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‘Close the whole thing!’: Border tensions boil over as Trump’s frustrations grow

Trump campaigns for former GOP foe at Nevada rally

House Democrats’ hope for wave election diminishes as Republicans rebound

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Why did Alaska’s governor abruptly drop out of the race?

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

These politicians went on the offensive, but not in a good way

Talkin’ about massive turnover no matter who wins the House

Guardian reporter calls GOP congressman who hit him a coward — and calls Trump something worse

For President Trump, it’s 2016 all over again

May 28, 2009



Wash Times: Sotomayor reversed 60% by high court
WaPo: Rigorous Questioning Hasn't Fazed Nominee
NYT: Sotomayor Pick a Product of Lessons From Past Battles
NYT: On Sotomayor, Some Abortion Rights Backers Show Unease
NYDN: Sonia Sotomayor's mother
WaPo: Five Senators to Watch on Sotomayor

Karl Rove: 'Empathy' Is Code for Judicial Activism
Ann Coulter: I feel your pain. Not theirs. Yours.
David Broder: A Choice for the GOP
Rush Limbaugh: In 1997, Rush Predicted Sotomayor on "Rocket Ship" to Supreme Court
NYDN: GOP Holy Trinity on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor: She's a 'racist'

Newt Gingrich: Coming This Summer: Health Care Wars

WSJ: Single-Regulator Plan for Banks Now Close

James Taranto: Is the Obama administration turning Chrysler into a patronage machine?

WaPo: Review of Government Secrecy Ordered

Wash Times: Obama ducks promise to delay bill signings


NYT: Burris Says Audiotape Confirms Innocence



May 21, 2009



NYT: 4 Accused of Bombing Plot at Bronx Synagogues
WSJ: FBI Arrests Four Men in Bomb, Missile Plot
AP/McElroy: 4 arrested in plot to bomb NYC temple
NY Post: Chilling terror plot thwarted
NYDN: FBI arrest four in alleged plot to bomb Bronx synagogues, shoot down plane
NYDN: NY terror scare comes on eve of Obama security speech

WSJ: Obama Set to Address Gitmo-Closing Issues
Wash Times: Obama to appeal for Guantanamo closure
WaPo: Obama Will Try to Quell Concern on Detainees
NYDN: Obama, Cheney battle over who has better vision for protecting America
Hill: GOP on offense on Gitmo, and plans to stay that way
NYT: 1 in 7 Freed Detainees Rejoins Fight, Report Finds
NYT: Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan
NYT: Judge Issues Split Ruling on Who Can Be Detained

Karl Rove: Flip-Flops and Governance: Our president isn't quite as advertised
Politico: Haley Barbour: Obama a snake charmer
EJ Dionne: The Past's Agenda

Ann Coulter: Notre Dame holds first Alan Keyes fundraiser

NYT: Funds to Close Guantnamo Denied
Politico: Closing Guantanamo Bay is not easy for Barack Obama

Fox: Republicans Push for FBI Probe into Pelosi's Accusations Against CIA
Wash Times: Hayden says Congress damages CIA
Politico: Nancy Pelosi unable to quell firestorm over waterboarding briefing
Politico: Pelosi bewildered, but unbothered
CQ Politics: Speaker Smackdown: Will Pelosi Survive?

WaPo: With House Passage, Credit Card Bill Sent to President
NYT: Bill Changing Credit Card Rules Is Sent to Obama With Gun Measure Included

WSJ: U.S. Rescue Aid Entrenches Itself
WaPo: Tracking Stimulus Spending May Not Be as Easy as Promised
NYT: Obama Signs Financial Bill, Creating Investigative Panel
WSJ: SEC Objects to Idea of Losing Some Oversight Power
WaPo: As U.S. Weighs New Consumer Agency, SEC Stakes Out Regulatory Turf

WaPo: Wider Confidence Lifts Economy From Winter's Deep, Dark Freeze

WSJ: Republicans Offer Health-Care Plan
Politico: GOP offers preemptive health plan
NYT: Tax Proposals Draw Critics in Talks on Financing Health Insurance
WSJ: FDA Tobacco Regulation Approved by Senate Panel

WSJ: Industries are Grappling With New Bill on Climate
Hill: Cap-and-trade showdown
WSJ: The Climate-Industrial Complex
Grist: Climate change lobbying dominated by ten firms
Wash Times: Carbon emissions decrease by 2.8%
Politico: Al Gore dials for votes on warming bill
American Thinker: Cooling off on Warming

WSJ: White House, Lawmakers to Meet on Immigration

WaPo: High Court Buzz Centers on Chicago Judge and Solicitor General
WSJ: Businesses Expect a Simpatico Successor to Souter
NYT: Obama Interviews Wood for Supreme Court Seat
NYT: Search for Supreme Court Justice Reaches Interview Stage

NYT: New Business Group Forms to Promote Obama Agenda

Wash Times: GOP condemns 'socialist' Obama, Democrats
WaPo: Republican National Committee Seeks Direction for GOP
NYT: R.N.C. Votes Down the Democrat Socialist Party
Human Events: Gov. Barbour Blasts RNC Resolution That Calls Democrats 'Socialists'
Politico: RNC adopts 'socialism' resolution
Politico: RNC hiring chafes top Hispanics

Rush Limbaugh: The California Ballot Initiatives, Federalism and Colin Powell's GOP
Rush Limbaugh: No Mas! El Rushbo Resigns as Titular Head of Republican Party

Hill: House GOP mulls life without Blunt


CQ Politics: New York Senate: Serrano Weighs Democratic Primary Against Gillibrand
CQ Politics: Gillibrand Loses Another Challenger

NYT: Paterson Warns More Cuts May Be Needed This Year
NY Post: Gov drops fresh $3B budget bomb

NY Post: Patronage plum eyed for GOPer

Rush Limbaugh: My Advice for Thomas Golisano


Star-Ledger: Polls show Christie pulling far ahead of his GOP rivals
AP/Delli Santi: Lonegan says he's down, not out


CQ Politics: McAuliffe Keeps Lead in Virginia


Rasmussen: 59% of Minnesota Voters Expect Pawlenty to Run For President
CQ Politics: Senate Republicans Agree to Pay Coleman Legal Bills


WSJ: Golden (State) Opportunity: CA voters send a message about runaway government
WaPo: Calif. Leaders Huddle After Voters Reject Deficit Measures
NYT: California, a Broke State, Reels as Voters Rebuff Leaders
American Spectator: May The Schwarzenegger Not Be With You
George Will: The Coming California Bailout


Dallas MN: Did Team Perry liken the Hutchison camp to a house of ill repute?


Hill: Crist opens strong lead in Fla. Senate race
NewsMax: Crist Senate Battle Key to GOP's Future
Herald Tribune: Could Crist do more damage to Republican brand or help?
RedState: No Endorsement for Conservative Is Big Mistake in Florida

NYT: Bill to Ease Rules on Development Divides Floridians


Daily Citizen: Who will replace Perdue?


Chicago Tribune: $29 billion public works program: Illinois legislators back plan


AP/Jackson: Melvin wins GOP nomination for Pa. Supreme Court


Cleveland PD: House passes bill halting foreclosures for six months


Detroit News: Michigan goes into debt to aid jobless
Detroit News: Five text scandal lawyers face misconduct hearings
Detroit FP: Ex-mayor's secret deal could doom 5 law careers


Wash Times: Gay marriage bill hits snag in N.H.
NYT: Setback to Gay Marriage in New Hampshire


Politico: GOP eyes challenger to Himes


CQ Politics: Barbour Won't Rule Out Presidential Bid


May 20, 2009



LA Times: Senate expected to strip funds to close Guantanamo
WSJ: Democrats Plan to Block Gitmo Closing
WaPo: Senate Demands Plan for Detainees: Dems Scrap Funding to Close Guantanamo Bay
NYT: Democrats in Senate Block Money to Close Guantnamo
Politico: Democrats bolt on Guantanamo: No plan, no money
CQ Politics: Gitmo Dominates War Funding Debate
Hill: Rebuffing Obama on Gitmo

Wash Times: Pelosi taking 'wrecking ball' to CIA morale, Hoekstra says
WaPo: Dems Defending Pelosi: Caucus Stands Behind Leader in CIA Briefing Controversy
WaPo: Video: GOP Compares Pelosi to Bond Villain
Time: Self-Inflicted Wounds: How Pelosi Got Into the CIA Mess
Politico: CIA claim has John Boehner on the offense
Politico: The strategy corner: Pelosi's action plan
Hill: Dems rally around Pelosi while Republicans ponder next move
Politico: Nancy Pelosis job? National security, not partisanship
Bloomberg: Pelosi Offers Republicans Beautiful Target in Row With CIA
Politico: Obey challenges CIA record
Rasmussen: 43% Say CIA May Have Misled Pelosi, 41% Disagree
Michael Gerson: Democrats' Assault On the CIA
Newt Gingrich: Why Pelosi Should Step Down
Dick Morris: Why Pelosi must go
Jed Babbin: Force a Vote Against the Coverups
Examiner: Pelosi got heads up from administration on CIA memo
SF Chronicle: Obama gives thumping endorsement to Pelosi
Michael Goodwin: Barack, get off the fence: Pelosi's accusations against the CIA can no longer be met with silence

WSJ: Credit-Card Fees Curbed: Senate Approves Sweeping Restrictions
WaPo: Credit Card Restrictions Close to Enactment
NYT: Dealing Consumers a New Hand in Credit Cards
NYT: Editorial: Safer Credit Cards
Politico: Next fight: card swipe fees?

WaPo: Momentum Grows for Executive Pay Rules: Want Shareholders To Hold More Sway
Politico: Wall Street waits for pay restrictions

NYT: U.S. Weighs How to Let Banks Give Money Back

NYT: Congress Approves an Anti-Foreclosure Bill
WSJ: Activist Financier 'Terrorizes' Bankers in Foreclosure Fight

WSJ: Officials Weigh Having One Mortgage Regulator
WaPo: U.S. May Add New Financial Watchdog: Consumer Agency Under Consideration
WaPo: Blue-Ribbon Adviser Volcker With a Gray-Area Role

WSJ: Obama Says New Car-Fuel Rules Give Industry 'Certainty'
WSJ: Car Crazy: Bankrupt companies making 39 mpg autos. Are we nuts?
WSJ: Obama at the Auto Buffet: With no resistance, he ate the whole thing
WSJ: Obama Would Support Auto Incentives for Consumers
NYT: As Political Winds Shift, Detroit Charts New Course
NYT: In U.S., Steps Toward Industrial Policy in Autos
WSJ: Why Govt Can't Run a Business: Politicians need headlines. Executives need profits.
Hill: Auto lobby grudgingly strikes deal
NYT: Editorial: The Earth Wins One

Reuters: GM's bankruptcy plan eyes quick sale to gov't

NYT: Advocates of Gun Rights Are Poised for a Victory

WSJ: The GOP's Health-Care Alternative
Wash Times: Hill GOP readies market-based alternative plan
American Spectator: The Republican Health Care Alternative

WaPo: Cap-and-Trade Debate Drags On in House Energy Committee
Houston Chronicle: Climate change bill bogs down
NYT: GOP looks to expand renewables mix, stress economy during climate bill fight
Politico: Climate change: GOP turns on business to fight measure
WSJ: Need for Speed (Read) to Pass Climate Bill
Politico: Leaders cool on warming skeptic
Politico: Waxmans hunt for missing amendments
Politico: Time for the GOP to become green

WaPo: Little New in Obama's Immigration Policy
Politico: Janet Napolitano: Legalization a hard sell
American Thinker: Napolitano's Politically Correct Border Security

WSJ: Obama Begins Interviewing Potential Supreme Court Picks
NYT: Californian Would Add Wide Experience to Court
Ed Gillespie: Judging Obama's Nominee

SF Chronicle: Obama won't oppose ruling weakening 'don't ask'

Wash Times: Clinton fundraiser Hsu convicted
NYT: Former Democratic Fund-Raiser Hsu Broke the Law Raising Money, Jury Finds

Politico: GOP kingmaker & fundraiser Fred Malek leans toward Mitt Romney

NYT: F.E.C.: Republicans Shopping Sprees for Palins Were Legal
Politico: FEC: Sarah Palin shopping spree legal

WT: Steele: Attack Obama's policies: State party leaders applaud call to heed Reagan
WaPo: Steele Predicts a GOP Comeback
CQ Politics: RNCs Steele Rouses Party Faithful In a Good Way
WaPo: RNC Chairman Urges Stronger Attacks on Obama
Baltimore Sun: Republican Steele: A New Era of Class
AP/Evans: Steele says GOP ready to regain its relevance
CNN: Steele backers trumpet RNC chairmans leadership
Kathleen Parker: Steele, but No Magnet
Dana Milbank: Steele Speaks and, to Quote Reagan, the Bombing Starts
Human Events: Some Criticism on Management Style, But Steele's Secure at RNC

American Spectator: Principles vs. Populism

Politico: Barack Obama's biggest critic: Charles Krauthammer

Politico: Conservative Rep. Tom Price emerging as GOPs bulldog

Politico: Rush Limbaugh challenges MSNBC: Dont mention me


NY Post: State Budget Is Already Busted
NYT: Albanys April Revenue Fell 44% From 2008

NY Post: GOP Vows to Boost Mayoral Control

NYT: My Time Is Precious: Spitzer Sets the Tone During Inquiry on Leaks
NYDN: Eliot Spitzer trashes Paterson and Albany DA during Troopergate sitdown, records show
Albany TU: 'Little Pac-Man' can deliver a big punch
Albany TU: Spitzer to IG: You are one more little Pac-Man on a fishing expedition

NYT: Gay Marriage Slow to Draw an Opposition in N.Y.

NYT: Democrat Abandons Effort to Challenge Gillibrand in Primary
Albany TU: Another Democrat drops bid against Gillibrand


Fox: GOP Puts Hope in N.J. Governor's Race
Cherry Hill CP: Poll: Christie holds big lead on Lonegan
AP: Polls: Christie opens big lead in NJ GOP primary
American Spectator: Moderation Is No Virtue


Wash Times: Editorial: Swinging at McDonnell: Dem attack ads are a sign of desperation
WaPo: Steele To Hold Rally With McDonnell
CQ Politics: Rivals Target McAuliffe in Virginia Governor Debate
NRO: Virginia Democrats Hold Benefit for GOP's McDonnell, Also Known as a Debate
NYT: Va. Democrats Play a Rerun of Clinton vs. Obama


Politico: Tim Kaine to Tim Pawlenty: Drop Norm Coleman
Rasmussen: 54% in Minnesota Say Coleman Should Concede Senate Race to Franken

Pioneer Press: The Governor's Gambit
Star Tribune: Pawlenty held the aces in this game of poker


LA Times: California voters kill budget measures
WSJ: Californian Voters Reject Budget Measures
NYT: Calif. Voters Reject Measures to Keep State Solvent
SF Chronicle: Defeat is sharp rebuke to governor, Legislature
SF Chronicle: Legislators jump back into budget mess
SF Chronicle: Governor exits state as ballot measures falter
SacBee: Schwarzenegger: Obama's White House invitation trumped special election
SF Chronicle: A handful dutifully trudge to the polls
SacBee: Voters say "no way" to budget ballot measures
AP/Lin: Calif. voters reject slate of budget propositions
Dan Walters: Dan Walters: Angry voters whack budget, politicians
Rush Limbaugh: California Mess is a Microcosm of What's in Store for the Rest of Us
Rush Limbaugh: Arnold is the Future of the GOP?

LA Times: Chu defeats Cedillo in 32nd Congressional District
CQ Politics: Democrat Chu, Republican Chu to Face Off for Vacant California House Seat


Politico: Poll says 45 percent of Nevadans would vote against Harry Reid
AP/Riley: Tax plan advances


Dallas MN: Perry, Dewhurst see pet projects trimmed by Republican budget negotiators


Tulsa World: Coburn to announce plans concerning second term in June


CQ Politics: Poll: Crist Crushes Rubio in Primary Match Up
Daytona Beach NJ: Crist cheers fed stimulus plan
Orlando Sentinel: McBride, Rubio meet -- but there's no endorsement
Orlando Sentinel: McBride meeting with Rubio today
Sun-Sentinel: Florida Sen. Jeff Atwater running for CFO
AP/Kaczor: Senate president Atwater running for Fla. CFO spot
NBC2 News: Kottkamp: Official A.G. announcement coming soon
Jacksonville Observer: Will McBride Considers Attorney General Race


Human Events: Steele Has Answers in Georgia
Gwinnett Daily Post: Sonny finally snaps out of it


AP/Wills: Strange rules allow majority of one to block bills in Illinois House


AP: Republican wins special election for Pa. House
Politico: Ethics issues may not hurt John Murtha
Pittsburgh PG: Pittsburgh Mayor Ravenstahl wins handily in primary


Columbus Dispatch: Party's message worries Ohio GOP
News-Herald: State Auditor Mary Taylor holding herself accountable


St. Louis PD: Schweich hits back at Blunt criticism: I am flattered
UPI: Mo. set for first execution since 2005


Knox News: Alexander calls for 100 new nuke plants in 20 yrs
WBIR: Knox G.O.P. Chair makes push for Republican Election Head


AP/Davenport: SC gov nixes bulk of spending plan over stimulus


Lexington HL: Bunning takes swipes at McConnell
WSJ: Kentuckys Senators Spar Over 2010 Race
MSNBC: Bunning calls McConnell a 'control freak'


May 19, 2009



Politico: Republicans want to keep Guantanamo Bay detainees out of the United Sates
WSJ: Detainee Stance Represents Political Gamble for Obama
NYT: Changes Planned for Guantnamo Trials May Lead to Familiar Challenges
NYT: Justices Turn Back Ex-Detainees Suit
Hill: Court: Ashcroft, Mueller not liable for detention
WSJ: Obama Avoids Test on Gays in Military

NYT: Advocacy Groups Seek Disbarment of Ex-Bush Administration Lawyers
Dana Milbank: Somewhere, Hammurabi Is Crying

Politico: Newt Gingrich: CIA comment 'disqualifies' Nancy Pelosi
WSJ: Panetta Warns of Perils of Political Spats
WaPo: Amid Queries, CIA Worries About Future
Fox: Should Pelosi Put Up or Apologize?
Rush Limbaugh: The Nancy Pelosi Problem
Martin Frost: What if Pelosi and the CIA are both being honest?
James Kirchick: Is Nancy Pelosi a liar or a hypocrite?
Hill: Dems change the subject

WaPo: U.S. to Expand Immigration Checks to All Local Jails: Deportation Cases to go Up

WSJ: U.S. Orders Stricter Fuel Goals for Autos
WaPo: Vehicle Emission Rules to Tighten
NYT: U.S. to Issue Tougher Fuel Standards for Automobiles
WSJ: Obama's Auto Plan Is Capitalism at Work
Hill: New mileage standards cheer green lobby

NYT: Credit Card Industry Aims to Profit From Sterling Payers
NYT: Financial Inquiry Panel to Become Law

AP/Jacobs: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley apply to repay TARP
Dick Morris: When Will Obama Own the Recession?

WSJ: New Taxes Loom to Pay for Health-Care Overhaul
Wash Times: Overhauls raise stake on taxing
Hill: Senators offer options to finance health reform
CQ Politics: Senate Panel Suggests Tax on Sweet Drinks to Pay for Health Care Overhaul
Len Burman: Different way to pay for health reform
Hill: Wyden is winning over the GOP on healthcare
WSJ: Congress Is Left to Flesh Out Details on Health Care & Energy
WSJ: How Washington Rations: ObamaCare omen: a case study in 'cost-control.'

Wash Times: Climate-bill foes likely to seize on CBO's scoring
Hill: House panel kicks off climate change markup
WaPo: Let's Have Cap and No Trade
American Spectator: Ten Questions for Steve Scalise
CBS: Climate Change Bill Faces Hurdles Due To GOP, Some Dems
Reuters: Rep. Waxman predicts climate bill success

WSJ: The Arms-Control Dinosaurs Are Back

WSJ: Obama Pursues Trade Pacts Set Up by Bush

Wash Times: Obama's vast agenda sparks concern

WaPo: Supreme Court Will Hear Sarbanes-Oxley Challenge
WSJ: Sarbox and the Constitution: Supreme Court scrutiny for a harmful law

NYT: Bill Clinton to Become Special Haiti Envoy
WSJ: Bill Clinton to Be Named U.N. Envoy to Haiti

NYT: Napolitano Appears to Straddle Political Divide
NYT: Editorial: Senator Bennetts Hostages

WaPo: Copyright Office Bogged Down by New System

NRO: What Huntsmans Decision Says and What it Means
Atlanta JC: Huntsman had no chance in 2012 anyway

WSJ: Obama Scored Big at Notre Dame
Am Thinker: Notre Dame Rescued the Right-To-Life Movement from Oblivion
Rush Limbaugh: Obama Practices the Low Art of Political Seduction at Notre Dame
Am Thinker: Frankfurt School Reigns Supreme at Notre Dame
American Spectator: The No-Choice President
American Thinker: Slick Barry

WSJ: Fund-Raiser Hsu's Trial Goes to Jury

Wash Times: Steele associates' pay: Some call RNC salaries 'way out of line'
Fox: Under Fire, Steele to Call for Party Unity in Speech on GOP Future
AP/Sidoti: Steele insists GOP comeback has started

American Spectator: Republican Establishment Strikes Again

American Thinker: The GOP's Prejean Moment

Politico: Palin camp eyed Clinton alliance

Politico: Dick Cheney is Mr. Republican

Politico: NRCC aims to protect at-risk House Republican incumbents


NYT: Embattled Director Quits State Ethics Commission
Albany TU: Embattled ethics director steps down

Rasmussen: New York Governor: Cuomo Leads GOP, Paterson Trails

Hill: Schumer and Obama take control of Gillibrands fate in the primary

Albany TU: McCall's SUNY interests
Albany TU: Some of our state leaders need to count to ten
Albany TU: Golisano defends move to Sunshine State
NYT: In Mayoral Race, No One Outspends Bloomberg, Except Bloomberg


Philly: Tax hikes may spur a blue-state revolt


WSJ: McAuliffe Attacked for Clinton Ties in Virginia Governors Race


Star Tribune: Analysis: Pawlentys one-man stand has its risks
Pioneer Press: Clock runs out without budget deal at Minnesota Capitol


LA Times: Campaigning for budget measures ends in a whimper
WSJ: Schwarzenegger Puts Legacy on the Line With Budget Vote
Politico: Arnold Schwarzenegger limps into proposition fight
NYT: California Voters Consider Limiting Raises for Lawmakers
Human Events: California Referenda Today

Hill: Dem candidates race to replace Hilda Solis in Californias 32nd
CQ Politics: Final Push in California Special Primary Election


Austin AS: Texas House takes moderate direction


NYT: Race Is on for Florida Governorship
Politico: McCollum enters governor's race
St. Pete Times: McCollum opens race for Florida governor with a bipartisan tone
News-Press: Attorney General McCollum starts bid for governor at home
CQ Politics: Republican McCollum Jumps Into Florida Governors Race
Miami Herald: Attorney General McCollum joins Florida's Governor race
Herald Tribune: At McCollum rally, GOP unity
CQ Politics: Florida Ag Official To Decide on McCollum Challenge This Week
Orlando Sentinel: Crist staying out of the McCollum-Bronson primary tiff

AP/Farrington: Fla. Gov. Crist not talking much about Senate run


Atlanta JC: Trust is key for conservatives


AP/O'Connor: Emanuel, Blagojevich traded calls: School grant now tied to case
Chicago Sun-Times: Rahm talks about slicing off his finger; Clinton White House demotion

AP/Glover: Iowa auditor won't run for governor


James Taranto: From Switcher to Ditcher: Sen. Specter sends his regrets


Columbus Dispatch: GOP: Budget to be 'painful'


Detroit News: Feds request Conyers' records
Detroit News: Media paints grim portrait of Detroit


NYT: Executions Debated as Missouri Plans One


Chattanoogan: Wamp Says Corker Gaining Clout As Potential Presidential Candidate
WVLT: Corker's state director to run for Tennessee GOP chairman
Knox News: TN GOP chairman race heating up


State: Sanford to announce budget vetoes Tuesday


Politico: Another foe for Dodd
CQ Politics: Dodd Draws Party Activist as Connecticut Primary Foe


Hill: Sen. Bennett launches ads featuring Romney


AP: Nevada governor fares poorly in newspaper poll


May 18, 2009



WSJ: Obama Confronts Abortion Debate
WaPo: Cheers, Protests At Notre Dame
NYT: At Notre Dame, Obama Calls for Civil Tone in Abortion Debate
Politico: Barack Obama speaks at Notre Dame, calls for 'fair-minded words'
Hill: At Notre Dame, Obama takes abortion issue head-on
AP: Text of Obama's Notre Dame speech
Wash Times: Notre Dame cheers, jeers Obama
NYT: Obama, and Protests, at Notre Dame
WaPo: Notre Dame Protesters Rebuked From Afar
WSJ: Liberals Fret Over Obama's Compromises
EJ Dionne: Conciliatory Fighting Words

Time: Understanding America's Shift on Abortion
American Spectator: Americans Opt for Life

Hill: Obama fundraises on grad speech trip

WaPo: Boehner Says Pelosi Should Back Up Her CIA Allegations
Hill: Boehner to Pelosi: Prove allegation or apologize
Wash Times: GOP fanning flames of the Pelosi-CIA furor
Politico: GOP turn up volume on Pelosi comment on CIA
Wm Kristol: What Did Rahm Know?
American Spectator/Prowler: Nervous Nancy
Jed Babbin: Richard Milhous Pelosi
Wm Jacobson: Nancy Pelosi is the Central Issue
LA Times: Editorial: Pelosi's torture predicament
NYT: A Leadership Test for an Unbowed Pelosi
Politico: Conditions for a coup in Congress
CNN: Cheney, Limbaugh, Gingrich not hurting GOP, Boehner says

Politico: Mitch McConnell: Keep Gitmo open
Hill: McConnell: Obama taking Cheney's advice to heart
Wash Times: Gitmo closing timeline questioned
NYT: Lawmakers Question Shutdown of Guantnamo
CQ Politics: Webb Takes on Administration on Gitmo
AP/Daniel: GOP sees new date for closing prison site

Sally Quinn: Gen. Jones and the Anonymous Long Knives

Wash Times: GOP gearing up to assail court nominee: Steele rips 'empathy' standard
CQ Politics: No Abortion Litmus Test, Sessions Says
Human Events: When Will the White House Respond to Sen. Sessions?
Roll Call: McConnell Won't Rule Out Filibuster on Court Pick
NYT: Treasury Aide Shifts to Obamas Supreme Court Circle of Advisers
WaPo: Cutter to White House for Court Fight
Human Events: Obamas Short List of Abortion Supporters
Human Events: The Right Person for Judiciary
NYT: Republicans in Senate Lower Expectations of a Court Fight

NYT: Law Students Teach Scalia About Privacy and the Web

Laffer/Moore: Americans know how to use the moving van to escape high taxes
WSJ: New Tax Proposals Target Life Insurers
GH Reynolds: Tax Audits Are No Laughing Matter

WaPo: At Geithner's Treasury, Key Decisions on Hold
American Thinker: Geithner's Radioactive Record at the Fed
WaPo: Board to Ban Accounting Practice That Helped Lending Proliferate
WSJ: Derivatives and the Wisdom of Crowds
WaPo: Fannie, Freddie Scale Back Gifts to Charity

NYT: New Mood in Antitrust May Target Google

WSJ: China Envoy Brings Deep Skill Set to Job
Hill: Analysis: Gov. Huntsman can see the long view

Politico: Orszag: W.H. open to taxing health benefits
Politico: Obama tries to sway GOP in favor of health care
Human Events: Fairy Tale Health Care

Hill: Waxman labors for cap-and-trade votes
Paul Krugman: The Perfect, the Good, the Planet
CQ Politics: Influencing Congress: Defenders Effective Offense
Human Events: Uncle Sam Will Give You an Energy 'Allowance'

CQ Politics: Credit Card Bill Trips Up Reids Caucus

WSJ: Democrats and Guns: Party liberals have lost the debate

Politico: GOP gives Dick Cheney green light
Bill O'Reilly: Unchaining Cheney
Ruth Marcus: The Magnificent Irony of Dick Cheney
Politico: Liz Cheney: 'Fantasies' being spread about former VP

CQ Politics: Rumsfeld's Bible Briefings

Politico: The innovators of today's GOP
American Spectator: The Republicans Who Really Matter
Politico: GOP sounds alarm on Latino voter gap

Wash Times: Steele reignites 'socialist' conflict with RNC
Atlanta JC: Steele and the soul of the GOP


NY Post: Bizman Pol Chris Collins is GOP's Plan B
NYDN: Former Hillary Clinton foe Rick Lazio won't wait for Rudy Giuliani now
CQ Politics: Maloney Not Ready To Follow Israel's Lead and Bow Out of NY Senate Field
NYT: New York Post Takes on the Brooklyn Judiciary


AP/Mulvihill: Questions, answers about NJ's primary election


CQ Politics: No Reliable Polls in Virginia?
Examiner: Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls feud over payday lending in Va


Politico: Coleman doesn't fight impact of court decision
Star Tribune: Governor Pawlenty's Clean Sweep of the Legislative Session


LA Times: Schwarzenegger pleads for passage of ballot measures
SF Chronicle: Schwarzenegger's vaunted salesmanship tested
NYT: Voters to Face 6 Measures on Finances in California
WSJ: California Reckoning: Tax and spend governance may finally hit the wall
Dan Walters: Struggling state targets special funds again
LA Times: A Ventura County political fight heads for criminal court


LA Times: Texas Governor Rick Perry readies for a GOP shootout in a primary
Gov. Rick Perry: I don't advocate secession
Dallas MN: Perry on secession: Well, allow me to retort

News 8 Austin: Weekly highlights from the Texas Legislature


Roll Call: Steele Not Ready to Endorse Crist in Florida
Sun-Sentinel: Republican future: Crist-Rubio a battle for party's soul

Ledger: GOP's Governor Race May Be Wild

Politico: First Haitian-American may clench seat of Florida's 17th district


Atlanta JC: GOP hopeful of gains in 2010
AJC: The state GOP convention ends: Play nice, Perdue warns candidates for governor


WSJ: Club for Growth Wears on Some Republicans
NYT: In Pittsburgh, Primary Tests Young Mayors Hold on Power
Philadelphia Inquirer: GOP candidate for Phila. district attorney is driven


Chattanoogan: Robin Smith Steps Down As State GOP Chairman
AP/Schelzig: TN Republican chief Robin Smith to step down


News & Observer: Joe the Plumber, 'tea party' are coming
American Spectator: Governors Behind Bars


Gov. Mark Sanford: It's Up to Us


AP: 3 Republicans file documents to challenge Mollohan


News Journal: GOP's best courting Castle for Senate


May 17, 2009



NYT: Utah Governor Chosen as Ambassador to China
Wash Times: GOP rising star Huntsman named envoy
WaPo: Utah's GOP Gov Chosen as China Envoy: Huntsman Was Potential 2012 Challenger
Politico: China pick sidelines GOP moderate
Politico: GOP gives Huntsman a pass
Hill: Obama taps potential rival to go to China

NYT: Conservatives Map Strategies on Court Fight
Slate: Conservatives Draw Supreme Court Battle Lines
WaPo: Gay-Marriage Issue Awaits Court Pick
Hill: Rep. Honda: Asian caucus will offer SCOTUS names
Det News: Legal savvy, empathy keep Granholm on Supreme Court short list, experts say
Mercury News: Two California Latino judges emerge as candidates for Supreme Court

Hill: Plouffe warns of 'swiftboat' attacks on health reform
Politico: Plouffe: Foes 'swiftboating' health care

NYT: From a Theory to a Consensus on Emissions

Hill: Hoekstra requests more CIA briefing documents
Hill: Pelosi turns down Sunday show invitations
Kathleen Parker: Torturing Lawyers
NYT: Editorial: Photographs and Kangaroo Courts
Maureen Dowd: Cheney, Master of Pain
David Ignatius: Speaker vs. Spies: A Test for Obama

WaPo: Watchdog Digs Into Conduct At SEC

WaPo: Gingrich, Sharpton Finally Teammates: Close Education Gap

NYT: OpEd: Paying With Our Sins: Legalize drugs and then tax sales

CQ Politics: Five Key Races for Congressional Redistricting

Wash Times: Notre Dame address to touch on abortion
American Thinker: How Notre Dame Drifted Away from the Catholic Church
Time: The Pope's Stand in Obama's Notre Dame Controversy
AP/Coyne: Protesters arrested ahead of Obama Notre Dame trip

Hill: Top Lobbyists: Corporate

Wash Times: Steele: Gay marriage costs small business

Politico: Sunday talk show tip sheet


NYT: In New York Public Housing, Some Concern Over a Wall Streeter at the Helm


Philadelphia Inquirer: Lonegan, Christie have final TV debate
Daily Record: Taxes again tops at GOP gubernatorial debate
Star-Ledger: On tax policy, New Jersey's Republicans phones it in
Star-Ledger: As primary nears, Republican candidates scale up attacks
WaPo: GOP Sees Opportunity in N.J. Governor's Race
AP: 2 Republicans square off again in NJ gov's race
Cherry Hill CP: Next gov. will shape high court


Richmond TD: McDonnell veers right off center
WaPo: Conservatism Could Hurt Deeds in Democratic Race
CQ Politics: Dem Governor Hopefuls Compete in Vote-Rich Northern Virginia
Richmond TD: Democratic gubernatorial candidates divided on plant


Pioneer Press: Pawlenty proposes another $1B in cuts to cities, colleges, health care
Star Tribune: Legislative clock ticking; the squeeze is on
AP/Lohn: Spending cuts the focus of Minn. budget talks


LA Times: Schwarzenegger's doomsday message may be too late
San Diego UT: Tough talks on state's fiscal fate await
Dan Walters: California gets blame for global recession
NYT: Economy Woes Shake Up Campaign for California Governor as Voters Seek Answers


AP: Texas GOP primary seen as test of party
AP: Hutchison speaks at Texas State U commencement
WOAI: Perry's agenda pending in final stretch
Dallas MN: Hutchison bumper sticker contest: National appeal


Miami Herald: Crist launches yet another thrilling quest
PNJ: Wernicke: Crist should worry about the primary

Tampa Tribune: Race for governor seen as a toss-up
AP/Farrington: Fla. AG McCollum to run for governor
Herald Tribune: In race for governor, McCollum is a gamble for GOP
NYT: Florida: A Candidate for Governor
AP/Farrington: Fla. Senate President Atwater to run for CFO


AJC: From the GOP convention: Open up the tent or die, says RNC chairman Michael Steele
Atlanta JC: From the GOP convention: A few more inches of Steele
Georgia News: Steele urges Ga. GOP to stay the course
Atlanta JC: GOP gets ready for a spirited campaign
Augusta Chronicle: Ga. GOP convention concludes, venting its anger at Washington
Athens BH: Shipp: Georgia Republicans won't put up big tent
Savannah MN: Barton: The GOP's diversity groove
AJC: Official: Donors jobs no conflict


Daily Herald: Suburban lawmakers largely agree on proposed reforms


Pat Toomey: Welcome to our tent: The GOP has plenty of room for honest debate
Allentown MC: Outsider no more,Toomey shoring up status in GOP
CQ Politics: Pennsylvania: Rep. Dent Backs Toomey For Senate Nomination
Wash Indep: Toomey Whacks Specter on EFCA Soul-Searching
Philadelphia Inquirer: Pennsylvania primaries are low-visibility, low-intensity


Roll Call: Ohio GOP Senate Field Cleared for Portman


KC Star: Fresh face gives Danforth hope
St. Louis PD: Schweich takes heat for defending 2001 donation to McCaskill
Columbia DT: Danforth touts Tom Schweich for Bonds seat
St. Louis PD: Democratic poll: Carnahan leading potential GOP opponents in Sen race

KC Star: A look at the Missouri legislative session


CTFP: Tennessee GOP chief Smith to resign, study 3rd District race


State: Floyd to lead GOP in S.C.
State: Sanford watch
CQ Politics: Haley Officially in S.C. Governors Race


CQ Politics: GOP Primary Brawl Likely to Determine Brownbacks Successor


CQ Politics: Senate: Business Executive Tests Republican Bid in Arkansas


Milwaukee JS: GOP looks for common ground amid internal disputes


May 16, 2009



WSJ: CIA Chief Rebuts Pelosi on Briefings
WaPo: Panetta Says Lawmakers Were Told About Use of Interrogation Methods
Wash Times: CIA chief rejects deceit charge: Pelosi's criticism comes under scrutiny
NYT: C.I.A. Director Takes a Shot at Pelosi
WSJ: Panetta's Pelosi Smackdown: A truth too hot to handle
WSJ: Critics Still Haven't Read the 'Torture' Memos
NYT: In Detainee Furor, a Rare Dent in Pelosi Armor
WM Jacobson: Two Heartbeats Away
WaPo: Editorial: What Ms. Pelosi Knew
Politico: Nancy Pelosi backpedals on CIA claims
Hill: CIA director says Pelosi received the truth
Boston Globe: Republicans reject Pelosi accusations
Susan Estrich: The Speaker Speaks

WSJ: Obama Seeks Reforms to Military Commission System
WaPo: Obama to Revamp Military Tribunals: Stance Is Reversal on Trials for Detainees
Wash Times: Obama restarts Bush-era Gitmo tribunals
NYT: Obama to Keep Tribunals; Stance Angers Some Backers
WSJ: Obama's Military Tribunals: Another Friday, another bow to Bush's antiterror legacy
NYT: Obama After Bush: Leading by Second Thought
Hill: Ensign: GOP will try to block closing Gitmo

Hill: Navy orders work stopped on POTUS chopper

WSJ: Health Care Hits a Snag in Senate
NYT: Health Plans Would Add to Controls on Insurers
WaPo: The Machinery Behind Health-Care Reform
NYT: Bill Would Guarantee Up to 7 Paid Sick Days
Hill: Health industry groups reaffirm $2T in savings

WaPo: Climate Bill Seeks a Broad Coalition
Politico: GOP plans 450 climate bill changes
Politico: Bush team still haunts environmentals
NYT: Search for House GOP climate bill votes starts (and ends?) with Bono Mack

WSJ: Specter Suggests Changes to Union Bill
WSJ: SEIU Campaign Spending Pays Political Dividends

Hill: House drops push for 'cramdown'

Salt Lake Tribune: Huntsman to be named ambassador to China
WaPo: Republican Governor of Utah Selected to Be Envoy to China
AP: Obama Said to Pick Utah Gov. Huntsman as China Envoy
LA Times: Obama set to pick Utah GOP Gov Jon Huntsman as China ambassador

WSJ: Census Nominee Rules Out Statistical Sampling in 2010
NYT: Census Nominee Tries to Ease Republican Senators Fears on 2010 Count
WaPo: Nominee Promises Politics-Free Census
AP/Yen: Groves rules out use of sampling in 2010 census

Wash Times: Health care reformer to head CDC
NYT: Ex-Astronaut Is Top Candidate to Run NASA
WaPo: Obama Plucks Fenty Aide Tangherlini For Treasury

WSJ: Sessions Favors Judge for High Court
WaPo: Possible Court Pick Is Used to Dueling on Bench

Politico: Abortion opponents find rallying point
CQ Politics: Abortion: More Americans Now Identify Themselves As 'Pro-Life'
US News: Republicans, James Dobson, and the Christian Right

NYT: S.E.C. Lawyers Investigated for Insider Trading
George Will: Greed's Saving Graces

Hill: RNC raises $5.7 million in April
CQ Politics: Does GOP Have Pickup Opportunities in the Northeast in 2010

NYT: Obama and Bidens Financial Disclosure Reports Released
WSJ: Obama Aims to Trim Party's Money Gap With GOP
Politico: Lawmakers like Barney Frank score campaign cash on their way to work
Politico: Joe Biden carries big debt

James Taranto: President Obama lectures college students on the perils of credit

Wash Times: Rove meets prosecutor in firings probe
Politico: Prosecutors to talk to Karl Rove on attorney firings

AP: Guests for the Sunday TV news shows
LA Times: Weekend Talk Shows


Politico: Obama clears field for Gillibrand in New York
CQ Politics: Obama Persuades Congressman to Drop Senate Primary Threat
Hill: At Obamas request, Israel drops Senate bid
NYT: L.I. Congressman Israel Wont Take on Gillibrand
Albany TU: Israel wont primary Gillibrand in 2010

Buffalo News: Golisano leaving New York to escape income taxes
NY Post: Billionaire Golisano flees NY over tax

Albany TU: For a few, pork too costly
Albany TU: 'Stunned' over child porn case: Ex-leader of Young Democrats sentenced

NYT: Bloomberg Spending Twice as Much as He Did in 05 Campaign
NYT: Editorial: Mayor Bloombergs Rich Campaign
NYT: Minorities Hit Hardest by Foreclosures in New York


NYT: Voter Crankiness Still Bedevils Candidates
Star-Ledger: Gov. Corzine strikes back with 2 TV ads
Philadelphia Inquirer: Corzine trims current budgets as fiscal year ends


Hotline: VA Gov: P. Kennedy For Moran
WaPo: Moran Snags A Kennedy
CNN: A Kennedy weighs in on Virginia governors race
WaPo: Bowerbank Ends Bid for Lieutenant Governor


Wash Times: Coleman extends Senate fight
Hill: Coleman files final brief with state Supreme Court


AP/Lin: Calif. budget rides on special election
WSJ: Another CA Tax Revolt? State voters may say no next week to spending initiatives
AP/Williams: Whitman wants state workforce cut by 10 percent


Dallas MN: Texas primary could help define GOP of future


Tampa Tribune: Rubio: Let voters decide Republican Senate primary
Politico: Martinez: Rubio Senate bid doomed
Miami Herald: Republican backlash brews in Florida, national parties
Miami Herald: Candidates juggling old, potential jobs
Miami Herald: Gov. Charlie Crist's pledge might lead him to veto Florida budget


WTVM: Republican Party chief to address Ga. convention
Atlanta JC: Handel fired up at GOP meeting
WALB: Handel takes aim at Oxendine at Ga. GOP convention
WSBTV: Oxendine Leads GOP In Governor's Race
WSAV: Candidates for Governor Make Their Case at GA GOP Convention in Savannah
AJC: From the GOP convention: J.C. Watts speaks
Atlanta JC: Feisty Republicans ready to roll
Atlanta JC: Georgia GOP Convention on the riverfront


Philadelphia Inquirer: Torsella drops out of U.S. Senate race
RTT: Torsella Drops Out of Contention For Senate Seat in Favor of Specter
WHYY: Joe Torsellas YouTube Exit


Columbus BF: Ohio GOP: Auditor Taylor not seeking Senate seat


Detroit News: More state cutbacks on way
Detroit FP: Former Bing adviser pleads not guilty to charges
NYT: OpEd: Dont Pay the Rich to Scrap Their Cars


KC Star: In its final hours, General Assembly passes Nixons jobs bill
News-Leader: Missouri House passes job creation bill
Columbia DT: State Senate approves jobs legislation


Charlotte Observer: Democrat Roy Cooper says no to Senate race
Winston-Salem Journal: Burr has begun re-election run without an opponent - so far
Beaufort Observer: Cooper will not run for Senate
Hill: Cooper wont run for Senate
CQ Politics: Senate: State Attorney General Wont Challenge Burr in North Carolina


WIS10: Floyd ready to take on state GOP's top job
Greenville News: New GOP chair says mending fences isn't on her agenda
WBTV: SC GOP meets to elect new state leader
Charleston P&C: Sen. Corker rallies Republicans
Herald: Moss switches to GOP
State: Change sweeps GOP leaders
State: GOP Schools of Thought


AP/Johnson: President nominates Durkan Seattle US attorney


NYT: Ex-Governor of Alabama Loses Again in Court


NYT: Delaware Legalizes Wagering on Sporting Events


CQ Politics: Ron Paul's Son Makes Move For Bunning's Kentucky Senate Seat
Politico: Ron Pauls son running for Senate


Arizona Republic: McCain champions gun rights at NRA meet
Arizona Daily Star: NRA meeting becomes GOP rally
AP/Billeaud: McCain: US gun limits wouldn't stop drug cartels


AP/Neary: GOP slams Wyo gov over pushing wife for judgeship


Deseret News: 5 candidates set sights on Utah Republican Party chairmanship


May 15, 2009



WT: Pelosi admits waterboard briefing: Accuses CIA of lying: 'They mislead us all the time'
WT: Pelosi: Bush 'misled' Congress on waterboarding
WSJ: Pelosi and CIA Clash Over Contents of Key Briefing
NYT: Pelosi Says She Knew of Waterboarding by 2003
WaPo: Pelosi Says CIA Misled Congress on Methods
WaPo: Speaker's Comments Raise Detainee Debate to New Level
WaPo: Pelosi Moves to the Fore

AP: Pelosi Says She Was Misled on Waterboarding
Politico: Pelosi: Bush briefers lied to me
Politico: Dems: CIA briefers may have broken law
WSJ: Pelosi's Self-Torture: The speaker is engulfed by her own game of political retribution
NYT: Pelosi Acknowledges She Was Told of Waterboarding in 2003
Politics Daily: NRCC Source: Pelosi Will Be 2010 Campaign Issue
Rush Limbaugh: Flailing Pelosi Fails to Pull It Off
Charles Krauthammer: The Torture Debate, Continued
Wes Pruden: Lady's got ants in her pants
Joseph Curl: The Speaker misspeaks
Hill: Storm center over Pelosi
CQ Politics: Pelosi Controversy Suggests Changes to Congressional Briefings Are Due

WaPo: CIA Denies Cheney's Request to Release Intelligence Documents
NYT: C.I.A. Rebuffs Cheneys Request to Declassify Torture Memos
Rush Limbaugh: Dick Cheney Gets Results: Liberals on Fire Over CIA Photos, Gitmo, Wars
CQ Politics: Inside the Mind of Dick Cheney
Rush Limbaugh: Democrats are Addicted to Power

WT: U.S. to restart military trials for detainees
WSJ: Obama to Revamp Military Panels for Detainees
WaPo: Tribunals to return, detainees to have more rights
NYT: Obama Planning to Keep Tribunals for Detainees
WSJ: Democrats Discover Gitmo's Virtues: Move the detainees? Not to my backyard
WaPo: At Hearing, Assurance On Fate of Detainees: Holder Addresses Risks of Release

NYT: Experts Say Obama May Need to Classify Photos
NYT: McCain Backs Obama on Blocking Abuse Photos
WSJ: LeMay and the Tragedy of War: When basic survival trumps civil liberties

WSJ: Bill to Fund Wars Passes in the House
WaPo: House Passes War Funds As 51 Democrats Dissent
WaPo: A Single-Minded Focus on Dual Wars

WT: Obama machine pushes health care reforms
NYT: Health Care Leaders Say Obama Overstated Their Promise to Control Costs
Peter Orzag: Health Costs Are the Real Deficit Threat
Peggy Noonan: What's Elevated, Health-Care Provider?
David Brooks: Fiscal Suicide Ahead

WT: Sunny skies forecast for House climate bill
WSJ: Ads Target Key Votes on Climate-Change Bill
WS: IN: 'No Thanks' to Cap & Trade: No honest person thinks this will lead to climate change
Paul Krugman: Empire of Carbon
American Thinker: More Carbon: The Only Answer to Global Freezing

WaPo: Treasury Agrees To Aid Insurers: Six Firms Gain Access to Funds
NYT: Six Insurers Named to Get U.S. Taxpayer Aid

Atlantic: RNC Mocks Obama For Credit Card Reform
WSJ: Obama Calls for Credit Card Industry Reform

WSJ: Derivatives Trades Should All Be Transparent
NYT: Editorial: New Rules for Derivatives
NYT: OpEd: Danger in Wall Streets Shadows
WaPo: Investment Advisers Would Face More Scrutiny Under SEC Proposal
WaPo: Plan to Encourage Banks to Allow Short Sales
WaPo: Trade Wars: Outrage in Canada as U.S. Firms Sever Ties To Obey Stimulus Rules
Fox: Dead People Get Stimulus Checks
Bloomberg: Obama Says U.S. Long-Term Debt Load Unsustainable
American Spectator: Secretary Loophole: Timothy Geithner

WSJ: Bolden Likely to Be Named NASA Head
NYT: New York City Official Is Obama Pick for C.D.C.
Oliver North: Pay More Attention to Harold Koh

NYT: Editorial: Building a Better Census Bureau
NYT: Mexican Data Say Migration to U.S. Has Plummeted

NYT: On Abortion, Obama Is Drawn Into Debate He Hoped to Avoid

US News: Miss California on Cable News: Fox & Friends Gives Carrie Prejean Her Chance
American Spectator: Carrie On the Tradition
Human Events: Lessons From A Beauty Pageant

NYT: Axelrod Ruminates on Rove and Miss California

WaPo: Prosecutor To Interview Rove Today, Sources Say
WSJ: Justice Firings Inquiry Plans to Meet Rove
NYT: Prosecutors Reportedly Set to Interview Rove
NYT: Rove to Be Interviewed Over Attorney Firings

Hill: Top Lobbyists: Hired Guns

Politico: Dem leaders: 60 won't get you everything
Michael Kinsley: After the Democrats Have 60 Senators: Change? You Asked for It . . .

James Taranto: Keith Olbermann: For him, verbally assaulting women does take courage

Politico: Roberta McCain, blunt as ever, whacks Limbaugh, Steele
Rush Limbaugh: McCain's Mother Dumps on Rush!

USA Today: Steele steps back from comments on Romney's Mormonism


Albany TU: Ethics panel won't quit
NY Post: Gov loses 'Integrity'
WGRZ: Paterson Cleans House at Integrity Commission
Newsday: Skelos, in Mineola, takes on the Democrat(ic) Party
NYDN: GOP Marriage Bombshell?
NY Post: Gay nups gain in NY
NYDN: Q Poll: Paterson Hovers, Giuliani Advances
NYDN: Governor Paterson's 'own people' are against him, too, shows poll
NYT: Former Pension Agency Chief Under Investigation
NYT: Court Upholds Cuts in Aid to Noncitizens Who Are Old, Blind or Disabled
AP/Virtanen: Paterson vetoes sunshine measure
NY Post: Judge gives Kerik a boost
AP: Republican jumps into Manhattan DA race


Rasmussen: NJ Governor: Christie Leads Corzine by Nine
Politicker NJ: Murphy endorses Christie for governor
Star-Ledger: Chris Christie vs. Steve Lonegan: The N.J. Republican candidates debate
Star-Ledger: Tax talk follows Republican debate
AP/Delli Santi: Corzine announces more NJ budget trimming


WaPo: Issue of Guantanamo Detainees Simmers in Va.
Richmond TD: McDonnell extends TV ads to Northern Virginia
WaPo: GOP Who?
CNN: Virginia GOP chair: Obama bows to dictators


Star Tribune: Pawlenty says he'd sign bills, make cuts to balance budget
CQ Politics: Minnesotans Tire of Pawlenty

Politico: Michael Steele throws weight behind Michele Bachmann
Politico: Michele Bachmann still a lightning rod
Fox: Bachmann keeps up pressure on ACORN
Minn Post: Bachmann planning separate ACORN legislation

Pioneer Press: Texas man sentenced to 2 years in RNC Molotov cocktail case


WSJ: Governor Threatens to Sell California Landmarks
Bloomberg: Schwarzenegger Seeks $6 Billion Loan, Orders Cuts
Reuters: California governor sees $15.4 billion gap


Politico: Cornyn divines Hutchison's resignation
Dallas MN: Senate rejects Perry appointee to parole board
Politico: Rick Perry: States will 'assert their independence'
AP: Highlights from the Texas Legislature

CQ Politics: Will Tom DeLay's Prosecutor Outfox His GOP Opponents?


News-Press: Lt. Gov. Kottkamp likely running for Florida attorney general

WSJ: Crist Brightens GOP's Senate Outlook
WT: Florida race to test GOP stimulus stance


Atlanta JC: Georgia Republicans meeting in Savannah
Atlanta JC: Veto by Perdue an act of stewardship


ST. Louis PD: Illinois GOP ad recounts how a state got totally `Blagojevichd


Politico: Specter clears Dem field, for now
Hill: Dem field clearing for Sen. Specter
AP: Specters Main Primary Rival Drops Out
LA Times: Arlen Specter is welcome on the Left Coast


Columbus Dispatch: Dann's former cohort indicted
AP: Ohio lawmaker, war vet eyeing treasurer bid


Mlive: Why Obama won't tap Jennifer Granholm for the Supreme Court


CQ Politics: Carnahan Holds Edge in Missouri Senate Race


Chattanooga TFP: Tennessee: Gibbons lashes out at governor's race rival Haslam
Tennessean: GOP takeover shakes up county election offices


Hill: GOP governors rally tea-party activists


CQ Politics: Weird Week for Rivals of Arkansas Sen. Lincoln


AP: Former Sen. Stevens paid lawyers at least $1M


Hill: Reinventing Sen. Chris Dodd


CQ Politics: The Unelected: Bennet Appointment Sets Up Hot 2010 Race



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