


May 4, 2009



Charlotte Observer: Feds are looking at Edwards' campaign
Raleigh N&O: Mellon gave Edwards a boost
AP/Baker: John Edwards faces federal investigation
AP: Edwards Confirms Inquiry Into Finances

WSJ: GOP Remembers Kemp, a Shaper of Its Economic Policy
Buffalo News: Jack Kemp, Bills icon, congressman, dies
Washington Times: Kemp called his own plays on political field
NYT: Obama Offers Tribute to Kemp
WSJ: Capitalist for the Common Man
WSJ: Jack Kemp in His Own Words
Politico: Jack Kemp recalled as early leader of GOP
Fred Barnes: What Jack Kemp Accomplished
Michael Gerson: Head and Heart: Remembering Jack Kemp
Grover Norquist: Who Was Jack Kemp?
PR: Newt Gingrich Statement upon Hearing of the Passing of Jack Kemp
Washington Times: Specter hints Kemp died of GOP agenda

WSJ: Progressive Vision Likely in Next Jurist
NYT: Senators to Obama: Look Beyond the Federal Bench
WSJ: GOP Senators Warn Against 'Ideologue' Pick for Court
CQ Politics: Recent History Suggests Confirmation Before August Recess
Jed Babbin: Remaking the Supreme Court
American Thinker: Obama's Supreme Court Renovation Begins
Politico: Romney: GOP may have to 'stand up and scream' on court pick
Politico: The Catholic court
NYDN: President Obama advised not to replace David Souter with judge
Human Events: Obama Will Try to Remake the Supreme Court
Wm Jacobson: Controversial Video of Sotomayor Surfaces

NYT: Interrogation Debate Sharply Divided Bush White House
Human Events: Cheney's Request Just a Start
Washington Times: Lawyer's letter counters torture report

NYT: Tests of Banks May Bring Hope More Than Fear
NYT: White House Denies Claims of Threat to Chrysler Creditor
WSJ: Government as the Recruiter of Last Resort
NYT: Worries Rise on the Size of U.S. Debt
NYT: Editorial: As Foreclosures Surge ...
Paul Krugman: Falling Wage Syndrome
NYT: OpEd: Inflation Nation

WSJ: The Next Housing Bust
WSJ: How Big Banks Want to Game the Mortgage Mess
WSJ: Easy Credit and the Depression

Washington Times: Green lobby guides Democrats on climate bill
Hill: Deal on climate bill remains elusive
Robert Samuelson: The Bias Against Oil And Gas

CQ Politics: States Still Trying for a Piece of the Net

WaPo: Proposals Would Transform College Aid

NYT: Senators Accuse Pentagon of Delay in Recovering Millions

NYT: On Cusp of Big Transition, NASA Lacks Permanent Leader
WSJ: Nomination Tests Antilobbyist Policy

WaPo: Calif.'s Harman Rails Against Wiretapping That Ensnared Her

EJ Dionne: Buying Time on Immigration

NYDN: Sarah Palin honored by NRA with special Alaska-themed assault rifle
Politico: Some Republican leaders prefer not to discuss Sarah Palin
PoliGazette: Palin Under Fire. As Usual

Politico: Republicans launch a listening tour in Democratic-leaning suburbs
Politico: Romney, Cantor: What went wrong in '08
Politico: Ensign criticizes GOP's recruiting
American Thinker: GOP Woes and Social Conservatives

Politico: DCCC targets opponents of credit card bill

Pittsburgh TR: GOP chair Steele eyes grass roots
Politico: Steeles decorator stonewalls
American Chronicle: Michael Steele: Magically Disappearing


Newsday: After losses, Republicans ask again: Who leads?
NY Post: Gov is great (for GOPers)
Newsday: State Legislature hampered by gridlock
NYDN: Gay marriage battle becomes all-out war as gays press state officials
NYT: Finance Officials Husband Was Citys Highest-Paid Parking Judge
NYT: Patersons Order Will Help Unions Trying to Organize
Albany TU: Playing the Albany game for big gain


Vineland DJ: Many blame Corzine for fiscal mess in N.J. poll
Daily Record: Bill would put N.J. prosecutors' political campaigns on hold
AP/Segall: Bill would delay prosecutors' political ambitions


Star Tribune: Climate debate heating up for Minnesotans in Washington
Pioneer Press: Minnesota's challenge goes well beyond balancing the budget


SacBee: California legislators hire pals, ex-colleagues with no bidding
SF Chronicle: California unfriendly to rich candidates
SF Chronicle: Governor must sell spending cap to weary voters
Modesto Bee: Democrats wishing for big gains in House seats


Star-Telegram: Mixed outlook for D-FW bills in the Texas Legislature


Ledger: Foes Prepare for Crist Senate Bid
Miami Herald: FL lawmakers put most of the finishing touches on proposed state budget
Sun-Sentinel: Florida legislators settle budget differences
Miami Herald: Education bills flunk out in the Florida Legislature


Atlanta JC: Ga. chief justices name surfaces in Supreme Court speculation
Atlanta JC: Lets jail the terrorists right here


Rockford RS: State lawmakers debate benefit of taking furloughs
NYT: Editorial: Political Reform, Springfield Style


Fox: Specter Braces for Democratic Challengers in Pennsylvania Primary
NYT: Specter Re-emphasizes Independence
CNN: Sestak says he's 'not sure' Specter's a Democrat yet
Howard Kurtz: A Failure To Raise the Specter of Disloyalty
Wm Jacobson: The Ransom of Chief Specter
Politics Daily: Specter Scowls, Whines, and Pines for the GOP
Politico: Staffers of party switchers suffer the most


Middletown Journal: Boehner vs. Jones in 2010?
Cincinnati Enquirer: Senate ready to trim budget plan


CQ Politics: Auto Industry Woes Drive Agenda for Michigan Freshman


Examiner: Va. campaign finance reform fails to take hold in General Assembly


Missourinet: Republicans insist they're serious about billion dollar tax cut


Tennessean: Tennessee's GOP sees immigration take back seat


CQ Politics: DeMint Pushes Conservative Purity in Senate


Wisconsin SJ: Republican leader Steele urges rebuilding at Wisconsin GOP convention
AP/Richmond: Walker addresses Republicans at Wis. convention
PressGazette: New vs. old in Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial primary?


CQ Politics: Louisiana Voters Lukewarm on Vitter
NYT: Term Limits Say New Orleans Mayor Cant Return; Residents Say They Dont Mind


Human Events: Is Iowa at the Cusp of 'Change'?


Hill: Mayor closer to gunning for Rep. Shea-Porter's seat


Montgomery Advertiser: Tim James feels timing is right on 2010 gubernatorial bid


Las Vegas Sun: Ensign is front and center. Now what?


Politico: Chris Simcox wants to dethrone McCain


Baltimore Sun: GOP barely hangs on in Maryland


AP/Alford: Paul ready to enter GOP primary for Bunning's seat


Deseret News: GOP is strong in Utah but at 25-year low in rest of nation


May 3, 2009



NYT: Jack Kemp, Star on Field and in Politics, Dies at 73 | Bio
WaPo: Ex-Official Championed Housing, Tax Reforms
LA Times: Jack Kemp, an original pillar in Republican 'big tent,' dies at 73
Politico: Jack Kemp, former QB and Congressman, dies
Hill: Jack Kemp dies at age 73
AP/Apuzzo: Jack Kemp, football star and politician, dies
AP: Jack Kemp, One-Time V.P. Nominee, Dies at 73

Washington Times: Jeb Bush, GOP: Time to leave Reagan behind
WaPo: GOP Leaders Try to Polish Party's Image
Politico: GOP leaders launch listening tour
Hill: Romney, Cantor, Jeb Bush stump for GOP revival
Fox: GOP Leaders Begin Outreach Effort to Re-energize Party
Examiner: The trials of Michael Steele

CQ Politics: All Eyes on Grassley for Judiciary Republicans Post-Specter Shuffle

LA Times: Abortion issue looms over Supreme Court choice
NYT: As a Professor, Obama a Pragmatist About the Supreme Court
NYT: Hearings for Nominee Will Reflect a Reversal
CQ Politics: Supreme Court Vacancy Means Cash for Conservative Interest Groups

Hill: Lobbyists adjust to stimulus rules that shut them out

NYT: Chryslers Fall May Help Administration Reshape G.M.

NYT: How Lehman Brothers Got Its Real Estate Fix

NYT: Social Security Benefits Not Expected to Rise in 10

NYT: Editorial: A Shift on Immigration

Kathleen Parker: Hate and a Question of Rights

NYDN: Chelsea Clinton may have summer wedding in Martha's Vineyard

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: New Challenge for Bloomberg: Vacancies at the Top
NY Post: Dep's honchos make internships a family affair
NYT: Paterson Urges Legislature to Pass Quick Fix M.T.A.
NY Post: Gay-wed opponent Rudy skips pals' nups


Rasmussen: New Jersey Governor Showdown


Politico: Virginia GOP elects Pat Mullins
WaPo: McAuliffe's Background Could Prove A Liability


Star Tribune: Franken's in limbo as the weeks grind on


SacBee: California ballot package caters to special interests
CQ Politics: Californias Garamendi Opts for Front-Lawn House Campaign
George Will: No More California Dreaming
AP: Miss California to campaign against gay marriage


Dallas MN: A week to forget: Cornyn sees tasks grow tougher


St. Pete Times: Little cheer for Florida legislators as they wrap up session
St. Pete Times: In budget talks, last-minute deals for hometown projects
Miami Herald: Legislature's scorecard for 2009: 1 new tax, little reform


Atlanta JC: Nearly one-third of Georgia Republicans favor independence from U.S.


SJ-R: Who will be on the Republican ballot for governor in 2010?


Politico: Ridge considering campaign against Specter


Dayton Daily News: Kasich preps to run for governor
Columbus Dispatch: Kasich beginning to build campaign
CQ Politics: Ex-Ohio Rep. Kasich Preps Campaign Against Gov. Strickland
Cleveland PD: Brunner and her helpers propose smart reforms for Ohio voting


Detroit News: Rev. Jesse Jackson endorses Bing for mayor


KC Star: Truman Days refrain: Democrats want back Missouri House


Memphis CA: Some wonder if Dems can hold on to govr's job in a state that leans to GOP


Politico: Republicans land recruit against Shea-Porter


May 2, 2009



Fox: Specter's Defection Could Help Republicans Block a Nominee to Replace Souter
Rush Limbaugh: Did Arlen Specter Do Us a Favor?
Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Supreme Court Criteria: Identity Politics and Redistribution
Politico: GOP gears up for Court fight
Politico: New Justice may reignite abortion fight
Hill: Conservatives gear up for high court fight
WSJ: Obama to Seek a Justice Attuned to 'Daily Realities'
WSJ: GOP Senators Warn Against 'Ideologue' Pick for Court
WaPo: Not the Justice Republicans Expected
WaPo: Successor To Souter Anticipated By October
WaPo: Replacement Speculation Begins
CNN: Souter news sets off succession speculation
Washington Times: Obama wants court pick to have 'empathy'
NYT: Obama Has Chance to Select Justice With Varied Rsum
NYT: Wider World of Choices to Fill Souters Vacancy
NYT: Washington Prepares for Fight Over Any Nominee
WSJ: Succeeding Souter: Will Obama send a left-wing Scalia to the High Court?
Jeffrey Rosen: The Stealth Justice

NYT: Union Takes Rare Front Seat in Chrysler Deal
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Views Chrysler Deal as Vehicle to Achieve Social Justice

WSJ: Citi Said to Need Up to $10 Billion

NYT: Pressure Builds to Scale Back Add-Ons for Defense Bill
WSJ: White House Blocks Murtha Bid to Divide Big Air Force Contract
Washington Times: Groups want ethics probe of Murtha, others

American Thinker: 1993 World Trade Prosecutor Calls Out Eric Holder
Rush Limbaugh: Andy McCarthy's Fabulous, Gutsy Letter to Attorney General Holder
NYT: U.S. May Revive Guantnamo Military Courts

NYT: Seeking Cudgel, Republicans Return to National Security Issue
Rush Limbaugh: McCain Heads GOP Road Show?
Rush Limbaugh: Karl Rove Can Handle Himself
Des Moines Register: Nussle says GOP needs national shake-up
Fox: Gingrich on whether the US is becoming a one-party country

WSJ: U.S. Drops Charges Against Pro-Israel Lobbyists
WaPo: U.S. Drops Case Against Ex-Lobbyists
Washington Times: Case against AIPAC lobbyists dropped
WSJ: The AIPAC Case Fallout

Politico: Mixed reviews for W.H.'s surprise FEC pick

Pat Buchanan: The Obama Flu?

WSJ: He Fought the Tort Bar -- and Won

Sen. Jim DeMint: How Republicans Can Build a Big-Tent Party

LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows


Albany TU: Bruno claims case tainted
WSJ: New York Mayor Seeks Job Cuts, Rise in Sales Tax
NYT: Bloomberg Proposes Sales Tax Increase
NY Post: Mike's $our dough: Budget hikes taxes
NYDN: Bag the hikes on plastic bags, say angry shoppers
NYT: Cuomo Issues Subpoenas in Pension Fund Inquiry
NY Post: Subpoenas hit pension biz
NYDN: Silver moves to distance himself from lobbyist under investigation
NY Post: Gov pix a new fight
NYT: State Officials to Pay $300,000 to Settle Race-Bias Suit
Albany TU: Paterson announces boatload of stimulus projects
CQ Politics: Rivals in New York House Special Took In Almost $4 Million
Debate Room: Marlin: The sorry state of the NY GOP


Star-Ledger: Christie, Lonegan, & the pianist cat: NJ's Republican primary on Youtube


MSNBC: Pawlenty's approval reaches all-time low


NYT: Schwarzenegger May Support a Democrat
SacBee: Schwarzenegger says he won't become a Dem like Specter
LA Times: California Legislature: Where cost-cutting plans go to die
SacBee: Prop. 1A is lightning rod among May 19 measures
SacBee: State seeks to start executions again with new rules


Dallas MN: Hutchison joins GOP rebranding effort
Dallas MN: Hutchison: Always been a Republican, not like that other guy


St. Pete Times: Florida Legislature misses deadline, will meet next week to wrap up budget


CQ Politics: Deal Enters Georgia Governor's Race
AP: Deal joins list of GOP candidates


WSJ: From the Good Folks Who Brought You Rod Blagojevich


NYT: Murthas Nephew Named a Lobbyist for Marines


Columbus Dispatch: Kasich names treasurer for 2010 campaign against Strickland
Salem News: John Kasich offers ideas for shiny, new day for Ohio Republicans
Swamp: Ohio: John Kasich filing for guv today


Detroit News: Michigan braces for $300M budget cut


CNN: GOP makeover starting in Virginia


Politico: Porn star launches Sen. 'listening tour'


CQ Politics: Guinta Files to Run in Shea-Porter's Congressional District


May 1, 2009



WSJ: Justice Souter to Retire From Court
NYT: Souter Said to Be Leaving Court in June
WaPo: Souter Reportedly Planning to Retire From High Court
WaPo: Souter Retirement (Further) Roils Political Landscape
AP/Loven: Souter to quit Supreme Court at end of term
Wm Jacobson: Specter Defection Will Haunt Dems On Souter Replacement

Hill: Grassley eyes top Republican post on Judiciary Committee
Politico: The ripple effects of Specter's switch

Peggy Noonan: 'Shrink to Win' Isn't Much of a Strategy
Rush Limbaugh: Conservatives Have a Wonderful Opportunity to Oppose Obamaism
WSJ: The GOP After Specter: The party needs a healthy debate, but not because he's left
CNN: Gingrich insult rankles RNC members
CQ Politics: Gingrich Rips Into RNC
LA Times: Gingrich on the Republican National Committee: Tiny group of 'precious' people
Washington Times: Steele's criticism of predecessor challenged
Politico: Steele vs. the establishment
Politico: RNC rancor and redecoration
Washington Times: GOP leaders form group to reconnect with voters
CQ Politics: Palin Invited to Help "Rebrand" GOP
CQ Politics: GOP Taps High-Profile Stalwarts to Hone and Deliver Message
Richmond TD: Editorial: Good for the GOP
American Thinker: The Future of the GOP - a symposium
Newsday: The Republican Party needs a leadership shake-up at all levels
Hill: Hispanic Dems furious over GOP video

WSJ: A Tortured Rationale: The President suggests Cheney is right
WSJ: The Interrogation Memos and the Law
Washington Times: Interrogation blame spread to Congress
Stratfor: A Chilling Effect on U.S. Counterterrorism
James Taranto: Nobody Likes You, Jay
Charles Krauthammer: Torture? No. Except . . .
Jed Babbin: Panic Time for Pelosi

NYT: Chrysler Files to Seek Bankruptcy Protection
Washington Times: Bankruptcy judge to set Chrysler future
WaPo: Obama Vows Swift Overhaul As Chrysler Enters Bankruptcy
WSJ: Chrysler Goes to Court
WSJ: A Chrysler Bankruptcy Won't Be Quick
Detroit News: Day 1 for new Chrysler is anything but ordinary
Rush Limbaugh: Barack Peron Announces His Argentina-Style Chrysler Takeover

Hill: Senate defeats 'cramdown' legislation
WSJ: Cramdown Slamdown: Three cheers for obstructionism

Bloomberg: U.S. Bank Test Results Delayed as Conclusions Debated

Times UK: Beatings and abuse made Barack Obamas grandfather loathe the British
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Repeats Leftist Blogger Myth on Churchill and "Torture"

NYT: In Military, New Debate Over Policy Toward Gays

Politico: Dems struggle with Gitmo politics
NYT: Hints That Detainees May Be Held on U.S. Soil

Wayne LaPierre: The Gathering Storm Over Guns


Albany TU: Golisano to run against Paterson? Not just yet, despite a quote of the week
NY Post: Paterson burned by a racial 'fire'

NYDN: AG Cuomo subpoenas contracts won by clients of firm tied to Sheldon Silver
NYDN: AG Cuomo says Albany pay-to-play pension scandal appears national in scope

Albany TU: Mondello finds a defender, but not really


PoliticsNJ: Lonegan drives his economic message
Philadelphia Inquirer: Lonegan backs cutting court-ordered school funding
Star-Ledger: Why we need more debates on rebates
Star-Ledger: Rudy's not talking either


Star Tribune: Coleman's appeal asks for more counting
Pioneer Press: Coleman files appeal against Franken win, citing constitution, evidence


SacBee: Voters take a dim view of governor, Legislature
SacBee: Whats Plan B if five ballot measures fail?
CQ Politics: Pre-Primary Tensions Rise in Californias 32nd District


Dallas MN: Hutchison: What it means to be a Republican
Dallas MN: Senate embraces "Choose Life" license plates


AP/Farrington: Crist won't be a lock in Senate race
St. Pete Times: For many bills in Florida Legislature, today is do or die
St. Pete Times: Silence reigns in Florida Legislature on cuts in state workers' pay
Miami Herald: Dispute leads to temporary FL Senate ban for state Rep. Baxter Troutman
St. Pete Times: Florida legislator temporarily banned from Senate after blowup


Macon Telegraph: Deal expected to enter governor's race


CQ Politics: Kirk Could Be Competitive in Illinois Senate Race


Pittsburgh TR: Congressman might take on Toomey in GOP primary
Politico: NRSC abandoning Toomey?
New Ledger: Is the NRSC Going to Abandon Toomey?
Human Events: Stories Swirl Around Specter Departure, Republican Primary
Michael Reagan: Republicans Tired of Specter's Tax and Spend
CQ Politics: Specters Shift Transforms 2010 Outlook in Pennsylvania
Hill: Sestak may challenge Specter in primary

NYT: Pennsylvania: Contributions Ban Was Overly Broad, Court Says


Cleveland PD: Ohio House Democrats push through budget


Detroit FP: Bankruptcy slams Michigan


CQ Politics: Virginia Rivals Criticize McAuliffe's DNC Tenure at Governor Debate


KC Star: MO House defeats stimulus spending plan, but advances income tax cut proposal
St. Louis PD: Tax cut proposal clears Mo. House


Chattanooga TFP: TN, GA senators ask for campaign money back from Specter


CNN: Specter defection highlights GOP divide in South Carolina


NYT: Ex-Congressman Says Campaign Manager Embezzled Funds


Politico: Bunning poised to retire
Louisville CJ: Grayson considers run for Senate
NYT: In Kentucky, a Toe in G.O.P. Senate Race
AP/Jalonick: KY GOP official prepares to run for Bunning's seat
Hill: Sen. Bunning approves his GOP rival's bid


KC Star: Fostering bipartisanship among challenges for Parkinson


Fox: Palin, Grizzly Companion Appear on Reality Show


Arizona Republic: Brewer's first 100 days a bit surprising


Las Vegas Sun: Gibbons to propose more salary cuts, says hell veto tax hikes



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